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HE 18 INDEED Ricij
But it ia in Imagination and Not in
Coin of tho R?nlm.
"Millionaire," Cut# a Swatli in lionf
n.'L-v- Mni<rii>c n Itlm* (inns 3111 lilt*
to Belle?A I'einarkablo Career.
How he Sold Stock in a Mine ol
Wonderful Jtlchness, hut Which
Huh no Real Existence.
JxniitvUlt Courier Journal.
About six weoks or two months airo
Louisville was visited by a heavily built
but undersized and vorv black nogro,
who said his name was Churios Tarter
Grove, and that ho was a millionaire
mine-owner from Helena, .Mont, lie
was accompanied by another colored
man whom he styled his secretary.
Immediately after his arrival Grove
made the roan'ls of the various newspaper
oilices and asked them to announce
that he wag hero to sell stock
in a mine of wonderful richness to
those of his race who would like iu investment
certain to yield tremendous
dividends, lie came to the Courier
Journal ollice first, but when he exhibited
his testimonial:?, samples of ore and
the like he was told by the city editor
that he was probably a fraud, and that
in no case would the Journal recommend
colored or white people either to
buy mining stock from au unknown
Other newspapers, not ho cautious,
wore deceived into writing him up as a
man of wealth. On the strength of this,
perhaps. Grove cut a wido swath among
the members oi his race here and iu
Lexington. A telegram from that city
yesterday stated that Grove was in Chicago,
and that ho.was an ex-convict.
This information was obtained from the
Townsend Jlhastfuicr, published at Town
eend, Mont., wtucii maao me ioiiowuig i
editorial notice:
"The great and only Charles I\ Grove,
the notorious mining prevaricator, has
inado himself a national reputation in
a brief space of time by marrying a
Bluograss belle of Lexington's bluostblooded
colored society. The bride has
reached the mature age of sixteen, and
is a liyiit mulatto with distinctive
Angio*Saxou features, while the bridegroom
lias passed the youthful ago of
lifty, and has a complexion that rivals
in jrlo3sinef? a Russian-iron stove. The
wedding was the swellest of swell affairs.
His had been a remarkable
career. We first know him as a doer
of odd jobs, then a wood-chopper and
a penitentiary convict, thon a farm
hand and in time a prospector, and
finally an owner of small holes in the
ground which ho called mines, and a
millionaire without wealth unless ho
lias victimized people by selling mining
I K n r. o I
BLOCK Ul UU > aiuu. jk ima uhihid vuuaa
claimed that a governmeat iiiulo had
check, but now the despised son of an
k animal mado lamous by one of his an
cestora bearing tho Savior of the human
f race upon his back has been rolegated
to tho reur forover, and a sou of JIam
relaces him."
firovo opened an office liere for the
sale of his stock in a small two story
Iramo house at the southeast corner of
l'roston and Jacob Btreeta. In it are
soreral specimens of gold and nil vor ore.
William Lewis, the colored janitor of
the Eastern colorod public school, was
made the Louisville agent, lie believes
implicitly in Grove's statements of his
mining possessions in Montana, but
says that ho i? like Grove in thinking it
only a matter of luck as to whether the
claims pan out anything for the stockholders.
Mrs. Julia A. Arthur, of 415 East
Jacob street, with whom Grove boarded
with his young wife while in this city,
was another dabbler in the mining
stock. She enid yesterday afternoon
that she was content to wait and watch
developments. She said she knew
Grove's statements in regard to his
Montana land were true, but that
neither sho nor anyone else knew
whether they would develop any wealth
or not.
it is not at an improuaDie tnat urove
is a celebrated colored mining shark,
who has operated oxtenaively in "salted"
mines in Montana, and who once
pot tho better of no less a person than
tho Hon. Thomas Henry Carter, of tho
Republican national committee. Hour
this was done by that shark, who may
or may not be Groves, is told as follows
in a recent issue of a New York nowspaper:
"Another way of taking in the sucker
is to chango tho ore samples. This requires
sleight of hand as well as nerve,
and way onco successfully worked on
Chairman Thomas Henry Carter, of the
Republican National Committee. This
was soon alter Carter had worked liis
way to Montana by soiling the "Footprints
of Time," but his experience as a
book agent could not stand oil that of a
famous colored mining shurk in Helena,
culled 'Blue Dick.'
