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On* cf tho best known ffasincsa men In Ghiofl
npiesofitativ? of tho great Braditrooi Co.
HEADACHE, sleeplessness,nervou
Dr. STHm 3Tedical Co., ?lkfiart, Ind.
Gentlemen: I tnko pleasure in informlnfi?yc
of tlic very taneflclol rt-.suluj which ha v# folio wc
the ww Dr. Milcv fUsTonft-rive Ncnviw
Iii ti.ec.ifooi rnyselt and wife. l or? year I wi
intfct1,1 a dMreaUng pain at tho base of tl
train flid upper portion of the Bpiual cord.
av mr*is ,(*1 "e* nn<* WM ***&
l A ! r? P" IJ troubled with sleeplownea
V w I 'j iu W Your Nervine was hi?hl
recommended to mo. M y enso had been so oust
im'o tiint I had no confidence in tho efficacy (
any medicine. Yet as a lost report I consented I
pv'e >; atrial. Much to my surprise, I experience
marked benefit; iny BlecplcsMie? disappeared
myheadacbo was removed; inyhpiritsauuKonen
h40 r*i'.rn. fiywiojn iukiiik iuu ncrvwu wu
{He b<x-t or ro6ulw. Louis L?. Vandbuvxue.
Sold on a Positive Guarantee.
On. MILES' PI LLS, 50 Doses 25 Cti
Sj.'J by l'ruggi?t? Kvory where. rorlS?Mivjmi
ely's Qatar ai
?l.e ^P^TARBv,.
xavii rnoj??M, raScPi.0 inHE.^
Alfoy* Pain and & 5*
Iu tin ui uiut Ion, pjrjAY FEVER jjp ^
Heals tbd Sores, feIlestores
tho J
Sense* of Taste
atul Smell*
A particle Is applied into each nostril and
nereonbk*. Price <) ccntt ut Druggist*; by inul
reyirtcM I. C:t routs.
ELY BKOTllElt?. 50 Warren St.. New Wk.
lili'ANS TAHn.CS sro llio l.cit Mf4i.
" riiip known lor In<H*v?t1nii, lllllouancM,
llroiluclir, C'oiixlpuiloii, I)j npc-[i?lu, ( lironlo
? l.i\rr . ruuBio, I'niioiWi nuuvoi?|inion,
J llMoIiryi Olfi'iiaho Hrcntli, rind all <!!?
t ifltfn of (be Stomach* IJvrr and Dondh
2 Kfpnnfl T/ihu!?* contain norblnc Inlnrloa* to
the \.v?t (lQltcat? conetltUttoQ. Are lilraant V?
t??e, safe, effectual, and ffifc immediate relief.
< Mnr l?p obtained by application to ucurcit
J ?IratC'?t.
m new;
Dr. E. C. West's Narva nnd Brain Trcatmi
Kolansdor pooitivo written fruarnnton, b/ nutb
trod agents opjy, to curo Wnnk Memory; lata
J'ralnnnd Nervo P0tm;I<0ftt Manhood; Qalckne
Mght Lowft;4Bvll DroamS: Lade of OouUdnm
I-ervaamoM; Lassitadn; till Drnlnt; Lobs of Vo*
at tho .Genoratlvo Onrana In oithsr box, canned
I'vor-exurtion; Youthful Errors, or Exccsrlve Uro
Tobacco, Opium or X.lquor, which soon lend
?.li?or/, Consumption, Insanity and Denth. Jiy mi
II a Ikixj ft for 16: with written Runrnntro to cure
i < fund money. WESTS COUG1I 8YHCJP. a corti
care for Coutfh". Cold*, Asthma, Bronchitis, Crot
Whooping Coujjli, goro Thrnnt. rionnant to tal
8tuall alio dl^cuatlnued: qM. 50c. sto, now25c,; i
11 RIXA. annNIi'.
GUARANTEES l?suad only through CIIAS.
GOETZE. Successor 10 McLalu Drotheri, Dru
g?ta. Wheeling, W. Viu tyisnhiiwy
m ((id) I IHCoeasralosd KEKVOUS DEBILIT
ftVf'O "Ct WoJbuio of Body c.a<l Kiad-. Ktfa
V/ U Jwi/iEJofETTorjorE.tr.pe?e3ri01dortonr
Robait, RobU IUSHOOD ftolTr Fo'nmi. Ilew ?n Ralairr *
BlrtBtik??HKAK,tT!Pmi.OPi:J? ORflm A HAJlTOof fiOD
Ab??lu'?lT unrtllUjr n?l?K THJf4rjti:>T-K?i?r0U I'l a d!
iMtlfy irnm 41 Slat**, Tmiwrin. ?c A V ar Mr* f "onlrli
Touf?a writ*tbrni. Book. fallotflaoaJu* aart nroo/*Ball
OnM) fret. tMnUim CSiutCAl CO., BUFFALO, M.
__ ITll.-AWy
435b G"B? II8I Whiskey Habli
0TM!laS J flflMa cured ut home wltl
Pjjf' ! i ill It.M.WOOLLEV.M.l
^ayu:tici.'.HM'? Whitehall HI.. Aflont* ?3.
A BOOK Qf1,050 PAGE!
With 300 Wood CntHMid Ytlogrnphtos of
This volume also contain
i jo pages of West Virgin!
facts and statistics.
It gives the result of ever;
election since tiie organiza
tion of the State.
It is the most valuable boo:
ever published in West Virginia.
In Cloth $5 0<
In Half Morocco ?< 5i
Srnil Oritrm to-?
1IK9-MW Wliee^uj W. To.
Suicide of Augusta M. Scrlba at
San Francisco, Cal.
Ho Left a Record Which Proves that
Anions; His Ancestors "Were Alfred
the Groat, Charlemagne, Otto the
Great and Other Famous Cliarnctors
of History, Uut Ho DIod Penniless.
At One Tiitio Held High Positions of
Trust in Eastern Cities.
I bAX rR.\Kcifico, r*ov. 2<.? Strange
dovclopmenta have followed tho fact
that an old man, known n9 Augusta M.
Scribn, committed suicide in his lodgings
hero Friday night by morphine.
Ho was id needy circumstances and
^ despondent. Among his effects was
found a lottor in which tho dcceascd
S declared he was a lineal descendant of
Alfrod the Great and Edmund Ironside,
of Charlciuagno and of Otto the Great,
iti of Malcolm Canemare and .St. Margaret.
