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His Statement Ooncernlnsr the Provisions
of tbe Tariff Bill.
In Defense of the Free Trade Bill
to be Presented.
To the Demoratlc Theory That Free
Raw Materials "Will Foater Manu*
facturera?All of West Virginia Products
Struck Hard?Manufactured
Products Itfltfuced All Alone the
Line?Claimed to be a Blow at the
Trusts, Yet England la 1'latrered
All Over Them?Ad Valorem vs.
tipcciHed Duties.
Washington, 1). C., Nor. 27.?Chairman
Wilson ha* issued the following
in regard to the tariff bill:
The democratic member! of the committee
on ways and means have felt,
ai nono others could (eol, this momentous
responsibility resting upon ihem,
and the magnitude, difficulty and the
delicacy of the duty assigned them, of*
fering a tariff hill for a nation of 70,000,*
000 of people. The bill they were called
on te reform is a vast and labyrinthian
system of class taxation, the oulmina
tiou of thirty years control ot the taxing
powers by u lew great interest*,
gathering into their train u host of
petty toll gathers. It was carefully
framed to prevent ai long a< possible
what its unthor called "any monkeying
with the tariff," by which he meant
any successful effort ol the oeopla to
undo or to lessen the bounties which its
beneficiaries wore permitted to write
therein, in their own words and their
own lk'ure. It transferred to the free
list proper and fruitful articles where
most of the taxes paid by the people
were received by the movements and
greatly increased" the rates of these articles
where all or most of the taxes paid
by the people went into privato coders,
and it was bolstered about by many defeases,
chief among which are a swept
and varnished treasury and a swollen
and colossal scale of permanent expenditures.
Such are the conditions that
confronted us at the threshold of our
The committee have welcomed information
and counsel from every
trustworthy source, and while tbey do
afntft thnir bill to escaDO illlt
criticism, they do present it to the
k country as the result of mouths of
patient, anxious toil and of an honest
' desire to discharge their duty purged
of all taint ol local and personal favoritism
or prejudice.
Its main features nro two:
First?The adoption wherever it
seemed practicable of ad valorem instead
of specific duties.
Second?The freeing from taxes of
these groat materials of industry that
lie at the basis of production.
Specific rates of dutr are objectionable
for these reasons.
They frequently conceal a rate of taxation
too enormous to be submitted tc
if exposod in ad valorem terrui, as the
duty of 8 cents a hundred pounds on
aalt in bulk, which amounts to over 80
per cent on a common necessary of life,
'i'hev always bear heavily on the common
article used by the masses and
lightly on the expensive article consumed
by the rich, ns a tax of $30 on all
bouses would be little or nothing on
the preat mansion and very hieh on the
humble home. And contrary to common
belief specific duties lead to greater
frauds in administration, for counting
end weighing at the custom house
are done by the cheapest and
roost easily corruptod labor, while
.id Talorem rates are assessed
by the best paid and most responsible
appraisers. The ad valorem
system has worked well in practice; is
essentially the fair system, because it is
a tax upou the actultl value ot an article,
and was declared by Mr. Clay himself
to be in thoorv anil according to every
sound principle of juatice entitled to
the preference and vindicated by long
The boldost innovation of the bill is
Ita large free Hat of the raw materials.
Taxes upon productien are double
1 wrongs. They gather and cumulate on
the consumcra of the finished product.
They hurt labor by narrowing: the market
for what it produces. Coal and iron
are tho foundations ot modern industry.
Material progress ia measured by the
amount of tbeir consumption. No
other country can supply them as abundantly
or cheaply aa we can. No possible
competition can interfore with our
own producers a few miles in the interior
of the country, Kemotenesa from
the sources of supply ii iu Itself enough
disadvantage to any section of the
Without further burdena in tarili
taxea, untaxed ores, coal, lumber, wool
and other thinea must immensely
timulato production in certain parta of
our country. Tho thin edge of American
manufactures baa entered every
country. With reieaaea from taxea on
their materials there is no limit to the
growth of our foreign trade. Thia will
more than compenaate the home producers
of raw material who, tarlD or no
tariti, control all the interior of tho
country from any apprehended loss o!
markets anywhere along the seaboard.
Ita incalculable ndvnntago to labor is
apparent. In every great lino of manufactaroa
we can produce in aix months
to nine months enough for our borne
market. We can get rid ot our aurpi
ua only by foreign trade. As long at
wo have taxes on the materials of industry,
we cannot build up that trade,
hence the other alternative, trusts, to
keep down production to the home matket.
