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Boll tlio method anil results wten
tjyrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
awl refreshiug to the taste, and acts
ren'.ly yet promptly on tho Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanscs tho system
effectually, dispels colds, headaches
and fevers and cures habitual
constipation, f-jrup of Figs is tho
only remedy of its kind over pro
' - ?- ?i? J??. *
ducea, piensing vu tuo mow auu
ceptaiilo to tho stomach, prompt in
iti action and truly beneficial in its
cffccts, prepared only from the most
healthy and ajjreeablo substances, its
ir.nuy excellent qualities commend it
to all and have mado it the most
papular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for salo in GOc
aad'81 bottles ?}' all leading druggists.
Any reliablo druggist who
may not bavo it on hand will procure
il promptly for any one who
wishi-j to try it. Do not accept any
.v? FUACtaaco, c*t.
msyiuc. it. hew tome, h.y.
WIT" '
There is nothing its equal for relieving
?t nnnriifpo nTnium DIIOUlM/f
me dunc.ric.d3i 11 inmu or Dunmnyi
reducing the INFLAMMATION, taking
out REDNESS, and quickly bringing the
sHn to its natural color;
OT'ARE cf htwitlft. Mo POND'S EXTRACT
cn)i> Soa b-idscape trademark on buff wrapper.
&fl only la ur own bottles. All druggists*
POND'S EXTRACT CO.,765th Ave.,N.Vi
m It'8 rcmarlmblo apeciflo
Cx.Vj wtlouupontliouffectou parta
JJ Rtv<s it supreme control over
8^3 l'det, however severo.
Abo for Burn*, Scalds,
J *! Eruptions, Salt Jtheum ?c.
<s? Tcstlmonialafrom all classes
P?M provo its efflcuey. l'rico DOc
Sold by iill Drucrglsta or scut by mail
oil reccipt of price. Put up only by
rOND'S E7."2?CI CO., 76 6th Ave,, W. V.
BliotiM 1h> provided with Ayer's Pills.
No other aperient is in such general domain!
or no highly recommended by tlio
profession. Mild hut thorough in operation,
thoso pills aro tho best of all rem
edies for constipation, biliousness, heartburn,
indigestion, flatulency, loss of appetite,
liver complaint, and sick headache.
Tliey break up colds, fevers, and
malaria, reliove rheumatism and neuralgia,
and aro indispensable to travelers,either
by i ilaud or sea.
Bu/ar-coat- ?/__/_ ed and compounded
of iwQBuS tho i purost
ve;:otaMol cathartics,
tlmy may bo taken with impunity by
old and young. Physicians recommend
tlu-so pills in preference to nny other.
H.W.ircrsb.Jndsonln,Ark.,says: "In
1853,by tho advice of a friend, I began
tho use of Ayer's Pills as a romody for
i.tn,..? -ii- ., - ?.?_?
UI1IUU91K309, IllRU iovora,
and cuUU. They nerved mo bettor tlum
cr.rthlntf I had previously tried, and i
liftvo used them in attacks of that Bort
ever fllucc."
Ayers Cathartic Pills
Evory Doso Effective.
Bead blood.
bad blood.
bad blooa_
r,T7^,r.,?rt I I h?vo been Buffering 10 yean
PURIFIES wIth Eryslj^la*. Havetakeudoci
Villi idj ton* inedlciDefl and patent medicines
of most all kiml#, but nono
TOP I to ln^UUV I
*uu iiuau) iiiiiuu up my iiuua ?? iry
used four bottles of B. B- B.,
BLOOD. SidLlnk ray*u cut,r
Mm. K. J. MfCAtWT.
ul-Mwr.trow Scrvlcc, Beavor Ca, Pa.
Promptly and perina- ?JT-ri-niiy
uuo' nil forms of
eluiw. ^pcromUirrhwv, Iro- mk^M
potency, and til etlecUof
abuse or excesses. Been J9M
tir'nwn^j ?f'er ^ ^e&n
OM V I.I III.r. and HUN
J>TMK1.!C!NK KNovrN. Ask Before and After,
druggists for Wood's Phc iniodink; if ho offers*
wiiii' worthless medicine in place of this, leave
hlstUihonest stow. Inclose price in letter.atid wo
will ??.?ud by return mail. Price, one package.?!;
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the wood chemicalco..
HI Woodward ave., Detroit, Mich.
6oW in Wheeling by LOGAN DHVO CO.
_wrr.t r.dw
We will rmv ih.. ?K,.M ???
SiXSFfe iinSttbTto:
l"" I* ?v ' l' 1L-1 Ire) I n 111; U. t with. TUeyaw
tattoo. 9!S?& '!"'! '? If1 ?"?
j ] .'! v ' "ire box , conululnr
l iluunn. ?>,v "l oounlfrfeltj an3
tbj:J? "v?ti?vffiTSucA5o)i5
1 w??m SU..SN fcttUng.W.Va. wrAW
if i
Miss Kraomor'e Tragio End Bo- opi
cause of a Broken Pledge.
And Its Termination?Had Lived in
Washington as the Husband of a Ca^
Woman, With the Written Consent *
of Ills Legal WIIWThe Document's ^
Strange Disappearance Causes Miss eg^
Kraomer to Take tier Own Llfe?A ^as
Sud Story. seri
Wasiusoiok, D. C., Sept. 24.?'Throo j"ai
weeks of separation from the man she ^
loved, and two letters disclosing the iUg
sad truth that the valued relations of Cot
tfix year's standing wore at an end, sum 'J10
up the thirty^mo years of the life of ^
Mario Kraenror, kuowu as Mrs. Paul pft<
Wolff, and toll the preliminary story of to h
Tn the
tho world in which alio moved Mario
Kraemer was looked upon as tlic lawful thr
wife of tho well-known German corres- C
pondont and editor. In the absence of 8?"
