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against being surprised and tho dote
iiiinntiou which tho members seem i
have that the royalists shall not agai
snccoed to power, have givon tho ofli
ciaJsof tho government much hope th;
the queen cannot bo restored.
At tho Hawaiian legation Miniate
Thurston vrai glad to read the letter \
tho Associated Press, but paid ho ha
nothing to say on the news that was n
ported. The strain of tho uneerininl
that Jjas t urrottnded thoru for two weel
now is beginning to tell on those a
tachod to tiio logation. Their door3 ai
always open to all who call. The pre
Huru upon them for information h;
been constant, and though men <
Htrong physique, their nppoaranct> bi
gins to show that they have borne bu
Occupied by MhiUt^r TliurAtnn, of Hi
wall?Secretary Grenluiiii'i Poiition.
Washington', I). C., Nov. 2j.?It woul
probably notdiatrc6s Minister Thursto
if Secretary Greshatn wore to acrid h
passports. This would admittedly be a
act of war and would place the admini
Irution still further on the defensiv
But Secretary Greahamhaano intentio
of pivin^ Minister Thurston an oppo
tunity to bo made a martyr ot and I
will not aeiid him his passports.
On the other hand it is probable thr
Secretary Greaham would not bo aorr
if Minister liiurston wcro to (Ionian
>iis passports. His position with rob
lion to the dlato department is a
anomalous one. Diplomatic oflicers <
the Unitod States government have a
raiirned him on aorious charges to whic
his statement was a reply. Tnia ia sufi
ciont grounds for him to base ademan
for hie passports upon. The intentio
to commit an unfriondly act upon h
government has not been commtin
catcd to him officially and is thorefoi
according to diplomatic usage unlcnow
to him. lint ho baa ample grounds f<
demanding Informal ion of official eorci
and if it is refused him calling for h
passports. But the Hawaiian miniate
will probably not givo up the advantai
he has in beinz in diplomatic relatior
with this government, even though the
urn strained.
Secretary Gresham's theory is tin
the provisional government of llnwr.
comes to an end with th?? notificatio
from this government that annexatio
with the United .States is denied, tli
government having been formed for tt;
purpose of annexation. He inav hoi
under tins theorv that .Mr. 'i'hursto
no longer hold* any diplomatic relatia
to this government a* his own goven
tuent has ceased to exist.
Concerning (Maim* Uinlcr iho Fa in o in A
or .Iiiiim Ji7, 181)0.
Washington, D. C., Nov. 2.1?Con
miesioner of Pensions Loch ran to-do
issued the following important ord<
k simplifying t!ie bureau work in the a<
I judication of claims uudor the J famot
" act of June 27th, 1890.
"Pension certificates issued under tl
nocond section of the act of June 27tl
1890, will no longer specify particular!
disabilities. In such certificates, whe
the maximum rating of ?12 per mont
is allowed, tlie certificate will state tli
applicant is unable to resort to manui
"Where less than the maximui
rating is allowed the certificates wi
Hinio mat li in iu. mo )>;u tuu iuuu?m
to earn support by manual labor.
"Whenever iti ease of a ponsio
granted mulcr said section at lest? tha
tiio maximum ratine, a higher ratin
subsequently sought, the apolicatio
for such higlior rating shall bo eonsi<
ored and treated as a claim for increa*
and not as a claim because ot a no
disability, and the increaso, if allowet
will commence froin tho date of th
medical examination thowing tho ii
creased disability."
Signed by tho Hartford Coitip;tiiy-*-Moi
Plants to be* <)|>rnit?*<I.
riTTsiiuncir, Pa., Nov. 23.?Preaidet
Kberhart, of tho window glass worker
union, received word to-day that tli
scale had been signed by tho Ilartfoi
City Glass Company The firm wi
blow on the night of November 27. Th
Hartford City plant is tlio third large:
concern of its kind in the country.
In the northern district the scale lis
been signod by tlio United Glass Con
]>any. lho firms have completed a
ran moments to oporato its two plants j
C.eveland and New York. The news (
iho intended resumption was a surpri*
to the window workers, ns the firm ha
declared early in the lali that thou* t\>
plants would not operate in the winte
Th? Flint (iliiHit I'lc'it.
Pittsburgh, Pa., iN'ov. 23-?Thj Flii
Glass Workers' Union has settled dow
to a long light. Tlio members of tl
organization declare that they have i>
hope of a eettlemont. with the Unite
States Glass Company. They have ti
notion of making any overtures to Pre
ldent Bagaley and Hay they do not e:
pect that the company will propose
no Moment.
SluiU 1>owi? 2iMt?llint?2y oil Account of tl
Low l'ricc ??f -N'/iHr.
Beaver Falls, Pa., Nov. 23.?-At noo
to-dny tho Curnegio steel company pot
od a notice that this ovoning at 6 o'cloc
tho nail mill would shutdown for an ii
definite period. 1 his includes both tl:
day and night turns, and throws b>
tweon 2o0 and 300 mon outofemplo;
ment. 'Alio company assiflis no cani
lor tho action except that the preset
price at which nails are sold dees n<
justify them to continue running.
Muro Afros!*-?A Woman With Incutidlni
J>ociimcntM in II?r Lodging*.
