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Eft 3
The Intelligencer, I
?At IB* , *
S3 AMD 27 FooitzBBMTH Burxr
ttlELLltiKSCK& fUBLISUIXa CO., Propr?s. j
Daily, tlx days in the vreck .... ....98 00 ,
, Daily, threo days In the week.....-......^.. * 00 (
Daily, two days in the vreek_ ? a 75 (
Daily, ono mouth........03 f
Webkly, one year, in advuuco ?1 00 <
Wkkkly, tlx month* 00 ]
The Daily Ix?t8Luok*c8r it delivered by '
carriers in Wheeling and adjacent towns at la
cenu per week. '
Person* wishing to subscribe to the Daily In- <
; TlLLiOKNcaacan do to by sendlug in their or*
den to the Intkluokncku ofllco ou postal card
or otherwise. They will be punctually, acrred i
by carriers.
Tributes of Botpcct and Obituary Notices, 50 i
cenu per inch. I
Correapondenoo containing important hqwb
solicited iroia ?*cry post ol the nufrounding
$ . country.
Rejected communication* will not be returned
unless accompanied by sufficient postage.
(The Iktkixioencbr, embracing Its several
editions, la entered iu the Poatomoe at Wheel\
ing, W. Va., as second-class matter. 1
leaving town can have the paper aent
to any address in the United States or Canada,
post-paid at the rate of Off centa per
month; two weeka 30 cents. To Europe
post-paid, one month 00 centa. Addres**
changed as often as desired.
Editorial Booms 431. Counting "oom 410.
@Ujt MMigtim.
In This a Studied Affront? g
Chairman Wilson, of the ways and "
meana committee, haa received a petl- |
tion from Thomas A. Wadson and
Samuel Masters, membera of the colon- j
ial parliament of tho Bermuda Islands, (
praying for a roduction In tho tarif on |
products of Bermuda shipped to this .
This petition, coming from the logis- |
lators of a foreign country to the head f
of a committee which is to frame a j
tariff bill to be submitted to the Con- ,
gress of tho United Slates, is certainly a
romprkablo document. It is based on )
the assumption tliat there is at laat in j
power in this country a party which
may bo appealed to legislate ia the interests
of some other country.
Buf this is not whore the aQront
comes in. Tho prayer of the Bermadan
legislators coldly ignored one of the
sacred fundamental principles upon
which the Democratic tariB bill is io *
k be Dassod?"the tariff ia a tax paid
by the Consumer." This being the
' Democratic contention, what difference
can it make to tho Bermuduns whether
their products are admittod to this
country free or only under a high duty?
Tho Democratic economists In Con
gross are convinced that the American
consumer ot Bermuda anions pays the
duty and tbo wholo of it, and this cSnviction
will go into their bilL To ouggost
through the cold formality of a petition
that tbo onion-grower of Bermuda
pays the duty or any part thereof to got
his product into the American market,
is to offer an affront which Chairman
Wilson may feel that ho must resent in
' behalf of the wholo Domooratic party.
If tho affront was studied, so much
tho worse; in which case it might lead
to complications with Great Britain,
which is Bermuda's boss.
v Tub senates is melting in tho crucible.
The people aro keeping up the temperature
until wobbling sonators can't rost
k moat hardly. _ i
Taking tho llituk Truck on Pensions.
_ Public sentiment has brought the
ft nritr.tniatrnt.inn to tlmn in thn matter of
suspended pensions. Accordingly tho
commissioner of pensions makes the
official announcement that the practice
of his office with rogard to suspensions
. is to bo modified.
In fact it seems that there is to bo
mora abandonment than modification.
There is.no longer to bo a campaign of
; wholesale suspension, putting the pensloner
to his proof to ehow that he is
entitled to what bo is receiving,
ij": Suspensions aro to come only where
$ the record shows on its iaco that tho
' - - pensioner is not entitled to his pension;
"and it is believed that the number who
ijK*;' will come under this class will bo very
?> small."
Largo or small, where the record
3 shows that tho ponslon should not havo'
beon granted, it is ontiroly right to sail
' by that chart; but the country will
: watch closely to see that tho record sustains
tho pension commissioner when ,
%io assigns this reason for suspending a
Meanwhile tho frionds of the votor us
and of fair play will rejoice that tbo
' ] light has broken in on this udininistraS
tlon. It was tiran.
Goooin'b notion is that one is
a majority of three. Thore can bo no
other reason for his knocking nut his
two associates on the bench and deciding
the Sunday opening question on his
own sole responsibility. Goggin must
be something of an Anarchist.
