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fl. 0. U. W. TEMPLE
A Gigautlo Scheme to Build Ono
la This City.
By a Committee UepreHontlnff the
Various Lodges In Wheeling ? A
' Plan on the Order of a Building
Association will bo Adopted?SlmrcH
Will be $3, With Five Years to Fny
Up?A. O. U. W.'s New Quartern,
It seems to bo definitely settled that
in a comparatively short tiiuo the growing
and thriving secret organization,
the Ancient Order of Unitod Workmen,
will have a home in Wheeling which
will, as one of the leading spirits in the
enterprise remarked, "be linor than
anything else of its class here, and
will be soinothing that tho town will
grow to, and not grow from."
' Tho A. 0. U. W. now has over 1,300
members in that part of tho Pennsylvania
jurisdiction which is composod of
West Virginia, and of those a largo proportion
are right iiero in Wheeling.
Tho organization is growing rapidly,
and it is claimed that by next July
West Virginia will have the required
two thousand members which will
allow IIIU Hiaic lU "I gaiu.-.u aoc)<uiuvv
grand jurisdiction. Tlio greater part of
tho growth of the order is in Wheeling,
and lor this ronson the schomo for u
Bailable homo ior tho order is receiving
Korao time ago a committee wag appointed
by the local lodges to preparo a
plan of organization, looking toward the
uuildingof an A. 0. U. W. temple here.
The committee is composed of Messrs.
?. G. Smith, 0. W. Connor, John 8.'iriruble
and W. O. McCluskoy. Last night
Mr. Smith was seen by an Intki.mgknCEtt
man and gave an outline of the proposed
plnn which which wiilsoon be up
lor adaption. An incorporation will
first be ellcctod under tho laws of West
Virginia, somewhat on the plan of tho
building associations, now so numerous.
Kfe Each share of stock will bo valued at $5,
and it is to ho pnitl for in quarterly instollments
of twenty-live cents, so that
it will be eminently on "tho easy payW
ment plan," live years being gireu in
which to pay tho face of the share. It
is known, however, that many Workmen
will subscribe for moro than one
share, for tho reason that tho investment
will undoubtedly bo a paying one.
There will be 20,000 shares, giving tho
association a cash capital At tho end of
live years of $100,000. On this capital it
is proposed to llrat purchase a choice
corner lot in the business center of the
city, and upon it to build a magnificent
structure, tho nppor floors of wlucn will
be occupied by the various city lodges,
and the balance will bo tilled up with
"go6d paying tenant*"
The object of making the snares of
so small a face value is to have every
"Workman, however small his means,
represented in the association. Many
merabors will subscribe very liborally,
and it is probabh that fifty persons
will take $50J oacn in stock. One gentleman
has promised to bo one of
twenty-five to take $1,000 each. The A.
0. U. \V. people all over the city are
enthusiastic for the proposed home of
the order.
Tho papers of incorporation will be
taken out early next month, and during
tho month the association will bo organized
and stock subscribed. It is
proposed to buy tho ground for the
building as soon as. enough money has
been paid in on stock subscriptions,
and then or soon afterwards money will
bo borrowed on the real estate, and
work on tho templs itself commenced.
That the Workmen are not goinir in for
"small potatoes," can bo seen from the
price of the prominent corner lot that
is in view, a little over two-thirds ot a
hundred thousand dollars.
In tho meantime the A. 0. TJ. W.
Jodu'os of Wheeling will occupy new
quarters, which will bo pecured very
soon; in fact they aro practically secured
now. The old Masonic rooms, on the
third floor of the Grand Opera House
building, will be the new home of the
Workmen. All but two of tho city
lodges havo acted favorably in thts
matter, and the now quarter/will soon
be secured. It is the intention to entirely
refit and ropaint the rooms.
A. O. U. IV. Note*.
Upchurch Lodge, A. O. U. W., held a
meeting at Odd Follows' hail last evening
and elected officers. Howard Atkinson
was elected master workman.
