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(5X15 ^NJOYS
pnth tlio method end results when
Syrup of J'lgS 13 lasuiij i\> 10 yieuoiujt
sid refreshing to the taste, and acta
Oatljr yet promptly on the Kidneys,
rer awl Uutvcl^, cleanses the system
effectually, dispels colds, hcadjtLrs
awl fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs ia the
only remedy of its kind ever prodncetl,
pleasing to tlio taste and acceptable
to tlie stomnch, prompt in
its actwn and truly beneficial iu its
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy a: d agreeablo substances, its
uuuv excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popukr remedy known.
tjyrtip of Fira is for Ealo in COc
tnJ Sl battles by all leading druggiste.
Any reliable druggist who
nay not have it on liaiid will promt,.
it nroinntlv for any one who
I1 "I t " T
wisues to try it. Do not accept any
Microbe Killer.
Tin Cieatesi Discovery of the Age.
catakiw. f uvsoimox. asthma, hay
1 v -i'i isia, CANCEIt schofn.a.
hiigiir.- I'!-i:asi:, malakiai; f^ver, dipii'i
ii Kiel a and chills.
In <.h?r: ill furnis of Organic and Functional
'flic cures eilectcd by thU Medicine
tic In many m.?ei
If. 11 only in jhrs containing ono gallon.
ik!1:: tiilthfi hollars-u wnnll investment
? hen Health and life can be ubtalueu. '
mistouf of tilt mkltoiu; kjllku fuee."
),: ;.-!c by a\i retail druggists. trado tupjilt
J by ^ * _
Jllill solk agents.
against sudden
changes in the weather
is to purify .*. ?
the blood
It vitalizes
and enriches
the life-current, and
makes the weak
Has Cured Others
Will cure vqij.
iRuarantctd Cure for Piles of whatever
iiador dogrca?External, Internal, Blind
t? Bleeding, Itching, Chronic, Rccont or
Hereditary. $100 a box; C boxes, $5.00,
V:atl?y mail, prepaid, on reccipt cf prtoo.
|;? Raarnnteu to euro any caao of Filos.
CtiRrr.nteod r.nd sold only by '
l'niwt t*. Twelfth and Market Sts., Wheeling,
. ?._V?. tu
CVCOu mui<\ iMrv ? *
Inwu iuu ftftu a uAiitr maura
Ttv lilcioli nuti^ c circuit (it tire l*"ty overy
?:i't ? h.-?U r.iUiUWv ilrllvi-rilnl nUVrlm.llt
?- . tnklnK hai'k wii?;e matter to be filtered out
jn'sf liver and kidneys mid removed from the
y (hn*UKh the towels and the urlnnry seere*
Auy Mojijinutoor obstruction of this pro*
( ; .y produce vatlmw forms ot tllvnse, sneli
^ bl1|ou?nf*s, constipation, lifiid'
*' i11y. nn l hud blond "with It# ninltl?
> 'I iain oils, blotches, pimples. sores, emu
the lik??. When such oh?:r
, . i,t nl evidenced hy the presence pi
' ?;-?: i liar to those lust mentioned, the
in-.-1" use Is liurdoek Wood Hitters,
- 'i unlocks the secretion*. removing nil imnre
an i ofli'tf mutter through the prooct chi v
, ?' > Ti"?*???riiiK healthv action of the stotn
. and bowel*. 15. p.. 1'.. remove*
a, "I'Urltlw of the blood from n common plmV
v rofulous sore. MtrnmnW
} TttE littWT KXilLlSIl UKMKDY.
I ' ??wx.
I WOOD's Pm# . ..?. ?? -- ??
I; > medicine in place of this, Imti
!; ; ' >u?re. Inclose prjcc In letter,am* w<
y rvturn mail. rnce. oua |ifteknKu.Sl
us. : ono will pleaws. ?lx will cure. 1 pu
*l? yl/iln ?cnled envelope, 2 stamp*. Address
the wood chemicalco..
1"l Woodward ave.. Detroit. Mich.
%% Vd In Wheeling by LOO AN DRUG CO.
. 1 will j-i> tii(. uhovo rrvnrd fur any cow "
"r' int. Dyspcpvla, flick Headache. In
,.; ' i??t?!?tio:i or OoftlvenoM wo o.tnno
;Mla ' V?e?ble Liver I'llls. when th<
I tiiii, u'"?.* '"rictiy compiled with. They an
IL'. W?'U?V?c. nnd never till to give win*
I - .; Kar roated. Lane boxGS.contalttlnj
| beware of counterfeit* an'
I- Hie genuine manufacture! only o]
I.. . ' ' IN ItKiiTUERS. comer Mart?
. *{?!tb tfn.,Wheeling.w.Va. J*1:!-*w?mv
Tho Actress Looks On Her Dead
Counterpart and Faints.
The Dcnd nnd tho Living Look ho
Much Alike thtit While Dolly was
in a Sivooti She Could not he Told
IVorn tli?^8uIclde-?Evcn their Clothlug
was Similar?Tttrrjtowii's Mystery.
Xew YoitK, June 25.?Mvatcry surrounds
the death of the fair girl who
was iisueu out 01 mc iiucison iiiver ai
Crotou Laud'tug.
So one lias claimed her body. Only
one person, a private detective, has even
nought to identify her.
She lay at Undertaker Vanderbilt-a in
Tarrytown in a casket covered with
flowers sent by sympathetic villagers,
. among them Miss Berkeley, principal
of the Berkeley Seminary.
It was not until . lias Dollio Davis,
the actrcss, jumped from the train at
Tarrytown that the inhabitants of the
town would beliove that it was not ahe
who lay in the coffin. Xow they realize
they have a mystery iu town, and Coroner
Sutton is awakening to the fact that
the mystery has got a tlireo days' start
on him.
