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The Intelligencer,
1 llILl-till.D DAILY. KXI'KIT bl.NDAV,
at Tllfv
25 and 27 FoiiirrCKNTir Stu::i.t.
IMtl-LlOL.Ui.U rUlill.Mll.Mi tU., t'ropr's.
tej: ykaii, by hail, i-ostaoj: rnerAia
Daily, nix days in the week .,4'-8 oo
Daily, threo Uuys tu the week. 4 oo
Daily, two days in the weok - 7^
Daily, one month 05
Weekly, ouo yonr. in advitucc 1 00
WEEKLY, nix months <it>
The Daily Intkllkjksci:!: i< delivered by
curriers in Wheeling and adjacent towns at li
ctiit-s j?er week.
Persons wishing to subscribn to the Daily InTtLLiocNcKitean
do .so by bonding in their orders
to tbo iNTKLLIUKNCKi: oflii-o on poslni card
or. otherwise. They will bo punctually served
by carriers.
Tributes of Respect mid Obituary Notices, W
ccuis per inch.
Correspondence containing important news
will cited iroiu every part o( tbo surrounding
Rejected coin inculcation* will not be returned
unless nccoinpaiiied by miKlclout postage.
ITIlO lNTELLlUKNCKU, embracing its SOVUKll
editions, is entered in the Postoiifec, at WheelJ....
VV \'u ?U Illlltlor.I
Vdlforta? Kooiiis, . Ml. (.'oiuitin? Monro.. ..410.
iviiKKLixa, ocryitKit so, imds.
Mrliinlcy uml Protection.
Tho roccption given in Bullnire to
Governor McKinley was a deserved tribute
to the chief magistrate of the
slate, whose administration has been
on the highest plan and for ihe best interests
of (1)0 |)00J?l0.
It was a testimonial to tho man, whom
the people of Ohio, in common with all
Americans, honor for his sterling manhood
qualities. It was an earnest and
enthusiastic groeting to the recognized
loader of the champions of protection
to American industry.
Tho moil who listened to ins canu
atatementof facta not to bo controverted,
who followed hia unanswerable argument,
realized that they were in the
presence ui a master of tho subject, and
a friend who had battled for their homes
and will not give up tho contest while
there is life in him.
There was not a soul in that great
audience that was not impressed with
the dead earnestness of the man, 110 less
than with the great force of the valiant
champion oi protection. Thoro was not
ore who did not appreciate keenly tho
change that has come over the Ohio valley
since tiio country turned from tho
policy which MclCinloy advocates to tho
destructive policy advocated by the
Democratic party and in Ohio repreflft^scnted
by Lawrenco T. Nenl.
It was an impressive occasion that
HJF will bo memorable in tho Ohio valley.
Tiie last remnant of "senatorial
courtesy" would look woll in tho next
international oxhibit. it should bo
stuffed and put in a glass case so tho
moth won't roach it.
Interim! Taxes on Tobacco.
Tho Democratic proposition to increase
tlio internal rcvenuo tax on
tabacco is bringing out rosponsos. It
IS ii'iiu tUilb llicil i.mmu iowiuuu bumiiuw,
so that it is not a necosaary of life as
bread is. Noithor do tea aud coffee
stand with bread, yet they arc classed
among the necossarioa.
The man with whom tiio use of tobacco
is r. habit of long etanding would
much sooner givo up his tea or coffee
than hava his precious weed taken from
him. To the laboring man in particular
tobacco is a comfort not to bo replaced
by anything olso. To incroaso internal
taxes on tobacco h a short cut to the
workingman's pocket, lie must pay or
lie must do without.
The proposed increase of. tho tobacco
tax would make little ditlerenco to tho
cons uppers of high grade tobacco' and
aogarp. By cheapening the quality a
little and cutting into wages segars now
sold at fivo cents aud upwards would bo
sold at the same prices.
It is in the lower gradoj of sosars, tho
"two-fora" aud the stogies that sell at
rotaii seven for a dime, that tho increased
tax would show itself most.
Further reduction of wages (or making
those sugars is hardly practicable, certainly
it is far from desirable. A poorer
article of "two-fors" might bo sold at tho
same price, but stogies would certainly
go up.
These and tho lower grades of smoking
and chewing tobaccos are what the
poor man buys. Ho must pay inoro
that tho products of foreign labor, perhaps
those products that compote with
his own industry, may como through
the custom houses at lower duty. This
is part of tho Democratic schome of
"tarill reform."