The workiogman ran see whether his
1 interest is with a system that repressed
production and robs him of employwent,
or with a system that givos
natural and healthy play to production
and emancipates him from trusts and
like combinationi of capital. A a to details
o! the bill, 1 will briefly recapitu
late the salient changes of the several
lu tho chemistry schedule, wo hare
transferred to the free list quite a number
of articles used in manufacturing
the moat important of which is anl<
phuric acid, ono of the commodities o!
all chemical industry. The duty on
castor oil is reduced from R5 to "5 centper
gallon. And the duty on linaoeil
nil which was revised to %'conta in conference
committee ot the McKinley bill
aftor each houae bad openly votod for a
lower doty, we put at IK canta a gallon.
I'ig lead it reduced from 2 to 1 cent i
stilt from undor woolen manufactures 1
and begets tfao bopa that they may ro- ? ,
cover from the languishing condition in
winch they have been for a quarter of a ..
conturv, and that wo may get woolen
Soodn at reasonable ratoi instead of at Pre
uties that oni'ommongrades frequently and
reach 100 per cent, and in cast's ! wo or tg
three times that merciless tiguie. .
Cloth# and dry goods aro put at 41) per lnlt
cent. Clothing at 45 per cent ratos and Tue
higher than the committee desired, but jute
deemed temporarily necessary, because c'le1
our iiiannfacturers have ao Ion;; been aix
exciuded lrom two-thirds of the wool of jj si
I Uio world that they will have to learn J ?or
pound. Loud paints are conspicuously
reduced. Tho McJvinley bill increased
tho duty ou opium prepared for smoking
to $12 a poundnn the vain hope of
lessening its importation. Tho custom
house officers on tho Pacific coast declare
that this increase oi duty has
simply placed it in the hands of smugglers,
tho bringing iu oi opium to the
demoralization of the custom service
and loss of over half a million revenue.
Tho duty proposed is believed to be collectable
and Trill put the traffic under
tho government control and supervision.
Ill the pottery schedule reductions
are made. Plain white ware is decreased
from tho high -schedule in
which it mysteriously crowded itself.
Decorated' ware is reduced from (JO to 45
per cent, undocorated from 55 to 45 per
In common window glass, where close:
combinations have kept up the prices
to consumers under the scale of duties
, averaging a hundred per cent, a reduction
of more than one-half has beon
made in all the larger size'. There is
no doubt that these rates will permit a
very healthy growth of the industry
here. In plate glass reductions are
made, the larger size from 30 cents to 30
cents per square foot; on silver reduced
from GO to 35 cents. i
In the iron and isteel schedule we begin
with free ore. The discovery of tho
immense deposits of beasemer ores in
the lake regions and of foundry ores in
Alabama has rapidly swept us to the
leadership of tlio world in the production
of iron and steel, and brought near
at hand an undisputed supremacy in
the great field of manufactures. The
use oi steam shovels reduces the cost of
mining to a point where tho wages paid
"natural labor" are irrelevant. Pig
irou wo reduce from G.7-' per tou, which
is from 50 to 90 per cent, to a uniform
duty of 22J per cent, a rate somewhat
higher in proportion than the rest of
the schedule, because of cheap freight
rates on foreign pig, it being a favorite
irniKQt UII WCBtHttlu vuimsa. ..-vww.
rails we reduce from $1344 per too, now
75 per cent to 25 percent. As the pool
which lias koptup prices so many years
in this country seems jiow disorganized,
the other producer! will soon need
protection, wore against Mr. Carnegie
at Pittsburgh and Mr. Stirling at Chicago
than against foreign producers.
The residue 01 the schedule varies from
25 to oO per cent, Ueams and girders
are 155 per cont, because of tho waste
cutter beams and the variety of lengths
and also of the frequent necessity of
changing tho rolls in making beams
and girders, became of the irregular
quantities and lengths and lizes of
Tin plates are reduc d to 40 per cent,
a little more than one-half of the McKinley
rate. This is a revenue duty,
and at the saino time enough to permit
any existing mills to live and flourish.
Cheaper grades of pocket cutlery are 35
percent, higher grades 45. Table cutlery
is put at 35 per cent. These aro
very substantial reductions from present
rates, which, being specific, reach
in some grades of pocket cutlery as
high as 90 per cent., but with the release
of taxes on raw material, especially on
pearl and ivory for handles, seem ample.
Both copper ores and pig copper are
made free, we being large exporters of
the latter, and the duty serving only to
enable the' producers to sell higher to
our people than to foreigner?. Nickel
is free. Lead ore has a small duty of
15 per cent. Pig lead 1 cent a pound.
