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ifter tlioy are Cut Ready for use
is tliu Main Street Bridge.
In Dressing the Stones tliat arc to be
SnlMiitulod?A Good deal of Work
Jlcntiered of no Value-?Frccport
Ston'c will not do.
J A largo force of skilled stono morons
irrivcd in tho city Saturday, in cliargo
?fa.Mr. I'mstead, to go to work dressing
?tones for tho Main atreot bridge.
yard Is being fitted up near Caldicll'n
rtui for this purpose, and railirxi
! tracks will lie laid in it ho tliat tlic
stone can be lifted right from the
Meli thevare shipped front the
!ii'i:irry in the "Borca, Ohio, district,
ibozround, where the masons will
thane thcin.
Tlio work involved is pretty considi
erali'"- The forty mon and their foreman
have been engaged in the same
vorfc at the (marries near Freeport,
Ohi<>. They had dressed a largo lot of
tin' . tone for the bridge anil many of
theni had been sent bore for use," but
on examination the city engineer con(It'iniie
l the stone. This necessitates the
(join:' of the whole work over, and tlio
villi e brought from further up
in Oliifi in the rough stato and, as stat,
J. ilre-'sed to the proper dimensions
here. This will give tlio advantage of
jiavirvr a sloiic pat-ed 011 us to its suitn!
ility before the labor of cutting is
An expert in etooe told an Txtslmoi:m"l1.
reporter Saturday that tlie Freeport
stone is admitted to be tut good as
any in the rountrv for ordinary build>
ins purpiwj. om ? """ V", ".
slreiiptli I" resist crushing weights in
a-' great degree as lierea stone.
AMan set' uir WroiiR war ana Is Sort,
ounly Injorcd.
fcist evening just utter S o'clock
August RledhofT, an cinplovo of tlio
Central Glass Works who, livos in the
alley south of Eightoen(li^stroet and
West of Woods, came in from the Park
ontlie Eln) lirovc road, lfo wont lo
H,,]I from the ear at Wood? street whilo
the train was under full headway, and
stewed in the wrong direction. The
natural result happened; T'rfeilhofl" was
thrown violently to the'pround, and his
coat was caught by tlio car wheel, and
ho wps draped and rolled soine distance
before the train could bo stopped.
It was then found that Ills coat was
torn to shreds. "his left arm wrenched
and rut, and his head flntfcface were
scratched and cut painfully, but not
lie was assisted" into a wagon and
hauled to his hom, after his head,which
bled freely, had been wrapped up as
well a.* possible. ' -1
Exaj.'geratpd reports of thq accident
were current all evening.
Iloth Ia?k? Cut onr.
I<aac N. Bavloss, going~fibme from
Cameron to Hart's Run SatuSffly evenin?,
under the influence of liquor, was
struck by a freight train and fatally injured.
Iloth lejjs were cut otF and* ho
v.? uwienwsu nun*
Drowned In the River.
A pad drowning occurred Saturday
si.'htat 7 o'clock near West Wheeling.
A number of West Wheeling boys were
in lathing, when one of their number,
atcn?ycnr-old sou of Andrewj JVIoore, a
saloonkeeper at that place, w?nt*bcyond
his depth and was drowned. The body
*> recovered about half an hour later
shortly below whero he sank-.
Siranjcrn iu ttioi City and Wheeling Folks
George Morrow, of Fairmont, was
hw Saturday. ^
Hon.W. L. Ilearne and wifo are home
from Kansas City.
K. II. D. Willis and E. P. Moblow of
Grafton, are at tlie McCluro.
Mm. George Biles, of Forty-third and
Jacob streets, is confined to the house
by serious illness. ?>
Captain Kediuan and Captain Ellerv,
of httshurgh. dined ut the new fc>t.
Charles yesterday.
Mr. Oscar Sandroek's family left at
midnight for Mountain Lake Park, to
spend tbe summer.
The family of Tom Xichoifon, the
oa.l player, are located at Sioux City,
Iowa, fur the summer.
, Mrs. James C. Gittings, of Baltimore,
w niuJunjj a fibort visit to her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. 1). C. List.
