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TIjo W. A. W. Apply lor Admission
to the International.
I'or Noil Scanou?Two Mncing Touriiatncntrt
Will Probably bo Held,
Spring an& Fall ? Xotulilo Cycle
TourifitH Arrived in ilie City Imsi
ICveiiiii^, Ono of Them u Vomiy
Lady?Touring to ilio World's Fair.
A mooting of tiio stockholders of tho
Wheeling Athlotic Wheelmen Company
was hold at tho Proas Club rooms
last evening, at which it was docided to
apply for admission to the Intcmational
Bicycle Kacing Circuit. The sentiment
appeared to be unanimous in
favor of entering tho International, and
the benefits that deriv.o from membership
in that body wero so apparent that
opposition could not have boon expected.
From assurances that wore revived
by members of tho W. A. W. at
tiio time of tho lust raco tournament,
thoro seoms to bo no doubt that Wheeling
will havo no trouble in securing admission.
Tho past season tho western
cities in the circuit wero Cincinnati,
Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis and
Chicago. The coming season it is tho
intention of tho chairman of tho L. A.
W. racing board. Mr. H. Ji. Raymond,
who is in charge of tho affairs of the circuit,
to secure several other cities.
Among tho new members of the circuit
will bo probably Wheeling and Pittsburgh.
rho principal advantage of
in?!U)bership is the fact that all tho fast
racing men will bo on hand, a town being
in tho circuit giving it all tbo necesdaiv
Should tho application of Wheeling
be favorably received, there will be two
meets next season. The sprini: moot
will probably bo but ono day, while tho
one later in tho season will bo a twoday
atlair, like tho recent tournament
held here. Tho dates will not be known
until Chairman Raymond fixes up his
schedule this winter.
Tho secretary of tho W. A. W. was
instructed at tho meeting to at once
open up correspondence with tho authorities
It is probable that something
more deflniie will bo known in tbo
course of a week or ten days.
A century run is being arranged by
local wheelmen, which will take place
probably a week from next Sunday
and will bo to Brownsville, Pa., and return.
Already a number of tho boys
havo signified thoir intention to tnko in
the run. Others wishing to go should
enter at Charles Strobel's on South
Market stroot. An all-club run is also
being arranged for next Sunday, to
West Alexander and return, which will
probably bo well attended. Dinner
will bo taken at the pretty little village
on the Pennsylvania line.
A Young Lady Hiding; to tlm World's Fair.
Ilure Ui.it levelling-.
Last evening at 7 o'clock, two wheelmen,
or rather one whoelman and a
wheelwoman, rode up Market street
and dismounted at the McLuro. From
*neir dusty appoarance it was seen that
they wero finishing up a long day's
ride. The lady was Mies AmeliaS. Petticord,
and her companion, a brother,
Charles II. Petticord, a well known
A'hcolman of Pittsburgh. Monday
uiorning they started on their wheels
from the Smoky City, on a wheel-trip to
tho World's Fair. On that day they
rode to Washington, and yesterday they
wheeled it to this city.
.Mr. Petticord was seen by an IntrlliOK.vcRit
reporter last evening, lie is
tho champion long distanco road rider
of Western Pennsylvania, and of course
was not particularly exhausted after
tho dav's ride of thirty-four milea from
ii- i.:'?_4? #i,?
" 11SIJ Ill^kUU. iuma * utuibuiu, <. ?? ?
contrary, was aomowhat tired, owing to
tlio Iariro numbor of hills of the
"Chicken Neck" varioty that make
cycle riding on the pike more work
than pleasure. Ilowover, to-day their
schedule only calls for thorn to reach
Fairviow, thirty miles, so that it is expected
she will be in good condition for
the rest of the long journoy.
Thoir schedule calls for a trifle over
forty-two miles per day on an average
for tho entire trip. Miss Petticord arrangod
tho schodulo and is confident
that she will arrive ar the Windy City
on time. The schedule ia as follows:
Monday, to Washington. 32 miles; Tuesday,
to Wheeling, 0") miles; Wednesday,
to Fairviow, 95 milos; Thursday, to
Zanesville, 140 miles; Friday, to Columbus*
105 miles; Saturday, to Dayton, 273
milos; Monday, to Richmond, 302 milos;
Tuosday, to Indianapolis, .'571 milos;
Wednesday, to Lebanon, 401 miles;
Thursday, to LaFayette, 444 miles; Friday,
to Earl Park, 4SG miles; Saturday,
to St. Mary's, 531 milos, Sunday, tc
Crete, 550 miles; Monday, to Chicago,
590 miles.
