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The Local Wheelmen Getting In S
Sbape for the Raoea.
I '
"Will Take Pure lit tlie Tournament ,
Next Week?Interest In the State <
Championship Events ? 'Zimmerman'*
1SJk JumpsThis Week?Something
About the White South African,
That tfaio time for the big race moot
oi the West Virginia division o! the L. .
A. W. is approaching was aeon yester- .
ilnu m(nrniltln linn lia.
-t>?IUUUII U1V.O ...... -Vtore.
Nearly all of tho local riders
woro at tho State Fair ground) track
training for tdo raeos noxt week. At
one timo twenty or thirty of tho racing 1
wheelmen woro Bprlnting around. Some
very good time waa made, particularly a
half-mile by a W. A. W. man in 1:22.
Thia timo was almost equalled by several
otbors. It is ovident that thera is
going to bo a great fight for the state
championships, in which only "West
Virginia riders can compete. There
aro four of theao contests, quarter, half,
one and tno-mile. The Wheeling
Athletic Wheelmen team is composed
of tielgor, Biholdafler and Stamp, all
good men. The Mountain State ciub's
team will be composed of ilenry and
Max Matlike and two or tnrco otnor oi
the (ait local men. WellBburg, I'arkcrtburg,
Charleston anil probably
Huntipgton will have men entered in
tbeae race*. The admirers of the local
contestants aro anxiously awaiting the
The entries for tho handicap races
close for the local ridors this evening
and all who intend contesting should
hand tboir entry blanks to Chairman i
Gelger, of the race committee, who will
be at the Wheeling Press Club rooms in
the Reilly block until midnight tonight.
The entries for all other events
close Saturday. The showing of entries
ao far ia very good, and it is expocted
there will be at leaat seventy when the i
books are closed. The Akron, OJiio,
cyclers will sond a team of six men to
contest on both days. i
' Arthur Zimmerman, tho world's i
champion biuyclo rider, who is to race
at tho meet here next week, will make
some big jumps this week. From Colambus
ho jumped to the East, and
Wednesday and Thursday racos at
Bpringlield, Mass., whero tho greatest
of all American meets are hold. From i
there Do goes to umcago ior mo naiioniu i
game* of the A. A. U.f and from there i
to Wheeling, and from Wheeling to i
Baltimore. Wheeling people don't seem
to realize how lucky tboy are to havo i
Zimmy race hore. Wero it not that
there aro two open days between
Chicago and Baltimore the local whoelmen
couldn't have hoped to socure him. 1
The same is true of Melntjes.
Laurens S. ^loiutjes, tho white South [
African champion, who appears hore
next woek and who recently won the ,
sixty-mile bicycle international race at j
Chicago, first rode a bicycle two years ago ,
"j and in his first race captured the cap ,
which was emblematic of the chain- ,
pionship of South Africa. "I trained ,
)none at all.nt home," said he recently. t
"winning all my races without train- ,,
ing.- Johannesburg had just completed
its track when I came away. Over this
track I spent a month's time overlook- j
ing this work, and timo was money with ,
mo. X toll you, for I had contracted tor ,
Alnntrionl work all over the country."
"Did you have race meetings in your
country?" was asked. j
"Oli, yos, but bloody fat apart, you
know, and on beastly tracks. Wo have
a lot of good riders in our country, and
I am #oing to see if I can't brine over a ,
fow of tho beat noxt season, Tliore aro .
several that can wallop those English ,
"Then vou will bo ovor hero again I
next year?"
"Well, I am not sure, but I shall cer- i
tainly try. Wero it not that South
Africa is my birtholaco and home, I
should far rather remain in America,
bat," said he, jocularly, "I mav obtain '
the International championship for .
Johaunesberg. It is only a thirty-sevon
day trip from Sow York and we could
easily put our track in record-breaking
All of tho Pittsburgh papers are
booming the local meet and races. Yestorday's
Leader is authority lor the
statement that notwithstanding the i
races that occur at Pittsburgh a few
dnrs after those hero, a hundred riders
i will como to Wlieoling from tho Smoky
Brown, the fast Nowark man has siginified
his intention to enter tho races
here. .