Glrnn F llifMu ni
.. O, iUll?UU?*V|
George M. White, of WellsUyrg, were
at the Stamw House yesterday.
Fr. M. Kellar, of Hundred, Charles
Powell and \V. S. Haymond, of Fairmont,
registered at the Behler yesterday.
Mr. Frank B. Ross, I. G. Dillon & Co.'s
optician, is iyincr very ill with typhoid
pneumonia at nie residence on the
Joe A. Vollack id home from the military
academy at Corn\vnll-on-the#Hudloa,
whero he graduated last week with
high honors.
Mis; lizzie Wiggins will bo a passen?pr
on the next tripof the City ot Koine
lor Scotland, where she will spend some
time visiting relatives.
K. A. McCaun, W. T. Powell, B. E.
Launer, J. Klliott and Messrs. Alblnger
tad Mack, of Pittsburgh, were guests at
the St. ('hnrl?H v?
I linnUc Henry, son of J. II. Henry,
njal estate agent, is homo from nn
5l ,,our in 80,1111 America, and
*? settle down to live here.
t ivi'i ""^.llrs. T- It. Kennedy, who
hthl. T,"j '^uests of Mr- Komiedy's
U(1r<-; Kennedy, cui Thirteenth
I" "-vi, lor a day or two, left last night
Master George Norton gave a party to
J]-* iriends Saturday at the residence of
^ father, Mr. J." Wiso Norton, on
:.nrll? Main street, in celebration, of his
nrthday. It was a very enjoyable
' ex.r-e Y. McLure, of the McLuro
ncturi* Company, returned to the city
J|s* night, and* put up at thcStamm
' ij-c. Mr. McLuro says ho has been
, avoidably detained by business of
ii. W. Atkinson is at Magnetic
j-pnnp, 0. She has l>cen suffering tor
six months with catarrhal intlamwahon
of the stomach. The Magnetic.
' ipnnya are said to be a sure euro for
:'on/'ch, kidney and rhetxmatic
. Alfftror Mrs. Atkinson feels
I !>V ,,:w keen benefitted, 'although
I , 18 been at the Springs le*s than a
I J01'.*- Mr. Atkinson savs the Magnetic
I '/r,:'r? have wonderful cuTative
I Mvrs.
Matters of Minor Moiuuut ia aud About
tlio City.
TiiEcolIegQ boys arc all returning for
the sumincrigS
Mixgo is amirted with an epidemic
of measles,wfnch attacks-young and old
Tins is the last wpek for tlio flint
glass factories. They all closo next Saturday
at nooa.
Ox Juno 2&tiie Tcutonia Singing Society
will celebrate its fourth anniversary
at'tho Park with a picnic.
J. K. Jolly nnd F. A. Swart* drovo
over tho Back rivor bridge in a buggy
Saturday, the tlrst vehiclo to cross.
The Electrio^Light commission and
the council committfieson railroads and
markets are called to meet this evening.
Tint Mark Twain Club's excursion on
the Matt F. Allen to New Cumberland
yesterday was well patronized, and was
very enjoyable.
Cait. W. II. Travis has invented a
water screen to protect boilers and heaters
from the intense heat of tho furnace.
It is novel aud useful.
A new schedule went into effect on
the Ohio Kivor railroad yesterday. Only
slight changes are made in the arrival
and departure of the forenoon trains.
Tin? in flirt In at wnnl- nf tho rnminpnc
inents. A week from to-nigiit tho
Seguiu Collegiate Institute will lmve its
commencement and that will bo the
The game of ball between tho Ott
Bros, and (ireer& Laingemployes Saturday
had to be called on account of rain,
and will bo played at some time In the
A judy on a 11. A 0. train, coming up
from Moundsville, Saturday, gave her
fretful child her gold watch to play
with and the child lired it out the
A KEroBT current to the effect that
tho Cleveland & Pittsburgh railroad
wag to run a Sunday train was incorrect.
A new time card is out, but there
are no Sunday trains on it.
The picnic of the Hint gloss workers
on the Stato Fair Grounds Saturday
was a very enjoyable all'oir until rain
compelled the abandonment of the programme
of sports arranged.
