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*?? " - II'<
Easy to Take
and lcaep
the system in
Perfect Order.
A specific for
Constipation, and
Every dose
>o Jloncy ttequlred of Besi>oaslble Parlies
to Comtuenua Treatment.
Form, r ? of No* York, now of THK FRANCE
by inquest of many friends and
j uiieaw. liuvo docidou to visit
liridgeiiort, Sliomau Uoiuc, Tucsiuy,
Scplcmbor 12.
Uollulre, Windsor Kolat, Thursday,
Sq. tern bar 14.
Conciliation and examination free and strict*
jy confidential from 9 a. m. toG p. iuM one day
The doctors dcjcribo tbo different diseases
I,, t .'-r tlian the sick cua themselves. It b a won*
durful irift for anyone to posto."*. Their diajj*
tie |K?wers have created wonder* throughout
tiif country.
TJio lil ircpathle Treatment for all forms of
JViujiIo Ulscflscs, and the treatment of dcmlnal
Wtaknww. I>?s of Manhood and Errors of Youth,
ii recoilUod u? be tbu most successful method
?i.r discovered us used by Drs. France it Ottjuau
Bit. Oitmajt, Tbeas.
3S & 40 W. Gay St.. one block north of
State House, Columbus, Ohio. Incorporated
1 S^L Capital $300,000.
Drs. France and OWman, of New York, the
eminent Specialists, on account of tlieir large
practice in Ohio, have established the Franco
Ucdlcal Institute, where all diseases ?il) be successfully
treated on the most Scicntific Priudples.
The Institute has for its Faculty a
corps of recognized specialists, cach eminent
in hi* profession. Their long experience in the
largest hospitals in thq world enables them to
successfully treat all forxirof Chronic, Nervous and
Prirtle OiseaseS.nlso Djs&ses of the EyeondEar.
Ottman, after years of experience,have discovercd
the greatest cure Known lor nil diseases
peculiar to theses. Female diseases positively
cured by the new remedy, Ollvo Blossom.
The euro is c flee ted by home treatment. Entirely
harmless andeasily applied. Consultation
and Correspondence Free and Strictly Confidential..
They have attained the most wonderful success
in the treatment of Catarrh, Stomach, Kidney.
Bladder. Nervous, Chronic and Special Diseases
cf men and. women, Drs. France and Ottman,
after years of experience, have perfected
the most- Infallible- method of curing Vital
brain in Urine, Nocturnal Losses, Impaired
Memory, Weak Bach. Melancholv, Want of Energy,
Premature Decline of.the Manly Powers?
those terrible disorders arising from ruinous
practices of youth, blighting the most radiant
Lopes, rendering marriage unhappy, annually
sweeping to an untimely grave, thousands of
exalted talent and briniant intellect. A Perfect
Restoration Guaranteed. Bring sample of urine
for chemical and microscopical examination.
f&TCascs and correspondence confidential.
Treatment sent C. O. D. to any part of the U. S.
list of 130 questions free. Address, with
pottage, OR. FRANCE, Columbut. Ohio.
M onliAA/i
and how to attain it
At last a medical work thnt tells the cause*,
describes the effects, points the remedy. This
i* scientifically the most valuable, artistically
the moat beautiful, medical book that has appeared
for years; 96 pages, every page bearing
a hjf-tune illustration in tints. Some of the
ssbjcvu treated ate Nervous Debility. In}po>
tenry, Sterility, Development, Varicocele,-The
Husband, Those intending Marriage, etc.
livery man who would know the grand truths,
the plain facts, the ol 1 secrets, and the new
discoveries of medical science as applied to
nwm?l life, who would atone for past follies
ami avoid future pitfalls, should write for this
"underfill little 000^* It will be tent free,
under seal. Address the publishers,
Erie Medical Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
(S NE^
. C. Witt's. Nerve and Brain Treatrain!
usoid under po?ltlv? wrttUn guarantee, by author
u\ on,*? to cor? WwUc Memory; Loss oi
ftiSV* J>or^? l^?r;Lo?fifanhood: Qufcknow
( ,i<ht Lcwcfl* Evil Dreams: Lack of Confides00;
ftorroomosBj Lassitude; ull Drains; Loaaof Powoi
or uio Uvuurntfve Organs In either ooot, caused by
^TrrH'xertlon; Youthful Errors, or Excessive Useo:
Tobacco, Opium or liquor, which soon lead'ti
??*>r/, Consumption. In*ault7 and Death. By mal!,
11 a u.x; 0 for ta; yith written guarantee tocurooi
wuad money. WEtrTS CO Dull 8YBUP. Aoertain
rer? for Coughs, Colds, Arthroa, Bronchi tia, Croup,
whwtphlg Counh, Boro Throat. Pleasant to takeu
aalo dlMwalnued: old.BOc.sUo, now36c,; old
J/^AKANTEKS Issued only through McLAIN
BituTlIEHrf, Druggists. Whdullug. \K Va.
| ^ iyigrrnavrr
R-I-P-A-N-S j
J UlPANg TABCLES are the but Medl. I
^1,ne,ln ?,* IuJlffCatlos, nilUuuiCM, J
! *VcuJat"hr? j>->J><>rfmtckro?lo I
h cp fravblcatlHulacMtllAdComplezloa,
v>"*KrT, OffcMlvo Breath, and nil dU. t
'Ucr? of the Btomaofc, Uvar and Bowel*. ?
' | ^S-SsKHESr I
<r'jJ.J?o*>t?laed?yapplJ?aUoat? Mamt
r?? >>???*???? ?????
1a permanent cure
BEN ?ML"ggg&
fl'OI 11U SfflS
. .. . '
Tho Attempt of AUxioan OfBo?n to 6cUo
Sheep on Our Boll a Serious Affair.
Wasiiixotok, D. 0., Sept. 1.?The
tcoablo on tho Mexican border over the
attempt of Mexican officer! to drive a
flock ol three thoasand sheep from the
United States to Mexico la still serious.
