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' ! ~
y^OTnHMurriM^B '
Dr. JfUM JMfcoJ Oh, Elkhart, Ind.
You will rcoember tho condition I mi In flTO
-an w?. when1 aEllctoa with % otnbliut?n
of dues**. aodthontfit there mi ?o hcl?
" l tried?11 klndaofuwlMmi8?oore?.
t ?t muic 11/0 miserable. I cnmmimrwl to Uk*
Hid iu three month* | w.? Kftrccrty eunco.
lu mr travel* each year, when I we the tboajandi
oi Lliyslcttl wrecks, ea&xiag from nerroui.proa,
.1 A t rat Ion. tftHpg prescriptions from
M AG local phystaiana who hare no knowln
nw edxo of tbetr cue, and whoae death
U certain* I feel like going to them and laying,
ovcnrork.men w#1 * ^ tal proetrv
you una ncrvoni ezhanstloa, brought on by tho
character of tho business engaged in, I would
yasuro euro tor all iuflbring from these caused.
j ajtn e- wixnu, '
gold on a Positive Guarantee.
Op. Ml LES* PILLS,60 Dosk825Ct&
SuM by Drag^sU Everywhere. mrl8-MWgawy
:&13'TiRIII Ffi i
: Hi/m.tu |
RIPAKS TABU LEA in tko bMt H?ll. S
cImo known ft?r Indlgcflllon, BlUouaucM, f
J Headache, Conntlpatlou, Dyapeptilu, Chroulo a
I.lrcr Trouble*, DImIocbk, Bud Complexion,
Bjaeatery, Offeiulve Breath, and all dl*. f
2 orders of tbe Stomach, IJver and Bowel*. X
Hi pan* Tobulea contain nothing InJuriotu to
thomart delicateconeUtutton. AreiNMMt to
take, aare, effectual, and giro immediate relief. J
e , Mot be obtained by application to ncareat
A New and Complete Treatment, oonatrting of
f^POBITORIl&wnmlee of Ointment and two
gozM of Ointment. AnoveMaWng Cure for Plica
ot every nature and degree. It makes ou operation
with the knife or injection* of carbolic add, which
aro painful and seldom u permanent oera, and often
faulting m death, tmneoeaearr. Why endure
Ux ftwt LITEB and ST0S1 iOU BEODLATOB ?nd
GUARANTEESiwnefl only tttromtn mcuju*
BROTHERS, DruggUto, \Vbeellng.
igsgha permanent cure
Lpb-UI no other tmtocal walrja^djdUiout
fwsN I !! dragjUUL .jTWrrt. (nmw to
/?> ki| dub ??d WlUkoy Hafclta
lUlIlBD oared at borne with*
PIIIMoutpsln. Bookofparh|b
5wl!li!fc ,!F*Et
HfWMHfaaHM u.m. nuuLLQi.w.u.
I USromco,imkWxutobjiuSt:Atiant*. fit.
A BOOK of 1,050 PAGES
\ '
With 200 Wood Cot* and Blogrnphle* 0f
This volume also contains
150 pages jof West Virginia
facts and statistics.
It gives the result of every
election since the organization
of the State.
It is the most valuable book
ever published in West Virginia.
In Cloth ....15 00.
In Half Morocao 80.
. tnw Wheeling W. To.
Oldest Art Store in the state.
JViiTca, TMiaw Looking Gluaof. Art tits'
?u?ri?:?, Arekltfcett' lad earreron' supplies.
MiliUo Vromes to order."18
ciperloaoe, beer materiel* expert labor.
-feg >' 1B1MW 8oeet
JJf* PMtttrrtj extracted without pain bj
{"" ppllcaiioa No alter eSbeta.
? A. B. MILLER. D.D.S..
?PW ?2 Twelfth Btroet, Wheeling W. V*.
' - !
InterMttof Fact! BustwMd Bj the States* Wet
maa'a Death.
Kcu York Dtopateh.
The obituaries of Himilton Fish fall Nc
to record the intereiting fact that he wll0
woi the eldMt ex-governor of the state, rase
the oldestex-TTnited8tatessenator from '*<"
New York and the oldest ex-secretary ^
of state of the United States. Be eerved
as governor in lSig. Not one of his q,
predecessors in that high office is alive, per
and of hla fourteen successors onl; four. !?!<
including Governor Flower, are alive. j%,
Cornell, Cleveland and Hill are now tbe it S3
only living ex-governors, and yot Cor- ?b?|
nell was elected fourteen years ago. qJ3?
Fish served aa United States senator ft
from 1851 to 1857. There have been tonfonrteen
governor* since Flab, and, ca- 1
riously enough, there have also been
fourteen United States senators from jqJT
New York since Fish left the senate, priii
and of theso only Piatt, Miller, Evarts,
Hiscock, Hill and Unrphy are alive; h,?
and Thomas 0. Piatt, the Republican dun
leader in New York, now ranks aa tho JjJb
oldest ex-senator from this state. Sew- "JJ
ard, King, Harris, Morgan, Fenton and ioo.
Oonkling all served in the senate after "u I
Fish left It, but they proceeded him to ^
?.he "silent majority. Ml;
Fish served as secretary of state from tioni
1869 to 1877. All bis predecessors in
that office have passed into history, and Co
of hla successors only Evarts, Bayard, '?no
Foster and (iresham are alive, and {Jy
Evarts, who has just celebrated his nui
golden wedding anniversary, and who u>?n
has gone into permanent retirement
from public life, now stands as the old- 7Sc;
est ex-secretary. Fish served in the
administration of President Grant, who \}t
had during liia two torms twenty-four city
cabinet officers, of whom I believe only
seven are now alive.
Of tbe citizens of Now York who have Lim
sorved in Presidential cabinets, all ex- Fi
cept Evarts, James, Whitney, Fairchild,
Tracy, Lainont and Bissell are dead.
During Hamilton Fish'B long life tbe Med
city in which he lived has grown from a jfg
town of 100,000 inhabitants to a metro- su
polls eighteen times that size. When Co
ho waa born the city did not extend
above Chamber! street, and the present n 10
city ball, which was then Duililing, was ?i10
constructed of brownstone in the Dacfc, {{Jbecause
it was supposed that, like a lib.',
good soldier, its bacl? would never be He;
seen, as nobody lived behind it J! jS
Col. Nicholas Fish, bis father, lived sioc
beforo his marriage at 63 Wall street, ipi
the home of Mrs. JDaubenev. Walter Sn'j
| Barrett, in his "Old Merchants of New crtu
York," relates how Colonel Fish and Ol
Mrs. Saubeney's daughter, Charlotte, JJjJ
fell desperately in love with each other.
