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Programme of the Ceremonies at
Ohicaeo Durinor the Week.
Of tho Century?Grand Jlcccption on
Wednesday--Imposing Procession
on Tliur&day?Friday I* bodlettinn
Day Propcr-A 3Ia/cnliicont Military
and Civic Parado and Itanntlfal
Display of FircuorkR ? Stato Build
tw uu uLuiuntuu
Chicago, lit*., Oct; 10.?Dignity, iiuprea?ivenca?,
and splendor will characterize
the ccromonicii of dedication of
tho buildings of the World's Columbian
Exposition ?: Chicago. Never before
ic Iho Inatory of tlin United Status
has ouch u dietiiitiniahed company aasoinblud
for say purpuro as Trill graco
tlie occasion whon tho palatial offices of
the Fair will bs dedicated by the President
of tl.o United Stntos. Acceptances
to the invitations sent out give assurance
that tiiero will ba present President
Harrison and his cabinot, Vico
1'reaident Morton, tho supremo ronrt
of tho United States, the foreign diplomatic
corps, almost tho entiro senate
and house el' representatives, ox-Presidents
liana and Cioveland, tho governors
of nearly nil of the states and
territories with their official stalls,
many specially coiumixsioncd representatives
of foreign countries, the high
officers of the army and navy, and
thousands of the moat distinguished
citizens of the tevural states of tho
Preparations of elaborate description
have been made for tho great event By
concerted nciion 01 citizens, me ein-oia
and buildiugs of the city, particularly
in tho business centre und in the direction
of the exposition grounds, will
be tastefully and profusely decorated.
^Eevoril chunks liavo been recently
made in the programme of ceremonies
first arranged, one of tho more important
being tho elimination of tho proposed
water pageant, "Tho Procession
of tho Conturics," with its twenty-four
Smbolical floats. The main features of
e programme, as finally agreed upon,
aro the following:
In the evening tho citizens of Chicago
will tender a graud recaption and banquet,
at the Auditorium hotel, to President
Harrison. An orchestra of sixty
pieces will render tho programmo of
dances, and a military band will give
tho promenado music. Mandolin orcbcstrua
will play in the banquet-halls.
An imposing procession, indicative of
peace, prosperity, and patriotism, participated
in by fraternal and other civic
organisations, will inarch through the
nA??inn nf fltrt ritv fltlfl )u? rn.
viewed by President Harrison and other
distinguished persons. Tho parade
will be under the direction of General
Joseph Stockton, of Chicago. Applications
for positions have been received
from a sufficient number of societies to
warrant theestimato that 80.000 people
will be in line. General Miles, grand
marshal of the parade, has announced
tho line ot march to bo ns follows:
The procession will form on Congress
street and streets south of it intersect,
ing Michigan avenue. The column will
move north along Michigan avenue
about 10 o'clock. When Adams street
is reached tho lino will be west to Wabash
avenuo, norlli to Lako street, weat
to State street, toutli to Adams street,
and west to the reviewing stand, which
, will bo in front of the post oflico, to
Franklin street, south to Jackson, and
east to State street. Tho procession
will march a few blocks south and then
Tho night of Obtober 20 Colonel
Aenry L. Turner will give a reception
and ball to tho ollicera of tho army,
navy, marine corps, national reserve,
national guard and loyal legion. Tho
entertainment will lie hold in the First
regiment armory, Michigan avenue and
Sixteenth street.
On the eamo eveninc tho Fellowship
Club will givo a dinner to President
Harrison and other distinguished
This will bo Dedication Day proper.
And the national anlulo at sunrise will
inaugurate tho ceremonies. The procoesion
of invited quests will bo formed
- near tho Auditorium hotol, on Michigan
avenue, and proceod southward to
Jackson Park in tho followiug order:
1. Joint committee on ccremonles of tho
World's Columbian t'omxtalon nod tbe World's
Columbian Exposition.
if. The dfreetor-Reneral of the World's Columbian
{exposition. anil the president of ibe cen*
tunnlal commission of 187fl. At J'iilladolplilo. pud
tno ajrO'Hor-Ron-rai inercpi.
?. Tho President 01 ?hn united States, the president
of the tvorlu'M Columbian commission, and
the picddent oi tho World'* Columbian exposition.
4. The Vl?s President of tho United States, the
vlco prtttHirnt of the world's Columbian commission
and the vice of pzesidciu the World s
Columbian Exposition.
n. Tec icoretary o! Mta'e and tho secretary of
tho treasury.
