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' : >i?f/ . , - ^ESTABLISHED
"sensation recalled^
By tUo Commonoomont of the Trial
of a Newspaper Man for
Ifc Sent to a New York Paper the Re
port of Prince George's Druukcit
Kowoii I lie Streets of Montreal and
His Arrest and Imprisonment like
t/io Common Herd of Mankind who
(jet Into Scrui>cs~-TI)o Oponlug by
the Prosecution.
Montreal, Sept 25.?After having
i tArm d?r.
been postpowou **vu* ?w? ?
iag Iliu past year, the trial of I{. N.
O'Brien, accused of liboling I'rinco
George of Wales, was begun tliis afternoon
belore Judge Cross in tlio Court
of Quoin's bench. Aftor tbo jury had
been sworn, counsel for the prosecution
explained that a year ago Prince
George of Wales, grandson of
the Queen, visited Montreal and
was entertained in u inanuur
leiittiug his rank and position in society.
Unfortunately, he added, a story
was circulated in New York papers and
telegraphed from Montreal, stating that
the prince after a reception given him
in tlio Academy of Music on the evening
of!-epteuilicr ?, forgetting his rank,
returned to the Windsor hotel, where he
changed his clothing and started out
with the lieutenant of If. M. S. Thrush
I and a prominent Mont real gentleman to
I engage, as the article put it, in a de'
At a late hour while persecuting this
debauch or "doing tlio town" as tho
article reads, the i'rince and his companions
found themselves at tho corner
,tn,i I.? Gtinheter streets.
whore tliev wore accosted by six roughs
who demanded money. It a short time
the J'rince, and his" friends were engaged,
it was reported, in a rough and
tiimble light with their assailants, with
the result that the latter were knocked
down. Then three of Montreal's most
stupid hubbies, as the articlo puts it,
citiie upon the scene and arrested the
Prince, the lieutenant and their Montreal
At the police station they attempted
to explain matters but withouLsuccesB,
and were put in a cell where tffey wero
.subsequently found by Chief llughes
who had been telegraphed for. The
counsel explained that at end of dispatch
appeared the words over P. X.
oT-rien signature "This is true and
Bingiiy u-\>.iuai?v.
Tho crowu would also bo in position
to show that this dispatch was sent by
J'. X. oT.rien; that ho left it in hands
oi the Canada Pacific Telegraph Commul
that it was transmitted -to.aeveral
patters in the United States.
The taking of testimony was then
commenced, T>ut lmd not 111 ado much
headway when tho court rose for the
Tin- Sovereign Grand Lodge Votes Down
an Important Proportion.
St. l.ons, Mo., Sept. 25.?The Sovereign
Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows this j
morning voted down a proposition |
luado by Lieut. General Underwood to
the effect that members could become j
eligible to the degree of patriarchs '
militant without going through tho encampment.
A resolution was presented to remove
the headquarters of tho grand socretarv
from Columbus, 0., to Baltimore, Md.
It wiib ri'fcrrml to n committee. It is
stated thut this resolution will very
likely be favorably reported and pass.
Ktlorts wen; made to have another convention
of the degreo of Rebekah next
year, but the movement was overwhelmingly
The report of the commfttee on patriarchs
militant, on complaint of Franklin
IJIlig was the lirst (juestion considered.
HI is is a grand .representative from
Ohio ami the grand lodge of that State
preferred tlx? charges. Some time
hi ice when the oti'iee of Captain General,
which I-Ilia held, expired, ho assumed
the duties of Lieutenant General without
anv other formality of olection except
the application of law. Shortly
after thin lie issued an order assuming
cummand of the patriarch militant.
Hen. John C. Underwood after his
commission as acting lieutenant general
had expired had Eihs deposed and or-1
dored his arrest The grand lodge of i
"hio took exceptions to this, and entered
complaint against the action of!
Uen. I'nderwood. The committee recommended
that no action bo taken on
the complaint. The motion to hold
biennial instead of annual sessions was j
lost. The proposition to extend the inHtrance
clause to the patriarch's militant
branch of the order was rejected.
It wus decided to allow the lodges to
usetho widows and* orphans funds for
the erection of an orphan's hoiuo, and
to allow all lodges to make weekly payinetits
to ill members, the minimum
payment to be two dollars per week.
Another Fltz*limuon* Arrest. ?
