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ictor Frank I. Frayne, Jr., la Really
George McOormiok.
^ tj,e Time of the Great Fire?Tho
Elder Frayno fltole Jffin and
Brought Him Up At life Omi Son,
but Confessed the Crime on His
Deathbed?A Strange Meeting.
.. " Tnh'OO?Frank I. Travnc.
.. r. on his death bed confessed a
flioe which reached its donouement at
filter sands, a beautiful seaside resort
iB.'.'ccaat of the Now Haven Light>
Intniy-one years ago Mr. and Mr*
KtCornrick, prominent people of Haitigore,
were visiting in Chicago with
H tbeir two children, a girl aged ten years
nli boy of two years. Mr. McCorglet
was attacked with paralysis on the
H fiMt and soon died. In order to have
tleUby provided for until tho widow
H to'ilJ iniiko arrangements to return to
Jsltiuiore, the child was left in a conif:.!
in Cliiaigo in tho cure oI the
J| Superior. Within n week or
no Mrs. McCormlck was taken suddenH
lj ill. and tlied leaving the little duugiiiialone
and almost triendless.
H almost on the same day that tho
H Bother died the great Chicago lire be*
Tim convent in which the little
[. - l<-it wua burned lo the ground,
jr.i its inmates were scattered all over
iLcritv. The little girl was sent back
to friends in Jlaltimore after a time by
; ?k"i authorities, but the baby
George disappeared, as they finally beHerou.
forever. Every eflort to find
In the meantime the
Mother Superior hail taken the boy to a
prirato house in the suburb* of C'liicajo,
when* he happened to catch the oye
of iJ o original 1* rank I. Frayne.
v *? ?r wanted the boy to use in
sensational parts of his plays, and learning
the name of hid mother, sent his
titp with n t'orged letter, purporting to
t* from Mrs. McCormick, nskiug tho
}i thcr "ii;ieriur to give the buy lo her.
The boy was given up, and soon after
Frayne and his wife left tho city,haviug
the'boy adopted as their own. Baby
always supposed himself their
child, and was known as Frank L Frayne.
Jr. The woman whom he supposed
was his mother was soon afterward estrnn;i'd
from her husband. She died in
later years, and the youth had a monu
Cient erected over ner grave oeanngtniB
fcrription: "Deserted by all but her
loving ton."
Tne original Fayne soon married
ipfn, and, until Jio wo$ dying, hit secbti*l
wift* .supposei that voung Frank
vu liis own eon. On his deathbed,
overcome by remorse, the actor told her
the witt, and r.uulo her swear to reM.
re the boy to his family, giving her
tli" mother's name. Mrs. Frayne faithfully
carried out his instructions. She
Wailvertised and employed detectives
Iv the fcore.
The McCormick sister married a
wealthy merchant in Oskosh, Wis., and
hi> always nought for tidings of her lost
brother. One day recently she discovtvnl
one of Mrs. Frnyno's advertisemeat.*,
and at once packed up and
eoutflit th? widow, who told her^that
was known as Prank
i Kravne, the young actor, waBHtopl'ingat.<iiver
Sandu, Now Haven, tho
summer cotnige of ET~J. Uaseoti, the
theatrical manager.
On Thursday Mrs. Gannon, the sister,!
n.u'iKMi Mivcr Manila, and young jjrayne [
for the first time knew that he was not ]
Frank l'rnyne. but George McCormick,
and that he had a sister who was very I
wealthy. The meeting was, of course,
j I and touching. Yesterday a'
banquet was given by Mr. Unison In
kI.'(ration ??f the event. Among the
pests were W. JL JCdfforton, George 13.
Kunni'll,Colonel Prentiss Ingraliam and
!'r. Frank 1'ower, of New York. A
Ji. v. r man attended, and found tlio
brother and sister seated on the rocks
Euh' l?y nide and hand in hand. They
were (jetting acquainted, Mrs. Gannon
sjii?i, aft?*r twenty-one years of separation.
Mrs. Gannon willingly tola the
sf'irv as she rt'incmhered it and as
known from the statements of. Mrs.
A Synt<*iu:itli< lllcycte Thief.