. A telegram received at the war department
this morning from General
Wbeaton, commanding tho department
of |Toxa?, states that two troops of the
Fifth cavalry, with icoats, will march
from Fort Ringgold at noon to-duy for
Havana, the sceno of the trouble, to
support tbe twenty men under Baptain
Furburt, who have the Mexican otiicori
and the sheep in charge. The telegram
also states that tbe commanding officer
at Fort Ringgold hoi received unofficial
infonpation.tbat Colonel Mietro, of tbe
Mexico narmy, is coming up tlio Rio
Grando from Havana to Reynosa with a
The war department ia making an
effort to secure detailed information ?u
to the ownership of tho ihoep, und its
action will depend on tile result.
Should the claim of the Mexican authorities
that tho lloclc belongs to a
Mexican citizen, be proved, tho sheep
will bo allowed to cross over tho Mexican
line. Fending a settlement of the
military aspect of the affair, tho state
department will hold the matter in
abeyance, and thon demand off the
Moxican government an explanation of
the action of its customs officials in
sending an armed force to mako a seizure
on United States toil. Tho question
of whether tho strip of land on
which tho sheep are located is in Moxico
or in the United States, by reason of
a change in the direction of the Bio
Grande, will also bo subject to diplomatic
Tlio Preihlont aud Fatnllj ICcach tho
White Houw-AU In OooU lleulth.
Washington, D. 0., Sept. 1.?President
Cleveland, accompanied by Mrs.
Cleveland, their daughter Buth, nurse
and maid, arrived in Washington this
'morning at 4:10 from Buzzard's Bay,
Mass., over the Pennsylvania road ia a
special car attached to train Mo. 23,
which left New York at 0 o'clock last
nieht The party remained on the
train until 7 o'clock, when they were
mnt hv VrivnfcA finnr?tnrv Thnrhar with
carriages and driven to tlie white house
ia a drenching rain. Mr. Thurbor was
afterwards asked as to tho general
health of the party, and he replied that
everybody was feeling first rate and the
sojourn at Gray Gablos bad been beneficial
to all. Mr. Cleveland in particular
was in excellent spirits; his oye
was bright and complexion clear and
ho looked vigorous and strong.
Mr. Cloveland'B first day at tho whito
house after bis abaenco at the seashore
was spent in the hardest of work. After
tho President went to his oflice aud
from half past 9 until half past 11 o'clock
ho and Private Secretary Thurbor disposed
of a very largo amount of accumulated
pnblic business. At half
past 11 tho cabinet meeting began and
lasted until 1 o'clock. All the cabinet
olficors were present except Secretary
The silvor question and tho present
condition oi the treasury wore discussed,
but without any measures for relief boing
decjded upon.
Mrs. lifers, of Pittsburgh, Crcfttot a Scene,
but Matters are Finally Explained.
St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 1.?A few days
ago E. M. Byera, the wealthy Pittsburgh
banker and iron "manufacturer, arrived
from Dulutb with Mrs. E. Dill, of Chicago.
They put up at the Windsor Hotel
and on Tuesday fin. Byera arrived
from Pittsburgh, and going directly-to
the hotel chargod her husband and Mrs.
Dill with breaking the seventh commandment.
This charge so excited Mr.
Byers tbat be became temporal ily insane.
Dr. Tollman, of Chicago, was summoned
by telegraph. He came, explained
matters to the satisfaction of Mrs.
Byeri, and tbe party went back to Chicago
together. It seems Mr. Dyers had
been threatened with parosis for some
time and went to utncngo lor treatment
under Dr. Tallman. His recovery was
slow and at Sr. Tallman's suggestion
Mr. Byers wont to Dulath, taking with
him Mrs. E. 8. Dill, of Chicago, as nurse.
Tiring of Duluth, Mr. Byers and his
.nurse camohere. Hearing of tbo movements
and thiqking something was
wrong, Mrs. Byers came hare and was
the central figure in the sensational
scene related above. It is not yet
known bow serious is the aberration of
Mr. Byers.
Judge Cooler Elected President?The
, Final Session.
Milwaukbb, Wis., 8ept 1.?Judge
Thomas M. Cooley, of Michigan, chairman
of tbe Interstate Commerce Commission,
was elected president of tbo
American Bar Association to-day at tbe
closing session of the annual mooting.
Judge Cooley was not present Tbe new
officers of the association are: President,
Thomas M. Cooley, of Michigan;
secretary, John Minkley, of Maryland;
treasurer, Francis Bawle, of i Pennsylvania-;
executive committee, G. A. Mercer,
of Goorglu; Bradley G. Schloy, of Wis
conain; Alfred Nomonwav, of Massachusetts.
Among the vlco presidents are: Indiana.
Benjamin Harrison; Maryland,
Skipworth Wilmor; Michigan, Angust
O. Baldwin; Now York, Robert D. Bone-1
diet; Ohio. Bnrke Cortol; Vireinin,
Thomas Nelson Pago; West Virginia,
W. W. Van Wiiiklt).
Disasters In the Gait of St. Lawrence.
Qdbbec, Sopt L?More disasters in
tho gulf caused by tbo lato storm continue
tp be reportod and It is feared
more aro to come. It is rumored that
two Quebec tugs, one the Dauntless
wore lost down the rivor aud that the
captain and enginoor of tbo Dauntless
were drownod. Contractor Connolly's
drodge St Joseph, valued at $00,000,
was swamped In tho gulf wliile'towing
from St, John, but the crew was "saved.
A survivor of tho bark Beatrice,
wrookod 09 the-Mngdalono islands, reported
that the Norwegian barks Otto
and Antonio, also ashoro at tho same
island, aro dismasted and breaking up.
Short In Hi* Account*.
Cleveland,i 0., Sept. 1.?A special
from Kenton, 0.,kays: Shepard Humphreys,
the outgoing treasurer of Hale
township, has been found short in his
accounts' and is a defaulter iu tbo sum
of about S2.00Q. He bas turned over
his property to secure his bondsmen
against loss.
A Missing Steamship.
Nkw Yobk, Sept. 1.?Tho Atlas lino
steamship Alvo sailed from this port
August IS for West Indian ports with
a doxon passongors and a general cargo.
From t'to timo sho passod ontsldetytndy
Hook until tbo present moment she bas
been unreported, aud the gravost fears
' . v ' 'i.r ' \ :?, >
re fait for her safety. The passage
from New York to tbat port usually
takes the Alvo from tlx to sevqu days.
The coune la directly iu the path o(
the late hurricanes and this fact cattios
alarm at her non-arrival.
