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Wiieollng W1U Apply at Onoe for
Admission to the
For Sexf Year, Which Will Bring all I
the World's Champions Hero lor '
lira Hat-lug Tournninonts, One in I
tbo Spring and Another In the 1'all. 1
Tlic Wheeling Athlctlo Wheelmen (
...... ?l.? iMnlln.?|n>. 1
Since the lata bicycle ricing tournament
licltl under the auspices of the
Wheeling Athletic Wheelmen in tiili
city thore has been a movement on foot,
which if coneumated will give to
Wheeling two bicycle racing tournaments
noxt yoar; that is admission to
the International Bicycle Racing Circuit.
Tho racing mon and visiting
cyclers generally who attended the late
tournament were greatly surprised at
the large crowds which atteaded the
rsrea. In fact thoy compared lavorably
in tiio with most any of the others oxcept
possibly Springfield and Hartford.
It win then stated on good authority
that Wheeling could get into the intern:\tioualcircuitif
application worn made.
There will be a'meeting of the W. A.
\V. Company next Tuesday evening, at
which the movement will probably bo
inaugurated, committees appointed, and
formal application mado for admission
to the circuit to Chairman II. K. Raymond,
of the L. A. W. racing board,
undor whoso management the circuit is
conducted. t
In the event that this movement is
carried to a successful - conclusion
tliero would be two tournaments next
piuon. Hnrinir and fall. And at both all
the great racing men, including Zim- ,
merman, Sanger, Johnson, Windle, Ty- ,
ler, Taylor and others, would appear. ,
The international circuit lias cotno to |
may, and its trial last season has demonstrated
its popularity. Once a city
is admitted to the circuit, it is given the
responsibility that will attract the
lending lights of the cycling arena, consequently
good racing is sure to result. .
Already there has Seen much interest ;
taken in the matter here, and numerous :
offers made to take stock in the club 1
that will have charge, tho W. A. W. J
A Very Bad "Unci? Tom'* Cabin" lost ]
N othing groat is expected ol an "U nclo ,
Tom's Cabin" company, but one as bad i
mi that seen at tbe Opera House last ;
night is an Imposition ou the public, i
The pack of bloodhounds was mado up
of one Wheeling mastiff pup, its first .
sppearance on any state, and it refused .
to act and made' frantic efforts to net
into the "dog box" in the orchestra. 1
The house scenery had to be faked up ;
to suit the play, and the alleged actors '
and actresses did not know their lines.
Tbe colored jnoiled sinners consisted of 1
a Wheeling quartette?tbe best feature >.
of tho show. 'Ihe company bought a
donkey and cart here, and carries a
pony. The audience last night was
Powell, the Magician.
The clever and, to the ordinary oye, ,
' inexplicable feats performed by this
wonderful man, make Mm incomparable,
save with the magicians of old. Of !
the many feats performee there, are
none more mystifying or fascinating
than tbe wonderful illusion, "icarian; 1
or, From tbe Earth to tbe bun." present- 1
ed for the first time in Amorlca by
Powell. Two pretty ladies are used in'
this illusion, one a brunette, the other
s blonde, both of different size and each'
dressed differently. One is placed in a
Isree cannon, situated at, tbe extreme
front of the stage, the other stands at
the extreme upper corner of the stage
in a scenic star placod some ten or twelve
feet in the air from tbe floor of- the
stage. At a given signal, and without
any apparent preparation, the cannon
is fired, and in a second, and before tho
rnnnrf hn? fnirlv rfarl nvcnv thrt twn
ladies bnvoohanued placet, the one that
was placed in the cannon appearing in
the atar, and tho one that was in midair,
reappearing immediately from tho
cannon. How this ii done is Powell's
own secret, but this great sensational
novelty is in itielf alone worth the price
of admission to see. Powell's appearance
here at Opora House is December
10 and 11. Don't miss seeing him.
"After tlie Hull."
Following is tho story of R. E. Graham's
new comedy, to be seen at the
OperaHouso Monday night: A young
man is just leaving his Sat that has
been immediately ronted to a now. tenant.
