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I If mm m.
I (craoU Wins th? Great Inter-Ool
Icglate Boat Baoo.
I ffiui-vlvaiila Crew Soooud and ColI
? III Ilia a Had Tlilnl?Detalli or tlio
I Content?Mane Kail Oamoa Played
v?u-i,la)--OiLor Iiiterentlinf SportI
ill# SciVii*
| Spy I.OVIIO.V, Cox*., June 25.?One of
t!, mo-it exciting races ever rowc.u on
lit Thames rivor took place this aftern
,vcr the three-mile conrse between
lie Cornell, University of Pennsylvania
u.1 Columbia University eight-oared
trt*s. Cornell ivou after a hard contest,
in tin' fast time of 14:27} seconds.
University of Pennsylvania was second
bv four lengths; time 14:45. Col-'
iiinbia ?:ts a bud third, being fivo
letijths behind the Pennsylvania
tfi?- and eight lengths behind
Cornell. Cornoll's time establishes a
!,,? record, the previous best time
Itiui; 14:43 over the same course by
t1 -aine crew last year. The surprise
(f the ilav was the unexpected poor
>!; >uinc made by the Columbia crew.
5V feature was the remarkably close
n-e between Cornell and tile-University
(i IViiti-ylvania, each of the two crows
ioUiiiy the lead at tjmeri before the
jir.-t mile had been rowed, and for two
mi in it was impossible to name the
ttiimer. The conditions for the fast
titm n ere ext client. The water wns
, tli. A strong current was running
lit'i a favorable wind also assisting.
At o'clock the crew came in sight,
(' .ri;cll and I'ennsylvanin on their tugs,
' In fhS,'
While * ???
chfll. Willi very little delay the crews
up :<> their stake boatft and were
, at onee u'lven the word. The Pennsyl'
:: >t the best of the start, and their
K..r jumped a few feet to the front with
C, ?fund, while Columbia, besides
making a poor start, seemed to lose at
tverv'?troke. 1 r: the first ton strokes
( nidi's boat idiot up even' with Pennsylvania,
and for at; eighth of a mile
tJjev w'.1 re -<? einse that a lead could not
i; hir!y? r. liinltoeithercre'WJ Rearing
t. rir if mile !l: ;r the Pennsylvania boat
i r_rl nearly halt a length ahead of
C ; ell. with'Columbia two lengths bohind
and hopelessly out of the race,
ii.-iiiing :! to ?!:e navy yard, about
tluve-i'iarters ??t a mile irom the sturt,
the I'eutwyivanias increased their lead
t ic-'.ily :i length. Cornell here taade
a jnunlVpnrt and their boat gradually
rwpt up alongside of the Pennsylvania
ir a. :ii (1 n- the boats neared the mile
lie*.', Cornell sent their boat up on oven
t?nn* with the Pennsylvania^ For a
few .-iynnds the Pennsylvania boys held
their p*iti the boats being bow and
bow, while Columbia had lost another
length. All of the crews were pulling
in splendid form, the two "leading
fr. wjj sending their shells throgh the
*atcr at ii i.itt rate of speed, while the
lolrtuMa liout settled anil seemed to
Iuk a(t"r each stroke. from the one
tiiili' tu the two-mile Hag the raco l)emvn
Cortmll and Pennsylvania was
ii eii'ititi}!. 11 was the decisive point
oi::.p raco. The time for the llret halt
iiiii.'?.is and ior tho first mile
4.U Cumuli has now won thirteen
itnii([ht rare.".
Itngnr nuil AHHorlatian Grunos 1'lnyed
C:rvn.\\i), Juno 25.?After the Pittslorgiiorehad
to-day't ^aine woll in hand,
liwy inatlc aouie bad errors in the sixth
an i H-vcnth inning, which cost them
ili? pine. .Score:
Vitl 0 0000342??D
hi;?.un{|i 0 3 1 0 II 0 0 ^ 0 0? 4
Hit", ! jind 10. JCrrors, 2 and 0.
