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" I _
Told By Miss Eva Jewell and
Samuel Thornton.
Supposed to Have Been Drowned
While Bathing at Oonoy Island,
And arc Fully Identified by
Brooklyn Relatives.
j TheyXIxilin That While Bathing They
Were Swept Oat to Soft aiuf Picked
Up by a Spanish Vessel mid Landed
on tlio Florida Cnuet, Hundreds of J
Miles Away, In Nothing But Their
t Bathing Suits?But Circumstances
| Come to Light That Point to an 1
Klopment and Tholr Story is Blsbc1
loved ~ A First Class Social Sonsa-1
tlon May be the Result?One of the
| Strangest Stories ou Kceord.
New York, Sept. !ii?Did Samuel W.
Thornton, of No. 277 Cumberland
utroct, Brooklyn, and his sister-in-law,
Miss Eva Jewell, elopo, or la it true, as
they claim, that they were carried out
to sea while bathing at Coney Island,
picked up by a Spanish vessel and
landed on the Florida coast? This is
the question that is agitating the minds
of their friends. If their own story is
true they aro tho hero and heroine of
omi of tho strangest nuvunturos on
record, and tlieir experience would
form tlic basis of a thrilling novol. But
there aro some circumstances winch
se'em to point to tho fact that they
elopud and had left theirclothiug in the
bath house at Coney Island to inako it
appear that they had been drowned.
Winding up in Florida without money,
they desired to return home, and, Mr.
Thornton beinga married man, invented
the story above referred to. 1
The ease is certainly a mysterious
one and is ouo of tho most interesting
social sensations that have como to
light for a long while. it is the talk
of Brooklyn. Tho story related by Mr.
Thornton and Mies Jewel! in Jacksonville,
Ha., is substantially as follows:
TIIE1H Tlinil.I.ING fliouv.
In tho afternoon of August 27, they
went to Coney Island together, and
about 2 o'clock secured bathing suits
and went into tho snrf. Thornton
could swim; Miss Jewell could not.
Suddenly a big wavo took them off
their feet and drew them out Into deep
water. There was no other bathers
within 200 feet of them, and their cries
for help were not heard above the roar
of tho surf. Miss Jewell clutched frantically
at Thornton's arms and slioul-'
dors, and he found it impossible to
swim toward tho shore with lior. Tho
current swept them rapidly out to sea.
The girl had also swallowed salt water
and was strangling badly. In this condition
they drifted for twenty minutes
or more, wllen a flouting log attracted
Thornton's attention. Ho made for it
nml to thtH tho two clunc for dear lifo
until nearly dark when n Spanish bnrk,
which luuf just worked through the
Narrows, bound for South America,
picked them up.
Miss Jewell fainted as soon as she
reueheil the vessel's deck, and it was
midnight bofore the captain and his
wife, with the assistance of Thornton, |
brought her to her senses. Then she
became dolirious and lay in a high
fevor for live days botween life and
death. On the sixth day the fovor
turned and tho young woman gradually
recovered. Meanwhile tho snip had
gone rapidly on her course, and all
chances of sending tho castaways back
to Now York had been lost. Neither
Thornton nor Hiss Jewell can recall the
uamo of tho bark. It was n Spanish
name and tho captain and crow could
not speak any English. They supplied
their passengers with clothes, however,
mid treated them kindly. < In September
I) they spoke a Spanish vessel bound
for Yucatan. Iler captain said that ho
was going to mako the pnssago through
the straits of Florida, and he agreed to
tako tho castaways aboard and land
thorn on tho Florida coast at tho first
' opportunity. They were transferred to
this vessel," the crow of tho llrstvossol
making up n purse of $lf> for them lie(uru
they loft It.
