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Robert Luke's Livery Stable Partially
Destroyed last Might.
AJ?o a llearwe and Several blolgbs.
The lioriQH uud Mont of the Ve
hlclea are Taken out Sale?Much
Hi)r and Feed Destroyed, aud (be
Lou will Approximate #-1,000.
Good Work by (be Flreinon.
A firs, which oonildered by the
money low w*i not one ol the most
dliMtroiu, but one of the most excltlug
uxpcrloncod la Wheeling for many
ya?ra, oeflurrod lut ovenlun, partially
dcitroylng Itoborl J.uke'a IIvary stable,
on Market atreet, half a iquare below
Fourteenth. The smoke vraa Urit seen
liming (rout tho roar and aide of the
hay loft, ou tho alloy, about half pan
loveu o'clock, and from tho donilly and
Volumo of tho imoko tho Uro muit
already have boon smoldering lor aomo
pAllMnman RahIIv ??n? In nn n)nrm
horn box 23, at the corner of Market
and Fourioentli atresia, and the department
responded promptly.
By that tluio, liowevor, tba bright
llaoioa bad broken throusli the roof in
tbo rear of tbe building, ou Alloy C,
and from tho windowa on tho sido. It
looked an if tho largo building, of vory
Till: Fine KEEN
inflammablo matorial, could not possibly
bo saved.
In tho moantimo employos of tho stable
and voluntoora from ntnoui* tho
Bpoctatora woro busy undor Mr. Luke's
cool and intelligent direction in saving
the horses and carriagos. Mr. Luko
would not allow a vehiclo to bo moved
until all tho thirty oddhorsos had boon
removed to a placo of safety. Fortunately
aftor this had boon accomplishod
there was yet ample timo to run out
also all the carriages, buggies and tho
large burial car, which were on tho first
floor. A numbor of various vehicles,
old und now, woro on tbe second floor,
and those woro all destroyed, or so badlv
injured as to bo practically ruinod.
The lotiucludes several buggios[belonging
to pitrons who boarded thoir horses
with Mr. Luke.
In all there were on the second floor
one white hoarse, tho joint proporty of
Mr. Luko, Mr. Arbonz and Friend &
Son; one whito surrey and four or fivo
utuui ouiiuj b( ouvuiui u?n uua uu^niua,
fifteen BloigliB, Binulo and doublo, n
number of phaotons, two doublo and
one three-seated rigs, and several oilier
buggies, old und new.
The main damage to tho building was
in that part on Alley 0, and in tho
second story along the side alloy. Thn t
the flamos did not oxtoud to tho Markot
street side was duo to onorgotic and
prompt action on the part of tho liremen.
They soon had tho flro undor
control and prevented its spread, but it
was stubborn and smoldorod among tho
several tons of liay for several hours bo.
lore it was ontiroly drowned out.
Tho hay is of course all ruined, and a
quantity of othor feed was dostroyod.
The damago to tho building will probably
reach $1,000, and Mr. Luke's loss,
with that of iiis patrons, will bo from
$2,500 to $3,000. Whether the building,
which is owned by Mr. William
Bailey, was insured could not bo learnod
lull nittlit. On tho stock and fixtures
Mr. Luke had an insurance of $2,029 33
in J, V. L. Kodgurs' agoncy, in tho
Koyal company, and about as much in
Major Aldorson's agency. Major
Itogors' risks woro divided as' follows;
$718 83 on thtrtoon horses; $003 63 on
n Berlin coach und landau; $27 OS on a
Cincinnati hack,and un equal amount
on a Claronoo hack; $110 00 on a sixsoatod
rockaway; $248 83 on six buggies;
$53 30 oh a sleigh; $41 4(1 on a two-homo
cutter; $44 23on four ono-horsosleighs;
$105 ono a ono-half interest in a white
hoarse; $221 20 on bIx Bets of double
harness; $05 30 on Blx sols of singlo
harness; $27 05 on whips, robos, etc;
nnoquul amount onofllco furnituro and
fixtures, and $103 55 ou hay, grain and
Just how much of tho insurod proporty
was among that which was dostroyod
It was not posslblo to estimate
last night. Many of tho boardod rigs
woro Insurod by their owners.
Tho usual crowd gatherod in tho
ntrcot anil alloy, and tho polico had difficulty
in controlling thorn until ropo
linos woro stretched abovo and below.
Then the space enclosed wu? kopt vory
Tho flro made the densest sinoko and
stoam over seon In Whoollng, obscuring
everything boliind It.
Tho several tenants In tho Market
streot promises adjoining on tho north
boenme, naturally, alarmed, and got
tholr belongings out as promptly as
ppislblo. lied ticks and clothing,
chairs and all sorts of things wero
thrown out of the seoond story windows.
