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ll\wy d?QD^@[H]g MMpOfe [FSIBEP tPPpcnyScD^g
Dull Tlmoa In Congress While Mr i
Wilson is Preparing J
Tho Intornal Revenue Provisions Not 1
Yet Complotcd?No Agrooment {
Ilcachcd YeC As to tho Kind of an
Income Tax Which Will Bo Im- <
???<i?Th? Arlznna null Now Mexico i
Arizona nnd Now Mexico to be Admitted. (
Republican Opposition. r
Washington, Doc. 14.?The houao J
was deadlocked for two hours to-day by [
the refusal of tbo Republicans to voto j
on a motion to go into committee of tbo i
whole for the consideration of tbe Ari- t
zona statehood bill. Tbe Democratic 1
loaders dccided this morning to proceed c
with tbe consideration of tbo Arizona
and New Mexico bills and disposo of
thum before the holidays. Tbo Kopublicau
leaders do not rolish tho idea of j
bringing those Democratic territories
iuto tho Union, and they, at the. request
of the leaders, refrained from voting,
except those from tho far woat, and *
especially those from the newly-ad- i
mitted states of Washington, Wyoming, \
Montana and the Dakota* could not rj
with consistency placo any obstaclo in
the way of their sister territories. Tho (
Democrats expect to have their own c
quorunj present to-morrow,
The McGarrahan bill was called up i
to-day during tho morning hour, but c
was filibustered against by Mr. Sayors, ?
of Te xas, chairman of tbo appropriation i
comraitteo. I
Irri mod lately nfter tho reading of tho f
journal, Mr. 'Dockery, from tho joint c
xnMmlDflnnn n v nA n fl I (11 PHS in tll? BIOC- ?
ut'.'ve departments, called up tho bill t
i introduced by bim a taw days ago to '
improvo tlio methods of accounting in c
iho postotlico department, Tho bill t
' abolishes tho postal notes, roducos the
rcheduleof rates (or monoy orders apuroxituately
to tbo scale of ioe charged
by express companies; tbo postmaster 3
general is given authority to designate
offices for the issue of money orders up
to $5, and all monoy orders unpaid for c
one year are covered into the treasury.
Tho monoy order certificates contain
a device designed to facilitate the settle- *
mont of postmasters' accounts. Tho '
certificates of deposits of Postmasters *
go direct to tho sixth auditor instead of >
as now to tho assistant postmaster gen- <
eral. Tho act takes effect July 1, 1804.
The report was read, also letters from '
the secretary of the tronsury and tho '
postmaster general endorsing; tho bill.
Then without dobate the bill was
Mr. Pendleton, of West Virginio, from
the committco on prirato land claims, '
called up tho McGarrahau bill, but Mr,
Kayres, of Texas, made tbo point of no
quorum on the motion to go into tbe i
committee of the wholo. (
The morning hour expired before a .
quorum appeared.
The houao adjoumod at 3:40. ,
In the Hvnnto. 1
WAsimtOTOif, D. 0., Dec. 14.?In tho 1
senate to-day much business of a mis-' !
coilnueous ohnracter was transacted. y
lho house bill repealing tho fodoral
elections law was reported back favorably
by the committee and placed on
tho calendar. Among tho bills introduced
was ono by Senator Voorhoos,
chairman of the commltteo on finance,
providing for tlio coinage of tho silvor
solgnorage in trio treasury at tho rate of
S-,WW,000, and when that Is exhausted
for tho purchase of a similar amount of
silver monthly.
A house bill providing for two additional
associato justices of tho supremo
court of Oklahoma territory was alio
A resolution was offered by Mr. Cameron,
Uepubiicau, Pennsylvania, and
aaruod to, calling upon tbo secretary of
the treasury to roport to the senate tho
vnluo of tho textile fabrics purchased
for the army, navy, Indian bureau and
the marine hospital sorvlco for tho fiscal
Tear 1893. 1
The resolution berotofore offorod by
Mr. l'effer (Pop., Kas.) instructing tbe
committee on ruloa to rescind an order
recently issued closing the sonato
chamber to visitors, was taken up, ond
Mr. Potior addressed tbe sonato thereon.
He did not know what tho order was,
hut it practically shut out the public
front the seunto chamber boforo that
body met.
After some discussion tho resolution
was referred to tho commltteo on rulos.