Madrid, Nov. 23.---Arrestsof Anarcl
istscontinuo tobernado throughout tl
country. An important arrest, the p
lico tnink, was made at Barcelona i
the person of a woman, Teresa Clan
menu Fifteen thousand mflamntoi
pamphlets and books were seised in In
lodgings. Four other Anarchists wei
arrested at Barcelona, charged with b<
ins the persons who placed a dvnnm:
bomb iu front of tlio mayor's house.
The editor of tho Xciigiero (Jnivcrs
has reccivod a letter informing hit
that his ofHco will >e blown up wit
dynamite unless ho consents to publis
an article in defonso oi tho bomb ou
ragout tho Liceo theatro. Tho polh
are keoping a careful watch at all tl
Madrid theatres to prevent a repetitio
of the Barcelona crirno.
small I'ox Kpi.l?mlc In Chicago.
Chicago, Nov. 23.?Tho health cot
roissionor declared to-day that sma
pox in epidemic in Chicago. There ni
noweightoen eases of the diabase iu tl
city peat houio.
A Pull Thmikaglvlug*
Portland, Ogn., Nov. 23.?Althoug
this was tlio day designated as a day
thanksgiving, i>jr tho governor of tl
r- state, it was not observed as luch except
to bv the state officials and commercial in* I
11 ititution?.
A llotnn Create* u ISig Commotion on FlflT
teenth Street.
^ Last night when Otto Cappel was putj.
tiny his team away in hit stable on
v Woods street, north of Fifteenth, ouo of
the horses ran uwav with only the
^ tongue of the wagon attacl?od to him.
g. Ho tore down Fifteenth strcot at a tearis
fill pncc, narrowly missing Mrs. C. I',
af Jirown as she came out of her front
3. door. Ilathon ran on down the mid*
r- die of the sidewalk, and narrowly mi*sitigaoveral
children, whirled and ran the
pole through the largo plate glass win*
dww at Albert Schane's, breaking it to
i. pieces. Soon after tho horse was caught
and taken back to the stable.
Sin*<* ?.* l"iiI Event* last Night. i
Tho supper givon at the Arion hall
ls last nicht lor tho poor of the city, under (
,n the auspices of tlio Conference of St.
a. Vincent do Paul, was a brilliant anil
e gratifying success. Tho attendance was
largo and tho lino supper won many
n compliments. Tho Opera House Or- (
r" chestra added to tho attractions. Seven j
10 hundred people were fed during tho
evening, and over $.i00 was cleared by 1
lt tho conference. Protcatants as well as ,
X Catholics liberally patronized the oll'air.
d "
l' The euppor at Mrs. Metcalf's, on Kast
n Fifteenth street, last ni'/ht, under the
auspices or the Women's Union Denevor*
lent Society, was aho a success, and tho
? Indies of that organization found their
commendable efforts on bohalf of the
" poor crowned with tho appreciation of
n tho public. i
A brilliant private hop was given by
ro tho Premier club last night at its hall i
n on Main Street.
>r ,
:9 Several members of Holliday and j
19 Stephens Posts, G. A. P., went down to ,
,r Mel la ire last night and attended an onr0
joyabie campfire given by Spangler .
,y A'oat- 1
A very enjoyable and artistic concert t
ft was given in St. Luke's parish house, on |
11 the island, last night, under tho direr.- (
n tion of Prof. Hammond, leader of the
11 nUnir ,
10 j
>e I Physical Training.
^ j Prof. E. IJ. Warman's lecture this
a I ovening at the Young Men's Christian
1,1 Association on "{scientific Method of
,l" Physical Training" will bo full of valuable
puggestions. Professor Warman's
vorantiliry is well known. IIo in deserv- ]
injX of the high roputation he enjoys.
ct It is hard to nay in what he excels, but <
physical training is his favorite subject. <
a> Ho is a fine specimen of manhood and
a firm boliover in physical training.
[y The ledum will not only interest
3r young men who are interested in aysj.
tematic exerci-e, but will be of great
u bonelit as well as pleasure to business |
men and ladies. The proie*sor will
i give an exhibition of Indian club swing?o
ingatthe conclusion of the lecture,
h, Iloawingj nine-pound dubs with ease,
iy skill and grace, 'Itekets are .'Id cents,
u Seats can bo reserved at the Y. M. C. A.
h ?
10 I'ocnllnr I>l?-orco Procwedlnjj*. <
a' An interesting divorce suit has been <
settled at Now Cumberland. Five years
asro David Gallagher married his second '
'J wife, and after living together a short 1
y time, they separated, the husband it is i
stated being to blame, llo attempted i
11 to get a divorco and tried to dispose of I
11 his property, but his wife wife opposed
? him. and ho lost his cn^e. and $M0
M alimony was granted the wife. Galla,'h- '
er moved to Missouri and secured a
,e divorce, his wifo failing to appear, i
]v With this divorce he showod up at Now ;
Cumberland and nresontod the docu- ,
0 inonts, but the authorities dashed his ]
hopes to earth, His Missouri divorco j
was declared invalid, and ho was order- ,
ed to pay his wife ?f)00 alimony and $S0 :
a year as long as they aro husband and :
o wifo.
^ Rev. 3Ir, Dornblnner'rt Succensor. I
AL t\ eonerecrationnl meeting of the i
8 English Lutheran church, it was deie
cidcd that Rev. Mr. Dornblasor should
d continue as pastor until Sunday, Dell
comber 10, and ho was requested to celobrato
communion on that day. Tho 1
? church council mentioned sovoral
names of eiigible pastors. The congre- i
nation asked tho council to recommond
15 a pastor after investigating the records
a* of all tho candidates. It was considerr*
ed best to select tho one whose past
lt; work and recommendations from peo
pie known in tho church showed best,
> rather than to make a choice from tho
d impressions made by "trial sermons."
r In Doop Wntev.