Sometimes they woro caught by
persons below, but oftontr full In tho
dirty walorrunuing out of tkoburntug
Tho rescued horsoi were kopt la?t
night In the old Hollidoy planing mill,
on Market and Twentieth streets, whore,
also, tnoit of tho vehicles woro stored
temporarily. It Is lets than six months
ago that Mr. Luko was burnod oui
whllo occupying a portion of thai
properly with surplus slock. It bai
always been believed by many pooplt
that that blase was of Incendiary origin,
and thsre Is at least a uosslbility thai
lut renlng'i lire bad lte origin in tbe
name wuy. At any rate, what started it
in absolutely beyond conjecture).
l'bo dumaguil buildinu will bo repaired
at oiico, aud will be lit to reoccupy
ia a very sharttiuie. Considering
the properly ondaniiorod, the result
is certainly reason (or general congratulation.
Very Narrowly fruiu u Terrible Fate?11U
Cart Urukeu.
Lout evening about ball past tlx
o'clock Uon. N. II. Scott started to drive
bin new llaiubletonlun borne over to tlio
State Fair grounds, attached to a light
road cart, llo drove up Market street,
and just as he approached Kleronth be
beard an electric motor behind him.
The street at that point is in a terrible
condition, the work on the new Jigerter
building and the material lor it, with
tlio ditch lor the tolepbone conduit and
the sand out ol it, narrowing the driveway
seriously. To avoid possible danger,
Mr. Scott turned into Eleventh
street and let tbo electric car pass.
Uo Uien ilrovo luck uua Marnoi
etreot, anil uoticod too lulu to uvuid au
accidont tlmt auotlior oiotor was following
the first at full Bpood, and only a
fow feot behind. To crouj In front of
the car was impossible, and Mr. ticott
triad to turn up tho stroet, but tlio car
wan too closo, and It struck tho curt, do*
molishiuK it, throwing tho borse down
and Mr. Bcott out. lie fortunately escupod
with a budly bruised and sprained
lult Iok, and thu iioruo wus not injured.
Tho cars ran entirely too clone and
too fast around tho loop, especially
when thestreeU are bo obstructed. The
only wonder in that there are not more
Eftuurntuim lust Night,
Both tho King's Sons, of tho Zuno
street M. K. church, und tho lipwortli
Leanue, of tho Fourth street church,
KKOU TIIK 11001'.
cavo river excursions last ovonlng. Tho
formor went up to Stoubonville on tho
Liborty, and hail about 303 poonlo
aboard. The Epworthors wont to Warronton
on tho It. E. Vliillipa, with
about 115 passengers. Both partion roportoiTu
moat enjoyable timo.
Electric Ilallwny Will Not Accopt Connell'*
General Manaijor A. SI. Jolly, of tho
street railway company, was soon
yostorduy aitornoon 'and askod
what tlio company intonded to
do about tho odor of the
city council to lcavo tho mattor ol n
grunt for doublo tracks up Main street
from Tonth to tho Top mill, to u voto
of ail tho pooplo nortii of Tonth. Ho
said ho would doclino tho olior, as
nothing could bo gainod by loavinsf tho
??? imnnnaml nil ihn
UIUfcl>U( HI U ?UIU ng )/iv|iuuuu I ?
Markot stroot pooplo would, of courso,
voto against tracks on Main atrcot, as
thoy want a track on thoir Btroot, which
tho company has said, on two or tliroo
occasions, is ontiroiy impractidablo.
Concluding, Mr. Jolly said that if tlio
morth Main stroot peoplo wantod tho
tracks tho company wonld bo glad to
put thorn iu.
Strangers In tho City tind Whuotlng folks
A. T. Anawomoth, of McDonald, is
in tho city.
Sam Harpor roturnod from Now York
Mr. II. M. Ilarpor got homo from tho
oast yostorday.
P. Q, Shrador, of Friondly, was at
tho Stumm last night.
Tiiomas W. Davis, of Bancroft, was
at tho fcitaram yostorday.
William Edwards, of Mannington,
roglstorod at tho Windsor yostorduy.
Suporlntondent K. L.Williams, of tho
Ohio lilvor road, wag in tho city yostorday
G. L. Hondorsliot, of I'arkorsburg,
was in tho city yostorday and stopped
at tho Windsor.
Mrs. and Miss KorrlBk, of llormuda,
havo roturnod to Wheeling and intend
to mako it their futuro homo, says The
W. Hkirwin, of I'arkorsburg, A. Clark,
of Deau, and J. M. C'alvort, ot Mannington,
woro among yesterday's Dohlor
Chlof of Pollco McNlobol and wlfo
got horaoyostorday from Chicago. Tho
chiof was vory favorably improisod by
the big fair.
Miss Agnos Goewoy, of New York,
who has boon visiting Iter sistors at
Mount do Chuntttl, loavoi this morning
for her homo.
Cards woro rocolvod yoslordny announcing
tho approaching marrlagoof
Mr, John Glnss to Miss Muuih K.
Hamilton, of Washington, l'n., which
Is to tako place ut the lattor place Wednesday
ovonlng, Juno 7, iu Trinity
Episcopal church.