For some reason or other they did not _
marry, and Colonel Fish afterward mar- trn
ried Miss Stuyvesant, daughter of Potor ?'s
Stuyvosant Miss Dauboney committed
suicide by drowning hersolf in the so; i
North' river. This romance of ninety
years ago is now recalled by tbo death j,
of Colonel Fish's distinguished son. bini
r $3K
I It Baa a Useful as 'Well as a Satisfying &
Minion to Fill* ~ SQ;
I _ _ uOJK
Dvitttuter examiner. 7^
The English sparrow has two mia- ?w:
sion8, in fact, as far as heard from. One peu
la to eat up the beetle posts that are de- J[ $
etroying by wholesale the splendid,
pine, spruce and hemlock forests of the
Alleghany mountains, particularly in Ri
West Virginia and Maryland. It is JJJS
said that they hare already Bared many n>? 1
thousand dollars' vorth of pine timber. Xfc:
!Tis well. We ean spare a million
English sparrows for the pine forest S3c:
region. Let them be boxed and sent to &
the Alleghonle* at once to begin war on ri{!
the pine boetle. People in other parts waal
of the country are so generons that
they would not even think of oharging j['(
anything for their sparrows, but wonld woo
let the pine forest Inhabitants have
them as a gilt and welcome. Then
there is tho other mission of the Tt
wretched little dirty-coated bird. It is hop
to be broiled and' eaten on toast. A u ,'
government ornithologist reported sine
some time since that the English spar- lani
row was rosily very palatable. The ^
tlesh is especially tender and appetiz- so: I
ing in the fall, after the creature has >
gorged itself on the farmer's grain crop. ^
[ A ride tnrougn tno country wnon me eh
wheat is in the shock shows sometimes noi
these birds attacking the fields in num- r'
I bers like swarms ot bees. They destroy
[ annually thousands of bushels of grain.
They aro bolter when trapped or netted, Tb(
being so small in size that shot shatters
them. In sotno ports of the country they Nl
have already a commercial value in the 4 ?
food market. A successful sparrow net (erJ
would undoubtedly in time be a paying Mr
invention. Bllv
Fans of tinted gauze and lace. ... d>r
Table linens in teardrop patterns,
Turkish slippers for bed room wear, mni
Small tartan plaids for girls' frocks. {fvo
Bilk handkerchiefs with lace edgings.
White broadcloth for vests and capes, any
I Black silks in satin and bengaline
I weaves. din
Table sets of boblnet and handmade t??
lace. ly"
Brown, navy, slate and rnsset-hued
hosiery. * Mil
Hose having ribhon tied through like bee'
a garter.
Evening designs in satin striped Jap- uki
anese silks. don
Bayadere striped goods in silk Jand VSwoolen
fabrics. go
New patterns in silk, mohair, alpaca, bat
otc., petticoats. Ju <
Silk embroidered handkerchiefs with
oponwork border.
Black molro Francaise for trimming .
colored woolen gowns. D (
Volvet ribbons in Nos. 3,5,7, 9 and 12 U- s
for trimming costumes. j?c?
Black hose for the universal wear of
men, women and children.
Comfortable nightdresses among the Jf?"
sanitary woolen nnderwear.
Magenta colored gownsand trimmings con
for brides' trousseau dresses. ?bii
Tight-fitting jackets- having the mnch cm
talked of umbrella plait backs. [ ]
Drossy odd waists foraceordion-plated ??\
silk muslin over taffeta silk. ^
Serpentine and fancy mohair and [*>
worsted braids to trim autumn gowns.
?Dry Goodt EamomuL dt
? For
( A Phyilci*n'? Adrirr.
To those who travel, or those .who re- u.k
main at home during the summer, ^
"never be without a stimulant." Its Urn
timely use savea the system from many
a shook, and as a preventative of di?- j|?:
ease pun Whisky has always been ui*
rocommended. Max Klein, of Allegbeney,
is a reliable dealer, who only
keeps tho pure* liquors in,stock. His ,?
Silver Age, at $160; Duquesne, at $125,
and Bear Creek, at $1 00 per full quart gSB
each, cannot be equaled. Send for cata- W
logue and price list (mailed free) to .TEfl
Max Klein, 82 Federal street, Alle- ift
gheny, Pa.
It win eon yoa olemase jom Hrer, a&d gift
ft good AppeUM. [Tain
T>j;t L ... ; vi-sik&fti
>kJy Report of the Local Market* 1a rai
all IJnea. \
Wueelino, Tuesday, Sept. 12. J i
imeroos changes are quoted in the local J
[Male market*. Coffee In package* has ad* ^
ed ball a cent, and green coflee has fone up c
centt. Arbucklo'a attempted aqueeseaeemi
are miscarried. Sugars art firmer, as are J
[a. Hogs aro advancing. 27}
okain, flocb and feed.
afn-Ncw wheat, MaCOcper bushel Corn. I
bushel, ear from a to re, Mc. Oats, out of 1
i, western crop, 40a43o per bushel; new oats, )
, tot
9ur?Fancy roller mill winter wheat, wood is i
40 per barrel; papor. 9316 per barrel; spring 1
it Minoehaha 94 50 in sack, 94 60 per barrel 8 A
wheat, Famous 9310 in sack. 93 23 In wood; 7 8
xy, M 60 In sack, $4 60 per barrel fi
ed?Bran 9l8aWper ton; middlings tl9a20per Oc
Hay, baled, flC 00al700 per top. retail; 7 a
tmur hav KM (W?17<Yl m, Inn kTIUJSKYV (
^ ? |>?t WW
raps-Choice sugar syrups. 80c: Honor drip? J?*
new crop New Orleans molasses, choice, 40c; f
10 38c; fair 55c; mixed good, Now Orleans ?*
bakers' good 85c. ?
ovtotoM?Largo 8. C. hams 12c; medium a C.
12c; 8. a breakfast bacon 14c: 8. C. shout* "
Do: aides 12)fc: ordinary beef 12c; ham ^
i beof l4Xc: family mesa pork, 5 tb pieces,
0; bean pork. One clear, ta 00.
irrf? Pure reflnod, In tlorce. ^c; 80 lb tins ***
Chicago lard, in tierce, 9J$c; W tb tins 10c; *P|
pall*, a tba lo>?o; tin pall*, ft lbs, 10%o; tin Jg
i, ID lbs, 10Mc; tin pall*. 20 lbs. 10c. - fi
par?Cutloal 0.14c; cubos 5.75c: powdered P?
granulated standard 5>4c: standard confec
on' A 5.39c; Columbia A 5.26c; standard ?n
Isor A 5.26c: American A 5fcc; white extra
4o: extra C4J4o. _ {ft
tfu?Green codec?Fancy Golden Rio 25Kc: ??
y green 23>tfc: choice green 22o; roasting ??
e? 20c; Java 28c; roaated in packages?Arrow <?a
22.70c; Fan-Hahdie 22.70c: Arbnckle & Co.'? ?*
lod 22.70c; Bulk roasted 22tfo: Old Govern- ?*
t Java routed 37c: "A" grade lUo 22J?tt
as?Young IIyton, per. lb, 23a50: gunpowder P?