C'i.mnesvili.k, Fla., Sopt. 25.?Sheriff
Fennell arrested in Rochello a yillflgo a
few miles from here a man answering
the description of Frederick Fitzslmlnoas,
wanted in Allegheny county,
Pa., (or tho murder of Detective
Wilkinson. The man arrested
hero bays his namo is Verkoutoren, that
he came here from Holland only eighteen
months ago and that he has been
employed in Florida, in and about Ocalii.
for over a year, llis photograph has
ht'en taken and sent on to Pittsburgh
for identification. Meanwhile he is under
ll!g Fire atSavnnitnh.
wans*aii, Ga., Sopt. 25.?S. Guckenheitner
& fcon'M six story wholesale grocery
and liquor building and its cntiro
stock, wore burned to-night. Tho total
. loss will be $375,000 to ?450,000, with
estimated $200,000 insurance on stock
*ud $40,000 on the building. Half a
dozen adjoining buildings were damaged.
fltenimhlp Xowm.
Havbs. Sept. 23.?Arrived,
Tr?vc, from Njw York:
nu-tuami-ton, Sept. 25.-Arrived,
^ from Mew York
"The Election of McKlnlor Mean* Po1
icy of Protection and Honest Money."
Akbosc, 0., Sept. 25.?Col. A. L. Con- (
per, member of the Kepublican National
Committee from Ohio, recontly wrote
to Sir. Blaino to sec if ho could toko part
in the Ohio canvuss this fall. Colonel ]
Congor to-day received the following reply:
Starwood, Bab IIaiiuor, Me.,1
Sept. 23,1891. J
Col A. Tj. COnyer, Akron, 0.
Mv Ueaii Sik:?Your favor received.
1 cannot to!:o part in the Ohio campaign
tills year for many reasons which
1 need not ?ive, but 1 hope no elTort
will bo spared to elect Mckinley. His
victory at this time is very important
to the country mid the party.
He and Mr. Campbell represent tho
i) on est dlirerenees uetweon mo mo parties
at this time. There is no dodging (
und no ovasion and the voter need not
bo deceived. The election of McKinley
means tho policy of protection and' i
honest money. The election of Caiup- (
bell means freo trade and thocorruption i
of tho currency. I believe Ohio will
stand by McKiiiloy.
Very sincerely, '
James G. Blaine. i
ThoMnu who BIuUo tho Famous "Rnrn,
ltomnulsw mill liobelllon" Speech In no
SARATOGA, IS. I., ftepi. ZO.?Xuu i\ov.
Samuel D. Burchard, of New York city,
who had been unconscious since early 1
this morning, died at 3:30 o'clock this j
afternoon. He attended the First Pros- i
byterian church last Sunday and was i
nlrnn ill tn thn OVCninif. but WttS llOt *
considered to be in u serious condition
until Tuesday. Iiis illness developed
into peritonitis and last night he
reached a critical stage. Dr. Burchard
was born in Stouben, N. Y., on September
0, 1812.
Dr. Burchard caino prominontly before
the public in 1884 when n reception
to Mr. Blaine, the then Republican
candidate for President, was tendered
at tho Fifth avenue Hotel in Now York
by several hundred ministers of various
denominations. Dr. Burchard
was there and had been choson to address
Mr. Blaine in behalf of the
clergy who gathered in the grand
corridor of the hotel on the second
floor. Mr. Blaine was escorted from
his rooms on tho third floor down tho
staircase in full view of tho clergymen
and others who had gathered to greet
him. Pausing on the staircase, a naif
dozen steps above the corridor floor,
where the throng waB, Mr. Blaine stood
and awaited tho address of welcome
that was to be tendered him.
Dr. Burchard left his colleagues and
ascended tho staircase to the stair below
Mr. Blaine. An Associated Press j
representative stood on the stop between
tho two men. Dr. Burchard
spoke, and as he ncnrod the close ol an
address of affectionate regard and esteem
for Mr. Blaine, he used practical- 1
ly these words: "And we admire and e
we welcome you, Mr. Blaino, as 'the t
steadfast opponent of rum, Romanism
and robollion." Years later Dr. Burchard,
while speaking of tho incident c
with tho Associated Press representa- c
tive who stood near liim on tho day it 1
occurred, said: "Well, I don't know t
but that I may have been tho humblo
instrument in tho hands of Divine e
Power to effect exactly tho contrary of }
what X had in my heart to do when I t
spoke that day." I
In Which tho Fourwiml-n-lfalfii wilt be (
ltocolvecl fur Continuance. ,
Washington, D. C., Sept. 25.?i'liero j
ia yot outstanding $9,142,900 oi tho 4} t
por cent loan which lias not yet beon
continued or redeemed. There remains
only live official days in which any of (
those bonds will be received for continu- (
ance at two por cent, as the secretary l
has given notice that the time will ex- >
piro on tho 30th instant.
