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^ " ~
Stone & Thorns'
? CREHT^ca^
.Here are a Few Sample Saturday Bargains:
Indigo Blue Wrappers, regular price $1 oo, hard CQp
times price, - - ^ "V^
Indigo Blue Suits, regular price $i jo, hard times 98c I
Diagonal Serge Wrappers, regular price $2 00, hard 0-J OR
tirr.es price, - - - - ipi.flu
v-rrr-\ nT nTruicj
-CS I I / V?i -1 IV?/ V I IK
Large Button, Real Kid Gloves, regular price $ i 25, CQp
h^rd tim?s price, - - Foster's.Laced
Fancy Top Kid Gloves, regular price QOp
$i jo> hard times price, - COMFORTS.
Bed Comfortables, regular price 7J cents, hard times 49c
Bed Comfortables, regular price $i 00, hard times 69c
^ Bed Comfortables, regular price Si yo, hard times 98c
Ladies' Corsets, regular price 50c, hard times price 36c
8 *o
Ladies' Corsets, regular price 7jc, hard times price 48C
Ladies' W. G. Corsets,' regular price $i oo. hard DQn
times price, - ' - ' - Stone
& Thomas.
We Have the Styles, *
. i -
e Have the Prices,
S ? *
Oar Fall Styles are without exception the best lino of Hats in the city
and this coupled with the fact that we are giving better values than ever
is sure io interest yon. Come in and see our goods. ^ e want to show
thorn to you whether you want to buy or not.
. i *: > t n * A Neat Conservatice Style and just
A Stylish Hat for a Stylish Dresser. Stylish Enough,
$1.90, $2.40, $3.00. $1.50, $1.90, $2.40.
. i ' These two blocks are the leading ones, but wo have many others from
$100 up to suit all taatos.
Winter Jackets
FOR 1893-^.
RE made of Covert, KerSey, Beaver, Chinchilla, Rough
'<yg|[gv. Cheviot, Diagonal and Mixed Cloths. The Colors that
r-ggajMy^ predominate aside from Black are Havana, Myrtle, Navy
and Tan. Thirty-two inches Is the average length,
although some are two inches shorter, or just as much
longer. Double Breasted Loose Fronts, with immense
revers, are largely in the majority, some few, however,
I RfSf* being made tight-fitting. But the most pleasing feature
Jj l/^x. of the 1893-4 jacket is embodied in the "Worth" Gol'
lar, with its ample and wavy spread from shoulder to
Where this collar is not applied the turn or roll is much
' wider.than formerly, and is frequently made of velvet, with -cuffs and
edges to correspond. Many collars of this style have in addition.a full
circular ruffle of cloth attached, which gives an added air of gracefulness.
Sleeves are quite narrow at the cuffs,-tapering gradually into extreme
largeness at the shoulders. Backs have more or less of the "umbrella"
fullrifcss. Many of the jackets are trimmed with neat fur
edging. . Capes in Seal Plush, Cloth and Fur that are decidedly
handsome. For beauty and quantity this season's stock of
K CHILDREN'S WRAPS eclipses all former lines. We have
k : special sizes?39, 41, 43 and 45, in Ladies' Jackets. Larger sizes made
r; to order. Our Jackets and Capes are shapeliness personified?the ereI
ation of expert men tailors?products of the best skill and most advanced
jjg| ideas procurable. Special values from $4 95 up.
Geo. M. Snook & Co.
U Blent No*. *3 and '47 gourUanth Ktf a
New AilrertleemenU.
A. P. & A. if. Funeral Kotlc*
First Presbyterian Church.
i'ourth Htreet SL E. Church.
Ltst or Loiter*.
Feather Dusters?Earing Broi .
Dry Goods mid CaxpcU-Stone St Thomt
"Dou't You Hear'Dem Bells"?D. QundHnj
Gd?Fifth Fa?e.
For Sale aud For Rent?James A. Henry.
Night Hcbool?Wneellnc Bualueit College.
Imperial Flour?11. F. Bahrein.
For Sale?A Mortgage of 13,800.
Tbe Medium?Harry Wait*,
luveaiors?simpsou & UaxletL
Optician?1'rof. Sheff.
liow Feed Mill-K. Hoge.
Tlila tn rninnanf anil nnnnlnr vilnrt
now open. With its beautiful walks a
drives, fresh green lawns and beautli
Qowors presents a sight that no one shoe
Call to see and enjoy.