6. Tho secretary of war and tbo attorney-general
o.' the U uited States.
7. The postmaster-general and the secretary of
the navy.
8. 1 ho secretary ot tho interlot and tho secretary
of Agriculture.
y. Tfte diplomatic corps.
JO. The supreme court of th? United Stares.
11. Tho speaker of iho lioiue of representatives
and tho rnavor of Chicago.
12. ?x-Presidont Ifayes; escort, the Hon. .John
Jofta Sherman. Lyman J. (Jngo, ex-president of
tho World's Columbian exposition.
13. Ex-President Clrveluid: esuort, ex-Secretary
Thomas F. Bxvard. and W. T. Itaker. exprwid?nt
of tho World'* Columbian Exposition.
14. Iho kouate of tho United Statu, headed by
the president pro tem.
15. Tho Home of ftopmeittatlvos.
1?. The Army of tho united mates.
17. Tm Navy of tho United States.
18. Tho Govornors aud theireKatBiof the States
nod Territories of the I'uited States.
19. Kx-Cabinet Ofltoers.
iO. The O**wp?aod Ofc*nlaiu*.
21. CommLsjlwjnn of foreign governments to
th* World's Columbian Exposition.
'X. o,?o?els fnja? foreign givemmanU.
23. T6C World's Colombian Comiui<?iooe:s.
hea<Wl br the Second Third. Fourtn aud Fifth
Vice Prwildent* thnreof.
21. Tho Roftrd of Lady Mna?g> r?, boa.led by
P*i>?l(lnnt Lhrrtvlf.
29c One yroiwm u> repwsout cnch of tbo thlrteon
A Koani of Director* ol tbe World'? ColumMan
Exposition. bwid?vl by tbc atoiu.1 Vice
rrcfldcm tticrco!, ?n4 x!:o Diwmr of Work#.
.2". Hoard of M?a*Kt>meni Urdl&J StatnOov*
rrtiRum Evh:b't?.
Tno Ptf?*rtai??tChlo&?.
29. The ufhc*T* nf '.be Dswtor of Works.
SO. Tho City Council of ?2?U?>go.
Tho procession, escorted by United
States cavalry nod lif(ht artillery, will
proceed south on Jlichiaau avenue to
Twonty-ninth street, w'nero it will receive
the President of tho United
States, after which It will then proceed
south on Michigan avenue to Thirtyfifth
street, thence east on Thirty-tUth
slreot to Grand boulevard; thonco to
V- ashinftton l'ark, where it will bo
! rued in parallel lines on tho nest
of the parade ([rounds of the park.
When forming at the Auditorium the
mounted troops that are to act as escorts
to the governors of tho states and
territories, and that will accompany
them from the Auditorium to Waihing
ton Park, will take their position in tho
rear of the stnlt of tho governor whom
tliojr escort, and, whon tho lino of
march is taken up, will proccod in
their proper positions.
Tho national and stato troops will
have been formed in tho meantime by
brigades in line of masses on the cant
sido of the fieftl nt Washington Pari;.
As tho President approaches the
grounds, the President's salute vrity bo
lired, and or. hie taking his position opposite
the centre of tho lino tho commands
will chango direction by tho left
| flunk, forming columns, and pass in ruview
in tho usual order, except that tho
distanco in column will be that in muss.
Tho "prosont" by tho command nnd tho
ndo around tho lino will bo dispensed
with, owing to tho iimited tiirio. Tho
troops having panned in review will
then become tho escort of honor for the
enuro procosMioa, unu win tumiuuc uiv
march via 1'ifty-soventh street to tho
Exposition grounds, thonco to the Manufacture*
an?l Liberal Arts Building,
whero the troop;? will tako positions
assigned, tho officials occupying tho
idatiorm prepared for them. An tho
President's earriago passes through the
Exposition grounds, a battery on tho
Lake Front will firo the national salute.
At 12:30 o'clock tho following programme
of exercises will take place in
tho Manufactures Building, under the
diroctor-geiieral as master of cercinonioa:
1. "Columbian March." '.'oinpcscd by Prof.
John K. Pnino. olCambridge.
!i. Prayer by HMiou Charles II. Fowler, D. I).,
LL.D.. of California.
3. Introductory address by Director-(i en end.
4. Address of welcome anu tender of tho freedom
of the City of Chicago by Hempstead Waslibutue.
6. Selected recitation from the Dedicatory Ode,
written by Miss Harriet Monro.*, of hlcago;
music by C. W. Chad wick, of Potion; reading by
Mrs. Sarah C. 1/5 Moynu.
