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The Member of a Loading South
Carolina Family
Ho was Accused of Ansntilling Mttlo
Girl*, AVlio Acknowledged tUoy l'erjurcd
Themselves to Convict illin.
He is a Son of General Rlictt.
h.'?n> Vnoir .Tiinn Vn -^Tutlllnvu Of)
J<'> ivmi, ti uuv -vt viMiuui; i
William R. Rhett, a member of a prominent
South Carolina family, employed J
uk clerk in the New York offlccs of the
Savannah line of steamships, was arrested
at the Jersey City ferry by Officer
Vail on the chargo oi criminally assaulting
little girls. It was alleged that
on December 12 Rhett had induced
these girls to accompany liiiu to Now
York, and had taken them in a hack to
Seventeenth street and back to the
ferry; that he had drawn the curtains
to the hack and assaulted them during
the ride. He was soon roloased on
$7,000 bail.
The trial besan before J uugc marline
in l'art III. oi General .Sossiona, June
12, and two days wero occupied in getting
a jury, and since Monday, June 15,
the jury listened to the voluminous evidence.
(Jul. John R- Follows und exf-'enator
Thomas W. Grady were entfiged
to defend young Hhett, while the
prosecution wus conducted by Deputy
Assistant Districi Attorney 'John l\
Jlclntyre. It was Col. Follows' flrst appearanco
nt a trial since he left the
otlice of District Attorney, and also tho
tirst important trial conducted by Mr.
Mclntyre since his appointment.
Tho fact that Colonel Follows was to
make the final argument for the defense
yesterday, was enough to till the court
room with auditors. The prisoner arrived
at 10:10 o'clock, uccompanied by
his father, brother and uncle, and while
he tried hard to look cheerful, it was
evident that th# strain upon hie nerves
was telling on him. After receiving tho
greetings of his friends he took a sent
near his counsel, resting his head upon
his hand, a position which has become
to him a habit during this trial. Colonel
Fellows opened his address by
contrasting the positions, habits and
appearance of tho prosecuting witnesses
with those of the prisoner. Xo possible
motive, he said, could be found for
the commission of the'erimo bv the
prisoner. Polly Morris, Katie J?linn,
unci Lilly and McHugh, tho buck
drivers, ware born ami raised in un
atmosphere of crime unil depravity.
Their eLories dlfTered widoly ndw from
the testimony given at the timo of the
arrest, and were therefore not entitled
to credeneo. Referring to the prisoner's
family honor,' Colonel Fellows said:
"His is the name of a family that lias
heen stainless for two hundred years.
At the police station ho gave his right
name, and made no attempt to conceal
it. If he hail beon guilty ho would not
have done this."
Colonel Fellows said ho received no
fee in the case, but acted purely from
sympathy,' if tho Rhett family hail
millions he would not accept a penny
for his services, for it was a pleasure to
use his efforts in protecting this young
man from persecution. Hoplctured tho
ivinnir innn's nutl record. and atiked the
jurymen lo treat him, in making their
decision, as they would desiro a jury to
treat their sons under similar circumstances.
Deputy Assistant District Attorney
Mclntyru, in beginning his address,
said the fifct of the prisoner being the
Si'ion of a good family would not Influence
him. He presented the evidence
clearly and concisely,Jand closed with
the scriptural quotation:
"Whoever shall receive one of such
children in My name recoivoth Mo, and
whoover shall otl'ond one of these little
ones, it is better tliut a millstone wore
hanged about his neck and he wore cast
Into the sea."
Aftur a recess Judgo Marline charged
the Jury, consuming about an hour and
a half in fairly and impartially stating
tholaw. The jury not having arrived
at n verdict at 7:20 o'clock, were taken
out to dinner, returning at 8:20. At
3:55 tlioy filed into the jury box, and
Khett was brought before them. His
1 1 ?l?!? |? I... |,i?