to; imperial 36*50; Japan 23a70o; Oolong 22a
Soucbong 22&&C. i,*
MdirtSUT. full weight, lOo; Parafllno. per 1BZHo;
mould, per set, 10c. . 1
ttegar^Choice elder, 12al4c per gal; standard \V1
brands, lOallo per gal,: country 13al5 per 8u
as to quality. . . 7S<
Is quoted as Jobbing at 9o for full 8e:
m; fiweltscr. 18al8Kc. according to quality; fir
burger 14c; factory 10c. to
st^No. 2 extra mackerel, K bbls. now. 100 vii
$875; No. 280 lbs., 87AO; No. 8, small, 87 60 fir
0 lbs.: No 8 largo. 100 lbs., 1775. , <
*ta?Timothy, 12 00 per bu.; clover, small hli
it?No.' 1, per bbL, 9100; extra, per bbl., "v
. .I.l.rf At... R-K.. aunlr. tl rJ\ iui. biiaIt
uaii j i uuu, iruu, wivh, vt ?v pi nU
Kd Corn?llo por lb. rtr
nntd Goods-Standard 8-lb. table peach, flr
i; plo poachos, 8 lbs., 9100; pie peaches. 6 flr
1200; No. 8 tomatoes, new, 81 00; oorn, gl?
; 2d grade, 2 lbs., 90o; strawberrios, 2 lb*.. .
; blackberries, 2 lbs., 8110; raspberrios, 2 . j
|100; damsons, 2 lbs., 05c; lima beans, 2 iy.
90ca8l 15t covo oysters, 1 lb., light, 70c; do
, fall wolght, 8100; string beaus, 2 lbs.. 85a ?P<
succotash, 2 lbs., SOcal 25; early June peas,
I; French peas, 82 75; Marrowfat peas, 2 lbs.,
; pineapples, 8150; gooseberries, 2 lbs., 00c* ]
nden Ware?No. 1 tubs, ?575; No. 2, 85 25; W<
3, &1 2ft: 2-hoop pails. 8180; 8-boop, 8150; Wi
lo -washboards, $1 50; double do, 82 50; line N.
iped double do, 82 75; single, 12 50.
t?Lard, western extra strained, 75o; carbon, '
ir white, 7c; 110?, 5fcc: 150* 0c: white ]
ore' beat, 70c; white mincers' No. 2,66c. j
Uter?Country choice, per lb., 18a20o; coon- J1?
rood, 12al4o; creamery, 25a30c. ln
ip#?Fresh in caie, 12al3o per dozen. w<
<ultry?Price per pound: Old roosters, 8a4c: hJ,
kens, spring, 8c; chickens, hen, 7o8c; ducks,
spring ducks, 9c. g,
opical FruiU?Lemons, 82 75a3 25 per box;
mas, fl 00a2 00por bunch: oranges, Messina, |
ia3 75. i fix
vetabU*?Cabbako, homo cabbage. 75cafl 00
barrel; Early Rose potatoes, fc00a225 per
el; onions, 75ca31 00 per bushoL
iriy Vegetable*? Cucumbers. lQal2o perdos- u<
tomatoes, 50aG0c per busbel; beeta, 20c per Mi
in: watermelons, 85 00al000 per 100; beans, ]
per bmhoL Green corn, 81 oO per barroL wl
lea, $20Oa3 00 per barrel. Damson plums, w
i per bushel; gruen gage, $3 00 per bushel;
ih plums, 83 00 por bushel Fcaches. fancy,
i per bushol; choice, 8115 per bushel; good,
i per bushel. Cautalopes. 81 OOal 25 per barsweet
potatoes, |315a3 25 per barrel: celery,
>er dozen.
nU and BarJb?Ginseng, dry, per lb., ln de- 1
,d, 82 50a2 76; sassafras bark, por lb., 2}{a3c; be
tiro* Oil, per On, 40a50c; May apple root, per bt
^a2c; yellow root (golden seal)* per lb.. 20a es
Dlood root, pet lb,, 2c; Seneca snake root, dt
t>., free of top, 35o40c; West Virgiuia snako as
,per D>., 25a35c: pink root, per lb., fine, 80a
elm bark, per !b.. la2c. 161
ons?Prime now hand-picked, medium, 8150; sai
to now hand-picked, navy, 8170. S8!
Ml?Flue washed 18a20o; %o off for unied;
medium unwashed 16c; medlnia 75
mev? In the comb, per lb., ]5al6o. 15,
White mixed cotton, wr lb., lo; all to
I, per mixed, per ft., lo.
Wheeling Llvo Stock Market. ,1
io most noticeable feature Is tho advance In 2t<
i caused by the cool weather and consequent jj
ro demand. 3 ?
io cattle market Is practically unchanged re
e last week. Common stock In sheep and ve
t? unsalable. ?5
ille?Extra, 1,000 to 1,200 lb*. 3,l5a3J<c; good, 6 <
01,000 lbs. 3a3.15c; good. 800 to 000 lbs. 2 (
air, 700 to 800 lbs. 2tfa2>$c; common, 600 to
bs. 2a2^c; bulls, 2a2&c: cows. lHa2)(c.
>j8?Extra, J>.85aBc; good, &%oJ>.85c; common, ?
Extr^^^8c: good, 2a2%c{ common,
W?bou?-820a25; calves, Safe. *?
??? 4 h<
i Features of the Money and Stock gj
:w York, Sept. 12.?Money on call easy at 8a i
ur cent; last loan S per cent, closing of* ^
d at 3 per cent. Primo mercantile paper 8al2 ba
cent Sterling exchange weak at $182>fa4 85X- 06
sr certificates 75a Total sales of stocks to*
wore 212,800 shares. , bnr
i the peculation on too aioca eicnnaRo tothe
bun' held the muter; and there woro M
ml (acton which helped thorn to depreas
?, not any one of which were specially slgant,
and whloh aliogethcrconldnotpethape !
otisly aftfcet tho dealing* upon a day ot ac- go
tnolng with a pugnacious bull element In an
port o( the market But there wn? not a pr
r decided buying movoiiicnt Inaugurated at W
time to-day. Among the local Influence* mi
e a report subsequently verified that there
lid be no lncreaae In the Manhattan railway
dend, an announcement ol tho proposed orIsatlonofsnoppoaltlonoompanyln
Chicago, 91;
expectation that the Weatern Union quarter- It
sport would ahow a aerloua decreaae In net
tings, and near the close of the day the reits
of advlcca from Philadelphia that the Lel
Valley Railroad Company directors had de- .