The government deposits in .National ]
Bank depositories have now been re- >
duccd to $13,??9,228. Secretary
Foster does not contemplate j
any immediate further reduction other j
than what will take place as 11 result 01
tlio recent call on certain banks and the
entire abolition of other depositories in
soino of the towns whoro there were
more than was deemed necessary. The
total amount of the government holdings
in national banks will thus bo
brought down to about $12,000,000. (
West Virginia PotiHlom.
Special Dispatch to the Jnttttlgcncer. *
Washington*, D. O., Sept. 25.?West f
Virginia pensions: Original?Adam '
Garrisun, Zacharlnli Lindsay, Herman
I). Ifalley, Christian Simons, John It '
Additional?Willium H. Campbell,
Enoch Uockwoll, Benjamin Harvey.
Incroaso?George S. Arnold, Basil
Dorso.v, Daniel (iroer, John W. Lyons.
Original widows, etc.?Elolse l'rovo
(mother), Philip Crow (father), Emily
Covonovan, Elizabeth H. Conaway,
.Sarah A. Harlten, Jlarv French, ManE.
Ilirklmer, minor o( Isaac M. West fall.
MyntorlouH Cnno nt Terra Altn.
Special Dispatch to the JhtdUpcnccr.
Tehiu Ai.ta, W. Va., Sept. 25.?A
woman about fifty years of aue was put
off of an oastbound train here to-day.
She appears to be under tho inllucnco
of a drug. She cannot tell her name, '
residoncc or destination. Shu has a t
little change and a printed card on (
which is tho name, "Mrs. Charles j
(jessler, Springfield, Ills." She is well ,
drossod and carrios a inncli uasKet.
Slio constantly murmurs thu word
"robbod." Tlio doctors have charge of
lier. _
roMtumiitor Appulntcil.
Spftlal Dispatch to tlu JnleUlgaucr.
Wasiiixotox, Sept. 23.?II. M. TFnmico
has been appointed postmaster at
Shock, Braxton county, vice S. L. Hamico,
Fly Wheel Explode!.
Cincixxati, 0., Sept 23.?'The pondorous
iiy wheel weighing twenty tons,
twenty (cot in diameter and fiva feet In
wtillli (Iin nWfrlp nnu-nr house, on 1
the Heading road near McMillan street, t
exploded in pieces this afternoon while i
making seventy revolutions a minuto. j
Six men wero in the building, but only 1
ono was hurt. (
Oreat Prosperity Everywhere
Throughout the Country.;
!)f Trade?Iiuslness Generally Good
and the Prooft of General Good
Times arc Not Wanting?Tho I in
provcmoiit Noted Last Week Continues
in all Branches?Tlio Great Industries
all Doing Well, and Yot
"That Awful MclUiilcy BlU" Is In
New York, Sept 23.?K. G. Dun &
?o.'a weekly review of trade says: No
listurbances threaten to affect the
;eneral prosperity which enormous
:rops now promise, and the failure of
i house of extraordinary reputo und
itreagth to sustain the price of corn, is
it once proof of the noneral prosperity,
ind a warning that whoever gets in the
wong side when this country Jb growug
is liable to bo hurt.
The reports from other cities iudicato
I continuance of tliu general improvenent
in trade already noticed. At
1'hiladelphiu tliu iron market improves,
ind the demnnd for tin plates is especially
increased. At Cleveland good
;ra<le is seen in dry foods, hardware
ind groceries. At Chicago the weok
vas ono of tho largest on record in vatIn
v/wnlt\ta whipli wnrfi nvnr 9"l.00(L
intl while 80U10 increase appears in
lour, outs anil corn, dressed beef, ro:eipts
of wheat and rye were nine times
ast year's, though in hurley,, cured
ucuts, lard, cheese and butter there
vas sumo decrease.
