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jamjar story
Jjitivo to the Recent Attempted
Assassination of tho
pan Guardsman ? Report
rjJ n Russian Mcssougor l)l? jirlicJ
Via America Was Waylaid
|"color.r.lo-.V Probable I'ako-Tbo
swrj-ufl't- Amur.
CBic.100, Jane 2S.?A royal messenger
t.:nt tlispuU'hcn sent from
H;bv the Ciareivitch, to the Oar of
luijj mysteriously disappeared
H i wle Irvm San Francisco to
York. The fact has bcon kept a
. . . is not curtain that the Itng.
Government is yet airaro of it. G.
who was on the sumo slcamcr,
tlio nu-s; enger was delayed near
. .- by a wreck, and he stopped over
[. tin that city. lie never resumed
: urncy and has not been seen since.
lwlicvr i tfuit tile young itnssiau
Htciita violent death at the hand of
-i' enemies of the Czare*
The most important of
lu-v ii ' hitherto unpublished
H: regarding the attack upon the
.ii O.iri v. itch. .Mr. Natyman, who
ia Tekio at the time, states the
leu ?never made known that the
titcli had accepted an invitation
! great noble at Tokio, but
>;. .1 u:i the way to visit another
i ';bnum. This insulted tno iormer
wdhe hired un assassin to kill the
Ccrewitch, and the resulting attempt
n- :iv,'!i to the world as the deed of a
. us /watic. From every stopping
j . . the C/.nrewitch sent duplicate
J; itches to hitj father by three trusted
tiv-engcrs who took the most opposite
r ::, One of thou), immediately after
?< -tleinpted utaassination, was sent
i- IVtorfchurg by way of the United
>\i!?:. The theory is tfiat the authoriintercepted
and put out of the
::il the messengers supposed to
bear news of the truth.
it Uelntcd by u Jiipnncio Xowtpnpur,
The Art of n Craxy Sinn.
Keadewof ?l?e J.vTj.j.jjoiixm: will re(j!I
the telegraphed accounts of the as*
fault on the Czarewiteh, referred to in
t!:f above ili.-putch, {The story from
Clii eo will be taken with somo salt,
i:: r:: perusnni of tiie following intrK-ftini:
account of the affair, clipped
to the Vokahoma, Japan, Daily jSem
ciJlav 12, furnished the I.vtki.i.iobncku
In ll'(,a. John 51. llureb, of this city,
Li, 1'iiilcd States Consul to Nagasaki,
tan. The Xcwi says:
h alfair of a grave and lamentable
(Witter occurred yesterday at Otsu.
lo the prognmiuio arranged
lirthe liii'sian Crown l'rinee, His imptiil
llijiluiexs went in the forenoon
ir::. Kvoio to Otsu bv train, and havieg
Wlicd at the olficia! residence of
tL- liovfraor, proceeded by jilfrikitha
tu hi,,.' lliwa. ,
'"There were a largo number oljinritHt
in tin- train. In what order they
*?' marshalled we have not learned,
but it is probable that the Prince rodo
.. wnut id certain is uiawmiuobehind
the jinrikitha of tho
hints Imperial ami 1'rinco George of
GrffCv armed guards were riding. A
Hron: force of police, told off for sery.'tdung
the road, had been placed at
intervals, forming a lino on cither tddp
from theoffices of the Prefecture to the
lake Among* the policemen was one
T-U'la Sanzo, belonging to tho MoriTama
station. This man seems to have
I'^thin reason an thecortcge approached.
Jing his sword, he stepped up from
the roar at the moment when tho
yincti'^jiiirikiflm passed, and struck at
i:- ipant, inlliciing a woundon tho
H'h-oi tin' forehead. Onoof the gensdaraits
following the Prince at onco
prang from his jinrikWia and gave the
luiiatic two severe but not fatal sword
cute, after whicn ho was arroated.
'Telecraphic news of the event
^jiche-i Tokyo at half-past 2, and natur;
produced great excitement The
1'iuiuuuuiy uuucicii, niui
Mipress bvoko down completely.
J'di'rv woro at onro issued, in compfi?