RociintTEU, X. V., July 28.?Detective
l)ukl'll)U- ll!ia n mnn mlinin !?<?
polite believe to be the bicycle thief
they have been after somo time, ft man
who has operated here and in other
(ities. lie pays he is William Kussell,
d New Haven. 1 le is about 32 yearn of
*:< . His plan of operation was to steal
& wheel and then go to nngther town
?u?lttapojie of it; then steal another
wlu'ol and go on again. He is wanted
l't-rc. at Buffalo, Syracuso, New Haven,
tyrir.nlk'ld and many other cities.
UofiiHCil the SujierMHlenfl.
Omaha, N*p.n..July29.?Justice Brewer
this morning refused to grant the application
: tho Union Pacific for ft superMww
in the bridge ease. This nftor!
In- will pass upon "the application
of i!i'- hock Island to run >ts trains
-v.vn# uio urrnge under the present
rule?! ??f the Union V-aciflc, anil will entw
the <tareo. which will probably de1'iaml
immediate compliance with the
terms ut the contract.
?A Dog Hit the llnrfte.
A? xia, 0.t July 20.?While Mrs. Unatin
and (laughter, Mrs. Smith, and the
totter'.* little child, wore driving home
tarn a visit yesterday a clog ran out In'
the id and bit the horse, which became
frightened and ran nwny. The
three received injuries from which it is
Wnl Mrs. Smith and child will not reaver.
Wnntn to ComproinUe.
IHytov, o., July 21).?Snpt.'Neilson,
01 the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton
railroad, held a conference last night
*ith the road physicians and attorneys
- I lir.rteil that advances looking to a
wmproniisa b<*
_ ,unuiUO mllllliuil
01 the killed and the forty people who
injured in the excursion wreck at
JiiiJtlietowtt Saturday night
Cnn't You Catch On
7r|? knowing means of overcoming that ohM>?t"
tiiiortor, constipation? Of courae you
Th?i why don't you? Aaic tho*e who
| v tried i!,nud th?y will tell you that Ho*
^Uvr ? stomach Ult:on? la a matchless laxative,
.ual without violent* thoroughly nl:cra.
" ' >t Perfectly reliable. it uvtgomm? too,
' an it rcgulato* the syktom. and it
wutny to tula first quality thai It owe* the per*
y?,( its nfuUUU* OfftCtl, since, if vltfor
? i 'ki.c in tho rvKiou of thf bowela. the
' >> and the liver, healthful activity In
jwje organ* la susponaed. Deobttrnenta and
- ' ?iu general are imply that and noth:
-":c. tlwy relax the U?wel* morely without
u\ f -4 ., ,ilClxli nu(j M |bcjr Motive notion
; " Mv s-.rupt nnd violent they reollv tend
; ?the organs. '> tb<? Blttafa, n(*o, tot
SSoeyl rlubj'a*lUa? InutgeaUon, debility and
l'riuclpnl Jouaa Call* Attention to a Ml?tuhe
About It.
To Itu HdUor of iht JnttUicauxr:
Sir?Permit mo through the columns
of your valued paper to call attention
to a mistake that has been repeatedly
inado by. both Dr. Pipes and Prof. F. 11.
Crago in the discussion going on between
them. A reference to tho record
for the school year of 1889-90 will show
that Lincoln school did not have tho
lowest percentage in the city, as stated
bv these gentlemen. Wo wore behind
tne other schools tho lut school vear,
but not the one preceding it. I am
confident neither or the abovo named
gentlemen would, intentionally, do us
an injustice, but as it is seldom our
pleasure w occupy any place out inu
one usually allotted to us, wo beg to
note and emphasUe thin exception.
Vory respcctfullv, >
James ilcH. Joxa.
ItiUIHTTA, 0., July 27.
All Sort* of Local Setrt nnd Goulp from
Uio Glaii City.
Tlie Wcgee railroad bridge is completed.
Dr. C. Rearden and wife aro homo
from a Walt to New Castle, Pa.
Tho Democratic young men here are
trying to organize a campaign club.
Feto Creswell is again over in Marshall
county, West Virginia, on a visit.
The Bellaire blast furnace engines
will undergo some needed repairs today.
J. AV. Stegor and family left yesterday
for their annual trip to tho'.Northern
Elmer Tarbet, a well known Hock Hill
farmer, has a boy at his home?the first
The Natural Gas Company has Noble
street torn up at tho C., L. A Wr. crowing,
looking for aloak.