Miss Davis arrived in this city from
Coney Inland. She at once went to the
oflico'of her agents, ltandall & Dickson,
at No. 11-15 Broadway. Ueforo she
reached tho office she was joined by
several of her friends, and she talked to
them in the highest of spirits. She
was neatly clad in a purple dress of
precisely the same shade as that worn
fty the suicide. Upon her arrival nt
tlio ofticc she immediately closed her
engagement for the tour next season
of a "Castles in the Air" company.
After some other business had boon
transacted her friends suggested that
she go to Tarry town, and not only view
the body, but ease the minds oj her ac3uaintaiices
who still believed she was
At this time Miss Davis weakened,
saying she did not want any more notoriety.
She finally became reconciled,
and, accompanied*by Professor William
Blakeney and Thomas Butler, she departed
on the 10:,10 train. A telegram
had been sent to Coroner Sutton notifying
him of the coming of Miss Davis.
The news spread rapidly, and long before
the tram was clue {he station was
crowded with peonlo. Tbere wore not
Minttv tmntiln nil flu, train. !lllll lllimist
the first ones to alight werjo Miss Davis
and her friends. As she reached the
platform there was a craning of necks
and a suppressed cheer. Miss Davis
smiled at the greeting and ran nimbly
to a waiting carriage. She was driven
at once Jo the undertaker's on Main
street. The body lay in an icebox,
draped in heavy black cloth, in the
upper end of the room, and for a few
minutes Miss Davis asked a few commonplace
questions concerning the
dead girl. She seemed nervous, and
acted as if she wanted to put the inspection
oir as long as possible. Finally she
seemed to regain control of her nerves,
and walked toward-the bier, accompanied
by those present. As her gaze
met the upturned white face beneath
the glass plate, she shivered and said:
'The poor girl. I'm so sorry."
Then she looked again at the face;
this time longer. Suddenly she reeled,
and throwing her arms wildly about,
exclaimed: "Take Vne away!" *
The senseless girl was carriod upstairs
into Mrs. Yanderbilt's apartments. As
she lay there on the bed with that
peculiar deathlike whiteness on her
lace, and her eyes dosed, the resemblance
between the two was more than
startling, and had the dead girl that
moment been placed beside her, it
would have been impossible to distinguish
"The poor, poor girl! I am so sorry,"
wore the Ilrst words she uttered when
s'ie regained consciousness. Shortly
a'ter Miss Davis had finish6d luncheon
s ?e submitted to an interview.
"In the first place," said she, "since
the 'Ship Ahov' company disbanded I
have boen living quietly at Coney
Island. Although .the identity of the
poor jprl is still unknown, there can be
no mistake about the letters. Some
people have stated in interviews that
they received letters from Dollie Davis,
postotlice address Coney Island, asking
tor assistance. Now, I never sent any
such letters, and I have found that
there ie no oilier Homo .Davis stopping
on the island. The statement about
tlio.se lotters is absolutely untrue."
During the afternoon the body was
photographed, and copies of the likeness
will he furnished to* every official
in the State. Chief of Police "Ko.-'siter
has already begun to make inquiries
throughout the adjacent towns.
As the news spread that the dead girl
was not Dollie Davis, many people who
had not yet seen the body viewed it,
hoping to identify it.. Until late last
, niuhfc thero was a steady stream of
callers, but not one could soy more
than tliat she looked very much like
Dollie Davis.
During theafternoon many bouquets
and boxes of flowers were sent to the
undertaker's, and- Mrs. Vanderbilt arranged
them on the top of the black
covered box.
Struck u Hliirkhbrrjr Country.
ilorganloirn Xrto Dominion.
"Speaking of blackberries," said a
good story toller the other flav, "reminded
me that our friend .foe'.MoreInnd
will have an opportunity to till his
empty cans and tub? and extra barrels
and also himself to the depth of six feet
f two, at about a tl'-penny bit a gallon,
' this season. You've heard about Joe's
fondness for the blackberry, "haven't
yon? 'Well,"said he, "when .Toe first
moved to Moruantown some fellow fresh
! from th?? mountain knocked at his door
with a bark basket full of blackberries,
which ho offered at 'a levy' a gallon.
Joe looked him over ana thought he
was either a joker or a fool. He did not
want to be made the victim of a joke,
, and he did not want to take ad van tap)
of a fool so ho did not buy. But lie
told his wife about it, and tliev became
interested in blackberries. Whon the
. next born* peddler hove in sin I it.Joe
' was Again tillered blackborries at *a lew'
< a gallon. Then he became excited. He
J ordered his wife to empty all the vessels
: about the house aim the blaekborry
peddlers were turned in one continuous
procession into Joe's back gate for the
next two days until all the empty rnace
about the house was filled with blackberries.
Then Joo sat down to congratulate
himself that he had taken advantage
of the market and laid in a store of
lucious fruit that would enable him to
live in luxury at a nominal cost for two
or three years to come. But the blackberries
continued to come, and when
j Joe out of curiosity inquired the price
i again thoy were a 'fipeny-bit' a gallon,
r and a drutr at that. It is needless to
j add that Joe still thinks this a very
: good blackberry country, but he hais
JJc.itli valloy is oniv nooui 10 mijus
wide and 100* mile* long, and can be
readily entered only at the southern end.
It is the lowest of thu valleys of the region,
being one or the two or three districts
la North America which lie below
the lovcl of the sea. It was fatuous long
ago partly from the disastrous results
attending explorations of its urea and
partly from the rumors that Immense
deposits of gold ami allvcr are to he
found among its mountains The reeent
expedition is the first through ellbrt
that has been made to study this region
in Its various scientific aspects.
Cycling* Under Dinicultlea.
.Vitrgtinlotrn Xae Dominion.
\ young "man from an Ohio town
passed through here Thursday on a bicycle
and attracted considerable attention,
owing to the fact that his left hand
was missing and the thumb ami first
and half of the second fingers of the
right hand were also oil and he could
see out of but one eye; nevertheless he
had ridden over four hundred miles on
his machine, holding the cross bar bv
placing his left arm in a hook attached
to it and bythe two and a half fingersof
his right hand.
