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Matters of Interest to tile IntolliBencer's
Feminine Ronderp.
Of Interest io Young am! Oltl, Itioli
atid Poor?Seasonable rualilou lllnU
nnd Suggestions lor tin* Uoiisovvili',
A Little ot Everything Seivetl in
Choice Bits.
(iootl Night. Sweetheart!
"Good night, Sweetheart: good night,- Sweot<
heart!" I
lu dimmed, blue eyes the bright tear* start,
And little bauds ull pleadingly
(Pear bands of love!) reaeh out to we:
Vet iu the darkues* I depart
And answer not, "oood night, Sweetheart!"
"Good night, .Sweetheart; good night!" 1 knew
That teara were in the eyes of blue,
And thut the lips yearned for the biRs
(if ju?t one laat, forgiving
For love is love una hiith no art
Saveouly love. "Good night, Sweetheart!"
<Jood night! 0 1 - if we eould only know
'I he gentle heart* that love us no;
The vrorda that strike with shatls of pain i/OVe'a
lips should kis? thenl back again!
J answer now, while hot tear*atari:
' Good night, Sweetheart; good night, Swvet- I
heart!" ' |
Frank 1* Stanton in Atlanta Coutlitullun.
Some i'ciiilnlno buperatltlonh Confernliig
It Wlileh Are of Interest. I
Ht. Louit (ilobe JJfmocraL I
According to the current superstition |
* the day should be clear, for "happy is "
the bride whom the sun shines on." 1
llnin on the wedding day means tears j
within the year. White, of course, is ,
tlie luckiest color to be married iu, <
though a widow, with liie conventional (
privileges of her class, can he married !
in anything she pleases, evun in black, '
il she likes, and no harm will come ol 11
it. Mho may also, if she chooses, keep
both gloves on during the ceremony, a
thui}; which is unlucky lor the maiden H
to do, it almost equally uufortun
ato for her to drop a glove after taking ^
it otf. There are ladles in .St, Louts I ,
who would be strongly tempted to turn | ,
back il, while on lite way to the church i v
to be married, they should happen to Jt
meet a lunerai, ana omors who wuuiu
lie almost .is greatly shocked un seeing |
a black cat or a crow, both of which are
known to be unlucky. There is anion)*
the ."iris of Germany a curious superstition
wtivcti taukca it bud for u wedding
pur:y 10 meet a moukey, a priest, a hare,
cat, do;:, lizard ??r sorpent, thougti 110
reason lor this curious collection can be
When the weddinc party 14 in the
1 church it is considered to bo an evil
omen 11 there in a pause or wait of any
kind, an it the organ should play too
long, or the groom fail to make his appearance
in tune, or any other awkward
delay in the ceremonies occur. If the
f'ng slips easily on the linger the omen
ol the best, but it is deemed exceed
inu'ly unfortunate ii it should be (00
small and so stop at the knuckle. There
is a lady in this city who, when about
to be married, insisted that her intended
husband should bring the ring
L beforehand and try it on that there ,
might be no mistake ill this particular. fi
Speaking of wedding rings, however, r
y there is a superstition among women j
in regard to losing or breaking the wed- a
ding ring. A curious illustration of
this was seen some years ago, wtien an
..l/ln?ltr uii>Uu' U'llrt lul l Inut llHl* Ul'.l
ding ring bought another and wore it ^
in order that no ill-luck might follow i
the accident. i
Breaking the Modeling ring is the un- \
luckiest accident that could befall a \
married woman, and, for that reason, t
wedding rings are commonly made i
thick, strong aud plain, so tiiat to break a
them in almost impossible. Dropping #
the wedding lavorn, or any accident in t
cutting the cake, is considered to be of |<
evil omen. In a divorce case, not long t
since tried in this city, the lady testitied
that she knew the marriage would
turn out badly, because when cutting
the wedding cake she also cut her \
linger. Various omens are also drawn \
from incidents and accidents attending h
the entry oi the newly married to their I
future home, and somo lauies attach a I
degree of importance to the article lirst *
picked up by the bride, a poker or any
article ot metal being deemed unfortuuate,
particularly for the husband, while
a broom or dust brush is supposed to s
furnish u good omen. j
Will \Y a rivgllll 1 lid ill II.