A commekcc destroyer is a great ship
that falls in with tho enemy's trading
cralt and wipes thorn out An industry
dnstroyeris a man who votos tho Democratic
A IHg Lund Swindle.
Tho New York World has turned up
what has all the appcnranco of a swindle
based on West Virginia land. Tho land
is whore it is renrosontcd to bo, in McDowell
county, and it is valuable. Tho
point of the rcvolation is that tho land
is not ownod by a certain Standard Coal
and Timber Company which lays claim
to it.
A irreat deal of money has been realized
by tho sale of this company's bonds,
and if tho company does not own the
land, the bonds reprosont, of course, so
much money lost to tho investors. Tho
World articlo alleges forgery in tho recent
conveyances and basos tho titlo of
tho Standard Company on that fbrgory.
Nobody is moro interested than "West
Virginians nro to bring to light any
crookedness in which West Virginia
land is Iliado to tigure. If eastorn
sharpers have fleeced investors it la to
bo hoped that thev are within reach of
prompt punishment; and if any West
Virginians liavo helped thorn all West j5'
Virginia will bo glad to see tiicra sufier ^
the samo fate.
The World montiona Mr. Ohley, lately j1;
secretary of state, as tlio company's ci
representative ia West Virginia. With- tr
out opportunity to inquire iuto tho u
facU tho Jnti:lligekceu supposei that n]
Mr. Ohley's connection with the com- t|
pany was purely formul as attoruoy in in
Tim Ohio man who isn't proud of the ni
governor oi that great state should bo y<
ashamod to keop company with himself.
A itlch Man's Son. p
Tho dnngor of having n weak head tj
and a rich father i9 again illustrated in F
tho son of ex-Senator Fair, who counts w
his wealth by tho millions. Tho heir "j1
to theso millions has led a life of riot, p(
llis latest oscapado is his marriage to a it
professional lowd woman notorious ^
in San Francisco. Wit her hie baa
started for Europe. Jv
The broken-hearted old father has ^
changed his will, leaving to his it
scapograco eon one hundred dollars
instoad of tho fortune of about $15,000,- 1
000 which would have gone to him. A qj
life of oftso without labor or rosponsi- a(
bility has ruined this son of a father u:
who began with nothing and made his w
own way.
Sons of poor men j*o wrong, but this j(,
young man has gono tho way of tho idle j,
rich to whom money is a moro means sr
of sensual gratification. The elder Fair 01
had a hotter start in his poverty than
his son had in his father's wealth.
When Ohio and West Virginia hitch 11
horses, something lias to move. O, what t|
a night in Bellairo. 0,
lie'* All High*. Ir
Yesterday the Re/jister advised its
readers "that Governor McKinlov is a c|
candidate for re-election in Ohio," and
incidentally remarked that "tho Ohio ni
l.. ii i.i: ? l hi
luuuvy iwipumictius iui>u wvzuu
to" to go over and join with tlio Jiollaire
broth ron.
Appealed to! Tlio Ohio county Re- B
publicans needed no appoal. They w
would liavo boon tearing mad if they a'
hadn't beon let in on tho ground door. j.
You can't hear a McKinley overy night.
Moreover there aro thousands of West 0
Virginia Republicans who feel that they
are charter inoiuber of the Groat American
McKinley club. <J;
To all of which may be added, Don't
you worry about McKinley and his reelection.
The Mississippi plan doesn't J.'('
work in Ohio. The re-election ia all tr
right. The only question of interest is h
to know whore the majority will stop. ||
It may be that a big Republican majority
m Ohio will not turn tho tarill sj.
butchers from tho error of their way,
but it will play an important part in y\
tho politics of tho near future. Give it c<
to 'ein anyhow, brothron of the Buck- li
i ovo State! ty
| ^ 01
It is probable, but not absolutely cer- t!
tain, that tho Democrats will save Vir- ?\
ginia this year. Tho Populists aro giv- Cl
ing them no end of trouble in tho Old u
dominion. ti
' ' * 1 ol
Sknatou Mono a.v cannot hope to bo e;
admitteil to tho head of the lino whon
tho President resumes business at the ..
mil <?nti n t.?r
I? _
All railway travelers hnvo, at ono j"
time or another, oxncriencod difficulty [c
in opening and closing windows in the
cars, and among the ungodly classes l*1
much profanity iias thereby been pro- Ul
vokod. Tho Pennsylvania Railroad
Company has adopted, in this eonnec- ^
tion, a system ot' weights and pulleys, 1
operated by a very simple device, and
through the medium of which the win- n;
dows may bo raised or lowered without \\
tho slightest trouble. j,
The queen regent of tho Nether- 0(
land* recently gave to her daughter,
the littlo Queen Wilhelminu, a number fr
ot wooden iigures, clad in uniforms
used in tho army of tho Netherlands.