As to money the markets are generilly
favorable. Tho (.""eat industries
ire doing well. There is a distinctly
letter demand for iron without advance
n price. More inquiry is seen for
ails, 20,000 tons being sold here; a
Sponger demand for bar, moderate neivity
in plato, and structural mills
airly employed. Copper is stronger,
vith largo consumption. The distribuion
of tin is larger, and lend is
stronger. Steady safes of wool givo
troot of consumption equal to last
'ear's, though in dress goods larger, deirable
fabrics being sold beyond the
apacityof many mills.
The business failures throughout tho
ountry during the last seven days
lumbered 24-1, with 23!) last week and
111) the same week last year.
WRECK ON Till! D. & O.
In KnRlnn Ouch Over an Embankment.
Tlie Fireman Fatally Hurt.
PiTTsni'KGii, Pa., Sept. 25.?The Bisell
accommodation train on the Baltinore
& Ohio Railroad ran into an open
witch at London station, three miles
last of here at 0:.T0 o'clock and was
precked. Tho engine-went over a high
imbankment and ii combination bagragonnd
smoking cur turned comnletey
over. Tho other cars did not loave
lie track.
Fireman Frank Malov was fatally
icalded and Engineer. Thomas Burton
vas seriously hurt. Prof. Luckey, of
his city, ana a number of other passengers
sustained slight injuries. The
vreck caught lira, but was extinguished
leiore muca uainugc was uuiim. -ine
Irst reports of tlio accidont caused great
ixcitoment, as it was Bnid that the
vrecked train was the Washington oxiress,
and that a large number ofpessen;ers
had been killed and injured.
Tliice Trainmen Killed.
New Mii.fokd, Cox.v., Sept 25.?Two
reight trains on the Xew England road
lollided. about two miles west of Haweysvillo,
about 7:II0 Jast evening. Engineer
William Day, fireman James
.arnor and lirakeuiun C. A. Spraguo, of
ho oast-bound train, wore killed. They
belonged to Ifartford. A hrakoman on
ho west-bound train was badly injured.
I'he wost-bonnd train was running on
he time -of the other which, though
ate, had the right of way.
Of Floor 8imce Wanted by England, Germany
mid Fruuco in tlio World's fair
Chicago,- Sept. 25.?A morning paper
lays England and Germany, through
heir government ^preventative*, yesorday
askod Director General Davis to
;ivo them each 200,000 square feet of
ioor space for exhibits.
Tho signitlcanco of tho demand liosln
lmt it settles all'cavil as to tho interlational
character of the exposition
uiu nsHurua uiaiJiuva tiuia mv ^tcuw
Suropoan nations that will surpass anyhing
the World's Fair management
md hoped.
France will of course expect an area
>qufll to that granted the other powers,
10 that these three nations alone will
>ccupy fourteen snuare miles of spaco.
['he foreigners want to group their exlibits
in the four great departments of
nachinery, electricity, tine arts and
nannfactiires. ^
SecniM Inevltnliln?Aiuliltloui* President*
So white tho hooiin.
City op Mexico, Sept, 25.?President
larrillos, of Gautemaln, is afrnid of as*
fascination, but ho is determined to dehire
himself dictator before surrenderng
the presidency, and he mav even
>rovoko a war with Salvador in flWer to
ealizo his dream. Ezetu, finding his
nlluence waning, thinks that a warwith
.iautemala might bring back his popuarity,
but dare not declare war, as tho
leople want peace, Costa ltica is now
ho only Central American power which
3 not for war. Each of tho powers has
ipents in the other countries sowing
leeds of discord. All the countries are
n financial difficulty. Neither Gauteuala
nor Salvador has been able to ar nnse
a loan in Europe. Gnutemala has
istabttlhed tho strictest press censoriliip.
J. It. Lamnr CniumlU Suicide.
Little Rock, Auk., Sept. 25.?J: R.
'.ninar committed suicide last night by
aking mi overdose of morphine. lie
vim the son of the lato L. M. Lamar, a
>roinlnent politician of Georgia, and
ho liopiiow of Associate Justice 1* Q,
1 Lamar/ I
A Frightful Explosion at nn Italian Crle.
bratlon nt Newark.
Newark, N. J., Jept. 25.?Six persons
arc known by the police to have been
killed and fully twenty injured last
night by the premature explosion of a
piece of gas pipe loadod with dynamite.