A doit one hundred people went to
tho park yesterday despite tlio exextremely
bud weather. The reguinr
Sunday sacred concert by the opera
house orchestra was dispensed with.
Tiik,Ikiillcy Wagon Company lias
commence^ to move its machinery, etc.,
and is sending out six or eight cars a
day to Staunton. They expect to bo
able to begin work in their new factory
there by July 10.
Tim excavation for tho south abutmontofthc
.Mainstreet bridge has caused
a sinking of the wall ofthelargeold brick
building adjoining, and it is badly
rrackoij. The Italians who have been
living in it left Saturday.
In the circuit court, Part I, Saturday,
in the case of Klizabeth B. Wingerter,
guardian, vs. Clara A. Wingerter and
others, an order was entered by Judge
Paull directing the sale of tho infants'
interest in certain real estato to be
A makriagr license was issued Satnrdny
to Adolnh Hotter, a native of German?,
aged 27, and Anna Ritscho, a
native of Germany,:ttgod 23; also to L.
Swara, u nativo of Switzerland, aged 44,
mm I'.mmn Jituuz, a native 01 i insburgh,
aged 23.
Tins is pay day at the upper furnace,
and between $2,500 and $3,000 will be
distributed this afternoon for work
done during the past two weeks. Over
370,000 per year is paid out in wages by
this one department of the big Hivorside
Company of Wheeling.?Steubtnville
Tiif. commissioners appointed to condemn
the land of thp Camden Consolidated
Oil Co., which is wanted by the
W. B. it T. Co., for .rail road purposes,
will meet at the court houso this morning
to proceed with their work, the Supreme
Court having decided in favor of
the railway company.
Tiie Uowleytown Growlers defeated
tho Cement Grinders yesterday afternoon
on the HowleytoVn grounds by
the score of 32 to 1. Battories?for the
Growlers, Powell and Burns; for the
Grinders, RniTertv and Plankov. They
also defeated the Howleytown Stars on
(lie same grounds by the Bcore 23 to 21.
Batteries?for the Growlers, Powell and
Burns'; for the Stars, Straub and Kinney.
There were seven eases in Police
Court Saturday morning. Else Gray
and Padge O'Neal Wre fined $5 and
costs for a rackpt on tho Elm Grove
motor, Charles Morgan, Ed. Michel and
Henry Stoohr"being dismissed. A. K.
Sallafly, arrested 011 a warrant sworn
out by Mrs. Moran, of Tenth and Main
streets, was also dismissed. John
fluseman's case was continued till evening,
when he was dismissed, while a
drunk, the only other case, got fifteen
Tho Tonn Adjourns to Court in Courso
after Closing: uji tho BuftlncM.
In tho_ Supreme Court of Appeals,
Saturday, an important opinion was
hauded down by Judgo Brannon, in tho
case of the State vs. Mary Jane Morgan,
tho cause being upon a writ of error
from the judgement ol uio circuit
Court of Tyler county, in which court
the defendant was found guilty of tlio
murder of her liusbntid, and was sentenced
to be confined in tho penitentiary
for life. Hie murder was committed
on tho evening of May 7,1888, at
his home, in tho presence of Ilia wifo,
the crinin being alleged to have been
perpotrnted, by Mrs. Morgan, by two
unknown men," one of whom shot her
husband and tho other stabbed him und
cut his throat, but these two men were
nover found or identified.
The opinion was rendered by Judge
Brannon, Judges I,urns and English
concurring. Judge Holt was of opinion
that the record shows a case in which
the prisoner's motion to separate the
witnesses should have been granted,
and has leave to file a note on that
point. The judgment rendered by tho
Circuit Court of Tyler county on September
15,1800, is Mlirined. This judgment
consigns Mrs. Morgan to tho penitentiary
for life.
Other business was transacted as follows:
Court met at 10 o'clock, all the judges
Thrasher vs. Ballard, writ of error,
from Monroe county; submitted.
Danlio'a administrator vs. Chesapeake
A Ohio Itailrond Company, writ of
error,from .Summerscountycontinued.
Brown Manufacturing Companv vs.