Sheets, Marsh A DuBois are shipping
sand to Mingo Junction from the 15., X.
A 0. sandpits below town.
On account of tho new crown to be
put on the lantern globo works they
will be a little lato in starting.
James White was seriously hurt yesterday
morning at tho Miisgrove Coal
Works by a premature discharge of it
Quits a crowd of colored ladies and
gentlemen joined tho K. of P. from
wheeling yesterday and went to Belmont
Tho parents of 001 children who live
in Hose Hill, west of tho B. & 0. tracks,
think they ought to have a school
building on their side.
The men stood around waiting patiently
yestorday at the steel plant, but
did not get started. A start was, however,
made last night._
On account of the very deep excavations
for tho sewer in tho Fifth ward ot
Thirty-sixth street, street car passengers
have to chnugo ears.
Two boys, Vincent Francis and a boy
whoso name was not learned, stole several
mouth organs from Levi l.ichtig's
New York store, but were caught in tlio
Edward T.ncas, the young man who
stole the razors and tho revolver, got
ten davs in jail and $20 and costs on
each charge, lie was taken out yesterday.
A crowd of Fred Kodewig's friends
surprised him, the occasion being his
eixty-third birthday. Refreshments
were served and a royal good time had
1... .11
uy an.
The Unom on Marnhuir* Metropolis?Locnj
The county court and sheriff are having
their annual aottloment.
Work on the Young People's Temple
at the camp grounds is progressing rapidly.
Misses Edith Bryan and Nora Wilton!,
of Cameron, were visiting friends here
Will Gray will leave in n few davs for
Mountain l,al;c Park to spend the
heated term.
R. G. llorr, of Michigan, will dolivor ,
an address ut the court home on September
5 on the tariff question.
llanajjcr Criswell, of the Opera
IIou.?e, is arranging for some good at- '
tractions for the coming season.
Tiie summer school students will picnic
ut i'otts's .Mills to-inorrow. Principal
Williams will accompany them.
3. G. Cook, General Malinger of tho .
Moundsvillo Mining and Manufacturing
:n PiiVi.in.ii
vuill|'i|l?t I n 111 tv/ i ^ ?u.
in the interest oi tlie company.
A game of busc ball will bo played
next .Saturday between the Moumlsville 1
and Camp Ground teams. The latter
was badly worsted In the last contest. 1
An Ohio man from tho Pipe creek
region went into Kogurs's drug store '
yesterday and while standing by tho
conntor swooned and fell, smashing one I
of the larger glass show cases. The doctor
administered restoratives and soon
brought him around all right.
Plans and specifications have been
opened in the olilee of tho Moundsville
Mining and -Manufacturing Company
for the cxcavation for tho glass house
foundation and enve, also for furnishing
and laying stono for the foundations.
The p'lst shows tho main building,
about .TOO feet in length, of stone, brick
and iron. It will be one of tho best
equipped glass plants in tho country.
Every tissue of the body, every
nerve, bone and muscle is ma<le stronger
and more healthy by taking Hood s
'Sarsnparilla. 4
A collection of Cclia Tlioxtor's poems
with tho title "Verses," lias just been issued.
I USED throe bottles of "Mother's
Friend," and when I iva# sick I never
went to bed until 12:1*0, and my boy *
was born at a. in with scarcely any
pain. I will do nil 1 con in rwomuwiidIng
It to expectant mothers.
Your thankful friend,
Morion, 0., Srpt.. 1SJK).
Hold at wholesale and retail by Logan
Drug Co., and all druggists. iwtw-ii
? i c
To the ftront Hxlilltltiou at Ilcrrontion Pnrk i
of Pain's Ln?t Day* of Fompell.
Thursday, July 80tli, the Baltimore 4 i
Ohio Company will soil nxciimion tick- I
cts on afternoon trains, Wheeling to
Pittsburgh, at $2 for the round trip,
which Includes one admission to the exhibition.
Tickets good returning until
Friday, Jnly31at.
Xntldfial Kncntutiin( rami Armr nftfm
IUpobllc, ut Detroit, Mich., August 3 to 9,1001.
August 1, 2 and 3 Hie Baltimore A :
Ohin Company will sell excursion tickets
tu Detroit via Hatidntlcr and boat. Alto .
via Munrnorillc and all rail at S5 K (or
the round trip, good returning until
August 18, unlpj.t left with agent o( the
terminal lines at Detroit, who will extend
limit until September 30.
