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E B.
One font Articles.
r. Heaw Envelopes, i ffood Peu Holders. C, Steel
Jvn.n, 1 Memorandum Hook. fl'Sheett Note Paper,
< - i?ur Pencils 4 Lead Pencils. i Collar Buttons,
j iniiicH'.'H Hair Pius. l Handkerchief. 1 Thimble,
1 paper 1'ins. 1 paper Needle*. 1 spool Silk TwUt,
; :o/.uu Hooks mid Kyes. 6 Darniuir Needles. 1
Naiui''? Urttcr, 1 dozen Brass Pants Out ton*. 1
Hit I'm. 1 box Cnrpot Tack*. 1 dozen Clothes
i'ni*. ! Tablet, 1 set Knittfnft Needles.
J.oti o15-cout goods going at 1 ccnL
Two-Cent Articles.
12<lven Button*, I Fine Comb. 1 bottle Itilc,
lint Tin Cups. Handkerchief*. Cake Cutters. Pepi
t K >xes Lungtrv Hair Pins, Carpenter Pencils,
ii(T Ituttous. Pie Pans. Pocket Combs Napkins,
t' n i tpcncrs. Spool Cotton. Toilet Bimid, (Jlifllcts,
'i n o I.iucj, Bubber Tipped Pencils. Hair
\\v deal only la Bargains and clvo big value
for the money.
Tlirce-Cent Articles.
U-iif " Handkerchiefs. Shaving Brushes. 1
r . !?rf- ? Buttoui, Stamped Dippers, Match
Safe*. Ma'-hlneOil Cans.Potato Mashers. 1 dozen
4-.it* ty Pius. Perfumed Toilet Soup. I pair Scls?Pint
Funnels. Jelly Plates. ? urry Combs l
d<lieu shoe Lace*. School Slates. Baiting Spoons.
r ut 'inblots, Cork Sorews. Harmonicas, Cako
Tunm ?. Mouse Traps Windsor Ties.
come here for bargains, we will not disappoint
Four-Cent Articles.
One set Teaspoons. Patent Sleeve Holders, Roys'
1 lers, Clark's 0. N..T. Thread, Children'!
j: i:ubl>er Brewing Combs. Comb mid Brush
i rt'e. Pot Coveys, Tooth Brushes, Fire Shovels,
'j < '.]iirr. Charm Knives. Mucilage. Sewing Machin
"li. Scrub Brushes, I.liicn Thread. Hand
Saw Files, Siispthd&s, Pencil Boxes. Calico, Mus1
?Hud hundred* of other articles goiug m this
Five-Cent Articles.
Ladles' Hose, Children's liose. Rolling Pius,
rood Rulct, ?'niT Buttons. Tin Bucket*. CoraMnntloti
tita?* Cutters. Boy's Knives. Pokers.
Bolt?. Ncuufoot Oil Shoe Blacking. Wash
1'ans. BIcbtor Ilarmouicas Towels. 'J5-c Needlo
r.i ^iiu'i.s. Spectacles. Dime Cologno Hair Curl
. -laics jjimii nurucra, chw mcsaiug,
J- I'llea* Pins. Table Kuivcs.
Mam 10-cent articles in ouru-coiit list Come
i a: tako them out of our way.
Six-Cent Articles.
ie n\ Table Fpoon*. Blank Book*, Purses.
- rtlng, Suspeiideri, Butcher Knivev 10-cont '
l-.icoH, Hlccve Buttons. 10-ceut Km broideries,
irrubblng Brushes. Gents' Half Ilose.
MerohantsinvilW. We have bargains (or you
end it trlil pay you to call.
Seven-Cent Articles.
'olpito's Palm Soap, large Dressing Tombs,
Harmonica*. Counter Books. Dra? Goods. La lie-'
Handkerchiefs. Mixed Bird Peed. Whiteib
Hi i)bn, Umm^opiiWttb Plu, Shean.
At this popular prlcc wu offer many articles
worth doubly the money.
Eight-Cent Articles.
Monkey Wrenches.Whisk Broom*. Wash Bowl*. ,
Tin Bucket*. Long Hundlu Fire Shovels. Rules.
Hosiery. I.arge I.aiup Burners, Box Paper and
Invelopcs. spring Balances, fccUsow, Blank
1 looks. Patent Buttons. I
OisrciiMomers kno;v a cood tiling when they .
u Join the pipceMipn to our store.
Xine-Ceut Arlicles.
1.3'IW (r loves, Shoo Brushes, Stew Pans. Pre- I
I'-rvc Kuttlci, Butchor Knives. worth 15 uontu, j
1 - v . * Milk Strainers. Coffee Pots. Flour
Hfur.v Mi-, -enders. Extract Vanilla. Dolls. Dish
Pans. Hammers, I Pouud Grain or Ground Pepj'l'r.
i I'omi'l Cinnamon, 1 Pouud Ginger. 1 Pouud
Baking Powder.
J lie above are all genuine bargains and lower
vbau ever bciore.
'1'AM.fUnf 4t.fi/i1nc
M CU"VCIlf ill nvtuoi I
Suspender* Clothes lines, SVcoot Jewelry.
A-iircrRruce*. Stationery Packages, Jail Padloftks,
Uoyttl Needle I'aekaiscs. one* hat (jiouutl T?ia, Ladles*
JH;ont Hose, Dolls, Sfrcent Guff lsmtous
>1 Irrori. Pocket Knives.
Wo are constantly receiving bargains and cannot
quoto prices, as thoy are hero to-day mid
roiio* to-morro\r. It i* onr aim to alw'Avs have
H'mctiilDg new at priccs that will make you buy.
AVPBPfllTQ at price* that smash nil former
uIDuvvniO rocordi Look, fora$>W
''vcrcout. We nl-o have ureal bargains at $?97,
$.1.00. <R.To, uDto$U>.io.
It will pay you to look at these poods.
UTU'C C11IT0 at SI ltf.62S7.*t w UST.ICOO.
Bfin 0 OUIIO |7?i5, yi$7 to 8128.'. Wo ore
lewlcr* In low prices. If you cnu match those
ro.hU for leM Ihiin donble the money anywhere ;
we invite vntt to return the Mine and your money
Miit v refunded. Theso good* mustgo.
HBM'C D1HT5 *t *** tec. 87c, t*c, fl IS up to
nlDIl j rnfllo :C. 1/ you want to know
tlio\alue of n dollar try to borrow one. If you 1
warn w know how to savna dollar or more look
at our Clothing Department.
RrtVC' QI1ITQ at *kSc 87c. DSC 81 IS. SI 37 up.
DUIO OUilO Oomeatoncc. This wle cannot
la?>t always. You caunot match the priccs.
D(\UC? nilJT? at l7e. l*Jc. 2*c. ?e. TUevjarc i
DVld rflniO bargains and going very fa*t a:
Present We hsve all ?iw? from 5 to 13 at these
MRM'Q QHflEQ 73d Wc, mo. Si 25. si sr.
Hull 0 OilUuu 816a', to 8110. it is Just ns
woUto ?avomoney on Photons anything else,
?<nd wq arc away b.low tho market
S-'Oj. Our mcceit tu the Shoo Jlne'3 probably '
tuore than hc deserve. W? presume the vcAtoa
sell so many is becanso they don't lost long,
lut iKsople will hare them.