Concerts by the full Opera llouse Orclu
tra every Sunday afternoon, commencl
r?t 8:30 o'clock.
Tlie beat of meals and refreihmer
served. loo Cream from the Park's 01
The Wheeling A Kim Grove Railro
(motors) leave every hour, and Is prepar
to tranimort thousands of people with coi
fort nnd dispatch.
Ten Pin parties should engage the allc
in advanoe. Park telephone OOt-4.
Thoie desiring to arrtuigo for plen!
should eonfer early with
8 Manager, No. 83 Fifteenth street
Call and examine our handsome lino
: fall Woolens,forelgu add domestic aad e
bracing every novelty in medium welg
overcoatings, suitings and trowserlni
Special attention given to fashionable a
up. Kit guaranteed and prices reasonab
.tarns Hygiene Underwear again handl
?allsixee. Offloe Coats, Grey, Blue, lilac
ueat and comfortable, Bltxer Jackei
ltrown and Rlaek, unrivaled for warm
nnd durability. 100 dotea Fast Colore
Henmleas Hair Hose at t5e a pair, just i
reived. Dent Glove, Klghmle Shirt and
full Hue of Gents' newest Furnishings.
Fashlonnble Tailors and Gents' Furnli
era, 1321 uud 13*3 Market street.
IF you cannot see ami need Speotael
you uliould call on us aud have your ey
tested without charge. Wo have the flna
iimtriimtMitfi ami mora experience man a
other optician In the State, and fuaraut
mtUfactlon or money refunded.
JACOB W. r.lCUBBJeweler
and Optician,
Corner Twelfth ana Market
' Truntftr Recorded.
Clerk Hook yesterday admitted
record a deed made September 28, I
Jacob John Ebberta and wife aad Char 1
i^lein and wife to Jennie E iCirchnc
wife of Otto L Ktrchner, for $1,50
lota G and 19 in Klein and Stifel's adi
tion, or Grandview addition.
Coal Sllne Accident*
A train of coal curl broke loose at tl
Wheeling Creek coal ininea yesterd
auil collided with others. An old ma
aged about 04 year), Jamei Penma
w)lo was ou tbe runaway cars, got cauir
in the wreck and his leftlegwas broke
l)r. Van Wagoner let tbe fracture.
The Farew.II Concert.
This evening's concert at the ptibl
building square by Mayer's band will ]
the lust of the Sanson. Tbe fotlowii
programme will be rendered:
1. llnrcb, Knlgbt of Labor.
J. "Fedora" waltzes.
"La I'aialralla."
4. Uavot. by Linden.
\ "La Veitale."
c. "Queeu of llurti" waltz.
7. "Should old acquaintance be forgotr
County Fltmnue Committee.
A meeting of the county comtnisslo
an1 Annnpa tnmmirtAM irn? IiaM vndtf
day afternoon, at which 100 copiei
the schedule of fees charitable by ji
tices were ordered printed. The.coi
mittee also fixed a limit on the chars
lor examination ot suspected liinatli
A committee was appointed to apprnl
the jail and site. The clerk's anna
financial statement was read and <
dered^Jinted as directqd by wire.
A Cheap Coal Supply.
An immense quantity of coal bas1>e
gathered in and along the river by id
men in Martin's Ferry this summer
few getting as high as 1,000 bushels,
one place up the river 15,000 bushi
were deposited by the sinking of
barge, and a number of men had a re
alar picnic there. Several men ha
leathered enough coal to last them an
next summer, and not a few are layii
iu a supply of wood.
Charles Ktttler'N Fonaral.
Tlio funeral of Charles Kettlor to
lilace from his late residence on t
South Side veaterday afternoon, Rev.
J Hnli a( Zinn'a church, nlltciatin
Many members of the Mozart aloei
society attended, nnd iang several t
proprlate selections at Mb Zton con
tery, where theinterment was. LaBe
lodge A. O. U. W. alio attended in
body, and the pallbearers were me
bora of these two organizations.
Two "Old Timer* Hack Again.
Yesterday afternoon Harry Hill we
to tho Wheeling Installment Comparr
store, drank, and imiated on eitti
down. He "was ordered away and wei
but returned later and became ve
abusive to the people aboat the sto
A telephone call was sent to the poll
headquarters, and Lleutonant 'J'er
went up and bronght'HllI into the fol
Rod Dixon waa drunk at the po
office corner yesterday 'Mternoon, a
Lieutenant Gaua ordered him awt
lie refused to go, and Gaua took him
the lockup to think it over.
