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Of the Ohuroh of St Anthony ol
Padua, In Bridgeport,.
And ft Credit to tho Congregation,
Hilltop Wntterson, of Columbus,
Conducts the Ceremonies,'Which
uro Witnessed l)y a Ut||e Inoin.
?l.j >?i
binge?Brief History of tho Coiii:rc<
gat ion.
The cornet atono ot tlio t>roposod
beautiful now church, to be orcglud in
honor of St. Anthony of Padua; back
of Bridgeport, was laid with apjxroprinte
ccremonies yesterday. Bishflp Waticrson,
of Columbus, conducted tho imJirossivo
coretnonios, ns listed l>y tho
rlcrgy of the neighborhood. An initialise
crowd was prosont, numbers o[
\\ heeling people attending, not withstanding
tho not weather. ThoJCntholie
organizations of Wheoling, lielpud
tlioir Ohio brethren to swell out tho
p.inrdo, which was a feature of tho day's
proceedings, to a really largo proeoision.
U lie day was hot, buttbo sunshino and
the beautiful weatbor combined rnado
to favorable a setting to tho day's profeedings,
that tho discomfort of the
beat was gladlv borne.
Tiw. m.A,.?0Eiftn cfnrfnrl from- Whftnl*
inf. Tlio Climax buna. of. Martin's
Forry, had como over onrllsr iii.Uio (lay,
ami started from St. (Vlphonsu'S church
with ths German Knights of St. Goor?c
tiie sun- ciiuncir.
and tho St, Alphonaua aocioty. They
marched up Market strcot to Four'
tcenth, from thero to Cbaplino and to
tho headquarters oi tho Knights ot St
Goorgc. Tho parade then" (09k the
Jlarkot etreot routo to ths suspension
bridge, thonco across to Iiridgoport,
Here it was joined by |ho St. Anthony's
congregation and other aocitjtfna. From
tho end of tho bridge to the ohurch it
about a half mile, and for this distance
the procession marched over thp duaty
roads in the following order:
1'Met Manhnl J. II. Hahnor. nil Jlpneboek.
Marshal Ferdinand UlcdeubarN ?mid Aids
Bernard Bach and Jacob Yochum.
Climax Band, ot Martin's Kerry.
Knlghtk of St. (ienrgc.
German Knight* ot St. ilcorgc.
til. AIiihonsuiHocictr.'
Division No. 1. Wheeling A. 0. Jr.
Division No. *i Martin's Korry A. O. II.
i.ongregavion o( SI. Anthony of Padua.
The site of tho new church is on a
beautiful level about half way up the
side of the hill, and commands a splendid
view of Wheeling creek and the
irreen hills opposite. The mount was
covered with peoplo, drawn thither to
view tho coremonios, which began
without delay. Tho platform surrounding
the place where the corner stone
was to lie, was to crowded with the
faithful that thoro was but little room
for the bishop and attondant clergy,
men; but*by dint of pbrsevering efforts
Fathor Mattingly finally got the crowd
to give way. On tho platform wore Bt
Hov. Bishop Wattcrson, Very Kcv.
Dean llartnedy, of Steubonvillo, Fathei
Fitzgerald, of Bellalro, Father Mattingly,
of Martin a Forrv, Fnther Leo, of St.
Alphonsus church, of Wheeling and
Father Weigand, tho pastor of the local
congregation. Mounting tho foundation
of tho church; Bishop Watterson
preached a brief sermon on tho subject
of tlia cornor stone laying. He took tor
his text the prayer of Solomon at the
dedication of tlie temple at Jerusalem.
He reminded his hoarers that tho'tempie
of Christ, which thoy wero about to
build, was far holier than tho ark of tlie
covenant, and that Christ's altar was
much nobler in tho sight of God than
the temple that was dedicated to the
great Jehovah. Therefore ho felt that
no idle curiosity and no feoling but sincere
respect for religion had brought
the great assemblage together.