A Lcnnuii lit Hyulouus
The Netv York Medical Journal rocontly
published an Inuirostlng item
on ininoral waters. It seoms that tho
lay public is likely to coniound table
wators with inodiuiiiol waters, containing
actlvo chemical substancoi which
cannot safely be includod us part of tho
ordinary dally dlot. Tho artlclo savs
that grentor nttontlou is being dlroctod
to diototio waters, woro gonorally callod
table waters, which, If puro, are of
groat vatuo as hygienic agonls, and it
, recommends wators llko Apolllnaris,
which Is regardod its tho loading dietetlo
tablo water,
' TUkun CI nth, Jimi tho thing for warm
wsnthor, VDo n Hull, worth no. ni
h. H. <HIOI> k uo.'H.
I Hulls.
i Suits for chlldron, tuiisos and ladios,
; til colon, qualities and sites, at
i Exsiytumi's.
Flourishes Solssors and a Revolver
ia a Heokless Way.
Cuuwod by (Uu Attempt of u Pitts*
burgli Shoo Man to ReCt>vur Goods.
How Mrt*. Gtaesser Defied a Lliub
of tlioJjttw?Jacob Glaosser Arrestod?Tlio
Sheriff. a Deputy and a i'olioo
OtUccr Participate.
Thore was quito aa exciting time on
the South Side yesterday ahoruoon, in
which a pair of scissors and aa aatiauatrnl
rAvolvitr ' . thn humid of an on
raged woman pluyod aa iuiportuut
though happily not iutul part. For two
or three months Jacob Glaossor ban
beon conducting a shoe bminesg on Jacob
streut, South Bids, above Thirtyeighth
streot, adjoining tho South Side
Savings Hank, and though tho businoss
bus not boon u remarkaby successful
ono, it was thought ovorylWng was
running smoothly. A part of his stock
wus from tho wtiolosulo shoe firm, A.
J. Scott J: Co., of Pittsburgh, and was
sent to Glaesser on commissions, returns
to be uiudo to tho former firm as
cuius were mude. Tho Pittsburgh lirru
didn't think it was getting returns ofton
enough, and yosterduy afternoon a representative
walked luto the store and
wuutod to got the goods back, amounting
to 50(10 -10. Mrs. liltto-isor bocumo
enraged and run tho Pittsburgh man
out el the storo, othorargumontsforhis
quick departure being udded to by a
pair of daugerous looking scissors,
which she flourished :na reckless sort of
way. Tho agent of tho Pittsburgh firm
wont up towu uud instituted dotiuue
proceedings to get tlio goods, and returned
to tho placo, accompanied by
Deputy Slierifi Panel Garden. Tho prosonco
of a limb of tho law didn't seem to
lrnvo any effect on Mrs. Ulaesser, who
announced that she did not intend that
tho goods should be takon from the
store, and when tho Smoky City man
wanted to proceed ami take possession
the lady again waxed wroth and secured
un old-fashioned pistol, which
alio handled in such u way that the young
inun mude a hasty exit to the stroet.
Tlio dnuuty sherill' then telephoned to
his chief and to Olllcor Minkeineyer,
who both shortly appeared on tho
scene. Mr. Glaosser, who liad not
taken the loading rule in the melodrama,
saw that trouble was coming,
and before t1 a sherill and olllcor appeared
niailii His escapo to a bakery
liali a square above. Hero ho was
shortly afterward arrostod und taken to
police headquarters. In the meantime
tlio sherill' took possession of tho premises,
and tho shoe man secured what ho
represented to be goods that had boen
sent hero on commission from his Urm.
"Arlzouu Joe."
Last ovening tho Arizona Jos company
appoarod boforo a crowded bouse
at the Grand, and to say that the audience
was well ploasou is putting it
mildly, for ono could havo hoard tho
applausoa square away. Arizona Joe,
who is ? general favorito hero, has now
ono of tho best companies of its kind
on tho road. Tho specialties are all
now und the performance of tho dogs
und horses wonderful. Tho play, tho
now "liiack Hawks," hus been rowritten,
and is now tho bost of thatkiud of
drama witnossod by tho Wheeling theatrical
going public. Thoro will bo another
performance to-night, with a
matinoo Saturday afternoon, tho engagement
ondiug with Saturday night's
performance. Beats at Grand opera
Louse box oflico.
hliu xvim DInuiUmoiI.
Last evoning Miss I'nnnio Cochran
was arraignod boforo Unitod States
Commissioner Campbell, charged by
Miss Lola Carroll with having sent her
through tho mails an indecent lottor,
signed "Ed W. 11." Sovoral witnesses
Were heard and it was seen thero was
no ground to hold Miss Cochran on,
whp was dismissed.
Kimmonh Livkii UiKitn.ATnit ia tho fnn
of malaria?it throws oil tho bilo and
provonta ltd accumulating.