Tho President's Health. f
The Philadelphia JHma is in the hair
of its uoiajibor tho Pros for giving to
f\ the worldl|e #ory of the operation perfir
formed or President Cleveland. The
i" I'inut calls it "a digraco to journalism."
The correspondent of the Prat who
|j. furnishod tho story, and who writes tbo
ffc' best lottors that como from Mew York,
is a careful, high-grade man. Ho is
distinctly not a sonsationaliat. In an
interview in tho Cincinnati ErupRrer,
i-V which may have appeared elsewhere
also, Or. Uasbrouck admitted tho truth
j&'i. of tbo essontial statemonta of the Prtu
publication. Being true, it was right
that the story should be printod.
~ . Tiie people of the United Stales are
K interested in the health of thoir Proai
M llJJ.UUi.il
dent and it ia right to Inform them concerning
it. The' performance of tbe
Prat ia highly creditable to American
Ahotuzb tornado ia ichodaled to
some along presently; as though the
:ountry needed to be torn op by more
"The Groat Crimo of 1873."
The (all text o( Senator Sherman's
speech appears In the Conyrational Retrrd.
It goes at length into the history
)f the act of 1873, by which, the (roe
illver men have said, ailver was demonitized
In tbe dark. For years they have
nowled about "the great crime of 1873."
[hey have denoanced it as a fraud on
the people and the result of a corrupt
They have aonght to convey the false
mpression that men in Congross at the
ime oaa no opportunity 10 kuow wuu?
hoy were voting for. Senator Sherman
las drawn tbo record on them and
ihown by that inconteitible proof that
ao other moasnre over submitted to
Congress was bo thoroughly advertised.
Unusual la its origin, It 'followed a
till more unusual course which gave
to it a publicity that was as romarkable
is the subsequent misrepresentation of
ts'history. Having been, prepared' In
the treaiury department by scientific
ixperts under tho direction of John
fay Knox, deputy comptroller of the
currency, the secretary of the treasury
'orwarded it to John Sherman in his
opacity of chairman of the senate
Inanco committee.
This communication bears date April
!5,1870, three years before the bill be:arae
a law. Eight months after the
rill was received by the senate finance
ommiltee it was roporiou to ms oeuite.
After debate the bill passed tho
lenate January 10, 1871, every Pacific
:oost senator supporting it; yeas 30,
lays 14. January 13,1871, on motion o(
(uJko Kolroy. chairman of the coinage
:ommittee, the houso ordered the bill
,o bo printed. After full discussion the
lilt passed the house, May 27, 1873; yeas
110, nays 13.
The bill had then passed both housos,
jut not in the satno Congress, so the
lenate took it up again, May 20, 1872,
ind passed it January 7, 1873. There
wore slight amendments not touching
tho main question. The bill wont back
to tho houso. There was a conference
between tho two bodies and the bill beamo
a law February 12, 1873.
For throe successive years tho secretary
of tho treasury had called tho spe:ial
attention of Congress to the Measure.
Copies printed on paper with wide
margin for notes had been sent to everybody
who it was thought might bo able
to mako useful suggestions. The bill
was read several times in tho senate
and in the house. It was printod thirteen
times by order of Congress.
During five sessions it was considored
by the finance committee of tho senate
and tho coinage committee of the
Tf wan rinhatArt in thn nnnflta to
tbo extant of sirty-six columns in the
Globe, in the boose soveaty-eight columns,
in all the very respectable total
of 144 printed columns of discussion.
Everybody who took any interest in
the subject had ample opportunity to
Icnow that the old dollar was dropped
from the coinage, as it had already disappeared
from circulation because its
bullion value was greater than its
nominal coin value.
Senator Stewart, who supported the
bill, gives notice that be will give j a
version of its history. Before he can
Bpoil tho showing mado by Senator
Sherman ho will havo to call in tho old
edition of official records and propare a
new one from his inner consciousness.
The records of Congress and tho
treasury dopartmont close tho controvorsy
and the mouths of t^ie howling
dervishes of froo siver.
smutoa Wolcutt roads SenatorijtU
out of tho silver camp. The first thing
Mr. Hill knows he will have to take to
U1B WOOUH or UOyiu u DUum HUU uowouc
career of strong driuk. Uij present situation
is nearly intolerable to a truly
groat mind.
Wcat Virginia's World's Fair Book.