Tho pair intend staying several weeks
nt tho fair. While in Chicago Mr. Petticord
will mako an utteinpt at tho
American twenty-four hour bicycle
record. It is at presont held by F. Ed.
Spooner, of Chicago, but Petticord ie
confidont that ho can broak it. If he
does ho will have to mako noarlv 40C
miles, as Spoonor'a mark is 39ft miles,
l'otticord did 242 mile9 in twonty-four
hours on the rough roads of Wosterr
Pennsylvania, and ho argues that he
can do much better on tho Chicago
Miss Petticord will return to Pittsburgh
by rail, but Pctticord intends
breaking all records from Chicago east,
including that recently mudo by Harry
Wylie, who passed through Whooling,
Not only will ho rido during the day
but ho will continuo during the night
and will stay on his wheel as loug as he
can remain awake. Wylie made it
from Wheoling to Chicago in a little
under fivo days. If Petticord can stay
on his wheel for the entire, or half the
trip, he ought to break that record, by
at least two days.
Pills promote constipation?Siramons
Liver Regulator cures conatipa
They filvo Tuoir RniiHon*.
Porhapa some of our readers wotild
like to know in what respect Chamberlain's
Cough Hoinedy is better than any
other. We will toll you. When this
remody is taken as soon as a cold hai
boen contracted, and before it has become
settled in the system, it will
counteract tho eflect of tho cold and
greatly lessen it's severity, and it is thr
only retnodv that will do this. It acts
in perfect harmony with nature and
aids naturo in relieving the lungs, Open
ing tho secretions, liquefying the mucin
and causing it* expulsion from the ail
cells of tho lungs and restoring the system
to a strong and iieolthy condition.
No other remedy in tho market pna
senses thoso remarkable properties,
No other will cure a cold so quickly.
IlapH and Mlfilinp? in tlio Thriving; City j
Altum tin; Ilivcr.
Rev. W. ii. liurbank, rector of St.
Puul'u Episcopal church in Martin's
Ferry, and the Episcopal ctiurch in boll- ,
aire, will uiako Martin's Ferry hid
homo and will occupy the Cattoll property
on North Fourth street. moving
into it next .Mouduy. Mr. U. Uusaell
Wood will vacate this proporty next
Saturday. .Turn whore Mr. \Vood will
make his home in unknown. Mrs. Wood
and baby will leave next Monday on au
extended visit at Torre Haute, Indiana.
Mr. Wood being traveling puHfiongor
agent tor the Wheeling A Luke Erie
railroad much of his time is spent in
Wheeling and ho may reside there.
Yesterday considerable troublo was
experienced in the work of towering
Joilersoii street, ttio timbers giving
away and dotuining the work. On
Broadway everything seems to bo moving
along satisfactory. No serious accidents
have occurred ainco Clarence
Lewis was hurt. The Jellorson street
ditch is from ton to eighteen feet deep.
noino OI IUU UIOI1 lib worn UII muio sowers
earn several times as much in *
the factories, but having no work thoru 1
find tins belter than nothing. 1
A meeting of the mombcrs of tho Phi
Doha Theta was held ut tnc homo o? e
George Inglebriirhton Monday ovoning, c
to make the preliminary arrungeuionis 1
for holding the annual banquet. A *
committee on correspondence was appointed,
consisting of Georgo Chessell i
and George limit-bright. Another i
meeting will bo held to-night. The t
banquet will bo hoid in Wheeling, c
early in November, probably on eloction
night. >
Tho new street car lino will not bo i
able to carry tho people from Martin's i
Ferry, /Etnavillo unci West Wheeling i
to Bollaire when McKinloy speaks.
Martin's Ferry alono ought to lill (
all the cars that night. Some um-mployed
workingmen say they are going [
if they have to walk.
During tho month of Septombor or- e
dors were drawn on tho township poor ^
fund amounting to ?713, of which f
amount ?(>04 GO was issued to people in
Martin's Ferry. Idlo workingmen are
receiving assistance who never before ,
found it necessary to apply for uid. f
of tlio Martin's Ferry Baptist church,
was in town yesterday calling on friends,
lie is now stationed at Union City, O.,
a town of 3,000 inhabitants, likes the
placo and is enjoying good health.
According to the poll over 1,500 votes
will be polled noxt mouth it there is a
full vote. The poll is not unfavorable
for the Republicans. Tho poll shows
538 in the First ward, 420 in the Second
and 550 in the third.