C. Presentation by the Director of Works of
the Master Artists of the Imposition of tho
World's Columbian Imposition, and award to
them of special commemorative medals.
7. Chorus ? "The Heavens Are Telling" ?
8. A ti drew?"Work of the Board of Lady Managers"?Mrs.
Potter Palmer, president.
9. Tender of the building* on behalf of the
World's Columbian Exposition by tin* nroddcni
thereof to the presidcut of tlie World s Columbian
10. Presentation of the buildings by the president
of the World'* Columbian Cominl&dpu to
the President or the united mmes lorucuicauon.
11. Dedication of the buildings by ibu President
of tht! United States.
K\ "Hallelujah Chorus" from tlic ''Messiah"
i:t. Dedicatory oration?'William C. P. JJrcokin-. i
rid?e, of Kentucky. a 1
M. "Star Spangled Banner" and "Hail ColumbiH."
with full chorus and orchestral accompaniment.
15. Columbian oration?Chaunccy M. Depow,
of New YorK.
l(J. Prayer by his ernincuoo. Cardinal James
Gibbons, archbishop of Baltimore.
17. Chorus?"In Praise of God"?Beethoven/
18., Benediction by the Rev. 1L C. Mct'ook, of
19. National salute.
The night of Octobor 21, there will bo
a display of fireworks in Washington,
Garfield and Lincoln parks, instead of
Jackdon park, as at first intended.
Inaugural ceremonies in connection
with the World's Congress Auxiliary
will also takeplaco the night o? Octobor
21 at the auditorium. President Harrison
will be the honorary chuirman for
ilia noonainn nml Arnhhiwhnn Ireland"
will dolivor tho oration.
The dedication c ceremonies will conclude
on Saturday with tho dedication
of a number of the state building in
Jackson park, and military manouvroa
in Washington park.
No admission fee will be charged for
any part of the dedicatory exercises.
Admission to Jackson Park on dedication
day, however, will bo by invitation
only, the authorities baying reluctantly
concluded that safety to life and
of the exposition property, and the
comfort and consideration to which (ho
distinguished guests are entitled, preclude
the possibility of admitting the
geueral public.
Arrangements have been lhado for
seating 1)0,000 poopio in the manufactures
building, and room for JJ.5,000 inoro
poopio will be providod. There will bo
15,000 roservod seats I or specially invited
persons, whoso tickets will indicate
the portions of tho hall where
good. All other tickot-holders, excepting
2,500 distinguished guests, will occupy
seats in tho order of iirst come
first served. Accommodations havo
boon provided for all expected representatives
of the American and foreign
THE only reason for Mr. Cleveland's nomination,
and the thing that forced hit nomination
in spite of all the efforts of politicians,
tcas the fact that, in the minds of the Democratic
masses, he represent* the idea of free
trade. The platform is an unmistakable
declaration against all parleying with protection.
Jt puts the Democratic party in the
field as committed to the policy of sweeping
away every shred of a protective duty.?Henry
George, the Free Trader.
Hrjinbllonn J>ny ut IlioniA*.
Special CcrresptnuUvts of the ln tUigcnctr.
Thomas, Tucker Co., W. Va., Oct. 14.
?A torchlight parade was held at
Thomas taut night under the auspices
of tho S. IX Elkins Republican club of
Thomas. Clubs from Coketon, Douglas
and Davis wero prcsout and participated.
It was the largcat torchlight
parade ever hold in tho town. The
procossiou was formed at Thomas and
marched to Cokoiuii, onu mile, and
back. Tha sight was most inspiring,
aceine it ivend its way through the
hundred* of blasia; coUo ovocs which
havo sprang into existence in tho last
few yeira nndor protection. Tlie
miners and coke men nro nlivo to thoir
intoroits. Their bannorj contained pictu/m
of minora' picks and lumps, col:o
rakes and forks and mottoes like these:
"Jiy promotion no thrive," "Xo free
trado !or us,'' "We want no competition
with Nora .Scotia co?l.'"
Hon. Ed. S. Elliott, of Kingwood,
made *n admirable address in the town
hall, which was most enthusiastically
Cnturrh Can'i IJ j Curoil
with local applications, a? they cannot
reach tbo seat oi tho disease. Catarrh
is a blood or constitutional disease, and
in order to euro it you have to tnko
internal remodies. Hall's Catarrh euro
is taken internally and acts directly on
the blood and mucous surfaces. Hall's
vaiarrn cure in no qunct; mociuinu. it
was proscribed by ono ol the beat physicians
in this country for voara, and in
n rcLnilar prescription. It ia com nosed
of tho best tonics known, combined
with tho best blood purifiers, acting directly
on tho raucous surfaces. Tho
perfect combination of the two iuzredicnta
ia wlict produces such wonderful
results in curing catarrh. Send for testimonials
free. F. J. Ciiknkv & Co.
