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deciHion. Put that in your pipe nrul
mnoko it (pointing to the Ropubllcan
Mr. Milligan?If tho voto sustains,
them the voto also overrules, doesn't ii?
Nobody could answer tho interrogatory.
Mr. Maxwell made a further and
clear explanation of tho situation.
Tho Mayor?After listening to your
explanation I am inclined to agreo with
This change of front took the Democrats
by surprise, and Mr. (Jruse and
others tried to again convince tho
UJUyor Uiitl J1C wua UliKIIluuj' num.
Mr. Irwin?1 call for nominations for
gas board truateey.
Tbo mayor?.Nominations aro in
This knockod out tho Republicans'
stand for a voto on market master
a^aiii. An attempt waa made to brm#
up tho latter matter, but without sueceaa.
Mr. Irwin, in a clover speech, placed
Mr. Edward M. Ilollidayin nomination.
Mr. Kenney nominated ono of tho
present incumbents, Mr. II. II. Dunlevy.
Mr. Fllan placed 1'. J. Gillipan in
nomination; Mr. O'Malloy named John
Zamitz, of tho Sixth ward, and the following
nominations were made: J. A.
Jofferaon, Godfrey Schul and IS. 13ucklnan.
At this juncture Mr. Richards arose
and addrossed tho joint session.
Mr. Richards? It you will permit me,
I would like to oiler for consideration a
nann? li?oHni)n.. fli.i o?Kw?.f J* hnml
that of tho olection of j;aa trustees.
Mr. Irwin?What id tho title aud nature
of tho paper?
Mr. Richards?You will soon eon tho
nature of tho paper, air, more perhaps
than agreeable. I will read with your
We, tho Democratic members of the first and
second branches oi couucil iu caucus ns>embied,
hereby bind ourselves t<? tho following agreement,
and to fulfill tlx- pledges therein contained
in consideration uf the election of u Democrat
president of tne sceoud brunch of council with
the assistance of the Republican members of
wild branch in the person of .Mr. John Wuterbouio.
The Democratic members of the first und second
branches of council agree tbiit tbu Rcpubllcan
members shall have an equal representation
with the Democrat* upon all standing committees,
i aud furthermore the Republicans .shall
select at least one Republican upon each of the
following boards, water board and board of gus
trustees, and further tney shall select a Republican
chairman ol the following committees, on
accounts, finance, lights, real estate, cemeteries,
health, ordinances h: reels, ulloys tmd grades,
water works and bourd ol equalisation und uppeals.
Aud further they shall select two CJ) Republican
representatives upou the committee on
The suldcommittee oux-oimulttoi s shall consist
ol eight meinherf, Hoitil'itd I'our from tho ilrst
branch aud lour from tho aeeond brunch of
Signed A m. :.*?' EitocK ,
J, P. Maxwki.U
I dosiro to mako a motion in connection
with this matter. No Uopublican
baa as yet been heard. It is not the intention
of tlio Democrats to give the
Republicans, as brought out in this
paper, a man of their own choice. Now
1 move thai tho olection of gas trustees
be taken up separately, one at a time.
Then followed the nomination of two
Republicans; Mr. Richards presented
tho name <>f K. Buckman, of tho Second
ward; Mr. Wheat named Godfrey Sehul,
of the Eighth ward. J. A. .Jotferaon,
&. Uopublican, was named by Mr. 1\ F.
FMr. Richards said tho agreement ho
held in liia hand was sufficient cause
ior voting (or ono member at a time.
Mr. Gruso said ho was a motnber of
council when the ppper in question was
drawn up. Tho situation, then, ho aaid,
was greatly ditloront from what it now
is. lie acknowledged tho authenticity
of tho paper read by Mr. Richards.
Tho Republicans, ho clnitnod, assisted
in breaking the agreement, and that tho
Democrats can not bo held to it.
Mr. Maxwell could not understand
the system of reasoning by which ho
reached his conclusion.
