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I ^FORraraiRS.
I Parccil and Mrs. O'Shea Married
Strictly on tho Quiet.
I ffiT S?CR?C^_MfllNT/I!N?D
I TbruiiKtiont tlio AVholo Affair?-Tlio
I y.jjic Mini Cardinal Mannlng?Tlio
I Kticjcllcnl on llio Imbor Question.
I Consul Corte Attracting no AttonI
lion In Italy?Almost it RI6t ill Paris. |
loxuo.v, Juna 25.?'There appears to
Ip no lunger any doubt that Mr. Parncl!
iv.n married to .Mrs. O'Shen this
awrning, and that he nnd his bride
itjrted fur parts unknown immediately
alter tho liiurriago otStoyning. Tlie
irei?traro( that place, together with tho
I,iiftfl to record marriages, lias apjtuntlv
vanished. It is believed that
the registrar has been bribed to hide
tirnfi'K and to keep tho books concealed
for the present.
It lias been learned that the marrlago
tSik. I'arnell and Sirs. O'Shca took
place at 10 o'clock this morning. The.
only witnesses to the ceremony were
wo servants from Mrs. O'Shoa's house
ai Brighton. The registrar was strictly
i-nj'iinl'il nut to give any information
,i i; tir- marriage, and he promised
t? : <rvL' tlie closest secrecy In regard
t. tl. in: :tcr. Mr. I'arnell had passed
tllC prOVIdUS GVUUU1K Hl> ?i aiamfiwaiM
Tirr'.i.. Mrs. O'Mea's residence.
,\u order was given to have a solitary
one-horse pha*ton in readiness at 0
oYU-k this morning. When tho conveyance
was ready 31 r. Parnell and Mrs.
O'&hea entered tfie phaeton and orders
were given to the coachman'to drive to
tin- W('.?t\v:inl Storing was reached at
o'clock, at which time a heavy rain
was falling. Upon entering the town
Mrs. O'Slica, who was familiar with the
t.hoe awl knew the situation of the registrar's
office, relieved the coachman of
tho ribbons and drove direct to the
Gllire herself.
Mr. Parnell was dressed in dark
cli'tli''.". lie appeared to he well and iv
chtvriiii gnirits, but occasionally threw
ncn'ons gianecH around him, apparentl y
Ii'in^somewhat anxious lest the weu
?? v >M?li
ding party be observed. aira. u*snea
?as also iti dark attire, anil wore a pink
trimmed bonnet. fc>he. too/ was in good
pirits :t!i< 1 was very vivacious both before
and after the ceremony.
It was announced that n second religion?
marriage will take place iu London
immediately so as to satisfy. the
Mr?. I'arnell was seen at Walsinttham
Terrace to-night. ?Sho said she and Air.
r.irmH wore married this morning, but
'h'diiiL'd tc? havo the ceremony perfumed
in a church in London, thero
having been difficulty in connection
with the license.
The Fact-it IJhiuarek Makes the Fastest
Trip Vot Made.
hmm, Juno 24.?The stcainor Fuerat
Bismarck left New York Inst Thursday,
(main* the bar at 4:30 p. m. She
p3ss?l the Noodles (Southampton) at
10:40 this morning, thus making tho
pusago in 0 days, 13 hours and 10 minuses.
Deducting sixteen hours for timo between
Qiicenstown and .Southampton,
the Bismarck's timo is 5 days, 2 hours
awl 10 minutes, which is the fastest
eastward passage made by any steamer.
Almost a lUut lit Pnrli*
Paris, Juno 25.?A meeting composed
of about six thousand carpenters and
bakers took place in this city to-day.
Several speakers addrossed tho bakers
assembled and it was resolved to strike
immediately. The bakers are in arms
apinst the registry ofiice and insist as
the price of their returning to work
that these offices shall be suppressed.
Afrer the strike resolutions had been
unanimously adopted the bakors who
attended the meeting formed in procession
una with much cheering and
infiumatory cries, tried to march upon
the labor exchange. Tho police, however,
gathered in force across the intended
line ol march and ordered the
./.vuwsjuu 10 disperse. a iree ngnt
followed. The police evontually won
the day and arrested several ol the
As if it was not putting the public to
a sufficient decree of prospective annoyance
to have the bakers ot this city
Etrikiiir; and rioting, the butchors of
l'ariu have just announced that they
aUo have determined to strike lor tho
settlement of several real or fancied
wrongs from which they claim to be
fullering. And now, at 3:30 p. m., in
comes the decidedly startling piece of
news that tho grocers of this city have
joined tho bakers and the butceers in
the strike movement.