Hen's and Boys' Hats Sk'^jiK0;
tine .Silk Hat, which usually sells at Si 5<X
tfftn'c ^hipfc ftl ,5? 230 390 uf?to 011
luoli i oil11 lo Shirt* we lead the trade.
Millinery and Ribbons Snu?&"?
savoyou loUof money. Miss Agnes Garrity will
eitovou winters on' Millinery an?t Trimmings
that will do you pood nud will not overcharge
you norsoll you old .style*.
linriflPBiAJF l* ude whirls and Drawers at 33c,
UliUOrHOai. 37e. ::0c.-ife, QSc up Wo arc nlv
avn l-olow the market'OU these goods, as well
?* everything else. ,
Bed Comforts and Blankets Si VS'SS:
have Just received ?Job lot of these goods at
P'iccs ;!iat will surprise you.
Ladles' Corsets at -Cc, r,9c, 43C up.
Umbrellas a Sc. COc, S7c up.
Lacs Curtains at 63c. 87c UP^
Gwrnc lbs. Granulated sugar for SI 00;
uiuiGrUft. .\rbucklo\n Coffee, sic: Grain or
rrsi'njjTopptr, Cinnamon, Mustard. Gingerond
Jjwiuir Powder, all going atvc per pound, or 3
pounai ior 25 conty.
"fr" A Clothing Store, a Boot nnd Shoe
C H?t storc.n I>ry Good* Store, r*
lllllnrry Storo, i* Notion Store, n InrnUlijngGooit*
Store, n Hardware and Tinware
'ore, ? Ten noil (irocery Store?niuo stores
*n (mo-nil comploto under one roof.
tt'ehnve the largest department store in the
?Ute. 10 0 to iDofl Main street. 10 to iil Tenth
and looi t,. io)7 Market street Eleven
ii.Miices?v:ke :*our choice. Uargalns in every
and Tenth Sis., Heeling, W. Va.
,,1'Ma h .lore, m st?ob?n?fllt. n.-ll?lr?. New
. -ii le, l'arkmburf mid tiie "CrcJoac" at
* nolO
Matters of Interest to the Intolll
gencer's Feminine Readers.
Of Interest to Young and Old, Itic!
and Poor?Seasonable Fnsti&on Hint
and Suggestions for the Housewife
A IJttlo of Everything Served i
CUolco Bits.
A Few Floral Types.
Iudlanapolit Journal.
ll bat been a woman's blooming luck, In ever
ago and hour.
To be placed in comparison with some dcfeusc
Icm flower.
Tho garden and the wilderness, tho meadow
and the tree*
Ilave been ransacked and overhauled for flori
And never was there lover yet, as everybod
known, ,
Who didn't think his sweetheart very like unt
u rose.
Iu other days, tho world beheld the gcntW
timid maid.
Who overpaid by mamma's side, of wlcke
meu ufrairl:
Who worked out funny "samplers" and maa
the snlnet sotiDd,
Who blushed whenever spoken to and fainted
you frowned.
And yet the poets of that day her praises cho?
to pipe.
And made the modest violet her floral nrot<
Given many generations, and a "peasantry
There develops tho aristocrat, of quality rennet
Lithe, low: of limb, with broad, lowbrow, an
Andy-chiseled face
That shows its owner is the daughter of a rulln
Cold, calm, the envied cynosure of poorpu
helan eyesllow
well her regal air the stately Illy typifies.
>ow, next ther^ conies the modern mata, wno
"simply out of sight."
The hustling girl of mannish style and rare-bc<
The girl of high and strident voice, audtpaci
devouring stride.
Who dons man's coat, his ''four-in-hand," an
other ware beside.
Who sometimes smokes a cigarette, who?won
of ail -chews gum;
For her the florists manufactured the chryi
an tliem urn.
UleiiuH for a Dny.
Oatmeal, with Suanr and Cream.
Hashed Chicken on Toast.
Holla. Coflce.
I.atnb Chop*. I'ricd Potatoes.
Ilot Gingerbread. Apple Sauce.
Puree of Potatoes.
Roast Beef. Krcnch Fried Sweet Potatoes.
Macaroul with Cheese. Stewed Tomatoes
Celery Salad.
Wafers. Mince Pie. Cheese.
Crentn Tomatoes.
Octave Thanet gives a recipe for crean
tomatoes which may be indulged ii
omy if you have canned tomatoes whol
or can get the fresh fruit. Fry tlier
whole in butter; drodgo carefully wit)
Hour and add a cupful of cream to th
butter in the pan; season with salt am
a pinch oach of sugar and curry; bast
with the cream and wheu this thicken
tho tomatoes aro done.
Curl* aro Coining.
Hair parted in tho middle and draw;
over tho ears is looming in tho horizon
Tho next thing will be tho bunches o
curia?ringlota is the proper wordwhich
are to bo seen all through th
paces of Dickens, and which necessi
tato a parting across tho head as well a
towards the forehead. Even now then
are whispers of these curls having ap
peared in Paris, to tho satisfaction o
Lho hairdreysoi s, I daresay, because hai
[tf not plontiful nowadays, and so thosi
who wiph to bo in the mode will havi
to buy false bunches and stick them on
Komi lioulicur.
Itosa Bonheur lias survived most o
her brothers and sisters. There wer
Bevon ot ihom when alio sot out on lie:
career. She is an old woman, small
sunburnt and wrinkled as a peasant
Thegray hair is cut short, and is atil
thick. As she wean a blouse, she don
a cloth cap. The ribbon of the I,egiot
of Honor is pinned on hor breast. I
was given to her by tho Empress Kurc
uic, in speaking of whom sho heaved ;
sigh and said: "Pauvre feinnio! l'.ll
est si seulo!" Tho accent of Bordeau:
hangs on her tongue, but she has no
Gascon loquacity. Her evo is "atten
tive" and is stilt bright. Somebod;
spoko of her uiasculinu habiliments
Sho laid: "In my situation they wer
the most convenient ft?d decent,
should havo missed all chances of auc
cess had I had to bear tho weights o
tho skirts in fashion thirty-six year,
Maple Migar Creams.
Tho body of this candy is tho Frencl
cream which is tfivca as n tilling fo
chocolate and nut creams, only itsnouli
not bo mado as sti? Grate into tlii
enouirh maple sugar to color and nave
well, then add enough confoctionor*!
aunar to mold any shape that is desired
Christ niaft Dinner Suggestlous.
Young onions aro dolicately cookei
bv being lightly browned in a littlo but
tir and then stewed in stock until ten
^Celery makes delicious fritters whicl
aro a natural accompaniment to turkey
-J liu 2i?w Coat*.
Both tho umbrolia skirted coats ani
tho princess models in less exponiiv
lhapift extond down to about the middli
of tho length oi the dress skirt of th
wearer. Tliev aro made, as a rule, will
wide Hobospiorro lapels and during cap.
collars, ond with both double-broastei
aud open-vested fronts. Souio of tin
atvlish Vork coats havo kilta set on bo
low the waist line on tho back, joininj
tho contio pieces ill a soam Hint 1
covered with trimming. Others havo i
full shirred width of tho coat fabric
and Others again aro slashed to th
waist ill the stylo oi a gentleman s bo:
coat. .
AVJu-rc'. Mother?
.VotCTlJo- s. .Vfctofcu.
Brisbt curly heads pop npall day
To uik. "11 Motnor here
Then Rive nn enjter sluncc around
Aud twlllly disappear.