Mr. Gruso?Mr. Maxwell may talk na
ho pleases about honor and dishonor;
bo helped to bring about tho breaking
of tho agreement.
Mr. Richards thou followed with a
humorous speech in which ho roastod
tile Democrats for breaking pledges as
shown in tho agreement he had read.
Mr. Dobbins?On this question, in tho
fuco of tho situation, I am, I think, entitled
to a vote. Tho other side is
about to break a contract that relievos
mo of tho pair.
Mr. Brock followod with a longwinded
haraneue. lie finally nronosod
on behalf of tho Democratic members
of council that tho ltopublicaiiH select
one man and tho Democrats would support
Mr. Maxwell?I raise a point of ordor;
tho quostion is to select one member of
tho gas board at a time.
Mr. Brock?1 will get to tho question;
T hopo after my explanation that tho
motion will be withdrawn; then the
Democrats will vote for any man that
tho Republicans want
At this point Mr. Wheat approached
Mr. Brock and asked him as to tho
validity ot the paper, which was signed
by him a9 chairman of the Democratic
caucus. The gentleman did not deijv
its authonticitv.
A votowas then taken on tho motion.
Ayes and noes were catted, and it resulted
in a victory for the Republicans.
Sir. Dobbins vot"'d and hi3 vote was
' objoctod to by Mr. Irwin.
Mr. Kilan?It is not ho very Ions ago
when Mr. Brock was paired, "and voted
nevertheless to postpone the election of
tho water board for two years, which
was equivalent to an election. [Republican
Tho vote was as follows: First
branch, ayes 7. noes S; .Second branch,
ayes 15, now* 13; total, 22 ayes, 21 noes.
Tho gentlemen who had been previously
named for gas trustees wore
again nominated. A ballot was taken
and resulted in a tie, Mr. Dobbins not
voting: Jetferson, 21; Buckman, 21.
Mr. Richards arose and asked for information.
In hii opinion, the mayor
should in this cose cast the dociding
Mr. Gruso took an opposito view of
tho case, lie claimed that as tho mayor
is not a member of council ho cau not
cast a vote.
Mr. Richards?I claim tho mayor has
tho right to decide.
Thero was considerable further discussion
betwoon Messrs. Gruso and
Richards, that linally grow eomowhat
Tho Mayor?If l eaw a precedont 1
would not object to cast tho deciding
vote. 1 have looked carofully into the
matter and can boo no procedont.
[Democratic applause.]
Mr. Killeon?I move that a ballot bo
taken on election of gas trustees.
Tho motion prevailed, a veto was
taken and resulted in another tie?21
to 21.
After tho ballot a long recess was
taken, during which there was lots of
lobbying, but without ro-mlt.
After a while tho roll was callod,
after which Mr. heat moved that tho
election of gas trustees bo temporarily
Iiostponed and that tho eloetion of tnur:ot
master bo taken up. Tho mayor
scorned to think the motion a proper
Mr. Grme?Your former ruling does
not agree with your present positiou.
Tho Mayor?The public good seems to
domand under the circumstances that
the electiou of market master be tukeu
up now.
Mr. Richards oflered a substitute to
tho motion to tho eil'ecfc that tho election
of gas trustees bo <leierrotl until ,
two ballots bo taken on election of market
master. -Tho vote on the motion
waa the samo old tie. 21?21.
Mr. JJobbinu?I think undor tho circumstances
you have a perfect right to J
a vote here.
Mr. Wheat spoke on tho subject and
gave authorities to show that the mavor 1
?*. Unntt?rtwUI,i? l?U n??Wit V liv !
coating tho deciding vote. <
Tho Mayor?I cannot agree to decide
tho ballot. i
Another ballot was taken on gas trus* i
toes and resulted in no choice; Uilligun <
1, Buckman 20, Jotrorson 21. ]
Another long recess was taken and at
11:15 the roll was called. There were a
number of paired absentees. ,
At 11:20 Mr. Grase asked that the ?