"You aro present," said tho bishop,
"to assist at the cornor Btono laying ol
an edifice, which, wo hopo, will stand
for generations. Tho first and most
beautiful chapter in tho history ol
Ohio, and indeed of tho whole country,
is hero ronewod?tho cross of Christ is
acain uplifted. The sons of St. Bonifaco
and St. Patrick aro horo. Goil
stands in no neod of templos made with
hands hut wo neod thorn. In ordor tc
carry out tho proscribed form of worship
houses are necessary, in which tc
reccivo tho sacraments and to. hear the
word of (iod. Wo bless to-day tho cornor
stono of this church,
well knowing that without-tlio blossinp
of Uod thoy labor in vain-who build it
A tabernacle of tho Loij),'|sh'Qulcrty
built according to tho pattern'shown ui
on the Mount"
After explaining the moaning of ^pm<
of tho ceromonios incident to tho cortier
mono laving the bishop continued
"To you, children of,tho parish of St
Anthony of 1'adua, toyou and your pas
tor I say: Goon with confidence. This
house is not for yourtolveg alone, but
also for Almighty God, who is alwnvt
present in tho sacrifices offered and tin
sacraments hero rocelved.
"Ho zealous for the completion, be
zealous for the honor and glory of thh
house. Whatever you give will, If giver
out of tho love of God, %<s returned to
vou moro than a hundredfold. Koinom
her, if you are asked to contribute, thai
you are honoring tho l?ord. with yom
substance; romeinbor that you are do
lug an act of charity to tho soul and cooperating
with God in tlmtdivinostol
all things, tho sanctillcatlou of Immortal
eoulj. For the Lord this will, 1
trust be a pleasing abodo, ,and for you u
home, of grace and of salvation. Du
what you can for its honor and glory,
and you will Indeed find il a house o
I'Od and thogato of heaven for you all.'
Assisted by the priests Bishop Wat
torson conducted the ceremonies of the
laying of the cornerstone. Tlio foundation'wui
first blpfio'l and then-the
I'nrner atone was lata in Ita bed with
the usual ceremonies Two tin boxes
containing articles ujjjful to tho arch-,
tcologist of tho future, when delving
, among tho ruins of t-Uo church, wore
[ placed within the cavity hollowed ont
1 for their reception. The boxed contained
tho following articles:
Sketch of the blitory of the congregationThe
?trr Maria, Mrwwir nf the Sacml If (art,
Piuirlm of our Lady of Martin, ?um?letnentnrr inset
of the American IMrttaMfcol Jlevlev. Catholic
i 1'itiuniblau. Wheeling iNTt'LWOKNCKll. Wheeling
JirflMer, Wheeling Sunday Belmont county
Ournt, 8t. Clnirxvlllo Gazette, Ohio H'aUenfreund
Kathiillfchr Volkmlluny, Kueih America, WW Kir'
yiniM'httsinat* Zrittqw, March number of HofTinunn'a
(rntbolic Directory.;
List of names of onicer* and member* of the
?ocictic< of the church. TI\o name* of the various
committee# of tho < on&c?Knt Ion. Thfe nilincs
of tho bUbop and clergymen walstlng at tbO cor*
Eleventh ceutus of Ohio.
Ohio federal, stnto and vountjr olllecra.
New congressional district*
Apportionment oi member* of tho general a.v
scmoly of Ohio. 1891-1301.
tieneral and local nets of the Soventecutb sea
oral assembly
rolnago kglMntlon.
Ohio Mnto ArcbtculOKlcfll and flUtorlrnl Society
.-l uiiio njid houie o( ihalontti general r.!Kmbly
o f Ohio.
OktoAlatollbrary cslnloffnc.
Governor McKluloy'i. Inaugural ncldrcu.
Ohio OlectlOII HtMlstlC*.
Journal of thn board of wiuallzatloii.
' Ohio statistics.
the sew ciitmcn.
