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Host Disastrous In Effbcta of any
Evor Exporioncod.
business becoming paralyzed
1,1 l.'iimoiiuonue, nr.U the Crlvl* Is ol
i In' Most Serious Character?Urate
fill Uiinniniis Appreciate, ttic Ameri
can Hclliif?Aunrclilitts .Qjnvlctcd.
Oilier Foreign A Oil I !??. . .--j
London-, April 4.?Tlio effects of tlio
strikes of tho coal minors in Durham
tlireatoti lo bo raoro deplorablo than
w:n anticipated liy any ono who lias ex
amined into tlio trouble. Tlio stocks
of fuel in tlio largo factories uro almost
gone, an I it Is probable that in a fow
weeks a number of lieuvy failures will
be announced. Tlioro lias never boo
so gravo a crisis in tlio history o( trade
and industry in the north o( England.
.Ml llio horths on tlio rivorTytio arooc
ccapiod bv vessels nutdo idlo by tlio
strike, and firing with a European rep
ntation are in jeopardy. Hugo coal
yards, formerly tlio scone of the busi
est activity, and on uliU-h ontiro com
munities depended tor their existence,
are now idle. Tlio strike has already
ilono more harm than any modern
strike, and its etloeta bocemo worso
Delegates from 20,000 Durham miners
to-day adopted tlio acclamation a de
cision to stand firm against a'reduction
oi wages. _
Show Tlivlr Appreciation of tlio American
Ilcllof Kxpoilitlon.
I.iuau, April 4.?Tlio first train load
of the cargo of the steamer Missouri,
which brought to this port from How
York an immense quantity ot flour and
grain given by Americans for tlio roliof
of the starving liussian peasants, will
start for Orenburg this evoning. Tlio
Missouri, which sails under the British
tlag, is commanded by Captain l'inley.
Yesterday, in the presence of all tile
notables ot" the town, Count Dobrinsky
].resented Captain l'inley with a splen
ilnl antique liussian tea service. Ill re
plying to the presentation speech, Cap
tain l'inley expressed himself as deeply
touched at the appreciation .shown for
his slight services in bringing to Hussia
the offerings oi charitable Americans,
who had alwa'vs shown -themselves
ready to respond in the most-free band
manner to appeals for aid iron-, anv
llecclvi'd With lloyiil Honors,
Alcxanduia, April 4.?The Turkish
imperial yacht Izzeddin, having on
board Ahmed Avoub l'Usha, tlio
spccial envoy of the sultan,"who brings
to Kgvptthe lirmcu of investiture for
the khedive, arrived here this morning.
As she steamed into the harbor she
was greeted with salutes from nil. the
war ships and the forts. Shortly after
eIio came to anchor Ahmed Avoub
Pasha and the fourteon melnb'er* oi' his
suite wero rowed to tho quay in small
boats. As the envoy and his party
stepped upon the quay they were re
ceived by representatives of the kho
ilive. A "guard of honor, consisting of
British and Egyptian troops, was in
waiting, and tho envoy was received
with military honors. The party at
ouce proceeded to the railway station,
where they took a special train and
started lor Cairo.
Antirclilittft Convlctod.
London, April 4.?Tho -Walsall an
archists, .Vredorick Charles, Victor
Cailes, Joseph Thomas Deakin and John
Battola were to-day found guilty at
Statfordshirc assizes'ot "unlawfully and
knowingly having in their possession 1
or under "their eontrol certain explosivo
substances under such circumstances as i
to give rise to tho reasonable suspicion |
that they did not have theni in their j
possession or under their control for |
any lawful purpose." John Wcstley I
and "William Ditchtield, who., were also |
tried01: the same charge, were acquitted.
I'crlinpH One of ill* Victims.
Dcbun, April 4.-?Tho body, of a girl ,
l>as been discovered underneath tho j
lloor of a cottage near Bandon, twenty j
miles southwest of Cork. ,Tho body |
had been buried and then covered with j
cement in a manner identical .with that
followed by murderer Deeming in the
case of his wife and four children,
whose bodies were found under the
lloor of DiuhamtVilla at Kain llill, near
Liverpool. _
DUnntnr to a St mini or.