Democratic members be allowed to retire
to the committco mom, and thoy
were allowed. They retired at 11:21, .
and roturned at 11:20, each man wiping
his mouth and smoking a fresh cigar. 1
At 11:30 tiio roll was called. Mr.' 1
Faull was tho only absentee. Then a 1
ballot?21 to 21.
On the next ballot Filan votod for *
Buckman, tho other Democrats for ilol- 1
liday, and two or three liopublicans 1
scattered, but ail united on Mr. fclehul 1
before the result was announced. 1
On tho next three votes wero given
Ciilligan, anil Milligan had to pronounce ^
his namo twice, as it was thought he t
was voting for himself. ]
Tho next time Mr. Jlorstmann voted 1
for Dave ttrooks. Mr. Uurke voted for t
M. K. Wolff. Mr. Filan voted for IXolli- c
At midnight signs of fatigue and
sleepiness began to apnoar. "Markets" f
Kreltor was the first to yield himself to
tho arms of Morpheus. With his feot
on tho desk in front he remained utterly
oblivious of his surroundings until 1 r
o'clock, when another ballot was taken.
The lobby, that earlier in the evening 1
was very numerous, at midnight
dwindled down to a score or two, whose I
curiosity had still not been satisfied.
Council manic foraging parties com
posed invariably ol oquai numDers ironi ^
each side of tho chamber at intervals
made raids on noighborintr saloons and
restaurants, with unvarying success. c
Things fast assumed a very informal *
aspect. Ootincilmon of usual dignified
mien, laughed, chatted and exchanged t
stale joke*. Groups formed and talked c
over the respective merits of tho two 1
parties, and occasionally the members
got pretty hot. . \
At 1:07 o'clock this morning the roll \
was again called. Dobbins and Fanll [
wero tho first branch absenteos, and
Knoko and O'Mallov of the second. ,
Tho ballot resulted as follows: Buck- f
man, Hi; Molliday, 1!?; Dunlovy, 2; Cfilligan,
1; Zarnitz, 2.
Aitor the ballot Mr. Kennoy spoke in .
favor of adjournment and moved for adjournment
Mr. Maxwell said tho proposition to 11
adjourn came with poor urace from tho 1
Democratic side when it was remember- v
ed that earlier in tho evening tho Dotnocrats
had boon co firm for doinjj no- }
thing, but elect gaa truatoes. A motion u
was mado to table the motion for adjournment.
The vote was protty closo
on tiie motion to table, and Mr. Milligan
in a stage whiapov that could be ^
heard all over the room said, "the ino- t
lion is carried." The mayor repeated, J
"the motion is carried," I
An effort was made to havo Zulauf
sing, but the Eighth ward statesman 11
refused emphatically to repeat his per- 1
formanco of last winter, when ho sang H
"Our Jack's Como Home To-day." s
At 1:50 o'clock,' to "relievo the pros- i
sure on tho pas board," Mr. Wheat f
turned down tho gas in tho second 'j.
branch chamber. \
More efforts wero mado to have '
Charley Zulauf sing, but without avail. fl
At exactly 1:5(5 a. m. Dr. Caddie, who 1
was snoozing in his chair, fell over on 8
tho floor, tho chair on top of him. t
"I)oc" raised himself on his elbow, gazed t
around in a stupefied way, and when J
the gang let loose a yell, realizod whore
ho was and got up.
Ed Wheat was tho lifo of tho gathering.
lie was nover still, but always p
hunting up somo new scliemo to tor- ji
mont his fellow "statesmen." Ji
Ilia Honor, the mayor, at tho sugI'nutinn
fllnrlr Thonnr. ivunt to nun r.f
tho commit too rooms for refreshment.
To the surprise of tho mayor ho ran t
into a Democratic caucus. Needless to ^
state, ho didn't stay. v
At 2 o'clock tho roll had not been
called again. Most of the Democrats
were in ono of tho committoo rooms, ?
caucussing. f
At 2:30 o'clock tho situation was unchanged,
cxcept that five members on J
each side had paired, and irotio home.
