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ixhalei> poisoxopb gas.
-(rrlbl. SafferUig of CUlc.o Mrom.n.
t<" The FnUilltlM.
c8,caoo, Sept. 17,-Tl.o fire insurance
vitrol and n number of fire engines were
n? i laat night to extinguish a buibII
itta Vta office o. the Anderson
O .!?* Co on Adams street, caused
"lie breaking of a bottle of muriatic
violently. "f'e,r tnXttbel'rS'aiiartera!
flames muy nv..? ?
f,wa after they were attacked with in-1
taue palus in the lungs, accompanied
hy severe chilli, heart failuri; and every I
of pneumonia. Physicians I
(jiJ that tlie men liad inhaled muriatic
elL.jr. a deadly poisonous gas, generated
u tlie burning muriatic acid. Captain
jlullins, of the fire insuranco patrol,
vis iii the lnoflt serious condition, and
ja apite of all that could he done for
him, died earlr this morning in great
n.tny. Captain Patrick Donahoe, of
?::i; >iI tiiu city engine companies, and
J (epli Williams, a fireman, were in a
critical coiniition throughout the night,
In: it if thought they will recover.
othor members ol tho depurtascot
suffered severely, and it ia said by
the hospital physicians this morning
..... ?-more will die.
tfiai i?u?/.
War Pedum! by tho Trust on Ita Mont
Prominent Opponnnt.
Chicaco, Sept. 17.?A morning papor
says: War has again broken out among
the bi? watchmakers of America. This
time tho Walthain and Klgin companies
have pooled thoir issues and by one
M ur leek to wipe out of existence their
foc,Johu C. D. Dueber, who lias been
lighting the trust /or several years.
me months ago, Deuber put a watch
joorementcn the market at $1) 50 which
lia?l formerly boon sold at $15. Last
Monday morning a circular was placed
in tlie hands of every jobber in tho
w rM who liandlbs Elgin and Walt ham
movements. It curries with it a notice
that hereafter all movements of this I
j-m wmilii be sold at a reduction of 20 [
K-rn-nt. In rebate on jtoods already
in jobbers hands and on goods in stock,
thi* reduction is paid to amount to
$400,000 for tlie Kl^'in Company and
{1,WO,000 for tJie Waltham.
ThcJauicjt Vlclt Hcud Corporation In Km.
l>:trrasic<l Clrouinstnnoe.1.
Rociikstlk, N, Y., Sept. 17. ? The
Flour City Bank this morning levied on
the property of the James Vick (seedsmen
i corporation on a chattel mortgage
of $K">,000 held as collateral security.
An application for a recetvor will
I bo minle this aflernoon and the corporI
ation will be (lissolved. The liabilities
~:n ?.?.?>.?? Iwtwnnn $175,000 and
?100,001), and tlie assets, if an ndvantatalc
of the valuable real estate
(.hin'<l bv the linn is made, will be
li.jiw than sullieient to cover liabilities.
J.uiws YirU will continue the business
?'ti :i . mailer scale under his own name.
The concern has been in embarrassed
circumstances for years, but has mnn. L'fil
to tide over emergencies until the
]. int crisis.
ltrico wiii Mum.
Ci.vcix.vati, 0., b'opt. 17.?Senator
Brice during Iiifl stay hero had very
lit'! to say on polities, lie had been
to Oxford to attend the inauguration
of President Thomas, of Miami University,
on the completion of tho sclentilic
bail, to which the trustees voted to
cive his name in recognition of*his
We contributions. Coining to Cincinnati
he went to tho Queen and
Crescent olllcc, where ho was engrossed
in railway business.
L.lit or.* Shoot Kncli Other.
Sulphur Springs, Texas, Sept 17.?E.
M. Tate and Everett Moore, respectively
editors of the Hopkins county Echo
ami the Allinnce Vindicator, who have
been vigorously attacking each other
(or some time, met in tho street and
Wgan a list tight, which terminated in
both drawing pistols. Moore received
live bullet wounds and livod but a few
hours. Tate received but one slight
wound and is under arrest.
MnH'iichusottH for lllnlno.