Tlio now churcli witf bo n vory linndBomo
odillce, and will scat four htfndrod
people. Tho plans wcro draifn by
Architect A. iJruulinji, of Chicago. The
. dimensions uro 43 by'SG feet, tlio hoiaht
from the floor to the ceiling thirty-one
. foot, and tlio height^M tho tower 110
i feet. Tho church -will bo built of
brick, with etono trimmings, in tho
Gothic style. The atone (or the toutidai
tiona was donated by Koynolds liros.,
of Free port, Ohio, anil' tho stono work
, was dono by Frank Hoss, a momber of
the congregation. IJenry Uurrotva, of
Bolluiro, has tho contract to finish tho
Tho congregation of St. Anthony of
Padua was organized fifteen years ago.
Soma time after Fathgr Tuohy, the pastor,
bought two lots on Kirkwood hill
and built a small house, in which mass
was colebrated on ono Sunday In every
month. Father Tuohy remained as
pastor for eight yoars, and was succecdod
by tho Capuchin monks, with
Fathor Martin as pastor. Tho latter
bought the present property, paying
S3,000 for a littlo moro than two acres.
On tms proporiy tlio tomporary ciuircu,
now to boosed as a school houso, was
bailt in 18D0. Tlio congregation now
contains a hundred families, and mass
is colobrated twiqo overy Sunday.
Father Wcigand also has a congregation
of flro familios in Maynard, ono of
125 souls in Flushing, and ono of sixtyfive
souls in tit. C|?irsvillo. lie ha;
been pastor over two and a half years.
The St. Anthony congregation is flourishing
and is enthusiastic about"the
handsome new church which will soon
ornament the hillside.
All Sorts or Loom -lew* anil Oolilp from
tho Glait City.
Tlio Republican primaries here Saturday
evening resulted in the selection of
tho following delegates to the county
convention to bo held at St. Clairsvillo
to-morrow. First ward, William Kil'
gore and Thomas Clogg; Second, Alex
> Anderson and Jacob Kapnor; Third,
Thomas M. Keyser and Dr. D. W.
i Boone; Fourth," W. 0. Borgundthal,
Honry F. Uahra and W. F. Littonj
Fifth, P. C. Crlswelt, John D. Vanhaw
> and A. 11. Gallagher; Township. A. A.
Wise anil Martin Corvin; West Whceli
Ing. Alex Lysli). Total 15 Thirteen Are
for W. J. K'irkpatrick for recorder and
two for C. 11. lilakonoy. Tho liepublican
city committee elected is as follows:
Donald McDoiyild, John Hoffman, Dr.
II. C. Komple, W. II. Thompaon,
Henry F. Bahra and I'. 0. Criswoll.
Tho Belmont Conntv Medical .Society
will meet at tho Windsor hotel tomorrow
forenoon and i|io session will last,
all day. The progranimo includes some
very intorosting fo'plcs. This socioty
found these monthly meetings so
prolltable to tho fraternity that at tho
Inst mooting it was decided to dovoto
one full day of each month to the
friendly disoussion ?f matters pertaining
to tho professions
A flowor Borvice tfas held at the First
Presbyterian church yoaterday in which
tho congregation and Sabbath school
joined, and Rev. L. W. Barr prnched an
appropriate sermon, using tho rose
buali as an illustration o( tho tree of
life whoso flowers are plucked at all
stages, from tho bursting bud to tho
deoaving full blown flowor, The pulpit
was nicely decorated and the liouso well
.Miss E. B. Wallace, principal of
Knoxvillo College, Tonn., and Mrs.
Scott, n teacher under tho Freedman's
Board in Alabama, delivered addresses
in the United Presbyterian church, yesterday
evening, tho ono tolling what tho
U. P. church is doing for the Freedmen
an5 tho othor what tho Freodmon'a
Board is doing in the southoru states.
Tho city board ol education will meet
tills evening to confirm or reject tho list
of teachers lor tho .ensuing year. The
committed, and Superintendent Jones
hnvo been nt work n week on the list
and their report will, of course, bo approved,
ns one-half tho momborg of tho
board are on tho committee to solect
teachers and fix salaries.