Tlio now lodiro of the A. O. U. W. is
b 'coming larger in membership every
day. eighty-five members now being enrolled.
?Dr. Garrison savB that it will be
organized in the couruo of two or three
United Workmen are looking forward
to the timo when Wost Virginia will bo
a eoparate jurisdiction. It is thought
that the required 2,000 members will bo
enrolled by July next. It is said that
Deputy Supremo Master Workman
Ford, of Pittsburgh, will initiate tho
Wost Virginia grand lodgo then. There
i8sotne gossip going tho rounds as to
who shall bo elected as tho first grand
master workman, and tho general sentiment
in Wheoling is that W. 0. McCluskev,
one of the hardest workers in
, the oruor, should be elevated to that
Almost n ."".Uracil.
Radiims' Microbe Killer has acted
like a miracle. It cured my wifo of
consumption and mo of lumbago and
Frank S. Jqnks, Camden. N. J.
| ^ Jlfr. Jfc'
Made a New Man
> N " | hftvo beca mado a now man by Hood1* Sar?
laparllla. I had pains la my back, felt languid
and did not havo any appetite. I liavo taken
tirclvo bottles of Iioo:l'? Sartaparllli nn.l can.
not prebo It enoush." Jacow Wcun. cor.
j 10th St. ana rorilvri At.. LonlivlUc. Ky.
. HOOD'S PILLS Care *11 Liter IIU. 25a.
Matters of Minur .111>.11 cut in nntl About
Him CUy.
Oi?eba House this evening?Julia
Tun Grajcd thif evening?Harry Williams's
Yestekday was another corfect winter
day. Tho predicted raiu or enow
did not materialize.
The Linsly toot ball team am! the
Cadiz, Ohio, team will play u guuic 011
the new lair grounds Friday.
A meeting of ti>e council committee
on Accounts has been called for this
evening to audit the clerk's and receiver's
biNCE the mud thawed Market street
is again in the condition of a country
road. It should bo scraped ut least
once in three months.
Tuesday evening Miss Mollie Young,
of Twentieth street, entertained pleasantly
n number of her frieuds. An enjoyable
evening was spent.
At n meeting of the directors of tho
Wheeling Hail way Company Mr. vVillinm
Erskine was elected president^ vico
Judge J. J. Jacob, deceased.
Jack Kelley, of Martin's l urry, fell a
distance0/ twenty feci while at work at
tho Top mill blast fumaco yesterday
and escaped with a sprained ankle.
Two vags mado np tho docket in tho
police court yesterday inorniug. Thev
wore let go to leave town. Twenty-six
"bums" lodged at the lockup Tuesday
T mi.Aiuninn nmnnr Hnbcrflold ran
in threo drunks. John Leonard, Mike
Condroy and Pete O'Neill, and Officer
West put ia Rod -Dickson on tiio eauio
A colored boy named Hunt was boforo
Squire Gillospy yestorday as an incorrigible,
and was committed to tho
reform school. His fathor was the
complainant iu the caso.
A letter was roceivod by Grubor, tho
cigar maker, yesterday, from U W.
Couldoek, the veteran actor, ordering a
thousand Wheeling stogies. Mr. Couldock
will not smoke anything olao when
he can got those.
A family reception and dance was
given last night by tho BeothovenSingingSociotv
in its hall, for which Meiater's
orchestra played. An enjoyable
time was had by tho members and their
families and friends.
The funeral services of 31 rs. Anno
Sheekev were conducted yesterday afternoon
at tho chapel at Alt. Calvary cemetery.
Father McDermott officiated at
tho grave. Mrs. Sheekev wa* the aunt
of Mr. John Sheekev, of Twelfth street.
Lhm Winter, of Hen wood, who was
indicted at tho last term of tho United
States court for running a speakeasy at
Sistersrille, was brought to this city
Sunday by a deputy marshal. Ilo gavo
hniut fnr 1*ia finnmirinco at COlirL aild
was dismissed.?Parkcrtburg Journal.