J Hut little attention was paid to tho letJJ
tor. Further investigation among
I Scriba's effects revealed a record ele!.
gantly printed and bound, running over
I 300 years, and undoubtedly establishing
>f tho old man's claims. Other papers
4 found prove Scriba to bo well known in
[j Now York, where ho has a son practisJ
ing law. and that ho camo lioro from
{ Portland, Oregon, where ho was in 1S82
* . ..r 11..?
)itu |MU3IUUUI< W| till) KlltlUilltl VHIUIUllJ
too and Trusts Company, and connected
A with John ft. Foster.
It wan further discovered that Scriba
was examiner of national banks in New
- York in 188t?. A letter from John T.
Agnew to Abraham ?. Hewitt, exL
mayor ot Now York, requested most
i, earnestly that .Scriba bo retained in the
*1 position on account of his efficiency,
a? It is presumed that Scriba came from
5 Portland to tliia city in search of em's
ploymont As ho had always'been a
} man of position he objected to taking a
menial's situation, rather preferring
! death. The two trunks and valises
found in his room were carefully addressed
to Mrs. Mary A. (iarrigan,
Montrose-on-the-Hudson, N. Y. He
also requested that Mrs. Anna B. Piatt,
of 1000 0. street, N. W., Washington,
3? D. C.. bo notified of his death.
|fl The Silvorlteft Will Demand a Recognition
1, of Their Metal In the Tariff Hill.
Washington, D. C., Nov. 27.?Those
_ who have observed tho difficulty of
koeping^ho silver question in the background
will not bo surprisod to learn
that this subject is destined to assert
? its right to a hearing in connection
f with tho tariff. It willcomo in the
shape of a proposition to put a duty
upon silver importations, not in tho
house, but in the oenato, if the plane of
those who have the matter in hand do
not miscarry.
Tho effort to aocuro this innovation
will bo made in conneciion with tho
itoin concerning lead and silver lead
ores. The purpose of the movement is
X two-fold. It may prepare the way for
the free coinage of the American prod*
net of silver, about which bo much has
boon heard in recent years, and it. is
0 expocted to prevent the counterfeiting
1 of the American dollar iti other countrio9
and the sending of tho counterfeit
coin9 to tho United States.
MuiIIkoii Square Imllctnicnt*.
, New York, Nov. 27.?Tho grand jury
j have found an indictment for forgery
on two counts against Joseph F. Blaut,
:nt president of tho defunct Madison
or. Squaro IJnnk, and indictments against
Blaut and directors McDonald, Soulard,
ro; Kalischer, Sealover, and Ottenberg, for
r?* misdemeanor in receiving deposits after
of they know tho bank was insolvent. Tho
J.0 only directors who escapod indictment
or wore Johnson and Till man.
llr? These indictments by no means ox&
hauflt the grand jury's action. True
bills against other persons concerned in
the bank scandal wero brought in but
J* their names were withheld until they
B" should bo placed under arrest.
A Fat.il Quarrel.
J ElvriAjO., Nov. 27.?A tragedy rej.
currod in Itidgoville, this county, Inst
night. Herman Barrows, a respected
"p. farmer, aged fifty-eight, jhot his wife,
y. aged thirty, in tho breast and head. Ho
|* then placed tho revolver to his head
3 and sent a bullet through his own
" brain, dying instantly. Barrows was a
- justico of tho poaco and has beon a
tg prominent man in the county for years.
:i- Mra. Barrows may recovor. A petty
r- quarrel between tho couplfc prompted
? tho terriblo deed.
lUiHAlnn War I'ropn rut inns.
it London, Nov. 27.?Tho St. Petersburg
U correspondent of the Standard eava tho
" Grand Duko Vladimir haa ordered an
immediate inspection of the reservo
ordnance stores, which consist of material
necessary to bring every regiment
to its war strength. This order is
another step in proparing tho rapid
A dispatch to tho l'imrs from Paris
says: Tho Bishop of Poictiors is dead.
5.Slid Fall? of tho Memltiru'H Crow.
London, Nov. 27.?A lettor haa beon
rocoived describing tho terriblo sufferings
of tho crow of tho British ship
Mcndoza, which recently foundered
near Martinique. Tho enptain and tho
J majority of tho crew died at sea of
fever, and tho few men who woro loft
were nnablo to navigato the vessel, and
r she sank, only four of tho crew being
^ Punitlietl for att Insutt.
BKBitx, Nov. 27.?Tha iriuiinal court
at Ifugau lias sentenced tho ex-editor of
y tho /{liiniiclt IValfuclisch ZtUung to six
wooks' imprisonment for insulting
- Chancellor Von Caprivi.
Tho sproad of intluou/a is increasing
horn, and several deaths from tho opidemic
aro roportod.
Sixty Injured.
Badajos, Nov. 27.?The work houso
- was burnod hero yesterday. Tho flames
soon after the firo started spread rapidly
throughout tho building and tho inmates
were rescued with difficulty. No
lives lost, but sixty persona woro injured.
[> Tlic Cnmtidw Against AnnrcliUtf.
jj Bsnxn, Nov. 27.?Tlio Bundesrath is
havinit a list of tho dangerous anarchists
in Switzerland secretly prepared,
and in accordance with the aereement
[1 with tho other powers thoy will bo se"
crotlv expelled.
Children Cry for Pitcher'sjCastorla.
Tlie Davln-Etkhu lUHroad Will Bo
Pu?li0<! to CharloMton.
PUtibunjh DUpatch.
E. W. S. Mooro and wife, of West
Virginia, registered at tho Monongahela
House yesterday. Mr. Mooro is secretary
and treasurer of tho West Virginia
Central & Pittsburgh railroad. This is
tho Davis-Elkins line. At present it
runs from Cumberland to Elkins, a distance
of 113 miles. It is ono of tt?? few
paying short lines in tho United Statos.
At proaent arrangements aro being
mado to ojrtend tho road to Charleston.
It runs through a rich coal und timber
country, 'fhn original plan was to
build the railroad to Pittsburgh, as
part of tho name implies. This will
undoubtedly be done some day. When tho
tftato Line road is completed, which will
probably bo in another month, tho Baltimore
& Ohio will havo its own routo
to Morgantown, where it will connect
with the Camden system of roads. Tho
railroad development in West Virginia
in the last five years has been extensive.
Tho Pennsylvania road from iirownsvillo
to Morgantown along the Monongahola
river will likely bo built next
summer. The route has been surveyed
several times, and tho Morgantown people
wj?re led to bcliove that the rails
would be laid last summer, but owing
to tho improvements mado for the
World's Fair its construction was postnniwul
W linn thin nvtnnairtn of fhn
Pennsylvania road is built Pittsburgh
will have mora diract communication
with tho richost sections ot West Virginia.
