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The Intelligencer,
and 2; Foinrrr.usTJi Prar.Kt
IMi:l.LICK.\CKB rtULlSjIIfd CO., rropr*i.
rr.r. yeah, nv mail, i-ostaor rr.r.paia
Daily, sit days in the week 00
J?AILV, three di?ys in the week < "O
Daily. two ?lays in the week.- ~
Daiey, ene month - - c"?
Wixuly. one year, in advance 1 00
Wekxlt. ?lx months 00
The Daily InticLlmkncwi is dcUveted ?>T
c-arrien'in Wheeling and adjaccm towns at i<
cents i?er week
Pcraeni trishin? to siih?(:ril>e jo ill 1 Daily Is*
tilliojekckr cau do ho by sending in thflir or*
d<>r-i to tho lNTKt.tjar.scKu ortiue on postal oar?l
orotherMi'c. They will be punctually served
hv carriers.
Tribute* or uespeet unu uuiuiai/ .iuhvw* ?.
rents per inch.
Cerrespoudtnea containing important uetr<
coll/Mted from every part ol thu Mirioundliu
Rejected rc,min?:ni"itleii? will not hp ri-turuoJ
iiMltw Mtotnpmiled by ?nKI< leirt poawgo.
I'fhe lNiKi.;.!(ir.sr*;r, smhraciii? iti ^? v*er.?,
e?iti?n?. is entered in Hi* l'n<tolHu6 M Wheal1?K.
W. Va . as second-claw realtor.)
Friltarfal 4S1. ( oimi'Iii? Knom <10In
tVlli:KL!NGf.J>KCI-:MHKIl 4,1*0*.
Incidental Protection.
One? more some Democratic voices
arc* heard earnestly pleading for "incidental
protection," every man of them
wanting the incident made liberal in
his own case.
Incidental protection is a rank delusion.
There can be no system of protection
built on any each basis. Any
attempt to do it ia certain to result in
nnfairness, peneral disappointment and
general less to the country.
In any scheme of incidental protection
revenue is the object. W hero revenue
is the object any protection that rertiiits
happens in the catch-as-catch-can
way. Whero the scheme of a revenue
tawffii fairly made up, any protection
that follows is more accidental than incidental
and cannot bo just to all interests,
because it benefits hut few interest!.
Incidental protection resulting from
honestly conceived tarifl"-for-revcnue.
only schedules is a lottery, in which the
prizes are fen-. If there is to he protection
at all, it should be systematic and
general, croatin# and defending homo
industries. This is what a protective
tariff does, and it is logic.nl and right. A
tarifMor-revenuo-only is logical and
Br wrong. A tariff-for-revenuo with iuci
r dental protection is illogical and a humbug.
A mind that can be satisfied with incidental
protection is er\?iiy deluded.
One who wishes to vote for it lias to
take to tho woods. No party professes
to favor it; but some Democrats like
to hug the incidental delusion as a way
to dissent from tho way their part.y is
gpintr, while thov enntinuu to allow
their nartj to pull them along with it
as it mores toward its goal of "progressive
free trade."
Ir you have the gri^ you are not in
pressing ueed of a password.
Cleveland mid tho Civil Service Com
Perhaps the country will not become
excited over the akake-up in tlio civil
service commission, but nevertheless it
is an interesting affair. The President
wrote to Commissioner Johnston oxpressing
regret that his intimation of
kis desire for General Johnston's resignation,
conveyed through Sonator Caffrey
and Secretary Herbert, hud not induced
the commissioner to rosign.
is Gen. Johnston flatly refused to
do. Thereupon the President sot the
day and the hour when ho would expect
the resignation placed in his
hands. No reason is given for the
President's course. It is a fact that
General Johnston did not agree with
his associates of the commission at to
tho policy pursued by that body.
Of course the President has & right to
remove him; but in a matter in any
way touching the civil service the President
would be expected to have good
reason for making a removal, especially
when a chango in the commission is involved.
General Johnston is not only
a Democrat, but he has beea a personal
supperter of Mr. Cleveland, lie comes
from Louisiana and served through tho
war in the Confederate army.
His successor, Prof. Proctor, of Kentucky,
has been geologist of his state, a
position in which he has served with
cnedit. lie is a man of high standing
who has had practically nothing to do
with politics.
The Washington Post, commenting on
the affair, says that Commissioner Lyman
is the man who should bo removed,
and adds that tho President knows that
"tho civil service commission with Lyman
at its head is and can bo nothiug
but a transparent and offensive farce."