She outht to wear u silver bell.
Wtio.e nnlr. aosvrtetiuid rlr-ar.
Should untie a cheery sound.
Repeating, "Mother'a near.
And then. If any little one
Or scratches. bumpl. or tears, or tea.s,
Or secret *ocs befell,
No oee.1 to flv from room to roota,
And. like tbehnppy Wile lambs,
Just lollmv "Mother's ben.
\etvel Wttlsts.
Bolero jackets of white oi-printed vel
veta aro worn with dark ailk gowns. Xi
remodeling black silk ^owus. jacko
fronta of white velvet may be iiddod an.
finished with an edging of nir or lot, o
both, 1-ong coats, round wauta ian. odi
corsages of velvet aru seen, tho latte
being worn with silk or fine woole,
nkirta in similar or contrasting colon
l ino corduroy or ribbed veivot makes >
handsome wai.t with a full, urnlice o
draped front that is carried in soft fold
from tho rieht shoulder and aide .can
across tho front and nroundtotiobacl,
where an ond from the right ?i'!ohook
to it, thus forming a belt. L.ico iabot
and cravats urn worn with tbo?o wai
some of which hnvo fatin canes t
sleeves. Any ono of thew will m
quito an elaborate toiletto withevei
r woolen skirt
S?lrct?Ml lleceipt*.
Bojlkd Leg oi> Mitto.v?Select a ni
, firm, fat lej*. and put in cold wa
I enough to just cover it; add n tai
spoonful of sait, stand on tlio sic
skim woli and boil nlowly till done,
b not havo it coo well done, fc'orve it
s a lar?o platter, with the boiled turn
cut in slices laid around it, ami dc
rate witli parsley. Save the water
u which it was b..'ilcd to aiako inut
broth tho next dav*
Caper daltck.?Do not put one d;
of water in this aaco; make it of r
mill;. To a quart of inilk uso a heap
tablespoon fill of butter, a littlo salt, a:
y whon it boils, thicken it with two tie
ing tablospoonfula of flour, nicely ble
eU in cold niillc. Stir it in witli a fo
? so it does not get lumpy, but if 111
sl are any lumps strain it through a t
colender; then put iu the capers w
y houjo of the vinegar in which they
0 preserved. This satico must bo thicl
bo good. Made with milk it is white
snow and moat delicious. Made w
' wator it is flat, stajo nud unpalatal
Young carrotn are nice also with boi
mutton, and look pretty on the plat
[c round the meat.
if Bkoii.eu Bacon?Komove the s
and dark outside edges and cut i
bacon in very thin slices; lay them o
> wire broiler close together and ylace i
latter in a dripping pan; then put
>? pan and briler together on the up
grato of a hot oven. Watch tho ba<
*: carefully, as it will soon need turni
and will generally be broiled in four
in five minute*. This is a much ea<
, method than to fry it in a j
"" on top of tho range, and there is
smoko or burnod fat as a result,
liked very dry tho bacon may bod rail
s on papcr^ but I generally lind that
sf drips quite sufticiently into tho p
Do not forget that tho handles oi i
2" broiler will bo extremely hot after
a ing shut in the oven.
Chocolate Pi*ddixg?Soak a third
an oiiqco oi gelatine iu a littlo nu
j. Dissolve four ounces of vauiilachocol
iu u pint and u half of milk and boil
a clean pan for ten minutes, stirring
the time; llavor with a very little vani
essence anil sugar tota3te; put int(
jug to cool. Put tne soaked crolati
into a pan to dissolve it; let it also cc
then add to it the chocolate and n
well. Pour, when almost, cold, intc
mold previously wet with water. Wt
set turn out and serve with whipi
cream round it. This pudding slioi
be made the day before it is requiri
If liked a cup of strong coflee can
used in place of chocolate and is v<
s- refreshing.
DlfllcuUlc* IVItli Which Victor Euian
1 of Ituly linn to Contend,
'i Tho long search for a brido made
0 tho crown princo of Italy has end
Ij according to reports from Vienna i
c Home, in tho choice of tho Archduch
d Maria Annunciata, tho daughter
e Archduke Karl Ludwig and tho Ar
a duches Mario Therese of Austria. 1
princess was born in 1870, and is i
sister of tho Archduchess Margan
a who married tho Duke Albrecht
i. Wuortemberg a year ago. It is si
,f posed that the roeent visit of Coi
- Nigra to Vienna was mado in connect
q with tho rumored engagement 01
i- young coo ole.
a Prince Victor Emanuel ia now twi
a tv-four years old. He is of inodii
. height, perhaps a little below it, am
f delicate build. Unfortunately for hi
r while not iiomolv, ho has not inhori
3 the facial beauty of his lovely moth
a Queen Margaret, long considered '
u handsomest princess in Europe.
tho regret of tho king and queen, th
sou wns lor years so backward n
f bashful that it was almost impossible
e induce him to attend even a court
r cootion. Ho appeared to bo afraid
1, every woman.
Two yoara ago, when ho was sent
I join a regiment stationou at Naples,
s seomed to overcome his fear of tho 1
l sex, and soon started on a bride-hu
t ing tour. But ho met little succc
r failing to find favor at moat of the cou
ii which ho visited. For n time it \
o believed that ho would choose an ]
c glish princess, but tho difference
t religion* belief made this itnprobn
i- from the first. It was then said II
Y tho futuro queen would be a daugh
i. of tho house of Orleans, but this, t
e failed of realization. Greek and ]{
I sian princesses were mentioned in tu
: and then came tho visit to tho court
f Berlin, whero ho was received w
9 great distinction, and the rumor *
that the sharer of his futuro throne v
to boa relative of tho German em pre
( But the young woman, according
1 gossip in Germany, exercised a rii
J which princesses of reigning lion
* seldom assume, and declined to iutri
a hor happiness to the Savoy heir.
r Tho failure of tho princo to tlm
8 mato in the royal matrimonial mark
* of Kuropo has been a cause of gr<
chagrin to King Humbert and Que
2 31araaret, both of whom possess ma
* personal charms. Tho late Km pel
Frederick considered tho queen f
handsomust woman on the (tontine
and a uioro beautiful couple could
1 pictured with difficulty than the her
* Hohenzollern and the southern que
In tho light of his former failures, i
j stacles may again arise in the sui'
0 tho queen's son, and Victor Eman
B may he obliged to continue his bri
0 hunting pilgrimages.
1 ^
3 II our to Tell a flood WliUkoy.
I How many people can teli ago
13 whiskey from an inferior ono? C
* you? It you can, then yon alron
if know tho merits of Klein's Silver A
a Duquesne and Bear Creek Kycs, and
i you cannot, then you must bo govern
:, by tho testimonials cf physicians, sup
0 intendonts of hospitals and count
c sears, who all unite in declaring tl
tho whiskies bottled by .Max Klein
Allegheny, Pa., are absolutely tiure, i
and mellow. A reliable stimulant
tho house at this time of tho year is
absolute necessity, and why not got I
best in tho country? .Send for catalog
of liquors to Max Klein. Allegheny,
Thuso whiskies are for sale by Wh<
jug Drug Co. at regular prices.
| When Baby was sick, wo Raro her Castorla.
| When nho was a Child, aho cried for Castorla,
I When alio became Mud, rtio dun/; to Castaria
I When sho bad Children, ahe gave then Caato:
J Sixty seconds often makes a gr
1 difference. A sixty second remedy
J bronchitis, choking up of tho lun
throat, etc., of course is a great olc
r ing. Cubeb Cough Cflre is such a rt
1 edy and costs only 2o and 50 conte
'* boitie, containing nearly a* much
1 value as tho dollar bottle of other kin
r Can be had of Aler. T. Young, Jc
3 Klari, Whocling, and Bowio & (
1 Bridgeport, Ohio.
J | Children Cry for Pitcher's Castor
Tim l-'eatiii-e. ot Ui? Jljuojr ami Stock
n a MartwU.