On tho new bark tho captain nnil
crow woro.also Spanish and unablo to
speak English. Thornton anil Ills companion
prow almost craiv with anxiety
11ml fear, for tlioy conhl think only of
the grief of their friends nt homo and of
their own wrotched condition. Thtf
bark was often becalmed and at ono
time was in u galo of wind for fortyeight
hours, which blow her 150 milos
oil lior course. Finally her captain
sighted the Florida coast earlv Saturday
morning. At 7 o'clock a ooat was
W oreJ'thiit took tho man and woman
ashore. This was on the bench about
t.nlf .....M luiln-aan ?J*o mmltll i\( lliA Sit
John's river and Pablo. There was
only one house there. Here they got
breakfast and started to walk to Jacksonville,
twenty miles distant. They
got a ride in a cracker's" wagon part
of the way and reached Jacksonville
about noon'Saturdtiy. Thornton wont
to tho telegraph ollice and informed
his brother in Brooklyn of his plight,
asking for money to get homo with,
and tiien the pairwent to the St. John's
Thornton is twenty-nine years old
and is a native of Canada. lie is about
iivo feet eight mchos tall and weighs
200 pounds. He is of the firm of Thornton
Brothers, bakers and confectioners,
of No. 277 Cumberland street, Brooklyn.
.Miss Jewou IB :urg. uiormun 8 HiHiur.
Slio ig twenty-six years aid, slifrlit in
flguro, with (lark hair and oyet.
On Monday night Sir. Thornton's
brother, speaking to a reporter, at his
residenco, Xo. 277 Cumberland stroet,
Brooklyn, ailudod to the storvus a sen'satinnni
newspaper yarn, iesterday
morning the name mnn . sent
$50 to Jacksonville. Ilia brother-in-law,
Claude Styles, employed in the New
York 1-ifo Insuraneo Company, submitted
the safe-combination test to
Samuel, in Jacksonville, on Monday
i night. Samuel tolegruphed tho figure*.
V .. This convinced Brother William. Be,
. Hides this tost, there was anotheif Mrs.
; ' StOCRum, 01 AO. iih vnimuruiii iivuuuc,
is a iriond of tho Thorntons. She is n
fiut friend of Miss Eva Jewell, ivlio, on
Aiifriut 27 wont in bathiim at Conoy
Islnnd with Hamaol, and, after tho
manner of ladies the world over, they
???) . T' ' . . v
were accustomed to lend articles of
jewelry to each other. Mrs. Hteckum
had loaned Eva a rubv ring set with
diamond brilliants, which ring wan
naturally enough wafted out to ?ea
with MiijS Jewell. TIhh h-iu fortunate,
as the description of it sent liy telegraph
dispelled tlio doubts entertained by
William Thornton an to the idttkjtfty of
hia scorm-toaaed relatives. j
Cut there is another side to tlio
I rnmanon wliir>li If It tlirn* ollt to bo
true, will likely result iu some sensational
developments. It appears in
the following dispatch from Jacksouville,
Flo., in the JJeraUl: >
It looks very much ns though the
story told by Samuel \Y\. Thornton anil
Miss Kva Jewell, of Brooklyn, N. V.,
about being carried out to sea while
bathing at Coney Island, of being picked
tip by a Spanish bark, of being tran.slerred
to another Spanish bark, and
then being put ashore on the Florida
coast, twenty miles from Jacksonville,
was nothing more nor less than u cunning
scheme to save their reputations
now that they desire to go home.
This forenoon Thornton received the
$50 telegraphed by his brothor and at
once made arrangements to go north
this ovening.
Conductor Barr, of the Pullman car
Kincon, which left 2few Orleans last
Friday night and arrived in this city
about half-past eight o'clock Saturday
evoning, told me that both Thornton
and Miss Jewell wore passengers on his
?.?% if.n iournev.
Kditor Carter, of tho Jacksonvitlo Ev,ninn
Afttrupolis, was also on the train.
vVJicii they read the descriptions of
Thornton an<l Miss Jewell they immediately
recognized them as the couple
that liad been passengers aboard tho
it 8tahti.eo miss jf.wkf.t~
To make auro of tho identilication wo
went to tho St. Johns IIoubo this morn'
Jn# at eleven o'clock. Miss Jewel)
camo into the parlor to meet ns.
