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Compllcations Thought to Have
Arisen Botweon this Country
>* tup hfw rrflVERMENT.lto
JiHtf 1IIL. lib*. -
jjiriis (lint Dispatches of an Important be
Character JIuve Been Received ^
from Mininicr L'tfan?A licked Bad hi
treatment of Americans?A Con- Pc
fcrcnco Uctwccn the President and g"
I thfl State and >'aval Officials at to
W.itinxoTox, D. C., Sept. 28.?f or of
twoltours this inoruing tlio President J?
was in consultation with Hie representa- ^
lives ut the State and Nuvy depart- gu
lucnts. A:
Secretary Tracy, who arrived in Washingtnn
last night, nearly a walk before ,-u
the (late ta'd for his return, came to {(,
tlio Wiiitu House early in the day. He <i,
was joined by Acting Secretary Wlinr- jj
ton, "I tJiu Licyiartmunt of State, and
Ocn. John W. tester, and later by Comiiiiiituri:
ifamsey, chief of the naviga
lion bureau, who hud been summoned f1,
for the purpose. While no ollicial in- Ui
formation on the subject can bo ob- th
luiucd, there is reason to believe ar
that tlic administration is confronted St
with the serious and perhaps ce
threatening aspect of affairs M
in Chile, ^ince lust Saturday cable- Ai
grains couched in ciphor have been iir
pasting between Washington and Valparaiso.
The officials of the State and
Navy departments, through whoso
liaiii'ls theso cablegrams have passed, ni
? *???kl!n KJi
I ruftl.su tO JIUlKe luinr IUiuciim tmuuv,
' It is fathered, howevor, that they reJute
tu a/fairs in Chilo and that serious Pc
complications have arisen between the
janta and the United .States representa- cii
, tivus in that country.
It is assumed that Cominodoro Ram- 31
| was called into the consultation by the
President lor the purpose of explaining
the extent of the resources of tlio navy.
It is conjectured here that the matters a
under consideration at the conference
were Htatemeuta from Minister Egan to
Captain .Schley of recent occurrences in .
I Chile, which are also conjectured to accunl
with the special dispatchos from up
Valparaiso printed in the New York Kr
J/inifd this luorninjf. Jn briof, tin's dis- nj
jKitch was tothe etlect that three United p
j States citiztyis iiad been arbitrarily ar;
rested in Santiago by order of the Junta j an
I that ;i eoruou 01 poucu juiu uuuu punvuu -
around the United States locution build- Hi
ingu; that access to the legation had ci
controlled by the .1 untn and finally a
that the United States minister to Chile th
was being harraassed and annoyed in cli
iiia cllorts to care for Americau in- L?
torests. sc
.lust what Captain Schley had to com- dr
wunicato to the Xavy Department can- -Bj
not be learned from any ot the officiate,
lmt it is surmised that it related to the M
treatment of refugees, or that the bitter ti<
anti-American sentiment in Chile ro- ai
wiling from the seizure of the Itata lu
lias revealed itself in hostile and un- p<
frioudlv <li'innintrntinnn toward the
officers and men of the Baltimore.
However this way be, it is certain that
tho oflicials of the State and Navy Departments
are not alarmed at the situation,
and if the conference was called to
devise means of meeting any emergency, m
it is apparent that the persons who participated
are satisfied that this has ,
been done. _____
What the .Secretary Says.
Washington, D. C., Sept. 27.?Socretary
Tracy, while declining to make any * ?
statement relative to the conference at J
tho White House this morning, said of
that ho did not intend to send any more of
ships to Chile, and that ho did not b<
rocurifthe situation theroas threatening, c:
No Daujfor of a H??vult.
Washington, D. C., Sept. 28.?In responiio
to au inquiry relative to the re- in
porta that a revolt had broken out k<
among the troopB of Santiago, Scnor PJ
Montt, the Chilean Congressional en- jj
voy at Washington, has received at dispatch
from lienor Matta, the Minister
of Foreign Affairs, saying that "peace
luts not, nor will it bo' disturbod, least T1
of all by military revolts."
Colnnol Coiuptun'K Sentence.
Washington, D. C., Sept. 28.?The ^
President has passed upon the record
of the court martial in tho case of Colo- ^
nel Charles E. Compton, Fourth cav- .
airy. Whilo Colonel Corapton was in t
vvx.miiuiu ui nit; military post ut wuuu
Walla, Washington, sorno of his sol- Cl
diers attacked the jail and lynched a ft'
gambler nanieU Hunt, under arrest for
Killing: a soldier. It was charged that Ic
Colonel Compton failed to tako steps to ft<
prevent the lynching, although re- ft
quested to do ho, and ho was court ?
inartialed, and on a charge of negli- a<
gence the court found him guilty and ti
hentenced him to Husju-nsion from rank j"
and command for tlireo years on half
pay and to be confine* ! to the limits of P
the military post, t ho President has ti
approved of the proceedings of the
4-urt, hut has mitigated the sontenco to
suspension from rank aud command on Tl
halt pay ior two years.
statue of tlio Pupe Unveil oil.
