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dlic Sheeting |flm 3ntellvqmccr.
jts Test Casos to Dome up in th
Supreme Court Boon.
tke uttoIey general's brie:
C(jr?lolli? PubUo-A Strong Argu
Support of tl.e Law-Coi,
,.ressll? tho night to Blscourag
^.n.rlcs by llcfunloit tlio Uso of th
iKomnnlit That th
Business is ltespectablo Kcfutcd
TIio Fundamental Jllghts of Ala:
Washi sr.ton, D. C., Sept. 17.?Th
aaeoi the L'nitod States against Job
i. Rapier and the two cases of the Unit
cd .States vs. George W. Dupre will com
uj> for ariromcnt at the October term c
the United States Supremo Court. Eac
of tlie*o cases is an application for th
discharge by writ of habeas corpus fror
arrest for an alleged violation ot th
anti-lottery, and the other indlctmen
was for the mailing of a letter concern
i?ntiw? Inttcrv. The judgments of th
court wad -against tho defendant
and the coses were appealed to th
Supreme Court.
Attorney Genoral Miller lias pro
pared the brief, which he will submit
jn behalf of the government when tlx
coseg are heard, and he has given it ou
for publication. He begins his brie
by saying that nearly fifteen years agi
tile exact question mooted in thesi
cased, arising in the samo way, wai
/ally considered and unanimously de
cidea by the Supremo Court ?inc<
that time the principle of that decisioi
has been accepted by the peoplo, b?
Congress, by the executive oflicers o'
the government and by tho courts at
the settled law of the land.
Regarding the assumption of counse
for defense that the right to operator
lotterr is one of the fundamental right:
of a mail, like the right to exercise \
? nU..olrt|iin rtr n trn/ln n
MOieMU'ii, ?|?ii/oivi?M, v. ? ?-?? a
laundrvman. the Attorney Genera
tavf ii it can be demonstrated that t(
pr'cv upon one's fellow men by meani
of ii lottery is a fundamental humni
right the Decalogue and the Sefrnon 01
tiie Mount, not to mention the Declara
linn of Independence, ought to be re
written at once.
"In brief," savs the attorney genoral
"I maintain without successful contra
diction tjiat whatever acts and enter
prises Congress has powor to inaki
criminal in the District of Cdlurabin o:
the territories it may refuse directly o:
indirectly to aid, encourage or abet 11
any Sinto, without violating any obllga
tiuti cither to citizen or State. _ An;
State may inako Ihe practices of thia lot
terv company, or the possession of it!
tickets within its borders witl
inicnt to sell a crime. Thi
l'nlteil States government, Uki
an individual or a private cor
poratiun, or an ordinary muoicipa
corporation, is subject to the great ruli
which pervades all well ordered society
that no one shall so use his own prop
city, franchise or powers as that in s<
iloine he shall inflict a needless injur
upon the property or personal rights o
individuals or upon the well being o
The Attorney General then nrguos t<
mow congress ftns the undoubted rigii
to legislate for tho common good nn<
lays: "Suppose that,as now is n pro
lability, a postal telegraph should to
established, is it true the United .State.1
Government would be under obligatioi
to transmit over its telegraph lines inos
buges in reference to business or prac
tices not indictable at common law, o
not known to the law books as vialau
if." Could it not refuse to transmi
telegrams bodily relating to gamblinj
transactions, trading upon margins ii
wheat or stocks, or negotiating the pur
chaie nnd snle of lottery tickets ? Or it
rmnl to any other business which ii
the exercise of a sound discretion Con
press might declare to be contra bow
"1 submit that no judicial deciaioi
has been cited, and it is my belief tha
none can be found, denying to Congres
the t)0\Vl>r U-ith rn/oronnn m !??*
for which wo are contending."
Tho real issue, argues tho Attorne;
(jencrol, is whether the United State
Government is compelled to becomt
the agent of this lottery company. Tin
tint amendment to the constitution n<
more requires Congress to provido fo:
the carrying of the literature of tho lot
tery company in the mails than it re
quires Congress to provido by law fo
printing such literature. Seriously, i
it not too plain for argument that un
dtr this first amendment to theconsti
tution tho act does its whole duty b;
the press when it fails to put any re
itriction whrtover upon the printinj
} the publication or circula
t'.on thereof by those interested
therein, through such private agonciei
M they an- able to command? Why
uI'0n tho theory of the argument of tin
petitioners that the publishers of nowe
i^Vers had an absolute right to carriagi
jn the mails, and that anv discrimlna
t?on against them is abridging the free
dom 0t tho nroau th?n all !?? ?%?? ?