Like incautious and weak swimmers nro those
who invur the risk o( chronic rheumatism by a
it neglect oi safoty. This can bo insured at tho
start by that live preserving medicine. Hos11
tetter's Stomach Bitters. Hhoiimnthm may atl0
tnck the heart. There is no safety then. Forestall
the ;:hrunic ^ta^o of the malady, by mi us
10 cho Hitters, which is equally oifleaeioui lu
l(j miliaria, dyspepsia., liver compluint, eonstipulo
Hon aud kidney disorder.
^ Pittsburgh Product) Market.
* PrrrsnuitaK. l'A'.. Nov. isi?nuttet, Klgln
a eruamcrv' VfctftQot Ohio Cuuoy creamery 25a27c;
(aney country roll'JOikNJc: low grades and cooking
lOnhe. Cheese, Ohio noy ll??allty?; Ohio
Swisscheese. ll'iltl4o: Wisemsin Suits iGalftUc;
limbitrger.new in.uo Mr., Eggs, fresh rottusylvimia
and Ohio ilaifie in cases, I'nuHry, largo
live ehii'kciiH I'mm'c per pair; live rhickcus,
Mnall Jtia-ttlc; ducks, tuaG'V per nair; geeso
n 5'. OOal \h per pair: turkeys 8a9c per it#.: dressed
' (owls Ort'-Oc uer lb.; spring e.Uiekcns lQatlc per
t- ii>.: ducks iOal'io per lb : turkeys llalSc per lb.
, l'o;ntoes. hutcy Ilurbauks, ear Ints on track
k Ma'/ic per ouslie!: less than carlotsSulfide; Jersey
. .swents ?1 Wa>1 75 per barrel: Baltimore sweet*
SI 0;). Cabbage, per 100 h.nd 33 Ojal (A).
10 Oniony, yellow glohi- ?fl ^O.-il T.? per barrel: mixed
coutitrr stock iua.?c. Turnips, purple tops
0* washed 40a50c per bushel. Celery ?.'?a.'?c
... per bunch. Rutabaga.. 31 1)0*51 ? per barrel.
' ..rrot*5t-3al "0 per barrel,
fo ^
Olin Mlnuto.
Sixty seconds often makes a great difference?
n ono minute remedy for Bronchitis
choking up of tho throat and
lungs, etc., of course a groat blessing.
py Cubeb Cough Curo is such a remedy it
will a/lord decided relief in one ininuto.
I1# No family will bo without it niter once
trying it. Sold by Alex T. Young, John
10 Klari, Wheeling, and Bowio ?Sc Co.,
o* Bridgeport, Ohio.
0. "Iln Scnl" Hread.
>v j The Wheeling Bakorv will give an
;r elegant threo-bladod penknife or n
fe beautiful doll, to any little boy or girl
j. who will savo tho Tin Seal* from 100
Lo loaves of their broad. Seals must bo
prosented at the office of tho Bakery,
ai corner Alain and Twentieth streets.
n Always ask your grocer for "Tin Seal"
h liroati- '
b A Fnvnrltc In Kontuokj*.
J" Mr. W. M. Terry, who has boon in tho
:o drug business at Klkton, Ky., for tho
10 past twelve years, says: "Chamberlain's
11 Cough Remedy gives better satisfaction
than any other cough medicine I over
sold." Thcro is good reason for this.
No other will curo a cold so quickly; no
othoris so certain a preventive and curo
111 for croup; no other affords so much roP0
lief in casos of whooping cough. For
le sale by Chas. R. Gootze, Will W. Irwin,
Chris. F. Schnepf, Chas. Menkemeller,
Win. K. Williams, S. L. Brico, A. ?.
. Scbeolo, Will Menkemeller, John Cole,l
man, Richards & McKiroy, wheeling;
of Bowie <fc Co., Bridgeport, and B. F, Teo?c
body & Son, Ben wood.
Yesterday Was the Last Day of
tha Odd Fellows'
Officers for tho Knsulng Vcar W ere
Klecfod Yesterday?Only Ono Con.
lost In Which a WheelIng Mail Wan
Defeated?Various Appeals Decided?Other
Basinet Matters Dc- 1
cided by tlic Grand Lodge.
Yesterday tho last sossions of tho ,
annual meeting of tho West Virginia
Grand Lodge, Independent Order of
Odd Fellows, took place, all tho basi*
ness being finished. At tho morning
session all oi tho Grand Lod;<o officers
were present, Grand Master Dayton
presiding. The grand secretary rcported
tho reinstatement of tho Into
jrand treasurer, 31 r. Kelly, who had
been previously oxpellod from tho
Grand Lodgo for not keopinsr tho funds
Df tho order in bank, as ia required.
The committee on appeals made its
i mnHnm ?1jo tnnuf. in
report, uu vanuuo ...w
toresting of which was regarding Julie
IS. Owens, of Huntington, and was a controversy
about sick benefits. The cmq
was against Marshal lodge of Hint city.
The committoe on election returns
made its report, admitting a number of :
new members to the Grand Lodge.
During the balance 09 the forenoon various
routine matters occupied the attention
of the Grand Lodge.