fd to pasa the quarterly dividend, which baa He
1 paldwlthout a break for the paatthirty
is. Tho list piece of news was the most
:Uvo In depressing the market, and was 1
in advantage of by the bean to hammer 41
rnprices In tho late dealing*. And thus the
closed with a spocloa of wot blanket on tho
bongo, which held prices down to or near
lowest figure of the day. At times the mar- m
was fovcriih In tono. Kalllta wore frequent
the decllnca were greater than the recover- "
utd a lower range of prioes was oflected and Pi
ntained, tho decllno compared with last
it's closing figures being J<a4por oof- ?
tllroad bonds quite active. eB
tverament and state bonds dnlL VI
Sonne and stock quotations?ctoeao bid. _
i, 44 reir ......110M Nashville & Chatt. 63 ~
l 4? ooupou?111m New JerseyCent.. ..109
L <Kt?k f?X Norfolk AlVost p'd 21%
111c us of '35. 102 Northern Pacillo.... 8
(tUon. ... 20K do proferrod 24?
ims Express 137 Northwestern.?....
erlcan BniresaJ07 do preferred ...1S3
imore & Ohio- 69 New York ContntUOl
ada Pacific- 75 Oregon Improve't. 12
ada Southern... ? Oregon Nev?.. . 45
tral Pacific 22K Pacific Moll 14X
sapeake A Ohio 17)5 Pittsburgh..... .?...140
aiblt Alton 152 Pullman Palace.?17U
"Bur. A Qolncy. S4K Reading. 19W
:ago Qes....?. teu Richmond.Term. 'ift
i, C. A St. L.__ 87)2 do preferred...... ?
Coal A Iron 8K Rock bland. .IK
ion Oil CortlBo- IH>{ 8t Paul ......... S>X
. A Hod 119 do preferred-.,._118>j
, Lack. A WcatUO* 8t Paul A Omaha. 85
. AK.G. pref'd 80 do preferred- .
15 Sugar Refinery..?'9l]<
1 preferred........ 81 Tenn. Coal A Iron. 15w
t Wayne 140 Texas Pacific
tola Con tral 92K Tol. A 0. Cen. prel S5
isaa ATex. prct ? Union Padllo?... 3X
e Erie A Weat... 19k 0. S. Expreaa SO
> preferred. 88>5 \f.. St L. A P...?.. 7J4
c Shore. 121 , do preferred 16fc =
1 Trtut. 81W Wella Fatvo Sx la)
IsvIUo A Naah.. 63}{ Western Cnlon.? MM
nphls A Chaj? 10 Wheeling iljlt- 1?{ -r
hlgan Central... SO do preferred..?.. 47 J
tourlPaclflc? 20H (
BmaulstaSk land Provision*. 0,
nciioo, Ul., .Sept 11?Big exports at the pt
intlc seaboard with hints of war and higher pt
ca across the water boomed the prices of is
n here to-day. o'
hut at the opening was IMfe lower than i?
onlay, but alter some fluctuation* advanced 0)
jver the lowest point and held' firmly, eloe- ?
at abont the top. The strengtu yraa sa
Ibuted to the "bnUlst" report of the Mark
t Etprm that the Bnaalan government had th
red the bnylag of a very large quantity of n<
and touched on the jnsatblllty of an Euro- at
1 war. Trading was larger and the market tx
letting broader. "Shorts" manifested more
losltlon to cover. There was more or, less 18
log on the various bulges.! The market ad- Cc
oed steadily throughout and the offerings ot
n were ratter mora <rw on tie bird ipota. __
'n SYu^oS'^^dliS101^ II
^^ftaaawCTft 8?
SS^a^^J^^toUmberM^inKt ?M
4o:October a^sftiniyS; Bcoember 27)i? *J?
^ sg
Iw Pork?Cub *nd Soptember 11810: Oo- **tter
>er Sift 00*15 96*13 00; Jurnarr W 76*1* U*
'iwMiih 18 <0*8 70: September 18 00*8 67K* Trm
D: October <8 87)^*8 62^*8 40; J*OU*ry |7 72)4*
7^a7 87&
Ihobt Kuw?Cash |10 85:September tlO 02K:
!ot??ttSn,*ix,*,W.. iannarv 17 22^*735*
)then unchanged.
<rw York, Sept 12-Flour, receipt^ ,000ba^
a: eiporu 8^000 bairclj; i&leiJ&OOO^bara'li. Ulhp
irket active. Wheat, rccelpta 27JOO bushela: U liC
porta '712.000 bushels; tales SjSB,w)0 bushels of
turcs and 94,000 bushels of ipot: ipot market
tivo: ungraded red, 69a74c; options "trong
d higher; Na 2 red September 78a74a74e,
lobor November 75Ha77a77c: ??p
ocmbcr 7^7?U7fe$c. Ooro, reodpts74,0C>> OAh
ahela: extwrta 108,WW bushels; sales 1.0M,)
bushels of futures and 98,000 bttiheU of
ot; marketstrong and higher; Octobcr 49Ha G?NK
rta 7?,u00 buahela; safes fttf.000 buahelsof furea
and 127.000 buifaels ol snot: market firm
d hlenar; No. 2 white 39c;No2 Chicago 87c:
ptemncr 33Mc; Octobcr &frl0W2Xfi- h. m.
m; weateru Bteam IB 12^T October 19 82. q j f
( ember 99 10; September W 95. Pork firm, Q
w men 117 00al7 60. Batter qnlet: western _
Iry l5>{al9o; do creamory wa27o. Choose
mf ?rai atcady; woatern l?j<o. Tallow G.Lai
sady. Jtosln Arm. Turpentine eaay. Blco
m. Molaases nominal Ctfflbe Ann at 26a50
lots higher; September 18.2Qrj October 18.00a
30o; November I5.90al6.10c: Dewnto 15.76a r-v^
OOo: January 15.70al5.85o; March 16.50c; May K3
20al5.25c. Sugar firm. J-/u
Baltimore, Ma, Sent. 12.?Flour active.
beat tirm: No. 2 red western, cash, 7(%a71c; I
ptember 70%a71o; Octobcr 71 He: December
j. Corn firm at 62c: western strong: cash 51c;
ptember 50a50Kc; Octobcr -tSNUQKc. Oaf?
m; No. 2 mlxed&Kc. Hay fairly active; fair
choioe 118 60*15 00. Bye dull; No. 2.52c. Froilona
quiot. Coflee firm; No. 717)cc. Butter A. J
m; fancy creamery 27a28c; choice 24a25c. j*
Cincinnati, o., Sept. 12.?Flour Armor. Wheat
jher; No. 2 red Bio; receipts 7.000 bushels;
ipments 4,000 bushels. Corn dull; No.2 mlxod inte
i Oats easier; No. 2 mixed 28!$. Ityo Jaw
Jet: No. 2, 80a Fork quiet at $1650. Lard jvfl
m at |S 25. Bulk meats firm at fio 60. Bacon
mat 112 25. Whisky quiot at $112. Butter -1313
m; fancy Klgfa 29c. Cheese 17&1UC. Sugar flj
ady. Eggs Arm.
