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I (m*\ $1
" mm m & HOW.
smc or the uackftt contractor? and build"
tnu ibncbiiasiu.
gr.jl'olsiahd, nd., april 8th, 18w.
dr. lliUs JiltdieaX Co., Elkhart, 2ni
gistleme5: Thtd been troubled with mcart
eiot*?c ror vmc last 30 years, and although i
us.- treated by able i>hy?lclaua and tried many
remedlof, i grew steadily worso until i was com.
rtrttLY PROOTRATEO anO CONflNCO to my bis
wit?cutanvhopcorrecovery. i would havo
u-rv t : Ismk^. . n mm. -^injjKpelU.when ,
ay v r CURED^^If
i, ccthcr,^^ a a "^nnd it was vlth
tj.i- i-ruiicst difficulty that my circulation could i
rV * aiv'lonrr.MB again. Whilo In tbis condl- i
i i your Nrw heart Cure, and begun
to inn-rove from the lint, and now lam able to do
, i; ??'i (lav H work forn wan C8 years of age. Iglvo
do Miles' New Heart pure nil the
rrM" : r >'?v r<-i overy. It Is over fix nsontbsdncw
I ha' : ikon onv, although I keep a botilo in the
I u e ii> ca*> I should ucod It. I have Also used
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pt.ttalol iliem. z. aviair.
Sold on a 1'oidtlvn Guarantee. I
dR. miles'pills,50 doses25cts.
bo. i by UrnggisN Kvcrywbore. mrlS-Mwriwy j
i RIPA>'? T.Vljri.ES mre I lie bo.t Modi. <
< !?? known lop liidJrcftllon. UllloucncM, [
0 llrsdiw lir, ('nuailpmloii, Dj *prpi>lM, Cbrotilo ? :
l.l?erTroubU?.l?l**lBr??, Had Complexion.
l)MfntfP.v, OtTrn?l?e Hrvutli, and nil tils* J <
r?lcr? of I bp Hlomarb, Liver ami Ilonvln. ? |
r:p?n? Tahiti** contain nothlnir lnjnrloua to (
iaif. nr.fe. tifcctuaj, oKd^VVimmcdiato relief.
? May be obtained by application to nearest
druccl*!. ?
t.IfflA IB 11 f-B ;
A Jipw nnd Complete Treatment consisting of '
SUPPOSITORIES. CoprtUefl of Ointment and two
IVn*eoP Olutment. A never-failing Oaro for Pile
of every nnturo and decree. 16 maUen aa onoratla^ 1
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ere juiioful and pnldom u permanent euro, and often
malting in doath, nuneowaary. Why enduro
thia ternblo diaonoe? Wo gunrantoo 0
boxes to euro anv cace. You only pay for
beceflU receivod. f l a box, 6 for %.' *>y maiL iJfunplc
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tS ftfflU.
HI* ARAN FEE? I$suod only through CHAR R
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Wheeling. W. Va. jyl7-M\vi.t\vy
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CZh mi IIHIP11 Wfclake? Habits
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e. I'lKMltKR is. lSv ., iioniiuut-s thlrty-nlue
v? . livlit'-'d into four term-. This school
?>r? ii ( nunleio and tho'ouffh education lit
|r* Kiii,'!i*li, Mathematics. Knglish Classics.
Mid Modern I<aui;uase?.
v'hool consist* of. primary. Grammar,
.identic mid College Preparatory department*.
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apJO 1
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Market street. Your patronage solicited,
i "yvavHUble. an:'.
Piactical Plumbers.
A.: Uouc promptly at retuguub'c price#. I
And Their Relation to the Proposed
Tariff Legislation.
Alone ThereJAre Tlirco Hundred and i
Fifty Thousand Men Out ot Kmployinent
Owing to tbo Depression
Due to Tariff Uncertainty?A Con- 1
trust With Republican Times, Wlion
Conildence Prevailed Everywhere.
Tho following editorial from the Now
York Presi, the editor of which is lloburt
P. Porter, otio of the most distinguished
statisticians in tho country, ns
wellasonoof tho ab!est economists in
tho world, contains much to think
about at this time:
Whilo William L. "Wilson resales tho
readors of tho Suuday Prtts with solcuin
free trado platitudes and dilates on the
havoc which the scramble for spoils and
tho Shorman silver law have played
with tho country, the tariff which bears
hia imnio ia hrinnimr thn industrial
population of our great cities face to
faco with Htarvntiou. Careful estimates ;
made by capable statisticians and pub- '
liahod in yesterday's Sunday Press
brings to light the appalling lact that
tho number out of work in New 1
York is not loss than 110,000; in Chi- 1
r*ago, over 100.000; iu Philadelphia, not I
less than IK),000; iu Boston, probably
10,000; in Cincinnati, over 15,000. Here
we have in those live citie9 at tho present
moment 000,000 unemployed. These '
are tho great manufacturing cities of
the country, aud tho pronosed free
trade legislation will strike the severest
blows at tho industrial populations of
auch centros of industry. Including
tho ordinary increaso since 1800, tho
number engaged in tho manufacturing \
industries in these cities snould to-day ;
lie as follows:
Hainb SVnxoJ
CltT Employed. l'aitf. ;
<c\\ York .-Wi.lXio SJ:^.?UO.OOO ]
Miilaii.'ij.hiu UXl.OiMl ,
;i?iiaco .. 2J.\uw l:a?.W?.00? ;
iostnn luo.(?k) ?r0.oo:i.(xo
.'iucluaaii y'?.wo -r-.oou.coo i
Tola! 1.010,000 S?i.l'.,000.000 '
Tho actual liguros published by the
:ensus for 137 cities irive tho average
unount of yearly earnings per hoad at ,
>037, ho mo aoovo estimate is unloubtedly
within the mark for tho five
ending cities. Nearly one-third of the
nduBtrial population' of these cities is
>ut of work, which means an annual
oss of wastes of more than $200,000,000,
)r a sum of $10,600,000 per month. Tho
unhappy condition existing in these ,
jities extends, with hardiv an
exception, throughout the uianufacuring
regions of tho country. Tho
:elegraphic columns oi tho daily ,
newspapers contain accounts of closing
mills, operatives thrown out of work
nnd roduction of wanes. In some cities
in this stato and in Pennsylvania and
Now Epglanu the porcentago of tho unemployed
will even exceed .'S3 per cent.
And this is true of tho mining districts
of the northwest and far western states.