Ilrr Granritun'fl Diversion.
uurvu r rrt j'izst.
"What picture is that, Aunty?" asked
ft Detroit little ono.
"That is Mary, l}neon of Scots."
"And did von sen her when you were
in Scotland?"
"uli, no; she died 200 years ago."
"Anddid grandma go tohorfuneral?"
"Oh, no; grandma was'nt horn then."
"She must he vorry sorry, for she
likes to 'tend fuuurals."
A Tcrrlbltt Risk.
Philadelphia Tima.
"The next limo Mr. Rhombus stays
here almost all night he'll hear of it,
Miss," said her mother severely npxt
"Why, mamma, he was telling me he
read an articles in the paper this morning
about the awful unnealthfulness of
night air. He said something about two
drops put on your tongue- would - kill a
dog in five minutes, and you wouldn't
wnnfc Gporiro to run anv "risk like that,
would you, mamma?
llliymo With Itunsnn.
To ruojh the number, who would daro to?
Of all the ills thnt flesh Is heir to,
To hear the half yon could not bear to;
And lovely woman lins liersharo, too;
She'd have some lofs if nhu'd rcpulr to
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. For
"run-down," debilitated and overworked
women, it is the host of all restorative
tonics. A potent specific for
nil those chronic weaknesses and
diseases peculiar to women; a powerful,
general, as well as uterine, tonic arid
nervine. It imparts vigor and strength
to the whole svstem. It promptly cures
weakness of the stomach, nausea, indigestion,
bloating, chibility and sleeplessness
in either sex. It is* carefully compounded
by an cxperienccil physician
and adapted to woman's delicate organization.
Purely vegetable and perfectly
li arm less in any condition of the system.
The only medicine for women,
sold hv druififists, under a positive guar
anteo *pf satisfaction in every ease, or
price ($1.00) refunded.
An Indiana politician committed
suicide tho other day because he fuiled
'to got the office lie wanted. Tho dispatches
fail to state how it happened
that he was missed.
Tho I'lrsl Stop.
Perhaps you are run down, can't eat,
can't sleep", can't think, can't do anything
hi your satisfaction, and you wonder
what nils you. You should heed
the warning, von am taking the first
into Nervous Vrostrotion. You need a
Nerve Tonic, and in Electric Hitters you
will find the exact remedy for restoring
vonr.nervous svsfiTni to its normal,
healthy condition. Surprising remits
follow the use of this great Nerve Tonic
and Alterative. Your appetita returns,
good digestion is restored mid tho lavei
an-.l Kidneys resume healthy action,
Try a Iwttlc. 1'rice SO cents, at Logan
Drug Co.'s Drug Store. tf
Ladiks enjov-tho jdeasant effects ol
"Omve Blossom, it cures when nil
else fails. There is no reason why von
should suffer from the ninny weaknesses
peculiar to vour sex when you can ol>tain
II sntaijiic containing ten days' treatment
free, andono month's treatment
for SI.
"Olive Blossom" 1b solil bv Logan
pruir Co.. C. R. ("iootze, W. W. Irwin,
\V. 10. Williams, C. Pchnepf, C. Menkeineller,
W. ('. Armbright, W. H. Williams
amiM. W. Heinrici; .1. W. I'arrnh,
Hnlston A Co., Martin's Ferry; Howie A
Co., Bridgeport: (!. XI. Wyrick, Bellalre;
St. Clair Ilros., llonwood. ww-tt
For Orrr Fifty Ycani
Mas. Wtxsww's Sootiiino Synrp has
been used bv millions of mothers foi
their children while teething. If disturbed
at night ami broken of your rest
by a sick child.suffering and crying with
pain of cutting teeth send at once and
get a bottle of ".Mrs. Window's Soothing
Syrup" for children teething. It will
relieve the poor little suflorer immediately.
Depend upon it, mothers, there
is 110 mistake about it. It cures diarrhica,
regulates the stomach and bowels,
cures wind colic, softens the gums, re
duces inllariunation and gives tone and
energy to the whole system. "Mrs.
Winsfow's Soothing Syrup" for children
teething is pleasant to tfio taste and is
the prescription of one of the oldest nud
best female physicians and nurses in
tlie United States, l'rice twenty-five
cents a bottle. Sold by all drugalst*
throughout the world. lie sure and auk
for "Mas. Wiss low's Sootiuko Snicr."
((one out of tho wholesale business and
confines himself entirely to blackberries
at retail."
Tliey Complete Tlielr UxsrRrchos In tho
Fnmmi* lleprvMluii*
A dispatch from Keeler, Col., Bays
that Dr. C. H. Jforrlmn, the ornithologist
of tho expedition which has been
exploring tho famous Death Valley, has
arrived in that town with rare collections
of inammals discovered In the valley,
aiiiunc which uro thirty specimens
of a very rare mouse, only one perfect
specimen of which ha* heretofore been
known to specialists. The expedition
has now left tho Death Valley, having
completed its researches there.
Tin: party entered the valley with
two wagons and a number of mules and
hurrnsunil r-nrripd n minnlv (if water.
expecting iilso to find other water supplies
in the volley. The wagons were
used to haul provisions and grain, and
to servo as bases of supplies while the
party wag in the valley. 4
The chief purpose ot this exploration
was to make a thorough biological study
of the valley, ami it was not the intention
of Dr. Merriam to leave that region
until specimens of every species of animal
and vegetable life procurable had
been obtained. Judging from the small
items of information that have been
published, it may be inferred that its
efforts to make a study of the animal
and vegctcble life of this reglou have
been success.
Tlie 1'eaturo* of the .Money ami Stock
KBW YoitiC. June 2.Y?Money nn rati en?r,
nuigiug from 1)$ to a -per ccut: Inft loan 3
porccnt; closing offered at a^cr cent. Pritno
mercantllo pajn-r 6%a? per cent. Sterling exchange
qulot but firm ut W Sfl'^al 88%. Pales
06,808 share*.