The Italian quarter was decorated and
tho bouses brilliantly lighted in honor _
of St. llocas uay. A lot of fireworks
were set off and the dynamite cannon
wus to have been one of tho features.
Tho cause of the promature explosion
is unknown.
The corrected list of dead aro as follows:
Fred Weiss, Antonio Ghleffo, Michael
tnanl/>n? U.omtnln l!n*1?ina
i&HOHIKUUf A UO'IUUIU 4><.oniiiU|
O'Neill uiid Gotisspo Yurroau.
It ia not likely the death ligt will
roach more than seven or eight.
A later dianatch save cloven inetoad
of six were killed and thirty inatead of
twonty were wounded. A big copper I
casing mortar waa used for the bomb.
These were tilled with colored flro amj
shot in the air whore they burst,
throwing out a shower of rarioua colored
sirnrkH. It won this mortar that exploded
and caused allthelmrm. About
11 p. in. a largo bomb was put in the
mortar and lighted. It is aupposed
that the bomb exploded in it.
There wero hundreds of men, women
and children standing around watching
with great expectancy. When it exploded
the air was" filled with tho
shrieks of the injured and dying. Intense
confusion followed. A platoon of
police were on the acene and they had
great difficulty in preventing tho frightened
people from trampling the injured
to death. Tho explosion is supposed to
be due to an overcharge of powder.
Iu the Connect I cut I'olltlcnl Controvomy.
Tliu Democratic Desire.
fi'mr IIavk.v, Coxs., Sept. 25.?ExGovernor
Ingorsoll, ex-Judge Stoddard
and States Attorney Doolittle put in an
appearanco in the civil suporior court
I .t-i - xf- ti.m-,1 !..i.. r,
IUIO UIUIIIIII^. iUii i/uuuiiiin iuiwihiuu i
the court that ho had issued two mora '
writs of quo warranto in the political '
controversy. They aro brought with ]
the State as relator in the names of
Marvin II. Sander against E. Stevens
Henry, Btate treasurer, and John J.
Phi'lan against K. J. Walsh, (he utate ,
secretary. j\Ir. DaoUttla asked that
they be made returnable on October 0. '
Judge Thayer so decreed and the papers i
were delivered to Sheriff Tomlinson for I
service. This morning's pioceedings I
was a now and surprlsingmovo and was
the result of a conforenco between conn- sel
anc the parties concerned yesterday, J
immediately after Judge Stoddard's re
turn from hurope. The Democrats arc <
anxious to get all the cases into the Su- 1
preme Court by next term. |
A Grand ltuplil* MlnUter lias Some Views
About Sabbath Obsorvanoe. |
Gkand Rapids, Mich., Sept. 2S.?The (
Hev. Dr. Charles Fluhrer sadly disturbed
a meeting of good pastors who
assembled to formulato a protest against ,
keeping the World's Fair open on Sun- i
day. Ho was specially invited to attend i
and he listened to sevoial long speeches 1
against Sabbath desecration and then j
ho aroso, observed that the meeting ,
was rather lifeless and proceeded to j
inject a bis dose 01 animation into it uy
making a strong plea for opening, not
only tlie exposition. but all museums,
art "naileries and libraries on Sunday,
lie said the influences of theso places
were all refining, elevating end educational,
and that the rapidly increasing
element whoso only day of rest was
Sunday was entitled to somo consideration
in matters of recreation and
Murderor Lynched.
Asiievili.e, N. C., Sept. 23.?Fred
Tylor (whito), engineer on the Western
North Carolina road, and Ilezekiah
Rankin (colored) got into an altorcation
at a round house last night. Tylor
struck Itankin with a lump of coal.
Kankin ran off, got a pistol and, coming
back, fired at Tylor, striking him in
the abdomen. A crowd of railroad
men caught Kankin and, taking him
across tho river, hanged him to a tree. (
Tyler will dio.
Hunk Wreckerrt Cojiviotetl. *
Buffalo, N. Y., Sept 25.?Tho jnry in ,
tho United States court in tho caso ot \
William Gould, ir., of Albany, charged ,
with aid and abotting in tho" misapplication
and embezzlement of funds of tho
Albany City National Bank, came into
court at 1 o'clock this afternoon with a
verdict of guilty as charged in tho indictmont.