Senate bill to repeal a clause in tho
lut pension appropriation bill which j
Admission Moosuros to Bo Forced
Through?A Dull Day in tho Senate. J
Washington, D. C., Doc. 14.?The
tarifl had a comparative rest to-day.
There have been no meetings of sub- f
committees or of tho full committoo. 1
Chairman Wilson has been away from J
tho house, and members of tho house
committee say that ho is engaged in <
preparin g tho majority report, which is ?
to bo submitted noxt Tuesday. It is j
not expoctod that any further action j
will bo takon on tho internal rovonuo
features of tho bill until all tho membcraof
tlLo majority mayJbo in tho city e
to consider it. The individual or cor- c
porate incomo tax must bo settled bo- ^
foro tho committee can proceed.
A queHtion has arisen as to
whether tho incomo tar can bo levied 1
in time to dorivo revenue for the noxt
fiscal year, an it has boon stated that
tho tax would havo to bo levied on in- i
comes of tiio yoar following tho time 0
when tho law goes into effect. Mr.
Bryan, who is pressing tho straight out c
incomo tax plan, says that the tax p
would bo loviod on incomes of the cal- c
endar and not the fiscal yoar, aud that j
if an incomo tax is adopted it will be on
incomes from January 1, 1894, to Do- fl
comber ol of that year, and tho taxes j
will fall duo in January, 1895, and bo j
available for tho expenses of tho fiscal j
year ending June 30, 1895. Tho liopub- x
Jicana will probably have their report .
ready to submit next Tuesday, although .
thoy may hold it ono day in order to j
make criticisms upon tho report of tho j
prohibited the payment of pensions to
|)oraons residing in foroign countries
ivaa takon from the calendar and pussod.
rho sonato then, at 4:50 p. m? went
into oxocutivo session, and soon afterward
adjoarnod until Monday at 12
/clock. ______
WAsniKGTox, D. C., Doc. 14.?Amoni;
;he confirmations of tbo senate to-day
tvere the following:
Marcullus L. Davis, of Arkansas, to be
consul at Murida, Mexico.
John It Proctor, of Kentucky, to bo
:ivil service commissioner.
G'harlos \V. Dabnoy, of Tennessoe, to
so assistant secrotary of n^riculture.
Comiiiotlorn Francis M. ItamRuv. to
)o chief of the bureau of navigation,
iavy department.
Not no Administration 11111.
Washington, D. C., Dec. 14.?In regard
to the inference in some qnartera
hat the administration favorod the silver
bill to-day introduced by Sonator
v'oorheos, that senator to-day said:
"My bill is not tho result of ono word
if consultation, and I certainly do not
:laim to represent tho administration
n introducing it. I do desire, however,
o help tho treasury out of its dciciency."
IIornlilowor'H Cane.
Washington', D. 0., Dpc. 14.-?Tho
enate committeo on judiciary consitlirod
tho llornblowor nomination to-day
vithout taking action.
SUled Wlillo Trying toHavotlie Life of n
lirotlier Workman.
PiTTSiJBKan, Pa., Dec. 14.?While try
ng l.o save tho life of Julius Eberhardt,
i follow workman at tho Allegheny
ounty electric light plant, David Wan;ainan,
tho chief ongineor, recoivod an
lectric^hock of 2,700 volts this tnornng
and was almost instantly killed.
H. Kborliardc was engazed at tho
witchboard and accidontally touchod a
ivo wiro of 1,000 volts, and in a momont
le was writhing in aeony. The wiro
tad coiled about his hands and lie was
inabio to tree himself. Wangaman
pranir to his rescuo and triod to ertriate
him. Suddenly ho threw up his
lands and fell to tho floor, his body
imp and inanimate. Fully 2,700 volts
iad passed through him. By this time
Snginoer Woidman arrivod and quickly
mlled thoa lover of tho ongine, cutting
>(f tho current The two men were
>ickod u n, but Wangaman was aoad.
Eborhardt was unconscious, but soon
evivod. His hands wore terribly
mrned and ho was otherwise seriously
njured. Wangaman had only ono
nark on him. It was a deep burn on
ho palm of his right hand. There was
10 other sign of tho causo of his death
in his body. Ho was thirty-two years
?f ago and leavos a family.
L MonKtnr Mooting Protests Against tho
MlHgoverninent of Now York.
New Youk, Doc. 14.?The opposition
o Tammany hall crystallized at a meetngin
Cooper Utffon to-night. There
vas scarcely standing room in tho hall.
