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A remedy which,
/0?,R ? uwd by Wives
k'i ** //"ll aboutto02porlenro
, ?,!/ a/ 1,10 painful ordeal
yv>JN.: V JfcjJsii attendant upon
/ F '.J ChlW-Wrtb, proYM
I (hv4 S J- an lufalllblo *pecl['
<kv-"\\ f!c for, aud obviates
1 *'??> tortures ofcon/i
\ \^(''A^Crf! fl^emcnt, leewnlnfc
I 1 \\y/'~y nl t'10 dangers thereof
/ I ?\^ /- I to both motherwul
/ I h I wv' /Hi child, hold bjr all
/ J i ) * / f-/\ drugglsta. Sent by
\ , , express on receipt
\ ?l ' ' wMSl of price, $1.&> per
J) botUo, chirks proCRADflCLD
.* 77T- ?
.... Unuwn fiir Iiiillgc-llu". Illlluuanto*, ?
J . I?y?pcp?lu, t bruulo o
0 1.111 r i r?ubl( >. llltdnrH, iiud (.'uiiiplc\ioii,
)>??, utrry, Oil* u?l?c Itri utii, ?nd ull dU?
J vrdini ut' (ho Hlumurb, Mu r uml Howclik *
0 I.I; 1' Tt'.nlps contain iK>thlnir Iniurlouii to
t> . t iKllr,U! oiwtltuH'.n. Aru 1 -li'iui'-.r to
li-I', wfc, clfotuftl. and glvo Imtacdnto rutlof.
U Mhi ' > obtained by uppllcutlou to nrurv?t 9
c drutvUU ?
' jgJjTNeW
E. C. Wost'i Nerve ond BrtlO Treatmcn
1 ?..:?] und?*r potdthro written guarantor, by author)
i.rpnt? to euro Weak Memory; I^ofs o
l.n r; iud Ncrvo l'uwcrjLotftMunltuoUsgulrknoM
: , Lt Lou**; Evil Droonu: Lock of Ooufldcnco
; :v .'i.uow; T?4tMitU(!o; All Drain;-; Louof row?-i
' . (iMiiTUtlvrt OrKunn In elthvr wi, raunod I;,
, - - <>i?-rtl< n; Youthful Krrons or Excestlvo Usoe'
vu, Opium or Liquor, which toon load t?
. /, L'uii'-u! i-!l. ?n. In-aiilty and Death. UyinnJ1
J-<i: ?lfor<i: Vl'.u writt-u tfuarnntro to euro 1.1
. : 1: .1 mum*. WKri'TO COUGH HYKLT. Aorta!:.
, r - f. r Cou/h>4. A?thnm, JJroiichltJ^,CrouT?,
j J/i/; Cnutfb. Boro Throot. rivacant totakr.
1; nlxo dHcontiiiued: ujd, quo. eir\ now Kc.; old
I. :?cfLuw&oc, ,
1 VUASTKKS issued only through McLAIN
] . iflll-IltS, lirug^Lsta. Wheeling, \V. Vn.
K KU31 11B K Otucrul and NEKV0U8 LEMIITYi
V "Weakness of Body and Mind: F.ffecU
\D ?J JLfcJ-AofErrcrs or Encases in Old or Youn^.
Robtnt, Xablo XiSKOOD fullr U??4?r*il. Uow to RnUnr" ?nJ
1 ,r, ta nttK?K.r%t)KvruimH>iuuxaje rARtttorfloor.
AW.IuVl? n^fBlllM UOSK THEVrarVT-B^ri. In a dir.
r-o ' -.11^ frm-i 41 SUI??, Trrrltorl#*, anil I'nrrlln (oMitrtr*.
\ or to nrllclfccra. U<M>k. full rtnl?r*tlmi, ?r.J tirnof* BallM
iMalcd) Inc. AUCKU iR|? KEDlCAl CO., BUFFALO, H< X?
nliNt wry
OEf^n K mran and Whiskey Habits
BL3E3 [5 ,1 ffiifij cured ut liuiuu withrll
ww-mwBB 11. M. WOOM.KY, M.I).
Ulbce, JIMxA Wlilloball St. Atliuila. fiiu
Jyl-Ti HMU'V
1893.?Vim. Vigor. Victory.?1893.
Prf59 and public cordially Indorse and pronounce
it surpassingly grand. All depart*
mcnts fully ready. An examination of IL5
many attractions will astonlsli and pleasa
you. Music dally by tlio unrivaled band*
OP . .
. . AND . .
ts.ilstod by tba uncrowned QUEENS OP
fiONO. ...
Frau rtaterna,
Madame Sofia Scalchi,
Lillian Blauvelt,
Black Patti,
and Signor Campanini.
Opened SEPTEMBER 6?h.
Closes OCTOBER aist.
special excursions and reduced
hates on all railroads.
Wheeling Tille and Trust Co.,
CAPITAL, - - $102,100.
safcty and deposit vault.
II. M. Rnwell. rro't. L. V. Stlfel. Sec'jr.
C. J. Rmrllug. V. I*. H. 1.8lni:ltiton. Aot'tSctfy.
(ico. IL E. Gilchrist, Examiner of Titles.
0 Lamii. FrHdont J??. SiCYnor.n. Ciulilor
J. A. JtXFttlSOIf. AiuUutui Castiloc
Bank of Wheeling!
CAPITAL $200,0(10, FAIl) IX.
A J flArttft. JOiOptl I* PWlll.
Jtiinent'iiiamlOi. Ilourv lllohorxna.
A. Itcyuiuuu. Joseph SoyboliL
Gibson TJinib.
Hlcreit paid on spo:lrtl deposit*.
1- ?dralu ou England J rotund andSaotlwil
CAPITA! ...$300,000.
^ PrwIdcnL
l i .vis Vice i'rosldcuL
J N Vance. (?odr?jo II Stlfol.
v. I'.rowit William Ellltigbam.
' l'claplaia. W. A. Kcllcy.
John Krow.
on Kiitfluml. Ireland. Scotland
#t. 1 all points In Euroi?o.
JOHN J. JONES, Cashier.
j > ask ok the ohio valley.
CAPITA! $175,000.
1: UN J-:rr President
|1' Sliipsos ?.V|ro PrmMont.
' * uu on Engiaud. Ireland, Fruucu aua GcrlU'iuy.
William A. IfctL Mortimer Tolloclc.
J. A. Miller. Willlum IV Simpson.
K M AUImon. John K. llot^fonl.