'rahtioLiBby which lcttora uro givei
preewence over newspapers in tin
"alls, even in time ot carriage nnd dis
wbmion, are invalid. This is certain!'
discrimination against tho nuwi
jipcr'. It ia abridging tho freedom o
A newspaper published to
i 11 ''r!lctl y valueless to-morrow
to o icttera may often wait a day with
; "'ereforo, tho precedence pro
mm, , 'n,llle regulations nnd vor
JC?"f i 8 tnu?POrtation and dt
in,?3 II ovt'r newspapers i
intolerable violation of the first amend
tamXte?lnti<m anJ Calla ,0
Tlio brief concludes as follows:
"Anally, it somas to mo that th
qnestioa petitioners' counsel assume t
cUlm ,th? C!|>? > not ?o broad a
S"'' .lE?oh of 'ho petitioners ar
din, ''"clinriro from arrest under In
2SS* or, information for illep
lS ?".ot tunmail?Wo matter in tit
mull. \\ hethor the law by its term
ont ?,"??* ,? 1>08tal ofllclafc to throi
ud "i f ^med tu bo tinmailabl
mi. . .v Lia comPBtent for Cor
slirtn,v? au.Lh?rJze ,uch "Ion by th
Xwtoihce oihclals are question* not in
volvod in anyof these cases. Nor docs it p
seem to mo that they are casos in which, Ui
if the law wore found to bo invalid in
that particular, it would necessarily be
e invalid under tho decisions of this Hi
court In its entirety. My understand-.
in(t is that the decisions not only of
this court, but generally, hold that
r whoro a number 01 acts are designated tt
l In tho Stato as constituting a particular Ir
crime and to some such acts the leglslation
is unauthorized, tho courts con- ?
not be required to select out Buch acts
'* as aro within tho authority of tho lefrfs- 1
O laturo and enforce the law as to thom, j
rejecting it as to the others. ,
"I think no decision will bo found
0 which holds that if an act defines differ- (
1 ent offenses and provides for their pun- j
ishment the fact that as to one ot the
n offenses tho legislation was unnuthor- "
ized, renders the entlro legislation invalid.
And so, if tho act defined and ,
nrescribes a Dunishment for an offense. -
0 the fact tlmt it alBO independently of
n inch provision imposes duties on ofli- ne
y cera wlilch here authorized by the con- tic
stltution is immaterial. If I am correct
in this discrimination, when the pro- ?
*' vision for the punishment of mulling ?>
h nnmailablo matter is in noway depend- sal
e ent upon those prescribing 'duties of qU
postoffice officials in relation to such
matters, but each may stand or fall in- 1
0 depondently of the other." Pa
t ? cai
e The Cincinnati Myitnrj Deepens?The do
B Woman tn a Dime Hnteuin. tin
e Cincinnati, Sept 17.?Miss Ava con- thi
tinues to be an unfathomable mystery, sil'
. Sho la now in the hands of a detective jj?
t agency, and begins to lecture this oven- cju
J ing at a dime museum, but it is assorted th<
1 that the purpose is to obtain money to cei
3 enable the detective agoncy to explore *el
# tKo of fiof nlvliioflnn nnH oinrr.
w. ? JJII
' ular appearance here. To tho detective in
~ sho has shown her head. Beneath tho ?(
i yellow wig is closely cropped black
hair. On tho right iront oi her head, ?|j!
f oxtending bolow the hair line, is tho ,.Q1
a scar of a wound showing the operation
of trepanning. Other scars appear, ono '
1 of which she says is by a cavalry sword, h
received during the Franco-Prussian
war. To tho detective she has also con- '
tided a startling story to show why sbe jj,
is so objectionaolo to tho Jesuits. Sho ,
declares sho can exhibit the original ~
documents, when she returns to Cnicago,
which will givo tho names of men ctu
who wero granted indulgence for tho
commission of crime. XotwittiBtand- 8le
ing these revelations, sho says she is the
anxious to go to Chicago nnd probe thu "oi
matter of her abduction to tho bottom. ?,xl
? do
A Revolt and a Proclamation from tho ^
Supreme Council. Qjj
New York, Sopt. 17.?Tho following nic
proclamation has been issued by the me
Supreme Council of tho Sovereign wo
Grand Inspoctor General, thirty-third m?
