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Meetinir of the Oonferenoe of th
M. H. Ohuroh South
Ac Asbland, Kent note jr?One of th
Best Meetings in the History of th
Confcrenco of Woft Virginia?Th
Appointment* for the Coming Yeai
The Mlnlatofti Who Drew tb
Special VUjxiteh to the Intelligencer.
" " ?? WL. * It.11
Ashland, j^y., Depi* xo.?mo ioiub?i
session at the Weatern Virginia confei
enceof tho M. ?. cburoh, south, whlcl
opened here on tho Oth init, close
yesterday after one of the moat intereal
ing aeiaiona yet on record. Biaho.
Calloway was in charfre throughoa
with Kov. John A. Black, aecretary, an
Uev. S. F. McClung and 0. 0. Brown a
Tho first day's work-ended with th
referring of the following names to tb
committee on conference relations fo
superannuated relation: B. A. Claugt
ton, W. Briico; O. 8. McCatcheon; f
Black, 0. 8. Merrill, J, T. Johnson an
J. K. Hedges.
Tho second day's session begun wit!
the admission of 8. X. Swlmme, o
Palntsville, and Ernest Robinson, c
West Virginia.
liovs. I. Fannin, A. A. Hollistei
H. B. Bell, J. a F. Yeak and D. H. Hie
reported and were continued in tb
class of the second year.
Under question 'seven the followln
deacons were called and advanced to th
cla-a of the fourth year: F. M. Car
field, J. I). Stalnaker, & A. Donahue, I
D. Nutter, J. W. Crite, K. J. Bevina an
I. R. Hoaghton.
The following travelling preacher
were then elected deacona: W. C
Woody ard, B. C. Davit, A. E. Odell, C
H. Burm, W. U. Fugate and M. I
Teck, K. K. II. Edens were continued 1
the class of the second year.
The resignations of the Revs. T. ?
Wade and B. F. Gosling, of the boar
of directors of the Barbonrsville coiled
were then accepted, and C. 0. Browi
J. W. Lambert nnd J. A. Black were aj
pointed to fill vacancies.
Tbe fourth day began with btuinei
of email interest, the first real bnainei
of importance being the election of dei
egatesto the general convention to b
hold at Mompnis the coming May. Thi
proved an interesting work andreqaire
ouito a long time and namerons ballot
ings. Following was the result: Clei
icul delegates?Rev. T. S. Wade, c
Catiettsburg: Rev. J. M. Carter, t
Charleston, W. Va.; Rev. B. F. Uos
ling, of this district; Rev. S. F. Mi
Clung, of the Prestonsbnrg district, an
Rev. J. M. Lambert, of West Virginli
Lay delegates?Joseph M. Furguson, c
*' ' J!?!... n U-? ? ,
HUB UlBHiVifc, UUnilBB V. ?>wn?| >
Charleston, W. Va., and Levi X. Smitf
of Parkorsburjr, W. Va., with Rovs. 1
X. Wilson and A. P. Borders as roaerv
. The fifth day's work consisted chlefl;
of the reporting of the various commit
tees, all of which were ioaad satisfac
tory and accepted.
The different editors of the journal
devoted to the cause of this churcl
were then voted a congratulatory am
thankful message and all highly com
plimented on past efforts and results.
Following this came the acceptance c
the letter of Rev. J. 0. Thomas of th
Free Methodist church, and be was 01
dained a minister of the M. E. Churc
' South.
The first thing in the morning ws
the acceptance of the invitation of th
church of Huntington to hold tbe noi
meeting one year neuce at that place.