The younc man goes to a bail. In
.the meantime the new tonant roovoB in
with his daughter. The former tonant
leaves the ball with his braids stolen by
the enemy ha has put in his mouth,
and, led by instinct that has temporarily
taken the place ot reason, seeks his
familiar quarters. Ho reaches them in
time to come upon the young-lady, who
is preparing to retire. Her father discovers
him, and forces him to promise
marriage to tho daughter. Ho is, however,
already engaged, and his lianco
resides in the adjoining fiat. Undor
tho assumed name he manages to visit
each household and conduct his double
wooing without detection till his wodding
day with each approaches. He is
driven to despair almost for further expedient,
till a quarrel with bis prospective
father-in-law precipitates matters,
and, after the usual apparently inextricable
complication of events usual
in French farces, tho tangle is smoothed
out in the last set. Tho main reliance
of the play it in incident, and the complications
are funny In an uproarious
"Th? iiurjlnr."
This play, founded on Mrs. Hodgson
Burnott's "Edithn's Burglar," comes to
the Opera House, Tuesday evening.
Tho sale of soats opens at C. A. House's
this morning. The Cleveland Leader
says j
Last evening a large audlonce grooted
tho first production of "The Burglar" in
this city. The company are very
strong in their parts and some exceedingly
interastingsituatlons were brought
out. The company do not advertise a
child wonjlor but the? have one. The
little misi, who took tho part of tho
child of tbo burglar, was fully equal to
that difficult part in spito of tbo fact
that she it not yet five years old.
"Oor Married Man."
Clark and Wllliamt in their funny
comedy, "Onr Married Men,"' will be
tho attraction at the Grand next Mondty,
Tuesday and Wednesday. The
piece, though a farce comedy, undoubtedly
lackt the roughness that character
ites so many playt of tbe tame character,
and moves ofT with a pleating ease.
Clark and V> illiama are low comedians
of undoubted ability, who never fall to
keep the audience in a roar of laughter.
Their songs, dancea and fiinny sayings
are of high clast and will no doubt be
accorded the reception they merit
Seatt on tale at the box office.
Ho Affccts tin Heroic, But lie I? E?ldantljr
[uinnr. < '
Babceujna, 8?pt. 20.?The court
nnriinl a! Pallas, who attempted to
niuainato Gen. Campos, was com*
neneed to-day. Tho court it compoiod
if a colonel and five captains. The
prisoner was brought into court with
'jit hands tied bohind him, but it mi
jrdered that his hands be released.
When the proiscution had finished
reading the accniatinn Pallas,'Said the
ihorjies against him were true, and
leciared that he would commit the
leed a hundred times if It were possible,
tie had no accomplices and he was
jnly sorry that he failed to kill Camdob,
whom he had bated sinco ho defeated
the Republicans in 1874. Tho
prisoner said lie had no further statement
to make.
As the hearinit proceeded Pallas be
:ameso insolent in hla bearing that the
president ordered that he be removed
from the room. Later be was brought
back to hear the addresg of the prosecutor,
who demanded in the ntune ot
in outraged society that the prisoner be
Pallas thereupon jampod up and
ihouted that ho agreed with the proseeutor.
Couniol for the defense appealed for
slemency for the prisoner, whose mind,
ho said, had been unhingod by demoralizing
literature and evil companions.
To this opinion Pnllas dissented by
shaking his head.
Tbo president declared that nothing
romained but the consideration of what
lentence would be imposed.
Pallas was tbnn removed from the
court, twisting bis fair moustache as
no iiuiftou uuk, mm nuunug nu ?>> w*
ostentatious nonchalonco.
It is expected that lie will be sentenced
A surgical operation was performed
to-day upon Martinez Campos, who
was severely injured by the explosion
oI ono of the dynamite bombs thrown
nt him on Sunday last by Pallas, the
anarchist. Tho general is feverish and
raftering considerably, but it is not bolieved
that he is in danger of death. ?
All Sorts of Local New* unci Gossip from
the Gloss City.
At the union meeting of the Epworth
League at Powhatan Thursday night an
interesting programme was rendered,
and tho union elected Will McClain, of
this city, president; Miss Brown, secretary,
and Albort R. Bennett, of Powhatan,
treasurer. Miss Sharp, of Benwood,
read an interesting paper. The
members from bore and Kenwood were
received at the nation by the mombers
of tho Powhatan loaguo. An "acqnnintanco
meotinn" was made interesting by
a lunch for all, served by tho ladies of
tho Powhatan league. The next meeting
will be held in this city.