Nr.w York. Dec 6.? Moucv on call easy at
j?cr ccnt; last loan ami closed offered at
l!a per cent. l'rimo mercantile paper _
ice. percent. tftcrliug crchaugoflnn at SI 8'!ai S3.
l0r> ^alei of stocks to-day were 151 MO shares,
jlo. 1 nc ieaturc of the gencrul market ou the stock
ive exchange to-day wn? dullness. or.iv six stocks
iv* >ellluff above lu,00" shares and one other above
l'? ."?,uno. The four leading Industrial*, AtchUo-i
on and St. l'aul did lliree-llftfuof thc entiru buslj
pS ni s?. Tlic publication ot the November earnings
. of Atchison, allowing a 'OllAidcrablo oomparalive
decrease. bud an unfavorable effect upon
in botbthcatocK-snnd the IwniU i-rtrly in the u?y
toil there was good buying in .Sugar, tvh!ch *ent it
tin lai pur cent, but Interests which possibly desired
to yet ihc shares at u lower figure put out
rop rumors that th.i directors who were a'?out to
fell meet would uot declare the regular dividends,
and as n result a decline of *'? percent wa< en1"h
plnoercd. I'ihui the announcement of tho dlvinu,
deuds near the close of busluc.v u recovery of ! j
ap- percent ensued. Kiicar had declined il4 per
'l rent ou theduv. Distilling wits held very strongBU"
ly. the belief iii an Increase in the tax on spirit*
,rlr nr..v?ntli.? ...... ..onvl/ViwI.U mnn.int ..I short
oro willing. Jiu J tliy uncertainty restricting the purchase*.
Tliv general 1i*t was extremely sluggish In
I tli movement outside of a feu- of the specialties. A
nro strong tone prevailed at tlio openim:. After
. . noon the speculation was firm, continuing so
k lu without any materia 1 advance' until 1 o'clock,
ills when n pressure to sell sot in, nnd wlthn reacitli
tion which v.as Lop: within narrow figures genii-,
erally. In the final dealings n eovoring move,
j incnt was developed which caused a small rally
lou ami n fairly firm closing.
,ter Bailroad bonds were active.
Icin t'. S. -is reg 1!" (Nat. Cord. pret'd... II
rim I H. 4?i coupon" U4 | New Jersey Cent-...113
L"? C. s. 4K reg i?6 Not folk .t pM J1':
u a Pacific Ss ot'tio 101' j Northern Pacific-.-. ti'i
tho Atchison 1KJ 2 do preferred -~'k
.ilf, Adurnt Express l"?l .North western 10-V?
American Exprf?$..115 ; do preferred ISO
por Baltimore it Ohio.. 72^]Ncvr York Central. 10
joll Canada Southern... '/' '..jN. V.it New Eng. 80j}$
Central l'acific J s^i Oregon Improvc't.. l'i
Chesapeake A; Ohio iu {Oregon Knv 30
'(ir Chicago & Alum. ...1**" I l'acific Midi h~>
lior Chl.Uiir.'.fciJiiincy. 7*1; Pittsburgh- 130
?,,n Chicago Gns 07% Holding. -1J4
: ' C., C.. C. Ou Si. J. ... 88;* Richmond Term.... *!
HO Col. Coal A Iron l'? I do preferred H
If Cotton Oil Cortlfic.. 'iSTgjKoirk island .... C91.J
inj Del Jt IIltd Paul M?*
.. Del, I .nek. i Wect.N'nJ J do preferred 110
: 11 Den. it it. G. prof'd at lit 1'anl .t Omaha.. rs%
au. Diit ?fcCaftie Feed. 2<V?! do preferred ll?i
tllo Erie UT* sugar Kcliuery
. ^ do preferred SUwiTonn. Coal .t Iron.. Mi
be- Illinois Central W-JToxa* 1'ucillc g
Kunna-itTex. pre.'. '-?!.|Tol. ?fc O. Con prct. 7n
0r Lake Erie.t West... P"?!jl'uiou Pacific 21%
,. do preferred ftS /11. S. Express Sti
IK. LakeShore 127 W..SC. 1.. <fc i' ~l*
-t- 1 - J ..I ' .l? l.VJ/I
aiu "ran Him o
Louisville A: Nash.. "'1 J.. Wo!Ik Fargo Ex 1--'
ji, MichiganCentral ..]'?! I WesternUnion
*l" Missouri I'nriiii* . .. 2-1% Wheeling & L.E.... 1
ilia Nashville Achate 7o do preferred
j a National Cordage... 19U(
no UrnndHtuflH and J'rovlniouK.
>ol, Chicago. Dec. c.?The deduction from Vrml1IX
aire fs visible re|>ort that country stocks out,
? iddu of those places covered by the oiliclal visibleiiavo
censed to 1npr?>n<?i\ senrtrt *hom to-day.
'cn am] witti this and light northwestern receipts
jeu wheal closcd tvlth a gain offor May ami lo
njj for December. liradMitel'i made the increase
, east of the itocklcs bltyUW) bushels and decrease
3U- wc.it liwj.OOo. making a net increase of 76S.W0
bo bushcU. much Jess than wan look?<l for Au*,rv
trallanstqcks dcetcasod heavily, itad the total iu'
crease for the week hi tho world's stock in slKiit
continently showed an increase of but 729,OW
bush elf.
Cora Is up ?;c.
Oats %c, aud provisions arc also slightly ad,
UCI Klour unchanged.
WjlKii-Cash No.-spring 6>~,ic: No.." spring
y.v 61c; No.2 red 6:;*;c; ffecember W'^nG^aWJic;
ed, Cons?Cash No. 2. December -jW-.'a
' SC'-jJc; January toJiaSGJOtitftfo; May lUatU.vi
tntl 40%c.
Oats?Cash No 2. 2S*?e: December 28,/?a2S7?a
eaB 2SJ?c; January ?fc292tfa?%c; May ::i !.ajj 'ta:i
oi KVK? No. 2, 46J$'.
, Flaxseed?fl xi!*.
Ctl- Timothy Si:ei>?$.? 7.5.
'u. Mem 1'onit?Cash 812 7.1; January 812 40al2C()a
."e 12 3JU; May 812 37 J>12 73a 12 1l\L
tlto Cash ?s -jo; January il 82j?a
ita, " ?>*; Mnv 87 67Wa7 67ka7
t t SuoirrKiiw?casn 8'? 7u?6 7o: January S632)?a
Ul G |i;j' y, 62>.y, M?y 80 1)2'70ati (J7.? ..
Up- .Others unchanged.
int New Yop.k, Dec. tl?Flout receipts26.000 barinn
rels: ex nor is ll.uOO barrol.c market dull hilt
.u steady. Wheat, receipts 20,000 bushels: exports
tliU 28.000 bushels; shies 81W.00J bushels 01 futures
and .'!58 000 bushch of spot; spot market dull:
BI1- ungraded rod 70c-, option-, stroiur und higher;
.... No. 2 red January ju?09| ./ ; March 71&Ja
*iae 7:a72c; May 7;l!?rflUa?l ?y~ December W*e.