Ult't* H4IUWU11 liiaiiiiv bit ill, tiu icnuwu uig
situation, anil he 'scanned tho faces of
tlie jurymen almost eagerly, but doomed
to gain no hone, for not a muscle of his
l'aco moved. Tho clerk asked the foroman
the statutory question: "Do yon
find the prisoner tit tlie bar guilty urnot
"Jiot guiltv," unsworcd tho foreman,
and not until then did lthett show omo-'
tlon. The muscles about the mouth
moved nervously, and ho pulled at his
mustache for a moment in an excited
manner, then turned toward his father
with a slight smile and a nod to the
"SI; Is still uudur indictment on ttvo
other charges arising out of the same
facts, aud will be admitted to bail on
Cinch. Mr. Mclntyro said: "1 cannot
yet say whether these other indictments
will be tried or not. The same facts ate
i .... 1.: 1
itivuivuu ua m lino vueui uuu uiu u*tdonee
wonlil bo tbo same.
A terrible tragedy.
AYoung Girl Witness in a Murder Cnne
Killed by Unknown Pm*oiiK,
Pibbce City, Mo., Jone 24.?A daughter,
fourteen years of age, of Torry
Campbell, who lives north of Kitio, was
fomul Sunday evening dead. Two
young men named Hardy and Armitrong
saw the girl and a man about a
mile from town. This was the
last time the girl was seen
ulirs. Search parties have been
scouring the neighborhood since .Saturday
evening, ller head was crushed,
her throat cut from ear to car ami thore
was seversl gashes on the breast and
abdomen. There were evidences of a
hard struggle on the road to the scene
of the murder. Humor nays the girl
was an Important witness iii a murder
case now pending In Newton county,
U1U1 mill luiurvaiuu jiuibiuo uru 0113-1
I'Ccttxl 01' knowing ubout the murder.
(Jrent Fraud* UnenrtlioiL
Madison, Wis., Juno 25.?-Tlio Ktato
land commissioners have during the last
tlireo months been Investigating (lie
ubjcct o( trespass on timber lands mid
linvc unearthed great frauds. Millions
upon millions of feet of pine timber
have been cut bv various Individuals olF
public lands with no authority whatever,
2,000,000 feet having been stolen
from a single township in the northwestern
part of tho Statu within thopast
two years, nud tbo oxtciu ol the lam to
the State U enormous.
XltlntliMl by tlio Moon'* ftnya.
Kansas City, Kas., June 23.?JeflurBun
A. Harlow, h loiter carrier, slept
nour an oiien window with the moon
shlninir full upon his face. When ho
uwuke he wua totally blind.
Coiui>ruiuiHiMl by the Govenitneut. Faying
000,000 Ovut;.
Chicago, J iftijf 85.rJDft jSiSSflP
the government and the import?!* of
hut trimii);<8 over the exe?wlv<S (luti<fe
imputed 011 Mich goods, aecot?lfjig.><>>
rccont Supremo Court deciffioilyJs wW
to be compromised by tlui jiUymont Of
S3.000.000 by tojtfie
importers. IVrcyTT.. ^ ShtrfiiuuJ, on# 'of
the attorneyH.for tlifi iwityrteij hua i%turned
from Washington, whererJie baa
boMi for somo time engi$dJ?;iteo{h
lessed utter ins arrest, una Huueu-.tiiat
three attempts hud been mud# to. wreck
tin* ni?lit express train. ?Aftpr piling
tbe obstruction on tlie-traok tlioy hid
In the woods near by ty ijeo the train
run into it. Fortunately no (lanwHOtVas
dono. Tlio boys wore arraigned before
Mayor Ganson and entered & plea of
Suilty. They will probably ba- sonti to
10 reform farm. . ...
Another Cronfii. t'uxe.
Cincinnati, 0., June 25.?A Uyrman
paper proposes the theory that Wllljaui
Kendall, of Newport, Ky.', whoso body
whs found in the Ohio river a week ago,
wan killed in a.inuirtiar.gimUar tp-thut
by which Dr^Bmnin miit'Jiip fattvonly
that KciidallJwiiB uiWakeni for the roul
victim. Mr. .JoGroc.'i,'an 4jrti?t. Mr.
i-.-.i.li ...Lil-.Kli f. ?ii.(?TL?
jvUiJUim, wuuii tnrv nc?ti,iiiivw> fuvuun,
lelt his brother'# house "in-tills city and
said lm was going to his home in Newport.