St. rETEitsitURG, April 4.r-It is re
ported hero that a steamer bound from
tho Persian coast for Baku, in tho Black
?ea, with U00 passengers and a cargo of
cotton, has been lost with all on aboard.
It is said that the disaster was duo to
the fact that the steamer was greatly
overloaded. v
Charters Granted.
Fptcial Dispatch to the Jniclltacnccr.
Charleston, W. Va., April 3.?Tho
secretary of state to-day issued the fol
lowing charters: Davis Hardware and
furniture Company, for the purpose of
buying and selling "hardwaro and furni
ture at wholesale and retail. The prin
cipal ollico will bo at Davis, Tucker
county, \V. Va. The capital subscribed
is $8,040 and privilege granted to in
crease irom time to time said capital to
$?">0,000. # Shares are SI00 each and aro
heid bv Chas. G. Blake and six others,
oi Davis, W. Va.
Also the Tin Bill wholesalo company
for tho imrposo of manufacturing and
dealing in patented articles. Tho prin
cipal ollico will bo at Wheeling. The
capital subscribed is $500, and privilege
Fran tod said company to increase from
time to time its capital to 3100,000.
Shares aro $100 oach and aro held by
John II. .Stewart and four others, of
Wheeling, W. Va.
Charleston, W. Va., April 4.?Tho
secretary of stato issued , a charter to
day to Prince, Dunn & Co., for the'pur
pose of doing a wholesale merchandise
business. Tho principal ollico and placo
of business is.Charleston, \V. Va. Tho
capital is $50,000, and' the. yrivilogo is
pranted to said company to increase its
capital from time to tlmo to $300,000.
pharos are $10 each, and are held by W.
L. Dunn and four others o^ Charleston.
All Old Olllctnl Dend.
Washington', D. C., -Vpril 4.?Mr.
Henry IS. Jamos, for mari\;"years chiot
oi tho customs division oi tho treasury
department, died in this city yostorday
"iter a lingering illness. His remains
will be taken to Roehostorp X. V., to
morrow ior intomiont. . j ?.
.The prostration after the grip is en
tirely overcome.by Hood's Sarsaparilla.
it really does make tho weak strong. 8
How Allwn llurrUou >ltot lilt H\re?llienrt
lhtcauio Situ \Yuuld Not Murry llun.
fprrlnl Dispatch to the fiifctUytncer.
IIu.vti.voton, W. Va., April 4.?Threo
special doputy officora arrived in tlio
city Sumluy morning nt " o'clock from
Ilig Caboll crcek, seven miles back of
Unn, in this county, having in their
clinrgo Allen Harrison, a young man
refilling In that vicinity, who la guilty
of it most liorriblo crime. tfalurdiiv
afternoon Harrison idiot ami killed his
Bwoothcart, Mils Bottiu Adams, a voting
woman ol good fuinlly, who una dis
carded him some time since. I'lio do
tails of the crime lire highly sensational.
Harrison, it seouis, had made up his
mind that llio girl should either ac
quicaco with liia wislios and marry him,
ur that they should both eater tho great
llarrtson approached tho voting
woman Saturday afternoon and told her
that sho must marry him. This she
refused to do. 1 lor rofusnl ovidontly
crazed an already desperate limn. Iio
went to a neighbor's honso and bor
rowed a revolver for target practice, as
ho said. As tho second step in tills lior
riblo tragedy lie secured n doso of
laudanum, sufficiently large, as no
thought, to prove fatal. This lie swal
lowed and then entered tho kitchen
where she wns performing household
duties taking ashos out of the lireplace.
