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One Direction In Which Thoro Is
Much Room tor Reform Hore.
SuDKcrotia to the Public ami Bastly
Remedied?liisafllclcnt Strength of
Walla?Needless Risk for Firciucn.
Wheeling is the only city of its 6ize in
tlio United States where builders are
allowed to.obstruct the public streets
with mortar beds, brick, stone and
building materials. In other cities eontvaufnvii
ilpnuu itinlv tfr.iinu in (lioir fltt'tl
uubtvm u<v?a mill oiuuva iu vnvii
stone yards orja the cellars of thobuildings
being crccted, ami bricklayers,
plasterers and carpcnters manage to got
along without obstructing tho streets.
Iu Wheeling, however, builders take
charge oi novor loss tlinu lialf tho street
and sometimes much moru than that.
Tho smooth brick pavements aro ascd
to mix n;ortar on, tho -.vator and blush
being allowed to stand and soak the
foundation of tho street, an<l generally
after a job is done the pavement and
curb arc left smeared with lime and iu
an unsightly condition.
It may be said that this is necessary,
but it is not. If it were necessary that
tlifso things bo allowed, as an encouragement
to building operations, tbeio
might be some cause lor it, hut iu o'tlioi^
cities buildings nrr rivcte'l and tho
streets are left open for travel.
In most citiej, the builui-r allowed
to occupy hall tho siiowalk. It is custoinivy
to erect a frame building over
tho part of tho sidewalk used so that
1 ... .1,? 11,
pi'ui'nwiiiun ??iu nut luiuc* uivnnuci
iiomc times, after tho building lias gotten
up to the second ftpry. ilie enure
sidewalk is roofed over ho tbaf tho pedestrians
may uso it'an I still nit be in
danger from falling bricks una mortal
Those things aro not done in Wheeling,
because it is chcapor not to do it, anil
because thoro ia no law to compel it to
be dune.
A building ordinancu to cover ail
tlioso matters and to prevent the unnoyanco
of tho public by building operations
was before Council last winter and
gave promise of being a great benolit on
several linofi. It was objected to by
some of tho builders and was referred to
tho. committee ou ordinances, which
was to confer with u committee from
the Builders' Eschango'for the purpose
of perfecting it and making it conform
to conditions that exist in Wheeling,
Tho onlinruice lias been in the hands of
the committee ever since, and nothing
lias been done toward preparing it for
passage. It should have been taken up
olid perfected and passed before the
building season opened, and since it
was not done before that tinio it should,
in the opinion of those directly interested,
bo passod at the earliest possiblo
In conversation with one of the leading
builders in this city, and one who
has operated in other cities and who
thoroughly understands conditions that
govern elsewhere, an Ixna.uoE.scen reporter
learned a number of things con
corning muiuings ana uuiinuig in.
He asserted that thero arodozeus of
buildings in Wheeling that are not
nearly strong enough to hear the
weights that n?f piled ill thein, and
tlmt nearly half the warehouses 'and
mercantile buildings in Wheeling are
not more than barely strong enough to
uupport the weights that are now in
tliein. New buildings are to-day bein^
erected that will fall to pieces if hall
the framework is burned out of the inside,
and some of them are not substantial
enough to more than safely support
their own weight. Contractors
aro in many cases responsible for this.
They advise light buiMings, and the
persons orecjing thein, knowing but
little about the practical sido of the
matter, accept this advice and act upon
it. Till is makes a better paying job for
tho contractor, but a poorer and moro
dangerous one for the owner and tho
Another great danger from such
buildings is in case o! tile. Thin, poorly
supported walls almost invariably
fidl when tho internal construction is
burned) out, and lire communicates
through such walls to adjoining property.
I'lie lives of Bremen nml persona who
nro attracted by fires nro endangered
by biicIi walls, and the care that must
bo exercised by tho firo department in
keeping out of such dauger frequently
Ijaudicaps tlieni in tho work of wiving
other property. A building properly
oonetructcd is aa sale from falling niter
a Are,as it was before.
Another daujrorotts practice is the re*
modeling of olj buildings. Tiro story
housed with walls built for such buildings
are carried hp to four and five
stories, mid the buildings, originally intended
for some sort of light business,
an- used for tho storage of heavy
weights. Old windows are bricked up
and the new walls are not bonded to
tho present wall. Chiinncv Hues are
cut into crfd walls and alterations of all
kinds are made without consideration
for tho strength of the structure.