On account of sickness, Grand Herald !
l-ioorge A. Floding, of Huntington, was
granted leave of absence for the remainder
of the meeting of tho lodge. J
At tho beginning of the afternoon
session, tho committee on appeals reported
regarding more appeals carried
up from subordinate lodges. At this
session ot tho Grand Lodge thoro is
more than tho usual number of such
:asoi. 1
Tho committee on by;Liws reported
by-laws for tho state assouibly, Daugh- j
lers of Rebecca. '
The auditing committee reported that !
it. had made a critical examinotion of
I ho books of tho grand secretary, Mr. :
E. A. Billingjlea. Tho committee paid
1 well deserved compliment to tho t'onLleman
tor tho excellent condition of
Ilia books and papers.
Then followed tho election.of officers ,
)f tin Grand Lodge for tho ensuing
fear, resulting as uniowe. i (
Grand Master, Septimus Hall, of New I,
Deputy Grand Master, J. A. Bock, of ]
Farmington. ,
Grand Wardon, I). L. Dodd, of Mar- l
Grand Secretary, IS. A. Bllingslca, of
Grand Treasurer, lJonry Seainon, of
Grand Representative to the Supreme
Lodge, Al'ston G. Dayton, of Philippi.
The only contest was for tl?o office of i
jrand warden, the nominoes for which l
jflico wore named yesterday morning. \
Four ballots were necefsary before there
ivas a choice. Mossrs. Dodds, of Martinsburg,
and D. W. Martin, of Wheeling.
developed trio greatest strength,
and the eastern Panhandle man i
finally triumphed. The ballots were as 1
l. 2. 3. -i. i
iVoods jo lo '
ItOAch JO ill 17 12 i
Martin AC CO M i'J
v'ox 11
illchle 20 0 8 !>
shrlver...,. 10 !?
LUimraings 11 -1
Iloflmun 10 4 6 .1 I
Kyle G
Dodds .TJ M 05 I
I'tbinnn 1 1
Morris -
Miller 1
The crand secretarv presented a re- .
port from S. T. Putney, of Winfle d. who
turned over property and ?300 belonging
to a defunct lodge at Wiulield.
The grand master was granted leave
of absence, and his chair was iilled by
the deputy grand master. I
The committee on financo reported ,
the expenses of the grand lodgo meeting
Wheeling, amounting to $1,514 50,
nnd $77 95 for the grand officers, a total
3i" $1,592 45. The committee also esti
lllilWI UAJI itiooa VIl a luuu*ing
at Harper's Ferry at ?2,100.
At the evening session the newly
alocted grand officers were duly installed,
and at9 o'clock tho lodge adjourned.
Ir you want a reliable d.vo that will
color an oven brown or black, and will
please and satisfy you every time, uso
Buckingham's Dye for tho Vhiskora.
'Alf-an'-'ai.p, Smith's fino porter and
cream ale, tho best drink at this season.
I am receiving now Wall Paper for
spring trade, 1304, cheaper than ever.
Parlor and bed-room papers from 5c to
15c. "You will save 20 to 25 por cent by
calling or sending for samples at tho
"Old and Reliable Wall Paper Storo."
Jos. Guaves,
20 Twelfth Street.
IIr. Groror. Smith
Uvalde, Texas.
What Mr. Smith Things Ho
Would Ilavo
Said About Hood's Sarsaparilla
"Had Shakespeare lived hero anil suffered as
I have, I think ho would have Raid, Throw
awny all modiclno exccpt Hood's Sarsaparilla.
As an Englishman, comln;? to this
climate. I have felt tho heat very much. In
tho v,>rlns l (c\t ns it I had all tho earo and
anxiety of America on my mind. I Rototio
hottlo of Hood's Sarsaparilla and after 1 hod
taken it I felt as if I could undcrtako
Tho President's Duties.
Last msnth I had a return of prickly heat; It
scunicd impossible to stand up or lie down
without almost tear hi n myself to pieces. I
then cot one more bottle and it has not only
cured the heat but I believe it put my blood
Hood's twill* Cures
In good condition. I advise all to
Mood's Sarsaparilla in tho spring and fait"
Gronog Smith, Uvalde, Texas.
Hood's PillS cure Nausea Sick Hcadacho,
tfldigwUou, Biliousness. Sol<l by all druggist*.
. ' ' I
AQaitic ThCb.
Granulated Sugar, 21 pounds... $1 00
Standard A Sugar, 22 pounds 1 00
Gloss Starch, 7 pounds v 25
Ilolled Oats, 7 pounds.. 25
Town Talk .Soap, 10 bars 25
Biggin's Standard Soap. 10 Bars... 25
Bartlett Pears, 3 cans 25
Now Unisons, .*> pounds 25
Freeh Alaska Salmon, per can 10
Petti John Food, Tor Package 11
Gold Dust, Per Package 20
Mail Pouch Tobacco, per pound... 28
New Currants, per pound 5
Corn Starch, per pound 5
Hnnolina Rice, nor nound 5
Clothes Pins, per dozen 1
Carpet Tacks, S ounces in a bor... 1
lift CD.
or linvo flue side Hue. liOUQU!CT
fh'iAlt CO.. LyiH'hbtir^. Va. or.M*
salesmen *nd local .agents in
wh section. to handle our Lubricating Oils and
iirctBius aside lino on commission. COLUMr.l
A OIL X ?;Iti:\<K n> Chvu:iln IIM.-0
FIXTURES. I ho re by oflor for sale tho hotel
,md bur room furniture ami fixtures of GcorKQ
K. What ton. contained In the building located
U No It)lj Market street, in the city of WheelIng.