The moment she entered anu met the
conductor face to face a peculiar,
I startled exclamation cscapod lier. She
sank nervously on a seat and became
I deathly pnle.
I "I havo come to ask for some partiouLirn
about this thrilling tale of the
I sea," said Mr. Carter.
I "Oh, I don't know what to say," Miss
Jewell replied, clasping lior hands ncr|
! Then, apparently collecting her
thoughts as she saw alio was recognized,
| sho continued: "I won't talk to you.
I .See Mr. Thornton and he will tell you
, all."
I With this remark she tied to her
room across the corridor.
I Wo could not seo Thornton and de!
cided to come hack in half an hour or
so. We were absent less than half an
| hour, but as wo were nearing tho St.
I John's House wo saw Thornton and
I Miss Jewell coming down the steps.
They had their bandies under their
I arms and seemed to bo very much in ifc
| hurry. The moment they saw us their
I faces flushed. Thov wore much disconcerted
and plainly endeavored to
I avoid us.
I "This is Mr. 13arr, who knows you,"
I I said to Thornton.
"I nover say you before in my life,"
! exclaimed Thornton, looking at Barr.
i "You are entirely mistaken, sir."
I "Nor I either," Miss Jewell added.
I "And I," returned the conductor,
"am just as positive that you were both
| on my ear from New Orleans to this
I city, and I can prove it by two passengers
in the mime car, 0110 lady here jn
I Jacksonville, the other W. K. Carter,
I editor of the Afetrojtolis"
This is the story Paul D. Barr, the
Pullman car conductor, tells me:
"I came in .from Montgomery early
this morning and had gone to my room
when I thought I would read the newspapers
before I went to sleep. I read
the story of Thornton and his companion
and when I came to the description
of them it struck me that this was the
couple I had seen. 1 said to mvselfthat
1 .. u.n??hA?l.
Htorv ui bliUlin ia u lunur mu; nv?\i ?w..
in my sleeper from Now Orleans Friday
night. The description tallied exactly
with the two passengers. That man and
woman wore in my ear without a shadow
of a doubt. I should' have recognized
them in darkest Africa. They got
into the car at the station in New Orleans.
They had no sleeper tickets and
I asked them to get these beforo they
took seats. The man went hack to the
Pullman ofllco and bought one berth,
lower 7. Thoy were in the car from
Friday night until Saturday night?
about twenty-four hours.
It had been Thornton's intention to
leave here on the train to-niglit. The
(<iM tlmf ?t?/? nnlliwl nn liIin In thn morn
in# wub probably the oauso of tlio couple
mailing away trom the Iiotel to catch
the noon train. Thornton apparently
hud nodoairo to be oueslioned at length,
but in hope of cotting somo further information
fromTiiin I went to the depot
and asked him if he did not desire to
explain himself before he left the citv.
lie thought for a momontand then said:
"This is a cruoi lie they tell about us.
Wo roached Jacksonville just exactly as
I havo narrated bofore. 1 admit that
the story is a strange ono and that it
makes some pcoplo suspicious of us.
Why, even my own brother could not
believe me at first. But ho aont the
money just the same, lie wouldn't
havo did that if I hud run awav with
my wife's sister, would he? Besides,
we are going right, back to Brooklyn to
meot them till. I tell you, it's cruel. If
you could rcc thn dear wife and child
whom I havo been separated from for
nearly a month you would never believo
tlio story of those two men, tlio conductor
and editor. JJo, I'm not so eon
ICII1 JJWiUlU It CIICUIV IU iu uicuif ...? ...... a
heart and ruin mv homo and all mv
prospects in life. We will bo cleared of
this cowardly charge as soon as wo get
among onr friends again."