and last degree, Ancient und Accepted gai
(Wiftiah TCItn fnr thn TTnitiWI States of "
3 Araorica. JS]
0 "Whereas, Master Masons who were w"
. nllilinted with lodges working under av<
1 warrants issued by tho Most worship- UP'
s ful Grand I-odgo o( tho Ktato of Ohio wu
have raised tho standard of revolution P-11
in that Stato, havo incorporated a so- 'I'
i> callod 'Grand Lodco of Ancient Free Pe:
f and Accepted Masons,' in opposition to ^
f tho regular Grand Lodgo of Ohio;
f "Theret'oro, this is to admonish and "
warn aU brethren of our obedience ^
against becoming a member of any lodge '
acknowledging said so-called opposi- cl"
3 tion to the Grand Lodgo, or in any way all;
t participating with them or in aiding or to
1 abetting its organization, existence or the
nnnfinimnce. or with anv subordinate be.'
a lodge or organization acting under its pr<
authority, and all subordinate bodies adi
of our obedience are positively forbid- as
den to recelva any member of tho so- trn
called opposition Grand Lodge, or any 'In
of its subordinate bodies, into any of mi
tho bodies of our obedicnce under any no'
circumstances whatever." Th
is I
Mret In Sblto Convention?Tho Guborna- ,'t"'
torlal Convontlon. mc
Grand Island, Neb., Sept 17.?Tho
Democratic StateConvention was called spi
to order at 10:30 this morning, at tho cm
Grand Island Opera House, by Chair- '".r
man Chas. Ogden, of the State Central "Mj
Committee. 'ta
There aro 000 delegates present Ap- coi
parontly no attemptis in contemplation thi
to assume that a candidate for Governor fo(
3 should bo named on tno ono timo tauten ""
0 of plea that the courta only scntod ed
j Thayer (Republican) nntil the first gen- lea
r oral oloction and not for a full term. Th
. A strong effort was being mado during of
. the day by a number of the moat level He
r headed delegates to atop the Boyd fight 18-1
a before it could fairly b&gin. in
Congressman Bryan placed in nomi- pol
. nation Judgo J. II. Broody for member poi
Y of tho State Supremo Court and he was tor
- unanimously cliosen. inf
1 Mr. Cannon, of Omaha, nominated ani
. Lawyor F. A. Brogan for regent of t)ie tio
i State University, This comploted tho
, ticket ^
1 Perished id the Flame*. At
? New York, Sept. 17.?Workmen enq
gaged in clearing away the debris of tho
Commercial Adrrrliier building uuearthed
tho chorred romaina of a human body 4or
shortly after midnight. Four hours wh
later another charred trunk was found. 80,
Those wore identified this morning as
the remains of John Adelman and Jr.
Frederick, hla son. Theso men wore
towolera and had n workshop in tho
lurned building, The police beliovo ?v
that other bodies will bo unearthed.
____________ art
Lumber Mill Ilorn.a. He
Garrison, Texas, Sopt. 17.?Ijatnlglit 0.
y the mill of Capt. A. J. Simpson, lo- ha
i* cated at Layac Creek, was burned to ?v"
s the ground, together with several hun- J"
1- dred thousand feet of lumbor. Total 141
r loss, $50,000. P>'
Memphis Theatre Darned. M|
Memphis, Sept. 17.?The Memphis djr
Theatre, the oldest playhouse in Mem- ]
phis, was destroyed by firo at 4 o'clock tec
0 this morning. Loss about $50,000. Or
0 ha
< 'Don't Cure to tot." fir.
i) It ! with tho greatest confidence that oil.
i- Hood's Sarsapanlla is recommended tor 1
li loss of appetite, indigestion, sick head- for
o acho, ana similar troubles. This wedl- yo
cino gently tones the stomach, assists me
>v digestion, and makes one "real hungry." 1
o Persons in deiicato health, after taking set
i- Hood's Sareaparillu a fow days, Una Th
e themselves longing for and eating the lie
i- plainest food with unexpected relish. 7 crj
9 Opened Els Campaign at Sid- :
noy Last Night (
:? J
5 Charged McKinley "With Dodging j
ho TariflTIssno and Says the Rcpub- j
leans arc Divided on Silver as tlio 1
Jomocrats are?Ho Made the Samo
)ld Free Trade Speech to a Very J
jargo Crowd?Ah Usual, lie Talked
theory and Not Facts.
jOlvuhvb, Ohio, Sept. 17.?Governor *
mpbell opened the campaign at Sidy
to-day. Thousands of puoplo paripated
in the demonstration. The
vornor's speech was devoted cliloily
tlio tariff and silver questions. He
d Jldvinley had dodged the former
estion from the opening of tho camign
and had made tho siivor question
ramount. LIo charged tlie liepubiii
loaders of the Stnto with having
ide concentrated efforts to force
wn tho tariff issue in
> campaign. lie then took up
j record of Major McKlnley on tho
rer question and charged him with
viuit voted for free coinage as far
sk as 1877. Tho free siivor men had
lined McKinloy as a champion about
? lin nnoonna ryf lift Dtlvar
i IrllUV V/? IUU j/HOgtllJU Ul MIW U>* > VI I
tificateact of 1890. Concluding his
nnrts on this subject Governor
rapbell said: "The truth is tlmt In
io (notwithstanding tho declaration
their platform) and everywhere else
ispoclnlly in the Central and Western
ites?tho Republican party is seriily
divided upon tho tree coinage of
,'er. In the United States Senate the
to on that question stood sixteon Reblicans
for tree silvor and twenty-six
ilnst it.