Industrial Progress. ^
Tho southern states are well represented
for the week ending Scotomhor
8tli in the nurnbor of now enterprises
projected and companies organised.
The following summary, compiled from
the Manufacturers' HatrnCt Construction
Department of nbovo date, presents tho
inoro important concerns:
At Savannah, Gs., the Liberty Brick
Co., with a capital of $10,000, will manufacture
An&ther cotton mill proposed at
Atlanta. Ga.
M. Pollock A Bro. Clothing Co., of
i Little Rock, Ark., with cupital stock of
At Tallapoosa, Go., tho Georgia FrnitGrowimr
& Winery Association; capital
stock $2o,000.
I. Graham & Sons, limited, of New
Orleans, La., to conduct printing works;
capital stock $75,000.
Large barrell hoop factory to bo built
at Baton Rouge, La.
The Republican Publishing Co., of
Baltimore, Md.; capital stock $10,030.
The Delta Land, Loan & Mercantile
Co., of Greonvillo, Miss.; capital stock
Sedalla (Mo.) Mercantile Co.
Tubular Vehicle Co., to manufacture
wheels, at Durham, N. C.; capital stock
At Alexandria, Va., charter granted
to Metropolitan Lunch Company with
capital stock of $5,000.
J, W. Perry Company, of Norfolk,
Va., to conduct warehouse and wharf
basinets; capital stock $10,000.
The .Merchants' Stock Company, of
Gay, W. Va.
leunesseo Perfection Stave Company
will build factory immediately at Mt.
Pleaaant, Tenn.
A 40.000 bushel elevator is being built
at Clarluvlllo, Tenn., by Rabbeth &
Kentucky Asphalt Co. it developing
asphalt? Rassellville.
, Sew crushing plant for lead ores at
Ctrtersvllle, Ma, by 8tamp A Morris.
Water workt ate projected at Laurel,
Jld., Lonaconing, Md., aud Grafton, W.
^ The Lonltiana Safety Combined Carmga
and Cradle Co., ol New Orleani,
to manufacture crodlot, utc.; .capital
itock 55,000.
Btraodte & Ruecklioltlt MIr. Co., St.
Loulf, Mo., with a capital stock o{
HO,000, anJ alio at St. Louis, tho Powsrs
tihoo Co., with capital atock of
' Tho Joplin (Mo.) Supply Co., with
capital stock of $5,009.
Tho Lono Elm Creamery Co., of Lone
Elm, Mo. j capital Block $5,000.
Morris & Butt Transportation Co.,
nrith capital stock of $100,000, at Kansas
City, Mo.
I'Utt J'KUlCUXlUfl,
Tlie Tariff flenringa Saturday?A Workingtncn'*
Delegation Before the Way* nnil
Mean* Committee.
Washington, Sept 10.?A delegation
representing tho flax and hemp interoat
Appeared beioro tho waya and means
committee yesterday. Mr. Turner, vice
prosidont of tho Barbour Bros. Co.,
New York, octod as spokesman (or the
delegation. Ho said that the companies
represented an investment of over $5,1)00,000
and employed 6,000 and 0,000
workers, lie rccommendod that the
committee retain the present duty on
the products of these manufactories so
that they-could continue to bo on an
nquality with foreign producers.- lie
nuked if changes wore to bo made they
should bo made quickly in order to re*
store confidence.
Mr*. Ernest Hart followed. Sho is
tho Iriih lady who, on the occasion of
tho great distress in Ireland in 1883,
organized what was known as the Done*
Ral fund in England for the purposo of
employing a corps of instructors to
teach tho distressed Irish women on
tho onst const about Doneaal tho mak
ing of certain cl&aaos of band linen and
knitwork of very high quality. Mrs.