Kp'tl, i*ittfil>urgh2. Pitchers, Beatin,
Viau and Haldwin. Umpire, Bnttin.
C'lin-Mio, Juno 25.?'To-duv's game was
"lull ami uninteresting, Chicago winnine
it easily.
? v ? *?o i a o o o o i o-4
O" -"Mi 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1?2
Erron,3oach. Hits,fiand5. Pitchors,
Lubv and Mullane. Karned, 1 each,
l nipiro. Lynch.
I'hu adki.ciiia, June 23.?The Bostons
*vot to pieces to-dav and the Phillies
MGH niflimit I...H
tetefiTi iTis -.-i
Errorp, ? ami 4. Hits, U anil ?.
Karnoil runs, u each. I'itchora; Nichol,
Tlinr:i!?i and Esper. Umpire1, Hurst.
Ntiv V' 'ik. luno 25.?The (Hants hod
n? trouble iu winning to-day's game.
"J J ? 4 ? U i ?
lliis.UniidC. Errors,2und4. Earned
mn?, 7 nivl !. Pitcliprs, 'finsslo nnd
lflvott. I'mpiro, McQuaid.
1". >st?s, Juno 23.?Boston guve McMalion
a warm reception to-day. Scare:
? 1 ! t I t'l I t-M
MmmO.1- .4 00010040? 5
_ Knurs. t and 2. Hits, 15 nnd 10.
ram,Hand8. l'itchers, O'Urien,
Ui'Mahnnandllakely. Umpire, Kerins.
mm's. June 2o.?Tlie"pobr work
? M'tod tile bat lost the game
for Columbus ti>day. Hcoro:
iv t... .
I' mmnm 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0? 1>.<.U
vlllt- 1 00120000?4
Hrr.-rV- and 1. Hits, 7 and*). Pitcher-,
Kuril ami Bell. Karried runs,
Cuiumbuil. Umpire, Jones. .
Wamiincjuin, Juno 25. ? Fortunate
bunching hits in the fifth inning won
to-day's game for the home team. Scoro:
V.^hiutrton .0 3 0 0 4 0 0 0 0? 7
Athlft.i-s M.0 10020 2 0 0?5
Errors, 2 anil 1. Hits, -H and 10.
Titih r-. Foreman ami Chamberlain.
Kamed, 2 each. Umpiro, Ferguson.
I.oris, June 25.?The Browns dofelted
th<* Ciminnatis In a ono-sided
P-v u- t -liny. Scoro:
j?uh 5 0 1 0 0.1 0 0 1-9
'iaclnuntl I 00000000?1
Earned St. Louis 3. Bitchers, Stivetts,
.''iill, Du'ver. Error?, 4 and 0. ll'ts,
, 1 ' ami 0. Umpire. Davis.
John T, Bosh is boouiii^ tho idea of
aiiv.v national agreement.
I Juhn Ward is continually being
cauglu off bases this season.
^ lie b ;at University of Pennsylvania
'' rnesilay, earning three runs oir
1 ' n, late o{ tho Lout*villes, pitchcd
I J^uinlng game ior the New Havens
I ili.- i'. ist Knd Gyms beat Munafleld 2
I 1 1 .*''>U r^I:\yf Mansfield getting four
I "*t? mpson.
wing has a "glass" arm, and
^ay take Jim Mutrie's place as manH
*?* t tho New Vorks.
Thcj nv Pittsburgh will try for Shu
prtandiirim. The latter is now play
thinl for Milwaukee.
I I rank si.uj5.1rt, who is playing a jjhe
10 *hort stop in toe "West, is a
* :>\ l\auiau. lie hails (rom Luth
tr^urg, Uearixald county. He tirst
bogan professional play In a local lodguo
in that section, anu was then with Dubois.
The Cincinnati Association nine lnu
had no less than ten names otl the
home grounds postponed on. account of
rain since its return from the West.
Arthur F. Clarke, the catcher of the
New York Giants, was married Thursday
evening to Miss Adele Furbush.
daughter of George E. Furbush, of
Cliarlestown, Mass.