Ir President Peixoto needs anything
in the way of a "paramount," our own
and only Blount is at his august disposal.
We ceuld spare him Gresham,
too, to make up tho job-lot.
Tho Free Trade Scliotno.
After the democratic party has put
so-called raw materials out of the way
?got ceal, iron ore, lumber, wool and
salt on the free list?it will give its
prayerful attention ton further whacking
into manufactured commodities.
That is to say, it will if tho people give
it the chance.
The raw mater ml cry is part of the
general and omi{Srouonsivo scheme to
pattern after the British customs policy.
k ?ioviee se transparent should
hot deceive.
O.v the Socond avenue road in NewYork
a rerv intore.*:ing and premising
practical test is being made of the storage
battery in electric* sireotcar sorviue.
It is said that results thus far give
reason to believe that at last there is
M II .U IJ lilil V
storage battery system that can be il
made a commercial success. If so the 8
trolley will go to tlio junk heap. The *
utorago battery is the ideal thing, for it i,
does away with poles and wires.
whiss the World's Fair commissioners (1
oflor to givo to the Jackson Park com- h
niiflsioners everything in sight and as '
much more as they can find on tho 8
grounds, and in tho heavens abovo and y
tho earth beneath, the park people seem t
to fear that tho other fellows aro trying Ti
tlie bunco game on them.
A Surprising Success. a
The 1:?TkLi.iGENcicit plan or making h
the World's Fair a joy forever has
proved to bo a success beyond the most J1
sanguine expectation. It is a very nar- ^
row escape from an overwhelming success,
for it has required nil extra force o
of clerks to wait on readers of the paper ?
as they camo in. and to open letters
devoted to the same subject. By rca- jj
son of sharp and systematic work no
body was kept waiting long. \}
Tho pooplo wore no pleased with tho t
portfolios and so pleased to find thomselvei
part of a great success, that the C
hoary work was in a do li^ht. It was a a
great satisfaction to the Intrlmoexcrb ^
to hear the appreciative comments of
its frionds as tlioy inspectod the sample
copioi;and the more they understood c
Rood work the inoro gratification they r
To print half the sood things said of jj
i ho Intkluqe.vceic in this connection
would till the newspaper. An oxtract i
frorn a lotter shows tho valuo of a good
name. Tho writer says: "Although I am
unable to gee a sample copy of your
World's Fair art portfolios, I want the
whole reries, and 1 send in my coupons *
and dime, anyhow. A subscriber of the ^
I.vm.ligf.xeBii for twenty years, I can t<
" T J: I ...I...., T an<tii? I
iniio us worn, i uiu um nucu x ??> ?
to tlio World's Fair on tho Intklligex- v
t'Ejt plan, and 1 made no mistake. 'J ho g>
intf.li.ioiiNecu ha* never yot. deceived a
me, and I don't think it ever will.'* '1
The good will of the peoplo who know v
.1 newspaper is of much moro value *
than its whole mechanical equipment,
lor it is something which fire or flood, q
hurricane or earthquake, cannot de- o
stroy; only the newspapor itself can
impair it. ^
The Ohio river is rising to tho situa- 11
tijan and taking a hand in tho business
of this great valley. ?
"Wheeling's Glass Industry. p
There 13 a mistaken impression with a
regard to the eflort to save Wheeling's
I'laas industry. The eflort has not as 'i
yot been favored with tho assurance of ?
success. Much more remains to Do done ^
before it can bo taken for granted that
tho industry can bo held here. li
Men who have money will have to T
subscribe more freely than they have c
boon subscribing, or tho money cannot
bo raised. This is tho plain state oi tho j
case, and the public is so much' inter- \
eated in the matter that it should not *
be deceived. If tho peonloof Wheeling x
desire to retain tho glass industry they .
must do it with their money.
Somehow a report has got in circula- v
tion that largo capitalists aro ready to
stop in to make tho thing sure. If this "
I !>? Ii*iia thnnn who Imvo boon most flc- *
live in trying to raise tho funds have no
knowledgeof it; but they would bo very
glad to have tho information on author*
ity. < ?
The effort will bo ronewed to-day, and i
if ihe business men oi Wheeling are a
interested in tho subject it is to be K
hoped that they may show it bv saying jj
promptly what they will do and by do- (
ing all they can do in tho premises.