Hart tins charge of tbe Donegal Tillage
at tbe World's Fair.
Iler purpose in appearing before tho
committee was to secure tho removal of
the duty on theso goods with aviow to
oponlng a market for them in tbia
country. The duty at present is 60 per
cont ad valorom ana 44 cents per
pound. Mrs. Hurt mailo an earnest
ploa for thedoatituteinhabitants of Ireland
who mako them. She said they
wore made on hand looms and therefore
do not compete. Marking a market
lor them bore would aid in a more
substantial way than relief funds, to
which America has always so generously
subscribed, tbeso congested, poverty
stricken districts of Ireland.
Mr. Joseph Stowart, of Philadelphia,
claiming to roprosent SO,000 toxtilo
workors. He pleaded for tho committee
to give assurance to tho worklnartncn
that no changes should be made in
tbe duty on textile manufactures.
A delegation was with hira representing
workers in tho lace curtain, upholstering,
worsted goods, ingrain carpets,
ribbons and cotton industries. He said
thcso industries wore terribly depressed,
and ho believed that this condition was
wholly due to threatened redaction of
the tariff.
"Who sent you bore?" asked Mr.
"Tho workingraen. We came oi our
awn free will. All statements to the
:ontrary are false."
Mr. Turner and tlin champion of the
textile workers workers then crossed
lancos. Some bard knocks were given
ind received. Mr. Stewart floored his
intagonist, when in response as to the
right ot the consumers, lie said: "You
wouldn't destroy ail our industries lor
in experiment, and then, if it didn't
fork, legislate to re-establish the mills
(ron had ruined."
Air. Fitzgerald, a woolen worker, testl3ed
to tho depressed condition of the
nroolen industry. "We dou't doinand,
we only plead," ho said, sadly. "In
ivhat von are about to do give us, the
American workmen, tho benefit of the
a). O. Fields'* Minstrels.
It is claimed that the AL G. Field
Columbian Minstrels is the only company
in America owning and using tin
antire train of specially constructed vestibulo
palace cars. This company will
l>o seen at tho Wheeling Opera House
Wednesday evening, September 13. It
ilways draw well in Wheeling.
Hall's VegetaiiM! Sicilian Hair Kb
n'gwkii is unquestionably the boat preservative
of the liuir. It is also eurotivo
of dandruff, totter, and all scalp
All Sorts of Local New* and Coilip from
tlla Ollui City.
Nows reached hero yostorday of an
accident on the 0. & M. railroad at
[iunrnsey tunnel, just north of Cold(veil,
in which an engine and severi^
cars were demolished and the ouglnoor
and fireman scalded to doath,^
Mr. Chas. Gill will leave this week for
Zanenvllle, where ho goes as salesman
(or John Robinson's new glass factory.
Samples of goods were made at the plant
last week. The production will betableware
and general lines.
Thoo. Seals' patentod glass mandolin ,
is a beauty and will command tho attention
of the trade. Tho tone is sweet
anil the inventor can produce tbe instrument
at a low prico.
Tho planing mill has been bnsy all
suinmor. There has boon a great deal
of building in the country of late, aithounh
Bollairo has held her end up
thia^ear. '
Nearly every grocery store was out of
sugar last woek. Tho tea store would
not sell tho article unless an equal
amount of other goods was purchased.
A numborof masons and othor friends
of the late William Sharp attended his
funcirl in SteubenviUe yesterday alteruoon.
George Turnbull, who was Injured on
tho head several days since, was represented
greatly improved yesterday.
Tho banks of this city are cashing
pension checks and currency is apparently
pretty tree with thorn.
Tho marriage of Mr. J. B. N'otT, the
photographer, and Miss Ina Truax will
occur on Thursday evening.
Troll Bros, will begin purchasing
wool again this week. The price will
be eighteen cents.
Checks for pensions will como pretty
thick this week. Some arrived during
tbe past few days. *
Tho Glen Coal Company pays to-day.