WiM Virginia, recently occupied by said
George 1\ Wtmrton as a hotel and bar room, inshilling
iho lease on said building until April
I, 189!. 11 BOM M Kit VI I, LK,
<?'-:;o AssifU- .- oi (icniiri- F. Wharton.
In pursuance of fliebv-laws of the \Ve?t Virginia
Expos!tlo i and State Fair Association, a
iK'.'flinr <?( t)w> ?r<-i<'l:hiililt>r<4 will be bold on
iiiturdnv, December nr the hour of ;t
1'clock i?. in., in tho olllce of tho Clerk of tho
Uounty Court of Ohio oouuiy. at the city of
Wheeling. Stale of West Virginia. for the pnrpose
of holding an election for a Board of pi- j
r?etor? to servo during tho year of !W)l. and to
transact any other budnesa that may be brought
before iho meeting.
mi:^ ( 'FORGE HQHK. Secretary.
Kus'oll Cottage. with about six acres of land.
;ie?r Wheeling raric, will be rented to a suitable
iicrson :or n year. For lerms and pariieuhira
ipply to W. I*. HUBBARD,
1121 Chnpline .street, or Mra. Erm: H. Anshutz,
on the promjse*. no*
J it: XT.
Second floor. No. 22 Tenth street. six room*,
until room and hall. $25 0) i>er month. Second
lloor. No. Irt02 Main street, ilx rooms, bnth room
md hall. ?.'rt per month. Third lloor. No. J06$
Mailt street, four rooms ami hall,920 per month,
[.argo tne-emeut barber ?diov\ corner Main atid
1'enth streets, 523 per month. All immediate
possession. JAMES I. HAW HEY.
seH Uffl Main Street.
One flat, five rooms and bathroom, first floor.
S'o. 2101 Eo 11'street
One tlat. four rooms and bathroom, second
loor. No. 2IU5 EoH'street.
One Hat. four rooms. No.fiCTwenty.third .street.
One Hut. three rooms. No. G2T wen ty-thirrl struct.
Equipped with all modern improvements.
K-'-' F. H. LANCE.
frame house iu ..Etnnvillo containing
10 rooms.
Two one ntory frame dwelling* iu Klrkwood,
md u Hue larm lor ?aio; cheat* nnd easv terms.
R. T how* m
insurance and Real F.state Agent.
nu24 Bridgeport. Ohio.
jy>Oii SALE.
Cheap anil oa Easy Term*
niC Hir T'.nnk Building l'W Ma'<-ronj.
]0 shares Wheoling Title nnd Trust Co.
'.0 shares I'uabody Insurance Co.
.'50 shares /Etna Standard l.iS. Co., common.
shares Hwitorlii Glass Co.
Isbaro Fort Ilourv Club.
]0 share* Klro ?t Marine Imurauoo Co.
jiuhiitcs South Side Hank.
:/) 'hares Wheeling Steel and Iron Co.
20 shares /Stun Standard Iron nnd Steal Co.
it s.IKWIN. llro*or.
orlO No. -j-1 Twelfth Street
Will do well to inquire
the price of
in our hands.
No. 1311 Market St.. imlO
Hjrvlrtttoof a deed of trust mndo by finstnv
A. Stueky and Clan:, hi* wife, to the undersigned
us trustoo. dated the 2Sth day of February,
IKK), nnd recorded lit the olerk's office of the
County Court ol Ohio county. West Virginia, in
Deed of Trust Book No. UJ. page -10, I will sell at
public auction at th? north front door of the
Court House of hnid county, on
commencing ut 10 o'clock n. in., tho following
described proimrty. that is to.sav: Twenty-four
feet ??tl tho north part of tho south haivos of lots
numbered one hundred and forty-nine and ono
hundred and fifty, sltuato in thnt part of tho
City of Wheeling, us l.ii I otVby Orlofl A. J5nne ou
Wheeling Island, and known as tho Orlort* A.
Dane's addition to said city, a tdat ?.f which Is
recorded in the office of the Clerk of rhe County
Court of Ohio county, ir. De -d Book No. 30. pace
214, Mid property to be Bold having a front of
twenty-four feet on South Brood way nnd running
back an equal width nt right nngloi to said
street the depth of one hundred feet.
This property Is high ground, on which Is a
cottage house of four or live rooms. No.WSouth
Broadway, between Virginia and Ohio streeu.
Tr.itjw ce Sam::?1One-third of the pu roll aw
money and as much w?re as the purchaser may
elect to pay cash, the residue iu ono year from
day of sale.'with interest, purchaser to give his
note with approved focurlty for tho deferred
pavmeut, and tho title to Iw retained till It is
paid. J. I). EWING, Trustee.
W. II. IlAt.t.r.':. Anrtii?n?vr. tv.'.'.
Teeth positively extracted without palu by
locid application. No after ofleets.
apl" 4'- Twelfth street, Wheeling, W. Va.
E. B. i
Bulletin i
One Cent Articles.
6 Henry Envelopes. 4 zood I'on Holders. 0 Steel **0|
Pens, ) Memoraii'imn'Uook. ft Sheets Nolo Paper.