?oe with which ii. i. H. I'rince Kitn'
r't i'.va, having hix suite, Dr. Takagi,
|mieipal medical officer of the navy,
; i "' wirt physician, ami a num;
f"! offlcials d( the household depnrt,-<
nt, sit out for Kyoto by tiio train,
Milinbislii at 4:J5 p. ni? and
,vre C0!,srT>?ntly on their way to the
noif ii!i|"iria] be.'ore the latter had
' tolled Kyoto from Otsu. A cabinet
it'liii'.' was also held, and the EmPirOTlnmrelf
hie meeting lasted until fivo
Orders liad meanwhile been
1 '10 prepare a special tndn, and bv
1 ?us, :u:? o clock p. m., thoir excellencies
the ministers of state for homo
Wil foreign allairs sot out for Kyoto, acf
"Jinanied by I>rs. Hashimoto and
^riba, aiul M r. W, Denison. The emF?'f'
r, inuuediately on receiving intclliv
oi tlie affair, announced his in<n
of vUiting the Prince Imperial
v> Ky ?v?, and his majesty loit Tokyo
i r that purpose by a special train at
WO this morning.
< %
"A? to tho man by whom the attempt
J"?s made, tho only conclusion to be
I '''Rawl is that ho laboured under an at1
< of temporary insanity. He has
penitence for his deed, and
[ that ho lost control of himself,
? which we infer that after the exI
cnt of the moment, ho recovered
I uU?nsea. Whether he obeyed an imIpi?
off aatidsmgrowing opt ofinterI
gaonal prejudice, or whether ho i* to
I - - i with those men of unstablo
I ; uilibrinm found in all connI
make attempts upon tho
a nuvi'TOgn simply became ol
; , l position, wo cannot protend
. " at present.
thaithe madman was one
' "..luu charged with tho duty
' - r.'.inir the Priueo, will be injnri'iirtruM;
though in truth it in
Ui'' ::inro than a coincidence*
a iarse force of constable* a
i>'iy be found nt any moment
' ; amid a crowd o( onlookers,
- ...Miiis; such a coutincencv the
t. r , ... Kmnot guard. Meanwhile
; .. . >.? denied that they lovern-1
fuvvo h.is taken over step pos-1
;> proper under the circttm?Uncei. |
!' 'vl;' liatinniidoubtless thorouirh-1
' ". ke! by the event, and will leavo
j uudouo to txpreas its regrot |
Sncriflco Their Live* to Saro Their Ploymote?One
of Them a Millionaire.
WAimixqTos, Pa., Juno 22.?"While
bathing in Doaks Pond near hero this
afternoon, Jolin JIcKeown, Walter
Jones and John Chaulis, boys ranging
in age from eight to thirteen years,
wero drowned. Young Chaulis dived
ftom a plank, striking tho bottom, mid I
wns drowning when John McKeown
bravely dived after him. Tho half unconscious
boy graspedMcKeowo tightly,
fettering his arms. Heroic little Walter
Jones did not hesitato a moment, but
leaped in to savo his two littlo friends,
but was himself overconio, and all three,
clasped in each others urms, sank to
the bottom.
Young McKeown was a eon of tho
late John McKeown; the oil king millionaire.
and the boy was worth in his
own right $4,000,00), being his lather's
favorite son. Chaulis was a liepliov of
the dead millionaire, and Walter Jones,
tho son of J. F. Jones, presiding cider
of the Washington district of the Methodist
Episcopal Church.
This is commencement week of Washington
and JoU'urson College and tho
said affair will greatly modify the program
of celebration.
Iz a linpttut Conference and Ilov. Mr.
Cleveland Withdraw*.
Boston, June 22.?During the regular
Monday meeting of Baptist ministers In
Chapel Hall this forenoon, Itev. J. B.
Stoddard addressed the conference, at
its suggestion, upon tho inlluenco of
secret societies upon the church, and
in the courso of his remarks strongly
denounced Masonry, declaring that
wltmi n mnn uu-onru nIloi'innre hp fiweiirn
allegiance to a code antagonistic to U6d.
Kev. Mr. Cleveland, of Melrose, who
was in the audience, arose to a point of
order and with suppressed emotion said:
"I am a Mason und have listened to this
scathing stigmatisin of tho order in
patience, but I can'tlisten to this unjust
und uncullod for abuse."
Chairman Moxan put the question to
tho meeting on sustaining the point of
order and it was defeated. .
Instantly Sir. Cleveland rose and addressing
tfie secretary, said: "I request
that you drop my name from the roll of
membership of this conference. 1 do
not care to he a member of any body
that refuses to sustain any decent point
of order."
Then taking his lmt, he left tho hall
and Mr. Stoddard finished his address.
Among the OUlcer* of tho First Regiment
Ohio National Guard.