Suppose wo take the 137 cities for which ,
we have at hand the eleventh census
reports. Ilere are included only places
nf importance, for thoro are in all 4IS
:ities in tho United States of S.000 pop- ,
illation and over. The manufacturing
budget of tho 137 cities is as follows:
Totnl of gross product $3,i:W.406.7GS 1
Valur of product, le*s raw m?u-nuL 'J,7.
Aggregate capital 3,358,918,270
Total wages paid
Number employed 2,57K,001
During the last decado of ltopublican
rule tho number employed and wages
paid in theso cities increased on the uvorage
not less than 50 per cent. Less
than a year of the policy oi Democratic
wreckers threatens to reduce tho value
of tho product one-third, confiscate onetliird
of tho capital, stop one-third of
the annual amount disbursed in wages,
throw out of employment one-third of
those employed, and perhaps still ,
further cut down tho wages of those
still fortuuate enough toobtain employment.
'lliese aro hard facts to meet.
The tinkling of Mr. Wilson's economic
cymbals, the shaking of Mr. Springer's
optimistic castanets and tho incessant
grinding of Mr. Cuminings' Italian ortran
will not drown the crv for bread
:md work which comes from a million
impoverished wage earners of these cities.
It will not beguile tho American
people while the promoters of this
measuro oi destruction aro completing
the ruin.
"Wait awhile," says Grovcr Cleveland,
"and see what prosperity wo will
bring you when freo raw material reduces
your wages gets you out of the
narrow home market iuto the boundless
markets of the world." "Bo patient,"
says Mr. Wilson, "until my bill
becomes a law, whon the increased influx
ot foreign commodities mado by
foreign labor will iu Borao mysterious
way start up the closed m'illa and
factories and bring increased prosperity
to the nation." If we could only
huvo got at things sooner," says Mr.
Springer, "we would have had business
humming now. Pray, don't be in a
liurry; tho good time is surely coming."
"Wo are wutorlogged, bovs; perhaps
wrecked," says Mr. Curaming9, "but if
you will only givo us a respite we will
ilo our best to throw overboard a score
or two Jonahs, hunt up a now Moses
and load you out of tho wilderness into
which our folly has consignod you into
tho promised land." Thus are the uuomployed,
tho homolo9S, tho starving,
met with plausible excuses, ingenious
explanations, glowing prophecies, eloquent
promises and frantic appeals to
wait a little longer. .Such utterances
either feed tho hungry, clotho tho
naked nor shelter the homeless. They
count for little in times like these.
When wages were high and work
abundant in lail'2, tho irridescenl lly,
with its glittering reflection on tho silvery
and shallow waters of free trado
oratory, looked tempting. Now, us tho
victim's ga?p for life, how different it is!
Tho bait of tho world's markets is mostly
shadow, and freo raw matorial at
p'omo one else's exnonso is, after ull, a
Jeop cut iu your own wages.
Thero in but oilo hope, aud that lies
in opposition to tho consummation of
the crime against our industries. Not
tho opposition of manufacturers. They
liave grown weary after ton years
threatened annihilation. Let a million
wage earners from tlieso onco prosperous
centres of industrial activity cipher
this piobloui out for thetnsolvos and enter
a long, loud, ringing and patriotic
protest agaiust any tariff legislation.
She fact aud cxpononco aro all on tho
lido of protection, and with such a protest
oven Democratic loaders will not
iare complete tho industrial carnage.
A Victim of I'nrcftia.
Indiaxapolis, i.m, Doc. 14.?Michael
Ezekiel, a prominont Jowish citizen,
:ominitted suicide last night in a most
horrible form. Ho first cut his throat
and then shot himself in tho iorohead.
Ezekiel had been suffering from porosis
tor some time, lie was 40 years old
and leaves a family.
Stlinway and Krakauer Tianos are
sold only by F* W. Uacmeb & Co.
Misfortune of the Nci;r? that the Hiu* of
the Fevr Are Yliitoil L'pou the Many.
"Washington, D. 0., Dec. 14.?lion.
Frederick Douglass, who was the Haitian
commissioner at the World's Fair, has
returned to his home, Cedar Hill, AnacoBtin.
Tn a talk with a reporter yesterday
Mr. Douglass would not express
an opinion on tl.e Hawaiian question,
saying ho thought ho ought to reserve
it until tho resolution of Mr. Hoar
ihould lind compliance.
"Will Minister Sraythe bo able to
consummate negotiations looking to tho
acquirement of the Mole St. Nicholas?"
"I am not informed." fie said, "if tho
government of tho United States will
endeavor to acquire tho Mole Su Nicholas
as a coaling or nava! station. There
is no telling what might be accomplished
in that direction in cortain contingencies
such as revolutions might
brint: about. But 1 feel quito sure that
under tiie present administration the
acquisition of the Mole St. Nicholas is
quito impossible."
Referring to tho Haitian exhibit at
Chicago, he said: "I express the feolinir
of tho thousands who visited the Haitian
pavilion when 1 say that her participation
in tho World's Columbian
Exposition was highly creditablo to
that republic. Haiti was a surprise to
those who visited tyer pavilion. Tho
American reoplo had beon led to bolieve
that Haiti was barbarous; that she
was descending deeper and deeper into
barbarism. When they saw tho pic*
tures of her towns and cities, tho dwellings
of her people, public buildings,
such as the iiank of Port-au-Prince,
unl tho great iron market house, and
1 . - .1. .. I;J i i
icuruuu?-aa luuv uiu icaru 110:11 1110?ok
the additions made to her educational
forces, the surprise and admiration increased.
I think her exhibits tended
very much tov raise t he estimation m
which colored peoplo generally are
"Did colored peoplo generally attend
tho fair?"
"The attendance of colorcu yeoplo as
spectators of the exposition was credit*
able both in point of numbers and ro*
ipectability. T/ieycamo there orderly,
well dressed, and made good appearance.
1 doubt not that more would
have attended had not there been an
apparent purpose to exclude them froiu
ail honorable participation iu tho exposition
itself, and had not ttio press
takon pains in advance to heap ridicule
upon their attendance."
When reminded that tbero was no
reference to the noero iu the President's
message to Congress last Monday
Mr. Douglass said that he had not read
the message, but it it were so it wero
probably best for the negro.
"And why should he?" hecoutinuod.
"Ho has had no protest against the
lynch law practices now prevailing iu
Ltio southern states, and likely to become
"Do you think tho lynchiug practices
threaten to become epidemic'."'