The f uturo ruler, it is hoped by lior
mother, will be able to rucognizo the q
grades of tho real soldiers by studying .
the wooden figures.
John Snelling, who is a firm bolievor
in the efficacy of tho rabbit foot in pro- 1
moling luck, oxplains the success of tho
Vigilant upon tho theory that ho paid .
a negro bov to place right under tho
Vigilant'e jib-boom more than a week
ago, while sho was in dock, tho toot of a
rabbit which was slain in a graveyard
at 12 o'clock at night, dark of the moon. ai
"Thcro is a contost between Burling- !'
ton and Rutland, Vt., as to which town !|
shall be designated for tho consecration
of Bishop-elect Hull,,of Oxford, England,"
BHV3 tho Now York Vribtuw.
"Some papers have spoken of Dr. Hall
as a British subject. But lie became an 7
American citizen many years ago. C
The Now Orle.'uia Times-I)cmocra> says
that a young whale, six toon feet long 11
and weighing about 3,000 pounds, wan
found washed high and dry on tho reef .
half a miie west of the West Jetty light.
It \vns alive and attracted many visitors f|
from tho village.
Ninety-twocardinais have boon croa tod t,
since the advont of Loo XIII to the ^
pontifical throne, that numbor having cj
died during tho same time. Tho Col- Ir
logo of Cardinals number* sixty-three?
of whom twonty-nino are foreigners and
thirty-four are Italians.
Bishop I'ottor, of Now York, is said at
to be in active sympathy with the
Burial Reform Association of that city,
and it has been reported that he has
provided in his will that he shall be t?
buried in a wicker coflin. V
?? w
Richard A. Proctor, whose grave in
Greenwood cemetery, Brooklyn, now E
rests, thanks to George \V. Child?, bo- P
neath a fitting memorial stone. lies near n
a distinguished company ni such men of cm
good repute as Henry Ward Beechor, cl
John Brougham, foster Wallack, Wil- ci
1 in in J. Florence and Fitz Greene Hal- o
leek. ! '
A famous literary controversy was ^
settled at a spiritualistic seance in
Washington the othor evening. Francis
Bacon was summoned from the .
spirit world, and in answer to a question
promptly answered: "I did not b<
write Shaksneare. .So far as I know ?
William did it himself."
Tho.Society of Antiquity, of Worcester,
Mass., is taking steps to secure tho pre- a
servation of tho Gen. Iiufus Putnam
house, in Rutland, as a memorial ot that
distinguished revolutionary leader.
Carlylo'a homo in Choyno row, Chel- m
son, is in a fearfully dirty and neglected 'I
mdition, and it i9 proposed to buy it
v public nubacription and act it apart ,
i a place of commemoration.
Quoon Victoria's iifiy-livo pot doga
nve a dining rooin that ia handsomely .
irpoted and ornainoutod with the pornita
of their uucestora in oilj and t
ater colors. a
A celebrated Philadelphia dancing
laater, iJavid J* Carpenter, wlio died f
?e other day at tlie ago of eighty-Mix, .
itroducid tho polka into this country.
Lord Dunraven is the only living do- 1
:endant of King Ollioli Ohorn, the a
lonarch who ruled over Ireland 1,000 'J
jura ago. /
A Kin f\Tlit?DU7fCP a
VV IOC. A I"< i-J U 1 WUn il iou.
Lacking in tho First Principles?
urcivul?Father, I don't want to go to
?at college. It's a poor concern. His
athor?l'oor, my son? It's an old,
cnlthy anil famous institution that
umbers among its graduates some of
10 most noted 111011 iu the land. What
ossiblo objection can you have against
? Percival?I don't like its yell.?
hieaijo Tribune.
Jaysmith?"I ought not to havo bot
iat"$in, I might have known tliat 1
ould lose it. it's an unlucky number."
umso?"Nonsense! Tho man who won
bet$13, too, didn't ho?" Jaysmith?