All tlicso tilings are provided for in
tho Bui Wing ordinance, ami the Buildlug
Inspottor provided for would, under
tho proper restrictions, remedy these
I A Kunplcloun Death.
The Stoubonville Herald of last evening
says: Itioro appear to be some
suspicious circumstances connected
with tho death of Thomas House, of
Now Cumberland, whoso bodv was 1
found floating in tho river at lirown's
Island last week aud brought to StoubenvUlo
aud burled, llouso got oil' the
excursion boat "Horace'' at AVollsvillo
on Sunday week and was seen in tlio
company of .1 stranger late that night.
Ho is reported (0 have borrowed
money from a leading business mail of
WclUvillo, anil had. gone west. lie 1
was last seen last Monday at Yellow
Creek, three miles b?loir frellsvillo, in
company wtyh the same stranger. This
was tho latt heard of House until his
body was found in tho riyer. Ho was ;
intoxicated .Sunday night and hail
money. No'oxplanation can be given
for the cut ncross his throat He carried
an insurance policy for $1,500,
which ran out o? tho day his body was
Cuppkd from Canada Prabyteriari,
under signature of 0. lilackett Robinson,
proprietor: I was cured of oft-recurring
bllioui headaches by Burdock
Wood Hitters, _ , lxtw
Pnu the i?:i rifle uud detlieution of the
Now iiitpomc Temple at Bnrnetvillo,
Ohio, Juno 24, tho Baltimore A Ohio
Company will Bell excursion tickets
irom W'lieeliug and Bellairo jit ono fare
tor tlio round Trip, good returning until
tho 25tll. j
Id P.Ooonotlla dry goods the cheapest, ]
Strnngora iu tlio City mid Wheullnff Folks
Gcotkb Vt. Cuil, of Grnflon, is a St.
Charles gn'eit
Juiljro It. H. Cochran got back from
Toledo yesterday.
T. P. Maloy, o( AVeston, registered at
tho Windsor yestordjiy. . . .
Mies Jennie Caldwell has gone to
Charleston to visit friends.
Miss Nettie Myers, of South Jacob
street, is ill with the fever.
Mr. C. W. Arbuoklo, ol Parkersbjtrg,
was ut the Mcliuro'yesterday.'
Mr. Perry Caldwell is homo from
Vale for the* summer vacation.
H. I., Helllm, of Grafton, registered at
the new St. Cliarles yesterday.
J. C. Crawford, of tho Montana mines,
was at the St. Charles yesterday.
Mrs. A. Chew, of Xorth Main street,
returned yesterday from Boston.
Hiss Prentiss, of Steubenville, isvisiti
111; Miss Annie Stevenson, on the
John Porter, of New Cumberland,
took supper at the McLure'House yesterday.
Mrs. A. J. Sweeney and (laughter,
Mif? Sallie,' Are visiting friends at
Washington, Fa.
X. J. Slattern a rising voting business
man of 'Allojjrlifcny City, was at the
St. Charles yesterday.
Herbert IlnrreU, who clerks with
Eheling, the druggist, is on u visit to
his home at Potomac.
Mrs. John Moffat and family leave
to-day for Aurora, W. Va., where thoy
will spend the summer.
Mr. Charles E. Zane and Miss Margaret
Curtis, of St. I/min, are the guests
of old friends on the Inland.
Mr. Edgar E. Boyd has gone to
"Washington, Pa., to attend the college
commencement on Wednesday.
Mrs. Catharine Manhark, of Fnvetto
Springs, l'a., is visiting her brother, C.
kirboch, on North Market street.
Mr. Stuart W. Walker, of Martinsburg.
law partner of U. S. Sonator
Faulkner, is at tho Hotel Windsor.
Miss l'annie Stanton will leave on the
Amies to-day for Hartford City, where
she will spend the summer with relatives.
Mrs. Alvirn F. Campbell, who came
to this city thirteen years ago from
Pennsylvania, died late Sunday night,
aged 81.
Mr. Edward Moorliouse. of Browns
Wile, Pa., and Miss Magpie Carston, of
Washington, Pa., are the guests of
Wheeling relatives.
Major J. W. Heavener, "oj JtucUhnnnon,
arrived Inst night. Ho reports the
Ituckhannon development movement as
going ahead handsomely.
Mr. F. W. Ilalsey, of Philadelphia,
connected with Kenova and other enterprises
on the line of the Norfolk' A
Western, is in the city on his way to
Kenova. ' ) : " ,
Mrs. J. P. Hex, of Mansfiel'l, O., accompanied
by her two little tiaugjtterg,
is visiting at the residence qf Mrs. Rex's
mother, Mrs. T. ft. Moffat, on South
Market street.
