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$4lf|SNs ?
'f^Vl Ji
v:^"^-~i, i$
if' ^ 'J^ ^
f 1 I
Dsr. JfUfa JUcdical Co., ElUhcrt, Irul. ^ j
Da.*? SIM: For 20 year* I wik troubled with
fcei'.rt dbcaac. Would frequently have tailing u
ipollu and emotherlng nt uluht. Had to elt up or w
get out of bed to breutbe. iiud pain In my led (
eidoand buck most or tbotlmo; ot last I beenmo \
drupsi<ul I waa very nervous and nearly worn tl
out. iLo least cxcltczncut would causo mc to 0j
with flattering. For tbo lart fifteen yenre I could
not nloep on iuy IclUido or back until Weari taking *,
your Arte Heart Cure. I had not taken It very tl
ltiug until 1 felt uiuch better, und 1 run now Bleep b
ou either hide or buck without tho least dlscom*
f0rt I havo no pain, rtmothernig. droj*y, no wind 11
on Atouiuch or other disugreeaLle symptom*. Iam C<
able to do ull my own homework without uny
foil Lie and consider myself cured.
Elkhart, Ind.. J.V38. Mka Elmika II/.tcti.
It is now four years riucc I havo taken uny a
nodlcine. Am In letter health than I havo been
If! ill y-'ttrt. 1 honOKtly l*V q pmt M*. .
11,v.. All Dr. JfllM' ?rw CURFQ "
Mart Cure eaved ny life ? h
ar.d medo me a well woman I am now 02 years r:
of age, and am able to do a good day's work. f
i!uy 25th, 1892. Maa. ELMIUA UATCIX. Jl
Hold on u Positive Guarantee. ic
Dr. MILES'PILLS,CO Doses 25 Cts. <J
Sold by InuggUts l-'vorvurhere. inrlH-nwtAwy ^
; 1 JSk w-P-A-N-s j I
:fr&$Tinm s=c : ?
S^P' B a u ^?- *- : ?
? I''
UIPAXM TAJUT.E8 uro tl?c beat MrdU P'
cllio kniMMI flip I lll!!?? ?t 1(111, illllui!<lll'M, J ql
0 UcuJucLr,CUr<*uIo q ...
l.lt'i-rTmublt-*, IMuliifaa, liud CouiplczJuti, '
llifii'Dtcrft OITriulvu Ilrcuili, uud all ?11?? J W'
0 orilcr* of the Mumucli, I.I* cr und Itawchb { \V
c Rfjyma Tabalcs contain nntblntr Inlurlotm to tii
t!io UMMt (k'llcalo rone'Itutlnn. Are wtwant to
take. iafu,cCTuc*.tud, *gA give tasnuxUato rt llcf. U!
Ma) WcoLtalucdbjr Biipllcutlouto ccurt_?t o
o dructfUl. e
?ap<?o0ooaooooooe4oicoo*'>t' *
nnrC7?Diw Su
/^v japanbse^
A New find Cnmploto Treatment, oonsbtlnff of
RUM OSITOK1E8, CupCTlw of Ointment and two .
l:ox?-:? of Ointment. A tttvor*failhu ('uro for Plica ci
of evprfTinturoonddeKree. It makfca an operation ,,
with tbo 'talfo or inJt>ctJon:i of carbollo acid, whJck r
i; rit pr.lnfnlaad Poldom a permanent euro, and often 1 ti
rtfultlag m death, unnecoecary. Why onduro j0
this terrible tilooaoo? Wo, guarantee 0 q ,
boxes to euro nnv cuao. You only puy for 11
boauflta received. f 1 n l>ox, C for $3 by muiL Cample ja
fic-*v. QattrontocoiBBued by our agents.
CONSTIPATION by Japanese Llwor Polled 1 (j
bo Front LXVEBandBT051 AClf Itt(.ULATOH nnd ?*
BI(X)DPUHIFIEU. Small, mild and pleataut to UJ
tnk^, enpoelaliy adapted for children'^uao. CODocuj of
Cj ?iut?. e:
?;rAttA!tTRES IsMtietl only through McLAIN lo
linorilKlty. Druggists, Whoolitig. \N Vit i?i
t ti ?Ti^ 1 fcJvil 1 ^ Li r7?? 7a
E ?1 it \ 11J8S * a w P 1 n L? J i 8 c?
phl -aj1" " ^ ' '1 ' iipc j
. Of the most obstinate oawe of Oouorrba-a
lj 'VJI n and(WfH t jfiumuiteudInfrr.*u3toCday*;
Nu.VJI no other treatment required, und without CI
J tho n?n-i?ntln>f rwiultMof ti'?Hin^\rtti! On- ,,,
Crivll bobiLOopRlbaor Htudal-Wood. Sold by ' '
I all drutrviiiK J. Forre, (nucoo*aorto Ct
^rou^' Pharmadcu. Part*. w
jn-i-w ti
? ??-?? c:
FIN A _NC IA L. tc
Wheeling Title and Trust Co., 3
CAPITAL, - - $102,100. J*
II. M. Riwcll, Pros't. L. K. Stlfol. Sec'y. w
C. J. Kavvlluc. V. !' K. I. SlugiQtau. AM'tScc'y. 8t
tieo. It E. GllHirlst, Examiner of Title*. of
G. Lamb. President. Joa Sr.vnoi.o, Cashloc Jjj
j. a. Jj;kfi:ksoh. Asiiaiaut Oasbloc.
Bank of Wheeling! |
CAl'l'l'AL $200,000, l'AIB IS. fa
A. J ClftrKa Jo'cph F. PanlL a;
Jnincs Cummin* Hourv Bloborsoa. ri
a. Koymmm. Jo . soph Soybold. Cll
Gibson Lamb.
Inton^t paid on iipucial depodtt. .
J-siioi drafu oa England IroliindandScotlarrf. 1:1
nijrll JOSEPH SEYBOLD. Cashier. ill
CAP1TAI $200,000. J'
J n. yan?t. ? President. aj
L. s. Dmri.ABf Vico President. ftJ
J. N. Vanco. Goonro F- Stlfol.
J M. Hrown. William El ling bam. rt!
]? *. Delaplalo. W. .V. Kelloy. f|,
John Frow. ,i:
I>raft? Issued on England, Ireland, Scotlnud 111
?nd uli points in Kuronc. to
JOHN J. JONES, Cashier. t,s
C A PIT A L.................. 3175, OOO.
Wii.i.i vm Nirrr .. President H0
v. i vm is s-ursoN Vlco Prcsldonu .
1'mIu on England, Ireland, France auo Germany.
Vi'HUam A. licit. Mortimer Pollock.
J. a. Miller. William 11 Sliupion. r1
11 M, Atkinson. John K. Ilot?fortl. ill
Hour)' Spcyt r. Victor Rosenborg. u(
Jacob C. Tlioina<* L.?
Jal f. IV JI PSON, Cashier. h 11
? . Hi
"O EDM AN i 00., ac
And Manufacturers of Marino and pr
Stationary En<rlno3.
uv; w v ca
IPtneTallowSoapJ ?