John Reillv.of Cincinnati, is amusing
as hn outfielder. High files keep him
circling around like the leader in n drove
of trained elephant* trying to keep time
with a circus band.
Lowe, of Bolton, distinguished himself
in the second half of the fifth Tuesday,
when he caught out Clements and
retired Thompson at tho plate and Myers
at second by bard and accurate
Mark Baldwin's nerve is objectionable
to some directors of the Pittsburgh club.
There are not a dozen men d laying ball
who can go up and strike a"club official
for his rights with as much coolness us
There is one Pittsburgh tenm which
is a good one. It Is tho Pittsburgh,
Kan., club, which has been playlnz
winning ball, and is considered one of
the best clubs in the Southwestern
League. 1
The New York Hoard of Aldermen
have decided that the bleachers in New
York must be coverad. The Aldermen
are mad because the managers of the
Polo Grounds'refused lo supply Aldermen
witb-season tickets this vear. The
club's counsel say-that tho "Hoard lias
exceeded its authority iu tho present
Sullivan and Corbott Hilled.
Sax Francisco, Juno 25.?J. L. Sullivan
and Jim Corbott, sparred three
rounds at tho lattor's benefit last night.
It was expected that the exhibition
would be an excitiugono, but the boxers
appeared in dress suits and sparred
lightly, doing 110 damage. Hie exhibition
was hissed by the spectators.
Chlcngo ltnre?.
Chicago, Juno 23.?Six thousand peoplo
witnessed tho races nt Washington
Park to-day. The track, while dusty,
was fast. First race, ono mile,J{acino
won; time 1:47. Second race, one And
one-eighth miles, longshot won; time
I :.vi. Third race, nve-eignuis 01 n mue,
Curt Gunn won; time 1:01 J. Fourth
race, ono mile, Labold won; tirrfe 1:42 j.
Fifth race, one and one-quarter miles,
Bane won; time 2:11}.
Hhceimhourt Ilnco*.
siieepfliikad Bay, Juno 25.?A crowd
of 5,000 people were in utttnilance at the
track to-day. The track was in line
condition and the sport good. First
race, one mile. Eon won; time 1:40 3-5.
(Second race, six furlongs, Victory won;
time 1:15. Third race, mile and furlong,
TullaBlackburn won; time 1:55 4-5.
Fourth race, milu ivnd half, ltlley won;
time 2:35 3-5. Fifth race, mile and furlong,
LoonCilka won; time 1:508-5.
Sixth race, mile ami three furlongs,
Mosterlode won; timo 2:25 8-5.
Teter Jackson is going to open a sparring
school in Frisco.
Fitzsiinmons combs the front of his
head with a towel. lie is getting verv
hold. a'
Andy Bowen is matched to fight Jack
Burke," of Texas, at Galveston, July 20,
for a $1,500 purse.
Bat iMustcrson, the Denvor sport who
lost ?200 on Kllrain, says: "I uin a dub.
I J.IIW HUM Ul 1(1 J v iliUi* i/i;iuii|i un un
American pug. They are all skates."
"Sullivan must act.decent to inuku
money hero," said au Australian. "He
should remember Clarence Whistler's
fate. Hum drinking athletes arc not
Billy Matter, the Australian light
weight who recently forfeited to Billy
Mohan, of Frisco, will never engage in
another ring contest, as lie is suffering
from consumption.
Harry McCoy, of Burlington, la., and
Gipsey'Gleason, of Bngland, fight to a
finish for tho welter-Weight championship
of America, tho stakes being $.500 a
sido and a purse of $1,000.
Slavin hits with an upward movement
which looks like a half swing or half
nppcrcut, but it is a straight, lie lo'oks
at his opponent's hands or feet, and
has his side toward him.
Arthur Tiillv, 140 pounds, Btood eight
rounds before Australian Billy Murphy,
at Melbourne last month, lie nonplussed
Murphy bv being cool and compelled
Murphy to do the leading.