Washington, D. 0., Sept. 28.--This af- "
ternoon the marble statue of the Pope, 3'1
presented to the Catholic university by n
Joseph Ixnibat, of New York, was unveiled.
The exercises were simple, but tl
were participated in by Cardinal Gib- nj
bon* and a largo number of the priest- m
hood, as well as of the laity. Bishop ft
Keane delivered the principal address. 0
, Tho statue is the work of Guiaaene ?
J<uclietti, one of (he beat known of the I n
modorn Italian school. It occupied him u
over a vcar, and iU total cost lias been \x
? *0,000. h
The Four-aml-n-IInlfii.
Washington, D. C., Sept 28.?Tho
amount of 4 J per cent bonds continued
ut 2 por cent to-day was $25,000, making
the total continuod to date $25,008,950. j
The total amound of 4J por cent bonds
redeecnod to date is $17,096,900. Of this n
amount $11,050 wero presented at New a
York Saturday and $110,000 were pre- a
svnted at Washington. e
? \
Notlco to llnulcfe r,
WwinstoTOX, D. C., Sept. 28.?The r
omiiiiruilor ol the currency has call ml j
nil all the national banks for a report of tj
llu ir condition at the close of business r
t'rlday, September 35. _ 0
Fiuo Quentlon ArUos Detweon the Land
Office and the Indians.
Washinotosi, D. C., Sept. 28.?Tlio i
jmmissionor of Indian Affairs has reived
n copy of a recent opinion by
idgo Green, of the district court of tlio
rritory of Oklahoma, directing the ]
storation to his parents of an Indian
>y placed in the government Indian
hool at Chilocco by the Indian office
thiols. The father of the boy begun
ibeas corpus proccedinits to secure
isseeaioii of his soil, who, under
i act passed ut tiio last sesin
of Congress, had been compelled
attend school. Jtidtro Green held
at as the Indian olGco had not
sued as required by the act, rules and
filiations to compel the attenduueo
Indian children at schools provided
r them, the retention of the boy con
ary to tlie will oi 111s parents was mc-t
I. Tbo effect of tint' decision is re- J'
,rded by the Commissioner of Indian ;
Hairs as likely to prove prejudicial to
e schools, and it is the intention to
rry tho ease to a higher court. Tho !
dgo, iu his opinion, took tho ground i
at tho right;of a paront to tho custo'
of liia children belonged to tho Inan
as well as to a white man.
Immigrant Arrivals. <
Washington, V. C., Sept. 2S.?Tho j
lief of tho Bureau of Statistics reports |
at tho total nuuibor of immigrants ,
rived at the ports of the United
ates from tho foreign countries, ox- ,
pt tho Dominion of Canada and :
cxlco, during the month ended j
Wist 111, lb'Jl, was 45,172 against |
,3S1 in Angust of last your.
Ilotr'l Tliljt, ruder tin) MrKlnley 1JII1? ,
Washington, 1). 0., bept. Jb.?I he <
lief of tlio llureau of Statistics in his i
outhly report of tlio exports and im>rts
of the United States, reports that ,
o total value of the exports of mer- |
landiso from the United States, dur
i* the twelve months ended August j
, 18111, was $909,284,438. Tho valuo of ,
e imports was $849,039,241.
Memphis Cniuiuliulon .llun lleltl on n '
Sertoli* Charge. t
New Yohk, Sept. 28.?Goorgo C. Ilalli- 1
ly, twenty-flight years of ago, nil j
:ont fur tlio lirra of IlalliJay Bros., (
ain and commission dealers of Mem- ]
lis, Tenn., was held in tlio Yorkviiio j
>licu court to-day in $1,000 bail for ox- j
niuation on a charge of grand larceny. :
ic complainant, George Odell, of the
in of Odell liros., organ builders, (
largos that Halliday called upon him (
week ago, claiming that ho camo in
o interest of the Memphis Episcopal
lurch that wanted its organ repaired,
ist Friday Halliday called again, pre- ;
uteil a ilralt lor $iuu drawn uv iuiiily
Bros., 011 Ilia Memphis Rational 1
ink to George W. Odoll.
