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Leadlna Paris Mocietos Tell What
Women Will Woar.
Visions of the Court of Versailles Ju
Store for the "Whiter?A W^man ?f
Business?Household Hints of Utili
tariuii Value?Tlie Kitchen and the
Tablo?S hopping Notes, etc.
Tlie Ilacholur.
American Queen.
UeturntDK hom? at the clow ol day,
Who gently chides my long delay
And by my niUe delights to stay?
Who soli for me my eajy chwlr.
Prepares the room with neatest care,
And lava my slippers ul ready there?
Who regulates thceveuiug lire.
And pile* the blazing fuel higher.
And bids me draw my chair still Higher-.'
When sickness comes to rack my fraiuu,
And grief disturb* my troubled brum,
Who sympathizes with my jiulu?
A. Ncbrutlta Widow Who Ptrkml a Ifti?brnul
and Marrt?d Hi in.
Louisville Commercial.
We were campingalongaide of an em*
if*rant train in Nebraska, and just after
upper a woman about forty yearn of
age, who win smoking a pipe, came
over to our lire, sized tho crowdtup, and
"I've got aunthin' to say. I'm a
plain-spoken woman. When Pve got
a thing on my rniud I don't beat around
the bush."
We looked at her with curiosity atid
surprise, and sne leaned againat the
wbeel of a wagon and continued:
"I've been a widder for three yerra.
Over thar I've got a span of mewls, a
good hoe*. a new wagon filled with
Jiousekeepin' atutl, and I kin rake up
about $30 in cash. I cum aiont; with '
the party to take up a claim. I'm good- '
tempered, healthy, and can awing an <
axe or hold a plow with 'most anybody.
As I said, I'm a plain-spoken woman.
If there's a critter among you that
wants to get married, let him Btaod up '
while I take a look at him." I
The eleven of us promptly stood up.
"Git into line," she continued with a
wave of her hand. "I hain't after
beauty or eedecaahun, but I can't take
up with a fellow who'd skeer a wolf to
She passed down the line and then re- ;
turned half way, and said to a middleaged
man of the name of Remington:
"You'll do, I reckon. There's a
preacher in camp, and 'twon't tako tif- ?
teen minutes to settle things. All of
you aa want to see the marrying come
on." J
Wo followed the couplo, who were 1
made man and wife inside of twenty 1
? ' ? ? J ?mAonSno <lu tva '
fOiaaH?i KUU UCAW luviu.us ?? ..V
panted the wagon oa the road the '
woman looked out and bowed and said:
"Sorry for the other ten of ye, but 1
perhaps you'll meet up with the other !
train toon and strike luck." 1
How the House \Vou?lwork May lit) Marie |
Fresh and Shitting. i
Now that it is time to lay the carpets
again?don't do it. Instead buy a can
of paint already prepared, move the
furniture and, donning the drees which I
only your economy has prevented your
throwing away, get down on your
knees and paint your floor. Follow the ;
directions on your can as to the nutn- .
ber of coats, and when the last one is <
dry, varnish the wood. Then make |
vour carpet into a rug for the centre, j
Vou will bo able to keep tfie room ^
clean, for the first time. A monthly ,
beating of Ihe rug in the open air, tri- i
weekly sweepings and a damp cloth
about the painted edge will keep the |
room immaculate. ,
If the woodwork done does not suit <
you and a grasping landlord declines to ,
have it repainted, put on your dav- j
laborer regimentals and do it yourself. ,
First wash the doors and window-sills
as clean as possible. Dirt cannot bo ,
successfully overcome with paint. Then ,
lay on, as evenly as you can, a couple of
coats of white paint, allowing a day for ,
each coat to dry. Then finish with a
1- -i ?
coupic VJl UUBM va ?uo WIU. / vu max n?u i
wood to be?unless it should bo white
or cream, when one will be enough.