This company is building up a nice
"O'Dowd's Neighbor!" will open the
Elyslan theatre Tuesday evening.
Tbe steel workers hold an impromptu
meeting yesterday afternoon.
To cca? nervousness yonr nerves
must be fed by puro blood. Hood's
Sarsaparilla makes pure blood. Take it
now. . 7
Assignee's Sali of Wall Paper and
Moulding at cost. No. 2135 Main street.
V. W. Blur, Assignee.
? _
Is that misery experienced when
suddenly made aware that yon
possess a diabolical arrangement
called stomach. No two dyspepticB
toe the same predominant
symptoms, bat whuteyer form
dyspepsia takes
The underlying cause it
in the LIVES,
and one thing is certain no one
will *nmnin o /Itronnnfin wlln will
mu tpimiiu h ujufb|'wu i>uv
Sit trill correct
Expel foal gases*
Allay Irritation,
smd at the same
Start the Liver working and
all bodily ailments
wilt disappear.
"Tor more than three years I suffered with
Dyspepsia In Its worn Tortn. 1 tried everal
doctors, but they afforded no relief. At last I trietk
Simmons Liver Regulator, which cured me In a
short time. It Is a good medicine. I would not
be without it."?Jam*3 A. Roams, Philad'a, Pa.
"As a general iamlly remedy (or Dyspepsia,
Torpid Liver, Constipation, etc., 1 hardly ever
use anything else, and have never been disappointed
in tho effect produced; it seems to be
almost a perfect cure for all diseases of the Stomach
and Bowels."?W. J. McElkoy, Macon, Ga.
Haps vnd Sllshupa In tho Thriving City
Across the Hirer.
^ Next Thursday afternoon Hiawatha
uouncu no. sue, jr. v. u. a. m., win
present a Has to-?istrict ichool No. 14,
west of Martin's Ferry. The council
trill go oat in a body, and will be accompaniod
by Mochanlca irotn other
couaclla, both Juniors and Soniors.
Hon. 0. L. Weems will make the presentation
speech and a first cloaa supper
Will be aervod.
Mr. Hughes, who has bad chargo of
the erection of the new pump at the
power house of the city water works,
received a telegram calling him to Docatur,
III., to look after a contract there.
Tbepump here, a Hughes duplex, has
a capacity of 2,000,000 gallons daily.
The boiler will be tried to-day.
A large crowd witnessed the game of
baso ball on Saturday afternoon between
the Y. M. C. A. and flremon.
The former won by a scoro of 11 to 8.
Coss and Mooro were the battery for
the Y. M. O. A. and Englemyer and
Ahl for the firemen.
Sir. Clements, formerly of Belmont
county, now in the hardware business
at Olatlio, Kansas, was robbed of several
hundred dollars by the gang with
the Cook & Whitby circua, which
fleeced sevorai towns in the suntlowor
Mr. C. H. Carpenter loft over tho
Cleveland, Lorain Si Whoeiing on Saturday
for Chicago to join Mrs. Carpontor,
who is visiting her mother and taking
in the fair.
*?- ? -i i xt Trr .
inr. nna airs. u. n. whudq kmc Yesterday
over tho Wbeelinir & Lake Brio
road to attend the World's Fair. They
lived in Chicago eight years.
Mayor Theo. Keller will not appoint
a policeman at present to encceed tho
lute George Murphy, the present force
being sufficient.
A largo number of Martin's Forry !
poople rode to Bellaire and ont the pike 1
ou the now electrical railway yesterday.
Mrs. A. Zinlc returned to Stouben- (
villo on Saturday accompanied by Mrs. ,
Frank Ziuk and daughter, Helen.
Dr. and Mrs. Will U. Hall aro enter- '
taining tho doctor's fatbor, Mr. Joseph
Hall, of KonL
The Martin's Ferry boys will try to
set a date with the Barnesville club iu
the near future.
Thurman Selbv, Ernest and Howard
Smith leave to-day for Easton, Pa., to
attend collego.