There is another qucor thing about
Thornton and Miss Jewell. Nobody
seems to know where the pair spent
Saturday night. They arrived lit*re at
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8:80 in the evening. They did notrog- .
ister nt the tit. .John's Ilourfc until Sunday
forenoon. If they * topped nt ?ny
of the other hotels tho first night they
tnn?t have regietored under fictitious
They will take tho steamship City of
Birmingham, of tho Ocean Stoamsiiip
Company's line, at Savannah, and land
in New York Friday noon.
A Tarrlblo Some FoIIown ii Frontled WorNlilpper'H
Cry of *Juil|[tnnitt,"
Jacksoxvillb, Kla., Hcpt. 24.?.7ust
before 12 o'clock lust night a panic occurred
in the Harmony Baptist Church
(colored), during which one woman
was killed, throe others received fatal
injuries and about twenty people wcro
seriously crushed and bruised. The
audience was mado up of ncrly 500 nogrues,
nil under more or less religious
excitement, mo g;w hkiiu uuguu iu
flicker badly and then went oat entirely.
Ono frenzied whorehippor shouted,
"judgment, judgment," at which tlio
crowd became wild with fear. A grand
mull waa made for tho narrow doors.
Tho panic lasted fifteen or twenty min- J
11 tea, and when tho building was lighted
up again over a dozen people lay
brniged and bleeding ou the floor. One F
?irl, Maggie Clark, aged sixteen, was
ead. At least three were fatally injured.
A limit tod Free. ^
Washington, D. 0., Sept. 24.?Tho u
collector of customs at New York lias 1
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cases of marble statuary and marble
ban reliefs intended for the musnein of
tho I-eland Standford, Jr., University at
J'alo Altn, California, ii upon examinanution
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found to foe works of art.
llerge.t Gotn It.
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to-night betweon Johnny Herget,hotter
known us Hugh Mitchell, California's
representative middleweight pugilist,
and "lleddy" Gallagher, attracted great
interest, and the rooms of tho now Occidental
Club wero crowded at au early
hour in tho ovoning. Tho fight was for
a ?T>,000 purse, of which 8750 was to tho
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it, when Ilergot was declared tho victor.
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r two-third* of our patients being ladies, oiU,
ing, married, single, rich and poor. Our method
ntuely free from objectionable features of the
eral practitioner, namely, "Local treatment."
seldom find it necessary. We prepare reme>,
constitutional and local, it the case demands,
instruct ladies how to treat themselves.
ARRIAQE.?Married personskor young men conplating
marriage, aware of physical weakness,
of procreative powers, impotency, or any other
lualification, speedily restored.
RIVATE DISEASES,?Blood Poison, Venereal
nt, Gleet, Stricture, Seminal Emissions, Loss of
ual Power. Weakness of Sexual Orgaas, Want
>esire in ftlale or Female, whether from imprut
habits of youth or sexual habits of mature
rs, or any cause that debilitates the sexual funcs.
speedily and permanently cured. Consultafree
and strictly con6dential. Absolute cures
ranteed. Medicines sent free from observation
II parts of the United States.
PILEPSY, OR FITS?Positively cured by a new
never-failing method. Testimonials furnished.
ion applying for medical treatment should send
n the morning preferred), which will receive a
squested a written analysis will be given.
lers, who keep trifling with them month after
apply immediately. Delayaare dancerous.
ich nave been neglected or unskilfully treated,
i. Parties treated by mail or express, out where
es guaranteed. No riiks incurred.
atment sent C. O. D. to any part of U. S. List
i No?. 38 and 40 W Pay St.. Columbut, 0.
t is
a prescription for Infants
her Opium, Morpliine nor
is a harmless substitute
* Syrups, and Castor Oil.
is thirty years' nso by
lostroys Worms aud allays
its vomiting Sonr Curd,
Colic. Costorla relieves
stipation and flatulency.