Tlii# was'atni^ht. -Tlio '""theory
is that, as he resembles' Cireori, ho was
followed and murdered and his dead
body throu'a.-Jnto thii Ohio rivur. A
story was ract'wly yirjhte43 in Chicago
of lircen's o5tpcri?Tees, which snows
that he was n marked man, and that he
was followed from pluce to place.
Pnnnn>f?p4|&f Ua)Upni) (ItiAlnosi.
Pini.adici.i'uia, Pa., June 25.?Statement
of tlio business of till lines of the
Pennsylvania, Kailroad Corapauy: All
lines east of Pittsburgh ami Brie for
3fay, 18(1, as compared with the same
month in 1890, show a decrease in net
earnings of $317,781; a decrease in expenses
of S15tf,216r a deer&iso- ifi net
earnings of $liMfSU9t& .VI lines west ot
Pittsburgh and Erie for Slay, 1881, as
onuiTinciirl unth tlu? anmn mnnth in IfifiiV
show: A decrease in ^-rossf earnings oi
$311,834; tlrkiii'tthsii /in expenses of
$320)316; tininrreirso ht net earnings of
$9;342. '
Imports and Kxjiortn.
WAsmsoTON^^uiiB 25.?.^ho chief of
bureau of a.tiu'is^ilri^llii^rntifCmilont of
imparts nnil exports of tlio United
States, reports that the total value of
tlio exports of merchandise from tlio
United Stafa??JvdWAUot melve months
ended Mar 31, 1801, was $870,8!>4,81)4.
The value Iff Cn<][1inVorts. of'merchandise
was for the twelve months ended
May 31, $8111,877,082.
Of Knn?i?H,'\Vill fipcnk nt tlio Itloumlftvlllc
Prohibition AnHtmibly, Hntur?lny, July It.
Tho Farmers' Alliance of West Vir..~.1
!?? v., ll?!f 1.ntrn 1,n..n
given a day lit tho great Ohio Valley
Prohibition Assembly at Moundsvilio,
and Saturday, 'July 11, line been set
apart (or thip pnrposo. Tlie exercises
of the day will be in charge of lion. T.
11. Carskadon, one qf the State lecturers
of the Alliance, and the exqreifles will
bo of intense interest to every farmer.
In the morning Hon. M. V. B. Bennett,
of Kimgae, \jill ?pe('i|cymvd /at 2:30
p. in. United States Senarbr i4ner, of
Kansas, tlie greatest leaderthe PaVniors'
Alliance lam produced, wlH speak. Senator
Poflbr, -as oiir readers know, succeeded.John
J. In'grills Iri the United
States Senate, and was chairman of tho
(treat People's Party convention nt Cincinnati
Inst month. Besides Senator
Pell'er, tho nationnl seerdtary of tlie Allianco
and iTofi! J: Briid. Beverly, of
Virginia, will also speak, as well as Mrs.
Mary T. I.iithrop, of Michigan, the
' Daniel Hebstor ol tlio \v. U. T. u., m
tho evening.
Every farmer should now inako lils
arrangements tS' lie' present on that
day, mid iff,000 peoplo arc exported on
tlio grounds. Take- yrtur djnner and
stay all day.
Tlio Assembly begins July 3 nnd lasts
ten days.?Adrl. '
TirniiB Is iintlilntf Ilko l'r. Thomas'
Keleetrlc Oil to (iiilcltlyeuruucold or relieve
hoarseness. Written by Mrs. 31.