"Yea, the tendency is to lawlessness
and anarchy in this country. There is
fear of irresponsible persona taking the
law into their own hands and endeavor*
ing to usurp the places of sheriffs, conatubles,
juries, judges, and determining
the guilt or innoconca of men without
fair triai.
"The general charges that are made
against the negro, in the south especially?the
chargo of assault upon white
women?has affected public opinion unfavorably
toward the race. It is the
misfortune of the negro that all presumptions
are against him, and to bo
charged with a crime in the south is to
bo pronotiucod 'guilty' in advance.
Then, too, it is another misfortune to
the negro that the sins of the few are
visited upon the many. When a white
man commits a crime, ho alone has to
sufler, but the sins of one negro are visited
upon all negroes. Thus far I do
not see that our colored press has done
all it might do to defend the raco from
this charge. For my own part, 1 can
say that I honestly believe the charge
against the southern negroes is, in most
cases, trumped up. 1 shall, however,
take it upou myself at an early date to
to give my views at length on the subject
hero in Washington."'
Man wints but little here below,
Urn wants that little good.
Nino out or ten men when asking for
a drink, will simply ask for "something
good," and out of the nine thoro are uot
two who know when a drink of good
whiskey, brandy, gin or rum is sold
them. Few hotels or venders of liquors
CUII iiMburu i nuii < usiuwiuio lii.il ihb
liquors aot before them are absolutely
pure and old. Ono tastes almost as
tfood as the other; but if you want to be
sure that you are buying onlv a pure
liquor, wo advise you to look at the
bottle and see if the uaino of Mux
Klein is blown in the bottle, and his
signature on the label, and if you gee it
there, you can bet your best dollar that
you are petting a "straight" article. His
Silver Age, Duquemo and Boar Creole
Rye.s recommended by physicians and
men of all professions. For salo by
Wheeling Drug Company.
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Krakauor Pianos.
A llock of crows wero recently seen in
midoceau by Captain MacXicol of the
"Wo desire to say to our citizons that
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Btand ready to refund the purchase
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It is pleasant: core* Malaria, IndiKOition,
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l i'otu Slr?* to Son.
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// /1 ll (rS\ dnmgiats. Seutby
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v4fc ^ bottle, charges proBRADFICLD
A Prominent Professor Speaks About
the Threatening Tilings Abroad at
This Tiiua or tho Year.
"It Is surprising how many people arc sulTor
"S w uij' XtoUl iu-tailcu LoUglia, cului auJ lafluenzo."
The remark was undo by a very prominent
professor. cou'iected with one of the leading
New Vork liospltitlt. Continuing. he >-ul?l :
"It J* not theso tiling* that uro troubling peopie.
hut It ii an adruuved form of our ol?l cuemy.
the grip. People feel out of sorts, sneeze,
nave pains in the muscles and bone*, have no
appetite, lose all interest in the world and wonder
what la the matter. It is tho grip; nothing
".Vow. nil such symptoms need to have prompt
treatment. The iittacic must b>' met aud repelled
at once, or it Is certain to result In something
herlous. I know of hut one way to certainly
avoid these troubles which are now so
common, and that is. to immediately counteract
them by using a good. pure, strong stimulant.
Nothing of the ordluary kind, but something
puro and scientific. For this purnoso
nothing jias ever equalled Dully'* Pure
Malt Whiskey, which I* acknowledged to-day by
physicians and scientific i>coplc to be the only
pure, incdlciual malt whiskey upon the marLet."
The words of the professor arc true and they
carry a wonderful meaning to many men and
women who oro Huflferlug with tho llrst symptoms
of grip, or clw grip in in advanced stago*
For all such people wu oiler a word of ndrfce;
which is to take the best means to ovorcomo
those troubles and do not pi-milt any dealer to
swerro you from your purpose to havo that
which has proven itsclt by years of u->'. to bo
tho best and purest stimulaut'iu the world.
Tho Features or tho Money and Stock
New York. I>ec. It.?Monev on call easy at la I
IJs percent; las: loan I percent; closed at l per I
cent. Prime mercantile paper per cent.
Sterling exchange steady at Si 8'^al 87J Sales
were J 19,000 sharev
<>n the stock exchange tho speculation was
almost featureless, tho railway list being very
much ueglivtcd. General Klecirlo was the mugnet
to which the chief business was attracted. |
Tlie stock Iiuh been bought heavily during iuc i
past few days on ihe nnnouurciiient that iui-'
portaut developments weio being made which I
would, when made known, serve to appreciate |
the vuluo of the shares. and quite u material a?lvnnee
was recorded on tliis unknown uiiAiilityToday
it was given out mat this impofmut fac-;
tor was the obtaining of a profitable contract 1
for si. I'rtul led tbe railway list iu .
point of activity. The bears made several in- j
effectual attacks on tho Mock, but wore met |
with good buying aud tho other granger stock*
were firmly bold. At tho opening of business,
tbo general market was firmer and at times a
fairly steady tou-j prevailed. 1 Miring I be inferval
there were periods of urtld strength and
general degression, but the transactions wore
. mail compared with yesterday's closing only
three railway Mocks showed h change of 1 per
cent or over as a result of tho day's transactions.
Hallway bond* were generally firm throughout
the day on h good volume of tynslues*.
Jo vera men I aud stato bonds dull.
COM* AND 5rotK quotations?CLOSED did.
I'. S. 4s reg ,..11:^4 Nat. Cord. pref'd... 41'j
I'. .S. U coupon 111'4 Now Jersey Cent 11 '?
U. S. 4^ reg to1,.,'Norfolk ?t West p'd 21}*
Paciilous ot "J.V: ln'Ji.j Northern Pacitlc.... ?'?
Atchison li^i do preferred 22V*
.Adams Kx press l'?0 Northwestern
American j;xpre?is..ll:i ' do preferred 1-*W4
Baltimore it Ohio- 72% New York Central. JOl^
Canada Southern... fi.iJ4 N. Y. it New Kng ... 28)fc
Central Pacific 1'-' Oregon Improve*L. M
Chesapeake it Ohio IS^'Oregon Nav.- 28
Chicago & Alton....1"S I Pacific Mail I I
Chi.Uur.&Qulucy. 787*'Pittsburgh- loO
Chicago Gas - 6$).^ Heading 20^
('. C. Jc St. L Uflftlldchuiona ierin....
