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Stone & Thomas.
Oar buyer Lai juat-roturnod from Sow York, whero wo purchased tho
entire stocks ol ttireo of tho largost Cloak manufacturers at 23, S3 and
40 coats on tbo dollar, ouablinj; ua tooffur tho Most Extraordinary
Cloak Bargains Ever Offered In this City. Owinj; to tho
limited apace wocau only qaoto a fow of tho attractions.
i A7TI/C T
II AO a 75 Children's Cloth Cloaks, in eizos 4, G and S years, Columbian
ill "Oil Collar, Large Sloovos; mada to retail at $3 0(1 Choice 98c.
IX <T|J A Q 300 Children's and Missos' Plaid Cloth Cloaks, Largo Cape, New
tt I iVl illl Full Sleeves, sizes 4 to 14 yoars. Manufacturers price $3 75.
III y* uyj Choice $108.
IX (JIQ AQ 250 Children's and Misses' Cloth Cloaks, made of Checked
AI m/5 Hft and Scotch Cheviots, stylo up to dato. Factory prico So 00.
1X1 VU Choice at $2 OS.
lit 00 OR 250 Children's and Misses' Cloth Cloaks, made of Superior
A I trill HA Cloth, slzos 6 to 14 years. Factory price ?o 00 to ?7 00.
lit UW Choice at $3 03.
Xi 0 A 00 1*8 Misses' Heavy Cloth Jackets in Navy and Havana. Facill
lb I UO lory l'f'ca $3 00. Choico $1 33.
H f 0 (1 AO 300 Lad lea' Navy and Clack Cheviot Jackeh, trimmed in
ill J) 4 (j0 ^i'ac'? l'ur- Factory prico $( 50. Choico at 52 98.
IX mi AQ 275 Ladies' Cloth Jackets, In Havana, Tan, Black and Navy,
A I init "n Columbian Collar, Fur und Klectric Seal Trimming. Factory
"" Y* vv prico S7 50. Choice at ?J3.
* i, Qn jrr 190 Ladies' Cheviot Jackets in Novr and Binek, Worth Collar,
AT ?n / 411 olegantly trimmed in iioal Trimming. Factory prico $10 50.
111 V1 Choico at $7 45.
li tfjQ A A 210 Ladies' Circular Skirt Tight-Fitting Jackets, handsomely
fll mil ill 1 triramod around the waist with Braid, Double Collar trimmed
Alt yU uv jn j3raj,i anj Electric Heal. Colors, Navy and Black. Manufacturer's
price $12 50. Choico at $3 90.
| 200 Ladies' Astrachan Capes, Full Rolling Col- ^
i lar. Cape and Collar Lined with Best Satin. ^
J Factory price $12 00. Choice while they last I
\ &5.QO.
} ^ ? *
Ovor 3,800 Cloaks hero to solout from, mora tban?in the combined stocks ot
all othor houios in tiie city. Bolter griuloa in Ladies', Missus' and Children's
k Wraps at proportionate prices. Euyina tho entire production ot tlireo factories,
W pivea you cholco of soloction from a stock equaled only in tho great New
York Storos.
Stone & Thomas.
We have just received, fresh from the factory, a complete assortmentof
the latest winter styles in Stiff Hats in the regular $2
and $2 25 qualities of which we give you your choice for $1 50.
$1.50. ^^5^^KARB0W BWMS'
MEN'S AND BOYS' Largest nnd best lino in Clotli, Corduroy, Beaver
WINTER CAPS. Eiderdown, Plush, otc., from 25c up.
ICTStoros open (ivory ovoning.
Something #
ABOUT*0 8 9
# Sealskins,
?RRANGEMENTS have boon mado with tho most favorably
known of all tho Fur Houses, whereby wo can supply any
thing in Soulekin Garments dosirod, at a small advanco abovi
wholesale prices. Wo show lithographic cuts of tho mail
styles they manufacture and will order for the inspection o
intending purchasers several of the particular stvlo desired
In the evont of not boing able to lit from such momorandtin
linos, wo tako accurato meaBuroinents aud forward thoeo t<
the makers. To instire a more porfeot lit, howovor, they firs
forward muslin pattorns made according to such measure
inonts, which said pattorna ore then changod if found noces
aary. 15ut whother bought from such consifinmonts or raadi
to order, wo guarantee the moat perfoct fits obtainable?juadi
by tho mo*t ronutable firm in tho business, with an exporionc
covering half fa century. Wo turnisli .Seal Skin Jackets or Capo* in good
extra, and finost quahtios at pricos that It would bo impossible to quoto if car
ried in regular stock. <t
Wo have pleased Rorao oi tho most critical buyora in Whocnnjz, who coul<
Dot do u well elsowhoro.