Tlio cashier telegraphed to the <
einphis National Bank for informa- i
3n about the Uriu of Ualliduy Bros., '
nl rocoivod reply "persons named not i
lown in hnnk." Hullidny was arrosted :
Hiding further investigation. '
>r Amorlcnn Morclinutu to Opou Up a
Now Market.
Rojik, Sopt. 28.?The executive com
ittooof the Italian-American oxhibiDn
at Gonoa, in honor of the discovery
America by Columbus, have Anally '
rangod for .the erection of the build- \
gs, which will cost 300,000 lire. It is :
ie design of the committee that tlio
chibition shall consist of samples of
.? ?<vt.|/>tiltiirn1 nnd industrial nroductB
' Italv anil America, with the object
: showing tlio kinds of goods that cnu
3 most advantageously imported and
cnortod. It is expected that this Is to
vo a now iinpulso to trans-Atlantic
immerce. This would be a good opjrtumty
for American merchants to
itroduce their goods into a now marst.
(ieuoaistlio largest distributing
tint in Italy for foreign merchandise,
id tho people of Italy are largely preisposed
in favor of American products.
Iio Jeff David btntuu Voted Not to he a
Good IJkoness by tlio Committee.
Jackson, Miss., Sopt. 28.?Tiiu li/ozod
Btntuo of ox-President Jefferson
avis, intended to bo placcd in the vesbu!o
of tlio Confederate monument
are, was opened to-day and submitted
i the committee, three of whom were
leent, soven being present. After
ireful inspection, the cominitteo took
i informul vote on tlio acceptance,
;rcoinc that the sanio should not be
Tinnl, ulicn all but one voted against
icepting, on the ground that'It is not
good likeness of Mr. Davis. The coinntteo
agreed to refer the mutter ol
tAAntnnruk tr? n now committee of
vcnty-tive citiiens, composed of por>ns
to whom Mr. Davis was well
noun, Mrs. Delniont Mnnship, vice
resident of tho association, to namo
10 cuminittoo.
ikon .Seriously 111 In Pittsburg?Uncon.
scIoiir nt n Hotel.
Piromrnoir, Pa., Sept. 28.?This inornig
about 10 o'clock Harry Kline, a
oungtnau of IS years, but weighing
bout 300 pounds, walked into the Ccn nl
hotel and asked the porter where
le inith room was. lie entered the
partment and almost immediately was
ion to stagxor. He was saved 'from
dling to the floor by two inon who
Might mm. llo Became unconscious,
nil No. 1 patrol was culled tind ho was
amoved to the hospital. Ho was still
nconscious at 1 o'clock, buttlio nttendig
physician says ho will recover. His
omo is in Moritoiitown, \V. Va.. but ho
as relatives in the city, whom he was
Trouble Threatened In Utiriunh.
Calcutta, Sept. 28.?Dispatches from
tangoon, the capital of British Burmh,
announce that a feeling of great
nxioty prevails there. Natives who
rrived there report that a groat gath
ring of Dacolta to taking pi nee about
i'uutho nndor the leadership of tho
efugco Tsau'ho, and that, overy prepantion
is being made to repel an anticiated
attack upon the garrisou at Wunho.
Several minor conflicts have aleadv
occurred and news of more Bonus
lighting is momentarily expected.
Exhibits Hlmsolf to an Immense
Audience at Zanesville.
Which the Country is Enjoying Alter
Eleven Months Trial of the McKinIcyBlll,
Ho Has the Audacity to Declare
that Protection Paralyses In
dustrles nntl Throws Laborers Out
of Employment?He is Fresh from
Texas awl Miiy belvxciisctl for Mulling
Such a Break.
Zixisvm.e, Ohio, Sept. 23. ? At
ichultz's Opera JIouso to-night lion.
Roger Q. Mills, of Texas, addrossed an
audience tlmt tilled the building from
pit to dome. The doors were opened
it 7 o'clock and ton minutes later thero
was not n scut left. In the corridors
ami aisles, in the orchestra pit, in tho
space between tho wings of the stage,
3very inch of standing space was utilized,
and not until tho last words of
.ho speaker had been uttered did a
iinglo person leave tho building.
Tho distinguished Texan was introduced
by Hon. John O'Neill, the chairinnn
nf tho mcnlinc. as "the mall Who
nod done more for the range of tlio laborer
than uuy other statesman that
America had produced,"
Ho was greeted with a perlect ovation,
Jnd it was fully live minutes before the
:heers of the audicnce subsided sulli;iently
to allow him to proceed with
Ins speech, in liis remarks lie
:onflned himself to tlio tariff. Ho said
that if this were a mere personal contest
between Gov. Campbell and Major McKinley
lie would not be here to-night,
out it is because the contest is ou an issue
of transcendent importance to the
whole country?an issue that effects the
welfare of ovory one in Ohio.