About this tirno a schomo of tho Demo- F
crnts was discovered by their opponents. 1
Tho well-known Democratic desire was I
that tho quorum of the joint session ho .
broken so that matters could drift
along for awhile/ Tho idea was to have j.
Democratic mombors pair with Ropub- J;
licans until tho quorum could bo
broken. Tho scheme narrowly escaped
being successful. Tho Republicans
got onto tho schomo before
it was too late, however, and ,
refused to pair. Much credit is duo tho t
watchfulness of the Republican loaders j
who throughout the session handled j
their side with skill and foresight. c
At 2:45 o'clock thero was nothing now v
in tho situation. :
Transacted at tho Council Muotluf; Last
The report of tho committee on petitions
and remonstrances recommending
that colToe-houso licenses bo granted
Fred Stetzor, Mary Letzkus and James
Rowan was read and accepted. Council
granted licenses to tho two termor applicants
without opposition. Tho Rowan
application camo up in the first
branch, where tho license was granted.
Tho board of public works asked permission
to pay out of city funds on public
improvements $2,321 28. Tho resolution
approving tlus action was adoutod
in both branchol.
Tho committee on police reported bills
for payment amounting to $230 35. They
were ordered paid.
Tho fire department committeo reported
bills amounting to $1,208 78, 1
which wore ordered paid by council.
Cemeteries committee reported bills 1
$170 81; ordered paid. 1
Scales committee recommonded bills I
amounting to $178 08; ordorod paid. :
The cnmuiitteo on markets reported j
bills, $23; orderod paid by council.
Tho petition of J. (r. Klino for re- .
moved of his pool selling establishment
from 1017 Market street to 1023 Main ^
street was passed.
The city dork's report as to expondi- turos,
balances and appropriations was ?
as follows: appropriations, $42 >,324 81;
expenditures, $206,482 02; balances,
$128,842 IS. It was received and filed. 1
Simmons Liver Regulator has never
boon known to fail bo euro all liver diseases.
You can bo porinanontly cured of the Opium
or Whisky habit without leaving
your home or business. Dr. B. M.
Woolloy, Atlanta, (ia., a noted special- 1
ist in there diseases, will ii requested,
send a valuable book to auy one interested.
Strangers lit the City uuil Who el lag? Futkn
Mr, P. B. Dobbins got homo yesterday
from Hamilton, Ohio, whom ho was
sailed 011 account of tho deuth of his
Mr. Harry Slnaol, of Oakland, Md., is
visiting hid father-in-law, Judge Kennedy,
on Thirteenth street. Mrs. .Siulol
has boon horo for some time.
W. -T. lfauiiltnn and Kl\ynnd Hughos,
Jolegates to tho mooting of tho Nationil
Votorans' Association to bo lield at
Jincinnati, loft yesterday ovor tho
Ualtiiuoro & Ohio.
Oharlos Schmidt and family, <4 ,
Wheeling, have returned homo after a
ihort visit at tho homo of Francis
ichmidt. South Strabauo township.?
Waahiniton, Pa., Observer.
Miss Emolia Eiaenbnrg, of Earnsvillo.
3., and Mr. Joseph May. of May Bros.,
)f iStoubtmviilo, 0., will bo married at
lie Wheeling Club rooms ibid evening
it 8 o'clock by ivov. Mr. Bonheiin.
Tho many friends of Mrs. A. C. Miller
tnd of her lato husband will extend to
ler tho sincerest sympathy on tho
loath of hor youngest child, Mary,
iged eight months. Tho bereavement
s particularly sad.
21. Coylo, ono of tho bent Known
reteran showmen on tho road, is in
ho city ahead of tlio big. Barnuin &
Jailey circus, which shown here October
8. iio flava the show is doing well
his season, and he thinks it ia worthy
)f tho suecoss it is meeting.
'uoplu Coniln;: from an I (Join1; tu tho
Ultf Exhibition.
Dr. J. C. Hupp, wife and daughter,
oturned yesterday.
S. G. Naylor and wife, of tho Island,
1 avo returned from Chicago.
