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Its Artistic and Educational Features
The Government Appropriated $.'10,. '
000 for ThisLuudiible Purpose?The
Results to be Pruservod in tho 1
Archives at Washington us a Re- ,
cord of tho Exposition?How tho 1
Intcllltfencer can Securo t'icm j
Cheaply. i
Months ago, when even ths idea of
(he World's Colombian Kxpoaition was
voting, thegovernmcnt foresaw thegroat
importance of the event and took care
that it should not pais unrecorded.
The large sum of $30,000 was appropriated
for the purpose of the securing
a photographic record of every important
detail so that tho results might
be deposited in tho archives at Washton
for the benefit of future generations.
The very beat and most representative
views ol the entire collection have been
secured by the i*i eujokncer for distribution
among its readers exclusively,
so that it is now within the power of all
to obtain a superb scries of scenes
which cover every phase of the fair
and upon such easy terms that it is
most reprehensible to fail to secure
them. Tho fact that each view is
accompanied by a graphic and interesting
description udda much to the
'educational value of the entire series
and makes them of special valuo to
even'household. Those who saw tho
Fair" will prizo the portfolios as a .
souvenir, and those who were not so
"fortunate will value them as a record
?nd a iii a lory. In either case thoir j
possession is almost invaluable.
The plan by which patrons of the j
lKTjn.uax.NCKH can secure these rare I
views is explained in detail on page S. ,
The coupon appears at the lower right i
hand corner of the first pago. The cir- j
ralation is taking a boom as a result ot j
ihis liberal offer, and all should secure
the papers commencing veaterdav, when .
tho first coupon appoared. Hereafter
the coupons will be numbered consecutively,
but tho coupon bearing ycater- ,
day's date will go as >"o. 1.
A young lady was about town yester- j
day eellinc a collection of views in no j
way superior to these, the lowest priced .
style beiug $5. She found the pictures
very slow sale, but her offer callod attention
to the wonderful cheapness of {
the Intelligenc es'a unsurpassed pic- j
Strangers In the City and Wheeling Folk*
Archbishop John J. Kain, of St. .
Louis, arrived in tbe city last evening
. ~ .L T>-? 5- *
at / o'ciocx oo tno ran unuuio. uu
here to take part in the Reilly will con- .
teat, which however, has been post- '
poned for a week. The archbishop will !
probably not remain until the case is 1
called, as it will possibly bo further
postponed. <
C. 0. Davis, of Bistersville, is at the
W. A. Hardism and N. C. Hulings, of f
Bistersville, are at tho Stamm.
Rev. Father Charles F. Schlipp, of St.
Josephs', W. Va., is in the city for a
lew aaya.
President George W. Thompson, of
the Ohio KiTer Railway Company, ParkersbnrR,
is at the McLure.
WawbuI Attrinann. Aanintntlt nost
mas tor, is back at hie post of duty aftor
heing laid up sevoral dayawith the grip.
Mr. H. J. Beck, local agent at Piedmont
for tho Reymann Browing Company,
arrived in the city on business
last evening.
Mra. J. B. Me Lane, of Staples. Minn., '
nee Mill Mulrino, formerly of this city, ,
if at the McLure, en route to Ohio,
where >ho will visit friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Brondlo, of
Bits via. III, who have been visiting
Mr. and Mra George Adams at the Mc- ;
Lure Home for the paat week, left for
their home yesterday afternoon. Thoy
made many friends during their visit
here. j
n?lmoat Republican* Will Pnih Him for i
the Circuit Judgeship.
The Republicans of Belmont county
have determined to place an honored j
and distinguished citizon upon the cir- ,
rait court bench to lucceed Judge
Frazler, wboie time oxpirei next soa- i
on. Judge Frazior is recognized as an :
able and efficient jurist, but is solving j
his second term and announced some ,
tima sines that he would not be a can- i
didate for the third term. Judge John |
S. Pearce, of Cadiz, and Hon. John M.
Cook, of Stenbenville, huvc bean men- |
tioned in connection with the place, but ;
the friends of Hon. Lorenzo Danford
fee! confldont that they can securo for ,
him that honor without opposition even j
from the distinguished gentlemen j
named by other counties. Captain {
Danford won distinction during the ,
war as a soldier and in the balls of Congress
following that period, and for all .
the years since ho haa distinguished .
himseli in the practice of law boforo tho
courts of the county, atato and nation. 1
TheBellaire/ndfwmfcn' payehima high
omnlimcnt, and says "it is not beyond
the range of possibilities that the gentlemen
whoso names ?ro used abovo 1
will cheerfully join in conferring tho ;
honor upon Belmont's distinguished
lawyer and statesman."