Without a second's warning he fired tho
fatal leaden messengers at hia unsus
pecting victim, who fell to tho floor a
corpse. After tho deed was done tho
murderer went off to hia homo, where
the drug ovorcaino his senses and ho
became insonsiblo. lie was in tills con
dition when found and arrested by
oillcers. Through the efforts of phys
icians tho man's lifo was saved. After
his recovery Iio was put undor guard
and lato Saturday night was brought
into this city by special officers.
When tho posso and prisoner arrived
at Twenty-fourth atreet, Harrison mado
an effort to escapo, jumping from his
horse and starting towards the woods,
but lie was lieadod oil and secured.
Tho party arrived hero at 1! a. ra? when
the murdoror was placed in tho county
jail. Great indignation and excitement
Crovnils and it is said an attempt will
o mado to lynch tho guilty wretch.
Guards with Winchesters, guarded tho
jail last night.
Jullml for Contempt?Ou Trial for .llurtlcr.
1'iro nt HnrrlArlllo.
Sprclal Dupatch to the JnUUhjawcr.
Paiikebsiiuro, W. Va.,'April -1.?C. L.
McT.ure, of Lincoln county, was jailed
hero yesterday by order*' of Judge J. J.
Jackson for contempt for failure to obey
an older of the United Slates court.
Tho caso wns for cutting lumber unlaw
fully and continued to the Charleston
term of court. McLure could not give
John Mortimer is on trial in tlie crim
inal court for killing Charles Reynolds.
K. li. Ilay, of Washington, grand ex
alted ruler of the Elks, is assisting in
tho defense. Mr. Ilay will bo ban
quotted at tho Blchnerhasset Wednes
day evening by local Klks.
Arch Matheny.'s home at Harrisviile,
burned Saturday; ioss $"J,000, including
5100 in greenbacks. .
1'y tliu fjtoriu In U'cntiuorcland County,
Greens nunc, 1\\.;April 4.?A terrific
wind, hail and rain storin.accoinpaniod
by lightning, passed over the southern
section of Westmoreland county at 7
o'clock last- evening,.doing'great dam
age. At Scottdalo, Evcrson and
Browntown, tho wind was very severe,
blowing down and unroofing buildings
in all parts of tho town. Tho Scottdalo
rolling mill was unroofed and the inte
rior badly wrecked bv falling timbers,
while the* Jackson House,.lionry Heed's
house and the Keagv rosidenco were
badly wrecked. A largo two-story
frame building at Honningor's mill, a
short distance out from .Scottdalo, was
blown down and two of Mr. Uenninger's
daughters were carried about 200 leet.
but fortunately escaped with but little
In all parts of the abovo mentioned
towns stables and outbuildings were
blown down and demolished, while
there is scarcely a iiouso in which the
windows and doors are not blown in or
broken by the hail, which fell to the
depth of "several inchos. For a time
the people werb panic stricken and fled
to the basements of the houses, expect
ing every minute to bo carried away by
the fierce gale. Many persons wero
slightly injured by broken glass and
flying ilebris, but no fatalities are re
ported. The loss to property cannot bo
estimated at present.
Accidents and Incidents in that Thriving
City?I'orsonnl nnd Industrial.
The funeral ot Mrs. John Stewart
took place yesterday morning from her
late home on Second street and was
largely attended, llev. II. N. Campbell
conducted the funeral services.
Mont Frazier returned to his home at
Wellsburg yesterday, after sponding
Sunday with his brother, William
Mr?. "William McWilliama is homo
from Clarington, where she went to at
tend the funeral of a relative.
The only church service held in the
city Sunday night wife the Evangelistic
meeting at the Opora House.
The Bon wood blast iurnaco has shut
down for a few days to mako some
necessary repairs.
Fresh Garden Seeds in bulk and pack
age at J. Williams' grocery, on Wash
ington street now-*
Miss Millio Fowler returned to May
nard yesterday, whore she is teaching
IIo! Traveler, tako Beeciiam's Tills
with you.
Climnborlalu'.-t Co?j;h IUuncdy
Mr. W. ?J. Mowroy, of Jarvisvillo. W.