The Alvo la valued at $350,000. The
teamship had a crew sixty officers
and seamen.
1 ^ *
The Equitable Mortgage Company, of Ml?tourl,
lo a BMolver*< liauds.
Nhw Yoek, Sept 1.?lames M. Gilford
and Charles N. Fowler have just
been appointed roceiven of tho Equitable
Mortgage Company, of Missouri,
with offices at 40 Wall street The cap
ital of the company ii (2,100,000. The
officers of the company gay this action
mi token owing to the continued stringency
of money and consequent inability
to disposo of securities, or to collect
intoroiton maturing loans.
The order appointing tho receiver
was mado by the United States court
and was upon the application of the
Mew York Security and Trust company
on a note held by J. O. Bloes for $45,000.
Tho company has interest payments
between now ahd December 1st to the
amount of $530,529, which, owing to
the stringency in money, it is unable to
meet The company dealt largely in
municipal bonds and also made a
specialty of real estate mortgage business,
chiefly in Now England, tho western
and southern states.
fourteen Dead ami Another Dying tile
Bum Total of tlie Fatalities.
Spbinofikld,, Mass., Sept 1.?Fourteen
dead, another dying, noarly forty
seriously Injured and two missing, is
the sum total of tho Chester horror as
ascertained up to 3 p. m. to-day. It is
believed that there are soveral bodies
still hid by tho mass of debris in the
Westftaid river and rftTmn of th? work
men woo picked thoir way over the distorted
timbors this morning told gruesome
tales of the discovery of unlifted
arms und ghastly heads reflected in the
pellucid stream. All theso stories, however,
lack corroboration. The work of
removing the debris is progressing
slowly and not for several days will it
be Dosaibl i to obtain more definite information
conderninh' the number of
livos lost
Camlllo Dreyfus Wounded Three Time*
und Astt? for Another Meeting.
Paris, Sept. l?a duel was foaght
yesterday in the outskirts of Paris between
M. Drumont, editor of the Libre
Parole, and M. Camilla Dreyfus.
Kaplers were used. M. Droyfus received
three alight wounds on the arm,
one in the Bide and a third in the chest.
M. Drumont was not scratched. M.
Drovfua was weak irom loss of blood
and was not able to continue, but asked
for a further meeting to-morrow. He
alio expressed a wish that pistols be
used at the second ^meeting. This M.
Drumont agreed to without hesitation.
The cause of the duel was an article
published in M. Drumonl's paper
charging tbat all Jewesses of the upper
classes were women of easy virtue.
\Ctioloro at Grimsby.
London, Sept. 1.?The port of Grimsby,
in Lincolnshire, has been declared
to be infected with cholera and traffic
between it and other British ports has
been prohibited. During August there
were eighty deaths in Grimsby from
what was called at first diarrhaia and
later a choleraic disease. The general
belief now is that many of these deaths
were duo to cholera.
A Physician's Advlee.
To those who travol, or those who remain
at home during the Bummer,
"never be without a stimulant." Ita
timely use saves the system from many
a shock, and as a preventative of disease
pure whisky has ^always been
rocommendod. Max Klein, of Alleghenoy.
is a reliable dealor, who only
keeps the pural liquors in stock. His
Silver Age, at SI SO; Dnquesne, at SI 35,
and Boar Creek, at $100 per full quart
each, cannot be equaled. Sond for catalogue
and price list (mailed free) to
Max Klein, 82 Federal Btreet, Allegheny,
Excursion to Chicago via Ohio Itlver Kailroad.
On and after this date, until October
31, the Ohio River railroad will sell
tickets to Chicago and return, on account
of the World's Columbian Exposition,
at greatly reduced rates. Tickets
WlU oe pooa ior couviauoua passage ju
oithor direction with final limit for return
passage November 6, 1803. For
rates of fare, time of train and other information,
InqMre of ticket agents.
Ohio River railroad, or write W. J.
Robinson, general passenger agent,
Parkersburg, W. Va.
Good Men.
No other medicine in the world was
ever; given such a test of its curative
qualities as Otto's Cure. Thousands of
bottles of this great German remedy
are being distributed free of charge by
druggists in this country to thoBe
afflicted with consumption, asthma,
croup, severe coughs, pneumonia and
all throat and lung disease!, giving the
people proof that Otto's Cure will cure
them, and that it is the grandest triumph
of medical science. For sale only
by Logan Dru# Company. Samples
free. Large bottles 60c. 2
See the World's Fair for Fifteen Cents.
Unon recoipt of your address and 15
contain postage stamps, we will mail
yuu pruyuiu uur ovutouu aui uuiiu ui
tbo World's Columbian Exposition.
Tbo regular prico is 50 cents, bat as wo
want you to havo one. we make tho
prico nominal. You will find it a work
of art and a thing to bo prized. It contains
fall pa?e views of tho groat buildings,
with descriptions of same, and is
executed in highest stylo of art If not
satisfied with it aftor you got it, wo will
refund the stamps and let you keep the
book. Addreis H. E. Backlen & Co.,
Chicago, III 4
When Baby was tick, we gare her Caatorta.
Wbenabe wan a Child, abo cried tor Caatorta.
When aha became Ulaa, abo dune to CaatoiaWhen
she bad Chadnn, she gare them Castoris
For Ovir Ftfty Venn.
Mm. wmtowa Soonnoo Sraor baa been cued
for orar titty yean by millions ot mothen (or
their children while teetblnir. with perfect toocom.
It noothoi the child, ?often? the gunu, allajra
all tain, euro* wiud colic, and la the beat
-tunedy for Diarrboa. It will reliero the poor
Utile sufferer lmntedlatolT. Sold- by drnsxtaea
in every part ot the world. TweMy-IWe centa a
! bottle. Be tore and aak for "Mn. Wlntlow'i
Bootblu* Syrup," and take no ether kind.
________ **"*
Children Cry for Pitcher1* Castorisu
rho Features of the Money and Stock
Markets, |
Nkw Yoek, Sept 1.?Money-ou call easy at
3 to 4 per ccnt; lust loantf'per cent; closing
offorod at 3 pur ocnt Prime mercantile
paper 6*12 per oenL Sterling exchange firmer
at 14 81a4 86& 8liver certificates were neglected:
closed at 74c bid. Total salea of stocks were
The eupbutlo denlala by the General Electric
officials that tbe company, was in difficulty bad
ugoodeflcctou the stock market at tbe start.