Mr. Richard Adrian was recontly married
to a charming and wealthy young
lady of Iowa.
Lyman Hanes leaves to-day for tho
World's Fair over the Whoeling & Lake
Erie road.
David aicKlm, who spent tne summer
here, returned to tbe west on Saturday.
Tho Y. M. C. A. mooting yesterday
afternoon was led by Charles Morrison.
Miss Francis Oonwell loaves to-day
for Steubonvillo to attend a wodding,
Mrs. O. B. Ong, of Dillonvnle, Is the
guest of Dr. niri Mrs. A. H. One.
James Tanneliill, jr., has taken a position
in Lash's jewelry store.
Frank Harrison, of Barnesvlllo, is
the guest of old frionds hero.
Roy Wood has returnod from an ox- :
tended visit in Michigan.
Ono cigar dealer has taken out license j
to sell cigarottes.
Amos Bettis leaves to-day (or Vermont.
Nobody can bo troubled with constlEation
or piles if they take Simmons
iver Regulator.
You can be permanently cured of tho
Opium or Whisky habit 'without leaving
your home or business. Dr. B. M.
Woolley, Atlanta, Ga., a noted specialist
in theie disoases, will if requested,
send a valuable book to any one intere?ted.
PROF.SHEFFisthoonlyOPTiciAX i
in tho city that Correctly FITS THE |
of Dnu>?! If you need Spectacles or your
eyes tire or bead achos yhen reading or
sewing, you cat? consult him and have :
your eyes examined for grasses without
chargo at his/ New Optical Establishment,
1110 Main street, one door above
Snook & Co.'s dry goods store. |
WPROF. SHEFF has tho only
CoMrutTZ Octicm. Ebtaeushvikst in the
State, and is tbe only Optician that Fits
Artificial Eyes.
B&~ 1110 MAI.V STREET,
avrtl-Pawy WheMln*. W. Vn
Ueon request of n. H. Cochran. administrator
ot the eslalc ol D. U. Carey, deceased. end In i
pursuance of tho Uw In luch case made etui
provided, I ben appointed THUKSDAY, tho
SSthday of,September, lt?3, commencing el 10
o'clock a. a., ae tbe time, anil my omoe. No.
1401 Cbapline street. In the city of wheoliot, In
Obto county. Weal Virginia, as lbs place for receiving
proof of debts or demands against tbe
said D. H. Care; or bit eetate.
All penoos having claims or demands against
tho said 0., M. Qsrer or his esuto are beieby nottlled
to make proof ot the same before :ho
uadenlgnedl at the time mod place abose appointed.
Commtetootr af moo outs if Gouoiy Court, ot
niiins?nm^.vs- > itrni ,
- - -a
A i if i imn i
; r\ ull41h11
? and
Pv a* s~\
f Just Received and Now Open ;
i for Inspection. ;
T ) {
IrtPn R
NINETY-THIRD YEAR Opens Bept 13. Fully equipped for college work. Electivo cou
m nMmim fur itinii- nf ihn lenrnod nrofculoiis. Laboratorlon for Chcralury. Mineral
and'ttlolQgjv New Observatory. Athletic Field and new Gymnasium with Mcdlcal Director.