Deering & Co., writ oPerror, from \Vood
county; decision of circuit court reversed
and cause dismissed.
??ate vs. Monongahcla Rivpr Railroad
Company, writ (if error, from Harrison
county j petition allowed.
Hays vs. Heatherly, appeal and supersedeas,
from Barbour county; petition
allowed, but not ,tf> tako effect until
the petitioner glvel it bond of $200.
Barrie v*. Dewey, writ of error, from
Ohio county; petition refilled.
Clu'sapeaiko & Ohio Kailrood Company
vs. tostor, writ of error and Biiper
sedeas, from Cubell countv; allowed;
bond SI,000.
I/one vs. Clark, writ cit error ami supersedeas,
frum Harrison county;
tion allowed; bond $200.
Jorvia it Jan-is vs. Hilev, writ of error
and supersedeas, from Taylor county
; petition allowed; bond SW0.
State va. Hudkins, writ of error, from
Ritchie county; opinion by Lucas; decielon
of Cireult. Coi|j;t .jarcraqdi'ahd
cause remanded Mr new ihat.
Hartley et al. vs. Henretta at al.;
Lutes ct'at vs. Riloy et al.; Stidger et
al. vs. Keclev ot al., and Dick et al. vs.
Knll et al. These are what are known
as the Moundsville liquor injunction
cases, and appeals {rom.tlie Jvdgniont of
tho Circuit Court ,of, jlarahalj,' wmrity.
rendered December' 2i and 25,
Counsel for the appellees, Messrs. J. A.
Ewlng, D. B. Evans, J. II. Holt and T.
J. Parsons, presented a petition asking
for tho re-argument anu re-heariug of
the causes, in which decrees had been
entered in this couria(-ft fgfi^er (lay of
(Illy lann Tho nnflUi'in u'itu rotrtMixl
ix"wis and wife vs. Broun and others;
appeal und supersedeas, from Kanawha
county; John S. Swan, counsel for uj>pellants,
presented a petition for a roargument
and rehearing; matter docketed
and hearing continued, tho docreo
already mado in the case being suspended
for the present.
Wheeling Bridge Company vs. Wheeling
and Belmont Bridge Company; writ
of error and supersedeas, from Ohio
county; the defendant in error, the
Wheeling Bridge Couipanv, by its
counsel presented the mandate of :the
Supreme Court of tiro United States,
affirming the judgment of this court in
this case September 13, ISflO, and it was
ordered filed and a copy certified to the
Circuit Court of Ohio countv.
Fowler et al., vs. J-ewis' iiamlnistrator
and heirs, nnd Fontai,n.; administrator,
vs. N. Fit7.liugh et al., appeal and snpersedeas,
from Kanawha county; consld
eration of petit ion for reargt/luent and
rehearing continued.
Kinport ot nl., vs. Ilawson et al., appeal
and supersedeas, from Kanawha
county; petition for , jcirgwuieot,land
rehearing continued.
Armstrong and Armstrong vs. Adatns
and OofT; appeal and supersedeas, from
Roane county; petition refused.
Adjourned' for tho terra.
A Colored Plcnla 1'nrty' Mint Itx >;ul I'm].
liiK?Cnuscil l>y ? Driitifaoa Muu.
Baltimore, JId., June 21.?Colored
people went to Curtis Creek in great
numbers to-day to view the spot where
seven of their friends were drowne^
last night and to search.fbr their bodias-.i
Not one of the bodies was recovered up
till a late hour lost night.
Yestcrdny morning a partv of colored
picnickers left tho Chairs farm in tho
pungey Thomas B. Bowcn, and came to
Baltimore. They were returning at
night. While tho ptingcy was beating
up the creek, Samuel Barnes and Walter
Caston intercepted it in the middle of
the stream in a row boat.
They pulled alongside the pun gey and
called to the negroes on board to jump
into their craft. Several <5f themdul so.
The tenth person to leave tho vessel
was vorv drunk and stepped upon the
side of the row boat. It and the entire
party were thrown into the' ivator. A
strong breeze was blowinp fft'f 1)8 time
and tho pungcv was sailing rapidly.
Before it could be brought around tho,
struggling men and women in the water'
were several hundred yardsastern.