Va., says: "Since we have been hand
ling Chamberlain's Cough Kcmedy we
havo sold it on a strict guarranteo'and
found that every bottle did good ser
vice. We have' used it ourselves and
think it superior to any other prepara
tion we know of. 50 cent bottles for
nalo bv C. R. Gootzo. W. W. Irwin,
John lvlari, C. Schnepf,C. Meukomiller,
W. S. McCullough, M. W.lleinrici, W.
]?! Williams, S. L. Brico, John Cole
man and W. ll. Williams, Wheeling,
W. Va.; Bowio & Co., Bridgeport, 0.;
B. F., Beabody, Bon wood, W.Ya. daw
Motliur'n Triend.
We havo both used "Mother's Friend"
and find it to be one of the best medi
cines in llio world, and would not bo
without it in confinement for any con
sideration. Mas. Sakau F. Vincent,
Mas. Mahv A. Luck,
l'ock linn, Ala.
Sold at wholesale and retail by Logan.
l)rug Co. and all.druggists.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Mr. Frank CurlU Stilts Ills Case
l.i l ull.
Tlio I'ollowln? I?JIls Trim Sltttoiuoiit
"Twenty years Is h Ioiik lime, In It
not? Hut ll Is at leiul that lor.it since
that my troiililo dates back, llutt 1 linvo
carried" tlio burden of mlsory within
ThoipeAkerwojOlr. Frank Curtis, of No. llfiC
High street, Wheeling. "I do not remember
the cxact dato when my trouble began,, but It
dates batik about twenty yenr?, as near us I can
toil anything about It." continued Mr. Curtis.
"My father sava 1 was ran over by a wagon on
thestreebi of lialtlmoro. wbon I was a small
child. 1 almost died from the cflucl* of my in
juries. but, on regaining my health again, I wu?
left deaf in both van. remaining thus until No
TOinbcr 1, lS'.'l. when I cnllod on Hrs. Copehnd
?V- Hell and placed myself under their care. I
had continual ringing and roaring, and sounds
In my cars similar to that o! n train of cars, aud
ut times a terrible pain In my head.
"Catarrh Anally, set In, and my noso'would
slop up so tight that 1 was compelled to breathe
through my month to get air. Constant droje
tliik of mucous from my head into inv throat,
opt ine hawking and spitting i?o?t of the
time. Two years nyo my nose and throat got so
bad. I would frequently cough ho hard I would
*pit blood us a result. Had no appetite, and
what I did oat disagreed with mo, causing terri
ble paln< In my stomach, bowels and back. I
grew s i weak and enineinted I was hardly able
to work, would feel more tired in the morning
tlmn the night before on going to l>ed.- 1 inu
now eut m good, square meal and rellsii it, can
do a hard dor's work w ith pleasure, which win
a continual ding heretofore; c.m hear an ordi
nary convention andean lieiirtiiy recommend
anyone MiHeringas I have done, to try those
eminent specialist* at No. 1121 Main street, and
be relieved.
The above statement can be easily verified at
llCGlilgh street. Wheeling.
DOCTORS COl'KIAND & HEM* have located
permanent otlko at 1121 Main street. Wheeling.
W. Va., where they treat with success all curable
cases. Otllco hours?'J to 11 a. ni..2 to 0 p. in.and
7 to U p. in. Sundays. 1) a. m. to 12 ni.. nnd 1 to 1
i>. in. Specialties?Oaturrh ami diseases of tlio
Eye. Ear, Throat and Lungs. Consultation free.
Address all mail to DltS. COl'ELAND d; HKLL
ll'Jl Main street. Wheeling. \V. Va.
Treatment, including medicine. &"?a month.
ffOTlie office of Pits. Coi*Et..\NDit Hnu. Is not
connoted in any way with any other otllces In
Wheeling. lM.r.AnK hkmk.mhwithis.
In Dalall,-.'. ?
MP.. rttANK eunm
All Sorts ot Local Nain im.l C.OMlp from
tl*n GlaM Cltr.