"In the present contest," he said,
'Major Mckinley stands for the policy
jf taxation, not for public purposes, but
> taxation to stranglo competition
in businoss, to throw tho laborer
jut of employment, to reduce
[lie wages of workingmen, to paralyze
natural industries, to build up, moreover,
a tremendous fortune 111 tlio
Lianus ot a lew until icmukcs wo wuwu
fabric oi popular government from turrot
to foundation stone."
Fully 5,000 people were in the audi=nco
and more than that number were
turned away unable to pain admittance.
A Now Pnrtj.
Columuus, 0., Sopt. 28.?The Veteran
Republican party of Cincinnati to-day
filed a petition of nomination with tho
Secretary of State, u form required by
the law before the party can ue recognized
in the make up and issue of
tickets at tho polls. Tho petition was
signed by five hundred citizens and a
receipt of its acceptance was given.
I'iie promoters 01 the wow pariy ciaiiu
it will cut quite a figure in the result in
Hamilton county and the Stato.
A. Newark Man I* Looking toe 111 a Wife
and Children.
New York, Sopt. 2S.?Thomns Fischer,
a German saloon keeper at 240 Ferry
Btreet, Newark, sold out his business on
Saturday and will devote liis time and
money to a search for his missing wife
and two children, lie said last night
that tie believes she bus eloped with a
Hungarian hod carrier named John
Horininskv, who is about twenty-five
years old, tall und good looking. Mrs.
Fischer is a rather comely brunette of
thirty-eight years, llcr liuskanil is
short, stout and anything but pretty.
Mrs. Fischer tended bar for her husband,
and to this is attributed her
downfall. About n month ago Uerminsky
first visitcil the saloon, Ho chatted
with Mrs. Fischer und induced her to
drink with hiin. lie caine the next
night, and soon was a regular caller.
Fischer saw and disapproved of what
wos going on. Ho mildly reproved his
wife, but she continued to show a decided
preference for Ilermlnsky.
Last Sunday, while Fischor was coming
downstairs from his living apartments,
he found his wifo and Horininsky
kissing each other in tho hallway.
Ho ordered tho fellow out and thon upbraided
his wife. She professed ropontance
and askod forgiveness.
Shortly afterward the Hungarian returned
anil calmly sat down in the saloon.
To avoid a row Fischer went into
another room, but as llerminskey remained
somo time forbearance ceased
bo a virtue, and rushing upon tha follow
Fischer knocked him to tho floor
with a stinging blow in tho face. Several
men in tho saloon prevented further
hostilities, and the Hungarian ran
Mrs. Fischor thon walked to the cash
drawer and transferred $130 to her
..rwlruf ('illlint? hnr daughter, aned 12.
unci lior son, aged 0, sho took each by
the hand and Trent out She 1ms not
been seen since. Fischer learned Hint
Herminsky boarded at 29 Wall street,
but that on -Monday ho took away Ilia
clothes and lias not slnco returned. On
Saturday Fischer wont to tho liouso
of his wife's cousin, Mrs. Carolino Cook,
of Cook streei, near Graham avenue,
Brooklyn. He thought that Mrs.
Fischer might bo tnere, and as lie was
refused admittance lie thinkB so still.
TJu-eo Men Drowned.
Ashland, Wis., Sopt. 28.?Andrew
Anderson, Martin Nelson and a man
whoso name is unknown, were drowned
to-day by the capsizing of a row boat
near iladeline Island. John l'eterson,
wbo was with them, managed to reach
ghore. ^
Muumiliip Nbwi.
New York, Sept. 28.?Arrived?Steamer
Arizona, Liverpool.
London, Sept. 28.?Sighted?Hermann,
I.ivp.iu'ool, Sept. 28.?Arrived?Denmark,
from New York.
Axtwrkp, Sept. 28.?Arrived?Wiealand,
from Sew York.
>'kw Yobk, Sopt. 28.?Arrivod?Ems,
lrom Bremen.
CopEXtuGEK, Sept. 28. ? Arrived?
Italia, from Now York. .
Glasoow; Sept. 28.?Arrived?State
of Nevada, from Now York.
Moviiak, Sopt. 28?Arrivod?iarneasia,
Now York.
. Boston, Sept. 2s.?Arrived?Pavonia,
from Liverpool.
Boa Walter* Fntally Boat* Ills Wlfo and
Theu Throws Ulauolt In the Well*
Special Ditpatch to Vu Intelligencer.