"Dick has made $30,01)0 in mining
gold, silver and sapphires. He is known
all over tho western country as a good
man to look out for when a deal is on
"One day he called on Carter and
told in a mysterious way of his disoovery
of a fine silver prospect, tho oro of
which ran ?95 to the ton. This is au
unusual assay value for silver, and
Carter's eyes fairly bulged out of his
head when ho learned, in addition, that
there was a four-foot lead of solid ore.
"Dick explained that he wanted to
sell because he had no money to develop,
and Carter told him to lie low
and say nothing. That night a coherence
was held with a well-known Helena
bauker, who agreed to udvanco
one-half of $20,000 it Carter could furnish
the rest. The monoy was raised,
and the next day Carter Dick and au
expert visited the prospect, which was
in a fine silver country, 100 miles north
of Helena. Carter dia not know much
uboutmining; he only wanted to satisfy
himself that the mine was there auil
leave the expert to do the rest.
"They found the load, just as Dick
had said, with all indications that it
would widen out. It ran along the *ido
of a hill which could be easily tunnelled,
and not far away was a fine water power
to run the mills, which were already
runniug in the wily politician's vision.
"The export was satisfied with tho
location, a bagful of ore was blown out
and the party returned to Dick's cabin
for the night. Then Dick took a hand
in the game. After Carter and tho oxpert
were dreaminp the dreams oi Colonel
Mulberrv Sellers, the smooth colored
man exchanged the bag of samples
for ono exactly like it in surface appearauce.
"Dick, however, missed what was
probably a more astounding surprise
to Carter than Cleveland's majority in
1862. This was when ^he aisayer returned
figures to show that tho ore at
all points of tho lead ran over $1,000 to
the ton. Carter and the banker couldn't
believe the rAults, but rocovored in
time to sond for Dick and hand ovor a
check for $20,000 without waiting to
have the titlo sccured. .The title Avas
not so important a month later, when
the owners learned from another assay
that the ore was worth $8 a ton. They
never stopped to yet the water power,
and Carter has ainco moat successfully
confined hi* talents to mining litigation
and politics."
Whether (.irove and "Ulue Dick" are
one and the name man is not known.
At any rate, Grove has a Blue Grass
mulatto tor a wife and has disposed of a
good deal of hi* mining slock in this
Kuibezxler \V<><>Icn Tiikrn l? Sinjj Slug l?
Srrvo UU .Sent mice.
K\v York, Nov. 9.?Lawyer Francis
11. Weeks, the self-confessed embezzler,
whose extradition from Costa Kica excited
ho much tall:, was to-day takeu to
Sing Singjto servo out his sentence of
ten years' imprisonment.
Weeks restod uneasily last night and
in reply to a question of one oi his keepers
if he felt ill, he answered flippantly:
"Well, I've got to go to Sing Sing to-day
and J can see no good to myself nor to
any one else by worrying over it."
Then after a pause ho exclaimed: "I
wish this was all over. I am only too
anxious to begin my term of imprison
IIHMIl illlU lllll auvigiicu lU Ulgiv IIIU
at once."
At half past 9 o'clock tliis morning he
started in charge oi a deputy sheriff for
the prison, where he will spend the next
ton years of his life. He refused absolutely
to be interviewed before hia departure,
reiterating hia statement that
lie had nothing to say.
'the I'viihhImu Klm'.tiuiu
London, Nov. i>.?The correspondent
of the Tunes at Ilorlin says that although
the Conservatives wero the clllet gainera
iu the recent elections their gains
are not so Jarge as they look, as most of
the members who wero designated as
belonging to no party iu tho last parliament
consistently gave their votes to
tho Conservative side of the house.
The agrarian wing returns show that
group is undoubtedly strengthened.
The Radicals alone have boon seriously
weakened in numbers, although the
new diet is not likely to make much of
a stir in the world.
Four More Victim*.