Col. C. L. l'oorman will open his
campaign at St. Clairsvillo to-morrow
as chairman of tho county convention.
1 Ho was selected Bomo tlmo since for
: that place by Hon. C. L. Wooma, chairman
of tho comity committco, and has
given such attention to tjio matter that
1 it will be tho koyuoto of the congroi'
sional canvass.
J. E. Lowis, an engineer on tlio C. &
1 P. Railroad, who has invented several
appliances that art' being handled'by
' the \Vostinghouso,pooplo, hna niado an
engagement with the Wostinghouso
Air Brako Co., and will go to China in
' July to introduce tho air brako and
other patonts used in tho operation of
trains. .
Tho county commissioners have
! authorized a levy for county purpbies
\ t this year ol 40 conla on ouch ?100 viuui
ntion. This is seven ,c#ts lower than
last year but tho atajto Jovy is increased
) threo cents and tho Pultnoy township
. piko levy is 15 cents on the $100, an in;
croaso o! threo cerits over last year, so
that tho tax rate in this city will be the
[ Miss RosoPonnoborn, a music teacher
i well known hero and In Wheeling, will
I bo married the latter part of this month
i to a gentloninn in Puoblo, Col., where
Miss Roso has boeh for sovoral months
for her hoaltli.
i ' Roprosontativej'df all tho coal miners
i in this vicinltv met horo and decided
i to liavo tho law with reference to lieop
lug the mines in! gflod condltlofi, free
; from foul air, eft., more rigidly en
Charles Harp, of Benwood, has pur:
ehasod property just south of town and
will start a hennery there at onco. lie
sold his Benwood property for $1,600
and will live on thUside.
1 Prof. D. W. Shields, who has been
looking after business Interests hero,
[ returned to Xew Martinsville Saturday.
Miss Mamie Randolph, an interostlnj
- and handsome young lady, formerly o
this city but now of Denver, Go!., will
be married there on tho -Usk'to William
Hucfler, of that city;
The advance gunrd will be Vre todav
billing the 0. W. I* Club outing
wliich js to be given at Wheeling park
one week from next Wednesday.
The wife of H. E. Wellf, of Colerain,
who has been suffering with cancer oi
(ho breast, hud it out out and li now
Tho cemetcry trustees lot' tho contract
to build n liotiio for thosoxton tc
W. J. Garriton, at S575.
Miss Nannie Kurtz is visiting friend!
at Little' Washington, Pa., where alio
attended school.
Mrs. Nottie Kirk, of Paris, Texas, ii
visiting her sister, Mrs. Spot Green, in
this city. _
Accidents and InaldaaU la that Thriving
CIlT-Penoul and IndaatrtaL
At tho Bepublican primaries on Saturday
delegates wore elected to the
county convention, which meets at St.
Clairsville to-morrow, as follows: First
ward, Nathan V?le, John Fisher, James
Ruuyon; alternates, Fred. Dixon, Peter
Nenl, Fred Stuckland; committeeman,
Snmuol Wostwood. Second ward, R
Failender, Snmuol Thompson, Willinnt
Bowman; alternates, John, Goodhue,
Tlios. Curtiss and David Cogs; committeeman,
W. It. Bowman. . Third ward,
Dr. Watson, R. 0. Montgomery ahil
It. A. Lindemuth; alternates, William
Lynch, A. W. Harris and John A.
Moore; committeeman, Madison Aldrodgo.
Tho district conference oMhd M. E,
church will inoet hero thrlff oven in e in
the'First church, lit nhich..1inio n normon
will bo proachcd by Hcv. Mr. Haskell,
of' Hamlin chapel, Steubenvillo.
Conference will convene nt S o'clock tomorrow
morning for business.
The dry goods and furntslifng stores
now -close-every evoning.fttt-7 o'olock
except Saturday, and the 'lyo'iBry stontj
every oveaing oxcept Frlday'dna'Sattirday.