Puiladelfjua, Sopt. 12.?Flour Arm. Wheat c
tner; No. 2 red spot 70a70Hc: December 75a
tfc. .corn mgner; ueccmocr -retfc. uaia usm, j. n. ^
at85^0; December 83a8Cc. L. 8.1
Philadelphia Live Stock Market.
'iuladklpuia, Saturday, Sept 9.?Tbo rocolpU ,
tre: j
Beeves. Sheen. How. i.
at, Philadelphia Yard... 3,005 6.&00 i&)0 1*
Pennsylvania Yard 300 1.000 500 Draj
rotalfor tho week?... 8.80ft 6.600 5,800
Previous week 8,080 8,800 5,300
Beef Cattle?The exports vrore 800 head to
els go w. per steamer Cartbsgenlan, and 222 -y-w t
ad to Loudon, por the steamer Missouri, leav- |-<fl
B only 2.848 head for the local market, which
>ro fairly aouve and fully %o per pound C
Ifher on all grades.
:tra J^cllnfertor^.. -4a4tfc g?,
>od...,. ^4%a5V4C Common. .3}$a3?io many
jdlnm.... ~4>&t4%c |
Sheep woro uotlvo and sc aron, and prloea closed
mer, whllo lambs advat col l/fi per pound. y/
quotations. j.
ctra 45io|Common. .J2ka3ftc ?
>od 4Xa4Xe Culls. ..? lHa2^c Ul
xlium ?3#uc|Lambs ?8Ka6Ho
EZogs were active, and prices advanced kc,
ith prospect of another advance Wodnesday.
o quote: Western BKaBJ?c. /
Pat cows were in fair request at 2Xa8#c.
rbln cows wore fairly active at 8Ca20. ?
Mlloh cows were in moderate rouest at 825a45.
Milch calves were in fair demand at4^a6Wc.
Dressed beeves were active and highor at 6a8c. p J.
Horse and Mule Mnrket,
Cincinnati, O., Sept. 9.?The horso market has =====
en good, a fair demand for all classes of stock;
it tho demand for first-class stock is very good,
poclally heavy draft hones and good, prompt
iver*. But the supply of stock Is still light
d at times very scarce.
Homes?Good draft horses I115al80, extra $185a Tt/f
5; good driving fll&ai40, extra Il40al75; good lyl
ddle fll0al25, extra flSOalOO; good Southern ^
ialio. extra |110al25: streetera Ii?al00. ?
Mules?14 to 14K hands, good UOaSS, extra tflOa
; 14Xto lfi hands, rood. 870a85, extra 885al00: P0KTI
to 15K hands. g?d 885all6, extra ?110al25: ">BTI
K to lfihanda, good ?20al85. extra flSOalfiO; 1$
ml k.nH. n/tAri (lihlM a-rtM IlKalM
Ure Slock. jois
Cmcioo, Sept. 11?Cattle, receipts 7,000head;
lpments 8,000 hud: market sum?: top natlvo
Msra. IS OOaS85; Hood to prime tINMK; roeum
M 00a4 25: others. ?25aa7S; Tcjtans 12 80s
6; westerns, <3 0On3 SO: Com <1 80o2 70. Hogl, __ _
ocipts 18,000 head: shipments 7,000 bud; mar- T)I
t active; mixed and paokersSSOOsiW; roughs XV
40aj5fl; prime heavy 15 65: do light 36 25a
10. Sheep, recelptt 11,000 htti: shipment! f-p
100 head; market steady; natives 12 S0a325; VJt
sterns 12 75a3S0; lsinbsSCIOsaaO. And
Eabt LtBUtXY, Fjl, Sept 11.?Cattle receipts
) hoad; shipments<00 head; market alow at
sterday's prices. Hog receipts 1,900 head; ,?v
Ipmenta l.MO head; market fair; com fed 16 30
60: grusers 16 00a6 2a Sheop recolpto 8,a? ?
iad; shipments 1.400 head: market, sheop and
nb market Terrdull, }<c off irom yeeterdsi't
BwcOTATJ, O., Sept. 12/?Hogs steadyat $5 00a ,
3; reoeipta 2,500 head; shipments 1,600 head XD6 '
Oil Crrr, Pi.. Sept 12.?Opening 64Xo; highest V!
>Cc: lowest MHc: dosing 6O4C: sales 13,000
rmla- nlhinnMif n.OnO lurrwlf uhlnmnnbi S7.
I barrels; runs M.ids bsrrcisN'kw
York, Sept 11?There m no trailing
plpo lino certificate* this morning.' The price . J
oite Me and sold at MXo. Lt. V
PmrausoH. Pa., Sept. 11?Opened and lowest , _ ?
?c; closed (HXc; highest MHc. LT- J
Dry Goods."
Niw York. Scot 11?Thepwttlonot the dry F
ods market continues fairly good. Ginghams i;
d woven fabrics are la moderate demand, and v
Int fabrics continue to sell rather freoly. C
oolon cloths quiet The Jobbing trado Is In a ?
oderately good condition. g
i' <j
Metals. Ar. K
S'jrw Yosk, Bept. 12.?Pig Iron quiet: American
! 25al4 60. Copper quiet: lako N MX. Tin J
rong: stralu W10. a
>VooL j
Knr You. Sept. 13.?Wool steady; domestlo r
too 30s28c; pulled 1843c: Texas lOal'c. C
Cotton. ir_ c
CtucncHATi, O., Sept 11?Cotton higher; midlng
ujfe. I
*" B
Dr. B. M. Wooi.lby, Atlanta, Ga., li I
eoting with phenomenal success in tbs "
eatmont of Opium and Whisky habits. b
utientt need not leave home or basins
while ander treatment. If inter- {
ted, writo to Sr. Woolloy, for his
tluable book. , tdas i
- "Da
|'Liebig Company's'j i
These two word* sre
known in erory well % W
9 ordered household # nan
throughout the world' # Wat
as designating the ax
oldest purest, best
and alwajs-to*be-do* 0 w
pended-upon #dai
i Extract of Beef. 1 II
- Colun
'"IJ' T J.steub
Upon reqoost of & H. Cochran, administrator JjgJJg
the estsite ol D. M. Carer, dtoessad. and In B~otl
inuanco ol the lav In each case made and Nor
ovUed. I hare appointed THURSDAY, the Train
th day ol September. ISM, oommendng at 10 Foots
Block a. m., as the time, and mr oOoe, No. Tt. w
M Chapllne street, la the dty ol wheeling, In canto
ilo county. West Virginia, as the place lorn- AUlat
lying proof of debts or demands against the Btano
hiI?jL Corey or his estate. Steub
All persons havtngaalma or damands against steal)
e sold D. X. Corey or his estate are hereby K W
ttlfled to make proof ol the same before the Canto
idenigtMd at the time and place abon ap- mi..
tinted. steub
airen under my hand this Uth dsyof'Angnsi, Phil*
tmmlssioncr of scoXnt^of County Codrt. of |5mb
Ohlooouaty. W.Va. *. aaU-ra steub
[email protected]^
other blood medicine. It cures diseases ox Mai
the blood and skin by removing the poison, eta
; the nme time supplies good nlood to the *Sat
I parts. Don't bo imposed on by substi- ??