The job will have been much inore thor- ,
oughiy done thau if hirelings bad undertaken
Put a couple of coats of white enamel i
on your zinc-lined bathtub and be very {
careful that no drop of wAtcr falls into
it for four or five days. Make the family
patronize Turkish baths in the interim
Remember that under the host conditions
kitchens grow dirty quickly, and
have the woodwork there not too pale.
If something bright is needed, uho a
deep yellow, not a pale one. If the
room is light enough to allow it, use
brown. The dining room should be as
cheerful as possible, and a shade of
brown or yellow that will accomplish
this result may be used. The sitting- '
room should bo cosey in reddish-brown
tints and the parlor dainty in ivory ]
white. In the bedrooms any delicate
color may be ueed, and in the children's \
rooms especially pinks, blues and light,
greens are not too gay. ,
What the Great PurUinu Modistes Say
Will Be the Go.
Parlt Cable.
Tho foremost modistes of Paris have
forecast the winter fashions in women's
dress. The features upon which they i
all dwell Is that the materials will be
richer and mora costly, and the colors i
mora gorgeous than for manjr seasons.
Louis XV'i memory will be honored in '
robes, and Louis X Ill's in hale. Worth
says it is rather early to speak, but he 1
conveys central ideas.
"Sleeves," he says, "will be very full i
but not made to stand up at the
shoulders. Skirts will be full at the ,
bottom and stiffened.. Maroon, betterave
(beet root) and other rich colors
will be popular. Furs will be much
used for trimming, especially sable."
The next two costume artiats consuited
committed themselves to paper.
Doucet wrote: "For other than etreet ,
dresses velvet will be the material moat ,
worn, and a very supple kind and of full .
width. The colors most in vogue will ,
begreen and mordere (reddish brown)
or maroon d'ore. Skirts will be abort, ,
full at the bottom, very flat, clinging on ,
the hipa and thickly padded. Sleeves ,
will bo very large, but falling on tho
shoulders. The tendency is to reduce
the jacket of otter akin with sable. For
decolletto dresses, corsagos are less
open, especially in the back. Colors
will be much less subdued than in past
seasons. Very magnificent effects will
be obtained. Violet bodices and green i
akirts will be seen combined."
felix recorded his forecast thus:
"In spite of all attempts to introduce
crinolines, or palled akirts, they will
not be recogoised by me. Skirts nearly
? niiAJjui
Hat will remain in lavor, but to vary
the monotony in the fashion there id a
slight draping of the hips, rising in a
pull behind. This gives to tlio wearer'
a full curved appearance. Very Persian.
Velvet will be supreme and fine fur will
boused for trimming*. My mind dwells
upon a creation of bottle-green velvet,
hordored witli black fox, surmounted
by steel embroidery with chemisette ol
maize-colored gauze. Close-fitting capes
and capotes are to be worn. Louis XV
style will predominate, especially for
eveuing dress. Wo shall see visions of
the court of Versailles. For some there
are colors that look like Utose of Dresden
china and for matronly women,
dark velvets."
Virotsaid: "Loui?XIJIia the popular
style in hats. They are turned up
at tho aides and surmounted by leathers.
Very laryo hats will be worn and feather,
fur and lace will decorate them."
of Worth iiiul lluauty.
It wa? with two ti ii pain ted, pine
kitchen tables that one woman accomplished
wonders in a decorative line.
They were not expensive?SI -5 covered
her expenditure for them. Another
$i 25 paid for two long, fancy brass
screws and four brass handles. And
white enamel paint was cheap.