Billy Dolnn, the Bellaire horse that
has been handled on Wheeling Island,
won the tirat two lieuts of the froe-forali
trot at St. Olairaville, with Bad
Actor, Prince Monroe and Newell K. in
the race. The other heats were divided
between Monroe and Bad Actor until
Bach horse had two heata. The race
was decided yesterday, Billy Dolnn taking
the deciding heat. Best time, 2:35}.
The Gravel hill reading ami recreation
room will be opened (or the winter
next .Monday evening. Or. Cooke, of
Wheeling, and other speakers of this
city will ,mako addresses at the formal
The insurance men are here trying to
adjust-the long by lire last Saturday,
l'he companies are kicking because tile
losers held more than one policy and
did not have each marked "other insurance."
Andrew Joffers, of Ayes, Neb., is
visiting relatives here. Mr. JeQers was
a member of Col. Oharlesworth's regiment
during the late war and finds
many of his old comrades ia this section.
Mrs. Margery Poole, of Wichita,
Kan., ia visiting her father, Dr. J. G.
McCollough, in this city. Mr. Poole is
a banker, and on hla way to New York
brought hla wife and child thia far with
b1?- _ , ' ^
jurg. ueorce XJOiip, who ouuereu tin?
stroke of paralysis on Wednesday,
never rallied from it and died at her
home on Finch run. Her husband and
five children survive her.
A. J. Norton went to the St. Clalrsvilie
fair with a Kodak and caught
some of the managers on the rac track
with horse whips in thoir hands to
start the horses with.
M. T. Stidd has sued his noixhbor
John J. Cithbro for $6,000 damage) for
the alleged statement that be (Stidd)
stole the meat, ho ate. Stidd practices
law before 'sqnires.
The glass workers' nnion meets here
this afternoon to again vote on removing
the limit of the nuifiber of piecei to
be made and on abrogating the summer
stop rule.
The steel works is closed down again
but will probably start Monday or
Tuesday. They are making some of tho
finest steel plates ever rolled at the
new mill.
A. J. Pearson, jr., the son of the congressman
from this district, went to
Washington City yesterday.
Miller Booth and wife, and H. A.
Llchtenberger and daughter are home
from the World's Fair.
W. C. Danford, who spent several
days in this county, left for Columbus
A Columbus man was in town yesterday
looking up coal lands in tbii
Jones and McGraw have finished a
residence for Mrs. Margaret Davis, al
Ed. Giflen is building a residence foi
himself on the pike south of McMahon'i
You cannot do efTeotlve work withoul
a clear head, and for this take Simmon!
Liver Regulator.
An Old Soldier BInde Hnppy.
"Daring my term of sorvico in th?
army I contracted chronic diarrhoea,'
jays A. E. Bending, of Halsey, Oregon,
"Since tbon I have used a great amounl
of mediciqe, but when I found any thai
would give me relief they would injure
my stomaoh, until Clhamborlein's Ooll<
Oholera ana Dlarrhaw Remedy w*1
brought to my notice. I used it anc
will say it la the only remedy that gav<
mo permanent relief and no bad resnlti
follow." For sale by Charles R Goo tie
Will W. Irwin, Chris. F. Schnepf, Cbas.
Menkemeller, Wm. E. Williams, 8. L
Brlce, A. E. Scheele, Will Menkemeller,
John Coioman, Richards A McElroy,
Wheeling; Howie <fc Co., Bridgeport
and B. F. Peabody & Son, Benwood.
A Horrible Railroad ArcUlent
Is daily cbronicla in our papers; else
tho death of somo dear friend, who hai
died with consumption, whereas, if he
dr she bad taken Otto's Cure for Throaj
and Lung disease* in time, life would
have been rendered happier and per
haps saved. Heed the warning! If vot
have a cough or any fUection of th<
throat and lungs call at Logan Qrn(
Co., aole agent aha got trial botth
free. Large size 80c. 4
' i'M'y-!' 1
A Mlu<illanaoil> Meloogo of Minor Matter*
from Martiliair* Metro po'Ii.
The Home Oil and Gu Company has
had extremely bad luck. At a depth of
ovor a thouaand foet the tools stuck and ,
obstinately refused to bo fished out, necessitating
' the abandonment of the
bole and the removal of the rig to another
point, where drilling wili be re uineil.
A call bu been issued for a
meeting of the tockholdan of the company
Monday evening.