.Mr. Wolff, attending to tho dutios of liia ^rj
new position as managing editor of tho swo
Chicago StuaU Xeilung, aho resided with the
her widowed niothor and young brother 4'le
at 631 G Btroet soutiieast, where tho en- an(!
tiro family, when united, had niado ridi
their home for the last six years, over At
Binco they came to Washington and Mr.
Wolff entered newspaper circles as tho y
correspondent of tliu New York Slant* but
Zaluug. tho
At U o'clock Tuesday morning Mrs. the
Kri-amcr visited her daughter's room pov
and found her in what ahe thought a- 'est
natural sleep, and, as she had been very trei
restless during the night, she concluded
lion 10 oisiuro ncr. At 11 o ciucn. duu .
again visited tho apartment, and seeing 11
that her daughter was breathing heavi- gen
ly, attempted to ron? her, but without mai
success. Then sho called in several but
neighbors, nnd the failure of a second eno
and thinl attempt to awake tho sleeper to >
prompted the summons of medical uid. use
When l)rs. Koberts and Carraher wh<
reached the room at . 12 o'clock, the eric
young woman was beyond all help, ite
Restoratives were applied, but failed to cur
revive tho patient, and at 2 o'clock she ran
died. gotl
Mrs. Kraemer, who is German bv and
birth and unable to speak English and
plainly, was completely prostrated by can
the shock of her daughter's death, but
managed to explain to the coroner that T
she had been suffering from melon- alifc
cholia for a week or ten days past, par- bit
ticularly since Monday, when the
second of two letters arrived, and these,
with the facts related by a neighbor wh<
lady, who know tho family intimately wot
in Now York, revealed tho whole sad the
story. Slowly tho fact was developed risk
that in reality tiie dead woman was not iv-n
legally Mrs. Paul Wolff. JMi
Fifteen years ago Paul Wolff, who, it if \\
is said, had previously been divorced, the
came to America anrl entered the pro- and
fession of journalism. lie found em- ?oI<
plovinenton a New York newspaper, l)ru
and in a" abort whife was married a
second time. This union proved a j)
happy one until seven years ago. On a p]cl
down-town street of New York a thrifty
German named Kraemer kept a little forr
hotel and, with him were his family, (j0 j
consisting of \<1io, a daughter, Marin, gho
and a son about seven years of nee. cur,
One night the hotel caught tire and the
journalist rescued Mario from tho burning
mass. She was then twenty-four ?|
years old and showed her gratitude by j)rv
falling desperately in love with her res
VsUV* lllvl
Meanwhile tho German inn-kcopcr j;al]
died, anil tho young journalist's sym- i{0]
pathy w.-L-i pn acceptable solace to the (Jo.,
young woman. Their love was mutual, gt.I
but marriago was impossible. Tlie difficulty
was obviated, however, when T
Mrs. Wolffsigned a document, so goes COvi
tho story, iu which sho agreed never to
molest tho couple, provided she were jmp
paid a stated sum each mouth for
maintenance. This was promised by
Jlr. Wolff, and then, in 1883, the Kraemors
and -Mr. Wolff camo to Washing- j[
ton. when the position of correspondent you
to Now York's leading German paper faj 1
was offerudjiim. Kor six years the ro- thir
lations were apparently happy. A YOTi
month ago, when .Mr. Wolff decuied to j,'0v
accept a (lattoring offer from Chicago, g,In
ho informed Marie that she must rc- wh<
main here with tier mother and brother. Lur
Tho document which had been signed jnil
by Mrs. Wolff seven years ago was un- Ast
til then iuMarie'g possession, but after cfC,
Mr. \\ our H uoparitiro bug nusBcu h, turn
and then for the first time suspected jep
that he wished to terminate their rola- Log
tions. She immediately wrote Mr.
Wolff that sho intended starting for
Chicago atonco, but an immediate ro- ^jre
pl.v told her not to coino just yet. iec
iStill another letter was sent, says Mrs. ,iiej
Kraemer, and then her doughter began tar|
to lose heart She 110 longer had any ,
doubt of Mr. Wolff's intention to die- Jj,
countenance thoir previous relations, ' t
and Monday's letter from thoWostde- gvr
stroyed th'o last vestigo of hopo to
which she clung. Tho attacks of mol- nte]
nurholy bccamo more pronounced, and j8 ?
Mario told soveral neighbors that sho rjin
a .ill certainly take her life. But cnri
neither mother nor son had any inti- due
iiiauon of her pronosod snicido until cnc
told by tho physicians that recovery vii
was impossible. feet
Mrs. Kraemer can assign no other the
cause for tho deed except tho letters, bes
which were furnished for the coroner's tho
inspection." Tho lastlettor said in plain Cen
terms that their relations were known thn
to others, and any nttompt on Marie's for
part to como to Chicago would only result
in 0110 thing?the disclosure of all.
The.roal reason of Mr. Wolff's disclaim- T
ing liis relations with JIario Is sum to
be that in Chicago lie again met the J1
legal .Mrs. Wolff, who is living in that j*"!
city, and their reunion as husband and bla'
wife placed tho ban of censure on the P?f
agreement which for six years protect- ff *
cd Marie's honor and brolto her life at ?r
the end. ??.