Iloury gpcycr. Victor Rosenborg.
Jacob C. T??ouia?
F. I'. Jhl'SON,CashIcr.
Tub Weekly Intelligencer
sl 00 per year.
Some Now Stylos and Shades for
tbo Dear Creatures
Somo Pretty Coi flares Described.
Hons, Capos anil Collarettes?The
Proper Care of Silver? A. HomeMnili>
Chest?Ileroc* anil Heroine?*
at Uoitio?Tho Well-bred Girl.
Many of tho imported coat9 may be
considered a joy forevor us to comfort,
but there is somo doubt as to tholr bcinic
things of beauty to tho artistic eyo.
Hero is a back view of a soft fur-lined
garment which answers as an illustration.
Tho coat is mudo of brown-iucod
cloth, with ono oi tho fashionable collars
and a flaring skirt. The corset effect
plainly outlined about tho waist is
accomplished by black silk braid. Tho
collar neods no word of explanation. Its
picturo tolls tho story. lac rodeeminu
featuro of tho coat is that it is lined
with chinchilla aud ia warm and com*
fortablc. Tho fur which aisists iu its
trimming ia mink.
This atyliah jackot has a box pleat
down tho contor of tho back, atitchod
Hat to a littlo below tho waist, whore
tho ploatB hang looao. To the pleats
are joinod tho added basques, which aro
a feature of this aeaaon'a jackets. The
model ia ornamented iu front with rowa
of braid and buttons, and two rows of
braid trim the full basquo of tho coat.
Tho'now fall gowns may relloct aoinowhat
the designs of last summer, and
tho careful obaorvor can possibly traco
tho original of a folt hat to a shape in
straw, but there ia no donying tho fact
that tho jackota and Ion# cloaks aro
distinctly now. They aro novelties the
liko of which has never been aeon before.
There is a gracoful long coat, for
instance, to slip on whon the gown boneath
ia better not visible. It ia made
of smooth, brown cloth, gathero i iu
such fullness at the back that it falls in
iolds. The triplo shoulder cape ia
triminod witli a curiom braid of black
and silver, and surmounted with the
now rucno couur, iincu wuu aaiui. 1110
covering for the arm is not exactly a
alcove. It id more a full cape, laid in
folds which Jiang in a way to show
plainly its satin lining. The garment
is delightfully graceful and coiniortablo.
Coat in blaclcsatin, lined with ermine,
which ia turned back in front aa revera.
Full 8loovea falling ovor tho hands;
they are conlined at the wrists with a
band of ermine, and similar fur edges
them. Tho long basque is full ut tho
Tho illustration shows a charming toa
jacket made of pale blue cashmere and
having a rutilo and vust of a figured silk,
with a sash ot cashmere.
Some Now unit Pretty Coiffures uuil How to
i'roduco Tlioui.
Vc'obcr Seafon.
Hair dressed half high, bodies with
jacket.?Tho coiffure hero shown Jus
somo similarity to tho "Greek," and is
i9 only suitable for regular features.
Tho curls on the forehead are first parted
off, combed downward and curved, tho
slightly waved hair then taken up, tied
on the top of tho head, and arranged in
a knot. The bunch of curls in the middle
of tho latter is made of the ends of
the strands which give the knot, or
false curia can bo taken. Tho short
jacket is cut of a very fashionable shapo
with long sloping shoulders.
llair Dressed with Upright Bow?Tho
front hair of this coitlure is combed
buck over a pad and twisted on the top
of the head together with the hack hair
into a small knot. Jet diadein with
bow in Alsace stvle.
Hair Dressed Low, Low-Necked Bodice?Thick,
curly hair is requirod for
this stylo of Jmir-droBsing.t. The'hair is
combed up, slipped lightly toward the
front on the top of the head and tied
low at the back, where it iu twisted into
a single knot. The bodice illustrated is
innde in the newest fashion, theatulT
being drawn in folds in the width, and
the sleeves composed of throe frills of
Valeuciennes lace.
I.ovublo Girls.
Kao York Rttorth r.
(iirls tlint tire fuir on the hearthfttoae,
A net pleasant when nobody sets;
Kind nud it wee t to their own folk,
ttoady and uuxious to please.
The girls that are wanted lire wlso KlrLi.
That know what to do and to say;
That drive with u smile or a .-oft word
Thu wruth of the household away.
The girls that ore wauted an? girls of scuso,
Whom fashion can never dccelvo;
Who can follow whutover 1* pretty,
And dare what is silly to leave.
The cirls that urc wanted an> careful girls,
Whoeouut what a thin^ will cost;
Who use with prudent, generous hand,
lsut see that uothlng Is lost.
The glr s that arc wanted arc girls with hearts:
They are wanted for mothers and wives;
Wanted to cradle iu loving urms.
The strongest and frailest 01 lives.
Tho clever, tlie witty, the brilliant girl
Thereur<5 very few understand:
But O! for the wise, loving, home girls.
There's u constant and steady demuud.
I'o.i, C'npc* mid Collarettes.
Tho tuoiro Persian lamb, snya the
Now York Times, linda ospecial favor
this season because of tho rovivod approval
of moire silk. A black satin coat
has a collarette of moire Persian, with
shoulder pieces of jet*apunglcd not.
Hands ot Persian lamb, edged with jot
<!iinp, are on cloth capes.
Fur collarettes on cloth coats and
capes are utnong tho now ideas. Usually,
whon tho garmont has n fur collarette,
it also is bordered with fur. A
capo of heavy brown Ottoman cloth has
bordering and collaroito of mink. Ottoman
cloth is claiming considerable
attention, and in golden brown is well
worth considering. In this shade it is
made up in capes and coats that aro as
handsome as any shown. In light
colors it is used for ovoning wraps.
Tho gored collarette is on fur garments,
and, instead of tho insertion, or
gimp, which joins or covers tho seams
on collarettes of other material, the fur
seams are joined by narrow strips of
contrasting fur. A mink capo has the
scams of tho gored collarette joined bv
tho darker Hudson Bay sablo, and a
narrow roll of tho sable edges tho cape.
tin: cam: of silver
flow to Clean tlio Dining Itooiu nn.l the
ISoudoIr Appointment*.
Do not rub eilverwaro with soap.
Even good kitchcn soap is coarao to bo
used on any scratchablo stuff. Instead
dis&olvo soap in boiling water and wash
tho silver in tho suds. Rinso in clear
hot water, dry and rub with chamois.