Caldwell, Ohio, Sept. 28.?For tho
third time within tho past eight months
the citizens of Caldwell and Noble
county have been shocked by a cold ]
blooded murder iu their midst. This
timo Kos Walters, a married man resld- ,
tag in Jefferson township, twelve miles '
south of this place, engaged in a quarrel
with his wife early Sunday morning,
and so enraged did he boconin that lie
seized an iron liar and struck his wife
over the head, fracturing her skull. He
repeated the blow, but a littlo daughter,
eight ycaas old, wurded it oil' her
mother's head, and in so doing had a
finger entirely severed from lierhnnd.
Tho wretched husband, thinking ho had
killed his wife, weut to a well near by
and tlircw himself in, immediately
drowning. About noon his body was i
taken from tlie well. At this hour the ,
woman is still living, bnt no hopes of ~
her recovery are entertained. Jealousy
was tho cause. Walters' remains were <
brought to this place for burial to-day. 1
Several Liven Lout id North Dakota?Many
Cattle Ferlih In the Flame*. '
Wff rnwiipniiT_ \T D. Hnnfc. 28.?Geo.
W. Johnson anil his son who live near |
Boaver Creek were burned to doath by (
the Great Emmons county prairie Arcs. 1
Mr. Taylor, an elderly gentleman living 1
near Williamsport, is seriously burned '
and will probably die. No further news t
uan bo learned from the Holland Bettlo- i
ment, thirty-fivo miles south of
Williamsport Three mon are known i
to have perished in that vicinity. The i
amount of damage done in the Holland <
settlement cannot be learned, but it is 1
safe to savit will not be farfroin $50,000. 1
One man at Winona, twenty miles t
from Williamsport, a Mr. Pratt, lost '
forty-three steers which wore overtaken j
by "the lire and burned to doath. (
Another lire raged on South prairie and i
burned out Messrs. Fosburg, Mahoney, t
Houston and Parker. <
Ilouinrlcnblo Trip Mario by a Train From ]
Sun Francisco to Now York. ,
New York, Sept. 2s.?At 10:30 o'clock f
this morning (ha private coach Grass- ,
more, containing John W. Mackey, the 1
California millionaire, and Miss Fair, j
daughter of Senator James 6. Fair, and j
a sister of Mrs. Herman Oelrichs, rolled ,
into the Grand Central depot attachod .
to the fast mail over the New York ]
Central & Hudson Kivor railroad, hav- 1
ing mode the fastest tripon record from I
San Francisco to this city. Mr. Oelrichs i
was at tiie depot awaiting the train, i
which was reported 23 minutes lato at 1
1'oughkeepsic. Five minutes of this
time was made np before reaching this ]
city, making the actual time of tho trip 1
after counting tho difference of time be- I
twuen tho two cities, four days, twelve !
hours anil 2s minutes. This beats tho i
record of Herman Oelrichs, who, in Au
?ist last, mado the trip in 4 days, 10 ]
ours and 10 minutes. i
It is rumored that Mr. Mackay's trip i
to this city is for the purpose of looking i
intnroota nf thft Pnnfflfi MJLflfl ill '
connection with the Searles will con
Riot Among Dook Laborers.
Chicago, Sept. 28.?At 110011 to-day
two gangs of dock laborers, one white ]
and one colored, gathered on the dock ,
of the Western Transit Company.
While waiting to be paid o(T they got '
into an altercation which led to a general
fight, in which .Tallies Kolley ,
(white) was stabbed to tlio heart anil 1
killed by Josoph Boles (colored). Boies i
was pursued by the other white combatants,
who fired a numbet of shots
after him, one of thom wounding him '
in tho'arm. Two other persons wore !
wounded by stray bullets. Boles was
finally captured and locked up. .
Murder at a Hoarding Houso.
LodisviiM!, Ivy., Sept. 28.?At Hen- ;
derson, last night, Charles Johnson shot
and killod Mrs. Emma Hopkins. John- ;
Bon liuil been boarding with Mri. Hop- '
kins, but hud been made leave on ac- 1
count of ungentleinanly conduct. Ho
returned for hia trunk, and while Mrs.
Hopkins was standing with her back to
him ho shot her. Sbo turned to faco
him and lie shot her again, thin time
through tho forehead, killing her instantly.
Johnson then escaped. A
posse in after him.
A Vessel llntlly Used Up.
Nkw York, Sept. 28.?The schoonor
Daylight, which collided 80 miles oiT
Firo island on Saturday night with the
Anchor Lino steamer Circassia, arrived
in the hay this morning and anchored
there. The vessel's jib boom and bowsprit
are gone and her bow is badly
damaged. Nearly all her timbers and
planks are strained nud alio is reported
as making water fast. The Daylight
was bounafrom Boston to Philadelphia
Ut IU?J ? ?? W* fc,,W ?ww.ww..v.