Cincinnati, Juno t2.?1There is a mixture
of emotions among the otlicers of
tho First Hegimont, Ohio National
Guard, caused by the report of a court
of inquiry made at Columbus to-day.
Tlie court was organized to investigate
charges made by Captain Beclit against
Colonel Smith. Tho court finds such a
state of tilings in tlio regiment that ill
the opinion of the court tho only remedy
is to request the resignation of tho
otllcors, one nnd all, and order a new
election. Officers against whom no
charges vero mado are indignant at
being required to resign. Colonel Smith
will call a mooting of tho officers to consult
upon tho situation.
A Complicated Case.
Special Dfrpatch to the InUUigmccr.
Columbus, 0., June 22.?Tlio Sunday
Capitol to-day changed hands. Beccivor
Guerin sold it to Calvin Johnson
for $400. Johnson was city editor of
the papor under tho Elliott regime, but
when tho editor got into jail ho assumed
authority. Upon Elliott's advice
a few weeks since, Johnson resigned
to defeat tho efl'orts of the re
reiver to gel out mo paper. jjiib purchase
by Johnson beare the ear marks
o( Bill Klliott'n scliuming. This will
virtually dofcat John Roes, who sued
Bill Elliott for damages, as there will
not bo enough left him out of the $100
to pay attorney's fees.
TIio Microscopic Bureau.
Chicago, June 22.?Secretary of Agriculture
Husk to-day put in working
order his new bureau for the microscopic
examination of hog products for
export. He selected a corps of thirty
microscopists, fifteen men and as many
women, and they arc set to work undor
the direction of Drs. John Slichels, of
New York, and F. H. Bernard, of l'ittsburgh,
microscopical experts. Tho
forco will bo increased until it is largo
enough to examine under tho magnifying
lens a piece of tho diaphram and of
tho tenderloin of each Hog Killed.
Mm. Samuel Mather, of Cleveland,
has given $75,000 to the Western Keservo
University for ita collego for
Another Munipur prince. Sena, litis
been sentenced to death for warring
against tlio Qtieen and abetting in tho
massacre of officers.
Fifty persons have boon arrested in
Taris tor belonging to a secrot association
known as tho lnfamo Leggo, similar
to the .Mala Vita society.
In the Allegheny College Inter-Socioty
contc.it last evening, between Allegheny
and Philo-.Franklin Societies, the former
won by a scoro of seven to tlirco
Governor Pattison, of Pennsylvania,
at midnight approved tho World's Fair
bill and appointed the commissioners.
A. K. McCfurc, of Philadelphia, is
Tho amount of expenses for thomnintsniuico
and trans|iort?tiou of Pennsylvania
troops during tho coke region riots
has been certified to by the Adjutant
Uenernl. The total 19 Sio,029.22.
Mr. Gladstono has suffered another
relapso, due to exertion in addressing a
meeting of colonial bishops. His
physician visited him to-day and ordered
a complete rest lor several days.
Tho bus men's strike at Bordeaux led
to rioting yesterday. A mob ot citixens
sided with the strikers and a force of
cavalry had to be called out to clear the
streets. Several persons were injured
and nmnv arrested.
The U. S. Flagship, San Francisco,
returned to Iquique, Chili, and will
leave for tho South to-morrow. Tho
British Man of War, rolomornonc has
arrived from tho South bringing sixtvseven
sacks, of mail, detained four
months at Valparaiso. Men aro steadily
joining tho Congressional armv, manv
volunteering to serve without pay.
A Bloody Riot at a Labor Camp
Near St. Louis.
Caused l>y tho Contractors Bringing
Them In and a Humor That More
Were to Come?IJad Wiilskjr tho
Cause of It?A Serious Situation at
| tho Cuinj).
St. I/xtis, Juno 22.?A. party of Italiau
laborers employed on tho new wkter
works at tho chain of roots some distance
up tho rivor reached tho city yesterday
and rcportod that a reign of terror
existed at that point. It appears
that there arc two factions employed at
tho works, 0110 of which has n man
named Jfentinia at iln head, whiJo the
other is led by Juan Jluntiliuo. A
deadly feud has existed botween these
| two factions, which early yesterday
morning culminated in a general conflict.
After playing cards until late the
Italians laid down lo rest Detween 1
and 2 o'clock Mantanllo heard some one
going through his clothes and asked
who it was. A hand was placed on his
face and n voico whispered in Italian for
him to keop quiet. At that very moment
somu one stabbed him in tho
right side, indicting! a dangerous
wound. Later tho Mnntalino crowd
was warned to leave the camp, or they
would bo killed. Mnntnlino and his
party immediately left and came to St.