Tbe rally to 88% at tbe opening upset calculations
ox a number of operator* wbo bad been
loud In their predlctlona of a further general do*
dine in price*. Tbe supply of stocks was
smaller than they bad expected. In the after*
noon the failure of tbe Equitable Mortgage
Company, of Missouri, with main offices in ibis
city, was announced, ana It was stated that
another institution of similar character was in
trouble. Tbe Importance of the failure of the
former subsequently proved to hare been exaggerated,
but not until tbe room bad put out
wish lines of shorts. At the close the markot
was strom;.
itallroad bonds were steady.
Government and state bonds dull.
onus i.sd stock QUortTtoNs?clossd eta
U. a. 4s rag .?U0k Nashville A Chatt- 60
U. B. 4sooupon 1U}$ New Jersey Cent 100
u. a Jki rag 91 Norfolk ? West p'd 22
Pactflcwol'tfc 101 Northern Pacific? 6 4
A trillion 18U do preferred....^. 22%
Adams Exprett_-.1H Northwestern..?? m
Amenoan Expreas.104 do jweferrea.......l8SH
Baltimore A Oh la.... 07H New York Central-101 i
Canada Panlflo 74 Orecon Imorove'i-- 5Hi
Canada Southern? 4CJ4 Oregon Nav...~-~~- .
Central Pacific- 20 PuMo Mall 11X
Chesapeake 4 Ohio 17% Pittsburgh -~1*9
Chicago ? Alton 335 Pullman Palace.?
Chi/lfor. AQulnc/. 8QK Reading 17K
Chicago Oaa 5M Richmond Term? 1J4
C.. C.. C. ?i tic. L..... 86 doprolorrod?-12
Col Coal & Iron ? Rock Island 62^
Cotton Oil CerUfia. 82^ ml Paul.: Wi
DeL tbHudaou- Ills do preferred. 113
DeL, Lack. <fc WeaUSflH 3l Paul A Omaha- 82
Den.ARO. prefd. 22 do preferred. 101
Erie.....^. 14jg Sugar Refinery
do prelerred 28 Tona. Coal & Iron- 14X
Fort Wajrne...?^....lW Texai Pacific - 8*
Illinois Central,.,. 92 FoL A O. Cen. preL CO
KansasdsTex. pref. 15 Onion Pacific 225$
Lake Eno St West... 16K U.a Rxprens if
? do preferred <WH \V. SL L. <fc P....*** VA
Lake Shore 118# do preferred 1W{
LeadTruiL 29? Wells FkrgoKx?1M
IxjuJsville & Nath-*64* Western Unfon.?
Memphis ? Chas.... 10 W&qoIIuk ?fc L. 11
Michigan CentraL- 85 do prelorred.^..- 88S
Missouri Pacific..... 23
Urend?tuflb and Provlslona.
Cuicaoo, S00L 1,-no ihorta got over their
scare to-day. The edge .was off the boom In
wheat and of yesterday's advance in September
was losL The early closing of the exchange
to-morrow and tbo occurrence of a holiday on
Monday t>omo influence In checking buslnosc
The Illinois crop report showing a largor yield
thun generally uutioipated had a depressing influence.
Tho market ruled rather tame at the
close. ?~
Corn nulft mint of thft rtar.
Oat* quiet and carter.
Pip virion broken were still, among the army
of unemployed: pork is about 46o higher ana
lard ami ribs about unchanged.
Flour dull and unchanged.
WHiv??Cash No.2snfW C%c: No. 3 spring
57a60o; No 2 red 63Wc; September 62%a63%a
62J$c; December 67%aa8%afi7%c.
Corn?Coah No. 2, 37#c: September 37^a37^a
37^c: October 37^a38>ia57^c:May <U>*a4lA40&c. ,
Oats?Cash No. 2 2J?c; September 231^a2ia
Z%c; October *4Kb24&24Hc; May 29V(a29^a
kys?No. 2, 41c.
Flaxseed? No. 109c.
TmoTiiYam>-|3 20 ^
Mess Poaic-Cusb 915 00al5 05; September 814 50a
15 00al5 00; October 814 4Oal480al4 75. _ _ ,
Lakd?Cash t 90a7 97K; September |7 90a7 95a 1
792>$; October 8775a777fca7 77*. ^
Short Kiss?Cash 88 8muT 00; September 88 70;
October 87 87%a7 90a7 TO; ahoulders- 87 25a7 55;
fbort clear 89 25a9 87^v
Butter?Steady; creamery 2la24o; dairy 10a23a
Eoos-Flrm: fresh 14c.
Newt4 York, Sept. L?Flour. receipt* 20,000
barrela; oxports 5. WO barrels; aalea 17,loo barrels;
market stoady. Wheat, receipts 15,000 bushels;
exports G5.0QU bushels; sale* 4,010,000 bushels of
futures and 72,000 bushels of spot: spot market
dull and steady st Sialic decline; ungraded red
62a69%c: options irregular; No. 2 red September
Ci^aOraaOHrfc: October 70fca71a70)4o; November
72%a78>fa729tfc: December 7<){a75%a74Kc.
Corn, recelpta 12,000 bushels; exports 5,000 bush- <
els;?aales 515,000 bushels of futures and 45.000
bushels of spot; market dull and weak; September
44tta45a44H'o; October 45?a45j<a45%c;
Novombor46c; December 46c. Oata, receipts 10,000
buahels; exports 15.000 bushels; sales 825,000
bushels of futures and 90.000 bushels of spot;
market dull and easier; Sootember 00%o; Oc-.
toberJW^aaOHoaoKc: November S%c: No.2Chlcago
31*40: mixed Western 90a32c. Cut meats
duiL Lard dull and easy; western steam 8840.
Butter quiet. Cheese quiet. Eggs quiet; western
fresh I5al6a Tallow easier. Cottonseed oil
dull. Rosin quiet. Turpentine dull. Rico firm.
Molasses steady. Coflfcedull at 5a 10 points down.
Suffur Arm.