County OHIoinl Aciamilnated.
LitiLb Hock, Auk., Sept. 28.?Androw
Gage, clerk of Madison county, was
assassinated Saturday night at Ilia home
in tho suburbs of Uuutsvillo. Gone
wis standing on his back porch whon
tho assassin iircd from thu shadow of
an otl'thouse. Eighteen buckshot entered
Gage's body, tearing a hole as
largo as ? man's hoad. Ho died instantly.
The assassin escaped, but is
being pursued by a posse of armed
I'olaon In thu Co {Too.
a.#?.% >?* Vftmr &?nt 98.?'Tlift fnmilv
of Mrs. George F. Lewis, consisting of
five persons, were poisoned yesterday
morning. The poison is supposoc to
lmve been in tiio coffee drank at breakfast.
Miss Saver, a domestic, is in a
critical condition. Tho other members
of tho family are doing nicely.
Umbfixzler Arretted.
Atlajita, Ga., Sept. 28.?Emmet B.
Stanley, superintendent of tho money
order department of tho Atlanta postoffice,
was arrested to-day on tho charge
of embezzlement. It is not known what
the extent of the shortage Is, but it is
believed to bo more thon$I,GOU.
Felt In Chicago.
Chicago, Sopt. 28.?A few persons in
thin city lelt tno snocic 01 oaiuruay
nljtht. It wan Tory light auil of abort
duration. 1
Attempts to Assault Archbishop
Corrigan During Mass. ^
ro Prevent Him lYoin Murderously ^
Assaulting Prelate at the Cathe- s
dral iu Now York?Ho is a Partisan i
of McGlynn und was Crazed Over j
tlio Alleged Wrongs of tliq I,utter. ,
An Exciting Sccno During the Morn- <
lng Scrviuc-?Threats Against the '
Archbishop. c
New Yobk, Sept 28.?Intense excite- '
none was created among tlio vast con- (
jregatlon that attended the 6 o'clock 2
celebration of the mass in tlio Cathedral
>n Fifth avenue yesterday morning by
ho violont actions of a maniac who was c
>uly prevented from murderously as- '
laulting Archbishop Corrigan by 5
jrompt action on tho part of tho ses;ons
and the police. <
The man entered tho Cathedral unnoiced
and seated himself near the mid""
Axn^xnl <iia1n iftinra hfl Hnnn
IIC Ul U1U tfUHUi l"0'U| " (
)egan to attract tho attention of those
ibout him by mattering to himself,
slinchiug his fists and scowling at tho c
jrieatg as they moved about tho ultar. t
\s ho made no audible disturbance, no j
ittempt was made to remove him. ,
As tho servico drew to a close it was x
loticed that his excitoment seemed to J
ncrease, and that once or twice ho
jlutched tho pow in front of him and J
eaned forward as if about to spring to
lis feet. Several women-near by began
;o become alarmed, recalling tho maniac
ivho created a panic in tho cathedral a J
war ago, but their attention was pros- 1
mtly distracted, when, tho service be- _
uk over, the archbishop began to move
award the pulpit for tlie purpose 01
Iclivering tlio sormon. J
At tlint moment tiio young man who t
ind been acting so queorly picked up t
lis bat and, darting out of tho pew,
itrode quickly down tho main aisle and
cached tho transept ]ust as the archbishop
had ascended tho steps of tho
pulpit. Shaking his fist at tho arclijishop,
he screamed in a shrill, piping (
roice that oelioed through tho groined ;
irehos of the cathedral: "I'm the l.ord's .
Anointed and you're not in it with ine! '
Hurrah for I)r. McGlynn I" Then he <
jegan to pour out a torront of abuso 011 J
She archbishop and tho Church, inter
ipersod with rambling references to LJr. i
SIcGlynn and frequent reiterations that j
10 was tho "lord's Anointed."
Tho congregation stood aghnst, ana i
liere and tlioro women scroaraed and j
began to rush from the church. Arcli- '
bishop Oorrigan was pale but very col- j
lected, and silently motioned to an ?
ushor who stood near tho pi^pit to rt)" 1
movo the man. The maniac had worked j
himself into an incoherent frenzy and '
stood glaring at the pulpit. Foam was
[lying from his lips and his fingers were
nervously clutching tho air. Suddenly,
with n 'sharp cry, h<S sprang forward i
t\,n airWlnnf iritnntinn of crrnnmintr .
ivitil tiio archbishop and hurling'him
[rom tho pulpit.