Mr. George W. Recce has been inado
agent of tho United Stntos Express
Company in Martin's Ferry. Tho
United Statos recently succeeded tho
American on tho Cleveland, Lorain &
Wheeling road.
A late letter says that Rev. S. J.
Bogle will not assume tho pastoral
charge of tho Presbyterian church until
Sunday, October 15*. Rev. Mr. Stovons,
of Bridgeport, will preach in this church
next Sunday.
Tho creamery at Mt. Fleasant will bo
in operation within two weeks. It will
cost $2,700. Tho machinery U boing
put in by tho Vermont Farm Machine
company of Bellow's Falls.
Miss Bertie Blackford, Miss Cora
Mishell and Will Crowl havo been appointed
delegates to tho V. P. C. E.
convontioto, which meets at West Alexander,
Fa., next Tuesday.
Next Saturday a game of foot ball will
bo played in Martin's Ferry between
the Wheeling and Martin's Forrv clubs.
Tho New Atnons college club will come :
tho Saturday following.
Samples of the lino new goods of
Lowis Smith and William Garrott,
Union Glass Company, are exhibited at
A. 11. Ong's drug store.
A social will bo given at Steels' school
house to-morrow night. The proceeds
will be used toward purchasing an organ
for the Sunday school.
The only councilmon who showed up
last night were Henderson, Davis and
Wornig, and no meeting wns held on
this account
With Buch attractions as "The Burclar"
the Martin's Ferry Opera liouso
1 ought to do a good business this season.
Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Jones, of North
Fifth street, are entertaining Misses
Maud and Willia Storey, of Columbus.
Amateur photography is growing in
popularity in this city. There are
quite a number of good cameras hero,
i Miss Blanche Schofield, who has been
visiting at St. Clairsville, returned yes,
James H. Drennen appeared on the
streets yesterday lor the tirst time for
The Y's met last night to make ar'
rangements for an entortainment.
I Work was resumed at the Laughlin
nail works yesterday.
; C. M. Brown, of Mt, Ploasnnt, was
; hero yesterday.
Mrs. Lewis Smith has the typhoid'
fevor. " At.
the Grand Opera House.
The second night of "Our Married
Men" at the Grand Opera House drew
a large audionco, and many said that
the comedy is the funniest that has been
scon here in a long time. The songs *
are now. and the three acts are filled
1 with laughable say intra and funny situa'
tions. Clark and Williams aro clover
1 and versatile. Violet St. Clair is a
graceful dancer. Edwin Laug, as the
tramp, is funny. Viola Rosa, Bessio
1 Milton and George Watson add to the \
' fun, and Miss Jennie Roby is pretty ]
1 and sings as well as she looks. There J
will bo a matinee to-day, and to-night (
will be the last performance. Seats on f
1 lalo at the box office. ,
* (
"Lord Kooucy" Coming. j
Of tho latest farce-comody, "Lord !
Rooney," a well known critic says: It
' is a sparkling, fizzing triumph from ond .
to end. The arrangomont is daring, J
' noisy, slap-dash and trivial, but it ia '
, fashionod with a delicacy of artistry *
that you must not allow to escape you
1 when you go to soo it. It not only .
mnkos you roar with lauuhtor, but in
spite of its apparent flufiiness, it is
lighted by the real sunshine of nature.
Alleghany, Pa., March 16, 1891.
.Von/ian Lichly HTg. Co., Drt iloiiua, Jovxi:
Dear Sim?I find Krauso's iloadaclio
Capauiea a ready, ai'llor, and can say
from poraonal experience that they aro
. a Iiood thing, aa tho otlior niu'ht they
enred mo of n bad attack of neuralgia
1 in about one hourwhon ugually it laata
a dav or two. C. W. Kmart, Drureiat.
Sold by Alox. T. Younjr, John Klari,
Wheeling; Bowie A Co., Bridgeport, 0.
I KICK'S OiinnliiSi Vimlmmlny, October 4.
Pittsburgh nnd lleturn 82 00
By the 1'an-llandlo road, October 5th.
Tickelsgood three days including date
of anle.
IOUK Millinery Opening ?f Kail and Winter
fttylm will oeeur on AVedueAilay, Octo- <
her 4, and to which the public cordially
luvlUkL A. L. KCCE A CO.
Ill Hurts of Loral Nvtm and (inulp from
tliu titan* City.
Tlio city council itiot Inst night and
ipproved the contract and bond of
rolin Davis for paving on Gravel Hill,
tnd ho will commence work this raornng.
i wo of the property owners on
he streets to be paved, with Engineer
S'orton, uie in iljamu uf the work.