Strangers lit the City ami \Viiot*!ltij? Vulltn
Bishop G. W. Pctorkin, snvj tho I'arkersburg
Journal, will arrive* hoino this
evening at 9 o'clock via Huntington,
having como over tho Chesapeake ?fc
Ohio from Richmond. lie will remain
hero until U'htirsday night or Friday
morning and wi 1 then return to Virginia
on business Tho bishop will be
given a hearty welcome. He liaa been
absent since early in July and has made
a journey of several thousand inileu.
i I id mission to Brazil took him to tho
placcs where the revolutionary troubles
are raging and he was there when the
excitement was at its height.
S. R. Adams, of Grafton, is a McLure
II. L. Scrafford, of Morgantown, is in
the city.
J. M. Allen, of Grafton, registered at
tho Windsor yesterday.
C. A. Burt, in advance of "Will o' tho
Wisp," is at tho Stararn.
Georgo K. Work and O. S. Sweeney, of
Sistersville, are at the Behler.
Right Rev. Archbishop Kain was re
ported much butter yesterday.
Hon. Loronzo Danford, of St. Clair*villo,
is in tho city, a ^uest of tho MeLure.
X). A. Decrow, of tho Holly AVator
Works Company, Loekport, N. V., i<
The Julia Marlowe company reentered
at the btamm nud Windsor yesterday.
0. W. Hayuood, advance airent and
manager of "Kd^wood Folks," is at tho
Captain J. J. Oheppley, of Moorefield,
wus hero yesterday, and registered
at the Windsor.
Jesse Purnoll, of St, Louis, Mo., ia in
the city, the guest of friends. Ilo went
to Wheeling to-day to visit frionda.?
IScllairc Tribune.
cadkt dodduidg::
Writes Interestingly of the Hawaiian Jtepon.
Cadet John S. Doddridgo, son of Mr.
J. M. Doddridge, of this city, who is n
cadet in the Untied Statin navy, attached
to the warship Philadelphia,
writes interestingly of tho Sandwich
Islands to hi* father. Speaking of the
weather, always warm in Hawaii, he
says that it grows monotonous, ami he
would like to see a little snow, just for
the novelty. Out there, ho says, tho
thermometer has a good 4'steady" business.
'I recently attended a native feast,"
ho writes, "or 'tomai' as it is called by
tho natives. It was very taine. They
, did not even have dog, which is a stand
by iu all native feasts. A tomai is not
a success unless there is 'poi' and
baked dog, and sometimes baked list),
l They are very particular us to tho kind
of dogs they oat; 110 mongrel curs for
them." .
His vessol leaves Hawaii in February
ami goes to San Francisco, whore she
wili be docked. Thorc are now ut Honolulu,
he says, a number of war ships
representing* various nations, including
Great liritain and Germany. "United
States Minister Willis has arrived and
prosentod his credentials. The peoplo
hero are waiting anxiously for tho outcomu
of the annexation scheme. They
seem to think tho whole United States
h worked up over the question."
Appended to his letter is tho following
clipping from a Honolulu daily
Several hundred murine* and sallow from the
war-!n;>- came ashore yesterday mor&Ing and
marched uj? Fort street 10 Hotel street and
thence to ftlchnrd street, where they lined up
and put through the manual of arm* and a few
murchlog evolutions They were theu takeu
hack to their respective ?hlo*
The troops were in charge of Lieutenant Commander
Logan, with KusIku VogelmKtcng acting
M adJut/lm. Tho other officers were Lieutenant*
sharp. Prince, llannum and Scnburv. Hasten*
Marvel mid Knopper mid Cadet Doddridge.
lu soino unknown wnyafow natives got tuo
idea thai n *.und r?-*t.?rat;? u w.i.- tr.^e
|.u?*e nndsuirtoa red hot foot f ir ex-qucca's
residence. laden with lei* to eelobrntethe oeeosiou.
The Iels were u*ed. but no. for the purlK??o
that they had bvenhoiuht.