Boston, Sept. 17.?In reply to inquiries
made by the Boston Globe
among tlie delegates to the Republican
State convention yesterday as to their
preference for President in 1892,431
answers were received. Of these 872
favored Blaine, 47 Harrison, while
Alger had lour supporters, ox-Speaker
Reed 2, McKinlev 2, Lodge 1 and Fasbett
Solilivra Mouniuont.
Yoxkkiis, S. Y., Sept. 17.?Tho dedication
ot the soldiers iu?d sailors monument
took place this afternoon nnd attracted
immense crowds. It is estimated
that 10.000 visitors witnessed tho
ceremonies. Tho oration of the day
Has delivered by Hon. Orlando Potter.
Down With Tammany,
New \ohk, Sept 17.?Tho opening
in tho New York campAign was
Ured by J. .Sloat Fassot last night bofore
an audience of enthusiaatic Brooklyn
jjepubheans. Ho stated tho issue of
ino Hour to be Tammany or no Tammany,
ana the war cry of this campaign
*0ulu be, Down with Tammany.
Wonts IlcatornUon*
WjsnixciTox, D. C? Sopt. 17.-Lienteuant
Commander Gcorgo M. lirook,
I "itcil States navy, hus filed a petition
for n writ 0( mandamus on tho SecroIt1,10
Novy t0 compel tho Secroun
>> restore hu number on the naval
Con. Flint Demi.
I'ihcauo, Sept. 17.?Gon. Franklin
'tcr Flint, a veteran of forty years'
'fnioc in tlio regular army of tho
l" i died suddonly at hia
Highland Park Tuewliy o( ap
oplexj, n(;oJ Hovonty-onc yoars.
l>?atruotire Fir?.
tir.AK^Lo' lLU' ??Pfc 1".?A destructive
uvcuitcu at uartnargo, aiz mlleg cut
rf livre lout night. Tho lire wu in the
ousinp?* part ot tho town, and tho loss
iwciied $10,000.
Suapmulml Operations.
Xnvnunan, X. Y., Sept. 17.?Tho Saxony
woolen mills havo suspended operations.
Judgment* to the amount of
$5,000 have been obtained against the
FhikU'i 8uo?nior.
WAsniNGTox, D. C., Sept. 17.?The
nvtfdent to-dnr appointed Francis
llondrick to beCollectorof tho Customs
tX?fr York.
Tnhnr1* streak ot Look*
Dknvku, Col., Sept, 17.?Ex-Senator
Tabor has received an order from the
Supreme Court el Mexioo giving him
possession of the Santa Kdiwige sold
mine, over which lie htu had three
Joara litigation. Tho mine is located at
csus Maria, and has produced already
from $1U,UU0,UUU to *16,0uu,0W of gold
Tho ore assays $200 to the ton and la
good for milllouB.
Trying to Save the Natlounl Game?An Itn*
portant Peace Conference.
Nkw Yobjc, Sept. 17.?The men who
control tho destiny of tho National
League of baso hall clubs mot hore today,
to put an end to the war which
threatens the destruction of the national
game. The American Association is a
thorn in the aide of the National
. .c ... ??
league ana inu uiugaaivo w? v.?c ? ?>
organization are determined to get rid
olit at ail hazards.
If peace is declared between the two
organizutions, there are many minor
mattera to be arranged, such as the return
to the Association ot contract
jumping playors. PresidentNick Young
wan the first'to put in appearance at the
Fifth Avenue hotel this morning. He
was followed by James A. Hart, of Chicago;
T. Brush, Cincinnati: SI. Stanley
KoMnson, Cleveland; A. II. Soden and
W. H. Winant, of Boston; J. Palmer
O'Neil, of Pittsburgh; A1 Heach, of
Philadelphia; Kd Talcott and J. W.
Spalding, of New York; A. G. Spalding,
ol Chicago; Chas. H. Byrne, of Brooklyn,
and John B. Day, of New Yoi*.
Nick Young and Palmer O'Xuil had a
conference all by themselves.
