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The Intelligencer,
IkULUULNt'KU UULlbUl.tU CO., l'ropr'l.
tfM ykak, by mail, l'ustauk I'UEf aiu
Daily, nix <tayM iu the week #8 oo
Daily, three liuyn lu the week 4 oo
Daily, two day* in the week.- a 1 a
Daily, one mouth -
>Veejcly, ouu yeur. iu uUvuuee 1 oo
Wkekly, ?U monthi .... <*o
The Daily intklliqvxcek 1< delivered by
carricrH iu Wheellutf aud udjuceui lowuu ui ? *
ctuu per week.
I'crtoun wiabiug to mbsoribe to tho lMll.Y InTKLUUKNiBU
cun do ho by suitdiuK in thuir ordor*
to thu Intki-uukncisk oillcu ou postal cur?l
orolhunviso. They will bo puuutually nerved
by carrion.
Trlbutoit of Iteapuct and Obituary Noticed, W
ctuta pur inch.
('orrospouUL-ucc containing Important now*
lolicltcd irorn every purt ot tho burrouudlug
ltejccted com tuuulcat Ion h will not be returned
UiiluM accompanied by buiftoiont povtotfe.
[Tho IWTCl.UOitNCKii, (Unbracing iu several
uilioiiH. la entered In tho I'ostotllco at Wheeling.
W. Vo., mnieeoiid-oliwt mutter. |
leaving town unu liuvo tho puper aunt
to uuy uddroitH in tho United State* or Uun*
ad?, pont-puld ut tho rato of U5 cunts por
month | two week* JiO cent*. To Kuropo
pout, paid, out! month DO cunts. Addron*
changed nh often lift dOftlt'Oll.
Kdltorlal iiouui* 4UI. t'ountliu Itooin 110.
- ? ? ,
ib 3MttMgtmz
WUBKLINU, JULY '40, 1803.
A 1'mmniou Uomlu/bconco.
Tnbino IIn fchn (Mian of JuilffO LoilLT. of
tho supremo court oi Michigan, tho
1'liiludolphiu l'rtiu makoa n good point
oq tbo pension "reform" of this ndminy
istration. Judge Long's ponsion was
Buspended boouuto, being ablo to sorvo
on thu bench, ho iu not under nuoh disability
as to keep him from earning u
The Prest rocnlls tho easo of (lonornl
^ Hack, who drew the largest pension
U then given, was culled by his friends u
"physical wreck" und was ublo to fill
tlioolficeof commissioner of pensions
during President Cleveland's first term.
Now ho draws us member of Congross
$5,000 a year in uddition to his pension
of $1,200.
Whether men of tho Black and Long
stamp, ubuadantly able to earn a livolihoop,
should accept peuaions is unothor
Inutter. Moreover, if Long'B pension
was unlawfully increased it Bhould bo
brought back within the law,
Tho frionds of tho ponaionora hnvo
nioro reason tbun their enemies to want
tho wholo pension busiuoas regularly
and lawfully conducted.
The nowspapers uru telling of a milllonuire
reporter in Philadelphia. All
Philadelphia roportors tiro millionaires.
T'hoy must bo to live.
I'Vuncu ill slum.
Franco in in the shabby businoss of
trying to steal Sinmoso torritory.
Franco was the aggressor, making a
pretext of tho killing of soinn Annumitos
serving under tho French flag on
Siamese torritory. For that allair Sium
has otlorod ample amends, much
greater than France would hnvo expected
from a power of her own importance.
Tho Siameso do not want Franco to
whack a big slico out of their country,
and Franco will do it if Kngland does
not interforc. If Kngland takos a hand
Kussiawill join with Franco, and the
long-looked for and rpuch-proparod for
European war will be on.
I... ..J U?(? ?f Aalntla
I IVIIlilUIIU iiua DIU1CH Iitvuvj ui ituiunu
i territory mid other territory liorsolf,
"but who doou not liku to sou another
European power at tiio sumo trick
whore it way interfere with her interests.
In time England expects to
liuve Siaui herself.
The aluminum producers got out u
tidy metal, light, airy, sightly. Hut
they are u little slow in catching hold
of tho frco coinage idoa.
Jtoputillouuti I'm' Their Country.
Says Hoiiost John Sherman: "Whatover
happens, the Itopublicans in Congress
will ho found working to assist
mid not to retard the bringing about of
a botter stato of affairs." 'l'hia is what
Itopublicans expect from their ropro entativos
in Congress, and those wiio
do loss will havu to reckon with their
Tho Hepublicau party lias 110 record
as a party of obstruction, and will iniiko
none. Country first, parly afterwards.
"He serves his parly best who serves
bis country best," said Huthorford 11.
Hayes, who sorted both well.