Stcnmihlp Wrockotf.
Losdok, June '25.?News has been received
to the e fleet that tho British
steamship Cid, 076 tons, bound from
New Castlo on Tvne for Naples, has
been wrecked off tlie French coast. The
third .-nyineer and a fireman were
aroui;. ,i, Tho remainder of the crew
we at Havre.
Will l'nhii ou lilt Sanity.
v?>s, June25.-Dr. Walter Kemp,
in'ini""'we!' '"'own American specialist
I,. "?,?c-v''"!< arrived in Wnles, wherd
ttn i u- l'l' on bcl'"l[ 01 R- b. Dun'jy
""'"I'lrton, I), (j., who is shortlv
ti'mnii' on trial t'">rB<=d with at"mpting
to murdur his wife.
United with Sntlifnrtlon.
>?r. J11 lie 25.?The recent vote of the
?S!i' D?P?Ues in favor of
ri,v J I " ?? ?' duty silk cocoons and
OTMt satisfaction to Itaij
, v " "ailed as tho beginning of a
' '"creased trade with France.
Carried on l>y lirlfrnnds.
STISOW* June 25.-A diepntch
o! asla Minor, srvs a band
vr. in"1'1. ^ carried off two of the
ij.,.; I'- residents of that placo.
oaiU ou wi. VO b0en ,cnt in P"""'"
Mr. Uliulatoaa'a Ilrallli Poor.
iici '!uno 85*?Mr. Gladstone's
v.. l 1,"}.C0P>e visibly feebler fin?
Ai j.,:;!"'91 MtWmu. Ills physician
trii> mi i, vk' uw lllm to make a sci
p Buj 'o have an unbroken rest.
His Attltnde Townrtl Cardinal Manning
With Reference to the Question.
Rome, Juno 25.?Reports have again
been circulated regarding the Pope's
attitude toward Cardinal Manning in
respect to the labor question. It has
been assorted that the I'opo, disapproving
of the advanced ideas of Cardinal
Manning, lias intimated to him
that in the Pope's opinion he was going
too far in liis treatment of socinl
questions. It is authoritatively learned
that these reports uro entirely without
An 4 K ft <imi t xn n l'npv
iUllillilHiUII, VII liiU LUUMIIi/, It !? ?
intimate correspondence has passed between
(he Pope and Cardinal Manning
only just lately on the occasion of
the "publication of the social encyclical.
On tho loth of June the Pope received a
detailed report fromhis eminence of the
impression produced, by tho encyclical
in England. In Ills report, tho Cardinal
declares that tho pontifical document
has not met with the slightest opIiosltion,
neither in the higher nor the
ower spheres of life; that it has had a
sympathetic reception in the English
press; that the plutocracy itself has not
taken offence and that tho national
prejudice against Koino haB become
considerably modified in thefaco of this
enliglitenod and pacific declaration:
"My expectations," wroto Cardinal
Manning, "have been surpassed."
Kflorts have been made to induco
Cardinal Simeoni to retire from his
ollice of Prefect of the Propaganda, but
lie has refused to do so. No change,
therefore, is probable for some tlmo at
any rnto.
Arrangements aro being comploted
for tho publication of a new weekly
theological review. It will bo conducted
by ]{ev. Mr. 1'asnnnnte, who will be
assisted by both American and Roman
prelates. 'The review will be printed in
Jiiigiian ana win mane n specim ieuiure
of American ecclesiastical questions.
Consul Corto'n Presence In Itnly Attrnctn
No Notice.
Rosik, Juno 25.?The presence in Italy
of Signor Corte, tho Italian Consul at
Xew Orleans, who was given leavo of
absence by his Government that lie
might return to Italy and lay the facts
of tho lynching affair before tho authorities,
lias attracted almost no notice.
The newspapers are leaving him severely
alone. Une seldom heurs now any
allusion made to the Now Orleans
Few American tourists aro now in
Rome. The shop-keepers complain of
their loss by reason of the diverting of
American travel to other countries. As
tho stoppage of tho American travel occurred
in the height of tho season, nlany
of the shop-keepers say their losses
have been very great.
Slio Hiul Authority.