It is considered almost a sure thing
that tho Chicago.1) and Boston reds will
play a world's championship series this
fall. There is too much money in such
series to allow trillinic differences be(u'Aan
!?*? I r>niTiio nnrl Association to
k < VUII ?
prevent It.
League und AuoolAtlon Obuiui Plnyetl
St. Louis, Sept. 17.?It was a pitchers
battlo to-ilay, Rettger having tlio best of
it at critical stages of tlio game. Score:
St. UillJ ?2 o 1 o o o lift- 5
Atblotlcc ~.~0 00000020? 1
Hits, 6 each; orrors, 7 and 3; earned,
none; pitchers, Kettgorand Bowman;
umpire, Mahonev.
Columbia8, .Sept. 17.?Bostons outplayed
Columbus at every point to-day
anu won hands down. Score:
Colombo* -...-0 0 0 * 0 0 4 0 o- o
Hoatnn... 'i u i o a * u * ?jo
lilts, 0 and 14; errorj, 7 and 2; oarncd,
3 and 2; pitchers, Leiper, Twitchell
and BufHnton; umpire, Kerins.
Louisville, Ky? Sejit. 17.?Lotilsvillo's
hits and Washington'!) errors
came togother and the home team won
oasily. tJoore:
LotlUvlllo ....0 1 o i I i ? i ?-i
Washington 0 0000000 2? 2
Hits, 8 and 10; errors, 2 and 4: earned
runs, 2 each; pitchers, Strntton, uud
Oarsoy; umpire, McLaughlin. !
Milwaukke, Wis., Sept. 17.?Baltimore*
were beaton by their numerous
errors uud Milwaukee's hard hitting.
Milwaukee. ?l s 2 i o l o S 1-10
ltalltaoro? U tll002Sa0-?
Hits, 17 and 8; Errors, 4 and 10;
earned, 5 and 2; pitchers, Killon and
Healy; umpire, Ferguson.
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 17.?The
Phillies outbatted Cincinnati to-day anil
won handily. Score:
Philadelphia. __1 3 000 OS 0 0-6
Cincinnati a 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0-4
Hits, l:< mill 0; errors, 4 ana 2; earned,
2 and 1; pitchers, Gleason, Crano and
Mullone; umpire Einnlie.
Boston, Sept 17.?Tlio Pittsburghs
wero success in bunching hits to-day
anil had the game won uutil the ninth
inning, when a succession of bail errors
allowed the Bostons to tio tho score.
Game called on account of darkness.
Bocton a 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 .0- 7
rnuburgh l 030002100?;
lilts, 11 each; errors, 2 and (1; earned,
2 and 4; pitchers, Staleyund Galvin;
umpire, Gallney.
Brooklyn, N. Y., Hept 17.?The
Brooklvns wore defeated by Cleveland
to-day through tlio errors of Daly, Pinknoy
anil Ely. Scoro:
Hrookiyn JO lillltlt-1
Cleveland 1 OOJOOOOl-il
Hits, 11 and 8. Krrors, 4 and 3. Earned,
6 and 1. Pitchers, InkB and Young.
Umpire, Lynch.
New Yohk, Sopt 17.?ThoGlants won
to-dny's gatno by fortunato bunching of
hits. Scoro:
New Yorlc. 0 21000000?n
ClltClUfO 0 00000010-2
Hits, 0 each. Errors, 1 nnd 2. Earned,
5 and 1. Pitchers, Knsia and Vickcry.
Umpires, McQualile and Hurst.
llnmowood Park ICaonN.
Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. 17.?Over 3,000
people Attended tlio races at Homewood
Driving Park to-day. The weather
was bright and warm, and the track
very fust. All the ovonts wero liotly
contested and exciting.
First race, 2:18 class, trotting, purae, S7C0.
Mlaa Alice- -.I 1 4 1
J. B. Klrhnrdnon _...... 8 2 14
Walter K. 2 8 2 2
Abbla V .. ~...?........4 4 3 3
Time, 2:24% 2:20,2:16ft. 2:18ft.