Hon. C. I.. Weems has called a moot
ing of the ltepublican congressional
comiuitteo of this new district to meet
at tlio Windsor hotel in this city next
Monday to fix the time and place for
the congressional convention. It will
probably be held hero or at Steuben
ville, but Uellaire is decidedly tlio most
convenient place for a majority of the
delegates to reach, though Harrison and
Carroll counties can fiet to Steubenvillo
easier than to Bellaire,- and-with the
lneinber from Jofferson, it,-.they vote
ior their, own convenience, will have
three to Belmont and Monroo ior this
Tho Enterprise Window Class com
pany will hold a meeting here to-day tq
authorize a branch oilice at Dunkirk,
Ind., whore tlioy will builil two ten-pot
furnaces, that town furnishing; the site
and most of the cost of the furnaces.
Charles flosser shipped his, men,
teams and tools to UhriclisyiHejyestor
dafr'to begin on r. street paving contract
there. lie andCi. li. Iiorcn have nearly
half a million in contracts for this
kind of work now made.
A do;; tacklod a horse standing in
front of a store near one of the polling
placos yesterday, when the horse let go
his hceis and the dog, slid and cold,
landod among a crowd of politicians.
It was dead.
Postmaster.. Darrah will ship' his
mare, Ida Wilkes, to Cambridge City, to
bo bandied with Mr. Mariug's horses.
Mr. Itoborts, of Moundsville, will also
send a good young horse out there.
Tlio miners of this city utid vicinity
will hold a mass meeting in city hall
to-night to be addressed by the presi
'dent and the vice presidctit':of their or
Henry I.eonhart, once a promising
jeweler," is in the county jail'now for
soiling two watches left him for repair.
He is a victim oi the liquor habit.
John Iloatherington fell from a.loft
in nis barn Sunday evening, iracturing
a riband bruising himself badly for a
man of his age.
Tho bill authorizing the expenditure
of ?'530,000 additional for tho pikes in
this township is now a law. The inoney
will bo spent.
It may sound like fiction, but it is a
fact that thero wore no drunk men
about the polls yesterday.
Miss Clara Alexander and Miss Ole
tlm Snyder, of Woodsfield, aro visiting
the family of J. A. Driggs.^
A. W. Marshall, oi Findlav, is spend
ing a few days with friends liere.
Gksti.k Spring" loses many of its ter
rors when tho systom is fortified by the
uso of Aver's Sarsaparilla. With multi
tudes, this wondorful tonic-alterative
hns long superseded all other spring
medicines, being everywhere recom
mended by physicians.' daw
Liko Tholr Namo,
Strawberry Hams have no equal lor
lusciousness and.delic!\cy.of flavor...
Tho best way to mako a dry goods
clerk of your bov is to give him a choice
lot of seasoned elm chucks to split,with
a splintered ax-holvo, on-the first warm
dav in spring.?.ImCT'cmi >Farmer.
? ? ? MADE EASY!
" Mothers' Friend," is a scientific^'
ally prepared Liniment,'every ingre
dient of recognized, value and in
constant use by the medical - pro
fession. These ingredients are com
bined in a manner hitherto unknown
WILL DO all that is claimed for
it AND MORE. It Shortens Labor,
Lessens Pain, Diminishes Danger to "
Life of Mother ant^ChP.d. Book
to " Mothers " mailed FREE, con
taining valuable information and
.voluntary testimonials.
Scntbycxprcs* on receipt of juice $1.50 per bottle
?aiM-uw ASl) ALL DHUGGIaTi
Dry Goods.
1150 Main and 1153 Markot Stroots,
Begs to announce the arrival and opening
of his regular purchase of New Spring and
Summer Goods and to extend a cordial invita
tion to the ladies to call and examine the at
tractive Novelties exhibited in all the numer
ous departments. Special attention is called to
our choice selections of
Table Linens, Napkins, Towels,
Damask Cloths, 2 1-2 yards wide,
Napkins-to match.