A valuablo black horso was stolen
rom George Kobinson, west of town,
ast .Sunday night. -The horso was
akcn from the stnblo and was ridden
veatward. There is no clue to the thief,
>r horse either.
A big leak in the water main leading
;o the reservoir was discovered yesterlay
and the water was shut oft all over
own last night, while a force of tneu
)ut in about sixty feet of new pipe.
The Democratic senatorial convention
or this joint district will bo ncld at
steubonville next week to select two
lames to fill up the ticket. The mattor
vas almost overlooked by thorn.
Some of the alleged sports of this city
ire talking of a cocking main in or near
jt. Clairaville. They got an idea from
ho fakes permitted at tho fair that any*
him? will iro there.
The Knights Templar will run a spo:ia\
train to St. Clairsvltle to-morrow
evening for a meeting of Hope Coinnaudery
at which the Templar decrees
vill bo conferred.
IleatherinKton's brass band will furtish
the music for the McKinley moetng
ut Beallsvillo, in Monroe county, on
lie 19th, and also hero in the evoning
if that day.
The Volunteer hoso company is inrestigating
charges against cue of the
ueinbers for collecting money in the
tamo of tho?firo department and using
t himself.
The Gravel Hill Literary and Social
}lub will bo entertained by Mrs. Wethraid
and Mrs. Kelly at their elegant I
lomo on the hill Friday evening. i
Francis Crawford, who died of paralyis,
had a contract with the city for side- i
valk pavemonts, and his bondsmen are I
jutting his work through.
John W. Coulson moved his family to
Columbus yesterday, where he has
ocated. Ex-SheritT O. E. Foutz occusies
his residenco here.
Copt. John T. Lane, of the Baltimore
c Ohio, wont to Baltimore yesterday,
.nd will take an eastern party through
o the World's Fair.
A number of former Bellaire window
:lnP8 workers are engaged at R?<! Key,
ud., whore they made glass yesterday.
Duane Cowen, wife and son, and F.
>1. Cowen, wilo and (laughter, Jolt yoaerday
evening for tho World's Fair,
lion. C. L. Wee ma, tho Ropublican
andidato for prosecuting attorney, was
n town yestorday.
The Mandolin club furnished tho
nusiic for the opening of tho reading
oom Monday night.
Messrs. C. Rurabach, John Steger
ind G. Schmidt returned from the fair
If you desire a luxuriaut growth of
lealthy hair of a natural color, nature's
irowning ornament of both sexes, use
>nlv llall'a Vegetable Sicilian liair Kelewer.
A Sp*cillc for Croup.
"I consider Chamberlain's Couch
Remedy a specific for croup. It is very
>leasant to take, which is ono of tho
nost important requisites where a
rough remedy is intended for use among
ihildren. I have known of cases of
iroup where I know the life of a little
me wan saved by the use of Chamberain's
Cough Kemedy."?J. J. LaGrango,
Iruggist, Avocn, Nob.
Tou Know
that you can secure al
iuusu mmicuunu iciici
from Indigestion, and
that uncomfortable fullness
after meals, by simply
taking a dose of Simmons
Liver Regulator?
Some people think that
because it is called Liver
Regulator it has nothing
to do with Indigestion
and the like. It is the
inaction of the Liver that
causes Indigestion, and
that fullness; also Constipation,
and those Bilious
Headaches. Millions
have been made to understand
this and have been
cured from these troubles
by Simmons Liver Regulator?a
medicine unfailing
and purely vegetable.
Prom K?v. M. 1!.Wharton, Baltimore, Md
"It affords me pleasuro to add my testlmony
to tho great virtues of Simmons
Liver Regulator. I have had experlenco
with It, ns occasion demanded, for many
years, and regard It as the(rreate?tmodicino
of tho times. 80 good a medlcluo
deserves universal commendation.
PROF.SHEFFistheonly Optician
in the city that Correctly FITS T1IE
if Drufisl If you need Spectacles or your
>yes tiro or head achos when reading or
iewin?, you can consult him and havo
four eye's examined for s_'ln*se? without
iharge jtt his Now Optical Establishwont,
1110 Main streot, one door abovo
Snook & Co.'s dry poods store.
B3TPROF. SHEFF has tho only
SompletkOptical Establishmentin tho
?tate, and is tho only Optician that Fits
Artificial Eyes.
nu31-tMWV WhiM'llm-. W. Vn
Having received the agency
for Edison's Mimeograph, we
are nowable to supply the trade
with any number. Also anything
in the way of supplies.
OAHIjiB dhos.,
Weekly nni Dally Newspaper!, Deliverer! Frea
>( Extra Coit.