I Ol Corn, reeelnis 70.00") uuslieia: export* oO.OOO bushim
els: sales 5J0.0(w bushels of futures and ls.OuO
fnri biuhoN of spot; market dull: January 4-1 Ka
tuu IV);al55<c; December Ij'iialt'.altic Oat*, receipts
or, i;h,ooj bushels exports ]<i,0?>?> bushels sales 210.Llto
?<w bushels of futures and Oo.O-/' bushels of spot;
m market steady nud moderately afctivci No. :j
. white ."4,4e: January : May .a-';
oir December tf%o34a84c. buttec Arm; western
ittd dairy I7n22c; do creamery 'jOu'iv. Cheese steady;
. f(, Ma to huge onllV- Kgjrs quieter; Mate and
' 1 Pennsylvania 24'.a\'1"c. Tallow steady. Rosin
rc- steady. Turpentiao easy. Klce quiet. Molasses
of quiet, liny lirm: shipping ov. Hops anil.
Hides firm, hard dull: western steam SHtfl;
November ?8 20: December 6S5i; Jauunry iffi 22.
to cur meats steady. Fork dull but sternly. Coffee
II o firm and 5ai"> points up. Sugar steady.
air PttiLAiipLriiu. l'.\., Dec. C.?Flour quiet and
* unchanged. Wheat firm and higher; No. 2
steamer red fwaC5"4e; No. 3 red C3%e; December
53S, GGqptfLc; January 07J^h07-?-4'c; February ' ,.?a00,te;
rta March 70?>70)^ Com lirm and hither: Decern....q
her i:it4nl3|hc; January. February nun March
, -l-t^^n-i.'t'gc. Oats firm. .c higher on futures; ungraded
<'vt>^c; DecernhbrW>^au?i!ic: January
in ?"e: February :M^n87!4c; March .'I7a:i7!.y.\ 'flutter
i in ilrm; western creamery 2ln2*e. liggs firm: western
26c. Cheese steady; New York full cream
'iitf fancy, small 15c.
tor rivi-iswATf. o.. l)oe. ti.?Flour. lieht demand.
oo. Wheat quiet; No. 2 red 6?e; receipts 1,700 lm*h...
els: shipments l.OoO bushel". f<?rn stronger;No.
- mixed JO'iaJle. Oats strong; No. * inlxo<I :r2'?n
rn, ;vv. live quiet and firm: No. 2 We. I'orc quiet
tot ?t jl.'! !! >. I .a i I ill |f owl demand hi Ssuo. jtulk
:ii. meat* in light demand at ?7 J5. Iiacou quiet at
$075. Whisky steady at $1 15. Mutter,sugurand
V'?s eheese fttcudy. Eggs llrm at '22c. ,
*'as is vt.TtMOKK. Mr., Dec. n.~Flour dull: receipt*
>SS. lO.ouo barrel-. Wheat dull and quieter: receipts
to 7.000 bushels: No. :t red spot 6IJ4c; December
. " MabitV: Jonunry 07^67^.?;t May 72t^a?J5ie.
rot corn llrm am! h toady; receipt* .'51,000 bushels;
aes shipment* Jtt.OOo bualieU: .southern xvuitc toa
not yellow 40atn'y. U&t> strong; ungraded
w western white Static; ungraded western mixed
3Ja?ic Butter firm: western 2"Jd27c.
^ ^ Toledo, O.. Dee. G.?Wheat firm and higher:
ota So. 2 cadi 6.5'|C: May MI40. Corn steady and
llrmer; No. 2 rash :i7.'y. Oats quiet: cash
" oO'yj. Ttye dull: cash 50j. Clover-seed active;
'Q*1 prime cash S3 82 : January $ >$'! /. February
ny S'-'-.'.
ror Uvo stock.
ho i;Avr Libkrtv, Pa . Pec. *? ?Cattle, receipts
nt, GS0 head; shipments ,710head: market steady;
u0 prime to extra 8ftOOoS25; flair tog i$100*175;
common to medium y?G0a;50; fat cotfB and
01C heifer* ?,-l?a tUJ; good i S 'a." buils
en. $2 00o000; bologna cows V? U0.il* 00; fresh cows
a(,. $20OOatjtvi, Hog*. recelpta .t,10> liead; shit>.
f mcnti l.GOJ head; market very dull; all grades
t01 (5 25a5 65. Sheep, receipts 70ohcnd: shipments
uol -too head; market strong: prime $ : 5ua:i 75; fair
do- (<> Cood $2 50a;i2"; common 50c to ?1 50; lambs
$550a4 veal cnlref S*l OOa7 CO; heavy and thin
Ctltcioo, Pec. G.~Cattle* receipt* 7,000 head;
shipments 8,000 hen'!: market dull and weak; few
. Christmas steers 86 00; shippcrs?l-50a5 15;others
1011 &5 75al i') Hogs. receipts o2.0no bend: shipIfttl
menu 10,003 bend; market weak: rough ami
i/l v common $1 75a5 00; l?Uc heavy K? 00a'>05: good
packing and shippim: *5i0nV25; M?rted llsht
He? S > 40a5 i"?; mixed >> J0ii'>:... Sliocp, receipts f>,1
it 000 head: shipment -.000 beau, market slow
mil and lower; natives 52 OJai 00; westerns $J O0n:t 50;
lambs Si 75a50U
Cixcjn'Kati, O., l)ec. 6,?!Iojr< quiet and lower
)ls" at $4G0a58$; rcceipt*0,100head: shipment!2,700
l?t head.
?j Dry GooiIn.
">M New Yobk. Dee. G.?Th?> volume of trade de*
in veloped *o far this month bus bfcn small, and
nn there bos not been any Special iutcrcst shown in
,i any line of regular dry good*?. Olnghams nr.s
luo showin;; a verv j?1ow trade with the outlook for
Jtio t;ic spring rather uiuatiafactjry. Woolen goods
l?a. coutTuuo very dull.
5ei* IVtroloum.
Olf.CtTV, Pa.. Dec. G.?Opened andclo^ed 77Jic;
highest77%e: lowait 77'ac: !*ales 5,000 barrels;
clearances 24,0rn barrels; fehlpuicnti 115,205 barn-Is;
ruus SI.710 barrels.
PrrTSBPacn, Pa.. Dcc. g.?Opened nt 77j^c;
hiyho.-.: *7He; 'lowest 77!ic; closcd at 77'4e.
New Vf?r.k, Dee. G.?Pig iron quiet; American
? 912 00a15 <vj. Copper stoady; lake flo :'u?. Lead
^ easy at S3 U). Tiu steady: straights 820.G5.
CtsctNJfATI, O., Dcc. G.?Cotton quiet; middling
7 13-1 Gc.
(iooit Now9.
No other medicine in tho world was
iQr cvor civen such a tost of its curative
U_ qualities oa Otto's Cure. Thousauils of
jggI bottloi of this trroat Gorman romedy
>m. are being distributed free of charge by
a drnirgiats in this country to those
;D nlllicicd with consumption, asthma,
(|s croup, severe cooghs. pneumonia and
,1^ all th oat and lung disease?, giving the
;0 people proof that Otto'* Cure will cure
*' them, and that it is the grandoit triumph
of medical science. For sale only
i bv Logan Drug Company. Samples
free. . Largo bo'.ilea 30c. ?