Chicago, Nov. 9.?Four inoro names
have been added to the list of tlioee
killed in last night's Rock Island wreck
here, making eight dead and thirty-four
Tho nrhiitinnn) <lead nrn: Edward J.
Crady, of Quincy, His., died at hospital
to-day. Malcolm Latham, 12 years old.
died today. Keuben Leghorner, died
at his homo today. Man, name not secured,
died at his home in Wentworth
Avenue, today.
Opposition for the Tliiugvaihu
New York, Nov. 9.?A project is said
to be on foot by the Urania steamship
Co., oi Copenhagen, to establish a now
line of steamors between that port and
New Orleans. The new line it is thought
will prov^i powerful competitor of the
Thingval^Uno which now onjoys the
monopoly of tho Danish-American trade.
A Handsome Profit.
Chicago, Nov. 9.?The live months
the Ferris wheel revolved on Midway
1,453,611 people paid a total of $720,805
50 to ride. The company paid off
bonds amounting to S30U,000 and after
paying operating espouses and dividing
with the exposition over $150,000
was loft the stockholders.
Mntaofa Transferred.
Lo.vdos, Nov. 9.?A dispatch to the
Standard from Berlin says: The Gorman
cruiser Uperber has left the
Samoan islands to transfer Chief
Mataafa from the Unionist islands to
the Marshall island*, where he will be
detained in accordance with the resolution
of the three powere.
Marriage Kel'orm ltlll.
Bitda Pksth, Nov. 9.?Dr. Wekerle,
minister of finance, announced to the
lower house to-day amid ringing cheers
from both aides of the houao that the
marriage reform bill with its preamble
would by authority of the kins be submitted
within a fortnight.
How Many Were Injured.
Saxtander, Nov. J).?Just after the
great explosion, the other day many of
the people hurried to the railroad station
with the intention of leaviug town
as fast a* possible. In the rush to outer
the traing a large number of persons
were injured.
JIan Political A?pirnti</n?.
London', Nov. 0.?It is reported that
Col. North, the "nitrate kin#," supported
by Lord Randolph Churchill
and Mr. Ashmead Bartlett, will contest
West 1/soda in opposition to Mr. Herbert
Gladstone at the next clec:ion.
To Improve Digger Inrihiuit.l
Washington*, D. 0., Nov. 9.?Secretary
lloko Smith appointed George I*.
Crosby, of Sacramento, Cala., a special
agent to examine and report on the
condition of th4 Digger Indiana with a
view of improving their condition.
Tlie Numc'M Delight.
Kvery experienced nurse knows the
value of a remedy which, without being
an anodyne, will relieve soreness of the
limbs or stillness of the joints, and enablo
a patient to sleep quiotly and naturally.
Just such a remedy are Allcock's
Porous Plastkrs. Placed on the chest
or on the back, if necessary cut into
strips and placed over the muscles of
the limbs, they work marvels in the
way of soothing and quieting restlessness.
Being perfectly simple and harmless
in their composition, they can be
used freely, and many a sufferer has
thanked them tor a night of quiet rojt,
grateful both to him and those who
caro for him.
Brandbeth'sPillh do not weaken the
Your Family
should be
provided with the
well-known emergency
The best remedy for all
diseases of the
Throat and Lungs.
Prompt to act,
Sure to Cure
Tli<* l.oslcul Kepubllcnii I'rafldenllal Can- 'I'll
iliriute In IMfMJ?Kx?SpeUkvr llucd nml
other* on tlicHubJuct.
W A81I1NGTON, D. C., NOV. 9.?1TllC iin? tJ,
mensity of McKuileyVinnjority in Ohio
has startod a groat deal of talk uh to the tu
influence it is going to have on his po- ar
litical future. There is a very general fr(
expression of opiniou that he is tlie tall- sii
est timber in the Republican party to ye
attract presidential lightning, and that tm
his nomination at the next Republican ah
national convention is the most prob- 8.