C Slntc Pencils. I L-n'l Pencils. I Co I lit r Pnttotis, ??2
bundles Huir I'iii*. l Handkerchief. 1 Thimble. ^?1
paper Pins. 1 pupur Needles. 1 spool Silk Twist. *01_
'JUoteu Hooks mid Kyes. G Darninu Needles. 1 ..v*
Nutmeg (Jrater, 1 dozen lirnsa Pants buttons, I }|,,!
Hat Pin. 1 box Carnot Tacks. 1 dozen Clothes jjc'
Pins, l Tablet, 1 set Knitting Noodles.
Luta o15-cont goods golug at 1 cent.
Two-Cent Articles. Jjj
iz dozen jsuttons, i nue uomo, l pome mis, ?no.
PintTin Cups. IUndkerchleU. Cake Callers. Pen- T*
per Boxes. Langtrr Hair Plus, Carpenter Pencils, of <
Cuff Buttons. PioPans, Pocket Combs. Napkins, No.
Can Openers, Spool Cotton. Toilet Soap. Gimlets, No.
Tape J.ines, Kubbor Tipped Pencils. Hair No.
Crimpers. No.
We deal only In Bargains and glvobig value No.
foi' the inouey. ' No.
Three-Cent Articles. jj?
Ladies' Handkerchiefs, Shaving Brushes. 1 nc!
dozen Dre?s Buttons. Stamped Dippers. Match No
Safes. Machine Oil Cans. Potato Mashers. 1 dozen No.
Safety Pins. Perfumed Toilet Soap, 1 pair Scls- No.
sors. Pint runnels. Jelly Plates. < urry Combs 1 No,
dozen Shoe Lflces, School Slates. Basting spoons. No.
A-oont Tablets. Cork Screws. Harmonica*, Cako xo.
Turner*, Mouse Traps Windsor Ties. Xo.
come hero lor bargains, wo will nut disappoint Xo.
you. No
Four-Cent Articles. i>?!
One set Teaspoons. Patent Sleeve Holder*. Boys'
Suspenders, Clark's O. N. T. Thread, Children's p
Bibs, Kubbor Dressing Combs. Comb and Brush tior
Case, pot Covers, Tooth Brushes. Fire Shovels,
Towelinc, Charm Knives. Mucilage. Sewing Ma
chine Oil, Scrub Brushes, Linen Thread, ilnnd '
Saw Files, Suspenders, Pencil Boxes, Calico, Mns- jjof
litis nnd hundred! ot other articles going at this jc
live-Cent Articles. ?
Ladles' Hobo, C&Udron's Hose. Boiling Pins. ~P
Boxwood Kulcs, CutrButtons, Tin Bucket-. Com*
bination Gluwi Cutters. Bov's Knives. Pokers.
Boor Bolt*. Nentsfooi Oil Shoe Blacking. Wash n
Pans, IHchlcr Harmonicas Towels. 'J5c Needle fro,
Packages. Spectacles, Mine Cologne. Hair Curl- No.
era, School Slates. Lamp Burners, Shoe Dressing, No,
Ladies' Pins, Table Knives. No.
Manj iu-cont articles in our 5*cent list. Come xo.
nuu uue mem out 01 our way. ,\o.
Six-Cent Articles.
One sot Tabic Spoous, Blank Books, Purses. v?Shirting,
Suspenders, Butchcr KnivA 10-cent
I .ace.*, Sleeve Buttons. 10-ccut Embroideries, i."'
Scrubbing Bnishos. Gents' Hull' Hose.
Mercbnuts invited. Wo have bargains for you
an(Ut will pay you to call.
Seven-Cent Articles. s
Colgate's Palm Soap, large Dressing Combs, cru
Harmonicas. Counter Hooks. Dress Goods. La- 8"'
dies' Handkerchiefs. Mixed BlrdSced, While- too
wash lirushcs, largo Tin Cups, Wash Pans. Shears. SI
At this popular pricc we oiler mauy articles roo
worth double the money. ? si
Eight-Cent Articles. d
Monkey Wrenches. Whisk Brooms. Wash Bowls,
Tin Buckets, Long Handle Fire Shovels. Rules.
Hosiery. Large Lamp Burners, Box Paper and t
Envelopes. Spring Balances, Scissors, Blank ?
Books, Patent Buttons.
Our customers know a good thing when they
see iu Join thu profession to our &toru.
Nine-Cent Articles. f|Jj
ladles' Gloves. Shoe Brushes, Stew Pans, Pre- $|
smo Kettles, Butcher Knives, worth l."> cents, feel
Gldgi Dishes. Milk Strainers. Coffee Pots. Flour $
Sifters, Suspenders. Kxtract Vanilla. Dolls. Dish Sou
Pans, Hammers. 1 Pound Grain or Ground Pep- $
Er. I Pound Cinnamon, l Pound Ginger. 11'ound s0u
king Powder. $
The above nro alt genuine bargains and lower strc
than ever before. ?,
Ten-Cent Articles. ?'i:
Suspenders, Clothes lines. 2-Vcent Jewolry,
Auger Braces, Stationery Packages, Jail Padlocks,
Koyal Needle Packages, one-haf pound Tea. Ladles*
LUeent Hose. Dolls, 25-ccut Cuff Buttons, p?v
Mirrors, Pocket Knives. Klg
Wo are constantly receiving bargains and can- six
not quote prices, ns they arc here to-dajr and Nln
gone to-morrow. It I* our aim to always have Koi
something new at prices that will make you buy.