At that moment Jamos Martin, tho
night watclimanatthoCathedral, sprang
Forward and grappled with tho maniac.
Martin is a burloy, powerful uian, but
although liis antagonist was only an
emaciated, consumptive looking strippling,
it was all lie could do to handle ]
uitn as they struggled together. Ollicer .
Quintan, who was on post in Fifth avenue,
and several ushers and members j
jf the congrogution came to his assist- 1
nice and tho maniac was dragged down <
the aisle struggling and howling and
kicking anathemas on Archbishop Cor- <
rigan, whom I10 declared to bo Pontius '
I'ilate. At the north transept door he
resisted again long enough to cry,
"Throe cheers for Dr. McGlynn 1" Quiet
was soon restored after ho had boon ro- i
moved and tho archbishop calmly pro- *
ceeded with tho delivery of his dis- ,
course as if nothing extraordinary had
happened. J
On tlio way to the station nouso me
prisoner strugglod florcely with Ilia
captora and raved incessantly, denouncing
the Archbishop us a persecutor of
Dr. McGlynn and declaring that lio had
gone to the Cathedral (or tho express
purpose of murdering him.
Alter a sedative had boon adininia
terod ho became calmer and said that 1
his name was Joseph I'. Hanralian, that '
ho was twenty-live years of ago and <
lived with relatives at 110 East Fifty- '
second street It is said that tho unfortunate
youth was an ardent admirer
of Dr. -McGlynn, and that his mind became
affected recently through brooding
over what ho considered tho perso- '
cution of tho reverend gentleman. Although
he declared that it was his pur- '
poso to kill tho archbishop no weapon '
was found'on him when ho was searched
at the station houso. At tho Yorkvlllo
court Hanralian seemed stupefied. He
was bommitted for1 medical examination.
Knminni Dlainu With tho It, & O.
T> Mh OR ?ATr Vm.
UAI/1 vvj>?. ?w. ?..
mails Bluinc lias been offered and acceptod
a position with tlio Baltimore A
Oliio company, with headquarters at '
ChicafTo. It is understood that .Mr.
Bluine is to bo an assistant to the president,
having general supervision over
tlio western department of the Baltimore
& Ohio.
Tillman Indicted.
Lotnsviu.r., Kv., Sept, 28.?Tho grand
jury to-day returned two indictments
against Major William Tillman, the
furtive cashier of tlio Folia City Bank.
Tho charges are embezzlement and (
grand larceny in taking $37,000 unlawfully
from tho bank. It is not known
where Tillman is and there is no reward
for his arrest.
Blow HI* Ilrnlns Out.
Nasiivimx, Sept. 28.?Major J. W.
Hopkins, for many years a prominent i
business man of this city, blow oat his '
Drains with a donble-barrolled shot nun '
at lied Billincn Springs, thin State, Sunday.
He had become despondent be- \
canso of ill health.
Henry Cabot Lodge has stated that
lio would accept tlu challenge of Hon.
John E. liiuscll to u joint debate of the
issues of the campaign.
k Grout OH Market In Philadelphia
1!i!Mli'il Yeitturtltijr,
Philadelphia, Pa., Sopt. 28.?Shortly
iftor 2 o'clock this afternoon fire broke
tutin the oil warehouse of Phillips und
Junninghain, at 130 North Delaware
ivonue. The flames soon gained headray
and several alarms were turned in.
Tho fire swept through tho inflainuablo
stock of the building and tho
itructure ivas abhuo from collar to roof
n twenty minutes after the flames first
>roke out. Finding that the fire was
leyond their control, tho firemen
lulckly turned in four alarms. Despite
lie utmost etlbrts of tho llrenen,
the flames spread west to
iVater street, and to tho rug warehouse
if Jcssud & Moore, adjoining the burn
ng oil store on tho north. In a short
irae the warehouses at 127,131 and 133
iVater street were nblaio. l'hilip and
Charles I'orter, of Engine Company No.
!9, woro injuroil by exploding oil, and
?rank Lowrov, of Truck 1), was hurt by
i full from a ladder.
At 4 o'clock tho flromen had succeeded
in getting tho fire under control..
rho loss is roughly estimated at
)vor England nt tlio f.attor's Own Game.
He suit at the CrJckct MaUsh,
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 28.?The
irickot match between Lord Hawke's
iloven and tliu team made up of the
iracks from the various first class Philalolphia
teams which began on Friday
nat, ended to-day with n victory for 1
Philadelphia. Tlio Englishmen, who
itarled thoir second inning Saturday
naking W runs ior a loss of two wickits,
fimshod to-day, making 171 runs or i
i grand total of 4lii) runs. The Phila-.
lelphinna began thoir second inning, I
leodiug 183 runs to win. Those they
ineured with the loss of two wickets,'
beir hint run being mado three minltcs
beforo the time fixed for closing.