Proprietor? Toledo, 0.
Sold by druggists, price 76c.
A Cur* for KhfnmntUiu.
Dr. P. A.Skintier, of Texarkana, Ark.,
is an enthusiast in the praise of Chamborlain's
I'ain Balm, ilo used it for
rheumatism, and says: "I found it to
be a most excellent iocnl remedy." For
Bale by C. it. Goetze, W. W. Irwin, W.
8. McCiillough, C. Jlonkemeller, S. L
Brice, J. Coleman, 0. bchnepf, W. C.
Armbrocht, the Kurtz Drug Co., Lincoln
& Co., W. E. Williams, John Klnri,
A. E. Pcheelo, and W. If. Williams,
Whooling: Bower & Co., Bridgeport. 0.,
and B. F. I'oabody, Bon wood, W. Va.
Ml I
Sumo Extrncu from ilio Hama^o -Ic Talks
i<? (>iv?? *?Iii rliw Interior."
To Hie JCditor nf the. InicUlQenccr.
Sir:?It is very amusing to road the
Ret}Liter'* tveak defense of .MacCorklo'u
mixed school speeches t hrounliotit the
interior of tho state. Nov.* the Democratic
nominee for governor don't ring
in th\* mixed school bojjyman in every
speech ho makes, but when ho getaa
torpid liver and he happens to be in
the interior ho lets it go. lie said it at
Huntington in a speech there. It was
morelv an accident though, aud be
kickcd himself for his blunder.
You bee the "colonel" was just sailing
along with his eloquence?-had 320I
pounds of steam and a light train?and
all at once lie struck the mixed school
hogyman ana ho immcaiaioiy put on
the uir, but tho air wouldn't work. The j
reader will plainly sou that before ho I
could stop he had :ho whole mixed
school part of hisFpoech spread out be-1
fore his audience. liver since thou ho |
watches his air brake, find always ap- j
plies the air in time to save the bo#yman
and himself.
Now, I happened to bo at a place in
this county where tho Democrats had a
Litf rally." It was at Hendricks. IIo
used the whole of his interior speech
hero and here is vory near his exact
language about mixed schools and ?oiue
other thiutfs also that Republicans
should know:
"But wo don't want our children to
sit in school with the negro children.
Wo don't want a mixed school. The
white man should rule because wo aro
bettor than the negro. In tho last
legislature there was a bill for a reform,
school. Tho black and white children
should bo kept a3 far apart as possible.
This bill put tho negro girl and the
white boy together. The Republicans
had the bill reconsidered, and a Rcpnblican
declared that they should sit together.
The Democrat* saved the people.
Jt was distinctly a mixed school
bill. Thomas Giber Davis voted for
the little white darlings to sit in school
with the neuro. The Republicans,
wherever thoy have tho laws and make
tho law*, in all tho states havo the
mixed schools. The Republicans havo
colonized tho state, and down in the
southern part of this stato negroes are
taking the piuees of whito ininerj and
working for loss wages. This place has
J>ecoine known as the black belt."
All of the abovo was phot off?disjointed
as it is?at one load, not oven a
drink of water or a test of the air. Weil,
it is pretty pood, and lot's have some
"I am not building up 10 per cent
banks, but manufactures. Whoro once
was tho scream of the wolf is now
heard tho puff of the iron horse. I am
a lawyer by profession and'tho people
should know this."
"Evory MaoCorkle, bv name, was in
the eouthern arinv?father iios buried
on the Missouri plains. Hit White because
ho said Jeff Davis should be buried
in a potter field."
"I whipped the judge because he was
taking advantage of a poor man."
"Keber instilled mo in his paper and
1 just gave him a thrashing."
The people of 1 ucker county had
heard of MacCorklo being a slusrger,
but it was sweeter, manlior and more
on tho Sullivan stylo to hear it from his
own mouth.
This section is noted for being a laboring
community, lumbermen, minora
and carpenters being dominant. The
colonel here tried his air and after
putting on tho injector proceeded to
-..i?:? Ii.?