Report was then had from the Snnda
school board and accepted. Foliowin
came the appointments, as follows:
Parkeraburg District, S. T. Mallorj
P. E.?Parkeraburg circuit, to be sn[
plied; Lubeck, D. 8. Bosh; Elixabetl
IS. A. Knotts; Grantsville, E. A. Nicholi
son: Ravenswood, H.T. Watts; Spence
B. E. Jones; Ripley, 6. X Swimme
Point Pleasant, J. W. Simpson; Ne'
Martinsville, E. T. Oaton; Pleasac
Ridge, W. 0. Loach; Burning Spring
0. Given, supplied; Reedy, A. H. Whi
ten; conference colporteur, H. M. Smitl
Clarksburg District, T. S. Wade, F.I
Clarksburg, M. E. Feck; Boothvllle, I
M. Can&eld; Marion, W. L Canter an
J. 8. Kinney, supplied; Rivesville, J
V. Bowles and B. H. Edens; Green, I
I'. Sturnj; Sand Roek-Thomaa Wilsor
supplied; Phillipi, J. H. Burns; Meac
owviile, W. R. Chambers; Braxton, ,
W. Lambert; 8t George, J. B. J. Yoak
Elkins, J. D. Stainaker; Cedarvillo) ?
P. Bell; Cleveland, Elias Yoak; Mine
Flats, E R. Bowers; Glenvnlle, C. I
Burns; Jacksonville, H. Poling, suj
plied; Davis, J. A. Canfield.
Charleston district?J. M. Carter, ]
E Charleston, 8. F.McClung; Cbarlei
ton circuit, A. Given; Barboursville, .
Martin: Huntington, First church,
A. Black; Huntington, 8econd churct
W. P. Auxior; Guyandotto, S. G. Prei
ton, and 0. F, Brooks, suppliod; Wayc
C. H., J. D. Garrett; Wayne circuit, I
Bias; Buffalo, H. 8. Smith; Hamlin, (
B. Morris; St Albans, W. M. Hinei
Glenwood, 8. A. Donahoe; Fair Plaini
A W. Phillips; Cabell, R. S. Bias; El
City, J. W. Critos. .
Favette District, 0. H. Dowell, P. E.Fayetteville,
E L. Fitch; Summersvill
P. G. Walker; Sawell, J. K Hedger an
IE. M. Hughgate; Meadow Bluff, 0. V
McClune; Webster, B. ODavia; Bird
J. J. liavnes; Cedar Grove and Maldei
J. M. Lsuck; Raleigh, J. 8. Lemoi
Hawks Nest, A. E. Odell: Kanawli
Falls, J. W. Forbes; Sugar Grove, 0.1
Coffman and H. A. Hollister; Newtoi
P. D. Nutter; Osborne's Mills, F. Rosi
Addison, T. R. Houghton.
Prostonbnrg district, E. E. McCluni
P. E?Prostonbnrg, J. T. J. McKenl
ter; Paintsville, Ernest *obin?on;Floy<
W, U. Fugate; Piksville, P. Clay, su|
piled; Pike circuit, W. 0. Woodyarc
Eden, H. P. Houlet; Blaine, R. F. Rid
Logan, OB. 8. Chambers; Wyoming, I
J. Bevins: Boone, J. 0. Thomas; Wil
lsmson, J. M. Peters; Daniels Creel
; Johnson, J. W. Caatle; Grawle;
H. E Harrison.
Transferred, M. A. Davidson to tt
West Virginia Conference and 0.-V
Cook to the Baltimore Conference.
Catlettibnrg District?B. F. Goslini
P. E; Catlettsbnrg, M. W. Hinor; Asl
land clrcnit, L N. Fannin; Ashland, .
8. Sims, (J. F. Medley, superanuary,
Louisa, 1. T. French; Greenup, CL n
Shearer; Grayson, D. H. Reed; M
Zion, E C. Swftxer; Liberty, J. V
Glover; Kavenaugh, W. H. Snrgeoi
with 0. Dean, supplied; Leon, Isai
Fannin; Grassland, H. Moore; Martin
burg, William Wills.
Editor Central J/rtAodut, Rev. Zepbai
iah Meek.
Agent Barboursville Collego, Be'
John Hampton.
To rise in the morning with a bi
taste in the mouth and no appetite, i
dlcate* that the stomach needs atrengt
oning. For this purpose, there Is not
ing better than an occasional dote
Ayer's Pills taken at bed time.