JJelrna Independent. t
A lew days ago a good look.112 young .
lady arrived at i;ort Benton nnd tool:
upquarters at the Grand Union Hotel. v
A couple of days later, when the Judith
ban in round up reached that place, it I
become rumored that the young lady 1
was there to meet an engagement with
one oi the cow boys, known an Jndian '
Charley, who accompanies that outfit.
The young man i9 a full blooded Piegau, *
of whom but little is known, and the 1
yoUftii lady is Miss Maud ttarnum, oi
Mann, Cascade county.
Kd Barnuui, a brother of the young j
lady, went to Fort Benton to hunt up x
his sister and endeavor to dissuade her c
from marrying the Indian, but she was t
determined to haV'j him nnd would not t
listen to her brother's entreaties. Tho
clerk of the district court was away for
a few days a?d all parties aro awaiting
his return, when on attempt will be j
made to procure a marriage license.
Mis? II a mum is described as an accomplished
young lady, and hur choice
in a matter of deep regret to her family.
A Dnj'n Menu. f
1irbakfast. i
? m Oranges.
Whcatena. with Sugar niul Cream. .
I.auib Chu|>t. Fried Potatoes. 1
Clam Fritter*. t
Toast. Cctl'ce <
Picked* Up Codfish. I
Baked Potatoes. Cold Moat. (
Spicod Tomatoes.
Tea Blucult. Cocoa.
din s Kit.
Vermicelli Soup 1
Venison. Currant Jelly. (
Whlto l'otatoc*. 1'arsulpx. ,
Tomato Salmi.
Wafer*. Charlotte IIuskp. ('lic< i
New Oporu-Ulua* Hut;.
All the trunks up garrot are being j
ransacked just now. The girls aro in
search of small pioces of rare brocaded |
silk, which belonaed to their great- j
graudnaother's ball gown, perhaps, or ,
anything in fact which can boast of a
history. They are sowing tho bits to- j
gether and making them into a bag to hold
their opera-glasses. The bag is |
lined with plush in the predominating |
color of the brocade. It ties togethor
with a heavy silk cord. If topics of conversation
aro at a premium then the
fair owner of the bag incidentally, as it
were, tolls the story which the bit of 1
sitic suggests. If the truth were known 1
there are occasions when the romantic 1
story is not founded on actual facts.
Italian Ktlquettr,
If the woman who visits Home wishes i
to follow tradition and "do as the Uo- <
mans do," she will be careful never to ;
take an escort's arm in a Catholic
church. Indeed, the guides instruct
those who'stroll innocently arm in arm
ibout .St. i'oter's looking at the pictures,
frescoes ami attars of ti?at wonderful
cathedral, that they art* committing au
Indians nr.? very particular ubnut the
jtiquette ot kissing the hand., A man
kisses the riijht hand of hi / mother,
uint or elderly friend, and the left bond
Df i)is sweetheart. It is not permitted
:iim to kiy-j the palm of the hand except
u great and altactimr.ile intimacy ; it. if
regarded as a token that ho is very j
nueh in iove. Lpon arriving at a formal
dinner ? u'-mtlejuan takes the hand
jf liia hostossand bend* low over it, an
f about to lcisa it, but does not do ho.
After dinner etiquette demands that he
;akeherhand again and kiss it.
Co I'll I*. I >1 lit ton.
Kub lost of mutton weli with a mix,are
of two lariro tablespdonfulg of salt,
>no tablesnoonful of pepper, one ounce j
if ground mustard, a piueh each of i
ayenne, cloven, cinnamon and allspice, j
)ne largo tables ooonfui of brown sugar. j
\ild one ?r*V} f>f vinegar. liub daily for j
i week, pouring uvn- the brine that j
Irip.-i oil. Vtush iu cold water. Moil in l
>oilintr water at least three hours, |
skimming weil.
One ficci'Bt ?1 it IVo>ij:iii'? Siirri***.
Some one who knows her well has J
laid that the reason that .Mr*. l'otter j
['aimer always carrie- herself mi serenely
through the tumultuons meetngs
of the woman commissioners i*
;hat she is always conscious of being
perfectly dressed. It is one of the ways
>t women. .Many a woman has made
ler toilet, like .Marie Antoinette, to no
iravely through the supreme hour of
ler iife, and triumphed. Mai^v a
A'otnna has fortified herself for a tlisarreenble
du(v or an embarrassing posiion
with a hunch of rcses i.n her licit.