Lotus, where tho injured man's wound
" no /Imoo/wJ 'J'liii n/ilirui nfraa+jii) ??
number of Italians last uight, and an
investigation is being held.
A later dispatch says: A raco riot between
laborers employed by Contractor
Workloy, at Ileiaan's cauip, at the
Chain of Rocks, a point about flvo miles
up tho river, where thu now water
works arc boing constructed, occurred
between 1 and 2 o'clock Sunday morning,
in which one Italian was dangerously
stabbed, twenty-two of his fellow
countrymen driven from the camp,
their valuables and money confiscated
by tho gang of American and other
laborers, making thu attack, and a raco
panic inaugurated. Tho riot was primarily
caused by (lie admittance in
camp of a lot of Italian laborers and the
report that Contractor Workloy had
gono to Chicago for lnoro.
All Saturday a feeling of revolt against
tho employment of Italian laborers had
boen gaining in strength and bitterness.
As soon as the laborers wore paid off in
the evening, they congregated as usual
at a saloon iust outside tho city limits,
whero bad whisky is dealt out to the
men who pass the time in gambling
away their nard earned money. About
4 o'clock Sunday morning tho eambling
party broke upi and tho sixty or moro
men, crazy chunk, started for their
sleeping quarters. ??
On the way over a man named William
P. Blair, it is alleged, sprang tho
idea of "driving out tho dagos." It
took liko wild lire, and with muttered
curses against tho Italians, the drunken
mob hurried toward tho camp. "D?n
tho dagos." This was the cry with
which tho attack was Begun on tho
sleeping Italians. Tho drunken crowd
sprang into tho tent amidst tho foreigners,
armed with sticks, clulis,
knives and whatever clso they could
lay their hands on. Tho fight did not
last long. Tho Italians were at too great
disadvantage, and alter a brief resistance
they lied in terror, leaving behind
all their belongings.
Thoy carried awav one of their comrades,
named Catmizo Francisco, dangerously
wounded. Tho Italians niado
their way to this city, where thoy reported
tno matter to the police. At tho
camp their departure was followed by
ascencof pillugo. Thcirvalises,bundles
and packages were broken open and tho
contents taken possession of.
The police at once began a rigld'lnvcstigatlon
anil tho following arrests
were mado: Edward Manley, John H.
Jones, Micliael Cassell, William It.
Blair, William 0. Brooks, Fred 1/mder
and John Slilllcr. These men profess
ignorance of tlio attack on the Italians,
and Ray they were awakened by a commotion
and inorcly aided iii driving
from camp the disturbers of their
slumbors. One of the assuulted party,
however, lias identified two of tho men
" Tho Italian Consul, Dominlco Ginnochio,
is indignant over the attack on
his countrymen and will doubtless enter
into a preliminary correspondence
w ith his government on tho subject. He
has demanded of thu Chief of l'olice
protection for the Italians, and also an
immediate official investigation of tlio
A HliliculotiH Fnko.
Nashville, Tf_vn., ,Inno 22.?For ncvornl
days past exaggerated reports have
been sent out. froiu this city in regard
to n race riot, said to bo fomenting.
A low nights ago a fracas occurred in a
tough part of the city between some
whites and blacks, the leading spirits
in which were arrested uml will in duo
time bo punished. It has furnished the
pretext for some wild and ridiculous
telegrams by special correspondents.
When sifted down, tlioy have proven to
bo merest bosh and tho parties telegraphing
it away are the laughing stock
of the city. N'o troublo is, or lias been
anticipated by the authorities, and
everything is as quiet as the Summer
weather usually induces.
llcmlnder of tho Snmnati Dlfmntor.
Sax Francisco, Juno 22.?The schoontlr
Sea Waif arrived from Apia, .Samoa,
this afternoon, bringing a carpo of
wreckage from tho United States menof-war
Trenton and Vandnlia, wrecked
nt Apia Hi me numcnne 01 marcn,
and also bringing the romainsof twenty
teamen belonging to theso vessels who
were drowned at tlio time. The remains
will bo buried at Maro Island
navy yard.
Itnuilirmt Arrival*.
Xew York, .Tnno 22.?Twenty-four
hundred and thirty immigrants landed
at tho bargo ollico to-day, Including
1,200 Italians.