Col. (,'o#l ?t Irou I do preferred M
Cotton Oil Ccrtllie.. 29!.j!ftock Island
Del. Si Hud VCl>i|St. I'huI 0.1
Del., Lack. A; do preferred US
Deo. ?t It. (i. pref'd 32J* St J'uul ?fc Omaha..
Dlst A Cattle Feed. 26lv do preferred II."'1;
Erie l5}flSugar Itutluury 7\>*z
?lo preferred 32 j'fenn. ?.'oul ?t Iron.. Jti??
Illinois (Vntra! 'J ? 'Texas l'acllic H
Kan** tit Tex. pref. IM'f^jToL it O. Ceu prof. 70
Litko Krlo & West... KHJUnion Pacific -. 20j*
do preferred Cljm'. S. Express .* LakeShure
1 .! "?1 ?}\V.. St. I- ?t I* *'4
Lead Trust 2-1'S do preferred lii
Louisville <t Nash.. <l!?iJWells Fargo Fx 128
Mlolilgau ?'i'ntrul...lUO^;\\'oiterh Union S8'i
Mixsouri Pacific? 24^ Wheeling & L.K.... l-J;'*
Nashville <t Chatty 7 "J j do preferred 60
National Cordage... -U',
ItrondttufYt and Provision*.
CtitCA/10. Dec. I I.?With freo offerings of long
wheat and small export clearance*. wheat
dropped to-day. Mny closing %c lower then
yesterday and hut 1-j: hiuhcr than the lowest
price at which it has" sold this season. Trading
was light. bur tho feeling was in tin* main firm
for n; time. Northwestern receipts wero again
i:orn resisted the natural depressing influence
of n weak wheat market wonderfully well, but
had to yield in theond.
Oats closed ilrm at Jic to l}',c lower.
Provisions lirm and closed weak and slightly
Flour unchanged.
Wheat?Cash No. - spring (>l.'?c; No.spring
'(O'.atiJc: No. 2 red Cl'^c; December OlaGl*8u
Cl,'?c: -Ma/67aCSati7o.
Cons?Cash No. 2, n.7%e: December 35l?a35%d
Wic: January &^3j&a&)?c; .May oi>;Balu!Mu
Oats?Cosh No 2, C8a'JSl?'o: December 27J?n28>{
a-'ae; January muj
H\" l'.?No. *2. Ui'-.A1,
Tuiotiiy ?81 l<>.
Mr.hs'Pork?Cash 5I270al2S0: January512j2}-j
nl2 G0al2 &2,"May SP/.G7l,&12#tal2 7U.
I<ai:p?Cash is 07.'..; Jauuary 57 sua? ,s"?a7 ?0;
May 57 IX)h7 <S5u7 6U!<jT
Shout Kijis?Cash 50 .'*)?<; fiO: January 3G j2#a
G 57^aG ft!,.? Mav 5'? ?Wn6 70aG G^...
i-iioi'i.DKIts?jii 'jjii'i j0; short dear 57 25a7 50.
Others unchanged.
New Yoi:k, Doc. 11.?Flour, receipts !w,000 barrels;
exjKtrtA 17,uuo barrels: sales 4,000 barrels:
market uull ami weaker. Wheat, receipt* sou.UW)
bushel-; sales I.u-VMKW bushels of futures ami
]0.*i.U0U bushel' of ?por; soot mnrke; dull ami
louer; No. 1 northern 7K'he; options quiet and
lower; No 2 rod January i>7!..iuk1 ?uG7 r; February
lifc^nGOaGSIkc; March G'.i;Po70.,-vnGUj^c; May
7-_"?e; December oG,':c. Corn. receipt-** 19,urn) bushels:
exports 04.0ft) bushels: sales 700,01X1 bushels
of iuiurcs and Gl.WM bushels of hvov, market
dull; January 4?T;a44 :*.Ii?al *vJe; May 4.V!4a4t'?a
I.VJ^e; December 44'xc. Oats, receipts4*?.2ti0 bushels:
exports 2,400 bushels; sides 60,000 bushels
of futures and JO,000 bushels of spot; western 8ia
:t"?e; January May December ;e.
Hay and hops quiet Hides firm. Cut meats
dull, l.urd weaker; western steam 53 '*) , December
58 40; January >s l."?. Pork steady. Dutter
dull; western dairy ]8n22c; do creamery 'J0it2g%c;
state dairy pja2i?*^c; do creamery l!2a27c. Cheese
quiet; state large Oolite. Jlggs dull: statu and
Pennsylvania 27o: western ircsh 26c. Tallow
quiet; city !/ . Bos in aud turpentine steady,
ltlee and molasses quiet. Coflcts steady at OalO
points advuuoe. sugar steady.
IMttnuvrgh, Pa., Dcc. 14.?Butter, Elgin creamery
<lla32c: Ohio fancy creamery 20i28c; low
grades and cooking lUal'KS. Ctfecie. Ohio new
II,,-ial2c; .Swiss. Ohio tubs 14al4j'?e: WUcousiu
Swiss lSalutfe; llmburger. new. is\*j?l4e. Kggs,
strictly frcah Pennsylvania and Ohio, in cases.
24a2">e. Poultry, large live chickens 4"?a.'?0e per
pair; live small do :nal(?u; ducks 45a73u: geese
Si Oo.-il 10; live turkeys Save per lb; dressed chickens,
drawn, lOalle jter lb.; turkeys 12ai,To per
lb.: ducks 10al2e per lb.; geese SaDc per lb.
Potatoes, fancy Burbanks, carlots on track, .Via
line nor bushel: less f-OaiV'tc per bushel; other
kinds 4*>a&0e per bushel; Jersey sweets fct 00a
.*1 7."? per barrel; Baltimore sweets 5l7."ia2 (hi per
barrel. Cabbage, per 1001icad,?)00aM)0. Onions,
yellow globe J150al G"? per barrel. Turnips, purple
tops, 4UaVJc per bushel. Celery. 10a.'">o per
fmuch. Rutabagas 51 Wal 23 per barrel Carrots
51 "J'-al 50 per barrel.
Puir.Anr.mtJA. I'a., Dec. II ?Flour quiof and
unchanged. Wheat steudv; No. 2 red G4e: No. :i
red tWe; December G5aG.r?Wc; January GTiS^aGGc;
February G71 ,'mG7^?: Mfirn fs^nl'Ce. Com quiet
at.d steady; new steamer No 24iai4%c: Dceem*
her ami .ianunry 4::ai:?;4e; February 1
March 4r.?^u;;,He. Oats quiet and unchanged.