The Intelligi;n'ceii is in recoipt oi
the "Description ot the Natural Hesources
of West Virginia," prepared by
George W. Summers, ii Ph., under direction
of the state board of World's
Fair managers. The work is intended
for distribution at tho World's Fair?
which is two-thirds gono. It was understood
that characteristic illustration!
wero to be a feature of the book. There
is not un illustration in it Tho production
is largely a compilation of old
Oat of an appropriation of $00,000 the
stato board' should have offered to
World's Fair visitors something vorv
much hotter than this. Tho state bai
been allowed to miss a great opportunity
to present its resources in attractive
and telling form.
tiiE Democratic party usod to delight
in giving expression to tho abomination
of a treasury surplus. Well, it now hoi
a' deficiency to deal with, which il
should find a delightsome task.
Avteh a long, bard fight which form;
a tragic chaptor in tho history of Groa
Britain, home rule for Ireland has passoc
the house of commons and is now before
tho lords. Its progress thai far ii
a proad triumph for Mr. Gladitono.
a Correction.
To the Editor of the hUdUoenetr.
Sib:?In your paper of yosterday, tin
30tb, your correspondent at Weston, li
giving you tho conference news of the
Mothodist Protestant church, statec
that the Epworth I?aguo had held I
successful rally at Weston ,on Sundaj
last. Please to correct this, by statin)
it was a "Christian Endeavor rally o
tho Mothodist Protestant church.''
QrqfUm, IF. Va., Augtut 81.
Tint wonderful cures of thousands c
people?they tell tho mory of the meri
of Hood's Saisaparilla. Hood's Coke:
U X'XXJLXI - ? i
A woman at Ingersoll, Pa., being disturbed
at hor work in the garden by a
rattlesnake, dispatched the roptlle with
a fork. Hho thou deliberately Dolled off
his six rattles and made a rattle with
them lor bor baby.
An old squaw, the last survivor of the
once powerful tribe of Boquo Hirer Indians,
died a few days ago In Oregon.
The white settlers were driven to a war
extermination against tbeui a half century
The four richest of tho woman's
colleResin this country?Vasaar, Wollesley,
Smith and Bryn Mawr?received
about $0,000,000 in gifts of every kind
during the first twenty years of their
A 1,700 foot tunnel on tho Cleveland
& Marietta railway, six miles north of
Cambridge, is on fire. It is woodenarched
throughout and extends through
a coal voin. A portion has cavod in.
Jose Kosel and Abigail Salazur, lovers
in the city pi Mexico, took poison and
died together recently because of the
girl's father's objection to their marriage.
liy the death of her husband, lust
? ' n.itu a
altar tno weaatng ioaai, wig uuiub u.
Ecbard, of Staunton, Va., was moid,
brldo and widow Within tan bourn' time.
Some of tbo atoamxhip companies
employ more men tban are enlisted in
fho second class navies of Europe. The
Canard Hue employs 10,000.
Safmon are so thick in the Frazor
rivor, says a Vancouver (E 0.) dispatch,
that boats are swamped, and one man
was thus drowned.
There is eoough uncultivated land in
Mexico to feed pretty much tho whole
civilizod world if as carefully farmed as
The American Association of Cemetery
Superintendents has selected Philadelphia
as the place of its next annual
It hoe bean computed that about 30,000,000
babes are born into the world
oach year.
The population of Italy is 270 por
Bquore mile, of Germany 240, of Franco
C. B. Tiliingbast, president of the
Massachusetts free public library commission,
oilers some practical hints concerning
library administration. Tbe
most popular book in tho libraries today,
be says, is "Uncle Tom's Cabin."
"lion Hur," "Dorna Doono" and "Tbo
Scarlet Lotter" have also a largo circulation.
Scott is attracting moro readers
than formerly, and Dickens fowor.
Next to tictioa, biography, particularly
autobiography, is ospocially popular.
Judge MacDonnclL of Savannah, 6a.,
is discriminating' in his clemency.
Having registered a Quo of $10 against
himself lately for ten minutes'tardiness
in opening court, he afterward removed
the lino on tho ground that hia detention
had boon necessary and pardonable.
Mr. and Mr a. Joseph Samuels, of
Pago county, Virginia, are a remarkable
couple. Mr. Samuels is ninety-one
years old and his wife is eighty-five.
Both are in'ported health, and claim to
have nevor had use for tho doctor. They
live on the (arm upon which Mr. Samuels
was born.
John Bonner, a Gporgia iarmer, who
died the other day, at the age of oightysevon
years, was the father of twentythree
childron, all by one mother, and,
as they grew up and married, all settled
on farms adjoining his own.