London-, Juno -25.?Jlr. Parnell has
writton a letter for publication saying
that Mrs. O'Sliea had tho authority of
Mr. Hcnrv Campbell, Ills' privato secre
tary, to ubc his signature to thelotters
produced in court at tlio time of the
trial of the action for damages brought
by Sir. Campbell against the proprietors
of tlio Cork Daily Herald.
A Secret St'flMlon.
Paiiis, Juno 25.?The tribunal of the
Seine to-day sentenced a Gorman
named Schneider to five years imprisonment
for taking photographs of French
fortifications. The triol look plRce -with,
closed doors.
Win Visit V* Again.
London, Juno 25.?Max O'Roll will
mako a tour of (ho United States in
October next.
A IlutOmml Iteuppenr* After Thirty
Yearn to Find Ills JYlfo Again Married.
Lockpoiit, X. Y., Juno 25.?An Enoch
Ardep caso has produced a sensation in
the little vlllago of Sanborn, twelve
miles west of this city. In 18(10 Thomas
Tisdale disappeared, leaving his wife
and four children.
After several years Mrs. Tisdule married
William Davis. In about two
years the second husband died, and the
widow married a Mr. Copelund, of
Tonawandft. A few days ago Tisdale
appeared at Sanborn, and Mrs. Copeland
being sent for, identified him as
her lonp missing lirft husband. Trcsont
indications aie that the third husband
will have to relinquish his wife,
and that sho will join her fortunes with
R. W. Duiilium'n Afftilrs.
Chicago, Ins., Juno 25.?In the Inquiry
in tho probate court to-day touching
the affairs of the Into Board of Trade
commission firm of R. W. Dunham &
Co., T. \V. Browning, a member of the
firm, testified that the llrm at one time
was indebted to tho Continental bank
on mortgages and other collaterals to
tho amount of $250,000, hut that this
had been reduccd to SlilO.OOO, at tho
time the firm wont out of business. Ho
estimated gross liabilities outside money
due the bank at $123,000, while tho
aasots would amount to $-125,000.
rianlnjr Mill llurnod.
Emiiu,N. Y., June 55.?Il.C.Spaulding
& Co.'s planing mill was destroyed
by fire tills morning. Two dwelling
, bouses and a store house near the mill
wore destroyed. Tlio Elmlra & Xortli,
ern passenger depot was badly damaged
and a number of freight and passenger
cars were partially destroyed.
The total loss will reach $75,000; partially
Kept Ifor Promise.
AVatebduby, Or., Juno 25.?.lames
Finnerty, one of the witnesses in the
Camp divorce case, was horsewhipped
by Mrs. Peareall this morning. Finn^
*!?? n?i>A iiAnontlntinl tnati.
ninny about Edward Camp, tlio defondnnt
ill the case, and Mrs. Foarsall Biiid
she would horsewhip him, and when
she mot him to-day she produced a whip
| and gavo him a so'nnd thmulling.
Strniimlilp Nun-*.
New YonK, June 28. ? Arrived?
Etoamcra Lahn Bremen; Keweenaw,
Hay City, Mich., via. Montreal, eft routo
i for tho Pacific coast.
I London, June 25.?Sighted: Fulda,
, Ueiv York.
i N?w York, Juiio23.?Arrived: Dania,
~ jack" the ripper.
I la He Identical With Prenohy No. I
1, of New York,
I Ono of tho Most Intcrcatlng Trials on
Rccord Begins?His Method of Killing
Precisely tho Snme as that of!
tho Whltechapol Fioud ? Distin- j
gutslied Pcoplo in Court.
I New York. Juno 25.?Ameer Bon All j
la on trial for his lifo before Recorder
Smyth in I'art II. of the Court of General
Sessions. Known to tho police as
Goorgo Frank and to his companions as
Frank Sherllck or. Frenchy No. 1, tho
prisoner'a real name is Amoer Ben Ali.
Ho is a dark-skinned, hollow-eyed Algerian
Arab, ignorant of tho English
language, and of a low order of human- ity?oven
for an Arab.
An immense throng of peoplo gathered
at the brown-stone court liotiso
and clamored for admittance to the
sconoof Fronchy's trial, but a half dozen
sturdy officers slaved them, and when
tho Eocorder took liis seat on tho bench
there was only an ordinary court audience.
Among tliOBe in court was tho Vis'count
d'Absae, French consul-general
for New York, a liandsomo man with u
patriarchal gray beard. Chief Inspector
Byrnes, importurbably sorene, and
Captain and Acting Chief'of Detectives |
McLoughlin sat in a retired corner,
wnlrhincr the uroceedinirs.