Is perfect: In other words it Is all Soap, and
the U-st for luuudry purposes m.wlo. Aeeuta
wanted to sell to prlvnto families, also a
general club order agent lu each town. i
S38 to 340 Flftll AVO. PlTTSDUBGQ, l'A. 1
up-1-.mwjiv i
b. the spcclul days uro boomlu' nn* they'!
rollln' up the list!
b. the interest is cousumln' on' the pcop
ciiu'i resist!
at the citlM, states aud nations won't begrudg
tho blttMt fthuro
'lien " / in'-" tuKus her vacation with In
lumlly at the fair!
bey have notcbcd the doorway irccly, an' tl
xuark.t uru pretty htcen?
ut ' J U'i <u?on tho liutc!, will record bi
measure deep;
Or she'll lift it nn' she'll shift it uu'she'
stamp it plolnl? bore
will tuke n round half million to approach
?ut the fair!
b. Chicago day's a comin'?you can hear tl
]? ;oplc about!
h. they're too tin' an' a-drummlu'?all tL
world is lookin' out!
bo October day* itre glowln', an' there's somi
thin' in tho air
ike u proraixo brightly ahowln* half a millio
at the fulr!
A J A V A N ICS ! : WKD 1)1 SG.
wo Children Married ut the Fair and lti
turn to Tlieir Parent*.
mrrpondMce cf the Washington Star.
The Java village was in oxcitemon
nd gaiety recently and crowds ol oago
iaitora surged through the gates int
10 iuclosure, which ia a pattern o
eatnees and cleanliness. It was th
editing ot Mon and Soewnrti, tw
ght-hcartod Javanese children. Mot
10 little groom, being but nine yoai
Id, and little b'oewarti, a child of oleve
ears, the bride. The weutlier wa
ulightful up to tbrpo o'clock in th
fternoon, when it becatno clouded an
10 rain fell in showers, a most doplon
le misfortune in the eyes of the Javi
eao, but which did not provent th
intinuanco of tho wedding sorvic
hicli 3,000 people had gathered to Bee
All tho women had on gala costunn
tid there was a great deal of whispei
ig among them and hurrying to an
o. Tho little trroom waa taken to th
ouae of the bride in a palanquin cai
ied on the ahouldera of six men. II
imped down, and salutiug Soewart
isaod her hand in a vory protty faali
in. Then both stepped into tho palai:
uia ami procedou by the high pries
f Doeda, who waa robed in a whit
)\vu, they made the tour of the villag
id stopped in front of the theatre
he priest eat down in a eroaa-legfie'
shion, and the quaint little bride aui
room sat in from of it; then came th
irents of tho two children, tho mu
cians with their torn touis aud a fe>
tho villagers. Tho crowd cIohcm
ound the interesting group, and th
uddiiig service began. It consisted ii
ie chautiui; of a weird kind of iucantu
nil, followed by a burst oi sound froii
ie torn toms and cheers from the peo
c. Tho children got into the palan
lin again and woro borno to the the
ro, where a feast was laid out for th
odding guests, at tho conclusion o
hich Mr. and Mrs. Moil woro taken ti
leir separate liomcs to remain apar
itil they are older.
imi! Queer Storlu* That Couiu I'row Fa
Off Indlu.
Huh Mfdical Journal
The anuala of Eastern nations furnisi
jundant example? of this custom
liich has boon resorted to from a vari
y of motivos and under very differon
rcumatancos. Tho practice may b<
n ployed lor ttio purpose of extinguish
ig life or maintaining life for a pro
need period without food or drink
licrc is, therefore, a fatal and non
tal kind of living inhumation. Th<
mimoti description of burial aHvi
arnadh) is leper burial, which used u
3 very frequently resorted to iu India
toft' at tho request or urgon
itreaty of tho victims of thu
athsome dieeaae. A pit was duj
ir the relatives of tho leper or by othe:
pers, and the unfortunato cast int<
and smothered with odrtb. In so mi
laes tho wretch was burned to do nth be
>ro being thrown into the pit. Opiuu
ater was freely drunk by executioner
id executed on sach occasions. Thi
-uol rite lingered iu Kashmir andsomi
:irts of Rujputana till within very re
mt years. Indeed, it is questional
hottier it is oven now altogether ex
net. Lepers have been known in tlv
ctrcmity of their distress and miser;
> commit suicide by jumping into pit*
Iturial alive has also iu India "consti
iled u mode of suihr. or voluntary nut
fico of life, by widows who have beoi
int by sympathizing and obliging rola
vos, at their own request, into til
imo graves aa their deceased hits
Hide. Homicidal burial alivo ha
jen used aa a inenns of punishment o
iuio, torture, revenge or murder, am
ie burial has boon jn such cases eithe
mi pie to or incomplete. The non-fata
rm of living burial hgs always ox
ted xnoro interest than tlio fatal
hicli, howover, supplies material for i
rangoand largo chapter in the hiator;
human crime. The phenomenon o
ibornation yields somo sort of countc
ineo to fhe idea that the animal or
inism ia capable, under certain cii
unatancos?namely, conservation o
>dy, heat, perfect inaction, and preser
ition from all external stimuli?o
k-iug for weeks, if not months, withou
oil or drink; and records of proloniro<
sting, with or without Bleep, ar
rthcotning with the regularity of tin
inouncoments of gigantic uoosoboi
of, sea sorpeuts and eight-legge<
Tho allogod proceedings of Indini
kira and rersian dorvishea are citei
i support of tho possibility of humai
ibornation in underground cells. Tin
rocoodings of these gentry must, how
,*er, bo very liberally discounted
hey certainly achieve somo very ex
aoruinary feats of endurance and soif
jnd'gation. Their efforts to set at dofl
ico tho laws and inclinations of tin
jdy, and by contemplation, fa9tinj
id neglect ot tho ordinary usagoa am
squiremouts of life to mortify tin
>sh and become absorbed into tin
vino aoul, which is, according to tin
neta of podantism, tho spring an<
sonco of existence, surpass physiologi
il possibility and necessarily ongondui
iposture, which may bo conscious o:
iconscioug or both. This oloment o
iposture, iuvoluntary or doaignod
iters into all their procoodings, and ii
Idoin either diligently looked for o
>tected. The lovo of the marvelloua i:
rongly developed among Orientals
id fakir Rtorics must be taken with i
jeral grain of salt. Taloa o
olonged living burial aro com
on onongh iu India, but it
> case has the proceeding beer
ibjcctod to scientific observation 01
stomatic watching; and in souio in
ances tho grave in which the devotei
is proposed to'hibernate has been tin
vorod after tho lapso of a few dayi
id its occupant found dead. When
eroiore, wo aro told that Seymour
o thought reader, v?roposes at Chi
goto bo buried am] "remain*undoi
ound long enough for a crop of barloj
bo grown on his gravo," we incline U
are tho general improsaion that, if Iu
rrioa out hi9 plan, "ho will probabh
main underground forgoo<l."