To-day's sfo-k market Ann only a continuation
of the term of *tagn*.tion, living equally dull
and listless with tho*i- which have prwedca It
for the hut month or thrrealiout*. Selling for
foreign nccouut ina.le lint price* slightly 1 w?r
at the opening. The market noon pasnod away
In the same old rut of dulluct* and utter Magna
tion, broken only 1>y the strength in sngBr.wiiicn
rose IX, per c*nt on light transactions. Hip market
finally closod as It had been throughout the
day, dull ami stagnant at Insignificant changes.
Railroad bonds dull. .Sale*$liw,uuo.
Government and State,bonds dull and heavy.
U.S. 4i reg~ _...11<ijK|Netv V?rk CentraLlOO
U.S.4b coupon 11<% Oh lo.t Mississippi- 17*{
U. S. rep .-10u i do preferred - & ?
U.S.-Icoupon...100 Oregou improve'!..'-'"''i
Pacific 0?of '&'? 109 {Oregon Nav ft'
Atchison 30% Oregon Trans l-.'f
Adams Kxtocm 140 Pacific Mall -'O
American Kxpresc_l13 PltUdmrgh VII
Canada Pacific .. 79 iPpliman Palace 1"JJ
Canada Southern... 41 Heading - Central
Paelfle SO H??ck Island
Chesapeake St Ohio l'*?S .St. Paul G-H
do fin?t preferred -K'>S: do preferred
do second pref'd 2C St. Paul A Oinnlia... i'tj,
Chi.Hur.it puiucy.. 8C"J! do preferred ?l
Del.<& Hudsou l^)n Tenu. Coal it Iron...
DeL Lark. it Went...!.^)}, Texas Pacific tt
j?en. & It G. ptvf'd 4'.?V* ! Union Pacific 433f
Eric l#>tf U. S. Express M
Fort Wayne lis j W., .St. L. ?t P - 10)*
Illinois Central Ifl I do preferred 2"-';
Kansas & Texas I I^1 Wells Karao J'.x II"
take Shore lOOklWculcrn Union. 70}*
Louisville it Nash... 72-VAin. Cotton Oil '?!' ?
Memphis it Chns... ni 'Colorado Coal - 82J-4
Michigan Central... fix Iron Silver 1W
Missouri Pacific 6fi% Quicksilver '?
Nashville it Chatt..l07 ! do preferred ??
New JerscyContraLlOS% Sutro '?
Norfolk it \V. pref'd 51:(,!IUcbni*d A* W.P. T.. Mif
Northern Pacific..... 23%) Chicago Go* #
do preferred .. ftJKi Lead Trust l''a
Northwestern ~..101lySugar Trust
do preferred 132 i
HrcndhttifT* and Provision*.
Chicago, Juno 2.'?.~Wheat was stronger ut
the opening. I'll In idrciigth was in the lace of
weak cables, and was due almost entirely to
weather conditions in the Southwest. Inaddl*
lion to this, J!cerlK)Iitu sent a tolfgram rcponing
the wheat crop In Russia as being injured by almost
tropical heat. The weakness in foreign
market* did not show any alarm on the other
ulde in con*equcuccof this,.hut local shorts were
made nervous on account of It when tnken in
connection with other adverse news. On free
covering by shorts and some investment buying,
the advance above noted wa< ra.illy brought
nlKiUt. llut after the most urgent buyers had
ill led tip, the advance come to ahult.*cl'e*? l?ccaino
more numerous, prices eomtncnced towa)>hie
nud Anally broke, but this was followed by a
Corn was also very strong at the opening, but
became weaker at the close.
(Juts steady.
Provisions moderately active, within a small
range of prlecs.
Flour unchanged.
Wheat?Cash No. 2 spring 9fio: No. 3 spring
i>0c; No. 2 red Maittc: June iU'-ta'A'^aWKc; July
WknM^U'te;August 6<%a89uN^'AC.
Cons?Cash No. 2. Mpjaffic; June "iC^uflTaSTc;
July.r?3ar>I x/fu/> le: August 5la5l%a."djte.
Oats?Cash So. 2, i">%e: Ju/yfl4>yitoJ>atf%e:
August SOaSO??a30%c; September - iO%a&;iu
k?*B?No 2. 7.'mi78c.
Fi.axsee?-<?1 Oi*.
Timothy stro?si 20.
Mess Pour?Cosh 75o980; July?980ol0 00a
Lai;j>?<Crush tind July SO 02; September S6 25a
fi r?w 25.
Suom Huts?Cash, SS 0T???i 70j July SSG7%n
5 #5ti5 07)^; September $5 'JOuC O7)?a50O.
Others unchpuged.
New x'ork, June 25.?Flour, receipts 2,000
packages; export* 0,000 barrels; market dull and
unchanged: sales ltf.oOO barrels'. Wheat, receipts
lfiLOOO bushels; export* 31,000 bushels; sales
2,4/1,000 bushel* of futures nnd ll.owi bushels of
spot; spot market stronger ami very dull; 1111gradod
ri-il 81 uv-ohl 07j<: No. 2 Chicago $1 Oltyi
1 01%; options (lrln and higher: No. i' red June
tl 0>jvil Oti%nl 00%; July ?1 08) August
September 0<V^a97>^au?^; OctoberUNe:
Nov. UJ>?r; l?cc. swj^c; January$1 uty; Febiuiry
?101. torn, receipt-* i2S.?ss?" hushcir ; exports
117,000 bushels; sales 5.K?,600 bushels of futures
and 42,000 bushels of snot: market dull ami unsettled;
ungraded mixed <V>a72e; Juno CoJio;
July ffl'/Jr; Aucust 5!i??c; September Oats,
receipt? 75,000 bush eb> exports 5,000 htndiclp; sale*
lfj.000 bushels of futures nnd 75,o0u bushels of
pot; market Irregular and dull; July 3U)jc;
August Sf^e; September :ujr,e; ?l>ot No.