W'hon silver-cloaning dav comes the
silver should bo washed and dried as
above. Then pure whiting, mixed with
alcohol, should bo applied with a soft
rag, rubbed oil with another, brushed
to remove the dust from tho chasing,
polished with chamois and sot away to
delight the eyoa of tho owner with its T
In tbeso days when hat pine, hair
pins, calendar holders, brushes, combs
and mirrors aro so largely made of ailver,
a bod room ailvor-cleaning formula "
is as necessary as a dining room one. g
Prepared chalk, which is usually in the
bed room; ulcohot or ammonia, which
also havo places on tho toilot table; a "
tlannol raj:, a brush and a piece of ?i
chumois arc tho necosuary apparatus J|
A little pasta of ammonia and alcohol t,
and chalk, applied with llnnnel, allowed <1
10 dry and bru?hed out, will tnako oven
tho heavily cliased bit of silver bright, "f
and tho chamois will givo the neccisary <1
glitter*?New York World,
A 110.MIJ-.MADi: CH K ST. JJ
It Wo* n r.-irlclnj; Box, but it i? Popularly |j
ltallovcd to bo an llclrlootu. sj
It was in its first condition a packing- "
box. It was about thrco feet long and k
rather broad, but quito shallow. It was ti
j rather an aristocratic packing-box, be- Jj,
ing dove-tailed instead of merely nailod 01
at tho joinings. cm
The woman into whoso hands it foil jj'
had an inspiration. Tho cover was
knocked oil and a carpenter tit ted a J]
cover on with hingC9. Thou sho painted
it black on tho outside and white on the
inside. When she had obtaiued the <ie- u
sired shade of inkiness sho varnished U
uk; nox. meninges on 1110 cover urn? 1>(
gilded. A pair of brass handles wore a
added to the Hides, and an ornamental A
brass lock adorned the front. The ?
chest reposed in a bedroom window and g
held madam's party dress skirts without r
creasing them. On top she put a few ^
curioa-Jooking cushions?a dull red one, c
an old blue one, and ouo with bauds ot C|
oriental embroidory. And the popular q
impression is that the quaint-looking <:
chest is either an heirloom or a treasure
from au antique shop.
So mo of tho Thing* Which Slut of Good ] '
Urcmliiii; Dock Not I>o.
All have their ideas of what consti- ^
tutes good breeding, and thoy dilier but L
little. Some allow uioro latitude than J-'
others, but aureo in the main. A lady >i
writing to a popular family paper on ;[J
this subject says of the wcll-brod girl
that she thanks tho man who gives her
a seat in a tram car, and does it in a L,,
quiet and not in an elFu9ivo way. u?
.She does not declare that she never tii
rides in tram pars.
She does not accopt a valuablo pros- hi
cut from any man unless she expects to i><
marry him. JJ
She doesn't talk loud in public tb
places. tu
Sho d008n't ahovo or push to got tho m
best aoat, and sho doesn't wondor why
in tho world pooplo carry children in
tho cars, aud why thoy permit them to ly
Sho does not speak of her mother in
a sarcastic way, and phe shows her tho
loving deforonco that is her due. 73
Sho doesn't want to bo a man and sho
doesn't try to imitato hiui by wearing Jj
btit! hat-, smoking cigarettes and uainu'
alang. Jg
Sho doesn't say she hates women, and
sho has some good truo friends among
, Sho doesn't wear boots without thoir J(]
uuttons or a frock that needs mending.
Sho doesn't scorn tho uso of tho S1-1
needlo and expects some dav to mako 8;
clothes for very little pooplo who nro
very doar to hor.
' re
Tin; Wheeling Drug Company has so- Jj[
cured tho agoncy for tho salo of Max 0l
Klein's lamous Silver A^o I'uro Kye k*
Whiskey for this vicinity at wholesale, JJ
This whiskey has achieved an enviable 7->
reputation as an absolutely pure slimu- j?
lant. It id totally free from fusel oil jj]
and all othor deleterious substances, and p
is well matured. It is recommended Oi
and prescribed by the beat physicians J'.]
in tho country, and is in uso in many d,
hospitals. It is Iput up in case? cori- N
taining ono dozen fuil quarts or two J'
dozen fall pinta, ppeciolly for tho drug ^
trade. It is for sale at rotail at $1.50 per to
full quart. j?j
Grout Trluiupli. ^
Instant relief oxperionced and a per- w
raauentcure by tho moat speedy and al'
greatest remedy in the world?Otto's w
Cure for throat and lung disoases. Why <kS
will you contiuuo to irritate your throat C<
ana lunus wim mat turriuiu nauuuig ;;
cough, when Logan Drug Co., sole agent, $
will furnish you a freo sample bottlo of iii
this great guaranteed remedy? Its os
success is pimply wonderful, as your w
druggist will tell you. Otto's Cu'ro is gl,
now sold in every town and village on si;
this continent. "Samples froo. Larpe ln
bottles 50c. 3 J"
1 ?t
llxciirtlun to Cliluacu viu Ohio Illver ltailrood.
On and aftor this date, until October ~J
31, the Ohio River railroad will sell J',
tickets to Chicago and return, on ac- c,
count of tho World's Columbian Expo- '<>
siiion, at greatly reduced rates. Ticket3
will be good for continuous passage in ^
either direction with final limit for ro- qi
turn passage November 5, 1893. For ?e
rates of faro, tiinoof train and other in- ttr
formation/ inquire of ticket agonta,
Ohio Jtiver railroad, or writo NV. J.
Kobinson, general passenger agent, 8ii
l'arkersburg, \V. Va. lo
Tulco tho Haltimoro & Ohio to Chicago.
Excursion tickets now on salo via c<
tho lialtimoro <k Ohio at reduced round l,|
trip rates, irood returning until Noveui" ?'
her 5, 18IJ3. Trains leave Wheeling, la
eastorn time, at 0:50 a. in. and 1:25 p.
m. dailv, and at 3:50 p. in., exeqit Sun- ?J
dap. Kor sleoping car accommodations
and other information enquire of Balti- lo
more & Ohio agents. N
The shortest names mentioned in tho m
Bible are Ai, Ar, Ed, Og, No, On, So, Ur jf
and Uz. ?-j
llucUleu'4 Arnica tvUvn.
Tho best salvo in tho world for cuts,
bruises, oores, ulcers, salt rhoutn, fever
6oree, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns and all skin eruptions, and positively
euros piles, or no pay required, vi
It is guaranteed to givo perfect catisfac- {J
tiou or money refunded. Trice 25 ceuta of
a box. For sale bv Locan Drug Co. hi
Your Family *
should be 11
provided with the sa
well-known emergency n
The best remedy for ull
diseases of the
Throat and Lungs.