ALarfiq Wedding?Succuioful Y. M. C. A.
Entertainment?lilcjcllug?Otiiar >'ewi
The contributors' tea given at tbo Y.
M. C. A. rowun last night under tlie
auspices of tho auxiliary, was a very enjoyable
as well as a profitable affair.
Tbo attendance was large and tbe eveninn
wa*> occupied by vocal and instrumental
music, conversation, supper, informal
talks, etc. The supper served
by tbo good ladies was n pleasing feature.
The general secretary, Mr. Ed. S.
Houghton, made a report. Dr. Will H.
Hall gave a talk on tho spiritual department
of tho association. The financial
condition was presented by Mr.
Benjamin Exley, and Mr. T. W. Slireve
told of itsjiims," objects, workings, condition,
etc. Brief remarks were made
by others. The ten was the most successful
in the history ol tho association.
Mr. Alexander Beitlimiller, the well
known Hanover street butcher, and
Miss Amolia Fectterer, a popular young
??I4U. UUUI lUa'llliVi UlU^Uli ovuvvt
in the First ward building, wore married
yesterday at the residence of the
brides mother, Mrs. Catherine Feettcrer,
on Carlysle street. The ceremony
was performed precisely at one
o'clock bv Kay. H. X. Campbell, pastor
of the 'Presbyterian church. There
wore no attendants. The ceremonyand
congratulations over, an excellent wedding
dinner was served and highly enjoyed
by the fifty friends and relatives
Sresent. The bride was attired in a
eautiful costume and wore orange
blossoms. The Uoral decorations, botli
011 the table and in the parlor, wero
profuse, and the presents wero quite
numerous. The wedding was a very
pretty one. The newly married couple
left 011 the four o'clock train to spend
their bridal tour on the northern lakes.
They will be go no about thrco weeks.
Bev. Mr. Charles O'Meara, rector of
St. Paul's church, who is an expert bicyclist,
purciiased a new wheel yesterday.
it is the Victor C., which has the
now pattern frame with tho Victor
cushions on both wlioelB. This is the
first one of this style in Martin's Ferrv.
Mr. O'Meara has been for some time in
search of tho best wheel made and
thinks ho has discovered it. In trying
to overtake the work under his caro
hero and in Uollairc he spares neither
himself nor his wheel. He has for some
time been riding an English wheel, but
he now thinks that it takes Yankee ingenuity
to make the best bicycles.
Last night the famous Wesleyan Col
lege Quartette, consixting of \\illiam
Winters, of Martin'a Ferry, Sherry Bell,
Frank MoKay and William Harris, was
charmingly entertained by Miss Bessie
Ilradv, also of Delaware College, at her
home' on North Fifth street. The quartette
sang several of its best selections,
which were interspersed with excellent
instrumental music, elegant refreshments
and a good time. A number of
young friends of Miss Brady were guests
and ail present spent a most enjoyable
Ellia Lash, of this citv, and Win.
Gruber, of Wheeling, will Btttrt next
Sunday for Memphis, Teim., on their
wheels. Both are good riders and have
been training for tne long journey for
the post two weeks. The}- will take
sullleient mouoy to ride in the cars,
should their wheels break down.
The Wheeling & Lake Erie is much
the shortest line, and no change of cars
from Martin's Ferry to Detroit Take
it for the G. A. K. encampment and
save time, changes, transfers and delays.
Fare, $5.70 for round trip. Enquire
of 0. K. Wood for tickets. *
Anthony Kyne died at tho family residence
on Second street yesterday
morning, aged 76 years, lie was born
at Fair Ilili, Ireland, and caino to the
United States in 1832. Ho liad been n :
resident ol Martin's Ferry (or 35 years, ,
and was well rcspocted.
Tho Oberlin evangelists will jirrivo today
at 8:30, and hold the tlrsf meeting
in the I'resbyterian church at 7:30p. m
Exlev & Co. havo placed a new vestment
ease in St. Mary's church, and a
new 000 pound boll has been ordorcd.
Sheet mill No. 2 at the ^5t mi will go on
to-day. The break-down mill started
last night, and will run night turn.
The firm of Patterson & Co., hardware .
dealers, has been dissolved, Air. James
Cinithor retiring.