Sentenco was deferred until
some future day. The case will probubly
bo appealed.
. .
Tho Chockur Content.
Chicaoo, Sept. 25.?To-day's playing
in tho Heed-Barker checker contest resulted
in both games being drawn. The
score now stands: Hoed, none; Barker,
4; drawn, 18.
air. Wutiortitm Improve*.
Louisville, Ivv., Sept. 25.?Tho Hon.
Harvey Watterson ralhcdsoinewhat yesday
and to-day. He passed last night
comfortably and if lie can bear tho warm
weather his caso is more hopeful.
Auilrow Jtickaon Will not llmig.
Memphis, Tkn.v., .Sept 24.?Governor
r.uclmmm, an Tuesday lust commuted
tho sentence to life imprisonment of
Andrew Jackson, colored, who was to
have been hanged hero to-iluy. ,
Women ah I-uy Uelesntci.
Zane.ivji.lu, 0., Sept. 25.?Tlio Oliio 1
Confcroneo of the Methodist Kpiscopul
church, by a vole of 124 to 27, haa voted '
to admit women to the Keneftl conference
ins lay delegates.
The total loss at tho Minneapolis fire
was $107,500. But ono of the eighteen
injured firemen will probably die. J
Six anarchists who were tri*d in Bcr- 1
lin have been sentenced to terms of
imprisonment of from six months to
? ?' -?
two years ior circuiuwug prumuiuju ,
litcrnturc. (
Grass Arcs nre burning along tlio rail- ,
roads about llrookvillu, Ohio, and far- ,
mora arc plowing to prcvont the spread <
of tho flames over their property. The
St. Louis limited express westbound ran
through a half mile of fire and demo
moke on the Pun Handle railway, live :
miles east of here thia morniiig.
The European Powers Place No
Faith In Chinese Promises.
\HfwraxiceR of Protection from Fnturo
Outrages?Gladstone Expected
to Review Salisbury's Foreign Policy
and Outline What He Would Do
if Restored to Power?The Hozler
Divorce Case?No Hopo For Mrs.
Maybrlck?Mr. Graves an Unlucky
Copyright 1891, by the A'eui York Amciated Press.
hosDos, nopu ?iJit* commumcutious
from tlie Pekin govorraent olioring
compensation to foreignors who
liavo suffered in tho recent rlota-in
China with tiio strongest assurances of
future protection are received with distrust
in tho foreign oilicu here, lfsu
Ching Chang, the Chinese Ambassador
to the European courts, has recently
been in St. Petersburg whero he suc:eeded
in inducing the Kntsfan government
to withdraw from the joint action
projected by the powers. Ilo arrived
in Berlin to-day with the view of trying
to influence Chancellor Von Caprivi,
but it is certain lie will not alter the
letermination of tho German government
to cooperate with the British
ill taking decisive measures. Tlie l'ekin
note as given to the papers fails to inlicate
the real character of tho appeal
made by Hsu Ching Chang to the European
governments. lie has urged that
tho Imperial Government was entirely
!ionest in desiring to suppress the disorders
and seeking time to deal with
:he anti-foreign movement and that
precipitate action on the part of the
powers would defeat their object and
bring China into anarchy. His communications
distinctly suggest tho
probability of sach a potent political
ipheavai in China, as might overthrow
,ho Munchu dynasty.
British Minister Walshall to China
idyises Lord Salisbury that persistent
liplomatic pressure, combined with a
national demonstration at certain of
he treaty ports, will be the only eficcivo
means to protect resident outrages,
fie complains the promulgation of the
Emperor's edict against attacks on foreigners
has been unnecessarily delayed.
The minister also complains of the uncertainty
of the punishment of the real
eaders of the outrage. In spite of the
chaotic condition of the present troubles,
the foreign otlice here hopes that the
ultimate result will be an extension of
he trade to important centres of the
i'ang Ste Kiang, which are now closed
3ut whore the government aims to establish
Gladstone's coming si>e5?ii.
Mr. Gladstone's coming deliverance
it the liberal federation meeting is inrested
with further importance by the
mthorized announcement that he intends
to reviow Lord Salisbury's fo^oijjn
jolicv, and declare what his own will
jo if he should again be placed in power.