Choraas V. Van Buren, a grand-nephew
?f President Van Buron, was choaon
The resolutions adopted citod the
niseovornmentof tho city by tho rulers
)f Tammany Hall, contrasted tho rapid
ind colossal accumulation of wealth
imong its loaders with tho prosont dniression
in business and said it arousod
eelings of suspicion and distrust which
?nfnrrna t.ho nrnnrifitv of a riorid invoati
jation ut tho hands of tho next letfinlaure.
Further, that it was tho lirut
luty of honest citizens to relieve the
:ity from such rulers, regardless for tho
imo of either stnto or national politics.
S'oxt Pension of the National llody to bo
Held at Pnrkorfbarff, W. Vu,
Savannah, Ga., Doc. 14,?The Farraira'
Congress, just boforo adjournment
his afternoon elected tho following
>fllcors: President, B. M. Clayton, of
[owa; vice president, G. M. Kyals, of
Georgia; secretary, J. M. Stahl. of Illilois;
asaistaut secretary, \V. D. Whidy,
)f Georgia; second assistant secretary,
r. T. Applard, of Florida; tronsurer,
iionry liavden, of Iowa. Tho noxt hosiion
will bo hold ut I'arkorsburg, W.
Va., Octobor 3,1S94.
Another Hecord IJrokeu by Mlko Vlruboger
at Birmingham.
BiRMi.vaiUM, Ala., Doc. 14. ? Ono
nore world's record in cycling went
lown to-day before Mike Dirnbegor, on
;he atato fair track. Tho pace-makar
iVP.not rapid onough (or him and from
ills time the half ?take wus passed he
topt up a yell of "go ahead." Six
ivatchea regiatorod tho tlmo ad 33 5-5
icconds and tho lowest previous in .'14 3-5.
l'his lowers the world's record fourIftha
of a second.
TUu ntlllard Score.
New York. Doc. 14.?The fourth
light's play in the thrco-cornored billiard
match, between Ivos and Slosson,
roiultod ai follows: Ives, 600; Slosson,
Ives* average, 28 12-21; Slosson'a average,
22 16-21. High runs, Ives 132,103;
Slosson 113, 70.
Slosson and tichaofor will play to-morrow
riedinont Municipal Ticket..
fyttial DUpatch to tu JnieUlaenocr.
Piedmont, W. Va., Dec. 14.?Tho following
corporation tlckota were nominated
Citlzona' ticket?J. W. Davis, mayor;
James U. Bell, rccordor; P. J. Kogors,
acrgoant; L. T. Gallagher, 31. T. GleoBon.
J. J. McGinnii, M. J. itoonoy, John
I}. Luke, G. W. Harrison, councllmen.
People's ticket?I* II. Phleegor, mayor;
Charles Uuth, jr.. recordor; J. Huntor
Smith, sorgoant; W. R Ileskitt; E.
Fredlock, J. H. Cramer, jr., J. P. Williams.
R. G. Hlchardson, K. F. Bopst,
councilmon. The election promiaea to
be hotly contestod.
F. W. Backer & Co. sell Steinwny ind
Krakauer Pianos.
ORKAT HArfiiliu in Diamonds at I. G.
DlUon * Co.'i.
A Blfize That tlio Flreiiiua Lost Control of.
Groat Amount of Property Burned.
Titoy, N. Y., Dec. 14.?A firo broko
out in tho immonso hardware establishment
of J. H. Warren & Co. this
afternoon at 0 o'clock and got beyond
tho control of the firemen. Chief Byron
asked aid irom tho Albany department.
Tho firo started in tho top story of tho
building, where a largo quantity of
builders' tar paper was stored. This
was great food for tho flames and tho
smoke was so dcnso that tho work of
tho firemen was considerably impeded.
Tho firomen could not hold their hose
to tho best advantage because of frozen
hands and worn out onergios, besides
the building was bo high that any attempt
to forco a stream to tho top floor
was luuio. me uro gaineu 1120 uppur
hand, and at 8 o'clock was still burning
liorcely and threatened to reach tho
main building of tho J. M. Warron
Company and tho wholesale grocery
house of Squires, Sherry & Galusha, adjoining.
While the firemen woro hard
at work, tho entire department being nt
tho bcquo, two othor alarms woro rung in.