Tilu butter the weather the fower
liberties you cun atlord to take with ice
'J'uLlug Fright.
Democratic congressmen are beginning
to hour from their constituents oil
on tho pension reform of this administration.
lloku Smith has boou running
his coulter loo doop and there Is
tioublo. Some ni tho suit! Democratic
congressmen think their seats are
placed ill jeopardy. Objector flolmiin
fours that this frantic ruferui may make
tbo noxt limine Hupublicuu.
If this idou works Its way woll Into
th? bond of the administration tlioro
will bo A lull in tlio storm of pousioii
roform with which Mr. Cleveland's ltdlululitrutioii
set out to swoop tho luiid.
OttoLKUA Is only a week's Journey
from tho Utilfod tftatas. Winding is
nut overly cloan this summer.
Horn: more history is being tampered
with. Instead of tbo llrst shot In tbo
civil ?<ir belnif llrod at FortSumtor, it
Is mild lu have boon llrod from Violinburg
at n passing boat supposed to bo
loaded with Union aruis. Tho shot was
irorn an old lour-pauuder now ut thu t)
World's Fair. Nevortholoaa tUu Bum- *
tur allot id thu out) thut will rooiaiu bin- *
toric.i tu
When Wont Vlrtliula Wood Is Up. fo
Wo Woat Virginians aro u peaceful
ami ordor-loyiuR people, but no sate- j,'
umn und thruo Columbian uuarda cun pi
itnposu on tu or make ua afraid. Yea- vt
torday'a row at tho lulr would have ~
beun obviated if Col. St. Clair had had
liia badjie witli him, but a buay uiuu tt
can't thiuk ol evorytbinu ut ones. Nor w
would tlisro liavo boou a row it the SI
Katemau had polituly refused to lot tho *jj
coiuuiissiouur iu. 0,
The cause of the bloody conflict on
the Jackson I'ark frontior aoorns to lo
liavo boon thu impudence of the Kuto- A
man. If he bad known hid uiau he j*
would hav?'*>hlluctod another victim. w
The Columbian xuards did not understand
the situation better, liy Uiis 2,'
time they probably undorstuiid that Kl
wo West Viruiniuus don't object to
thrashing won by tho wholoaalo. \y
Wo may come out of tbo fracue covorod
with bloodfhut tho glory throws w
the gore in the uliado nud wo uro ready J'
for tho next coiners. West Virginia for rj'
Tub boat tiuio to go to tho World's JJ
Fair is us Mon aa you can got thoro. ^
Tho world in moving all tho tiuio and gi
you can't toll wliat may happou. What
sort of a flguro would you cut in tbo ce
next world if you wora to appear thoro
this tmuimor without having seen tbo p)
only truly greatest shew on earthV
Think on those tbingn and hio you to in
tho world- wondor. Bu
liiaa Kate Kanb ia a cundidato for ot
judge in Chicago. She in ready to accept
any party's nomination, and if alio ^
doesn't got a nomination alio will run gj
without it. It ia a strong point in
Miss Kane's favor that she ia ready to re
tell her ago if that shall bocome nocoa- 'r
aary in tho boat of tho campaign.
Thoro niiiy bo tho real judicial atull in ^
that womau. B|,
Tiikiib ia grim humor, of course not n|
intended, in ttie British suggeation that b[
Franco may havo against Slain as good
a caso in French oyes as any Biltiah
case iu British oyes. John Bull has
very accommodating oyoB when ho
covots his neighbor's ox or his aaa, or jj
anything that Is his neighbors. w
The suggestion that tho Midway w
l'htisanco be opon on Suuday is not In
good. That polygot promonado is part 1,1
of tho fair, if tho fair ko closod, closo
aii that goes with it. Sunday opening "j
wus nhown to bo a failure. Lot it ko at jr
that and not out of tho fair in a six-day It
weak all that thoro is in it.
^ A]
On Sunday tho saloons and tho out- Kc
side shows did a land otlico business in
Chicago. That was not tho fault of thri ^
fair manugomont. Tho saloons of Chi- lij
cago and its places of amusement woro at
opon boforo tho fair oamo along aud jjj
will bo opon after its glory shall bavo 0j
faded into history.
K.u.n is badly needed lioreahouts. j:
Tho oarth is baked, grass is boing m
burnod out, corn and garden truck uro ol
sutloring. Cisterns aro ompty and 6|
springs that rarely fail have gono dry.