BJ ? Case of the Rchinulbnch Brewing
Company In Ohio.
August Nouhausen, the Pittsburgh
ngent for the Smulbach Brewing Company,
of this city, has been a lucky defendant
in a eate just decided by the
circuit court at Stenbenville. Mr. Neuhausen
was engagod in selling beor, with
a cooler and office in Stenbenville, and
subsequently established a cooler in
Mingo, with a horse and wagon to de- ,
livor boer to customers. Treasurer i
Hugo Coble brought suit to collect tho ;
l>onr tax for tho coolor in Mingo and
tho common pleas court held that Xeuhausen
should pay taxes on both places. ;
*ince then tho supremo court has hold
that ono who has paid tax asadoalor
may establish coolors in other places j
ana delivor beer from there. Going by ]
this decision tho circuit court sot asid'o .
the decision of tho lower court and Mr.
Nonhauseu won in a enso that has been
watched with i'nterost by liquor dealors.
The decision virtually gives a man a 1
right to start as many agencies as ho
Tjie best medical authorities say the ,
proper way to treat catarrh is to tako a '
constitutional remedy like Hood's tiarsanrilla.
llwtwnn a Tarraer ami County Ofllrlnlt 1
la Slnmhall County.
The Marshall county circuit court, at
its'last session, issued a rule against the
:ounty commissioners compelling thorn
to show cause why a writ of possession
should not uu iaaumi in iavor oi Jonn
Higpins for a small strip of ground near
the mouth of Big Grove creek, on which
was built tho southeast abutment of
the county bridge, the cornor of it being
lilso on Iliggins' ground. The court decided
in favor of Iliggins and ho was
put in possession of it, and a iew days
iigo he proceeded to tear the abutment
lown with the intentiou of hauling it
Last week the county court mot and
authorized Prosecuting Attorney Parjoiia
to move tho bridge over outo tho
county's ground. 1L J. McFaddon was
hired to do tho moving, and early yesterday
morning with a largo force of
workmen ho went down and com
monced the work of moving ttie bridge. I
In the afternoon Higgins was notilicd
of what was being done, and he, tosether
witlj his attorney, D. B. Evans,
wont down and ordered the work
stopped. After the news pot around
town some of the public officials thought
thero might bo trouble, so the sheriff
was sent down to preserve the pcace,
l>ut when he got there the men had
moved their tools ofl Mr. Wiggins' part
md had promised j>ot to do anything
more in moving last night, but should
they commence operations again this
morning Higgins will swear out warrants
for all tho parties ongugod in the
work, and will bring civil action against
them for damages.
A similar case exists at Rosby's Kock,
ivhero tho county court built a bridge
jver Gravel creek, without condeming
the laud, at a cost of $2,500.
\ .UUcetlaueouH Melange or Minor Mutter*
from Mnnhnir* UotroiiolM.
Davo (iaroy, one of the "yellow gang"
iutu uvunuuu, nan uuic jgobuiuav, uuu
;ot vorv drunk. Ho engaged in a row
n Thomas Higgins' saloon in tho aftor- i
10011, and came out with a badly ?
noshed face, it having been dono by
someone striking him with a pitcher, j
Mo was taken to l)r. Hall's office, where
iiu wounda wore dressed.
The Christian Endeavor Society of
the Presbyterian church will hold n
iunrise prayer meeting Thanksgiving
uorniog at 7 o'clock in their church. *
The Christian Endeavor Society of the
Disciples church and the Epworth
League of tho Methodist church have
i>een invited and will attond. An offerng
will be given for the poor.