Tut Uyiin, tho Australian middleweight,
hasn't much to spare in his
eight-round contest with "Starlight,"
the noted colored boxer at Melbourne.
.lmtljtnn 5n fntfAf of Rviin nntiaml
much kicking. ,
Jimmv Murphy, brother of the Australian
failhenvcijiht, beat Elijah Jackson,
n welter weight, last month. Jackson
(nirly murdered his little opponent
for three' rounds, then gave wny and in
six rounds was out.
After months of squabbling a move
has beon inside in the Myer-McAulitlb
forfeit dlllH'iiltv. Bud Hcnaud, the
stakeholder, who is milking a bo )U at
Washington Park, Chicago, paid Alt
Kennedy his $1,000 Tuesday.
In the Dawson-Mace light at .Sydney,
Australia, it was anybody s buttle up to
the 10th, but Dawson became stronger
and won in 17 rounds. Australian papers
say it was ona of the best lightweight
battles ever fought in that country.
The 'Fritco Occidental Club has
nmtchcd young Mitchell and Heddy
Gallagher to light to a tin tab, In September
next, for a purse of $.">,000. Hilly
McCarthy, the Australian, and Aleck
Greggalns fight July 21 for a $l,fl00
Sivipes recently referced ? mill be
tweon two newsboy?, where one hud ?
fiiere bitten out oNiib lip and the other
out n port of his enr. The referee says
the piece of lip wits found anil flowed on
again, but tint the piece out of tho
other fellow's enr could not bo found.
Vpt-Ulnv of ConricU Provrntml.
Sin Fsancisco, June 23.?When Warden
-McHnle took charge of Snn Quentln
p Ison recently he ordered a careful
s arch made ot tho premise*, which revealed
that n larirj quantity of arms,
ammunition and provisions had been
secreted, probably by friends of the
convicts, to enable. Uicm to escape. It
was found also that a perfect code of
signals exists among the convicts and'it
Is believed that there was a well
planned plot for an uprising among tho
1,400 convicts to overpower the fifteen
guards In immediate control of the
prison. Warden Mcllnle has provided
stringiut measures to provide against
such an emergency.
How well wo remembergrandmotlipr'fl
attic, so fragrant with medicinal roots
and herbs! t'oor old soul, how precious
they seemed to her! And yet, one
bottle of A vers Sarsaparllla would do
more good tlian her whole collection of
"yarba." w
I All Sorts of Local Sown and Go?M|> frotu
the Glust City.
Mian Flora Chit, of Filidlur, it the
gtiest of Mies faille Mills this week.
8. Q. Hamilton, formerly of Bellnire,
him opened a drug store at East Liverpool.
Another new building is going up ut
tho 0111 Bros.1 pot wonts in the Fourth
Six or seven local buyers of green
hides arc busy all tho time buying mid
John W. Brown and Eliaabeth Little-'
ton were married by "Squire" Mason
this week. '
The Crown Cement Co. is furnishing
cement for the.new stone bridge ut
Some heavy farm machinery wua
Inn/lnd hnrn vnulftrilav with th(J ki(I of 'J.
locomotive.' ' .
Tho street fakirs continue to gull tho
citizens here. The medicine mun draws
the biggest crowds.
Big preparations are belnfe made by
the sovernl fishing clubs hereabouts for
their usual annual outing. Tho
surveyors are at work on the
Toledo, Walh'ondlng & Beilaire railroad
through Guernsey county.
Charles Prosser and a liig force of men
left yesterday forZanusrllle to pave two
or three miles of briok street.
' A little child of Geo. Beel strayed
away from home yesterday and was not
found until late in the evening.
Harry Caldwell, who has been visiting
relatives hereabouts returned to his
home in Ilebrorn, Xeb., yesterday.
Sand and stone in large' lots /rom
points out tho narrow gauge road Is being
unloaded for the builders in lowor
George Fisher, of Clarington, shlppod
his thresher ami engine to Lexington,
Mo., where he has located with u brother
on a farm.