The Cfitnell & Bona brick works la to
be fitted up with the latest Improved
now steam power machinery. George
M. Criswell will leave Monday for
Cleveland and other points for the purpose
of purchasing the new outfit. Neegotiatlons
ara in progress with the BhIimore
& Ohio Bailroad Company look- |
ing to the establishment of a switch to
the works.
Mr. A. r. McConnell and Miss Ella B.
Martin were united in marriage at the
home of tbo brido'a parents yesterday
at noon. Tbo wedding was a quiet
home one, and the liappy couple leit
over the J). & 0. for the World's Fair.
On their return they will reside in tbo
eroom's new brick dwelling on Tomliuaon
'Ihe city achool board hat given notice
that no children will bo allowed to enter
school from families wbero scarlet
fever has exiited until tho families have
been entirely rid uf tho scourge for a
period of at least thirty days.
Prof. D. T. Williams bos requested all
tho tenchors of the citv to meat at the
Second ward school buQdlng this evening.
The school board will meet at tho >'
sumo time and place.
W. M. Morgan will be here tho first
of the week to begiu work nt the old
Hicks oil well It will bo drilled deop- '
er, and the prospects of a good striko
are splendid.
The Bridgewater company's oil well
on the Thompson farm ia abapt in the
sand and great interest is centering in
the outcome.
Dr. Frank Williams, of Greensboro,
Fa., was here yesterday in the interest
of the pottery firm of Williams & Kep
About fifteen oil nnd gas land leasers
are working in the Moundsvilio field
now. Two new wells wilt be bogun at
once. I
Engineer Gilrnoro Brown baa charjo I
of tho preparation of the grounds and
track of tbe driving park association.
B. E. McCankey lias retnovod from the
camp ground! to bis new residence on .
Ninth street. f
The Labadie-Rowell company will present
"Faust" at the opera house Monday
Oliver Cook, the well known newspaper
rnuu of Cameron, was horo yostorday.
About fifty people will visit Jtckson
Park from tbis city within the next
William K. Fiorce and John Piorce
left fox Chicago last night.
Dewitt Stewart has gone to Baltimore
to attend medical college.
.Major \V. J. Bnrley is out, after a
' pretty severe sick spell.
M. A. Walton will'arrive home from
Kansas to-day.
Henry Resseger, of Ella, was in town
E. B. Tisber is visiting at Hannibal,
Ohio. I
T. W. Manning isltomolrom tho fair.
Ilnpa ft ml MlihapR la tile Thriving C(t y
Acrou the Stiver.
Thii quoition was debated In the
Second .\I. E. church, on Wednesday
ovening: Uaolvtd, That Mixed Schools
are not Detriments! to the Colored
Race. Rev. Mr. Harris and Thomas
Williams wore on the affirmative and
Rev. 0. X'. Harrington and Sherman
Sackson on the negative. The vote
stood 38 to 15 in lavor of the negative.
The judges were M. F. Weems, Moses
Taylor, .Misses Carrie Branson and
Mattio Deyer.
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Ratcliff and
daughter returned yesterday from their
second visit to the World's Fair. They
were gone ton days, and enjoyed the
seco'nu visit better than the first, and
by seeing many things both times will
never torget them. Mr. Ratcliff advises
all who can to go the second time.
It develops that there is no truth in
the report that the boys at the LaughJin
Nail Works will not accept a reduc*'
*?? 1'hn nation havo
lion iroui mo iinuuie. ..................
had their different reductions and the
Doys havo had noue, and now they, too,
must have one. Ihoro are about 160
boys employed.
Misses Majgio Moore and Hay Jones
and Mr. Jamos Sweeney have been
elected teachers in ibe Third ward
schools for ono vonr. Mr. Charles
Hoyie has boon addod to the cadot
Mias Mary Williams returnod yesterday
from a nine mouth*' visit in Kansas
and Missouri. Sho spent n month
in Chicago An hor return.
Mrs. Georgo Arbsugh and Mrs.
Wright, who nave been attending the
Columbian Exposition, roturned yesterday
afternoon. .
A portion of the ditch for tho Jefferson
street sewor will be twenty feet .
deep.andthe contractor expects troublo
with it.
Mr. and Mrs. William Fenton, of St.