Dr. Paul Gibier.the French physician j
and expert in hydrophobia, and Dr.
Justin Herold, formerly Deputy Coroner,
sat with Lawyers Fnenl and
Levy, who will look after the rights of I
the defendant in the selection of a jury.
E. Sultan, tho Frenchman who runs
the cigar stand at the hotel Marlborough,
and Constant J. Sperco, a Mahometan,
wore also present to act as interpreters
between the people and tho
l'he prosecution will be directed by
Assistant District Attorneys Francis L.
Wellman 'and Charles Simms, and the
trial bids fair to be one of tho most
famous in the history of criminal jurisprudence,
as tho crime was ono of tho
most atrocious that ever startled peaceful
Now York.
Ill October, 18S7, London was startled
by tho finding of tho body, yet warm,
of a forlorn wretch, butchered in cold
blood, in tho crowded Whitechapel
district, and mutilated in a manner
that denoted that the crime
was the work of a vindictive
wretch, or a madman who had been
wronged by some woman of this class.
For three yeaTs, again and agum.n
similar murder and mutilation was discovered,
the victim ouch time being a
U1H801UIQ woman. Jitinwu wuuicu jjuu
yielded up their lives in this way, and
the murders wore credited to tho' same
The terrified women of Whitcchapol
called him Jack the Hipper, and in
spite of tho strenuous efforts of Scotland
Yard tho Hipper was never apprehended.
It was exactly two months ago Tuesday?Thursday,
April 23?that Carrie
Brown, a sexogenarian ha? of the lowest
class of dissolute women, retired to
room 31, on tho top floor of tho vile rosort
known as the East llivcr Hotel,
Water and Catherine streets, with an
unknown young man.
At fl o'clock next morning Eddie Fitzgerald,
clerk ami bartender in tho East
River Hotel, going his rounds and collecting
the keys of vacated rooms, found
room 31 locked, and on bursting in the
door, discovered that "old Shakespeare,"
or Carrie Brown, as sho was called, by
her dissolute acquaintance, had been
murdered and mutilated in a manner
exactly like tiie victims of London's
terror, Jack tho Ripper.
She had been strangled to neath; her
abdomen hud been ripped open, and a
portion of the viscera removed. There
was a cross cut on the back of tho
nearly naked old ling, and a shortbludo'd.
sharp-pointed case knifo stuck
in the body.
The whole town was aroused, and tho
whole detective force, under Chief
Byrnes himself, devoted it* entire energy,
skill and power to the work of
hunting down tho murderor.
Ameer lien Ali slept that night in a
room on the snnio floor as room 31, and,
though he had been looked upon aa a
harmless fellow, was ono of tho dosen
men arrested during that Fridhy. Thirteen
meft and women of this same low
class wero arrested and sent, to the
Houso of Detention of Witnesses, and
the wholo work of the police was
shrouded in dense mystery.
Tho wholo world was upon Chief
Byrnes, for ho had boon quoted as saying
contemptuously that a Jack tho
Hipper operating in Now York would
be caught within twontyifour hours.
Tho wholo world is straining its eyes
and ears to-day, eager to learn whether
the chief lion proven the accuracy of
that boast. Frenchy No. 1 was a thin,
woobegono, haggard and hall nourished
lout when arrested. Two mouths In the
Tombs has improved him.
Those w ho craned their necks to get a
glimpse of hiir> when Court Clerk Penney
called "Georgo Frank, charged with
murder, to the bar!" saw a shambling,
slouching fellow, with stooping, narrow
shoulders, frotn which hung in loose
folds a faded overcoat that reachod to
his ankles.
Frenchy has very high chcek bones,
and small ferret-like eyes, close together
over a prominent noso that
curves gracefully down ovor a very
small and tangled black mustache.
A full beard, crinkled and black,
grown since ho was arrestod, hides n
weak chin, square jaws and a wicked
Frcnchy tins been in a constant state
of fright since his arrest. Ho understands
no English, and when ho has
been called from his cell for any purposo
lie has had paroxysms of terror,
crying out In Arabic or n French patois
tlint he is to be killed.
He shambled down the aisle from the
prisoner's pen in court In a shrinking
manner and xlunk into a seat placed for
him at tho tsiblo with his lawyers, and
his woazel eyes darted furtively about
tho court-room as if lie imagined a foe
in every person.