Harry Gardner left on tho Cleveland,
-oraiu & Wheeling at 2:40 p. tu.
II. C. Dunn and W. A. Kline roturned
'esterday from a two weeks' trip to tho
W. A. Janos, of tho Intelligexcbr
llico, leaves this morning at 0:50 over
ho J*. & 0.
Mr. and Mrs. Kobert T. Toasdale, of
he Kasfc End, loft yesterday morning
iver tho C., u & W. to visit tho World's
Frank Stanton, wifo and son and J.
V. r. Crawford and wifo left on tho
Vheeliug & Lake Krie road at 3:15 yes- S
orday aitornoon.
John Jiurns left yesforday afternoon. ^
L party of friends and relatives went to
ho Baltimore tfc Ohio station to see him
If. Ho left word to have the gas board
lection postponed for ten days, so that '
m fnnld hn nrnnnnL
Anion!* those who left on tho Baltiuoce
& Ohio at 3:50 yesterday afternoon
o help swoll tho big crush in Chicago
rere Miss 11 attic McCoy, Mr. and Mrs. ?
i. T. Dovrios, I)r, lJellvillo, Harry Ott, ^
Irs. T. II. Little and Miss Jenuiu Camo*
fc , ?
New York Thuutro Cuinpiiny. ^
Tho always welcome and popular /
few York Theatre Company presented
o another very largo and well pleased
udionce la^t night, at tho Grand Opora
Ioubo, Mark. Twain's comedy, "Tom
awyer," in a very artistic and suporior
nan nor. Every part was well played,
lie orchestral aalectiona excellent, the
tage settings now and appropriate, tho
inging and dancing specialties heart- 1
ly applauded, encore after encore being 1
lemandod by the delighted audience, j
'ako it all in all, tho Now York Theatre
Company, band and orchestra in a mer- J
torious organization, as tho musicians
re all lirst class, and tho "stage folks"
lavo all been Been here before with
uccossful attractions. To-night they
rosent a new thrilling live act sonsaional
drama, entitled, "The Bottle of
afe," and tiopo to see another crowded
louse, as they honestly deserve it.
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letite, healthy digestion, and best of 0
ill, I'uitK hluod, are given by Hood's
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Drop intotno intki.lioencf.r oinco ami
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A l.mvder.
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avor, until now it is clearly in tlio lead
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ivos?containing nothing which per*
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Jver or Kidneys.?It will euro Sick
loadachn, Indigestion, Constipation,
ind drivo Malaria from tho system. ^
atisfaction guaranteed with each bottle ^
?r tho money will bo refunded. Prico j
inly o(Jc nor bottle, aoiu ny i-ogan urti# c
Company. ^ - n
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reatmentof Opium and Whisky habits,
atientn need not lonvn homo or busiteas
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write to Dr. Woolloy, for his
alnahle book. tua.h
Mr. Thomas Farrcnleopf
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me dozen Aristo Photographs
vxd life-sized Portrait,
SS OO ! ?""?r
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ano isk.
Is a Cheap and E
"TT T V,?-i "tr v iTV tp^
You Can Have Railrt
and Seven Nights h
THURSDAY, October 12, v
tickets good going on all trains
? - 4.%.^:.^ P\o\ro T!
any uaiu vviunii jcu *<
day going as well as coming, and
Tlie INTELLIGENCER has had so many inquiries for I
entative to Chicago to arrange for the comfortable;
lotels and the best locations. Contracts hjive been clo
Arrangements have also been made with the popu
ELLIGEN'CER to sell its tickets in connection with hotel
All first-class tickets good 011 all trains leaving Whe
Five Dollars deducted from any of the following rat
6 and Oct. 28. Good for passenger coaches only. Ni
Other hotels in addition to the following have 1
tverybody. Call at the INTELLIGENCER Counting R01
urther information. Mr. T. C. Burke, B. & O. ticket
rrnnf nt Rdi.iirp. will nive information concerning these
,'ornor !'2d street and .South Chicago On Lake Michigan B
venuu, three blocks from ii. <& 0. sla- avenue and 74th strot
ion. Two olectric lines and (our steam All outsido rooms,
ines to Fair. Twenty nfinutos rido to Tbr(je mjnut(J8 rido
air, faro 5 cent*. Exposition entrance.