It is a long limo coming, but it
will be realized in a ic<v more yoars.
To Establish a Federal Italian Republic,
Light on ktccfiit Utterance*.
London, Nov. 27.?The corrospondont
of tho Standard at Homo says that in tho
highest and moBt reserved circlcs it ie
well known that tho present dream of
ttio Vatican is tho establishment of a
federal Italian republic. This idea is
tho only real explanation, tho correspondent
goes on to say, of tho extraordinary
language lately adopted by tho
Vatican organs in spoaking of tho mission
of Franco and Russia with relation
to the papacy.
lturrtctto Goch Shopping.
I am constrained to admit that women
may anop more advantageously on
tho cash system, but it is no: iu the
way of man, writes Robert J. tturdctt in
an articlo on "j\ly Christmas Shopping"
in the December Ladies' Home journal.
I plintr fn flin rmnrl nniiv nlil wttv trlinrn
you hand your "transfer" over tho
heads o! everybody in tho lino, and
say in 0110 breath, "PurchbysamecarrobngjsmaatbrosstreoaU
? charge,"
which by interpretation is,
"Theae poods have beon purchased by
tho aatno poraou whose name appoars
hereon; will you bo so kind as to send
thorn to this address, in caro of the
baggage master at Broad street station
and charge them to tho account of the
purchaser? Thank you; good afternoon."
And that's all thero is of it for
tho next thirty days; then it clouds up
and begins to rain; thoro is a great
deal of thundor, attended bv atmospheric
disturbances, with mean toraperaturo
and local cyclones.
How to Tell ft Cowl WliUUoy.
How many people can tell a good
whiskey from an inferior one? Can
you? If you can, then you already
know the merits of Klein's Silver Age,
Duqueane and Hear Creek Ryes, and if
you cannot, then you must be governod
by the testimonials of physicians, superintendents
of hospitals and connoisseurs,
who all unite in declaring that
the whiskies bottled by Mux Klein of
Allegheny, Pa., are absolutely puro, old
and mellow. A reliable stimulant in
tho house at this timo of tho year is an
absolute necessity, and why not get tho
boat in tho country? Send for catalogue
of liquors to .Max Klein, Allegheny, Pa.
These whiskies aro for salo by Wheeling
Drug Co. at regular prices.
ISncklon't Arnica Salvo.
'iuo Dost saivo m tue worm tor caw,
bruisea, soros, ulcora, Bait rheum, fever
soroa, totter, chnppoil hands, chilblain?,
coma and all skin eruptions, and positively
euros pilos, or 110 pay required.
It ia guaranteed to Rive perfect eatisfaction
or money refunded. Price 25 cents
a box. for aalo by Logan Drug Oo.
All Free.
Those who liavo used Dr. Kind's New
Discovory know its value, and thoso
who have not, have now the opportunity
to try it free. Call on tho advertised
dru2L'ist and get a trial bottlo free.
Send your name and address to H, E.
Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and got a sample
box of Dr. King's Xow Life Pills
free, as well as n copy of Guide to Health
and Household Instructor, free. All of
which h guaranteed to do you good ami
cost you nothing. Lozan Drug Co.'s
drug store. 4
When Baby was sick, we garo her Castorla.
When she wa3 a Child, alio cried for Castorla.
When alio became Miss, sho clung to Castorla.
When sho had Children, sho gave them Castorla.
Tlie Golden Secret of Long Life.
Keop tho head cool, tho toot warm
and tho bowols open. Bacon's Celery
Cure is a vegetable preparation and acts
as a natural laxative, and is tho greatest
remedy evor discovered for tho cure
of dyspopsia, livor complaint and all
blood, liver and kidney diseases. Call
on Logan Drug Company, solo ajjont,
and get a trial package free. largo
sizo 50c. 2
I was ao much troubled with catarrh
it seriously effected my voice. Ono
bottle of Ely's Cream iSalm did the
work. My voice is fully restored.?B.
F. Liopgnor. A. M., Pastor o{ tho Olivet
Uaptist church, Philadelphia, Pa.
. For Ovnr Fifty Years.
Mas. WrKStow'sSooTUiNO Svkup has boon used
for over fifty years bv millions of mother# for
their children while toothing, with perfect suecess.
It soothes the child, softens tho gums. allavs
nil pain. cures wind colic. and is thu best
remedy for Dlartbcoa. it will relieve tho j>oor
little fcullorcr immediately. -Sold by druggists
in every part of the world. Twenty-live cents a
bottle IJe sure and as!c for "Mrs. Wins Ufa's
Soothing Syrup," and taSco no other klud.
offered child-waring woman. I havo been a
mid-wife for many year?, and In each caso
whern "Mother's Friend" bad been used It baa
accomplished wonders and relieved much
suffering. It Is tho best remedy for ri?lng of ?
the breast known, and worth the pric^ lor that
alone. 3Iits. M. M. Bnrfirwi,
Montgomery, Ala.
Sent by express. charges prepaid, on receipt
of price, $1.50 per bottlo.
Sold by all druggists* Atlanta, GA.
The Feature* of tho Bloaojr and Stoc
Kbit York, Nov. 27.?Moner ou call easy
l&V/t per cent; laatloan l^pcrcout; closed
1!$ per cent. Prime mercantile paper 4a!
per ccnt. Sterling exebango dull at *1 83a4 J
r-'ales were 313,400 shares.
J lie speculation on tho stock exchange to-di
was remarkable by reason of tho strength inar
fested by tho railway list In the face of a ve
nerioos overturning of values of tho indtutrla
It waaoxpocted tLint the provhiou* of (bene
tariff bill would bo made public to-day. at
consequently tbo street was prepared for i
active speculation. The brokers were early
their otllcos. ond consultations with euftome
held to tho end that orders should he oxplu
invlowoftho impending movement. An ?
usually large number of -top orders were give
and when the break In prices suDHwiuoutly cat
materially nutated tho downward movemei
The first unfavorable news that camo was oi tl
reduction of 50 uerccnt iu tho sugar tariff ai
tho reducing of tho bounty to domestic pi
ducers. It won followed by a wild rush to w
the share* of the American .StiRsr Keflnlog Coi
pany. Immense blocks of the stock were turov
upon tho market at constantly ilecllulng pric<
and with no appreciable rally until a break
7 per cent hail been made, which was ahorl
boforo o'clock. A slight buying movome
then developed and 1 per cent was gained, at
the share closed at n decline of G>$ percent,
the railway list there was a fractional decline
the opening., hut despite tho slaughter of Hug
and Distilling and the generally unsettled fei
i::g in tho industrial group, thoro was no brci
in railways.