All Wheeling will do well to boar in ?a
mind that it id an up-hill job to regain {
a lost industry. It is easier, as hard as o
it may be, to hold on to a good' thing ?
than to recover it after it is gone. t
Statesman Lawlbk. with 67,000 names
on his potition, couldn't get tho Chicago I
poatoftice. If the 07,000 were tho names c
of good men and true ho should have J
no trouble to collar tho Democratic (
nomination for mayor of Chicago, which
he craves as a rebuko to the President C
And a vindication of his grip on his 1
pariv. ,
'litis Man Knows,
A Texas wool grower, who says that >
the low price of wool is duo to the fact ^
that buyers have anticipated free wool j
?in which be is entirely right?declares
that tho industry in Texas cannot live \
without protection. 8
lie adds that wool growers have not 1
had the protection that Congress sought
to give them, because importors have fl
managod to bring in hieh class wools at \
lower dutios than Congress intendod 1
they Bhould bear.
It is a cold day when tho importor J
Rots loft, but Chairman Wilson's party [
seams to think it necessary to givo the
importer and the man on the other aide c
ail easior thing of it than thev havo.
Tiik Intelligencer's World's Fair.art
portfolios are a go of very considerable ^
proportions. Tho pictures aro as good
as the camera can make them, and they c
presorvo in tho vory beat form tho c
Klories of tho Dream City. i
^ \
M. Marey hai found, from his continued
studies of animal locomotion by
means of instantaneous photography,
that the modes of progression of the J
viper and the eel aro much alike; that *
tho postures of batrachian* in water j
(after they havo anqnirod thoir limbs) J
aro much like t:iose of men swimming,
and that lizard* trot like horses. 1
Boys at Otsoco, Mich., were playing 'J
Indian a few days ago, and to make tho
thing go oil with tho proper snap thev
took n couple of youngsters, tied them *
to a stake and built a firo about them.
The victims of this realism were res- >
cued with their clothes nearly burned ?
oil. * J
No woman is permitted to land on (
the island of Fernando do Noronha, one [
of a group in tho South Atlantic Ocean, ,
belonging to Uracil. It i? a station for ,
msn eonviet-i from Brazil, ami all ]
women are strenuously prohibited
from disembarking there.
Charlos A. Miller, a Kansas City saloon-keeper,
proposes to solve the Sun- ? "
1 1.' tlA ? ' Jk A A 1 A -A lay
liquor sale problem
afooiis and churches
liu* .Saloons, 6 to 9 a
a., 9 to 12 p. m. Church
The defense iur.de by <
injr in a New York pt
reek was that "I've bee
insband a Ion# timo am
I. I hadn't pluck caou?
o 1 j;ot drunk.
New York and Mass:
ucU been represented i
wonty-oijiht timos. Per
dws, with twenty-five rt
Within fifteon minute:
roe of divorce had boon j
Luke county (Mich.) juc
ad become married uga
11 i^li school bays in p
jwna aro made familiar ^
ion of the Australian
oldinj? mock elections.
Tiio ''borer," about the
trawberry, is working
aiong tbo oyatpr beds of
The railroad up Mt. V
assed its dividond. A
lountain resorts had a b
The capital let tor "Q"
ut twico in the Old '
lirce times in the New.
William A. Lucas, of 1
!onn.. wears nu artificial
Of the 1S.500 patients 1
V'orld's Fair omer^uncy
wenty-throo died.
Over lour million pc
011 iitry live upon wages
o.vl companion
A sun fish weighing 1,8(
ecently caught by Los ion.
4Tho Chicago Midway s!
o Golden Gate onrlc alti
Nathaniel S. Jones, win
lie Sew York Ht^ck exc
ouneod Friday, was n
Jliicauo plungers who i
no small for their gambli
Io went to New York v
on in the Chicago when
A daughter of John Bi
ons ot William Lloyd
mong thoso who called 1
'hoodore D. Weed, one o
iving anti-slavery' uiritn
ras celebrating his ninet
t Hydo Park.
Dr. Francis L Flande
'ity, Mo., recently sontei
f three years in state
aiming a neurnoor 01 uu
d be the richost man e\
lissouri penitentiary,
early half ft million.
Clarence Kin^', the cool
poedily recovered fron
lalady, and is about
tloomwigdule asylum, wli
laced him, once moro ii
nd cheerful spirits.
W. I). Iioweih is said t
ifcerary work inappod qui
d for for the next year
ritli the royalties on
ook?, an income of $30,01
The new ntatue of Sir
ice, nt. Haiti more, was
'lianksaiviuc day by i
hijd of W. W. Speu co,
tatuo to tlio city.
Queeu Victoria has pr?