The tug Mohawk, which was in the
vicinity, rescued Richard and Isaac
Titus and Samuel Earner.".
were drowned. The names of trio
drowned are: Georgian! Titus, A1
Reaetor, Lulu Mason, .Tolin Houston,
Walter Gaston, a man known as "Gidney"
and an unknown man.
Hood's Sftrpaparllla is in favor With tdl
classes because it combines economy
and strength. iOO Doses One Dollar. 14
Don't be deceived, but ask vour ico
dealer for Pure Artificial Ico, manufactured
by Wheeling Icp & Storage Co.
5,000 palm fans at 1 rent each.
Geo. E. Tayloe.
it occur
to you
that tho Union
pinco at tho
Opera Houso
Wednesday night,
, and that
if you havo not
provided yourself
reserved seuti ' '
better do so
No one contemplating the purchase
of a Bicycle can atlord to do so until they
have thoroughly examined tho construction
and investigat6d, thu " merits
of tho Victor and Columbia. These
wheels arc unsurpassed in tho world,
and unenuulcd for American riders, as
shown by their immense popularity.
All grades carried in stock. Some second-hand
wheels at ridiculously low
price. Edwahii I.. Rqsk & Co?
No. 51 Twelfth Street, Wheeling, W. Va.
We guarantee every pound of our
Artificial lee to Do ipaue trom Artesian
well water, distilled and double filtered.
For the parade ai*l dedication of the
New Masonic Temple at Harnesvillo,
Ohio, Juno 24, tho Baltimore & Ohio
Company will Bell excursion tickets
from Wheeling and Bellaire at ono fare
for tho round trip, good returning until
the 25th. :
Stage of Water and Movements of Boats.
The River Interest*.
TIia rJirnr will rioinrr Insf with
13 feet in the channel, j. on" ui I
Tho reports from above were:
Pittsburgh?9 feet 0 incites anil stationary
; weather cloudy.
Brownsville?(1 feet 11 inches and rising
; weather cloudy.
Warren, Pa.?2 feet 8 inches and rising
; weather cloudy: \ , !|
A brass band composed of. thirteen
S'rls from a Pittsburgh orphans' home,
making the round trip on the Andes,
and made good music here Saturday
while the boat lay at the wharf.
Tho Ben Hur, Keystone Stato and
Lizzio Bay passed up for I'ittab.prjjh.yw-. .
terdav morning.?Tne Batcheiot Toft for
Cincinnati at !l a. m.?At 1 p. in. the
Courier got away lor rarsersbaig.
A. J. Sweeney & Son have received
the contract lor the machinery for a
new boat (or Capt. Tom Prince, to be
run on the lower Mississippi. The hull,
will bo constructed at West HiAwilj-' .
ville. The boat will bo 140 feet long
and 28 feet beam, and -will have a 12meh
cylinder with 3-foot stroko, 20-feet
boilers, 42 inches in diameter, with six
An Au?tra1!nu With a Alrielilno to Produco
Rnln-'It Flood* CtinUut.
< C.u.Tvx, Ohio, June 21.?This city
was Wsited Friday night by the most
disastrous storm ever known in its history.
Tho Meteorological Bnreau Observer
states that the fall in one hour's
time was ovor three inches. Hundreds
of cellars and basements of business
blocks wero filled with water. A portion
of tho manufacturing district was
inundated, and this morning the flywheels
in many shops worked in water.
Tho I/iitz Box factory was flooded
over tho first floor. Tho damage
is estimated *t ovor $0,000. The
most peculiar features of tho storm is
that Frank Melbourne, an Australian
who has made this his homo, claims
tho crodit of bringing the storm. Melbourne
is a brother of a prominent
citizen, au'd is here for the purj>ose of
carrying on experiments with n machino,
which ho says lie lias patented,
to bring rnln whenever desired. IIo
lias been here over a month, and a
strange coincidence is that ever slnco
he lins pretended to conduct hisexpori
ments li heavy rnin has fallen on an
aycrngo of onco a day. Thoy havo been
I accompanied by severo electrical disturbances,
and'inuch damage lias been
dono anil several fatal cases liavo been
reported in this vicinity. Mr. Melbourne
not onlv states that ho brought
the storm, but tiiat if ho had
shut off his ninehine.ono day earlier the
disaster would not have happened. He
claims that shortly after he arrived
hero tho Weather" Bureau at Kansas
telegraphed Washington that the crops
woro dying for want of rain. "Two
days after I brought rain In Kanses.