Becond race, 3:29 clnw. pacing, purae 1500.
mim Bruce ? c l l l
Sharker .. ..1 4 7 0
Belle Potter 8 6 3 3
King Medium ....4 H 2 3
Colonel Forrest * 2 3 8 7
Greenhorn 5 7 6 I
Frank W 7 2 0 8
Belle N S 0 4 3
Beuomer .. 9 9 9dr
King Hero ....10 10 dr
Time, 2:2134.2:21)4.2?K 2:22.
Third race?2:23 clous, trotting, purse W00.
Dandy ? 2 111
Ben Davis 12 2 2
Eva Wllkca 3 3 3 3
Kinaman 4 4 dls.
Tirae-4 2:21*4, 2:28*?, 2:27)*.
Cleveland Knooa.
Clkvrland, O., Sopt 17.?It wna a
bad d.iv for favorites At the Cleveland
track. ' The track was flue and the
weather porfect for racing. Summary:
2:80 class, trotting, pnrso, $300 j Myrtle
B. won, ucst time, 2:21 j.
2:17 class, trotting, purse, $Ti00; La
fiasco won, time, 2:1(1}.
Healiiation stakes, stallions, 2:20
class, value $.100 (nnilnishad).
Uuckeyo stakes, four-year-olds, valuo,
$500; Elyriua won, host timo, 2:24j.
Gnrdold Kncon.
Chicago, Sept. 17.?Gojfleld Park results:
First race?Tliroc-fourths of a mile;
Vodettc won, time, 1:10j.
Second race?Mile and sixteenth;
f^nnrl Dva wnn. tima 1 ?504
Tilingrace?One andone-cighth miles;
Kenwood won, timo, 1:57}.
Fourth raco?One and ttvenixtoonth
miles: Fred Tarat won, timo, 1:37?
Fifth rare?FIve-elghthj of a mile;
Qneen Isabella won, time, 1:03}.
Sixth raco?Three-fourth of a milo;
Mandolin won, timo, 1:1(1.
Gmresenri IUom,
Gravimwd Race TnAcs, Sept. 17.?
The nniociatlon was aRain favored with
perfect weather aud the track in magnificent
First race?Six furlong; Major Domo
won, time, 1:15}.
Second race?Oue mileand a sixteenth;
Kildore won, time, 1:48.
' __
Tliird race?Six furlongs; Curt Gunu
won, time, 1:15.
Fourth race?One mllo and a quarter;
Pcssara won, timo, 2:09 3-0.
F'i/th ruco?Five furlongs; Houndel
Colt won, time, 1:03.
6ixth race?Six furlongs; Busted
won, time, 1:15).
Latonln Race*.
Ciiccixxati, 0., Sopt 17.?There was
fair crowd and moderately good sport
rn.. i_ i.i fl,n.<~i<
i-uu i rue a hub iu tun vuuumvu,
rather dusty.
First race?One mile; Anna won,
I time, 1:13.
I Second race?Ono mile und twenty
yards; Bob Forsyth won, timo, 1:44).
Third race?Ono mile and seventy
yards; Uncle Bob won, timo, 1:48.
Fourth raco?Onemlle ana sixteenth;
Whitney won, time, 1:40.
Fifth ruco?Five and one-half furlongs;
Qoro won, time, 1:00}.
Sixth race?Five and onS-haif furlongs;
W. B. won, time, 1:001; ' >.
An Injustice Corrocted.'
The IxTKLLiOExcrJi is in receipt of a
letter from Mr. J. 0. iloge, of Mt.
Pleasant, O., the owner of Kentucky
Bird, in which ho says that the telegraphic
reports of Tuesday's racos at
Homowood, Pittsburgh, did his horse
injustice. In the report Kentucky
Bird was given twelfth place In the
third heat of the 2:38 trot. Mr. Hoye
says that In tho first two heats he did
not even drive for a place, but let tho
others fight When tho word was
given for tho third heat ho wus fully
ten longths back, but ho "mowod the
i'niiL? rlmrn onn bv ono." trotted tho
mile In 2:20J and would liavo won the
heat had ho not been fouled on the uppor
turn. This is a good showing for a
four-year-old colt In a field of twelvo
old Bcnaonod campaigners.