able thiii}: in the future of politics, Re- so*
fore the election there were many pre- i'a
dictions by prominent Republicans ah
that his election by n large ninjority cii
would make him the next Republican I
candidate for the presidency, His ma- su
jority turns out to bo larger than any in
one auticiuated or hoped for, and some til
of these predictions are interesting for so<
review. na
Ex-Speaker Reed, on his return from so
the Ohio cumpuiau, suid to some of his
"If Governor McKinley is re-elected 0
by 40,000 plurality he will be the Rei.iikliAon
tnn.ldv.l lumrap in 1 fiOft. linloHH
ho commits some error, and tlint is not
ut all probable." da
.Senator A Id rich, of Khode Island, wtio Tt
bad more to do with the work upon the a
-M civ in ley tariff bill in 1800, when it waa ali
before the senate committee on finance, of
than any other member of that body, in
said to a colleague on the floor of the W<
miljto just before adjournment last ?>f
week: *<
"If McKinley gots 30,000 or 40,000 R?
over Ilia competitor you can afford to P?
watch him in '9(1 He will, I believe, bo Si1
thelogicalcandidnto for the presidency." w<
Another Republican senator, whoso t>?
name has thrice- baen presented to na- nil
tional convontiona for tho presidential w<
nomination, but who, on account of his
prospects in tho future, would object to
being quoted on this subject, said juat Iu
before he left for his western home to
take the stump in a campaign which
had a doubtful prospect, but which has '
developed a Republican victory. c
' To mv mind McKinley ia the log- 'I1'
ical candidate In 1896, Jf it transpires *>o
that tarifl has been the principal issue
in Ohio and he wins an unusual vietory?secures
a msjori ty of aay 30,000 or an
40,000. If ho acbievea a great victory r01
lie ought to lose no timo in sotting at
rest the possibility that lie will again (
accept the nomination for governor.
"In the first place throe tornia aro Ru
enough for any man iu the governor's tin
chair. It is difforont with the office of .
governor from that of a senator or congressuien,
in that the governor's office
deals solely with local affairs, and the, - j.
man in uongresi nas to ao mostly wiui
general issues. A governor must got J
into complications which, in a measure,
unfits him for holding the ollico a
lengthy period, while a man in Con- '
proas, having a greater field for operations,
can keep out of local entanglements.
If McKinley isre-elected by a no
large majority and absolutely refusos cee
another race in 1895, he will be the
presidential nominee in '96, and 1 havo P?l
no doubt will be olected. With him lis Pu
the standard bearer tho national issue ani
would be America for her own interests
and the protective policy to tho front" 'I
Both senator Sherman and General tin
Foraker have been quoted as making fall
similar predictions. hai
Mrong Kvideuct) AguluHt Illui.
Toronto, 0.. Not 7.?The startling cflj
feature of the inquost luat evening on sui
the body of Lucv Denning, the alleged 001
victim of Irwin M. Andrews, was tho
testimony of Mrs. Helen Lewis, a siator
of the dead girl. She stated that whon .
Andrews discovered that Lucy was~goingtodiehe
suggested that she be al- j
lowed to remain at his Shaw infirmary,
and if she died he would bury the ,
body; the friends could then advertise i
her as missing, as was frequently done, q
hie tjvlucuuo w?iu ycij akmtlloi. ~~~
the aliened murderer. mm
An Explosion and Iln ftexnlt.
Chicago, Nov. 1).?A gas meter in the
north side railway barns exploded today
and the explosion of ten more meters S
immediately followed. A disastrous W
tiro followed, resulting in the total de- o
struction of the eleven meters and the ?
buildings with forty streot cars. The g
total loss will probably reach SlOO.OUv), .
covered by insurance. The cause of "
the explosion is unknown. Few em- fc
ployes were in the buildinz at the time ic
and" all escaped without serious injury. cj
,G??o<l Kdltori, ^
Farin, Nov. 9.?A committee repre- b
seuting the press of Paris has decided ^
to establish a fund for the relief of the
sufferers by the explosion at Snntander.
Kach editor present subscribed one 1
huudrod francs to tho fund.
Cntarrh Cannot be Cured .
with local applications, as they can- ?
not reach the seat of the disease. Ca- ~r
tarrh is a blood or constitutional dis- "l
ease, ana in ord?r io cure it you must 01
take internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh i
Cure is taken internally, and acts di- J5
rectly on tho blood and mucous surfaces.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is not a
quack medicine. It was prescribed by ^
one of the best physicians in this ^
country for years, and is a regular prescription.