UI1IU}?I6U luu ll'O line, uta
(lren and pat the yellow dog on tho
back. Ilia eloquence ran high?very
high?away up out of flight. And it
was done so easy?it just eeemed to
eorao out in square chunks. Tho chunk
that struck me:
"l'ho cnal operators havo a plan of
getting tho slack coal and the small nut
coal before it is weighed. J-et us see
how Davis voted and dono. Tho bill
was brought before tho legislature and
an amendment offered. Davis voted
for tho amendment, and that killed the
bill. Is that tho man to be trusted?
Davis voted for taking the rights and
libertios from tho miners. Then the
mechanic iion bill was for the poor man.
Davis didn't vote for the bill, but if I
had been there I would. Davis slipped
out in tho cloak room, and said he
didn't want to vote for or against the
biil. A bill was introduced about tho
I.niliinn.1 nnnimiaolnn tn sua if iha
pie's rights were respected. Davis
voted against its consideration?atiainst
it even being brought before the body."
"1 am not and nevor have been a corporation
lawyer?have never received a
cent from a corporation."
"Davis believes in protecting monopolies
and is against the poor man."
"Thoro will be no contest in 18!)3 for
the governorship. The Democrats will
bo succossful and continue to reign.
Wo will not have to call on Bill Keo to
steal the governorship again."
Bill Kco was sitting on the platform
and he knows whother he enjoyed it or
This is the first time I ever heard
MacCorklo and I am not sorry. It was
rich fun. The eloquence was superb.
If I hoar him again 1 will let you know.
ft. George, TT. Va^ObL 15,1892.
Tl'o Mmnlcs I.icuiiho Lnw.
Since the enactment of tho Brooks
Bill our hotels, drumriats and dealers in
general ate handling much better
grades of liquors, particularly is this
tho c.isi) in the we'tern portion of
Pennsylvania, whoro ityo Whiskies are
best known. Tho bast known and
most frequently called for are Klein's
Silver Arc? Ryo, which sells at 51 60 per
full quart, and Klein's Duqncsno at
?1, 23 p?r full quart. Recommended by
hospitals and prescribed by physicians.
Ask your dealer for them. Send for
comploto catalogue and price list,
mallod unon application, to Max
Ki.vin, S2 l''edoral street, Alio?hony, Pa.
Ife (indignantly)?"I don't propose
bo sat on by anybody." She (kindly)?
"Then you shouldn't have propoeod."?
Detroit FreePrm. "
Spccitmm Cnaes.
?. II. Clifford, Now Cassel, Wia., wm
troubled with Neuraleia and Rheurnatism,
his Stomach was disordered, his
Liver was affected to an alarming degree,
appetite fell away, and he was teri
ibly reduced in flesh and strength.
Three bottles of Electric Bitters cured
Edward Shepherd, Ilarrisburg, III.,
had n running tore on his leg oi eight
vcars' standing. Vised threo bottle's of
Electric Bitters and eeven boxes of
Bucklcn's Arnica Salve, and his leg is
Bound and well. John Speaker, Cataw ba,
Ohio, had live large Fever sores 011 his
leg, doctors said he was incurable. One
bottle Electric Bitters and one box Bucklcn's
Arnica Salve cured him entirely.
Sold by Logan Drug Go. 3
A Cure for Cliolent.
There is no uso of any ono suflering
with the cholera when Chamborlain's
Colic, Cholora and Diarrhoea Kcmcdy
can be procured. It will give relief in
a fow minutes and euro in a short time.
I have tried it and know.?W. H. Clinton,
Helmetta, X. J. Tho epidemic at
Helmetta was at first believod to be
cholera, but subsequent investigation
proved it to bo a violent form of dysentery,
almost as dangerous as cholera.
This remedy was used thoro with great
success. 1)&V
^ .'IllLk of EC
% IMl
will aliay the trouble
A FiousehoJd Rem
A positive cure for Sprains, Bruises, In
Morbus, Cholera Infantum, Flux and D>
plaints. Price ;; and 50 cents a bottle,
cine Dealirs. Keep it in the house for
for infants ;
I ''
"Castor Ik Is rr, well adapted to children tliafc
I rccoxaacad itas superior to any jircccriplica
mfttrti ?a mo M It A. AnflHCB. M. D..
211 So. Oxford St.. lirooklyn, N. T.
"The uso of 'Cftrtoria' Is so universal and
JL?? ni'Titfl so well known that it eeenu* u work
of supcreroR.-tfiou to endorse it. Few ore tlio
itJtullicent furuillcs who do cot keep Castorfa
within easy roach."
N<?w York City.