From Being Ground to Pioces by a Hud*
sou Itlver Train.
New York, June 2o.?It is not goner
ally known that Jay liouiu naa a very
narrow escape from being ground to
pieces by a Hudson Klver Railroad
train a few days ago at Irvington. Mr.
Gould has kept his own counsel about
the matter, but the facta wore givon to
a reporter yesterday by an eye-witness
of the sceuo.
Mr. Gould boards a Now York local
traiu iivery morning at the Irvington
station, to which lie is always driven
from his country place, two miles away.
Tho other morning as he and a few
others stepped across the tracks at tho
station to tako the 8:18 train for this
city, a westbound express hove in sight,
coming at a high rate of speed. Its
track was tho one between the station
and tho local truin and,stunding on it all
oblivious to danger, were Mr; Gould and
his fellow travelers. A station hand
saw the express and gave a sharp yell
of danger, at which all save Mr. Gotlld
turned quickly and leaped back to the
station platform. Baggagemaster Barrard
pushed through the passengers,
jumped to tho track, and grabbing the
railroad king by the collar, jerked him
buuk upon the platform, and beforo
tho capitalist know what It all meant
tho exnress had thundered by. By the
tiino most of the spectators had regained
their equanimity the rescued man was
on his train for the city, as cool and
collected as though nothing had happened.
Important to Rniltvujr Compuuloa.
Chicago, Juno 25.?The appellate
court to-day rendered a decision of /interest
to railway companies. It overruled
the lower court in taking from
the jury the caso of Isaac B. Jianna, administrator
of the estate of H. S. Hall,
and directing a verdict in favor of the
Grand Trunk railway company. Hall
was one of the twenty persons iclllod in
au accident on defendant's road near
Hamilton, Canada, and there are some
dozen suits pending in the State courts
depending on the miestions involved in
the present case. The lower conrt held
that the action could not be maintained
under the luws of Illinois, because tho
acciilont happened in Canada, and the
Canadian law differed from that in this
State so materially that to enfprco it
wnnM I in a violation of our own Slato
Drowning nt Toronto.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
Toronto, 0., June 25.?Samuel Morrison,
a citizen of Steubenville and an
employe of the contractor on Freshwa- '
ter, was drowned here this evening at 8
o'clock while in bathing, from cramps.
None of his companions made much
effort to save him from a watery
grave. Thoy would venture a certain
distance, but to make further headway
was in vain. The unfortunate was 22
years of ago and was to be married in a
short time to a young lady of Steubenville.
The remains wore found at a late
hourly a man named Slick while diving.
Col. Bmltli Dtiulliioii to Resign.
Cincinnati, 0., Juno 25.?The officers
of the First Regiment, Ohio National
Gunrd, who have been requested by
Governor Campbell to resini on masse,
us tho result of a court of inquiry, take
various views of.the matter. Nearly all
of them will resign and seek vindication
in a re-election. Colonel W. B.
Smith, however, assorts that he will not
resign, and that if the Governor removes
him he will try to assert his
rl/tfits by law. Ho claims that the court
01 inquiry uuceiveu mm uy mining uiuru
was no need for him to nroduco witnesses,
as nothing Imd been shown
against him. He deninnds a court
martial. Two or three other officers
unite with him.
DWlu't Clinniro II1> Htatlu.
Wasiiixutox, D. C., June 25.?Tiio
Treasury Department is informed that
a Canadian carponter named William
II. Crawford, having been deported to
Canada on tho ground that ills presence
in this country was in violation of
tho alien contract labor law, returned
to Michigan the same afternoon
and filed his declaration of intention to
become a citizen of the United States,
with a view of removing his disabilities,
and is supposed to bo at work for Mal?-nlm
Rlun at Bnv Mills. Michigan, under
tho original contract. In acting on this
case Assistant Socrotary Nottleton held
that Crawford's status is not changed
because of tlio declaration to become a
citizen, which step ho regarded as a
finesse to evade the law. Immigrant,
Inspector Sch'oll is thereforo instructed
to notify Crawford that ho is in this
country unlawfully and must roturn to
Iron Workors Strike.
Forraviu.e, Pa., June 25.?The employes
of tho pioneer furnaces of this
town have demanded that they bo paid
according to tho Pittsburgh scale of
wages. The Pottsvillo Iron and Stool
Company, owners of tho plant, refused
to accede to the demand and the men to
the number of several hundred went
out on a strike. Tho furnaces are now
Driving Out tho Faoturloi.