Prompt to act,
Sure to Cure
ho Features of tho Mo007 aufl Stork
New York, Oct 11.?Money on call easy at 2a
' j per cent: last loan 1 por cent; closed offered
1 2 per cent. Prltno mercantile pat?er "aO per
int. Sterling exchange steadier atf4 Sl^al 06.
ilea of stocks wore 148,000.
The fact that to>day waa to a certain extent
yarded as the begiunlng of the end of the con Nt
at Washington between tho silver aud nntiIvor
force* in tho ftouute, hud more thiin a
ttlo to do with the course of the speculation on
ic stock exchange. In curtain cliques the eonnuous
session experiment was regarded as of
oubtfnl ufBuacy. and this feeling waa reflected
1.1 Rolling movement, which brought cousld<*rble
lonj stock, and the bears were quite ready
> take iidvantage of tliy situation and make a
rlvu all along the line. London was in the
larket. too. us 11 ftcllur. but not to any very
irge extent. A uotable exception to the KenMi
depression was tho trading in whisky,
nich was decidedly buoyant and led in the
ansactlons. The starting up of all the trust
istlllerlcs, and the pros|?yctlw advauce In the
>lrit tax.hel)>ed the bull movement in the
oek. which rose from iaat night's flnnl
Ktires, to 33,^. with a reaction of % per cent,
laklug the advance for the day 3;?por ceut
he general market showed verv little cnango at
te opening, but 11 rush of selling orders *cut
rlcus d own Jim;* per cent. Missouri I'acilie
ndltig, being unfavorably affected by reports
f decreased earnings. The closing prices were
crimps in a majority of instances below those
iirrent at tho close yesterday, but many oi tho
:tivo atork.s showed uii advance on the day of
small fraction.
Kailrond bonds were somewhat irregular, but
u.s iu tho main firmer than the share speculaon.
Government and state bonds dull.
. S. Is reg Ill Nadiville&Clmtt.. fi8
. ,s. is coupou ill Now Jersey Ceut....110
. S. 4%rcg 08 Norfolk tfc West p*d 21
aclllo lis oT 'Uj 102 Northern Pacltic.... Wj
tchisou 19 do preferred 20
datns Kxnre.tf 140 Northwestern... 102%
merican ExprcjK.UO do preferred 1JW
altlmore ?fc uhio .. cs New York CcutraL.101%
unada Peclllc... 74 oregou Improve't. 1
miadu Southern... 47j4'Orcgon Nav
I.ntml Pn*lll<> . 10 Ipnelflf- Mull lttf,
hcsupeako d- Ohio lt'? Pittsburgh. 14ft
blcnxo <fc Alton. ...13.* Pullman Palace. ..?107
hi, Uur.tfcQuincy. SOJ j Heading 17
bicaffoGas tiO.% Klchmoud Term.... -JS
, c. Jc St. L jjjya ?1<> preferred. 1
ol. Coal <L Iron S Rock Island ....
liUou Oil Cfrtlfle. 35K St. I'jiul MJ4
el. ?fc Hud l'Jl do preferred- lift
el., Lack. ii West.!61)? St Paul ?fcOmaha- Kl??
en. Jt K. (i. pref'd 30 do preferred. lo7
rle 19% Sugar Kefinerv *> >)?
do preferred 26 Tenu. Coal ?fc Irou. 14J4
??rt Wayne lift Texas Pacific o
linoU Central 'J.l Tol. & O. Ceu pnif. Cft
aus&tufeTcx. pref. 1% Union Pacific 17}^
ake Kric ?fc West... 1ft U. S. Express 60
do preferred iif> W.. Si L. ?t 1' li-J
nkc Shore 122& do preferred V>yt
cad Trust *Ji? Wells Fareo Ex !" ()
ouisvlllo <k Nash., 4i% Woderu I nion 815$
emphis <fc Clias.... lit WheolluitA L. 15.... r2>|,
Icbtg-.ia Ccturnl... W4 do prclerrod 43
l>souri Pacific. -'2K|
ItrcudHtufTft and Provisions.
Chicago. Oct. 11.?a trip hammer Wow was
ven tho grain markets lute in the session toiy,domoughlng
any bullishness resulting from
10 government report. Tho upsetting force
ime when Jlrd<l/irer''s reported an increase in
le visible supply for both coasts at 3,478,000
labels and tho world's visible increase 3.074,000
ishela. Tho receipts of wheat in the northcist
were quite largo, the export clearances were
mil. Cable advices are generally lower, and
lere wus more or less realizing, uli this tended
1 develop a heuvimc dragging feeling.
Corn opened strong aud blither on the goyornout
report, later reacted and closed with u l/4a
C low.
Oats heavy and lower.
Provisions, more business doing, but ut slightreduced
Flour weaker.
Wheat--Cash No. 2 snrini; ft3!4u63%c: No. 3
trluir Mo; No. 2 red C3f%c:~Octoberii3&aCl'4a
ty:; December 6G%aC7&a6tf)jo; May 73;?a74j'?a
? hC.
Corn?Cash No. 2, 38%o: October 3s&u39j:]n
" >c; November39>iiH0;i?3U)^c: December JS^a
}4a89c; May 42^?a I3%u L",<;o.
oats?-c.'iwh No. 2. 27^; October 27^a27.%'a
lie; November 27%u28a2%c; December 2b^a
wjs' 'c; mny 31^tl%uai%?.
liYK?No. 2, 41c.
FLAXSEED?51 or>.
timothy hkkd?(3 35.
mkjv pork?Cosh 517 50ol8 00; October S1G00;
tuunry 314 23al4 55al4 32!
lard?Cash and October $9 G5a9 70; November
luatf 20al> 10; January sh40u.s l7^n84U.
Short Ribs?Cash s9 4'ja9 50; October 88 40a
>>ii8 W; January 57 42>?a7 67^a7 47&
Others unchuuxed.
new york, Oct ll.?Flour, receipts 30,000 barIs;
export* 21,0(10 barrel*; sales 11.000 barrels;
arket weaker. Wheat, receipts 289.000 bushs;
exports81,000 bushola; sales 1,585,000 bush;
h ot futures uud 291.00J bushels of spot: marit
(airly active: ungraded red fi7aiMj^c: options
enk and lower; No. 2 red Muy 79nt>0a7,Jc: Oeber
(>9!ic; November 70^c; December 71>^?