George I. Mathcson, Season Alexander
and A. G. Iladlich are at Ft.
Wavnc, Ind., attending the National
Convention ot" tho lloman Catholic
Knights of St. John.
Captniji Bplhriitgojull to-day conduct
his on'fl'i'amfl'. aw that of Lieutenant
Frohme ana Officer Cruco to the
fishing grounds near Littleton, where
the Captain has a house.
l)r. W. E. Staathers, Dr. J. II. McLure,
Mr. Ceeil Roliinson and Mr. Jim
Stratherjyrcyit fishing tost lyeek in tho
neighborhood of Middfebourne, and re:
turned Sunday morning.
Mr. James C'arr, of Now York city,
tho pioneer white ware manufacturer of
America, having made ware sincc 1852,
is in town visiting his son,< Thomas
C'arr, on Maryland street, Island.
A. L. Giimour and A. D. Avers, of
r v t ^rAl.nnni
W. A. C. Brown, ot" Minnie, A. Clark,
of Dean, arid E. L. Neale, of Ben
Lomond,'-were tbo AVcstyirginians registered
at the. Beliler yeaterday.
Tlio Slickest Fakir Yot.
Last night a fakir held forth on Fourteenth
street near Market who was a
little the oiliest article overseen here.
He first showed off an educated snake,
and then began to sell things. He sold
cull' lyildera at . 25 cents, and then gave
the purchasers fifty cents back. Then ]
he sold a fountain pen at 5Qcents and
gave each purchaser' 75 cents. By t^iis '
time the big crown was wild, and when 1
the man began to sell neckties and tie :
simpers at SI lio did n land ofliee busi- 1
ncss. Each time ho took in a dollar I
wrapped a dollar in a $10 bill and laid J
it out as if it was to bo given to the
purchaser. Ho sold^about u hundred J
ties/and then disappeared.
Out fur tho 81,000.
The l-adir/ How Journal, tho enter- ]
prising Philadelphia magazine, offers a 1
prizo of 51,000 for tho largest list of subscriber:;
obtained in this month.
Thomas D. l'rosser, of this city, an energetic
young; fellow, a pupil of the
Wheeling Business College, is working
for the thousand, and as ho is'a hustler
seems to stanil a good Bhow. He is
taking subscriptions at 50 cents for six
months. He won his scholarship in
the Business College bv securing tho
biggest list for the Ohio valley Farmer.
Stago or Water And Movement* of Boats.
Tho ltlvur Int<;robt5.
The river was rising last night, with
15 feet 2 inches in the channel.
The reports from abovo were:
Brownsville?8 fcot 3 inches and stationary;
weather cloudy and warm.
Warren?3 fcot anil five-tenths and
stationary; weather cloudv and warm.
Morgantown?iC feet nnil stationary;
weather cloudy yid warm. t
1'ittsburgh?11 feet 6 inches and
Mrs. Moore and Sirs. S. Butler, of
Eureka, registered at the Stanim House
Tiio steamor'Scotia brought up quite
a lot of pis iron for tho Dtlhiro Stovo
Company yestorday morning.
Tlie Frank Gilmoro,vTosh Cook, Burton
No. Jay Gould and Sain Clarke
passed down yesterday with tows of
A. B. Mason, of 'Wadestown; Georgo
Morrow and wife and C. W. Arnott, of
Fairmont, registered yesterday at tho
Stumm House.
Tho Matt F. Allen passed up for Pittsburgh
yesterday at H a. m.?Tho Ben
Hurgot away for Parkersburg at 2 p.
m.?Tho Scotia passed up from Cincinnati
for Pittsburgh at 2 p. in.
To-day tho Hudson will pass up for
Pittsburgh at 7 a. in.?Tho II. K. Bodford
will lenvo for the same port at 8 a.
in.?1The Keystone Stato will pet away
for Cincinnati ntSa. in.?The Courier
is the Parkarsbnrapacket uiid will leavo j
tho wharf at 11M a. in. 1
A steamboat is beipa built at lVeigel f.
Bros', yard which is designed for the
market trade on the Mpnungnhola. It
is buinf built for a company who pro- i
pouo running it between Pittsburgh and 6
the towjis oil the upper Monongnhela.