{ft4 UU tturkei Street. {
Brings comfort nnd improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live hotter
than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the valuo to health of the pure liquid
laxativo principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleasant
lo the taste, the refreshing anil truly
beneficial properties of a perfect laxative;
effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels without weakening
them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionnble substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists
in 30c and 11 bottles, but it is manufactured
by tho California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also tho name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, yon will no'
accept any substitute if offered.
? 7
I ???? ^ Month.
No. 145 Fourteenth street liO
No. UCO High street . 7 00
I No. Alley K and Terminal railroad 8 o>
No. Alley Hand Terminal railroad 8 00
No. 2510 Jacob street......... 13 0')
No. 2^02 M?In street 10 Oil
No. 170.' ChapUne sireot. store room.
No. 1!H05 Woods street, three rooms 0 00
No 2607 Alley B .. 9 00
No. 2509 Alley B. two room* ........ f? 00
No. aifil Main Mreet. three rooms.. f> 51
No. '.ii Thirty-third street 8 Wi
No. :J527 Chapllne street. two rooms 5 00
No.2020 Alley K. two rooms...... G (X)
No. Market street, two rooms. 7 Of)
No. 107 Alley 10. two rooms 5 00
No. .131 Twenty-ninth street .. 8 00
No. 133 Twenty-ninth stroet 7 00
No 19J0 Main street, three rooms 9 00
II..11.H.... /?r trllrtUsnU
business, iu roarof No. 1001 Market st.
Lots lu Hampden Placo, Thirteenth street
No. 110-t High street, two low and three
houses for 82.000
No. "JtV-'S Main street 2.000
No. 2241 Main street
No. f>06 Market street, $1,400.
Lot Not 2, South Front street, CO foot front,
running to river.
Five lots and live acres of land in Triadelphla.
with two dwellings, slaughterhouse. Ico house,
stable, aud sixty bearing fruit tree*, forS2,0>).
Lot No. 10. section 51, Centra street. Moundsvilla,
and 10 shares in Mouudsville Mining and
Manufacturing Company.
Corner lot north of street car barn. Fortyeighth
and Jacob street*.
Lot No. 13 Water street, south of Forty-oighth
Lots Nos. 6 and 7 FoIT street, south of Fortyeighth
Lot No. lf?. south of Forty-oighth Btroot and
east of Jncoh street.
No. 1(TO Chaplinostroet
No. 1029 Eoll street. ' !
No. 1025 MoCollooh streot
No. 1011 McCollouli street.
No. 2-1 Twenty-ninth streot
No. 2623 Main street.
Real 12*tato Agont, II. S. Claim Attoruoy, Collector
aud Notary Public.
se.TO 1612 Market Street.
Lots In Behren's and Speldol'n addition.
Corner lot. Thirty-fifth and Chupllno streets,
I house two rooms and kitchen. Cheap.
A llour mill, with roller process, twonty-fivo
barrel capacity. Water and stoam power. Saw
and planer also attached; doing good business
in the country. This is a bargain. Coul within
200 feet. Has thirty-seven acres of laud. Will
sell all togothcr or mill separate.
No. 3727 KoiV street, frame house, six rooms,
larue cellar, alloy comer. Easy terms.
No. 51729 Kofi" street. Brick hou?e. six rooms
ami hall good location. Cheap. Easr torins.
Three houses on Wood streot high grouud,
No. :rtlH. 39 n ?n-1.1522 SS3 I'oach.
Two houses oa Twenty-ninth, four rooms,
each. 81.400 each.
A good farm of neret. one and a half miles,
from tho city. A good orchard, tit acres in
crapes. ha< ail to roomed houso, stabloi. eto. and
tho host of water. Will soil on easy tonus or
trado for city proporty,
Lou In HoUmanu's aaauion. tne owe vauie in
the Eighth ward oa very eaiy term#, lor a short
No. 41 Thirty-eighth street, sir rooms, now, $2,500.
Brick house tour rooms and hull. Forty-first
and Wood streets, full lot.
josephX arkle,
Pension Attorney, Notary and Ileal Estato
Agent. House* routed and rout* coliecto'L
OiUce No. 3jl7 Jacob street.
European steamship and draft agent. Passage
ticket* to and from all parts of Europe. Also
drafts to any point In Europe. my at
#200 buys lot 50x17."i in that fast-growint; fine
residence pla.M) of Park View, with natural (fas,
good water, good scwrage, new school house to
edncatc yourcbildrou. shade trees, sidewalks.