Bny from us and ?avo from $23 to $75 on vonr purchaso.
WrAnother lot of the best selling styles in Cloaks just opened.
Geo. M. Snook & Co
['look and i
? This season wo wi
money tlian any other
Diamonds,Watches, Jewell
k X31-7 MnrJ
x unuunu
Prompt Attention Day or Nlghl
Storo Telonbonc, No. 49. G. 12d. Mend
Residence Telepbono, No. 1. 110!
Ollli:oi N?n. 90 and 27 Fourteenth Stre?
Ksw Advortlfiamonts.
60 For Cent Off Sale?Wheeling Instalrn
Co.?Eighth 1'ngo.
History Repeat* Itself. ,,, t
Ladles1 Cloaks?Stone ?? Thomas?EJgl
A Modem and Ilnudsomo Bedroom?Fro
Furniture store?Filth Page.
Why Do Vou Wuli?1). uundllngdt Co.?FJ
For Sale?O. 0.8mith.
Ilowund Whero Shall Wo Educate Our 6i
ttjid Daughter*
First Presbyterian Church.
Fourth 8treat M. li Church.
First United Pro?bytGrlan Church.
List of Lot tors Itoninliilngln tho Poitofflco.
Fancy'Chino?John Frlcdcl & Co.
Elks Memorial Sorvlecs.
niades Hotel?Mrs. Fanny Dulley Road.
For Bale?Anthracite Coal or Gas Stove.
IF you ennnot son uii.I noe<l 8pocl,*n'
yoiiHiiotiM call on us and hnre your 03
tcHtod without clmi-go. Wo burn tlio fln<
Innt.rtimouiH ami moro rxpnnnnon man <
othur Optician intho Slate, and guurant
utUfAoUon or inotmy refundod.
jacoii w. c.rninn,
Joivoler and Optician,
Corner Twelfth nnd Market
Onr popular Half IIoho In Cott<
Merino and Natnrnl Wool nro known ]
their Softiu'HM ami Durability and ore (
most Manufactory Ilalf IIoso in tho mark
Fanhlonahlo, Tailor* and Oonts' Furnii
or*, 1331 and 131J3 Market Htroet.
OVEU 3,800 Clonk* at Stone ?fc Thom
on sate this duy ut Iohh than half prices.
Water Kent* Duo.
Wnter ronts for tho six months 01
inpr March 31,1S94, nro now rondy.
paid on or bofore December 31,1893
discount of10 por cont will be allowi
The City Water Bo.um
Transform Recorded.
Clork Hook ycatorda? admitted to
cord trauafera of real catato aa follov
Novombor 25 by II. P. II. Staub a
wifo to Bridget Cahill, for $2,500, a
on tho south aido of Sovcnteonth atre
A l?,rt ? trnnofor nf rortnin lioilHflhi
poods from George Quell to Antho
Quell, for $150.
BUito Fnlr Mooting.
Tho annual stockholders' mooting
tho Wost Virginia Exposition and Sti
Fair Association lor the oloction of
new board of directors and the trans
tion of other business will be held tl
aftornoon. The State Fair of '94 will
held on fcSeptembar 3, 4,6, 0 and 7.
Frnuk WJUirlm out of Jail.
Yesterday the caao of Frank Wilbel
indicted for robbery, was called in I
circuit court on appeal. The prosec
ing witness not being present tho ci
was postponed, and Judge Campboil
leased Wilhelui on bail in the sum
S1,000. When he reached home ho n
tho funeral of his baby just leaving t
City Tax C'ollnctlona.
City Colloctor Shafler's woekly rep
to Receiver Kindleborgor yesterc
shows collections as follows in tho pi
General fund
Ten ccnt levy 221
Total $1,41*
A Now Life Iu.Hiirunoo Company.
The certificate of incorporation of t
Wheeling Benefit and Lite Insurai
Company was lllod yesterday. T
capital is limitod to $100,000, of whi
$250 lias been takon by Dr. S. L.
Spragg, A. E. Scheehle, T. It Jennin
IJ. F. Wharry and D. Z. Phillips, c
share each. Jamoa P. Rogers id 1
attornoy in fact
The Foot Kail Crate.