~ Old
papers for sale at tho postoffico
noun stand. They are just the thing
(or putting In cupboards, putting undor
carpets, wrapping purposes,>otc.
To-night Belmont City Lodge, L 0. 0.
K.l No. 221, will hold memorial services
cominemdratlve of tho death of brothers
during the past year.
Bov. II. N. Campbell roturuod on
Saturday and occupiod his pulpit in the
Presbytorian church yesterday morn:
ing and evoning.
William Dixon lias rolurned from
Columbus, where ho graduated from
tho law department of tho Ohio State
Mrs. Isaac Burt, living on Hanover
street, foil out of a hammock on Saturday
evening, spraining her arm quite
Mr. Matthew Beazlo and Mies Belle
Beazle, of Bellalrc. woro tho guests of
Mr. and Mrs. William McMasters yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hilton, of Walnut
street, are entertaining Mrs. John
Saver and Hiss Celia Dern, of Cambridge.
Tho Belmont Brewing Company is
giving away a combination^ dinner
DUCK61, cauea IUO OCimuu* vriuwict.
Mrs. A. KalHton and son, Goorp;o,
have returned from Flushing, whero
thoy attended the funeral of a relative.
The preliminary examination of Ste?
phon Morris for shooting Ed Williams
some timoago, is sot for to-day.
Over one hundred and fifty Martin's
Ferry* people took in threxcursion to
Rock Point on Saturday.'
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hilton, of "Walnut
street, are entertaining Miss Celin
Doran, of Cambridge.
On Saturday the old Lafayette Rink
was sold by auctioneer T. H. Stanton to
James McCleary.
Children's Day exercises were held in
.. tho M. E. church yesterday and were
largely attended.
Tho Martin's Ferry Mmnnrechor picnicked
at Philip Snydor's, back of the
city yesterday.
Miss Celia Daring, of Cambridge, is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hilton, on
Walnut street.
Simpson Garrett leares for Blairsville,
Pa., to-day to work in the KovilU
Glass Works.
Mrs. W. H. Rogers, of Ironton, is visiting
Mr. and Mrs. John Rogers on
North strcol.
Wilbur Applegarth, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Applegarth,diod yesterday
Mr. nnd Mrs. Lucien Martin, ol
Moundsville, spent Sunday in Martin'!
Kdward Stanton, of Pittsburgh, was
hore yesterday amtuig frionds and relatives.
Miss Carrie Benzie is visiting her sister,
Mrs. Major Joy, utMcKeosport, Pa,
Mr. Charlos Williams-hind Mr. Ernes!
Hoge spent Sunday at Mt. Pleasant.
The largo shears at tho /Etna mill
wore brokex on Saturday.
Joseph McHcnry is the new laboi
boss at tho Aetna mill.
Two disorderlies and one drunk were
run in Saturday night.
Stnge of Writ or nnd Movements of Bont*.
Tlio Blvor Interest*.
The river was falling yesterday, witli
14 feet in tho channol. The report!
from abovo wore:"
Warren?5 foot; clear nnd .wqirm.
Brownsville?o feet 3 inches and fall
ing, clear; thormometer 80?at 1 p.m..'
Morgnnlown?fi feet -1 inches and stationary,
cloar; thermomoter-:86?:-atH
p. m.
Tho steamers Keystone Slate and
the Lizzie Bay got away for Pittsburgh
yesterday.?The Congo passed down ioi
Cincinnati at 8 a. m.
The Andes and tile Batchelor wil
loavo for Pittsburgh at 8 a. m. to-day
?The Pen Hur will de^iiK loi>Parkors
burg at 11 :S0 a. m.
Tits Womlortul Saayoti ^* f"
Of Hood's SarsapariMa as a bl'ood }>uiflfl
or entitles it to your conMence. N<
other preparation has such a record o;
cures ol scrofula. Salt Rhonm, Blood
Poisoning, or other blood diseases, l'c
try It is to know its merit. Be sure tt
got Hood's Snrsaparllla.