Clairsvillo, left yesterday over the
Wheeling and Lake Erie to see tho big
C. C. Coohran and Edward Trueman
returned yesterday from tho World's
Fair, and talk of it very entertainingly.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Greer will
1 leave to-day to visit the World's Fair
and their son'James, at Macomb, 111.
Officer Ecott Neil, who was so terribly
burnod some time ago, has recovered
sufficiently to be on duty again,
i The property of the Martin's Ferry
i Construction company will be sold today
at 1 o'clock.
The pupils in the Martin's Ferry
schools will make a contribution to the
{ Murphy fund.
Mr. 0. K. Williams left yosterday for
! the World's Fair orer the Wheeling &
: Luke Erie.
\ Dan Long and Thomas Bsggott wore
taken to the county jail to work out
i fines.
i "A Fair of Kids" will be tbe nttraci
tion at the Opera House to-night.
1 The keg department at Mean' works
p will resume this morning.
: j'LiebigCompany's'!
. Theso two word! ire #
' known in erdry welt ? I
I ordered household / . # I
, throujroout the world o
U dOSifttUtlOff tbO
oldest. purtMl. Ixm
L and ftiways-io-bf uc ?
! 5 Extract of Beef. I <
_ _ V
s \
Satins and Velvets,
Jacftets and Capes,
Geo. R. T aylor.
i ====================== ,
We beg to call the attention of the
ladies to our New and Cheice importations
of Wool Dress Goods, Velvets and
Satins just received. We show larger
lines and more choice styles than ever
before and at very low prices.
Special attention is called to ourexcellent
grades of Black Satin Rhodams, Black
Satin Duchess, Black Satin Mervelleux,
Black Bengalines and Colored Dress
Satins, in all the new shades.
All Wool Suitings, 5t> inches wide, in
all the.new textiles and colorings.
Now on Sale, also
We invite special attention to our new and
choice lines of Window Shades, Upholstery goods,
Brocatels, Tapestry; Brocades, Cretons, Jutes,
Couch Covers, Corduroy Coverings,- Portieres,
Lace Curtains, Bed Blankets, &c., shown in
Market street room.
We are prepared to hang Shades and Curtains
and do draping in modern style, also to furnish
Poles and Trimmings of the newest designs.
ucu. i \. i ay ivi.
1893.?Vim. vigor, victory.?1893. CINDERELLA RANGE.
Press and public cordially Indorse and pro. - 1
nounce It surpassingly grand.' All depart* _., / f&jflSH BffiH1 ( iH
ments fully ready. An examination of Its ^Lr ; .{y
many attraction* will astonish and please *
you. Music dally by <be unrivaled banda
V4^> Evory Imprpvemont of pnotical worth has
. .. . oflered.
Frau Haterna, c?n and oxamtno ihom.
SmZl?Z??* nesbitt & BRO?
Black Patti, 1312 Market Street.
and Signor Campanlni. ?
*$4, 83 SHOE NCWmr
.... J- 3. RHODES & CO. ^nj^^flofl
N E Wv #2.25 ^FBFj
JACKETS, lijg?p%
IfjiM want ??m DRESS SHOE made In the latest
mnrrn rillDDO ?hrlM. Jlon't pay $6 to $8, try my ?3, S3 J0( S4.00ot
I 11 i( I I M lltt T Till $5 Shoe. They fit equal to cuilom made and look and
vilvlll UIll UUj xaaraawell. lfyoawlibtoec?oniUelnyoorfoof?aar,
? Jo 10 by purchasing W. L Douglal Sho?. Name aj)d
_ _ _ _ price itamped on the bottom, look for It wheora bay'
17TTll M * DUO W.L.DOBOLAS, Brockton, Mail. SoldtT,
F UH \J Ai LIU) * OH). OTEWkWT HrVi&ipoX' O.
' II. F. MBNKBMBIAeTL -Ml Market .tract.
Our stock is now com- ^ 0n]y< Pure Mattfess
plete. We have all the in the World.
NEW. STYLES and can electric ixcoxstbdctiox.
suit you in styW, fit or .hioienic is pbwcipie.
price! Call and S?e Them at
1U6 Main Street.
JO TfcL ? J A/v Bicycles' and
s Modes
1 A'uv?vW ftTr^OGlrls. Wrltefbr particulars.
rvNLY TBI! BKbT QUALITY' OF /sdbscbibs fob
tit 88 The Weekly Intelligencer
mifBlii Printing Mht hr , . ,, .