No; ho gave odds, lie but $20."?
'arleia JAje.
A Paisley gentleman, hearing that two
; his fomalo relations had quarreled,
iked "Ha'o they ca'ed each ithor
illy?" "Nu, na." "Ah, weel then I
in inak' it up atweon them yet."?
Visitor?So your brother is taking
ssons on tho violin. Is ho making
rogress? Little Girl?Yos'm ; he's got
> now wo cau tell whether he's tuning
: playing.?Good News.
"Deeds, not words," is an injunction
io silver-tongued real estate agent
mstofton have considerable difliculty
i following.?liuffa'o Courier.
Tho timo spent iu brooding over
oubles, if properly employed, would
lablo you to turmount theiu.?Moueat
A floor-washing match would not ntact
much attontiou. It would be
assed as a ecriib-race.?Picayunc.
The soul witiiout imagination is what
j observatory would bo without a telo:opo.?11.
jr. fieeclier.
Dr. K. C. Flowor.
Dr. li. C. Flower, the specialist of
ostou, will visit tho following places,
here he may be consulted professionlly:
yteubenville.O., Imporial Hotel, Monty,
October 30.
Columbus, O., Neil llouso,. Tuesday,
ctober 31.
Springfield, 0., Arcade Hotel, Wedesday,
November 1.
Cincinnati, O., Grand Hotel, Thursny
and Friday, November U and 3.
Dr. Ji. 0. Flower needs no in trod ucon
to our readers. His intuitional
awers in diagnosing disease, with his
ipoiwjMrl uL-iii nnil aiinmn<i in tho i
outtnentof chronic diseases, Una placed
iui for yours at tho head of his speciales?.
This will bo tho doctor's last visit
lis year to this section of the country.
A Uiiuiiiiiu'h Torriblo Fall.
wla' biiflctdi to the Intcll'vjcnnr.
I'arjckrsdurg, \V. VA.,Oct. 19.?Harry
iavliow, a lineman for tho telephone
>mpany, was working on an olcctric
ght wire this morning at the top of a
venly-flvo foot pole, lie caught hold
f a live wire, and the aovere shock
irow him to tho ground, lie lighted
ii Ins head on tho brick street, sustainig
serious and painful injuries, Con*
isaion of the brain is feared. Strange
) any no bones were broken. It is
i ought ho will recover. lie is a sou
f Manager Muyhew, of the telephono
schange. ^
\Vi?U Kiidwii Muu Arretted. j
)ccial Dispatch to the lntclliflcncf r. r
Pa i:k liitsuurg, W. Va., Oct. 19.? Mar- y
n Lawless, well known to river and
imbcr men about hero, was arrested f
>-day on a felony warrant, charging f
im -with grand larceny. Ho is susacted
of stealing a fishing aeino, tackle
id boat from William McCrackens.
Nainti Changed. (
yreinl Ditpa'ch to the IntcUiQeiiccr. 1
Washington, I). C., Oct. 19.?Tho j
* ?? t\( ?lir? nnulnliii'ii nfc A rwlorann J
ancock county, has been chunked to '
orritt, and James A. Gardner appoint- '
1 postmaster. James A. Turner has
een commissioned postmaster at Winiode.
Ilntt Left tlio llllltOll I't'CNS.
Chicago, Oct. 19.?Tho Frei l'resse, of *
hicogo, tlio morning German paper of j
lis city, to-day ontorod into a contract t
ith tho Associated Press and begins i
io service of tlio Associated Press at
nee, and at tho same time lias cut off
io service of tho United Proas, which y
has always received. {
Kosiglltltloil Aucuptntl. I
London, Oct. 19.?Emperor William, l
^cording to a dispatch from Berlin to <
to Central New*, has accepted tho res- '
rnation of Gonoral Von ICaltonborn- \
t&chnu, minister of war.
firvat Cotton 31111 Hut-nod.
London, Oct. 19:?a dispatch to tlio i
'imes from Shanghai says that the
hirioso cotton mill has been entirely
estroyod by tire, Loss, $500,000; uulsured.
The ArivnrllHiiif;
f Hood's Sarsnparilla is always within (
ic bounds ot reason because it is true; i
always appeals to tho sober, common i
jnseof thinking poople because it is <
ue; and it is always Hilly substantiated <
y endorsements which, in tho fluan- ;
ml world would bo accepted without a <
loiucnt's hesitation. i
Hood's Pii.ls cure livor ills, constipa* i
on, biliousness, jauudice, sick hoad- :
L*ho, indigestion. 1 <
To tlio DlgpcMt of Shown.