The Thanksgiving day game of f<
ball botween tho Martin's Ferry a
homo teams seems not to mark tho c
of tho season in this section. Bosii
tho team that Manager Al. Buckenl
, gor will organize, thoro are movomo
on foot to organize other toams, i
possibly a championship serios of gan
for this vicinity will bo playod.
lloys on StlltN.
Tho younger boys about tho Cr
well's run region havo a crazo for a
walking just now. It is not
uncommon thing to aoo twenty or thi
boys running about high above ot
people, and the dexterity displayet
something wondorful. Before a boy
5 attain tho degreo of "mastor workm;
in this fraternity ho must bo ablo to
. across tho Terminal trostlo ovor the r
on a dead run. Many a hard fall occi
In tho Circuit Court*
In the circuit court yesterday the
peal case of Dr. J. Ii. Manloy va. Bob
ateel & Broidonstoin was tried to a j\
which found for tho plaintifl and
sensed the damages at $75.
In ttiocaao of Peter Erb va. Join
Ilillick, an order was entered that
judgment bo paid in thirty days or
property bo sold, und J. B. Somn
vil!e was appointed u special cornr
sionor for that purpose.
The Modern Mother
Has found that her littlo ones oro
proved more by tho pleasant laxat
f Syrup of Figs, when in need of tho It
* five effect of a gentlo remedy than
0 any other, and that it is more accei
j bio to thorn. Children onjov it an
' benefits them, Tho true remedy, Sy
of Figs, is manufactured by the C
^ oruia Fig Syrup Co.^only.
t Oun usual complement of now Clo
- and Capos for to-day's trade.
Geo, M. Snook AG
o ?
0 Watte, Trauco und Teat Medium.
0 Independent slate-writing, sei
I, messages answered, business, marri;
- divorce, law, love, luck, unites
poparated, gives success. Tho only
1 dium in tho city. 2015 Chaplino stt
iCod star cars "to door. Parties ou
tho city, sond mo a eolf-addres1
stamped cnvelopo (business size)
freo advice. _
LAD IKS' Satin Llnod Antrnclmn Cn
I'lirtiiry price 013 OO. On #ale this dn
k." no. Ltc on hand early. Kcud fc?T*
A THOMAS' "ad."
Smith's Ai.b has boon a honsot
ward in Whooiing for tbree-qiiarlor
' a contury, and is bettor now than o
II givo you moro for your ?
house in the city, in such as
I Clocks, Silverware SNoYelties.s
& Hiia-a-insrs, *
Lot Btroot. A
Tiro Inccndiary liln/.t-a ou tho South Sid?
q Tho IxT?LLiOENCEii yesterday jinvo an
* account of tho Diekinan Btablo liro on
c* tho South Side, and called uttontion to
Jj}'* tho fact that there ia ovidently a gang (
? of firo buca at work in that part of the I
city. Another inystorious iiro in tho
j* earno neighborhood a few hours later
r-? makes the lire bug theory n certainty.
A still alarm was sent to the Niagara
? engine house at 7:10 o'clock yesterday
morning by Driver Bockendorf, employed
by iiremer & Mabis. Tho decat
Partmenfc responded quickly and soon
had a bluzo in Oharlos Frieae'a stable,
at tho corner of Twenty-fourth and
k"1 Chaplino etreott, under control. Tho
w?s loss in this caso was not nearly so much
as in tho others. The polico and refiW
,th dents are on the lookout for tho miscroanta
who aro maliciously destroying
3ns property in this manner, and thoy "will fl
bo dealt with severely if caught. J|
Properties Consolidated?Whocling: Peo*
plo Interested.
Tho following is from the State Alining '
Jiccord, Denver, Colo.:
rol "A- vory important mining deal has '
r?4t just been brought to consummation at
ny Creedo. Four rich mining claims, on
to? tho northern extension of the opulont
Amethyst voin at Creedo?tho Argent a,
Happv Thought, Golden Eagle and
' Ironclad?have boon consolidated, under
an organization to bo incorporated as
tho United Mines Company, capitalized,
>n, at $5,000,000. Among tho directors of
for this enterprise aro D. II. Maffat, A. B.
Wc Kin ley, W. B. Belker, Mark Watroua
and R. F. Kavanaugh. These four
claimB take in ono hundred and sixty
feet of the northern extension of the
ft9, raarvelously rich Amethyst vein. Tho
work of development will bo commenced
at once and will bo vigorously
Cushed. Fifty to seventy-five men will
o employed from the start."
If Tho Ilappy Thought property is tho
it a ono in which aevoral Wheeling partios
3d. are largely interested.