2 whito 42c; mixed western ilfintfu; No. 2
Chicago 48e. Cottee steady nnd 5nI5 j?olnts
down. Sugar active and llrm. Molasses dull.
Wee steady. Tallow llrm. Kosin quiet. Turpentine
dull at 38a.U%\ Eggs qnlet and irregular;
western I7al7^c. fork'unlet and firm; old mess
310 OOall 00; new mess $11 60ul225; extra prime
flOSOnllOO. Cut meats flnu. Middles weak.
Lard weuk; western steam. 3fi27J<; July $<125;
I ?. an. -.1 . ii,.inl,i>r si fij.
' .\MRti-u cv . ?
Butter quiet; western dairy 12a 15c; do cruumery
H,V;ilSc. Cheese easy.
IlIILADEM-niA, Fa., Juno 25. ?Flour dull.
Wheat nominal; No. 2 ml June fl 02al 01; July
URI?ca)1 00; August 07?4a9sf{c; September W^-.i
V7ftc. Com dull; No. 2 high mixed fific; No. 2
mixed June July 02)?i(L%c: August
fiOnfilo; September wafiOc. Oals sternly No. :i
Avliito -IIV; No 2 white June 42ai2%c; July 41 J-^a
42Hc; August ."UV^aM Wc; Heptcmher 34)?A35>fcC.
Eggs Arm; ^'enusylvninu Arsis lhc.
liALTiMoun, Mu., Junoj25.?'Wheat firm: spot
No. 2 red Si (Wil 03)4: July yjW#I'.K^c; August
07-;vnl>7%o; .September 97ai?7kc; rereipts 2J.UOO
bushels, Corndull: spot and June 021 July
ftln01%c; shipment* i:i.ixw bushel*. Oats easy;
No. 2 white western H*'?47c; receipts 5,000 lnwliels.
Kyeqtliet; No. 2. U5e. Ilay steady; good to
choice timothy $1100al230. Jlutierstcariy: creamcry
fanoy lSJ^c; do fair to choice 17aivc. tog*
sen roe at 17>$c. CofTee steady; Kin cargoes
Cincinnati, O., June 25.?Flour firm. Wheal
strong; No. 2 red 31 01: receipts 1,000 bushels;
shipments 1,(XX) bushels. Corn steady; No. 2
mixed .V>c. Oats quiet: No. 2 mixed Iflallc. Rye
quiet; No. 2, 85c. ftovlslon* dotl. Whisky
Ktcady nt ?l 10. Butter, sugar and cheestf steady.
Egsfi firm nt lnj^c.
Toledo. o.. June 25.?Wheat very active and
higher; cash $1 01: Jm?<* $1 01^: Juiy tu>{c: August
9l?fc: September MWo; Deceiulter 03J{c.
Cora dull andsteady; cash ' X*. Oats quiet; cash
40c. Clove raced dull; cash $l 35; October $? W/m
4 uO.
J.lvt* Stuck.
Chicago, -Time 25.?Cuttle, receipt* iri.OOO head:
shipments 8,500 head? market steady; prime
to extra steers ?<*> l>?nO J?: others $ > 2.">a5 0?;
Texan* *2 25a I M; ttockcn j2 7i?al 25; cows Si Gou
4 .V). Hogs. receipt*23,OW head: shipment* 12.000
head; market steady ond lower: routh SI l?a
4 2T?; mixed and packer* ft 4?a447H'. prime heavy
i-l uOai w): light ?? 25a4 fiO. Sheep, receipt* now
head: shipments 4.000 head: market sternly
nncl lower: native* ft 12a5 JW; Toxans n 12J$a
4 25; westerns 51 25a5 00; lambs {0 00nd75.
East J JUf.UTY, Pa.. Juno 2r>.?Cattle, receipt*
i NO head: shipments 440 head: market steady;
, prices unchanged. Ilorjs, receipts 1.000 head:
shipments 000 head: marcel Arm; Phladripblas
84 80a490: best Yorker* and mixed $t fif>at 75;
' pigs 14 00?4 25. Sheep, nvclpts MO head; shipments
600 nead; market steady uud unchanged.
; Cincinnati, 0.. June 25.?Hog* caster; common
and light S3 75a4"?>; packing aud butchcrs
*4 5t?al bO; receipts 1.A00 head.
New York. Juno 25.?Petroleum opened dull,
very few transactions occurred and the movemunt
of prices was very narrow, the market
clo?ing dull. Pennsylvania oil: July option
Opening and blghc*t6n%c; lowest 06Jjc; closing
' tfytc; sales 10,two barrels.
- - " *>- * I
UU. ? ITV| i'A., ? H !!? ... u...n?, , ,
est 0%o; lowest M)$e; closod at *nles
H.ooo barrels clearance* .VUKW barrels; charters
I 15,711 barrels; shipments IK.'.KJO barrels; ruus
U5/JSJ4 barrel.*.
JlKADroan, June Opened and lowest CCJ<c;
elo?ed wl highest Go^s; clearances 2U,uuO
Prrrsnuitoir, P.v., Juno 25.?Opened and highest,;
lowest and closed
New York, Jnno 35.?Pig Iron dull: American
$lfi00ol8 2j. Copper steady; lnko, July *12y.V
Lead tirm; domestic i-1Tla quiet ajid llrm;'
: MraiisSM >"
~ 75 PER GENT.
8. 8. 3. is the great remedy of tlio
age, curing as it does overy form of
blood poison disease, and these include
more than seventy-live per cent.
OX ail U1U uiuiuuica UlUiUbiiif; luuuniuu.
No Name.