NOT n Clonk In Mtoek but w lint Una been
very much rnlnrnl. Compare fttylenuml
prteeR ni'itl you will not bo long iu Uccidlii?
to make yuur pnrtiliase nt
GKO. 31. >NOOK * CO.'8.
Ymmntw ART.
Tho30 Twin Spirits of tho Aaos
United at Last,
Fitly Celebrated in tho Intelligcncci-V
Art Portfolio of WorldV Fair Views.
Thousand* Snltiio Them nml Congratulations
Corao Thick and Fast.
It is seldom that any work 19 published
which from tho very start in bo
popular and highly prized as the Intelligkncp.u's
Art Portfolios of World's
Fair viows now being distributed.
Tho reason tor this is obvious. In tho
aeries it is perccived that tho artistic
and oducational features aro so happily
blended as to furnish tho best and most
convenient method of gaining an accurate
knowlmljje of all tho important
features of the exposition. It i^, as it
were, a wedding of those children of the
agt*s (though ever youne) education
and art; a irolden wedding, iudcod,
sinco it represents nil tho best achievements
of every nation through ceaturioj
01 time.
The happily-mated pair tiro hiRii in
favor with tho people, since congratulations
come pouring in upon thern, and
oacii visitor to their receptions, held
daily at the Istei.mgknckh Art Portlolio
department, is presouted with a
cuperb set of exposition views in commemoration
of their union.
Anions those who come to pay their
respects are people of every rank in life
ami of every profession, and ail unite in
praiuing the portfolios. That thoao
words of commendation are sin core can
bo known from tho fact that there is
always a bi^ rush to leave the six
coupons and the ten cents. '
Tho mail orders are also enormous,
which shows that tuo interest is general.
it should be remembered that,
whllo each portfolio forms rji important
integral part of t lie series, every one
is nevertheless complete. Consequently
subscribers can begin at any tiiuo.
v\ hen one of the portfolios is in haml,
however, tho importance of having tho
whole series will bo easily apparent.
This can be accomplishsd with a littlo
patience, ns will appear from the advertisement
on page throe of this morning's
Those who did not savo tho coupons
for tho tirst part should remember tiiat
they can socure it for a quarter, the
price of tho six paperj plus tho ten
cents in cash.
i)o not send stamps. Encloso your
dime in coin.
run liOVK Oil ASM"
3Il8? Marlowe and un Exoellcut Company
at tho Opera IIoiiho.
Tho modern stage gives too littlo of
tlio quaintly flavored old English comedies;
and yet as often as tlioy are given
well tho public responds. Last night a
fine audience assembled in the Opera
House to greet Miss Julia Marlowe and
a strong company in Sheridan Knowlea's
linn comedy, "The Lovo Chase." Mijs
Marlowe aa Constance delighted everybody
in a part that might well have
been made for her. Nobody could have
been a better U'blow (jrt.n than Miss
Rose Ey tinge. who easily divided honors
with the star. Mis* Eugenia Woodward's
Lydia was beautifully done. Frequent
and hear;y applause showed the
gratification of the au.Jience: To-night
Shakespeare'* charming comedy, "Much
Ado About Nothing," which this company
is certain to do well.
Stage of W.i'er ami Mo ventolin ol J?o:it*.
The lttver lulerentt.
Liberty. Ciarinzion. 10 n. m.
Lizzie II*)-. nitM)ur?'lul';a. :n. .
lien Hur, I'arkcr-ourg. 1 a. m.
yesterday's departures.
Liberty. C;urir.tf;o:i. .1:30 o. tn.
Lizzie Bay. Charleston, II n. in.
lien liar, Parker.^burj. 11:W u. in.
It. K Phillip*. Matuiauras. l&S'Jo. m.
lii>um',Clnringion- j::w i?. in.
Suushiuo. l'urkersburg. 11:30it. ra.
Iron PitUbUO,'!. 7 n. m.