On the back of one table she firmly
nailed two strong wooden bars, far !
enough apart to allow her to screw between
them a mirror. Then she painted
the table and the sticks, screwed in
an old mirror with a gay, wliitowood
frame by meaus of her brass acrews,
put brass handles on the drawer, and (
proudly stated that she did not envy
Louis Qainze his chamber adornments. |
'1 ho other table was also treated to a
coat or two of white paint and was
placed against the wall just beneath a
set of home-made white book shelves. '
All obliging carpenter made a amnll net '
of pigeon-holes to tit on the back of the
table beneath the books, and this was
also painted white. A big white blotter
in a red leather case, u red penholder, I
red notebooks, red photograph frame,
red-covered hand blotter and a big .
phinu ink well. Dainted rod bv the clever !
woman's own hand, made the dusk as j
iaintv and attractivo as possible. (
Kany Mreiikfntit*. '
If only womon would mako thoir .
uarly morning housework light, the
gain in health ajid temper to their fain- '
(Ilea would bo inestimable. For a woman
who does not keep a girl to bake j
rolls, stew potatoes broil steak and do
all the other tilings which are involved *
in "getting breakfast" is folly. In the '
lirat place the labor of making the tiro .
necessary to cook these things is no 1
light labor. By the time she sits down J
to breakfast she is already worn out 5
with her tasks, while her husband is
just getting ready for his.
Bread that is invariably good may bo
bought from a baker. Fruit that serves ,< f
is a delicious son of tonic and appetizer j
llao needs no preparation. On a aa* f
stove, which may be lighted in an in- j
mint, oatmeal, eggs and coffee may be r
cooked and steak or chops broiled. The |
whole preparation for breakfast need ,
not take more than half an hour, and ,
ibout one-quarter of the labor involved
is the bread-baking process alone.
Water. 1
The human body is constantly under- 1
joiug tissue change. Worn out parti- J
L-les aro cast asido and eliminated from
the system, while the new are ever being.formed,
froui ttie inception of iife
to its close.
Water has 'the power of increasing !
these tissue cShanges, which multiplies )
the waste products, but at the same )
time they aro reiyawed by its agency, .
living rise to nncreased appetite, which <
in turn provides fresh nutriment. Per- ,
mnu hut little? nncustomed to drinkinir '
water are liable to have tho waste
products formed faster than they are
removed. Any obatructiou to the free
nrorkifig of natural laws at once firmly
seated, requires both time and money
lo cure.
People accustomed to rise in tho
morning weak and languid will find tho
:auso in the imperfect secretion of
wastes, which many times may be rem- 1
died by drinking a full tumbler of wa- <
ter before retiring. This very matori- j
ally assists in the process during tho j
night, and leaves the tissues fresh and |
strong, roady for the active work of the \
day. i
liot water is one of our best remedial
A hot bath on going to bod, oven in
the hot nights of summer, is a hotter
reliever of insomnia than many drug*.
Inflamed parts will subside under the 1
continual poulticing of real hot water. <
Very hot water, as wo all know, is a I
prompt checker of bleeding, ami, bo- I
sides, if it is clean, as it should be, it I
aids in sterilising wounds. 1
Sneu in .shop*.
Cadet*blue cotton socks.
Black silk balyeuse ruflles. ]
Many navy-bluo sun shades. ]
.Many varietios of shell hairpins. 1
Many now patented hooks and eyes. I
Four-in-hand scarfs of Canton crepe. '
Silver pin-baskets for the toilet table.
Heavy cotton cravats without number.
Japaneao blue and white reading {
Bargains in knit and Manuel bath- <
ng suits. ,
? Dashboard clocks, mounted in black
Bluo and white cotton parasols for
country wear. f
Dainty chitlon jabots, having a sol- t
vedgo edging. t
Pigskin belts, having a buckle of tho 1
same material.
Dainty whito Japaneso silk waists,
Veilings iu black and white, or mag- 1
pie mixturos. ]
White Malines veils having tiny black j
:henille dots.
lied, navy, white, black and tan color- <
ed sailor hats.
Folding fans, mounted in imitation
shell and celluloid. I
Light-weight dress goods in two-toned '
affects, very cheap. (
Cheap f
Thousands of little dish-mops are sold
in New York every day. They arc '
cheap, thirteen cents, and very helpful *
for washing pitchers, jug*, vase forms
and common wares that are not likely 1
to be injured under a stream of hot '
water. Tho mop is nothing more than
a round stick about the length and
thickness of a poker, with a tuft of candlo
wick on one end.' Fine china ro?
quires delicate handling, but Pekin and
[jueensware can be mopped and dried '
without wetting the hands. '
Coiinomtnt* ICnyal.