* People Coming from antt Going to th
Big Exhibition.
B George Truschol left yesterday.
Miss Ada Dillon left yesterday aftei
George Wiie tod family havo gone t
d Chicago.
Goorgo Otto, ot the South Side, ha
0 Ed Crockard went on the'.Baltimor
e A Ohio yesterday.
o Charles Kaiser, of tho Wheeling ball
ery, left yesterday.
Mr. J. K Hail and little aon will leav
o to-day for a flying visit
James iiorvov, 01 timuroTe, is gum
to the World's Fair to-day.
R. O. Valzell and family returned yet
j terday altar a lengthy visit
William H. Campbell left over tb
i Baltimore & Oblo yesterday.
. George H. Upmao, clerk of tb
a steamer Liberty, leaves to-day.
"" Andrew S. Bare and Bisters, Uisse
P Martha J. and A. Blanche Hare, wl;
t leave to-day.
d Mrs. George K. Wheat and daugbtei
, Miss Fanny, retnrned yesterday from
lengthy visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Goetze, of Twee
a ty-third street, have left for Chicag
e and the fair.
>r Mr. Nioholas Gang, the retired bai
i. ber, of Market street, left yesterday foi
j_ th.e World's Fair.
j Misses .Ada and Kate Graham an
Mr. Arcbie Graham have retnrned frot
I, the World's Fair.
1 N. a Meriban arrived in the city yei
,( terday from a protracted visit to Call
forniaand Chicago.
r. Mrs. Gibson Lamb, Charles and Mil
d Louise Lamb, left yesterday.afternoo
e to spend a few weeks.
J. K. Jolly, manager of the Obio sid
K electric lino, will leave to-morrow, a<
companied by his family.
/ __ Miaa Louise Bastameycr, of the Sont
j side, and Lister emitn nave relume
alter a sojourn at the lair.
i A large party of Bridgeport peopl
j. left for tbe fair yesterday over th
Cleveland, Lorain <Sc Wheeling road.
!. Mr. and'Mrs. Edward M. Hollidar, c
n the Soath Side, were among veaterday'
departures over the Cleveland, Lorai
I. & wheeling.
The morning excursion train over th
6 PanHandle for Ohio Day at the fal
'? carried thirty passengers, the othe
roads alio carrying large numbers.
, ? 11. Statler and mother, Mrs. A. f
. Statler, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Winoher an
|. Mrs. & W. Bayless, al^from the Jslanc
e left yesterday on tf few weeks' visit,
s Among those leaving over theCievi
d land, Lorain & Wheeling yesterda
t- were Albert W. Hoehle and wife, 0. J
> Furgeson, of East Liverpool, and K. I
if Furgeson, of Valley Grove.
if Among those that left over the Pai
Handle yesterday for the fair were
Mrs. A. Q. Turner, Joseph Underwooc
d Tom Lewis, T. 8. Slone and family, <
>. this city, G. Wash Lewis and wife, Mr
it A. B. S'hafer and George A. Straufi, <
if West Alexander.
!' To-Night'l Heoltal.
e Following ia the programme to b
rendered at tbe recital in J.10.0.1
r ball thia evening by Madame Kat
- Bolla, assisted by Mr. Charles B. Ott:
!- 1. Aria, Samjoa and Delilah Saint-Sale
1 T'waa April. Novl
a. Connalwl?votu la Dalle ? ...Thou
* 4. At Parting ? .............__Kokc:
1 Madame Rolla.
i Rocitatlon?Mr. Charles B. Ott
1. Ouvre tea Yea ax bleus. Masseni
2. Before the Daybreak? .-Nevi
a. Chanson d'Amour ^.....Chamlnai
,f 4. Prlntemps Bouveau ~....Vidi
Madame Rolla.
6 Recitation?Mr. Charles B. Ott
> 1. Pastorale?La Baaoche.....................MesfiaRo
2. Persian Love 8ong..... De Sore
a. Mill W 10 Ul IMCOl .HWU1
4. The Fountains Mingle with the Biven.
is ? ?..IIlUT
e Madame Kate Koila.
t Al Fields' Minstrels.