Wo have hud promises of rain, but no (j,
rain. The drouth is alroady a very so- li
rious mutter. ui
Tin: marquis Jo Uarbolca, brother to "<
tlio duku ol Voragua, approves the idea' ''
of au Auioricnn rolief fuud, but would jj
liku it understood that ho, too, has w
come down from Oliristopher Columbus
and is financially oil tbo flat of his no- jj]
bio back, liu wants a slice of tbo pudding.
psbhai's it wad Soloman tho wiso man t]
who said, Hooest thou n man who profurotb
tho sunny sido of tho fitroot on a ii
blazing hot day? Tbero is morohopo )>
of a ncodlo going tlirough tho eyo of u
camel than of hiin. |.
Tub aub-troasury in Chicago has
moro silver than tho forco cau huudlo.
Tho dumaud of tho froe silver lieuda is tl
that tho aiivor store houses shall bo in- t>
creased in sine and number. P
Tub silver men on second thought j1
cnihe down and met the London price "
for their product, Tlidy have showu
themselves slow but not entirely incapableoi
learning. |?
MinistkiiLkwis Uakuii is riglittopro- "
tost against tho rockloaa use of uliolla by In
tho Nteniat'liau revolutionists. First !>'
thin): tboy kuow they will bo hurting
Auu thoro bettor frogs in Siniu than
in France, that .lean Crapaud mutt go Ci
gunning so fur from homo? 'i
m 11
"Jlow to Jinjoy un Outing" la a vory 1
interesting articlo. Tbo real aocrot ia,
drat got|uur outing. {ji
Sono ol tlio Siamese?Just us Slam *'
I'd iiko to bo; I wlsli the French jj|
deep in the aoa.
At tho present rate of doolino wo
shall bo routing our hoiiaoi with tho it
>vliito metal. it
?. J
Tiiuhii la complaint of the milk aorvod
nt tho fair. Lako Michigan la ever ln
present. Jj'
All ever tlio boundless west cattle and
horses aro found branded according to tl
the fancy of tliolr owners, hut probably ?
In but low soutloiiH of tliu country will J
bo seon covotea with u brand nu, and N
that brand tlio ouo of tliu government
ol the United Ntnloa. A favorite past- p
time of tliu Yaklina Indiana la to lariat 01
i'uvotos and proas rod-hot brand ol "1. p
P. (Indian l'opiirtiuuiit) upon their
A Ilnrrodiburg, Ky., judge ordained a1
that tho puulalinient to liu meted out to |i
two boys brought boforu lilui for houiobreakllig,
ahotlld ho n severe thrashing ?
with a rawbldo at tlio hands of their j(
motlior. Tho puniahniont was accordingly
given in tho court house Willi tliu
judge, Jury mid lawyr rs looking on. u
A young man named McDonnell, who
IIvon at Uwcn .Sound, Out., appeared at A
>B Canadian end of Clifford Culvcrly'a \
ire ucrgss tlio gorgo on Friday, and .
itb u balancing pole in his hand, ,,
alked boldly out on the wire, lie
irned around once or twice aud per- 11
rued uomo diflioult tricks. Proi
A 1'owof the Kind'Alive Yot.?When ben
i electric light pole in City llall Park, was
ew York/ /ell tho otber evening, the j.ou
alico bad to keep n sbarp watch to premt
many persous irom taking hold of Prul
le wire to feel if thurs was a current fair
' not. visi
A symposium recently consulted by owt
mugazinu uuon the question as to rea'
bother bhakespoare or liacon wrote *'
mkospeare's plays bus decided that J"",
ilther is entitlod to the credit, but """
mt the plays were written by a syudl- co"
Uoforo tho war a colored shoo was j'?0
oked upon by tho descendants of tho jj^j
frican race as a badge of servitude. you
Ilia feeling exists 110 lunger. Tho Jur]
acks buy those shoes us freely as tho wjjj
bites.?Shoe and feather llrporler. jor
Of the 200,000,000 natives of India but pea
000,000 can speak Kuglish, the Ian- leu\
luxe ul the rulers. The native courts has)
u conducted In Hindustani,and inter- oloc
turso with the Hnglisb is curried ou the
Ir u sort of jargou. con
A tliirtoeu-yoar-oid opium fiend, who brai
as arrested recently In New York for pie;
tuft, bin ulwtiyu toured that ho would nan
i burluil alivo, and us a preventive car- crin
e* written directions in bin pocket. coin
Mr. J. A'. Mitcbull, editor of Life,
riting in iho curront Scribmr, auya wul
tut Now Yor)c could not have made E00'
id World's Oolumbiuu Exposition no J"0'1
out usuccusa us has Chicugo. J00'
(Shippers worn ustoniahed to leuru re- wor
mtly tiiat from tlio comparatively uu- j|lu
iqwn port of ltosario, Argentine lie- ,
ibliu 100,411' talks of whoat wore ex- of ?