The federation proceedings are not
ikelv to astonish the world with any
startling variation from the cut and
lried programme, but if expectation
proves correct, Mr. Gladstone will make
;ho meeting memorable by a statement
)f foreign policy, committing the liberals
to a lino of action directly oimosed
,o that of Lord Salisbury. Mr. 31orley
ias alroady declared that the next
Gladstone administration will accomllfsh
the evaluation of Egypt with the
jriefest possible delay.
The Gladstone liberals continue to ar augo
for the future on the supposed
:ertainty of their being in power by the
uitumn of 181)2. The conservatives now
alk of postponing the general elections
intil the remotest legal period, which
vill bo April, 1893, in order to enable
government to got tlio lrisii local government
in working order.
Tho Americnn tourist, Mr. Graves,
nrlio was recently arretted in Germany
or taking photographs of scenery, has
irrived in London. He says ho was
irrestod at Mayence while taking a
larmless view of the town from the
ort works, and was confined for thirtyhree
hours in a coll furnished with
mly a dirty mattress. Ilia food coniisted
of the coarsest kind, llo was
eleased through the American consul
md thon went to Motz, where ho was
igain arrested for taking photographs
n the streets.
Colonel Hosier's suit for divorco pro:eods
in tho Edinburgh court. His
vife is Lady Blanche, daughter of tho
Earl of AirJie. Efforts to suppress tho
proceedings have failed, Colonel Hozer
deciding that tho suit is necessary to
,'indicate his high position.
Tho appeals of tho friends of Austin
Sid well to ^Homo Secretary Matthews to
emit tho remainder of Bid well's term
>f imprisonment have failed, in spite of
he fact that they wore supported by
ligh influence.
The efforts to securo llic release 01
Mrs. May brick will l>o equally futile,
tier solicitors have boon advised not to
irocced with the agitation, an the homo
>llice will decline to reopen the case in
my form.
Mr. Iialfour has registered himsoll as
i voter in .South Dublin. The Conicrvatives
proposes his candidature for
nember of Parliament from that seat.
>Ire. Parnell entertains ft large Shootno
party at her husband's sent, Avonlalc.
She does not go into society. The
>arty consists chiefly of men.
A ltuynl lJetrothnl.
Jta.iiiADK, Sept. 23.? It is roportod
hut the King of Scrvia haB been berothed
to the Princess of Monte rogo.
Hio lnttor was born in lHTii. Tho King,
Alexander, was born in 1870 and suc:eeded
his father, King Milan, after the
attcr's abdication March 0,1889.
No Moro American C'nrdlonli.
London, Sept. 25.? Tho Chronicle's
Rome correspondent says: It is practically
settled that no more American cariinals
will boappointed at present. Six
jfthe new cardinals will be Italian and
)ne Hungarian.
AtnerlcntiK Murdered In I'erta.
Panama, Sopt 23.?Advices from Peru
report tlie murder of (our American explorers
on the river Mnrauon. They
wero Californians prospecting for sold.
The purtycomista of tire, but one owing
to illness Imil to return. The others
wore inurdored in cold blood by the
natives, who mistook them for ecclesiastical
emissaries and spies.
Tho Sow l'aitport Decrciv
Berlin, Sept 25.?Tho Alsace-Lorraine
passport decree, which nominally goes
into elfect in October,is already in operation,
and the frontier is open.
The Hamburger.NachrichUn to-day contains
an article giving vent to l'rinca
Bismarck's displeasure with reference
to the passport decree.
IlupeloHNly liiMolvuut.
Mkldouksb, Sopt 25.?An inquiry
mnJo into tlio affairs of tlio Australian
Mercantile Toan Company shows that
institution to be in a state of hopeless
insolvency. Tho assots ore placed at
$200,000 aiid the liabilities are estimated
to bo $009,000.
They l?x|>i'Ct It.
l/o.vnoy, Sopt 25. ? Advices from
Shanghai to the London and China telegraph,
of this city, stato tho highoat
officials at I'ekin and at .Vankin expect
the European governments to combine)
in a demand fur redress for tho outrages
perpetrated upon foreigners iu
At Chnndlor?Tho Town felt? May bo Open*
oil To'ritiy.
CfiANULKic, 0. T., Sept. 25.?Governor
Steele arri ved liere yesterday afternoon.