Tin: wonderful cures of thousands o
lonle?they tell tho story of tho meri
Hood's ?arsapari!lfl. Hood's Curls
For Malaria, Liver Trouble,
orlndigestion, use
wholesaler PRICES.
ro Weekly lleport of thu Local Markets In
alt Llues.
office of the intelligencer. )
wheeling. Tuesday, Oct. 3. i
There aro no remarkable changes iu local
rr wholesale quotations tbls woclt. In provisions
and lurd ii slight decline is noted. Hog* remain
l0 unchanged ut high prices, but cattle went no it
uotcb. Muuy vegetables quoted dtirinc the
r summer have disappeared from tbo market, inIj
eluding watermelon*. Cranberries aro now
quoted. Ixiose line declined on ncconut of an
[t over-supply of the western article. A rl?o in
wheat 1* nntielputod within thu next two week*.
Market condition* are considered fairly satUfac
10 lory.
grain, rique and feed.
,c Grata?New wheat. dOaffk: per bushoL Corn,
per bushel, ear from store, <*' < Oats, out of
L' htorc, western crop, 4Ual3o per bushel; new oats,
u Flour? Fancy roller mill winter wheat, wood
at St <0 per barrel: paper. $!.'.? per barrel; spring
wheat Minnehuhu 51 in suck. SI 7."> per barroL
Old wheat, Famou* SI li? in suck. $1 ?> In wood;
< ialaxy. SI 7."i iu wick, 317.'? per barrel; I'll Is bury
Hour. 51 00 lu wood auvl out-eighth cottou;
SlTum paper.
Pud?Uran$I8al9per ton; middlings S10o20por
ton. Hay, baled. SldUUalTOU per ton, retail,
^ looio, new bay, 811 OOal3 00 per ton.
r Syrup*?Choice su?ar syrup.*. 30c: Honey drips
O 80c; new crop New Orleans molasses. choice, Kv:
. prime :>s?; fuir :t"?c; inlxeti good, Now Orleans,
? ?7c; bakers' good 35c.
J'rovisiout -1 .u rgo 8-C. hams lljfe: medium F.C.
hams 1154c; 8.C. brenklast bacon 1 iV^c: S C. shoulo
deru s'^e: sides 10;ii:ic: ordinary beef 12e; ham
1, dried beef I t}.*!; family mess }>ork, 5 lb pieces,
,i flSOU: bean pork, flue clear. SSt 00.
L :nl?I'uro rellucd. in tierce. SH^c; 50 H> tins
H 11 Vic. Chicago lord, lu tierce. lO^c; Mtt? tins 10c;
id tin pails, ;? IIw 10>?c; tin pails, .1 lbs, 10}3o; tin
.. palls, 10 IK lu',ic; tin pails. _1i 11*. 10c.
Sugar?Cutloul C.14c; cubes 6.75c: powdered
d 7.i; granulated standard 6%c; standard con feei
tioners' A .Y.tjo; Columbia A 5 'JUc: standard
Wiiulsor AS'Jtfc; American AG%c; white extra
C-t.'.ilc: extra C 4%c.
0 fancy green 23}$e: choice green 'i!c: roa-tfng
, grades 20c; Java -.'.sc; rousted in packages?Arrow
Rio 24.20c; I'an-Iiandle 24.20c: Arbuekleifc Co.'s
roosted 2120c; Bulk roasted 23c: Old ?Jovcrnr
incut Java roasted 37c: "A" grade Uio 22%c.
,j 7"?ji?Young Ilvson, per lb, ii*>a5U: guxi|>owdcr
25a73r; imperial ;tfa?; Japan 23a70c; Oolong ?in
0 75c; .Souchong 22aG5c.
Vandal?Star, full weight, 10c; Parnlline. per
0 11), 12)^c; mould, per sot. 10c.
. Vinojar?Choice older. 12al4c per gal: Ktandard
' city brauds, lUallc per gal.: country I2ul5 per
i? gal., as to quality.
CU cte?U iMiotediasjobbing ot ll'Xal'-^cfor full
croain: Swettzer. i:]al3%c, accordlug to quality;
11 Limburger 14c: factory 10%c.
0 FUfi--!io. 2 extra mackerel. bbls. new. 100
,, lbs., S8 75; No. 2 SO lbs., &75U; No. :t, small, $7 GO
for 81 lbs : No J large, ion ltis., S7 75.
>< Timothy, 81 85 per bu.; clover, small
it seed. 37 oo.
j .-nil?So. 1, per bbl., SI 00; exiM., per bbl.,
4 Si 55: dairy, tine. 5d>iu hacks. SI 50 per suck.
^ t>ivat Corn?1 lc per lb.
I* Ctinurd Qno<k?staedurd 3-lb. table pcuchs
y 82 00; pie peaches, .'libs.. SI 00; pie peabes, Go;
, lbs., $2 00; No. 3 tomatoes, new, Si lo; corn,
1 SI 10; 2d grade, 2 lbs., ;<0e; strawborries. 2 Hjs.,
0 St 10; blackberries, 2 lbs., 21 10; raspberries, 2
j lbs.. si00; duinsons, 2 lbs., 93c: lima beans. 2
lbs., VJeaSl 15; cove oysters, 1 lb., light. Too; do
1 lb., full weight, ?l >fJ: string beans, 2 lbs..85a
j yOc; suceotadj. 2 lbs. 'JOchI 25; early June i?eas,
? SI -O; French jh?us. hj 75; Marrowfat peas, 2 lbs.
Si 30; pineapples, SI 50; gooseberries, 2 lbs., OOcu
* 00.
!- W'ooden H'arr?No. 1 tubs. $G00; No. 2, S">00;
^ No. ;t. 3125: 2-hoop pails. Si ;S); It-hoop. Si "?0;
f single wash boards, SI 50: double do. Si 50: line
1 criui|H)d double do. 82 "5; single. $2 50
0 Oil? Lard, western extra strained, 75c; carbon,
1 water white, 7o; 110', 5,'^e: 150", fie: white
miners' boit. 70c; white miners' No. 2,68c.
norrat, eggs and poultry.
BiiVcr?Country choice, per lb., I8a20c; connto*
good, Unite: creamery. 25a.'l0c.
fy/j/s?fresh iu case, 17a 8c per dozen.
chickens! sprln^^c/chickcns, lien, 7ubc; ducks,
80; spring duck*, 9c.
Tropical Fruits? I/'Uions, S3 Ota'! 25 per box!
, bananas, ?1 QJu2 UU per bunch; oranges, Messina,
VcflelabU.i?Cabbage, homo cabbage, 75c per
t barrel; Kurly Rose potatoes,&>a75o per bushel;
ouloas, 7"?c per bushel.
u Early VetteUMa?Cucumber*. lOul'.'c perdoz
en: tomatoes, 50a(Wo per bushel: Apples.
- S^OOoJIOO uer barrel. Quinces. 21 60 per
bushel: grapes 75c t<? 2! 10 per bushel Peachon,
fancy, gi 00 par bushel: choicc, 8150 per bushel;
- goon, SI 00 jut bu?hol. Sweet potatoes. 82*23
3 per barrel: celery, :Wc per dozen. Turnips 75c
e pur bushel. Craubcrrlos. SI 2> per box.
Jtoots and Marks?Ultoahg. dry, per lb., lu do?
tnnnd, 825012 75; sassafras bark, per lb.. 2%a3i!;
1 Bossafnis oil, per IK. HhiOc; May apple root, per
a lb., 15?a2c: yellow root (goldon seni), per lb., -Da
, 20c: ulood root, per lb., 2c: Hcucca snako root.