It was reported that the immense collar
factory of Earl & Wilson, sovoral
blocks away, was on firo, and a steamer
was dispatchod there and tho alarm
proved false. Tho other alarm was
cnusod by tho oxplosion of a lamp in
Tookey's millinery store, on King
street. Tho millinery storo was dontroyod.
Mrs. Toofcev, in hor endeavor
to removo some of tho stock, was overcome
by smoko and roscuod with difliculty.
In tho meantime the firo in tho
Warron building broke out with great
fury. It had reached tho willow-waro
department and tho pasaagowaj' to tho
main building was in a blaze.
The firemen directed their efforts to
savo adjoining property, and in this
way the flames had a chance to increaso
until great tongues of fire leaped high
in tho air and ruslied out of every window.
Tho firemen aud the groat crowd
of spectators wero informed by the direction
of tho firm that there were several
hundred pounds of blasting powder
stored in tho west end of tho fourth
floor of tho burnine structure, and
there was a mad rush from that vicinity.
No explosion had occurred up to
this writing, 0 o'clock. Tho firomon
believe that they havo gninod tho
mastery, although "tho fire is still burning
fiercely. C. W. Tillinghast, president
of the company, says that tho
throe buildings wero valued at $95,000,
and the stock at $225,000. There is an
insurance of $165,000 on tho stock and
$35,000 on tho buildinsrs. The structure
that is almost totnlly aestroyod was
valued at $25,01)0, and tho stock at $150,000.
The total loss will bo almost
Fire at FlttHbnrgln
Pittsburg if, Pa., Doc. 14.?Firo at 11
o'clock to-night destroyed buildings
Nob. 24 and 25, West Diamond, occuf)iod
by S. L. Marshall, grocer. The
088 was $48,000; fully insured. Adjoining
property was damaged by water to
tho extent of $5,000.
Fire at Oyster Bay.
Oyster Bay, L. L, Dec. 14.?Col. S.
V. K. Cruper'a mansion at Bayville was
destroyed by firo this morning. Tho
loss is estimated at $50,000.
Of Earthqnako Distinctly Felt At Ernusvllle,
Evanbvillk, I.m, Dec. 14.?There
were two earthquake shocks horo today,
ono at 11:55 and tho othor at 1:15
p. in. Tho tremors were long but dis
tinctly felt in all part9 of tho city. The
seismic disturbance soernod to be from
west to east, and was accompanied with
a rumbling sound. Tho second shock
was more distinct than the first, shaking
bottles and glassos from counters in
saloons iu various portions of tho city.
Tliroo Shook* Which Aliirmcil tho i'coplo
I,n?t for Several Minute*.
Mt. Vernon, Ixd., Dec. 14.?Three
distinct shocks of earthquake wore folt
hore to-day at 11:50, 12:02 and 1:10.
Houses were givon a good shaking, particularly
tho county court house. Tho
shock came from tho north, and seomod
to go to tho southeast. The shelves in
a number of stores woro jarrod down,
and in many cases tho goods woro
thrown to the floor. A number of persons,
especially ignorant negroes, were
badly frightened. Many of them
thought tho world was coming to an
end. A slow, rumbling noise succeeded
each shock, each of which lasted about
two minutos.
Striker* Must Go to Work or GetThelr Aid
froiu tho Amalgamated Association.
Pittsburgh, Doc. 14,?Some of the
men on strike at Oliver's lowor mills in
I Allegheny havo boon receiving assistance
from tho Allegheny charity department,
but an order was issued by
Mayor Kennedy cutting ofl this source
of supply.
Tho company offers to givo tho men
work at scalo ratos, but rofusos to sign
the Amalgamated scale. Under tho
order issued to-day those who refuse to
accopt the work offered will be comgoiled
to rely entirely upon the bonota
received from the Amalgamated Association.
Mayor Kennedy says lie has
recoivod a number of complaint* from
prominent business men and he has issued
tho ordor for that roason.
Striker* Want Assistance.
Providence, R. L, Dec. 14.?At a
mooting of tho executive committee of
the strikors to-day a petition was issued
in which tho city was asked for
immediate assistance. It was made
known that tho striko at the Geneva
mill would bo eettlod to-morrow, and it
was announced tho owners of theOlnoyville
mill had decided not to opeu their
mill again this winter.
Do Gania Declared a Traitor.
Buenos Ayrbs, Doc. 14.?A dispatch
from Rio Do Janeiro says that President
Poizoto has declared Admiral De
Gama a traitor.
