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Tho Board of Commissioners' Fiuanco
Oommittoo I
OF the County's Subscript Ion of $.'{00,- /
<>00 to tlio Capital Stock of tho Terminal
Company?A Secret Session
again Yesterday at which tho Dc- I ,
cbioti Is ltcuched. 11
The Hoard of County Commissioners'
finance committee held another Jong I
secret session yesterday to continue ,
tho consideration of the Wheeling
Undue and Terminal Hail way Com- f
puny'a request that the final $100,000 of '
?.? mnntv'g S300.000 subscription to j
the capital stock of tho company be I
paid. i
After some time spent in session
with closed doors, the committee ad- j
journed, and it was announced that tho
committee had decided to recommend ;
tiit* payment of the money. ^ j
A joint opinionof the committee's two ,
leg-.il advisors was read at yesterday's }
session, to tho oti'ect tJiat the money ]
was due. It was brief, and diflercu
materially from the lengthy opinions ?
Jilo'i by tho two lawyers severally before.
'i'lio joint decision was as follows:
To ih< Fit Kino. Committee oj the Hoard of
C<jiniiiistiunen of the County of Ohio.
Go'tlemkn:?in obedience to your J
request we have considered the question j
of the liability of your board to pay tho
last instalment ot the subscription to
;,nl - ""I' of tJio Wheeling &
llarriaburg Kail way Company, now j1
known as the Wheeling Bridge and Terminal
Company, and have agreed upon
tho following opinion: \
\Vliilo the building of tho Wheeling
A Lake Krio railroad from Bowerston to (
tho bridge may not comply with the
contract as understood by the board, it
does substantially fulfill the terms of j
tho written contract and makes the J
county liabie to pay the $100,000 demanded.
Respectfully Submitted, , 1
Joji.v A. Howard,
Prosecu ti ng A11 ornev. j
Joir.v J. Jacob. j
After tliiu had been rend and talkod
over a good deal, tho following report <
wad drawn up by Clerk Pendleton: 1
In reference to the 'communication
from tho Wheeling Bridge and Terminal ,
Kail way Company requesting that the
last instalment ot the county subscription
to the capital stock of said company
? .1 r.tfurriifl to vftlir i
ue puiu, BIIK.U, ???a IV.V..?
committee at your meeting of August '
O, 1891,
Your committee respectfully reoom- <
mends that the following.preamble and
resolutions be adopted:
Wiiebkas,After a full consideration of ,
the demand of tho Wheeling Bridge |
and Terminal Railway Company for
the instalment of the county's subscription
to the capital stock of the said 1
railway company, amounting to $100,- '
000, and after taking legal advice on the
question, both from the Prosecuting '
Attorney and ex-Judge Jacob, the 1
Hoard ot commissioners is 01 uiu
opinion that upon a strict construction
01 the agreement between the said
board and the said railway company,
thy said company is entitled to the said
instalment oi ?100,000, and the same is
due and payable; therefore bo it
That the Wheeling Bridge
and Terminal ltailway Company bo paid
the last ?100,000 of tho county's subscription
to the capital stock; and that
the committee on linanco with the
prosecuting attorney be instructed to
prepare and report to the board an ordinance
providing for tho issuo and
disposal of county bonds to tho
amount of $100,000, for tho purposo of
wiikin# said payment, said bonus to be
of such denomination arid of such form
us paid committee deems advisable.
This was adopted by on unanimous
Tho committee also adopted the following
as a part of its report:
That during consideration of the company's
aforesaid demand, tho question
was raised as to tho proper construction
ui mu cuiuse 01 uio agreement ucmyccu <
the county and said company which
limits transfer charges for freight to $2
per car. Your committee recommends
tho adoption of tho following: ]
llmkcd, That the Board of Com mis- j
sioncrs of the county of Ohio is clearly ,
of tho opinion that according to the i
terms of the contract between the county
and tho Wheeling Bridge and Terminal
Railway company only ?2 per car ,
can he clmrged for transferring froight j
over the entire system belonging to said ,
company, including bridge, tunnels and i
terminal tracks in tho city of Wheeling
and towns of Martiu'a Ferry and Ben- ,
wood. j
This clause of the report is of course ,
merely tho expression of tho commit- ]
tee's opinion. Tho charge for transfer |
did not enter into the consideration of
the payment of tho ?100,000.