- jM.-rlb., free of top, :ial0c; WestVlrgiuia snako
r root, per lb., 250350: pink rooc. per ir?., Hue, JJa
3 35c; elm bark, per lb.. Ia2c,
M I'rlmo new hand-picked, medium, SI 50;
p 'prlmo new baud-picked. navy, SI 75.
Woo'.?Fine washed 18aZ0c: oft' for uni)
washed; medium unwashed 16c; medium
washed 20c.
linn-!)?In the comb, per lb., ]5alGc.
0 Itnga?NVhlto mixed cotton, pir lb., lc; ull
0 wool, per lb., J^vfte: mixed, per lb., lc.
Wheeling Live Stock Market.
2 In the live stock market hogs remain un"
changed since lu.st week, but cattle took u slight
0 lulvauce. Supply and demand o<iuuL
(.ViM?Kxtru, 1.000 to 1,200 lbs. ;t.:!5a3%c: good,
> 'J03 to 1,000 lbs. 3.15a3X?c: good, .SOU to l?00 lbs. ::a
1. 8.1.V: fair, 70o to suo I by. 2&a2%c; common. 000
? to 709 lbs. 2a2'4e; bulls. 2tt2f4c: cows, 1 !-?a.'%c.
UoQt?Extra, ii},a6.05c: good, 6.36u6)?c; common,
1 ilur.o?Extra, 2%a3e: good, 2a2}jJc; common,
uo wiic3. i.uiuo.f, jjhc.
e Fresh Cowa?SJUa2S: calves, 3a.r>c.
f The Features of tlio Money aud Stock
J Markets.
r New York, Oct 3.?Money on call easy at 2a3
1 per cent, lust loan 2% per cent, closed offered at
. 2 per cent Prlmo mercantile paper 7alo per
cont Sterling exchange dull at SI S.'aJ 457#.
\ Sales} of stocks were 110,100 shares.
if Tho spent lid ion on tho stock exchange to-day
}f was of a character to demonstrate very clearly
I that only the small trading element are in the
* market. Dullness was the feature from the
opening to the close, and the low movements
originated in either side ot the account were
* sluggish and without importance, as indicative
f of any lasting effect upon values. Tho uusatlsi.
factory statu of negotiations between the rer
reivers and the Homing .debt holders of the
II Heading Company depressed these'?-hares a fruct
tiou. Sugar was pretty strongly held. During
1 the afternoon the temper of tho speculation was
firmor andn gradual improvement set in. the
0 best prices of tho day being made iu the lute
0 trading, aud tho market closed strong at or near
? the highest figures of tho day.
1 Railroad bond* were quiet.
* Government and suite bonds firmer.
\ U. K. is reg 110)4 Nashvlllo&Chott-. 33
J U. S. is coupon 110 Now Jcriey Cent-.., 105
1 IT. S. 4%reg 83 Norfolk ?fe West p'd 'it
Pacific us oi'95 102 Northern Pacific.... GJS
0 Atchison 19% do preferred- 2iyd
- Adams Express i:K Northwestern 9U
Americau lixpress-108 do preferred 138
Roltiinorc.fc Ohio-f>8 New York CentraLlOl
* Canada Pacific 74V4 Oregon Improve'L. 'J
* Canada Southern... 4Gl^ Oregon Nav 10
. Central Pacific. 20'/.. I'acllte Mail IS
' Cbc.sapcukc ?fc Ohio 16?J Pittsburgh- 147
0 Chicago & Altou....i:ti Pullman Palace. ?.1(50
j Chl.liur. .tt^uinuy. 81H Reading 17%
1 Chicago (Jas............ 57Vi Richmond Term.... .1,'i
? C., C., C. ,t St. L..... :M?-v do preferred 10
0 Col. Coal ?v Iron !' Rock Island C:iM
a Cotton oil Certilie.. SI St. Paul 69k
Q Del. <L Hud UWm do preferred- Ill
, Del., Lack. A Went.MS'* St Paul ?fc Omaha1
Deu. & R. O. prof'd vD'.j dopreforrod lot*
Erie i:% Sugar Reliuery SS.1^
do preferred 2* Tumi. Coal A: iron- l&Ju
Fort Wayne 147 ITexas Pacific
Illinois Central iWi Tol. AO. Ccn prof. G3
Kansas Si Tex.prot, lO'/i Uniou Pacific 19%
Luke Krie ,\; West... 15 j!3. S. Express 50
do preferred <W?JW.. St L. A P <?%'
Lake Shore lSR>'-i! <lo preferred 15}j
Lead Trust 27J$ Weils Fargo Ex 13j
Louisville ?t Nush.. 61 Western Union
Memphis Chas.... 10 Whc.Iiug& L. E.... 12J$
Michigan Central... 95 doprelcrred 40%.
Missouri Pacific-..,. 2UX
llrcndstiiiTit nod Provision*.
Chicago, Oct. i?Tho seemingly ttllsinnnic
figures f.-vo wus broken down by wheat to-day.
chiefly on slek cables and light exports. In addition
larger tlnin any previous day on this
crop was made by the total receipts of tho
primary western markets.
Corn mid out* were firm and galued about J*c
for the uctlve deliveries.
Provisions made another moderate advance
ou small business.
Wheat?Cash No. 2 spring GCc: No. 3 spring
fi8af?0c; No. J red Of*-; October (WinGG^aGGc;
December 0S??afi9!?ii?!{;c: May 7G%a77a7tntfc.
(ToBN?Cosh N??. 2. 4i^>c: October 40^ull*<?a
40??c: November 4i)Jia4l,/iutlHe: December tOfta
4F;allc: May 4l,.ut4jaa4l'1r.
Oats?Cash No. 2. 2se: October 27%o28o28c;
November 2SV:.a:>,4:i2V,rfc: December Uc;Bu'Jv\?a
28K0; May M?52^a32>ic.J i
Rvn?No. 17c.
Flaxseed?5103. '
Timothy Seeih-&35.
f mixs Pork?Cusli s17 00: October $13 30al3 57?{
t aV? r>7 44* January *1110al4 CttoU 10.
u I.ai:i??Cn.ih tJ :r7Hal? M; October S0 40a3 43o
. 9 40: Janunry $3 20aS^7?{a8 23.
Short Rub?Caib 45o9 50: October 58 90a
SIfioS9508 '.D: January S735a7 4-'J^a7
Others unchanged.