The otlicers of the bont will undertake
to All ordem from merchant* of Pittsburgh,
McKeesport und otherph'ccs for
produce which they (rill gather up
above, and will also undertake to buy
in Pittsburgh any goods desired bv upriver
people, uud deliver thorn.?Elizabelli
Loagao anil Association Ontuoa Played
New Yoke, June 22.?The giants got
tho worst defeat tliey ever. had from
Brooklyn to-day. JxiveU pitched n
wonderful game, the giants not getting
a hit. Score: >
New York 0 00000000?0
Brooklyn-..} ...1 1001 100*?4
xiiis, jirooKiyn u, jvrrors, new ? oris
8. I'itchcrs, Ewing and Lovott. Earned,
Brooklyn 2. Urnpiro, McQuado.
Ci.EVKi.ANn, 0., June 22.?Tlio home
team coulcl do but very little with
Hutchison to-day. Score:"
Clevelftnil?_....?. 0 02000100-3
Cbiuigo - 0 1020001*?4
Hits, 3 and 8. Errors, 1 and 2.
Pitchers, Viau and Hutchison. Earned,
none. Umpire, Lynch.
1'iriladei.rnu, Pa., Juno 22.?Thornton's
wildness lost to-day's game. Score:
Ronton.- 0 00400020? 6
I'iiilndclpbla 0 00000020- 'Jl
Hits, 8 each. Errors, Philadelphia 2.
Pitchers, Clarkson and Thornton. Earned,
1 and 2. Umpiro, Hurst.
Louisville, Ky., Juno 22.?To-dny's
game was n line contest, replete with
line and sharp fielding. Score:
I/iulnvillo ..0 oooooooo? oCincinnati
1 oooooooo-l
Errors. 2 and 2. Hits, 7 and 2.
Karncd runs, 0 and 1. Pitchers, Ehret
and Crane. Umpire, Davis.
pittshl-nGir, Pa., June 22.?Good fielding
was I lie causa of tho homo team's
victory to-day. Scoro:
I'lttshursb 0 1200000 1?4
Cincinnati 0 1000002 0?5
Hits, 5 and 7. Errors, S and 4.
Earned, none. Pitchers, King and Mullane.
Umpire, Battin.
Baltimore, JId., Juno 22.?Tho Orioles
defeated tho Washinstons to-day,
but it was a closo call. Scow:
llnltlmoro ?6 0200002 X? 9
Wellington .3 00110020?7
Errors, tvnsbington 0; hits, 14 cacn.
Pitchers, Cunningham and Carsey.
Earned runs, 3 and 4. Umpire, Kerins.
l'ltUbur^h, Kalian*, Offers Them a Purse
of *:io,ooo.
Kansas Citv, Mo., Juno 22.?The following
dispatch was received horo late
last night from Pittsburgh, Kansas:
"The sporting editor of the Jlnihj Slur
was this evening authorized by the
Commercial Club to wire John L. Sullivan,
ofl'oring a purse of $150,000 tn secure
the Sullivan-Slavin light at Pittsburgh,
Slnvin's Forfeit Not I'oitod.
New York, June 22.?Charley JohnBon,
of Brooklyn, Jas. Dreyfus and .las.
Wnfculy met at the oflien' of the llluf!filled
Keim to see if tho $1,000
deposited by Sullivan with Arthur I.uinley
would bo covered by a representative
of Slavin. They waited an hour
without result. Lumley says it is only
necessary for Slavin to cover Sullivan's
nioncv and that the othor arrangements
can be mode afterwards. The ?1,000 remains
with Lumley.
Concornlnjj Imported PugUUt*.
Chicago, Juno 22.?"J)own with tlio
imported slugger, our home pugilists
must bo protected," was the word
passed along the linn of immigration
inspectors throughout tlio country lo>
day. This was the result o( the action
taken by the New York immigration
authorities 011 Saturday last in getting
after Frank Slavin to bring him to
terms for coming to America under contract
to exhibit in boxing matches and
theatrical entertainments. Immigration
Inspector Stilch, of this district,
was to-day engaged in looking up the
subject thoroughly.
'fSlavin's contract to exhibit himself
here was a clear violation of the alien
contract labor law," said Mr. Stilch,
and tho first imported pugilist that
comes to Chicago will ho sought out by
me and bo compelled to give an acoonut
of himself. I haven't the least doubt
but that these imported pugilists violated
tho law.
A eight Weight right.
St. Louis, Mo., June 22.?It has just
leaked out that a tattling four-round
|irir.o tight between light weights occurred
oear Ilellovillc last Friday midnight.