A Itignmiit f.ti off.
Yeatorday in the criminal court, Jud
Jordan on the bench, a nolle waa <
torod in the caae of W. P. or Plat
Taylor, indicted for bigamy. It is o
doratood that n new indictment will
presented "by the next grand Jury, a
(or this reason Charles Doyle and Albi
Parker, witnesses, were, recognized
$60 each for their appearance at t
next term of court to testify for the
Temporary Alimony Granted.
In Judge Campbell's side of the c
cult court yesterday an order waa c
tared in the chancery suit of II. 1
Hook vs. Fannie B. Rook, for divor
by which the piaintlil was ordered
pay to tho defendant $40 for attome;
fees on or before October 0^ and S15 I
hor maintenance on the first day
each month thereafter. II. \V. Ito
was also enjoined from disposing of a
of lifa property before a final settleine
of the suit.
Fair Only In Name. Yeatorday'a
Pittsburgh Commcrc
Outilt says: "William A. Fair w
coinmittcu to jail last night on achat
of bigamy preferred by Luelle Smil
Fair is an advertising agent, and cat
to Pittsburgh about three yeara a
from Wheeling. A abort time ago
married the Smith woman, and aere
days ago ahe discovered that Fair hai
wife living in Wost Virginia. Yest
dav abo made information against h
before Alderman Gripp, and there w
be a hearing October 'J. Eliaabeth
Knight also lodged n charge agalt
the man."
You don't know how much better y
will feel if yon take Hood's Sarsaparll
It will drive off that tired 'feeling a
make yon strong. (
Hor 8acxs at Exaaitmzs's
I -. 7 " """ "" "
Measures Tnken hy the Hnlthuore A Ohio
17001(1 Seem to lodiente There Was.
= Railroad news travels with flaih-like
~ rapidity among railroad men, and generally
reUini at leait a aemblance of
reliability. Though the Baltimore 4
Ohio people hare denied the attempted
train robbery on their Cannelliyille
- division near MeKeesport, tbo statement
ia mado among the employee of
the road in this vicinity that there
realjy was such an attempt to rob the
iriun us trsH hi urai repurtuu, uuu iimusi
tint tho company has taken measures
to prevent tho repetition of iach occurrences
by arming with revolvers its
paiseugertrainmen. A passenger brakeroan,
who runs from Wheeling to Grafton,
is responsible for tbe statement
that tbe passenger trainmen on bis
division are all now, or trill be, armed,
fut Such measures would seem to indicate
dd that the company fears more attempts
of tbe character of the McKeeiporUone
ag will be made.
A Make In tli? Wheeling Pottery rinut
ert That Wm Sooa I'ut Out.
" An alarm of fire rung in from boi 60,
iy> on tbe South Side, called the entire deles
partment to the corner of Obapline and
Thirty-first streets last evening about 7
o'clock. ' The alarm was repeated several
times, and peoplo up town thought
there was a bin fire. A gas pipe bad by
?( some means fallen down in the sagger
i,t room of tho Wheeling pottery plant
[ . and tbe escaping gas oecamo ignited
i?' and was fast forming the nucleus of a
.J conflagration whon discovered by passIk,
eru-by. The bloio was put out by
tnettns of buckets of water before even
?i, the Eighth ward apparatus arrived on
re. the scene. Had the blaze not been dle?
covercd while it was yet in its infancv a
destructive, and at this time especially
ih. unfortunate fire would have resulted.
J Through a Begion which Ought to be Trl\*y
butary to Wheeling.
Mr. F. W. Baumer and Mr. Clem
Smith went out to Morgan town Thursday,
and rode home yesterday on their
wheels. They followed the Monongahela
river for tomffdistance, then crossed to
j? Waytiesburg and rode, lu most of the
si way over the surveyed line line of the
ir .Wheeling & Connellsvillo railroad, down
10 Ten-Mile crock to Big Wheeling and
lil down the latter to a point noar Haneytown,
whence they crossed to that village,
and then rode home by the ridge.
Mr. Smith helped to survey the railroad
ia and was of course familiar with the
ay country, and both gentlemen report a
? delightful time. All along the route
D| they found the people exceedingly debt
sirous that the railroad project should
n. be put through to a successful completion.
The weather was perfect, and
they returned with a high estimate of
the beauty and richness of the region
He the road would traverse if built,
Indicting Saver# Lou, Without mijr Iusnrunitu?The
Owner Away.
