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' MR. MNF8_FLflN
Of Jinking Trade Partially Free
and Still Advantageous
jlas Been Adopted With Cuba and
J'orto Rico?A List of tlio Articles
that Americans Will bo Able to Sell
I'tider Advantageous Conditions.
" n Ti<1?r 31 _Prnal.
WASMIMiTOSt " v., " ">j
duil Harrison, to-day issued a proclamation
announcing tho now ran-Spanisli
reciprocity treaty, as approved by
Congress in the act of October 1, 1800,
wliercby certain articles shall be exempt
from duty upon their importation
into the United States.
The President states that tho Spanish
Minister hits communicated to the
Secretary ot State that in compensation
for the admission into tlio United
States free of all duties of tho articles
enumerated, tho Government of Spain
will, alter September 1,1891, admit into
all tho established ports of entry of tho
' -?.'i P??I?
Spaawa isianus ui ^uua ?..?
liii", thoarticlogormerchandise named
in the following transitory schedule, on
the terras stated therein, provided that
the same be the productor manufacture
of the I'nited States and proceed directly
from the porte of the said United
Meat3 in brine, Bulled or Bmoked;
baron, hnms and meats preserved m
cans, in lard, or by extraction of air,
ierkeil beef excepted.
Lanl, tallow and other animal Meases,
unmanufactured. Fish and shell flsh.
Outs, barley, rye, buckwheat and flour
0[theseeereals.Btarch, maize and other
alimentary products of corn, except corn
" .. I _!l anil nmnl nf ftllM
union bcuu uw, uuu umjui w.
seed for cuttle, hay, straw for forage ami
Iran. Fruits, except raisins. Vegetables
oud Riinien products. Bosin of
pin, tar, pitch and turpentine. Woods
uf all kindB.
Wooden boxes, mounted, except of
cedar; woods, ordinary, manufactured
into doors, frames, windows and bIi utters,
without paint or varnish, and
wooden houses, unmounted, without
paint or vprniah; wagons and carte for
ordinarv roads and agriculture; sewing
machines; petroleum, raw or unrefined;
coal, mineral; ice.
Products of manufncturea_ of the
United States to bo admitted into Cuba
nntl 1'orio liieo -on Duvment of the du
Corn or maize, 25 cents per 100 kilocra
mines; corn menl, 25 ccnts per 100
Kilogrammes; wheat, from January 1,
IMC, 30 cents per 100 kilogrammes;
wheat Hour, from January 1,1802, $1 per
100 kilogrammes.
Products of manufactures of the
I'nited States to bo admitted into Cuba
urn! Porto Kico at a reduction of 25 per
Butter and cheese; netroleum, refined:
boots or shoes in wnole or in part of
leather or skin; and also tho following
to be admitted after July 1,1802:
Schedule A? Marble, jasper and alabaster,
natural or artiflciul, in rough or
in pieces dressed, sqnred and prepared
fur taking shape; other stones and
earthy matters, including coment, employed
in building; the arts and industries:
gold and silver coin; iron cast in
pijwandold iron and steel; iron cast
in pipes for the construction of build
injra and in ordinary manufactures;
iron (wrought) and atcel in bars, rails
?n.l bars of all kinds, plates, beams,
rafters and other similar articles for
constructions and buildings; iron
(wrought) and steel in wire, nails,
screws, nuts and pipos; iron
(wrought) and steel m ordinary
manufactures. and wire
cloth unmanufactured; books and pampliels,
printed and unbound; manures,
natural or artificial; implements, utensils
and tools for agriculture, the arts
and mechanical trades; machines and
apparatus, agricultural, motive, industrial
and scientific, of all classes and
materials, and loose pieces for the saino;
material and articles for public works,
such as railroads, tramways, roads, ca
"a,!S wr irrigation ana navigation, use
of waters, porta, lighthouses, and civil
construction of genoral utility when introduced
by authorization of the government,
or if freo admittance is obtaiued
in accordance with local laws;
Materials of all classes for the construction
and repair, in whole or in part, of
vessels, subject to specific regulations to
avoid abuse in the Importation; butter;
vegetables and vegetable products.