Congressman Boatner, of Louisiana,
is the bugbear of official stenographers
of tho house, tho rapidity of his utterances
being compared to the "noiso of
shot being pored into a tin pan."
Mayor Carter Harrison, of Chicago, is
sixty years old, and Minn Annie Howard,
ot New Orleans, whom ho is to
marry toward the close of this month,
is about half that age. I
Among tho ministers designated to
nd<liwiQ Hin TTnllnrian ronirrniia in flhi.
cago September 10 to 28, are Revs.
AnnnOarlin Spencer and Caroline J.
"Aunt Betty" Saunders, of Norwalk,
Conn., celebrated her 103d birthday lost
I. n
New York Sim. ,
They sat at tho table, three men gay
With the girl who uever had learuod to play.
Aud their easy smiles were a sight to sco
As she said "This is dreadfully neiv to ma
"I know it is wickod to gamble, bat then
Itis better than talk to amuse you men."
And her look vrus as blank as a virgin pago
As sho said "Now, what is it, edge or age?"
And her face was as green as a vacant lot
As sho softly murmured "What's a jack pot?
"What is a flush and a straight? Oh. dear,
I'm stupid, I know, but lt'^pot quite dtJar."
And every man of tho courteous crew
Instructed her ladyphip what to do.
And sho tfrew one card to a bob-toil flush
; With a merry laugh and a pretty blush;
Aud of course she filled, for that Is the way
Of girls who never have learned to play.
, And she raised them back with a charming pou!
Till every man in the game.was out;
And sho kont it up till they all went broke
And laughed aud .said "What a splendid Joke!"
Then with faces sad and with hearts of lead
Quickly away to their homes thoy sped;
1 And with ono acoord cuch player sworo
, That never again, no more, no mora,
His hard-earned wealth would he fritter away
I On a girl who never hud learned to play.
Db. B. M. Woollky. Atlanta, Ga., it
moeting with phenomenal ancceaa in the
, treatment of Opium and Whisky habits
Patients need. not leave. home or busi
neaa wbilo under treatment If inter
ested, write to Dr. Woolley, for liii
. valuable book. tuas
Tho Golden Sccrut of Long Life.
Koep tho head cool, the feet warn
and the bowels open. Bacon's Celorj
Curo is a vegetablo preparation and act
oa a natural laxative, and' is the groat
eat remedy over discovered for tho cur<
1 of dysnqpsia, liver complaint and al
I blood, liver and kidney diseases. Cal
on Logan Drug Company, Bole agent
and get a trial package freo. Largi
sixewc. 2
\ m
t Tako the Baltimore & Ohio to Chicago.
1 Excursion tickots now on salo vii
tbo Baltimore & Ohio at reduced rouni
trip rates, good returning until Novom
1 ber 6, 1803. Trains leave, Wheoling
eastern time, at 0:50 a. m. and l:2o p
m. daily, and at 8:60 p. m.t except Sun
day. For sleeping car occommodatlooi
and other Information enquire of Haiti
3 ' more & Ohio agents,
i i ,
) OOO. IudlanapoU/onU Iioturn low
1 via B. A O. D. B.
1 The Annual Encampment of the G
' A. R. will bo held at Indianapolis, Ind,
J September 4. For this occasion th
' Baltimore & Ohio Bailroad Cumpan;
'will sell oxenraion tickets onSepteuibo
2, 3 and 4, Who?lint' to Indlanapoli
nod return, at rate of $6 00, good rc
1 turning until September 10, inclusive
t ,
Children C?y for R^eHs Castoria
The) Genera! Tondenejr of Btulnetft?An
Encourutfia* Ueport.
N*w Yobs, Sept. L?B. G. Don & 'J
Co.'a woekly roviow of trade aaya:
Money markota throughout the country
am more healthy, fallurea diminiah t
in number, and reaumption by a number
of baukaand othet establishments
illuatratoa the general tendency toward
a revival of confidence. Manufncturara
don't yet feel the upward impulao, and
exhibit, on tho whole, rather loan signs
of improvement than a week ago. The
record thia week haa been mainly one
of aatiafactory progress towards re- b
covery. M
The aigna of improvement observed a r
week ago are scarcely sustained, /for 0
while twelvo textile and thirteen iron t
und steel concerns have resumed after d
stopping, fifty-live textile and twonty- 0
oneiron and steel concerns have stopped.