Hallway bonds wero irrcgulnrduring the da
bui closed firm.
tT. 8.4s reg 113 Not Cord, pref'd... 16
I*. S. is coupon 113 New Jersey Cent....11<"'
U. 8. reg HI Norfolk A West p*d -1
I'aclfle oh oi *uj 103 Northern Paolllc....
Atchison 1% do preferred 22
Adatm Kxpress l+"? Northwestern 10-j
American KxprcH.i..lI'? do preferred ...138
Ifaltiriion* it uhlo . 72 New York Central. lwCuiindii
Southern... .r>l'< N. Y.it Now Kng.... '-"J
Central Pacific Ih^IOivkou I in prove* t. ljj
Chc*a|toakc <& Ohio It);-,(Oregon Nov .... 27
Chicago it AUou....i:!7 l'aclllo Mall- 17
Chi. Hnr. .t Qulncy so} PlttMbnrgh- MJ
Chicago Gas C i1 a Reading 21
C., C.. C. it St. 1 .11; Richmond Term..- !
Col. Coal A Iron 10 do preferred 11
Cotton Dll Cortlflc.. 31 Hock Mand 65
Del. St Hud IWi St. Paul
l>eL, Lack, it \Vc#t.!f?7 do preferred 120
Don. ill:. G pref'd 32 St Pay IA Omaha.. M
Plst A<'rtttlo Peed. 275$ do preferred ...115
Krle ltf JSugarKctlnery 8'
do preierrod niJJTenn. Coal ?t Iron.. 1"
Illinois Central ifi'v Texas Pacific j
Kansas it Tex. prof. 2.V<|ToL ?t 0. Ceu pr??f. 7i>
Lake Krle >t West... lCJa UnIon Pacific PJ
do preferred 07 U.S. Kxpress ??1
Lake Shore 12U\. St L A P 7
Lead Trust 21 I do preferred ... iG
Louisville A Niun.. 4'.'' j|!Wells Furito Kx 121
Michigan CCntrul...l()l Wostcru Union
Missouri Pacific '?*% Wheeling A L.K.... ! ?
Nashville A Chatt~ 7"i ' do prclerrcd 52
National Cordage... 29%
1* V'lulbf nir.H and Provisions.
Cuicago. Nov. 27.?After a marked decline <
fhc wet weather and bearish rumors, wheat r
lied to-day in the small increase on the visit
supply and clo.?ed %c higher for Mnvund
higher for December.
t orn was held up by wheat. It was claimed.
Oats experienced n moderate local trade.
I'rorlaious ruled higher on free covering
Flour steady.
W iir.at?rash No. 2 spring G2,?'c: No. 3 rpri
ftfa&l^e: No. 2 roil 02%c: December 01 ;?aG3a62!^
May Ot? *
coit.v?Cash No. 2, WAc: November
3.">V?c; December ."^^aln'KaSjXc; Way 89?ia40|
OATSU-Cash No 2. 27;^e: November 27*40*:
27T-;e: December 27j$a2sj?a28c; May C0?'eu3ia30;,
Kyb?No. 2, 45c.
Fj.axski:i>?SI 14*4.
Timothy 8i:kd?#3 30. _
Mekk PoiiK-Cash 81312J#?13 20; January 012 -4
12 9T>aI2 00; May *12 G0al3 ?0al3 Ui.
l.Ai:i??Cash *8S0a8 M: November 8S -15*8 525
8 r.-'K; January 87 S2Ka7 W%a7 May 87 C
7 80a/ 77Jr..
Shout JtiBS?Ca?h 87 2.'?; January 8<5 COaC *
C 77>C: May 80 T.^afi 82?-$a0 b.'J..,; shoulders ?71
7'i.V, short clear 75nX ?V>.
\\ HWKY?Firm at 81 15.
Hi'rrKit?Firm; creameries 20a2Jc; dairies 1
Egos?Firm; strictly Ircsh 23c.
New York. Nov. 27.?Flour, receipts 85 000 hi
r"ls: exports21,000 barrels; sales K>.000 barre
Wheat, receipts 308,OOj bushels; exports 85,(
bushels; rales 2,500,000 bushels o! futures a
31,000 bushels of spot; spot innrkct dull a
steady; ungraded red 03aGlc; options weaker ai
%c higher; No. 2 red January Mv'iatWMaMTj
1 ebruary 70^e; March 71,Hu71;:^a71%c: May 7:
a74,4a7;?; jc; November 67??c; December OTJiaiV
a??7'2e. (;oru, receipts :;'iS,000 bushels; expo
137.'m) bushels; sules 11?>,0WJ bushels of fu.ui
and 101.000 bushels of spot; market quiet; Jul
ary 44&c; Mav 40,,^a4(9'h?h?,,'l;c; November 41;,
December ll?>. Oata, receipts 115.000 bu?he
exports J00 bushels; sales I8i,000 bushels
(mines and 35.ixk> bushels of spot: market fall
active; No. 3 whlfo 34><jc; January S5J^c; M
35^a3i>|^16o: November and December 315Ilay
Meady. Hops quiet. Hides firm. Cut met
quiet. Lard $irm; November?0 00; January Sa:
Pork dull. Butter steadier: western dairy 1
22c: do crcamery 20a_,7V<c; do factory 18Via21
Kleins *.'7%c; suite dairy ll?n:Cc; do creamery i
a23c, Cheese steady; state largo Ooll%c, Kjj
steady; stale and Pennsylvania western 2.r>a2'
Tallow active at 5Wc. Hosin quiet. Turpcntl
steady. Kico ateuuy. Molit-s?j steady. Coll
steady at 5al5 points lower, hucar quiet.
Cincinnati, ()., Nov. 27.?Flour firmer; fan
$2&>a2 85; family 92 1>"mi2 2$. Wheat steady; >
2 red 00c; receipts 1,500 bushels; shlpmeutH J
bushel*. Corn steady and in good demand; >
2 mixed 89c. Oats stronger; No. 2 mixed I
31?ic. live strong; No. 2 WXa6tc. Poric quiet
813 2). Lard Una at 8# 1C. Hulk meats in llg
demand at 87 00. Bacon easy at fJ 'i'v. Whla
active and Ann at SI r?. Iiuttcr Arm; lancy r.lg
creamery -7c; Ohio 24o25c; dairy ICaiTc. riun
qiflet; hard refined Kgtfs steady a;
tlrm tifilc. Chceae Arm; choice Ohio 11c.
Philadelphia, Fa., Nov. 27.?Flour Arm h
dull. Wheat firiu at Ma)?c higher. Corn qui
but llrni. Outs Arm; No. 2 mixed 34%c. JJutl
quid and steady, western creamery 2.102"
1 gg> strong uud active; western 2tie. Cheese u
l.iv? Stock.