>rted lust lluy.i for,,
Ttioro were eight marriagos in Wash- wou
gton county, Georgia, recently on the the
ino day, and six of tne brides were pl0j
iturs, one nn aunt to them and tbu p|0j
her a cousin.
Tho composor of tiiat latest classic?
Utor tlio hall"?will probably make, U
icording to a Now York muaic dealer, on
00,000 out of tho sou#. i't
A heifer with u uiane aud Jioofa that ^tlu
laemble those of a horse is tho mona- "
osity on tho farm of 13. A. l'ixluy at ^l0'
lutli Norfolk, Conn. j c
A giant inoteor, of an inteuse bluo W08
ilor, wits aeon along tho Connecticut [or(j
iore last Tneaduy evoniug, [rl(!]
Take tho conceit out of somo men emi
id titora wouldn't bo enough left to thoi
und up.?Hain't Horn. fron
* wos
Rajai Rajagan, nuiliitrajuh of Kapuriala,
who has roucbed Now York on maj
a way to tho World's Fair, would ..ne,
ias ior a aun-tanned Amoricun, if it jjml
as not for tho turban skull cap Ito n ^
oars. Ilia higbnoas talks Kngiiab oaao
itli the London drawl, and tho wife ho roco
is with him Is aaidto bo quite pretty ?|lel
id remarkably charming. J00|
Miss Kato Kane, of Chicago, gives Bilv
jtico that alio is out for a judgeship, and
lo is willing to accopt a nomination oitcl
out either of tho political partioa or logti
eut both of them, but if ignored will Mai
in indonendentlv. It ia aniiaront that file
lag Kano belio'ves in the wearing of
nvns by judges. ^
1{. 11. Moore, of Wollaborougli, Pa., ~.rF
ho litis passed his eighty-first year,' 1110
imbed up the -".'8 winding stops iu tho 'lroj
{htliouso at Allnutic City last week, " K'
id kopt oil without rust from start to .,
link. Major Wolf, tlio voturau light- J""
jopor, has never soon so ambitious au UttV
d visitor. P
Iv .S. llanjitsiutji,; a young Sikh ..]j|
riuco, is this year a contestant ill tho (jigi
nglish university cricket matches, cj"y
id one of tlic best all-round meaibortj jUB[
tho Cambridge cloven, lie is called t|10
mply "Smith" by Ills dally associates, 0( |
ho can't catch his right name. tnc[
Kaisor William is in tho saddle every gooi
iv at 0 a. hi. for a Bixteen-milu rido to of
o'rliu, and ho gives all his afternoons Swc
lually to his ministers. Ileisonoof mid
io hardest worked inou in Germany, thai
ipecially whon thero is an army bill to
iss. Tn
In n lecture at Chautaujua James T. K
dwards nam that in timo iMiigurn rails tho
ill uiitiruly disappear. Now is tho trip
mo for other rosorts to look after tho ber
uportunt wedding tour busitiujB douo oast
f the l ulls. in. <
Nu?niimMaghabgliab,who has charge
tmf Turkish village at Chicago, is a a""
rosBytorinn minister, and sorvoa in u,<"
ml capacity wlion at homo.
'flio lioino rule bill is as good as passed T
i ttao commons, but thoro are still tho
qtJVe or lords and the unconquerable
quiro bniul|oy in ita path. J'
Dr. It. A. Guild, who lias roaignod tho tiio
brariunsiiip of Brown Univorsity, has jhei
ion steadily among tho books for forty- ior
xtyoars. tl,u
Captain llopo is tho tallest man iu uns
le houso of coiuiuonB. Thoro aro just in J
ro and an olghth yards of him, eo to Ti
lit it. for
A Bohemian company is to produce will
vorak's opora, "Dimitrijijij, iu tho roti
II. This is to bo road aloud. oiri
Owner?"Wlion did your fathor bbv !f?'
0 oxnoctod to liavo this |ob donoV .y
rutiiiui Juntos (son of contractor)? .*
Well, I heard him toll mother that tf P
li got a cortaln job lio's looking alter ?
o'dhavo yours finished to-night, but
not ho guonod ho'd make tho job last 7!?.
it unothor week."? Yanlctc Blcule. 8IU(
Mamma?"Como, Johnny, say your tior
irso for tho lady" Johnny?"In tho paj
lultltude of counsellors there is a blrole."
Mamma ? "Why, Johnny!