Inaddition thirteen others have reduced
4I?- ? J linna *a/I n/iarl t
wonting uluu uuu ouiHiu* u??? tvuuww
working forco and a largo number havo
reduced wages. A nioro cheerful tone
ia seen in iron and steel markets-; never- 1
theless prices don't improve, nor are
orders sufficient to encourage general
rosnmption of work. '
Tho anxiety about monoy has been
greatly relieved and scarcoly any pre- c
mium is now asked f or currency, because
many coucerns which required
cash for payment of hands havo stopped,
whilo many othersareusingchecks
and other substitutes for cash.
The failures reported during the past
week in the United States is 330 against t
148 for the same week la&t year, and ia
Canada 26 against 23 last year.
Faying Paper Money.
Washington, D. 0., Sept 1.?The
treasury department has rosnmod payment
over its counters hore of paper
money. For the past ton days only
gold has been paid for treasury checks.
Tho gold balanoo which by the heavy
paymontB have boon reduced to S97,000,000
will now bo built up until the
rcservo of $100,000,000 becomes again intact.
Attempted Hulclda.
Special Dispatch to Uie InuUtgcncer.
Caldweu, O., Sept 1.?Word has just
boen received at this place to tho effect d
that James Dotaon, a highly respected
and well known citizen, residing near
Summorflold, this county, attempted to ?
commit suicido Wednesday afternoon
by cutting his throat witn ? pocket
knife, llis mind has been unbalancad 1
lor several yeara. _ ?
Vourtli-CloM Voitmoauri.
Special Diipolch to the ItUtlUacnetr. *
Washington, D. OL, Sopt L?Post- t
maatora appointed: Dickson, Wayne j,
county, A. W. Prestoq, vice John T*
Bloss, removod; Endicott,Wotzel county,
J. R. Robinson, vice Patrick Clark, c
Chinaman Hanged. ?
8a Rafael, Cal., Sept. L?Leo Soon, t
a Chinese, was hanged here this morn- t
inc for tho murder of William Shen- J
ton in 1890. 0
- c
Foreign Visitor?"You have a glori- !
ous country hero, and fairly revel in t
the blessings of freedom, I suppose." t
Mr. Crossroads?"Wall, as to that, we J
don't take much interest in politics up v
our way. The poatoffice don't half pay o
exponBcs, and so all parties patriotically
agreed to retire from the political
Hold and let n soldier's widow havo it." (
?Niw York Wukiy. ]
Physician (who has ordered his pa- J
tient to take Bleeping powders)?"Well, 5
sir, do you sleep any better?" Patient c
?"Good Lord! doctor, I can sleep well ,
enough, but just as X am about to close
my eyes the nurse wakes me up and
gives me a sleeping powder."?Flitgmde
Doctor?How much money do you j
usually spend on your vacation? The
1 Invalid?About $100. Doctor?Do you
want to get well? Invalid?You bet I j
do. Doctor?Then givo it to me and i
AT**n Vnyt TTevnl/l 1
OMtj an uviuui??II.W ? ?> ??.
Wits?"Oil, John, I don't think you :
will livo very much longer." Frugal
Husband (a sick man)?"Has the doctor ~
told you auv thing about my condition?" '
Wife?"No; but ho handed me hia bill
to-day.?Brooklyn Life. ,. 1
Visitor?Can you read the future?
Fortuno Toller?Certainly; that's my
businoss. Visitor?Then I wish you'd I
toll mo if our cook is going to loavo or
not; she's been acting queer for the
last three days.?Puck.
"This is us cool and delightful a day. j
as one could wish. I'll just step over
and see what tho thormomoter says?
Groat Scott 1 Ninoty-llve. This is aw- ;
fuL"?Judge. l
Husband (anxiously)?Youahould not ,
carry your pocketbook in your hands, t
.Wife (reassuringly)?Ob, it isn't at all "
heavy.?New York'Weekly. '
Stuy vosant?"la it true that gambling
has been stopped at Newport?" De
Lancy?"Nothing of the sort It has
(ftarely been strictly prohibited."?Puck. ,
, "I never destroy a recoipted bill Do
you ?""said Bunting to Gilley. "I don't 1
, think I over saw one," replied Gilley.? j
' Spare Moments. <
Burglar?"Your money or your life." 1
Head of Family?"For God'a soke don't
shoot. You'll wake the baby."?Detroit- '
"But is ho honost?" "Honest? Why, '
sir, I've actually known that man to
return a borrowed umbrella."?Ate i
York Preu.