New York, Oct It?Flour, r.vofpts 30,000 barrels;
exports 17,000 barroLs;saleHU,(JOO borrels:market
dull and heavy. Wheat, receipts o'>.000 bushels:
exports US.UK) bushels; sales ttl.OOO bushels
of futures uud bi,000 bushels of spot; spot market,
* \
dull and lower; ungraded red 72)?c: option
weaker ami lower; October 71:?71Wtt71Jko; No
vctnber 7#a7^pi7;!c; December 74)^a7.Ta74%c
May Corn, receipts W.UOO bush
c's; exoorts .?7,(AJu bmhHs: sales 670,000 busbrl
of futures and 1'jO.GOO bushels of spot; uiarke
higher: Octobcr 4?Ha4S?Ba-j>v,^c; November/*DecemberWtfo;
May/ilc. Oat*. receipts tOi.utf
bushel*; exports 145 bushel.*; sales 150.000 bush
eln of futures an<l ltKJ.UQO bushels of K?ot: mar
ket steady; October :4kc; November J4%aMSfr
34!<?c; December U43$e: May 87o; No. 3 whlti
mixed wueu.ru Day quiet
Cut meats firmer. l*ird firmer; western stean
bio oo; October SO SO: November t'J 43. 1'orl
higher; new mess 818 OOalu u>. Uutter firm
state dairy 20O27o; do creamery ZSaMc. < 'heesi
lirm; lancy staio 1 U^c. strong: wester;
23%c. Tallow lirm; city M^c. itosin steady
Turpentlue steady. Rice quiet. Molasses dull
Colleciirmor at 13 point* higher. Sugar steady
llULADEtriliA, i'a.. Oct. 3. ? Flour dull
Wheat lirm: No. 12 red spot "Uo; October CHjy
70c; November 71a?lKe: Uecember 72a73o; Jul)
74%c. Corn higher; No. 2 mixed spot and Octo
Ixr 49)^04!)*(/. ; November 4'Jc; December ant
January 48&e. Oats dull; sixjt and October ani
November .'lt>aCf>??c; December and Jannarr M!
aJwe. IJuy steady at-31GUU Ituttertirm; faucj
prints ale. Eggs active; western 23c.
cincinnati, 0.. Oct. 3.?-Flour steady. When'
nomiual; No. 2 red ?JJc; receipts 3,000 bushels;
shipments 1,500 bushels. Corn stronger; No.:
mixed 43c. Oats firmer; No. 2 mixed :?'-c. Kyi
steady at 61c. Whisky firm at $112. Butter
sujjnr and cheese firm. Egg* strong uudblghei
at l6)?c.
iialtimokk, Ml).. Oct. 3.?i-'Iour quiet. Wheai
steady; eash Cite; October uy^aCJ'.-e; Deceuibei
7j' ,e; M?y7l?>4e. Corn steady at 6>la56c; Octo
her 48>ie; November 49c: year 4Ga4(?%c. Oau
quiet; No. 2 mixed ; ?& Hay strongut 81t5Ui
li? Oj. Kye quiet at 63c. Co lice quiet at Ib^c.
toledo; 0.. Oct a.?Wheat dull and lower:
No. - cash Of'Hc; December &1?c; May 7t%c
Corn steady; No. 2 cash 4Jc. Oats qulot at
ltyc duii ut 49c. Oloveraeod activo; prime casli
January fr"?
Philadelphia, Saturday, Sept. DO.?The rc^
celpts were:
Beeves. Sheep. Hops.
West. Philadelphia Yard... 3,000 8,600 5,trf*
N. Pennsylvania Yard .. 300 l.uoo 0(x
Total for the week ? a,000 0,500 fi.MX
Previous week ... 3,010 11.500 G,20i.
Beef Cattle?Oood cattle were scarce and want
cd at linn prices. but medium and low prude:
were dull uud moved slow. Itcccipts were fairly
liberal, und although there whs no materia!
change in prices with the-exception that tbej
were a shade higher for pood cattle, the markei
ruled tlrui. Among the receipts were Included
v'ju head for shipment to Loudon per stcamei
Kxtra 5*<e|Inforior.... 4o4J^(
Good 4%a/>kc|Comiuon 3%a9%c
Sheep?Tho market was a little more activc
under a better demand. hut with fairly liberal
receipts, pries were steady and without inutcri<
al change. U. II. Cook reports the sale of 3,872
bheep and lambs at the quoted prices.
Extra 4K?l/4c|Common ...... 2^a"c
Good U/^u-iCiCulls. - l%a2c
Medium 3>ia3j$c|Lambl *8a5JSc
Hogs?Then* was a fair demand for hogs and
tho mnrket ruled lirui at au advance of Jae ovci
last week's prices. Tho market advanced in
sympathy with iho western market, ltcceipu
were a little higher.
NVo quote: Western nt $%a9%c.
Kut cows were inactive at 2|ia3c.
Thin cows worn dull at SS?20.
Milch cows wore in better demand at f25o50.
Milch calves were dull at4aiiUc.
Dressed beoves were in fair demand atOuSj^c.
Llvo Stock.
Cuicaoo, Oct. 3.?Cattle, receipts <*,.000 head:
shipment 3.uu) head: market steady: choice
natives SI 80aft 50: medium aud good 84 40a4 75;
other* SlO&xlSS; Tcxans S- 'iT>a2 JjO; westerns!
i~ .v)a3 75. Hogs, receipts 12,0?0 hcud: shipment!
y.000 head; market steady; rouffh und common
SO War, 10: mixed uiid packers ?<; _'0a0 40: prim*;
heavy 50a8 7U: prime light SO SOati 00. Sheep,
receipts 9,000bead; shipments 8,flOQ head: market
fairly active und higher: natives 82 Mai 50;
westerns $2 Wo3 05: lambs $J G0u515.
East Liberty. Pa.. Oct. 3.?Cattle, receipts GH
head; shipment* ISC head; market fairly active
Hogs, receipts 1,800 head: shipments 1,400 head;
market tlrw. commou to best grades $6 M?< 00,
Sheep, receipts 1,200 hoad;shipments l.<tuo heud
market 16 to 25c oil from yesterday's prices.
Cincinnati, O., Oct 8.?Hogs strong at $5 50:
C 85; receipts 3,4o0 head; shipments 2.300 head.
Iiry (tuods.
New York. Oct. ft.?Tho dry poods market hai
changed in no important respect. Thero is t
very fair "Uemaud tor goods through the mails
If anything, tlio resident buyers uru less uggres
slve. Price* rule about steadv for the more sta
pie kinds of goods with some varieties positively
strong on hurry orders, which show u destitu
tion of supplies in tho Interior, lirown sheet
ings command full price i of u prominent de
On.City, Pa.. Oct. 3 ?Opened at 70%o: liighcs
70!;c: lowest W^e; closcu at C'J%e; hales 12,00(
barrels; clearances J30.<XX) barrels; shipment'
bo.M'.i barrels; runs 8G.W7 barrels.
Nkw York, Oct. 3.?Petroleum strong and
fairly active; November options, sales 0,uu0 bar
rob: closed at Cl%?aG0%c.
prrrtfptmoii, I'a., Oct 3.?Opened and high
est 70c; closed and lowest Cmv.
New York. Ocf. 3.?'Wool qnlct: domcsti(
fleece 20a28e; pulled 18a25c; Texas 10ol7e.
Pui LAbULVitia , Oct. 3 ?Wool steady aud quiet
New York, Oct. 3.?Pig iron dull; American
SI2 25al4 SO. Copper firmer: lake SO 7?. Leat'
easy; domestic 83 05, Tin easier; straits $2100
Cincinnati, O., Oct 3.?Cotton dull; mid
dliug bj4c.
Enamored Youth?May I hopo tc
tind a place in' your heart? Lady-love
?If you hustlo. There are only a fow
choico locations left.?Life.
(junrnntoud Cure.