For a general family cathartic wt
confidently recommend Hood's Pills
Tlley should bo in overy-homo modlcini
chest. , 7
lfeltinMer's Dyolng KntnMUhmont.
John Heilmoier, proprietor of thi
Pan Handle Dyeing Establishment, No
1431 Market stroet, respectfully an
nouncos that he is prepared todo CloaS
ing, dyeing and repairing, and in facl
he gnarantocs to make your last ynar'i
clothos look as good as new on short no
tico. Give him a call.
Mgh-Clnss Photographs.
Parsons's Gallery is now open. Thi
same good work will be continued by i
master photographer from the east
Satisfaction guaranteed.
^ SEE that yon arts Meeuod.
: ^ ^ Qpj
; Wedding Uuttits!|
i pro
Cream Colored Silks, . (
Cream Colored Landsdowne, le8.
Cream Colored Bedford Cords,
Cream Colored Blazers, . Mo111
' myy
Cream Colored Fans, Gloves, Hose, Etc. ]
: ?: 1 \ Fiv.
1 good
Suits, Wrappers, Skirts, Hose, Gloves. '$?
. Corsets, Underwear, Etc. 3
18 and 20 Eleventh Street. -c
.... ~ -E
, -).:i ' OIL WELL SUPPLIES. '
7 Btabli
Elba Iron forks, Continental Tube Works, '
i r. r ; 1 No. 54
. , _ " ' No. 11
Oil, Gas and Water Artesian Wells. /| 1 |
91 and 92 Water.Street, j'fe jj "ul
?? - -- - mill
. .. ,i fk9fl0
. - 'J rr\ siifioo
: I imtlM I
. , T^
~ DADPAIMQ ,nQO G. Lamjj, President J'*. SeyBold, Cashier.
1552. DAnUAllN O. 1592. j. a. JewtatoN, A?UUnt Culiior.
1 11 n . P?J$
waiiraperanjBoraers, BanK or wneeimgi -s
i Baby Carriages, capital $200,000, paid ix. g^jj
Blank Books, immure. w. va. c?b,
' ?te?01ie^ D1BKCT0KS: THci
W rltiug I lipor. A. J. Ctarka Jowpli F. Paull. lift.!
Rnvolnims Pirns. Jiujioj Cummins. Henry Mlobcnon. go;
I'jnClOlllH, rUAlH, Hannibal FoVlxw. Joseph Soyboli }?'
Pens, Poiicils, Inks, ' GlbionLnmli. I Uoi
. Letter Presses, ">f?
Ink Stands, Etc, myn .jo&ph sp-nom. canucr.
LargestStockandGreatest Variety CALL 4c
IN THB ST7TTE. ' _ AND tj!m
1 Sold Ilcloll #1 W'holcMtt Priw? by Get a' Nickel-Plated Galla!
JOSEPH GRAVES, Savings Bank J!
?AT THE 95(K
I j*****-'-""?*- wheeling Title and Trust Co, ~
V, PHOTOGRAPHY. 1315 market street.
. ijihe high-class t>aj?k of the ohio valley. -j
' for which PARSONS hu b?on Ju?lly noto<l will JYiluam I?err Prosldant H'i1,11
till l>e continued to be mado bettor than over. William B, Simpson..... Vice President.
I All tho uowest arccasorlcs and appliances. to- Drafts oa hugland. Irelaud. franco and (tor- ^?*
1 getherwlthftntrlctljr flntHsliMextern (mentor many. a ?
i of loncoxperlonco in Boiton, Pblladolphin nnd oneo.
ltaltlmorc. Respectfully, DIRECTORS: ??r?l
nivlO J. A. H. PARSON'S. William A. Isett. Mortimer Polloelc. . 1"
. ? J. a. Miller. William B. Simpson. ti?
I K. M. Atkinson. John K. Boufom. J '
' PHOTOGRHPHS= CT,i,clr?om"'a*
Ml F. P. J EPSON. Caihlor. "JJ*
S=H1GGINS' GALLERY. jjJxcflAiiGE BANK. ^ ???