Rev. George Willis, who has been aslisting
Rev. Mr. Grimes in the revival
low iu progress at the M. E. church,
eft yesterday morning for his home, in
Cleveland, Ohio. The revival has so
far boen very successful and is growing
rery interesting.
Hon. B. F. Meighon and Capt. A. 0.
Baker went to Wheeling yesterday to
ittend the funeral of the late ex-Govjrnor
J. J. Jacob.
A number of Moundsville poople are
;aking the advantage of securing the
irt portfolio the Intelligences is oflerng.
Misa Cora Walton has returned alter
i visit to friends in Pittsburgh.
itftge of Water and Movements of Boats.
The River Interests.
yesterday's arrivals.
Liberty. ('larlngton. noon.
Ben Hur. Pittsburgh, midnight.
R. K. Phlllios. Mswtnorns, 11 p. m.
Sunihlno. Parkcrsburg. 11 p. m.
yesterday's departures.
Ben Hur. Psrkereburg, midnight.
Liberty, Clarington, 3:30 p. m.
T l>w?rj<r. Clnrlrirton. 3:30 o. m. I
IL E i^hilllps.Siatamora*. l0:J0a. in.
H. K. Bedford, Pittsburgh, M n. in.
Sunshine, Farkerkbuix, 11:30 a. m.
The following changes havo boon
made in U. S. port lights between Cincinnati
and Pittsburgh: The lowor
light at the foot of Brown's islnud
uoved down 200 yards; Beach Bottom,
moved up 500 yards.
Very respectfully,
F. W. Crock f.r.,
Lieut Com'r, U. S. N., Light-houso Inspector,
Fourteenth District.
The stage of water at the public landing
lust ovening was 4 feet 6 inches and
slowly falling.
The Viking ship that attracted so ,
much attontion at the fair was at St. (
Louis Saturday, and on .Sunday left for j
Now Orleans," stopping at every port ;
ilong the stream. Great crowds lino
the bank* at everv town as the curions
aid model of ship building comes in.
The long looked for hoavy riao in the
river is hoped for soon. Yesterday's :
rains were protty general, extending
iown the river to below Iiavenswood, ;
md nearly all the small streams below
is well as those above are running out.
Captain Crockard thinks "we will havo
good water right away."
Tho fine steamer bunshino will take J
the place of the Courier temporarily in
the Parkersburg trade and will loavo :
tho wharf this morning at 11:30 o'clock
an ber first trip. The Courier's damngo
is not great and she will be back in the
harness again in a few weeks. It iB not
Iwnown what trado the banshine will be
put into then.
Tho Annie Laurie, she of the unbearable
whistlo, that forruorly ran in tho
Pittsburgh*Muskiui;am river trade, is
3n her way to the upper Ohio from the
Mississippi, whero she has been lor
several months. A Memphis dispatch
says: "Tho steamor Annie Laurie, in
charge of her owners. Captains Scott
and Wallace, left this forenoon light for
tho upper Ohio, after running in local
trades here for a couple of months. She
was withdrawn, owing to the slacking
ofl in business.
Headwater report* show rains at all
reported points.
warren?River 1 foot and falling;
cold and raining.
Oil City?River 1 foot 5 inches and
rising; raining.
Greensboro?River 6 feet 10 inches
and stationary; storming.
Morgan town?River 6 feet and stationary
; light rains.
Pittsburgh Produce .Market.
Pittsburgh, Pa.. Nor. 27.?Butter, lltfn
creamory 29s30c; Ohio fancy creamery 25u7c;
fancy oouutry roll 20h'.t>c: low (Trade* mid cooking
lOalfio. Cheese, Ohio new 11'^c: New York
new l'->?al2?4r: Swiss cheese, tubs. Ohio 14V$c;
Wisconsin l6J{e; limburger. new make, 1 :%al4c.