II. K. Hertford. I'itMnjrih.su. m.
liudsoa, c'iaciuuud, noon.
River reports received last night show
both headwater streams falling.
Tho D. T. Watson, with a largo tow of
railroad ties, passed up at 4 p. in. for
Tho marks at the public landing Inst
evoning Htiowcd 10 loot o iuchoa and
slowly falling.
Tho Hudson ott account of being lato
on tho up trip will not bj here from
Pittsburgh until noon to-day, four hours
late. Sho has a good trip in eight.
The Coal City, with fourteen barges
of coal for Cincinnati, paused doyvn at o
p. in., and tho Twilight flying light wont
up at tho same hour. The Twilight will
receive another tow below Davis {slaud
Tho Iron Quoen is ono of tho fastest
boats that ever plied in tho Cincinnati
and Pittsburgh trade. Siio left Cincinnati
Tuesday afternoon and yesterday
morning Wharfmastor Crockard received
a telegram from her commauder, Captain
Phillips, at Middleport, to tho effect
that she would bo horo .early this
The principal losses suffered by tho coal
fleet in tho upper Ohio, as near as could
bo learned, were as follows: Frod Wilson,
5 barges and 1 boats of coal sunk at
Loi'Stowu; Harry Brown, 5 bargos sunk
atl/icocka; Hunter, 1 barge aunk at
Glasshouao; 1'ierr'epont, U barges sunk
at Lacocks. Ed Roberts, Black more,
Enterprise, Bollo M. Gowan and Bennett
ail had their tows air round ut different
placed, but aucceedod in getting
them oil with comparatively little loss.
?Pittsburgh Commercial Gate.U.
A Cincinnati dispatch says: Captains
Sam Drown, Harry McDonald, G. W.
a ilea, P. J. Foray ill, C. L. Snowdon, W.
W. O'Neill, D. ii. Blackburn, Goorgo W.
Theis and Robert Jonkins, of the Pittsburgh
coal trade, are here looking aftor
their respective interest.". Sovoral were
asked regarding prices, but all had the
samo answer, that no agreement had
been entered into. It ia understood
that (i cents n bushel will bo asked for
fourth t)oo( coai and (Jj cents tor third
pool. It was stated there would bo no
second pool coal received.
llnotl'N tiiul Only Hood'!!.
Hood's Sarsa par ilia is carefully prepared
from sarsapariila, dandelion,
mandrake, dock, pipsiasewa, juniper
berriea and otlior well known remedies,
by a peculiar combination, proportion
acid process, giving to Hood's rfarsaparilla
curative powers not possessed
by other medicines. Iteflecta remarkable
cures when other preparations fail.
Hood's Piiis cure biliousness. 6
WIIKN prlci-H aro eat ?a Clonics, wo cut
nsdoei* nn ihc ilui'ut'Ht.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Geo. R.
H50 Main Stree
Begs to announce that
-v M A r
V 2vlrl1
Will commence thi
tinue until Christmi
affords an opportu
obtain Wonderful E
250 Good All ^
Marked Down to a
My entire stock of W
occupying one hundred
shelving, included in this
dinary Faille Silks at 98
47 Reduced fi
33 Reduced f
i'O Reduced f
The material is All-WooTS
All goods named in thi:
down in plain figures, fr
deviation. This sale, wi
inducements in variety, <
previous Marked Down
business. Attention is als<
From $3 5"o up.
Muslin Covered
Goods and all kin
Draperies. Draper
and in mostapprov
Geo. R.
years from April 1, a jjood modern res I
dctic?? of nine or ten room*. centnlly locatcd:
torm lease preferred. KIKEllAltr & TATUid
<",:v l'.nnk Hull dofi
pou KENT.
One flat fire rooms and bathroom, flrU floor
No. "ilOl liolf street.
One flat, four room* and bathroom, socont'
floor. No -105 Kort".street.
One Hat. four rooms. N0.C6 Twenty-third street
Oneflnt. three rooms, No. lii'l'tventy-third street
Equipped with all modern Improvement*.