CmcADo, Juno 25.?Tho cigar makers
strike has driven ono largo factory from
tho city, tho Phicnix, which has removed
to Detroit, and tliero is n prospect
tlmt thtf factory of Oppenheimer &
Fisher will movo to Milwaukee, and
thatZimmerman will go to Dayton, 0.
PlnmtooTt' A?>toc!ntlon.
Cincinnati, Juno zo.?ine numuers'
Association spont the forenoon in discussing
proposed changes in tho rules.
A proposition to ereato an Insurance
department was, after discussion, defeated.
North UnUutu Alllnnoo.
Grand Forks, N. D., Juno 25.?The
Aliianco platform adopted to-day makes
no mention of tho Cincinnati platform;
demands a ono hundred cont silver dollar
and taxation of mortgages and favors
an income tax, prohibition and woman
sutrragc. Tho Alliance also indorses
the Ocala platform.
Fatal Qnnrrol.
Kansas City, Mo., Juno 25.?Frank
Trnupo and Dave Rhodos, colored boys,
aunrreloil last night over tho respective
merits of Sullivan anil Slavln.
Rhodes struck Troupe on the head with
? club, inflicting a fatal injury.
Escapade of the Daughter of Reuben
Barnett, of Saratoga.
And Maud's Brother Brings Jllm
Homo at the Point of a ltcvolror.
The Drummer is In Jail and Narrowly
liscaped Bolng Shot by the
Irittc Father.
Saratoga, N. Y., Juno 25.?Maud Barnett,
daughter of llcubeti Barnett, of
Saratoga Springs, eloped to-day with
Frank ?. Andrews, of Albany. Miss
Barnett is about 18 years old. Andrews
is u drummer for n wholesale wino urm
in Albany. It is said that he has been
married twice, and that his sccond wife
is uow living. The couple were traced
by telegraph and followed by the girl's
22-year-old brother, llo overtook1 the
pair at White Hall-this morning, and
compelled Androws to return with him
at the point of the revolver. The father
of the girl was at tho depot when the
train arrived this evening, and was
bnrcly prevented from shooting the
drummer. Andrews is now in jail.
ltun Down by a Tow?One of Thorn Doacun
Smith'h Stenogrniihur.
Cincinnati, 0., Juno 25.?Five people,
all of the best citizens of Riverside,
were out floating down the Ohio river
in a yawl at a quarter past ten to-night,
when they met tho towboat Frank Gilinoro
coming up stream with a
large tow of empty barges, and
1 r\n flio linrirnu CO tlin
IIU llgUU) Ultll UK I'Ub WH>nvu ....
story goes to-night. Tliey steered clear
of thesteanier, but were rundown by
its barges. Tliey were all thrown in the
river and drowned. The empty yawl, n
man's hat, a girl's hat, ucotiplc of handkerchiefs
was all that was found.
i The victims were: Mr. Thomas Thurman,
member of the Bannor Tobacco
Company, of this city, aged o4; Mr. Joe
Kins, bookkeeper of the same firm, aged
22; Miss Edith Zins, his sister, aged20;
Miss Catherine Cox, aged 2K, Miss Kate
Klddlo, of Burlington, Ky.
Miss /ins was n beauty. She was a
stenographer and typewriter for Hon.
Richard Smith, artd only this evening
left the Commercial-C/aieUc otlice full of
lifo and gaity. ,
ltomovotl to Its I'lnnl Renting Plnco on
I.exisotos, Va., June 25.?At 5 o'clock
this morning the body of Gen. T. J.
Jackson (Stonowall) was taken by order
of thcCcfflB^pSOTMo of the monument
from (lie gravo in the city'ceriletery,
where it was interred at
the time of his death, and
pluced in the vault over which the
monument is now building, and which
will be unveilod tho 21st of July. The
vault was sealed up permanently. It
was .Mrs. Jackson'B request in a letter
yesterday that tho body bo removod in
tho night, and that no one should knowit
but the cominittco in charge. This
request was complied with.
Klllott's DofoiiHo Begun.
CoiXMUtis, 0., Juno 25.?Tho defonso
examined several witnosses to-day-in
tho Elliott murder case, who testified to
threats mado by the deceased against
W. J. Elliott. Joo Fassott, waiter in a
saloon, and Mike Dwyer, a barkeeper,
stated Osborn said ho would shoot the
' ' * -i.-Li r? n u.i??