Tlio residence of Joseph E. Majors,
on his farm on Scotch Ridge, four
miles west of Martin's Ferry, was
burned to the ground Thursday night,
logeiuer wiui a purt ox iiiq cuxucuic.
The Are originated from a defective
0f flue and the houao aoon vent up in
tl. smoke. Most of the -.furniture' downstairs
was saved. The total lots wag
? about $1,500. There was no insurance
on the houie or its contents. Mies
Nannie Majors lost $100 in money, a
181 fine seal skin eacque and other clothing
)r. worth $250. Mr. and Mrs. Majors had
been at the Smithfleld, fair and fonnd
. their homo in ashes when they returned.
The Moilara lieuutjr
a Thrives on (rood food and sunshine,
In with plenty of exercise in the open air.
jl9 Her form glows with health and her
a face blooms with its beauty. If her
?. system needs the cleansing action of a
vo laxative remedy, she uses the gentle
til and pleasant liquid laxative Syrup of
og Figs. ^
New Wi.nter Jackets at
Emsheim BR'S.
?!j "Whexpnin and anguish wring the brow
p A ministering angui thou."?Bromoig'
Seitrer. 13
; v dQ
I powder
I " @ * I
. r
i tfyvutvi)
he la the route wo take in the SHOE
rol TRADE, and we not.only enjoy ouri
a solves, but make it verv interesting
er- to our customer*. Our FOOTHEAH
im 1) as much beyond competition as a
ill point a mile away is beyond hearing.
A. These goods break the record forapeeti,
iat because, though they tan't take wings,
tbey take teet, and they're getting
connected with go many pairs of feet
on that every day makes a big gap in the
la. assortment.
>d O'KANE & CO.,
. 1113 Main Street
THE FALL 3EA30N-n?/H'llB CL0THIEf>8. J
We Stand by. Our Colors!
The whole houser every department, has
farad nrnx/arH All PUP? flrfl UDOn US. Cud
1UV.UU Vinr w*4 V*I ? - ?I
:< . ^nn;nn ;+CT nod/ +/-> /-otrh a nrlimncA n-f
Ubliy li ciaillllg, lis uci.n LU Laii.il u. guu.^v VI
the new fashions. Our predictions for the
future have blossomed into realities of the
present. We have done more, better than
we promised. We entered into competition
with ourselves, and have grown to our greatness,
steadily, perseveringly,- successfully,
until even the glorious record of the past is no
measure for THE HUB of the present. Every
stitch of stock in the store is an Acme of Perfection
that holds us close to your confidence.
At the masthead are flying the emblems of our
nnrcrr nnat ittfqt
1 V^U/niUi A Jx
You are judge enough to appreciate the perfection of fit
When they are all here.there'll be an hundred different
styles, each fashionable. The cool evenings will soon call
them into service.
r-"7T T T T TTT'O Are be
OU 1 1 O ginning
to show themselves. They are perfect too. Neckwear,
Boys' and'Children's Clothes, everything Eallish, is just
swarming in from every corner of the creative world. Exclusive
and Guaranteed.
One-Price Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers,
Fourteenth and Market Streets.
? ""'".'ii" ^
s i I:
: i YOU CAN 8 i i
i';! I J
Spare a Dollar) j
11 }A week a gooc| deal better than five?fifty?ot a | f
' | hundred all at once?can't you? That's how ! ?
| j you can go right ahead with your "house-right- j /
J, | ing"?buying what^you need in the i f
!'fe CF TDMTTT IDC ! \
1*1 U1MN1 1 U1\L, : J
] 0It STOVE LISE. OS Ol.'B 1
Equitable Credit System I j
You are welcome to its privileges. "Mum" is j (|
p| 1 i the word. Nobody in the world will ever know j ?
11 | from us that you did a wise thing, and bought; $
]! | on our part-payment plan. Even the wagons i f
i j that bring the goods to your door are unlettered, | J
1' j-blank as the fly-leaves of a book. You simply j )
11 j agree to hand us something on account each ! f
11 j week or month. The obligation is a verbal one, i J
11 j you don't have to put your name-to a single j I
| I legal obligation. j J
i!, | There's no -limit to your credit with us, so i i
i' j don't stand on the order , of coming, but come j f
11 | and select just what vou want. We keep I f
|! j everything about a house. I j
I 1 : . ? f
], : 1300 Main Street, Wheeling. : S
ij S - 5 - |W?> * is

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