Iioro la safety,' not a 'bicyclo'" Johnv?"VVoll,
what's tho dif?"?Button T
ruiucripl. bru
"It ain't no wonder that city pooplo eor<
5U't live long," said old Mrs. Jason, ?.orl
Law, me I If I had as many neighbors i,.1
> look after as folks that lives in cities ,.
mst have I'd bo dead iu lusi'n u
;ar.?lndlnnapolii Jourii.il, "
Mrs. Wright?"! see that they aro
>lng ta establish a iioinu for poor ?i i
Mors." Wright?"Well, 1 am glad of ?r|(
. Thoro are onougli of tliuiu playing {ul,
1 town to moro tliau Uil it."?New Vorit ^
l-'lrst Boy?"Who cut y'r hair?v'r
lotlior?" Second Boy?"Naw. Yoli
ju't think I'd lot mo mother cut iiio m
air, do yehl She'd butcher It." TI
Who did?" "Cut it ineaell."?Oooil
Hltnion (nturnly)?"Wlllio, wlioro aro
inso green opploa gone that were down
jllar?" Willie?"They uro wltli tho
amalcu gihiior that was In tho closet."
uw York Sun.
At the theater?"Mamma, doesn't
apa llko muide? Ho always gooa
lit Imtwiieli tho acts when tno bainl
lays."?rhiladulplila llecor.t,
"Always sneak well of your neighor."
"1 always do, iiltliuugh 1 can
Hiiro you oliu is tho invanost women B
i creation,"?Boston OnttlU.
Mlitrois?"Who rang tho boll tlion, in'!
.ntln?" Katlo?VA Imv, mum, lookln ',3
>r tlie wrong iinintoor."? Kxchmye, till
i i'liiwaitii: Hlmiiiniis i.lverllegiilator, n;?
nd It deserves all llio praise li r?.
slvei.?Dr. d. w. Atkinson, biloaui, ; ?
. rkaniai. "jS
uouiud to Uroguu?Gov. l'tiuuoyor
tgnu Htm to 4ld lu nil Mr Legislation.
dbtland, Obeuox, July 25.?Vioe
iident Ktevouson and party arriveil
9 to-day. At tialcui thejjvico pruaidont
wulcumod to tbo itatu by Gov. i
noyer. In welcoming the vice (
iidoat tbo governor baid: "No
ur land upon the whole earth is
ted by sunlight of beavon tliuu our
i Oregon and yot with all of our
lurcea many of our industries are at
audatiil and hundreds of our labormon
aro without employment and
r families uro without bread. This
ditiou of allalra ia tho legitimate roof
departure iroui the financial J
cy of our fathers which was inude
l/niiru oan and whinh atill ttfcitftti.
ieving thin, wo appoal to you to use
r utmost influence to procure a roi
to the policy of tlio government u
ch hug successfully followed
eighty yearn. Tho litnplo roI
of tlio Hhorumn law, thus "
'ing our fluauciul system on u told
ia by the great political party whieli
tad you to tbe next highest oflico in
gift of tho people, which trained
trol of tbo logislativo and executive
ichee of tlio government, uud which
Igod itself to tho peoplo in its lust _
oual piutform to Becure without dis- =
limiting against either metal the
lags uud use of both void and silver
the standard inonoy of country,
lid be a most flagrant breach of tho ci
i faith which ull honorable mon
ild scorn unci which would justlysub- di
the party nerpetrating it totbu unisured
contempt of the natlou and q
Id, Nor would it bo any bonoflt.
peoplo of Oregon therefore beg you
id in carrying out tho written pledge
our party by the restoration oi tho
:ier policy of the government which p
Id result in tho return of prosperity,
revival of industries and tbe am- tc
wiontof tbo vast army of unouj,0d''
l)r. It. V. Viewer of Ilustoll.
r. H. 0. Flower, of Boston, will visit ?t
his way home the following placos
Ohio: Arcado Hotel, Springfield,
rsday, July 27, and Imporial Ilotol, "
ibenvillo, Friday, Jul>| 28. Dr. "
nor nouds no introduction to our
lurs. Ills iniraculous cures havo sc
years startled and interested tho ai
t us well as tho euBt. This will afmany
of his patients and thoirslck Rl
ids un opportunity to consult this m
nent specialist of Boston close to
r homos. Tho doctor iB roturning
i an extendod trip through tho '
t. w
A Pliyuiulun'ii Advico. fij
> those who travel, or those who ro- m
n ut borne during tho summer,
for bo without a stimulant." Its p,
sly use saves tho aystorn from many j(
ock, uud as a preventative of dlapure
whisky has always boon ,
mmonded. Max Kloin, of Alle- !?
iioy, is a reliable doalor, who only
is the purnl liquors In stock, llis
or Ago, ut $1 00; Duquosno, at $1 26, cc
Hear Crook, at $1 00 per full quart
i, cannot be equated. Send for catale
and prico list (mailed froo) to vi
: Kloin, 82 Federal street, Alio- in
uy, Pa. In
'b have noticed a great lack of oniriee
among the bakeries of tho city. 7
y Boom to bo a peculiar class of non- ',
rrossivos. Wo aro tiloasod to noto
'oat exception with tho Wheeling
ory, which is the most enterprising, .
eawako house in the city. They
e givon tho public tho most novel P.
lucta we ovor saw. Wo inako special J)
ition of thoir "Sweet Homo" and 1
uctrio" breads as tho fiuost and ~
;est 5c. loaves over Afforded la this
. Tho immense douiand for theBO
ly popular favorites has prompted
company to put tho epouiul name
:his broad on the Boal which is atlod
to each loaf. If you aro fond of
i broad, just lotico that tho loaves
bread you buy bavo tho names
et Homo or Klectric on tho soal,
wo assure you you will got the best
t inonoy can buy.