Paul Wolf was ono of tho lieat known "
of Washington newspaper men during T
tho six years of his incumbency as an
out-of-town correspondent, and fow
journalists were more popular than ha
Ho was known to have had a brilliant
record as an officer of tho Prussian ?
army during tho Franco-Prussian war
of 2870-1871, and for a timo nerved on
Von Moltke's staff. Personally ho Is a
inun of distinguished appearance, and
bears tbe scar of a French shell as his il*
share of tbo casualties in the strugglo
in which he figured. Several weeks
ago he recoived the appointment of nstf
editor of tho Illinois Stoats Zcitung. ^
Trouble Fund. 11*
Kkoxvtia*, Ti*s., Sept. 24.?Out- Sen
wardly all la quiet in Brlcevlllo and i/u
Coal Creek to-day, but thero is a vague nd<
uneasiness discernible all round. A u?*
whito convict escaped from Bricovillo T
stockade last nicut Tbo Bricevilie
stockade is heavily guarded and thoroughly
equipped for defense. Several J b?
irds were sent from here lost nieht.
noetlng of the miners has been held,
my determination wiu reached, it
Id not be learntd. The prevailing
nion about Coal Creole is that no
liblo will arise, but a minority hold
t convicts will be released and the
impt may bo made at any hour.
ea and Miles Like n Blnzeppa Fait to a
Bronco's Back.
xt (Wyo.) Special to Denvrr Xom.
fiss Cora Arledge, ayounggirl fourn
years of age, with her father, arid
in town last night lrom the fori
of tbo West and from the Big Horn
In. Miss Arledge met with a uiost
ious and remarkable accident at her
no recently. Hur father is a rancliii
In tho Big Horn basin and one day
: week a cowboy rode up to his
ch on a young horse he was break.
In a spirit of jest ho dared Sliss
a to ride tho horse, when, without a
light, sho vaulted into tho saddle,
owing her leg around the horn, and
hone started in to bucking and
:hing at a furious rate, but she stuck
dm, quieting him ovory jump. Then
horse began to run and ran for two
light hours over the prairie, with
la Arledge hanging to the reins and
oe cowboys in hot pursuit.
>ne of them at last succeeded in lasi(C
the frightened animal and gradu
brought it to a standstill. Miss
edgo was told to got off, but slio anired
that she could not,and just then
liorse wade another plunge, broke
lasso and started again on its wild
L'cr. It ran tor over twenty miles
I then dropped dead, and its daring
sr was found unconscious by its side,
first it was thought her leg was
ken, as she did not appear to have
usoofit. but upon an investigation
ran found that no bones wero broken,
; tho muscles of the right leg. from
long and severe strain in holding to
horn of the saddle, had lost their
ror and her leg hangs limp and usei
She was to-day sent to Omaha for
A Llttlo Fatherly Advice.
If over you marry," said an old
tleman to his son, "let it be a \voi
who has judgment enough to
erintend the getting of a meal, taste
ugh to dress horself, pride enough
cash her face, and sense enough to
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription,
anever she needs it." Tho experie
of tho aged has shown tho "FavorPrescription"
to be tho beat for the
d of all female weaknesses and decements.
Good sense is shown by
:ing the remedy from your druggist,
! using it whenever you feel weak j
debilitated. It will invigorate and
not possibly do harm.
he people in this world are so much ;
;e that if you uim at one man you
a hand red.?AtchUon Globe.
To Young Mothers,
/? <1.. a..* I
J aro iwr mu uinu uuuu iu uuuvi^u
nan's sovorest trial,we offer you, not
stupor causod by chloroform, with
; of ileath for yourself or your dearjved
and longed-for offspring, but
Dther's Friend,?aretnedv which will,
ised as directed, invariably alleviate
pains, horrors njid risks of labor,
often entirely do away with them.
I at wholesale and retail by Logan
ig Company and all druggists.
'n. IV. A. Fbance:?I tako great
isure in reconimondln?."01ivo Blosi"
to every liulv suffering with anv
II of female weakness. Ono box will
icr more good than all the medicine
ever took. I consider it a positive
3 for tjucli complaints.
Makv Hatch,
SO Oay Btreet, Columbus, Ohio.
Olivo Blossom" is Bold by togan
ig Co., C. It Goetio, YT. W. Irwin,
K. Williams, C. Schnepf, C. Jlenkelor,
V. C. Arinbright, W. U. AVilis
and M. W.Heinrici; J. W.Dnrnili,
ston & Co., Martin's Ferry; Bowie &
, Bridgeport: C. M. Wyricfc, Bellairei
Jlair Bros., Benwood. caw^i
no uowuuin <;x>puuuiuu hub uibsrod
11 new raro of Indiana in
rador. Wo hope thoy are of the
roved order of rail men.?Motion
A Hafc InveMimMit.
10110 which is guaranteed to brine
satisfactory results, or in caso ot
uro (i return of pnrchaso price. On
i safe plan you can buy from our Aillised
Druggist a bottle o( I)r. King's
f Discovery for Consumption. It is
ranteed to'bring relief In everj* case,
mi used for any affection of 'J'hroat,
igs or Chest, such as Consumption,
animation of Lungs, Bronchitis,
lima, Whooping Cough, Croup, etc.,
It is pleasant and agreeaulo to
e, perfectly safe, arwl can always bo
ended npon. Trial bottles freo at
an Drug Co.'s Drug Store. 1
t Winslow's Soothixo Syrup has
n used by millions cI mothers for
ir children while teething. If dis3od
(it night and broken of your rest
?eick clnld sullering aud crying with
i of cutting teeth tend at once and
a bottle of "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing
up" tor children teething. It will
eve tho poor little sufferer immedly.
Depend upon it, mothers, there
o mistake about it. It cures diar a,
regulates the stomach and bowels,
ds wind colic, softons the gums, roes
inflammation and gives tone and
rgy to the whole eyBtem. "Mrs.
aslow's Soothing Syrup" for children
liing Is pleasant to the taste and is
prescription of one Of tho oldest and
t female physicians ana nurses in
United States. Price twenty-fivo
Is n bottlo. Sold by nil druggists
sughout the world. Bo sure ana iwk
"Jim Winslow's Sootuixo Svbdp.",
, _ BWMW
Xluckleu'a Arnica Salve.
ho best Salve in tho world tor Cats,
ilses,Sores, Ulcers, Salt Kheum, Fever
m, Tetter, Chapped Uands, Chins,
Corns and all Skin Eruptions,and
itivclycures Piles, or no pay required,
a guaranteed to give perfect satisfaoi
or money refunded. Prico 25 cents
box. For salo by Lognn Drug Co.
t? True Way
The Poisotf of Disease
?y? docs thli effectually. It treat! the
>sao Instead of the lymptomi, and rofe?
the canoe, thereby making a cute.
n. E. J. nrnit No. II Qnlocy St., Wexford,
il, ujt tint her mother bis been and of
jfnk, bj 1b? no of first txittlce of O.O.O.,
t luTins hid mock other trwtmem, ud being
iced to qalte t low condition of hMllh, u U ?M
tcbt ibe oonld not 11*0.
watlic OP iHood end SUn PIimw nulled free.
nr s> ~ AOau.Q?.