Sheriff Dawson, of St. Clair
county, Ills., is fighting mad, and it will
bo hard with any of tho guilty parties
[hat may come within his bailiwick.
i'lie set-to was between Mike Fitzgerald,
)f St Louis, anil the Montana Kid, the
atter winning tlio fight and a S500
purso in four roiuids. The iight took
ijace at Mrs. Schurrminn's road house.
I'iUgerald was put to sleep after a fierce
jattle. About lifty sports were present.
Chlcngo Sporting Not?#.
Chicago, June 22.?Parson Da vies tins
;onu to Ileloit, Wis., where Hall is
joining, and will remain with the
iVustralian all he stops in to fight Fitziimmons.
Uillv Woods, who is training with
Hall, lias accepted the oiler of the Twin
Uity Club of a purso of $3,000, and Godrcv,
strange to say, has not boon heard
roin. Should the latter not accept at
>nco, Mr. Davics will try and necuro a
:lub puree for Woods and Kiirain.
Chicago Itacpfl.
Chicago, Juno 22.~Racing was roitimnrl
hum tnwhiv li*>fnrn n pmii'fl nf
;ween five and six thousapd persons.
First nice?Half milo, Miss Dixie won.
Cinio .SO. Second race?Ono mile. Facile
won. Timo 1:441. Third racc?
Jno and one-quarter mites, Blackburn
roil. Time 1': 14. Fourth race?Ono
ind one-nixteenth miles, Hvpathca
von. Timo 1:51}. Fifth race?Half
uifc, Frank Kinney won. Timo .49}.
Sixth racc?Ono milo, l'ort Law won.
Hmo 1:43}.
Khecpslicari llnco*.
siieepsii^ai) Bay, Juno 22.?Hacing
vas resumed here to-day before a crowd
)f between live and six thousand perrons.
First race, five-eighths of a milo,
Kingston won; timo 1:0S. Second race,
ivo-eighthi of a mile, Fidelity won;
iuio 1:10. Third race, mile and threclixtoenths,
Tammany won; timo 2:04.
?ourth race, mile and a furlong, Ram>l(y
won; time 1:57 1-3. Fifth race,
nile and a quarter, Sir Jotm had a
valkovor. Sixth race, milo and threeluarters,
Masterlodo won; timo3:031-6.
avtur nil, tne nest ray to Know me
mil merit of Hood's Sarjmparilla, is to
ry it yourself. Be sure to got Hood'8. 1
Ch?np Nrnlii at Conartl's.
Mr. William Conard, proprietor of
ho well-known resUmrant at No. 1235
Market street, is now aarviog meals of
i liigh grade for twenty-five cents each,
rhese meals comprise of vegetables,
;arae and all things in season.
Trie daintlost lHtlo cako you ever saw
s tlio Wheeling llakery'a Nickel Fruit,
fold by nil grocers.
Ootlouk Mont I'nvornlile In all Scctiuna
(he Conolfjr.
Washington, 1). C., June 22.?The J
foflowinir is the weather crop bulletin
issued lir the signal ofllce:
Temperature?Tlie teniperaturo during
the past week has been norma! in
tbe Gulf region, above the normal east
of the Mississippi, and lielovv to the
westward. The mean .daily temperature
in Indiana and Ohio has been six
degrees in excess. Since January 1
tlio average temperature has been
markedly above the normal in the
extreme northwest, the lako region,
ami in New Kngland. It should be
noted that this excess occurred before
the growing season began. Since March
1 the seasonal teuruerature has been
very nearly normal east of the Mississippi
liainfail ? The raiufull during the
week has Been largely in excess in nil
districts, except on tho immediate
Lower Lake coast, in the Ohio Valley
and the Middle Atlantic States, except
in a few localities in the interior of
Georgia and South Carolina. The greatest
excess above the normal has been
3.3 inches at Huron,S. D.,and 2.0 inches
at Concordia, Kan. The precipitation
since January 1
in the Mississippi Valley, in Indiana,
Lower Michigan, and on tho immediate
gulf and South Atlantic coasts. The
greatest departures below tho normal
are 11.7 inches at New Orleans, 11.3
inches at Palestine. The greatest excesses
linvo been at Fort Washakie,
Wyo., whero more than two und a half
times tho usual amount of precipitation
lias occurred, and at Cheyenne, AVyo.,
and Santa Fe, N. M., where more than
double the usuid amount has fallen.
General remarks?Arkansas: Weather
favorablo for all crops; corn never
looked belter; average yield of wheat
and oats; cotton much improved, more
sunshine much needed. Iowa and Nebraska:
Too much rain during tho past
weok for best crop conditions, corn
especially needing sunsliine. Slight
\ damage by hail in southwest Nebraska.