Bapubllcan Spnech To-uitfht?l'orty Hours'
Devotion?Pertoual*, Etc.
Hon. Lorenzo Danford will speak in
the Republican club room in tho Commercial
Block Saturday ovoning. This
will bo tho lirst timo lio hu9 inadea
political speech in Martin's Ferry for
yeurs, and his many friends will bo glad
tohearhiin. Cupt. Dan ford is an excellent
speaker and ovenr Republican
in Martin's Ferry should hear him.
MM . .. Ml 1 . _ 4lw,
llllii will ue u reguiur mevtiuH u> ."I
club and will bo called to order at 7 :30
slinrp, the hour at which all meetings
will begin hereafter. The Republican
club meet! ovory Saturday night.
"Queen Esther" will be rendered at
Barueaville on Sept. 30th and Oct. 1st
and 2d by home talent under tho direction
of I'rof. J. W. Scholleld, of this
city. The cast and chorus will comprise
sixty peoplo and the boht talent iu tho
town. The Mandolin and Guitar club
will take part. Prof. SchoDold.who has
been out thqro for a couple of weeks,
camo down yesterday to rest for a few
days, and is' well pleased with the outlook.
Tho Forty Hours' Dovotion will begin
in St. Mary's church on Sunday
inorning at 7:30. High mass will bo
hold at 10:30, Benediction.at p. ni. and
exorcises will closoatfio'clock p.m. First
masB Monday morning at 5:lu, second
Highmass atS,exercisesclosingat8p. in.
On Tuesday llrst ninss will comtnenco at
5:15 and the Forty Hours will closo
with High mass at 8 a. m.
The funeral of Win. Melaon, who was
killed by tho cars at Brilliant, Wedncsrlhv
frtrtlr nlfWfi tmm thft" familv rofii
donee on Eighth streot, yesterday. Rev.
A. 12. lirownleo officiated and tho remains
wore laid to rest at Kiverviow
Miss Annie Kirkbrlde, of Walnut
street, leaves for Pittabur^li in a few
days, at which place sho will mako her
future home.
T. II. .Stanton is doing tho Ohio State
Fair at Columbus, this weok. John
McKniglit attended the reunion thoro.
Mrs. Yost, who fell and broko hor leg
tho other evening, died at her homo on
Jetlerson street, on Wednesday night.
Tho colored pcoplo aro taking much
interest in the Emancipation Day celebration
at.Wheeling next Tuesday.
Mrs. Mary Hildobrand, of Jitnaville,
is visiting her father in Pittsburgh and
attending the Exposition.
Mr. Grant Ilondorson will bo married
to Miss llottic Cole, of Hmitliflold,
Wednesday, October 17.
Clark Mooro has purchased a lot In
l'aull's addition ana will erect a residence
Miss Ilunnuh Jones, of Cambridge,
is visiting Miss Amelia Davis, of the
lint* T. Tlnnfrtr,! nf SL Clairsvilln.
was in town yesterday on business.
Tlio Republican club will moot tomorrow
night at 7:30.
Miss Mollie Reagan is visiting her
sister at Pittsburgh.
The I'uroftt ami Hot
article known to medical science are
usod in preparing Hood's Sarsaparillu.
Every ingredient is carefully selected,
personally examined, and only the best
retained. Tho mcdicino is prepared
tinder the supervision of thoroughly
competent pharmacists, and- every step
in the process of manufacture is carefully
watched with a new to securing In
Hood's Sarsaparilla tho best possible re8U""
- 1
Two Gonulno llunrost ExcnrMloni
will bo run from Chicago, Milwaukee
and other points on tho lines of tho
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway
to points in Western Minnesota, Northwestern
Iowa, South nnd North Dakota,
Nebraska, Kansas, ' Colorado, Utah,
Wyoming and Montana, at cheap excursion
rates, on August 25 and September
20,1891. Th
tiib no?t
P.TDici/'u Tin a nro* nnrnfiillv
prepared from the best material and acconlins
to the most approved formula,
and aru the most perfect cathartic and
liver pills that can be produced. Wo
sell thoin. C. R. Gootso, W. W. Irwin,
Jno. Klari, C. Schnepf, C. Mcnkomillcr,
W. S. McCullouali, M. W. Heinrici, W.
E. Williams, S. I. Brice, Jno. Coleman,
and W. H. Williams, Wheeling W. Va.,
Bowio & Co., Bridgeport, Ohio, B. F.