I, regulates tlio stomach
and natural sleep. Cas? ;
ia?the Mother's Friend. '
" Caitorl* la bo well ivlaplM to children tinl 1
recimiiiHiml Itutnpcrlortoaujr prescription
00*11 to mo."
n. A. Ancnr.it, M. D.,
Ill 60. Oxford St., Urookljn, N. Y. "Our
phpldana la lbs children* deputlent
hnvo ipoken highly of their eiperi- ,
ico In their outlido practloo villi Cottorlo,
nd alUiough we only ban amooR our
uxllcat soppllM what Is known u regular
rodncts, jret to are tree to ?m(<? that tho
Mriu of Ctutoria hu won us to look with
L'unxD noariTAL 1*0 Dtsnmur, I
Boaton, Uaaa.
ua? C. Bum, Pm., (
r?7 Street, Km York City.
. ]
I, CL W. Seabrlght, Mayor of tho city of WheelIn?,
do henb/, Tn#ccordnnce with the provUiom
of an ni't ol the Legislature of wv>t VirfcinlH.
iu *uch owe mn?ir un<l provided, nnuouuec
mill pub'.ldi, that the follow iu>: ordlname
w?i duly pasted according to law m a
regular iucetiug of the Council of the city <.f
U'n^llno .*M >? ' >
??.. ?.?n. ..-v|iiuuMis loruie iuuo
and sale of tbo Bonds of the City of Wheeling la
the uroountuirgrogatlnK not more than tl.vMim
auid turn to be used and ex|?cinlo<i l<>r
the following purpose only, viz: Fur the pur*
pasoof providing means lor tho coti*trunlon
trod building of a permauent new brMge <m
Main street, over Wheeling creek. At a ipoclal
election to I* held on the
20TH DAY OK SSpPTJ&WlKK, A. D. 1851,
the qualified vp'cw of the city of Wheeling >h?ll
vote upon the question of the ratification or rejection
of the ordinance aforeiiid, which onlinance
is in the word* and figure fodowlug, to-wit:
AN ORDINANCE to pkoVtde fok Tin: wje and
Second seium," and for tuf. rkdesiitio.s ani>
Whehkah. Underthoonllnnnceadopted by tho
Council of the city on March 11.18S0, and ratified
l?y the qualified voters nt un election held on
April 15, lftW, bonds of the municipality, .h .intuited
us "MhIu Mreet Bridge Bonds" and
imouutlug, according to their face value, to ouo
hundred thousand dollar*. bearing Intorcst nt
the rate of four and one-half t?er centum per
mtium, were mode and executed, and bv the
mmmlulntihn mimwl In ?ntil ...v ? ?
for wile, and certain uf them,amounting luthe
iggregate to thirty thousand live hundred dollars.
arid no more, were iu fact Mid and deliv[. red;
Wmkkkam, It 1b deemed advlsnblo to provldo
for tho lwue und"*ale of other and Mtuilur bon.U
jf the city, iu lieu of those rcnmlnln^ unsold,
?nd bearing u higher rute of interest, with u
rlew t4> realizing funds to wore the completion
uf tho uow Main street .bridge, and to meet tho
IndebtedneM of the city; therefore.
!<o It ordained by tho Council of the city of
Wheeling ns follows:
Section 1. The Mayor and Clerk of the city of
IVheellug uro hereby directed to inuko and deliver
to the commissioners hereinafter named
bonds of the city to the ainouut of Mxty-nlno
thousand and Ave hnndrod dollars, which bonds
liall be of the following denominations,.to-wit:
Twenty-live of sidd bonds shall be of the denomination
of one hundred dollars each: sixty of the
denomination of five hundred dollars euch, and
the residue of tho denomluatiou of one thousand 1
dollars each, aud shnll lie, when mudo, payable
on or before tho first day of November, A. 1). one
thousand nine hundred and twenty-four, Ht the
Hank of the Ohio Valley In the city of Wheeling,
nud shall bear Interest at tho rate of Mx kt
reutum per atlnum, pnyahlo annually at said
bank, the first payment of interest to bo on tho
urn any hi r?ovewuvr, A. I), ibirj, for which lulercst,
coupons In proper form f.liall be attached
to ouch bond. with the signature of the clerk of
uf thu city engraved thereon, tho ^al<l bouils
shall be signed by tho Mayor und counter?l|{ued
by the elerk and waled wltn the seal of >ai?l city.