All Llnou, plain whlto, Tnhlo ClothH,
with onn ilozmi NiipkliiH to umtuh, H2 (J I) u
bot, -worth double the money, at
L. S. tiOOD &CO.'S.
lluckluu'd Arulua Sulvo.
Tho boat salvo in tho world lor cuts,
brulsoa, aoroa, ulcors, salt rlioum, fovor
sores, totter, chappod hands, chilblains,
corns and all akin eruptions, and positively
euros piles, or 110 pay required.
It is guaranteed to givo porfoct satisfaction
or money refunded. Price 25 cents
a box. For salo by Logan Drug Go.
ilonlury and (ilovoH.
Bilk, Lialo and Cotton lloso, all colors;
Kaysor's Finger-Tipped Gloves and
Mitts, lit Kmhubimkh'b.
Hood's Cures
Annte L. Arner
01 Aujusto, icy.
More Than Pleased
With Hood's Oaroaparllla-Por Tot*
tor arid Blood Impurltlos
etronger and Better In Every lf?v*
M1 have beon mow Ulan pleased with Hood's
8aru|iulllx I liatc suffered with tetter breakInKOutonrarfacoandallorcrmybody
all my
llfo. I tisver could find anytlilotc to 1I0 It Rood
uutll 1 began to take Mood's Barsaparllla. I
tmvo now uaoil about eight bottles, ami Oh, It baa
dono nra 10 much good that 1 bovo tlio utmost
Hood's s Cures
lalth In It and rocommcnd ttlooreryono, DoiIJm
purirylng my blood, It baa mado in* ao much
strongsr and bettor I do not feci Ilka tin same
porsonatall." Aitnm Arosu, Aumisto, Ky.
Hood'8 PillO act easily, rot prom|itl]r tad
efficiently, ou U? Utor and bowela. aoo.
Brings comfort and Improvement ant]
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who livo tetter
than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by mora promptly
adapting tho world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
tho valuo to health of tho puro liquid
luxativo principles embraced iu tho
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is duo to its presenting 1
iu tho form mutt ucceptuklu and pleasant
to tho taste, tho refreshing and truly benoAciid
properties of a |ierfect laxative
; effectually cleansing tho system, ,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
am! permanently curiug constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and I
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kidneys,
Liver and llowels without weak- i
emng them and it la perfectly free from '
every objectiunablo substauco.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- J
gists iu 50c and $1 bottles, but it la Man- ,
ufacturcd by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, wHobo uanio is printed on every ,
package, also the name, Syrup of Figo. I
and being woll informed, you will ikx
accopt any substitute if offered. (
B. B. B.
Dn?rln/tl?^T Dlrtrtr! ^ PWtfina
J3 UIuutn .1 ui\j VU ; v a w bvi w
Is a purely vegetable compound, possessingpe.
feet regulating powers over all the organs
oC the system, ana controlling their secretions.
It so purifies the blood that it
All blood humors and diseases, from a common
pimple to the worst scrofulous sore, and
this combined with its unrivalled regulating,
cleansing and purifying influence on the secretions
of the liver, kidneys, bowels and skin,
render it unequalled as a cure for all diseases
of the
From one to two bottles will cure boils,
pimples, blotches, nettle rash, scurf, tetter,
and all the simple forms of skin disease.
From two to four bottles will cure salt rheum
or eczema, shiugles, erysipelas, ulcers, abscesses,
running sores, and all skin eruptions.
It is noticeable that sufferers from skin
Are nearly always aggravated by intolerable
itching, but this quickly subsides on the removafof
the disease by B. B. B. Passing on
to graver yet prevalent diseases, such assent
ulous swellings, humors and
We have undoubted proof that from three to
sir bottles used Internally and by outward
application (diluted if the skin is broken) to
the affected parts, will effect a cure. The
great mission of B, B. B. is to regulate the
liver, kidneys, bowels and blood, to correct
acidity and wrong action of the stomach, and
to open the sluice ways of the system to carry
off all clogged and impure secretions, allow
ing nature thus to aid" recovery and remove 1
without fall 1
Liver complaint, biliousness, dyspepsia, sick <
headache, dropsy, rheumatism, and every t
species?! disease arising from disordered liver, "
kidneys, stomach, bowels and blood. We h
guarantee every bottle of B. D. B. Should ?
any person be dissatisfied after using theyfrj/ j
bottle, we will refund the money on appllca- ]
lion personally or by letter. Wc will also be ?
glad to send testimonials and information f
proving the cffects of B. B. B. in the above
named diseases, on application to
FOSTER, MILBURN & CO., Buffalo, N. Y- i
11 ?* i
TOM HOUSB. Clnoltinutl. Ohio. April
211. 1803. Sealod proposals for building dikes dud
duma tu tho OUlo river at tho fullowlnc <
locations, or any ouu of them, viz: -I dikes and |
1 dam uml shore protection at Clusters, 2 dikes
ami 1 dam at Frouch Island, '.'dikes near HculTlotown,
1 dlko nenr niouih of Tradowater river. 2
dike* nour Mound City, will bo received at thin
ofllco nutll 21.10 p. in.. May 21), 1893, and theu
publicly opened. Specifications. blank foruis.
and all avallnblo Information will Ihi furnlnbed
on application to tbfs olUco. AMOS STICK NICY,
Major of Kimlneern. II. S. A. mvl-2-.'H-20-27
$740 for splondld lot on North Huron Rtrcot.