My llttlo boy, flro years old, wai Attacked
l' with a dlaoaso for which tho doctors had no
namo. Tho nails carao off to the middle
Joint. For thrco years, under various kinds
! of treatment from many physician*, bo suf
fered terribly anl got no better. I began the
1 use of Svrlft's Specific a short tlrno ago, and
1 be Is getting well.
f Jon* Dnnu Peru. Ind.
j Book* on Blood sad Skin Disrates Free.
Both the effect and result when Olive
Blossom is used. It acts gently, yet
promptly. It is the greatest boon to
womankind. Every lady can treat herself
and not have to undergo the torture
of instruments from physicians. Olive
R(fi?anm tvuillnoln mi roe nil /nrm? nf
female weakness, such as Painful Menstruation,
Ulceration, Lnrceration, Bar*
rentiess, Leucorrhrca, Pruritus, Cancer,
Ovarian and Fibroid Tumors in their early
stages and the long list of innumerable
and unmentionable sufferings that
afflict the patient. The Otlva Blossom
treatment is simple and harmless. The
first application often gives permanent
relief. Trv it, and you will exclaim,
as hundreds of others have: "Oh. I
feel like a different woman!" One
month's treatment sent postpaid to any
part of the world-on receipt of $i.oo;
Hz months, $5.00. Olive Blossom
is fcrsale by all leading druggists. Any
druggist rrfro may not have it can order
it worn the wholesale dealer. Do not
accept any substitute. Beware of fraudulent
The Celebrated France Pastile Olive
Blossom, is prepared only by The
France Medical Institute Co., Columbus,
O. Incorporated /SS6. Capital$300,000.00.
Branch Houses: New Yorlt, Chicago,
Francisco, and London, England.
Sold by J.?ognn Drug Co., C. R. <?octr.o. W. W?
Inrln. W. K. Williams, I). Scbnopf. C. Menko*
mcllcr. W. a ArmlirlKlit. W. H. Williams ?n<! M.
W. Meltirirl: J. W. Pnrrah nnd Ralston A <-o.,
Mnrtin'* Ferry; Itotrie A Co.. BrMfrport; c. M.
Wyrlck, DclUlro; St. Clair Bros., Ilenwood.
_ __ Ntf l-DAW _
inrtai ra arrr**. mBE&
Is the Beit Household Remedy Extant
It it a positive core for
And All Skin Diseases,
An Invaluable remedy for Wound*, Hums, Swelling*,
8orcs, Croup, Bronchitis, etc.
Sold hr all dmmrlata at SO cent* per box. Send
3 tvro-ccnt staaps for free samplo box and book.
tak-oid company,
cnrcjGO. n.L.
Free, Free, Free Trial!
electro nervine
Cures Permanently
AH diseases of the Xcrvons System, cither Acute
or Chronic in eithertox. It Restores Impaired
or I<ofit Poweiw. Check* itll Forms of Waste ot
I)rain; Makes Strong the Weak, full package,
a:Plxfflr*V'frrtMWeW&f'lle, (with book),
sent securely scaled on recclpt of prlco. Address,
Pit <). K. AD A3!.
no24 No. 3701 Cottage Grove Arc.. (Jhlcago, JU.
it. De. CHANTAL.
Full English, Mulhcmullcnl and Class!
nil Course.
Musical Department
Location nn?nrp assert for beauty and health.
Weekly boarder* or day scholar* received from
Wheeling or the vlclnlt<\ A Sister will meet
dav scholars at the 8 a. ra. motor uud return
with thc.ru at a p. ra.
For further particulars apply to
sit>731ku i.att i.ecitiibh (nine weekly)
begin ?ih July. 1891'. and end Oth .September.
Uuv<prov#d yf sfcoal use,?1st, to atudents who
deslpi to pursue tlfMr simile* at this or other
I.nn* School; 2nd. to those who propose to read
privately: nnd :id. to?pRictUioncra who have qotlinrt
the advantage of sritetnntlc instruction.
For circular apply (I\ 0. t nlversity of Va., Charlottesville.
Va.) ?o Jon.v It. Minor, l'rof. Com.
nii'l state Uw. . . my-jo-taw
vv aw ttip oiiin v a r.r.uv
CAPITA! -.$175,000.
Wm. Isirrr ?. .. -.President
Wm. B. Sumos ...VIco-Prciident
Drafts ou England, Ireland, Franco and Gwmany.
' Wm. A. fsctt, Mortlmor Pollack,
J. A. Millcs. Wm. H. Simpson.
K. >1. Atkinson, John K. BotWord,
Henry Speyor, Victor Roncnburg,
Jacob C. Tb6nuu.
Jn\ F. I'. JBPSOS. Cashier.
CAPITAL ? -.3200,00.
J. Ya.stk President
t. L. Dw.api.ain :..Vlco*Preiidont
J. N. Vanco. Geo. E. Ftlfcl.
J. M. Drown. Wm. Klllngbam,
L. S. DcUplaln, A. W. Kelley,
John Fretr.
Drafli toned on England, Ireland, Seoflund
?Ua *11 poiliW in r.uruijc.
AHIN J. .TOFF?, CnMitcr.
Special attention given to all Jcln&i of Sheet
Iron und Tin Work on Buildings. Also
Steel and Felt Roofing.
Call andxet prlcc* l>efore coutrnrtlnjr. aa I am
rnr.pAur.n to givf. iiargainij
In that line of work.
B. f=. CHL-Di/tfELL..
Jp?;? Corner Main and Ponth.StK"?U.
all paper
It will pay yon to mil and aoo my lino before
bnytag ebewbero.
mr21 -JOHN' FRIEDEIrpjlE
X u a uut *xu ritnxxTABtji rArn,
Arrival am! departure of trains on nnd oftar
November 16, IW. Explanation or RepeiuoccB
Marks: ' Daily: fSunday excepted: JMonday
, excepted; jSaturday excepted; {Sunday only;
i Saturday only. Eastern Standard Time.
d-part. ;&?t o.k. It-Main Line, East a k rive.