Products of manufactures of the
tmted .States to be admitted into Cuba
aim Vorto Rico, at a reduction of duty
of.? per cent:
Marble, jasper and alabaster of all
Kind-, cut into flairs, slabs or steps, and
Jne same worked or carved in all
-...v.a ui utuviro, jioiisucu or noi.
Rlass and crystal ware, plato and window
plass ni'ul the tamo silvered, quicksilvered
and platinizod; stonoware ond
line oarthern wore and porcelnin; iron
fast in fine manufactures or those polished
with coating of porcelain; iron
cast in fine manufactures or those polished
with coating of porcelain or
part of other metals; iron,
*ronght, and Bteol in axles,
tires, springs and wheels lor
carriages, rivets and washers. Iron,
^ron^ht, and steel in tine manufactures
or those polished with coating of porcelain,
or part of other metals, not expressed
comnrisod in other numbers of
these schedules und platform scales
called for welshing; needles, pins,
knives table anu carving, razors, pen
knives, scissors, pieces for watches and
other similar articles of iron and steel;
tin pinto in sheets ofr manufactures;
01 mi Kinds; rubber and gutta
petvha and manufacture* thereof. .
I'r<"lucta of manufactures of the United
Stales to be admitted into Cuba and
l'"rto liico at a reduction of 25 per ccntura.
I'etroloum, refined, and bentino; cotton.
maufactured, spun or twisted and
goods of nil kinds, woven or knit;
osp, toilet and perfumery; medicines,
proprietary or patent, a'nd all othors,
?iul drop; leather and skins, tanned,
' ressed. varnished or japanned, of all
kind?, including solo leather or belting,
J'oots and shoes In whole or In part ol
leather or skins j trunks, valises, travel'"B.tiacs,
portfolios and other aimilai
articles In whole or In part of leather ;
watches and clocks; carriages,
it U understood that flour which on
Ill exportation from the United Slates
hu been favored with drawback! shall
not share in tho foregoing reduction of
In the correspondence prccoding tho
promulgation of the treaty the Spanish
Minister called the attention of the Secretary
of State to tho serious injuries
occasioned to the tobacco production in
consequcnco of the increase of duties
imposed by the new tariff of tho United
States. Secretary Blaino replied under
date of Juno 16,1801, that tho matter
will havo the careful consideration of
the President and that it shall be tho
subject of a separate note.
Archblahon Ireland Aiiurod There SUnll
Mo no IDlscrimliiatlon Against Ills
Wasiiinqtox, D. C., July 31.?Archbishop
Ireland, ot St. Paul, bad a long
and pleasant interview with Commissioner
Morgan to-day in regard to the
Into controversy botween tho Commissioner
and ths Bureau of Catholic Indian
Missions. Tho Archbishop exSressed
himself as satisfied with the
ommissioner's plan of contracting direct
with tho Catholic schools for tho
oducation of tho Indians. Tho Commissioner
assured the Archbishop that
no discrimination would bo made against
Catholic schools during his administration,
and that thoy would receive a
largo increase in the appropriation for
those institutions.
To Tin Trlnd na Armor fur TVnr YoCSOll?A.
Contract I.'t.
Wamiixotos, I). C'., July .11.?In view
of the exhaustivo triuld made by the
Navy Department with the result of
demonstrating the superiority and
greater tensile strength of nickel steel
as a resistant armor for naval vessels,
the Secretary of the Navy has contracted
with Carnegio, Phipps A Co. for ten
three-inch protective deck plates, upper
layers. The relative costs of these plates
as compared with pure steel will bo
studied, and if satisfactory others can
be made. This kind of armor will bo
adopted in the construction of the
armored cruiser at New York and
cruiser No. 12.
Cramp & Son Get the Contraot.
Washington-, 1). C., July 81.?Secretary
Tracy has finally docidcd to award
the contract for building cruiser No 13
toCramp ? Sons, of rmladelpliia.
With the Paator of St. John's M. E.
Orange, n. J., July 31.?Rov. William
C. Jaaon, pastor of St. John's Methodist
Episcopal Church here, was assailed
yesterday by Miss Adolaido Brown, a
momber of his church, who was armed
with a horsewhip. Mr. Jason is a graduate
of Drew Seminary, and lias been
in charge of tho church lor about a
year. It is claimed that Miss Brown
showed him a nood deal of attontion
and sent him presents and love tokens.