Out at Cumberland, 0., on the Bellalre,
ZanssviUo & Cincinnati railroad,
thieves entered the depot aad carried
off most of tho contents.
The Christian Endctiyor. socioties
went from here in a body oil th? Cloveland,
Lorraine it Wheeling railroad to
Martin's Ferry lust night.
West bound passengor train No. 47,
on tho Baltimore A Ohio, jumped the
trackat St. Clnirsvillejunction,delaying
all trains an hour or more.
Tho ten pot furnace at the Bellairo
Window Glass Works shut down yesterday.
Tho others will not. shat down
until Tuesday of next week.
Tho stockholders of the Bellairo
Stamping Co. will hold a meeting MonIQ
..nnui/lm- flu. iiflviWfltiilitv
of * increasing their plant here, or, fit
necessary, elsewhere.
Charles Marsh, of Gravel Hill, a wellknown
voting man, died at his home
yesterday of typhoid pneumonia, lie
leaves a wife and three children. The
funeral will take place to-day.
Geo. I). Baker, who was so badly
burned at the steel works four weeks
ago, will get well, it is thought. He has
been reduced to almost a skeleton during
his long confinement and terrible
suffering. " \
Donth of a Chllil?Ed waril llfttU'ft Funqfal
?Pcntomil I'olutv uImi ...
IJon. I- I)anford,of St. Clairsvillo,w*s
in town yesterday on legal business.
Mrs. Frank Jleinrich and child, of
Zanesville, are visiting Mr. J. Y. Pattersun.
1 ,y ,u>illuu
Rev. Wm. Lewis is home from llriar
Ilill, where he attended the conference
of his church.
Henry .Stingle, of Wellsburg, came
down to attend the Masonic sornl that
WHS glVOU I1VI U 111." L utVillllg.
Miss Alma Chessel returned home
last week, after n week's visit with
friends in Guernsey county.
Mr?. II. Johnson 11 ml children, who
have been visiting in Kansas City, Mo.,
for the post live months, have returned
Mr. (leorgo Spence camo home yesterday
from a business trip down the
river" and throughout tlio interior of
West Virginia.
Mrs. George ltobinson, of St Clniraville,
ucroinpaniod by her sou Carl, are
visiting Mr. and Mrs. John i'enuington,
of Fifth street.
Rev. Father Mattingly ..went up to
Stllibenviile to attend tho rnmmenceuvnt
of the Catholic schools in that
city last night.
Miss Julia Conway will soou loavo for
Silver Cltv, N. M., to visit her cousin,
Mrs. Dr. Plough, and also for the benefit
of her health, which has not been
very good for some time.
Frank Moreland, a thirteen-year-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Ilenrv Moreland,
died yesterday morning of' inflatmnatlon
of the bowels. The funeral will take
place this afternoon at II o'clock from
tho family residence in Clark's addition.
The funeral of Mr. Edgar Bettis took
nlnfit vf'Htnrdnv afternoon, from Iho
SiethoJist church, at two o'clock, $ev.
I. S. Winters conducting the services.
Thu pallbearers wero Thomas I'ugh,
Burt Monzomery, Thompson Kerr,
Fred Ilnll, Thomas Rchofield and Burt
Schafler. The remains were consigned
to their last resting place in liivtr View
What Doe* It MTean? ~
"100 Doses One Dollar"'irocans simply
that Hood's Sar.-aparilla Is the'most
economical medicine to buy, because it
gives more for the money than toy
other preparation." Kach bottle contains
100 dotes anil will average to last
a month, while other, preparations,
taken according to directions, are gone
in a week. Therefore, be sure lo get
Hood's Sarsaparilla, the best blood
purifier. H
The Italian Government lost 13,000,000
llrcs last yc'arin hud investments. However,
it in not entirely out of tlium, as it
still has lludlni left.
Hufprifln to All.
After using "Mother's Friend" two
months I was so speedily and easily relieved
that it was n surprise to those attonilinjz
me, " Mo! her'fl I'rionil'1 undoubtedly
lessens tho, paint, shortens
the time and restores the motherspeedily
to health, will recommend it to nil
expectant mothers ami adviso thein to
use it. Mrs. J. A. R., Muncio, Ind.