Th? Fentorei ot tlis Sljatj aaJ Stock
New York. Sept. '.h.?Money on call cosy;
ranglug from 6 to 8 per cent, lust JoanS per
cent, closed at fl per cent bid. Prime mercantile
paper i%a~*{ per cent. Sterling exchange
active and weak at Si tiQal 83);. Sales "Ki.OOO
The announcement In rvgaffi to the Missouri
I'acJflc paving u dividend to-day calmed general
turtirlM aud (or n *hort time c*?nntemutlon,
while the Immediate effect upon MiMOurl Pa- P
clllc and the rent of tho Goala ?tock9 were de- V
elded ly demoralizing. The whole market felt ff
the depriving effect and It wiu surprising how 1
stubborn the reoltuiuc* wo* to the bud break I
and how quickly, many Mock* recovered when '
given u chance to ibow the xtrcugtli of the present
upward movement iu prices. Tho opening
I wo* Irregular and excited, and the weakue* .In |
Mltsouri Pacific was most pronounced hi tne
outset, and 4 iwr cent was knocked off its price
within the first hour. The rest of the market
wus downward, mid whllo the decline was
steady under the pressure to sell. the resistance. 3
111 view of tbo nature of the depressing force. g
wan remarkable. Theru were soine recoveries, 0
although thu market reinaiued feverish through- pi
ont. iu the la>thour, however, there was a re- y/
newol of the depressing influence, and trnnsuctions
ugalu assumed enormous proportions. **
while prices melted away rapidly. The markot 01
under the contiuued pressure closed very active B
and weak at about the bottom figure* of tho ?lay. rfi
The losses wen? very material und significant,
unions the leading snares Missouri Pacific' ?how- ?i
Ing a decline of Wiper cent, Union Pacific 3%. re
Wabash preferred 2/^, North American, Reading q
aud Laekawanna 2?6. and AtchUou 1%. t
Government and state bonds dull and steady.
Ilollroad bond* active. Sales 81,772,WW. al
boxdh amd STOCK quotation*?closhd Bta ai
U.8. 4i reg lWl'New York CentraLllCX tr
U.S. -a coupon 11*^4 Oblo? Mississippi- fjj
U.S.4)?jreg WJ* do preferred tw
I'uclfic tit 01 Orvgou liuprovo'U '24
Atchison 41% Oregon Nav "8 a?
Adams Express 145 Oregon Trans 17% fe
American Ktpreai.117 I'ucTtlc Mall 87>?
Canada Pacific K? Pittsburgh 150 w
Cauada Southern... 57J4 Pullman Palace 191 p?
Central I'acltle 38 Heading .. ...- 40l$ gj
Chesapeake A Ohio 25!$ Rock Island
do first preferred 57?i;St. Paul .. *7
do second prtf'd SW ( do preferred -l'AVi <U
Chi.lJur. AQuluoy.. !*7 (St. Paul A Omaha... :H _ jt
Del. A Hudson.. 185k! do preferred - #>}% n.
Del Lack. A West... 141 k'Tcnn. Coal A Iron... 3.?V* ,
lien. A K. O. prefd 50k Toiwm Paclilo 15
Erie 1 2% l.'nlon Pacific 40%
Fort Wayne...... .151 II. S. Express 58 g
Illinois Central 102 W? SL L. A P 14?{ "
Kansas AToxas W}i do preferred - H0)4 ?
Luke Shoro 121 Wells Fnnro Kx 140 Q
Louisville A Nash.. 71% Western Union K8?
MnmnhU Jb rim. ?>n I Am (Vittnn Oil 21k
Mfchlgau Central... 101 {Colorado Cool - 30>? h
Missouri Pacific 6.%;Irou .Silver ?.?110
NaahvJIlo & ChatL. 87 iQulcksiiver 4J?, '
NowJenicyCentraLll7^! do preferred....?. 25 Xr
Norfolk AW. prePd 55 Sutro 5 m
Northern I'acltic..... WKHIcbui'd At W.KT, 13% JV
,<lo preferred 75m ClticagoGas - 81 Mj
North western 114k Lead Truiit 16k W
do preferred 137>?,Sugar Trust _
Breadttalb and Provision*.
Chicago. Sept. 24.?TIjo lloard of Trude markets
were unsettled to-day. Wheat started
higher, but New Yorkers and big selling orders w
here and the local crowd soon got auspicious and II
tlie buying became cautious. During the last I
hour there was a good deal of talk of dry I
weather, which was terioiuly retarding plowlug *
and seeding In the winter wheat district.
Corn wim weak on account of the continued
warm weather.
Data fluctuated within a narrow range.
Hog products were Inclined to weakness.
Flour quiet and unchanged.
Wheat?Cash No. 2 spring 85%c: No. 8 spring
Bluttfc; No. 2 red DGc: September WrtKiawto; OJ
December 97>?a?%aU8>*c; May 81 04)?ftl 0%a
Corn?Cash No. 2.49c; 8opteraber48a4^a49c:
October 47jia43%(i4,jV.c: May 4l%a42ka4lV,.c.