Butter firm: western creamcry 21#29c; Pcnnsyivuuiacreamery
prints 2Go80c. Kggi unchanged;
western fresh 2Gu27c. Sugar steady.
UALriMOBE, M;v, Dee. 14.?Flour duii; receipts
14 UOQ barrels. Wheat quiet and steady; No.;:
red ?potc?^e: Decoraber G3aG,Vfc: January GM*
at ?5JSc; May 70fvi70 J Sc. Cori: tirrn; No 2 white
spot 4tfa43)-4c. Oat* steady aud prices unchanged.
Butter, firm; fanny -liaStk'. Kggs steady aud unchanged.
Hay dull and unchanged.
Cisct.sxAir, O., Dec. 14.?Flour quiet. Wheat
dull and lower; No. 2 red receipts 4.<ato
bushel.-. Corn easy; No. 2 mixed ;;s',c- Oau
dull; No '2. mixed81'wr. Uyo easy; No. 2, f?3c.
Provision* quiet Whisky steady at 81 15. Dutter,
sugar and cheese steady. Jiggs firm at 21c.
Toi.kpo, O.. Dec. 14.?W heat lower; No. 2 cash
and December6lV;e; May 67*.if. Cora dull and
steady; No. 2 aish 37c; May 40V?c. Oat.sdull:
cash sue. Bye nuiet; cash')?<*. Cloverneed dull
and steady; priino cash and December So S3;
Jauuary 53 00; February ?> 0*?.
Dry Good*.
Nkw York. Dec. 14.?Reductions in the price of
bleached cottons and .some tcudency toward
better prle? for raw cotton, is leading to larger
activity in bleached cottou*. and through sympathy,
whlto goods are showlug rather more in
tercst. Priut cloths show no chnuge, with Jt
cents, tho price for extra, and sellers are Inclined
to be very confident in their views. Priuts and
printed fsbrlcs in the way of spring fancies and
apeclalties are receiving more and larger orders
from the country ami th<* lo-vil demand i:; also
Clcking up a little lu a general wav. Tho Joblug
trade showj no activity at prevent prices.
IJva Stock.
Chicago, Dec. 14.?Cattle, receipt* 11,000 head;
shipments 4.UJ0 head; market slow; good snipped
$ > OOao ftO; others $4 o??a 4 00: cows 61 00a." 15;
stocker* $2 40. Hogs, receipt* '."J.fOO head;
shipment*WO head; market active aud .F>al0c
higher, rough and common & 00a> ID; packing
and shipping $" 10n.*? 25; prime heavy $T? 2fla.r> 30;
mixed 3? H)a.'?'2j. Sheep. receipts 12.000 head;
abipineiiH ^,000 head: market dull and lower;
laiutM J.' OOal 75: westerns(J 15a3 75; natives82 0)
aJ .SO; wethers II 'J.'a4 75.
Ka?<t Liberty. Pa., Dee. 14.?Cattle, receipts
440 head; abipmenta 440 land: market steady
an<l unchanged. Hog?. receipts l.UW head:
shipments J.Ooo head: market steady; all grades
S5 30ar> 40. Sheep, receipts 1.400head: shipments
1.200 head: market drangy. yesterday's prices.
cixc:;.vatt. o.. 14. Uofa stream r at
tl ?.'*'> SO; receipts 5.000 head; shipments Jt.OOO
On. Crrv. Pa.. Doc. 11.?Opened 78%c; highest
lowest 78 closed 79c; sales 17,000
barrels: clearances?i.u? barrels; shipments 97,169
barn-Is; runs 10a,i^O barrels)
Xr.w York. Dec. *4.?Petroleum quiet, but '
.Htronc: no sales; option closed at 70c hid.
PlTWBrp.oii. Pa.. Dec. 14.?opened* and lowest
78? ic; dosed 79u; highest 7i?,,hc.
NrwYork, Doc. II ? Pig iron dull: American
SlJOOnr.Ut. Copper <|iiict; lak.- S10 on. l..-iul
easy; domestic 9310. Tin dull; straights 820 40.
Cincikxati. O.. Dec. 14.?Cotton firm and
higher; middling 7 9-ltkr._
J-'or Over.Fifty Yearn.
51M. Winslow'sSoothinq Syrup has been used
for over fifty years by millions of mothers for
their children while teethlnr, with perfect sue
cess. It soothes the child, t>oftcas thu gums, allays
nil pain, cures wiud colic, und is the best
remedy for DJanhcea. It will relievo tho poor
little KUtlerer immediately, bold by druggists
in every part ol thu world. Twenty-flvo cent* a
bottle Do sure und ask for "Mrs. Wiusiow'tf "
toothing .Syrup," and take uo other kind.
i? ?<
\ ?4-About twenty-flro years I
i A I U r *?? 1 was atlticted with a I
, disea*?! which tlx*doctors (
lO/T pronounced SCHOFULA. 1 J
JJkJ "*** treated by several X
i pbysiriAnaandsi>ecialiht<? I
without beiug benefited: T
ii \ 02,1 S5 and I tried many blood 2
m. v/w-x remedies, without relief. I
w.m m was recommended, and after T
KWkKJI takwjr six bottles 1 am now well !
^ my rkin is perfectly clear, and I x
would not be in my former condition lor two J
thousand dollars. ^1 I
hks. Y. T. BUCK, cured i
Dolaney, Ark. w J
Send far Trrative on Bloodlad | ^~\T
SkJn Diieavrt mailed inc. > i
Atlanta, G A. *->
Wheeling Title and Trust Co,, 1
CAPITAL, - - $102,100.
________ i
general banking m.viNi:-s.
heal estate titles insured.
stocks and bonds sold.
If. M. Russell, Tren't I* K. Stifel. Pcc't.
C. J. Bawling. V. 1*. H. I. Sinpleton. A?s'tPec'y.
n?n i:_ ft. Gilchrist. Examiner of Title*.
G. lamb, President Jos. sryboi.d. Caihiec I
j. a. Jkffki?05. Assistant Cobbler. I
Bank of WJieeling!
CAPITAL $200,000, PAID IX.
A. J. Clarice. Jo*epn P. PanlL
James Cummins. Ilenry Blebersoa,
A. iteyinaun. Joseph Soybold. I
Gibson Lntnb.