S5S WeWbld I
Cful cores, or rwierod so much suffering. JJ*
Mood was badly poisoned last year, which tlJj
r whole system out of order?diseased and I?;
it me right oat. There 1* no KWnKS utr
rcmodjrtor blood ? :
"John Gavin, Dayton, Ohio," JJO;
Che on blood mil ?Vln dliwuwim?n?*fragr ~fsi:
awnrrspxcunc co? Atlanta, a*. ji*
leling Title and Trust Co., |
>ITAL, - - $102,100. jsi
RqjmII, Prta't I* P. 8Ufel? Sec'y. L*
Law)lot, V. P. & L Singleton. A**tSec'y. ?
bo. R E. Gilchrist. Examiner of Titles. J:;
President Jos. Bitbold. CaiWec y;
J. A JKrrnsow. Assistant Csshiet .1 l:
nk.of Wheeling! I
,'AI'lTiX 1800,000, PAID IN. Jjj:
. Clarca Jowph F. PanlL ti:'l
eaCumnilns. Henrv Bloborsoa *3:1
leynmna Joseph Soy bold. t4:!
Gibson Lamb. &:<
rest paid on ipoofal dopoilK f'-(
es drafU on England Ireland and SeotlamL
iAPITAL? ?8200.000. 5|,
irjuic*_.~__._ ? ?Proildmt
)ELAPLAiif...^ Vice President 2"
' ? .:
N. Vance. Oeorgo E. StlfeL dju
M. Brown. William ElIIogham. <0:.
& Delaplaln. W. A Kelley. fl2:!
John Frew.
't? laauod on England, Ireland, Scotland
J points In Europe. BCU
JOHN J. J0NE8, Cashier. qT)
ax Irarr....^-, ..... President A
am B 8impsoh... ..-^.Vice-President Aft
Its on England, Ireland, Frauoo ana Ger- fla
1111am A. Isott Mortimer Pollock.
A. Miller. William B. Simpson. ^
M. Atkinson. John K. Botalord.
Dfiry Speyer. Victor Roeonbnrg;
Jacob C. Thomas. K<
F. P. JEPSON, Cashier. Mot
. cxa
42 Twelfth Street.
______________ M
una n, Fists. On, Cuyon. Wim ?_^J
inn Ink. 01
[54 KKIN STHBET, 4|t
? Ct
mmiw * m 4nS
sneral machinists
Manufacturers of Marine and F<
Stationary Engines.
- w
ileyeland, Lorain S Wheeling R.r. S
time card.
la, Hyrla and the Lake Sboro Roato.
JOLT % 1893. ?r
JTTATIONS. "84 38 38 IT" xnil
as torn Time. ?. m. a. m. p. m. jv m. ?
/heeling .. t *> ?v>? 2 40
ontral Time. w.
Wheeling ? 5 40 1 40 gj"
[nrtin'8 Forry ~ 0 02 2 02
ellalro 6 00 1 OS S 90 {gj
rldgeport .... 6 10 210 3 45
lushing 7 11 3 11 4 06 ?vS
fhrichivlllc. f 5 40 8 12 4 10 6 05
few Philadelphia 6 00 8 31 4 81 6 25 gjl
Anal Dover- 6 07 8 88 4 88 6 32 J
luaslllon....^ 655 927 520 720
tori ing........ 7 42 10 15 6 17 g?1!
iraftou 8 82 11 05 7 12 gfS
lyrll 8 55 U 20 7 40 ?*p
p. m. p. m. g
torwalk. 8 57 {gj
itndtiaky 12 27
olodo 1 45 10 65 ft".
a. m. St 1!
Detroit 6 80 10 15
letrolt ? 6 20 7 2G . gj?
hlcago 9 00 7 3?
"" a. m. p. in. p. m. "Ul
levcland......?~ 10 10 12 15 8 85
P'2I05 6 00 UK m
a. m. Whi
InDUo 6 <5 7 20 8 05 Ben
intern Time. Mon
^Chester.?. 9 20 10 15 3 45 New
A. m. SliiU
yrncuie. 1115 11M 615 File
l m. St- 1
ibinr 8 06 * 60 8 16 Will
low York T 80 7 ? 1116 Par
p. m. Boll
Wion ? 10 60 10 60 8 <0 Bar
1 1 Kip
lly. fDally orcopt8unday. Gra]
J. E. TERRY. Geo. Freight 6 Pm Agent New
JOHN BAILIE. 1200 Market Street Bar
T. P. DPNBAR, Onion Depot Jy6 Maj
amy 1 Ft
Pennsylvania Station*. Gall
Ifennsulvania Lines.! ffl
fg Tralna Bun by Oontral Time. ?
t Ornca^a^ Pmmrjjru Y[J
"oLnii Hocre, WKinji.0, iro it ran'
FnnitTLVAjru Stattd*. bwmitort. x
omrar Stirk?1" Pi> ItANm-x Boon-"
ELY' tVinr noxrr sokdit. Lo
bnreind atoabenvllle. ?:30 am *6:J6 pin "
nald and FlUabargb_ tm ta.Mpa ?-tD!
Jumberlaud ... g:40am 7:85 am
rupolliandBt Lonla._ *8:40 am "6:25 pm =>
abui and Ulnolnnail? *8:40 ?ra 9.-36 pm 'J
burg and Btenbenvllla *8:40 am *6.-25 pm t1--1
K?*S??S 3;8,p2 **
iS&W-r"SS'SlSpPS nol?a? n*
note and Washington. +2:55 put *10:85 am
envllle and PHUbnrgh *2:55 pm *10:85 am ^
envllle and Dooniaon- 2:& pm ?10;3j am
burg *.? 4:80 pm 5:55 pm b0"
uapolU and 8t Louis.* pm *6:15 am
in and Cincinnati....... f8:45 pm fd:i5am ??
envlllo and Columbus, 18:45 pm {6:15 am Wj
lb west 8r*tem?Clera APltta. Division.