Tm: Wheeling llakory's immense big
loaves of corn meal broad are tho greatest
health fcod in tho world.
"1 1
Appointed on tlio Fart ot Grant Britain to
Arbltrnto tho Seal lllfllcultlcl.
, Wasoixotdx, Juuo 22.?Tbo Department
of fctnto has been notified that tho
British government has appointed Sir
George Baden-Howcll and Mr. V. Daw-1
aon agenis 01 luui goveruuieii. iv i?ih
Alaska and collect information respecting
tlic seal fisheries. Tho nature of
tho arbitration itself has not keen
argecd upon. Prusumably it will be cutrusted
to a board, composed of two
representatives of tho linlted States,
two of Great Britain, and a fifth member
to be selected by the first four.
The United States forbids any authorised
person to be upon a reserved tract
without authority and it is thereforo
necessary for the .British government
to obtain the consent of this government
before agents can land on the
seal islands. It may bo that Messrs.
liowell and Dawson will hereafter
serve as representatives of the British
government upon the expert commission
which the two nations aro bound
to send to Alaska this Summer, but It
is altogether improbable they will bo
appointed arbitrators as their previous
duties might be supposed to unlit them
to act judicially in a matter where they
had formerly acted as partisan experts.
After Working for Yonra Falls Heir to n
liijf Fortune.
Patehsox, IN". J., Juuo 22.?Mrs. Ann
Jane Thomas, a poor widow, aged sixtytwo
years, who, with her daughter, lias
1..J ... ?I,A T3n*uA?i. flnv
vt ui huu iiiuuv jcaio uw mo ?uu. < ??
mill, received legal notice Saturday
night other falling heii' to $200,000 and
tlirco valuable jileces of property in
Liverpool, by the death of un Undo living
in Ireland.
A Big Suit Begun.
Chicago, June 22.?At a conferenco
hold in the City Comptroller's office
this afternoon between that official, tho
corporation counsel mid City Treasurer
Kiolbassa, it was dotorralnod to
instituto mandamus proceedings in a
day or two on bebidf of tho City Comptroller
to compcl County Treasurer
Kern to pay over to the city all of its
funds in his possession. Suit will also
bo begun against him and his bondsmen
for debt to recover the aforesaid
sum with interest, and declare
Ills office vacant. City Comptroller
May envs Mr. Kern must havo four or
five' niiflions of tho city's money on
which ho is drawing interest, but, on
tlio contrary, >Ir. Korn claims he hns
no such amount. Pending tho suits,
expert accountants will be put at work
to detormino tho exact amount.
Dcnth nt tho Window.
Knoxvii.le, Tens., Juno 22.?Tliero
was a terrible electrical storm here yesterday.
Jobu Humphreys with his
family and his brother wore sitting ia
n bedroom at his homo ou Euclid avenue
Matching the storm. It becoming
dark, Hnfoplireys stopped to the window
to raise the"curtain, when an awful
flash was seen and Humphreys fell to
tho floor. His brother was badly
shocked and a little daughter was
knocked down. Investigation showed
that Humphreys had been instantly
killed. '
Tho Gront Mlsnotiri River Flood.
St. Jossrn, Mo., June 22.?Tho 3Iissouri
river is higher than for several
yenrs and is still rising. All government
work on tho Kansas shore has
been abandoned and tho government
fleet moored in a nlaco of safety. Tho
rapidity with whicli the surging waters
are cutting awav the Kansas bank can
best bo imagined when it is stated that
half acre lots of earth have been tumbling
into the river ever since yesterday
morning. _?
Incondltiry Flro.
Fall River, Mass., Juno 22.?Alarms
from two of tho three Border'clty mills
cnlled a largo portion of tho Cro department
to a big blaze at the cotton
and cloth works, at 7:35 o'clock this
morning, nu* nm uruitu uut nu mu
southeast corner of n storohouso containing
$150,000 worth of cotton and
fancy cloths. Inasmuch as' no workmen'had
keen near the place the origin
is supposed to huvo been incendiary.
Loss from $50,000 to $100,000.
Explosion in a Thentro.
Mvsicn, Juno 22.?An explosion of
gas took pliico last night in the Munich
Theatre. Throo men wero severely injured
by tho explosion. Ono of tho
injured men cannot aurvivo. Immediately
after tho explosion tho thentre
was discovered to bo on fire, and before
the flames wore extinguished tho building
wus badly damaged.
United Tool Warkori.