'Doubtless also the Democratic party
squally as divided. There is an liondifference
of opinion concerning
) time and mannor in which silver
i be restored to tlio place in our coin)
which it occupied prior to its
althy domonetiiation in 1873; but
> entiro Democracy desires to see this
,io with honesty, and as speedily as
isting circumstances will permit. Wo
not intend that this subject shall go
debated, neither do we intend that
r enemies shall divert us from
i decisivo issno of tho tariff. The
lo Democracy propose to defend bitallism,
which is the right of both
itals to unlimited coinage, although
may differ among ourselves as to the
ans of reaching such coinngo.
)n tho tariff qnostion Mr. Campboll
'I t!
'Tho first Congress Inid a tariff com- t
nlv known na tlio Hamilton tariff, \
:h "duties averaging 8J- per cent. This 1
irage is agreed by ever}' authority i
Dn tho BUbjeot. Wool and pig iron
s free. Cotton and woolen goods
id o per cent; iron and steel goods i
per cent, and unouuraerated goods 5
r cent This tariff was designed, for
'enue with incidental protection.
rnr.r. trade chestnuts.
'The effoct of protection is conceded f
its friends to 'divert industry into j
innels into which it would not naturY
flow.' Evon the slight protoctjon '
this tarifT had such an effect, and j
ise unnnturallystimulated industries .
ran very soon to clamor for further .
itection. By tho timo of Jefferson's
ninistration rates had already risen ,
will be shown from tho following ex- j
ct from McKinlcy's speech at Nlles: ,
1804 in the midst of JeOerson's adnistration
the avcrago rate was 23.40, ,
17$ per cent, as Mr. Campbell stated. .
e curious thing about this statement
hut in relation to myself. I have i
ror beforo mentioned tho tariff of t
rerson. The major should quote i
ire accurately. Tariff rates c
iw slightly higher until tho .
r nf 1812. when thov took an UDWard ,
irt owing to the necosstty for war rev- ]
no. Tho first decidedly protectlvo .
iff was passed in 1810, and was not {
lollv Buporceded until 1842, although .
leniied l>y tho Clay tariff in 1824, the .
riff of abomination in 1828, and the c
npromiso tariff in 1833. Tiion came ?
j Whig tariff of 1842, which was ab- 8
rated by tho low tarifl, or Walker ,
iffof 1840. Tho iiighest point reach- t
in all these years of protection was j
s than 30 per centupon total imports. r
o theory of these tariffs was not that
oternal protection. The language of \
nry Clay will best describe it In j
10 ho said: "No one, Mr. President, r
tho commencement of tho protectlvo t
1 1 i :? 1
licy evur buujiuouu wiui> it nas iu uu
rpotual. \\ e hoped and believed that
nporary protection extendod to our
ant industries would brine them up
1 enable them to withstand compotin
with those of Europe."
the Park?-Music, Dnncing and Fire.
worki'A ISIfc Crowd Enjoys Itself,
"lie Arion society had another one of
onjoyablo "sommcrnachtfosts" yesday
evening. Wheeling Park is
ere they are always hold, and tho
en and eight o'clock motors were
:ked with people?oxtra cars being
ached. The "lest" was held in tho
:loscd portion of tho park. The
lunds woie beautifully illuminated
:hChtneso lantern a. Tliecommittooof
ongemcnts. composed of John A.
as, August Schneider, Jaques Front,
A. ScliaefTer and F. C. Schwertfeger,
d mado splendid arrangements and
rythlng moved smoothly, and tho
iwd of at least 1,000 wore well entorned.
Tlio Opera House orchestra
ro a concert from 7 to 8 o'clock, after
ich vocal selections wero sung by tne
ive members of the society nndor the
ection of Professor Shockcy.