Silver lead ores are restorod to the free
list. Manufactured lumber is iree.
. Manufactured is put at 25 per cent, with
( the proviso that in any export duties or
charges on foreign lumber it shall be
admitted onlv at rates now existing.
Sugar has'boon a difficult subject to
i deal with. Haw sugar was transferred
to the free list by the McKinley bill,
because nearly all the taxes paid on it
went to the publi-- treasury. A strong
desire amongst members of the committee
was to put an nd valorem of -0
or 25 per cent on it and toaoolish the
bounty at once. After much consideration
it was decided to reduce to onehalf
the duty on refined sugars and to
ropeal the bounty oue-eichtt) each year,
leaving raw sugar untaxed a?at present.
In tho tobacco schedule those rates
were sought which would bring most
revenue. The present taxes of $2 75
per pound on wrapper loaf have blotted
out many small establishments and
actually impaired revenue. We m&ke
the rates S?1 and SI 75 per pound on
wrapper leaf and 35 centB ana 50 centrf
' per pound on filler tobacco unstemmed
and stemmed in each.
Manufactures of tobacco are put at 40
cents. Cigars are reduced from $4 50
per pound and 25 per cent ad valorem
to $3 per pound and 25 per coat. It is
believed to be the most productive revenue
rate, and is higher than.tho law of
Live animals are put at 20 per cent.
Barley is reduced from SO cents per
bushel to 20 per cent, which is about 12
cents. Hreadstufla, of which wc are
immense exporters, are madp free, except
when imported from countries
putting duties on our like product, in
which case it is 20 per cent, i'irst vegetables,
fruits, eggs and like food products
are untaxed for the benefit of our
own consumers, largely the working
people of the cities. Salt in bulk is
free; in packages tho salt is free, but
the coyatinc dutiable at rates prescribed
for like articles. Tho tarift on
spirits is put at double the iuternal
revenue rates ou liko spirits, and some
slight reduction is made on still wines,
malt liquors, ginger ale and like beverages
in the interest of increased revenue.
Tho duty on sparkling wines is
likewise slightly reduced for the same
reason; that on champagne being put
at $7 per dozen quarts, us against S3 in
the McKinley bill and SO in tho law of
Iu cotton inanmactures substantial
reduction* are made, especially on
cheap cloths and prints. Burlaps and
cotton and graiu and baggiug nre put at
15 per cent, but when imported for cov;
ering of articles to be exported are duty
Wool is made free. This takes the'
> Increased Appetite
is one of the first good effects
felt by users of Scott 's Kmulsion
of cod-Jivcr oil with Hypophosphites.
Good appetite begets
good health.
Scott's Emulsion
is a fat-food that provides its
own tonic. Instead of a tax upon
appetite and digestion it is a
wonderful help to both.
j Scott's Emulsion ar'
rests the progress of
: i Consumption, ' Bronchitis,
Scrofula. and
other wasting diseases
11 by raising a barrier oj
healthy Hesh, strength |
and nerve.
, Pyparad by Scott A Down*. S. V. AUdrawm
art of manufacturing with free wool, a jom
sliding scale ia therefor# added by
which the rates in the woolen schedule ven
arc to come down live points with the p?si
lapse of five years. Carpots, an industry the
in which we will aoon be independent late
of competition, are put. down 35 per
cent for administers, moquettea nod
Wiltons, 30 por cent for Brussels, while
common erades down to 20 per cent. A
Tho bill provides that the duty shall bu
removed from wool on March 1, and re- C
dured on woolen goods July 1. moi
In tho silk schedules the reduction of 75 (
rates is smaller than in cotton or woolen '
fabrics. Some leather is reduced from ro,(
10 to j ror cent. p" '
In the schedule of sundries many
articles, like hatters' plnsh are put on I?"'
I the free list. The duty on cut diamonds,
| pearls and other precious atones is In- cre'
creased. Works of art are, I am do- oa '
j lighted to say, put back on the free list.