Sold at wholesalo and retail by Logan
Drug Co. and all <lriiv?inU(.
ftitmlnjr KxcurftJons.
Until October 2-5, the Obio Itlver
Railroad Company will sell Sunday
excursion tickets at one fare {or tho
round trip to Moundsville. Woodland,
Xcw Martinsville, SittoniyiHoj Salurna,
Williamstowu anil PaaK^Wjjij
Sunday Excurxloiift.
Commencing Sunday, May 31, and
every Sunday thereafter, ihe Balltrimre
A Ohio Railroad Company will sell excursion
tickets tol'lttmiirgh mid return
at $1 50 and to Washington and return
at Si, jtood returning fniiwinirnnljr. :ris
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.
Just Opened,
Ladies' Silk Waists,
Ladies' Pennant Waists,
Ladies' Negligee Shirts,
Ladies' Derby Waists,
White Hem. S. India Lawns,
-i - !
Printed Linen Lawns,
Organdies, Lawn, Pongees,
Zephyr Ginghams, &c.,
Silk Mitts and Gloves,
OF .
Dress Goods and Sis
Wednesday, July 15th.
49! -49! - 49!
1,2^0 yards All-Wool French Challies reduced to
49C. ^ '
1,700 yards French Mull, equal in color and finish
to $i oo India sine, only
3 <>cs
j t ' -/. s
a,joo yards yard-wide American Chaflie,
i oca yard- *
. i
800 yards yard-wide Batiste,
8ca yard1,800
yards Hemstitched Black and White Lawn
25, 31 and 37c.
300 pairs Lace Curtains reduced nearly one-half. .
2,500 New Wrappers, Waists, &c,
18 and 20 Eleventh Street. .
91 and 92 Water Street, Pittsburgh, Pa.,
Kannfacture and Sell Every Article, Tool or Appliance Reeded at
\ ,
. : J a lit tavdi M
Either for Gas, Oil, Water or Mlheral Tests.
Boilers, Casings, Engines, Fittings,
Derricks, Pumps, Tubing, Cordage.
0 ?
The ten-roomed brick dwelling at So. 1113
CbapUae street. Very central locatlou. Will be
old for u very clow figure.
Beautiful bulMIug lots oa South Frout street,
North Frout street and Plenum t Volley.
a-. O. SMITH,
jol? REAL ESTATE AQKXT. 12? Murkrt 8t
Four lots on South Penn struct .SI,GOO
LoU iu McMecben, newly laid out, choap at
(iM W ?*IU(
Lou in Zone'* Orchard nud Old Fair Ground
Six roomed ho two, 2356 Wood street, $2,200
llouso In splendid condition on southeast corner
Chapllne and Twentieth streets
Six roomed brick house on (Thapllne street, botween
Twenty-flfth and Twenty-sixth streets,
"fil&oomed brick house, 2fi20Jacob street, $8,COO.
Ten roomed house at a bargain on North
Main street.
FIto roomed houso, 2516 Eo(T street. $2,303.
Four roomed house, 19V Eighteenth street,
Four roomed bouse, 23fct Wood street, $050,
Six roomed house, grouml 100 feel front, on
MeColloch strcetfc-4>etwoeu Thirty-first and
Thirty-second streets, 13.000.
Nino roomed brick houso, 2351 Market street,
Three roomed houso, 2110 Wood street, $1,060.
(iood.business house onChupliuestreet. Contro
llnlf lot on North Main street, 83 by 132 feet,
Halt lot on Eoff street, south of Twenty-eighth
ttreet. $1,000.
Half lot on Monton street, south of Twenty*
govonth street, $.v*). , im ...
Sixteen loth ou the north side of Twentr-thlrd
street, in tho new addition of Filan Jt Whyta,
Just laid out.