'itcairn islanders a line 1
fill bo taken to them fro
J. C:f by the Pacific fl
Tiie eldest son of Sir H
nto a bankrupt court iat?
lis liabilities was found j
rorth of shirts.
The khedive oi E^ypt
r?l Harding Davis tlio C
an Merit.
a t tttt t? mom
Mrs. Puffer?'-Men ar
iros, but kindness wil
How do ;you mean?"
t> break John ot' qmokin
11 ihe time to it. I fou
ood, and then 1 just bou
eif and brought them
nd ho stopped right
"Good night," he whis
t?ly at tho front door,
ood night, good nig,
'Excuse me," said an eld
ver the balustor, "but
uorning for tho last
bought you'd like to li
7ree Press.
Teacher?Spell and dofi r
'upil (after spelling)?I?
an tell exactly what it u
omething that my fath(
an say they have had en
on 'J'ramcr'pt.
"Why was this game
Jlinrley?" . "I don't kn<r
hat yo"u are apt to bivrt
rhen you uet the wrong
Uncle?I would like to
ou, Jack, but tnonoy ii
iope you will take tho wi
fephew?Certaiuly. Ha
t, sir??Jmge.
"Why do you carry, j
isitor at the penitential
;uards. "To keep the p
aking liberties, ma'am,"
"How about the new
ho saucy?" "Well, I si
>Vhy she won't evon a
lalf tho time."?Inter Oc
Day?What did liick<
rifo called him a crank?
icr sho was something
lorFelf.?Nr.w York llemU
Gentleman?Well, how
:eed in your now rol
lon't know. I haven't i
>apera yet.?S'chalk.
Olio of tho lit
"iotnc Democrat.
The Whcoling Istelli
if the best newspapers
mr desk. For general r
s not surpassed by any, a
vant a first cla.ss newsps
rcll to subscribe for it.
Unlamnblo but <
lonroe Watchman.
Tho Whoeling Istelmg
nlrabie newspaper, and <
ncorrigiWe and unVnti
>aynitns who light undo:
'rotoction and follow i
Haj. William McKlnley.
less of our erring brotht
i regard which Imh polivould
never inspire, am
louht. that ho prints a
tap or. _
Catarrh In the I
!a undoubtedly a disease
ind n* audi only u relial
ier can bficct? perfect a
:ure. Hood's Sarsitjmril
)Iood purifier, and it hn
rery povero ca*es of cat
if ten times leads to eon mi
i! bod's bar-aparilla belo:
Moon's do n?t
rrine. but net promptly,
jointly, -oc.
l?y having the 8TATR NOIGS,
"divide timo of Interest ?lennccl From fits
'? ? 2 to 4. p. K?cl?nBfi.
oa, v, la cvtr is '?jl0 throo masked men who outeri
... t ho houso of Ike Kadford, oil Loi
.onraa IlorriD- Qreek, Fnyotto county, on tho night
nice court Inst tj10 ins?t.. and siiot and killed M
n a lienpockeu Uadfqrdj; after which they unsuccet
1 1 got tiroii ol fui|y searched tho houses for monc
n to strike nor j)nVo been captured. Their names a
Charles Bays, Win. Jturweli and Wn
ichusetts have Adkina. bays and Bur well confessed
u the cabinet complicity m the crime, but chargi
insylvaniu fol- Adkins with tho killing. They we
(presentations, under the impression that Radford hi
! after tho do- a great deal of money in his house at
>ronounci'd bv determined to rob iiitn. To prove
Ice, tho woman lynching the prisoners were taken _
iJ", ' the Ctiarleston jail. A reward oi ?1,5
omo Nebraska h?.i been offered for tbo arrest and cu
fit!, tho opera- viction oi the Kiiiltv parties. .
ballot law bv The aheritt oi Barbour county is
reality u resident oi Fairmont, Alarit
nf .i omnll county, lie is Mr. T. T. Elliott. X
creat havoc W'u,ns? wlio was duly elected ahor
h?lnw.nwV??v at the last election, was deposed becau
JJulaAarc bay. of ||U (a)|uru ,0 pivu pro|ll!r j
as hi lie ton has gttye bond wh n ho first took charge
pparently tho j,js Oitiirot but because ho failed to a
ad summer. point certain persons as deputies, 1'
will bo found bondsmen refused to longer stay wi
restament and him, and hence Mr. Elilott'a appoii
niont. Mr. Elliott formerly was a re
,'oquotannucK. uum.