Oath?Cosh No. 2 October 2<%u27a2G%c;
May StPMCVXfiVyic.
UVB?No. 83c. Ci
Timothy?si 1?.
Mess Pork?Cash 89 90ul000; October 89 Wa
10 05a9 02UL
L.vuo?i ftuiii nnd Oetola?r 60 CS: December Ui
80 77?4uG 82&M) 77k: January 82U*0 uoafi M2*.
Suokt Rtos?Cash W 90a7 10; October 50 tsfa
G92KaG87V?; November $0 S7>?; January 6*"? 4"?i
(252^0 47% . . <J1
Shoulders?so 7a; short clear 87 50a7 co. ei
Ohew unchanged.
New Yokk, Sept. 24.?Flour, receipt* 21,oco
packages; exports 700 barrels: market unchanged;
sales 31,000 barrel*. Wheat, receipts
430,000 budiels; exports 150,000 bunhels; rales
4.321.000 busnels of futures: H-*2,ikm) bushel* of TJ
spot: spot market unsettled aud stroirgor; No.
8 red SI 01: ungraded red tftcaSl ito; option* firm;
No. 2 red September SI 04)pil W%; November ?j
St 05%al 00l?ai 00}$; Hereinber el 08 Jntmarv
SI OS&al (Wkal 09>?; February |111*4; March
8112*4: May SI Vfytiii llUal 1 ?>?. Rye depressed pi
ot 91a92%c. Barley steady: No. 2 Milwaukee 73a
74te. Corn, receipts 218,000 bushels; exports
'.1,000 buxhels; sales 3,206,000 bushels of futures
nud 334,000 bushels df spot; market weaker; an- ?
graded mixed 59u01c; September SO^aCOoCOc; 41
ctobor58^c; November '?#>jc; December '>4ftc; ?
Jatmary 51 !&c; February 5l}?c; May 51 lXc. Outs
receipts 125.000 bushels: exports 20,000 bushels:
sales 270,000 bushels 0! future* and 180,000
bu?hcls ot spot: market firmer; September
325<c; October 82Vfc; November 83){c:
DeoemberMWe: spot No. 2 wbltoS^e; mixed
western 80)$a33%c: whlto do83a-'Wc; No. 2 Chicflgo
33}fc. Hops and hay quiet. Coffee 5al5 Jg
points up and steady. Sugar firm. Molasses
tlnn. lUce firm. Tallow steady. Rosin quiet.
Turpentine quiet at 37$ft. Kggs firm; wenteru
20j^c. Pork quiet and steady; old mess S10 75a
1125; new do 8l200ai25fl; extra prime 811 00a
1125. Cut menu dull. Lard dull; steam aud
Octobers? 00; December 87 10; January 87 19;
February 87 30. Ilnttcr efljy; western dulry 13a n
18c: do creamery 10a25c. Cheese quiet; western >
Cum^C. u
Baltixobr. Mn.. Sept. 24.?Wheat No. 2 red,
spot anddeptemlier 02&; October 8t 02%;
December 81 OO^al 0?: receipts 51,000 bushels;
shipment* 209,0000 bushels. Com easy; mixed Ai
spot 04){e; Octolwr CO&tilMc: vcar 505-,^i50%e;
juuuurv and February f^a-M^e. Oats cosy; .
No. 2 wlilto western :10c; receipts .'{,000 bushels. N
Kye quiet; No. 2 95c: receipts 37,000 bushels.
Hav quiet: good to choice timothy $l2o0alS50. 1
Butter firm at 19c. Coffee dull at 18c. Others of
i'uiladci.ruta. Pa., Sept 21.?Flour weak. i
Wheat firm and lower: No!2rod September 81 09?
al 03; October 81 OJtal 03}$: November 81 0\%w
1*05; December 81 07. Com lowor: No. 2 mixed
September nominal; October &9a59>$c; Novomber "~
.Vm5Cc; December 52n53c. Oats dull and lower;
No. 3 white 33a33Kc; No. 2 white spot 3l^a35c;
October.'W>?a35c; November aud December35a .
35)?c. Kggs steady: Pennsylvania firsts 21c. t
CurciKNATi. O.. Sept. 23.?Flour quiet. Wheat f
steady; No. 2 red 90c: receipts 4.000 bush?Li; I,
shipments 3,500 bushels. Com. dull; No. 2 mix- (Q
ed 50c. Oatt weak: No. 2 mixed 81c. Rye W
scarce at HSc. Pork dull at 810 50. Lard nominal y
ot SO 02K- Bulk meats weak ut 87 25. llacou
dull and lower. Whisky steady at 8118. Butter,
siigur and cheese firm. Eggs steady at 17c.
Toledo, O., Sept. 24.?Wheat dull; cash, .
September and October 98c; December A
SI 01; May 81 07J? Corn dull: cash 53c. Jri
Oats quiet; cash 50c. Ryo active: cash uud n.
October89c. Cloverseed easier; cash, October
and December 81 Co. 1*
YjIvo Htock. yj
Chicago. Sept. 24.?Cattlo. receipts 18.000head: CI
shipment* 6,Oft) head: market dull, weak and
lowor: prime native* 85 DOafl.'W; good to cholco
S40ca.*>25; othersS2GOui 00; Texaus & Shttffi: lh
rnngers J2 85a4 80; stockers S2 25a2 75; uatlvo
cows 812)ii 1 CO. Ilog*. receipts 19.0U0 head; ?
shipment* 10.000 head; market steady and lower:
rough and common 31 00a4 ft); mixed and
packers t4 TSal 25; light 34 Wtoft 00; pig* *4 U0a4 75. T
Sheep, receipts 7,<X)0 head: shipment* 4.000 h
head; market steady; native ewes*3 2>a400; J.
westcrn $\ 70a4 20; Jnmbs ?3 50ji5 00.