'V F. H. I. A M C. F.
I1 or r.na Stove. CALDWELL. Dcntbl.-m
Market Street de2
I) K EM CD good* will bo on sale Mondn>
Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, nntl
ther are a!! disposed of. C. NEUMAN, It!
Mar.cet htrceL deS
j show case; akd shelves.
Five Bhotv ea<es. seven feet long, on walnu
stand* ami ^heivill^f p *rt of it with Klass doori
must be sola to raaKo room for now eases.
F. W. HAU.MEli A CO.,
tio?2 mil) Market stroot
frame house In .l^tnarlllo contain
in.: 10 mom*.
Two ou-.'<Mory frame dwellings in Klrkwood
and a flue farm for ?ale; cheat aul on?v terms
insuranco and Real Estate Arc it.
nn?l Hridgoport. Ohio.
pOlt SALE.
AFsnrqiioicE lots at eduixwtox
Cheap and on Essy Tcrnt.
ocC City Hank Building. 1X? Market Straot
t, Throngrh to 1153,
his Semi-Annual Sale of
s morning and conas.
This Special Sale
nity to the ladies to
Bargains I
Nool Dress Patterns
nrJ Hr/acc rinnrfz and Silks.
and twenty-five feet of
; sale. Also those Extraoric,
advertised last week.
rom $14 to $5.
rom $14 to $6.
rom $21 to $8.
erge and they are well made.
s advertisement are marked
am which there will be no
thout doubt, offers greater
ijuality and prices, than any
Sale in the history of my
0 called to my new stock of
Also Silk, Satin and
Pillows. Upholstery
ds of Curtains and
y done when desired
ed style.
n 20 shares Hunk ol the Ohio Vallor.
' l.Vhuro* Wheellnc Ico and Storage Co.
SOsbnre* Ijilk'llc Nail MUL
- JOwbnre* Exchfluffc Hank.
151 -h.irui Kontorlu GIojs Ca
20share* First National Hank or Dcllnlre.
'jiMmrofSonth ,si?lu Hank.
SO .'h tiros Wheollng Steel and Iron Co.
SOnhurtM JEtua Stundnrd Iron uti 1 .->;cul Co.
U S. IIIWIN Hr> ?or.
1 dcr? No. _'l 'TvvoUth S'.rco*
; Will do well to inquire
the price of
in our hands.
No. 1311 Mnrk?t St., ntilfl
Order Pictures~^|MQ\A,
FOIl THE * ^ ^ * *
Higgins* Gallery
1 no." 4J Ttt'KI.KTU HTftKKT.
Column, ill fAsrcu Oil, Ciayox. Wat,
asd Ink.
215 4 7VIKI N STREET..
V Month.
No. 3K Main it., hotel or boarding house... 530 (*)
No. 1405 Warren .-treat C :?>
No. tfili) Jacob atroet 10 w)
No. V!0b7 Market btroet ...~ 9 aj
, No. Ii3l KotT street -? 0i)
1 Ko. ll'J Virginia ftreet - a IX)
No. 100 Main street, three room."- s 0
No. ?'?4 Seventeenth street 1?J 0)
Four-roomed dwelling. rear 1.0 Fourtosnth
street - 0 00
No. 03North FrontJttreef 1 j<
Four-roomed house, Manchester Coat
Hear it>0J rhapllne street, three room*. 7 00
Bear 100I CtutpUno atroet, two rooms ;> 00
No. 1-00 Elizabeth atr.-et. two rooms and
No. '?>.*> Main atrcet three roo:us ? (.1
No. 175 Seventeenth street ... ...... 10 ft)
No. Mo Market street ... - 7 U)
70 acre farm for maricct gardening. north
of city. $10) i*:r runnm.