Drop into tho iNTr.LLiaKNCKicofttco and ,
dk about tho Intkimgkxcer's popular
World's Fair trip. If you can't come, !
rite. ^
A Specific for Croup.
"I consider Chamberlain's Couch
emedy a specific for croup. It is very
leasant to take, which is one of the
lost important requisites where a
jugh reinody is intended for uso anions
uildren. i have known of casus of
roup where I know the life of a littlo
no was saved by tho uso of Clmmborlin's
Couch Koniedv."?J.J. LaGraugo,
roggiat, Avoca, Nob.
llucklou'* Aruiu.t Salvit.
The best salvo in tho world for cuti,
rniaes, uoros, ulcers, salt rhoum, fovcr
arcs, latter, chapped hands, chilblains,
orna and all skin eruption4, and posiively
curoi pilos, or no pay required,
t is uuarameed to give perfect patisfacion
or money refunded. Price 25 cente
box. i-'or sale by I?ogun Drug Co.
Don't Ho I.oil.
One who hasn't xbon ihe World's Fair
nn'tbo "in it" afier the show is over,
he Iktxi.uoukcku inaK.ua tlio way easy.
Juvoilint; ol' tlio Shaft Com incmuriiti tig
till) 1'iHIHHIH ItulllU.
Trenton, N. J.. Oct. 11).?Promptly at
2:30 to-day tho procession of tho
roops, uovornora and invited guests
itarted for the monument.
The roviowitiK stand waa erected in
ront of tho county court houso, on
irond street, and here, after tho corenonies
at the monument, tho procoaion
was roviowod by Governor Werts.
There were about 5,000 troops in line
roin New York, Pennsylvania, Ma?uchusotts,
Connecticut and Now Joroy,
the com maud being formed under
ho command of Generail Sowoll, of
his state. All of the largo wagons in
own woro pressed into sorvico and
oadud with boxes tilled with sandvichea.
Those wore taken to Greenvood,
whoro thev were served out aa
' - . -.. t i /inn
unci). UoUee 10 me cxicui* ui j,uw
[ttllona was given to the troops. Tho
lay was cool ami tho atroota tilled with
>eoplo wearing budgos and carrying
lags. Tho ground near the monument
vaa fairly black with humanity, waiting
or tho procession.
Governor Wortz and stall*, together
vith thu visiting govornors, wore conI'oyod
in carriages to tho monument,
vhoro tho exorcisos of tho day wore
Aftor a soloction by tho Sovonth reginent
band, William .S. Strykor, prosilent
of tho association, came forward
mil introduced Hishop Starkoy, of Now
fork, who invoked tho divine blessing
in this auspicious occasion.
General JStryker then made tho oponnir
address, and was followed by many
veil known and prominent men. Tho
occasion was one long to bo reineiu*
>ered for the momory of those present
is well na the object tor which they met.
The battle rnonuiuont which was unfiled
to-day has for its principal ornanent
a large bronze statue of Washingon,
which stands on top of a handsome
ihaft. Tho manument is J50 foot above
ho street level, weigh 4,000,000 pounds,
ind tho shaft alone cost over $00,000.
['ho bronze statue of Washington at tho
op of the shaft was presented by the
tato of Now York though a legislative
in pronation in view of tho fact that
S'ow York troops participated in tho
mttlo of Trenton, which engagement
trnlifihlv rlnnidml thft fiito Ot OUT COUII
ill us it is that Now York's two most
liatinjjuiehod citizona, President Clevoand
und Governor Flower, were invited
o bo present at tho dedication and, in
iddition tlio West 1'oint cad eta woro
isked to attornl and Now Jersey, Mas*
acimaotts, Connecticut and Pcuinsyl*
ania paraded tho flower of their nnional
guard, and that fifteen governors
ind alalia were asked to he present
pith thooflicer* at to-day's coroiuonies,
The shaft in itself commemorates tho
tattle of Trentou, which occurred after
he stirring evonta about Now York.
Washington is represented as lio ap>enred
on tho morning of December -0,
irevious to.tho famous battle. On that
lay Washington came down tho l'cnnugton
road to tho spot where tiie moilnucnt
now stands and ordored Capt.