hand madoof A difficulty,, occurred somedaya a
between W. A. J.illy and \v'. L. Voui
:rontod at tho ak John Lilly'a home in JumningBram
hospital but district. While t.ho row was in progre
Voting used his knife on Lilly, cuttii
,rsons in tl>is '',ia d0?1,i"1-' "",l "'K-litly |??al.inK tl
paid by rail- A. ,vai 8lv?rn f
y J i oung, but in the moan time Ire ga
himself up. lie was tried Tuesday Ij
Mi pounds was fore ]/H(, i)0dclf at Jumping Branch ai
Angeles usher- aont 0M for further trial.?/Union llcra
The Martiusbur# Herald says: "The
dows are going is considerable destitution in this cit
lost en masse. \Vo heard of one case which waa ve
sail. The family was starving and whi
)INXS. the father took some Hour home, t
mother at once mixed up a dough wi
aso failure on water and put it on the stove to ball
iiauue was an- but l'10 childcrn were so hungry th
not her of tne l',ey gfflbbed tho doir/h and ate it ra
ouud that citv 1,01 being able to wait for it to cook."
Ti??? firut V P S. f). R eonvontion
rith 52,OOP,000 the Clarksburg district will conveno
t pit. the JJaptist church, in Clarskburg, <
rown and the luoaday aud Wodnosday. A large i
Garrison wore tendanco is expocKTd. Kov. S. H. Dovl
last week upon Moundaville, president ot' the ata
f tlio few sur- union, aud Miss Daisy Dunniiiirtou,
tors, whilo he 1'airmont, state superintendent
ioth. birthday, junior department, will bo prosont.
Thirty rooms have been engaged
irs, of ICansas H)'K?ia Hotel, Fortress Monroe, f
need to a term the Faulkner-Whiting wedding durii
prison for do- first week in January. A gover
id, is reported ,nent bogt will likely take a large par
'or 6out to the prominent Washingtonians, frion
lie was worth ?* Soizator Faulkner, down at that tin
A man named Mclntyre, whilo mi
logiat, has very co11' Itowon, in this county, Tut
1 his mental day, was killed by a fall of slave. I
to Imivo tlio was fonnorly from Ohio, but has liv
icro his friends at Uoweu several years, llo leave;
i good health family.? Wayne Counii/ A'eics.
Col. A. S. Dandridge, ot Greenbri
o havo enough county, has made formal annotinceme
t and contract- ot ,lia purpose to bo a candidate for t
to assure him, Democratic nomination for governor
his published West Virginia in 1890.
JO. Charles Jones and Charles Stroll
William AVal- returned from a hunt on Stony riv
unveiled on this week, and their trophies wore t\
% great-grand- deor, a buck aud a doe.?E'k Go.rd
who gave the News.
3M r. Thomas Wilmer Latimer, cle
jsentod to the of the circuit court of Jefferson count
lifeboat, which d'0(* suddenly at his homo in Charh
tn Knquimaulr, town Saturday morning.
ugiilip, Koyfll J*>. J. noil, a leading niuruuant
Academy, Pocahontas comity, has i
obert Peel got signed. Liabilities, $13,000; asgc
aly, and among about the same.
i bill for .$4,000 Fairmont is to have a modern ope
has sent Rich- _ ,
triforof Egypt- Thousands of liven are aavodannual
by the use of Ayer's Cliorry Pector
In tho treatmont of croup and wlioo
ing cough, tho Pectoral has a mc
SENSE. marvelous effect. It allays influmtr
0 queer croat- "o". frees the obstructed air pasaagi
1 win them." an^ t'oiitrola the desire to cough.
"Well, 1 tried
Ig by objecting Uucklon** Arnica Salro.
M The best 6alve in tlie world for cut
ignt cigars my- i^rllirtegf 0Or03, ulcers, salt rheum, fev
liomi to^nim, eort,9| totter, chapped hands, chilblair
away. jmcr corna fll,j ttn 8]ciu eruptions, and po
ttfniw Kiirnj >.i\na or nntmvrnnmr*
ipercd passion- it is guaranteed to give perfect satiate
4,j?ood night, tion or money refunded. 1'rice '2b cec
lit, good" a box. i'or salo by Logan l>rug Co.
erlv bass voice m
two our???I KftAuse's Headache Capsules, unli
mow Detroit ma,,y remedies, aro perfectly harmles
they contain no injurious pubstanc
, and will atop any kind of a lieadach
ie inatrmony. wjjj pr0Vent headaches caused by ov
Jont know as 1 indulgence in food or drink lato
leans, but it is nj?jir> Trice, 25 cont?, for sale by Ale
ar and mother f. Young, John Klari, Wheeling, ai
tOttgh of. />?? 3owio & Co., Bridgeport, Ohio, dru
called pokor,
A', unless it is A Cure for Croup.