We authorize our advertised druggist
in koII Dr. Kitiff's Now Discoverv for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds, "upon
this condition. If you are alllicted with
a cough, cold or any lunj;, throat 01
cheat trouble, and will uso this rernody
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experience no benefit, you may return
the bottlo and have your money refunded.
Wo could not make this offer did
wo not know that Dr. King's New Discovery
could bo relied on. It nover disappoints.
Trial bottlo frees at the Logan
Drug Co.'a drug store. Largo eizo 50c,
a Tl??
Trouble Over.
A prominent man in town exclaimed
tho other day: "My wifo has boeu woarins
out her lifo from tho oflocts of dysoopsia,
livor complaint nnd indigestion,
ller case balflod tho skill of our best
physicians. After using three packages
of Bacon's Celery cure, sho is almost
entirely well." Jveop your blood in a
lioalthy condition by tho uso of this
groat vegotflblo compound. Call on
Lovan Drug Co., solo agent, and got a
trial packag6 free. Larue size 50c. 4
For over two years my little girl's life
was made miserable bv a ease of Catarrh.
The discharge from the nose was large,
constant ana very offensive. Ilcr eyes
became inllamcd, the lids swollen and
very painful. After trying various remedies,
I gave her The first bottle
seemed to aggravate the
disease, but the symptoms soon abated,
and in a short time she was cured.
Dit. L. 11. Ritchey, Mackey, Ind.
Our book nn Hlno<! anil Skin Dlso.t.vn mailed
free. ttvrwT bfccinu Co., Atlanta, Ca.
An clegnnt preparation for chapped
ban-is. face and ljpi
Largo Bottles 15c*
R. H. LIST, 1010 Main St.,
asp dealers generally.
5 ________ COCOAJ p},
Unlike the Dutch Process ?>
Jfo Alkalies
Other Chemicals
"ktv? art? C?C'^ ?a t-0 t~
preparation of
W. BAKER & CO.'S ff:
|rl|MutCNN i
Wl 5 Will which is absolutely J1'
Ri ! Y 'V V) jture and soluble. ..j.
lis I hi TVir*Ti It has mora than three times 1;,;!
ri] I t>, I pH the strength of Cocoa mixed t'
KT^. _?/M v w with fitarcb, Arrowroot or 1' '
Sugar, and Is far uioro ceo- 1 :
nomical. costing less than one cent a cup.
It is delicious, uouriablog, and eamly .:<
Sold bydrucert e?rrjnfhert.
; W. BAKES & CO., Dorchester, Masc. Ik;
> ======= ,i;.
tit> niffrimirm nirn*T
| raUIUM! Mfl -i
I to.
. '
? f-':i
, :J:
> - :t:
' - J7:J
, I?k7
1ABOOK of 1,050 PAGES I
With 800 Wood Cute and Biograplilos oC -~~
I 0:i
lM ! DW
I fl-:This
volume also contains
150 pages of West Virginia J!J
facts and statistics.
If orivpn the result of everv x
,v t)" - /
election since the organiza- m
tion of the State: u|
It isthe most valuable book
I Kc
ever published in West Vir- J,?u
ginia. ft
i? 'UIlcl
I phiob,
: In Cloth - $5 00. co&
' til
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, ' } ' Fc
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) j n. tu
i n
Send Orders to? 9*eo
. . St.
\ 4:11)
dc29D4W Wheeling W. > a. ^
| P- ?'
l Sun?
? 5:20
The Cleveland, Lorain & Whaeling B.R.
> TIME CARD. "w,
Via. Elyria aud the Lake Shore Route.
JULY 2,1893. ,J"
" KTATIONH. 34 ikT" 38
Kiwtern Time. a. ra. a. in. p. ui.
1 Lv. Wheeling r?40 1 w
: SE ?g g
WS5."=z: = ^ '28 g
rr= ?S 3? g*
Uhrlchaville.-.? 40 8 V: l lu *' *
New PnlladelphUu c w 8 ::i 4 31 *\III
Canal Dover oo: 8 28 i :8
lteach City - <? 30 am bin J.*01!'
Justus <i 3" a w o us g?vf
MftMlllmi CM a 27 r, 'JO Kip}
i Canal Fulton 7 I I 9 41 5 40 ?***
Warwick- 7 20 9 r?2 & 54 ft?*
Sterling 7 42 10 15 fi 17 ??J)
SoVlHo ? 7 17 10 21 f, 43 J}}*
Medina ? 0", 10 n 0 13 JJlft
Grafton 8 32 11 o? 7 u J.1-.
Klyrla - a 05 li 3u 7 4.*, ??J
p. in ouy.
Lorain .. 7 10 1 5 10 ,luu
Ar. Cleveland-...- - 10.10 12 1") 8 35 - ?
p. tu. a. in.
Buffalo 5 46 C 20 3 (ft
n. m. 'p. ni. Whc
Albany-..^-. - 3 (?:. 3 0*?; 'J 10 llem
New York 7 :w 7 :<o 7 (O Mou
B6ftOO.? lo w 10 .v?! 8 30 NcW
Norwalk - '. ' 8 57 Slate
p. in. i Friei
Sandusky 12 27 12 27 St. J
Toledo 1 40 1 45| lu 55 )V 111
a. m. Park
Detroit ? 6 80 6 30i fi 00 BcH<
Chicago ? 9 00| 9 001 7 35 KnV<
1 ? ? IllpI
Trains No. 37 aud 83 have Sleeper betweon Grot
Wheeling and Chicago. New
J. li TEKUY, Gen. Freight i Puss. Agent. Hart
Pennsylvania Station n Gain
innsqlvania Lines] K;
Trains Run by Central Time. ?TintrT
Omoss at P*3nc*Tr.v.v?UA Btatiom oj W}
Watka fir., Kckjt or Ei.trvimt Ht . Whccmko,
AT McLUHK liOT7? L. Mm. AKIi AT T1IK '| J
Forniwjyrr Hthttv-" Pan 1! AVnuc BOOTS "
Daily. fDAtLr zxczrt Suirmr.
Fnou WIIKW4SO to m:\vc arrive.
W?llsbunjand Btoubenvllla. out <v: 25 ;?!ii JUllJt
McDonald aud Pittsburgh?for Main ta.'.'Wptn ;\r
Now Cumberland ?... 0:40am 7:35 am ?|(>-o
. lmllanapoll?andtft. Louis..-"3:40 am *5:25 pm \A>,
' Columbus and Clnelnnatl.?"8:40 am *5:2ipm cj > i
Wollsburg aud Stcubouvllia s:40 am *5ri?pta j.0:
Philadelphia and Now York.' 12-aO pm ?2:.y pm *2:38
Sleubenvlllo nnd Pittsburgh pm ?2:J0pu? jx.|
Coinmbu* and Chicago .."I2:x0pm *J:iv j?ra sj.jj
Philadelphia and New York "2:55 pm 10:i? ma
ltidtiuiore and Wasblagton. pm I0:3J a u r??
Steubeuvlllo and PltuburRh pm *10:35 am ?" [)]
Sieubenvllleand Denni^ou- *2:55 pui *10.3?am ?l\
Wcll^burg 4:3n pm 6;W pm
Indianapolis and St LouU - fS:i5ptn ?:l iiim
Darton and Cincinnati fM:4)pm Kclliim
Btcubenvillo aud Columbus- |8:i> pm t'i:littm
North we ?*. 8v?tcm-Clcro. ?L pltn Diviioo.