Five I!ulIdings With All Their Contents
I liurned?Lota Six Thousand and uo
j Spfaal Dispatch to (tic Intelligencer. ^
StstEnsvitL*, W. V*., Jfov. 27.?This p
morning at 3:30 o'clock Slstersville ex- ?|0
perienccd her lirat nig nre since mo gra,
advent o! tlie oil boom. Five buildincs jjoi
with all their content! ire now in ashes, (jj>?
the inmates barely escaping; with thoir wna
lives. The origin of the fire is a rays- .
tery, all kinds of rumors being afloat. (
j Fire was first discovered in the saloon
and gambling room of l>ari Kellev, on 1
the corner of Wells and .Elizabeth
streets. It took but an instant for the
flamea to communicate to Thompson's
restaurant and Stealer's livery stable
and with two other small buildings, all ?
of which are a total loss, with no in
suranoe whatever. Preparations are
already being made to rebuild at once,
iielley'u loss will amount to ono thousand,
Thompson's fifteen hundred, BaldWitt's
fifteen hundred, Gardner about "c,t
ono thonsand. Stealey's livery stable is deci
a total loss, though the stock was all ^(8
saved. The new fire department did j{ev
excellent work and saved considerable >hii
*? ?? mus. ?...
vaiuaoie properiy. aum ???o men ??uv. Vjq(
attempt to tiRht fire and tliey did their jng
work like heroes. wafl
Two J.aillcs Hurt While lie lit ? Il.se licit
From Burning Building..
Sprrial Ditvaleh to the Intelligencer. D
F.msmoxt, W, Va., Nov. 27.?About S & p
o'clock this morning two large double tacl
dwellings, belonging to the Monongah jvnl
Coal & Coke Company, wero burned. Wit
One whs occnpied by the pit boss, John ate(
McDonald, who loit most all his furniture;
also Goorge Knapp lost the most
if not all of hia. The lire made such
headway when discovered that in the L
rescue of those in the second story aev- h .
oral were badly hurt. Miss Burk had
her arm broken and head badly cut. ,lle
Miss Maggie McDonald is hurt inter- The
nallv and cannot recover. It is not ere'
known how the fire originated, as it bee
started in a closet. wee
* pre
First Female Child Horn in Steubenvllle.
Sjtfciul Ubyatch to Hie InteUlqenccr.
Steubenville, 0., Nov. 27.?Diana V
Brown, to whom belonged tho proud waI
distinction oi beiug the ftrafc female 110
child born in thie city, died in Clove*
land yesterday aged 87 years. She is a V
daughter of Joseph Brashears, a pioneer j. (
of this place, anu she could remember be\i
when tho people ran to the blockhouse, bus
which stood on the river bank, when Rbl<
Indians camo around. by
.?. wB
Ills Kosiunnlloit Accepted and Sovereign Wfl
Ktected to Succeed Him.
Philadei.hua, Nov. 27.?X. V. Fowderly's
resignation as grand master
workman of the Knights of Labor has 75c
been occoptsii. J. R. Sovereign, of Iowa, Tos
has been elected to succeed him, and an
ontire now executive board haa been
chosen. ^
Directum Won. bj's]
Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 27.?The *ni
first heat between Saladin and Directum
was won by Baladin j time, 2:10}. Second
heat Directum beat Saladin a length *'
under the whip in 2.-10J. Directum ? ^ ?
won the third heat by one length under
the whip; time, 2:11}. Directum won
fourth heat and race.in 2:12. J
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The Dent 1'luhter.
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Children Cry J'orFitcher's Castoriai
i Not Half Finished?l'h? Itawnilm
-Matter Caused the Delay.
TARntNaTON, D. C.? Nov. 27.?The
eident's inessago is not half finished
ho ia donying himself to all calleri
irork upon it. lie doos not corni
> his office except on cabinet days,
adavs and Fridays, and works late
? the night. Heretofore President
Ireland haa usually allowed hi nisei 1
weeks to work on his raesaago. Ji
apposed that he haa deferred the
k on it this year to allow time foi
ie development in the Hawaiian
tor. The time for Congress to cono
ia so near that no longer doiay is
sible. It is therefore probable that
Hawaiian matter wil^bo treated
r in a special message.
. SI O. Freight Train <jioee Through n
liridgo?Fifteen Car* Wrcrked.
1'Miwu.and, Md., Nov. i!7. ? Thii
ning at 4 o'clock freight train No
9iut bound ou the Baltiuoro &Ohic
1, was derailed by un axlo bioakim
k car on a bridge near llyndnian
eighteen miles west of here. !h<
Ige was romplctely torn down and
en cars were precipitatod to the
itc hAlnn'. Sav.n tratnna were eeor
:he train just before tho accident
irred bat have not been seen since
are supposed to be andor the
eked cars, which were all loaded
j coal.
rreabouts of a JMUnIiic (iraiul Lo<lg<
Lrcamrer ttevpalml l>y an Avclilent.
oht Scott, Kan*., Nov. 2d?Georgt
ekion, a Fort Scott morchant one
id treasurer of the Knights o
lor ot Kansas, who inysterioaslj
tppeared from home two month ago
identified in a hospital at San Fran
o. He had been injured in a rail
1 wreck and was taken to the hoa
il for treatment.