(iciunuam, on mum. v. <uiuyuu?t u
reporter, allege J ho saw the manuscript
of thb article in tho World attacking the
accused and that it was in the handwriting
of'tho deceased. The evidence
wus afterward ruled out.
Iron aioruUnuU Fall.
New York, June 26.?Tho firm of Geo.
W. Stetson & Co., iron commission merchants
of 09 Wall Btrcet, and Bo^on,
failed to-day, and m.ido gonoral assignment
without preferences to Ther6n G.
Strong. Tne capital has been stated at
$S4,000. The assignme/it was precipitated
by an attachment obtained yesterday
by Pickand, Mather & Co., of Cleveland,
for S8,61M on the ground of alleged
disposition of property.
JInrqucao & Co.'* Fuiluro.
Boston, Mass, June 23.?Tho liabilities
of Emile Marquoze & Company agcrreiriito
about S400.000. but these flcurcs
include somi> $300,000 in long standing
accounts which are held in Philadelphia.
Tho assets, which are said to be
abont $250,000 or $300,000 nominally,
aro nil in New Orleans, ami the linn
may go into insolvency thero.
Bit rami by Alcohol.
New Yoke, June 25.?By tho explosion
of alcohol in tho basement of Columbia
Colloge to-day l)r. John I. Northrop
was seriously burned and it is
feared he will not recover.
Comliiff Tills Way.
San Francisco, Juno 25.?Prince
George, of Greece, who arrived here
Tuesday from Japan, left for the east
last night.
com jiniu aoixou*
Halifax, S., Juno 25.?A gold mine
at Taiiglor, ownod by Frederick lloudlott,
of Boston, wan seized to-day under
a writ of attachment. The sum involved
is largo.
Immigrant Arrivals.
Xmv York, June 25.?1There landed
yesterday at tho bargo oflico 2,000 emigrants.
'About twenty eases of measles,
taken from tho stoainer Aller, wore sent
to tho hospital.
Dr. Tnlmrign'ii Brother Demi. ,
Somehviu.e, N. J., Juno 25.?Dr. Tulmage,
bothor of tho noted Brooklyn
divine, Itev. T. Dowitt Tolmage, is dead.
Deceased was ono of four brothers who
entered tlio ministry. Only two are
now living, the Brooklyn divine and
Dr. John V. Talmage.
Dr. AI?op Demt.
Nnw Havbx, Ct., Juno 25.?Dr. John
W. Alsop, tho Democratic candidate lot
Lieutenant Governor in tho last campaign
in Connecticut, is dead.
Novri," from Atlmlriil 3IcCanii?Matter?
Comparatively Quiet.
Washington, Juno 25.?Tho Navy
Department has recoived n report from
Admiral McCann, on board his flag-ship,
the Baltimoro, dated Iqulquu, Chile,
May 25, as follows:
"There have boon no military or
navalViperations of importance in tho
northern provinces recently. All tho
revolutionary squndrons Iiavo gone
-i '? ' 1 - I -.1.- UllA
norm irom v. uk&uu, iuiu ouiy iw?t ow
men wero left to garrison Caldera and
Copiapo. The 11 mis car grounded on
tho 12th, tilt floated again.
"Since tlio loss of tlio lllnnco Kncaladn
ino.it of the insurgent forces are
concentriitinj^-Hbout the nitrate porta.
Tho only ollleient vessels remaining to
the insurgents are the Huoscar and Estneraldaand
tho Almirunte Cochrane.
Thero in little probability of a demonstration
by water by tho revolutionary
"On the 10th the Imperial appeared
ofT Coquimbo and opened a rapid Are,
though 110 other vessels wero 111 sight
in tho oiling. The Cochrano and the
gunboat Hlggint stood out toward the
Imperial, uiter which firing wnB again
heard until a late hour, but with what
results could not he learned. J ust before
this oiio of their torpedo launches
was accidentally blown uj> by its own
torpedo, anil sank Immediately, drowning
two and mortally wounding four ol
her crew of eight men."
Xuxt Yonr*? Went Point Clans.
"Washington', D. C., June 25.?As a result
of the recent examinations at West
Point, ninety-nine out of a total of 140
nnnlinnnm lintw 1111IIII flrlmlllnf! Ifl lllfl
llliitod States Military Academy to
form the new class. Other cadets will
probably swell the total membership to
110. Among tho (candidates admitted
are: 0. M. Butler, K. Davis, C. E.