Chicago, Nov. 27.?Cattle, receipts 15.000 hoa
shipments 22,ow head: market dull and lOal
lower; prime steers ti5 4<m5 85: good steers 94
a18i; medium?:i 73a4 10; Texans J-J 15a2 8'?; we
erns S- -lOtt-i 7."? Hogs, receipt*83,000head; sh;
meats H.;H)j head; market strong; rough packi
$?"> lOa'i 20; packing and shipping 35 20a5 I
prime heavy aud butchers S'? 45u5 ,V>. .sheep,;
celptx 13,000 head; shipments l.uoobead; mark
(.toady; thin nativoewes $2 0Ja2 75; mixed $31
a 25; westerns $3 00o3 25.
Kast Liberty, Pa., Nov. 27.?Cattle, reccli
3.3S0 head; sbiptnonis 2,420 head; market d
glng at about lost week's prices. Hog*. recelj
ti.tiOi head; shlnmem*?4.0lM head; market Ar:
tops 85 70aj 75; Yorkers |5(i0a.s 70; packers $5 ?
600. Sheep, receipts 3.400 head; shlpract
2,300 head; market steady at about last wee I
Cincinnati, O., Nov. 27.?Hops in good doma:
atM75*u j50; receipts 4.500head; shipments 1,1
On. City, Pa.. Nov. 27.?Opened ana hlght
75Jic: lowest and closed 74>fC: Kales un.ooJbi
rela; shipments 130,377 barrels; r\ms ws.osi bi
Pittsburgh, Pa., Not. 27.?Nothing doing; 7
Dry <?ood*.
Nkw Yobk, Nov. 27.?The dry goods market
general is unfavorably lnAnenced by tho fnrth
decline in the price of cotton. Th? demand f
prints is limited, but prices hold steady f
inture delivery, while tho immediate marl;
mar be called rather weak. Wool and dr(
goods quiet. Foreign dry goods show weakue
Nf.w York, Nov. 27.?Pig iron quiet; Ami
lean $12 OOall 5u. Copper quiet; hiko $10 <
U-?d steady; domestic iM 30. Tin, stead
straights 620 05.
Cincinnati, O., Nor. 27.?Cotton firm; mi
dling V/gC.
$500 Howard
for any traco of Antipyreno, Morphin
Chloral or any injurious compound \
Krnuso's Headache Capsuled. 25 cont
fcjold by Alex T. Young, John KIni
Wheeling, anil liowie & Co., Bridgopoi
A Favorite In Kuntucky*
Mr. W. M. Terry, who has boon in tl
drug business a: JSlkton, Ky., for U
past twelve years, says: "Chamberlain
Cough Remedy gives bettor satisfactio
than any other cough medicine I ftvt
sold." There is good reason for thi
No other will euro a cold so quickly; r
other is so certain aproventivo andcui
for croup; no other aOords so much r
lief in cases of whooping cough. Ft
sale by Chas. It. Goetzo, Will \V. Irwi
Chris." F. Schnepf, Chas. Menkemelln
Win. E. Williams, S. L. lirice, A. ]
Scheelo. Will Monkomelior, John Col
man, Richards & McEiroy, W hoelinj
.Bowie ?ft Co., Bridgeport, and B. F. Vo
body & Son, Ben wood.
Or you arc all worn out, really good for noth
ing, it is Kcnerd debility. Try
It will euro you. cleanse your liver, and gin
a good appetite.
Your AKD
k 1 U l VOUR
Strencrth rundown syste
" "aVow bottle* of8.8.
will do It. If you i
ny trouhlod with adept*
ed, languid feeling, and lack of energy, yc
ll" bloqdlsnntright,and need*purifying.
r>' 1993 Will thoroughly clear away all 1
ls- WWWM i>nritics nod impart new vigor a
VT fmmmmmcm ljfe to the wholo wyntem.
"I have used your mediclno of ttn for the pi
., eight years, and feel nafo In saying that it is t
beat ueneral health rentorer In tho world."
E F. II. GIBSON', Hatenvillo, A:
>l Our Trcatite on Mood ami Skin d!<?a%rt nulled (tee:
no IJ ' - f,o
5 Wheeling Title and Trust Co
;>} CAPITAL, - - $102, IOC
u *f niiMAii PrM'L Ij. P. Ftlfel. Sec'r.
C. J. Rattling,' V. P. 8.1. Sliigietou. Ahh'tSee'
Gpo. H. K. Gi)chrl?t. Examiner ot Titles.
K G. Lamb. PreMdont. Jos. Srtdold. CmUla
j. a. Jkppkksoit. Aadalaut C-wUloc.
i Bank of Wheeling
CAPITAL 3200,000, PAID IX.
>* A. J. Clama Joseph P. I'atill
ii/ James Cummins. Hciirv Bloborson.
I a. Roymaun. Joseph Soy bold.
Gibson Larab.
V Jnlerest paid on Hpeuial depndts.
Issues draft* on Enirliiud IrolnndandScotUn'1
H CAPITAL $300,000.
.. J.N.Vance Preside:
,* L. 8. Delaplain Vico Preside!
J. N. Vnnco. Goorco E. Stlfel
J. M. Brown. William Ellingliam.
J* S. Delaplain. W. Kclley.
J, John Frew.
Draft* Issued on Eimlaud, Ireland, Scotlar
.,, and all poluts in Europe.
JOHVI. JONES. Ca?hl<?r.
Bank of tiie oiiio valley.
CAPITAL _.S175,000.
ng William Isfrrr Prealder
jc; Wimjam H Simpson Viro PresIdei
I)mlu on England. Ireland, France nun G<
Wnilnm A. Tsott. Mortimer Pollool:.
ic. J. a. MUlor. William H. Simpson.
11 M. Atkinson. John IC. Hot*ford.
Honry 8poyer. Victor Kosottburg.
Jacob C. Thomas
? ]ftl K. P. .IKHSON*. CH^hlon
? Trimble & Lutz
Supply House.
iVJ A Full Lino of the Olobrntod
5J Snow and Marsh Steam Parapi
iii- ?Kept Constantly ou Uan
fa:' 1SOO and 1503 Blnrlret Street, Whoolh
6?* JL Save your mon?y nnd obtain bettor reiul
ids hy usIiijc IIIIIIIKUD'S Patent Improve
^ Calorltlc (inn llurnor, lor ooofc stove.* nr
.9a prates. No tonoke. no Kraoll, no dirt, no bm
Hashing. *fect combustion, perfect control
-ft ?as coii.tHi. od by the parties using it. .1
M bnrnet?gn?ranteoi\ toTfctluw pan bills irom
^ to 40 per cont and jrlvo satisfactory results. Ci
?e and mhj tbera at GEORGE HIBBERD
ue SON'S, Plumbers, <ia* and Steam Heatoi
lHl-l Market street. Your patronage solicit?
py Prices reosonablo. an.i
S Practical Plumbers
All work dono promptly i?t reasonable ptlct
ut ==
<C. ~~~~~ ' ""
lu" Pennsylvania Stations.