Section 2. E. P. Jepeon. P. Ik Dobbins and J.
E. Hughes are hereby appointed cummi.?-?loutrs,
and are empowered to sell the bouds of the city
authorized by this ordinance, at not less thnu
their par value, aud to perform other acta nod
ilutioM hereinafter mentioned. Provided, however,
that neither of ?uid cutnmissloncrs s!iall
act under this ordinance until he ehull haw
riven bond with good security, to be approval
by Council, in the penalty of ten thousand dob
lur.i, conditioned ius In the cow of official bond*.
Section 8. The commissioners Khali proceed
without avoidable delay, to sell such bomb to
the highest bidder for cash, and at not lc*? than
their par vitlue. conformlug Iu all thing* to tho
provisions of chapter HI, Acts of lH7.'-3 of the
Legislature of West Virginia as far us the same
la applicable.
Section 4. Tho proceeds arising from the rnlo
of said bonds ah all be pAld out by Mich commissioner
to such person or persons a* tho
UoariCil of said city shall from time to tltny order
and din>ct. Provided, however, that no part
thereof shall be expended for any other purpo?e
thuu for paring for material used in the construction
of und for labor und other necMcuy expenses
Incurred iu and about the construction of a
permanent bridge on Main 6treet in the city of
Wheeling over Wheeling creek.
Suction 5. To secure the payment of uld
bouds and the puuetual payment of the Interest
thereon according to their tenor and effect the
Receiver of thu city of Wheeling shall nay to
uitu commissioners on toe nrsiuayoi >ovcuiber,
onu thousand eight hundred anil ninetytwo,
mid on tho first day of November of each
mid over)' year thereafter until such bonds and
coupons shall bo fully paid, out of any moneys
[>f the city of Wheeling In bis hands, a Millident
sum to pay the annual interest on Enid
bonds not redeemed, aud on tbo tint day of November,
A. D. 1W0, and on the first day of November
each and every year thereafter until
such bondsuro fully paid, in addition thereto a
sum sufficient to redeem in each yenr thereafter
the ono twenty-fifty of said bonds, nud for Mich
sums the Receiver shall take the receipt of tho
commtainners and file the same with the clerk.
The bums necessary to pay the annual interest
unsaid bonds not redeemed and the wild udditionnl
sum not sufficient to redeem the ouetwenty-tlfth
of said bonds on the tirst day of
November, A. D. 1WOO, and on the first day of
November ouch and every yenr thereafter until
such bonds are fully paid, shall be ineluded
in the annual estimate and levy of tho
Section 6. The entd commissioners shall, out
of the moneys they receive from the receiver
under thin ordinance, pay the annual intercut
uccrtiinK.on said bonds, and after the payment
uf the interest as it becomes due shall ou the
(Irst day of November, one thousand nud nino
hundred, aud on the first dny of November in
L-ac'b and every year thereafter, apply the residue
of the moneys then remaining in their
hands to the redemption of the outstanding
bonds issued under this ordinance, at a rate not
greater than their par value. If said bonds canout
lui with the consent of the holder
nt their par value or lew, then in such ease* tli?*
said b<imi* to bo red eo toed .shall Ik* determined
l>y lot by Mill commissioners, who shall thereupon
Rive notice to the holder or holders thereof
by udvertltemcnt, published two weeks In the
ilallv newspapers printed In the city of Wheeling,
of the number* of the bond' to he redeemed.
Such bonds shall cease to bear Interest
From tliu first day of Nuvcml?er of the tamo
Section 7. It shall be the duty of the commissioners
to keep u true and accurate account of
their receipts and disbursements, and shall re*
|>ort the same to the Council annually, and .nu ll
other times us the Council mny dlrvct. Ami
raid commissioner* shall cancel as they are reJeomcil
and deliver to the clerk of the city thu
bonds and coupons redeemed by them, at least
jnce In ever)' yeur, and ofteuer If required by
the Council: and the said eh-rk shall preserve
the same in a book kept for that purpose,
Section n. The bonds issued under this orili?
lance shall be exempt from municipal tuxes by
thu city of Wheeling.