* i
Malarial and other atmosphoric in- ,
I fluencei are boat counteracted by keepi
ing tho blood puro and vigorous with
. Ayer'a Sarsaparllla. A little caution in I
- this rospect may provont serious ill- I
- ness at this suosoil Ayer'a Sarsaporilla I
I ia tho best ail-tho-year-round medicine '
in existence
Colombuv, Ohio, and lletars.
i From August 28 to September 1, in- r
elusive, tho Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
3 Company will soli excursion tickots to
- Columbus and return, on account Ohio- :
> State Fair, at ono fare for the round
1 trip, good returning until Soptembor 2,
1 inclusive. i
6 Will completely chanfo tho blood in.your aratem
v lt? threo month*' time, and tend new, rich blood
counrinjc throuKh your rtrtMiu jrou fed exhawtcd
r and nrrvoiu, are rotting thin tad *11 no down,
a Ollmore'a Aromatic Wine, which la atonlo and not
a hevtraoo, will rtftore you to health and trrnith.
t* MuUiBW, 0*0 Itfor your daucUtera. It la the bcrt
et pcnoth. It Is marantecd to cure DfirrtKca, Dy??
cntcr^, and all Stunner Oomplatnu, and koop the
hralifdrugglitf for $1 per bottle.
.fits Is Che Most fcrevolont Form of
Catarrh, and Results From Neg>
looted Colds.
Llso tho Inbalutlun of Particles of Duct
and Smoke From Damp Coal Bllues and
Overheated and Illy-Ventilatod Work
Shops, Office*, Ac.?If Any of Thou
gjuiptouib Apply Ut Tour Cue, You llud
Dotter Consult Drik Copelupd, Dell & !
Davlii at Oooe. ,
Tbo symptoms indicated by catarrh of tbo ead
are explalnod by tbo following questions J
rbicb are propounded in tbo consultation ?
?om, by Dm. Copeland, UolTond Davis. "If you b
annot visit the office for a porsoual oxamlna- \
Ion, reply by letter to each question, when a
lagno?is eau be uado of your case and midline
prepared and sent accordingly. J
"Are your eyes often weak and watery?"
"is there often u deep-seated aching in eyos?" c
-Do you hsve dull aching over oye? and c
brough temples?" a
"Are the noatriis often stopped up?" (i
"Is this condition worse toward night?" u
"Do you snoeze a great deal, especially in
"Does the noso itch and burn?"- I
"Is tbo noso often rod and swollen?" .
"Is there often a feeling of tightness ore the
ridge oi the nose?"
"Is this worso toward nightf" ~ ,
"Does your uote discharge, or Is it dry and
rusts form whloh have to lie picked outf'r
"Does your noso bleed easily?" , p
"Do your eare trouble you?" , \ y
"When you blow your no*e do tho oars crack?'
"Do the ears hurt whou you blow the nose?* 1
"Do you have ringing in your cars?"
"Do youhaveabuniugsoundiutheearsr 1
"Are thoro craekllnr sounds hoard7"
"Are these sounds like steam escaping?"
"Is there a roaring soudd like a waterfall in
ho head?" *
' Do the ears disehanro?" fi
"Is tho wax dry In the cars?"
"Ave the ears dry and acaly?"
"Do tho ears itch aud burnr'
"Are yon gradually getting deaf?"
"Is yourhcariug worso whonyou havo a cold?"
"Do you hear better some days than othors?" \
"Is your hoariug worso on cloudy days?" ,
"Are tho Qolsoa in the cars worso when Uiug v
Iowa?" f,
"Have you pain behind tho ear*?"
"Do you bavo oaracho occasionally V'
"Are tho mouth and throat in morning filled 4
rlth mucui?" 4
"la thia mucus jolly-like inappearance?" 1
"Does it tako considerable hawking and spit* J
ing to dislodge7" 4
'Do gagging aud nausea and ovon vomiting 2
ometlmes remit from ellorts to dislodgo the Z
aucusf" 2
"Aro tho throat, mouth and tonguo often dry 2
nd parched?" 4
"la there a tickling or scratchy feeling in tho 2
hroatr* 4
"Is tnere a bad taste in the mouth in morn* :
og?" ,
"la tho tongue often badly coated?"