Mrs. Joseph Williams and Miss
Hachael Iloylo returned from Michigan j
yesterday, c
The passenger and freight depots of i
the Terminal railway are Hearing com- t
Markod down?hammocks at tlie l'ost- :
Dflice news stand. Call btifore they arc
ill sold.
A lato wrinkle in this city is to sere- 1
tiado the parents of newly born children, ]
Last evening Miss I.orlo Wells gave a
par ty at her home in the Third ward.
Georeo Robinson lina Bold his Fifth
Jtreet property to M. S. McGrew.
Mrs. J. E. Reynolds and children are
^siting at Clarington.
Jiunes Vichors is quite sick with
typhoid fever.
The Standard will went on in full yesterday.
S. B. Dukfey, inato of steamer Arixp- J
ua, had his foot hudly jammed. Thomas' i
Ecleetric Oil cured it. Nothing equal to i
ii ior a <}uicK imin rcncvur. daw j
k Delightful Summer Resort! 1
2,000 Foot Above Tide. 1
Hotel Gordon, *
Klncwood, W. Va.
F. M. THOMAS, Proprietor. I
K New, FlratClass Hotel.
Newly ami Elegantly Furnlahtd.
I>?Hghtfui Situation. BtatCnfifne.
)pen All the Year.
Telegraph and HaJlroad Connection*
Bonk Accommodation*
The lai*? ground* jrroatly Improved. Two and *
I UUil miita iiuui vuw iMi in.i *4uu luvcr. .
rwo dally trains to nud from Tunncltou on the u
1.6 0. Apply for roowat once. n>ya ?i
Ocean End New York Avenue. *
N?ir hot and cold jm??\ water biitha and all *
>lar?*of interest, comfortable rooms. Excelen:
icJS ' E. K. SEWCOytF.R.
========== C
?TbJj Week Only,
with every do<ou Cabinet i'hotofrapM. T
1150 MHI]
1153 J^TTRK
To reduce stook and e
Summer Got
Until the First
All Scmmtr Dress Hoods to
All Black and Col
All Impor;
All Table Linens, Quilts, To1
Linen Sheeting
All Silk Waists Marked Less
All Lace and Cheni
All Pi
This Special Sale bi
made attractive to all
\re the groat Wheels for Amerloan rl
attending the Detroit Meet ai
reaentatlon of these V*
Mcycles iu this vicinity, oho have a larger and n
ither dealers in this Slato combined. New and
.w>h> (mm &i!i to 91 Hi. If von intend nurcha.'in?
o until you onmiue this itock.
])R. J!. C. WERY'B NntVE AND BraIX TRKATiknt,
n guaguiteod spcolflo for Hysteria, Dialii'Mi,
Convulsions, Flu, Nervous .Vouraigia,
leauacbe, Norvous Prostration caused by the
lsu of alcohol or tobacco, WukefulnoM, Mental
tepressiou, Sohcnlnjf of tbo Drain, resulting in
inanity ana leading to raucry, uecay anu aeata.
'rematuru Old Ajjc, Barrenness. Lois of Power
neither tux. Involuntary lo*?ca and Spermatirrhrva
roused by over-excrtlou of tho brain,
elf abu*4 or over-indulgence. Kach box conulna
ouo month's treatment tl (X) a box, or nix
ioxt'1 for 00, sent by mail prepaid on rccelpt
t price.
'oenre any cane. With each order received by
m for *lx boxes, accompanied with ?" <?, we will
end thu purchnacr our written guarantee to reund
tho money if the treutmcui duet not effect
, cure. Guarantee* Usued only by
Mc LAlN IWoTIlKIW. Dtumfntt.
ole Accnts, McLoin's Hlock. Corner Mnrket and
Twelfth iHreoU, Wheeling. W.Va. jaUmhsavr
tiru*?Kon ef t>n(a, mrr? Am*, ?imw? ?r leJItertiUa,
i ifiatl Mbisttiou. Inm*, ?tr?o?? d?b|lliT, tit?p
uo?>?. Uofuar, rbtvBtiUffl. kttMj, liter ?id bt?i4?r cm
ilili, lint tul, luniU<o. ittiilM, ?B?nil lil-h?*!th,?u.