AVEBPANTQ at prices that smash all former 51
UiEmLUHlu records I/>ok, for a So 01) j0^
Overcoat We al?o have groat bargains ut $:i.i>7, n
$4.50, $5.00, *0.75, uo to $10.7.>. T?
It will pay you to look at theso goods. U
MFN'Q QIHTQ at SI 93, Si 87, $3 90 81 87, f j 00. con
iUC/Il 0 OUIIO g;y;>, g'JH? to $126i Wo are H
leaders in low price*. If you can match these hoi
goods for less than double the money anywhere thi
wo invite you to return the same and your money II
will be refunded. These good* must go. Wh
MRN'Q D&N'T^ nt -I1*. G8c. 87c, 98c, SI 18 up to . 11
luCili 0 rlililij ?;{ :<7. ]f you want to know 'n,i*
the valuo of a dollar try to borrow one. If you '
want to know how to save a dollar or more look "'!
at our Clothing Department ['
DAVC' CIIITQ Rti',Sc 87c. OSc SI 18, 31 37 up. 11
DUIO OUUO Content once. This ale cannot
last alwav*. You cannot match the prices. 8tr,
RAV^' DAITR 11117n- ,yc^ Tho'eare I.
DVIu inli 10 bhrgidn* and going very fa<t at II
present We have all sizes from 5 to i;i at these lnc
prices. IJ
ypiJ?o QUAUC nt 75c, 97c, SI 10. 3125 Si 37,
ffltn 0 onuuo ?102, to ?2 as, u n just 04 ]
well to savetnonoyon Shoes as anything else, 11
and wo are away bi-low the market K
S2C.L Our succor In the Shoo line I1 probably 8?r(
more than wo desenro. We presume the reason
wo sell so many is herauso they don't Just long, n
but people win have thorn. j,,?
gains. wit
Men's and Boys' Hats V
fine Silk Hat, which usually *ells at $; jO. mj.
Men's Shirts ?" ?,
Millinery and Ribbons
Millluerv wo catj i
save you lots of money. Mis* Agnes darritv will .
give rou pointers on Milllncrv and Trimmings l\
that will do you good and will not overcharge
you norsell you old styles.
Tlnrioru/tur Undershirt* and Drawers at 25e, ~
UlluClnlM, ^7c. :.'.>c. ns.1. i>c up. We are always
below the marko*. on thcJO goods, as well F
ns everything else
Bed Comforts and Blankets Bi
Wo have just received a Job lot of these goods at
price* that will surprise you. ^ (
Ladles' Corsets ?ac,a5c.?<: up. ?
Umbrellas at ISc, C9c, 87c up.
Lace Curtains at !t9c, C3c. 87c up.
flrnrflPioc "*1. Granulated Sugar for 31 00:
UlUlClIbD. ,\ 1 buckle's Co IIV 0. j;,- (jraln or
Ground Pepper, cinnamon, Mustard. Ginger and r?
Unking Powder, nil goiug at 9c per pouud, or a p|]
pounds for 25 cents. 1 u
UW A Clothing Store, n |?oot nnd Shoe
Store, a llut Store, a Dry Good* gtore, u
Millinery Htore, a Notion Store, o KurnUh.
lngGooil* Store. n Ifai-dwnre nnd Tin whit
store, n Tea and Groccry Stor??nine stores r-.
In 0110?all eomploto under one rouf. M
Wo have the largest department store in the
state. 10)0 to 100(1 Main street, 10 to At Tenth
street and 1001 to 1037 Market street. Eleven IT
entrances? take your choice. Bargains iu every M
E. B. POTTS, 5
Main and Tentb Sts,, WMln g, W. Va. 3
, I'or
Branch stores at Fteubenvllle. Bella I re. New
Martinsville, I'arkcnburg and the "Cyclone" at 3Uter*vil)e.
nolo jc
jven rooms, all couvoalooco, No. 71 North
k street,
our rooms and attic on Zano street. Itcnt
ftOa month.
Ix rooms mid bntb ou South front strooL
it. 9.'.". oo a month.,
our room*. No. 62 North Wabiurh street Kent,
00 a month
brce room". No. 10.-"> Main street, third floor,
our-roomea cottage, o:s .-ioulh Broadway
it. $1-2 OA.
our rooms, corncr Twenty-Urst atid Main
ots. Rent. SI 1 ?t) u month.
hree rooms on second floor, In McMcchen,
it, s7oa
jven-rooroed brink ou Jacob, near F6u?
nth street. i?t S2.5GO.
ix rooms and storeroom ou Pcnn street, stain
{lie rear, m $2.21)3. A biirgicin.
our-roomed house ou Virginia stroet. Cboan
clophonc SCG. no'20
A Month.
1131 Ko(r street - ?Si"? <x)
lli> Virginia street yr>i
100 Main street, threo rooms ?)
ill Seven teen tli street lt> oj
jr-rooined dwelling. rear 120 Fourteenth
,rcvt D 00
330 Main street, boarding bouse no no
63 North Front street D oj
tr-roomed bouse, Manchester Coat
orks 6 00
ir HiOO Chap 11 uo street, three rooms. 7 oo
ir 1001 < hapllne street, two room* fl oo
use on Warren street 6 50
120G Elizabeth street, two rooms and
oble fi oi
2"?A) Main streot. threw rooms 10 t-j
175 Seventeenth street io oo
Wo Market street 7 00
) acre {arm (or market gardening, north
jit v. S-liw j>cr annum.