I'uabody, Bunnroort. w. Va. mv
Has been a never-falling family roincdr for
Couphs, Cold*. Con*utni>tion, Soro Throat,
Honrwnew. Pncnmor.in. lutluen*#, Aeuto and
Chmnle lirouuLltis, Anthum, Whooping Cough,
Croup, I'leurifV. l?aln in tho Fide ana flremt.
Spitting of lilexxl, and all diMWxra of th?
contain* no opium, morphine, nor Mir delete*.
Jons drug. It soothes iinrl heul* tbft Mctnbrnno of
the Lung* Inflftininl nnd polvwed by dln?wo,
and pruvvut* night juvrnt* nnd tlghtueu aoroM I
the cucfft Jt la plinwnt to tit* tiwto.
AM* At.i. Unroofm*. Prick 2.'<s, 00c, 91 oa
DR. \\ M. HALL CO., New York, feStaiWAr
In Eyerj D?|
Our Six Floors
wi+w. Cuo^, noc
V ? 1 LI 1 Mm* V OI J I^UvJ
Children's I
Every Quality, Size
You Can Till
Call and see more Clothing under or
all the other Wheeling Clothl
Po st y ou rself thoroughlyllbefore cal
vinceyou that our goods ar
per cent below anythlni
city, we don't wan't j
ti ir n TTrrni ir a
DJaln and Twoll
1150 ZMZ-A-IUST ?
Fall and Wii
nr\n/>t A T
brtUAL rttfc]
A cordial invitation to stri
this week to call and see our
whether they want to buy or n<
Our Main street entrance i
street entrance No. 11 jj, store t
street to street.
| V/ J?* V X XX
lament 1!
- r
icription of ;
Nothing! I
u :
and Style that ;
ink of! s
.'I ; f.f>11 S
I;MC j
.. <?- w 2j
ie roof than can bo seon In
inor stores nombined.
ling, and if we don't con- *
e from JLQ toQO
i ^ . ,{t
% shown in the
rou to buy I
" - - - t
? c
TVT O r<n
IN (SCW.,:
)OBS, i
.:r* rv, . n?.. '
tlx Qtrooti.
' ' 1 ' I
iYLOR. |
TO 1
ti J m[j ifo anivii aoibli J
[Al=z I
:r coats, !
FORS, Etc. |
mgers visiting the city j
store and new goods '
s No. n jo, and Market
;xtending through from I
l I r -1'KfraijtqrV"' ttr ' a
Oiiu uf the beat uuiuuiacturiug sites la the
Ity. fronting ou two railroad*.
tight roomed house on North Front and .Con*
ucky streets, Island, very cheap, for short time
Eight roomed house on South Huron street*
Goad business cornor In Cenetr Wheeling.
Farm of twvuty-clght acres, throo miles from,
itr, cheap: 82,000 on easy payments.
House of llvu rooms on ?off street, below
fortieth stroct, 81,auo.
House ol six rooms, 2356 Wood Btroet, in good
ntMlltlAtl. 09 -HU
Howie of tou rooms, brick, oa Chnpllna street,
leiwtwn Forit-thirU uud Forty-fourth utreets,
heap atSl.GOu. ,
llouao of three roomrfron Forty-aixth ttreet, .
round 25x100 feet to mime. $1,800.
Home of seven rwmi, 2381 Eoff street, 13,coo.
House of four rooms at corner of KlghtcoutU
trcet nud Alley G. f1.000.
Lot* oo North Huron. North Erlo and South
*enn streets. Inland. $UW to $400 each.
Full lot on Jacob stieet, with a fivo roomod
irlck house In th* rear. 12,400.
Ten roomed houso at a bargain on North
fain street
Five roomed house. 2315 EolT street; 12,800.
Half lot on North Mala street, 83 by 182 foot
ffi loton EolT street, south of Twenty-eighth
tree*, ?i. ww.