Your AKD ? ?
1 "Ul VOUR Ma):
Stren ct h rundown system
' A ftfirbottlwof s.s.s. T::
will do it. If you aits
troubled with a <tepre>*> fr.n
od, languid fooling. and Jack of energy, your
blood it not right, and needs purifying.
Sf2S2ffSi Will thoronghjy clear awav all im- -?_?l
KKKJ purities and Impart now vigor and "?r.}
tfj tzfrtm life to tho whole system. ej? '
"I have used Your medi'Miie often for the pa?t *j.. :
oJuht yrare, ami feci safe in Raying that it h the ,
beat general health restorer in the world." 4.;.'.,,
F. 11. GIBSON, Uate*ville, Ark. i10'.,
OurTreatiseon WoodAnd Skindi*ca*en mailedinct j ....
ri-p-a-n-s } ?
stomach,LIVERan?BOWELS : ";t
: and purify the blood. :
s 1i':4;
HIPANR TAIIL'LEH are the brat Mcdt. ti ..
clnr Lnown fur ln?li(Cc*tioi?, IllllonaacM, J ?.T;.V
0 llrwlorbr, loulbillnu, 11) (pfptU, Chroalo ? "7,,.,
rj, t>ffcaal*e Jlrrnth, antl all dU* '
order* of tl>e btoaiacb, Liver and lioacU* ? j '
e nirwjw TalmlMi contain nothlnp inlnrloni to j
the moat d?-llrai?> constitution. Aro iilwrant to J '
J take, rufe, effectual, and inunedlato :rUcf. J ; 1
Mar be obtained by application to nearest
druggist. i-jj
ff| NEW | 8
^TTgR^.M?i " 19M
Dr. E. C. West's Horva ind Brain Treatment
is sold oad?r po?itlro written truaranteo, by author- m :%
ized ageuta oniy, to euro Weak Memory; I?9? ol
liralnand Korvn Power; Loet Manhood;yul<*knwB;
Nltflit Loflson; Eril Dri?ni: lack of Gonfldnnco;
Ncnronraena; lassitude; a)) Drnlns; l/waot Power
of the Goneratlfo Oritanx In either eex, rau?ed by pkt.
<>*?r-exertion; Youthful Errors, or Excessive Use at fjij
Tobarco. Opium or Liquor, which soon lead to
tolier/,pbmuuiptton. JjunDifysiji] Death. Dy wtil, c*j?n
91a bozfUforlfij with wrltt<*ufruarante? to euro or w
wfuud money. WESTS COUGH 8YBUP. A certain 1^:;
euro for Coughs, Colds, A-thinn, Uroochltiv, Croup, .Ij;.
Whooping Cotfjrn, 8oro Throat, l'lcarant to take. .J?;;:
Hruall clro dl?co?lnuud: qJ-1. 30c. air?, wow 25c.; old i*0- *
ft tizo, now 50c. "" r;f*
GUARANTEES issued only through C1IAS. R. ?r~
GOET/.1-; Successor to McLnlu Brothers. Drug- J'"*
gists. WhecUog, W. V?u jylSTThuwy
/I ITT? T1 "Weakness of Body and Kinds Effect!
V U XV Xi of Errors or Exmsms in Oldor Young.
Robo.t, KoMeWatHOODffcUy a?4
sb*ului?l7 felltatr HOBS tmmtvut-iumflu ta a
Km U?Uftr trvm ?t SUtM. T?rrlloH^. Mil for?l*? rfO?trJ??. JT
nliMvry raE
'ja im| Hl(l?n(l Whiskoy Habit a f?S
naHJ8B H mm curcd Hl home with- \wgj
P^llin out pain. Book of par- T&
HI IUifl tlrular* Kont FRKK \'v
1|mJmSSS B. m. WOOI.I.KV, M.D. n
^yomce.lix^ Whitehall fit. * -
Trimble & Lutz,
Supply House. S:$
r r ' Mont
On i
A Full Line or tlio Celebrated? j,'0I
Snotr and Harsh Stoaui J'tunjH ?
?Kept Constantly on II*ml ,iaily
I COO and 1302 .>lurket Street, Wheeling " jCc'
ap-1*) otcci
rpn NATt'llA.1. GAS COXSITJIERS ! aloj
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flashing. Perfect conibtistiou, perfect control of ''{n
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burner* gnu ran tend to reduce Kas bills from 2.3
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1UI Market street. Your putronago solicited. V
Prices reasonable. tyr.; p0|
Practical Plumbers.
>o *S T1VKI.KTH STUKBr. ?'>']?
Alt work rtouo promptU' ot tonsoanUc nri,-ft<- al\yn*
?Pennsylvania Stations
gnnsulvanla Lines] ^
Trains Run by Central Time. u,?n!
riCKKT Orricr* at Pb*n*tiaavia ktatiov oi Moin
Watku St.. 'K'Ki.kvkntm St., WiiKcuyo, ^ew
At .Vri.ntK Ilorrr.. Whkei.in'O, .\xt> at hjk SlKtci
Dwi.v. tOiU.v cxctrc Susuvv. J)1'1.'
From WuRK!.:s?i to ik.ivu arrive iiCno
Wt-iUbursisiid Stoui>enTillc. liir.TJaui <.:j?p.u u.,T,.
McDonald and i'Utsburgn..... t?;:7Jam f7.fi p:n
Now Cumberland ?'?;l'? am T::^.hiu <;rnj,
Indlasapoli*andSL Louis,... VS: i*? a?n *5:2>iptu \,-ouColumbus
and Cincinnati ^:Wato *0:Ji; pui iinrl|
WHlhb'irc and Hieubouvlllo. fs:ii?n:u pm
Philadelphia aud Now Yorktl2:25 put fJ.'ipm
.Sieitbenville and l'iti?burghtl'.':i"? pin t2:25pm |?f y
Columbu.iand Chicago. tI2:2.pm T-':25pn? ?;niit
Philadelphia and New York ?J: ?5 pin *10:35 am
Jialumoroand Washington. : ?'? pm u m .
siciibcuvlllo and Plttibiirsh J:.m pm *!??;:: , nm
Steubenvillo and UeunUoa.- pm mu
Well*burp '-;a> pi'i ?:?'? pm
DKlftnapoUs and St. Louis... tfl: ? > pm am ....
Dayton and Cincinnati - '.vImuti >:l'?a;n ?;n,,<
Bteulienvillo and Columbus., is. i. pm ;:,.v> aui \fm)
Northwest 8 siom-Clevu *1; Pitts. Division.
Trains rbn dally, except Sunday, at follo-i:
From Bi:n>Gr.roi:rTo I.savc Ar.r.:rc Prion
Ft. Wa> no and Chicago.t - 4:19 am tf:;:opm m ,\j
Canton and Toledo 4:40am C::s>pni Willi
Alliance And Cleveland 4:4!) am f>:r.opiu parfci
Steubcuvillcand PittAbuiwn.... 4:l'Jam S:i?ptn Hello
steubeuville and Welhviue 3:1; am J.i'iptn Have
tjUMibouvilleaud Pitubun;h.... '.':V?am ?':">?> *m tuple
F; Wayne .t Chicago 2:10|pm pu (,rah
Canton and Toledo 1:10 pm t?: > > pm New
Alliance and Cleveland 1:10 pm 1:40 pm Hartl
Bteubeiiville and Wellsville..... l:10j>m pm Mumi
Philadelphia and Now York.... 2:41 pm 5:00 pm Cllftc
Baltlmoro and WflHliIuptou...- 2:41 pm ! :00 pin pj, p
Stenbenv'lie and Pittsburgh . 'Ml j>tn f? 'in pm '.'c!!j
Btanbenviile AKait Liverpool 6:10 pm 7:\i am cinya
1 Hunt
Tbe Cleveland, Lorain & Wbaeliug R.H.