This evening botwuou 5 to 10 o'clock
ro* pro will place on snlo Ladle*' Silk Handfa:
itoroliiofM In Croam, BIuo and 1'lnk for Oo
?d onch, 3 for "5c. linch customer limited
1?' to three. Don't delay. Conic early to
ot! THE rol't'LAIt,
1111 Muin btreet,
ny +
$0 75 buys a fine navy blue Jacket,
with Queen Elizabeth collar, at
Geo. M. Snook & Co.'s. ,
of 1
Ito STONE & TIIO.HAS bought tho cntlro
a production of throe Cloak manufacturer#.
nr. llnro and on?al? to-day, Children's .Jaoli?tg
08e, 81 08 ana ?2 08, about one-third
bo +
JulinB Jacoba eolls dry goods cheapest*
a Iris THE PEOPLE- ]
1 :
let Sr" Cirf tsk \
er CIS^ !
i $m:
&L I ffiCPT
i PL'R?5T*hdCOL
Z *
ntg 50 PER CEN
ind "
| pOPerCe
- I ?-Lamp
me- &
^ % 1136
9 of
* X" mako a long a tor/ ahort, you can eavo from 00 to $7 00 by boj*
tag your
, of ua. Wo aro in the position to know, nnd wo put our valuos in thi
category where they belong. Wo will leavo tho comparison to any
compotont judge, and tho vordict will bo in onr favor. Wo'vo cover
lost our right of leadership in competition yet. You know cheap
tailoring has reached its just desorts. Tho fathers of itaro forsaking
tho faith, for wo'vo bettered them at every point We're improving
ourselves all tho time. Wo'vo always had
-? - - - ~ ?? Ain a j itinn nn
>8.00, $10.01), $1Z.UU, $io.uu ana pu.uu
Suits and Overcoats
Around tbeao precoa wo'vo gathered tho fruits of wiadom bought
by oxporience. Wo havo figured and worked until wo can mako i
dollar do almost doublo duty, and you'vo only to walk ia our footsteps.
If you think we haven't succoeded, if you are still sceptical, apend
an hour with us and soo tho claas of men wo clothe, and from then
popular (trades seo how perfectly wo fit them, bow eaally. Aa thed
themselves, what wo savo them. Aak them if satisfaction isn't the
invariablo rosult of a visit to us. Among tho masses of humanity
they aro bettor dressed than tho avoragn.
The varioty that is oflorod here is ton times greater than any tailoring
shop can afiord to carry. Search about town into every atora
that sticks out a clothing sign, and wo'll count stylos with any three
of them. Wo trust our reputation in every garment wo sell; It's
right aa wo know right; perfect oa we know perfection. Beforeyonr
money closes tho salo, and then, in spite of our extreme care and
proeaution, it fails, we're ready and anxious to buy it back at the
original prico. No wonder mon feel sate in trusting their appear
ance and thoir puraes to
Fourteenth and Market Streets.
for your o.?S??"SI,i:Sru
Beat In the world.
^HDFR. ?t - #S.od^?WV3.OO
, ^ an
If you pay less than wo charee CW??m||mVfor ladiei
yon,you got loss quality in tho shoos. $2.5u
Nobody can soil na good shoos for 42.25% AM H1.7S
any lose money than wo do. Wo $2.00 fk'WWPwl^l
know that usually tboy don't sell as Fob />(TH \l*
good, for they aro not satisfiod with
bo small a profit. Tnto this Ladies'
Pino Dungola Button Shoo that wo ^ftjS88Ete?AK!!>^
Bell for $2.75 for instance. Mosl If j? wt a flna DRESS SH0& mads l??? W?
dealers would got ?3.00 for i,
wear u well. If you wish to economize In your footweMj
? ? ~ dosobycurthMlnEW. L. Dotiglai Shoes. Nan???
rv O Y1 C\ Jlt^r I 1 C\ Pr'co stamped on tho bottom, look for It when you wjr
U IVcLll t5 (V (j( W* I" DOUGLAS. Brockton, Mail. Sold %
"J J. T. STONE. 1042 Main street.
1110 n/f t ot 4. OKO. 6TKWART. HrldRoport, 0.
1113 JVintn S^eqt. n. k. mknkhmkllkk. .mm
of PICTURES and t
LAMPS. \ ,
See our Show Windows and Note
the Prices. We mean what we a
say. We must have the money, r
If you are going to give ^
Holiday Presents, \
Now is a Chance to Save Money 1 ^
is and Pictures. I

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