Ho wrote a letter sayinj? that he was
not in love with her, and she then
asked to have her name taken from the
church roll.
While Mr. Jason was in his study yesterday
morning Miss Brown knocked at
the door and entered the room. Sho
immediately drew a cowhide and struck
the minister a number of stinging
blows. Ho wrenchod the whip from
her hand and put hor out of the room
and then went to tho police station and
swore out a warrant for her. Detective
Conroy arrosted tho young woman in
tho afternoon in tho houso of Mr. Bliss,
in Evergreen Placo, East Orange, whore
sho is emploved as a domestic. She
was arraigncu and refused to give bail,
saying that she wantod to go to jail.
one was thereupon commitieu to mo
countv jail. Tho young woman is
thought to bo out of her head.
Send a Freight Depot SkjrwartI?No One
Birmingham, Ala., July 31.?Fifty
kegs of powder in the Alabama Great
Southern depot explodod about midnight
Inst night completely wrecking
the building and demolishing a number
oi cars on tho adjacent sido tracks. A
lire was noticed in the building before
the powder exploded, but tiiero was
scarcely time to give tho alarm before
the explosion followed. Tho depot was
almost entirely consumed witli all its
consents. It is bcliovcd two men loating
around the building early in tho
night set the building on flro.
Later?The officers ot the Alabama
Great Southern Railroad are now
certain that tho burning of tho
depot hero lost night was incondiarism.
An effort was made by tho
miscreants to force tho lock of a safe,
and failing, thoy set fire to tho house.
Tho loss to buildings in tho city by
shattered windows is over $10,000.
O'Brien's opera house, threo blocks
away, sulTored a loss ol ?7,500 in broken
A SaatUe l'h-B.
Seattle Wash., July SI.?Early this
morning flro broko out in tho Montana
livery stables, complotely consuming
tho stables, a saloon, n lodging house
and throe Chinese stores. George Williams,
a butcher, was burned to death,
and a negro cook and his wife received
fatal injuries. The loss ia estimated at
Fire In i\ Brewery.
New York, July 31.?Firo which occurred
shortly before three o'clock this
morning in 'Evorard'e brewery did
damage estimated at $30,000.
Cotton itarntaff in Liverpool.
Liverpool, July 31.?Many thousands
of bales of cotton have been destroyed
by firo which broke out In Grundy
street, this city, to-day. It is estimated
tho damage will aggregate $30,000.
rionr Bllll Bnrned.
St. Lorts, Mo., July 31.?The large
flouring mill of J. II. Hiinmelbergor,
Morehouse, Mo., with its contents, was
destroyed by flro yesterdav. Loss,
Pulp Mill Hurn?d.
I.akk george, s. v., July 31.?The
pulp mill of (he Qlen Falls Company at
Tlcondoroga was burned to-day. Lon,
$50,000; Iniured.
Mnrtlered Without Caui?.
Pkthoit, Micu., Julv 81.?Fred Garrard,
foreman of the hammond-Stand'
iih Packing Homo, at River stroft, was
; shot and Killed by Charles iliglcr at
1:05 this afternoon. No cause it known
i^to oxiit fot the murder,
Of a Clandestine Love Affair that
Originated Here.
From tlio Spanish Beauty He wai bo
Anxious to Wed a Few Years Ago.
The Allegations in His Bill of Particulars.
Spcctal Dispatch to the Intdliqcnca.
$i'BiKGFiKi.D| 0., July 31.?Dr. L. E.
Niles this morning filed suit for divorce
ngainst his wife, Paula Do Branco Niles,
in the Common Picas Court The petition
is quite lengthy. The petitioner
accused Sirs. Niles of gross neglect of
duty during the past six months in that
she had refused to live or cohabit with
her husband, and to fulfil her duties as
a wife.
It further expresses a belief that from
the action of Mrs. Niles it is her intention
to either secreto their two children
in this country or spirit them otut of the
country, jirj. juics now nus mu custody
of the cliildren, and Dr. Niles states
that she farmed one of them out with
peoplo of whom lie does not approve.
He also accuses Sirs. Niles of violent
temper, almost Insano jealousy and incompatibility,
and intimates that his
life with her was a hell on earth, owing
to their inability to agree. Mrs. Niles
is trying to make a living for herself
and children teaching music, French
and Spanish in this city.