Michigan and Wisconsin: Condition
favorablo to all crops, although sunshine
and warmth are needed. Drouth
broken in Michigan. Hav is reported
less than half a crop in Wisconsin. New
England and Now York: All crops
much benefitted by rain.
The fruits in. Hudson Itiver Valley injured
by drouth. Virginia and North
Carolina: Weather during tho week
very favorable for crops; good wheat
harvest, already begun in- North Carolina,
is reported. Corn a little late, but
improving. South Carolina: Rainfall
and temperature beneficial to most
crops. Cotton three weeks late. Almost
too much rain for sandy land.
Kentucky and Tennessee: Local showers
beneficial to all crops, except increasing
weeds in some localities; wheat
harvest slightly retarded in Tennessee,
though a large yield is promised; corn,
outs and meadows promising; fruits
fine. Ohio and Indiana: All crops
doing well, though rainfall has been
badly distributed in somo parts of lndioJia;
wheat harvest begun in Indiana,
crop heavy; weeds somewhat troublesome
in portions of Ohio, South Dakota
and Minnesota: Wheat and other
small grain crops excellent; rather cool
for corn, which is late in many counties,.
Cut .iyorms apparently diBappearirijr."
Louisiana and Mississippi: Itainfall
of the week has
Cotton and late corn growing finely,
liice" planting in Louisiana renewed.
Texas: Crops in southeast suffering
for rain; corn above average, cotton
growing nicely. 'California: Grass in
north somewhat damaged by heavy
rain*, in center and south all crops
doing well' or improved. Pennsylvania
and New Jersey: Warmth and
rain have greatly improved all crops,
though too late to help grass anil
early potatoes. Wheat, harvest
will begin in Pennsylvania in
the early part of .July. Oregon: Wheat
in Eastern Oregon improved; yield even
greater than last year; a little too much
rain in west; fall wheat, hay and fruit
slightly injured. Illinois: Heavy
rains in Missouri and Northern Illinois
have damaged crops somewhat; crop
conditions generally favorable, except
oats; corn growing well. Colorado and
Kansas: Last tliree "lavs favorable for
nil crops, which arc in fino condition,
except, com, which has been set hack
by too much rain. Wheat harvest half
completed in .Southern Kansas. Immense
harvest of alfalfa in Colorado.
Yontorrinjr's ArreftU.
1'ive disorderlies wore arrested yes.
tcrday. Officer I'orter pulled in W. II.
Kelly, Oflicer Herbert arrested Georgo
Frank and Andy Baker. Ida Brown,
colored, was arrested by Officer Carney.
IIow woll.weremembergrandmother'y
attic, so fragrant with medicinal roots
and herbs I I'oor old soul, how prccious
tboy seemed to her! And yet, ono
bottle of Aycr'a Sarsnparilla would do
more good tjian her wholo collection of
"yarbs." djw
The great success of Corn Meal Bread
is simply surprising. The biggest loaf
for ten cents you ever saw. Sold by all
grocers and bought by everybody. Try
a loaf or two jijid you will find it just (
what you have been looking for.
WlfEKMXO Bakery.
Dyspepsia ;
Few pcoplo havo Buffered more severely
from dyspepsia than Mr. E. A. McMahon, a
well known grocer of Staunton, Va. Ho says: J
" Bcforo 18781 was In excellent health, weighing
over 200 pounds. In that year an ailment
developed into acuto dyspepsia, and soon I i
was red need to 162 pounds, suffering burning ]
I sensations in the stomach,
Inffinen rotation Of tho heart,
IllllJlIuU nausea? anJ Indigestion.
I could not sleep, lost all J
heart In my work, had fits of melancholia, and *
for days at a time I would havo welcomed < 1
death. I became morose, sullen and Irrltablo,
and for eight years life was a burden. 1 tried
many physicians and many remedies. Ono day
a workman employed by mo suggested that
I take a o Ilood's
Sarsapa- V llJtGfllft ^Ua, as
sla. I did so, and before taking the wholo of
a bottlo I began to fed lllfo n new man. Tho
terrlblo pains to which 1 had been subjected,
ceased, the palpitation of tho heart subsided, j
my Momach becamo easier, nausea dlsap* y
pea|cd, and my cntlip system began to
tonoup. With returning a mm
strength camo activity of D V AAfA
mind and body. Before fl g K ft I ?N
tho fifth bottle was taken 1 WMIW
I bad regained my former weight and natural
condition. 1 am today well and 1 ascrlbo It
to taking Hood's Sarsapartlla."