A1 6. Fields' minatrela arrived i
^ their train of apecial cars veaterday on
E grave a parade which apoke well for th
company. The band is notably goo<
'< Lost evening the Opera Home waa wel
filled, and a better minstrel show bs
' not been aeen here in many a da;
> There ia plenty of singing, all gocx
r; and the fokea are fresher than nana
' The battle-axe joggling of Cradoc i
* brilliant aad marveloua. The compan
" carries aa much scenery aa the avorac
[> spectacular play, and the resnit ia ths
*" the stage settings surpass any ever uso
! by a minstrel troupe before,
li. i
I1. Resolutions of Bespeot.
d The {allowing resolutions we r
L adopted September 12, 1893, by th
L. Council of tbe City of Benwood, i
>i memory of Councilman Newton 1
I- Hartly:
' Whereas, It has pleased the A
i mighty God in His Infinite wisdom t
U summon to His eternal home onr ei
:o teemed friend and beloved councilmai
I. Newton M. Hartly;
> Wukbeas, It is but just that a trlbut
of respect should be accorded to hlr
whose warm-hearted and generous ni
i- tare and nobility of soul and high prir
> ciple of honor endeared him to us al
> nnd bonnd us to him by indlssolubl
> ties of friendship; therefore, be it
a- Rrtolved, That the aad death of Gout
ie oilman Newton M. Hartley is a tenabl
J reminder of the frailty of hnman lift
j. and showing bow easy and quick it ca
rj be baffled away, and also impress npo
9i us forcibly ns Christians the truth <
It the maxim, "in tbe midst of life we at
In deaththerefore, be it
Raoived, That we as members of th
City Council, do heartily and sinoerel
d sympathize with his wife and family i
' their sad bereavement; therefore, be!
), Raolvtd, That in memory of onr di
J, parted friend and city officer, the ma;
>; or*s office and council chamber b
ia draped in mourning for thirty dayi
and a copy of these resolutions be pn
i. seated to the family of tbe deceased an
>; entered on'' the records of the city i
Benwood, also printed in the Wheelin
*. daily papers.
s- (Signed) City Council of Benwood.
1> (utaatt-ZeUmouti Sally ifm plesse copy.)
' A Mlaeellaneoai Melange oI Minor Mai
L. ten from Marshalra Metropolis.
' Jim, aged eight, the youngest son i
I, James Henretta, the hotel proprieto
was seriously injured yesterday mori
ing by being thrown from a runnir
>* horse. After unhitching the anim
' from a buggy tbe boy got on its bat
and whan the borso was turning arouti
the trace caught on tbe snaf t of a wage
} standing near, and the horse began I
[ rnn and the boy was throws, resultit
in breakihg three ribs.
Victor G. Beebee, of Columbus, i
, spending a few dsys cere. He was fo
merly bookkeeper for the Webstt
' wagon company.
,. J. A.IBlovd andT. 8. Bins left yeste
day forthe World'sFair. fLiLKarchi
j. and wife left last night.
Mrs. Kev. G. W. Grimes and famll
r. have returned from a visit to rslatiTi
in Tyler county.
Harrison Gamble and wife left la
night for the World's Fair,
n- . . h
Yotr don't know how much better yt
h- will feel if you take Hood's Sarsaparlli
of It will drive off that tired /eeling at
make you strong. 9
All Sort* at local Xiwi and Goulp from
Uu OlBM City.
The city ooancll on -Tuesday evening
relmed to dlimiu Jacob Schramm, the
Inspector appointed to loolc alter tbe
D atreota until tbe electric railway company
left all tbe streets in as good condition
ai they (onnd them. The com*
paay pays tbe inspector, bnt since they
have not been doing anything (or some
e time for bim to inspect, he'll probably
not be able to draw full pay.