From a Terrible Disaster oil Long; Island
New IIavex, Conn., July 31.?As tho
steamer Elm City, which left New York
at 7 o'clock last night with about 1,300
excursionists on board, was about half
way botwecn New York and Bridgeport,
firo broko out ovor the boiler room near,
the port paddle wheel and blazed up in
a most alarming manner. Tho flames
were mostly below dock, but a dense
blnck smoke curled up which struck
terror to the hearts of the passengers.
The excitement on board was intense,
and for a few minutes amounted almost
to n panic. Women screamed, and the
little ones clunj: to their mothers. ^ A
mau and womfln in state room 49, which
is immediately over the boiler, were almost
[suffocated by the smoke which
tilled the room. Tho prompt work of
theofficors of the boat was tho only
thing that averted an awful disaster.
The overheated boiler ignited tho wood
work in tho engine-room. A few of tho
women fainted during tho fire, but no
ono was seriously injured.
I'li/VA Ul'' ill/X'lUM
Formulated for Sueiug tho South Fork
Club~tfSOO,OUO Named.
JoHJtsrow.v, Pa., July 31.?A meeting
of tho subscribers to tho fund to bring
suit against tho South Fork Club was
hold horo to-night at which a plan of
action was formulatod. It was decided
to rcceiro subscriptions until the total
losses represented amounted to or exceeded
$500,000, when an assessment of
2 por cent would be levied to collect a
prosecution fund of $10,000.
Jf a greater amount of losses is represented,
of course the percentage levied
will be less. Tho dillereut points in
tho proposed suits woro thoroughly discussed,
and tho plans proposed mot tho
approval of tbe largo number of business
men present. It is thought that
the required amount will be subscribed
within a fow days.
A Haloed Girl SliooU tho Sinn Who Jilted
Her for Another.
Selwood, Fla., July 31.?Last nlglit
MIbb Myro Fancher, a boautlful girl,
only 10 years old, shot and instantly
killed A. C. Jones, eonnccted with thu
Florida Central & Peninsula Railroad.
She lay in wait for him at a street corner.
and when lie approachcd blew his
brains out with a revolver.
For nearly a year past Jones had been
paying devoted attention to Miss
{"anciier. About two months ago, howova,
Jnnra discarded her and married
another girl. Since tho shooting tho
girl says that Jones became criminally
liitima'to with her under promise of
marriage, and alio could stand hor disgraco
no longer. 1
Public sympathy is ontiroly on hor
Tho Continental I^inil nuil Security Comjmny
(io?f Under for thnt Amount.
Nkw Yokk, July 31.?It was admitted
... <1 it i.i r>_.i i
at tuc onicc 01 we v^uiuniciitui uiuu uuu
Security Company to-day that tho company
had /ailed, bnt It was impossible
to got other than meagre particulars.
Tho assignment, signed in Donvoron
July 2:1, was not filed in New York until
Thursday last. This company owns
1,300 acres of land in Denver. It* liabilities
uro paid to be $500,000, but this
could not bo confirmed at thu ofllco in
this city. It is said that the company
hnd otil'cos at Kansas City, Denver, Boston
and Xeif'ouryport, It dealt in
Western mortjtoKes, municipal bonds
and Denver building lots.
Pcoplo Out of Work and Starving on Account
of Cloilng the Lobator C Ann eric*.
Sm iornc, Juiy si.?1110 sieamsmp
Parts, Captain Ash, arrived from Halifax
to-day with a numbor of cabin paseongen
on board. Thoy say that the
closing of tho lobster canning factories
on tho west coast of Newfoundland has
crcatod a perfect panic among the
thousands of workmen formerly employed
in that industry, and thoy ore
actually starving. They say no report
of tho'condition of affairs could be exaggerated.
Another Slugger Named Hulltvnn.
Lawrexck, Mass., July 31.?Heavyweight
John Sullivan, of California, this
aftornoon in a prise fight just over the
New Hampshire lino, in eight rounds,
knocked out Frank Gallagher, of this
town, with four-ounce glove*. J
Work Will Ilcgin Ansuit 23 at 2ille*~TO?c
Pennyroyal llouniou.