.[.Fellows, liurr Ouk','Bl. Joseph Co.,
Mirli i>.%\v
- ir
Ilnlr Ilntfsto ttlo Nort tnt-eat via U.& O.lt.Il,
On account of the Convention of the
Young Popple's Society of Christian
Endeavor at Minneapolis,' Minn:, Julv
9th to 12th, thuimaittiaoOonS: Ohio RailroflJ
Company will Boll raundjtrip tickets
to that city.'fltMt all station?. 011 Its
lines from ffulrntn to Wth; inclusive, ?t
the low rnte of one fare for the round
trip. These cheap rates aro not restricted
to delegatus, but atu.open to the generni
public. Tlekiti Wirt lfe vhlld1 for return
journey011 trains leaving Minneapolis
July 12th to 15th, incltfsfve. These
desiring to remain longer cuu do an by
depositing tlmlr tiehoU for safe keoplng
with tho agent of the terminal railroad
at Minneapolis until ttyey wish to begin
their return journoy, such date not to he
later than August 2rtth, 18111. atw
A Qulilyqurc f(>^licuilin?||ini.
In Ln.'uiy cases'"persons subject to
rheumntintl have got. prompt relief
from pain by applying Chamberlain's
Pain Balm." The- r'cifrf ;,ii '\ilMd? is
alouu worth many times its cost, which
is but <">0 cents, and its continued application
effects a complete euro. For
siilo by 0. It. Uootno.-AV. W. Irwin, Jno.
Klari, C. Pchnopf. C. Menkemillor, W.
si. McCuliougli, M. W. Ueinrlcl, Vf. E.
Williams. S. L Brice, Jno. Coleman and
W. II. Williams, Wheeling, W. Va.
Bowie & Cci,. Bridgeport, Ohio.
B. P. Peabody,. lion wood, W Va. uu
UUI13 Willi OBWBWI; f w??v? ?*?
When lie left th?m had all
been drawn tyjuipfoflllsiuk tho cliutuP
for 85,000,000, ariH'nlHhKt ls httfessary
to close nugotifttioiiB Is tl>6 si?imturo of
thu .Secretary. Xho suite number flyer
1,800 and to eottlo thorn all,iin ?aitrt
would take yoars. Kciicii both sides
believe they aro doiim.thje beal.thlntdur
all coiicernc'd iu waking tlils.ucttlenieut.
Boy* Scarcely In tliu Touim ArrpsTml for a
rioiulliin'tftmi'. . ,
Uhbana, Onto, Juiic 25.?Detectives
Ueorgo w.uiimveifcoi luunnetunnuu,
and M. H. Ford/loMHft" ilia Foiirf have
beou working several days (ill tlie attempted
wrecking of, tho niglyt oxpress
train 011 tho Krlo rond,sevcrardayii ago.
Tlicy succeeded yesterday in arresting
Edward Kvilizerl aged'K, Chile's' Pence,
15, and Charles Steinliarger, IP, as tho
guilty partittijij loung JSjiillaor., con
A Hint to Tltuio KnyliiU' Fool Thing* Aboul
Hot WcntUcr.
Chicago JTcmliL
Marcus Daly, the rich miner ant
ernftv politician of Montana, stood it
front of tho Auditorium yesterday whet
the sun's rays were hottest, lie wai
waiting for a corriago and wisliinR foi
winter. It seemed as if every acquaint'
ance flint said something to him enM
eoiiicthing about tho warm day, and
this was becoming tiresome. Presently
n fresh vomit man with a salmon-color
cd suit and ailvor-headod cane cnine out
of the hotel. Noticing the famous Hontnnian
trying to cool himself with a
handkerchief, lie said:
"Good morning, Sir. Daly."
"Hot, isn't it?"
"What say?" asked tho politician as
he almost looked through the-young
"1 Biiv it's quite hot."
"Didn't quite got you," and ho put
his hand to his oar.
"1 said," and tho fellow yollod, "It's
hot: quite hot I"
"Stop into tho hotel A moment." Tho
two men walked inside the hotel and
Mr. Daly said: "You have known mo
for throe or four years."
"Yes, sir."
"Never doubtod my sanity?"
"Nover saw mo othorwlse than sober?"
"Weill you sco my collar has faded?"
"You can soo that 1 am perspiring?"
ui;i iiiutij, (|
"Fed a trifle warm yourself?"
"Yes, indeed."