The project to establish a,central reading
room and gymnasium baa taken
e such form that an application will be
made for a charter. The shares will be'
310 each and abont. thirty have already
K been taken. This is not one-tenth
enough to make tbe thing go right, and
* *- -? ? ***I it will alviva I
,1* IV IS wvv aiwwo ?6~? - 1drag.
6 All the sewage from tbe Fourth and
Fifth warda ii dumped into Indian run
e and the people in that neighborhood
are making things bine about it now.
I A lewer down tbe run to the river bai
II been talked of for ten yean, bnt things
are abaping now to make it como.
. John DnBoia and wife, D. W. Cooper
a and wife, Mrs. George R. Lazure and
daughter. Miss Elia, Mrs. Jesse Kelly
and son, Miss Alice Glason, Miss Maggie
Borham, and a number of others left
over tbe Baltimore & Ohio yesterday
for the World's Fair.
'* Tbe glass workers are not so much In
(avor of removing the limit ralo on the
turn as at first seemed. At least those
d who oppose it are la the majority, so
a far aa can be learned.
Tbe marriage of Mr, J. B. Noff, the
>- photographer, and Miss Ira Truax, at
the home of tbe bride this evening,
will be an interesting event for the
is young folks.
n Bev. D. W. Chandler, of the Firat M.
E. Church, and Rev. L. 0. Collier, of
e the South Bellaire Church, are at East
> Liverpool attending the Eastern Ohio
h The city council bos notified the
d board of health that there is no money
at its command and that all exs
penditurea from that quarter must be
e cut off.
The St. Clalravllle fair will be held
,( tbe laat of tbia month. The managers
g only ofier a purse of $35 for a hose reel
Q race and there will probably not by any.
Mayor MoGowan'a second term ex-{
g pires with this fiscal year and tbere are
, half a dozen candidates already in the
ir field.
Charles Klots, son ot A. Klotz, the
j. wealthy merchant, Is attending the
d Morgantown university this fall,
I, Some Bellaire nail works stock was
sold at 80 per cent premium this week,
notwithstanding the dull times.
y The old frame hose house is to j>e
.. sold. The fire company has moved into
>. its elegant new brick quarters.
The police and fire laddies were all
i- paid oft yesterday and they got the cash
i: for their services.
' Miss Mattle Keyier entertained a
>f number of friends at Avondale yesterday
The steel works will start up next
Monday, but will not ran before that
e Isaac Blum la home from an eastern
business trip.
e *
n ???
u Hap* trad Mishaps in the Thriving City
10 Across the River.
* Mr. and Mrs. FredLongley, of Salt
Lake City, Miss Mattle Longley, of
? Chattanooga, Tenn., and Miss Anna
lo Longley, oi St. ualravme, are me gaeita
a of-Judge and Mrs. J. S. Cocbran.
It ia understood that Kev. Mr. Bogle,
n of Kenton, 0., who recently accepted a
" call from the Presbyterian church, will
assume charge of the pastorate Sunday,
fi October 1.
The committee appointed to canvass
for the Mnrphy relief fund have met
n with very good success ao far, everyone
d responding very liberally.
e Miss Maggie Brawn returned vester'
day from jEtna, Pa., where she hat
1 been at the bedside of Misi Kate
" Stewart.
Thomas Howell, Howard Montgomery
and Thompson Kerr have returned to
the Ohio State University.
Miss Jennie Dixon and Miss Pope
were on the Lake Shore train robbed at
. V.-J.M..I1I. InJ
^ usuumia iitiV) *H>M
d Miia Edna and Will Urowl returned
yesterday from a very pleasant trip
th Augh the east.
. Yesterday Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Chandler
celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of
n their marriage.
[. The name of the Elson Glass Works
has been changed to the West Virginia
|. Glass Works.
0 E. H. McDermott, of Kane, Pa., is
i- visiting bis brother-in-law, Matbew
i, UcDermott.
Fred Fonst recently died in Tennessee
6 from the effect of injuries received in a
1 runaway.