"Ia tho breath foul smollingf'
"Is there of ton pain and btiflhosa in baokof
Tho above are some of the symptoms which
xlst in catarrh of the head afloctlng tho eyes, *
ars. nose and throat, and carry out Dr. Cope- *
md, bell and Davis' claim that catarrh affects 1
11 muoua membranes. If allowoukto go on the B
rouble extends to tbo broucblal tubes, lungs
nd stomach, bowels, (Ivor and kidneys, uud c
oon makes great Inroads ou the general boalth. a
nding in consumption. Bright1* dI*eaiO and L
ther Incurable chronic affections. Drs. Cope- a
md. Bell and Davis havo tho Quickest, most v
ertaln and wonderfnl treatment for any of tho a
bovo symptoms ever known. Their treatment -fc
ias passed tho period of experiment, and is
>ased upon corroot physiological and thempouleal
principles, and they polut with pride to
ho many permauont euros they have mado inring
their location in Wheeling, the like uf
rhicb has neve* been known in the history of j
ny medical practice. '
Dra. Copelnud, Bell & Davis treat sucoess*. .
ally all ourablo diseases at 1121 Main street; I
Wheeling. W. Va. OQlce hours. 9 to 11 . w., 2 to 1
p. M. and 7 to 9 P. u. Sundays, 10 to 12 a. h.
nd 2 to 4 p. x. Specialties?Catarrh and all
liswscsof the oyo, ear, throat and luncs; dyn- ,
?opsta cured: norvous diseases cured; skin I
Liseases cured.
Many caacs treated succaafully by mail. Sen0
cent stamp for question clank.
Address all mall to .
1121 Main street, Wheeling, W. Va (
$5 A MONTH. !
With Grand Family Mitlaoe Saturday.
Bartholomew's Equine Paradox, (
Prof. Oooigo Bartholomew and hit Original
Famous and Unequaled
Do Everything but Talk. Koflned, Intractive,
Interesting, Amusing. Enjoyed and iralsod
by over ohe million puooxs. The only
intortalnment patronised by all claases, and that <
his never uua an uniavoramo cnucuuu. >
Prices. IB, 25, 83 and 50c. Solo of scats for all *
>orfonnanoes opens at Grand Opera Uouso box
>lfloe, Monday. August 28, at 'J a. m. au28 ^
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 1
September 4, 6 and 6.
The Funniest of All Funnr Plays. A Satire on ]
Emigration. Showing tho Irishman, tho Qer- ]
nan. the Italian, tho American, the Chinoso, (
.ho German Girl, the Irish Girl and the Italian ]
3lrL A Strong Company of Artists of Merit, ]
leaded by I
Ferkinai. 33. Fi?lierf
usutedby DIckMonuco, John C. Loach, Gu&
STortlmcr, Chris. Nicholson. Miss Elolse Wlllard,
Kiss Jean Delma and the greatest of all Lady
Soft Shoo aud Wing Dancors, MLLE. TKXARKANSAS.
' Prices, 15c. 25c,. 85c. 50c. Reserved scats on sole
tt tho Grand Opera Houso box offlco. sol i
Wednesday and Thursday, Sept 6 &7,
And Ills Company of Players, Presenting
Ullroim.) TO THE BAR.
Wodnosday, bept, 6. | Thursday, Sept. 7.
Pricks:?50c, 75o. 8100. Beats on salo at C. A.
House's Music store Monday. September 4 sol
Do yea war (hen? When next In oeed fcy ? pair.)
Best In the world.
If jfw rait I few ORESS SHOE, node la tto latat
itrlej, <Wt pay $6 to $8, try my 13, $3,50, $4.00 or
t? Shoo. Tho* St oqual to coitom ntado and look and
vearaawell. If yw wUh to oconomljo In ywr footman-,
dowby pcrcKailng W. L. Dooglaa Shod. Nana and
price stamped oa t& bottxn, took for It when yoe boy
W. I- DODOLAS, Brockton, ttwa. Soldi*,
X T. HToffK. low Main ?lrcc(JEO.
8TKWAItT. llrltoporC, O.
O. K. JlEN'KBStKLLKli, Ml ilarkut >l-col
\X7aNTED-TW0 YOU.Nii MKXrn *
TT art a* nowi ngeutu on train*. miUtio^L
ucurity. Inquire at UNION NEWS CO d ?r
I A a Depot, city.