i your liugera When on a visit to Iowa, Mr. K. D,
eud of it. f0rit n( LurttV) llussell county, Kansi
called at the laboratory of Chambi
accommodate lain & Co., Dcs .Moines, to show the
n tight and I liia fcix-ycar-old boy, whoso life h:
II for the doed. been paved by Chamberlain's Coui
vo you signed Remedy, it having cured him of a ve
severe attack of croup. Mr. Dal ton
iftun V'aaid a certain that it paved his boy's life ai
y to one of the is enthusiastic in his praise of tho Kei
irisoners from ody. X'or salo bv Chat. It. Goetze, W
was the roply. W- Irwin, Chris. I\ Schnepf, Chi
Menkenieller, Win. E. w illiams, S.
i Brice, A. E. bcheele, Will Menkemelh
' John Coleman, Klchards & McElri
: > ; Wheeling; Boiie & Co.. Brld*cpo
nswor the boll n?,| n, ffpenhmlv A Son. Hptiwnnd?
wn. . . ? ?
did you buc- jg that misery experienced whoi
:eud thor nowi- suddenly made aware that yor
possess a diabolical arrangemenl
called stomach. No two dyspep'
tic3 Iiavo the same predominunl
cikxcek is one Sympt0ms, but whatever fora
that comes to ' 1 '
olioblo ncwi it dyspepsia take3
mil people who * ...
ipor would do The underlying cause is
in the LIVER3
and one thing is certain no oni
enter is nn nd- *in remain a dyspeptic who wil!
nnl.le 'of" "tho ? "m *?* ?
r'thtfbanner of A"'U"?Ilb?
n tho train of Stomach,
'J'ho clever- in Expel foul pases
ir wins for him U AHwInttallon
tical principles . , ,y.
.1 there is no m-"U"'
lamming good %-7 sfiClfiian(J at th0 3ami
tlLl/?ir fl 7i* ??1 l.lmn
Btart the Liver icorkiva cnc
of tho blood, nil bni/itii ailments
tilu blood ptiri- ,|fin {tisa}>i>eiir.
nd permanent
lii ii tli,? lw?wr *'"n' n,or? than three veart I suffered will
ill IS I no Ot [ Dyspcpm in it* wor*: form. I tried wren
id CI J NO many doctorhut thry afforded no relief. At last I triei
arrh. Catnrril Simmon'. I.lver Regulator, which cured rae in :
im.rinii TnL*.? rhort time. It U a good mediciiw. I would no
R t !* V 1x8 without U."~jA?nn A. RoAhB. Phibd'a, J'a
ro It 18 too I ale. ' As :i Sfncr-I family icmcdy ioc Uyvoph
ToryM liier, C.-titiip.;tion, ctc., I hatdiy eve
puree, pain or , ,,e anything cb?. ur.d Ittw never been ili*a;
i..._.;! ? .. ,.l ..<i; -Jtntcd in the effect produced: it '.eem* to b
Ottilly U.ltl Will- '..t.v. t .,? .\-i'-vt cir.e tor of thehtozuac
I! ? lio?di,"?\/. Jl'UcLuov, MiooQ,Ua.
:? Msofgiely^J^
?n A crenm of tartar baking powder.
in' Highest of all in leavening strength. so
?Latest United Slates Government l'ood j
Ic J* port.
p! Royal Baking Povvdor Co., ,
ll8 106 Wail St, N. v. v
<*o .
ig!J Tho Plaintiff CctM a Verdict for Seven t
j.? Hundred and Fifty Dollars.
tio Bpeetal Dispatch to lite hitclVvjtnctr.
or 2s'i:w Martin*5Vim.b, W. Va., Dec. 3. .
ve ?The jury in tho damage suit of A. 13. .Moore
vs. Ohio River Railroad Compau.v,
returned a verdict of $750. This
re was a suit which was brought t wo years
;v. ago, tho attorneys for the plaintiff being n
r>* J. W. Mclntire, of this place, and C. T.
(en Caldwell and Win. N. Miller, o: Par'l0
kersburg. 1). II. Leonard and V. li. :
tl> Archer wore attorneys for defendants.
Much interest was taKen in ine case,
at both sides making a strong light.