This waB on May 10. The fall was threo
inches." He states that ho can bring
rain in from three to six hours. lie has
had a circular letter printed, and will
send it throughout the country. In it
he calls the attention of the public to
his invention. He announces that he
can cause rain to fall in an" area of 230
square miles.
A Dotrctivo Fatally Wouuclotl Whllo In
Search of tlio Fugitive Hanker.
Si'iuno Lake, N. }., Juno 21.?Detectiva
Mux Freeman, who bus been in
.'qiijist of fugitive President Marsh, of
tlio Keystone Hank, went to Como, a
summer resort near liere, Friday night,
intending to search a cottage where he
supposed Marsh was hiding.
Freeman and two detectives surrotindV(1
tlih cottago, when two men suddenly
appeared and began firing, Freeman
falling unconscious, while the two men
escaped into the woods. The cottugu is
owned by a friend of Marsh named H.
II. Yard, and though supposed to bo unoccupied,
one of tlie windows was open.
'Detective Freeman was removed to
the doctor's office at Spring Lake,
wliero ho now lies in a critical condition,
and tho doctor refuse's to allow
hlin to bo seen. District Attorney
Graham came down last night and hud
a long interview witutne detective, .nr.
Graham returned to his cottage ut
Kortli Spring I?ike. IIo refuses to say
anything concerning Marsh's supposed
presence hero.
Constable Sexton snld to-night that
Freeman was positive that Marsh wits
hiding in the 'iard house at Cotno, and
ho also believes that the shots wero
fired and the blows administered by
March or one of his friends.
Sexton says lie examined the house
later and ho found one of the windows
OPpn.'ljS though tho men were prcpur'Ing
to enter tho cottagojust as they
wero surprised by tho ofilcors. He docs
not think tho men wore tramps.
Tho fact that the house which the
mystorious men were about to onter was
until recently owned by Yard leads
many. to believe that 'Marsh was in
inking there, and that he intended to
remain there until his friends could
tako him to a safer placo.
The .ComniRiicuuiunt WV'li at aXundyUle.
The Programme.
Mkadviixx, I'a., .Tune 21.?Tho commencement
week programme for Alio
gnony uoiiego uegun j-iiursuay, wiiu
thoannuul examinations. The baccaleaureate
sermon was preached in tho
First SI. E. Church this .morning by
President D. II. Wheeler, L. L. I)., and
tho annual sermon beforo the Colleen
Y. M. C. A., this eveuing by Itev. D. fl.
Mooro. L. L. D., editor of'tho western
Chriftinn Advocnie. Tlie balatico of tho
programme will be tw follows: Juue 22,
2 p. m., field day. Juno 22. 8 p. m.,
Inter-Society enntest. June 23, 8:45 a.
m., annual drill of .Ct^det Corps. Juno
23, 3:30,p. in., annual meeting of Board
of Control. Juno 23, 8 p. in., Senior
ilass day. June 24, 9:30 a. in., annual
mceting'of Board of Trustees. Juno 24,
2 p. m.j meeting of Alumni Association.
June 24. 8 p. in., annual concert of Conservatory
of Music.
nod No Faith In Unnka.
J^VKHHON, I A., uunt) ?1.?rur years
Mrs. Margaret Kehoo 1ms saved her
money. Iler affections run to S20 gold
pieces, nnd yesterday her hoard foot<!d
up $3,000. She had no faith in hanks
and kept the money in a satchel, which
Sroved convenient for some thief, as
lis morning she had not a penny.
A Polish domestic named fepper, was
found secreted in a ham and arrested,
but denies all knowledge of tho money.
Una Not lleen Sold.