Philadelphia, Pa... Sept L?Flour stoady
with moderato ofl'erings of desirable trade
brands. Wheat dull; No. 2 red September ti6%a
C6Hc; October 68c; December 72>$a Corn strong:
No. 2 mixed 45){a46c; October and November
45^a46^o; December 45a46a Oats, fair demand
for car lota and prices ruled steady; futures doll
and prices wholly nominal at 58a Butter quiet
and weak; Pennsylvania creamery extra 25a
Provisions steady, Mir jobbing demand.^
Cincinnati, o., Sept. l?Flour steady. Whwt
easier: No. 2 red 57a58c: recelpta 4,000 bushels:
shipments 500 bushels. Corn eaner; No. 2 mixed
41c. Oats v*ak at 26^0. Rye dull at 50c. Pork
aulet at 815 60. Lard steady at 87 75 Bulk meats
rmer at88 75a9 0a Whisky firm at 8112. Butter,
augar and cheese Arm. Eggs steady at 32a
Toledo, Ol, 8ept 1.?Wheat lower and woak;
No. 2 cash 02Jtfc; October fri^c; December G8Ma
Corn dull and steady; Ka 2 cash 41%a Oats ,
quiet; cash 2Gc. Rye dull; cash 45a Cloverseed
active; prime cash 8580; October 55 95.
Llvo Stock.
Chicago, Sept 1.?Cattlo, recolpts 5.000 head;
shipments 2,000 Head; market steady; prlmo
*4 Wa515; good to choico W 75: other* 52 75*
4 00: Tcxan*82'23atf25: westerns 92 atari 80; stackers
82 00a2 75; cows 8175o2 25. Bogs, receipts 21,000
head: shipments 6,000head: market dosed 5a
lOo lower; rough heavy $4 75*510; packing 85 80;
prime boavr & S5a5 60; butchers t5 5(m5 70.
tiheep. receipts 5.000 head: shipments 950 head;
market slow and weak; oulls SI 00a2 00; rams
3175o275; westerns 8175aS 15; natives 81 75a3 50;
lambs 8130o5 00. -
East Liberty, Sept 1.- Oat tic receipts 820 head:
shipments 080 head; market nothing doing; all
through consignments. Hogs, receipts 2#?head;
shipments 2,060 hoad; market fair and active:
choloe light weights 86 lOafl W; medium and
fair light 8S90a6 05; extremo heavy 85 60a5 70.
Sheep. receipts 1,100 head; shipments 400head;
markot slow and unchanged.
CiitcctMATi, O., Sept 1.?Hogs strong at84 75a
5 00; receipts 2^00 head; shipments2,000 head.
Pry Goods.
New Yoee, 8ept l?Tho new features of the
dry goods market are all favorable as compared
Wlin mo to uuinons mi u wco* buu. anens ? a
fair business in proarees. and holders are taking
a choorful view of tUe future. Bujren arc ordering
rood* forward at once. Instead of defers
ring shipments, u has been the practioo heretofore.
Brown sheetings are fairly active.
Oil City, Pa., 8ent 1.?Opened at MVo: highest
GO^c; lowest a>Kc: closed at 00kc; sales
9,000 barrels; clcarunces 712,000 barrels; shipments
94.725 barrels: runs 11,058 barrels.
PrmBDBon. Pa., 8ept l.?Opened and lowest
69He: closed and highest aojfc.
Nkw York, Sept 1.?Petroloumueglccted; no
sales; October options 59)ic.
Mm* Vaiiif flant. 1._WnnI rtlllflt hnil i(mi1v>
domestic flceco 20a28o; palled I5a23c; Texas
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 1,?Wool market
doll; prloet nominal and in buyen' favor.
New York, Sopt.L?Pi* Iron dull; American i
812 73al5 00. Copper quiet: lake 80 00. Lead
teady at S3 70. Tin dull; itralta $19 40. I
Cincinnati. o.. 8ept 1.?Cotton firm.
If you fffeel weak
arid all worn out take
Ohio River Bollroud Sunday Kxcunloui.
Sunday excailon ticketioow on aale to i
Woodland, Franklin, Mow Msrtinsville,
Slitorville and Long Rftach. j
A troublesome skin disease caused
me to scratch tor tea months, and was
cured bya few days' use of KSKffS
M. H. Wolff,
__ : Upper Mulhoto, Md.
I was enredeome yean ago of White Swelling i
tamylegbyu*lngKSrafa| and hare bad no
symptoms of reK*J?fi9tara of tbo dla* !
rAUL w. KlRKPA-ntrcX, Johnon Oiy, Ttm,
TitttfMM Bond t?d Skin dIhmm tutlkd (tm. ?3
Swift Bnwino Co^xr.^^y
Wheeling Title and Trust Co,,,*
CAPITAL, - - $102,100. I
??? ' ]
IT. M. RojimIL Prttft I* P. Stlfol, Bec'y. ?i
c.J.:tawSEfc V. P. a I. single Ion. A n't Serf j. ,
Geo. R. fi. QHchrlit. Examiner of TIUo?.
0. Uai, tanttMt Jm. Btymlr CuMm ' 1
A. Jmim Artitut Ouhtoc. J
Bank of Wheeling! \
CAPITAL $200,000, PAID IS. 'J
" c
A. J. Clarice, Joseph P. PaulL
Jatnea Cummins. Henry Bleborson. <
A. Eeymann. Joseph Sey bold. 1
Gibeon Lamb- <
Interest paid oa special deposits. J
lwues drafts on England Ireland and Scotland. j
myll JOSEPH SEYBOLD. Cnhlor.
CAPITAL ^$175,000. f
William Isxtt...-~- President
William B Simpson ....VJce-Presidont.
Drafts on England, Ireland, France ana Gcr
William A. Isctt. Mortimer Pollock.
J. A. Miller. William B. Simpson. i
E. M. Atkinson. Jobn K. Botslord. 1
lleory Spoyor. Victor Bosenbnrg. ti
Jaoob C. Tfaomoa. t \\
jal F. P. JEPSON, Cashier. j
\\t ]
vvesi viignna.
ABOOK of 1,050 PAGES;
With 200 Wood Cats and Biographies of "
This volume also contains M
150 pages of West, Virginia 0.
facts and statistics.
It gives the result of every 41
election since the organization
of the State.