Kpw. utrictly fresh Pennsylvania and Ohio in
rases 24?25c. Poultry. larfu liro chickens 45aV)e
per pnlr; livechlckcus. small .Tiai'H:; ducks.4Qji?Vk:
ncr pair: get>seS100al 25 per pair: live turkeysCcTc
per lb.: dressed chickens, drawn, 9al0c per lb.;
turkeys lOal'-'c per lb.; ducki 10al2c per lb ; Reese
SalKr. Potatoes. tancv Burbanks. car lo!a on
track MaSfic per buslicl: less than car lot# &*a60c;
ither kinds 4'?*>0c; Jersey sweets $.? 5'j.i i 7o per
barrel: IfciUltnoro sweets tl 75ni 00. Cabbage,
per 100 head SJOOMOO. On tons, yellow globe
}l 50*1 'o per harrc!. Turnip*. purple top*
trashed 4Qa&0c per bushel. Celery l">aJjc per
buneb. Rutabagas 31 (Oafl if> p.*r barrel Carrots
SI 25a 1 SO per barrel.
Toledo Grain Market.
Toledo, o., Not. 27.?Wheat higher; No. 2
cash and November 62>$c: December Q-jjfc: May
S!?c. Cora dull; No. 2 ca<h ;w>;c. Oats quiet:
No. 2 cash :4c. Ryo dull; cash 49c. Clovcrsoed
Heady: prim* cash. November and December
>5 55; February So March $j Ttt
U?l>? nml Mlslm|i? in tbo Thriving City , I
Acruii ilio River.
Mr. Jolin Woidel and Miss J^ena Vol- I
land were married yesterday morning a
it 8 o'clock in fct. Mary's church by the I
'ector, Rev. Father fc?-"fcr. Mattingly. The I
bridesmaid was Miss Mary JMum. of 1}
Vv iieeiiiitr. and the groomsman was 1
Joseph Fchrenbscb, of Martin's Ferry.
Eveu though there was a misunderttanding
about the hour of the wediing
the church was filled. Many wont
ater, thinking it was to occur at 0
>'clock. The bridal party was driven
.0 Mr. Weidel's residence, whero a
choice wodding breakfast was enjoyed.
In the evening a reception was given
ind largely attended by relatives and
riends. The dinner commencing at 6
/clock, was one ot tho best ever served
n Martin'a Ferry.
Phillip King, Princeton's quarter
jack, and one of the great stars in the
oot ball world, says that Martin's Ferry
jught to have had the game played
ivith Waahington-Jeflerson on November
11, as stated in tbe Intelligencer
it tho time. Mr. Th. Gjertsen, of tho
Nfnrtin'a Vorrv nluh. wrote to Kin?
:oncerninc the dispute and the plav,
ind the great Princeton playeranswcrod
.bis way: "To be a touchdown the ball
DUBt bo held across the line. If fumbled
md eecurod by tho side defending the
roal it is a touchback and must be
wrought out to tho twenty-five-yard
ino." This is just what tho Martin's
Perry players said at tho time, and tho
icoro ought to have been 10 to S in
favor of Martin's Forry.
Among the peoplo laid up with tho
jrip aro William Mann, Mr. aud Mrs.
G. Robinson, Ad. Van Pelt, Harry
ioorg*, William Otto, Itobert Blackford,
Ban Ellis and Mrs. M. Bartholonow.
Dr. J. M. Blackford is able to bo
)ut again. Frank Zink is recovering.
Tho splendid Eclipso bicycle to bo
jivon to the person who secures tho
greatest number of new membora for
he Y. M. C. A. has arrived.
The Ladies Auxiliary Society of the
V. M. C. A. will hold an important
neoting this aftornoon at 2 o'clock.
Tho Clairsvillo Proabytery will
neet in the Presbyterian church this
ivening at 7:30.
A three months old child of Mr. and
ilrs. Thomas Lloyd diod last night.
Both factories at the Laughlin mill
ire ofl.
111 Soil* of Lornl New* and Gossip from
th? Gins* City.
Tho good ladies of tho various
Marches met last night to formulate a
>lan to give a dinner to tho poor chilIren
of tho city on Thanksgiving afterloon.
It is a commendable move, but
ihould not bo confined to the poorchilIreu.
Lei all the poor feaat and have
ho greater reason to bo thankful
Some of the candidates for poatmaa;er
have been circulating that M. Gorlou
is out of tho race, but Mat says
ie'1* bo right thero when tho commislion
for the office is handed out.