i.afn WouiUoii'a ltenetlt. j
Friday evening the "Irishman's Love" j
company will give Lafe Woodson a ben- j
etlt at the Grand; As soon as ho was
pronounced not guilty of tho murder of j
Thomas Fleming Manager Mitchell, of j
this company, tendered him tho bonefit ;
ami he accepted. Tickets will bo on \
Bale about town to-day and to-morrow, j
Woodson is the victim of circumstances 3
and needs the money, and tho bencllt ,
ought to draw well, l'le accepted a posi- |
tion as barkeeper at Dolan'a b<?causo ho j
needed work. The place had been
tough. Dolan had recently bought it,
atul resolved to make it a respectable
place. Ono of his orders was that no ]
drunken men should be allowed to sleep
m the place, and it was in carrying out ,
this order that Lafo got into trouble. ,
Bolan has succeeded in redetuning tho j
noose, and Ijifo was acquitted, but not ,
uwu no had spent three months in jail j
unjustly. The public should show its
sympathy on this occasion.
Mmimlivillc Xcw. j
Auctioneer lieckonbaugh will glvo
Shakespearian recitations at tho town,
liull this evening. Admission will bo
five. Mr. Ilockonbaugh is a groat '
Sliukenprurian scholar.
Hichiird Fleming was shot Tuesday ,
iiii'lit by Isaac McNickle, colored. '
Fleming was walking along tho mreet,
vlicu flint by McXicklo, who claims
that Fleming insultingly accosted a colored
woman. Tho wound Is a serious
one iu the right side, and was made by
a M-calibro revolver. j
Mr. Will Coles and Miss Margaret ;
Clark were married nt the Simpson SI.
'.. church last evening, and lator a re- '
option was held at Miss Martha Johnsin's.
Tho happy couplo rccoivod
tunny fine presents.
Tiie world is always interested in tho
vure oi consumption; yet its prevention
sot far more importance. Ur. Wood's
Norway Pine Syrup is guaranteed to
cure coughs and colds. Sold by all dealMa
on a guarantee oi satisfaction, daw
Matters of Minor Moment In aad About
the Cltr.
The Grand this evening?"An Irishman's
Opera House this evening?Maudo
Grangor in "Gabriel."
The telephone poles distributed along
Wain street are beingputup.
Wouk on the Main street stono bridge
still goes slowly but steadily on.
The Council committee on ordinances
i- iiill?l to meet this evening.
A.iot't half tho slato is on tho roof of
the Terminal company's now anion
station on Market street at the creek.
T 1 >[. u,| Knvlnp nnrl
iilt. UIIIIIIUJIV V7i <?" i m r
Miss Mary Brinkman, siater of Henry
Brinkman, tlio South Side saloonkeeper,
took place yesterday afternoon, Rev.
Mr. Hans officiating.
Officer Don lev, with the aid oi
three boys, yesterday buried a dead dog
on the creek bank between the Main
and Market street bridges. A crowd on
each bridge witnessed the obsequies.
Wheeling parties to-day purchased
the Campbell farm of 227 acres near
llolliday 8 Cove for $8,000, and will
proceed at once to erect a large fire
brick works thereon.?SteubenvilU Mar.
The Island schoof boys challenge the
Kitchio school boys for a game of football
to tuke place on .Saturday afternoon
)n the Island bridge park, u accepted,
inswer through the Isteluobkobh. II.
Maguire is captain of tho Island boys.
The two stores of C. II. Dinger, on
1'welflh and Main streets, wore sold yesterday
morning, at an administrator's
sale, for $8,000. The purchasers wore
the Messrs. Dinger Bros, sons of the
Icccasetl. Tlioy will form u stock company
and carry on tho existing business
under the firm name of Dinger Bros.
Itrangor* is tho City nad WJiooilug FolIts
B. Bassell, jr., of Bnckhannon, is at
:he McLure house.
II. W. Brown, of Mannington, rogislered
yesterday at tho McLure house.
Mrs. C. C. Wright, of Murraysville,
KArvicitarnsI vnator/lnv lit. tllft tftfimm
Thomas J. Branigan and bride, ol
horning, Ohio, stopped at the Behler
last night.
Hov. 0. 51. DtiBois. of Jit. Clemens,
Mich., a nephew of Mr. J. D. DuBois, if
in the city.
E. E. Scluiltz, advance agent of the
'Uncle Isaac" company, was at the
Behler yesterday.
Sir. and Mrs. Peter Wendol and Mrs.
(Villiam Wendel have returned from a
visit to the West
Mr. ired fihnman, of North York
street* is slowly recovering from an at:ack
of typhoid fover.