Trains ruu daily, excep; ciuuday. ai lo!io#<:
Fcom BaiuoKpttitT t."> Lkavk Aur.ivt jJ;
Fl Wayno and Chicago ?4:49 am U:4> pm g. rj.
Caiiton and Toledo .? 4:49 am C:4i pm j;W ,
AllloncQ and Cleveland.4:49 am 6:? pm .,iBi
Bteubenvilleand Pittsburgh.? 4:49 am 8.r?pia ^ j
Stenbonvillo and WellsviCe..- 8:43 am -:0"? pin Li".
Steubenvllloand Pltuourgh.... 10:12 am 10: ;j am u. m
Ft Wajrue?t Chicago...-^- I too pm C:4i pm ikw
Canton and Toledo - ? 1:00 pm 0:45 pm n. ui.
Alllanoo and Cleveland 1.00 pm 2:05 pm in.. 1
Btoubenvliio und Wellsvllln.... 1:00 pin 0:45 pm ?I>:
Pblla?luli>hlji:fiid New York.... 2:44 pm 6:00 pm 8u:
Baltimore and Woahlugutii...^ 2:44 pni 5:00 pm 9:43 <
8teub?uTlllcand Pituourgh... 2:14 pm 5nx>pm
SlcubenvlUo JcEoat Liverpool t?:li pm 7U>3ata 0cl
rrlval ami departure of tralni on and ufwf
:ust 7. ltf-fl. MXI'I. \NATION ?)K RiTKRCNffl
?l>oHy: fSuudav excepted: lUoodiy
opted; {Salarnajroxcented; |8and?f only;
unlay only, bailor:] Standard Time.
a nr. |H. .v O. H. IL?MaftiTitieTKu.nl Aiuuvfc
to am!Wash. 0 y Halt.. I'htl. ?t N. Y ' ~ 7:10 urn
CO jun Wash. Cy Halt.. Phil. ?fc N. V!c 2:10pm
On 4'.n..u. -Cumberland Aocurn I ti:5opni
O-i pin;...^..?.Grcf:on Accoai ... , "JO- iOutC
J0nm| Mound-tvillo Accom t8:^aai
10 pm Moundsvillo icrom | tl 10 pm
15 pip) Mnumkvillo Accom 17::tfpitt
13 Koy?< r Express | i'i '->0 p?i
ART. in. AO K.R.? C."<). Dir.. WtHI| A It RIVE.
Warn for Columbus and Chicago
JOam Coiumbn* und Cluriututi... ?5:lt)pm
' "i aui CoIuuUuih uud CluclunatlJ *6^ am
Chicago Kximwa. J cl:.'0pm
JO pm Chicago Kxpryw Iil'2:0.\pa?
i*? pm C'olumbti-t Accom fl.VUSptn
0 am i?i. Claim ille Accom !^rj:Ojnitt
? pm st CIaIthvIIIoAccom ti:J0ppt
\r.r' 1! AO." It lt-W. i' A- B I?:v A it ill vis.
-> "? am -For l'lttxburjja..... 10:75 atfl
."Onm Pltttfburgh , *0:50 pm
JO pm l'ltt;.l.uri:h and Kait *rJ:W;ata
!0piu .. Pittsburgh ?iflJ:! - pro
X) piUu..Wa?hliiKU>n Pa. Accoui...! fhWaov
mi pm| Plmnnryh Kxprcsa um
Airr. j r. U. ??ST. h KT I AKIUVS,
' 0 ouj Pittsburgh f]0: JO pm
Wmii .New Cumberland H::?1 am
1? nuii Steuben ville and Went ... *1:23 pm
0 pm!.. Pittsburgh and New York? ;t:~o pm
*5 pm ...Pittsburgh and New York.. ll::o*jn
Wpm| Well.sbnnr 6:K>pm
10 amjExprcsa. Ciu and8L Louli... ?t7:13aoB
15 put Express, Ciu. nud St. LouU... pm
<0ptn| Express. Steub. mid Chicago. >3::<0,pm
>5 pm|...PltUbunrh A DoihiImih. ... "11 ::c? am
ART. c A p. R. IL AKKtVI.
W "i" Et Wuynu nu 1 Chicago 7:4-? pm
19 am ....... Canton and Toledo 7:4"> pm
,19 am Alliance and Cleveland 7:15 pm
19 am StuulHMiviita and Pittsburgh i):15pm
M um sU'ulKtnvillo and WcllsYulo :J:05pm
I1.'hiii Sienbcimlloami Pittsburgh f l::S0aot
X) pm ....Ft. Wayue an 1 Chicago t7:45 put'
Bptn Canton and Toledo 7:45 pm*)
pm Alliance and Clcvoland.... 3:05 pm
X) pm stmib?mvlUo and Wclbvllh* 7:45 pin
11 pm Philadelphia and New York C:00 pm
n pm ..Baltimore and Wa^hlngum 6:00 pm
n ptn steubtmville and Pittsburgh t?:00j>m>
II pmlHteubenvllle AEastLiverpool {8:5.7 am
Airr. NV. A L. E. K. R AMUVI.
?o am ..Wheelluff A 8tonbeuvlllo.. f?--*0
15 am ..Clovcluud, Toledo A West. ;5:30 pm
15 am ...Wheeiiug A Sleubonvllle.. <*5:30 piu
K) piu .. Whoelhii! A Steubenville.. f4:25 pm
;5 pm .....Wheeling A Croaton *"12:57 pm
10 pm .WheeliUK ?t Steubenvllle.. t!2:57 am
K) am ... Wheeling A Ma-willon....(|JO:lO pm
l"? am ?. Wheeling A Hteubonviilo..! 19:*J0 am
K) pm ..Wheollng <fcSleubenvillo.l flrlS pm
Ai:r | C. L A ~\V.?Union Dbi-ot. akrivb.
10 aui Cleveland. Toledo ?fc Chicago 8:45pm
10 pm Ciovoland, Toledo A Chicago +1:50 pm-'
j C.. L. A \V.?BlUIXJKIMItT.
0 am Cleveland, Toledo A Chicago 8:15pm
.opmCleveluud, Toledo <& Chicago pm/
15 pm .MflwiUion aceommodutiou. 11:10aui
r> am SL Clainvlllo accom. 9:00 am
H am SL Clainvlllo accom 1:31 pux
.'lpm St. Claire v II lo accom 4:(Opm
8 pm St. Clalrsville accom 8:02 pm
8 pm! Load Freight 12:15pm
Airr. | 01110 hi VLit it. It akkivb.
15 nm Passougur .. ?10:4.ri uui
{5 pm Pa5.?etiKer 11:15 ptn
i0pni| Passenger *7:45 pnt
0 ami Bella!re and Zanesvillo.... 3:20 pm
t) pml _Woodsrtcld HNk'sm
Departure and arrival of
trains ut \Vhoeilng.