Spccial Dlrpatch to the IntrlUgeneer.
CoLUxni's, 0., July 31.?Major William
McKialey arrived in this city this
afternoon and held a lengthty conference
with Chairman llahn and several
members of the Republican State Executive
Committee. The dato and
plflfO of opening the Republican campaign
was the principal topic of consideration.
It lias been drcided not to
open at Hamilton, Butler county,
but probably at Nlles, McKlnloy s
birthplaco August 22. He will tlion
follow up with speeches as follows: Sit.
(iilead, August 24, and at the Morrow
county Republican convention, Urbaiui.
September 3. In the uieuiitimo ho will
address the soldiers in reunion in Wood
county, August 12; farmers' picnic,
oueiuy, AupuHt j.o; r,necounty
turul society meeting, August 15; tho
Pennyroyal reunion in Guernsoy county,
August 20.
Major McKinlcy left on s late train
for Steubenville.
A Lot 3Ioro Unclean Municipal Matter
Exposed Among tho Mercantile Approver*.
Philadelphia, Pa., July 81.?City
Treasurer Wright has written a lettor
to Auditor General McCaraant in reference
to certain practices in connection
with tho mercantile appraiserahip system
in this city. From tho facts
grouped together by Treasurer Wright,
it appears that the glaring abuses have
existed and especially in the collection
of delinquent mercantile taxes.
Last year G.550 delinquent suits were
broucht before magistrates at a cost of
$31,194 20, resulting in the securing of
judgments in but 240 cases and tho collection
of $2,075 60. Tho State was
thus mulcted for $28,807 70 in this
single item. In addition to this 10,307
nnnies wore stricken from tho list by
the appraisers after they had boon paid
02} cents per name for classifying them
and had aclvortised them at an additional
expense of $100 per name to the
Treasurer Wright charges that exemptions
have been mado for political
reasons, and with any diligence tho appraisers
should have known that the
persons afterwards exempted should
not have been put in tho list at all.
.In all it is shown that $007,000 of State
money was wasted In this way last year.
For the present year the appraisers
havo returned the large number of 10,970
delinquents and havo exempted 8,778
persons, while only 9,332 havo paid tlio
Never Wore In tlio Auditor General'* Office
nml Aro L'nil (-counted For.
IUniuswno, Pa., July 31.?in response
to Treasurer Wright's request
for books and papers in Ills possession
belonging to former Philadelphia City
Treasurers, Auditor General McCamant
this afternoon forwarded the following
letter to Sir. Wright:
DKAiiSm:?lam in receipt of your
favor of the 20th inst. desiring to know
whether certain records and documents
from 1875 to 1870, which you claim aro
missing from the City Treasurer's olllce
in Philadelphia, are in the custody of
this dqpartnient. You describe the
suid documents as follows:
"First, journal of the State Clerk's desk
for the years previous to 1889; second,
daily returns made by the State Clerk
for the period boforo Mr. Bardsloy's
resignation; third, letter copying books
containing copies of official letters of
'IVnnuiirnr on.l Ploflr " Tn
reply thereto. I bog to say tlint the
insurance lodged in this department,
the Treasurer's returns, appraiser's list,
delinquent lists and vouchers necessary
to pruvo the accounts and enable the
Department to make a settlement with
the Treasurer of the city and county of
Philadelphia for collection and disbursement
in behalf of the Government, do
not discover from an examination made
by mo that we havo now, or ever did
have, In the Auditor General's ofllce the
journal, daily returns and letter copying
books you refer to.
I l"[SiL'ned.] Thomas McCamast.
"Auditor General."
Draws Dig Crowds and Creates Groat In
lereii?xiid tviuoncr,
Acingtox, Va., July 31.?Tho BakorGilinor
murder trial increases in interest
as it progresses. The court convenod
this morning at 9:30 and tho room was
quickly crowded. Sirs. Gilmer, again
came into the room heavily veilod and
in tears. Upon tho ronewal of tho examination,
Sirs. Gilmer sold:
"Dr. Baker camo to see mo tho day
after tho funeral of his wife. About
four.days afterwards wo wore criminally
intimate. Ho had his snlo December 10
and moved to Abingdon afterward.