Life is never altogether a failure to (he
\omau wild kfiou'i her bonnet is nejomiuir.
And there is no consolation
jveu in the hope of lion vert to tho one
vho know* that her bang is straightenng
out in the midst of trying eircumitaucfts.
Tlu? >Ialtr?'s*.
Mattresses will sometimes heoomo
potted in place*, from <iut or a stain
roin moving. Take some cl?>ar warm
vater and add to it a low drops ol amnonia,
just enough to make the water
eel smooth. Then with a clean cloth
vash the spot, using some good soap,
iline in clean water and rub woll with
: dry cloth. I'o not use much water,
nit just enough to dampen the spot,
f the stain is obstinate take a clean
iloth dipped in pure ammonia, rub
lard, then rinse in clean water and dry.
Turn the mattress frequently from
ide to Hide and from head to foot to
nsure the wearing evenly. All are
loubtloss familiar with mattresses sagred
at one end, but may not know that
hi* is duo to neglect in turning. They
houhl ho well aired each day and tho
lust removed from the top by brushing
veil with a small whisk-broom.
It is not often advisable to attempt
n milm nvftp nil nlil mutIraaa. vrtf.it. i>i
ilaimed that nice, cool summer beds
nay be made from some aorta. Old exelaior
or palm-leaf mattresses, for intance,
may have the contents emptied
nto a new ticking, after untyiug the
tnots, at.,I whon shaken smooth and
>ven and again knotted it may be found
rery comfortable. Hair mattresses and
ill tine ones that are worth the expense
ihould bo sent away from home to be
enovated. But when properly carod
or it is seldom that lliia will bo necesary.
To Mark MntHlkerchiof*.
Very few people have the knack of
vritinff on linen so that they can mark
landkorchiefs neatly. Yet the markng
is an absolute necessity, unless one
vould lose one's belongings with every
veeUly washing. One woman solves
ho difficulty by embroidering her intial
in one corner in the old-fashioned,
imple way, and in an unobtrusive,
mall letter that does not detract from
he appearance of evon the nicest hnnd;erchio(.sis
does poor handwriting or
00 coarse lettering.
Mutton Jirutli.
Put three pounds of mutton in pot
vitii two onions and three quarts of
vaten .Simmer two hours. Strain, add
1 little barley, three turnip-*, .three
)0tat0es, all cut up. Simmer one-half
lour, skim, jidd minced parsley, and
(iluvttit That Onn Set'*.
For morning wear, dogskin gloves in
ill <i 1 ..f uuorn with Mao!.
n.miM m .,
Ladies' four-button embroidered Engiflli
Derby glace gloves.
Ladies' four-button pique gloves in
ihmies of tan with spear points.
Silk evening cloven iu choice colornun
which either match or contrast
vith the gown.
Ladies' French kid glove* with improved
lacings and enamel hooka to
natch the glove.
Black glove*, embroidered with ecru
ind mastic.
For evoning wear, gloves with handlotuo
embroidered designs on the back
tnd top of the long wrist.
United Chop*.
Slice potatoes in dish with salt, pop)er,
and water enough to provent burnng.
Brown quickly in hot oven. Skewer
hops into round shape, put on pota,oes,
add seasoning (more water, if neciSBary,)
and bake nil chops are brown.
O mi r re lit.
Guard against quarrelsomeness?Confucius.
Breed not quarrels.?liabbi Jehuduh.
Avoid quarrels; sottlodispute*.?Joh i
A quarrel is quickly settled when deserted
by one party; ttiere is no battle
inless there bo two.?Stncca.
Make poople liappy and there will not
je halt the quarreling or u tenth part
>{ the wickedness there is.?Mrs. L, M.
lie that blows the coals in quarrels no
las nothing to do with has no right to
:oraplain it the sparks tlv in his face.?
Whatever mitigates the woes or increases
the happiness of others is a just
criticism oi iniquitv. One should not
juarrol with a dog without a reason
mtlicient to vindicate one through all
the courts of morality.?Goldsmith.
Uitolcrtrt KJciu Tonics,
^'Glycerine and rose water" is one of
he useless but popular skin tonics,
rhe best remedy is soap and (Jroton water,
taken in large doses b-foro breakfast
and ngaiu before retiring. C)n<?
juart of sweet milk, with a pint oi lime
water, taken internally, between ineul?,
is all the medicine any girl requires,
rhese two remedies may be relied upon
[or cleanliness, vigor and good looks,
but they must bo taken i* ulurlv.?loui/an?