FOH RKNT?Store room on tho corner of Sixteenth
and Jacob streets, with good cellar to
same. Three rooms on Moystou street, Sixth
ward, $0 50 per month.
1739 Market Street. JelO
No. 2251 Main street - ~$20 00
No. 3331 Woods street 10 0)
No. 1027 Market street, fi rooms ? 1"? 00
No. 2151 Mafu street, store room- - 10 00
No. 21012 Main street, store room 10 00
No. W Eighteenth street, store room........... 10 00
Threo-roouied house, National road. STGOi
Double frame house on Baltimore street.
Desirable new resldonco on South Front street
10) acre* land. Greeley county, Kansas, 5800.
Sixteen lots In J. and J. H. linker addition.
No. 8.Sand87 Sixteenth Mreet.
No. liG.11 and 2638 Chnpline street
Thirty-live acresstoneandc6allnud, Rush Run,
Soventy-flro an res land. Short Creek.
Seventeen uud one-half ucres laud, one-hall
milo west lower point of Island.
Desiruble residence one nillo west of Bridge*
I?ort, Ohio.
Threo and ono-half acre? of land near West
No. 1017 8outh street, (tho lato Hubbard saw
Threo and one-half ucres of laud lu Liberty
No. J:WQ Wetzel street, ground GO by 300 feet
No. 2831 and 2383 Wood street.
Twenty-one sburcs Riverside Glass Works
stock at a bargain.
No. 22 Alley H, corner Alloy 11 and Alley 3.
Price, *K0.
Nos. 2019and 2021 Main street.
Eighteen ucres of land one mile east of Kim
Grove. Fronts about 800 feet on National roatl,
with four-Doomed frame house and 200 fruit trooa.
Price, a^WOLi^ # t
irtH iu i?y jiiu ivcu iiiiu uiuiv.
Nob. w awl K Alloy 10.
No>. 2901 nnd 2900 Chapllno street
No. 1005 MuColloeh utreet.
Ko. 3028 McC'olloch street
No. 2110 and 2112 Main street
No. 2001 and 2006 Main street.
No. 2001 Market street
No. '.<$ Ohio street.
No.*189 South Pcnn street.
No. CO North Frout stroet?ground 00 by ahout
400 feet. ...
/ No. 2311 EofT street. .
No. 2000 Main street.
Real Estate Agent, U. 8. Clulm Attorney. Export
in pension Claims. ,>
je8 1612 Market Street.
Real Estate for Sale.
Building lots on west side of North Huron
street. Island, at $20 per foot front.
A flno dwelling property on tho west aldo ol
Market street, north of Ninth street
Lot 100x100 feet, southwest corner McCollocb
anil Thirtieth 'directs, with four dwelling homes.
No. 2311 Jneob streot, three-roomed cottage,
lot 16x100 feet, for ?1,0U0.
100x350 feet in Pleasant Valley, on the National
road, for fl,M0, on cosy terms.
Tho business bulldluir, No. 1522 Main street,
now occupied by J. \V. Hunter ?fc Co.'a aploc
The Pryor placo on National rood, near Elm
Grove, constating of about tweuty acres, with
brick dwelling.
I/Ot 33x180 feet on tho east aldo of North Front
street, Island, 81,500.
No. 40 Virginia street, Island, 8 rooms and bath
No. 1821 Foil*street, opposite tho Cathedral.
No. 101 Fifteenth street,.'?rooms.
No. 126k Fourteenth street, live rooms, attlo
and laundry.
Lot 80x1 iai north side of Fourteenth stroet
Lot 30x120 feet North Hnron street, Island.
Not. 2117 uud 'ill'J Main street, lot 44x120 feet,
apo 1314 Market Street.
Headaolie Fowdors.
?fob sale br VKCooum.?
Room 17, Ilcllly BnOOing. '.Vhceitaf, W. V?.
Fresh Blue Print Paper
At Art Store, 12a Market ttreet.
ioylf E. L. N1COLL.
WIRE ttURkis 1707 KoffMmt,
T?l?phonel47. W.B.ALU80X

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