It is the most valuable book 11
ever published- in West Vir- "
ginia. ?
In Cloth $5 00. 1
In Half Morocco $7 60.
Send Ordors to 1 ' dj
de20*DAW Wheeling W. Va, Si
Tlie Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling R.R, i;
Via. Eljrrla and tho Lako Shore Route.
July 2,1303.
STATIONS. 55 80 & 42 Tl
Eastern Time. a. in. a. m, p. m. p. m. ?
Lr. Wheeling t 0 <0 *2 40
Contral Time .v
Ly. Wheeling 8 40 1 40 *
Martin's Ferry....- ...^ 6 02 2 02
Belial re. ~~~~ 6 00 1 05 * 8 80 ?
Bridgeport. Hi i 2 10 8 45 ?'
FluihluR .7 11 811 4M g
Uhrlob??lUe.~ \ 5 40 8 12 4 10 6 05 *
New Philadelphia. COO 8 81 4 81 625 SJ
Canal Dover- -6 07 8 88 4 ? 'ft 88 S
Muaslllon..?...... 665 0 27 5 20 7 'JO g
Sterling 7 42 10 16 6 17 j*
Uralton 8 82 11 05 7 12 {J
Ar. Elyrla 8 55 11 20 7 40 Jg
p. m. p. m H;
Nonralk 8 57 iV
Sanduiky.-............ ? 12 27 i~~/i 2
Toledo 1 46 10 65 Jf.
a. m. ?
Detroit 0 80 10 15 g
Detroit 6 20 7 25 ?
Chicago.-? ...^ 9 00 7 85
a. ra. p. m. p. m. "
Ar. Cleveland. ? 10 10 1216 8 B5
Erie.. , 'Yoi 5 00 11 U
o. in. W
Bnflklo 515 7 20 3 05 ?<
Koitcra Tlmo. ? M
Rochelter ? 20 1015 a 45 N<
t n. SI
8mctlM. 11 16 ? 05 5 16 ? l
AlbMT "'ate 8 50 8 16 W
New York 7 SO 7 65 11 15 ?
p. ra. B<
Bo?ton 10 50 10 60 8 40 Jjj
"Dally. fUftlljr except SaudAy. Oi
J. E TKKRY. Gen. Freight A Pam. AgonL N'
TAUU Tl A rrTV 11M U..1.I Hi
tTpT bp}IBAB.'pnlon pjapoT"*' IrO M
? Pennsylvania Btatlcr.fi - c|
innsulvania Lines]s
Trains Bun by General Time. rickct
Qmcxs at pxkhrcitavu jtatkw 01 , \l
Watxk&t? Foot or Eustxxth 8t., Whksmmo, 1 V
at MoLttnb HounTwnxxxjra, ahv at tin
Pnotm.TAXU Station. Pkidoepoht.
Boutuwkit Htwtxv~m Pav IUxdmc BOWX-"
Daily. fdaur Kxcarr Sojvdat. ]
Fro* Wussuko to jjutb arjuvx. ?
VVtlUburxand SteubonrlUe. t6:30am pm
McDonaid aud Pittsburgh.... ffi:30 am fo.JU pm ?v
Nevr Cumberland ? 6:40am 7:55 to
Indianapolis and St Louis._ "8:40 am pm m
Columbus and Cincinnati...* *9:40 am *5: j6 pm ..
WeUsbure and 8tenbenvllla *8:40 am *6:23 pm T'
Philadelphia and Nevr York. *12*30 pm 02:M pm ?
Bteubenvllle and Plttaburgh*12:80 pm *2:40 pm l
Columbus aud Chtoago. .*12:80 pm *2:30 pm
Philadelphia and New York *?J:55 pm *10:35 am fl
Baltimore and Washington. *i&3 pm *10:85 a m
Steobenville and Pittaburjh *2:55 pm *10:35 am
BteubentilloandDenniaou- *2:55 pm *10.35 am .
Wellaburx - 4:80 pm 6:55 pm M
Indianapolis ei)d St. Loul*M t8:45pm tfl:15am
Dayton and Cincinnati......... fs:4i pm f6:l5 am ?
ateubenrllla and Colombo*. f8:45pm fa; 15 am y
Korthweat Syawm-Cleve. & Pitt*. Dlvliloo.
Trains ran dally. except Sunday. ai follow:
PaoxBainoBroKTTo Liatx. Aaaira
Fv Wayne and Chicago....^. 4:49 am 6:45 pm '
Canton and Toledo 4:49 am " 6:45 pm i <
Alliance and Cleveland...4:49am 6:45 pm n
ateuDonvllle and Plttaburxh... 4:49 am 8:15 pm m
Stoubentille and WeUsvllIe.... 8:43 am 2:05 pm I
Stcubenvllle and Pi ttabutgh.^. 10:12 am 20 JO am a.
Fx. Wayne<kChlca?o...-~?~ 1:00 pm 6:46pa ih
Canton and Toledo?140 pa 6:45 pm n.
Alliance and OereUnd.^..?. 1:00 pm 2.-05 pm m
SteubenrlUe end Wellarllle...- 1:00 pm 6:45 pm
Philadelphia sod New York? 2:44 pm 6.-00 pm l
Baltimore and Washington..- 2:44 pm 6:00 pm ,9h
Jteubentrtlie and PlMaburfh- 2:44 pm 6.-00 pm 1
fteubenrlUe 4 East Liverpool* 6:U pm 7i58 am, <
Arrival anil departure fcf trains oa ?nd oiler
kugtut 7. 18? kxh..vjutiox of uktsucnoi
!auks: dally: fsuuday oxoeptcd; fMonday '
xcepted; i&ituruuy oxconted; |8uuday only;
Saturday only. Kustoru Standard Time.
?>? B.AO. R/R?Maintine. Kartl akuyST
3:05 am Wish; C;y.Balt.. Phil. A X. Y 7:?0 am
*8:30pm Wash. Cy Bait.. Phil A N. Y 2:10 pm
^.*00 am ..Cumberland Aooom tl :55 pm
*3.00 pm ..M^rOjnfiuu Acooui."10:30 am
11:40 am -Momutuvill)) A?votn t8:25 am
[0:10pa Moundvvillo Iccom tl:10pia
11:15 pm Muundxrille Accom t7:S5pm
[t>:45 am Keviter Expru** 15:20 pm
part. IIiTaO. RTR.-cTO. Dir.. Wert ariu/c.