New York, Juno 22.?Tho first annual
canvention ot tuo united -Macninests
nnd Tool Milkers was begun liero to-day
and will probably Inst threo or four
days. Delegates' were present from
Chicago, San Francisco, St. Ixjuis and'
otlier large cities. The convention is
being held under (he auspices of tho
American Federation ot Labor. August
Dolebar, Secretary of the National
Bankers' Association, presided.
Will right lilt) Ilrlllilirri.
iNDtAXAfOMS, IXD., Juno 22.?l'he
Ilonic Brewing Company, with 5200,0(10
capital, Was incorporated to-day. It is
an organization of local Germans in
opposition to the Knglish syndicate
A Hunk Ku?i>rnilft.
UiRMiNonAsi, Ala., Juno 22.?Tho
Florence National Hank, of Florence,
Ala., closed its doors. Tho immediate
cau-o is attributed to tho spread of
false reports which caused a run on the
Inventor of Nltro-Gljccrlno Dead.
North Adams, Mass., Juno 22.?Prof.
J. SI. Mowbray died last night, aged U8
years. He was widely-known as the inventor
of nitro-glyccrino.
Steuuifthlp Now*.
AxTnwriiv, Juno 22.?Arrived?Rhynland,
from Mew York.
Cowcfttincx, Juno 22.?Arrived?
Ileklu, from New York.
Qubexctowx, June 22. ? Arrived ?
Holland, from Yew York.
1'nilauei.piiia, June 22.?Arrived
?Ohio, from Liverpool.
Lusoox. 3 uue 22.?Well tod?Hats dam,
Hew York.
ou?h Calvaniam, and accepting both
testaments as the God oi Word, Baying
that tho two must stand or fall together.
Of the Battlo In Cnlilero ltuy-Uo Wit.
flensed tho Fight.
San Francisco, Juno 22.?Capt. 13. NoSmith
has arrived in this city after a
stay of eight mbnths in Chile.
Ho was an ej'o witness of tho naval
battlo between tho insurgent erusier
Blanco Encaladn and tho govcrnmont
torpedo boats -Ahnirante Comlell and
Almirante Lynch., lie was on board tho
Engllsl) schooner Sophia May, which
was anchored fiOO yards from tho Knenlado,
and thus-obtained a good view
of tho light.
The government vessels entered tho
harbor of Caldcro, where tho Encalada
Stanhope Thinks It Unnecesary to
Call Army Offlpors'
In the British Army?Tlio Standard
Oil Company in Germany?A Bloody
Illot In Hungary?Terrible Balloon
Disaster?OthcrNcws From Abroad.
Lo.vbo.v, Juno 22.?Tho Secretary of
State for War, Eight Hon. Edivard
Stanhope, in tho House of Commons
to-day, replying to a question put to the
govornmont by Sir. Henry Peyton Cobb
(radical non-Conformist member for
tlio Rugby division of 'Warwickshire),
said lie would consider whether the request
for a three years' return of the.
names, etc., of all non-commissioned
officers and privates in tho British
army who had been punished or reduced
to tho ranks for conniving at
card playing or gambling, or for taiiug
part in such card playing or gambling,
could be granted. Mr. Sttinhopo added
that he did not ice tho necessity for an
order calling tho attention of commanding
officers to tho army regulations in
regard to gambling, as ho aid not believe
that tbeso regulations had been
broken. _ .
Uocun By rornell'i Privnto Secretary
Agninst the Cork Herald,
cork, June Z?.?mo ncuuu lor uuux
brought by Mr. Henry Campbell, M. P.
for South Fermanagh, and privato secretary
to Mr. Farnell, against the Cork
Herald for stating that while other members
of Parliament were attending to
their duties, ho, Mr. Campbell, was hiring
houses for immoral purposes for
Mr. Farnoll, was cymmonced to-day.
The suit attracts considerable interest
bere from tho fact that it was expected
that some lively testimony would be
extracted from tlieso witnesses. Mr.
Cttuipboll, during tho early stoges of
tho day's proceedings, made
statements to tho cffiSct that ho had
never in any way interested himself in
or performed any duties in connection
with Mr. Parnell b private affairs. Asked
why he did not at an earlier date investigate
the charges brought by tho Cork
Iferald, Mr. Campbell replied that his
delay in action was caused by tho fact
that thero wore at that timo so many
false statements dying about that
which is popularly referred to as tho
"fire escape incident," und which was a
myth, otherwise an "invention of tlio
enemy." Mr.Campbell alsodeuies belug
tho author of certain much discussed
Jotters alleged to haro been signed by
Tlio Suuitlnrri In Gcrtimny.