^ater in tho evening a grand pyrohnlc
display was given, conducted by l
. Edmund F. Docking. Or. Hocking ,
a a genius for such things, and his ]
iworks wore enthasiastically applaudDancing
was indulged in on tho platni
within the encloenre, and the ,
ung folks enjoyed themselves lm- '
inscly. '
L/UriUK WIU w?cutun u uuiiwu niio
it up with n doll baby attached to it. 1
o baby bora tho leceud: "Take me to
irman Grimm, at the Roymann brew- (
and get a kex of beer." Mr. GrimmJ 1
was in bis element last night and did
bis best to help entertain tho people.
Until 10 o'clock the bowling alleys
were occupied by tho Wheeling bowling
club, of which Mr. Grimm is a mem- T
ber. The latter made a splendid record,
scoring 300 on the alleys. A great
many of tho members and guests returned
to town on the 11 o'clock motor, t
but the majority remained . until tho 1
last motor at 12 o'clock.
-The Arion's entertainments are p
ilwRys delightful, and that of last
night was ono of the most enjoyablo of
;he season.
K Ylliejjnr Salesman lacked ap as the Fugitive)
from Pittsburgh.
Yesterday about noon, Officer Joseph
7ontadsaw a man on an Island car who,
:o Conrad's eve. resembled Fitzsim
nans, the murderer who made hit eg- tc
:ape from the county jail nt Pittsburgh, t[
>n Monday. Conrad was bo impressed ei
>y what ho imagined was a resemblance m
jotweon the man and the description of d,
Fltzslmmons that he boarded the cur
ind rode over to Wheeling with him. *
Dn tho way, Conrad pliod him with "
luestions, ail of which he answered hi
:ivilly. 1,,
When tho man went to leave tho car ,
it Twelfth street, Conrad arrested him
tnd took him to the public building, cc
vhore he was locked up in cell No. I. w
I telegram was sent to Pittsburgh ask- 0f
ng that someone come down who could
dentify FiUsiininons. Detective Shore *
:amo down on the 10:30 B. & 0. train el
ind went at once to tho lockup. The co
*lldoor was opened and Shore went in- w
ide and after looklngat the man, said nj
?o win nof. tho nnwnn wnntflfl. P'
An Ixteluosxcbu reporter woe at the
all when Shore arrived. When ho
nmo out ho enid, shaking hie head: jD
'That's not Fitzsimmons," and putting
ino foot in front of the other, said,
'His foot's as long as that. Ilo wears ,
in eloven shoe. IIo's pot the biggest 1
oot for a mau of his size !n Pennsyl- d(
,ania." A
The prisoner says his name is Henry hi
r. Harris. He is a traveling salesman ?<
or tho Louisvillo Cider and Viuogar 2c
IVorks, of No. 1721 to 1729 High Btreet, ti,
' 1 ill.. V.. ll-l,?n l.n ...
10 was on his way back from Bridge- tii
>ort, wliero he had Bold a bill of Roods tii
o h wholesale concern. He hits bills pf
or collection on a number of Wheeling a>
irms, and has a letter postmarked at l><
xjuisvillo, Septembor 12, which was vi
enttohim hero in caro of S. Bacr's cc
ons. lie has none of the cliaracteris- hi
ics described in the Fitzsimmons circuar
except the size. Fitzsimmons has rc
mall restless eyes, sharp and bright, vc
vhile Harris's are large and dull. He Tl
fears a No. <i| or 7 slice while Fitzsiin- tii
nons has abnormally large feet. Fitz- w
immons's hair is sprinkled with grey d(
ind he looks older than thirty-five, fa
rliile Harris has a splendid head of Ki
ilack curly liair and no one would take ec
lim to bo thirty years old. to
After Shore had looked liiro over and ac
lecided that ho was not tho man wanted n(
ho chief was asked what he would do to
rith Harris, and replied that he'd keep to
dm and take a look at him in the
Joy? who have beon Stealing; Tilings for n
Lon); Tlmo now.
Yesterday Chief of Pollco Delbrug^o
iad a conversation with August Hush- w
od, who was arrested tho day before, ^
n which Hushrod made quite a con- j,
oooinn IT a nnifl thnt. fonr months flffo vr
i boy named Henry Peck, and known in
is Imer, told him "that ho had broken pi
nto n car on the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati bo
I: St. I/onia switch, between Seventh g'
ind Eighth streets, and stoio a lot of st
:akes and a caddy of tobacco. Lator p<
mer opened tho tobacco and offered ta
lushrod some of it, which lie refused ni
0 tako. Sc
On September 16j Hurahrod was upat fa
^ucy Cotts's near Fifth street, where ho 01
net liner. Imer had a lot of copper
rire and some brass which be said ho 15
iad gotten at Dunlovy's box factory at
ho foot of Fourth street He said
larrison Dunlevy had given him a lot
>f brass and copper that was in tho .