Uoxander Hamilton, the ninoteon-year*
Id artilleryman of New York, later the
liatinguiahed statesman, to open fire on
ho enemy advancing up Warren street.
iVaahiiiKton then save tho order for
wo brigades of American troops to
lurry up tho Brunswick road and present
tho onomy from escaping to i'rinceon.
Then camo tho battle and victory.
L'ho statuo of Washington .surmounting
ho shaft is the work of William Kudo!I
/Donovan, of Now York, who has made
i study of tho face and lijzuro of Wasting
toil for noarly twenty yeara.
AuHtrlnu News
Vienna, Oct. 10.?It is stated that
fount Von Taafe is tbo bearer of the
esijjnations of Dr. Kmil Steinbask,
ninistorof finance, and llorr M. 1*. Do
Salaski, a minister without portfolio.
A deputation from the Bohemian
cudal nol)ilitv waited upon tho emperor
0-day at liuda I'esth, protesting againat
ho passing oi tho franchise bill.
Stcnmer Aihurv.
Buffalo, N. Y., Ocf. 19.?Tho steamor
jeorge J. Gould is aalioro on Foint
Vbiuo, on tlxe northern shore of Lake
Srie. Sho lies on a flat rock with hor
>ow two feet out of water. Sho is a now
>oat, costing $105,OCO. Two tUL'S with
inters havo jrono to her aseistanco.
In Sol Danjjeroiisly III.
London, Oct. 19.?Tho Westminster
jazclle contrudiets tho report that Her)ert
Spencer is dangerously ill, and
ays lie is at his homo in London, and
houirh in a feeble state of health, hit)
condition does not warrant tho alarmug
ruuiors circulated concerning hint.
Vital Kuorgy I# Renewed,
Vhon strength and health hnvo run down, by n
lincly resort to the helpful, bracing tonic. Hosotter's
Stomach Bittern, particularly adapted to
he wants of norvons, dyspeptic, bilious Invall K
fworn out by mental strain, the care of business
>r overwork. bccU its prompt and buulmi aid.
t annihilates malarial complaint, unci Jy an
sdicient remedy for incipient rheumatism aud
Don't Ho Left.
One who hasn't soon tho World's Fair
von't bo "in it" aftor tho show is over.
The Intklliqencku makes the way easy.
Tlicy Give Tnwir KoaHon*.
Perhaps some of our readers would
ike to know in what respect Chainborain's
Cough Iteinedyia better than any
)ther. We will toll you. When this
remedy i.-i takon as soon as a cold has
jeon contracted, aud before it has be:omo
settled , in tho system, it will
jounteract tho effect of tho cold and
rroatly lesson it's severity, and it is tho
July remedy that will do this. It acts
n perfect harmony with nature and
lids nature in relieving tho lungs, opentig
the secretions, liquefying the mucus
ind causing ita expulsion from tho air
sella of the lungs and restoring the sya:em
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So other remedy in the market pnsiossos
those remarkable properties.
So other will euro a cold bo quickly.
rn. Whocpiar Ccujrh, Dronehitii r.3d Ar.tlicsa. A
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ri mire relief In nd/anfed ptoses. "Ura tt cats.
You -,vill to* Oi? xsclleat after tn&ji" tuj
fimt Je.v. Sold by lialers nasyahKa, i_ua
lottos 10 csats aui Cl.O'J.
ni ,,,%Powder!
A cream of tartar baking powde
Highest of all in leavening strengtl
?Latest United States Government I'c
Royal Baking Powdor Co..
100 Wall sl, N. Y.
Chicago l'olicc TliiuU 1 hey Have a Sli
It ii la r.
Chicago, Oct. 19.?Abo Marzuila,
flashily dressed young man, is luck
up hero on suspicion oi having be
implicated in a number o( burglar!
committed in both Chicago and Colu
bus, 0. A number of bnggago chqc
wero found in Marguila's ppBSOssic
Murguila refuses to make any stateinei
It was learned that lie had shipp
twelve cases of merchandise from (
lurnbus, U., to Chicago.
From this city the twelve cases wc
shipped to Milwaukee by the City
Fremont No add row was on the gooi
and it was presumably Marguila's i
tention to/ call for them. The police
Columbus were telegraphed to ascerta
whether the goods shipped by Margu;
were stolen in that city. The polico
Milwaukee have taken possession of t
goods and hold them.