IIermn, June 22.?The committee aptho
Standar^iP^mnpimy S^ermany
will report upon tho question as to
whethor the operations of that company
nro of a legal or illegal naturo, and
incidentally thu committeo will ask for
tho abolition of the duty on oil barrels,
thus placing tho many sailing vessels
engaged in tho oil trade between tho
United States and Germany on an equal
footing with tho tank steamers. The
committee will also recommend that
an effort bo made to obtain sufficient oil
for German consumption from the independent
A Uluoii) lltot
Vibmwa. June 22.?A .-vul'n riot oc
curred yesterday at Baton, Hungary. A
mob incited by Socialist agitators attacked
the town hall and would probably
have deslroyed the building-find it
not been for (Jio desperate reslstanco
made by a Bmall force of gen d'armes
who stationed themselves behind its
walls. Tho gen d'arraes fired on tho
mob, killed four of the rioters upon the
spot, and severely wounded eoven
others. This checked tho ardor of the
Socialist element, and tho authorities
soon aitor completely restored order.
Torriblo llalloon PUnstcr.
St. Pctersdbjio, Juno 22.?A terriblo
balloon accident occurred near this
city yesterday. A large balloon belonging
to Count Apnutine, was being inflated
with gas when it escaped lrom
the nnnnln who were holding it to tho
ground and carried upward four workmen
who were in flio cur. The balloon
rOPO rapidly to a great height and then
burst. The bodies of the lour unlucky
workmen fell to the ground and wero
smashed almost beyond recognition.
Outrage by IJriKands.
St. Petebsiiuiio, June 22.?Dispatches
from Tiflis, tho capital of liustian transCaucasus
state that a band of brigands,
seventeen in numbor, recently attacked
and rubbed a mail coach near the village
of Kalian, killing two travelers and
severely wounding a postillion. The
brigand." then attacked and pillaged the
village of Salian, and oscapud with tiio
booth secured. A squadron of cossackg
has been sent in pursuit.
Enc!l-'| Tin Plato Mllln to Clou.
London, Juno 22.?All elTorts to avert
A!._ l_ ?1.1 * O-. AAA WA.|r_
Villi JUCKIIIg UMC Ui .U,UW till J/Iiiiii nvuvcrs
Im? proved unavailing. If there is
no disuse in the situation of a?Taira this
week tho works will closo on Monday
How at n Funeral*
Dunns, Juno 22,?Messrs. Furncll
and lle.il}' attended tlio funeral of
O'Gorman yesterday. In a row following
tho funeral Mr. Healy was violently
struck. Ills nssailani was urrested.
Karl of Clonmrl Dead.
London, .Tuno 22.?John Henry Reginald
Scott, fourth Karl of Clonmol, died
? ? t*?,j .......
IO-UJ1T. Alio r?uji 01 viwjiiici nan uuru
in 1830 and wns elected u representative
tof Ireland in 1804.
Mexlcnn Indian (Jntbroufc.
City or Mexico, Juno 22.?The Indians
in the district- of Papantola, .State
of Vera Crtu, have revolted and the gov
ernment has Benttroops toeubduo them.
For Thorough Cnlrnnlmu.
Jxj.vnox, June 22.?Alarmed by recent
Weslcyan discussions on iiisplrntion
and Sabbath keeping Mr. Spurpeon,
with a number of Othfcr ministers, has
signed a manifesto declaring for tl?or
wan at ancnor, enriy on uio morning ui
April 2a. When within 200 Yards of
tho insurgent shin the Comlell fired
two tArpedoos, at a aistanco ot 100 yurds,
which ulso went wide of the mark. For
nearly an hour the vessels kept up on
incessant cnnnonnado without using
any more torpedoes, and tho government
vessels got the worst of it. Curing
this period tho insurgent transport.
Aconcagua entered tho harbor and-joined
in tho light. It looked as if tho two
torpedo boats would be defeated, when
finally tho Lynch made a rush for tho
Kncufada. When 40 yards distant sho
fired a torpedo which* struch the insurgent
ship amidships. A terrible ex
plosion followed, and tho Escahida immediately
began to sink, but her guns
kept on tiring, and one of the last shots
domolished the Lynch's smokestack.
At least five or six shots were fired from
tho vessel after the torpedo struck her.