"Then you know it is hot. Everybody
knows it's hot. People ore alive.
Now what reason have yon for running
up to mo and telling me It is hot? We
arc a little slow in Montana, but there
are somethings wo know. 1 bid you
good day."
Clover IIuho of a Lnwyor Which Secured
an Acquittal.
Omaha lltt.
In ft trial in tho United States court,
whore a young innu had boon indicted
for passing a counterfeit ?10 bill, the
counsel of tho latter, 0. A. Baldwin, obiflfltflfl
fn fJflti. Strinklnml's noursft In oil
deavoring to prc-o by business rnon the
fact that the bill ill question was a
couiitnrfoit, but to no purposo.
Finally, Improving afavoroble clmnco,
Mr. Baldwin substituted n good 1)111 for
the counterfeit, which genuine money
Gen. Strickland thon proved bv throe
business men to bo the rankest kind of
counterfeit. Thereupon Mr. Baldwin
vehemently demanded that attention be
given to his objections, und Judge Dun dy
insisted that the district attorney
send out f6r a bank cashier and an oxpert.
With great confidence General Strickland
banded to the export tlio bill?after
establishing his business and his experience
in handling money?and said:
"Stale to tlio jury whether in yonr
opinion that bill is good or bad?"
"This is a good bill, sir," returned the"
"What!" shouted tho attornev, "do
you mean to say the bill is"hot u
"Yob, sir; if you will bring it down to
tho Omaha National bank we will give
you the gold for it," '
Then there was a scono, in the 'Wiilff
of which Mr. Baldwin managed to explain
to tho court that lie had changed
bills without tho knowledge of tho district
attorney, and that in view of the
fact that three good business men had
testified that a genuino bill was a
counterfeit he thought considerable
allowance should bo made for his client
? an ignorant country boy?in mistaking
a counterfeit for a good bill. "TK6
jury was evidently impressed with tho
idea, for it returned a verdict of acquitIlow'n
We oiler One Hundred Dollars reward
for anv case of catarrh that ennuot be
cured l>y taking Hall's Catarrh Curo.
F. .7. Ciianev <& Co., I'rops., Toledo,. 0.
We, the undersigned lnivo known F.
j. uneney lor tne met 10 yonrs, ana ueliovo
liim perfectly honornblo in nil
business transactions, and financially
able to carry out any obligations Made
by their lirin.
wkst <i h:vax, Wholesale Druggists
Toledo, 0,
Wai.binu, Kinxax & Mautix, Wholesale
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mucous surface "of tho system. Testimonials
sent freo. I'ricu 75 cents per
bottle. Sold toy all Druggists. u.nv
The airship may bo useful in carrying
Farmers' Alliance orators from place to
placo during the campaign. Ono of
their speeches would easily inflate it
for a lung trip.
The Now Dincovory.
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Kx-b'enator 1 ngalls ia said to be about
to Join a church choir; but lie could
hardly have become wicked enough for
that in the three months since he lot't
the Senate.
Advice to Woken
If you would protect yourself
from Painful, Profuse, Scanty,
Suppressed or Irregular Menstruation
you must use
?, CinTrn*ra.t?, April 25,14M.
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COQ6C8 Pounds, Retail at 20 cts,
Sold by ail Grocers. Try a Pound Can?
gmjwhlw?wehbimill* mn ?ihihh ii" ii hllir^w.wt
for Infants and Children.
"Caitorlo toBowell adapted to children Uiat I Ciwtorla cores Colic, OrairtlpaUon,
- 1 ?TiMo/iHntJnn I Bour Stomach, Diarrhea*. Eructation,
i n?ouu?cr??.urv. ?? worm*, gire* weep, ana promoctf aiknown
to me." II. A. Ancnr.it, M. D., I pection,
ill 8a Oxford St., Brooklyn, V. Y. I Without iajuriout medication.
Tn* Ckhtaor Company, 77 Murray Street, If. Y.
Want to Reach a
Growing Region ?
Wheeling Intelligencer.
groceries etc.