l>enses very moderate. Alumni 3C27. Address. THE PRESIDENT, Washington, I
' City of Wheeling ReafEstat
i"j8$5?09fil ?By virtue of a decree of tbo Circuit Cour
imiilii, ttCnumfi Ohioconutv. mado on the27th dav of Mar. 1
AyWMyiffjBW !u tho *a chancery of John Churlas From
Frcese v. Georgo W. Preesu uud othors. we ?l
as special commissioners appointed thereby, i
tS?TCc rp?f?riatifRHCT c,ccJ to sell at public auction at tho north li
door of the Court House of Ohio oounty, on
at 10 o'clock a. m., tho following narcols of li
huhc^atyof Wheeling, of whlcn tho late li
1- Lot.'tt and n.irt of lotion thesonthv
mm corner of Chaplino and Twenty-fourth aire
and having a front on the west side of Chnpl
ntlnnfllno iMMhwaNllv (mm Trv.k
WHITE MOUNTAIN ICE CREAM FHr.tZfc.Ri fourlh itro<Jt to the line of William Auber. i
GASOLINE STOVES. extending westwardly by An equal width to
r. ar utovr nlley in tlio ronr of said loU; and bavin? on
^.aaTMrvnxreua front Part orated a two-atory doublo bi
OAS STOVE 0\ ENS. dwelling bouse,and on tho war pari, a two-et
JEWETTS REFRIGERATORS. double frame dwelling bouse; ^
a full unn of Bnmrner XocassUlos. * Part" of loU 17 and 18 In Eoff'* addition
A full llao oi eummcr .^ocessmos, the atf of WheeUng> floml0(r 45 (cot 9 lac
ou tbo south alileof Twonty-fourth street,
^ ^ M ? _ _ _ having tberoon erected a brick cottage dwell
M p O D 1 TT ^ RRO house. Said part? ol lota have a depth of
IN L O D I I 1 Oi DHV-'t j feet, subloct to a prlvato Alley in the roar, be
Jcl9 1312 Market 8trert. subdlvMon 8 of the plat referred to in the d
?? of Allison and 1'eck conveying tbo aamo
?? ? Charles and Ketursb Walt.
SHOES?W. L. DOUGLAS. & The south half of ot3. in square 7 In
??? ?town of South Wheeling, ou the west sido
WJ nfiUCLAS Ch spline street In tbo Eighth ward of saldcl
" \r w a,.j !n gguareO of the subdivision of
AA QUAC . WILL Joseph Caldwell estate, fronting on tho woati
OO OrlvEi NOT RlPs Of Chapllno stroet and having tberoon erecto
Dojoil ?rt?rthem7 Wh?n r?t In n?d try ? palr.l d?,
Be$t If! the world* authorized to subdivide any of said several j
i... am. a.0% mn eels of land and to sell them respectively a
9 3.00 whole, or in payccls. as they may doom best
sj?a At \iii tho parlies In interest; and said land will be a
*4.Q0/??- ^fZ.wU iu sucn parcels.
a? Term* OF Bale:--One-third andasmnch m
VOiWU inire as tho purchaser or purchosers may eloct oast
am ca acW^mSIhYx a hand: aud tho roiduein two equal install mc
9&.9U BBlP^WrjfZ.Du innlno audoluhteen months from the da)
A 9 4CT6 #g 1 lit mm sale; tbo credit installments to bear Intel
\| JBx Ml./O from the day ol sale.? the purchasers rc?p<
ma Vfer.4WflBk/ ??YS ively to Rivo their notes for tho deferred in?ti
OZ.DD ? wWffiEBw a I *7e menu; and where tbo property told has then
trjo silyn rv*H?T ,-X' ' /? any buildingsor improvements. tbo puroha
^ ^Jirl^ ln addition must insure and keop Insured agal
C.rmv'^ 10,8 b>' flro- 'or tl>0 boneflt of the said coins
IlK n sionon. the said buildings and improvement*
W vfUNUHMffinEr *4)1 an amonnt equal to nt least two-thirds of
uupaid purchase znonoy; aud the title to be
Ifywwint afim DRESS SHOE, mad. In the latest tataodunUl tho lortbororteot the court
itylei, don't pay $8 to $3, try my $3, $3 JO, $4.00 of GEORGE W. ATKINSON-.
(5Shot. Thoyfltoqtil tomtom midourflook??J , ? ,, N SpecialCommlialomr
w??n. IfyoB?l.htoocwOTlMlnyoor footway f*&Sw^5ttog5u.?cS&otth.Clnn.ltCo
loto by purchasing W. L. Douglaj Shoes. Name and ofOhio county, certify that tjond and a?cui
nice stamped on tho bottom, took for It wbsn you boy hasbeon Ri ven by said coraraMonore as requl
H1?: UtVKBMmD^SM'^rint .trwt s?M.???b?r ?'V&3SP 5 10
Tin Hoofing!