Largo river Jot on North York street, opposite
('apt. Prince's residence. Thin Is very nigh ,
ground. boautiful location for a bou?o. ut a cost
Wo have a tew o( those htsH and desirable lots
on North Wabash street for fl'iO.
Elegant South Krout street lot
Cheap lots In good locations from 9&) up.
Choice out-thol'lko lots.
Grout big lot at Glondalo for COOO. f
I am solo avont. At low figures. Lomr time \
or for cash. Fifty throe cents pur week will buy ^
a good lot. (
Six-roomod houso. 4! North York street, '
Four-roomed bouse, 2030 Market street. <
Throo-roouiod house. His MoColloeh itroot
Three rooms, socoud floor, 2000 Market itroot i
G. O. S7vnTH, '
iny23 1220 Market itroot
F O I&_S A. L IE. |
Tho best business proj>ortv In JEtnnvlllo, j
olfiht rooms, store room and good stable, on
oasy forms. Good reoioni for selling. I
House and full lot, Wood stroot, near Forty*
third street, 11.ski.
Three lots, wixioj fed. Fllau, White & Galla- )
gher's addition. 9200 cach. (
Hoiiko of live rooms audstable, 201 Klghtoouth ,
Direct, 11,650. I
llouso. n rooms, with full lot, east end of ,
Ttvolfth street. Mhalf cash.
llouso, 0 rooms, L'olf street, Centra Whoollng,
House, 0 rooms and stablo, Klgbtoonth itroot, ,
Throo lols In Psrk View, cheap.
One half lot, MeCollock stroot, Centre Wheeling.
Fine Miburban property, two mlloi from the
city, live minute* walk from motor lino, now,
with all modern linprovomonti Cheap.
Lot* on Caldwell's run tttOouoln I
Kino Farm of 14.1 aoro? on Natloual road, nlno '
uiIIom east of olty on easy tor mi
Farm ot W aoroi, lour tnlloi north ot olty. Will
make good dairy farm.
Houso, 10 rooms, Flftoonth itroot. with mod*
ern Improvomonti.
Homo. 8rooms, Sixteenth stroot. fflOU i
ijouso. 4 Moms, Twenty-third Htroot, $I.*>1. (
Home, 7 rooms. North Market stroot. II.NW. i
lltHtiess propjrt/ on Market stroot at uiodor to
small house atid half lor. .Unob stroot, CeutrJ j
Wheeling, on easy tonus, IWJ. I
Lots at otit ond of Twsntrtblld itrojt on i
?nsv terms. ,
One-hilfloton Chaplin* strest Sixth Ward,
*&. of thi boit mwttfanttirlnj illoi In till |
city, fronting oil two rallroali
I730 Market Btroet. uiytt
Tie Intelligencer's 1 Cent a Word Coupon!1
If you have a house to rent or something to sell or traJ.>, want to
buy anything, want a situation, want a good cook or a gooj servant !
a faithful clerk, a desirable boarding place, or have found or lost any.'
<him. write iust what vou want, plainly, in the blanks below. Cut I
"""b? j ? ? - .
this out and send with amount, at the rate of one cent per word fa(
first insertion and one-half cent per word for each subsequent insertion,
to THE INTELLIGENCER, No. 27 Fourteenth street. Mowing
less than io-eents.
~~ Ti
WANTED?A 00 0 K AND 111*. . -T~__
BTAIlttglrL Apply at No. 1118 Chuplfuo H QJiO Q A I .Hi
ilroet Good wtuea. myfl' 1 1
WANTEU-l'KAVEUNtf HA EES- ifUja l|ebr.n'.amlI 8p?ldei;? i Million.
MK.N or huvo IhluilJo lluo. UOUQUKT idd k L!h?n rh,(."?