Mi fltttrlt Nil cenulei W?Mltrf?l lMrro??f au mm Ml
b?ri. |I*m? iiirrnt tfc?l (i fatUaUj f?u by U? tnm
?? r?cf?U f ?.n00,00. u4 ?IM ?rt Ml of Ut ?bo?#
'?*r mm m. Tkiuuli km ln? nr?? ky tkla mniliu
iVfDUao fur *11 oit.rr r#a*4lM UIU4, w4 ? gin ki?>
'?4? of bI?!? In tkU IM Jtrr ?tbtr ?UU.
Omr p??rfil Ibm?t?4 ILICT*1g *r>?WWRT li Ui
filnt t??n ?tir a.rtd via sua; VKtR KITtULL BBLTR.
Hitllk Tlftroi Plrtrflfc OtURtlTStD la ?0 la *0
4I?. Sic 1 f?r Ut|i ilUiiraUd puapblcu, Ia*lt4, (ft*
??a[sfr>3&rc TaXiUonRJco co.
No. 819 Broadway. NEW VOrtX.
' JyT-rrha*
Wc will pay the above reward (or any cam o(
Irer Complaint, Dy*pcp?la, &'ek'Headache. Ingestion,
Constipation orCo*tlvenesa we cannot
arc with Weal's Veri table Uv?r Pi Ha, when th?
lrectlotu arc firlcily compiled with. They are
urely Vegetable. n:id never foil to if Ire- mtltLctlou.
hu^ar Coatcil. LarRv hoxw, containing
) Pill*. 25 c*nts. llewarv of counterfeit* and
nltatioOs. Tho genuine manufactured only by
gold by McLAlS BROTHER#, cornet Market
ud Twelfth 8 u., Wheeling, W.Va. JbI-j-mwmw
' '? -=3QPS-GE0.
:?T [email protected],
fin its
lose out oertain lines of
ids, I will offer
/ rrf.fr- * rr*.
; of September.
be Closed Out.
ored Silks Rednced,
ted Dress Goods Marked Down,
iels, -Napkins,
is, Cotton Sheetings Reduced
i Than Cost,
jille Curtains Reduced.
irasols Offered at Half Prica.
etween seasons will be
, '
ird Your Future Content* but
ders. Ask parties pferrt
? control tbo solo of these
lore varied stock thon oil |
econd hond, ranging In
you cannot aflord to do
3D. Manager. HifW' ?r
A?k rar agcnm for H. L. 7)oagIa? Shoe*.
If uot for iinle In yoar place n*k your
dealer to ?eud far catalogue* sccuro ike
ugeucj-, ami set them for you.
It U a aoainleaa alioo, with no tacka or wax thread
to hurt the fo?t; rnado of the best flue calf, strllnh
and caay, and been vat tee mate more short cf thit
graae than any other manufacturer. It equal* handfcowed
shoes coating from *uo to #11)0.
QC 00 Genuine flnndnimetlt the fluent calf
H?aJ? shoe over offered for $XU0j onuola French
Imported shoes which coat from to $IUV.
00 lliimUHfwrd Welt Hljoe, flno coif,
v1*" st)>ilab? comfortable and durable. The beat
shoe over offered at tbla price ; aame grade as oustoat-mado
shoes costtug from #10/ to p/)L
SO 30 l'Ailee Miort Farmers, Itallroad Men
vw? andLetterCarrtersaU woarthem: flue calf,
seamless, amooth Inalde. heavy three anlea, extension
cdec. One pair will wear nyrtr. .
CO ul flno onlf? uoletter Ihor tror offered at
?J>dSa thu tirlro;-. one trial will eonvlucu thoao
who want a for comfort nnd wrtlo*.
CO and 9*4.00 Workliictmin'a ahoca
vfci are very stronc and durable. Tnoso who
baTe given them a trial will wear no other make.
Snva' 8'2.00 mid school ahoca am
DvJ 9 worn by the boy* everywhere; theyaell
on tlicTr merit J, at tho lacrca?ljift *al?? ufaow.
I nHloe%I.OO Ilnndoirwcil shoe. beat
KmCSUIfco DougoUuveryaty||ih;cnualsKrench
Imported allocs costingfrom 8 ?.m to W.iO.
. l.ndle*' *2.50. 9-2.00 nud $1.7.) shoe fur
Misses are the beat floe Won (iota. fHymhand durable.