>No. '2.) South Front street 10 00
No. 2Wi Kotrstreet, three rooms.. 7 00
No. 1711 Alley 1". three rooms ft 01
No. lit Fourteenth street- 20 00
No. 11&". High >treet. live rooms 7 o)
No.:: Alley I'- and Terminal railroad 8 0)
No. 5 Allev Maud Terminal railroad s 00
No. SVOi Mnin street 10 00
No. 'Mi Wood* street, three rooms 9 0)
No. SOT Alley It - 9 01
No. 15500 Alley II. two rooms ? C ft)
No. Mnin ntfWt- three roomi... <* w
No. 2U Thirty-third stree: r 0
No. 3.V27 Chapline street. two rooms 00
No.'J62Q Alloy 11. two rooms C r?o
No. 107 Alloy 10, two rooms 5 01
No. 133 Twenty-ninth street 7 (?
No J9.V Mrtln xtrvef. ihrro rooms .. 9 cj
Building for manufacturing or whtlesalo
busiuou, iu roarof No. 1301 Markui.it.
FOR SALE. ?Real catat-j of every deicrlptloii.
Real l*ntatc Agent, IT. 3, Claim Attomajr, collector
aud Notary I'ublla
dc'J 1612 Market Straet.
Real Estate Bargains!
1 Two Ave roomed nouses on Virginia street at
$2,100 nnd S-'. -OO each. On easy terms.
| Eight rooms, all convenience*. on South Front
' street. Rivor view. Host location.
Seven rooms uud bath. No. 10 Virginia stroat,
at a bargain.
Six-roomed bou<e on Seventeenth stroe: at
Seven rooms and bath on Zano street ut 5 J,iOO.
Easy terms.
Klght room* and bath, both uasc*. stablo ia
rear, on Market, near Ninth street. 111 $I.<ka).
Six-roomed hou* ou Fourteenth htreet at
Kour-rooraed house on Virginia street at
I1.10A Cheap.
Two-roomed house, lot 25x73 feet, on Merritt
street. neurh. nt S73U.
Money to Loan?Wo will loan you inouey and
get you the best Interest.
Telephone ?lv.l
i Real Estate on Ffteenth street that will p.i7
over 10 per cent. We refor to proporty :it Xa !>)
Fifteenth street, eons Is ting of an eight* roomed
dwelling And double tenement In the n-vr I his
property U in tlrel-cla-A condition. Th? location
make* it desirable for either residence or
Seven-roomed dwelllngat 120 South Broadway.
Tliis is a good location ami a good, comfortable,
modem bou-e. with all modern Improvement!!.
Will soli at a bargain on a quick sale. We Invite
any one wanting a home to go aud cxamluo
tbls property.
New sJx-roomcd dwelling on Llnd ?:rcot,
New four-roomed house. Cherry street, 1900,
To Let List, aeo Itejutcr.
g . o. smith:,
r dc2 1229 MA11KET 8THKET.
You will do well to make your purchases before
the first of the year, ui property is as cheap
iu> it will ever bo.
On Thiru-cnth street, seven-roomed brlek
house. with all modem improvements, iu line
location, for $V.U).
On Thirteenth street. slxleon-rooraed double
brick hou.v, with all the latest improve incut*,
also iu good condition, ST.Uih).
On South Broadway street is a ten-roomed
double house. a good investment and iu good
location. S; "00.
Na '2713 Jacob street* Is n ten-roomcil bonis.
Can be rented to three f.imilU-. l'rfue. S*UJU
On Virgiuin street, fou:-roomcd two story
house. #1,100.
On Market, above Tenth street, is a fourteenroomed
double brick house, divided by au archway.
Will sell cheap.
In Park View, seven rooms, reception hall,
also a now house. l.ot 17.'?xJ""> feet, and on lbs
corner of tne I'ike and street, SJ.0A
On South Penn street, lslan?t. live room*, lot
fiO feet by 120 feet, is very desirable, cheap at
No. 137 South Ponn street, five-roomed house,
lot 25x120 feet. A raro chance, as it is the best
location. S2,tt0.
^22 Kofi" street, live rooms, gas and water,
grained throughout. Iot25xlo ) fecL Price. S-' fW.