Overcome by Gas.
Nkw York, Uct. J'.?.?two pouceni
wore killed and another ovorcomo
una in an outhouse in Central Park
an early hour this mornins. A trau
was olao ovorcomo and may die.
?om of Nlimjt
Makes pooplo nervous and irritable ai
occasions a groat deal of complaint
their part, but why should anybo
complain about losing sleep last nig
on account ot that hacking cough wh
Cubeb Cough Cure will relieve it in si
ty seconds. It is not a euro for cci
sumption but atl'ords relief and \v
prevent it.
Sold by A!nx. T. Young, John Kla
Wheeling, and Bowie & Co., Bridgopo
Or Oebilitatod Women, chould uso
Every ingredient possesses superb Toi
properties and exerts a wonderful intl
fnra ir? t.inimr nn and ?;frf?ncrth??nin<r h
w.tww ... h -i- a r> "
system, by driving through the prop
channels all impurities. Health ai
strength guaranteed to result from its us
? My *vifo, who wan bedridden for olg
tren munthrt, Gftor u*tn$; Jlraii field
J'ctualc Jtogulrttur for two months
gutting well*"
J. M. Johnson. Malvern, Arlt
HliADPtKMi ltaoULATOK Co.. Atlanta, (jo.
bold bj at $1.UU per bulUo.
1893.?Vim; Vigor. Victory.?1893
Press and public cordially indorse and pro
nounco it surpassingly grand. All depart
nients fully ready. An exuinlnation of it;
rainy attractlonit will astonish and pleasi
you. Music daily by the unrivaled band
OP . .
. . AND . .
esslsted by the uncrowned QUEENS OF
SONO, . . .
Frau riflterna,
Madame Sofia 5calchlt
Lillian Blauvclt,
Black Patti,
and Signor Cumpaninl.
Opened SEPTEMBER 6th.
Closes OCTOBER aist
October 19,20,21?Saturday Hatine
Popular Nautical Melo-Draina,
Hold. isa. Slavors
Includingtho Author, MARTIN HAVPKN
Grout Cast. Wondorfttl Scenery. A Rainstorm
ileal Water, burning of the Interior of
iluildlug. The Lltjntnin;; of the lleiicou.
Spcclult-Ct?The Harmonic Trio The Dane!
Plekauninlea. Nip and Tuck, and
other*. Plenty of Comoly.
Price??l.\ 25,35 and .VKi. Matinee prices: 1
served seats2"w*: children. 10c; iraliery. !"h*. 1
served s(.?is!h on Mile at the Grand box nflico. <>
In a Humptuom Pcenle Production ??f Henr;
?'.uy '..arlcton's Romantic; iJr.imi.
TIio Zjion'a Moritla
MIL NVAHUK. ns UlnaM ?.
Mr. J AMI*. 01 Fra Augclo.
Prlno#?Lower floor?Hotcrvotl Seat*. SI M, i
mission $1(0. !* ihkniy?lteserve<l-eats 7">i\ i
mlisioa Ma f\>at? on mil" rit \. House s n
sic store on nnd n'.t:-r Thursday. October l'.?. ??
Monday, Oct. IQandWook.
Indina Albino Iiuby and Squaw. Mother a
Chief Pathvr. Dot. Rattlesnake Oneen! Jobnst
Clover Ojirtorl Snider! Sivor! McKlrurl
Comedy?"Dodging for u Wlfo," by Eak
J/vnn Company.
oNi: DIMM. C., < ?I'KS* 1 TO 10 I'. M
rrUlii lNTKLLIGENUfitt
JL U k CU.4U A^CU 1'at.Mi.S VA.ULU I'XfCfc
LAN'S A?l<litlon. nt Ohio County ?'ourt
Hoilnf. Uctol'ur ut 10 a. m. OClSI
I^OKSALE?a fine younoguay
4. 1'urroi; i(0(nl iiilkcr. Othor blnl i ni- > \ i
drem Mr*. AN NIK BAUNKS. 'J:>l Ail.-y otS2U
of XtTA N T K D-?A C O M P K T K N T
Sjf y V drnuKliwnutti. Writo kJvIhk wnns
W |M*cU'd to "K.." ottico Daily liiU'1 1.. u
J.X. eji'-h can socuro a Imrsulu lu real o-tm.- i(
they will apply very noon. Addrea X. Y
thhl ofllcc. ? ot 10
Evory houMtkeeper should bo ^upt>li<-?l
0 Willi oi?u of our Cream City Flour ltlns.
r with sifter coiubiuod. Also ouo of our
model hread JtaUcn.