" ff 42 Twelfth Street. CAPITAL $300,000. "Sio*
' T V V F,n?
\ -jyCYLES' ART STUDIO. LaD^u^Z^Z^viS'SSSSSt No.'?
) PHOTOGRAPHS. J.N. Vance. Gcorgo E. Sllfol. Brick
J. M. Brown. William KUlnjham. tin
Portraits in Paitel. OIL Crayon, Wator and I- S. Deluplain. A. W. Kelloy.
Ink. John Frotr.
oi?2i nrittn ctoprt W.1* ^ned on England. Irolanl. Scotland
2154 WHIN STRBBT. and all points in Europo. jj
Mh JOHN J. JONES. Ca?bier. J*
[ H. F. BEHREN'S STORES. Spec!?UiumiionilT.nto?U kiodiol UU
> onwu.wi.aiw.t.bonnht Si86t Iron and Tin Wort on Buildings. "
l wrodg!It"iruV-RAVGEil Call nnd Ret prices boforo contracting. ai Ism 11
! Alio. .hfStS^ Wo* ?*, prer^.ofl?barn..a,hAtHu.o<wort U
apl Utt Water Sweet Jett Corner Main aud SoutU Streets. A
' ,,
/ y ,
on tracts will bo placed this
>k for Two Largo Factories,
I Dwellings win be needed
tho u/nrU nnnnk A crood
fit canba made by builders
>will ereot dwellings at once
ilose proximity to the factorAd
ply to
General Manager,
sdsvillQ Mining 4 Manufacturing Co.
e-roomed dwelling at 77 Zane street. It's
ren-roomed brick house, SMI Jvoff street.
re-roomed dwelling at 103 South York
for 81.200. \
ir-roomed house on Caldwoll's rttn for 1900.
s-roomed house, 180 North York street, for
ee-roomed house at 23 South Huron street.
f nix-roomed house, north end of Island?
for 117 per month?for 11.800.
i property on southwest corner of Zane and
i broad way-two dwellings?for 82 500.
b-roomed brick dwelling, renu forSIRO per
on northwest corner ofEoj and* Eleventh
s. for 81,550.
uio? property on xuarKvi flircci, ucarrouf
are headquarters for building, loti, any
you want thorn. r> ,
Q. 0. SMITH, 1221) Mafket St,
*" 4.Month.
14 Sixteenth stroet, tlx room*" tod
shed attic. hot and oold water.Ww $20 00
oom* and stEble, WiUlama atroaU....:. 8 00
12 Market street 7 00
rn Alloy B 0 00
120 Main street, five rooms.......10 00
Slxtoenth street ............ 15 00
)north of Fourteenth street 4 00
era farm near Marshall County Poor Farm
By lots, oast sldo of Llnd street and south
nth street.
2001 Markot street
5 Thirty-Ant street, ground 65x125
, 12 rooms, prico 5.0M
2b Eotrstreet, half lot...? 8,200
i Thirty-eighth stroet ,u? S^w) #
I Thirty-eighth street ?2.600
39 1'buries street and three lots , 1,053
2103 Woods street
isant Valley Ion. 8160 to $250 each.
era farm, known as Portor farm, 865 par
106 Alain street
> cottages on Moundsvlllo camp grounds.
2102 Chapllno street
121 Sixteenth streot Jv'
3931 Woods street ?~ 39ti
Woods street
>roomed houso and lot at McMoehon.
ir lots in MeMccben, Miller's addition.
226 Sixteenth street ^
Irnhla Chanllnn ?trw?t nrnnorK*.
fio North Front street
1025 McColloch street, lot GGxl2Q, toot $3,308.
on South Front street, $1,000.
on South Front street, $1,400,
[ding for manufacturing purposes,
" 3<V
l PENSIONS?Write tor Question Blank or
:iolm Attorney. Real Estate Agent, Collootor
and Notary Public.