About tho first day of May, after tho
I'otters wore found, Mr. Summer camo
to mv house to arrest me, and said ho
hud tho three warrants against mo and
\Ttr hrnflinr wna thorn nnrl
advised mo to tell tho truth. I was
taken before Squiro Cunningham.
Deputy SheritT Counts was there."
"Dr. Baker told me he put deadly
poison in one of tho vials prescribed
lor Mr. Gilmer by his brother. Dr. Gilmer.
I tow him put it in. Ho said a
teaspoonful would accomplish tho purpose.
I was arrested in the parlor in
tho house afterward; on leaving tho
room I wont and got two of tho vials and
gave them to Col, Summers. Lou Gilmer
and tlie persons nurjingltr.Gllmer
administered the most of tho modicine.
n? llnlrnr anvn Rnmn of it to llim."
*" O
A Texas Murderer Dle? In Eight Minutes
After the Drop Falls.
Houston*, Tex.. July 31.?William
Caldwell, colored, wan executed at 11:80
toKiuv in the county jail.
On' tho night o( July 31, 1888, he
killed Dr. J. M. Shambler, nonr Richmond,
tho county scat of Fort Bend
county. He died wunoui mining a
statement, but expressed belief to
going to heaven. IIu walked upon the
scaffold without assistance and within
eight minutes after tho trap foil he was
pronounced dead. Ills neck wot broken.
Baufed for Murder.
IIkicxa, Akk., July 81.?Isom White,
was hanged hero at 11 :S0 o'clock to-day,
for the murder of Harry Young, another
negro, on January 2,1991.
WW Have Nothing to Do With
Farnell and His Fight.
Rapidly Dwindling In Publio Estimation
and His Catuo Going to the
Bogs?-Prominent Parncllltcs Sec
Their Hopes Waning.
OoptjHphifti bv the yew York Auoelated Prw.
Lo.vdo.v, July 31.?Messrs. Dillon and
O'Brien's repudiation ot Paroeli, though
a foregone conclusion, has profoundly
depressed tho Parneilites, who relied
upon a belief that both would suspend
a public pronouncement..
Sir. l'arneli sought, through private
communications made on the ever of
their release, to resumo negotiations,
but neither responded to theso secret
overtures. Mr. l'arneli hoped until the
last moment yesterday that he would
again entunglo them in manouvroa tora
reunion. Their prompt and decisive
declarations as soon as they wore outside
the prison doors, and their refusal
to listen to any advances from the Pnrncllites,
fell like a death blow 'on tho
The last flicker of hope went out
when tho Lord Mayor of Dublin and
other devoted 1'nriiellites vainly tried
to induce Mr. O'Brien, who was supfio.'ed
to bo more ductile than Mr, Dilon,
to reconsidor the position. Mr.
O'Brien bluntly declined a renewal of
the Boulonge negotiations or any approach
thoreto. When tho attitude of
tho released leaders became definitely
known tho chief Dublin Parnellites
held a meeting privately and had a
warm time disputing over tho courso
tlioy should take. An intimation
reached them of the desertion of tho
party organs in Dublin and
Belfast and several members of theTarnellite
committo withdrew, leaving
the Btoadfast adliercuts to pass a resolution
denouncing Dillon and O'Brien
and urging Mr. l'arncll not to yield.
To-day -Mr. Parnell telegraphed to tho
committoo that defofoctions on every
aide would not make liiin alter his
courso a hair's breadth. He proposes
on Sunday to speak at Thurles, the
strong ecclesiastical centre in Ireland,
probably, anew to hurl defiance at the
bishops and to prophesy his future
But tlio truth now penetrating the
stoutest I'arncliito hearts is that thoir
cause is nigh extinct, and that it will be
useless to contlnuo the struggle. If
continued it will no longer have a constitutional
character. The composition
of the League sections now adhering .to
Parnell points to the reversion of the
faction to the old Fenian type. It is
safe to predict that Parnell will soon
appeal for the support of revolutionary
partisans abroad.