Interest paid on special deposits.
Lsnties drafts on Knslund 1 relnndandScotland,
wyll JOSEPH HEVBOLD. Cashier.
capital..... $300,000.
j. N. vance President
1,. s. Duavlais Vice Presldcut.
J. X. Vance. Geortro E .Stlfr?l. ,
,1. M. ltrouii. William Kllingbam.
S. Dclaplaln. W. A. Kel ley. ;
John Frew.
Drafts Issued on England. Ireland, Scotland
and ull points in Europe.
JO IIX J. JON'KS. C**.]il..r, '
capital $175, oop.
william jsett President
william r .simpson Vice-President.
Drafts on England, Ireland, France una Germany.
William A. IsetL Mortimer Pollock.
J. A. Miller. William B. Simpson,
j:. M. Atkinson. .lobn K. Botsford.
IlenrySpeyer. Victor Rosenbur?.
Jacob C. Thomas,
jal K. P. J KPSoX, Cashier. i
?Pennsylvania Stations.
annsylvania Lines]
Trains Run by Central Titno.
WAtr.n S r.. Foot ok Ei.kvkntii St., Wdkkmxq,
A1 Mrl.V'llK llOTJ?K, Wny.RX.lSO, AND AT TUX
pKXNutiiVAKiA Station. Pkiogki'ort.
R/TTjiwr.HT Syktkm?" Pas Haxdi.e Kotrrr."
KlSOXf WlIKRMN'i TO !.i:\VK AlUltVli
Wcllsbiirsuml Stoiihouvilli}.. tt?: .1 mil 1 pin
McDonald mid Pittsburgh..... jtJ: W am -(7:4 i pin
Now Cumberland ?i;ioum 7::?~>am
]ii<liauMr>olisaikISc. IamiIs.... ps:iOam "Mrjopni
Columbusand ciuciim.iti "'SMJam piu
WVIIsburc and Stoubehvllla >': l?J aiu *.?:2(ipm
Philadelphiaand New York.ti'J:i? pm J, p>u
Steubenvilleand PittsburghtL::^ p:a prit pm 1
Columbus sud Chicago t'l?m +2:25 pm
Philadelphiaand New York ?3 pm 10;.J.? am
Baltimore aud Wa?liington. vpm cm.am
.Steubenvllle and Pittsburgh pm *L0: > nm
Steubenvllle and DennUon-. >i pm ?jo. t , a'm
Welbburg -i-** pm >>: >' pm
Indianapolis and St. I?uU... 1S:W pm |<->:l'?aiu
Dayton and Cinclnti^ti^....J-iS:4". pm j-ir!. am
Steuben villa aud Columoui. pm fo 1. am
Northwest Systoia?Clove. Pitts. Divldon.
Trains ruu daily, except Suudny. at loilo.vc
Fkom BniDQEroirrto Lkavb, Ai:ruv&
Ft. Way no and Chicago.....^*.* 4:U?urn ti.;a) pm
Canton aud Toledo 4:49 am* C*'?pm
Alliance and Cleveland :SS3Lj:rJ am >: :?? pm
SteubcnviUcandPittsburgh..- ir-ciam .S:I'?pm
Steubeuvillo and Wellsvilie..... S:i: am J:u pm
tStoubcuvilloand Pittsburgh.... '.':.">o am '.':>o nut
Ft. Wayne JL* Chicago l:10|pm 6:;iupm
Canton and Toledo 1.1 ;.tn pm
Alliance and Cleveland l:lopia 1:40 pm
SteubenvlUeand Wellsvlllo...- ilOpm O:.:opm
Philadelphia and New York.... 2:t? pm /?:<*> pm
Baltimore nud Washington....- 2: II pm f>:<Wpm '
Rteubeuvillo and Pittsburgh... -Ml pm ;?:<?*> pm
Btcnbcavilm A tun: Liverpool ti:it) pm T:.>i am ;
The Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling It. II.
Via. Klyria and tbo J.ako Shore Route.
Nnvr.Min:p. 19. l v'
^ATtos?. | Ti j
Central Time. is. m u. in. p m.
J.y. Wheeling j l 20
Belial re ! a oo
Martin's Ferry ?J | i 42
Bridgeport .. i h r?, l .?
Ft Clalrsvllio ......: : :> 2T. 2 oo
Flushing ; I '9 21 j
Froeport | 9 4W; ;s :>.?
IJbrlchsvilic : ;o' 10 4ol ; 12 i
New 1'MladeIpbUu Cim u o(i| i :::
Canal Dover ?... t?07jji07i i i; '
Jteaoh City- Cyn-ii:W ot
.nwttw G37|:i;s io j
MassUlon.....^. - .*> . ?
I p. in. O .*>1
Warwick 7 u pj
sterling 7 r.l 1J 47 fi i(?
Soviile..? 7 jo l^ &i c : '>
Medina s us i i:, j;
liraftou S :?i 1 10 7 11
Ar. JSIjrria.... 910, l ... 7 ::o
Iyoniin _'o no
Cleveland 10 lo: 2 50 h 20
(p. m.
Fandusky- > 12 i'j ,r? r/?
Norwalk ' 1 i: s 67
Toledo 1 s) 1 10 50 i
Detroit ? 6 30 10 io
a. u>. a in.
Chicago-....^ 9 GO 12 4 i 7 :i5 i
p. m.
Buflulo. .. 5 iv :o r. 20 i
a. n:. a. m. p. in.
Albany-..^. a a>; ? ;>'? 210 1
New York I 1 yu! iu 7 oa :
J 1 p. in.
Boston I jn Ml 4 15 9 25
Akron,<?.. via Warwick...| H Q'.<|
J. E. TKBRY, Uen. Freight i. l'ass. Agent.
- railway
time card.
Arrlml and departure of train* on nod afr?r
Deco tuber :t. Iffid Explanation op kknuiexcs
Juiau: #wlljr: fSundu>- ctccj'W.t: ;Monday
excepted; ^Saturday oxcentfid. Sunday ouly;
Saturday ouly. Eastern Standard Time.
D*^AKT- R ?Main Mne.Funtl Aitniv*.