P boilers. Will acll opuratoly CanuLl!
t Gluo Works, buiow Fortieth struct. IuIcll '11
I? Preaching at 10:30 a. ui ami 7 ; m V*
Lov. A- O. Hobb. Sunday School at i t. ?, p*
rorth Ungno Monday at 7:45 p. m. '*
3 TERIAN CIIUKCII Sunday, liev. w {,
ftoku, 1>. JJ., jMtntur. Moraliiu service ?t i,\.?
uaday School at 9 a. m. Kvcuiu^ K-n icci^
L' The pastor. Rev. D. A. Cunnin#ho!:j. d n*
rill prouchat 10:30a. tn.and7:80p. tn. SabUth
chool ot 0 n. in. Endeavor Sociotr at 0:4',..
lUalou School at 2:80 p. in., Khthtifiuli ,
The monitor# of WhocliuK Council No. i ?,
>. U. A. M., arc horeby notified to inoet ut <w
II Hall Sunday. September 8, at 12:30 >harpu
ttend the funeral of our docouied l?i.,tiic7
rcotve llurrall. Ail alster council* are l:iviu3
[> attend. GEO. W. PHII-UlS.
Vfce Councilor
F. B. LiaagY. Secretary.
? T
Mrs. N. K Scott and Mrs. C. B. Brucaaro Sa crintendonts
of the department* fur Jolha,
'lowers, Broad. t^okes, Fruits and Vegetable
ill entries must bo delivered on tho ground*.
Does four Piano need tuning or repairing? ?
o, wo are in position to do it for you and can
oarauteo that it will bo done in a workiuaahktj
ad finished manner.
ttuio F. W. BAUMKR & CO.
School ^ Books
?e2 2217 Slarkut itrcoi.
Fxasr-tLAsa high oiu.dk
Dawn Mowors.
We rent Bicycles bjr tho hour or day,.or by tho
rook, Some socond-hand Cushion Ticu nioyclw
jrsalo choup. K. HOGE,
lyl2 1113 Market Street (Went aide).
>??? ? ?
\ W.' J 1 Such muddy water a? comes
[ illil-7r from the river unless yon f
11#U 2 pa?? it through a good FIL.
T TKR You cauwJt tho best
a* lvyuiu onwg .. Z
1215 Market Street.
Opposite McLure House. au3l
Notice is hereby given that at tho meeting oh
lie stockholders of tho Exchango Hank of
Wheeling, to bo hold on Moudar. September 11,
b93. according to tho notioo which has beta
iven, tho following resolution will bo offered)'
"Hctolved, That tho capital stock of tho Kx?
haugo Bank of Whooling be increased to tha
mount in all of three hundred thousand doU
in. b/ tho tauo and sale at par of one thousand
dditional shares of capital slock of tho par
aluoof one hundred dollars per shore, and iha
ggregato vaiuo of ono hundred thousand dol*
A Stockholder of said liunk.
Wheeling, September 1, 1803. at-2 ,
Supplies ?
7or Pablic and Private Schools.
Everything from a Slate .Pencil.
o Highest'Text Book.
Lowest Cash Prices !
SOT store Open Kvorjr Night.
STANTON'S oil city
1301 Market Street. BOOK St0r6f
Will be given .to cvory pupil
buying their BOOKS and
Store during, the First Wook o
of School. Will give a choice
of either
?uu^&n5iuS^^to11!,00 *' Waoollnir. Ohio
S&? s?w
LSI-- |HS:
3S4 r&r"nMssfti
MoCinn, Uonurd.
w. J. W. COWPEN. P. M
ftTOpnm'T?mT?2F$!?*a Trootmont, ooa-lrtlctf of
BoxnsirfOtatmf C?P?oloo of Oliitjueut uxl t*o
and dwcj^^m^cjuu^i^ra^
ssasf &?**?* saTdar^
boxeseto'ouiw'V?*?^^^ micrantao^J
[[W^'IJVEKnai BTOwffifSuLATiil: J!
UL001) PUBITXEK. Hmntl, wiilil unJ nluONtBS ?
j?V>. MPodalfradaptedfcjrchlJdraa'flcm. ?K?cl
lm/vriTR?aTfiB! tjlU0<J ??')r tiroutli McLAllf
BROTHERS, DruiaiUtt, Whwliluf. W Vu.
. Jy|7-llU1'4*7
S?2lt?;,,S5t5wwonl?" <? au s?fc:,,J
??,23 ISriifF'.<,rWPl?a nade. am?u
SSiSrin)??^10 WratO famlll-*. Jjo ?
general dob order agent lo flacb town.
8W to 3iO Fifth Ato. Pm?iirn<m. MP>R2SH
l___ 1117 Marlvl .-- '-e- _
OrUor. ami .si" J".
BolULI/o mid UnUou'iiKMit CUiinn u-'- '
in uvftry rukpeot. Somo District As?u 1 "
?, *ci*n?*. AdJrcw KJS<? TtCo, ?3
Sqoarc. Nqwr Yyrk. _
,y .. . - * J

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