Lou ou?oir and Jacob strcoti, la North Bon*
Lot* In MoMcchen, newly laid out. cheap at
120 to8275oacb.
Lots in Zono'g Orchard nnd Old Fair Ground
lioautiful lot* in A. H. Patterson's addition to
fan Grove a: low figures.
Cbolcu lota In Gleudalo.
Holme of Bvo rooms. In good condition, 2811
acob street, ground *5x100 foot, 81,000.
Two lota in a verr de&lrablo location la
loundavlllo, at u low figure.
Liiryo lot at Edging ton Lane.
Fifteen lota in Fiftn ward iu Fllan & Wbyte'tf
Half lot at ea*t end Twenty-sevonth street, SSfiQ.
Homo of four zOoma.
Near Holllday'a Cove, Brooko countyt W. Vfl,,
urm zm) acres, wen wuwreu. ? in uasa spicuid
stock farm. Ono hundred acre* clear, tho.
<ahiure being Kood timber. underlaid with two
ood vein* ox coal One voiu of flro cloy in oil
nd gas belt. Prico. $7,OOD on easy payment!.
1739 Market Street. se!3 t
A Month.
'o. 52 Thirteenth street, four rooms...........Jli 00
'o. 1&20 Main street, -d floor 10 00
fo. Ml 2 Market street I) U0
to. 21 Oi Main street, ft ore room 10 00
lo. 21.VI Main street, store room 16 U0
io. 2142 Alley A ? $00
Farm of lMucrw, one mile east of Bcnwood
unction. S3io per annum.
Twenty acres ol land urn Beuwood Junction,
10 per ucro.
,oton Twentieth street west of Market St...l0 00
Two dtnlrable rcideuues on Chapllne street.
Two lots on Chaplino street.
Desirable building site, fronts sixty feet on
iorth Front fctreet, running to .the river about
DO feet.
No. 102.1 McCollofh street, ground 00 by 120
I'C'Irable residence on Fifteenth stroct.
Lou In Helvedete addition.
No. ros Jacob street.
No. 140 Fifteenth stroet.
100 acres of laud. Sully county, South Dakota.
No. 1220 Market ntroet. ,
160 acre farm between Sherrard and Washingju
Fork, Marshall county, \V. Va.
No. 21 and 23 Twentieth street.
<ot on South Front street 81,000
ottage, Mounds ville Coinp Orouud 50J
tottago.MonndsvilltfCamp Ground 100
'wo lots. Moundsvillu Camp Grouud.' 4X1
to. 8W1 mid .wet wood* street
Three-roomed house, National road, $704
Double frame house on Itoltlmorestreot
No. tfo and 87 Sixteenth street.
No. 2031 und 223 Chapliuo street
Thirty-tivo acres stone and coal land, Rush Bun,
Seventeen and ono-hulf acres land, one-half
ii)e went lower point of Ixlaud.
Three and one-half acrcs of land note West
No. 4JG0 Wetzel street, ground CO by 300foot
No. 2331 and 2333 Wood street
T\vemy-oue shares Blvemldo Glass Works
tock at a burgaln. ? ? . ? ,
No. 22 Alley B, corner Alley B and Alley &
rice, ?ttO.
Nos. W and 60 Alley 10.
Nos. 2904 and 2W0 ChapltaoiBWt
No. SO-M McColloch street
No. 2001 Market street
No. 90 Ohio street
No. 3500 Main streot
teal Estato Agent U. S. Claim Attorney. Kxport
in pension Claim*.
ion 1612 Market Street.
Six-roomed dwelling house, lot 40 feet front,
tinning baok to low water mark, No. 20(S North
:ork street lor Sl.ltfX
A good substantial flvo-roomod hriok house,
uly a fowyears old, northwoat ooruer of Eley?
ntn and EotV street*, 81,6G0.
i ?n.l hniiw. lot 99*1i1
i uiuig-u|> huuu oi?-ivu?.?? . ? ?i
iotli giuos and water, No. -12 North York strcot,
Six-roomed hotuo at 018 McColloch street, lot
0x120, for 91,700.