I.nto Taster Bloowiugdalo lieformctl Church.
Elba Iron Works, Coatias
And Six Othsr Manufactor
Wrought. Iron Steam, Lino
i cuing, casing, uoiiers, tsagmaj, un
ing Rigs, Tools, Ropj,
.\n<l Other Appliances Ncccmrjr for Orlllla
Pittsburgh, Oil Cit\
for rclinvinprprolonjTodand painful suppress!
-afo ami certain euro ovor ottered to women.
s.afe and always to be relied upon. Bo sure y
:ro tbe Ronuine, $1 per box, sent by mail. ?
For Mia in WhaQllmrb/ tha LQ.JA.S DHUQ CO.
j&. W OHJD
To Those who Contemplate Studying
You will make a grave mistake if you undertake
to prepare thoroughly for filling tlrsi-clms
portions ii? athanuonuft outside of a stiiooi.
supplied with nil nectary facilities forTiionouoiiNt'-viaud
with an old am) well established
reputation, where you can be thoroughly
drilled In Grammar. Spelling, Punctuation, u<o
of Capitals, eta. as well as elllcioutly prepare !
in Bookkeeping and Office Work, as BDtlNESS
men now ISKQt'lHE. The rei'itatiom of SUCh U
school is worth to you. in outainino a mitcation,
the ontlrc cost of tuition with a private
party or in a no-called Shorthand School, i.'o Nor
make this m1htakh Call and See trs first.
lUTtin M Cfntrnnf Uinfo Cnhnnl
mid. lu. OICYCHO nana otuuui
For Young Ladios
and Oli^lciron,
Second annual session begins September 11,
Conrso of instruction includes Elementary
En;:IMi. English Classics. Latin, Higher Mathc*
uia.!a< nnd Modaru Language.
Mm Hurt is assisted by a full corps oi efficient
nnd experienced ti-jicliere.
1'or circulars and furtho-Information, address
tbo Principal.
nnTO No. 7i7 Maiu Street
To accommodate yonuc lnd!e? who
may wish to purxuu a conrso of study
outside of the regular school regime,
cicctlvo classo4 or private instruction
will be provided In Kn?Hsh clasdc*.
Latin. Modern Languages, Mutlier.uiioi
and the NV.tural Science*. TheM) cln.ie*
will meet Hated hours iu the school
pnriornaa win do couuueiea iu>
lie- by the several members o? ibc faculty
connected with our school.
nuia Principal.
An Art Stndlo, conductcd by Miss Bosk M.
Swckkev. will be* opened in connection with
Mrs. Hurt's School. September I t. in t^io school
building. Poncil. Gharooid and Cnyon Draw*
iuK oil and Water Colon and China Painting,
Pastel. Clay-modeling und Art Euu:nellnK will
rocolvo special attention. Miss SwcSmejr lias
been couduetinic Art Classes with marked
success in the east f??r the past live or six
year*. Fnrther Inquiry may do made of MISS
&OSK M. SWKF.NKY. WA Main street, or Mrs.
M. Stevens Hart. 727 Main street, or at tho school
rooms on and aftor Monday, Septembor 12.
Finest New York Cream Cheese.
2217 Market, or at his Branch Store, rorner
Thirty eighth and Jacob streets. ocH
The Weekly Intelligencer
rr The
Mid - Night
:our the Babv usually selects for havlne an
flic. A FEW DROPS of the wonderful
iw let Dross
V? M.
: at once, and quietude will reign supreme,
i sweetened, children like It I
iedy for Pain , Internal.
scct Bites, Ci'ts, Cramps, Colic, Cholera
sentery, La, Grippe, and all kindred comNo
Relief?No Pay. For sale by all Media
time ot need.
CO., Weston, W. Va.
and Children.
CtutoHa cures Colic, Const Jpntfon,
Sour Stouuich, Diarrbrco. Eructation,
Kills Worms, given aioep, aud promote? digestion.
Without injurious medication.
41 For several years I have recommended
your* CoRtoria,' uud shall always continue to
do so as it has invariably produced bcneflciui
EuWnr F. PiUDSi, M. D.,
" The Wiathroj)," 129th Street and 7th Avo.,
New York City.
tt Comtajct, 77 Men ray Stokst, New Tone.
M Tuba Works S
las Makiuj /w'f
and Drive l'ipa,
r and Bradford, Pa.
ion of tbomonstnial periods, they ore the only
, they are especially made for married ladies,
ouask for l)r. Mott'a Pennyroyal Pills. They
>r. Mott's Chemical Co., Cleveland, O.