Blank Books 1
And Commercial Stationer^
Mimeographs.-^- |
.Having received,the agency '%
for Edison's Mimeograph, we
are now able to supply the trade
with any number. Also any^ "ftjH
thing in the way of supplies.
130, MARh'KT BTRKBT. Ml" ' .}??
Weekly and Daily Newspapers, Delirorod Frae ?
of Extra Cost
C. H. QUIMBY, ;$3g
fe4 1414 Market 8treet - ra|B
A a olegan t preparation for chap- $9
jhju uauus, iku auu iijiv - ,v;
Large Bottles 15c. ^9^
SOLD BY?- -\?M
R. H. LIST, 1010 Main St.,
educational. .vfl
Mrs J. Stevens Hart's |
School for Young
Ladies andv Children, ; |
1316 and 1318 Blurket St., Wheeling, W.Va.
The Inland cars and clor.trlo motor* nan the
door. Third annual session begins MONDAY, '--a;
SEPTEMBER J8. lSOi, continues thirty-nine *#gj
week*, divided into four term* This sohool
oflon a cmn.Moto and thorough education In
Practical Eugli*b. Mathomattos, English Classics,.
Latin and Modcni Lauguaae?.
The school consists of Primary, Grammar,
Academic and Cfliego Preparatory department* :
The methods nd course of Instruction will,
compare favorably with the beit seminaries la
the country.
Boys aro received in the Primary andflrst year " *'>
Grammar. For circulars or interview, applyto -' >
Principal, '.>
Jtesldenco No. 787 Main St. .
W SEMINARY, Williams port. Pa, Both isggi
hxo. Regular and ElectiTo coareo. Flu Tor
Collego. Sialic, Art. Mcderu Laanuagen, special- S3M
ties. Steam heat, electric liaht. Catalogue froe. vJ?i
0 pons Sept. 4 E. J. GRAY, P. P., President
Financial, . ||
Wheeling Title and Trnst Co., j
CAPITAL, - - $102,100.
IT. M. Ruwell. Pre*11 L. F. SMfal, Sec'r. |?M
aJ. Bawl lug..V. P. 8.1. SlnRluioii. Am'tSee'jr.
Geo. R. E. GllchrUt, Examiner of Titles. ' $1
G. Lamb, President Jo?. Srtboj.d. CmW? ;%<
J. A. Jjtrmsoic. As*Isuni Cuhlec. . 4
Bank of Wheeling!
CAPITAL $200,000, PAID IN.
A. J. Clarice. Joiepb F. PaulU * *3H
James Ciimmldi Jlenrr Blebereon. ..'A
a. Reriuann. Joseph Sejrbotd. ?$&wl
Gibson Lamb
* In'lere*t paid on special depoiiK
Issues drafts on England Ireland and Sootlawt
royll JQ8EPII HEYBOLD. Cashier,
CAPITAL? ?.3200.000.
J. N. Vawc?-m .. ?iml: President*
L. 8. Dilaplxik Preiident. T:
' J. N. Vance. GeonroU Sttfol. 5 9H
J.M.Brown. William Elllngbam. &&&
L. 8. Delaplalo. W. A. Kellejr.
; John Frew.
I Drafts Issued on England, Ireland, Scotland
and all point* in Europe. v .'^l
JOHN J. J0NE8. Cashier.. , ^3
CA PI TAL. -$175,000.
William Ism........ .. w~.u... President. vi's
William B 8?rM>!v...MNM...........Vice-President.
Drnfu on Englund, Ireland, France ana Ger* tit
William A. IsctL Mortimer Pollock. / ;?&
J. A. Miller. William B. Simpson. '
K M. Atkinson. John K. BoUford. \:M
llcnry 8poyer. Victor Rosenborg. ' , ,;3S
Jacob C. Ttiomaa
[ J>1 P. P. JKP50K. Ca<bler. ^
one dozen Aristo Photographs
AND LIFk-SIZED Poltfait, .
ONLY go OO ! 'vi|
' higgin's gallery.
-jyj-yles' aet studio.
2154 whin strbet,
qdont0nder jg
Teeth opsltlrelj extracted without pain bj S
local application. No alter effect! -vl^n
a. b. miller. d.d.s..
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j^edman 4 co.,
' general machinists v1
And Mmnufaoturers of Marine and 3
Stationary Engines.

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