James H. Drennen is quite ill. His
I son Boss came uy from Cincinnati yeae
Miss Lizzie Gilmore, of Washington,
i- Pa., is the guest of Miss Bertie Blacke
>, Mrs. Calder, of Claysvlllo, Pa., is vlsn
iting her brother, Rev. A. E. Brownlae.
Miss Bess Brady is entertaining her
" friend, Miss Fannie Conwell, of Cadiz.
William Otto has resigned bis posie
tion at the Buckeye glass works,
y a 0. Cochran is off on a fox hunt, of
n which he is fonder than eating.
" The 0. U. A. M. of Bellaire will visit
* Unity council this evening.
Miss Sarah Lewis returned yesterday
, from the World's Fair.
y E. C. Boyd is visiting bis brother at
d Huntington, W. Va.
g The use of Hall's Hair Kenewer promotes
the growth of the hair, ana restores
its natural color and beauty,
frees the scalp of dandrull, tetter, and
all Impurities.
> SU Banna Trip to the World's Fair. *11
Over Fan-Handle Boute, from Wheel"
ing, 6:30 ?. nL, central time, September
r> 21; good returning ten days. For details
please apply to'J. G. Tomlinion, Ticket
* Agent, Wheeling, W. Va.
I <#!?.
1? PROF.SHEPFIstheonly Ophciaw
J* in the city that Correctly FITS THE
" EYES WITH GLASSES Without the Uu
of Drup$l If you nqfd Spectacles or your
r- eyes tire oV bead aches when reading or
>r sewing, you can consult him and have
your eyes examined for glasses without
ly charge at bis New Optical EstablishM
menLlllO Main street, one door above
Snoof A Co.'s dry goods store.
it WPROF. SHEFF baa the only
OoKrun Optical Estabushkwt in the
State, and Is.the only Optician that Fits
10 Artificial Eyes.
? tO- 1110 KAIN STREET, "6*
>a snit-Mwr WbMlinc, W. Ym
iGEO. R. t
T , I
| Autumn 1893. j
T ?AND? \
j j
r Just Received and Now Open r
j for Inspection. j
I GEO. R. i
" _ ' ?? Inm <i<tllanA ?nrlr Vlnntlvn milMiM
] NINETY-TBUUJ JUSAK Upqni DOpW xa jjumjt iuui^u <?.
adapted to prepare for study of the learned professfona. Laboratories for Chettbtry. Minorology
and Biology. Now Observatory. Athletic Fiold and now Gymnasium with Medical Director. fix|
penses very moderate. Alumni 8627. Address. THE PRESIDENT, Washington, Pa.
aro nsed In the
imHHBn preparation of
GAS STOVE OVENS. Sold by Grorerg gTcrywhert.
A loll una ol Summer Necenttlea. " w' 1
N ESBITT & BRO., baking powder.
S3 SHOE koWP. HuUu|a|!Un
Do you weir them? When next In need try ? p*Ir.) M ?til'IT,*I(4nTnTjlia >
Be?t In the world.
43.50 It li an absolutoljr purs Cream Tutor Bating
.... .r Powder, free from alum and other unhealthy
#2.50 ^ adultoranu. au29
If yoo vint t fine DRESS SHOE. rod. Intbe Utet CHEAP PWBLWATION8,
wear as well, ifycawlihtoecoocimlnli) your footwear, C. H. QUIMBY,
dole by purchasing W. I, Dougiis Shoes, Name and fe4 mm Market Strcot.
nrlee stamped on the bottom, loek for It when ywi Iwy
IT. I~ DOUGLAS, Brockton, Kill. Sold t? :
H. P. MRNKEMELLEft. Sst Market street i
? Teeth poaltlTQljr extracted without patu by
? A. B. MILLER. D.D.STlnRooflng!
A Wise Merchant
~~~ ' , Is never content to stand
preparedtOKiwbarjatiuTntLatlUw 5wort"" stilL Stagnation is death
?in Trade as in other
B.F.CALDWELL, things. New Customers
apdimc market6TRERT. should be sought after all*
1 the time. There is only
subscribe for one way t0 get them?use
The Weekly Intelligencer the Advertising columns
" si oo per year. of Good Newspapers.