'2.? South Front street if, oo
222A Koil'strect, threo rooms.- 7 oo
I7ii Alley r, uiree rooms h oq
H-> Fourteenth streot 3) oq
llG(i High street, live rooms 7 o>)
8 Alley Kand Terminal railroad s t>>
5 AI lev Kami Terminnl rallroud s 1 ?
5W2 Main street 10 l?j
J70J Cliaplino street. storo roma
jtvj.j Woods street, three rooms 9 0)
J.107 Alley H . 9 u)
2509 Alley H. two rooms .. coj
'2KM Main -treet. three rooms ; ;,i
jo Thirty-third street s M)
:i.V27 (.'hapliuestreet, two rooms . 00
jf.'JO Alley It. two rooms <. 10
107 Alley lt>. two room* 5
J31 Twoniy-nlwh siroot .... ?<n
1920 Main stree t. th?eo room.-.. a oj
Idiot; for* man uiucturlm: or \vhole<u!o
ii>l?c?s. In roar of So i?l Markov su
OR SALE.?Real estato of every Joicrljv
ilK<tato Airnnt. U. ."i Claim Attorin/, Colutor
anil Notary Public.
o?0 1612 Markot Streot.
0. 72 Fourteenth street, ten rooms, modern,
11 .lauuary I. 1891.
1127 Alley 11. two rooms $ 6 00
9JJOhio street, first floor. three room."... oj
91 Ohio street, second floor, three rooms * 0J
2902 Kotl' street, three rooms Oil
2901 Kotl street, throe rooms 9 00
3119 McCollonn street, three rooms ?'? 0?
21HM) Chaplino .street, five rooms l.'? 00
290.' Chnpllnc street, live rooms M 03
69 Twenty-eighth street, four rooms ... 11 10
'.M00 Main street, four rooms 12 .V)
1022 Kotl'street, four rooms 9 00
lUltf Market street, two 100ms, 3d lloor.
i'l."? Fourteenth street. 0 rooms modern. '.'6 ckj
2103 Main street, tnird floor,-2 rooms... (i 0J
lx-roomed frame dwelling at Leatherwood.
lore rooms on South street, la llcurtie Tabaclo
i.OOO will buy No. 2319 Chnpliue streot, eightmod
l,S00 will buy No. 113 Virginia street, fourmed
1,500 will buy No. 1113 Alley II, five-roomed
tie. __
City Bank Building*
clenhono 2ll>. fno9| Itoom N'o.ft.
!,100 buys a four-roomed house on Virginia
ot. Island.
,soO burn a four-roomed boufe. lot 00x12!)
on South Penn street.
t.fiOO buys a ten-rooiucd. double house, on
ith Broadway street
i.ooi buys an eight-roomed brick houso ou
ith Front street.
5.0JO buys u ten-roomed houso, Xo. 272j Eoff
I.5D0 buys a seven-roomed new houso, with
improvements, on South Front stroet
100 and upwards buys Hue building lots.
on-roomed hAuso on South Penn street..? ifl 00
ht-roomcd houso on North Fronthtrect. 20 no
roomed hou.?e ou Ohio stieot 18 oo
le-roomed house ou South Penn street... 23 OJ
ir-roomed house ou Zane stroet - 10 IX)
11t:t Market street, Wheeling, W. Vn.
olcphnmy?S7. op?)]
Ix lots in lielvod'erc addition, two corner
i. nt S-7.? each.
ouse of six rooms and hall, Clinpllne, near
entleth streot. St,000
louse of six rooms. Eightoonth street. In good
dltlon. $.'.800.
ouscof six rooms, brick, with four-roomed
isc In rear, KotV street, between Twenty- 1
rd and Twenty-fourth street*. SI.AOO.
louse of four rooms, Cnarics street, Centra
eel fug. S9"-0.
louse of tiro rooms, Lind street. East Wheel.
wo business houso* on Main B treat, Centro
oellng. Cheap.
[ouseof fo.irrootns. Twenty-ninth street, lot
16"? feel 51400.
louse of seven rooms. Fifteenth strode.
IuUsjo of six rooms, brick, lot u'oxl-J feet, Main
int. Centre Wheeling, $2,000.
otrast end Fourteenth street. 850J.
louse of live rooms, Woods street. Mast Wheel.
louse of four rooms. Eighteenth street. $1,053.
hreo house*. Moysten street, cheap. '>>-).
louse of throe rooms. Twelfth street. S-'?"?0.
[oiisu of eight rooms, .Sixto.'uth street. in
id condition, St 700.
hreo lot i. box 1000 feet, Filan, White it Gallu>r's
addition: S.U0 each.
louse of six rooms and stable, Eighteenth
;et. 53.600.
hree lots In I'ark View, cheap.
ue-halflot. McColioch street, Centro WheelSJOU.
Ine suburban nrop^rtv. fvo mile'from tbo
*. live minute walk from motor line, new,
h all modern improvement*. Cheap.
otson Caldwell's run onfih.
iuC farm of 143 acres on National road, niuo
es east of the city, on easy term*.
uslness property on Market street at modorprice.
no oi tho best manufacturing sites in tue
, fronting ou two railroads.
I73f> Market Stroflt.
{ass and iron-:-h:k:
irnitnre and Carpat House,
No. dl-16 Main Street.
hotographs ?.
and Crayon Portraits.
iggins1 Gallery,
tmrrs :h Plain; Oil, Crayos, v:\zr.'.
and Ink.

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