>k? tho Haiti more & Olito to Chicago. (
xcurslon tickets now on sale via
Baltimore & Ohio at roduced round
ratos, good returning until NovomS,
18U3. Traius louvo Wlieoling,
orn time, at (1:30 a. m. and 1:25 p. i
Jailv, and at 3:50 p. m? except SunFor
sloeping car accommodations ,
other information ouquiro of Haiti- 1
'o & Ohio agonte.
Twelve Ihiyn lit Atlantic City.
bo tlnrd ot thu serioj of popular exiiona
to Atlautic City, via Baltimore i
'hio rail road, will bo ruu oil August
Ample provision will bo made for _
acconiuiodatiou of tlioso availing
insolvos of tbo low rates and supertrain
sorvico to onjoy a rospito by
seaside. Tlio scenery unrouto is
urpussod by tliatof any othor route
ckots will bo valid for return journoy
twelve days from day of saio, and
bo good on all regular trains. On
lrn journoy they will bo iiood tostop
it Washington, thus affording an
ortuuity to visit tbo numerous pubbuildincH,
which nro open to visitors
i of charge, und to take a trip down
Potomac to lit. Veruon, the tomb of
shington, as well as to viiit othor
;os of interest In and near Wasliton.
ogular trains loave Whooling at 5:05
a. and 5:20 p. in. Kound trip $10.
rospondingly low rates from othor
ions. For inoro dctailod infornuti
apply to John T. Lano, Traveling
ongor Agent, Wheeling, W. Va.
_ ilWAP
lluokleu'i Aruloit ttnlva.
ho best salvo ia tlio world for cuts,
Isos, sores, ulcors, salt rhoum, fevor
si, totter, chuppod iiunds, chilblains,
us and all skin eruptions, and posl- ily
euros pilos, or no pay rot|Uirod.
I guaranteed to givo perfect vatisfaoi
or luouoy refunded, Price 2t> coats
jx. For salo by Logan Drug Oo.
Hpuollll' Hale
-adieu'Low Hlioos at greatly redueod
:es, all the latost stylos in black and
In tlio Oxford, Bluelior and 1'rlnco
iiirta to spinet from. L. V. Hlqxii.
I cowhletely change lh? Wood In your iMttm
llirtw iniiiiilm* Hint, Hint ?ynd new, rich Mom)
r?!n? thiuuih your rrlim. If yr.u frol <<ilimi?trd
nnrou*. urn Hi'llinir ttilu mid all run down,
uurn'a AMnmifn Win?, irliTcti l? n tonie und nut ,
'Vi tBKi', will rrfduro you (iralth uikI ulrrnutn. I
nfJii m, ?m it for >??ur (Uutfhifr*. It I* i!??y beat J
uiutor anil eorrwlor for mlmlniqat* iNwulUr to
mm. It nnrl'diM Hi? l?l??od mid ilvin latino
nglh. It U yimrfihiafd to rurq lMirrli/in, f>y?
i rr, and nil ffuuiuiur tomplnluti, mid k?up the r
n il regular.
jiu by ?ii dnifglali for $1 yer bottlt.
\Bakincf ?
7Ato/ufelv^^ ?' <
Pure 'ti
(o r
A cream of tartar baking powder.
lighest of all in leavening strength. A
Latot United Statu Government itxxl
.'porL ?
Royal Baking Powder Co.,
loe Waiis^., n. Y.
1 .\
? I Jaii
European Railroads havo no grado j>rii
Artilioial ivory is made from coa- ?
BDiod skim milk. C
Iron Bttjauisbips woro Drat built in i
reat Britain in 1843.
Paper ban bean made of almost every- 30
ting, not oxcepting irou.
The United States consumes more paor
than any otbor nation. ?
Groat Britain receivod 10,057,000 lot- T
irs from America last your.
Nearly 300,000 pounds of aluminum
ore produced in this couutry lust year. -1Silvor
doliurs are shipped direct to w
biua from Mexico by Uhiueso nior ;v?c
Mulhali ostimato9 that the civilized
uti&ns annually pay $13,700,000,0001or J\J
India Ink is mado in Japan from tho , ~
lot obtained by burning tho shells of A1
i oily nut.