\Vn>litiig I-'UumeU.
Flannels should always be washed by |
themselves iu a siuU prepared tor mom;
on no account to he rubbed on the hoard
unless very dirty. The suds should be
pleasantly warm on the hands, not too
hot, and no hot or cold water be added
while the flannels are in the tub. They
should he rimed 111 clean water oi the
?ame temperatnro ns the washing suds,
and ns many water* used aA inuv* be
necessary to .take all the roup out, as
the flannels will never aott with tiie
soap loft in thmn. They should never
bo blued. They should be pulled in
shape heforo hanging, undershirts being
hunj: frolii the shoulder*. They should
never be nunj: out of doors in freezing
weather, but quickly dried before the
lire, or, bettor, over the register, and
pros.-eil :ii aonn an dry enough.
Cl.olce ul' t;lotliliitf.
The only safety for those who cannot
huvu many changes of raiment ih to buy
only inconspicuous clotiinu ami that
.vl.it!. i. u.,: any frcnu of ui*hion.
Nothing is more deplorable than a belated
whim, worn after its general departure.
Not far less in disesteom is
the jjiariny rod hat or the queer green
coat thai tells its wearer as far as she
can bo seen upon tlie street. The
? ' nomical must not bo led into any
such extravagances, or tJiey will be certain
to regret it later,
Glutton and Kioo.
Hoil till tender one-fourth cupful of
rice in hot liquor with pepper and wait.
Cut boiled mutton in squares, add to
rice with one tablespoonful of braided
Hour and one cupful of cream or rich
Mutter Without W'vlght.
A (iorinun paper says that a cook
who had burned a five-pound joint of
veil, t<> avoid a scolding threw the
spoiled moat away and told her mistress
that the cat had oaten it.
"Indeed," said the lady; "wo will
sop about that," and she took the cat,
put it on tiie kitchen stftles and found
tir.it it weighed precisely live pounds.
"There, Kathorine," she said, "1 suppose
that is live pounds of meat, but
please toll me whore is the cat?"
Army Cnre?r of Cap tutu II edit erg* Who
Wiih shot by Lluiitqiinut >inrt?\v lit i'ort
Micriditii Moniiiiy.
Four Shew dan, 1 i.ls., Nov. 1.?Capt.
Alfred iledberg, of Company I, Fifteenth
I nited States inlantry, stationou nore,
who was shot and Killed by Lieutenant
Manoy, quartermaster of the regiment,
on .Monday, had an unsavory record,
lie wan a very unpopular olHcergand
had but few friends.
Captain lledberg was tried by a general
court martial at Santa Fe, N, Ah,
on August 8, 18i"3, on the charge oi selling
government property and converting
the money to his owir use. A second
charge against him wag "conduct i
unbecoming an oiliceraud a gentleman*" j
The first and second specifications under
this charge are not published in the 1
otticial record, for certain reasons. Tno I
third specification was lying. Back ot j
this charge was Second Lieut. K T. j
Hyen. Another charge was "conduct I
to the prejudice and good order of mil- |
itary discipline." It was charged that |
the captain absented himself from his
post and by neglect of duty allowed two
privates to desert, Rubbing his com- '
pany of $75 and his regiment of
were the other charges. Ho pleaded
not guilty.
The court lound iiitn guilty and sentenced
hiin to be dismissed" from the
service, to rofund the money, and to be
confined one year in the penitentiary.
The sentence of imprisonment was remitted
by the President, and as the sentence
to refund |was unauthorized by
law it w as stricken out. The dishonorable
dismissal seutence stood, and Hodberg
ceased to be an officer oi the army.
During President Cleveland's first administration
Captain lledberg was reinstated.
la March, 1892, Unptnin liedDerg was
rescued from drowning in the lake by
;i private. Afterwards he prepared
charges ugainst the private for not effecting
the rescue in a manner befitting
the ollicer's dignity. The charges wore
dismissed. ,
On March 20 ho preferred charges
against James Hanson, a private in
company F, lor absence from two culls,
it is the usual custom to take the off-odor
before what is known as a "summary"
court, which consists of the second
ranking oilicor of the post. The
oilicor lias power of inflicting light lines
and guard-house duty for a short time.