jWAKOuitfAMY. Lyaohbtuy. Va. mgl_
\\TA N Th i)? IM M b L) I A 1 h 1A, A barrul capacity. Water uud Htcatu power. Haw
f f flr?t-cluu Coat FlnUber: uteady mnploy- and plftuer ?tUo attached; dolug good builao.i
tiuut; Uut wugiy. LOUIS DKLllHUGUE <k in tlio country. Thli I* u burtfafii. t'?ul wltnia
:o. rny'JO 2Q0 feet. Huh thlrty^ovou iicrta of laud. Wl.i
f? Uutid work $JQU per l.UX). Stoutly work lunio cellar, alloy corner. Easy tormi
or good men. Addros* li. bUMMUltS, Ulrmont, No. am Eoir atreut. Brick hou*o. ?lx roomi
iV. Va. layM* ami ball, goud location. Cheap. Kntv terrnt
WAN TED-TO KENT A KU it- Jb teid SjM f S UI,U ?rjul'4
NI8HKD roomy liuu.o inPiouunt Valler T^ V?u^ O[i T??^ J.Xlk liar
irKlmUrovu. Addroji* "ItKNTKIt," with pur- 'JV.OO^S.h U,8u" ul0"1' Uu ,Jum'
igulat*. cro ot lliu Intollltuiiojr oillcc. mfU A gort j Urm atn,A aorJI ouo ,aJ , lu? m|lo,
* \ f A V'ppiv?S5 LOAN MONEY AT from tho city. A good .orchard, sit acres la
VV two pcrconVlOnitTiuioVtAttgo. roulostaio grxpos. htt??il?o roomoiiQ.>uio, ?tat>io?. ?w. nul
ecurlty, farm or city property. Call ou or ad- oini*,y ^ruu w
T,,x tu.bMt?iu.|?
ALhSMLN?Wk MAK.K A LIHMi* tho Eighth ward oa voryeiuy tonus. fjr*?Uott
0 AL oiler to truvellug and local salesmaniln time.
tverv State who cull on retail grocers. OLU1EN Na 41 fhlrtyolghth stroot, sir rootas.niw.fJ.JiOfl;
CNflUK WHKA'f FLOUH00." 135 Lake btr<J0t Brlokhouso, (oar room* oa* hull Fony-fal
JlilcagoJH. ?oltta and Wood tareou, lull lot
?XVION. licit fraternal Order. AMoti.f130.0M. JUotrH A. AnKLC.
iothLlfo and Endowmont Claaso*. Gllt-odgod
u every ruapocL Homo District Agouti wanted. Pension Attorney. Notary auJ Real Katati
V rure chance. Addruu KING Jt CO.. 8 Union Ageut. House; rooted and runts 'collec*t
kiuuro, New York. oe!i-u Oinco No. 8M7 Jacob streot
T j Agent and liuaimm Mun to write for our drafts to any point In Europ-x laril
ortimc-iHttker plana?Llle, Endowment, itc.
itegular bonanzas, lle*t on earth and 1 orgeat
pay. Mention paper and utatooxpcrienco. TUB *TZ> "TpTSTTI I" I
SlQENOYCO., Ka 8 Unlou Squuro. Now York. JlJ -iTO JTO. ti-J J~n _L.
70 ncrci 0f juu j north ot city.
A Mouth.
FOR RENT. No. 21MMalustreet second lloor. Q10co
? ? No. 2JW5 Jacob strior l? 0)
FOR KENT?STORE HOOM No. 10113, No. 3 Alloy K and North Dank ol Crook 7 oa
corner Main Street and Brldno Place. No. ft Alloy li and North ltank of Crook 8(0
'oxsejslon given lmtnodlatcly. Applv to HAL. No. 1012 Chupllne street 5 rooms. 13 oo
f. KENNEDY, at Stouo ?!t Thomas' Dry Goods No. M0 l-ourteenth stroot 14 00
itore. mylH No. 01 Thirteenth stroot. tlrst lloor l'j 00
111 No. 25 South Front stroot 1H oO
1?01i llENT. No. V.M Sixteenth stroot 20 W
No. *j70J Chapllno stroot, store room. 20 oo
Three-story brick building, 8'? by tifl foot ad- No.2lM Main Htrojt. store roym. \i &j
olnln* llonrv Morris' box factory, corner Bimulug for manufacturing or wholosulo
iigl. loon ill and C'hupHno street*. llulldlng h?? uumhow. oil nijcjr. kjiwooo ruunceuut
team hoist elevator. and will bo rented oitlior and Sixteenth streots ?jQ0Q
vith or without power lor raunlng inachlnorv. ??? .
\ splendid location lor u mauufacturlug oattib- jpPC|3T?i S-A-H-J-B
TOUACCO C0' Corner lot nort^lS car Lara. lL,.
mr/> eighth ond Jacob street*
FOli KENT. Lot No. 13 Wjvur ttwet, south ot Focty-cUhth
Vory couple to upstairs dwolllns.*ocond floor, IxjIjiNos. 0 and 7 Koff btroct south of Fortytlx
rooms, hall ami bath rootn. on Tenth utrool etahthsliroijr. nmi
Also very complete barber shop, with baths. , t? , lft. south of 1 orty-clgbtli Btroct nnu
SS ol., aaaiX?U?
lluto vmmtm. Ljulru of Tom ?ot?
J AM Lb L. HAW Lb x, Ohio: will oxuliango lor city proporty.
i,.wi Ill lU'rcM nf luiiil nnur Kim Crovi*
Ja>" 'w iuiiu jj0 68 Thirty~rtrjt atrojtT
No. 7-12 Main Htreo:.