%a71%o. Corn, receipt* 1C4.000 bushels; ex>ris
.>1,000 bil.dieU: sides 1,230,000 bushel* of
litres uud 112,00.1 bushels of spot; market
iwer; October 4<>%C\ November 47ul8a47c;
ecumbcr 47,' Jii4^u7J^c; Mny 49Ka50^a49&c.
iiW, receipts 2il.000 bushels; exports 200
iishels; Miles GIS.OOO bushels of futures and
l.MfO bushels of spot; market barely steady;
stobcr ?8Kc; November iia%o; December :;ie;
i) 2 Chicago !H%c; mixed western 35a35Kc.
Ides steady. Cut meats firm. Lard more uevo:
western steam and October 810 20; Novetn!rft?Ci)
1'orkdull; extra mess 519.'50. llutr
steady: Mute dulry ^la'.^o; do creamery 2l?a
c; western dulry 18a22o; do creamery WaWc.
tieeso quiet; state, large Ilal4-Mc. krrs firm;
istorn 2Je; state and I'enusylvaulu 23a24o
illowllrm: city,r%c. Itoxin quiet. Turpentine
eaker. Klce Urm. Molasses dull. Coffee
eudy at .r>al0 points down. Sugar llriu.
philadelphia, pa., Oct. 11.?Flour dull.'
heat firmer; No. 2 red spot 68aGS%o; October
V^e; December 70Ka7u,'ic; January 71J^a7H*c.
mi steady; No. 2 mixed spot October aud No mber
47J^a48c: DccetnlK'r and January 17a
i?o. Oats steady; r??.?t 88c; October 3t%a37o;
ltuttcc dull: western creamery
Ltra'Jic: PouusyivanUprints27c. Egg* steady;
cstcrn 22a
Cincinnati, 0., Oct. 11.?Floor easier. Wheat
u-uUy; No.2 red tilatftc; receipts :t.0U0 bushels:
itpmonts l.uoo bushels. Corn easier: No. 2
lxrd l.'Sc. Oats active and lower; No. 2
Ixed 30c. Ryo steady at fWu. Fork linn at
5 70. I.urd quiet at 25. Hulk meats quiet
80 50. liacun firm ut 811 75. Whisky limeve
ot 8112. Hutu r easier and llrui. Eggs
i'ak at 17e. Cheese Steady.
Baltimore, Mn., Oct. 11.?Flour quiet. Wheat
iiy; October |G"l/,c; December 70a70Kc; May
Ua77kc. Corn tlrm: cash 47^c: October -If."'nn
J;c. Oats stondv; No. 2 mixed 3lu34}?c. liny
in; fair to choice 814 50alG 00 Kye quiet atKtc.
>lleo quiet: Wo lh)a-. lluttcr steady; ereumery
,ncr30a31c. Kggs21o.
Toledo, 0.. Oct 11.?Wheat weak and lower:
;i '2 cash tiftfe; December CGJ^c: Miiy
>rn dull and easier: No. 2 cash 4IHc. OaU
dot: cash Kye dull - cash ASVa. Clovered
dull and easier; prime cash So 15; Jauuy
Llv?? Stock.
Chicago, Oct 11.?Cattle, receipts 10,00) head;
ilptnlnts 4,fnW head; nmrkot slow mid 10h15c
wor. prime steers 85 50oT? 75: medium $5 (Ma
10; others SISJu'i 25: Texaus $2 60a2 80; westus
05a> 10. Hog*. receipts 2I.0Q0 head; shipentaS.OOu
head: market steady: rough and
unrnon &'? ooaG 10; mixed SO 25a6 45; prime
savy SOSOat* 7A; prime llirht 86 50at*?70. Snoep.
oeipts lo.O'JO bond: shipments2,000 head: mar t
low: unlives tf2 26al50; westerns $J lOa3 ?>;
mbs $2&Su4 "5.
Kast Liberty, Pa., Oct 11.?Cattle, receipts
id shipment* 70 head: market weak: prime
00a 5 20; f-sir to rood 8110ol 75; common 82 2&u
!5: fut town, heifers and bulls 81 25a3 00: bounii
cowh 8500 to 8i2 0i); Irish cows 820 00 to
5 00. Hogs, receipts '."UO head; shipments 750
?wl: tnnrket only fair; all grades 8<"i70ii7(w.
ieep, rtvHpts l.iOohend; shipment* 400 head;
arket demoralized; prime & 40u3 05; fair to
tod 50n3 25; common 50cn$2 00; lambs 82 50u
Vi. Voal calvca $l50a5 75; heavy uud thin
00a5 00.
Cincinnati, O.. Oct. it?Hogs slow at 85 50a
75; rcCClpts 3,700 head; shipments 1,510 head.
l)ry CJoods.
New York. Oct 11.?The week opens on a
illfiud unluteresslny dry good* market Adces
from the interior indicate that light stocks
goodsaro helm: carried, but al*o indicate that
i^re is no deposition to carry dull stocks with
lairs at Washington as tbeviiowure. (ilnguus
and woven fabrics rule steady with a fair
jmand. Frluts rulo steady.
On. City, Fa.. Oct. 11.?Opened and lowest
'4e: highest 71c: closed at 70^c; Mils m.OUO
irrels: clearances 7h,n00 barrels; shipments
_'o;; hirrela: ruiu 01..36 turrets.
New York. Oct It?Petroleum steady; uo
les: November option closed ut C0j^i70e.
Fimni'aou. Pa.. Oct. It?Opcued and lowest
>}-ec; closed TOjJJc: highest 71c.
BorroN, Oct 11.?Wool duller; prices ud aujjo
New York. Oct. 11.?Wool steady.
S'ew York, Ort It?Pig Iron dull: American
l ::?ur. 0o. Copper quiet: lake 80 75, Lead
;ak atU 50. Tin quiet; straits Si) 55.
Cincinnati. O., Oct 11.?Cotton dull; midlug
Indigestion, and Stomarb dN.rdor*. toko
AU deaJera k' vti It, Si per battle, (icatilttc hat
trade mark uud croa&cd red lines ou wrapper.
"About ten years apo I cud- iwmfwi
tracted a severe ca*o of blood j>olLeading
physicians prescribed medicino
after medicine, which I took without any relief.