Take tlio yolks of six eggs, a pinch of
mace, half tablespoon of salt, a small
pinch of cayenne pepper and beat well
in a bowl, adding hall a pint of sweet 1
cream. Then strain, prepnre sir small \
tin cups well greased and dusted with (
bread or cracker dust, and fill them with t
the above batter. Set tho cups in a
pan, filling tho same half full of boiling i
rrater, and sot tho pan in the oven until j
'lion Coiueft the Tornado ami the Deadly
Cloud of funnel Shape.
From the Gulf of .Mexico to tho north
ole and from tho lakes to the Kocky
man tains is a vast extent of country
roused by no mountaiu chains to intor*
opt or retard tho velocity of air cur*
ant. Tho extent of this country iu
qualed by none on earth. Cold air
eing heavier to the square inch than
farm air, tho cold air, when coining in
ontact with a warm current from tho
outh, alwava predominates forcing
he warm air into the upper
urrents. The cause of tho cvlono,
says tho Minneapolis Tribune, is
ho meeting of a bead wind from tho
orth with a head wind from the south.
i ? 1:1-~ armiau ,\f mnn.
I U X/JX 1 J J X J.ii X liiijiM jjii v.
the bnttor become* tlrm, which takes
about lifteen minutos; turn thorn out, (J
lot them tfot cold, cut them in dices, lay
thorn in tho soup turcon, pour over
theui one quart of hot consomme and
nerve. P
Ilfiiuttrying thu i|oin?. "
There are many now delicate tints 0
which paint particularly well, and it c
will surprise many f" find how easily a r
soft, pretty effect can bo obtained by 0
diluting old paints with turpentine. ^
Siccatili' do Court ray can ho used in- v
stead of turpeutiue, and will dry more c
quickly. a,
The liich preen ulas* vases with broad, j
flaring top? are wonderfuily pretty to c
hold ono or two choice blossoms, no L.
more, else are tho stems crowded. t
When buying wall paper avoid netting
tho li^uro too hixiuII, and thus destroy- 'j
in-: the "character" of your room, -j
Those experienced in decoration are 8,
vorv prompt, to give tho go-by to a ^
"weak" looking paper. t
New llUhop Iiii?t?il IimI. (
Ft. Wav.vk, Inp., Oct. 4.?-Right Rev. ^
Bishop Joseph Radomachor, who was tl
transferred as bishop of tho diocese of w
Nashville to tho bishopric of the dio- ^
cose of Fort Wayne, arrived in ttiw citv ^
last evening and was given ;i ruyut ?c?- .
conic. To-day the installation took
placo in the cathedral and was attended '
by a largo number of dignatnries of tho 1
church. Among them were Archbishop
Foley, of Detroit; Archbishop '
Elder, of Cincinnati; Bishops Watter- 11
son, of Columbus ; ilorstman, of Cloveland
;Mnas, of Covington, Kv.; Very
Hev. Morriasey, president of Notre
Dame University, and HOO priests. At ?j
the pontifical Inch mass in the cathedral
this morninir Bishop Rademachor nt
was installed as bishop of the diocese, v
tho archbishop of Detroit delivering f1
tho oration. Bifhop Kademncher sue- J1
seeds Bishop Dwcnger, whoso death .
occurred a vearago.
m a
Appeal of liultimoro r.ii*iin?s?i Men. t-1
Washington, D. U., Oct. 4.? A ueicga* ~
tion of about eighty business men from w
Baltimore culled upon Senator Gorman tl
it the capitol to-day and /presented n
memorials and addresses urging the
ipeedy repeal of the Sherman act. Mr. tr
Jtorman replying said that under tho ci
rules of the senate thore was no way to
hasten action, unless it could be done
liy urui^ui^ nuuiu uiuut'uuu vu num y
upon the opponents of the repeal bill
from the southern Htatos. He said that A
;W?suro was impoaaible, and thnt con:inuou3
session would ben great hardiliip
upon tno older senators. Ho
would not undertake to name a time w
tvhen a vote could he reached, and said w
t would bo very difficult to reach a voto .