Infants' Carriage Robes, Shawls
and Wrappers.
Ready Made 1 '
High Novelties in India Silks,
Grenadines, Gauzes, Organdies,
India Mulls, Pongees, French Chal
lies, etc.
500 Pair Seamless Fast Black Hose
at 15c a Pair- This is the best Hosiery
Bargain ever offered.
New Tea Gowns, Derby Waists,
Chintz, Outing and Calico Wrappers
from 89c up.
Fine Henrietta Tea Gowns, with Silk
Sleeves and Girdle.
Challie and Cashmere Tea Gowns.
Cloth Capes, Ulsters, Blazers and
91 and 92 Water Street, Pittsburgh, Pa<
Manufacture and Soli Every Article. Tool or Appliance Needed
Either for Ca3, Oil, Water or Mineral Tests.
boilers, casing,
engines, fittings,
DERRICKS, pumps,
tubing, cordage.
For Steam, Gas, Petroleum or Water,
No. 121 Thlrlv tUlrU street, five rooms. *>M.
Nu. 1311 McCulloiiU streoU'baltery aud tlrtull*
'"3o.ia3 noTHrJoU il* roitM.
No.2l>2 MnlU street, clevon rooms, bricc.
No. lt*01 M Hi itrcot, store room.
No. I Tenth itrcot. store roouu
No.? Tenth street, storo room.
The llodllUott Flour Mill ut Kim Grove. Every
modern Improvement. and In hrst-clas* running
order. There l? money In It. Good reason (or
MA flue lot nt Woodsdale, owl tho pike, SI,200.
A flno lot on North Front streot, Island.
.Lotd&Ziiiie'iOrchard addition. on tho island.
A lino bulldliwlotonfcouth Front nt.. Island.
No. 121 Fourteenth street, two-story brick
d*No! ?'ftouth York street. flrcroomed frame.
npl City Bank Building. Room No. 6.
A Month.
No. 1210 MoCoUochit, clflitroomed bouso.SlU uO
Vn IT'Q Allev it " tXI
New flve-rooincd house, South Kim street*. 16 00 (
No. 1417 Warren street - * ?!!
No. 1027 Market sircot, rooms .. ;? j?
No. 145 Fourteenth street...- * m
Stnblo for two hones... y????????? * M
Three-roomed house, 8%acres of land, near
West Liberty ? - 6 00
for sale.
' N<\ 2403 Woods street....... ' ''?l
No. 2f.iS Mulnstriut .''IS
I No. lOti Main street '
i Two cottages. Moundsvllle tamp Orounds.
I No. 2102 Uhnpllne street.
No. 121 Sixteenth street 7T^
I No. 3931 Woods si root -
I No. ;K)33 Woods si reel... i'*:uj
I imlldlng Mto on Chnpl no st, ffj by
lluUdlng site on Chapllncit, ??b> 132 feet
1 Five roomed housei and two lots. Ml.lcr*
i addition to McMechen, building for
I manufacturing puri*?cs, central ana
i deslrablo location ...........
Large building, central locution, sultablo
for wholesale business or manufactur
lug purposes ?J,v"
No. 3j? Sixteenth street - ? ~~
Chapllnostreet property .......... ?'?<"?
chapllne street property.......vv; v-;"v;~
No. 00 North l roni street, building alto
i GOxlOO - ???>*'>'
CclvoderoTotJ Iran S10J to S-W.
No. CiThltty drst street ?
Chapline Htrcct residence >!?""
Fourteenth street rcsldonco - J/'J J
Fourteenth street residence
No. OTS Mnln street...- ............. -.*? ,
No.2*lsMulnstroot - - ??Zii
No. 2001 Woods street - J.?
No. lout McUolloch strcot ? 6-'m
Two lots on South Front street.
No. 06 Ohio street ?? '1
for soldiers, their widows. minors, children nn<l
dopendeut parents cull on or address
Real Estate /cent. U. a Claim Attornoy, Export
lu Pension Claims,
mrtl 1612 Market Street.