For pity's sake, don't crowl and 1
of grnrablo becuuso you aro troubled with *
in indigestion. No good was over olfoctod a
an by snarling and frottinj:. Bo a man .
it- (unless you happen to bo a woman), <
o, and tako Avor'n Sarsaparilla, which *
.to will relievo you, whether man or
of woman.
of ? * ,
"Miss Bessie Rons am., who possesses 4
. a contralto voice ot rare compass, powor
and richness of tone, though coinpara- tively
a stranger to .Montreal audiences,
? created a trrout improasion and oarnod
~ a reputation which will assuro bora
.* we!como iu the future."?Montreal Star.
Seats for Musin's concert oil sale Tuco (
dnv morninir at C. A. House's. J
n- ?' I
* FOB jaEinsr"T. ;
A Month.
No. 835 Mnin at., hotel or boarding house...S30 00
?r No. lift) WftTrell street <? M \
nt No. '-'"iinjiu'ob street. 10 co I
No.'-'0:7.Mnrket street - !? 03 ?i
t No. 1131 Ko;i Mreot l?? o? v
01 No 119 Virginiavtrect 9 oo Ji
No. 10?? Mmn street. threu roo:us s <x) li
No. 01 Seventeenth streot 10 00 1
1,1 Four-roomed d welling, reur 1^0 Fourteenth t
er street .. 00
..q No. 60 North Front street 13 00
, Four-roomed home. Manchester Coal
w works (5 00 j,
Item" ltjoo ChupUne street, ihreu rooms 7 00 ,
. Keariooi t;ii?p!ino htrcot. iwo rooms ?? uu j
l"K No. Elizabeth struct, two rooms aud n
;vf stable ? M s
"' No. 25A) .Main streot, three rooms 00 ,
No. 17ft Seventeenth stroct 10 oo \
No. 530 Market street. 7 00
nr 70 acre farm for market gardening, north Ul
of city. $J09 por nnniiin.
W* No. U-iSonth Front street 10 00
ita No. 22iftEotrstreet, throo rooiutu 7 Oi) J
No. I'll Alley lvthree rooms.... 8 03
No. IV' Fourteenth streo t... 23 00
ra No. 1105 High streot, five rooms 7 00
No. :i Alloy ? : nod Terminal railroad S 01 e
No. ft Alley H and Terminal railroad K 03
No. 'i'MW Main street 10 00 5
lv No. 2005 Woods street, tiiree rooms 0 01
'f No. 2307 Alley 11 9 n
u,# No. 2500 Alloy ]{. two rooms 0 00
p- No. 2151 Main street, three rooms G ftl <
jit No. 20Thirly-third streot H ftO
No. ."-V.7Chapllno street, two rooms ft 00 j
in* No.2120 Alloy 11. two rooms G OJ
js, No. 107 Alley Id, two rooms ft OJ r
No. 1*"? Twenty-ninth streot 7 OJ
No lO.'O Mnln street, throe rooms ... If CO ?
Building for manufacturing or wholesale
husluoss, in roar of No. 1501 Market sl $
> FOR SALE.?Real estate of evory do scrip- ?
'e'r tlou'
RenlKUnto A gout, U. 3. Claim Attorn)/, Colic
lector and No wry Public.
Lta del 1612 Market Strost.
December 6 nnd 7, Engagement of
i Miss Julia Marlowe,
'?* Undor the Manngoment of Mr. Frml Stinnon.
Knowlc's Fine Comedy,
b1. the no vb oha.se.
THURSDAY, ns BEATRICE, In Sbakes^oaro's
jm most Brilliant Comedy.
L'h ?
T)' Price*?Reserved Seats in first two rows of
H Dross Clrc'.o. 81 00; rotorvod scats for bAlanoo of
mi lower floor. Si 00; reserved seats in balcony 73c;
,n. admission in balcony, ;.oo. Sale nl seats cominonocs
Monday, Decombcr 4. at C. A House's
'II music Mtor--. dot
A vX Tuesday and Wednesday and Wednesday
2ri Matinee. December 4, r> and 0,
ri| ]
with latest and strongest specialties. NlgUt
?. l'rlces?1.\ 25. to and .'?0c. Miitluoo I'rices?Tte- (
Horved scats. 25c; gallery. 13c. J'oservcd teats on ?
sale ?t Uiofirand Imv nine'. no'u
> BMsmd
; at
Furniture and carpet House,
No IHfi Mfiin Strflflt'.