'I:*'amy JUlt.. 1'liil. AS. Y,-' S:& am
l.-Siptu iWaab. C*y luir.. Phil. A N. Y| '
t ! = " ?GbkU rland AcCOin T? ' l?m
' I,U1 Grafton Accom .1*10:2.) a?
|ll:40am! -JToumiivill?i Accom J I7:'flam
*?Wpm: Aloundarlllo %rcom ' tl:l?pm
11:0 > piuj MouiidKvillu Accom I 17::'.'tpm
K-v . I ,\pr ; J'>:M t?ni
|i: ...? I:.i: v,.... .Ckmv?l'
?r Columbus and Cblc&?o HUD am
>10: ; aio colambua and ClueJnnatl.J ?ft:?pm
\ . M,0!_^'"luibufand CinclnuatL c.?:00nm
' j-!??",(olnmbus d ? 'blear* Kxps* 10:40 am
11A Y. *uu! Newark Acoom 1111:3>am
m"i ('lalrBTllio A room till am
'ill.. \ c rn *" :?> ptn
DKrAnr fSdO.lt i: - W P bir.i AUUVK.
. .ai am ?f.or Pltbbunjti *10:10am
li' $ni"l v PltUbureh I *6:50pra
I' ;1'P"1! i'ituunrjjh and K*?t iiU:10am
tl^P'" Pituburgh tl-:3Ppm
t<>.00pm... Washington Pa.. Aooom... \7:~> aia
I?....Pltunuruh I'iprcM ?(| .".10 am
nnvutT. i P. c >r I, Uv." ) uiTvi
1^J0 am Pittsburgh 1t*:4-?pm
.1!",u Nt'w Cumberland.. I mu
Mi) am ... Steubenville and WciL... pm
Tl:~?pm -.Pituburghami N?w York.-! t:i:2-r>pm
pin L.Plttaburgh and N'cvr York.-."11:> am
5:?0 piuj ..Wellsbuig - J pm
^:4<> am Kxprew. Cin. emlBt Lonls_.| t7:l*au
10 j.,,,iu l- xprew. Ciu. und St Loul?...l c6:2r,pm
Tl:^o piiili.xnruu. Steub. ond Chicago. 13tuu
? ?pin).Pitt>bnmh a- Dcitnlsou....i(,ll:ir?am
iniMur. j CAP. R R I AUIMV*. ,
1? :I9 n:n ..._Ft. Wuviiean I Chicago I t7:S0 pm
utr. ?'anion and Toledo 17;JOpin
1 ... AlllaucoaadCloveland 17:'M pm
1'N'Jiun Sienbeuvillu ami Pittsburgh pm
l!'- a in stenbenvillo Mfi.l Wcllsvlllc t-':40pm
|0:.V)?u, SttMibonvlUe and Pittsburgh
2:10 pm ..._Ki. Wayuo and Chicago-...- 17:S0 pm
Can'.on and Toledo t7::^) pm .
' 1:10 j?in AUIaiuv and Cleveland f2:40 pm
2:10pin SU'iiborivillo and Welbvlllr t~:30pra
3:44pm Philadelphia and New York hv.OO pm
?1 pmLmltimon-and Washington t?:00pm
]-j:l4 j'ln">tiMibcuvillc and l'ltUburuh ??:00 pm
l^.'lOpiihSttMilK-uvllletthiNtLiverpool ?m
WtPAJir. I W. i I? K. It 1L I AKRIVB.
1*:0tl am . Uh'.-cliiK tCHUMibcnvillo.. 17:40 ain
r':i ? am [..Cleveland, Toledo & WeaL pin
10:4 ? ainj...\Vin*clin>r it .StcMibcuvllle.. "5:80 pm
11-JO puiL Wheeling vt Steuben ville, "f pm
' :1? pm Wheeling & Creston *12:57 pm
14::w pint.Wheeling <si SUMtbenvlllu.. jtl2:57 a:n
!S:OJ am ... Wheeling it >!.i*dlh?n.... Jl0:lo pm
!!':! aui L Wheeling A Htenbeuvlllo.. 10:20 am
l.>:00 pin!? WlieolingAStoubonville.. Tl.lft pin
PEPAttr | c. L W.?Union* Ijkpok akkivk.
f2:20 pujiCIovtdand. Toledo A Chicago pm
I L. ?t W ?UuiLMjEHOKr.
*9:1tJ am Cleveland. Toledo & < hn-uiro ?2:frfpra
+J:ri0pm Cleveland. Toledo ,fc Chicago t8:32 pm
iTl "(Ml It'll Mm.111,.1, / / . ..tilt..?.( > r lot. 4 1 I -/HI ,?n
IS:j.? nm| St. Clairavillo nccoui fj:.'<?jam
10:50 am NM..St. Cl&invillo acootn Tl:lf>pta
t^KJOpm St. Clninville accotu. t'5:45 pm
1pm st. ("1 iir\ iUo aivouu i7:15pm
i?! j*art. | (5iuo lavj-fi: k. r arrive
G:45 aiu PasronRcr _... J0:4? am
I12:'25 pm .. l'ustonRcr 11:13 pm
?4:0" pin1 1'n.v.cxiK<'r *7:45 pm
I.kavi: I B. Z.~?k C. IIAILKOAU. arriv*.
9:10 am'-...Belial r?? nnd Zanesville. ... n:'jo
4:"> pm' -WuodatieWl 8:45am
Departure and Arrival of
/XfjJ/B3&-&Wen+k trains at WticcliuK. Kasisebedulo
ia el*
Km*M?lra'cCt November 10.1S9&
Tot Baltimore. ^PhlUiel^
Keyser Express, 9:15 ft. in., dally, oxcopk
Cumberland accommodation, 7:13 a. m., dally
2xc*?i?t Sunday.
Grafton accommodation. 1:25 p. tn.. dally.
MoundttJlle accommodation, 11:10 u. hl<
sud 0:00 uud 11:00 p. in., except Sunday.
From New York. Philadelphia and Baltimore
5:'A">a. in., daily.
Keyser Express, 5:00 p. m., daily, oxcept
Cumberland accommodation, 4:15 p. m., ox*
copt Suuduy.
iJrafton accommodation. 10:20 n. m., dally.
Mouudsville uccoinmodatlon. 7:60 a. in:, exrept
Stiuday: il0:20 n. ra.. dally, and 1:10# 1:45
aud7::i p. m., except Sunday.
For Columbus und Chicago, 7:50 and 1:12 p.
m.. dully.
Columbus and Cincinnati express, 10:15 a. m..
daily, uud 1*2:1* u. in., daily, except Sunday, and
::i > a. hi., Sunday only.
Newark accommodation, 3:30 p. tn., dally,
oxcept .Sunday.