C. C. Fnlton. of Mannington, nnd K.
Si Caldwell, of Parkersburg, registered
pesterdny at the Behler.
"Miumta Mnrv nnrl Mnirtria Moiiolinn,
ivho Lave been upendinginveck in Pittsburgh,
have returned home.
Mrs. Hugh Crockard, of the Island,
returned yesterday from a visit to friends
it Dcnnison and O'oluinbns, Ohio.
Charles Lee and daughter Fnnnio, loft
last evening for Washington, whore she
ivill enter the Howard university.
Tlio many friends of Mr. and Mrs. F.
M. Milligan will tender sincere sympa;liy
on the death of their little son yeslerday.
Mrs. C. It Hobhs, accompanied by her
ittlo boy, is visiting her parents, Mr.
ind Mrs. I. Y. Hamilton, at Washing;on,
Mr. and Mrs. I.. Stono will ontertain
he Arcadian club, of Martin's Ferry, at
' - L- *i... Tni?i
Capt I*. W. Burko, of Gr afton, Alox.
Lively, of Now Martinsville, and C. II.
Villenger, of Mannington, ore the West
Virginians registered at the Now St
Charles hotel.
Mr. Fred D. Ilyde, a correspondent ol
;he Afro- American Prat, of Cincinnati,
,vho came hero to attend the Tri-State
Emancipation Cay celebration, returned
ionic yesterday.
Hon. Blancho K. Bruce left yosterday
ornnoon for Washington. He was favorably
impressed with Wheeling, and
laid he took with him only sunny memjries
of his visit here.
In tlio Justice'! Ofllrei.
Branch Taylor and Hiss Patsy
Brown, colored, will be tried before
Squire Davis this afternoon, a chargo
u adultery and fornlcatiun having been
preferred against tliem by Sherman
-Tr?)ir? lirtnnf mlnrnil. wns finftd -?5
>nd costs by Squiro Arkio yesterday,
for beating his wifo. Tlio warrant wis
sworn out bv George Alexander, ol
Cadiz. 0., ilia fathor-in-law.
J. II. McCiinmick, Noah Cotts and
Joseph Doregan, accused of having
broken into buildings and freight cars
ind stolen brass and copper wire, will
Imvo a hearing before Squiro Arkle
this afternoon.
A Prominent Old Soldier.
Major William II. Snider, formerly of
the Ninety-fourth 0. V. 1., now a leading
glass jobber of Lpgansport, Ind., is
liere, the guest of Hon. X. B. Scott and
Mr. II. E. Waddol. While in the army
lie never missod but ono bnttlo his regiment
was in, that being Chieamauga.
His hosts tendered him the freedom of
tho town, and nothing is too good for
bun. When Mr. Waudel went on the
road to sell glassware the first ordor he
took was from Major Snider. His visit
tiere is fbr pleasure merely, and to reiow
old acquaintances. lie will leave
for homo at 4:20 this afternoon.
Riiecmatissi is caused by a poisonous
icid In the blood and yields to Ayer's
L'ills. Many cases which seem chronic
ind hopeless, have beon completely
nired by this medicine. It will cost
but little to try what effect tho Fills
may have in your case. Wo predict
luccess. wj
I.oU In BIunnilnTlltit.
You can purchase lots at privato sale
from G. 0. Smith, or
Rev. G. W. Grimes.
DINNER nod Sapper at G. A. K. Hall toInr.
Grand Oyster Soup and Lunch at
3am Sloanes Cpper Benwood Saloon,
in Thursday ovenlng. All are invited.
Ronuirknblo Facts.
*t 1 j! !- 11.. ?a
iirun uiBi-usu 10 uauiui/ dui?jiusvm iv
bo incurablo, but when properly treated
?large proportion of cases con be cured.
Thus Sirs. Elmiro Hatch, of Elkhart,
Ind., and Sirs. Slary L. Baker, of Ovid,
Mich., wore cured aftor suffering 2U
vears. S. C. Linburger, druggist at San
Joso. 111., says that Dr. Slilcs Now Heart
Cure, which curod tho forroor, "worke<l
wonnors for his wife." Lovi Logan, of
Buchanan, Midi., who had heart diseaso
for 30 years, says two bottles made
iiim "feel like n now man." Dr. Miles'
New Heart Cure is sold and guaranteed
by tho Logan Drug Co. Hook of wonderful
testimonials free. mi&tw-l
Children Cry for Pitcher's Caatorlai
An old Wheeling Resident Returns
to bis Home and Family.