run dally, exoept donday. at folioia: , .V,1
ajrne and Chicago***?*P? >?n
n and Toledo-.......-.-- 4:49 am 6:45 pm i?j
xoe and Cleveland. 4:49 am 6:45 pm p. n
envllle and Plttsbatgh_ 4:49 am 8:16 pa m.,
envllle end Wellsvlfie-.. 8:48 am 2:05 pm Li
envllle and Pltubuigh^. 10:12 am 10:30 am a a
ayna A Chicago ?MfP? 1K)0
n and Toledo??1^0 pm 6:48 pm ? n
^dsr&ii-is?s ?st
Jelnbu and Sew York? 3:44 pm 6:00 pm Si
nor*andWuhlncum? 8:44pm.8:00pa i:U
onvllie and ntUbarghT 1:44 pm 6W0 pa
esnito Alfait 14TerpooL *01 pm 7:53 am oo
rriral and departure of trains on aad alter ,':d
tut 7,1891 Explanation uj> KmaxNCf . |
tu: Dalljr; tSunday oxooptod; jMondajr -Oa
spied? fSaturday excepted; |8undav only; 7?
arday only. Eutern Standard Tima r
>w. IB. AO. k. &?MainLlne>Ea*t ajouys. ''
? am Waah. Cy.BalL. PfalL <4 N. Y ? 7:40 am ? -30
? pro WaaU. Cy Bait.. Phil. 4N. Y* 2:10 pm . v?
00 am Cumberland Aocom t4:55pru y*
Wpm ..... Grafton Aoootn....^... >iO:?TOam /jal
40am ..?Motiudxrllle Accoui t8:25am . 10
pm Mottudaville icrom....... tl:10 pm >;
[5 pm .......Moundnvlllo Accom...... 47:35 pin J
15 am ...........Keyscr Express {5:20 pm -i':1
AW. B. AO. B.R.-C.O. Dir.. Wen Amur*!
SO am For Columbus and Chicago *8.55 am 9
30 am Columbus and Cincinnati. 6:10pm -l'*i
15 am .Columbus and Cincinnati.. *5:00 am mi
25 pm ...^....Chicago Exprut ?.. u :20 pm >
SO pm Chicago Xx press..... f 13:05pm . - '"V!
25 pm ...^..Columbus Accom f 12:06 pm " I
!0 am 8L Clairrrllle Accom?. tl2:06atn
50 pm -....8LClalnnrmoAcoom....... f4:20 pm
ACT. H.viO. a R.?WTTP. 6 B. DlT AMMXTX
35 am ..... Kor Hituburab 10.-25 am .' #59
30 am .PitUbunp?^ *0:50 pm Sjfl
30 pm ......PitUburgh and East 13:l?am *>(5
? pm ...Mr...?Pittsburgh-......?. fl3i45 pm v$fl
Wpm ...Wanhington Pa. Accom... t7:50 am JM
X) pm| Pittsburgh Expreas |10;.W ant ? ^
ART. Wc. &8v. h R*r. I ARaxra
Bam ..............Pittsburgh ?. fl^Wptt
W*m .._Nctr Cumberland 8:?in ,
K) am ......Steuben rille and W?t? *A:35 pm
K) pm -Pittsburgh and Now York.. 8:30 pm 1 , 4'
? pm-Pittsburgh and New YoriL. ll:35aia
*> pm Wellsbtug 6JU pm *28
10am Express.Cin. and8t Louto^.1 t7:15ant v>
15 pm Express. Ciu. and St Louis... pm
X) pm Express. Btoub. and Chicago. *8:90 pm "A'
? pm ^'.Pittsburgh it Depnlson.~[11:36 am 7^$
art. I n AP ft ft 1 laaiva.
19 am ...JFl Wayne and Chicago.-. *7:45 pro > VJ
19 am Canton and Toledo 7:45 psx &3H
Ifliun ....Alliance and Cleveland-... 7:45 pm <h
(9am BleubenvlUo and Pittsburgh 9:15 pm vjjjjj
13 am Steubonvillo and WelUvlIlo 3:05 pm ,.< y>
12 am Bteubt*nville and Pittsburgh f 1:30 am 'vfl
X) pra ?FL Wayne and Chicago? *7:45 pm v ??
)0 pm .....^Canton and Toledo.-.- 7:45 pm ; ?
C pm ?Allianoe and Cleveland t^Spm
X) pm Stenbenville and WclliTilJe 7:45 pm , ^
II pm Philadelphia and Now "York 8:00 pm .?>/$
14 pm Baltimore and Washington. 5:00 pm '?,->2
14 pm Steubenrille and Pittsburgh 6:00 pm /* w
[lpm flteubenvlllo AKastUveroool f8:53 am ^
abt. w,4LF.aa XjuttvE" ' >$89
ro am ^Wheeling A Btenbenrille. *7:40 am < ffl
15 am .Cleveland, Toledo A Weet 15:80 pm
15 am -Wheeling & Steuberrville. *6:30 pm U
iO pm .. Wheeling <fc Bteubenvllle. t4:? pm
15 pm ?Wheeling <fc Creston-.. *12:57 pm -"-3
W pm .Wheeling Jt Bumbenville.. tl2:57 am 1
X) am .... Wheeling dt Masslllon.... |10:10 pm : V
15 am ..Wheeling & Steubenvllle- 19:30 am S
X) pm I.. Wheeling <6 Btoubenvllle. f4:i5 pra ?
'ART C. L <& W.?Union DiroT. AEaxira. -:*M
(0 am Cleveland. Toledo* Chicago 8:43 pm
10 pm Cleveland. Toledo & Chicago *2:50 pm
/ O. L. 4 W.-BaiDd*POBTT r'd
10 am Clevoland, Toledo & Chicago 8:15 pm . . 3
10pm Hovoland, Tolodo A Chicago *2:20 pm
15 pm .Maailllon accommodation. 11:10 am
15 am ......St. Clalnivlllo accom....... 9:00 am 3
M am 8L Clalrsville accom..? 1:81pm
21 pm .8t, ClairavtUe accom. - 4:00pm t ^
18pm 8t.Clair?viUe accom...... 8:02pra , SI
a pm ...--....Local Freight?-? 12:15 pra >-.!
SiTI SUIORIVlikB. K iiuuv*1 , 11
45 am Passenger....? *10:45 am >' S
?pm..? Pas*fcngor....?. tl:15pra i
X) pm Passenger ?...... *7:45p?a >9?
iVR B. 7* <fc C. HA1LHOAU. AIUUVR. k i
.AIR* BKfl.ATRl '
0 am?Belial ro and Zanesville.... 3:20 pm
>0 pm|...? -Woodsfleld? 8:80am .
ShB5S?a Doptrtare and antral o(
SEBgHMEntrllnj atWhoollnr. Kutn
tiiao. Bchodola In ef- '- >
fMHsggy Fozjptimoro, Phlladelj
P y York J:Qj '.)
jyaer Express, 9:45 a m., dally, except {]
i wberland accommodation, 7:00 a. sl. dally
>pt Sunday. ' >
niton aooommodatton, 3:00 p. m., dally. -Z
oondsvillo accommodation. 11:40 a: sl, . ' .< .