,, II ifennsulvania Lines
'so IbM Trains Bun by Central Time.
,st* riricFT Offices at Pejccstt.vavia Statiow
lp* WATtn ST.. Poor or Eleventh St., Wiieemko,
at ucLobb house, u jieeliso, akd At ran
re- Romrwr it BT*nra?" >'as n**m,rttocnt.w
Prom Wiiekmso to j.bavr arriv
. WelMraigaiitlBteuboiwllle. *|WS?p
5(4 McDonald audPltUburgU.... ?:30atn IJiJSp
,p* New Cumberland - 6:40 am 11
IndlM?poll??nd8t. I-ouli-2:W?m
' Oohmbttaand Olnoluuatl..... *3:10 am Uiitip
WcuSuwmdBteubenvlUa ?8U0?m ^:26p
? Philadelphia mud Now Vork?2:a5 pm MM p
' gtoubtDTllloand PltMburshtlJ:J:>piu ffgP
Colmnbus and Chicago -T1 -? ' Pm p
nd Philadelphia and Now York ?2:M pm 0:35 a
XX) Baltimore and Washington. -: >> pm ?10:.Tj a
Sloubeftidllo and Pittsburgh .JrMpra nOMa
Stoubctivllleand Uonnlsou- pm 'IWi
WclMiurK 4:30 pin 5;W p
,n Indlanapoji* and St UuU... {8:15 pm JJ:Wa
ir. Dayton and Cincinnati........ t*:4;. pm g.lj a
15 Stcubeavllloand Columbus- i8:4? pm jt?:L?a
Northwest Systom-Clere. A Pitta. Dlvl ioo.
Trains run dally, oxcopi Sunday. a? follow
From imiDQiroKTto Leave. Arriv
Yx. Wayne and Chicago 4 : 19 am 6:1?p
Canton and Tolodo 4:49 am C:i? p
Alliance ami Cleveland. 4:43 am 6:2j p
ln Stenoenvllleand Pittsburgh.... 4:49 am 8:lYp
cr Steuben v llle and WelUvlUe 8:43 am l:tOp
or Steuben vllle and Pittsburgh.-. U:-iO am gup a
or Ft Wayne A Chicago - 1:00 pm 6:? p
*1 Canton and Toledo . f:2yp
*8 Alliance aud Cleveland.... I :<? pm 1:40 p
" Btenbenvllle and WolUvillo...-1:00 pm 6:23 p
Philadelphia and New York.... 2:44 pm 0:00 p
Baltimore and Washington...- 2:41 pm DjOOp
jc- 8teubeiivllie and Pittsburgh... 2:44 pm 5:00 p
jo. BtenbeavlUe A Kant Liverpool 0:10 pm 7:.>J a
1) : TbeCleveland, Lorain & WtieeUng R.f
d- via. Elyria and tho take Shore Routo.
Jl'LV 2, iwt.
STATIONS. | 30 : M
e, Eaxtern Time. jo. in. a. in.jp r
\n Lv. Wheeling. j? 4" 1
Martin's Forry 6 ft! 2
* Bcllalru. 6 0S 1
n, Bridgeport ~ 0 10 .?
St. Clalrsvlllo 2
l' Flushing I U! i!
Frecport ? ?
UhrldtivlUe '.40 8 l.j 4
New Philadelphia*.,.. 0 o>) s ::i 4
Canal Dover ?7 8 8S 4
?0 Ueach City <? '?
io Jn?tna <> c oo?. 5
?? Muss11 Ion r> M y 27 .>
8 Oanal Fulton 7 n ait
n Warwick ' "-M 0 .v: 5
ar f?t?riinfc 7 <3 i? ,-.'l 9
9 fiovllle 7 47 10 Jll G
* Medina ho< ion c
10 (iriidon ? 53 " L
ro Elyria.....'; 9 05 11 8" 7
?" Lorain 7 vi ''Y"i 1
Ar. Cleveland 10 10 1215 J 8
f), !? u1- '
r Buffalo.... 5 4"? 6 'JO 3 i
\% ?. in p. i
^ Allnnv....^. 3 d't n 0T? 2
0- New York 7 :w 7 jo 7
,. I'oitOIl 10W 10 801 h
Norwalk. 8
0- p. m
8andiukjM 12 27 12 27
Toledo > i-> 1 i"?l 10
'a. l
Detroit 0 30 can h
Chicago- i? oo 9WI 7
. Tialns Na 35 and 38 havo Sleeper botwet
' Wheeling and rhlcago.
J. & Tt'KKY, Ucn. Freight & Pau Afcr
Arrltal and departure of traln? on and a/tor
IM November 19.18JX Kx hi, a.nation or Kkkhhi.ncu
?** Mark*: J)olly: {Sunday excepted; IMonday
excepted; ^Saturday executed-, - r.idny only;
Saturday ouly. Eastern Standard Time.
DEPART IB. AO. R. it-Ma I rT f.lTToT Kill 11 AltltlVE.
a 1:40am Waih.Cy Halt., Phil. .v.- N. Y* 8:85am
.m *1:2% pm Wwh. Cy Halt.. Phil N V
luu t":-a-' Cumberland Accum fi:4?nm
1: Grafton Accom >10:2) am
til:40am Mouiidsvillo Aeoom |7:'4)am
t ft :00 pm MouiitlsvllJo iceom 11:10 pm
J 11:0> pin! Mnundnvlllo Accom I j7: '.?pra
nml Keyaer Bx r ....| 15:00 pm
. DKPAKT. I). A O I Ml?C O. I'IV. We-l! AKR1V&
j*' *7:50 am For Columbus and ChIrs.:( >i ^J: Mlam
00 10:13 am Columbus nud CInclnn,iti...j *5:'J5pm
. f 12:16 am Columbus mi l Cincinnati 1 ^lOMira
rK* 1:12pm Columbus A Chicago Expss i:?:40 nm
13:30 pm N'owark fll:3>am
f 10:15 am; ?t. Clalrsvlllo Accom '|ll::Wam
~ ffl:80pm SL Clalrnrlllo Accom .. i :?5 pm
DrpAnflKXo.K u ?W P A11 niT.- Aiutirc
ft:03iun l or l'llM>unrh? ;*I0:10nin
*7:*0nm Pittsburgh 1 0:50 pm
*fi:?ftpm?rittabnrgh and Kast :tlJ:10nm
; tl:.T0pm| Pltisbr.rgU....i 1i_':;au?m
1 Tti:00pm<...M'ii*hiiii:ion Pa.. Are.nn...! }7:i"?ara
;..|....:I.l'ltUf>iirgh Eitprcw n-.':l0hm
orpairT* | l*. c. A St. i. Hv ) anniva.