Only Ave minutes' walk from the motor. Ten
houses built within one year. Terms, one third
cash, one-third in six months, one-third in
twolvo mouths. These lots are fast krowing into
money. Onlv a few left. Call at once.
Lots in i/catberwood cheap. Lota, at Echo
Point cheap. Lots at Edglngton cheap. Lots at
Pleasant Valley cheap. Lots at Elm Grove cheap.
Call on us. We are heudquartors for National
pike lots.
13~J" .MARKF.T STKEKT. M'l1)
Soven-roomed brick, lot S5x40 0, river view
North Front street, Idand. 86,000.
Four roomed frame house, lot 00x120, very
cheap. 81,800.
Elght.roomed brick house on South Front
street, botwecn the bridge*. &t,Q0Q.
Four-roomed house on Virginia street, SI. 100.
Six-roomed house on Bouib Huron street, new,
Klve-roomed house on South Penn street,
1 havo bargains In houses and building lotn
everywhere, on the Island and on this side.
Come in. Inquire and look at the bargalus 1 will
ofl'er you. Also in farms.
hhrrvTfi nk,
Telephone CS7. fie.'71 lit-! Markot strop-.
By virtue of two deedsof trust made by Louisa
Frailer and Harvey Frailer, her huxband, to
mo us trustee, the tln>t dated August 24.1892. recorded
in the office of theClork of the County
Court of Ohio county. West Virginia, in Deed of
Trust Book No. 35, page 4>I. the socond dated
November 1G. 1892, recorded In said Clerk's oftyce
In Deed of Trust Book No. SC. pago 210, I will sell
at the north front door of the Court Houso of
said county, on
SATURDAY, the 4tii day or NOVEMBER, 1803,
commencing at 10 o'clock a. in., the following
described property, that is to say:
Tho north half of lot numbered Five, situate
and being on the east sldaTof McColloch street,
in James Carney's heirs' nddltion to the City of
Wheeling, Ohio county. West Virginia.
The tlUQ to ial(l property is believed to bo porfeet,
but selling as trustee I will convey only the
title vested In me by said deed of trust.
TBRM O* HALS:--one-third and as much more
as tne phrcha?er electa to'pay In cash on the day
ofs tle. the balance lti two equal installments at
six and twelve months, notes bearing Interest
from tho day of sale to be given for the deferred
payments \v. j w COW DEN, Trustee.
\Y. H. llALUUt, Auctioneer. wi I
Oiic of tlio Intelligencer'ft World's Fair Hotels.
Immediately across the street from the Fair Grounds, on Stony Island avenue.
T,~* R??K on/1 KQtli N?ne three entranced.
wctnvcii UW.M "?*- ? - .So*'*'"
(lny'n lodging nnd lirst-clunn II. ? O. lluilrund tlckut 8"'i 00
On oxourfllon <lajr 17 00
Thursday, October 5,1893,
Will bo celebrated all ovor tho United States in recognition ot the groat service
which Louis Hornndorf, the ereat Saxon Dyer rendered to humanity in (jlvine to
tho world a TRUE FAST BLACK. We shall present our customers on this day
with tho beautiful
? * ' * r ?. . Mmnllmnnl fn hio /MiutrttnnrM in Ainarica.
iurnigiiuu uy uuuta uonuauui. t? ? vvwc?<u .?
This souvenir was prepared for tho World's Fair and was presented to visitors
there until September 1, when it was withdrawn to bo presented to the patronB
of the Hermsdorf Fast Black through tho retail merchants of tho country.
Wo proposo to name Special Prices for this day on our
Hermsdorf Fast Black
rooms and attic. All In pood condition tt MAKER Apply to W. li. CHARLTON,
and plcaciint location. No. 30 Twenty-second Mannlogton, W. Vn. oc3*
Bj'UliliLiM. tt o nice and represent amauufacturcr; $50
_ per week; smull capital required. Address,
Second floor. No. 22 Tenth street, six rooms, with stamp. MANUFACTURER," Box 212, Conbath
room and hall. 926 09 per month. Second cord Junction. Ma^s. hk27-was
floor. No. 100_? Main street. six rooms, bath room . .. .