1 ii ? 1^ 41? In
nop. *t UVIUUIW >U VIIO i?w>"?v?u ?
hoy went to the box factory together to gs
ook at tho stuff, and they took thirteen 0f
lounds of lead pipo which they sold for 0f
hirty cents at N.W.Beck's ioundry. Tho to
tuff was sold'to a young man who did a,
lot ask any questions about whoro it p(
nine from. They went back at night m
iid got the remainder of tlie junk to
oil in tho morning. Just as they were Fe
aking out tho last piece, Samuel Vogt, ])
he watchmen, saw them and caught f0
lurshrod, Imor making his escapo by gs
mining. c0
tin tho night of September 10 Imer or
iroko tho seal of a car on the track be- Hi
ow Eighth street Ho wanted Hush- m
od to enter and tako somo of the Mail ;s
'nnnh tobacco it contained, but he re- A
used. They thon boarded the train ji
ind rodo to Colliers, and came back next to
Sotno time ago Joseph Dorcan and
'oseph Cotta took two kegs oibeer out .
if a car loaded by the Schmulbach brewiry
from a Pan-Handlo switch and tho
lext day, with IIuBhrodnnd Patsy Cain
ind Ilarry Bennett, thoy drank the sp
icer In Mrs. Cotts's shed. Cotts claim- a
id to know nothing about tho theft, Ik
>ut remembered helping to drink a keg co
if beer at Mrs. Cottrs. w
Uushrod said further, that about a co
rear ago, a boy named Ilenry McCam- Pi
nick and Noah Cotts broke tho seal on ce
i car of machinory on tho Pittsburgh, in
iVheellng k Kentucky track and entered tc
t. It was loaded with machinery and ta
hey took the brass bearings and valves wi
ind nil rnnfl off and hid thom. sollins nf
horn in small lots till it was nit zone. ~ th
Yesterday McCammick was taken be- is]
ore Justice Arklo and committod to tit
all chargod with stealing lead pipe, W1
viro and brass from tho old box fac- Sc
orv, now owned by the West Virginia re
Jhina Company. On tho examination
Jd Cotts said ho saw Imer take tho sack
if brass from the car as mentioned by w
It Woi Xn Oo.
t??. I*??t?,a .CY/.H/^wr> Ti/.*-. th
UVJ'W ?>iV V....IV.W.,. w -rw.
In correspondent says the oObrta to Wl
'econcilo Emperor William to Prince ar
Bismarck have completely (ailed. to
Stvnuialilp Nam. w
IIasibuio, Sopt. 17.?Arrived?Wie- dl
and, from New York and California,
:rom Now York. j[,
Nbs Yobk. Sept. 17.?Arrived?Rbyn- pi
and, Antwerp; Kheln, Hamburg. w
Gibkaltkb, Sopt 17.?The U. S. ct
ichool ship Jlonongohela has arrived gt
lera. ei
he Lieutenant Governor of New
York Declines
or Governor?Ho Says the Good of
tho Democratic Party aud the Wei- .
faro of tho State Demands that tho
Democratio Ticket Shall he Defeated?Ho
Docs Not Say Whether
Ho Will Head an Independent More
ment or Support tbe Republicans.
Binghampto.v, Sept. 17.?In response
i inquiries as to his position regarding
is Democratic ticket, Lieutenant Gov nor
Jones to-day prepared a stato,ont
lor the Associatod Press, but ho
ociines to spocity just what steps he
roposos to tako to accomplish
Is declared purpose. Ho says that
is political action has always
ion controlled by his sense
' duty us a citizen, never recognizing
inflicting party obligations. "For the
olfnro of the State and in the interest
the Democratic party to mo my duty
ipears clour, which la to oppose the
ection of the nominees of tho Saratoga
invention to such an extent as may bo
ithin my powor, and in such a man r
us may seem best as to accomish
that purpose."
vitos the President to Attend the Atlanta
WAsniNOTON, Sept. 17.?Tfie President
Is morning by appointment received a
(legation of prominent citizens of
ugusta, Go., who desired to extend to
m n formal invitation to attend thoox>sition
to be hold in that city from the
id to 23rd of November. The delegaun
was headed by Hon. Patrick Walsh,
caident of tho Exposition AssociaDn,
who, after introducing the delegaon
to tho President, made a brief
leech, reciting tho universal courtosy
id hospitality with which they had
;en received in tho several States
sited, and asking the President to cnmrago
them and fond them the aid of
s presence.