1<U!0 am Pittsburgh : i t^-iS pm
% 7:40 milI Sow Cii".b?rlJit?<l 1
c,?: to nm f Steubenvillo nnd West...' < :Jfi pm
tl:23 pmj...l,ltlsburgh and Now York...I f": ftpm'
3:65 pm...Pittsburgh ami New York....-- U : VS am
5:;;o pinj Wellsburg ! G:.V> pm
^:;0 am'l"xpre*i CIn. c.udfl' Lonl?...| 17:l'?am
D. 19:ir?pmlJ-Apres*, Clu. mul St. Loul;... lGvS i?u
T 1:"6 pin Kxhresw. Stonb. mul <*lilcntr.?.! :v.? nn*
1 pm . ..Pittcbiiixb a Doiiui.-<ou.... "ilirtSam
_ ?)>Sl'AKr. CfifP. ILK. I AKItlVB,
15:49 nut Vt. Wnvjjo nivU'hi<w;f> . 1 ' :.' < pro
? I A: (9 nn; Canton amI To tMu. 1 pin
15:49 ntu Alliance and ('leroliuul.... j .7:"?:?tu
j"?:49am isieubonville and K?t^l>ur_:h| ti?:!-" pm
l9:rt uiu SU?Hlw?nvillo ?md NV?lUvi?l?: I' D'pui
t'0:"?0 inn Stoitbcnvillo and l'i(td>jirKli j|10: >??m
tJ:00 pm Ft. Wnynoand Chicago I +7; .'? pm
12:00 pm . Canton a n| Toledo j V7pin
t"u Alliance ... I'.iipm
rJ:WI pm Siptiboiivlllo ami W.-l.-vllw*: 17pm
p:lf !?::: !*l>flinlv]phlii and Now York| K?:00 pm
p:H )n?|..lialilii)(ireftuil \V;?*?hiiiir;on > pm
I'.'.li piir^icubcuvllic mul I'l 'slmv-K iu-.oQ pm
77:10 piiiiHtcnlicnvlllvjfchi *tMvim ?>ooli fH:!i: nrax
DKPAirrJ li ii. it. | Attuivf. t8:00
am ...WhPolitu; & Slivi!?eitvll!o.., }7:lo inn
rJ'.l'* am .X'.loveland. .v W\>- v > pm
19:i"? ntn ...Wbecdni; ?Ss StoniM-uvli? m jim
pin .. Wbnolimr Jc sicubonvllla.. f - * pu*
j>m \V!?Ct?!!lllf A: Cr-Mini i ::f>7 P#tt
U:;ii1 pm .\yii>">luw rti< n',>" ui ? . U';>7 n'.n
f*>:'> > ntn ... WIil-cIIiik Mit-^dlnn. .. in-.pi pm
i H'n ...Whwclintf A SIimiPuiiv;!! ?:_'? am
jl*:lK)'PinUWh in:; <& 11 mi?lij M : pm
~~ DKPART | CTl< .V~VV.~UNION* DKWVT. Altai Vfc
r.:4 i amlGJovoliuul. Toloilo.fc Chicago 8:15 pm
<2:10 pui Clevolund. To odo ?t Chicago pin
I C.. It. Ji W ? U rflMJEH Mir.
T:10ntn Clbvelmid Toledo .v < biommi R:V> pm
lt :*:!'?pm Cleveland. Toloilo ?6 Chicago; Dpm
lt" 4:4p>pm ..M.tssllloii accommodation;.! 11:10 am
7:l.'?am ..... Sl <MiilmvllIo ni!?!om I 9:W)atn
nm -t. t'lnlrsvllto j V.'.Upm
2:.M pin ('la-rsvlllo awom I:<0pm
(l:lSpm SLCbilrsvllli' nccotn. 8:0jpm
1: 8 pint liomilKrctoht.... I l.':l*? pm
wvakT] *5Tl"K? RIVKU U K | ai;?Tvi:
'f?-4*?nm l'a<NCliRCr ."HW'ii n
ld |l'2A'?piu I'li-.-ciiKor *
?l:00 pin|.... I'a^cujfi" I C1: iC? o_n
? i.kyVi:" I B.S. iu C. KAlLJiO.Vb. ' I A?uiv&
bkm.airk jukixaibh
f:IO am Belial ren:i<l ZaiiMvilie.... : _'(> pro
?:'><> |>nr ..Woud?ti.ul !
fccL>'ovombrr I'J. 1811
For Riiltlmoro, Philadelphia
mnI Now VOrU 1; 10
KofBcr Express, 9:15 a. m.. daily, oxcopt
? Mondav.
Cumberland accommodation, 7:1; a. in., da.lf
exft't" Sunday.
i. Urafioti accommodation. p. m.. dally.
Monnhviile necoiniuolatlou. II:I) a. jo.,
nud 0:uj aud J 1:03 p. in., except Sunday.
From Now York. Philadelphia aud BaUlinoro.
8:3.*?a. in., dally.
Keysor Expect. 5:03 p. in.. dally, oxcopt
Cumberland accommodation. 1:15 p. in., ox*
i copt Sunday.
1, (Jraftonnecommodatlon. 10:20 n. m.. dallyMoiind^ville
accommodation. < : "?'> a. in., ox*
cept Sunday: il0:20 a. m.. dally, aud 1:10, 1:15.
and 7:-? p. in., oxcopt Sundav.
,d. For Columbus aud Chicago* 7:5Jaad-t: 12 a
in., daily.
ib Columbus and Cincinnati oxprow. 10:l"? a. m..
) dolly,und 1 J:1"? a. in., daily, except Sunday, and
? 2:15 a. in., Sunday i.niy.
J Newark accommodation. 0:30 p. in., daily,
?scent Sunday.
,.i St. Claitovillo acconirao latlon, 10:13 a. in., au 1
?j- :1 :Cu p. m., except Suuday.
?.( Chicago express 2:30 a. ra. and 10:10 a in.,
J! dnlly.