Stwnway and Krakaubr Pianos are.
sold only by F. W. Baumeb&'Co. J
The Convention Steering Oloar of
Political Discussion.
Asking For an Expression on the
Wilson Bill Laid on tho Tablo?>'Theological
Students Sock Instruction
From tho Federation?Tho Platform
Reported?It Favors Compulsory
Education and Nationalism of tho
Telegraph, Telephone, Kail ways and
Mines?Other Fcaturos of tho Resolutions.
Chicago, Doc. 14.?The delogatos to
tho American Federation of Labor convention
to-day reitisod to take action on
a communication touching upon the
question of tho tariff. Tho matter came
up iu the form of a communication
from tho. plush work org from ttridgoport,
Conn,, which declared that after
tho passago of tho McKinley bill their
wages had beeij reduced and the employers
threaten a further reduction in
tho event of the passage of tho Wilson
bill. The communication was laid on
the tablo and tho delegates fought shy
of any discussion on tho subject.
At tho request of 200 students of tho
Chicago Theological Seminary two
representatives of tho federation wore
appointed to expound its principles at
a gathering of students this evening.
A number of resolutions woro adopted
as to tho sentiment of the convention
as they caine from the committee. The
theory of tho government ownership of
tho telegraphic system of the country
was approved and tho election of United
States senators by popular voto was endorsed.
Tho presidont of tho federation
was authorized to draft a bill makimr
it compulsory for manufacturers to
placo exhaust lans in their manufactories.
Tho convention expressed
itself as being in favor of compulsory
education. It was resolved to petition
congress to onact a law establishing
postal savings banks in view of tho
inadequacy, as tho resolution expressed
it, of the proaent national banking system.
Representative Lowis Nash, of the
Retail Clerks' National Association,
road a papor on tho future usefulness of
tho fodoration. lie advocated government
ownership of tho telegraph and
the railroad. Ho said the country now
has too much law and too little justice.
"Wo should stand shoulder to shoulder
on election day and vote for measures,
not men, for statesmen, not for
politicians, for humanitarians, not for
Chairman Morgan, of the committee
on resolutions, submitted a prograinmo
for tho nationalization of railways,
mines, telegraph, etc., as proposed by
English economists as a basis of thp
political labor movoment. A motion
to have the matter prosented to the organizations
for tho purpose of having
their delegates iiislructed to vote upon
it at the next convention of the federation
received the support of a number
of delegates and tho disapproval of
The platform has elovon planks in it
a* follows:
Compulsory education.
Direct legislation.
A legal eight-hour work day.
Sanitary inspection of workshop,
mine ana uomo.
Liability of employers for physical
Abolition of contract labor in all public
Abolition of the swoatinc system.
Municipal ownership of street cars,
electric light and cue plants.
Nationalization of telegraph, telephono,
railways and minoa.
Collective ownership by tho people of
all means of production and distribution.
Tho principle of roferondum in all
It was moved to have tho resolutions
taken up and voted on scratiui.
There was a contest this afternoon
botween the conservative and socialistic
delegates regarding tho adoption of the
principles of a platform to be submitted
at tho next anuual convention.
Tho conservatives came out ahead.
The committee on resolutions brought
up a programme containing tho fundamental
principl03 of independent labor
A recommendation accompanied the
report to the effect that tho planks
should bo submitted to tho favorablo
consideration of the labor Organizations
represented, the socialistic delegates
being against tho uso of the word "favorable"
and tho conservatives in favor
of it. A resolution waa adopted favoring
a Eories of national and international
congresses or conferences of labor,
the same to culminate on May 1, 1001.
in an international .demonstration of
labor organizations in ail countries.
CoMtollo Found Guilty.
Crown Point, Infx, Dec. 14.?'Tho jury
in tho caso of tho State of Indiana vs.
Martin Costcllo, tho prize fighter,
charged with riotous conspiracy returned
a verdict lato this evening, finding
tho defendant guilty as charged and assessing
hia punishment at imprisonment
in tho state prison for two yoars
and ho to pay a fline of $5QD. A motion
for a new trial was filed at onco and will
[ bo hoard Monday. Should it bo overruled
the caso will bo nppoalod to tho
euprome court.
Found Dond.
Woonrocket, K. I., Dec. 14.?Vory
Rev. Father JlcCpbo, vicar general of
the Providonco diocoBC, and pastor of
St Chnrloa church ainco 1S55, waa
found dead in hia parochial residence
this morning. Ho wan in hia usual
health and waa about the city la;t oveninc.
ilo waa aixty-soven year. of ago.