"6^0 am For Columbus and Chicago *3:55 am
1030 am Columbus and Cincinnati.. *5:l0pm .
12:15 atn Columbnaand Cincinnati- ">5:00 am '
'lrgvmu ^.Chicago Express. ?4:20pm
3:Wpm -Chicago Express.....^.., fl2:05 pm
1:2ft pm Colurobiu Accoin fl2:0fipm
0:^am 8L Clalmino Accom 112:06am
fl:80 pa ......8t Cialmllla Accom fl:20pm
>?pa*t. ib.40.b. r.-wtp. A b Div. a kitr 7*.
*:05 am ?For Pittsburgh-. *10:25 am
7:20 am .. J1tteburp^ ?:? pm
5:20pm ?PlUsbuYgh andEast *12:lUam
1:30 pm 1'ltuburgh... fl2:45pm
ftrtOpm ...Washington Pa.. Acoom... tT:50am
16:00 pm Pittsburgh Express 110:55 am
" airr. P. C. a8t. k ry. i axrivi.
7:30 am Pittsburgh flO::*) pm
7:40am .New Cumberland *:JSam
'9:40 am ......StcubenTille and Weatu. pa
130 pm -.Pittsburgh and New York.- *5:80 pm
8:55 pm -.Pittsburgh and Kew York.. *11:35 am
8:80 pm -Wei 11 burg - 0:55 pm
|0:40 am Express, Clo!*audSt Lo/ili... *7:15 am
pm Expreia, Cin. and 8t Louis- *6r23 pm
'1 :30pm Express. 8teub. and Chicago. "3:30 pm
*8:55 pm a..Pittsburgh A Dennisoa.... *11:85am <
IRfiirr I n i.U ? I? " I ihiiim
"5:40 am .....Ft Wajrno and Chicago-... t7:i5 pin
5:49 am Canton and Tolodo 7:15 pra ;
5:49 urn Alliance and Cleveland..... 7:45 pm
5:40 am Stoubcuvillo and Plttuburgh 9:15 pra
9: n ain Stenbcnvillo and Wellfvlue 3:05 pm
1:12 am Steubenvllle atid Pittsburgh t 1:30 am
5.00 pin ...-Ft Wayne and Chicago-... t7:43 pnx
2:00 pm Canton aud Toledo- 7:45 pra
"*92 pm?Allianoe and Cleveland S.Ofi-pm .
Sr2:00 pm Steubenvllle and Weltavliie 7:45 pm
:44 pm Philhdcljtbla and New York tJ:00 pm
:44 pm .Baltimore and Waibington 0:00 pm
:44 pm Stenbenvlilo and Pltuburgh fi:00 pm
7:11 pm Stonbenvllle AKaatLlvoroool f8:53 am
WAH W. A L. K. R R. ARutvt
?:00 am JWheeling A 8teubenvllle. f7:40 am
10:00 ara -Cleveland. Toledo A Wcat i5:? pra
10:0a am -.Wbeeliug A Stoubeuvllle- *5:*) pra
2:25 pm .. Wheeling A Steubenville. f1 P?
*4:30 pm ...: Wheeling A Maailllon.... *11:05 ara
4:30 pm .Wheeling A Steubenvllle.. tll:05 ara
|8:00 am ... Whoellng A Monition.... 110:10 pra
9:45 am -. Wbeeliug A SteubonvlIJo- 19:20 ara
19:00 pm -.Wheeling A Steubenvllle.. t3:30 pra
)CT4irr. C. L. A W.?UsION DEPOT, xxrivk.
6:40 am Cleveland. Toledo A Chicago 8:45 pm
2:40 pm Cleveland. Toledo A Chicago *2:50pin
f C.. L. A W.?BRIDOJtPORT. *
7:10 am Cleveland. Toledo A Chicago 8:15 pra
3;10pm Cleveland, Tolpdo A Chicago *2:20 pin
4:45pm-MaMlllon accommodation- 11:10 ara
7:15 am ..?.St. Claimvllle iccoin. 9:(J0am
0:01 am St Clairsville aocom....... 1:81 pm
2:21 pm St Clatmlllo accom. 4 :C0 pm
6:18pm StClalnivllle accom. 8:02pm
1:'.8 pm Local Freight............ 12:15pm
6:45 am ...... Pawonger......... *10:45 am
2:25 pm I'awunger tl:lftpia
'1:00 pm ........ Panenger......... ...... *7:45 pm
9:10 am ...J3ellaire and Zanesville.3:20 pm
4:00 pra ?Woodifield- 8:30am
Rii.TiMrtRR a nmn
^^SSSSn^^ Departure and arrival of '
EuS^^?raQ^^tndiu atWhoeliug. EascSVS^XSPKIcra
time. Schedule in elJffi
g?0|Wfoct May 14.18U
HmgHV For Baltimore, Phlladel- ,
pbia Novr ^5iij3;05
Keyser Express, 9:45 a m., daily, except
Cumberland accommodation, 7:00 a m., daily ;
tcept Sunday.
Grafton accommodation. 3:03 p. m. daily.
MoundsvJlIe accommodation. 11:40 a. ul,
ad 0:10 and 11:15 p. m.. excopt Sunday.
Fro.m New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore, '
40 a. in. and 2:10 p. m., dally.
Keyser Express, 5:20 p. in., dally, except
Cumberland accommodation, 4:53 p. xn., ex- .
jut Sunday. - v!
Grafton accommodation, 10:30 a. in., daily. r*:,
Moundsvlllo accommodation. 8:25 a. m., ex-"'?pt
Sunday: 10:80 a in., dally, and 1:10, 4:55
ad 7:155 p. m., except 8unday.
For Columbus and Chicago, 6:50 and li25V '
u. daily, and 3:fi0 p. m.. daily, except Sunday.
Cincinuati express. 10:80 a. m., dully, and 19:14 G
m., daily.
Columbus aocommodatlon, 1:25 p. in., daily,
ccopt Sunday. >
St. OalnriUo aocommodatlon, 10:80a m., and ..
20 p. m., except Sunday.
1 auivs.