I also tried mercurial ami potash remedies,
with unimcccssf ul results, but which brought
on an attack of mercurial rbcumatiam that
four years I pavo up all remedies ami Ix-gan
using B. S. 8. After taking wvrral bottles I
was entirely cured and ablo to rcaumo work.
frffiTITiTflmedicine f--r blood
jKjisoalus to-day oa the marku:."
Treatlso on Blood and Skin Diseases wailed
free. Swire brixtnu Co., Atlanta, Ua.
livery improvement of pnetlcal worth has
ben embodied In their construction.
The most elegant and attractive Kaage ever
Call uQ(i examine them.
1312 Markot Stroot.
The Only Pure Mattress
in the World.
Call and See Thorn at
11-16 Mnin Street.
Tin Roofing!
Special attention clven to all kinds of SHEET
IKON and TIN WORK on building* Also
Call and sot prices before contracting, as I am
prepared to give bargains in that lino of work.
one dozen Aristc Photographs
ONLY 33 oo 2
jyj^YLl&S' AIIT bTUDlO.
Teeth positively oxtrr.cted without Ala by
local application No after ofTocti. W
?n17 42 Twelfth Street. Wheeling. \V. Vn.
The Cleveland, Lorain S Whaeling R.R.
ilMH UAttlJ.
Via. Elyria and the Lako Shoro ttouto.
July 2, lsa:.
STATIONS. :ili j 38
Eastern Time. a. m. ? m.|p. m. (
Lv. Wheeling ~ ?4? 1 **?
Martin's Kerry ? ? 5 j 0.'
Belial re ? ?2 1 <*
Bridgeport C 10 J lu
8t ClairsvUlo 2 00
Flushing I )' 3"
l'roeport .. .. * *? 3 :i7
IJIirlcliRviUc - 40 8 4 10
Now l'nlladelphfa t? 0i 8 31 -1 o'i
Canal Dover fi 07 8 Its 4 :s
Beach City. ?' ?) 9 m 5 01
J ileitis .. C 37 9 0!? 5 0> 1
Mas^illon ?' .r?*? 9 -7 5 Ml
Can ill Fulton ; " M 0 41 5 i'?
Warwick .. -. 7 20 9 'il 5 M
Sterling - 7 42 '0 15 1 17 1
Seville ? 7 17 10 21 ?, u
Medina 8 05 10 41 c is 1
(Jraftou 8 32 11 o.*> 7 12 1
liiyrla ~ 9 05 11 30 7 43
p. >11.
I.oraln 7 40 1 30 5 10
Ar. Cleveland . >0 10 12 15 $ :!5
p. in. -a m.
Buffalo * 45 0 20j 3 05
u. in. P m.
A!b&nr~~~ 3 05 3 0*. 2 10
Now York 7 ;*) 7 :n 7 in
Boston ~ 10 50 10 50, $ :to '
Norwalk - I 8 57 j
p. m |
Sandusky.. 12 27 12 27
Toledo .. I 45 1 45 10 55
it ni.
Detroit fi 30 r. s (/)
Chicago 9 001 '* 00 7 a8*
Trains No. 37 and 38 have Sleeper between
Wheeling and Chicago.
J. fc TKKltV. GeU. Freight A Pass. Agent. |
?r Pennsylvania Statlonr.
ennsylvania Lines.1
Trains Run by Central Timo.
Ticket Omen at Pkkwitt.tania Station qs
Water St., Foot or ELrtT* St., Wheeling,
PomiwrHT HTHTVM?" Pav J! Kf.iir. HOUTE"
Daily. tD.v?.Y nxczrr SoMD.tr.
WolUbnrjrandStoubonTllla. ir.::;iatn :25 pm ,
McDouald and Pittsburgh.*. {0:30 uui p.Mpn
New Cumberland 0:40nm 7 am
Indlanapoll?and8L Louis.... "H:40atn 05:25 put
Columbus and Cluelunatl.... "srW aui -3 pin
Wellsborg audStoubouvlllo. ?8:40*m pin
Philadelphia and New York. 12: 0 pm ?2:.M pm .
SieubenvlUe and Pittsburgh l2::w pin ?2:30 pm
Coinmbm and Chicago C12:J0 pm *2: -0 pia
Philadelphia and New York ?2:Mpm *10:?S am
Baltimore and Wa?hlngtou. '2:5'. pin m?: t? ? m
Bleu bonvillo andPittsburgh *2:5j pm *l0:Jiaiu
SieubcuviUoand Dennlsou- ?2:5*?pin lo.aiam
WelUburg - ?:* P?> Y' ,,ul
Indianapolis and St. Louis.. tS:43pm h.:l iam .
Dayton and Cincinnati -tH:?pm tfi:l?ain ,
Bte'ul>cnvll|e and Columbus. 18:41 put fii:l?am
Northwo<t Svstem?Clcvo. Jk PJtts. Dlvl Ion.
Trains run daily, except auuduy. ai lollowi: ,
Pkom Bripoeport to Lkave akkiv*.
Ft. Wayne and Chlca?0...MM~. 4:iDaui C:t?pm ,
1 'anton and Toledo 4:49 am <>:! ? j?m
Alliance and Cleveland. 4:49 am C: 15 pm 1
Stotibenvllleand Pittsburgh^. 4:49 aui 8:l'?ptn 1
Stoubeuvllte and WelUvlUe... 8:13 am 2:0i pin
StonbenvilloHud Pittsburgh....10:1'J aru 10:.i)u?u ,
Ft Wayne ?k Chicago 1:00 pm 6:45 pm
Canton and Toledo 1 0 pm f.:45 pni 1
Alliance and Cleveland 1:00 pm 2:0?pm !
8tcubeuvlUe and Wollsvillo... 1:00 pm C:i5pm
PhlladeluhUand New York... 2:11 pm 6:0>?pm
Baltimore and Washington*.. 2:41 pm ft.OO pm i
8t?ubeuviliu and PlttaburKh... *2: it pm
Steubenvillo dtluut Liverpool w:ll pm 7:5J am
Arrival and dcpitrturoof trains on and-aflor
AliKUtft 7. lh'Al KXM.AMATIOV of lit.rr.BKNCM
mahkm: "Dully: fSuuiiuv exempted; fMi^udujr
excepted; ^Saturday oxcontcd :>un?luy ofely;
^Saturday only. Eastern Standard Tirna
dkl'aut. |r.to7ltir=.ma-!7ltu7tauwve.
anil Wash. C v link . PhIL & S Y 7:40an?