A'la. Eiyria and the Like Shore Kouui. Vril
Ni.vi vm i: l'?. l.vn.
hr.iTioxs. I 21 j 30 | aa
Central Time. in. in la. io.'p m.
Lr. Wheeling f 1 20 ''cn
Leila iro ~ J 5 0" .. <>3:15,
Mania's Terry ' I l u Isa
llridi;opnrt.. .. s 15 1 .? 1 ?3:2l.
Ft. ClairsviHc 5 2'm 2 00 i . ' ^
Pluthlnic 0 21) 2 ,'?i |
Free port j n 2J ^r|
rhriehsvllle. '.40 10 W 4 J2 ,
New l'nlladelphia^ I <" "u, II Oi' 4 ;*? ^
Canal Dover 0 01 II 0? 4 4J I '1
r-arh city- 11 if" oi [ Lea
J ll'tni 1 6 3T| 1IW * 10 e
Mat)illoti...MW. I ti v. 11 v.; T, ,
p. m j 5 ;,1 fl l",
Wanvlek 7 22 12 21 j Art
Sterling ? 7 4- 12 47 8 i? |l:17.
Si-viile 7 .H? 12 ;?l C I !??
Me'lfmi S lr.j ?; 4?l All
t.rafton s 1 4'? 7 M
Ar. lilyria 0 10 1 v. 7 ;io
Jx>raln 0 '.'6| 2 20 h re Wll
Cleveland 10 10 2OuIs30
P- tn- On
fiandwky 12 32 will 1
Norwalk 1 s :?7 Lej
Toledo .....1 1 VJ) -l 'si 10 .V? j a. in.,
Detroit 6 jj 10 .i?! 1 ou |
a. m.ia m.' p m.
Chicago- 9 Ou 12 4". 7 :a at. 1
p. in. Lrj
lluflalo. bio 10 a> 3 20 -n.
a. in. a m. p. m. 1:00 I
U>finv :: <v"? r? 2 jo p. m.
New York I 7 30 10 7 00 m~ 11
i p. m.l *Di
JtoUon.^M 10 5?| 4 15 9 25 8rj
Akroilvia Warwick-1 8 Oft) 1 9:431
I J. ? TLBUY, Gen. Freight & l'aai Ag-jQU od
riraland departure of trains on an<l after
imber lDfct. Kxpi.a.nation or Kkikkknc*
k.h: 'Daily: ISundav excepted; tMondijr
pti*<t; f^Mturdav executed: ISuudaf only;
mlay only. Bittern Standard Time.
urr. IRAO?H~H~^'MniTrUue. Kaatl abf?vT
?Mi \VMh.<'r Half. Phil. A N. Y 8:3.' am
. p-r. Wa?lt r-r Bait.. Phil. .1X. V
3atn Cumberland Accom tittpm
?pi?i -.?Grafton Acrom *"10 Wain
0 am ..Moiiiidivtlic Airotn fT-'Oaoi
' pmt Moundaville iccorn tl.JOpm
J piu Mr>uml*vllle Accom t7:'?r> pta
Bawl..... K?;yser Kxprcw I J:VQ0 pm
kKt. tit. .v-o" it'it ATo UirTTweuj TaniVe.
Oarn Kor Columbia and Chicago, v"-,:30am
>a:n :'oluuibns and Cincinnati... ?5:*JSpm
a am; Columbus and Cincinnati.. >:?>? am
- pm Columbus 4: Chicago Kxpu 10:40am
1} pm; Newark Uvom.........-ill:3?ain
'" am ...St. ClainvMle Accom. . Ill:#am
pm St. ClalrevHle Accom. }.'i:?5pm
irt liL4ScO.1t K-u:p ,t b Dir. Amur*.
' am! For Pittsburgh .!*10:10am
0 am; PitUbuwh *?:50pro
?pm I'lttsourtcU and Kast tlitJGam
' pm . Pittsburgh f 12:30 pm
Dpm'...Wa?hiugton Pa . Accom... \7:5 am
' 1'lttiunrgh Exprc?v -j-.h) am
>**? I P.~C. A:St. 1. Ilv iTiutir*.
> am' Pittaburgh ...I f.s:tApm
Jam! New Cumberland \ S;C?nm
' am! Mcuhenvflloand West ... i'J**pm
pm '...Pittsburgh and New York... fT. p:a
?pin ... Pittsburgh and New York.~i*ll::tt am
) i?m! \V?-llsburg pm
> am ttxpreag. CIn. and St. LoaIi~.j f7:l3 am
' pm hxpres*. CIn. and Ht. Louli... pm
> prnKxiircs*. Stcub. and Chicago. pu*
> pm?-.. Pittsburgh A- DennUon....l^il < am
itrr. I (T&P. R.~JL "^anitivifc
' nmL-Ft. Wayne ami Chicago ti:3Q pm
nu.! ? union and Toledo 17: >upm
am ... Alliance and Cleveland.. !. i7::*)pm
am;Hieubenvilltfaud Pittsburgh pJ:15pm
1 am stcuheiivjlla and Wellxvllle t^-IOpm
?nm fiieiibenville and Pittsburgh 110:.Wam
J pm ...?Yt. Wayne and Chicago t7 :'.W pm
J inn . I'.itriiii iiikI fnlixtn ITKIiim
>pm Allium* and Cleveland I f-M'^pm
pui^NMilwiiville mid Wullarillej |7;30pin
I pin I'liiln.l. li,hiii nml Neiv York1 t?':0?pn?
I pniLltaltimoro and Washington i 1ti:00pin
\ pm.-toobeuvlllo ami Pituburxh KitOOpm
Bpnij8|oiilwnvHI<jttK-n?tI.iveriK?ol| am
u:r. i w. & 1* k. It k. ; akkivp.
i auiL. Wheeling a: 8lci)l>t>tivllli>. j7:-l0 na
? ain:..riov?'l#tul. Toledo ?fc West. .'?:?) pm
' uin!?Wheollut; A: HteuheavllU*. v.rw pm
? puil. Wheelim: iV; steubenville.. f pm
> pm ?Wheeling ?fc Crouton ?12:57 pm
' pm .Wheeling ?t Steubenvllle.. tl2:"?7 am
> urn ... Wheeling ?fc Mnnlllon >10:10 pui
' am ..Wheeling A:SteubenvilleJ 'Mis) am
) pm - Wheeling & StouUeuviHe..) pm
mt ' C. I, it w.?i'NIoN depot. aiuuvk.
i) pin Cleveland, Toledo**: Chicago pm
I C.. J.. it \\*.?llltfllOKPOjrr.
ntnjClevelnud. Toledo A < bicago <2:58pm
9pm Cleveland, Toledo <t Chicago tSiJTipm
JpinV.Ma.nslllon acroniuindiuioii.. 111:00 am
'?am! Si. Clnlrn\ lllo aceotn j??:vO|am
>ftin St. ('lairxvlllc actom tl:l*>pm
Jpnij >L Clnirsvlllo acom. i:?:i>pm
jpm! St. Clalmille atvom. t7:l."?pm
uvr. ohh? Kivr.i*. r.~ it mtvt
' am Passenger *10:4^ am
pm PiWM-nger fl:1."??>m
' i,m - 1'iWK-nge- *7:45 pm
\r. B. z <fc (i railuoau. arbivk
ure bt;.laiaa
i am .....ikMinirp nud/atiferiile. ... ". 'JO pin
> pru' ..Wood-tAi-ld I 8:45am
Departure ami nrrlval of
BjUBy-^EPff^tralUH at Wheeling. IJaat^j^nar5r^BW[or?
time. Schedule in el?