FOR SALE. No.lOrtcbaplluostreoi.
? No. 1029 hofrstroet.
Ij^OIi fcJALii No. 10io MeCoUocb Ktroot.
No. 1011 McCoiloub Btruut.
Two ntory lirlck Church 40x00 foot lot 50x100 go. 221[Twenty-ninth street
eet, Hltuated tu Bridgeport, Ohio, near C, 4 1', No. Jois Main street.
inci C., L. & W. railroads uud tho now electric Jxitson North Front Htrcot.
itroet cur llua Could easily tio chuuired to Lot*on Htnuh Front utmet.
)U*ltiom roouw or dwelling*. Prlco only 83.000. Lot*ou Houitil .-nil struct.
folKhborlug lota IJ.500 and upward* iUlJ38slrcotluuulro
(it or aJdrou TRU8T1S1S3 OF PIR8T llKLVKDEBB LOTS.
d. K. CUUKCH, llrl<l?oport, O. myl7-nwr gaiJ[4uy ol"of dodroblo rcaldoncoi and furmifor
J?OK SALE?THE REAL PROPERTY A n - _ 7 7~7r- K r-w a
JL belonging to tho estate of tbo late William JAIV1ES A. HENRY
Jaldwoll. buiug the brick bouto No. 17 Thlr- . tT u , . '
?otith ?troot, and tbo ground used with It. l'o* ?t?al Lstjito Awont, U. H. Claim Atlornoy, Collision
given Immediately. Tbo property on tho motor uud Noury 1'ublla
louthwost corner of Jacob oud Tlurtoouth my 4 1012 Market Str?ot.
itreots, havlug two liouso* on It. Thin will bo ?? lolilasonoor
two parcel*, as tho purcbaaor may . __ ,. .
irefei. Those two bouses aro under lca?os ex- H C J rri ?-3 A I , H! I
>lrlng Murch 81.18W. Fortermsaud particular* w -*? 1 *
ifreoL W UENRY M* UUaS1?LL' 14onl2 uw'i'v0 Thrco homosou South Feuu strut
? upi2 MW4K_ ],0|jr |?,llsol 0ll youth Huron s trust
. . ... Ono homo qii South Yorlc stroot
n Bridgeport, Ohio, oontalulngton room*, bath Throo homos on South' Frout strcot
ooma and pantry, hot and cold water, and all ono homo on North l'ront Atreot.
wenary out-buildlngs. Good stable on lot ono house on North Wabash itroot
Tbcap and easy tortm. J or part Ionian call on one iiotiso on South Wabash itroot
>ruddross It T. HOWELL, Two houses ou Marylaud strcot
Imurauco aud lloul hstute Agent. Two homos on Kentucky stroot
>ny21 llrldgoport. Ohio. Two housoi ou Virginia stroot
Swtflirq WAI# kai One bouao on Ohio Htroct.
?Utt bALb, Ono honso on Florid* street
, . ? Five housoi on South Broadway itroot
lOshares Whcollng8t<Jol and Iron Company. Two housu* ou North Krlo stroot
20shares Whoollug Ice and Ht^ragu Company. ?m, m-tv
23 shares United Stutoi Glass Ca ?Commou. UUlliUlNU LOJa.
20 shares Junction Iron Couipaur. Ilulldlng lots all over tho city at price* to aalt
W shares Wheeling Title and Trust Company. purchwor.
20 sharei Null City Stamping Oompiu/. L"t* In Kim Grovo. McMochou. Glendsla
tt>nharo< Wheeling Pottery Cornpuu/. Moundsvlllo and other proportv not moutloaed
10 shares Mall l'ouch Tobacco Company. in thin li-t.
lOahured Fire & Marino Insurance Co EpR KENT? llouacs of all sizes and dllTuwut
it. H.I It WIN. Brokor. locution*.
myl7 No.24Twelfth8tr?ot ~ ,,,xi
Telephone 087. Irarfl] 1143 Market stroot
ocfl Cltr Bank Building. 1300 Market Street (Jot tago No. oo&nuo itroot, lot :K)il20. I'rltt
- 81.Kr>0. Very cheap. ,
-? Url,k houw> store room, natural gas, lo.
ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. 47xV?. flUuavUle.Ohio.