Three-roomed cottage on South York streot,
Call and see my list of houss* of anv size tliut
you may want, also building lots or farms.
lin Market sire*:, wiiccuns, \\. va.
1 Toloplionc Cs7. 110J5
No. 72 Fourteenth streot. tun rooms, modern,
from Jitnunry I. WW.
No. 1127 Alloy 11. two rooms S C i")
No. 9-iohio street, ilrnt tlonr, three rooms... ' ? 0)
No. t>l Ohio Ktreesecond ilonr. three room* S <0
No. 2902 Eoll'Htreet, three rooms !i 00
No. 2!K)t Moll street. throe rooms
No. 3111) McC'olIocn street, three rooms. 0 0.?
No.29'? i Chaplfuo stroet, live rooms 15 (M
No. 29CU Chiipllno siroet. live rooms 14 IK)
No. 69 Twenty-elijhth street, four rooms.... 11 o)
No. '.MIX) Main street, four rooms 1- fid
No. 1022 l oll street, four rooms 9 00
No 1318 Market street, two rooms, :td floor. ?
No. 145 Fourteenth street. 6 rooms modem. 20 iv)
No. "JIG t Main street, third ll'jor. 2 ro ?ins... <? 0)
Six-roomerl frame dwelling at I-eutherwood.
Store room* on South street, in Uuaruo Tabcm<iole
65 000 will buy No. 2319 Chaplinc street, eightroomed
8t..'iU0 \vl 1 buy No. Ill Virginia street, four.
roomed frame.
I Sl..r>0J will buy No. 1113 Alley II, five-roomed
citv Bask Buildiso,
Tclophono 219. [no9| Koom No. 6.
Six lot* in BclvcJero udlltlon, two curnor
lots, at 3.75 cncli.
House of six rooms nnd hill, Chnpllne, near
Twentieth street. Si,ow
House of .six rooms. Ei^htceuth street. In good
condition. $.'.800.
House of six rooms, brick, with fourroomed
- house in rear. KolV street, between Twentythird
nnd Twenty-fourth streo ' ?'
* House of four roonW, Cnnries sire.-t, Centra
> Wheeling'. S9"*>.
House of ilve rooms. Llnd street, liist WheelInir.
Two huslnou Iiousoj on Mala strot, Centra
Wheeling. Cheap.
IIouxo of fo.tr rooms. Twenty-ninth street, lot
C0xl0."?feet 51 100.
1 House of seven rooms Fifteenth ttr>ot. r > '<".
"\ Housoof six room-. brick. !' ; - ' xl-- foot, Mailt
* street* Centre Wheeling. tiOW,
I/?t en-st end Fourteenth street $vy).
House of live rooms. Woods * trees, East WheelInc.
Houye of four room'. Kluhteomh strcut S1.3J5.
Three houses. Moj'sten street, clie.it>.
Houso of thre rooms. Twelfth street. 8?V).
i IfotiHo of el phi rooms, Slxte.*?;h strujt, in
good condition. 9s.7?W.
1 Throe In; . x 10 ? > feet. Fllau, White & Gal la
gber's ndditlon. $.'t? eaeh.
House of six rooms and Stable, Eighteenth
Street. 93..*>00.
- Thre lots in P?-.rk View, cheap.
_ Oni-irdf lot, McColloch street, C< n Wheelr
fas jna?.
Fiuosuburban prop -rtv. two mlli>? from tlio
city, uv<i mlnuto* walk from mot >r lino, new,
with ail modern Improvements. Cheap.
Lots i>n Caldwell's run :->) e-iuh.
Fine tnrm of Hi acre* on National road nine
mi cj east of the city, on e.tsy terms.
Hu<!n.'^ property on Market street at inodor'
ate price.
One of (ho best manufacturing gltes lu lh*J
+ city, fronting on two railroad*
1739 Markoi Stroot, oc2S
THE NEATEST TYPE are used la tin Commercial
Frintinir done by

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