6:10 and 11:16 p. m., except Sunday.
om New York. Philadelphia and Baltimore, . ?
a. m. and 2:10 pt m., dollj.
8T?er Bxprea, 5:20 jx m., dally, except
imborland aocommodatlon, 4:65 p. m., cx:
afton accommodation. 10:80 a. m., dally. " /. v;
oundaville accommodation. 8:25 a. m., ectSunday:
10:80 a. ra? dally, and 1:1% 4:55 , ;. >
7:85 p. m., except Sunday. * ^
>r Oolnmbns and Chicago, 6:50 and 1:25 p. * ?8
dally, and 8:80 p. m., dally, except 8unday.
nolnnatl express, 10:80 a. m., dally, and 12:16 ., .
l, daily.
ilumbii8 accommodation, 1:25 p. m., dally,
3pt Sunday.
. Cletraville acoommodatlon, 10:30a. m.. and i!
p. m., cxoopt Sunday.
iloago express, 8:65 a. m. and 4:20 p. m.,
y, aud 12:05 p. m., oxoept Sunday. i . ''- ' 1;
nolnnatl express, 5:00 a. in. ana 6:10 pi m., ^
lumbus accommodation, 12:05 p. m.; dally, "">j
jpt8noday. .
, ClaiKviUo acoommodatlon, 12:05 p. m. and ; i
p. m., dally, exoopt Sunday.
>r Pittsburgh, 5:05 and 7:20 a. m., dally; 1:80 ,
l, dalljr, except Bunday, and 6:20 p. m.,<
K^PItulmrgh and the east, 5:06 a. m. and '
o. tn.. daily. and 6:00 p. m., Sunday only.
ublngton accommodation, 6:00 p. m.,dally, -mm
>pt Sunday.
omPlttabnrgb, 10:25 a. m. and0:00p. m. and
0 a. m., daily, and 12:45 ix m., exoept8nnd?y(
10:55 a. m..8unday only. -ffl
oihlngton accommodation, 7:50 a. m., dolly, ^
>pt Sunday. '
1 and altar Monday, June 19, Paaaonger
na wilt ran as follow*: 'Dally. fDally Ex,
Sunday. Central time.
BOUTlt BOUND. n 5 8 ~
P. m. A. m. X. H.
MIIDS, *3 00 fll 26 <6 45 - j
wood! 8 15 11 38 6 00
mdarllle 8?5 1159 6 18 /
' Martlnavillo. 4 48 12 55 7 20
iravUle 5 11 1 15 7 40 >rM
,ndly 5 28 1 26 7 55 ,;;1
dwya ?... 6 50 1 68 8 25
iaiMtown... A.M. 6 30 2 29 0 10
cor*burg. t 6 40 *7 00 8 00 9 60
ifllle-.! 6 20 P. M. 8 40 10 25
npiwood. 7 00 4 20 1106
ayLandlngl 725 4 45 1125
"am !t? 7 54 511 1150
Y Haven. 8 01 6 16 -11 55
tford ... .. 8 05 5 20 11 59
on city ....... 8 15 5 80 1205
um....... 8 20 5 85 1210 ;;;
Pleasant 8 55 010 12 85
lpo!5^....1" 9 15 6 27 12 50 $ g
andote. 10 85 7 85 2 00 - S
itlngton fio 45 f745*2tf , \
_ jl M. p. M. | r. M. ;
WORTH Bomra 2 4 6
P.M. P. M. JL M. : .
MllOg. f!2 15 *0 46 9 45
WOO*. - 1159 6 80 9 80
indavlllo... .. 11 45 6 10 9 10
Martinsville. 10 45 6 07 8 08
rtvllle 10 25 4 43 7 40
ndly ..... 10 13 4 80 7 27
kUrya 9 45 4 00 6 60
llamstovm 9 10 8 20 6 10 P. It
ceraburg- 845 245 545tjf00 N| :
evillo 8 08 2 00A.M. 7 20
anawood 7 23 1 20 6 40
ley Landing ?... 7 00 12 64 6 18 V
bam. 0 85 12 25 5 50
r Haven....6 80 12 18 5 43
Uord- 6 26 12 14 5 83 M
on city 6 20 12 06 6?
ton.?.' 6 15 11 58 5 25
Plea?ant... 6 46 1126 4 68 , o
ipnlla 5 30 11 10 4 87
andotto- ? 4 28 10 05 8 15 v
itington 415 960 f8 05 $g|
A. M. A.M. P.M. 3
W. J. BOB1N8QN, Q. P. A.
ieelina Bridge & Terminal Ry. ; J
lmeTtblo Na 9, to uko effort I2rtJl a. m., 98
SuniUr. Jul J 9,1*11 ^
tmWbeoUn*-N>?>. 18:00, IJtfH |?:Otl0:?
tlM, ?2:4U, *4:W. |9:00 p. m. J
Penltuala?tC:4fi. tS:OfT|8:00,19:31,110:06 ...
.. 13:31. ?,l:46.?4:?!. m. -JA
are Terminal Juoctlua?t,:Z!, (9:00. *10:47 a,
tl*,n:30.14:14, J?:14. ji:A MMp. m.
*to Martin'. Hnj-17:16, ?:(n, no-.SS*. m., . t' j
?, K-.a. 1ft:19, JS:i9. H:ltt t>M n m. ' ?
?re I'eDln.nU?t7i&L 19:14, *10 :W in, 11:49,
1.1Sail. 14:24. t8:M. )?:06p. m.
1*2:62, tflil. ft:?l,'t8:4ST il0:ll B. m.fc nL*
?Bf. 1D*11t except Suadiy. JBamlan onlj.
1 train. will run oa Eaitero Ttaa
.&I. K andc., L, AW. tmlns will not Hop t{
raoa Mtrtls'. Ferry ?nd WbeellBf.
J. ? TJLufiSIO, Saperlntendent ^
aeeilna & Elm Grove Railroad 'M
i and alter Saturday. October 1,189J; tralu -. nri
Tnnu follows, city tlmo:
UVX Whkcumo?*6.*00 a. m.. 7.-00 a. m.. 8:W
.,9.-00 a. m., 10.*00a. m.. llKJOa. m.. 12*00 a.. ni*
p. m.. 2Wp, m~ 3:00 ik ul. 4:00 p. m.. 5an
u, C:00jx nL, 7XX) p. in., 5:00 p, m., 9:80 p. '
11:00am. avbEuc
0?ov??M^XJa. ul. 7.-00 a. hl. 8^) I; j/J
u, t 00a. m.. 10:00 a. nt,* 11KJO a. m.. 12.*00 at. .
p la. 2:00 p m.. J^JO p ql. 440 p. a.. 5rn
^^OOjknL,7?0p m., 8t00 p m, 9:10p.
SSAT^SwSItta6a leave On Grove at
1 Oeuonl Muu^ec.

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