?4:ft4 am W?ah. ("y.linlt., I'bll. & N. Y ni:? pm
?2:ittpm Wash, fy.ltalt.. I'bll. & N. Y 12:Wpm
"12:05 am .Wash. fry. Unit.. Phil. N.Y am'
fS.OO am Cumberland* Aecom +5:l.r? pm
*2:3ftptn! -Oraftnn Aeeora..M *l2:4ft pm
t?:?>ara| Monndsvllle Aecom tl2:4ftpm
2:3ft pm] Mnundsvlllo Aeeom ft:15 pm
tfl:Q0 jial ?Cameron Aecom... It 7:00 am
DEPART. IB.AO. R.II.?f.&O. Dlv., West ARRlVfc
7:.r?0nm|ror Columbus and Chicago am
*lA:1ftatn Columbus, Clu. nmt r!?lcncd <f?:I0pm
?10:.10 pm! Chicago Limited am
4:1ft pm Chicago Kxprv*s "lliOUtam
10:80 pmlColumbus, ( In. ?fc St. l<oul*.. <\"?:40 am
tt:2.? pm Columbus Aeeom tl 1:00 am
fl0:l.*? nini St. flalrsviUc Aecom fll^OOam
11:25 pm| .fit. Olalmille Accoin tu:00 pm
nrpAirr. Ili&O. it. It.?U'.. I?. ?fc H. Div.; arrive.
ami . Knr unit Rh?I toiii.ifi nlQ
*7 :20 am I'lttMiiiryh 'ti: V? pro
(6:10 pin i'Jtuihmvli and East- *10:26pm
11:40 pm Pittsburgh .... 11*2:45 pin
11:25 pm -Pittsburgh |U :30 am
t'?:30piu ...Washington. I'n.. Accom... 17:50 am
7:20.ain I'lttsltnrgh 10:20 pm
?:.*? am Steubcnville nnd We*t.M 16:25 pm
1:30 pm ^Pittsburgh and New York... 13:33 pro .
4:20 pm ^llttsburgli ami Now York... t]0:30 um
f 0:0fi pm ...Pittsburgh and X. Y. Kx
17:20 am Expmw, Clu. and St. Louis... 1fl:?i0 am
110:0.1pm'Express, CIn, nnd St. Louis... 15:20 pm
11 -.30 pm Express. StcwbenvlHo & CoL 13:35 pm
^4:20 pin|...Stcnbenvllle S: Ik'iinfsou... 6:25 pm
16:49 am Plttabufch. Clove. A: Chicago. 10:15 pin
w:43 am Stoulcnvllle Accom tl :10 pm
111:12 am -Pittsburgh mid Now York... 1ll:30ain
I2:i)0 pin ...-Cleveland and Chicago?. 10:00 am
fH:44 pm -Pittsburgh and New York- 1'?:.r?2pm
17:11 pm Ea?t Liverpool f< :45 pm
112:18pm Express, Cleveland, li & VT. 4M:J9pm
15:09 pm Mass! Ion Accom fll:33 am
1?:00 nm St. Clalrsvllle Accom -fV:.V? ain
110:35am St. Clalrsvllle Accom 1l:16piu
12:21 pm SL'Clalnville Acrom 15:26 pm,
0:21 pm St. (Ualravlile Accom p:(i3pm
I;,wj pni| .i/rrni rmgm .inn ntxi>in..w| |i^.v*nnu
depart. 01111) 1UYF.RIt K. arrive.
"7:00 mn I'dweagrr 10^0 nia
11 :45 run Passenger pm
*1:30 pin ..... IWrngfr ....... *8:00pa
leave B.Z.& c. RAILROAD. arrive.
dki.i.a rr.E n ei.i. aire
7:.T0 nin w.... ..... WtKxlAfMdS:4.'>pm
:t:4o i>tn .....Bollalre awl ZanesvllUv.... 8:lUam
6:.*M am ....... Mixed Train fi:4A pm
I*OINTS. WlH'leflve
Whnpflxjat, foot of Eleventh street,
dolly, Monday expected, rvs follow.
. m> h. Steamer "Krymoxr Stath." T. 8.
I wirjlcM LX Calhoun, Mooter: Olios. Knox, Clerk;
every Tuesday nt 8 a. ra.
, (t-n. . Steamer "FrnnA." Jobn M. PhiliMd
zisss&i-sr-aork: ^
. trr?* k. Steamer "IHtdsok," J. F. Ellison,
lgM?W*r Master; Don Larey, Clork; every
Thursday at 8 a. m.
, ^ Stenmer " HATrnr.r/m,Geo. E.
J|irM J O'Neal. Ma?ter: Tltn J'enwell, Clerk;
=r-fT V>nfc every Sunday at 8 o. in.
. rr^> h. Stennier "A.vnK*," E. H. Cooper,
IjJfgfettJ Mnsto.r: Al. J. Slavin, Clerk; every
Saturday nt 8 n. in.
First-clatfi fare, Wheeling to Ciua'^natl, 86.
Round trip. $10. Meals nn?l Mote-room Included.
Tlrkot* transferable nnd good until used. For
freight or powngv apply ou board, or telephone
No. tfll
Ja22 CROCKABD * BOOTH, Agents,
. trv* h. l*ave Wheeling, Daily Yrlp. City
Time?6:10.8:30.10:00and 11 :-fca. in.;
<Hi'/TTWi 2:00. 4:00. ?:<*> p. in.
Leave WbeellngSundayK. City Time?8:00,10:00
nnd 12:00 a. m.; 2:00.4:0?>. 6:0" p. in.
On and after Monday, December 1,1800, truiul
will nm as follows, ctty tlmo:
Lbave wheeling.?'*6:00 a. ra., 7:00 (t m., 8:00
u. in., 0:00 n. in., 10:00 n. in., 11:00 a. in., "12:00 m.,
1:00p. ra., 2 p. m.. .1:00 p. in.. 4:00 p. in., f>:00 p.
in., o:00 p. in., 7:00 p. in., 8:00 p. ml, 0:00 p. in.,
10:4."> p. m.