Chicago express, 3:55 a. in. and 4:20 p, m, ,
lily, and 12:05 p. m., except 8uudar. ! ;$
Cincinnati express, 5:00 a m. and 5:10 p. xa,. -.
Columbus accommodation, 12:05 p. xa, dally, i
S??Jl2nvHfe aocommodatlon. 12:05 p. m. and
20 p. m., dally, except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh, 5:05 and 7:20 a in., dally; 1:30 feftm
xa, dally, except Sunday, and 6:20 p. m*
xnday only.
For Pittsburgh and tho east, 5:05 a xa and ,r
20 p. xa. daily,* and 6:00 d. m.. Sunday only.
Washington accommodation. 6:00 p. m.KdaUr, _ :
ccept Sunday.
w ? 1A.IU- n n^H.IUIn m iin.l . "VS
r tvuiruwvuigui ? ?** nu?u.?v k> *** ??? -?.
:10 a. m., dally, and 12:45p. m.,exoopt8und*jr,.
id 10:65 a. m.. Sunday only. _ '
Woahlngtou accommodation, 7:59 a. m., dally,
ccept Bnnday. -)HIO
On and after Monday, Jnne 19, Paoenger
rains will run as follow*: Daily. fDaily ExiptBanday.
Central time. .
ROUT1I BOUND. 7 5 3 1 ,
p. H. a. m. a. n. ,
hceUntt.. ' SOOfU 28 <5 45 fctf
snwoo<f ... 3 15 11 88 0 00
onnrtsTlile-. 8 85 1150 8 38
ew MartturriUo.......... 4 48 12 5ft 7 20
steravllle- ........... 5 11 115 7 40 X
riondly 5 28 1 28 7 58 - s
. Marys 5 50 1 53 8 25 ^
Ulluinstown............... a. M. 8 80 2 28. 9 10 t
irkenbarg...... ... *6 40 *7 00 3 00 980
iUevUlC- 6 -J3 P.IL 3 40 10 25
iveniwood. 7 00 4 20 11 05 ^
ipley Landing............ 7 26 4 45 11 25 > '
rmhin 7 54 5 11 11 50 \
ew Ifavea.................. ?8 01 ' 6 16 11 65 ' A
irtforf.1 'son sa 1159 >>
son City?........... 8 1ft 5 80 12 05. <
Hloa..... 8 20 5 35 12 10 08
i. Pleasant 8 55 6 10 12 35 ^
lUlpolbu. .9 15 6 27 12 50 -M
ayandote.. 10 85 7 35 2 00
antlnrton flO 45 f7 45 *2 16
1a.m. f p.m. I p.m.
WORTH BOUKft. 2 4 6
r. m. p. m. a. m.
Keeling. fl2 1T? *0 45 9 45
nwood.....^ >1169 0 80 9 80 .'i;.
ouudaville ........... 11 4-1 8 10 i 9 10
BW Martlnsvllio.10 43 6 07 8 03
tonvllle 10 25 4 43 7 40
rlendly 10 13 4 80 7 27
. Marys 9 45 4 00 0 60
ill lama town - 9 10 3 20 6 10 P.U.
irkorsburg- 8 45 2 40 5 45 f8 00
jllevllle 8 08 2 00A.m. 7 20
ivonswood~ 7 23 1 20 6 40
I ploy Landing 7 00 12 64 8 18
rsham. .. 0 85 12 25 6 60
uw Havon. 6 30 12 18 5'43
artford ? 6 26 12 14 5 ?J
asonCHy -.. 6 20 12 05 5 . ?
if ton L. .. 6 15 11 58 5 25
, Pleatant. 5 45 11 26 4 63. t
lUipollS 6 30 11 10 4 37
uyandotto M 28 10 05 8 15 4
untington l 16 *9 60 f8 05
a. m. a. m. P.m. '
/heeling Bridge & Terminal Ky.
Tiuw Table No. 0. to take effect 12:01 a. m..
Bandar. July 9.1893.
Leave Whooliag-tC:W, tSjOO, |8:00. |9s4S tl0:00
ra.. 12:25, ?2:4U. ?4:30. {9.-00 o. m.
Leave Fenlniula-16:46. ttJ :00Tl8:0G, 29:51, fl0:00
jn.. fi:3l. "J:#. ?4:M. {9:00. p. m.
Leave Termtual iuuctloa?*7;22, N:0Q, ?10:47 a.
tl:?. 15:14. J5:14. ffi/JS. MM p. m.
Leave Martin's Ferry?1~ :20,P:07,ViO;53a. m.,
:43. 2:38. tft:19, |5:19.18:32. f?:50 p. m.
Leave Peninsula?17:84. ?:14, *10:59 am., 11:49,
:4C. P Kra.f8:33. {10:06 p. w.
Arrive Wheeling?17:10. 19:20. 11:05 a.m..
*1:52.15:31* |Kai. 18:4.?. jlOill p. m.
Daily. IDally except Suuday. ISundayi only.
All trains will run oa Eastern Tlma
W.4LE undo.. LAW, trains will not atop
itween Martin's Perry end Wheeling. ,
J. K. TAUSSIG, Superintendent.
/heeling & Elm Grove Railroad.
On and after Saturday. October 1.16JX train* "j
[11 run at follow*, city tiuio:
L*AV* Whxxu>* u?' %:U0 <L m.. 7.-00 a. m.. 8:9)
m..9:00 a. m., 10:00 a. m.. 11:00 a. in.. 12*00 ra..
JO p. hl. 2:00 p. m.. 3:00 p. m.. 4:00 pt ra.. 5:9) J!
m*. 6:00p. m, 7:00 p. m., 8:00 p. m., 9:30 p. a
11:0U o. m.
:juvx Hut Gsovx? ?:<? a m.. 7.-00 a. m.. 8:0)
ax..fi 00a sl, 10:00 a. m., 11:00 a. m.. 12:00 to..
30 p. to.. 2:00 p. m_ 8r00 p. m.. 4:00 p. m.. 5: n
m.. A.^fOp. at;7?p, m.. 8*09 p. xo, 9:10 p.
* 10 10 p. m.
'Dallir, except Sunday.
JUROAT-Chnroh train* leave JQtu Orova at
Ml S??nU Uiaafu. -

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