As soon as his presence became known
largo crowds gathered around him to
inquire when tho town sito would ba
opened, lie addressed tho people in a
brief speech. Ho said the surveyors
were hastening their work as rapidly as
possible but ho could not say when it
would be completed. It is expected
opening will tuke place to-morrow. Tho
people are scauereu nooiu hu uiut u ? (
mipossible to make a very closo estimate
of their number. Enthusiastic men
placed the number at 5,000, but including
the military 1,500 seema to be a fair
Coucnrt nt WMlMburjj.
Sjxctal Ditpatch to the IntcUigencer.
Wellsiiurg, W. Va., Septr"25.?-The
concert given for the benefit of tho
Presbyterian church at Itarth's hall Jaafc
night was a very successful and enjoy
able ailair. The Crescent Guitar unu
Mandolin Club of Wheeling, was prea*
ent and rendered some excellent music,
which was highly appreciated. Tho
singing of Messrs. Caldwell and Puull
was well received. Tho piano duet by
Mrs. Wheeler and Miss Mattie George,
was loudly applauded. Tho remainder
of the programme was well carried out,
tho performers acquitting themselves
very creuuuuiy.
OHIO w: O. T. U.
The Boluiont County foctotlw* in Can vontlon
at liullulru.,
The Y. C. T. U. of Belmont county
met in convention at Bellairo on Thursday
and were busy all day considering
matters that pertain to woman's do,
main. rs. Francis Ueiler talked in
the afternoon on "Physical Culturo,"
and impressed all present with tho fact
that they had not learned to live, and
had yet to acquire the art of standing,
walking, breathing, etc.
Belmont county now embraces sixteen
unions. Thirteen oi them were
well represented at tho convention.
Visitors were present from Harrison
county. Bellairo extended a hearty
wolcotne through Mrs. Collier. Tho response
was by .Mrs. Springer.
Miss Belle Brown, president of tho
Ninth district, was present; also 31rs.
Jool Wood, of Martin's Forrv, tho oldest
president in Belmont county, whoso
banian nresence added dignity to the
Much enthusiasm was aroused by
tho reading of tho following communication
f?y Rov. Dr. Williams, of Franklin
"The Presbytery of St. Clairsv illo, at
its session this week, recommended that
women's Christian unions bo organized
throughout its bouuds. It also declared
it to bo the duty of all ministers
and church members to take a bold and
decided stand for Prohibition and
against license, taxation, or uuy othor
form of regulation which provides for
the continuanco of tho trafllc. All
churches were urged to take collections
for temperance."
Several able papers wore road and
votod for publication or circulation.
Miss Lilly Turnor, of Bridgoport,
presented tho Temple so forcibly that an
appropriation of fclOO was mado to secure
a tablet in it for Belmont county.
Resolutions were passed requesting
fnitni-nitv ( ntiulilnr tlin
matter of alcoholic remedies in their
conventions, and physical culture as a
remedial agency; also a resolution of
thanks to the people of South Bellairo
for their gracious reception of dolepates,
their royal entertainment, and
the use of their house of worship.
Officers for tho ensuing year wore
electcd as follows: President, Mrs.
Anna E. Albert; liecording Secretary,
Mrs. T. A. Kodefer; Corresponding Secretary,
Mrs. M. T. Sprinper.
Tho convention apjourned to meet at
tho call of tho President. Tho place of
meeting was not fixed upon.
An excellent address in tho Bollairo
Christian church finished a very busy
HI* Finger* Mnsliml.
Jonn uin, uu empioyu 01 mo u ueeiing
lamp and stamping company, lost
the middle Angora of both hands yesterday
morning. Hill was working at
one of tho stamping machines, and got
his nonds nnder the heavy press, mashing
tho large Angers of each hand so
that amputation was necessary. Dr.
Hoge attended him.
Tut Ixteli.ioknkkii had a very onjoyablo
serenade this morning by the
lteserro banjo, mandolin and L-ultnr
club. They tnako good music. "Later
the .Sarutoga club joined tho party and
added to the volume of tho music.
Weather Foreoiut for To-ilnjr.
ForWeit VI rein l?. Western Pennsylvania nn?t
Ohio, clear una cuolor; westerly winds, becoming
m fnrnliho.1 hj C. He UN Err. druggist, Opcr*
lloiw comer:
7 ?. I n p. m
9 a. ~?...C8 7 p. in ? 82
I? m..M I Weather?Fair.
mm- ; ;,j

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