Tho President, in reply, spokoof his
cent Southern trip, and oi tho marilous
resources about to be opened,
ic old svstem made Georgia a planta
an State by combining manufactures
[tb agriculture; other industries are
ivoloped without disturbing the surco
of tho country. He spoko of his
istern visit, and the impression creat1
by tho numorous industries and faeries
ho had soon. Whether ho could
cept the invitation or not he could
>t say. He had very important matrs
demanding attention from -now {in
tho meeting of Congress.
t tho Ohio Stato Fair?Sunntor Shorman
Makes a Tariff gpouch.
CoLDMncs, 0., Sopt 17.?To-day was
epublican day at the State Fair and it
ns a succoss In ovory particular. There
ere 40,000 people present Senator
>hn Sherman was the speaker of tho
ly. Senator Shorman's speech was doited
to the tariff, and his remarks were
tended to roach tho farmers, whoworo
esent in large numbers. He drew
mo very striking lessons from tho
oat exhibits at the fair. The great
rides in the industrial arts were only
>ssible, ho said, under a protective
riff; only through it could these mngficent
industries have boen built up.
inator Shorman's speoch made a
vorablo Imnrossion. lie said nothlne
i the silver'question.
Bglns Its InvoHtlRnt lon of tho Pennsylvania
Trenaurer's Office.
PfiiladeIjPiua, Sept. 17.?Tho legistive
commlttoo appointed to investiite
the affairs of tho Stato Treasurer's
lico mot liore to-day. Tho presidents
threo banks then State depositories
stilled that no one had ever received
ly gain or profit by reason of the debitor,
nor had any campaign nssessents
ever been paid at the banks.
Before tho committee adjourned tho
rgeant-at-arms was ordorod to notify
istrict Attorney Graham to appear bore
tho committco in Harrisburg on
iturday noxt and bring with him the
rrespondonco betweon Auditor Gon?1
MnOrt.-.-.n* 1 r;.
lrdsloy. The coramltteo meets" toorrow
in Hnrriaburg nnd the session
expected to be an interesting one, as
uditor General McCamant and State
easurer Boyer liavo been Bubpoenaod
give testimony.
Fofitblllty?A Chance for Sfteretnrj
ltlnlne to Show Hit Nerve.
New Yokic, Sept. 17.?A Washington
cclal says Senor Colso Calsar Marono,
well known Italian-American residing
>ro and acting as Iho agent in this
untry oi the National party ol Hnail,
corresponding to the Chilean
ngressionaltsts, to-day laid beforo tho
esident n letter that ho recently roivod
from n correspondent in llonoln
asserting in the most positivo
rins that Kiiffloncl is now planning to
ko possession ot the kingdom. The
riter said that some action on the part
the United States was necessary;
at the Queen is favorable to the Brlth
interests and ready to countenance
e move when made. The President
u interested by the letter, and asked
inor Marcno to communicate with Sectary
111 Hot Strike?'The DlflToronee* Happily
Prrnmcnon, Pa., Sept. 17.?The
reatened strike of tho window glass
irlrnra nf *ha crmntrv ha* ho<*n nvnrtAil
id a general resumption of tho faeries
will take place on October first
conferonco of manufacturers and
oritinen was bold to-day at which tho
fferonces were compromised. Br the
rreemont reached the men will work at
leir old wages (or the ensuing year,
10 manufacturers withdrawing the
roposed ten per cent reduction and the
orkmon tho demand for the flvo per
int advances in tho wages of the
itbcrors. The resumption will give
nploymont to 10,000 men and boy*.
A wautciioud.
Oermany Preparing to do Her Part in ft
Movement Against China.
London, Bopt 17.?The Berlin correspondent
of tlio Standard of tills city,
telegraph* that tho German foreign
office has been receiving disquieting
news from China within the last day
or so. China, according to these advices,
Is unable to fulfil hor promises mads to
the representatives of tho powers, that
she would punish thoso who wero implicated
in tho recent outrages upon'
foreigners und their property and that
she would in futuro protect foreign
residents from injury.
It is added that tho rumors circulated
in soveral quarters to the effect that
France and liussia would not take part
in any joint action on tho part of tha
combined fleets should it De decided
that such a stop is necessary is pronounced
to be untrue. It is also assert-'
v .1 j j t.i -i
eu unit inero is uu uuuut iuuv uuiuuujr
will increase the number of her war
ships now in Chinese waters, and that
she will be prepared to take strong
measures should they be needed to protect
German subjects or their proporty,
or should she be called on to take an
active part in a mval demonstration
against China.
TlieSjianlih Floodf.