Mrs. Robert Carmichael will colebrate ,
ler ninety-fifth birthday at Columbus, 1
tnd., on Thursday. She was once a ,j
esident of this township, but left here
or Indiana in 1849.
W. J. McCiain, who had a contractor's
ien on tho property destroyed by liro \
n Columbus last week, wai largely pro- !
loctod by insurance ho carried in his .
)wn right. )
Tho movement to revive the old Bell- ;
lire window glas9 works here is to bo [
revived with some vigor, and there is a
arobability of a company being organ- ;
zed to operate it. I
There is ono case of mild diphthoria
n the city aud three cases of scarlet
ever. The board of health mot yesterday
again to formulate rules for vaccination.
Tho William C. Gill property on Rose
hill was sold for $265 by Doputy Sheriff
Darby. All the roceutsaleaof property
liere havo been exceptionally low.
Insurance ratea have boon increased
here almost to tho prohibitory mark.
L'hey have been put un as high as 3$
dot cont in some instances.
Tho funeral of James Fitton will take >lace
this afternoon at 2 o'clock, under
;he auspices of the Odd Follows. He )
lad $5,000 lifo insurance.
Miss Annie Bvrno, of Parkersburg, is j
:he guest of her cousin, Mias Mollie
lie Kxpccted to Die.
For years I euffored from rheumatism, ?
ivspepsia and kidney discasoa. Three *
>f the beat doctors in tbe city said I
uust die; but I am alive and well to- ?
lay, cured bv -Microbe Killer. E. P. =
Hatch, 41 Jfaverick street, Chelsea, ~
Are Your Children Subject to Croup? 1
If bo vou should never be without a [
bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. *
[t is a cortain cure for croup, and haa
never been known to fail. If given freely
as soon as the croupy couch appoars it
will prevent the attack. It is the sole
reliance with thousands of mothers who
have croupy children, and never disappoints
tbein. There is no dancer in
jiving this Remedy in large and frequent
doses, as it contains nothing in- l
Brings comfort nnd improvement and I
tends to personal enjoyment when I
rightly used. The many, who live better
than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting tho world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest tho
value to licalth of tbe pure liquid J
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellenco is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleasant
to the taste, tho refreshing nnd truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax- C
alive: effectually cleansing tho system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers n
and permanently curing constipation. J
It has piven satisfaction to millions and r
met with the approval of the medical
profession, becau.v it acts on the Kidneys.
Liver and llowels without weakening
them and it is perfectly free from f,
every objectionable substance. ii
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- 7
gists in 50c ana |1 bottles, but it is man- *
nfactured by tho California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whoso name is printed on every
package, also the name. Syrup of Figs
and being well informed, you will no' ?
accept any substitute if offered.
Apples of Q
(So says Holy 1
In Pi
And so
The Golden
Are Be:
The Art Por
Which Are N<r
Among Its Reai
Official United State
$30,000: SECURED
How to Get Them |
THE 16 Por
11 *J eatlmal
. T . "UCh 01
ftellng fiitelligencer $30,
Bgy Points the Way ?
B?1l II ===
!| pone, t
i Narvous Diawuea in their wont form*. It la purely xegetable. plaasan
trail h'errona Thanlud become* aaiet and clear, fnri of d*i
ntaa rejuvenated. A decided improvement in on* week. Are joo enffei
lernory, Pain in Baek or Heed, Blaea, ?r*eue Proetratlon or 8le?ple?an*
jnditiooa mult in Insanity and Death, if oeglaetad. The Vurorinr
For walebv CHAS. R. G0ET7., Successor to McLaln Broi., Twclftl
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lore Book Bargains!
Fine Subscription Books at f.
about one-third agents' prices. J
If? and Work* of tiptirceon. > _W"-j
Memorial edition, nearly600 pases illustratcd,
from .....81.50 to 50c, [/// fy
If? and Worka of Jamei t?. Blniu?.
Uniform with Spurgcou- 81.30 to 50c.
If? of General W. T. Sherman. ^J&/r///f^
Samo as above ?? 91.60 to 50c. ^f// /// /6j
ife of P. T. Barnam. {Sm
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ictorlal Qlatory of the Civil War.