it ail unless a compromise recognizing
silver couhi bo agreed upon. 19
On the Fciii'h. (j|
Berlin, Oct. 4.?The Cologne Gazrtte sj
itates that while the foreign warships Jv
it Rio Do Janeiro will not permit a ^
rest) bombardment of that city and p
>ave informed tho rebel squadron that a<
i further bombardment would bo forci- ,l(
jly prevented, tho German repreaenta- 0|
,ivo at Rio and commander of tho Ger- 0|
nan warships at tiiat port have re- g(
jeived explicit orders to protect Gorman
nterest9, but to refrain from taking EJ
my steps which would be equivalent to CJ
i military intervention and likely to bo n
construed as leaning toward one side or r(
;lio other. n
* T
riot Agtiliiat tlio Czar.
London, Oct. 4.?A dispatch from Co- o
penhagon says: Reports aro current o
nere concerning a plot against the czar. 0
[t is stated that n French monk np- "r
seared at Frenrfensberg Castle on Sunlay,
claimine thnt ho was sent by the
;)opo on a secrot mission to the Princess n
Waldemar, King Christian's daughter- tl
n-hiw, who would presont him to the |
:zar. As tho princess refused to re- .?
:eive him without previous inquiry tho ^
honk disappeared. No trace of him j
las since been heard.
Attorney Skip* Out.
Norwalk, O., Oct. 4.?j. w. Bell, ^
i prominent attorney of Plymouth, this |c
:ounty, has loft for parts unknown, arid
s accused of leaving his creditors in the m
urch to tho extent of $45,000. Part of pi
ho amount ia borrowed monoy, and
;he balanco ia duo estates which lie waa ai
lettling up. tl
Floods In Itnly.
Rome, Oct. 4.?lleports of loss of life
ind property by the Hoods continue to
jo received. In tho vicinity of Flormce
tho damage has been great, many tc
iouse.1 liavo been entirely destrovod by
;ho rush of tho waters. Great damage
las been dono at Venice and several I?
ivos lost. fo
Old Circuit* Ilidcr I>?'i?d. pi
Pittsiiukoii, Pa., Oct. 3.?Charles J. th
Melville, for years famous throughout g<
Kuropo and America as the champion
jare-bnek rider of tho world, died yes* cl
;erday at tho West Penu Hospital, aged Hl
levcnty-threo years. a,
SU'nuiboat Iturned.
Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 4.?Tho stoamjoat
James I/)e burned to the water's K
3d go last night on the Arkansas side.
Loss, $20,000; partiv insured. Tho <{]
iavose at tirst reported on iiro escaped jj,
without damage. cc
Killed In ti I'unic at Church.
Crrv op Mexico, Oct. 4.r?Ten persons, ej
;hree of them children, wero killed and ti:
i largo number; injured by a panic re
mlting from a lire in a church at a *?
own in the state of Michoacan, Sunday.
Will Avuid Berlin.
New York, Oct. 4.?A cable dispatch
lated Kicsingen nnva: Prince Bismarck
,vill return to Friedrichsruhe via Bebra
ind Hanover, and thus avoid passing *'
.Urough Berlin. fr
0 bi
state of Ohio, City or Toledo, 1? ?.?
Lucas County, /w* ?
Frank J. Chesey makes oath that ho ftI
s tho senior partner of tho firm of F. J.
3iieney & Co., doing business in tho ?
iity of Toledo, county and state aforelaid,
and that said.firm will pay the
ititn of One Hundred Dollars for each I
ind every case of Catarrh that caunot
ue curod by tho use of Hall's Catakkii
Juke. Frank J. Cheney.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
:nv nrcence, tins 6th dav-of December,
\. I). 1K8U.