Madrid, Sept. 17.?Tho municipal ao>'
thorities of Almeria, capital of the prOvlnta
Af thuf nftmn naHmntn thflt. It will
require two million pezetas to repair'
the street* anil buildings damaged by
the recent floods.
There was a renowal yesterday ovening
of the storms and floods in the province
of Toledo, and more damage has
been done. Tho infanta Isabella, the
youne King of Spain, and Don Francis
a'Assize have each sont 16,000 pesetas to
the national fund being raised for the1
relief of tho sufforers.
Do They Sloan It?
Paris, Sept 17.?Th e Chinese Charge'
D'Affairs has visitod Foreign Minister.
Robot and after informing him that
China recognized that the measures
hitherto taken to protect Europeans in
China were insufficient, assured him
that the negligent Mandarins-Wbuld bo
dismissed and tho rioters punished.
He addod that six of tho lattor have already
been hanged. It is feared, however,
that theso promises will remain a
dead letter.
Paris, Sopt 17.?All tlio nowspnpers
this morning contain leading articloa
on last night's induction of "Lohengrin"
at the Grand Opora House. In
CTnernl tho tone of theso articloa ia
laudatory. Tho Enajrtte, for inatanco,
declares thnt "genius haa no country."
Paul do Cassngnac haa a violent "article
in L Aulorilf, in which ho Bays:
"Wo have aeen enough Wagner, enough
Germana; rovengo 8nould be tho order
of thedoy."
That Ct]l!?an Silver.
London, Sept 17.?Tlie Ctiileon silvor
brought from Montovoidoo by tho
ateamBbip Moselle, consigned by axFresident~"Bal
mnceda to various war
material manufacturing firms, was delivered
safely this morning at the Bank
of England,"whero it will remain by
order of tho courts until tho legal questions
which have arisen in connection
with it have been decided.
Bnlmnceda ll?ar<l From.
Paris, Sept 17.?a dispatch received
here from BucnoB Ayres announces
that ex-President Balmaceda, of Chile,
has arrived at Mendoso, capitol of the
Argentine frontier. The samo despatch
says that yesterday ovening only fifty
persons remained in custody throughout
Chilo, chargcd by tho Congressional
party with c rimes against the States.
French Array Revlow.
Pabis, Sept 17.?At Vitrylo-Francais
trwlnv PrftniHftiit Curnot and hia cabi
not revlowod tlio French army, consisting
of 110,000 mon, which lias beon taking
part in extensive manoeuvres since
September 3 under the supreme command
of General Saussier. Thero was
an enormous crowd present and tho
most fervontonthusiasm was manifested '
by the masses.
Dramatist's Mouumont Unveiled.
London-, Sept 17.?Henry Irving at
Canterbury yesterday, in the presenco <
of a largo number of litorateurg and
artlBts, unveiled a memorial erected to
the memory of Christopher Marlowe,
popularly known on "Kit" Marlowo,
the celebrated English dramatic writer.
The memorial thus unveiled is erected
near tlio Canterbury Cathedral.
Another Ocean Racer XlreakJ the Record.
London, Sept. 17.?Tho HamburgAmerican
lino steamer Fuerst Bismarck,
from New York September 10
for Hamburg, arrived at Southampton
at 8:15 o'clock this morning, breaking
the best previous record botween Now
York and Southampton. Her time was
six days twelve hours and fifty-oight
The'IIoIjr Coat.
Tit eves,1 Sop t. 17.?Tho first party of
American pilgrims, numboring sixty,
nnder Missionary Braan, of Minnesota,
has arrived hero. Tho newspapers ore
beginning to publish reports^of cures
inrougn mo lournuig ui UJU uuiy gurment.
Tho Chines* Riots.
Shakoitai, Sept 17.?China la preparing
a protocol to the powora on tho recent
riota. It ia believed tho foreign
ministers will not wait for UiIb document,
the preparation of which ia likely
to occupy several wooka.
Two Dead.
Rokk, Sept. 17.?Of tho twelve workmen
buried by the falling In of a railway
tunnel near Mesaina yesterday ten
were taken out olive and two wore
found dead.
Wenlher Toreait or Tr).<l?y,
Vnr w?*t Ylrsfnla MNl Ohio, ch-ar or fair.
southerly winds, continued hi#h tcuiporatuie, s. .
probably loir .Saturday. >
Yor Western Vcnu.ylraiiia, clear, wutheriy
winds. no cbaoKe in temperature.
ai fnrnUhcd bj C. flcuKKW, drugglit. Open
Houno corner:
7 E. in M | S p. m.? 88
9 t- m__ __.~? 7 V-m?81
U m .? ~w I WMthcr-clcv.
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