Mr. Parnell's personal embarrassment
docs not appear to have been relioved
by marriage. Ho has made an extraordinary
claim against Captain O'Shca
fori.'),600 ndvauced to him between
Snnlnmher. IftKfl. and November. 1690.
partly during tho period of tho divorce
proceedings. Captain O'Shoa denies
tho debt. Curious disclosures nro exported
on Sir. l'arncll's attempt to
prove tho claim. ,
As to Whother the Czar's Edict Agnlnit tho
Jovh Htm lluon lleloxud at tlio Distance
of tho United States Government.
London', July 31.?A dispatch was
published in this city several days ago
stating that tho Czar at tho instance of
the United States had ordored a temporary
relaxation of the laws and regulations
providing for tho expulsion of
Jews from ltusiio. On tho day following,
a dispatch was published hero from
Washington, D. 0., saying that tho
fiiuioiunni iiau ucuu invi^iaiiuiuu, mm
that tho Stuto Department )mJ said it
was absolutely untrue that any such intelligence
had been rccieved there. Tho
Dunlap-Dalioit agency, tho authority
for tho first dispatch, agoin assorts that
tho State Department at Washington
has received tho information referred
to, adding that tho information was received
direct from tho Stato Departmeut,
and that it has not denied tho
truth of tho Dunlnp-Dalziot statement
in tho United States.
Aui itnon-n 01 norv.
Washington', D. C., July 31.?Acting
Secretary Wharton asserts positively
that the Department of State Is without
any information respecting the alleged
suspension of the Russian edict airainst
the Jews at the instanco of this government.
Nothing has been heard from
Dr. Crawford, tho Unitod States Consul
General at St. Petersburg, for a long
time past, which is convincing proof to
the Department that no action of such
importance as tho suspension of tho
edict has been ordered.
Will Make the LoM Good.
Berlin, July 31.?The Bensation caused
by tho fact that forgeries for large
amounts on tue neuwcn can* nus men
discovered is gradually disappearing as
the fuels In tho ease arc made public. A
cleric named Frnnckin in tho employ of
tho bank and a stockbroker named
Schwiger are now being liuntod for by
the police. Warrants for their arrest
were issued at tho request of the directors
of tho Deutsche Bank on charges
of forgery. The Deutsche Bank will
make good tho loss incurred through
the criminality of its clork.
Mr. PnrncU Will Appeal.
fjosnos, July 81.?It is announced
Afr Pitrnnll (ntanrifi tn i?ntpr An
appeal against the decision of the bankruptcy
court, which held that hig plea
of non-residcnco as the ground lor not
paving the costs in tho O'Shea dlvorco
suit was untenable.
Eight of the Crew Drowned.
Loxdok, July 31.?TheBrltish steamer
Godmundlng was In collision with the
Norwegian schooner Ixmna off Dover
last night. Tho schoonor whs sSbadly
damaged that she filled and .sank.
Eight of her crew wore drowned.
Comlnr to A merlon.
Biri.ix, July 31.?Schwieger, the broker,
was arrested yesterday evening, bat
his arrest was kept secret until to-day.
Frnnck, tho clerk, is believed by the
golice to be on his way to the Unitod
Their Crukera Detain n IlrltliU Veixl In
Chilean Witters.
New Yoiuc, July 81.?a dispatch from
Coqaimbo, Chile, sayB that tho government
forceB stationed thoro liavo been
increased by the recent arrival of a reinforcement
of 2,000 men from Valparaiso.
The insurgents will have to
fight hard to take the town.
Tho Ksmeralda and Aconcagua, of the
insurgent fleet, have got tbcirparty into
serious complications by detaining on
the high tea tho British bark Pedro
l'eral. The 1'eral was bound for Coquitnbo
with a cargo of flour, when the
two insurgent war ships came up with
and boarded her. They towed lior for
some dietanco north, when they released
her. In tho meantime news of
the action of tho insurgent vessels
reached Coqulmbo, and tho British
corvetto Gurnet was sent in pursuit
The l'eral, however, arrived bolore the
Garnet had a chance to como up with
the insurgent vessels.
The German squadron, which has
been in Coquimbo for a few days, hss
pone to Iqulque. Tho Junta's outpost
is now at Vallonar. Tho British warship
Molpoinene left Valparaiso for Coquimbo
on Wednesday. The Daphne
is still at Valparaiso.
Watching tho Chilean Crullers.