Special attention given to all kinds of SHEET ^ ^1L | I^H
'RON' and T1K WORK on buildings. Also MIWHMWP^PWWiiW
5TEEL and F?LT ROOFING. M JIJ f f 11 |ln)Tl\! 'lk1H|
Call and get prices before contracting, u I am
prepared to Rive bargains in that line of work. IlKgftSlarlh
It is an absolutely pure Cream Tartar Bat
Powder, free from alum and other unheal
ISM and MOB MARKET tri'm.B.1". J)U50 TUNING.
SUBSCRIBE TOB Doet your Ptano ?e?d tnnlot or repatrim?
ip we an in dosIUoq to do it for von and c
rhe Weekly Intelligencer -ctratMthaatwmtxdoMm.woai*^
. and4niihed ""rTt*
SlCWPEfl.YBftR. - , ?uo F. W. BAtfMpt 4 Oft
- "
A School for tlio Thorough ToaefclUff of
Boy* and YouagMeo.
Military, EoglUb and Classical CourM*. AIM
Modern Languages. Military Department in
Churge ofaa ofllwrol the United States JfftVy. j
nON. A. W. CAMPBELL .Preaident. '
JOHN* L. DICKEY. M. D ~.&Qft*rr
JOHN J. JOKES, ESQ. ?Treasure
Wo. B. Simpson, Esq. K. C. Dslxeli.Esq.
lion. N. E. \S hltakcr. J. S. Kajrlor, Esq., Bao.
W. n. Cooke, D. D. Augustus Pol lick. Bn.
A. J. Clarke. Esq. Hon. J. B SoromonrlUa
Hon. Wm. P. Hubbnrd. Hot. JacobBrltUnghaia. !.
Houry M. Kussoli, Esq. Win. F. Stilel, Qq. ' y
For rurthor particular! call on or adOres any
member ol tho Board of Trustee* or
aula Pkixctpal.
MrsJ. Stevens Hart's |
School for Young |
Ladies and Children |
T 1310 and 1318 Murket St., Wheeling, W.Vo. .
I The Island can and electric motora own the
Twuv. i Wll\l uuuuui RWOQ WRM* WVl'UIVjl, r~ry
SEPTEMBER 18, 1893, oqntinucs thirty-nine
weeks, divided luto fonr terms. This sohofcl ft
oflera a complote and thorough education In 3
Practical EnulUh, Mathematics/English Classics, :-j
I Latin and Modern Language*. ''
TTho school consists of Primary, Grammar,
Academic and College Preparatory department!. J
TTho mothoda and course of Instruction will vj
compare favorably with tiio pesHfrmitiarfes la j
Tthe country.
lk>y? are received In theJinmajy and flat year
Grammar. For circular* or ldtorvftjw, apply to
J Hoaldeaca So. 7i7 Main St. 7;
Of Wheeling and Vlolnlty I
BETHANY, Brooke County, W. Va., fumlshos y
I great advontugoslnhor regular couraes, ClaaaU
I cal, Scientific, Literary, ministerial ^and /' |
r- Musical, and alao in her spoclal courses in Art / A
and Engineering. Climate hoalthluL Scenery |
beautilul Excellent-Y. M. and Y. W. C. Aato- . 3
? clntions. A perfect homo for both sexes. Broad
religious atmosphere for all doiiomlnatlonf. -;S
^ vy i iuitw xxjl'iuun iu. -j
I For catalojuo or further Information, addreu :j
?urf bkthaxy, W. VA.
IThe Chief Educational Institution
of the State.
Sixteen Professors and Tcachon. a Pro par*.