A Telegram Announcing thnt lie Still
i Mvm. Knpf?ivf?<i iwr his Family--Un
like Enoch Ardcn, he finds his Wlfu
81111 Hearing Ills Nnihe.
Fourteen years a wanderer from
home, and believed by bis v,ifo to be
dead, an old citiion of Wheeling returns
to tho bosom of his family.
Lying on a sick bod lie sends word to
his wife, who journeys to Michigan to
meet him.
Twenty years ago Uarry Gill was tho
owner of a prosperous glue and fertilizer
business, situated on the present
site of It. If. Gilloland's glue factory.
From his place of business thousands
of sacks of bone dust were sent out to
rovivify the exhausted fields of the
neighborhood. Many citizens of Wheel
-- - ? ? ' t--.11
ing and larmers of Ohio ana niureiiuu
counties remember Hurry GUI, "Phosphate
Unrrv," as lie was culled, lrom
the hnturo of his business. After continuing
in business for some years, Mr.
Gill sold out at a remunerative figure,
and embarked in otlior business von'
tures. For some time lie traveled over
the country selling glass door
plates for ex-SherilT William C.
llandlan, and was a successful
agent. While be was fortunate he
took good earo of Mb wife and family,
and sent weekly remittances of money.
In a period of three years he returned
home once or twico, and on leaving the
last time, went with sanguine expectations
of success In anothor venture, the
glass door-plates being no longer a novelty.
In tho spring of'77 a letter was
received by Mrs. GUI, informing her
that her husband was going to leavo
tho Michigan town he was stationed in,
and telling hur not to wrlto until sho
mr-pivml u'nnl frnm hini. From that
day until Friday, September 11, not a
lino had been received. Tho wife anu
! mother awaited anxiously further dowb
of her husband, but as day by day passed,
and tho days lengthened into weeks,
1 and months and years, sho abandoned
1 all hope, and ultimately concluded that
her husband was dead.
With the dif continuance of the remittances
the queatiuii how to live, became
to the family the all absorbing
: topic. The children were small, tho
youngest boy being but three years old,
and Uio house thoy lived in, on the
river bank, near Bogg's run, was too reI
mote from tho central portion of tho
city for tho mother to take work and at
the same time attend to the youngest
> children. But the innate sturdiness of
tne tililur cnuaren came tu mu icatuc,
Too independent to rely upon tlioir
i relatives lor precarious assistance, the
I three girls anil Andy, a boy of nino
years, cast about for some means
; of earning a livelihood. The adi
jacciit hills were rich in sassafras
and dandelion, and during the senson
the children would climb the hills,
, dig tho roots and pluck herbs, and on
market duys walk up to the markothouso
and sell their lmrd-oarned produce.
Thoir figures wero familiar ones
in tho busy mart, and everybody encouraged
them. Business was slack at firet,
and many times tlio young merchants
returned to their little home with only
a few cents as tho reward of the labor of
days. In course of time trade brightened
up, tho business was extended and a
stand in the markot was the next ambitious
venture, and thefamily's existence
was securo. In after years the girlB were
, married, ono to Thomas Brewster, tho
nihnr tn William Kulkenstcin. the third
to William Liston. A division of the
funds accrued during the family copartnership
was made when Mrs. Jirewster
was married. The latter has accumulated
soma property and now conducts
n flourishing green grocery business at
the south-east corner of Kleventh and
Market streets.
The entire family had given up the
father for dead and had lost hope of
evon hearing how his death occurred.
On Friday, September 11, a telegram
dated at Mecosta, Mich., was received
by Mrs. Gill, announcing that her husband
was lying thero sick. Mrs. Gill
and her daughter, Mrs. Brewster, woro
overjoyed to hear of tho husband and
father still being alive, and determined
to go at once to Michigan and brine
him back. There wore somo who tried
to dissuade Mrs. Brewster from going
on this expedition, and recalled to her
mind how her fatlior had abandoned
tho family years betore. To such advisers
her sole reply was: "He is my
father, sick and probably in want, and
I shall bring him home.
Within twenty-four hours after receiving
the message she and her mother
were speeding toward Michigan.
At Mecosta they found him, and a
joyful reunion took place.
Mr. GUI is an ex-C'onfederato soldier,
and tho sickness from which ho wag
suffering was the result of wounds received
during the service. But instead
of finding him in want, tbey found him
doing well, the editor of a prosperous
newspaper 111 u Dusiung town, ami mo
owner of three city lots and a fortyacre
No time was lost in returning, and on
Tuesday morning the long lost fatbor
came back to bis children.