Pork Packer
Carer of the Celebrated
Christian Bros.' 'Cuows" Brand. Minncapolfr
Patent. Taylor'! Patent and "taw" Fomjjr,
Williams' Choice Ohio lamlly, and many'
other choieo brands of I aiully flour
iu stock and constantly receiving.
"Auno*4," "AKBuaiti'*." "Lio*," ud bt
own rout ol "0u> Wums," "Iloiut
head", and inni*
Bole agent for tho Celcbatod DuPont PowdeMills.
A full iijpplr Ol Sl/lo. JJlajtlogmd gpon.
lug l'owder of ever)* klud couatuuUjr in riya
clue. Orders solicited from dealers only. ai*,
Patent Hemp, Cotton uud Water Proot
Fu?o. l'-rl
mm Sammer Resort!
2,000. Feet Above Tide.
Hotel Gordon,
Klngwood, W. Va.
F. M. 111051 AS, Proprietor.
A New, Flrit GlMI Hotol.
Newly and Elegantly Furuiihed.
Iicllglitlul situation, licit Cnuim
Opes All the Yc?r.
Tala-wi-l. *> II .1 r.
uuw iwiuunu vvuusbuans.
? 2 Bank Accommodation
The largo grouudi greatly Improved. Two and
a holf miles from thy plcturcnqne Cheat JUrer.
Two dally trnjns to and from Tuoneltoa on th?
H. ?fe 0. Applfrfor room* nt nnco. tnvfl
New York Avenue, neur Pueitlc,
Atlantic Oltyj N. 0".
CommodlouF rooms, ypnclou* plituai, beautiful
lawns. Terms reasonable. Cuisine fir?tduns,
Ilendmiarters for W?st Virginia people.
mr# E. A. HUTTOX & CO., late of Hygtla.
Is now open for thercccptlon of gue?ti. Termv
per (lay, S150; per weok, from |t> to flu. For
further information address,
Jol3? IK-cr l'nrit. Mil.
"TR ^E& ujtz, I
Ml? mdjjMk Market 81., Wheeling, W. Vi I
iiARE& SO-V, I
' No. 33 Twei.ftii .^tbrrr.
AH work rtflno promptly at wi'otinUi' iir.cri I
Geo." hibbekd & son.
8ucccuon to Thouipinn A- niMierd,
Bpcclaltlfi*:?Xnturol Cnw .Supplier, ftcnrn I
I Heating and Ventilation.
1314 Market Street. Wheeling w.? ? I
flOTAll work promptly dono at wort ? ?? H
ble price*.. ^ ^ ;
eu^iness_carps- i
??wl IllVllwMN.
DUUhum uuu *??ui?v.
45 Sixth Street, I'llMmrgli.? I
I Stocks, fionds.Grain Provisions I
nouanTisii SOLD ?<>? CASH os* shbcb I
. m'L I
No. 1315 >[ >?*? .,1 I
Title*loReal^uilc Kxui.iinc'lnnjlOoarttjblocks,
JJojhI* ""J , I
bold on OuiuuihslonDIRECTORS:
w. I
J.M.Drown, aiMJ" I
J. 8. Nftvior, It F. Hcnwi1, . , :;L*
Uco. a. flamian, A. Koyroj11'"' , '
II. M. Russell, W. V. Ilubbanl.
W?5 I
II. M. A ":? H
Louilf.stiru. - Kiliiiierol^ir I
u. R. li. OlumRiiT.....; ura" jJL.
xmieel.lnti labokatokv
? m? l. Kip.1111"1' I
Jinmywn 01 urva, ,
I ^ndimtrJal yrodurfs of ppr/ tit^r rfpcion.
insurttnce fl
Real Estate and Now Futile J
REDMAN ? v,- BM*
removed tlielr I
corrugated Iron MM " ^ ^
twMn Ecvcnttctnli mid '
tre now ready for Uu
rriHE AVKKKI.Y !>'1' " j$ M
1 III brlc.in. M 11 " ,
1 Joitmil. II u oriental , ,U
clcun In ??er)- lit"' and ...
i to littenwlwid iwprovc1

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