Instead of bringing Hanson before the
"summary" court Hedberg preferred
general charges and he was brought before
a court-martial. When Hanson
appeared lie was surprised to find Capt.
lied berg sitting as president of the
Private Drificnll, a shrewd Irishman,
acted as counsel for the prisoner. When
asked if ho objected Vo any member of
the counsel, he said:
"I object to the presence in co'irtof
i>api. Aiireu jiouuun:, on wie grounu
that he has been convicted by a military
court of lying and theft, and that on
those charges he wus dishonorably dismisse
l from iho service and sentenced
to one your in tlio penitentiary. To
corroborate I would submit to tho court
a copy ot gonoral court martial No. 4, of
eerie* of 1873. While I led berg \va? a
captain at l<'ort Cum mi ugs, N. M., in
187;>, he embezzled .*r'(500 of Ins company's
money, and at tho same time,
bv conspiring with :i contractor, he defrauded
the govornmout of SoOO. On
both thoje ehargoHi he was convicted. ;
He win dismissed from the service in '
disgrace, hut ins penitentiary sentence 1
was cancelled. I o ject to having my '
client tried by a court of which a man
of *uch char/fcter ia n member."
When Driscoll finiahod Captain llodberg
was allowed two daya to answer
the charges. Then ho preterred a
chargeiof libel against Driscoll. lied-;
berg did notattempttodeny the charges,
but asked that Driscoll be disbarred as
attorney, iledberg was successful, and
Driscoll was disbarred. Hanson was
then tried and sentenced to tho guardhouse.
So much feeling was aroused by
the charges against Driscoll that the
matter was finally dropped.
Thk guaranteed cure for all headaches is
iiroiuo-Seltzer?trial bottlo lOcta. 4
A Horrible lluilnuMl Aceidnnt
I a daily chronicle in our papers; also '
the death of some dnar friend, who has
died with consumption, whereas, if ho 1
or *ho had taken Otto's Cure for Throat
ami hung diseases in time, life would
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saved. Heed the warning! If you j
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IJi'lireitti ItiiMln, I'm?en and Spnln-Tc
Holil tin* Kry to tho
Aifiilfim Krigliioil.
Paris, Nov. 1.?The explorer Soller,
in ail interview published to-day, intiinutos
that tho Cirand Duke Alexia, of
Russia, has arranged a treaty betwoen
Franco, liu-ssia and Spain, by the terms
of which the latter's ultimate occupation
of Tangier h provided for. it i?
added that even should this 1 :i.~t mentioned
portion of the treaty fail to take
effect that the powers have determined
that British occupation of Tanker must
be prevented at any cost.
Several oi the newspapers of this
city and otlior important parts of
France join in declaring that Kurope
cannot a fiord to aiiow Kngland to occupy
and Jiold the key to the .Mediterranean,
and these newspapers continue
by urging the government to immediately
despatch a powerful French
6fjiiadron to Tangier in order to support
?puin against any interference on
unon the part of (treat Uritinin iu the
disturbances about Mollila, and to enable
the French to bo in a position to
checkmate any attempt upon tho part
of Kngland to hind troops iu Morocco.
In fact, it is intimated that it is the
plain duty of Fiance to take tho initial
step should any interference be necessary
upon the part of any other power
than Spain iu tho a.'lairs of Morocco,
and it i8 also urged that the presence 01
this French squadron at Taugier might
be uged to force the suitan to take steps
to support tho Spanisii troops against
the Moors now surrounding .Melilla.
This Altnuipt to Siui^glo Wliisfry Would
Have SucQtttxleu.
Qukjjkc, Nov. ].?Yesterday a schoon- I
er came up from Lower ?St. Lawrence |
oiinnnc/i/l fn hn Irvulrxi U'it.h nnuH. Whim I
r r ? ? r--?
tho vessel cargo was being discharged
one of the supposed barrels ot' peas
broko and in among tho pons wns lound
a smaller barrel tilled with illicit whisky.
All Ihe other barrels were then examined
and quite a large amount of
illicit whisky was found.
l-'lvo J)l'OWII?t<l.|
Portland, Ore., Nov. 1.?An electriccar
thin morning plunged otl Madison
street bridge into the Willamette river.
A heavy fog was prevailing and the
draw was open for tho passage of steamboats.