The Unitod States' acreage in grain is THI
roator than tho ontiro urcu of the Gor- hi:
ian ompiro. F(JI
Tho crop area of liuropo and Amorica
11340 was 402,000,000 acres; in 1888 it 51A
us 807,000,000. ,|A
A hivo of 5,000 boss should produco 001
Ity pounds of honoy every yoar und
iultiply tenfold in five yours. a, ^
All Gorman workmen m Russia
oland have boon ordered to loam the p
ussian language by January, 1804.
Thirty thousand tons, or 2,000 car
ads, of "staff" material woro used in -y
io walls of tho World's Fair buildings.
Tho maize crop of tho United States
ivors uu urea greater than England, 1,1]
:otland, Wales, Ireland and Donmark.
A new cigarette uiuchino has boon tainted
that will food, roll, pnsto and c0,[
lake 10,000 porfoct cigarettes in ton jUn
UUtD. ??*?
A million dollars in xold coin will ?
oigh 3,685.8 pounds, and a million ??lc
hilars in silver coia will weigh 58,- [J1"1
!9.9 pounds. iu?
m dun
Havk used Dr. Thomas' Ecleotrlo Oil
ir croup and colds, and doclaro it n iwj
ositivo curs. Contributed by Win. uud
ay, 570 Plymouth avenuo, Buffalo, N. jjjj1
- lUBl
m Norj? I
r Jr - UUI
JZ Sucb I
tSMff/1 11 il\ w mui
ff/ ' 1 |
Wakes an every-day convenience ol an "ti
)ld-tlme luxury. Pure and wholesome. ??>
3r?nnrpH urWh crrnnnlnitc rnr<?. ?' rf>
lward at all Pure Food Expositions. Each
:ackage makes two large pies. Avoid wm
raitatlons?and Insist on having the ">'?
NONE SUCH brand. by !
V1ERRELI- & SOULE, Syracuse, N. Y. J
iol2*M\mvry 1893
??****< ton
" Said the J&Hk | 83
OwlfJBf *
to himself, "If the JS , ,j
moon I could get, ysV';^ ?
whenever I'm dry ''gtiSp sf<Wf '
my throat I could ?ag?ffifajjpr
wet; The moon is ap5?.'-'.' ,
^ . nff quarter?with nqunr- |
^I'XSSfSS xcr ' ''car; you enn
purchase five gol- It
*W Root Beer."
WKk SmL A Delicious, Temper*
*"& Tbjrat-qwncltiag,
ytiFSSPPf in-ullh.dlvlin Drink.
S; fflf/j jjK Oood lor any tlno ol yew.
A ?c. package main s fallow. Bennud ;
Bicycles and <
VP Watches glven/TyJMB I
to Boys and^ ^ fl \
(prVJOttGirls. Wrltefor particulars,I )j
iipJI ?#? |
1 or*
a i jo a I-or or?
3lain Porcelain Ware.
IN rUliUKlliNUIilt
. irt Ouu? AND I'mutNruui l'Ar? /
I l'lltiviuiaiu?. t'Hll (lulu 7 tu S o'clock [ |U
Uttlu itrvutt utty. J. H. HALL h Ji
II pcraou* buviuu oluluu tttfolust the oit;;u of
iioltou Caldwell, deceased, will plcn??- j,<tt
i theiu, uud a<l persons kuowlu# thyuiavlv.
e indebted to the ?ai<J Ofctale will plc??o muky
UlUUt to tilO UUdontJ#U?d Udmilllhliutni
iso preticutluti cluliuK willooufera favor by
UK so bo lore August 1- lnW.
uiaiHtrator of tho Etiato ol A. 11. Culdm.-li,
fccahod. j> ii
iwetl tluKHtouu. throe inches thick, amefat.
about .j,000 feet, are hereby ottered for ?ulo
lie bitfhoat bidder (or the lot. Bid* for guuie
r4?o received at tho City Clerk's olllco up to
luosduy, August 'i, 1W.J, ut ft o'clock |>. m ,
reused to tho Chairman of the tomiulite i uu
1 Kstuto. The coimulUte reserves the ri^ut
ujoct auy or ail bids.
'20-MWAd Chairman.
1117 Market Street.
lelons. To-Day. Cantelopas.
vnd other Loading Dully l'apow, dellverud.
ctorial Weekly. Literary Weekly I'apeni uud
[tulueit. Kujihiou Mu^iulues, Cheap book*,
n Hull Goods. Croauet uud lluuiinnnU ut ?.*?/
-o' 1411 Market Stn-ti,
eather Dusters.