St. ClalrsvJUo accommodation, 10:13a. in., and
3:30 p. iu., except Sunday.
Chicago express 2:30 a. m. and 10:40 a. m.,
i inclnnatl express, 5:00 a. in. ami 5:25 p. m.,
Newurk accommodation, 11:35 a. tn., dally,
except .Sunday.
Sr. Clalravilfe accommodation, 11:35 a. in. and
5:25 p. m.. daily, except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh, 5:05 uud 7 :|i0 a. in., dally; 1:33
p. in., dally, etccpt Sunday, und 5:35 p. in.,
For J'ittsMin:h aud tbo east, 5:05 a. m. and
5:35 p. in., dally.
Washington accommodation. 6:01 p. in., daily,
except Suuday.
FromPittsburgh. 10:10a.in. andft:7)p.m. dally
mi l U:iUa. ui.. and 12:45 p.m.,except .Sunday,
uu<I 2:."? n. in.. Sunday only.
Washington accommodation, 7:23 a. to., daily,
except Sunday. ; I
On mid after Monday. June 19. Paiwoueec.
Trains will run n* follow*: "Daily. fl'aily lixr.-pl
SUttdav. > ' tttrnl time.
houru BO CM). 7 I O J 1
IVliechnt ?... iiOOjtU^ *5 43
Ik'iluoOO .... 15 II 88 OOO
Mpundavlii?*-- 3 :**l li '
Si*iv Murtiiitville......... 4 48 J J ?) 7 20
SMunvUle ?, 1 ?! If)
FrHidly. 1 1 Vs; I
r. Marys. * *' ' ?{ -'
Wllllanwtown U.M.J fi :.o 2 2S 9 10
Parkcr*bUfl?. t ' ,(1 ,Kjl '*9
Belleville ?' 1*. a " < > }0 aj
Ran-nswood 7 " 4 JO 1105
Rlpjoy Landing 7 } I. II ->
' rabatu. . ? 5 J1 !! *-Sevr
Haven 8 01 .>16 1
ilartford *" -*0 II >9
Mason City- ? ?' '? :J> 12 Oj
;;iifton * -v * - W
l*t Pleasant 8 5- (> 10 1*2 35
Jinllit>uli< '? l'? ( 12 ?
i.uvnndotc 10 :'?* 7 2 u)
Huntington 110 I IT I J 1?
_ a. M. >f. f. M.
r .SOUTH DO UNO. j 2 I 4 0
' r. M. ! M. A. M
Wheeling t'- I V ?" ' >
Ik-nwoou - ) 11 '?*> ? 3-> '.? '?
Moundtviile ill 6 2? I'M,
S'cw Martinsville. 10 4"? .'mi?1 m>:
S'lKicnvllie - ' 10 - *i ! ?! 7 m
Friendly i l'? I 4 7 27
st Marys 9 I'm ?uo1 ii W
Williumstown 9 n>| o 'jo 1 ft 10 p. m.
PnrVvrnbUrff.- 8 4"> 2 4 >' 4oj f8 iXl
Belleville Sir, 2tM A.il. 7 21
Knvemwood... 7 1 2?*{ '? 10
Hi ploy Landing 7 <?. 12 il 6 18
Uiaiiam r. : ' 12 .* > ) }0
New llaveu tt:? 12 1s SH
Ilartford 6 2tfi 12 11 5 :'.S
M.w?u City C M 12ii. 5 O
Clifton C 15 l! 54 2>
l?r. lMonvmit .r? t*. 11 j". t vi
Callii'olii. 5 ;.o 11 10 1 :?7
'iuynndotte 4->> 10 u? 3 l?
lluutlnglou 4 i - 9 3'j t2 05
A. 5t. A. M. , 1*. JL
W J. KOB1NSUN. G. P. -V.
Wheeling Bridge & Terminal Ry.
G O. BREWSTKlt Ifcieiver.
TimoTaldoXo. 13. to takoeflVHit 12:01 a. ja,
Sunday. November 19. liTJ.!.
LeaveWhcolliiff?'t8:00,19:45, Jii:4o a in.,f2:20,
|l: vj. p. in.
Lvfl-.f reulnsula?18:00,19:51,fII: 1Ca. m.,t2:^
?C:21. j>. in.
I-cavo Martin - Ferry?13:12,19:57, |11:32a. in.,
f-J L'. '<:27, 14-42. *9:12.
Arrive Terminal Junction?18:17,110:tR, ell:'nl
t m.. f4:4?. if:lS p. in.
Leave Terminal Junction?f7:22, |9KW, a. m.,
!,12:l<), u. in.. *;i:69. 15:11,1S.I5 p. in.
Leavo Martin'H Ferry?f7:28, j3:07 a.m.,
[4:Oi, 14:in, t* : 1't*?:-'2 p. in.
Leave I'cninRUla?17131, t'J: 11 a.tn.? 12.51, 21:11,
( 4:17. t5:v.V p. in.
Arri\*o Wheeling?f7:10, ?,?:20 a. m., *12:57,
j4;i7, tl:25.1 : :l, 19:U5p. n.
Dally, tDaily except .Sunday. ?s*indays only.
All trains will run on ICaiteru Time.
J. F. TA USS1G. Superintendent. .
Wheeling & Elm Grove Railroad.
On and after Saturday, October 1,1S3J, traiuj
will run aa /ollows. city Mine:
l.KAVK WuuxiN'. --iiiOUa. m., 7:00 a in..8r)J
&. m.,9:UUa. in., luiOJa. in., 11:03 a. m., 12*00 in..
1:09 p. m.. p. in.. 3:00 p. in., 1:03 p. in., >:J)
p. m., 0:00p ju., 7:92 p. in., 8:0) p. in., 2:30 p.
ui.. 11:001?. in.
Leave Hue ' Jbovk-'OkX) a m., 7-M x m.. 8:01
l in..2 00il m.. 10:00a. in., H:tX)A a. l::02 ia.
1:09 p. in.. 2:00 p in.. J:00 p. m. 4:00 p. m.. '<;)) ,
I*. in.. n;oo p. ul, 7:00 p. in., 8:0J p. ia^ 9:10 p.
m.. 10 10 p. tu.
1 Dall except Sunday.
Scmday?Churob tralw leav.i Eltn Orovo a:
9:43 a. m. and Wheeling ut 12:17 p. in.
li. L WElHOKFlBfcB,
ocl ticucui Mau&zes,

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