It is composed of tho best
tonics known, combinod with the best
blood purifiers, acting directly on the *
mucous surfaces. The perfect combination
of the two ingredients is what m
produces such wonderful results in
curing catarrh. Bend for testimonials,
free. F. J. Ciikney & Co., Props.,
Toledo, 0.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Glad Tiding*.
The grand specific for tho prevailing _
malady of the age, dyspepsia, liver
complaint, rheumatism, costiveness,
general debility, etc., is Bacon's Celery
Cure. This great horbal tonic stimii:
Kites the digestive organs, regulates tho
liver and restores the system to vigorous
health and eueriries. Samples free.
Large packages 60c. Sold only by Logan
Drug Co. 3
Now Congressman?la Senator Silverstate
a man of his word? Fifth Termer ?
? Well, not quite as bad as that,?Exchange.
(iimruwtoeil Cars.
We authorize our advertised druggist
to sell Dr. King's New Discovery for B
Consumption, Coughs and Colds, upon B
this condition. It you are afflicted with
a cough, cold or auv lung, throat or
chp?t trouble, and will use this remedy
n# directed, giving it a fair trial, and *
experience no benefit, you may return
the bottle and have your money refundml.
We could not make this ofl'er did S
we not know that Dr. King's New Dis- ,
covory could bo relied on. It never dis- ?
appoints. Trial bottle frees at the l^ogan Jj
Drue Co.'a drug store. Large size 50c.
and $1. ti S
If you ffeel weak ^
- and all worn out take ^
in Noted Womiiii Tiirufl U|> in Defumliint
lull IMvorct* Sllit*
Nkw York, Nov. !).?Robert L. Hondo,
o New York lawyer, who lias been
'ing at Paris for several years, lias rerued
to this country, and is making
rnngemonti! for a legal separation
)ui hit} wife, who will remain abroad,
o is Josie Mansfield, who, twenty
.t(o ago, was tin? ruLjo:t of no
ach gossip in connection with the
ootingof .laities Flak, jr., by Edward
Stokes. Miss Mansfield went abroad
on after the tragedy, and had lived in
.ris since. Though somewhat mature,
e is said to be etill beautiful and fas*
j a ting.
She met Mr. Meade in Paris, in the
inmer of 1801, and they were married
-?-t c .u? ? A ?
vsmouur U1 IIH! P1IUJU /CUI. tuua
ue tho lady was known in Parisian
ciety as Mr*. Lawlor, which was tho
ino of her iirat iiusband, an actor ot
me note.
I0Viv\ BE IS
i tliuGrent Foot Hull ftnme to lie t'layeil
L'jiu.a nui.rui a, Pa., Nov. 9.?Plenty of
ah and snap marked tho work of
nnsylvania'a foot ball team yesterday.
10 practice was tho best seen for many
day and the coach era and students
ke are more hopeful as to the result
Saturday's game with Yale. Great
provement has been shown in team
>rk. From appearances a large crowd
Philadelphmna will ?:o over to Now
>rk to see tho game, Dotting on the
mo is light and is mostly conlined to
ints. One was made yestorday of
30 evon with a Vale man that the bine
>uld not beat Pennsylvania by twenty
ints. A number of small wagers wore
ide ot even money, that Pennsylvania
mid score.
Which the llritish Slaughter :? Thousnml
London, Nov. 9.?A dispatch from
rt Victoria, from J)r. Jamesons, says
other battlo has boon fought between
5 British forces and 7,000 of tho Jlatalea.
According: to liis statement only
ree wore killed and seven wounded
the British force, while fully a thous
d iUatabelos periaueu ana a complete
it followed.
Not Politic]!I Kefiigeuti.
jan FRA.vcrsDo, Nov. 9.?The five
Asian convicts who wore picked up by
? whaler Morgan in Okhotsk sea and
jURht to this uort. proved to bo po,cal
criminals as at lirat reported.'One
in was sentenced for passing countert
money; one was sentenced for strik;
a liussiau army oflicer; two others
irdered a soldier and the fifth killed
itizen. One exilo is a Russian, one
ole and three others tartars.