,ow he got to California is still t
itory. When iio disappeared he had
ut $000 of the lodge's inonoy nnc'
ostensibly on his way to attend
meeting of^-the grand lodge al
van worth. Ho will be brouchl
io as aoon as possible,
Important 1'onklon Deoislou.
Washington, Nov. 27.?A case of con
irable importance to the estate ol
jaeed attorneys has been decided bj
iatant Secretary ql the Interioi
Holds on appeal from the action 01
pension bureau. The ruling pro
js that where an attorney dies leav
pension claims pending in which he
entitled to recognition, his personal
reientative will not bo reco^uizcd tc
iplete such claims.
Stmplclouk liox Found.
U1H.IK, JTov. 27.?A tin box weighing
ound and having a burnt (use at
led to it, bna boon iotind outsido the
la ot Alborough barracks, this city
i box contained a quantity of satin1
material reaembling saw dust. Ex
ts are now examining the box and
Only It'ive
osdox, Sow 27.?Tho steamer Gerl
landed two bodiea and two otlieri
buried at eca a fortnight ago
ire are only five members of th<
bt left to manage the ship, which hai
n beaten about tho channel for t
ilc past by the heavy gale which hat
How's Thlsl
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t 'IIT'
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[ New York City. l*Lh Street and 7th Aye., New York Citj
Thx CcfTAcm Compact, 77 Mimair Sriucrr, N*W To ax Cnr
Q^S.fe&^L OST WfiOR
Will brasa yon apla a waak. ioid with WHITT1*
tSR toCnra Nutoua Debility, Lnaa of 8aaaal Pomr in aithai m.
InrohipUrT Broia?io?n from any r?n??. If nailactad. aneb trouMea laod ?
?B#far? and After IVnr ~ " rnn"?"?pt|OB or iaaariiy, H.ro p#r box ly mill, 6 boita for 13. Wilh 9*rrjP,
?exoraanaAnfrta.n?. u E writua jraaraates t? euro or rofoad tho moo*J. Minn
r*AL MEDICINE 00., Cltralaud, Ohio.
fold by ClfAS. R. GOKTZE, Succcwor to McLain Bros., Twelfth and Market Streets. noV ^
> STRONGEST. Assets, $8,086,462.26. SAFEST.
4 Dpr Compound^JntBrfist^Invostment ^ Dnr
flf OF NEW YORK. H fi (if
wy For particulars, addreea v
H. B. MOESER, hanagor, 531 Wood St., Pittsburg.
MOST LIBERAL. Surolus, $1,528,986.54, BEST.
F. M. Thomas, tienerol Agent, Jtlngwooil, W. Vs. ,p:J"
VBff fl tor -r? #T aUnerrou?dls?a?M.8urhas"~aakMfltr it,>?os? of Braia Power
KW >^\*1 W Head?cho, Wakrf.ilu. J,oat Katifiaod. Nightly JCariialaa*
X** I Y 95?l?k??ss. *wll Dream. ).Mk ot Confidence. Herranaeaaa,
ClnL s. JOL. S31 drains and Iom? po?rerln<X'oerattvaOrsana of eltbar a*xeao?cj
\ t DfoT?rexprtlon.jro?lhfbl ?rrora, eroeaalro aae.of tebaoco.optoa
.V,KV-/Ijjr 1 ? ' . f^oritlmnlaata whlebleaatoi..flnDltr,Con?unii>tlonandInMBitr. ?
.^aaattM^gjiggk q^gaagagaasa
wrl?C?n fnoraalro to <mre crreraud the noirr.l r?.r "LC,J/
nrFOHF i?D lPJTitrwr i 5 il-^rUMlBga. A rft T?>rlt and accopt no other. riKCKT.AK riff
ur.rUKb AND AFThK CM 1. Adflreao if j?K> J5 IDED CO., Haaonlc Ten?1i?, fhlcnro, fit
Fcr Sale in Wheeling, W. Va., by LOGAN DRUG COMPANY, cor. Tenth and
' Main street*.
? A?k for BX. MOTT'S PWrrntOTAI. PIus and t?k? no othor
CX3T Send for circular. PHce SI.00 per box. a !?*<>? for
B DR, MOTTS CHEMICAL CO.. - Cleveland. Ohio.
For silo iu Wheeling by the LOGAN DRUG CO.. Klain and Tenth Streets. f,pji
HiiuiHa x

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