N. B. IX you deeldo to tako Hood's Sarsa*
parlllado not be lndneed to buy any other
Hood's SarsaparHIa *
SoldbyslldrifcUU. Jljalxforpa. frcparadonljr
byd I.IIOQD & CO., Apothoaulct,Lowell, Maw.
100 Doees On? Dollar
The Month of Roses I
at your own price to close them, us we ueod
the room for (all wear. All sizes,
Colors and styles,
Woolen Dress Goods.
Prices sliced awny down. All hljfh class uovelties
will be slaughtered.
We bought too many, nnd in order to wove
thorn faster, have ret lured them 25 per ceul.
Now in your opportunity to buy one cheap.
Our ftMnt'h Oloria Silk Fine Oxodizcd Handles
are the biugcsl burgalu ever offered. We
still have u few left.
Cool Wash Dress Goods IOur
line is the largest ever shown in this city,
and nt prices within the roach of nil.
Those five Cent Dress Ginghams aro selling
rapidly and will not lust much longer.
Egger, Warrick ft Co.,
1132 Main Street.
Choice Summer Fabrics
India and China Silks
Black Silk Flouncing
White Embroidered Flouncing
Summer Weight Debelges and Mobairs
fluids' Fast Black Hose <
Regular Made, at 3.9c.
QI7FR ? TO ft I
98 IW In Ladles, etc., or? war
ranted, and m ntamrcd on bottom. Addrmt
\V. L. DOUtiLAbrlli'ocktoD, Muss. HoldfaS
Stonb'8 Cash SHof. fctpliE, 1012 Main street,
Mr.NKEMr.Li.nt k Sahvek, 2151 Market Street, >
John Deepak. Dcnwood. jaG-rrn.td 1
The old or young whose eyes .
need attention, or Classes do 1
not suit, can consult and have J
their eyes scientifically tested
for Glasses without charge by
PROF. SHEFF, the Optician, 1
at Lash's Jewelry. Store, corner
Main and Eleventh streets. ,
. il
i ne oniy exclusive optical De- J
aartment In the State. tcio-inw
dew York Dental Association, ?
NO. 1019 MAIN ST., Wheel I us. W. Vn. <1
* tv
I Sirr or Teeth 8 6 00
l Good Bet .. 8 00
iiarrSEr 10 00
.? . w udu. ^
aiilmmw Manager.
'cwnuper* and Mugnzlneti at publisher^ rates,
delivered anyywfeere. A lanrc stock of cUcau
book*. The Pittsburgh DUpntch, 15c per ?#
week; 'J)c lncludtsg Sunday.
fc2S q 1411 Market strock :
WA K TjECp^FOK: TprTTvrm
STATW'XBIIY. tiMr-hqdlM i ' '
nicu, between lb.' npi-i of II in,il X,
liny. niOoiia, dothlnc and mnllool ait,
\ ln.llnniitt. iniut )u> on .?.! . , - "i
factoryVvident'a lUM^toCchamotor l!,\\,Y.j*
Apply at ZluLMAtii Hiti i. MTjtcimj, V. J
. ' ii _ l "'j'-MTh
All penorut Indebted to the estate of i>tau
Scbambrn,. deceased, are requested to call
nettle, and tbose baring clnlmsagnhut the J?
will pleaae present them at No. luis uain *
for payment^ u
joM Admlnir-..
The annual meeting of tho stockhoMun,w
Elaon tJlasaCoaiputiy, for the election otn*.%
lUm-tow am}/vr the trnj/'/ietion u{ Mirh
ImMuess om niny como before tin* uu ,,<?
be held at theplcLuro House, WUeellnif ur v?
July 14,1891. ut 10 o'clock a. m K' ^
ki-sox glac1 cr\
Cham. j. oak .Secretary.
FOR RENT. ~~ "
? CUl'IEl' by Prof. Eiutle, No. ll?Cb.?i5i
street. Inquire of W. L. MePHAIL, No j -Jy*
ket street; ' ** ;\*
of four rooms, centrally located, fjo j*,
Both K?ses wid water. All on one lloor. Adopted
to light housekeeping Not mltod for chil.1m
Inquire ftt No. 1120 Main street.
*2 shares Top Mill.
20 shares Fire and Marino Insurnuce Ca
'JOsbures jtelwont Null Mill.
10 shares Junction Irou Company.