0. 40c, BOo and 60c tor regular
35 U'15 Markut Btreet, Wbyidlng. W V.i.
awn Mowora.
o rout liloyclei by the bour or dftor by tho
ik. Souio soeoud-haud Ciuhluu-TTro IHeyelcs
>ulo cheap. K. HOGB,
12 lll't Murkot Street (NVnt s;,!,.)
B REFUGEES by Conau Doyle, 12 mo.
clotb, illustrated,.,, fcl ir>,
TRO GiUKLKRl.by Marlon Crawford,
12 mo. clotb I>1 uo.
8 IN AMHUSll, CupL Cburloi Klu?.
12 uio, cloth SI 25.
NY INVENTIONS, Rudyard Klpilug
12 mo. doth 61 :u>.
jD, a novel, Laura Dalntry, paper 50c,
aw Books Dally. Any book mailed on receipt
MERJiAB. The County Court of Wyoming
uty, West Virginia, <Ud, on tho CtU day of
0, 1898, enter upon ita records mi order (or
erection of a Court liouse building In tho
u of Oceana,' in said county and state, accord*
to tho terms and conditions fully set forth iu
I order and hereinafter described Suw,
rcforo, this publication is to give notice that
committee, consisting of Ed. tiurvur. Hartley
u, 11. 1'. Cook, \V. 11. Bhaunou anil J. 0. .-.in ,
who were duly appointed by said court lor
purpose, will on uud after tho Hist day of
f, 181M. and until 12 o'clock iu. Hoptomber
1, receive, at their ofllco In wild town, count/
statu, tealod bidi? not to bo opened until tho
12d day of September at 12 o'clock m.,for
construction uud furnishing of snid Court
iso building. according to tho plan*, draw*
Hand spuclllcutloiu after which the new
rt Houso building of Italelgh county. West
,'lnla, was constructed and furnished, and to
m exact duplicate of bald Italelgh county
rt House building 1ft all of its parts and furilugs
In ovcry detail.
[>o principal drawings, plans and npooiflctiis
eompleto, uro now ready and iu the hands
ild couiinltteo In tholr said ofllco Iu the town
eoana, West Virginia, and are now opin to
inspection and examination of any ro#pon?
0 iuteudlng contractor or bidder.
II parties sending iu bid* for tho erectiou of
1 building aio required to accompany tho
o with a good and autllcieut bond, to be upved
by tho said building committee, iu
bio the umouut of their bid, conditioned lor
faithful performance of tholr contract, U
be accented, according to thetruu Intent and
lulugof tho specifications, plaus and druwi;
or to duplicate exactly the said l!uich?u
rt House building In details and furnishing,
irdlo-is of anv omission* or defects that may
ound iu said plaus. drawings and spei'iflui*
Uo paymout for mid work will bo made to
contractor In live equal annual installments,
ublu In county drafts.
ho said committeo will ro?orw tho right to
ct any or all bid* iu their discretion.
ho con true tor will bo required to give t>uii<i?
n good personal wearily; biwed ou ruul es*
' MtUtttO In tho statu of West Virginia.
10 work ou MilJ building shall In* cominonced
Iho flr?t day of Ootobor. 18M, and pusdn il for(1
with nil roasouublu dispatch, uud iully
ipletod on or before the first day of October,
i; and when completed to lie insixjcted ??<J
sivod by tho said bulldlugcoinuiittiu, If dono
ruo acnordauco with tho ineiiniu# uud in*
t of tho wild pinna, drawings and k|K <*ifU*ai?
of tho Hold IlulolKh county Court IIoiiso
i witness whereof wo, the uwlorslgnnd. Imto
ounto ufllxed our bauds this, tin* ""in day of
r, 1808. msAKVKJi
11 1?. CO()K
J. O. 8AHPK113.
'20 Building <
Trotting, Pacing and Kunaiug Kaces.
AOrcat Attraction Oliiuiiii i ,f
Houthern Korosf, I'fold mid Mf A
Ouue-jri Troupn of I r'y
ored I'ooplouddCO.
nc Great Balloon As 'iision
ill d(t\ by I'rof. Trainer and M ' ?
bjilrit of tlio Honda, tin
all Liidy Aeronaut
v ??
rfirgd'atidflrianxhlfiit <>l l in- , .
il Iniplouifiit*. rnriu I'rodnrt* c
. Fruit*, etc.
KX VHHIWX IIATll (IX HI. II?' 0 ll"'
fm 'H|Mj('d oiilrli'i win*' \iiuu ' "
trhf ofomj ^ofit/iinbor J
idUrcM Hujrotury (or I'rmiilMiu 1
GEO. HOOK, boi ioMr:.
I, REYMANN, PmulUun,

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