Four-roomed house 2716 Moyston itroot, now
louse, lot 26x235. II, MO.
Eleven-roomed brick houso, brlek stable la
eur, oorncr Twenty-sixth and Koff streets,
J.050. %
You cannot got better value for money than
uy of those properties.
Bulldlnir lots of Elm Grovo, Pleasant Valley,,
lonndsvillc, Glendale and all ports of tho city u&
cry low prices.
nu25 O. O. SMITH. Market Strot.
2ftshores Street Hallway Co.
60shares Wheeling Pottery Ca
10shares Commercial Bank.
25 shares Jeflcwon Insurance Ca
20 shares Warwick China Co.
A three-story Jirlck Building, 1207 and 120)
Iain street*
Telenhnnn 4M. So. 1147*4 Main Strcot
itfiNhnrvs .Etna Iron ami steel Cwupnny.
20 shares Wheeling loo and Storage Co.
10 shares I'lre nud Murine Iiuurunco Co.
10 shun* Belmont Sail Mill.
10 shares Laliclio Nail Mill.
A lot a ml a half of ground on South Pena
trML Cto,? B. B. IRWIN,
jel4 Broker, No. 24 Twelfth street
Owing to tho dooth of my bio partner, Wm.
tadcllft, deceased, tho saloon is for tale. Apply
o the undersigned at 118ft Market street
WUKKnyo, AfOLttT 29.18'JL au20
orner Market and Twenty-fourth ?trooti; do*
airuble for manufacturing situ
near Elm Grove; dcsirablo for gardening.
W. V. HOOK & HUO..
AmJl IK VI VI,., I... i
UW MV.UUII>Vtliirati
Prof. Vnj? bos left two very nm old violins
rlth ustodlnpowof. Onoaeopy of tUo Btradmrim
model, the other a Steluer model. Also
liver tdutod K lint Coruot, made by li. Import.
Tbete instrument* nro offered at bargains,
jel K. W. BAUMKlt dt CO.
KBTY. 1 will *ell at private wile the followtig
property belonging to tie estate of Kobert
toinpbcll, deccaaea, to-wlt: Tbo Jtobcrt Camp*11
liomeatead. No. 11 South Pcnn it root; tbo
iniperty occupied by Mr. J. R. MoUe, corner of
outh renn aud JSane streots; the went hall of
ut 46 In D. Zaue'a addition on the north MdooC
'irsiuia street, occupied by KB. Burt, druggist,
na other tenants; house No. 26 on east aide of
outh Penn street, occupied by Mr. ?atnuol Ulm;
lotuo No. 28 on sons itreet, occupied by Mr.
iharlesJ. tvelty, and house No. 90 on urne Atroot
ccuplcd by Mr. John P. Smith. For prices ana
nmw .rw.lt. t. I VI.1....I1
uiuinii|i|'i; Hi uiv ?1 wiiunsuu WHUUBJI,
ttorueri-ai-law, over Gorman Hank. Wheeling
jyio Administrator.
Fortr-flre Itnlldinz Lots In Kick and
Uiiiihnrill'H Addition to the City
of Martin's Ferry, Olllo.
Thesa lou are part of twetlty-ono acros?onts
iali of (be property known ** tho old Xowhuid
state?nml are plewantly iltuated on gently
loping ground: ko>1 uatarnl drainage; aeom*
aandlngond plen*lng view of tho city, oa well
a of Wheeling and the uhfo Klvor.
The location Ik certainly one of the choicest
a the city, not fur from n large and commodloo*
ebool houMi. within a few minute#* vralk of
he electric rrtreet car line neatly completed, and
r 1thin ten minute*' walk of poatofflce. railroad
tatlon, furry binding and (be Terminal Hall*
oad bridge and other prominent point*.
These lou and building Kites will boioldon
ang and easy term* to rait purchaser*.
For further particular* Inquire at once ot J.
'. HAKES, or at the office of the BELMONT
UIKWINO-CO. .Martin's Ferry, Ohio, or C. A.
OIAEFB* & CO.'8 Real Eitate Office, WbeeUi?

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