. Tenth au 1 Main streott oc.-n.tvr
0. Lamn, President Jos. Seyboi.d, Caihlar.
J. A. Jm'Eitsox. As.dst.iot Cajhlcr.
Bank of Wheeling!
CAPITAL $200,000, PAID IX.
A. J. Clnrka Joseph F. Paul I.
Jame* Cummins. lienor ,Biebor.<ou.
llnnnibal Forbes Joseph Seybold
Gibson Lamb.
Interest pntd oa npe?inl depodt*.
Issues droits ou England Ireland and Scotland
nijrll JOSEPH SEVBOLD, Cashier.
Nickel Plated
Savings Bank
at the
Wheeling Title anil Trust Co.%
1315 market street.
capital - -..$175,000.
William Ism.... Presldont.
>\ iij.iam ji aiMrsoN vice rreuucmt
Drafts on Euglaud Ireland Franco and (Jormany.
William A. Iseu. Mortlmor Pollock.
J. a. Miller. William 11 Smin*oo.
E. M Atkinson. John K. Botsford.
Henry Speyer. Victor Rosenburj.
Jacob C. Thoinn*.
jal F. IV J EPSON, Cashlac.
CAPITAL $200,000.
j. N. Vance. .. President
L. 3. Ijklai'Laix Vlco President
J. N. Vance. (Jcorce K. Stlfol.
J. M. Brown. William Rlllnjiiant
L & Dclaplaln. A W. Kelhjr.
John Frew.
Prafn issuod on England. Irolinl. Scotland
and uil polnu in Europo.
JOHN J. JONES. Cashier.
Unlike the Dutch Process
No Alkalies
Other Chemicals
SdfffiQJjL are used In the
Jpreparation of
|| iBreakfastCocoa
S I , (Mm which U abtolutcly
uSr i ! W Q i pure and soluble.
m I fl if ft Ithaa more than three timea
Li-1 I II I- 1 Moitrenyth of Cocoa mixoil
X' liLui with Starch, Arrowroot or
.Sugar, and is far more economic*!,
coating Icis than ono c&nt a cup.
It is delicious, nourishing, and easily
gold bjrG-ocors fvorywhere.
W. EAKEE & CO., Dorchester, If ass.
At? meeting of the B?wd of Commi^ionen
of theCouutjr of Ohio, held at the Court llouu
of Mifd county on Monday, the third day oi
tobcr. 1S9& It wai or.lereU:
I /'/rtf?Thui the <?f vo'ing lu the 'l|{ftr.
1 ont clectiou |?n.'Ciuct*of the dlifcront tnasmvui
'.iitrkt of t?"?*wnty bo retp?< tivoly a< lollop
Precinct No. 1?Louis Zi?wklcr??ol<] mention,
:0"? Mnlu >tn?ot.
Prinuct No. J?Henry VociUnsers shoe ^hor>.
II - Mali: street
Prvelnc- No.No. '17 Main street
PrwrJtic: No. 4?l."ps!air? room In Vigilant ho.?
hou*u. No. WO Main Mrcet.
Product No. b? William Peyton'sirrocpryitore.
No. *13 Mur!:et street.
Prtciuci Na r.?l.'i stain room !u Churlct
Stanke'i blacksmith' shop, on Market Itroet itn-l
Uti lawman a ronu.
Proclnet No. 7?Fulton hose bouse in town of
Prccinct No. I?Ilall In Second ward market
Precinct No. 2?Hope hose house, ou north
tddo Eioveuth htrefct.
I'reciuet No. Room In rosldouco of Mrs.
Sonucfold. No. 1078 McCoHoch street.
Prccinct No. 4?Entry Clerk's oflloo on West
Virginia Exposition and 8 Hte Fairgrounds.
Pcciuct No. b? Democratic Wigwam. southca?(
corner of South Yor.* and Virginia street*.
Precinct No- G?island how bouse, ou Zane
Prccinct No. 7?Lukcns' warehouse, on North
Precinct No. 8?Room in Peter Clatu' grocery
at No. Hi Zauc street.
Precinct No. 1?Room In St Charles hotel.
Fourteenth and Wafer streets.
Precinct No. 2?Olllco iti old jail building on
west side of EolT.streut
Prccinct No. S? Room in residence of Fred
Miller, north we*t corner of Woods and Fifteenth
Precinct No. 4?At No. 1129 Eofl"street.