I ^1 *
Baltimore, l'hlladal*
^f^r5jrfvEr P^l* 11,1,1 Now ^'ork 8:ttl
u. in., 3:30 p. m., daily.
irscr Express, 9:15 a. m., dally, excopt
mborland accommodation. 7:00a. ra.. dally
ut Suuday.
afton accommodation, 3:00 p. m.. daily,
tundsvlllc accommodation. 11:43 a. ia.<
0:10 aod 11:15 j?. m., cxcopt Sunday.
om Now York. Philadelphia and Haiti mom,
u. in. ami 'J: 10 p. in., duily.
yser Express, 5:20 p. in., dally, except
mborland accommodation, 1:53 p. m., oxSunday.
afton nreommodatlon. 10:33 o. m., daily.
xindRVlllo nccoinmodation. 8:25 a. in., orSunday:
10:il0 a. m.. daily, uud 1:10, 1:55
7:35 p. in., cxcopt Sunday.
tr Columbus uud Chicago. 0:50 und l:2? d.
dally; and 3:50 p. in., duily, except Suuday.
aclnnatl express. 10:30 a. m., daily, und 12:15
.. dally.
InmlMis accommodation, 1:25 p. in., daily,
pt Suuday.
Clainvlllo accommodation, 10:S0u. in. oui
p. m., except Sunday.
Icanoexprcsi, 3:55 u. in. and 4:23 p. m.,
i*. uu*l 12:05 p. in., oxcopt Sunday.
ucluuatl express, 5:00 a. in. uud 5:10 p. m.,
luinbus accommodation, 12:05 p. in., dally,
pt Suuday;
Clalnvlllo accommodation, 12:03 p. m. uud
p. m? dally, except Suuday.
r Pittsburgh. 5:05 and 7:20 d m., daily; 1:33
.. dally, oxcept Sunday, and 0:20 p. in.,
lay only.
r Pittsburgh aud tho east, 5:05 u. m. aud
p. in., dally, und 0:00 p. in.. Sunday only,
islilncton uccommodutlon, 0:00 p. in., dally#
pt Sunduy.
UU1* IIWMI'.IHII. IU..P U. iu. ?U>4V."V ??. u*. HUM
) n. in.. dally, and 12:45p. in..exccplSuuday,
10:55 a. in.. 9uuday only.
ishington accommodation, 7:53 a. in., dally#
pt Sunday.
i anil after Monday, June 19, Passenmr
us will run its follows: ?Daily. foully Ex*
Htinday. Contra! time. .
SOUTH HOUND. 7 5 3 1
V. 11. A. M. A. K.
icllng. HUOfllSS *5 45
wood. - 3 15 11 :-s ?i ()?
ndsvlllc '? -? H 5'J ii l#
Martinsville 148 12 55 7 '.v
Tsviilo 5 11 1 15 7 -111
udly 5 23 1 20 7 ft.*
larvs- 5 50 1 53 s 25iainstown
a. v. o "0 - 28 'J 10oniburc
t ' <0 ?7 W ? W ' ? ?>
iville 6 10
'iMvrood 7 (*> I 'JO 11 05
ay Laudlny 7 25 4 45 11 25
inm 7 54 5 11 1150
Haven. H 01 :> Ifi 11 55
ford SO"' 5'JO 11 59
>ii City 8 15 5 SO 12 05
on .. 8 20 5 i>5 12 10
'leimant * 5>> t'? 10 12 :i5
[iHilis 9 15 ? ' 27 12 50
iiidote 10 ?' " "1 2 00
tlugtOli flO 45 17 45 *2 15
| A, M. M. P. X.
NOltTJI UOCND. 2 4 6
! , M. P. M. A. M.
ellug, fl2 15 *0 45 9 45
vood Jl 51 <? 3u 9 30
lldsvHlo 11 45 C 10 9 iu
ilartlllttVlllc. IU 4:5 5 07 . 8 03
rsvlllo 10 2-j 4 43 7 10
udly 10 13 4 :? 7 27
lurys 9 45 4 00 C 50
iomsiown 9 10 3 20 C 10 p. v.
enibnrp 8 45 2 45 5 45 fS 00
svlllc 8 o;: 2 00 a. K. 7 2-3
!nswood~ 7 23 1 20 Oil
cy Landing 7 00 51 i> 18
mm 0 !-' 12 25 f? SO
1 In von 0 30 12 18 5 lit
ford 0 20 12 II 5 Si
>n CUv f? 'JO! 12 05 & :0
on - 0 15 11 58 5 25
;'lca?nut 5 45l 11 4 M
[poll* ft Sl?| It 10 * 4 37
indoitc I 281 10 <*5 3 15
tlURlOJi 1 15 . 9 50 13 0j
A.M.'A.M. P.M.
w. J. ROBINSON, G. 1?. A.
icelliio Bridae & Termiual Ry.
wo Table No 12. to tnko oTect 12:01 a. in.,
Hundav. Hyptcinbcr 3.1893.
i vo Wheel I ng?fG: 10. 13:00. ]8:00, fO:45, {11:40
. "2:40. .1:15. ?9:00 p m.
avoFenlnau!a-t?:4C. t8:0G. |*:0G. 19:51, 211:46
. '2:40. *3:21. f4:30. ?S:00, p. jU.
riv?- Terminal Junction?tu:W, 18:17. ?8:17,
kl, {11:51 n. in., "2:5s, <-3:32.14:40. p. m.
;iv?* Terminal Junction-17:22. n. m..
o. r.<3:69. lifltt. t5:14.18.25. j?:5l p. in.
live Martin's Kerry?17:28,; ?:<?7. am.. *12:45,
. *1:0.5, II 10.15:19.18:32. t.JjjO p. in.
n\n Penlu ti)u--17:3l.i'J:l4. a.m.. 012:51,?-: 45,
. 11:17. f': - '. t8:3H. |10:05 p. m.
rlvc Wlicellmj?'17:40. i.'J.J) u m.. "12:57,
. 14:17.14: J5. f5:31, t8:4S iilo:ll p. in.
illy. -IDalW except Sunday. Mnadaya only,
i trains will run on Kwtcra Tlina
J. Il TA Cca'lU. :'ni)crar.ondca'leellng
& Elm Grove Railroadnud
alter Saturday. <*?:tobcr 1. l^iA traim
run an follows, city tlaxc:
avk Whccuno?JsJ:ul a. in.. 7:00 a. rn.. S:>1
.9:00 a. in., 10:00a. hl, 11 .DO a. in.. 12-JOin..
Ii. in . 2:00 p. in . 0J p. in.. 4:00 p in., 5rJl
.. t>.uO;x iu., l-.Oi p. in., 8:0) p. in., 9:30 p.
!:U0u. m.
atcKuc <iBove?1*C:Wa m.. 7A)?. in.. 8:01
. 'j 00a ra.. 10:00 a. in.. 11:00a. in.. 12:00 nv.
ni.. 2:00 p in.. J:00?. m 4:00 p. in :))
. C:uo p m., 7:00 p. ia., 8:00 p. in., 9:lup.
0 10 p. in.
illy, axcopt Snndar.
s'day?Cliurch trains lcaro Elm Groro x;
ik iu. and WUuullu^ .it 1-: 17 ?? in
ii n WEI-'rullUhR.
iicuc;c! ilauacse,

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