8:90 pm Wiuli. C y Halt.. Phil. A S \\* 2:10pm
f7:00amI .Cumh.Tlnnd \oc?m ; ? \'M
i.tw piui ...Ural ton Acconi i?,lo:30oic v\xl
111: 10mi MoumUvillo Accom 1 18:i'?am \V
K?:10pm|.. Monudn-ille tccon; I tl :10 pm VV
ll:l.'t pm] Mound* vi lie Aeeom i 17 i'lpia v
19:-15 ami.... Koysor Express ....I pm \
ditakt. lit. AO K.R.?C.O. I>iv.~\VtMl| akiilvic.
Mi:60nm For ColuiubiK and CldcAiul c3:5?am
*10:30 am Coluuibii.i ami Cincinnati... *5:10pra
liMAutn Columbus and Clnclnnuti. ?.'?:0)am
*1:28 pm Chicago Express I Jt:J0pm
18:50 pm Clrraijo Kxprctn |12:Mpm
11:26pmI Columbus Acconi ili:0T?pm
110: 0 ami St. Clairsvillo Accom !ti2:05am
pm i St. Clal rsvllle Accotn j 14:0 pm
"br.PAirr. B.Co. U n ? \v.7p. A iT i)ir7j~AttKtvi.
l?:05nm For Pittsburgh^. .|*i0:'.'5at&
'7:-.,Ofti!i Pittsburgh 1 <-C :50pm
^v.VOpni l'itiM>iin:h and lias: !*l^:ltvam
tl :"-Opm Pittsburgh itl-H>pm
10:00pin' Washington hi. Accom...! t7:V)a:u
(6:0(1 pm| Pittsi.nrK'li Ex pros |[l'>:V?uni
DEPART. | P. a *flT. h Rr" "1 ARB(VI.
17::U) nm Pittsburgh |l'i: Wpm '
7:4i?an> .Now Ctunherlflud . ... i s.;;?um
*0:40 nm stcubonviiln and West... ?fi:25pm
"1:30 pm ...Pittsburgh and Sow York...' :!:?) pm
3:65pm ...Pittsburgh and Nu\r York.... ll::?"?am
5:30 pm| Wollnburg i 0:55 pm
^:i0 ADl'l'niKM. fin. Hiid.^! I-rttilo I ? !"???
19:45}>m i:<i>rcii, Cin. atid PL Lonh...
?1:o pm:Kxi?rvs?. Stent* and Chicago. ':t::u)pm
*3:55 j>m,....rlttsbur?ti A l>ennltiQU..., 1^1:35 ant
:rj nm Ft. Wnvnoairl I'hirnso..... 17:1"?pm
arc .... '"anion and Toledo t"*!" i?*a
15:49 ii*ii . ..Alliuiico andCleveland i ": 15 i?ia
1-: nm Stunhenville and I'ltpdnirgh p:15 pm.
11':i:? nm .-teubenvlllo mill Wolljvlllc 1:i:i>5pm
.11:1 - nm Sieubt'iirlllo ard I'itHmrgh 1ll::?0am
'f-'rOO pm .... Ft. Way no ami Chicago 17 .45 pm
v.'iOO jiirii Canton and Toledo : i"> pm
pm ...Mliuucc and Cleveland 3;o:. pm
!J:W pro Istciibonvlllo and WelKvIlli* 7:45 pm
">:41 pm Philadelphia an>l New York t>:00 pm
:i:ll pm Lttaitliuoreaud Washington tl :00 pm
t:ii pmpteubenville ami Pittsburgh ti:00pm
f7:ll pmjSteubcnvilleiVKasiUvornooJt S:63am
kkpajit. w"t l. r it'i:. , a iuuvk.
t5:0<) am . Wheeling ifcStoubenvillc.j f7M0 nm
1:4-"? am -Cleveland. Toledo & West ..?:?) pm
10:?.i nm -Whirling Stoubenvlllo..i ?5:80 pin
fl:30 pm Wheeling At SUmbeuvilleJ l?a
*"3:15 pm Wheeling <. Civs tori I ~ pm
I4::w pm .Wheeling Jc Steuben vllle . tr.':Y7 am
18:00 nm ... Wheeling it Masslllon... |lO:10 pm
9:45 am ..Wheeling ?fc 81cubunvillc . :_m am
9:(H) pm ...Whoeling St stoubeiivI) 1 c.. tt:i">pm
"pepaut | c. l it"w.?union Depot, aiiuivc
(1:40 nmiCloveland. Toledo & Chicago 8:45pm
*2:40 pmjClevcluiid. Toledo Chicago ?2:50 pm
7:10 amjClevolar.il. Tob'do & ' hieago 8:15 pm
3:10pm|Clcveland, Toledo ?fc Chicago ?"2:'20pm
4 I'jpui|..Mas>lllon aeeotimiodminu.. 11:10 am
7:l.r> tiiul SL Clairsvlllo uecom 9:U0am
10:04 uml SL Clairsvlllo accom 1:31pm
2:-'l pm St. Clairsvlllo aeeom 1:00pm
C:lSpm SL Clairsvllle accom. 8:02 pm
1: *8 pint . Ixir.il Frei'-'ht l'J:l"?pm
DKPAUT. I OHIO U1VKK K. It akkivk.
'0 l?nm l'nvoiiger...i <"10;4?ani
fl2:'25 pm IWengor 11:15 pm
>? :('4l pm| I'asj-engfr.. *7:45 pm
U:IO nta?ttcllalro mxl Zanoxvillo.... ;<:-.'Opni 4:00
t"?r WomlsSU'M ... . 8:30ftni
Kcrscr Expreu, 9:43 ft. m.. dally, oxeopfc
Cumberland accommodation, 7:00 a. m.. dally
except Sunday.
Crafton accommodation, 3:03 p. in.. dally.
Monttdiville accommodation. 11:40 u. ul,
and 6:10 and 11:15 p. in., except Sunday.
From New York. Philadelphia and lUltimoro.
7:40a. ni. and 2:10 p m.. dally.
Key-er Express, 5:'J0 p. la, daJJy, except
Cumberland accommodation, 4:5) p. iu . ox*
cent Sunday.
<Jrftftona. commodatlo'i 10:30 a. m.. dftily.
Momid?vlllo accommodation. &:l"> a. in., okcept
Sunday: 10: :0 a. ni.. dally, and 1:10, 4:3i
and7:^0 p. in., except Suuday.
For Columbus una 'CUIcazo. o:.?oand i:ii n.
in.. daily. and :i:V?p. m . daily, oxcepl Sunday.