Stein-way and Kkasacee Pia.noi are
old only-by F. \V. Baiueb it Co.
Tito Wilson Tariff Hill Will IIo the Subject
for liebato.
This ovcning at tho rooms of tho Ohio
County Ropublican Club, Odd Fellows'
block, tho Republican mock legislature
will moot for tho second lime, and tho
questiontasto whotherornot tho Wilson
tariff bill now boforo Congress, is a
good thing for the people and country
will bo discussed. Tho prospects aro
for an oxciting and remarkable evening
of debate.
Among tho prominent speakers who
will address tho legislature aro Hon. G.
W. Atkinson (DeuiA Mr. Charles Burdett
Hart (Dem.), lion. B. B. Dovener
(Rep.), and Grover's latest victim,Postmaster
\V. J. W. Cowden. Other talent
iinp/liv Inoa ohln will nnmhinA to muko
, tbo evening one to bo remombored.
Tliero will bo liberal accommodations,
and the ladies uro especially invitod by
tho oflicore of tho legislature to attend.
Tho Man Who Challenged tho 22mperor
of Oormnny to a Duel.
New York, Dec. 14.?Professor Richard
Goerdelcr, who has achieved considerable
notorioty from his declared
intention to challenge the emporor of
Germany to fight a duel, stopped ashore
from tho North German Lloyd steamship
Ilavol to-day, and was taken by
his wife to their tomporary residence in
this city. The professor was exceedingly
anxious to talk to newspaper
men, but his wife would not permit it.
Mrs. Goerdoler said she had obtained
tho professor's release from an insane
asyluin at Chemnitz through tho intercession
of President Clovcland, and intended
now to take tho matter into the
courtrj and seek indemnity for her husband's
According to tho professor's story his
trouble with tho emperor of Germany
datos back to 1SC2, when he was a lioutenantintho
Prussian army. He was
dismisaed by Bismarck because ho possessed
the knowledge of a shipment of
arms bv the groat chancellor to tho
southern confederacy in America. The
impression of tho professor has been
that Bismarck followed him to this
country and endeavored to ruin him socially
here. His appeal to tho emperor
not being answered ho threatened to
p.hnllAtmn hitn unless Bismarck was pun
The profossor stnrtod from this country
about two yoara ago declaring .his
intention to challenge the emperor, was
arrestod on his arrival, examined and
declared to bo insane and since that
timo has been confined in an asylum.
Itov. Vornon Olyphant Takcx His Own Life.
Found by II In Father.
New York, Dec. 14.?The Rov. Vornon'
Ol^hant died to-day by his own
hand in a room at tho residence of his
father, Kobort M. Olyphant
The first information furnished to tho
police or public woa at 8 o'clock this
evening, when Robert Olyphant, jr.,
went to the Thirtieth Btreet police station
and reported that his father had
found his brother Vernon dead on a
sofa in a third story room shortly boforo
G o'clock.
The father, Robert M. Olyphant, who
is tho president of tho Delaware and
Hudson Canal Company, states that his
son had gono to his room after luncheon,
which took place at 3 o'clock, iio
was visited by his littlo sister, Graco
I V niunlmnf nftcr fchlfl hut. no nnn
wont to hia room until dinner time.
Tho fnthor culled him, but receiving no
answer wont into tho young man's
room. There ho found his eon half sitting,
half reclining on a ho fa, with a
bullot wound in his head. On tho floor
was a double-barreled rille. The family
heard no shot nor knew of no reason
for a suicide. Young Olvphant was a
Princeton graduato anil had beon
ordained a Presbyterian clergyman six
years ago. Ho had no charge. It in
paid the young man was mentally unbalanced
from over-study.
Tho Intorcst Increases?The Murdered
Mayor's Son and Daughter in Court*
Chicago, Dec. 14.?Tho court room
was crowded to-day durinft tho Prendergast
train, many ladies being prosont
among tho spectators. Prcndorgast
was nervous and ill at case when Carter
Harriton, jr., caino into court with
his wifo and sister, Mi-s Sophia Harrison.
The latter was called to tho witness
stand, and her testimony was
given with groat ellort aa alio told of
the murder of her father. A number
of othor witnaasos wore examined, but
their testimony devolopod nothing new.