oc'JQ l.MQ Main .-tro ;
New Mince Meat.
nLL)LI\ I O I W l_/_ l_ oc
^.^2? sa.oo
? That wo sold a year ago for S15J. Notlo
bolter. At
ocis-iv.: r
? jj^A.NCV NEW YOIilv
?? Cream Cheese
'h 1 8
,V I SXWatches give;ir/?N;ti
8/^PfV0 ?oys anci^"^ [I
!ro Iftft r V^irls' Write for particulars,0
B 338 to 340 6th Pittgbufg^.y
' aplt.Mvv.ty
" LaCroix China Colors, forCMni Painting.
ho m" ' 3
? =mi
EWING BROS., Wheeling. W. Vh.
id City ok Wiiekm.no, ^
0!, October in is.i:{. /
. The following bonds of the loan of lbs I hi vo
lly boon driumjiy l"t. according to tlio ordlimno .
lit and will bu rudeeuiud on and after the br-t day
un oi November, 1S93. at tin- Bank of thu Ohio Vatley.
Interest ceases on that day: Numbers ?s,
-x* r,a, iti, 7.1. sm, nn, ihs?, 3io, 33:1, :mi, :i?s,
in- 384, 11<i, 4.13, noo, bos, mi, .*?i i. ?<??,
ill ?37, <130, o.iy, ttfflt, 714, 731?, 74.1, one hundred
dollars e.tch: nuiiibore 7.17, 701, 771,
70M, 801, Klo, 818, S3.1, live huudrod dollars
ri, each, and number 858 for one thousand dollars.
rl r. I'. JKlvuS.
' oc-0 Commissioner l.onn of ImI.
3$ Is hereby plvcu that the undersigned corporanS
tors named in tbo agreement recited in the cur*
tilloateof Incorporation isoied t<i Coi.umhia.v
maxufactui!in<? Comi'ANV" on the '."Jib day of
September. lH!?:t, bv the Secretary of State of tho
BStatoof Wosl Virginia, hnvoappolntod 8ATUA*
, DAY .NOVKMHKIt I. !*- '!. at 10 o'clock n. m . no
the time, and tho oflke of >V. .1 Clarke, No. 7L
11C Twelfth stre-t. In the City of Wheeling, us tho
U- place for holding a general meetingof tljeMook_
holders of paid company t?> olect a board of ?Ucr
rectors, nntke by-law;., mid transact any other
Cr oUftltics* wuiuu mny mwiuuy i?o <10110 uy 11m
stockholders in Kciiorol mooting. The stockholders
ure notified tb attend Huid intotlni:.
la O.C. DKWKY,
" 1). li STALNAKER.
or20-K Corporators.
For Chaps, Rough Skin and Sora Lips.
Soli> nv?
r-* ? it iot i/*\t r\ i\ /1 _ : 01
n. n. LIO i? iuiu mam 01.,
We have just received a line
, line of Sterling Silver Novelties,
' Spoons and Forks and many
fine pieces suitable for Wedding
Gifts. Prices Extremely
, I. G. DILLON & CO.,
1223 Markot Stroat.
PROF. SKEFF isthoonly Oitk i w
in tho city that Corroetlv KITS TJ1I)
of Dru^s! If you ncod Spectacles or your
eyes tiro or head aclion whoa reading or
sewingr, you can consult, hi in and havo
your oyca examinoil for irlasee." without
charge at hia Now Optical Establish?
mont, 1110 Main atrcet, ono door abovo
Snook & Co.'a dry ^ooda store.
~~ fclTPROF. SHEFF has tho onlv
: CoMI'LKTK Oitical Kstawjsiihknt i" : 1 '
State, and is tho only Optician that l ita
Artificial Eyes.
10. ir.r 1110 MAIN STKKET, J
nu.'!l-D.vwy Wliuelln;;, W.
Farties wishing to beautify thyir
itc- houses by uuporinj* or using I/incruata
cim be accommodated min 'i
? better now than in tho spring, v. !i
23 everybody wiahoa their work do:;at
All work guaranteed by us to b
# lilt) 32 A IN STKKET.
S. Will do well to inquire
the price of
ur" in our hands.
I No. 1311 Markut St.. ""U

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