Cunt Ion.~!*eo thai W; L. Douglas* name and
Store's Cash Shoe f^rouB, lOtt Mn!u Street.
MK.vKtMKM.FK & b'AfiVFji, 2151 Market Street,
Jons dekqan. Itenwood. jafi-rrnAb
The right plare to establish any tad tut rr in the
South that requires Wood, Iron orbtwl
Large Inducements'to Hanif&ctnrers
Koir is the time and here if the place to lay
the foundation-icr tnture fortopca. .Don't orgleft
to think about tlila* Writ? tuc Iwr partlculan.
or huy'aroUrtd trip tibhet to Lookout Muuntain,
and when yon reach here, call on mi,
236 Blchardaon lllock, Chattanooga, Tcnn.
Real Estate for Sale.
Thirty-two teres of the Cochrsn portion of
the John Raid farm la Pleasant Valley, on the
National road, now occupied by Jo?eph Dimmer,
No. Ill Eoff street, brick. 33.100.
No. IM Fifteenth street. C2.0U).
No. >6 South Broadway, frame, It,600.
ho. 155 Sixteenth street, brick and framo*,
No. 40 'Virginia street, Island, 8 rooms and
bath toom, uew, |i,000.
No. 11J7 AUor II.. East Wheeling, frame house
of foot rooms, lot 3UxlA> feet. $700.
"Brooksido." on the National road, about one
mile west of Bridgeport. Ohio, over ono-balf
acre of ground with nice dwelling and all necessary
Improvement, 83.M0.
Building lots on vest sldo of North Huron
street. Wand, at 120 per foot front
Ur\xMj\ tn.,t In th.V.tUna!
luvaian/ xvtiu A liwaut ' UUVJi UU U1B KMtVUW
road, for 51.500, on easy torn*.
The business bulldluc. No. 1522 Main street,
now occupied by J. w. Hunter & Co.'* spice
The Pryor place on National rood, near Elm
Grore, ootulstlng o! about eighteen acres.
30 shares Brilliant Iron and Stoel Co.
20sharo* He a wood Iron Works.
6 shares Hobbs Glass Co.
A shorts Panhandles Coal and Iron Co.
61-6 aburoa Street Hallway Co.
Jy29 1314 Market Street.
Four lots on South Penn street, cheap at91,000.
House of eleven rooms, with modern coareo*
letioe*. In splendid condition, on Southeast corner
Twentieth and Chanline streets.
Five roomed brick bouso. and lull lot, on
Jacob street, Fifth word, #?.500.
Seven roomed house, on Eoff street, desirablo
location. 88.600. '
Lots In North Bcuwood cheap at 8450 to SU0.
Six roomed brick fcouso on Chopllne street, bo*
tween Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth streets,
Ten roomed houso at a bargain on North
Main street.
Five roomed houso. 2515 Eoff street, 82,800.
Four roomed house, 100 Eighteenth street,
Six roomed bouse, ground 100 foet front, on
McUolloch street, between Thirty-Ant and
Thirty-second streets, 83,60).
Nine roomed brick houso, 2361 Market street;
Half lot on North Mulu street, 88 by 132 feot,
nail lot on Eotr street, souui 01 Twonty-eigntn
street. ?1,000.
Half lot on Moyston streot, south of Twenty*
soventb street, 9660.
Sixteen low on the north ildoof Twenty-third
treet. In the now addition of Kllan <fc Whyto,
Juit laid out.
Loti on 1'oiT and Jacob streets, in North Bcnwoon.
I-ota in McMechen, newly laid out, cheap at
Lou In Zauo'i Orchard and Old Fair Ground
Beautiful lotc in A. II. Patterson's addition to
Elm Grove at low figure*.
Fonr-rooracd bouse on Twenty-ninth and
Woods street, fl.OflO.
1739 Market Street. jyai
20 acres land near Kenwood Junction.
Land and gravel privilege *outh ol Benwood
Junction, ou Ohio River railroad.
No. 2102 Main street, store roora .510 00
No. 215.! Main street, store room. 15 00
No. 90 Eighteenth stxect, store room. 10 00
So. MQl Woods itreet, 2 rooms and Attic.... 8 00
Cottage on Moundtville Camp Ground.
Lot on Sooth Front street 11,000
Cottage, JJoundsville Cauip Ground WJ
Collage, Moundsvlile Camp Ground.,,,,...,... 100
Two lots, MouudsriUu Cnnjp Ground 200
No. 3881 and 3953 Wood* street.