WJ\" hfafcIfHlfeet November 19,18W.
Baltimore, 1'hlladolpliln
anil New York 1:40
irser Kxprots. 9:15 a. in., dally, except
nberland accommodation, 7:43a. m.. <lailf
i't .Sunday.
ifton turominodntion. 1:25 jv ui..dalljr.
undKVllle accommodation. 11:10 a. ia^
i:00and ll:00ii. lu.. except Sunday.
?tn New York, I'lilladelpliia and Baltimore,
u iu., dally.
r?er Express, 5:00 p. in, daily, except
iiberlnnd accommodatiou, 4:15 p. m, etSunday.
iftnna'-commodatioti. 10:23 s. m.. daily.
uu'Nvillu accommodation. 7:50 a. lu., et?iuvUj:tU):2u
a. m? dally, and 1:10, 4:4J
i; ^ j?. III., except Sunday.
r Columbus and Chicago, 7:50 and 4:12 p.
umMi* aud Cincinnati express. 10:1? a. m..
.and 12:l-i n. ni., dally, except Suuday, and
i. iu.? Sunday only
ivarfc areommodatlon, .1:50 p. in., dally,
ni Sunday.
'lulisvilloaccommodation, 10:15a in., au 1
v in., oxcent&uudar.
cuso oxprcw, 2:30 a. in. and 10:10 a- m.,
ciunatl eiprow, 5:00 a. in. ami 0:26 p. in.,
ivark accommodation. 11:35 ? m.. tlaUy.
it Sunday.
L']uirsvllf>! accommodation. 11:35 a. m. And
in., dally, cxccpt Sunday.
riikkling Pittsburgh division.
Pittsburgh. r?:0"i and 7 :3t? n. m.. dally: 1 :*)
. dally, except Sunday, and 0:3i i?. m..
Pittsburgh and the cut, 5:05 a. m. and
l?. in., dally.
ihlngtnu accommodation. 0:0) p. m., daily,
M Sunday.
un Pittsburgh. 10:10 a.m. andD.tn. dally
a. in., ami I-'MA p. n>., except* Snnday,
!; >1 ?. Ml.. SlltlilNV OUl.V.
dilnittoii rtvwjjnutodallotl# 7 i*? '.V in.-.
>1 IO
m.f after Monday. Jun?? If. ra^soncer
i? will run n* j'ollow>: -rally. tDflJly K.vjumlar.
<Vntrrtl tlinr.
iVrrii 7 . .r? : 1
' i?. h. v. a. v.
jljnst : ! v?t oo.fn r?
.. ' I :: 151 11 :? am
uteviiW i ?? " ::[ SJJ
So" ::::;::; i ifrAtl ?ij
"?j ?S >*
rilliv* ? I'. u-, 10; S
MUmi i < ?H ?:
Sif "si
SK XS "5
ji t'ity S I > 30, 1- 0
, 3 s m ?-V?! 12 M
Ien?au& ##> Jjpj JJ-JJ
|Hillv 9 1.' ? 2? l;;g
ti'ldtc JO ' { .'{ lngtuu
;tio^ '
M V. M. | ! M.
surra r.oL'NU - fl,?|
I*. ?. I p. M. ; A. M.
Ml* 115 1"
u,,l u W) u 8u; v so
ulMvi'ile " I ' C 10 ! in'
Mnriluavllle. 10 f? . "< 8 0T.
svlllo - 10i"?i 4 Ml 7
idly - l'? ?: ? 7
' > < I ?W| < W
lunMown '.no " -M ft V>i r. X.
[ r?liurc * < - " * >, t* JJ
vIllR s n: - <*> A. Jl. / -">
mow) ' I - J. ? f?
J UuUIns 7 01 I'-' ?) 0 !<
zzzzrzr::: >; ?>i }*
[on! liill 12 I J J;
TlClly ISO >-?' ,
II... 6 1.1 )!.'<; ; -i;
i'.Tunt .'?4 > ii--1 \
p,l!!< . 5 "" 11 !" < 17
wlOlle ! -"> I" ?"> ?11
lugtoi' - ^ :,J 1-[ 111
l. M. . A. M. 1 I' M.
W. J. R0UIN80N. C.)' A.
eellno Brlfltje & Terminal Ry.
, CO. BBEWsTEU Recolver.
no Tobl? No 13 to ink* oTec'. 12:Jl *. in.,
8uudav N'orcmlwr I'J 1S1L
veWl?cciliiK-;8:00.tJ:h. jjl! J3 a m ,
*J: ?. i'j:00 i?. in.
ive Peninsula?f 11: W a.
tl::W. p. in.
lVo Martin'* Krry?tS:lJ, f0:j7,111:32*. ju.,
s: j7 U: li. VJ-.li
IveTermlualJunclion?tS:Wi J 10:U3, jll:W
, t4:46. |?. m.
vi- Terminal Juurtlon -}7:2'. <3:00, a m..
i. a. in.. > ?:??. tl.-O-' 1H.45 p. in.
iv? Mitr.ia'n Forrjr?'t?Si. !-':07 u.m., ?12;4^,
1A-.m t-v.i!* m.
iv?? Puuinsuln?t7:31,2'):Ha.iii., *12:ftl,
, Pi?o
Wbfc lajr-t":<0, ia:J0 a. m., 22:i7.
;tt'.::?l. t'J:(W? u. m.
ily. tDaliyoxceot .^'uudaf. i*mdays only.
trains win run on Kastern Time.
J. 1-1 TAUSfil^. <ut?orintcndonu
eelina & Elm Grove Rallroal
and after Patnrday. October It 1WA tralui
una* ml lows, city lima:
kV?: Winxus-'.-iiiOOa. in.. 7:00 a m..8:3)
u. in.. 10:0>Ja. in.. 11:00 a. in.. 1-2-0) in .
.. in.. i:U0 p. :it. J:00 p. in.. 1:'W p. in..
. u:U)pi in., 7:7) p. in.. 8:0) p. in., 0:10 p.
:t?0 n. ra.
lvs Kim <inovE?*0:0Oa. m.. 7:00x in.. ft:01
j outt nt. 10:00 x in.. 1V;00 a. m.. l.':03 rn .
x m.. -:0Q p in., i:U0p. rn. 4:00 p. m.. ?:))
. 1:00 p. ;n.. 7:0)in.. 8:0) p. u., 9:lGp^
) 10 p, m.
ill , except Snndar.
<dat?Church trains Icare Elm Orore ai
General Maoajjt
. . . v.- . . . >

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