The first witness for tho defonso was
Mrs. Helen Prondergast, tho mother of
tho assassin. Her evidenco was entirely
in support of tho insanity theory.
* During the cross examination of Mrs.
Frondorgast by Attorney Trude tho
prisoner lost his temper and exclaimed:
"Trude. you are a scoundrel to talk to
my mother that way."
Thf? attorney was doing nothing out
of tho way.
Exports on PoInous Testify?I)r. PoaTiody'ii
New York, Dec. 11.?Tho day in the
Meyer trial has boon consumed in taking
the evidenco of exports on poisons.
Dr. Poabody testified that, from tho
symptoms doicribod, he believed
Brandt had died from tho poisons found
in his body. On cross examination ho
admitted that ho had kuown of doses of
150 grains of arsonic and 478 grains of
antimony being taken without causing
Grrac Triumph.
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Boachod In the British House of
Commons Yesterday.
For Its Alleged Incapacity to Gotnb.
Charged With Responsibility far
tlie Depression In Business?M*
Gladstone Warms Up and Defend*
Ills Administration?Von Clprirfl
Speech Delivered After a Conterenco
With tbe Etnporor?Foreign
Lokdox, Doc. 14.?There wu qnlta in
exciting sitting of the home of commons
to-day rising out of the annoucerncnt
made by Mr. Gladstone that
owing to the present state of hoslnaaa
the government proposes to adjoara on
Friday, December 22, and to meet again
on tbe following Wednoiday.
Sir John Dorington, Conservative,
moved to sdjourn the honse in ordar to
call attention to the backward state of
public business.
The opposition Intended thla motion
as an indictmont of the alleged general
incapacity of tbo government in conducting
business, and expressed the intention
of pushing the motion to a
Sir Kichard Paget, conservative. In
seconding Sir John Dorington'! motion,
was loudly cheered, especially when h*
declared that the present condition of
things in public affairs was becoming
positively intolerable.
Those attacks finally brought Mr.
Gladstone to hig feet and he replied
warmly to the onslaught of the opposition
and amid frequent interruption!,
declared that the house must meet
again as ho bad indicated, or the parish
councils bill must be abandoned.
The Right lion. A. J. Balfour, tha
conservative leader, accused the government
of trying-to trample upon the opposition,
who, Mr. Balfour added were a
1 itlio doiow uiu guvuiuuiouk iu|/|/u(tuia
in nurnoer.
After a heated debate, during which
Mr. Gladstone was creeled with uroiM
from the opposition and with cheer*
from his supporters, the cloture was
movod nnd the motion to adjourn wu
rojcctod by a vote of 105 to US.
Iho announcement of the result of
tho voto called forth loud cheers from
the government supporters.
Slnde When ITe was Fruih From an Audience
with the Emporor?The Currency
London, Doc. 15.?Tho correspondent
of tho Post at Berlin lays: Chancellor
Von Caprivi's speech in the reichstag
yesterday was mndo when he was freih
from an audienco with the emperor. He
was evidently in tho highest spirits and
treatod tho reichstag to a epeeoh of
such point and norve as has not been
heard by that body slnco Prince Hiemarck
retired to private life.
In his reference to the currency question
tho chancollor donied that the ouy
ins oowor 01 goia nau nsea mga
enough to injuro German husbandry.
Tho Prussian mir.istor of commerce, no
said, was to mako inquiries on tbe subject
ex ton ding into tho interior of
Australia and Africa, and the result ot
these inquiries must bo awaited. Tho hood
of tho Knglish government, Mr.
Gladstone, had most pointedly expresned
hih antagonism to hi-metallism,
and therefore a change in the attitude
of England could not bo hoped for. If
ho himself, continued the chancellor,
wero a fanatical bi-metailist he could
not undor tho presont circumstances
move a single step in that direction
Corbett Arrives ut Jacksonville,
Jacksonville, Fla., Deo. 14.?James
J. Corbott arrived in this city to-day at
2 p. m. An enormous crowd was
at tho dopot when Corbett's train
came in, nnd tho cbampioa
was greeted by cheers. No attempt was
mado to arrest Corbott, and the P?rhrp
taking carriages, woro driven to the Bfc.
Jumos Hotel.
Wenthor horeoast far To-day.
For W?*t Virginia, rain, southerly winds.
For Western iVnnsvlvanla aud Ohio, iligbtlf
warmer, southerly win da.
nx furnished by C. Scksepp, druggist, comor
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