Toledo, 0., June 21.?0. G. Hadloy,
chief owner of tho so-called Toied^aml
Western railway, said to an Associated
Press representative to-night that there
was no truth whatever in tho reported
sale of tho road, which, by tho way,
exists entirely on paper.
BURNER?On Sunday morning, Juno 21, 1?01.
at 8:15 o'clock, EnwARt* K., son o! J. C. and
A. C. Burner. aged 21 years and too months.
Funeral notice hereafter.
CAMI'DELL.?On Sundojr, June 21,1*1, at 11:45
o'clock p. w., Mrs. Albuu Cami'Bjux, In her
80th yoar. '
Funeral notice hereafter.
it v t m n i r a i hit
Has boen a never failing family remedy for
Coughs, Cold*. Consumption, Sow Throat.
llomwsneM, Pneumonia, fuflnennu Acute and
Chronic bronchitis. Asthma, Whooping cough,
Croup, Plouriny. Pnln lu the Side and Urrai-t.
wjttfug of lilootl, and all disease* of the
TjIiu>at. chest and lungs leading to
contain* no opium, morpMno, nor any deleterion*
drug. It soothes nnd h?*nls th<* >lr;nbraue of
the Lungs, lntlamed and polMmed by dlseo*},
and prevent* nignt sweats and tightness across
the chest. It Is pleasant to the tasto.
And all Durnr.wTs. Price, 23c, GOc, si 00.
DR. WM. HALL CO., New ork. l05-itvr*y
.... , f j i-iuii '.j
' t- - l\? off '
co 3
Q \ A/? can S,"I0W a ,arEer line of FOLD- w
TjJi1. tV ' ING BEDS than the combined stock P
?Q of any three houses in the State. It will CD
be to your advantage to inspect our stock be- IgJ
O. fore purchasing.
f) 1124 MAIN STREET. O
h. f?
- -i rbiffw crtfii iav i ?
1'iiwf ai sotorii *'n '
hQ b - /(Q I ^ /(Q I
I T\j i "TU ;
i,2jo yards Ail-Wool French Challies reduced to
| ..II ft* ?
! ! - v .
1,700 yards French Mull, equal in color and'finish
to $1 00 India Silk, only
I , ;i:y/iio idfboli''' '
yards yard-wide American Challle,
yards yard-wide Batiste,
8ca yard1,800
yards Hemstitched Black and White Lawn
2$, 31 and 37c. joo
pairS" Lace Curtains reduced nearly1 one-half.
2, joo New Wrappers, Waists, &c.
18 and 20 Eleventh Street.
Our First Word is Bargains
And All From a Practically Unlimited Line of
iv?mn f no
? Facts
and'Flgurfes'Convince All Comers That we Offer tha
Opportunity of the Season in
Parlor and Bed Room Suits, Mantel Mirrors,
Standing Cabinets, Wardrobes and Sideboards,
,.jj liKr.on.Garpets, Oil Cloths, Linoleums,
Window Shades, Rugs and Mats.
rnul on Jailv; i
In this department our.facilities are unsurpassed. We are prepares
j i i u 1 _ .. ?ah J ?1.1.
io conuuci uunuis 111 a iiiuai s?auMiU.iury maimer. hit iqvucin uuuciuiking
appliances. A NEW WHITE FUNERAL CAR,. the finest in.)the
city. Also, a FINE BLACK FUNERAL CAR. Competent management
Wo. 1117 Main Stroot.
is52+JOSEPH GRK^ES^hssi
dealer in
Baby Carriages, Blank Books and Stationery.
:The Largest'Stock and Greatest Variety* in the State.
ao T-wolftia. Street. ni>-15-?wjr
t t A no r>r\
n/\mm ot <^u.,
Furniture Dealers and Undertakers,
* That our eatabllshmcnt li a model one In every respect.
That In our attractive assortment, prompt service and fair treatment, our customer* arc amply
and satisfactorily servM.
That whAj \r* cannot. gltt you something tor nothing, we aim toglvoa good, Honest deal
every time. We Invite y??ur personal Inspection
Undertaking In Its Several Forms a Special Feature.
tuurnumk Calls axhwcbzu Day ok Night.
HRMM & CO., 1065 7WKIN ST.

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