> a. w. gi.kason,
\ SEAI" } Notary Public
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internalv
and acts directly on the blood and
nucout surfaces of the system.
F. J. Cheney & Co., iolodo, O. <
J&zTSold by Druggists, 75c. <
. . i
Uiiokloti'd Aruloa Sairn.
The best salvo in the world for cuts,
aruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheutn, fover
jores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains.
:orns and ail skin eruptions, and posilively
euros piled, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect patisiaction
or monoy refunded. Price i!o cents
i box. For sale by Logan Drug Co.
ney muHb llivu mu ?no? unu.vu
he pressure at the point of meeting ia
o great that tiie air, by compression,
ecomea /lioavier to tho square inch
ban wood or the human body; hence
ithcr one will float in tho same manner
hat wood will float in water?it floats
ncause it is lighter to the square inch
han water. Place water in an ordinary
rash-bowl and remove the plug, and it
-ill be observed that in passing out the
rater forms a circular reaction. Air,
ein;; a liquid, does tiie samo in passim
either upward or downward; hence
lie funnel shaped spout of tho cyclone ~
enter. When two immense bodies of
ir coming from different directions "
leet the only egresH is upward '
mi sideways, and in pausing
pwaru it forma the funnel, the
nine as water passing out of a washowl
downward. The theory that a *
ketone forms a vacuum is absurd.
v umiraw air irom xi jjiasa jui wim <?u
ir pump, and a feather within tho
acuuin foriuod will drop with the
lino velocity as load, or, on the other
and, you can com proas air until it i9
eavier to the square inch than wood,
1 which caso wood will float in tho
ir. The lilting power of a cyclone is
nusod, first, hv tho compression or
onsity of the air, socond, By its veloIty.
Combininu, tho power of density
ith that of velocity, which occurs at
io center or l'unnel, no power can
ssist it. Tho fooling of suffocation or ,
ifliculty in breathing when near the
ack of a' cyclone is caused from the
impression of the air. 4
our Chomicul Compound* Are Worth at
Least SlM,;t00.
mtrican Ana'yd.
An interesting exhibit at tho National
iuseum shows thechemical ingredients
hich go to mako tho nvorage man,
eighing 154 pounds. Divided up into
is primary chemical olemonts tho man
found to contain ninety-sovon pounds]
f oxygen, enough to take up undor
rdinary atmosphoric pressure the
jaco oi a room ten feet long, ten foot
ide and ten feet high. Ilis body also
olds fifteen pounds of hydros/en, which
nder the same conditions would occu
y somewhat more than two sucli rooms
i that described. To those must be
ided three pounds nnd thirteon ouncei
f nitrogen. The carbon in the corpus
[ the individual referred to is repre;nted
by a foot cubo of coal.
It ought to bo n diamond of' the
imo size, because the sione is pure
arbon, but the National Muaourn has
ot such a one in its possession. A
>\v of bottles contain the other eleionts
going to make up the man.
heso are four ounces of chlorine, tiiree
tid a quarter ounces of florine, eight
unces of phosphorus, three and a half
unces of brimstone, two and a half
unces oi sodium, two and a half ounces
f potassium, one-tenth of an ounce of a
on, two ounces of magnoaium and I
iree pounds and thirteen ounces of \
ilcium. .Calcium, at present market
net, is worth $300 an ounce, so that
le amount of it contained in one
11 man body has a money value of $18,- .
)0. Few of our fellow citizens realize (
tat they are worth ?o much iutriusicly
llnlttitHo of IriMli Prisoner*.
Dublin, Oct. 4.?At a meeting of the
mnesty Association it was resolved to
> appeal to ail Irishmen in England to
all their voting and other powers in
dor to procure the relea-o of the Irish
risonerH. Another resolution prssod
; the same mooting declared that tho
iti-Parnellites were tho real jailors at
le prison, and called upon their conituents
to compel tho anti-Parnellites
t change their attitude.