and hall. $<6 per month. Third floor. No. 1065 y\/ANTLD?SALESMAN tOltCALlMain
street, four rooms and hall. ?20 por month. V FORMA WINES 8100 per month and
I<arge basement barber shop, corner Main and expenses, with chuuco far advance. CommiMiou
Tenth streets, 925 per month. All immcdlato If preferred. No experience roqiilrod. Address,
nosxessiou. .JAMES L. 1IAWLEY. "2. enclosing flvo stamps, W. A. VANDERCOOKv
sc14 l l-o Main street. r.-vz wine ucpt,. Loa Autroios. < ai. - > wj
?U BL15 men to solicit orders for fruit and
One flat, five rooms and bathroom, first floor, ornamental nursery stoak; permanent employ*
No. *-!lui Eofl'street. jneut. expenses and salary to those who can doOne
flat, four rooms and bathroom, second vote their entire time to the work. For partlr-'
floor. No. -JIM Eofl*street. tUars, address K. G. CIIASB <k CO., 14:/) South
One flat, four rooms. No.66 Twenty-third street. IVnn Square. Philadelphia. Pa. orti-MWAf
Onefiat. three rooms. No.O'JTwonty-thlrd street 1 .
Equipped with all modern Improvements.
FOR SALE?A SMALL BAKERY bl??cnow Mleo"<"8'" I"'""thllt 10
Jo"|f ?nrTv?',k';[ o? North f rontttreot. on rornefof
^euing. QEOKCiE J. MATIilbON, 13-3 Market alley, large shade tree, very desirable locution,
street 80-^ at 8pOQ lens thun regular prJcu
Fnft <5 v T V T IT V ONI Y 1)UTJ(t A lot at Pleasant Valioy, 91*303. for 1500.
OK 8 A L fcr-x n b JjUJ 1j X JJ U Ujj I(0l 0Il Caldwell's Hun 63x1.10. for $i"W.
store ill a rapidly grow ing tow n. on II A 0. (Jood big lot at Elm Grove, very best of loco*
K. k. Good ronHons for selling. Address "CAM* Hons, for ?300
FHOK," caro lntcllmeneer. hcJS 9U00 for Kpicadid lot ou South Peun streot,
(STOCKS FOR SALE. ^lot' on Elm street, between Pcnn nocl
t ? it ? v M tiiii South Front.
20 shares Bcllaire Nail MIIL *VJW wIlj blly w feol oa Korth Hurou stroct
shares Ponbodjr Insurance Co. This is a paved street,on street car line aud will
30 shares /Etna Standard I. it S. Co., common. pay nnrrhancr good returns
20 shares Fostoria Glass Co Uelvedore lots. But a fewgood ones left Price
1 sharo Fort Henry Club. ^ $l30to&UQ,
10 Sharon liro M Mariue insurance kaj. _ _ ?c?T%/r-rrr?-r* r"0 \r,iri*?? <st
20 shares South Sido Bank. Gr' SMITH, 1-9 Market St.
10shares Mail Pouch Tobacco Company.
j^or sale. foe sale.
My farm adjoining Turk View, tho beautiful ??
Fiibtirbnn town. live miles cast pfWheelluij. Wo o|ror for Mlo ut ? tmraaln, II bought it
The farm Is G1J$ acre, with a good Jruit oronard, oncc.tho westerly 30 tcel of I.OT No. JO at tho
containing six kiiiilsot plums. crab apples. southwostcoroerof FOURTEENTH and JACOB
nears qnlncos ouil lU tlie other Irnlu. (,ood STREETS. Tho lot has a depth o( 100 feet to an
building lou. For pnrtlculan address or call ou ollo.
Fi.ooowlll buy No. 23-0 Chnpllno street, lot
_?eS Elm OroTC. or on proinlaes. jOxlLV, with clght-roomod brick. house.
towelling houses von sale
Two-story frame bouse in /Elnavillo contain*
lnrwo oponSorr fr.imc dwelling, In Klrkwood, No. 00 Twentv-elghth itreot, lour roomi...112 00
and a line farm for salo; cheap and easy terms. No.JHWChapjineitroet, nvo rooms ... 18 00
R. T. HOWELL, No. 77 Main stroet. five rooms .. 10 00
insurance anil Ileal Estate Agent. No. 2L? Main struct, two rooms 7 60
-,,04 Bridgeport, Ohio. No. 66 Seventeenth Mreot. lour rooms- 11 00
= No. 2U7 Main street, storeroom.
17011 SALE. No. Fourteenth 6treet, frame, 6 rooms
andTbath - 20 00
? No. 87 Ohio street, frame, five rooms 13 00
AFEtTCaoiCE lots at edttlngtojt. }&sjbmkkft?$' jssss'jt^ 7 e
r..K ? TAmm. No. -117 Alloy B, brick. 2 rooms 7 00
Cheap and on Easy Terms. strccti thjr(| i)00r. > rooms... H 00
W V HOGE Six-roomed fruino dwelling at Lcatherwood.
ocrt Citr Bank Bnildlnst. 1?0 Market Street Store rooms on South street, in nenrne Tab
- ? ornncle building.