0 1612 Market Street.
buys a lot r>4>$ foet fronting on South
adnray, in Wnters's addition.
uvs,2jx122 feot ou South York streot
mys23xl?2 feet on South Hurod streot'
uys 30x112 teet on North HurfJh street
buys OJxlSi feot in Woodsdalo, on National
buys a line lot on South Front stroot
buy* (i line lot on South Front street
buys a line lot on North Front street
buys a line lot in Pleasant Valley, 180x350ft
buys a line lot in Pleasant Valley, 80x250 It
buys a lot 30x134 fedt on Zane street
uys n lot 25x120 ft. on EofTst, Eighth ward,
buys a lot 30x91 foet on Fiiteenth street
uys a lot 30x10!) feet on SouthjElm street
uys a lot 80x100 feet on Soutft Tenn street .
buys a lot 50x100 foet on Eoff street, Eighth
d. ,
also hnro improved properties in all
ins of the city, all of which; are hold at
nnhlc prices.
2207 Chopllno street, brick, 10 rooms; lot
iw iceu ^
City Bank Building, Room No. 6.
sphoac 219. ? mySO
O JrO S _A. Xj ?U.
im of seven rooms, 'JStf Cbapllne street
iso of six room*, with modtrn Improvei,
lot 85x120. Soutb Broadway, Island. 8'V-VO.
iso of sovon rooms. Eoff street, 1*003 cub,
co on easjr torrai, $3,600.
on FoutH Jacob streot. 1700. 1
on Jaooli street. Coutre heeling. $350.
y desirable building lots In flebrens <&
el's addition; also on the late site ot atroat
mo of flvo rooms on EofT street, between
ty-fourtb and Twenty-fifth streets, S2.300.
me, tlx rooms, Wood stroot, Centra Wheel*
iso, live rooms, brick, Fourteenth street
I lot on Twemy-uinth street 1300.
jso. throe rooms. First ward, 8*31
tsc. four rooms, Jacob stroot, Contra Wheel*
) very deiirablo lots on South Front itrest
ino&s house on cornor Twonty-slxth and
lino street*.
irge lot at McMechon. 10J by 205 feet Very
iso of eight rooms, brlct, Jacob streot be*
i Fifteouth and Sixteenth streets.
en lots. 50x103 foot In Filan. Whyte an I
ulicr's addition. Price ttftl to |M3 each,
i of the bo it manufacturing sltei lu th?
rentingoa two railroads.
icolot* iu Glondale.
i lu Fifth ward la Fllaa A Whyte'I
1,8000, 81,000 and 82.000 to loan on city real
1739 Market Street. mylO
eo houses ou Wood street, between Thirty
nd Thirty-sixth sircots, on a rtfty-foot lot;
lor fcM per mouth.
SM0 Wood street, lot 30x100 feet, six rooms,
iplendld manufacturing or building sit?,
I the bust in the city. 200 feet square, oor*
t Forty-second and Water streets; will be
a a whole or in lota.
Dod /arm of 71f{ acres, one and a half miles
the city. A good orchard, six acres in
s. has a rive-roomed house, stables, etc.. and
>est of wrfter. Will sell on easy terms or
for city property.
s in Hoffmann's addition, the best value In
Ightb ward, on vory easy terois, for a short
117 Jacob street, six rooms and large
0 room .....',.............82,509
houses Iti Caldwell's run, cbe?pJ900 to 1.500
>15 Jacob streot. rents for $216 2.100
L Thirty eighth street, six rooms, new.. 2??
121 cbapllne street ten-roomed house
1 two lot*.
bouse, four rooms and hall, Forty*
Land Woods streets, full lot
on Attorney. Notsry and Real Krttte*
int. House* rented and rents eolleeted.
ge No. sfli7 Jacob street my?
IKb 01 OO.
ORES. orrice and Bask Raiuxo,
Or Anythingin Wire.
W. R ALLISON, 1707 EofTStreet
^ttiiss telephone 147.
JffiR sJAemlpsSTENC1LS
I 54ave.P|TTSBUR6;;

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