In view of what Llood's Sarsaparilia
us done for other?, is it not reasonable
> believe that it will al-jo be of benolit
> you ? 1
One Way To Ho llappy .
i at all times to attend to the coin- I
rts of your family. Should any one "
thorn" catch a slight cold or cough
reparo yourself and call at onco on
10 Logan Drug (Jo., solo agents, and =
jt a trial bottle of Otto's Cure, the
eat German remedy, free. We give
away to prove that wo have a sure
iro for coughs, colds, asthma, conimptiori,
and all diseases of the throat
id lungs. Largo sizes 50c. 1
xcurNlon to Chicago via Ohio Kivcr Kail, ci
On and after this date, until October
, the Ohio lliver railroad will sell
ckets to Chicago and return, on ac- i
milt of the World's Columbian Kxpotion,
at greatly rod need rated. Ticket*
ill he good for continuous passage in ?
thor direction with Anal limit for re- F
irn passago November 5, 1893. For 2
ites of fare, time of train and other in- "
rotation, inquire of ticket agents,
bio River railroad, or write \V. J. p
obinson, general passenger agent,
arkersburg, W. Va. TtiKo
the Hatliuiore & Ohio to Clucngo.
Excursion JiclcetH now on sale via
to Baltimore & Ohio at reduced round
ip rates, good returning until Novom- /
?r 5, 1893. Trains leave Wheeling, g
istern time, at 0:50 a. in. and 1:25 n. "
i. daily, and at 15:50 p. m., except Sunii/.
For slooping car accommodations
id other information enquire of Ualti- ?
ore & Ohio ni'entP.
.! C
Tried & True G
well be said
of the Superior Medicine,
the standard "
Its long record
assures you that what (
has cured others
will cure you "
, ? .. , - - '
^ Sympa?
Bah' A woman doesn't deserve any
( /* I. \ v sympathy, when the knowing better
W is so easy and the doing better
A , ^ > is so cheap.
S\ *\.!L Think of inhaling this steam
(( ^ l) and these odors from a tub
v n 01 utrcyciouung, pernapsirom
hr-\"% A the sick room, perhaps much)
? \/i (r ^ soiled from honest labor.
?-~J? Think of the weak lungs, and
>k\Vy I throat, the germs of disease,
#T?- fjji etc., etc. It's all so unneces%
' sary and so ineffective. The.
clothes are not as clean (surely not as pure) as they ought to
be, when the work is done.
Boil your clothes in Pearline and water?directions on.
each package?every grocer has it?and germs cannot live,
dirt cannot stay, and the hard work, the drudgery, is done
away with.
-w-n. Feddlcrs and some unscrupulous grocers will tell you,
"this is as good xs "or "the same as Pearline." IT'S
Of! W Q, I C FALSE?Pearline is never peddled. if your grocer send-,
fT-?? " 'ThiSst-W it back. m JAMES PYLe! New York.
Satins and Velvets,
jackets and Capes,
Geo. R. T aylor.
We beg to call the attention of the
ladies to our New and Choice importations
of Wool Dress Goods, Velvets and
Satins just received. We show larger
lines and more choice styles than ever
before and at very low prices.
Special attention is called toourexcellent
grades of Black Satin Fhodams, Black
Satin Duchess, Black Satin Mervelleux,
Black Bengalines and Colored Dress
Satins, in all the new shades.
All \A//-\rvl Qi litmryp r\ I r-\ n It-*
/Ill YV <JUt JUIUllgO, llH_llCi> W1UC, 111
all the new textiles and colorings.
_ \
Now on Sale, also
We invite special attention to our new and
choice lines of Window Shades, Upholstery goods,
Brocateis, Tapestry, Brocades, Cretons, Jutes,
Couch Covers, Corduroy Coverings, Portieres,
Lace Curtains, Bed Blankets, &c., shown in
Market street room.
We are prepared to hang Shades and Curtains
and do draping in modern style, also to furnish
Poles and Trimmings of the newest designs.
Geo. R. T aylor.