?.rrr;? Homo and Jot. 40x100, nix rooms b ith rooa
A DMIN181KATOH S 8 ALL. and laundry, uutumlgas, Kirk wood, ohla
CY. Lot 45x110, Zauo street
Tho undurMlgued will oflor for sale at publlo J<?t 30*113 North Huron street.
tui tion, on Hut ut ility. Juiio 17, 1SU8, at 10 Four lot* on North Huron street
t'clouk a. nt. at tho frontdoor of the Court Ouo lot on North Wnba?h itroot
Hound of Ohio uounty. tho following real oitato Ono lot ou North Indiana ntrcot
w-wlt: Lot No. 0. In Niuure No. 42. In the Eighth One lot on South Front stroot.
vurd of tho city of Whoollug, W. Va. This prop- Two lots on North York itroot.
jrtv is located on tho corner of Thlrty-tovouth On? lot North York street. 3.1x180, rlvor Vl??
mil Wotzol street*, above tho hlgheit water, has Fouiyoomod cottago, Martin'* Forry.
i brick houso with throe rooms aud u good One brick home. ho. M7 North Main strcot.
jollur. One homo and lot, 00x401, North Front sinwl
Tkum# ok Hai.k?One-half cash, or as much Ono honso uud lot 70x400. North troutstn#?
nore ai tho purchaser may elect, tho bulance In FIve-roomod bouio on Erie itroot
mo year, with Interest from day of sale, tltlo to fine lot 40x100, Moundivlllo.
)o retaluod uutll puymont In made In full. Four-roomed homo on \ hglula itrort
JOSEPH A. AHKLE, Klgbtroomed homo ou Virginia strcou
Administrator o! the ostatoof Thomas *hortel Boveu-roomed houio ou s. York itroct. rou?
W. 11. Uau.kk, Auctlonoor. mT2a.ruAK Ono lot In Roblniou's addition. h. Broadway
1 n- ? ? Ono'lmlf lotouHouth Wabash street
elionn. WK CUAHOK VlS'f.V (INK MSK '-I.ST
Brlok Houso on No rth Main Streot. ? M<>NKy 10 UJAN -Kroiu MJ lu
? first mortgage real estate.
On Saturday, May U7, 1HM, commencing at .ION KM to WILLIAMS,
10 o'clock a. m , nt tho north front door of tho ? llilit
Jhlo (guilty Court IIoiibj, tho undesigned will Heal K><tato Agouts uud (Collectors. No lark-1 '\J
oil ut publlo unction to tho hlgheit bidder, tho lie. 87 Kane itroot. Island. inrAJ^
following doierlbod real estate, situate lu tho '
tlty ol Wheeling, Ohio uounty, that In to nay: T31/">TT3 d A T HP
I'ho south olio-naif of lot No. 10. In Jonathan jT LJ iTi
tano's nddltlou U? tho town ol Wheeling, which
fialf lot fronti in fool on Main itroot at No 62) a in. in w,? u?t.iii.
ind Ineludsi n brick homo of twelve rooms, In * |". 5tlPo #? ?? in Moundivlllo sn l ton
food oondltlon. Terms-Ono-third oash aud |haresit()CkVu MouudiivllloMluInK uuJ Ms^'
00 ,u|,.(i||i.u fieturtni?(X)mpatfv lorlWO? B
mvii Uumttat nt MlteiSih tKUmit Nu W1 m nod oo\ Mslti street.
m> 11 l.seeutor ol KlUnbeth 1 annoll. N() ,w7 A)loy ? (rntno |j (1(W
SALE OF No. OJ, 05, 07aud00flovontoenthitroctot?i.?w
Thoroughbred Horses I
nifkiir ] ,nQ1 A brick rosldeneoou Fifteenth itroot, H,
luyj. No. 2.1 Vermont street, framo.
At LAlMtKL JUNCTION, DEPOT, Hirbour No. JttHorth Huron itroot, framo.
>ouuty( W, V?.: Daut Norl. from Losdor, tier No. WW Chnnllno itroot, brick.
lam from bticyOloooooandlUveana. four-year- No- ?WMnrkot itropt. framo bulldln,.
Did. from Arabian rmesto, Bpreod Eaglo and r?omi. ta.ono, .
Ittdgo lk?yd, Hambletonlan. Three your old ital- A ver; deslrsblo eoiliitrr reildonco In 11'?
Hon. from mm Howinau. thoroughbred, la 0,J tlio National fond.
ImudN. One-year-old fr.?u? Chief Itules, Hatnblo- % North Front Htreot I't ??t m I "Jt
U?uIan. Hoo Wallace's American Tmtilug Reflu- {J0, ^7.j2o.ffA*? fa0l"*t
let. Vol. 7, page 24V. No 8730, Dntn froml^acTor, g0- ?S iu,n br,01,fv,',l'n f0??1 ,,. (
ol the colts, wa* mod only a lew times to harnoi. If.0, ruurteonUj streot. brickJot .wxlH
In order to make her debut somo dsv, Iflk J*0- "l/*?t f,r fk <lweilliu'
bnndi. 1 think one of Iicndnr'a lieit All won Fine building ots in I IrMnntValh'j
kopt for track. Trslm will get there after 11 o. m, HJowroom and dwelling coraor hl?l?loo??
myl2 MICHAEL KITE PATRICK, P/oprlotor, t,,d Wood" "^oot
rpilL lWlliiLLKiKNUhlt HootnO CHr llauk littlM'0'.
X is a UUAI AMD FawKNTAaii PATWt Telephone 2IA ^
tAw! ,*>1 ll

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