East Liberty. Pa., 8onL 24.?Cattlo. receipts
1 .ft*) head; shipments 1.400 head; nothing doing. A!
uil through. Hogs, receipts 2,200 head: ship- or
mcnts l.uoO head: market slow: Philadelphia* or
$"? 40a5 ft); corn Yorkers &'>15oft 23f grousers .'*) Di
a4 7.*>; pigs $l50a 125. Sheep, receipts 200 head: V
shipments 2U0 head; market dull at yesterday's m
Cincinnati. O.. Sept. 24.?Hogs stpfldj*: com- zz
mon ami light St 76a5 00; tuicklug and butchers
$4 Was 25; receipts 1,415 haul; shipments 570 _
Petroleum. i
Njsw Yobh, Sept. 24.?Ityrolotim opened
strong and advanced l^cun western buying, but
an attempt to liquidate then caused a sharp decline
of .1%c. on which the market closed 1
??L UinnivlvmiU' finnt. nnonlnif ? I
highest ftv: lowest 6114c. clo?lng at rtlfjje. &c~ (
tober option*, opening nt 6JVc; highest Mic: i
lowest ntul closing clc. hales iw.000 barrels. j
otl City, Pa.. sopt.24.-opened at <mc; hlghoat s
lowest closed at filkfc; wiles co,. \
7u0 barrels; cleurnncm t?l,noo barrels; shipments i
114,ou barrols; runs ioc,142 barrels.
pmwiuroh. Pa.. sept. 24.?petrolenm dull <
and lower: opened at 63c; closed at fllfcc: )
highest cl^c: lowest clc. j
Bradford, sept. 21.?opened at sic: doted i
at fll^; hljchest, cl)$c; lowest, flic; clearance* j
metal*. <
New York. sept 24.?i*!g iron quiet and un- ?
chanced. cooper firm; lake 813 40 tin quiet ""
nd toady; etraita 82010. Lcaaaull; domestic
W52S- ^
Dry Goods* *
New Yomk. Fept. 24.--Toe re was no chango
In the condition of trade In dry (menu. Tfii*
tono of tho whole market was steady to itrong. w
GisieimfATI. 0., Sept 24.?Cotton, middling
? r
S. B. Dcnrrr, matcof atcamcr Arizona, j
bad liia foot badly jammed. Tbomas' j>
Eclectric Oil cured it Nothing equal to ?
it lor a npirV pals rollover. un j,
>, * ,% .,L".
oth tile effect and result when OIlvo
lossom 18 used. It nets gently, yet
romptly. It is the greatest Irocn to
omankind. Every lady can treat her:lf
and not have to undergo the torture
' instruments from physicians. Olive
lossom positively cures ail forms of
male weakness, such as Painful Menruation,
Ulceration, Larceration, Barinness,
Leucorrhcca, Pruritus, Canccr,
varian and Fibroid Turaois in their early
ages and the long list of innnmer>le
and unmentionable sufferings that
Met the patient. The OIlvo Blouom
eatment is simple and harmless. The
rst application often gives permanent
lief. Try it, and you will exclaim,
i hundreds of others have: "Oh, I
cl like n different woman I" One
ionth'8 treatment sent postpaid to auy
irt of the world on receipt of |i.oo;
X' months, j;.oo. Olive Blossoin
forsale by all leading druggists. Any
ruggist wfio may not have it can order
from the wholesale dealer. Do not
tept any substitute. Beware of fraudu nt
The Celebrated trance rasnie uiivo
lost cm, is prepared only" by The
\ranee Medical Institute Co., Co turn bus,
Incorporated ISS6. Capital$300,000.00.
Branch Houses : New York, Chicago,
an Francisco, and London, England.
Bold by Logon Prog Co., C. R. Goetxo. W. W
irin, W. K WJllianis, D. Bclmonf. C. Menko*
ellor, W. a Artnbrlght, W. If. Williams and M.
. Hclnrici; J. W. linrrah and R&laton & Co.,
artln's Ferry; Jlo\flo A Co., IirldRfport; a M.
yrlpk, Belliurt; SU Clair liros., Bomvood.
licrobe Killer.
The Greatest Dlscoicry of the Age.
CENl'LY DliCOViaiEll ^ _
In rtiort. nil forms o! Orsonlo and Functional
sttuc*. Tho cure* cllcclci by U1L1 MtUIdoo
e In xnosy eases # ,
Fold only in Jugs containing Ono Gallon.
HICK THREE IX)I.T.AKS-a nunll luvestuicnt
when Health and Life can bo obtained.
For solo by all ltcUiil Druggists. Trade supled
oca-ww Sou:
the Best Household Remedy ExtantIt
is a positive cure for
And All Skin Diseases,
i Invaluablo romedy for Wound*, Burns, Swelling#,
Sores, Croup, Bronchitis, oto.
3old by oil druggists at SO conts per box. Send
wo-cent stomps for freo sample box and book,
m a ti Am AAnira a lm
gnnranto?d Cnro for Piles of whatever
nd or degreo?External, Internal, Blind
' Blooding, Itching, Chronic, Rocont or
eredltary. $1.00 a box; C boxos, $5.00.
snt by mall, prepaid, on roceipfc of price,
e gaarantoe to enre any oase of Files,
narnntecd and sold only by
rugglata. Twelfth owl Market St*., Wheeling,
_WLVa. __ JalO-i?air
Free, Free, Free Trial!
Cures Permanently
II 61w?Ms o! the Nervous System, cither Am to
Chronic in either itox. It KfWTOKia Impaired
Lost I'owBitf. Chocks all Forma of Wasto or.
rain; Makes Strong the Weak. Full puckase,
;Sixfor*V. Trial packago, 12c, (with book),
n; securely seeled ou receipt ot price. Address,
024 Xo. 8701 Cottago Grovo Ave.. Chlcugo.-IU.
"DoYou Want a Cycle?