The car contained about fifteen
passengers, leu of whom escaped by
jumping. The remaining live were
Cuturrh Cannot lie tir?tl
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healthy flesh ? nature never
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3 ?B B BmaEaa %
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s (In writing \Avw>
JS-, Fast Colors,
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/y when new. Washing with Pearlrr
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clean. Take away this ruinous rubbing, and what is i ft
there to make them look old ?
Peddlers and some unscrupulous procers will tell you " this is as g; r | n,"
or " the same as Pearlinc." IT'S l-'ALSli?Peariine k
it ?.ni1 if y?ur Broccr scads you : sacthing in place . f i'tar.'.:,
honest?j<7<JI.' lack. JAMES PYLK% .\Cw
4 -0 i
f good ink, ^ . t"T l)
\ l.OW PlilCKS,
;! r j
# OmftgDQogjtBm??!?^ !
11 n n_ rrr> n ng {
5 g!J?[D IHFULfGltULfU^J j J
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# We Can Get Up for You All Kinds of ^
\ ? ??? ? i
^ O - 0 0
STRONGEST. Assets, $8,086,482.26. SAFEST.
4|fiU? Compound Interest investment $3\
I-'or particulars, address >3257 VIS
H. 6. MUESER, Manager, 531 Wood St., Pittsburg.
MOST LIBERAL Surolus, $1,528,966.54. BEST.
F. M. Thomas, <>piicral Agent, Kiiiinvoo:!, IV# Va. aprj-w
r?c CU4MC >? r>i itam HnilRT? WITH
i WU VI lomwi V > ? - -
?3 ?B ft WONDERFUL KERVE AND BRAIN jtEMEDY * larpliyiiiciun. who Innd?-voted Tf*r?
fo NerToty. Dlimte* la lliclr vorat forma. It In purely vegetable, plenmmt to iukc and a PosllWr <"uro
for all N'crroui JUkCfcd"*. Thwniind bfcitnefl quid and rh-ur, /v.nrs of death ar?> dictated, and tlio hI|,|.'?
*y*t<*in rejuvenated. a decided improvement in ono vrook. am you nuJTorlnu with Nervous Debility,
Memory, Pain in Hank or Head. lUue*. Nnrvotm Prontrntlnn or SleephMMHWiH ? I'on't noslect yournelf. Tli??e
condition* rostilt in Iimanlty nnd Di-.-.th. If neglected. The Si>ur?vln?* Tablet Oberlln. Ohio*
For ?alc by McLAIN BROS., Twelfth nnd Market fit. nnd GEO. U. EBELING, 2125 Market Ht.
l{f?\ /^\^AN8800DRESTORED~~-'
If aifi (? ?-* J tf-7?
l?8w >?%} Hpudaclte, Vi> nkeli;lii< I.o"15. ulinood, iVichlljr Kmliuloni,
U' \/ (!\? r I vi"CKiiCEft? *,vn un-iitni. J.acu ci nuiiiicut-e* HervouincM,
u /Z?{ v_ >tj. I nil drain* n.vl loss < po or In (Jnnoratlvo Organs of either pox cou?c:l
a i ?^??cFAii> byOTcroxortlon.youthfni rrnr?. oxcosslvo ueo of tobacco, opl<ira
'Q r J1 1 ' *^rj5>3oritlmulants which J<\idt<>- (trinity, CVrittunipMon and Innanltj. ''on*
'4?TN /J,\ -rut"; Itocnrry in ve?t jjockpt. By niall prepaid in plain box to hp*
vfe'Ux ; mlc! m m for81 each, orO for V>?, ("With rvery *4.^ urUor we tiv?
guarantee *nen/* or reftaud ?h*> mnin'r.) For *nle t>jr
i\?n^V.?Wr nil drutfuJRt.o. :<.r it and ucropt no otner, OIKGubAft FKEu
IlKTOKt AM) xm.uisr 1. AiMnVm^SIXUCO., Mu.onlc Temple, Chicago, III.
Fon Sale in Wheeling, W. Va., by LOGAN DRUG COMPANY, cor. Tenth rad
Muia streets.
^ isieEoliio!"