? tory Department. a Classical Course, a Soiontlfio
I Course, an Agricultural Course, Courses In
? Civil and Mlniujr Engineering, and Mechanical
i Engineering. & Military Department, a Law Department
and a Gymnasium. Each Scientlfle
Department is *plendldly equipped with apparatus
and machinery., Tho Collegiate De- t?.
partments open 10 both foxcs. Tuition ir#e Xo M
M West Virginia studeuta in all departments except .',.t
? the Preparatory Department and free In this
Edoparimont for students to tho number of one ; &
for every 500 population. Fight State Cadots are ,CS
appointed by the Regents from each Senatorial V J
rses District who are furnished with books and - ^
,ogy stationery free. Tho average total exponjes per
Ex- year are from SIJO to 9JOO, excloslro of olothlnff !&
^?a. ana trurei. gcnooi opens September 13. Sena ?
.... for cataloguo to.
DB, F. B. BEVNOLDS, Vico-Pre?.. 'U
aul2* Morgantown, W. Va. :
. Wheeling Bnsiness College, d
mil. snoBTiuxD, smusu,
Etc., Etc. ..1
>3, You will bo n miseroblo failure In business '{
and withouta thorough knowledge of these branches.' *
nap Call at office or write lor our boautlful cataloguo
tree. ___ _ au29 ^
and Cincinnati College of Medicine and 3
Surgery, 43d year, Graded Course.
rick Laboratories, Clinics, Hospitals. Reasonable
Terms. Begins Sept. a6. ' %
110 Address, Chas. A. L. Reed, M.D., Dean,
Jg T. V. Fltzpatrick, M.D., Sec'y. %
In* n*"" ' -'-5
charlottesville, va.
ty: Rearionbefrln* J5tb Sept. Acadcmleal.EDglnetrinf.
tu0 Ijiw, Mwllcal Deportincnw. For Ouloguea, addreaa
ildo WIU. M. THORNTON, LL. D., Chairman. jj
? __ jy2S-TThM
? A Pamphlet,
" How and Where Shall
"in I Educate My Son,"
mts *
r of that may be of Inestimable rtloe to you and ' *
real your Soy, will he mailed free on application. . \t
ect- Addrcu, Tub Kegknti, Gakjuxk, Ohio. .
ia ?mmwr . vj
lul EacUUi and Jtlieuf* C?i?i caad wklnx llbrvj; aapte i
b.lldln*. and avaarataa. KXrr..-?HKi? U)W. Far cMAUfWa, .3
B- Vf MNT?S. !>.. rrt*Viru\. B
Sil&PMW8Ji3gS^ I
_ Fall Mrw la CUaalca, Sdc&cn. PMlMepbr, LlUrMV*. ATI) ,
L tad Maria, ttolaarta Pkyrfcal Daralapuaai aad Caltan. Mfom. M
Uoo. 2 baodabiaa j>?? l uilJleo, ?lih eonptotr appotaWBta,
art Mft wtdtr and (U. MPKNSM LOW. Vor MtaUfM adtfma ?
rttr Mu. BOSK D. VJIUMEK. A. M , rriaaipal.
( IL\NV1LLK, OHIO. A l?apanj?ciii?f Dvalaaa lidtarwy. dj
Tb-roajilr ornalMd. prcpwaimj, Aewl.jnla. ud Karat] .
C?om*. DtadpUaa Mad and ftra. IWa S for noWpa. - j
1*7, J. t?. *. uior.s, r*. D? Pwjnm.' , ?
r?n Term *r Uir*e I aatl totlona 14, f 8M. 9
jrlS-Trtua , \l
=2 ?V BKMINABY, WlllhmBport. Pa. Bothaexea.
Rqfular and Elcctlvo coaraes. FiU for 2
College. Mimic, Art. Modern Langnagef. spoclaltk-s.
ricarn heat, electric light. Catalogue fro* r,
rOpcni BcpL 4. K. J. GRAY, D. D.. President SB
)rL. ^
Given to our friends and
strangers who may visit
( our city during Fair week,
|r to inspect our line of
~ and WALL PAPER.J y: |

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