One thai li taty running, comfortable, chop
and durable? If so, buy
The American Rambler
in honestly constructed tnd mechanically
sound wheel, made for either lady or gentle-,
man. Deecrlpthro catalogues furnished.
w mwTour wr xl. _ Jk
sSAUToornuco. vflml WK ,
Gormuliy aJcWery !
Wasmihoton. O. C. |
miWirX t t /V lli.t
Leal Estate ana Notary Public
lot BRIDQEPORTvO. I..i?,
L Jit fc right, apArkllDft Iratructire family
mn*L It la original In evt.Ty department,
ean lu every line and tttftodU/it Ja Intended
) interest tad improve every member oI Um
Lfliiljr, whether in city or couuiry.
Arrival and departure of tralne on and after
November 16. wo. Explanation or Rxmiwai
MiRt:*- fSundax excepted: I Monday
excepted; {Saturday excepted: {Sunday auly;
Saturday only. Jiustern Standard Time.
i?Ki*Ai?r. :U. .v o. 11 R?Main Une.KMt aiuuy*.
4:55 am Wash. C'y.lialt., l'hll. d N. Y n.aopm
2:."V?pin Wiuh. Cy.IWL, Phil. A S. V *12:15pn?
^2:n5aiu Wiuh.ry. Halt., Phil. 4S.Y ?*:i5am "
| t#:00am Cumberland Accow 15:1.1 pru
2:35pm .....-..^Grufiou Accora. 12:+*?pm
18:00 am ..Moundsvlllo Accom 112:45 pm
i *2:35 pin MouudnviUo Acooin t 5:15 pm
to.Wpml ?Cameron Accom......... it 7:00 am
dkkakt. b.40.ii.r.-c0. DIr..We?t| aaarv*. ,
*7:.'Oam tor Columbus and Chiciuror 12:55 am
10:15am Caltltnliii*. Cln mid phimwi MMannt
pm| Chicago Limited um
44:15 pml Chicago Kftcrcm "11:00 am
0:30 pm Culuinlitu. On. A tit. I^ouIa.. "0:10 am
f2:K pm Cnlumbu* Arcotn til :00 am
fl0:15ain St tlainrvllle Arcom fl 1:00 am
f2:56 pin St. Dalm Hlc Accom t**0 pm .
DDiirr. 11.4-0. lL R.-W.. P. A B. Dir. aiuuy*."
fi:45 aoi ?For PlttibnrKh and Lust? JU;i0an?
*7 :'jn utu Plttabiireh 0:53 pm
16:10 pm Pittsburgh ami East 10:25 pm
tl :40 pm PitUburgh 112:45 pm /
il:25pto .. ,~Pitt*burgb |ll:8uam
f5:30 pm ...Wathlngtou. Pa.. Accom... t":50am
nnriBT. P. C. A St. L. Br. akiutk.
t7:20am Pittsburgh tt.'JOpm
#:*> am Stcuboiivlllo ami Weft? p:'25 pm
1pm ...PItti>borgh and Now York- W:35 pm
4:20 pjnLPltUburgh and New York- f 10:30 am
t 0:0i pm ...Pittsburgh and N. Y. Ex.... ............
I vrwr.
17.-C0 nm EiprcM. Cln. and St. Louis... tC:?am
flO^pm Kxpn?, CJn. and 61 Louis... p:20 pux
tl :M pmlExpr***. Stuubvnvillc A CoL fSJU pm
f4:20 pmt...SnMibcnvlllo A Dennison- 6:25 pm
t5:4i? am PltUbarrfH.Clevc. & Chicago. t?:13 pm
tf?:4S am Ktcubenvtllo Accom 11:10 pm
fll :12aro .Pittsburgh and Kew York- fll :80 am
t2:U0 pm Cleveland and Chicago.... f.':00 am
3:44 pin -PltUbuncb and New York... p:82 pm
t7:il pm|7..?.....~Kttft Liverpool- f 7:45 pm
tl2:18pui Kxprvw, ciovclnnd. E. & W. t2:4Upm
t.'jiic.ipjn MumIIdu Accom f 1:33 am
tH:U0nm St. C1ulr*villo Accom 9:35 am
- flOA'iam St. Clalrrvlllo Accom 1:18 pm
f.':24pm Clulnvlllc Accom 5:26pm
C:21 pm St. (,'laimille Accom 8:03 pm
1:Wpin .Jx>cnl Freight und Acrotn..- t 2:00pmr.?.,t
miinuivr? u ti i atiuttrv
7:00 am Passenger......*. ...... *10:50 am
fll:4ft aui .. Passenger....*....*... t3:33pm
4:80 pin Passenger....*. *8:00 pm . <j
leave 11. 2. it C. KA1LHOAD. arrive.
be1j.aiee millaire
9x0 am ... J2cl]?iro and Zafloavillo.... 4:10 pm
4:45 pin Woodstield 8:80urn
6:30 am Mixed Train 0:45 pm
, rr> h. ^vc Wheeling, l>aUy Trip, City
lafciSjJ Time?<?:40,8:SO,10:00 and 11:45a. m.;
2:00. 4:00,0:00 p. in.
Lcare Wheeling Sundays, City Tlmo-8:00,10:00
and 12:00 a. m.; '1:00, 4:00.8:00 p. in.
On and after Monday, September 14,1891. trains
will run rs follow*, city time:
Leave Wjieeliso.?*0:00 0. m., 7:00 a. m.. 8:03
n. in.. 9:00 a. m., 10:00a. m.f 11:00 a. m., *12:00 m,
1:00t>. m., 2 p. m.. 8:00 p. m.. 4:00 p. in.. 5:00 p.
in.. 6:00 p. m., 7:00 p. in., 8:00 p. m., 0:00 p. m*
11:*Op. m.