Precinct No. Room in residence of John
McUuuuon, No. 1221 McColloeh street
Precinct No. 1?Law otliC3 of W. W. Arnott, in
Court Hons*; basement.
Prccinct No FredoricJc Foe rster's shoe shop,
No. 1(116 Jacob street
Prccinct No. a?No. 19$ Sixteenth street.
Precinct 2fo. 1?Residence of Robert Pclcari,
No. 1710 Wo >ds street
Prccinct No. iV?Riahon's Hall, in rear of No.
131 Eighteenth street
Precinct No. o?William B. Allison's wire factory.
No. 1707 EosI'street
ckxruk dist iticr.
Prccinct No. 1?Upstairs room In hook and
ladder bou?c. on Twenty-iirst street.
Piceinct No. 2?Room iu C. Bihar's house.
Na 2148 Main street
Product No 8?Phillip Voclllnger's shoe shop;
N ?. ?17 .Main siroot.
I Precinct No. I?Audr.'W Long's barber shoj-,
:'o. 2229.Main street
i wkiwthr district.
Precinct No. 1?Room in residence of >fr.<. Annie
Weluol, southeast corner alley 20 and MarL'Otrtrcet
PriolnetNo 2?Room in reildcnec of George
Binim, southeast corner of alley 20 and Hot!
a. reel.
Precinct N*'>. 3?Room in residence of Mr<
Shroeder. northeast corner uf Market un<i
Twcntr-flfth street*.
Precinct No. !?Room in residence of David
Rust. southwest corner of Kofl'nnd Twenty-Jifth
b tree is.
Precinct No. 5? Room in house owno'l by Mrs.
Wright. uortliwest corner of Market aud Twentyseventh
Precinct No. ('??I.oorn in residence of Georc*
| WcK'crber .'outheust eorner of Twenty-seventh
and holl strceiH.
Precinct No. 7?Henry Meyer's barber .shop,
on weit side of Eoil' btraet, north of Twentyninth
Precinct No. 8? Room in wtieuce of Jaraci
Killeeu, No. 2907 MeColloch sticoL
Precinct No. 1?Ofllcnof John W. Schultze, J
P.. north vast corner of Thirty-third aud Chaplin;;
st new.
Precinct No. ??Office of Joseph A. Arklc, J.
P.. No. Jacob street.
rrcclnct No. Livery stable office of Louis
A?mtis at No. 3712 Jacob street.
Precinct No. 4?Residenoe of Georgo Carl. No.
I'n-einct No. .V-South Side Turner Iloll, No.
412!9 Jflcob street.
Precinct No. ii?John Brahlor's barber shop.
No. Wi'.T Jacob street.
Product No 7?Adams school houso. on
Wheeling; and Chaplinc hill road.
Precinct No. 1?Va'iey Grove, nt tho residence
of Charles Cruinboekor.
Product No. -2?'Town of Weil Liberty, at
school hpu*e (White*.
Precinct No. 8?Potomac, At the residence ol
Mr.-. Far is.
Precinct No. 1?Glenn's Run school home.
Precinct No. 2?The brick school houv ion
first division of tho Gruggville, Clinton And Potomac
Precinct No. 1?Leathcrwood aehool house.
Precinct No. 2?Town Hud nt KJm Grove.
Product No. .1?Kooiu in Vuuce s hotel in tho
village of Trcadelphla.
Precinct No. 4?.?? hu Robinson'* tonnnt nous*,
on uor'.h side of Upper Middle Wheeling creek
Mcond?Thut notice of tho establishment of
tlio at>ove places of voting be published in tin?
Heyih'i r. INTKLI.IGKKCKK ?nd tlattt ZcUung, and
posted as required bv law.
By order of tho Hoard of Commissioners of
the'County of Ohio.
Board of Commissioners of the County ol Ohio.
West Virginia. oc.h
T>TV AHfTITni7m * IT Till
rKUIlMI up
lest Virginia.
With 200 Wood Cats and Biographies of the
This volume also contains
150 pages of West Virginia
facts and statistics.
It gives the result of every
election since the organization
of the State.
It is the most valuable book
ever published in West Virginia.
Send Oxdeqs to
Frew, CampbellA Hart,
WHEELING, W. VA. de?w*
JgEDMAN <fc CO.,
And Manufacturers of Marine and
Stationary Engines.
tan ics. i kon' shT'tt k n?
c'kmjar uooks. life boats
wrodohtmroh ra.wes.
All nf ibo bcnTir?t Phoflt Iron Work mn
orcoim. chas. h. MILLER.
w. 1 wimr

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