'NoTniNo succeeds like success" nnd
thing will inoro quickly insure sues
than true merit. For fifty jenra,
er's Marsaparilla has maintained its
pularity as the superior bloodrider.
It stands dpon its own morits
1 nover fails to give satisfaction.
"he Princeton college catalogue shows
it the ncademic department has
len ofl' seven, and the scientific school
3 gained thirty-throe undergraduates.
\llow me to add my tribute to the
cacy of Kly's Cream Balm. I was
Taring from asovero attack ot inflni\x
nnd catarrh, and was induced to
your remedy. The result was marous.
I could hardly articulate, and
less than twenty-four hours the carhal
symptoms and my hoarseness
appeared, aud I was abie to sintr a
avy role in grand opera with voice
impaired. I strongly recommend it
all singors.?-William II. Hamilton,
ding basso of the C. D. Hess Grand
era Company.
Letters from Mothers
peak in
arm terms *p4JC"?V
f what W
cott's &
mulsion //\\
as done J \
irtheirdel- i * 4" l
ate, sickly
lildren. TR '? "7
's use has [\
rought irr^s^s^salousands
back to rosy health.
Scott's Emulsion
' cod-liver oil with I-Iypophoslites
is employed with great
iccess in all ailments that reice
flesh and strength. Little
tes take it with relish.
topared by Scott A bonne, N. Y. All drOfKists.
Double Chi
Will completely destroy the desire forTC
1?'hk; ci\uhu no MeknoHH.nndinay bo von
edge of the pKtUnit,wUo will voluntarily
the patient, by thouse of our SPECIAL f
I>urinff treatment pntientmire allowed t!
phlne until such time as tbey shall voiuti
Wo send partleulurn and pamphlet of
he jrliid to place sufferers from any of tin
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druicKistsat $ 1.00 per package.
if your dr?K>:l>tdoesnut keep them, c
and wo will send you, by return mall, a
Tablet f>.
Write your natno and mldrrssplainl;
whether Tablets aro lor Tobaeco, Alor
Liquor Habit.
DO NOT BE DECEIVED into purehi
any of the various nontrumji Unit aro be
offered for sale. Ask for HILL'S
TABLETS ltd take no other.
Manufactured only by *
xv Self Torture!
That's what it amounts to, when you afc
/ tempt to do washing and cleaning,
/ now-a-days, without Pearline. And
/ / the strange part of it is, that you
/ r\ should be willing to suffer, when it's
v jri\\ U 'f \N 11 only for your loss and not for your
1 Cj \ / gain. That needless back-breakin?
\ l/N"l ~ /S rub, rub, rub isn't saving you any!
\ ill thing. It's costing you money.
||\ // ? / \ v\^~v 11 is sinil)1y wearing ?ut the
|U'\/ 1 " I'I 1 ll\ tllinSs that y?u're washing.
\\\\\\\ ]| I \ Why would yo? rather do it?
HOT jI \ That is what the women who
A\\ (/ ' are saving their strength and
their clothes with Pearline can't understand.
X'cddlcts and some unscrupulous grocers will tell w?,
?*A "this is as Rood as" or "the same as Pearline." IT'S
ir- ^wtfsa
H-? ?!
! | has caused the success o, h j
,i : ?p ,
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v " . ~a
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Memory, rain in Mark or Head. Blues. Nervous Prostration or Sleeplessness? Don't neglect yourself. Tli'M
condition! result in Insanltv uml T?. t ir neglected. T!n? *V:ir?vln? Tablet Co.. Oberltn. Ohio,
For sale by McLAIN BROS., Twelfth and Market Hi. and GEO. H. EBELING, 2125 Market 8t
sEMT id fit jf ??- nil ntorvotis diseases. such as *">ak Merr ry, I#o?a of Ilralu Power;
?? JJeudnch*, Wnkefulm J-o.t Vunhood, Muhtlv Emlnlnn..