Tliocrcat remody tor norvoua prostration and all uerToonaU???2'',1'
S " # JM:'' tbo?ronoratlvoontOBi?ofoltberiio*,BuchoBNfirvoa?Pro.Htmtion.r?'
s;*w?r vww^A V .JA?, innorLo?tilanliood,Irnpotoncy. Nightly EmlMlona.) outbful jsrror??
j\ rftj* - Slonutl Worry, oxci" lvc ubo of Tobacco or Opium, whlcb iPaatown
^?ISwr -VC* Yi?jk2u8S&' mimptlon nnd Wnnlty. With orcry order wo glroa wrlttrnjni#"_
tiii-nmw AND AWi'ifilt USING, nntoo to euro or rofnnil tho money. 8old nt 81 .uO "or box. oiioxr*
xcr?3,00. 1;It. MOTT'S*CIIEMICAJLCO., CfevclauU.Obio.
Foratlc in Wheeling by tbo IA)UAK DllUtl CO.. Main and Tenth Street-;. ,ie-1
& iR itSgr^ftirtVrSraffir?5gff ^
Ifri. nriviklYsDCn and invito tlio most / <3*^1
*%? careful Investigation n? to our restpontribll-' jr
gpy ity mid tho morits of our Tablets. S l?j
loride of Gsid Tablets /^JsrvOyj*
:)BACCOin from 3toG days. Perfectly barm- S X B
i in ucnp of tea or cofTco without tbo knowl* ^ / Pwj
atop atuokiugor chewing iu a few days. S ^ jf , I!
1 Turn can bo cured ut home, nntl with- y ^ / *?
tlDil out any effort on tbo part of /*. xjjr a >W^ Jr
bo free ufo of Liquor or Mor- 6f' <k^SP f A I Jj"
1^siL0.i??sZdrt,1,.i wXTE'lioinals
oho habliH in communicu- luuliiilUiiiu ^
^ the uc oof ourTABi.ET8. AnkV'. \ ^ / fror11 uersons '
) by all Fm6T'CLAB8^/^^?^X^\ / h h been
packiigoo?y' cured by tho uso of ^
Hills Tablets. S
"ui!nS^r^ j' Thk OHIO CnpsuCAL Co.; H
a Dcau mh:? I liave been tiaing yur
^euro for tobaofj) habit, aiid^found ^it wouiu
' \X. wo^th iif,'l?/?'1tro"Kt"?t chewing tobacco a May, ?
?''k^?k. X and from one to flvo i-igun; or i would fntok" ,
bv m vVS from ti ll 1o lortypipi'Mof tobacco. JIavc c!iow?u ^
L.* m. v\ S a?<l amok.-l for iwrnty-llv? yesip?, and two uucUafcfj f*
V / ?i J* Z 2 jArwuo,^Sie,a'; u.
TnEOnioCnEaiCAiCo.:-?n\Ti.r.Mv:x:-.s<)ino tlmoai? i r'."[ M
V'-'K V for SI-11" worth of your Tnhleti forTolraoep Uubit. I,?*??'? 0<_Bv
aS / themiUlrlKhiniiil,HUl?im,hI\v;vtbothnii?iv^?m?kiTiiuacUowi.i'. , J
SL^Bsa? S thi'y UlU tho work In I ilwn tluciMl'ivs. I :un rur?I. p
1 iuu* Truly vuurs, MATll/iW JOHNSON.r.O.Boxii- j,l
mfijS TnnnnioCnr.incALCo.:?GEmtli:mknIt dives mo lilwou'ro to 'p ? "
word or prnl?o for your Tablotn. My hpi* win f-tnmuly uadlotoa w*.tn?. i n
S Uqnor.aml tbrotiKli a friend, I was led to try your Tablets. 1I? wasiihca\yjw? t. J
f constant drinker, but ufteruslui: your TabletH but threoday^ heQUltdiWKin*? 0
and will not touch Honor of any kind. 1 bav? waited four month beloro wrtu b ig
you, lu order to kuow tbo euro wtw poriuancut. Yours Et?KK MORRISON. L'g
Cincinnati, OHIO- r
Bio Chemical Co:-Grnti.v.mrxi-Your Tablctfl have perfornfed atniraclo in inycasj j;.a
used inorphlno, hjrpodrrniicaliy, for seven years, ana have boon cured igea
of your TabloUi,und without any effort on my part. W, L. 59
Addrew all Orders to ,*
?3 51, 53 and 65 Opera Block. LIMA, OHIO. yf<k

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