' Cincinnati oxpritts, 5:00 a. in. and 5:25 p. m.,
Lu daily.
& Newark necomraodatlon, 11:35 a. m., dally, ?
"! except .Sunday.
a- Hi. ClalmvlMo accommodation. 11:35 it m. aud
1_ 5:if3 p. in., daily, except Sunday.
For PUUburch. 5:03 and 7:30 a. m., daily; 1:13
p.m., daily, oxcept Suudny, and 5:35 p. ul,
For Pittsburgh and tho east, 5:05 a m. and
5:3V p. iw.. dally. , , * . . ..
Washington accommodation. 6:03 p. in., daily,
except .Sunday.
?. From Pittsburgh. 10:10 iv.w. and*?:Vl p.m. dally
? and 12:10 a. in., and 12:45 p. ra.,exeopt Huuday(
and 2:30 a. m.. flondav only.
Washington *ccotntnodatlon. 7:25 a. m.. dally,
? exempt Snn'luy. '
3 On and after Monday, Jnno 19, Posseutter
Trains will run as lollowv. 'Daily. ^l>aiiy Except
Sunday. Central tlinq.
bOUJH BOUND. 7 5 a 1
r. m. a. M. a. Jt
? Wheeling
BonwOod { 1?? 11 ?j Jj <*)
Moiradiville*... ] HW JJJ
Now Mart In* villa 4 48 L- .? /JO
KMerxvllle f? 11 ] ! ? 7 r? '
Friendly } jg JM
St. Marys ' 50 * ?
Wllllamstown a. m. 6 ;o 2 2S 9 10
111 ParkerSarS. t ? *> ^ oo soo 9 ro
m IlSllovillein c jo r. m. 3 40 lo 25
Z Ravens wood J 00 4 JO 11.05
"l HI ploy Landing 7 25 4 4i II
m Graham 7 "1 ? n. H 50
'a V(i?' Haven..., H 01 6 !' 11 55
2 Ili.rtfor.l- ??;> ** IV'1?
m Maaon City ni ? ?iw
t^ll iton. R 20 12 10
m Pl Pleiuaut 8 5v ?; 10 12 ttr?
? gUPX-!::: ??
J? Gu.vandoto 10 7 3-? - 00
? Huntington U0 4> t? J-1 215
- A? >' '* M- * M>
:n " NORTH HOUND. 2 4 o
? r. it. v. m. a. MWheeling.
tl-'!' ? ?? 9 4 -.
Ren wood. .. 11 69 6 80 9 JO
Moundsvlllo... 114- 0 m 9 10
* New Martinsville. io 45 5 07 h on
a Hiterxvllto 1? -' 4 4 1 *2
w Friendly - 1" la 4 :w 7 27
01 st Marys 9 4-> 4 ft) 0 0
,n wililamaiown 9 lo :t ."0 r? in p. sr.
,n Partite rsburg h 4*? - *' 5 4> fr}"?
'a liollevlllu ho;; a oo a. m. < :?
?o iuvouflwood 7 1 2> ?o
m Ripley Landing 7 o>- 12 r?I 6 pr
ra tirabmn 6 35 1' & ? ~
01 Newliaveu 0 3ij| 12 1H 5 41
ra Hartford - 0 -'C 12 11 ? jW
? Moson^Uy ?' -t>; 1-' " & ?
m Cllltou <> i v n :.R 5 ,?J
ra Pt. Pleasant 5 < ?' H '- ? * Jj*
r caiilpnlis 5 :to 11 10 4.17
(, fiuyondoito 4-S 10 o? S 1 *
lluutinglou 4 li"? "J 5 J
A.M. I A.M. P.*.
wlj. Roiirs'soy. ?;..i'. a.
? Wheelino Brldne & Terminal Ry.
? ('. 0. BREWfiTlIU Receiver.
n- TlmoTnbloSo i:i to'tako otroct Ii:Jl a. ta.
4') Huudav. Novembor 10 WJl
JJr LeaveWhoeling?18:00.19:45, Jlt:lJ u m.,t2:20,
Va *3:15. t4:-W. i9:00 p. iij.
ill Leavol'enlnsula?18:00,t0:51,|ll:l(J a.
,, ?3:2l. i9:0tt p. m.
Leave Martin s l'orry?f8:l2, t9:5", ^ll :oJa. in.,
?:8-'. '1:27. t4:4.'.??:12.
A rrlvo Terminal Junction? 18:17, fl0:03, 211:56
o. m.. |*W. JV; m
Leavo Terminal JuncUon?1<:2.\ ;0:00, a. m.,
J "lI'), a. m.. 3:1:49, f4:0'? fo:14. tH. p. m.
... Leave Martfn'a Kerry?'f7:23, j'>:o7 a.m., "12:45,
11:0?. 11.10, r?:19. V -V T?. in. . ,
i. lA?ave Ponhwnla? t7:W,j9:14a.m., 12:51, 24:11,
f4:17. t5:.'' tS: > p. in.
Arrlvo Wnuc Ing?t":lO, J9:20 a. ra., *12:67,
1. lf.17. *1: '? tO:v.?i?. m.
:, Dally. fDally exiwpt rfanday. ISondayj ouly.
All train* will rnu on Kan tern Time.
J.K TA 08310. suoerintendont.
53 Wlieellno & Elm Grove Railroad
i). On and aiier Miturdu?. (Jctober I, lJJ^ traiui
u? will run to follows, cltv time:
n. Lkavp. Whkkli.nv;?'{5:00 a. :n.. 7:03 a. ra., S:)l
10 a. in..9:00 a. in.. 10:(Wa. m.. 11:00 a. '.n., 1-*JJ m..
in i:00 p. ra. 2:0J p. m.. :;:03 p. in.. 4:031>. m.. ?:jl
:: ? p ui.. 0:00p. ra., 7:0) pra..8:03 p in.,'J:JJ p.
57 in.. 11:001>. ra.
I.eaveKum liP-ovE-^^a. m.. 7:03a. in.. 3:31
a m..9 Oua. bl. 10:00 a. m.. 11:00 a. ia. l-:03 ra.
,v? 1:00 p. ra.. 2:00 p. in.. ;::00 p. ra. 4:90 p. ra.. *?:?)
xl p. in.. " '.OO p. ra.. 7:00 p. in.. 8:03 p. in., 9:10p.
00 xn.. 10 10 p. ra.
."/> ?Dall exeept Sunday.
? Sukdat?Church train* leave Elm Grove a:
in 9:43 a. m. and Wheeling at 12:17 m.
it. oel Ocuotal M.i.iajar.

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