Royal 8 vo. 978 pages, itoel engravings,
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clopedla of Busiueaa and Hoelal Forma.
Ur6?8vo.,?7jpQStl. ain,nj'g?t0,l?5_ rJ^ISSell
[eroea of the Dark Continent.
Ilandsome quarto volume. Illustrated. "6 have the
83.50 to 81.15. twelve styles of x
ran exhibit at tbi
Six other titles In this lot equally good, but in* one ahnuld <
at apnea to mention here. limited and we c*
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iTANTOtfS "Sa,,
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largest stock of Tin .
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Weekly and Dally Newspapers, Delivered Freo gTATIO.VEf
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iVrit) Arc Fitly Framed
ctures of Silver
Of the
it World's Fair
st Preserved in
w Being Distributed by ^
jers and Their Friendsj
~r- ni IATAO
vr rnu i \jo
s Government Photographs.
AT A COST OF : $30,000 j
e chmplv I How to Get Them
6 Art Portfolio Coupons of different dates from page of this
.per, and Bond or bring them with lO oonta in stamps or oola (ooln
eferrod), to oovor coat of postage,wrapping, mailing, eta, to room
tfollo Dopartmont, The Wheeling Intolligencer,Wheelliig,'W.'Vanand one
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do descriptions, will be mailed or delivered. The entire series of
tfolios. 256 photographs, If purchased at retail would oost at alow
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pportunity can ever again be offered
000 Wa? Hio TJ. S. Government to cover the ex.
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?archives at Washington.
iFMRFR 71118 P^Per hasr, the EXCLUSIVE RIOHT to make
ILrlDLrv the distribution ol these reproductions from these
Official Government Photographs.
f IAI P FfllTF^T PIe?? favor your friends who may not
y.V . 1 regular readers of this paper by lnforming
them of tho particulars of this unfl
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3? . . .
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y n. F. MENKEMELLEB. 21A1 Market itreet
?**??*** NiSht School.
[frrpfcl^weSpe? ,ttrad ,h,n,sM "Grand
Rapids" 8weepers In Wheeling Business College,
rood, selected from the MlchlWTSMft.
?,ft Cor'Maln and Twelfth Sts-?
in securo no more like them. 1?
F^RITT A' RRA Writing. Spelling. Arithmetic, Bookkeeping,
1U ??*/., Shorthand. Trpewrltlng. etc.
1812 Market Street Comfortable moms, careful personal lnetfUO*
tlon and low price*
a iron cornice Mrs.H. Stevens Hart's
HOOQUK! School for Young
Q riven to all kinds or 8HEET ^adies and Children,
WORK on buildings. Also . , *
1310 and 1318 Market St., Wheeling, W.Va.
je* before contracting. as I am .
>argalns In tbat line of work. ^ |hInnrt cj^trlc raotora pa.se the
door. .Third annual seailou begin* MONDAY.
. SEPTEMBER is. 1W?. oontlnnea thlrtx-nlne
A I P\ \\T pFT week*, divided Into fonr terms. Thla sehool
/\LU VY L L L oflcr* a complete And thorough education la
Practical English. Mathematics. English Clasalc^
M8 MARKET STREET. Latin and Modern Lnuguaoes.
The school constats of Primary, Grammar,
Academic and College Preparatory depart men tt.
)TOGRAPHY. The methods and course of lmtrnctlon will
- ?? compare favorably with the best semlnarleala
\rr STUDIO lhc country.
* Hoys nro received In the Primary and first year
Grammar. For circulars or interview, apply to
asttj. OIU CIUYO*. WXIM D.. ,. ..
ani> INK. Principal,
[KI Is! STRBET, Residence Ko. 727 Main St.
, T,r,om r%? SEMINARY, Wllllamsport. Pa Both
BEST QUALITY OF sexea Regular and Klectire coureea. Flta for
LV, THE FINEST INK AND College Muaic, Art. Modern Languages, special.
rVPE are used In the Com- tie* Steam heat, electric Ught Catalogue fret
done by Opens Sept. 1 h. J. GRAY, D. D? President

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