Section 9. For cause, the Council of the city 1
if Wheeling may remove any ouo or m?ro
>f sold commissioner* or their iuccessors, and
he commissioners and their snci'i s.-ow may re'Igu
by jjlvins notice in writing to the mayor or
tlerko'f said city. Any vaiuuicy nhall filled
>y Council In Joint Hussion and bond shall l?
required of every new commissioner as in the
Irst instance.
? -? -?? !.? nf ll...
sixth)* iu. jl miuu i..: i?v- ,iiiv ?
nlwdoner* to enforce each mid every provision
)f this ordinance accordlug to Its true Intent
ttid meaniiii;. And ii?v failure oti tin- purt??f
itty out' of the commissioners t<? comply with
lud perforin any. duty prescribed by thlsonlitmuce
shall be deemed ? forfeiture of hi* bond.
t?ErnoN 11. Before tho comuissMoners ahnll
make any sole of said bonds they .shall ndwrline
in the dally newspaper of the city of WheelItur.
stating the time and place hi wild city Unit
Ihev will receive bids, In writing. fomaid bunds.
And In tho event thai tho aulfecrinijon exceed*
(he aggregate of the bonds there /.hull be mi u|??
nortionmcnt pro rata anion# those bidding tho
highest price.
section 1:'. The commissioners and their
nuecessor* shall receive In tie way of compii*
bit ion for their services one-halt <>f one per
centum of the amount disbursed by them tinier
this ordinance in the redemption of tho
bonds and the payment of Interest on duid
bonds. and In addition thereto u stun not to ex*
feed lifty dollars per annum forolerhad tervices,
ind sahl commissioner* shall receive no other
!omi?ensation for their services under thisnrdl*
section in. Before any of tho bonds herein
provided for an- slgued or counters^ I
ommissioners uetlug under said former*ordi*
nance shnll deliver the bond* In their p??.
Ion (ind remaining unsold to tl.<?
fluauco committee, and such unsold Isiii'u
ilinll be by the committee forthwith destroy* I.
Hid no Other l.niid. filial I l>0 IV???iiri| IIT-I. t ,.,v.
laid former ordinance- In lien but nodinirlntbN
ordinance ahull l/v ? .i?-frui-?l fo ?f- ,
oct tho validity of the bomi* aJrein Iy Mdd mi* i
ler Mild former ordinance or the jjuj writ of tho
wine iw provided therein.
Section j |. Thl* ordinance ."hull take* eflbct
rotnuucJ after itt* ratification t>y the ijuttllficd
rotor* of the city of Whi'din/j at nn election to
>e held on the lifltn day of September. 1 fc,'l.
The itgnmuutu unionut of iudchMne-i* of tho
,'Ily of Whoelinfr. toned and atithorl~<-d by tho
aid city, ami exiMing at till* date. I? {f??.77.i co.
rhi* iiiCtudoN th* K'eetrle IJ^ht Iloiidx.
tilv??n under tny hand this Uth day of .-er>tew
tvt, JW1. ( \\\ sK.XlfKIliin.
MnyOr of the dliy of Wheeling. W. Va.
Clerk of tho City of Wheeling. W. Va.
m-pl ,xS> .
CORNICE AND Tin nwr...-.
tpeolal atteutlon given to all kind* of i'hoot
Iton aud Tin Work on Bnlldinf* A-w
Sfoel and rclt liooins . _
Sail and get uricc- hfforo oontraclliur-** 1 40 '
I'MEtAltiaf 7U ulVJi iiAKiiAiS'3 J
in tfeut Hue of vrorfc
Jo14 Cuxuvr Muiu afiU Souib fctru-u.

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