Tho officers attempted to got oilt tho
boats, but in five minutes tho ship sank
and 171 of tho crow wore drowned.
The Condell and Lynch next attacked
tho AcQncagnn, when the Imperial?,
which was stationed outsfde, signalled
the approach of another war ship and
the torpedo boats immediately steamed
out of the harbor and made preparations
to attack tho now arrival. She
proved to bo H. Jf. S. Warsi?site, bnt ths
Ccmdell did not discover it and fired a
gun to call tho stranger to account. Tlid
Condell soon discovered tho mistake
and put about with the Lynch and proceeded
to Valparaiso for repairs. "Tho
official report of the fight sayB that tho
Condell received a cliarco of canistor
which killed two men and wounded flvo
others; fifty-two tubes in her boilors
Durst ana xue stutters wuic jit-un/ uopliy.rinted.
Tho Lvnch was struck
fourteon times by solid shot, ono striking
below the water lino. Commodore
Mont, commander of tho Encaliula, was
on shore during the fight.
Capt. Lambton, of tho Warsprito, in
conversation with Capt. Nesmith, said
the destruction of tho Encalada did not
develop any new feature of naval warfare,
us it was only a surprise pure and
simplo. The captain of tbe Kacalada
admitted ho was responsible for the loss
of his ship. Ho had 110 picket boats
ont, no torpedo nets in place, no lookout
on board, no guns in readiness. No
precautions whatcvcrwcremndftagainBt
a night attack or surprise. At'tlie timo
Capt. Nesmith sailed for the north, on
May 14, it was reported that a battlo
had occnrrcdjn Cnqnimbo and many
people had been killed.
The International ('uugrosl at Atlautlo
City Adjourn*.
Atlantic City, N. J., June 21.?Tho
International Congress of Homeopliathio
Physcians recovenod this morni;ig. Dr.
Thomas Franklin Smith, of Now York
eltv. read a naner on the growth of
Homeopathy in tho United States in
the past five yean.
Tho rest of tho morning was spent in
the rending ol papers reporting tho
condition and progress ot homeopathy
in various countries, among them a report
of the Calcutta, India, Homeopathic
Charitablo Dispensary, prepared
by K C. JIajunder, L. M. C., of Calcutta,
read by Dr. J. H. McClelland, of
It was decided that tho next congress
shall meet in Europe and probably ia
London, in June, 1SD0.
Tho American Iustituto of Homeopathy
then held a session and after tho
appointment of standing committees
the Institute adjourned to meet in
Washington, in 1S03.
Kilted llli Father.
J'ACTtsojrvir.i.e, fla., Juno 22.?A Key
West special says: A uio'st deplorable
airair occurred hero this afternoon,
when Joseph Demorj-itt, aged ninotoen,
plunged a knife into his father's heart,
death resulting instantly. Tho father,
Georgo W. Demerritt, accused his son
oi stealing cm.
Killed the Wrong Man.
Moscow, Juno 22.?The editor of tho
Moscow JUuttraitd Gazette firod with a
revolver nt tho editor of the Vcdomosti
to-day. Tlio shot missed tho man (or
whom it was intended, but killad tlio
lntter's companion, a journalist named
General gcholleld and Itrlde.
Saw I'rascisco, Juno 22.?Mnjor-Gonoral
and Mrs. John M. Sehofleld arrived
to-day, and will occu py rooms at tho
l'alaco Hotel for a short timo before
proceeding to Monterey, Cal. They
wero met at Oakland by Brigadier
General Knger ami stall", who escorted
tho party to this city.
Delayed l?y,a Wreck.
Thn fl nVlnnk Ohio "River train did not
get in until ton minutes after 12 o'clock
last night. A freight wrcck below St.
Mary's caused the delay.
To the Poller Hol<I*r* of tho Equitable
Life of >'oW York.
By reason of a similarity of names
many papers havo been led to ropor
tho 4iluro of this company. Tho fact is
that a small concern known as tho
Equitable Fire Insurance Company, haj
passed into the hands of a receiver, but
thoEquitublo Life Assurance Society
120 Broadway, Now York, is to-day tho
largest, strongest, safest and best life
company on the globo.
SvrzKrcr & Komunw,
u en era i Agents,
Wheeling, W. Va.
Weather Forrcnxt for To-day,
Por Wert Virginia, Western Pennsylvania and
OMo, loir; wanner; southwesterly winds.
as furnished by C. fichncpf, druggtit, Omm
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