Leave Elm Oiiove.?1f.:00 a. in., 7:00 a. m.: 8:00
n. in., 0 a. m.. 10:00 n. m., il:0o u. ra., 12:00 ra.,
1:00 p. m., 2:00 p. m.,3:00p. m.. 4:00 p. m., 5:00
p. in., 6:00 p. ra., 7:00 p. m., 6:00 p. ra. 0:00 p. ra..
10:00 p. ra.
Dully, except Sunday. " '
Sukday.?Cliureh trains leave Elm Grove at
0:43 a. in. and Wheeling at 12:17 p, in.
del (ipncral Manager.
Baltimore & ohio.
Departure and arrival o(
trnlns at Wheeling. KastMrae.^^hwluie
In ul^
^Foc IkjlUmore. i'blladelk
Cumberland accommodation, 8:00 a. m., daily,
except Sundny.
( rafton accommodation, 2:3&p. in., dolly,
MouimIrvIUo accommodation. 8:00 a. ra., ex
cent Sunday, and 2:35 p. m., dally.
Cartieron accoramodatlon, 6:U0 p. ra., excopt
From Sew York. Philadelphia nnd Baltimore,
8:40 a. in. and 12:4T? p. m. nnd 11:00 p. m., daily.
Cumberland accommodation, 6:15 p. in., ox*
cent Sandfly.
Grafton accommodation. p. m. dally.
MnumNvlIle accommodation, 8:45 a. m., 12:43
p. m., dally: 5:10 p. ra., except Sunday.
Cameron neeommodallon. 7 a. m., except Suuday.
ForChlcniro. 7:50 and 10:55 a. in. and 4:15 and
10:00 p. m.. dally
Cincinnati express, 7:50 nnd 10:15 a. m. and
10:30 p. m., dally.
Columbus Accommodation, 4:25 p. in., dally except
6t. Clolrsrtllo accommodation, 10:15 a. m. and
4:25 p. m. except Sunday.
Chicago express, 12:55 and 5:40 a. zo. and 0:10
p. m., dally.
CI ncluuatt express, 0:10 a. in. and 0:10 p. m.,
Columbus accommodation, 11:00 a. ra., dally,
I OVMnl Slttlllm'
8t. 'ciHlrsVlIfc accommodation, 11:00 a. m. and
0:00 p. m.. dally, except Sunday.
Tor Pittsburgh, 5:45 and 7:20 a. in., dally; 1:40
p. in., dully, excdpt Sunday, 0:23 p. in., Sunday
For Pittsburgh and tho East. 0:10 p. in., dally.
Wasltlngton accommodation, 6:30 p. in., dolly#
oxcopt Sunday.
From Pittsburgh. 10:13 a. w.. dally, nnd 12:43
p. in., dally, cxcupt Sunday: 0:33 and 10:25 p. in.,
inily, and 11 :30 a. m., Sunday only.
Washington accommodation, 7^0 a. m., dally,
oxcrpt Sunday. 1
Direct route to Marietta. Pnrkcrsburg, Point
Pleasant, Huntington, AMilmul, Portsmouth and ?
Cincinnati. AI*o to Charleston, Clifton Forgo
and Staunton, Va., and l^xington nnd Louu*
vllle, Ky.
Time Table effective June 21,1S01:
Ccave^ fa.ni.iM. in. (p. in.
WhcHlng................... 6:00 10:45 8:80
Arrive? p.m.
Marietta 9:*'. 2:10 7:13
Parkcnburg 10:15 2:45 7:45
Point Plenwmt..?.. 1:43 5:52 -
Huntington 3:30 7 45
Ashland ? 4:30 3:07
Portsmouth 4:021
Cincinnati 7:80
Cborlerton....^. 5.v?
a. in.
: Clifton Forge ; C>:V\ ^
Btaunton.... 0:36 ?
I Datriratre chocked through to dovJnatlowST
W.J. Honrs*)*, (H'tiernl Pareenger Agent, I'arkenburg,
W. Vs.
a. J. Bandy, Anlntnnt General I'awngur
Agent, Parkenbnrg. W. Vn.
J. o. Tomlinm^n, 1'awng. r Agent, Wheeling,
W. Va.
Central Standard Tlmo.
From Bridgeport Station.
Trains via the Cleveland ?t rituburxb Knll*
road leave Bridgeport for Pitlflbuivh, Chicago
and Cleveland.-1:19 a. m. I'nr i'lttfthurgb, 10:12
a. ra. For Chlengo and Cleveland. 1:001?. m. Kor
Plt<*lnm,h nnil Voir V/irb. ti. in. FnrShMi.
benvillr. 8: IIa. rn. For EaM Mr?rpool,6:l! p. ni.
Train* arrivent IlrM#e|>ort ?t 8:(ju a. ft., 10:20 axn.:
12:10 p. in., 8:1.% p. m., \p. m., utid 0:45
Trains vln Hie Mttobuqrb. Cincinnati Bt.
Loul* Railway?I'an-IInndie Route?Icarc W'Uwsilog
for Stonbonvlllc. IMttaburjrh and the Fast,
C:J0a. in., 12-!*J p. rn.. .1:20 p. n?.. ami 9:01 p. ru.
For Colnrnbui, Cincinnati, In?llnim|w>ll* un.l rft.
Lonl*. 7:?0 a. ni. ami y:tt? n. m. For Cfeiunibua
and Chicago. 12:30 p. in. Train* arrive at Wheeling
at .'?: *> a m.. '?:: ? a. in.. 2:35p. in., 8:20 p. ui.
and p. m. Train* leave at fi:20 n. m. aud
arriving at 8:20 p. m., ran aolid between Wheel*
lng aod lliUburgU. All trains dally except
Bandar. imw

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