~~ " No. 2139 Main street, storeroom and dwolUng.
^TOTICE. Money (o Loan. Fire Insurance.
Notice is hereby given that tho "ELSOS* niMCU adT fir TATIIM
GLASS COMi'ANY" ban changed It* uauio to nIINfc.r1/\ri I <56 I nl U JVlj
that of "WEST VIRGINIA GLASS COMPANY," ... _ ? mvn
and that the Secretary ot Stato has under his t,rrv hank huldimi.
hand and groat seal of the .-tute of West Vtr* TcleDhone ?19 rsel5l Room No.0.
ginia, issued his cert itlcate. bearing date the 15th lcIePuono 'lJ- I80"' uoom
day of September, A. D. 189.1 declaring that tho
said "ELSON GLASS COMPANY" Is to bo tbcfe* T7I "1?i Q A "T "IT*
after known by tho name of "WEST VIRGINIA J? -L.\J J-\~ 1 P.J
GLASS COMPANY." By order of the Hoard of
Directors. II. E. WADDKLL. Two business houses on Muln street, Centra.
se20*vr Seerotarv. Wheeling Cheap.
:= Houso of sevcu rooms, brick, Sixteenth street,
XIOTlUE. fci/oo.
House of four rooms, Twonty-nlnth street, lot
Notlco is hereby gtron that n special mooting 30x10ft feet 81.40tt
of the stockholders of the W::sT VIRGINIA IIousc of five rooms, brick, Eoff street, Centre
GLASS COMPANY will be hold at the McLuro Wheeling. $2,100. ,
House, in tho city of Wheeling, West Virginia, House of seven rooms. Fifteonth street, $>V>00,
on Saturday, tho -'1st day of October A. D. 1891. Hou.se of six rooms, brick, lot 25x122 feet, Mala
at 2 o'clook p. in., for tho purposo of reducing street. Centre Wheeling. 2,000.
the pnr value of the shares of its capital stock, Lot east end Fourteenth street. $500.
changing ill by-laws and adopting now ones. Corner lot on Llnd utrcct. cheap, $200.
and of doing any other business which uav House of live rooms, Woods stroet. East Wheellawfully
bo done by the stockholders lu genoral jntr, SI.500.
meeting. Ry order oi tho Board of Directors House of four rooms, Eighteenth stroet. $1,000.
II. E WADDEL. Three houses. Moystcu street, cheap, $2,5oo.
ett-W Secretary. Houso of three rooms. Twelfth street. S350.
_ ? House of eight rooms, Sixteenth street, in
XTOTICE. good condition. $ t.700.
l_sl Three lot-.. 6Uxl0<>0 feet, Fllan, White <fc GallaNotlco
Is hereby given that at tho 6p?dnl gher's addition, $0U each.
meeting of the stockholders of "WEST V1K- Home of six rooms and stable, Eighteenth
GINIA GLASS COMPANY." to be held at the street, $3,600.
McLuro Houso. in tlio city of Wheeling. West Three lots in Park View, cheap.
Virginia, ou Saturday, the '.'ist day of Octo- One-half lot, McColloch street, Centre Wheelb?r,
A. l>. 180:i, at 2 o'clock p. m., tho follow- jog $30u.
ing resolution Will be ofllsred: Fiuo suburbaii property, two miles from the
That tb? capital stock of the "WEST city. Ave minutes walk from motor lino, new,
VIRGINIA GLASS COMPANY" be and tho tame with all modem improvements. Cheap.
is herebv reduced by a reduction of the par Lots on Caldwell'a run $2f>0 each.
value of Its^hares to one hundred and twenty- Flue farm of 113 acres on National road, nlno
Ave ($125) dollars per share. So that hereafter mile* east of tho city, ou ''a.-y t?ruia.
the par valuo of each sharosbaU be one hundred House, four rooms, Twenty-third street, $1,200.
and twenty-five ($125) dollars. Business property on Market street at inodcrG.
LAMB. ato price.
A Stockholder of said West Virginia Glass Com- One of tho best manufacturing sites in tho
uativ *e2a-w cjlr, fronting on two* railroad*
. r ? ? sm $.VM. ?1 OW, 51.500 and $2,000 to loan on
Only the best quality of cltiml?10'
morcial Printing done by *
THE INTELLIGENCER JOB OFFICE. 1738 Market Street, ??15

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