Lisbox, July 31.?Tho Dalmacedan
cruiser Presidents Err as Uriz loft this
port at live o'clock this morning. Sho
steamed out of the river and anchored
a short distance off shore. The movements
of tho . Chilean war vessels are
being watched with tho closest attention
by the authorities and othors.
Excltuiuent nt Onulimkn.
8an Francisco, July 31.?Tlie steamer
St Paul arrived from Onalaska last
night and reported intense excitement
over tho scaling edict, llut two sealing
schooners had been reported up to July
20, the British schooner, B. Marvin, formerly
tho American schooner Mollio
Adams, and tho American schoouer-Lunins
Yesuvlu* Erupting Again.
Naples, July 31.?Vesuvius has again
Durst tortn into a state 01 eruptiuu.
The lava has now reached the village of
Rio llel Cuvallo.
An OJieratlo ArtUt Married.
Losdok, July 31.?Miss Emma Ems,
the operatic artist, was married to-day
to the son of W. \V. Storey, the well
known sculptor.
Killing Minora Again.
Berlin, July 81.?Six persons "were
killed by nn explosion of fire damp in
the Karlsglueck pit in Westphalia today.
Captures a Largo Section of North So wick
Ivy Township.
Braver, Pa., July 3L?A countryman
in from North Sctrickloy township yesterday
gave some particulars of an adventuro
with a mod dog on Tuesday,
which caused considerable excitemont
in that quiet community.
A family named Manes owned a largo
briudle bulldog, which on last Tuesday
exhibited evidences of boing mad. It
mado an attack upon a meniber of tho
family, who seized a chair and kept it at
bay. and finally drove it from the house.
The whole neighborhood joined in
the pursuit of the aniiuul and followed
it a distance for nearly two miles until
the Warnock farm was reached, when
the dog chased the cattle and is said to
have bitten several of them, as well as
a number of dogs. It was finally shot
bv Mr. Manes before any porson was
bitten. _
<M.. Ot.lb.. V* Arx.
Hahhibir'ho, Pa., July 31.?There wore
many applications for work at tho Pennsylvania
Steel Works this morning, the
strikers very generally conceding that
tho striko is over. All names were
taken, but no men employed untilitcan
ho seen If there is anything against
them. Tho Steel Company has determined
that it will no longer make
steel rails at Steelton and has transferred
that Industry to Sparrows Point,
Md. _______
Cold Comfort for Depositor*.
Philadelphia, Pa., July 81.?Wm. SI.
Smith,assignee of the Bank of America,
which closed its doors in April, 1890,
thin nfuirnoon filed his first account.
The account allows receipts amounting
to $113.000 and expenditures of $73,131,
loaving a balance of $40,010 for distribution
among an army of about 4,000 depositors,
whoso claims stand undisputed.
The total amount of money on deposit
when the bank closed was $41)8,000. of
which thcro still remains $104,000, the
justice of which is disputed by tho assignee.
Children Killed by Lightning.
Carlisle, I'a., July 31.?Curing ?
heavy thunder storm near Dry Run,
Franklin county, last night, the barn of
Philip Skinner was struck by lightning V
and totally destroyed by fire. Two
children of Sir. Skinner, need twelve
arid eleven years, were playing In the
burn at tho time and both wore killed
instantly. Tbo loss, including this
year's crops, farming implements and
cfnnlr VUH ftR.flOO.
Bill)op 2)ub?'i Narrow Escape.
Chicago, July 81.?Bishop Dubs, of
the evangelical church barely escaped
a horrible death to-day. ,Ho inadvertently
stepped from a cable car on Washington
street in front of one coming the
opposite direction. The Bishop caught
hold of the advancing car and was dragged
some distance, lie was somewhat
braised, but not seriously injurod.
Tho Can't Tolla Homo.
The Can't Tell Fishing CluJ> broke
camp and returned to town yesterday,
Comrades Jlowley. Moors and Barrett
will go to Detroit to-morrow. 4
Wentliur Forftonst for To-dny. ,
For West Virginia, WoaUtrn Pennsylvania and
Ohio, generally lair, allgbtly warmer, loath west
8foraIih*l by a Sosmrr, draalii Opm
onto corner:
7 a. M I 8 p. m ...... ~~....~.79
J aSrrrrrfS rUkte?;^'?"

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