Tbia remedy in out a recent diico*b
is a wonderful nerve and brain remedy lar phyniclan, who haaderoted i
> Nci-umib Diaenm'e in their wornt forme. It is parol? vegetable, pleaaaut to taho and a Poaltlv? Core
ir nil Nervonn Disease*. Themiud becomea quiet and clear, feara of death aro di??lpatcd, and tUo wli?>*
stem rejiivennte'1. A decided improvement In ono week. Are yon tHiflerintr with Nerrona Debility, weak
eniorv. Pain In Hack ??r Head. Blue*. Nnrvona I'roat ration orSjeepIemneAn? Don't neglect youraelf. ThMinditlona
reanlt in Iti*anit? i?id |?-nil. ir nerrlected. TL#? NrnrovIrt- TnbN-i Co.. Ohrrlln. Olilo.
For wale by Mc LAIN BROS.. 1200 Market St.. and GEO. If. KBKUSQ. 212". Market St. nu22 rrhaa
m>s ^hakhoodrestoredsis;
WE? Ifc2-TTb An "L1 "t'rrQnsdlMaaea, such as*"*eakMom ry, Lo?? of Brain Power
IB ~E*Yr{ Ilcudaclm, XVuL.'fuliu Lo?t JLanhoart, Nljrhtly Cmlialona.
-\/ KV J J Dreatna* I.nek of Confidence* Warvouaneae,
\| ?3ffkl V, Jok. I nil drains and loaa< powor In Generative Organa of elthor sex cauaf 2
(1 1 oy oyer exertion, yontlifql BTora. cxc?#alvo u?o.of tobacco, opium
y --/ A Tf&or *tlmulanta which load to l..flrmlty, ConanrapMon and lnranlty. Con^n?My4TS'l,ontioc2.rry,n
T0Bt J>ocket. By mail prepaid In plain box to nv*
ff itwiMnlfc iPlW ^lftii'1 rm nnrti nr iflTiii rfff (With every 85 order weil?<
Iv9WW'i'*WW^^w,!,,it*al,,l|rante? toeareorpeftiBd the money.) For aalo ??r
l'VntRU Avn A wfh rwr i alia rugpjti, A sit for It and accept no other, ClKCtTLAB FllEk.
HIFIIKKAHDAFTEBCM' 1. AddituftllKVf SEJBD CO., Ma.onlc Temple. Cblcsfn. III.
or Salo In Wheeling, W. Vs., by LOGAN DRUG COMPANY, cor. Tonth nnd
Main Btrceta.
1' i T Tiinili Boneratlvoontana of oltheraex.auch asNerrouaProatretlon^M"
ilnt?'or Lor1 Manhood. Inipotcney, Nlchtly Emissions. Yontbful J5-??":
Mental Worry, excesdvo u?o of Tobacco or Oplnin. which lead to ?."
VM.WB Vgffv^TfflrTWt Kumptlon and Insanity. With every ? order wojrlve a written pb?'
For aalo Hi Wheeling by the LOO AN DRUG CO.. Main mid Tenth Street* llei!^
Tin Roofing! oxt.v qq OO J
higgin's gallery.
Spool11 attention Riven to all kind* of 8HF.RT _______________________ *
ION and TIN WOKIC on building*. Also ? arvrTTft' ART HTirnift
Call and got price* before contracting, a* I am ,
-spared to Rive bargains In that line of work. PHOTOGHIAP*1"'
Portraiti in Pastel, Oil. Crayon. Watm
5. F.CALDWELL, ZIS? ^Tsr^r.
I TO anil law MARKET BTRKKT. fcu
dentistry. machinists.
Teeth i?o?l lively extracted without palo by
cal application. No after ofTeru. GENFRAF MACHINISTS
CAREFULLY EXECUTED. And Manufacturers of Marino and
, A. B. Miller, D.d.S.. station. Engine
aid" ?TwcUtb Hixeot. Wheellor. W. Va. an:: vn :i.i

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