Clio attendance was about 7,500.
A return match will be played Thurslay,
Friday and Saturday of this week.
3n Thursday night a "complimentary
>all under the auspices of well known
lociety leaders will bo given the visi- i
Jnruogio and l'rlck Do Not AVant Tlielr
Supply Cut Off.
PiTrsntmoir, Sept. 28.?The firm of
j'nrncgio, Phipps & Co. mid II. C. Frick,
i Co. woro granted a preliminary inunction
to-day restraining tho Philalclphia
Natural lias Company from
ihutting off) tlieir ms next Thursday.
Che gus company claims that the prosmre
of gas is not sufficient to supply
-lie mills and domostic consumers, and
t hus purposed to shut off tho gas from
ill hut the latter. In the petition for
in injunction tho plaintiffs allege that
;he defendant company has a plentiful
! apply of gas and that tho real reason
or the refusal to furnish gas to tho mills
s that they can got hotter rates from
private consumors. A hearing ' has
seen set for noxt Friday.
Didn't Know Knali Othor.
Ddbmn, Kept. 28.?James Stephens,
ho ex-Fenian loader, has arrived In
Ills city, It is reported that ho liaa
:ho government permission to remain
lero for tlio rest of his life. Mr.
Stephens readied Kingston on tho
mme boat as Mr. l'nrnell and though
;he former had long boon anxious to
meet Mr. l'arnell, thoy did not recogaiso
each otlicr.
Datnnjco to a Ntuuiuslilp.
Livewool, Sopt. 28.?Tho fire which
jroko out this morning on board the i
Poninsular and Oriental Company's
itoainship, Komo, in dock at Groonock,
ins been extinguished. Tho damage
lone is estimated to amount to $175,000.
Five hundred men who were employed
>n board the Komo making alterations
iave been thrown out'of wort
An American Invention.
Loxnox, Sont. 28.?Within a few days
sxperiments are to take place in Wales
villi an American invention known as
'Snyder's dynamito projectilo." Forjign
government are interested in the
;csts, and several of them will have
Military and naval exports to watch tho
results. _
Gon. Booth Itooetvoa an Ovation*
Sydney, N. S. W., Sept. 28.?Tho re:cption
accordcd in this city to Gen.
llnoth of the Salvation Army amounted
:o an ovation. The general was greeted
jy tho largest concourse and tbe longjet
proccssion that over turnod out in
thin city.
American Hecuritleft Solid.
Losoov. Sopt. 28.?The settlement on
the stock exchange, which opened tolay,
showed an immenso account in
iVincrican securities. Money was in'
large request and American railroad
contangoea ranged from 4 to 5 per cent.
llud it Good Effect.
Bkhun, Sept. 28.?The speeches of M.
Rlbot and Chancellor Von Caprlvi have
produced an excellent Impression hore,
allaying the feeling of uncertainty aa
regards the political outlook.
A Itojrul Funeral*
Moscow, Sept. 28.?Tho obsequies of
Ihe Grand Duchess I'aul wcro conducted
to-day with great pomp. Tho remains
were convoyed to St. Petersburg whero
the interment will tako place.
Blcycllat Edge'* Groat Feat.
London, fe'opt. 28.?Edge, tbci bicyclist,
has broken the record iroin London to
Edinburgh, covering tlio 307 miles in
38 hours and minutes.
Tho Grip in Melbourne.
Mu-Bociure, Sopt. 28.?A serious epiJemicof
influeiixuprevails liore. Justice
Webb has just died of the disease.
Weather Forecast for To-day. s
The storm In thu lako roKlons bos increased In
snorL'v with westerly galuA and local, rain*. A
ocond ?torm i? mlvouolng Irora tno north
'Vor1 Wait' Vlnrinln. liUr, followed lv loetl
ibowcn during itio night: cooler by WodnevUy
morning: WMVerly wlndi.
For (juio, locnl Khowen; wuterty wlndi, genmilly
For Wr-u-ni IVnniylvwilo, lair 'luring the
irreuti'r i-ortlon of tlie day', followed by local
phowon during tuo nnornoon or evening-, oooier
by Wvduwuny morniiiR; southwesterly winds,
m farnlshu'l by C. Bcuxerr, druggist. Open
Uuuhm curuor:
7 su xzl. w i n p. in ..87
9 is. w 7 i?. m.? ? w A .
U 811 Wc*lU?r?Fair, * J

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