Mrs J. Stevens Halt's
. -
School for Young
Ladies and Children,
1316 and 1318 MnrketSt., Wheeling W.Va.
The Island can and eleotrio motors pan the
door. Third annual session begins MONDAY, .
SEPTEMBER 18. 1891, continues thirty-nine
weeks, divided Into four terms. This school
offers a oompleto and thorough education in
Practical English, Mathematics, English CIssslOB.
Latin and Modern Languages.
The -school consists of Primary, Grammar,
Academic and College Preparatory departments. ,
The methods and oonnw of instruction will
oompare favorably with the best seminaries !
the oountry.
Bon are recei red in the Pnmsry and first year
Grammar. For circulars or interview, apply to
Residence No. 787 Mala St.
mia ?TAtvi?M ? nmn
Of Wheeling and Vicinity!
BETHANY, Brooke County. V* V<L? furnishes
great advautsgos in her njgular courses, OIamIcnl,
Scientific, Literary, Ministerial and
Mu?lonl, and alio In her special courses in Art
and Engineering. Climate healthful. Scenery
beautiful. Excellent 7. Ms and Y. W. a Associations.
A perfect home for both sexes. Broad
religious atmosphere for all denominations.
For catalogue or funbar Information, tddraM
tu2i bronx t, w. vt
. '
Wheeling Business College,
Etc., Etc.
You wiU bo a mlierable failure in batioeit
withouta thorough knowledg? of these branches
Call at office or write /or our beautiful ca?alogoe
tree. _ . anS9
Cincinnati College of Medicine and
Surgery, 43d year, Graded Course.
Laboratories, Clinics, Hospitals. Reasonable
Terms. Begins Sept. 26.
Address, Chas. A. L. Reed, M.D., Dean,
T. V. Fitzpatrlfk, M.D., Sec'y.
Bowlon begins 13 th Sept. Academical, Engineering.
Law, Medical Departments. For Catalogues, addms
jy2&-Trtu? H
Emllib tad ElMtlrt Cotm?; good wortlai llbrwyj u?ll
katidiB(> tad mmu. xxplssks LOW. hraMhfM^
iMmi D. B. mtlCTON. LL. P.. FrwldwU
Full NWN in CUjiIci, SdcDOM, FMlMophr, UUntfait, Art,
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-nrwrwiju MXPUBBS LOW. For wul?M* UOnm
Mm. ROSR D. wniSRKK, A. M., Principal.
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Coariw. DUeTpUM Mod and flra. 8?od for eaiato?tt. , w? jwSh
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T?m?flb?M laMltaUoasbfdaaHcpt. 1?> IHtC
. jylfl-TthdS I
V SEMINARY, Willlamiport, Pa, Both
soxes. Rmilnr aud Electivo coursct.' Fits for
College. Miuic, Art. Hcdera Languages, special- - j..!
ties. Steam hcat.electrlc light. Catalogue free. Opens
8opt 4. B. J. GRAY, D. D., President
-OF WesfVirginia.
? ;|j
With 200 Wood Cfits and UlogTapUIo* of!>
This volume also contains1.
i jo pages of West' Virginia
facts and statistics.
It gives the result of every
election since the organiza-:' :;
tion of the State. .
IMs the most valuable book
ever published in West Virginia.
in Cloth - I I? 00.
In Half Morocco..... $7 60. :
Bond Orders to? ^ t
de&MW Wheeling W, V*.
Do* jour Piano need tpnlnj or retiringf U * 3
io,wetr? In potidoa to do it for you end can &
ruutntee that it wW be done In workmanlike 1
and flnlahed manner.
into F. W. BADMER & OO.
* ?OU A0?*I KM i'tf
Twrary.piBsr and water bis. - v-M
Telephone 81
Clean Lump Coat eXo per Buihal,
Anthracite end Piedmont Blanknallh Coel S

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