Leave Klm Grove.?*0:00a. m.. 7:00a. m.;8K)0
n. in.,4) a in.. 10:00 a. m., 11:00 a. ra., 12:00 m.,
1:00p. m., 2:00 p. m., 3:00 p. m.. 4:00 p. m., 6:00
p. m.,0:00p. m., 7:00p. in., 8:00p. in. 9:00p. m*.
10:00 p. m.
Dally, except Sunday.
Sunday.?Uiurcb trains leave Elm Grovo at
9:43 a. in. and Wheeling at 12:17 p. m.
J. 0. (JILLELKf.
del General Mfanugor.
Denurture and arrival of
trains at Wheeling. EastiMwi
^MHiwMiKHBlcrn time. Sebedulo in ut|ft|'
For Naltiinoru. l'hlladel
;!'vl5y plila aud New York. 12:05
a. m., 4:55a. m., 2:35 p. m.,
Cumberland accommodation, 8:00 a. m., daily,
except Sunday. . ?
Grafton accommodation. 2:85 p. m.. daily.
MouwtovJlle accommodation. 8:00 u. m., ox*
cent Sunday, and 2:35 p. m.. daily.
Grueron accommodation, 0:00 p. m., cxcept
From New York. Philadelphia nnd Baltimore,
8:45 a. in. and 12:15 p. m. and 11:30 j>. m., daily.
Cumberland accommodation, 6:15 p. xu., ox*
cent Sunday.
Grafton accommodation. 12:43 p. m. daily.
Moundsville accommodation. 8:1)a. m., 12:11
p. m., daily; 5:10 p. m.. cxcept Sunday.
Cameron accommodation. * a. m., except SundUr'
For Chicago, 7:50 and 10:15 u. m. and 10:50p,
m.. daily, aud 4:15 p. in., dally except Monday.
Cltiduuati express, 7:50 and 10:15 a. m. aul
10:30 p. m-rdally.
Columbus accommodation, 2:55 p. m., daily orcept
St. Ciairsville accommodation, 10:15 a. m. and
2:55 p. m. except Sunday.
/Thl/wiirn nnrMi. 12:55 and 3:40 ?. m and fi:U
p. in.. (Silly. y Cluclnuuti
express, fi:40 a. in. and 6:10 p m,
Columbns accommodation, 11:00 a. in., dally,
except Sunday.
St. Clalravlllo accommodation. 11:00 a. m. and
6:00 p. in., dally, except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh, 6:45 and 7:20 a. in., dally; 1:40
p. m...dally, exccpt Sunday, 6:25 p. m., Sunday
For Pittsburgh and tho Kast, 6:10 p. m., dally.
Washington uccomuiodatlon, 6:ii0 p. in., dally,
except Sunday.
From Pittsburgh. 10:15 a. m.. daily, and 12:tt
p. m., dally, cxcept Sunday; 8:85 and 10:25p. ul,
duJly. and 11:30 a. in., Suuday only.
Washington accommodation, 7:50 a. m., dally,
except Sunday.
Direct mute* to Marietta. Farkcn?bur&. Point
Pleasant, Huntington, Ashland. Portsmouth and
Cincinnati. Also to Charleston, Clifton Forgo
and Ktuunton, Va.. nud l>oxiugtou and Lout*
Ville. Ky.
Time Tablo cffectlvo Juno 21, 1831. Control
t in. m la. in.ln.m_
Wheeling....-- - 0:0010:45 3-3
ArTlV?- n oc I;1?* ? ?
Marietta 5-'? 2:10
Parkenburg ... 10:15 2:45 7:45
Point Pleasant...- ? 1:? 5:52??
Huntington - ? 3:30 7 ?...._
Afthland 4i30 3:07
Portsmouth ? - 4:02 -
Cincinnati .. - 7:8o
p.m. ,
Charleston.. 8:55
Clifton Forgo C.I3
Swmtott 9-.3&1?..
Baggage cheeked through to dwtlnaUou of
W. J. Romnson, Geucral Paaceugor Ag-jut, Par?
kenburg. W. Va.
A. J. Da shy. Anlstnnt General Passenger
Arent. Parkenbnnr. W. Va.
ToKUxfcjf,"Passenger Agent, Wheeling
Central Standard Time. '
Pennsylvania Lines.
From Bridgeport Station.
Train* via the Cleveland A Pittsburgh Rail,
road leave Bridgoi>ort for Pittsburgh. Chicago
aud Cleveland. 4:40 a. ni. For I'UUuurgh, 10:11
a. ui. For Chicago ami Cleveland, 1 :U0 p. in. Fur
Flttubnrgh and New York. 2:44 p. xn. For Well*
vllle. 8:43a. m. For Eaet Liverpool. 0:11 p. m.
Tralna arrive at Bridgeport at 8:00 a. m., 10:30 a.
m.: 2:0j p. in., 8:16 p. m., 4:W p. ui., and liiii
Trains via tlio Pittsburgh. Cincinnati & 9t
Louis Itallway?I'un-llandlu Haute?Ichvo Wheeling
lor StenbenviHo, FUUburgh aud tho Host,
C.voa. a.. 12:30 jj>. in.. 8:20 p. in., and 9:0} p. ra.
rur VUIUIUUU*. VIUUIUuau. auu Oh
Louli. 7:30 a. tn. and 0:05 p. in. For Colnmbua
and Chicago, 12:80 p. ra. Trains arrive at Wheelinn
at6-W a. m., 9:J? a. m.,2:85p. m., &:20 p. va.
andfiriSp. m. Trains leave at G:-J0 a. m. and
arriving at 8:30 p. in., run ?olld between Wheel- '
lng and Htuburgh. All tralxu dally ezcepl
Sunday. ; Daw
A Wise Merchant
Is never content to stand
still. Stagnation is death
?in Trade as in other ,
things. Now Customers
snouia De sougnt alter all
the time. There is only
one way to get them?use. .
the Advertising columns
of Good Newspapers.

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