5 shares Wheeling ice und Storage Co
Al$p forjjuJc a very desirable i?t on
1'unu street? Cheap. u
Jcl7 Broker, No. 24 f'vrellihlSL
20 *baresFrankllu Insurance stortt.
a Bonds, Wheeling Steel Works, ?i ,mo uch.
10 shares Commercial Han*.
I..IV..H7MI 1...........
tti niMH ' MUiiLii'UII III-UI UULL .MUtJi.
20 shores Hobbs Gloss Mock.
25 Pharos St root Railway Co.
CO shores Wheeling Potion- Mock.
8outh Clmjiliinstruct building lot.
Block Broker, No. 1147>f Main Street. Telepbooi
43U. j(j
Prof. Vosh has left two von- line oM ri'?'ita
with us to dispose of. Olio u copy of the
Ivarins model, the other aBteiuor model. Alio
o silver plated K flat Cornet, made by H.
nert. These instrument" ?re offered at ba renin
JQl K. W. BAOlKR&q*
DeUvored utW place In tho city limits on short
n^ticc. For price. Inquire at
op!7 East of Lalklle Mill
sorneri JTHrttct and Twenty-fourth streets; do
tJrublo fur manufacturing silt?.
neorElmGrovc; desirable forgurlcalne.
W. V. HOGE 1IR<>
deC i:y'?M?rf't.>tr...t.
rho right plncc to establish any iiidtwtrr In tfci
South that requires Wood, Iron or Steel.
Large Mncements to Manufacturers
Now Is the time and here is the place to Ijj
iie foundation fur future fortunes. Don't n-?-eet
to think ubotu this. Write me for Mru'ci.urs,
or buy u round trip tlckct to l^mJout Mou>
uiu, aud when you reach hire, call on mo.
GEXIUUI. M.lN'inrn
125 Richardson Uloclr, CluitUinootjn, Tcua.
" " uirTniu',
"By n thorough knowledge of the natural U*i
vhicn govern the oiwratjons of. digejtio.i aa
lutrition, mid by n cari'iiu nppjicnuuii <> > ?
luo properties at irell-rcIvvtvd L'ocoa, Mr. l.;;t
ioa provided our bri'flfrfost tables with a . -
lately flavoured boverufe wblch uinyuiva
tinny heavy doctor*' bilk It is by the juilw*
iseofMirh urtielcs of diet that a <oi)?titutts
nay be jtrndnnlly built up until strong
o Pes 1st even' tendency to disease. Ilnndn?t*a
ubtlc tnnlndles nre floating arrmn?l us tfu-ira
ittack wherever tb?Tt? 1* a woiik point. u'
scap?i tunny u x.itnl shaft by fcr^plng o-jr 'J
veil fortllb'd with pure blood nuri it pn-j-rj
louri&hed frame."?"Civu, Sekvici: Gxtcnt'
Mode simply with boll ing wqter or milkmly
in half-pound tins, by Grocers li!- ^
bus: JAMES ji'ls&f'. M
Honiccoputhic Chemists, Loudon, JinraJ'I
. " or.'l-TTim_
hi. de. chaftal.1
'nil English, Ulallicmnflcal a?'0^
, tal Course.
Musical Department
Location ummrpas'cij for Ij-ntily ! ! 's
I'ooklr bourdon or day echum:* t
?liecIJiu; <>r tlic vicinity. J r.rtcr w;u -1'
ay scholars ut tUt; 6 a. n. wutur it-ith
them ut J p. m.
For further particulars apply v>
ec23 THE WiiaiT'-^
university o? ?|i
umjiek law r.Kcrrnr> <dIw H
t'glu Oth July, mi. imrj or.?1 -v-'.'
voprowd offleual two.?i?t. L'Slffft
to ptirjuo tuulr nt tl>!* :
Mr Sc'boul; 2nd. to tlK** *b" I,r "l' ".
rlvatcly; itn4*J, to prnetUioncit vl
ud the iidvaut/iui! ut ;ysv.tf"tlc r; *
or circular apply (P. o. Vu|wmT? " , - H
ttavillo \'n.) to John 1?. Mikos.
ad .State Lmr.
fT HEBE WIS Alii: ?
torGenta'Suit*nii'l t tufari -V ! I
and stylo wcJcart tb?- , *.
mitccd. one-third fwM -J
tlio ctiMonw-r. ,
faM CuniirT-.i.-nli'-::.
R007VC 7UtOUL.D!Nc--.B
will pay you to coll nn?l ' my !'
-buying e!-"wU? H

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