t\l. ((? Yj Qulckneaa, Evil Hrcumi, I.uck cf Confidence, flcrrauinesi,
. v? /3L{ V all drains nnn loss? powerln Generative Organs of either sex caniod
r A jASR? t uy overexertion, y??uthfhl >rror?, excessive usa.of tobacco, opium
' k f-L./ J ///iorstimulants which lead to L.flrmlty, Consumption and Insanity. Con*
ANvS^V 2 J^enlentto carry in vest pocket. By mall prepaid In plnln bo* to sr*
immynriii^mll fi (TO ' ; address for Ml. each, or ?for 155. jWlthevrry IS order weclva
eM r,,M?,niilce tocur^orreftaiid the money.) For sale bT
ircmftv lNnAvn-viTrwr n J iff J1 nn(1 *cc"Pt ,l? o^?r, ciKCtn.AR t'UEK.
JihMiul, i>U ArTr.ltI.SI 1. Address Ax:KVK KC?D CO., Masonic Temple, Chicago, III.
For Salo in Wheeling:, W. Va.. by LOGAN DRUG COMPANY, cor. Tenth and
Muia streets.
The grout rouiody tor nervous prostration una all nervous diseases of
flgflHrtfrw A v;T the generative organs of either so*, audi a* Nervous Prostration, tnu
nBBmn&aMK^k ingorLostBlunbood, Impotcncy, NlRhtly Emissions, Youthful fcrror>,
MfMSfr-wtilSST iVKi iR'^t * Mentnl Worry, excessive use of Tobueco or Opium, which lean to ton*
^VVadKUMff* - sumption and liiMinity. With every 85 order weplvo a written pus^
UKi'Oiihj aISD AfcTISli USING. antoo to cure or refund tho money. Sold at 8I.OO ??er box.
swwMdumar* jcr SB.OO. l>tt. MOTT'BCKlEMlCAfcCO..Cleveland,Ohio.
Fors-tl" In Wheeling >>v the ?.()<; A .V DltUG CO.. Mnin ?utd Tenth sireetv
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? careful investigation us to our responslbll-1 f w
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loride of Gold tablets V \
IBACCO in from 3 to6 days. Perfectly bitrm* S
, in aeupofteaorcoireo without tlie knowl* ? A X a
stopamoklugorclitiwingluttfewduye. X 4r if f
(T)TIT] can bo curcd at home, and with- m
LDil outauyelfort on tho part of f
tie freouso of Liquor or Alor- jr/dgmi aT X a f]j?
X Testimonials 1
^ho habits in communioa* >Ov XUoUUiuiu g
tuouMiofourTABLKTs. ^ / from persons .
by all FiftST'CLA^o I
jr iiK i3k / who have been
ncloso us S | .00 A. mSiKlX V/ 1 u ?
packagoof our yr X cured by the use of
Hill's Tabids. \
y / TiironioCHtmctLCQ.: S
X&l S for 91.00 worth of your Tableti for Tobacco Uftblt. I recoivea
IP f them nil right and, altnoujfh I was both a hefitvy smoker and cnewer,
k^Mr/ they did the work in leas than threodnyH. I am cured. ..... _
Truly yours. MATILEW JOHNSON, P. O. Box to- |
TiiEOniornEMlCALCo.:-GENTU*.MEK:-It gives me pleasure to spesic a
word of praise for your Tablet?. My son was strongly addicted to tne use oi
S liquor, and through a friend, 1 wus led lo try your Tablets. Hn wasabwyyana |
r constant drinker, Dut ufter using your Tablets but three days no aultaruiMini^
and will not touch liquor oi any kind. I have waited four month before writing p
you, iu oidcr to know tho euro was permanent. Yours yg\7?HJj.tEN M0KB180N. g
mo chf.mical Co:?Gr.KTLEMEN:?Your Tablets hare performed n in iruclo in my case. |
istfd morphlno, bypodormicaliy, for sev?n years, and have been eur?i by tne us?u?
gtb oi your Tablets, and without any effort on my part. W. 1*. LOl r.ua i g
Address ull Order** to ^
? B1, 03 and OS Opera Block. LIMA, OHIO.
nenUoo tlilis paper.)
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