Klght-roomed brick dwelling, 46 Eleventh
''iTvou want a pleasant homo on tho Island. I
can "sell vou a new seveu-roomcd bon-o, vrtui
bnth room, laundry and all
venleuces. or an elgbt-roomod brick houso, on
Market street, xieartho buslnosa coutro or tho
C'rtew slx-roomcd honso on North Eriostroot.
^^U'o^roo'me'd^brick* bouse, SG South Huron.
S1Thre?rootnea brlclc house. S012 Chapliuo
On Fourtceutb, Fifteenth aad McCoUoch
streets, East Wheeling.
On South Front street. .
On North York street, river lot. ? .
Ix>ts In Gilchrist ndditiou from S21j to 5W, and
tbe<e are good lots, on hlch ground.
On Wabash street, in old Fulr Grounds.
On South l'enu street
Choice lots on North Huron street.
Pleasant Valley and Elm Grove.
Manufacturing hnildlns. ionr stories.
Substantia llrlek hulldlni on trahlic wharf,
lust ncross tho street from railroad depot.
Store room. 10M Mnrkot street, room i!xlS).
Storeroom. 112'j Main stroeu Will put simo
in good condition. . ,
Five-roomed dwelling, No. 10South Broadway.
Modern nlno-roomed dwelling, South t ront
1 btEoomsover Stanton ?fc Davenport', second floor.
1229 Market Stroct
poeTsa l e.
A splendid fafin, uino luilos coat o? tho city,
llowso, six rooms, 2711 Chapllno street, S3,400l
I Tot iso, three rooms. First ward, SJOO.
House, four rooms, Jacob street, Centra Wheel*
inc. $1,300.
Two very dcslrflblo lota on South Front street,
Hnlf lot on 3royston strcot, Sixth -ward, S530.
Six-roomed houso on Woods strcot. Centra
Wheeling, $1,503.
? Lots on South Chapllne, Eoff and Jacobstrcots,
Iroin 8-W9 to $$03 eucn.
Houso of six rooms, 2350 Woods Btrcot; good
condition, $2,1)00.
business houso on Market Etreot.
Business houso on cornor Twenty-sixth and
Chapllno streets.
One-half lot on Twenty-ninth street, $300.
Thirty-six acres adjoining Elm Grove, cheap.
Building aico for dwelling on Twenty-eighth
Btrcot, ZM.
A largo lot at McMechcn, 103 by 203 foot Very
House of eight rooms, brick, Jacob street, ba?
tween Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets.
Seven lots. 50x103 feet. In Filan, Whyto and
Gnlliighor's addition, i'rlco S10D to $2)3 each.
Ono of tho-bait manufacturing sitaj in tha
City, fronting ou two railroads.
Choice loti l? Glondalo.
I>ots in Fifth ward in Fiiaa & Whyto'a
Hall 10x100 feet, second floor, Mar kct Btroot,
S1.003.S1,COO, 82,000 and ?3,033 to loan on city
nesbitt & DEVINE,
1739 Marlcfit Streot- mr5
Framed to Order on Short Notice,
1222 Market Street.
mr3l E. L. NICOLL.
StudIo2154 MalnStreet.
rortrnlli la l'aju:!, Oil, Crayon, Wutor uuil
-eeHIGGINS' gallery.
4-2 Twelfth Street.
Again come with their elnborato spring wim
ples, over 2,000 for Gents' Suits more than nil"
wheeling combined and 3:1 per cent leu to tho
consumer. Abo, n full Hue of Gouts' Furulihiug
Goods. Fits guaranteed.
rarll Acfnt. cor. Main nnd Twoniloth St.
f HEELING, f()n hooks and windows
OliKS. | Office AXt> Hank Il.vir.iNci,
Or Anything in Wire.
W. B. ALLISON, 17U7 hotl Street,
apl-mtia Telephone 117.

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