Wheeling pooplo know thia house.
Soven days' lodging, i
'oven days' lodging, including bath, and first-class railroad I
firsl-claaa railroad tickot, good on all trains until Novem
trains until November 5 $111 00 With seven breakfast
Jorner 5oth stroet ami Washington and ggQQ to 5339 Btony la
tladison,. avenues. A solid block of
irick, steam heated, electric light nnd ,i.?
all holla; 1100 r6otu?; on Cottauo Grove :,tro838treot from
venue cable cars; throe blocks from
llinois Central station; same distance near threo eutrnncos;
rom Fair Grounds entrance. Strictly
irst-class. Kxcellont cafo in hotel.
Mr.'R A. Lippincott, tno manager of g dava' lodffine i
ho Pullman, is a son oC the late Major -CNenua>8 10U8'nP 1
lippincott, long famous in Belmont .
ounty as a hotel-keeper. roa(* ticket, rood o
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road ticket, good on all trains until
November 5 .$22 50 Meals 25 cents each.
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tag Headquarters, s,xlicth etrBL" a"d
only two squares froi
231 and 2253 Caluinet nvcnuo; first- to tho Fair?a more s
lass house in first-class location; unsur- Electric, steam am
laanwl table; cablo cars and Illinois other parts-of the Fai
,'ontral to Fair. in?P00Pl0 a,ld W0"
Seven days' lodging, i
even days' lodging, seven breakfasts nnd evening dinne
and seven evening dinners, and first- bath, am* ^rat-clat
Wheeling to Chicag
class railroad ticket on all trains until unlj| November 5
November 5 $2'J 50 trains, including sle
encer Plan
:asy Way to See
jad Ticket 1 $14.00.
for , $19.00.
/ill be the next $1400 Day,
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ie $19 00 tickets good every
these include sleeper privilege.
iotel accommodations that it has sent a special repre^
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ised on terms that insure the most satisfactory rates,
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eling and Chicago, with Sleeper accommodations,
es on special excursion days : Oct. 12, Oct 19, Oct.
3 sleeper privilege.
>een arranged with, but in this list is something for
am and talk it over, or write from any point for
agent at Wheeling, Air. R. C. Haase, B. & O. ticket
each, corner Bond Corner 75th and South Chicago Avenuo
)t. Grand Crossing. Permanent house;
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and cable cars if preforred.
...... , Seven days' lodging and first-class railncluding
ickot, Rood on all road tlcket' sood 00 a" traina unt"
ber 5.. $20 00 November 5 $21 35
s 23 00. With seven breakfasts 23 45
jD hotel, north entrance hotel,
land avenuo, just N. \V. corner Jefferson avonuoand 57th
the Fair Grounds, 8trcL't; soliJ, Imndsomo brick structuro
of 250 rooms; 070 feet from grand enelectric
light. , , ? . ? .
franco gate of tho Fair; Ilhuois Central
and cable cars to the city.
und first-class rail..
Seven days' lodging and first-class railn
all trains until
road ticket, good on all trains until
Novembor 5 50
Breakfasts, if dosired, HO cents each.
1th odes avenue; Corner Cottage Grovo avouuo andG4t!t
m Plaisanco Kntry street; fivo minutes from Fair; cable
,, cars and elovatod railway; faro 5 cents;
1 cable lines to all
r grounds. Wheel* superior family hotel.
i at this hotel. Seven days' lodging and first-class rail*
deluding breakfast. rQJJ(l good on all trains until
rs, and also use of
is railroad ticket, November 5.? $L'u "t0
o and return, good _ ,. ,
. , .. Including eoven breakfasts and seven
and good on all
oping cars...$2800. evening dinners $31) 50

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