Iiempton, Joseph S. lferron, 0. K.
1 lowland, II. D. Uflibrldge, 1'. L. Miles,
A. C. Nissen and H. 1*. Rifenbori, Ohio;
C. E. Hawkins, E. J.Nowbnkor, A. H. J.
O'llara, Paul Heisenger, E. I'. fiiveter,
M. II. Stout and J. G. Whitosides,
Pennsylvania, and E. U. Sliulz, West
Secretary Sjiuuldlng Denied It*
Washington, June 25.?Artics-Secro-'"
tary Spaulding said this afternoon that
the report telegraphed from Chicago
that arrangomcnts aro being made to
compromise for $5,000,000 the claims
against the government for excess of
duties collected on hat materials, is incorrect.
Ho said tho only possible
foundation for such a report was the
consideration lij,- tho Department of a
proposition 10 navu tuu uuiuu ui #vum
oral appraisers determine the cIuhh of
materials entitled to refund under tliu
decision of tiie United States Supreme
Court. No such reference, hoivovcr,
was made.
A Nnvnl Order.
Washington, D. C., Juno 2.").?Secretary
Tracy lias appointed a board to convene
at the Navy Department on Saturday,
June 27, to oxamino into and roport
upon the present standing of olllcurs
in the line of tho navy, und to recommend
such measures as it may deem
ilesirablcrto'rcgulute promotion therein
with u view to the increused efficiency
of the navy.
To.dny'w Cnl>inot Slotting.
Washington, Juno 25.?Secretary
Foster returned to Washington this
afternoon, from Ohio, for the purpose
of attending tho cabinet meeting which
is expected to bo of more than usuul
interest to-morrow. Tho question of
further coinago of tho silver dollar will
ue mo pniicipju iujjii: vi uibuudbiuu.
Counterfeiter* Arronted.
Washington, Juno 25.?Tho Troasury
Department is informed that Alfred 0.
Green, J. A. Walker, J. B. Walker,
George Walker and John Lowdbaugh
liavo been arrested in St. Louis lor
counterfeiting tun cent, twenty-five
cent and one dollar silver coins.
Alleghany College Commencement.
Mr.adviu.e, Pa., Juno 25.?Tho annual
commencement exorcisos of Alle- .
gheny College closod to-day, graduating
u class of seventeen. Tho annual reception
of President Wheeler, held this
nvpnint*. was a arand airair. attended
by nearly five hundred students, alumni
and friends of the college. Tho annual
commencement bnll occurred to-night
in Library llnll and was a very elite
Yale Froxlimnn Clum*.
New IIavex, Con.v., June 25.?The
ne?t freshman class of the academical
department of Yalo will number over
300. 1-HHt year tho class numbered 250.
Today 200 are undergoing examinations
in Alnmni Hall, while examination*
are iu progress in twenty other cities.
Ocbuni Konpltcrf.
Atlanta, Ga., Juno 25.?Tlio Governor
this morning respited Charles Ozburn
for thirty days, which wfU postJone
his execution until the 23th day of
uly. The respite is aranted on account
of Ozbum'e critical physical condition,
and at tho request of tho jury, which
sat yesterday by special summons of tho
sheriff on the question of tho sanity of
the prisoner.
KohIkihmI to do Higher.
Wahiiixotos, D. C., Juno 25.?CMel
Postofllco Inspector Jtntlibono to-day
handed to the Postmaster General hla
resignation, to take effect .lune 28. On
July 1 Mr. liuthbono will bo appointed
Fourth Assistant I'ostmastcr General.
Honteucod to Hang.
Cleveland, 0., June 25.?At New
Philadelphia, Oldo, yesterday, Henry
Wehrly, who killed James Booth on
Christmas day wus sentenced to bo
hanged October 16,181)1.
Iteftult of n Fnud.
Ibdianapolis, Juno 25. ? About 4
o'clock this afternoon a shooting affray
occurred at a colored picnic from Indianapolis
at Maxwell, in Hancock
county, in which three men wore wounded,
ono prolwbly fatally. Tho shooting
was tho result of an old fend,
lVontlmr For?cn?t for To*dny,
For Wcit Virginia, Wcsturn iYnn*ylvaala and
Ohio, fair; warmer: somberly trluds.
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