Ciucintiatiexprejj, 10:30 a. id., dully.and12:13
u. in., daily. Columbia
accommodation, 1:2-** p. in., daily,
oscopt Sunday.
St. Cluinviilo accomtnodatlou, 10: Wa. ia. uuJ
4:20 p. ru., oxcvpt Sunday.
Chicago express, : v? n. m. and 1:23 p. m.,
dally, uud 1J:0"? p. in., oxoopt Suuday. .
Cincinnati exprww. 5:00 a. ia. uud 0:10 p in.,
ColumburUccomuiodatlon. 12:05 p. m., daily,
except Similar.
St. Clalnvillo accommodation. 12:03 p. a. add
4:'J0p. m.. dally, except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh. "?:0> and 7:_\) a. in., daily; 1:11
p. in., dully, uxcopt Sunday, and 6:JJ p. in.,
Sunday only.
tor riusTiunju nuu mu iu. ?uu
&:20 i?. in.. <lailv. and ?*,:?() p. m.. Sunday only.
WiudiliiKton accommodation. C:0J p. in., dady,
except Sunday.
FroraPlttubnrgh. 10:-*? n. in. nndfi:V) p. m. and
12:10 ? m.. dull v. and 12:15 p. ni.exceptSuuday,
lit id 10.M a. m.. Snrifiuv only.
Washington accommodation, 7:.?Jn. ra., dally,
oxccpt Sunday. __
On and after Monday. Juno ID, Passenger
Train* will run ns follows: *J/ally. fDally Kxcept
Sunday. Central tl mo. ?
8O0TII BOUND. 7 5 13 1
1'. SI A. M. A. X.
Wheeling. ixilfll 45
Benwoof.- -I- "
Motitidsvillr 3 11 C18
Now M.irtin?vllle ? * 1- - ? *{
SIstorHVlUo 11 J 1! '
Friendly -f ? > l^X
H. Mary*.. i1 1 ,t H
Wllllnm-iouu a. si ? /> 2 28 u 10
i'urkeriburg tj * ? SW 9 50
Belleville- 6 .i? v. m 9 40 10 25
Rnvrnswood 'V -j JJ OJ
Klplev LaudliiK 7 .. j 4> 1
Graham.... 7 ;'J J1. JJ *}
Now I In von. * ?j l" JJ
Hartford ? ?? J';'?
Mown CUy J ^" <?
L'llftou V 5 ;' J-J?
I'L 1'liMHQUt S-'' ''I? J- '*
ualllpoll* ' ? >: 5:; *??
Snyuudote JO- \ '
lluntlugtou 110 l t. 4< -lo
. j A. M. K M f. MN0KT1I
UOUND. 1-14 0
Wheeling...... P2M1;-. Vr.
Bon wood " 5') 5 9 .SO
Mound?vlllo II 1' ? '
Sew Murtlnuvlilo. 10 A') . 07 8 03
<|?fcwv/lle ? 10 2.') 14-1 7 40
Friendly 1(| \' J ,J) J
?t Marys .. 1 I oo 6 .<0
Wlllloiuntown Vio 9 in p.*
I'arkoraburg. S i?, - i < o t > tj} 0?
Belleville h o-I j wi a. m. 7 ?
Kavonswood- 7 -i, 120 Jj ?
Itlpley landing 7 <? 12 >1 Ji w
(iroliiim ' - JNew
Haven ' '' J- J1?
Hartford ' -''j ]- If ^
Million City > "! -<' J? ;J?
ell/ton ? i? > -'r!
I'U PIcn?iuit \
Gtlllpolla..'.? 5 J10 11 1" 4.17
Uuyundoite > 10 u'ij 3 ly
Uuntlngiou t?J?J
A.M. I A.M. I H.
W J K01IIN80N, O. P. A.
Wheeling Bridoe & Terminal Ry.
Time Tablo No. 12. t<> tnko offeot 12t0l a. in.,
Sunday. Septcmbor 3. liftia
Leavo Wheeling?tOUO. t8: X). ^ oj. t?: l"?. 211:11
j in., "2:10. j:l.'?. t?: W. U?:U0 li. m.
U?avo IVnliMnla-lti t?:0G. ? > oC. 19:51, Jll: 14
nil.. M:21. M I'- lu.
.\rrlve Terminal Junction?ts:17. jS:l7,
M0;0'J, {11:5)0. in.. *2^8. "S:82 11:48. | >:I8 p. &l
Leave Terminal Junction? ;7:?!.'. J9:00, :l hi.,
pl2;-W.*2:80 23:59.1-1:05 15iH.;WiU5, |9:54p. m.
I.enre Martin's Ferry?17:28, ?'J:07, a.ru., #i2:4j,
2:rs. iS:0S, tl'-lO. ti'.'O I8:3t j?. m.
Lt-avi" I'euiuHula?17:31. i'J:l I. a. in., *12:51, 2:40,
fi ll. tl:17. fS'-SS, <lU:o', p. m.
Arri.-: Wbeo'lng?f7:i0, u. in.. 612:5i,
>231:17. t?:V*?. f.j:::l, ?I0:I1 p. in.
?Daliy. fDally except Sunday. JSundayi only.
All trains will run on Kastorn Tlina
J. 11 TAUriSIG. 8ui<criutondcnC.
Wheellnn & Elm Grave Railroad.
On and alter Haturday. o. tober 1,1SJ-V Iralui
will run as follows, city tlino:
Leavk \ViiKU.iNfi??6:WJ u. in.. 7:00 a. m..Sr)J
s. in.,?:OOu. ra , 10:00 :u m.. 11:00 a. in.. 12-03 in .
1:00 p. m . _*:ui p. in.. :i:oj p in.. *.:03 p. in.. ?:il
[? in.. 0:COpi in., 7:OJ p. m.,b:JJ (t. m., 0:3) p.
in.. i; :t*) i?. in.
Lkavk Elm Onovn?1'0:00 a. m.. 7:00 a. m.. 8:0)
i m.. 'J Win. in . 10:00 il in.. 11 'JO a. ul. 12:03 in .
1:00 p. m.. 2:00 p. in.. :i:00 p ;n 1:00 p. m.. >: ))
[v in.. 0:00 p. m., 7&) p. m., S:0) p. ni^ y.lup
2i.. 10 lo p. m.
"Daily, except Sundar.
Sunday?Church trains leave Elm Grova at
t'.ili a. in. and Whooltag at I. r f 7 p. m.
li l wi:Hokitnbu,
od Ueneral Manazje.

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