Mr. Gill was surprised when informed
that his family had not heard from him
for fourteen years. The letter they received
announcing his intention to
leave Michigan, he said, was writteu
1 when ho wo? despondent, having been
unfortunate in imsinoss. During the
years of bis absence ho claims to have
written nino letters to Joe Lelneweber,
1 his brothor-ln-law, which Loineweber
says he never received. Becoivlng no
' answer to his letters, ho concluded that
his family had loft Wheeling. The dispatch
sent by tho Mecosta man, at
whoso hotel ho was stopping, was a
random shot, and he was overjoyed
when it hit tho mark. Mr. Gill is improving
rapidly since returning to
wneeuugt n??u win owu u? ?u uiu
streot renewing old acquaintances.
Plana of the improvements of Benwood
Junction are on exhibition in
George Durst's window. It will pay
you to see them and you will donblo
your uiouoy if you buy a lot this week.
, Hour A Hahtiy. Agents.
1314 Market Street
Merit Wins.
Wo (lcalro to say to our citizena that
for vears wo have been selling Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption, Dr.
King's Now Life Fills, Bucklen's Arnica
Salvo and Electric Bitters, and have
nover handled remedies that acll as well
or that have given such universal satisfaction.
Wo do not hesitate to guarantee
them every time, and wo stand roady
to refund tho purchase price if satisfac
lorv ruvillin uu nut. iuuuw I?cu use.
These remedies have won their great
popularity purely on their merit*. Logon
Drug Co., Druggist*. 1
It will bo Started before Long?Experimenting.
A report wan current yesterday that
Mr. Anton Iieymaun hud bought a larftu
block of tho stock o( the now Ohio
Valley Fottory Company, which bought
tho flne pottory built by tho West Virginia
China Company in North Whefcl
ins. Sir. Iievnmnn was a stockholder
in both the old and new companies,
and eomo time n?o he bought out the
largest Individual Interest, tnat 01 iiou.
W. L. Ileum. Ho told nn Ixtw.mod.ncek
reporter last night that ho had not
purchused any stock since.
Two men are now at work cleaning
up tho premises. Tho coinpuny hus its
eye on a cood man /or manager, uud if ,
ho can bo secured the pottery will be
started up in full at an early day. It is 1
one of tho largest and most comnlete
plants in the country, and its steady
operation means a good deal for the
A young German chemist recontly
came hore from the old country. He
has been muking experiments in the
mixtures of clays, composition of glazing
and the like, and the pottery will
probably make some now linos of waro
when it resumes work.
Tire sale of lots at Moundsville to-day
will take place on the lots, so you can
soo exactly what you ore baying. Ho- I
member free train on Baltimore & Ohio
at 0 a. m. Free dinner on grounds.
Come on and make some money.
G. 0. Smith.
Jn*t llccolvud
100 Crayon Portraits. .
1138 llnin street.
Down they go in price to thirty-five
cents per quart from tonlay. For sale
everywhere. W. 0. HcCli-skey, i
Wholesale agent,
Depot, 50 Twelfth street
DINNER and Sapper at O. A. it. unit today.
Stage of Water nail Movement* of lloats.
Tho River IuterejU.
Tho river trns still frilling, with 2 foot
8 inchos in tho channel. It ha9 been
as low during tho past throo years, but
not for bo long a time.
Tho Matt F. Allen left Sunday for
Pittsburgh. She not us fur us Wallory,
but had "to roturn'to Liverpool and roshipped
lier freight.
The Liborty will lay off on account
of low water. The steamer Nora will
take her place in the Olariugton trado,
and leaves at 3:30 p. m. to-day.
Tho U. K. Bedford will get away for
Parkersburg at 11:30 a. m.
MILLTGAN?On Wednesday, September 23,1891,
Johnny M., sou of Frank M. und Jennio M.
MHHkiiu, aged 3 yean, 1 month and 13 days.
Funeral from tho residence of his parents, No.
1121 Charles street, Friday morning at 10
o'clock. Friends of tho family invited. Iutorment
at Peninsulur Cemetery.
WEfI>'EK?On Tbursduy, September 22,1831, at
4:30 a. m., Miw. Reqf.na Fkkdeuicka Wehneii
in the 83d year of her age.
Funeral services at her late residence, Ko. 1)38
Market street, Thursday afternoon at 8 .
o'clock, lntermout private. I
Wrong? j
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wi (no u o^uuiai reavuiai
ied Day or Niqiit.
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