1 OntaMg^vNOW
. Higgins' Gallery,
? MYLKS' a!:1 fc5AU1)Ia
2154 TUZ'fZ I N STF.BET, '
j!j '
I* I)D.MAN iV CO.,
>1 And Manufacturer* of Marino and
Stationary Enjln?3.
new advertisement^
[aor sale?anthracite coal
or (ion Stove. CALDWKbL, I'cutist. Mil
'Inrkct Street. ___________ <l"j
Lost on stolkn-a small
poodle. Answers to the imtno of"Krltz."
'leu*e return to 10l*'< Alley <\ mid receive no.
Tni rennnl. No questions a?ke 1. il -iv
of j'. jtnkral xoticet"
l<? iifk ornrni.s AND Memhm* or Bai/timo-*
i.oDi.l. K. OK ?' :
You nrc hereby notified to ntteii'I the funersl
if our deceased brother. Win. I,. Manner*. ,,tt
l'uettlay. December.-. to uiuot at<.'u*tle lln l ax
p. in. uliarp. Member# of nUturlodscaare ro>I?cctfiiliy
Invited to utU'iiil.
JOIINL. MtU5. K. II S. ?!
Sweet Cider 1
do"? 1117 Murkct Street.
lades iiotkl
ropriotor nnd for;nor Manager of the abovo
roll-known Hotel lia< inrniu asmmed cumroL
txl will conduct It In flr>tc1n?* style. The
iittrouojje of the public U rciptjctiullysolicited.
peckmbeh 1. 1s3a dc
rN I I T? I O'I'M i L< t Vll VI' II' V I.' I I .
Li 11 uio i ?u .10 j\ A* u i* LJ >? i l\
Our American lino steamers from New York
0 Southampton December 0, jy mid .'J.
Ticket* for*alo ut
noSO --'17 Market Mrcot.
Well without one of those
Siovos combined. 25,60 and 100 lbs. si^e*.
no24 1C10 Main Street.
Rich Cut Glassware
for Wedding or Anlyersary Gifts.
ddcct KWING BROS.,
uo'25 1815 Market St.. W.Vn.
1*0. 02 Fifteenth Street, Wheeling, W. Va.
OW All Work Promptly Attended ta
'om posed of Kiniucut Artists: Ovido Mu:> u
'iolinist. Anulo lionise Tnnuer-M nil n. soprano.
lessleJfonsHll. Contralto. F. W. Elliott. teuor.
Munrd Sebarf, solo plani3t.
Seats on sale Tueday, December 5, nt 8 a. m.,
tc. A. House's Music store. Lower floor 7c;
inlcony, ."?i)c. dei
Having sold our business nnd pood will at
VhccUug, \V. Va , to acompttuv to be hereafter
:nowu as the Thompson Electric Company. who
n* authorized to collect debts duo us here and
rill pay all just claims against notice H
leroby given tlmt wo have discontinued our
nisiness at Wheeling, and no person has anhority
to contract for or charge u* any mater
whatsoever. IllX. CKOSDY & CO.
Having purchased the business of Hlx.Crosb*
: Co.. Including their stock of Electrical sup lics.
book accounts and good will, wc nre protared
to do satisfactory electrical contracting
nd construction work of all kinds, and repectnilly
solicit a continuation ot the public
mtronagc. Ofllco at No. 25 Twentieth stroel,
Vheeling. To bo known heroa'tor as the
Seal Estate Bargains!
Two five-roomed nouses ou Virginia street at
2.100 and &2.">Q0 each. On easy terms.
Kight rooms, all couveuleuces, ou South Front
trect. Ulverview. Jlcst location.
Sqvcn rooms and bath. No. 1C Virginia street,
it a bargain.
.Six-roomed bouse 0:1 Sovouloonth street at
Seven rooms aud bath on Zauo street at $),300.
iasy terms.
Kight moms and bath, both ga?es. stable in
enr. 011 Market, near Ninth street, at $t.(KX).
Six-roomcU JiuUiO ou rourieoum sweci a;2,<>50.
1'our-roomcd liousc on Virginia streot at*
1.1 OX cheap.
Two-roomed house, lot '25x73 (eet.ou Mcrrltt
troot, ncar'JiKh, at S7.">0.
Money to Loan?We will loan you money and
ret you tho host iuterest.
Telephone 'Go.
A large variety of the Latest
Styles and Best Makes.
Nesbitt. & Bro.,
X312 Marliot St.
!0, 25, ttO and :15c (Jmlit.tM. Choice
000*0 17c , 1829
An importer made the loss I
vVe made the purchase!!
And you Reap the Benefit!!!

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