Throe-roomed house, National rood, 8700.
Jtovble frame houno on Baltijoore.stroot.
Desirable new residence on Pout hVront street.
1?J acres laud. Greeley county, Kansas, M00.
Sixteen lota in J. and J. It Baker addition.
No. fcVand 87 sixteenth etreet.
No. 2631 uud 2&? Chopline street
Thirty-five acres stone arid coal land. Rush Run,
Sovenleon and ono-hnlf acres land, ono-half
mile west lower point of Island.
Desirable residence ono rallo west of Bridgeport,
Three and one-hall acrcs of land near Wort
No. -W?J0 Wetwl street ground 00 by 300 feot
No. 2331 and 2333 Woou street.
Twenty-one shares Rlversido Glass Works
stock at a bargain.
No. 22 Alley B, corner Alley B and Alley &
Price, ?8SO.
Noi. 2U10 uud 2021 Main street
Eighteen acres of land ono mile east of Elm
Grove. Fronts about 600 feet on National road,
with /our-roomed (rutno houtoaud iW fruit tree*
Price. tlJm.
Lot 70 by 130 feet. Elm Grove.
Nos. M and W Alloy 10.
Nos. 2and 2KM Chaplfne streot
! No. 1005 McColloch street.
No. 9028 McColloch streot
I No. 3110 and 2112 Muin street
No. 2004 and 2U06 Main street
No. 2ft>l Market street.
No. M Ohio htreot.
No. 60 North Front street?ground CO by abont
400 feet
No. 2314 Eoff street
No. 'JG03 Main street
Real Estate Agent, U. 8. Claim Attorney. Expert
In pension Claims.
Jy20 1612 Market Street.
"fob sale.
Double brick house.fi vo rooms on earh sldo,
property In perfect order, both gn**os and water.
hoata tor per month. ftifiO per year, to sooil
tenants. Will pay splendid ns an Investment or
mono a puwuini noino. v? nua w nonn uurou
street, corner of New Jenoy. $2,830 will buy it
A new tJiroo-n?orned hotwe, l?rvo lot, corner
of New Jersey uud Krlc streets, fl.MO.
The three tenement house* ou the southwe?t
comer ol Zone and South Broad way. This
properly brings tiso per year. f3,fioo will pnr*
chute 1L
Building lota in old base ball park, fine loc*>
CAPITAL .=. 0176,000.
W*. Irerr I'rwtdent
U'u I* Vtuiwiv VIrn. i'rt'it/l/>,i?
Droits on England, Ireland, Franco uud Germany.
Wn. A. iMtt, Mortimer Pollack,
J. A. Miller. Win. Ii. Simpson.
E. M. AtkJuson, John K. Uouforti,
Henry Bptytl, Victor Koseuburg,
Jacob C. Thoma*.
_Jtl P. V. J EPSON'. Cashlor.
C A PI TA L ? -.9200,00.
J. N. Va.vcc President
L. L. Delafuim ....Vico-Prcsidont
J. N. Vance. Geo.E.SUfol,
J. M. Hn>wn, Wm. Ellinghaia,
J* 8. DclaplaJn, A. W. XelToy,
John Frew.
Drafts issued on England, Ireland, Scotland
and all points in Europe.
JOUS J. J OSES, Cashier.
"By a thorough knowledge of the natural law?
which govern the operations of digestion and ?
nutrill.hi. uud by a careful aimlirntlon of tha
floe properties of well-Mlcctcu Cocoa, Mr. Epp*
hu provided our breakfast table* with a deft,
raid}* flavoured beverovu which m?y Mre as
1naixy heavy doctors' bl!R It U by the Judicious
use of such article* of diet that a conitltutioa
may be gradually built up until strong enough
to resist every tendency to atauue. 11 uadroda of
subtle maladies am floating around as ready to
attack wherever there is a weak point. Wo may
escape many a In?nl fhaft by keeping ourselves
well /orwiod with pure blood and a properly
nourished frame."? Civil Sejivicb Gazctte."
Made simply with boiling wat*r or milk, gold
only In half pound tins, by Grocers Mbclled
thus: ui _ t J AMES RPf'g A CO.,
Hoaoopathlo Chemists, Loudon, England.

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