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dems~and1reps i
Arguo Over tho Tariff Bill ia the
Mock Lofflelature's
Tito Usual Democratic Straddle Was ,
u Feature of tho Proceedings?Tho
Democrats Make a Faint-hearted
Dolonse of the IVoo Trado and Revenue
Tariffs Doctrines?Tho Itepub- j
licaiis Had tlie Host of tho Avxn- 1
merit. (
Tijo meeting of tbo Republican mosk 1
legislaturo at. tho rooms of tho Ohio j
County Republican club last ovening .
was an immpneo success both in point
ol interest and attendance. A pleasing '
fcaturo was tlio largo number of ladies
who made.it a point to ho presont. Tho
\&r&! room was crowded throughout tho I
session and ovorybody seotnod interested
and at times amused.
Tho object of the meeting was to dia- '
cubs tl^e (jueition, "Will tho Wilson 1
tariff bill be of advantage to tho inter- (
osts andppeoplo of tho United Statoa?"
The rjuostion was debated ou either sido 1
with groiif spirit.
Mr. Cowden opened the debate bv a
formal statement of tho question, and ,
was followed by Mf. .1. II. Burtt (Hep.),
who made a masterly address, principally
doVoled to the iinmonso injury ,
that will result from the free coal which '
is a feature of tho WiUon bill. Though
interrogated several times by leading
Democrats, he caino out with flying
colors, and received generous applause.
He was followed by Representative
Wart (Dem ), who attempted to answer
tho arguments of the Republican speaker
who preceded him. O11 tho whole it
can be said that bis alleged answer was
very Democratic?othorwise of a strad- ,
tiling Myie. lie professed that a free
trade bill, such as tins Wilson bill, dons
not profess to ha\r? anything to do with 1
wugo!J,.or tho buildine up of industries; ;
tho soft) object is tho collection oi rovon- (
ue. "Let the rest go." say tho Democrats.
"The greatest good to the great- !
osi numbi-r" was anotlior familiar
phrase of the hackney Democratic type 1
used by tho speaker. ills advice to the
iron, glass ami pottery workers was of
the characteristic T>emocratic kin?!?
them' take rare of themselves. Another
W argument that is frayed at the odgos :
ntul was thought to show signs of early
decay?tho cheapest market for tiie people,
was used by the speaker.
F Mr. Dnnlap i Dem.) next, spoke well
and (o the point, calling this country
the "land <if the tree and the homo of
I t he oppressed.'' W oo! occupied a good- 1
Jy position of his argument, and J:o
called tho wool growers .vampires and [
monopolists. As is usual with l'omocrats,
he dealt liberally in generalities 1
and tough i (jhy of facts.
Captain Davison (Rop.) made an excellent
speech, do voted principally to 1
the pottery industry, as afloetod h.v tho 1
tariff bill, which has dealt it a severe I
blow, and by a inan from a state who ,
should be one of its foremost champions.
llis argument was a lucid one,
and explained how the pernicious Democratic
tarill tinkerinrr will hurt what
is one oi tho most important industries
in Yi!\nnin nod tho Ohio Vallov.
lie was followed byn number of otlior j
gentlemen on both sides of tlio house
who mado brilliant arpmnonts lor their
respective'sIdes, including the speaker,
Mf. A. K Campbell, ami Prof. Jones.
This concluded the session. The argument
of the bill being not nearly coin- ;
plotod it will bo continued at tho next (
meeting of tho legislature.
Among those present, who wore
greatly interested in tho povel legislai- ;
tivo body, wasex-tiovernor Pierpont, of
Fairmont, who is in tho eitv on a visit.
In Which .1 %Vln-fliinj Man Plays a Star
I'nrt anil .Makes Nome Fnn.
As the story goei, a Wheeling man i
played a star part in a ludicrous episode
nt tho World's Fair. Tho pooplo went
in droves to sec tho prucioiu atone, ol
Croat price, known as the Tiffany diamond,
because it was exposed to view j
by the stent firm of that name.
Ono day a Wheeling man, witli his
best girl in tow, joined tho procession
and in due time arrived within view of
the diamond. Tho man was indulging
in rapturous expressions of delight,
when tho young woman told him in
strict confidence that the stono was a
great sell. She eaid it was made in one
of the Wheeling glass house* and ground
on a big wheel in a Hour mill.
'lho Wheeling man got back to the
"West. Virginia building as tast as ho
could and gave the. thing away, explaining
with much display of knowledge
that tho great diamond was a great
fake. There are frauds in diamonds,
but when you buy ono of J. W. Grubb
vou may go your ' last cont on its absolute
purity. " Every atono guaranteed.
Call at the corner of Market aud
Twelfth atroels and sen for yourself.
Yoc will ho surprised at the nionoy
you can snvo by buying Watches, Diamonds,
Clocks, Silverware, or any thing,
in tho jewelry line at Sheff Bros'., tho
new jewelers, 1110 Main street.
SF.F. our Novation before you buy your
Christ matt present*.
I. O. DIM.ON <& CO.
% m
You lire Ksporiallj* InvKeil
to attend tliQ Holiday Sale of Tianoa
nnd Organs at House's on Saturday,
Monday and Tuesday, tho 10th, lSih
nnd 10th.
Hood's Cures
^ ^Archer
Saved His Life 1
"I fcaro born siifforins from wp <!liea?e tot
elsbt years, having tlnco running sores on my
Ulp. 1 begun to taU?
(Hood's SarsapariHa j
oatl It lins glvon mo a perfect c;ire. I foci codClient
ttat it illil c.-ivo my life." Ou.in L.
A neurit, 133 Dudley Street. Dayton. Olllu.
Hoocl'o Pii!o *iMst dliestlon Mil curt
beiilicS:. Gold tiy lU <lru;cljti. *?>* ]
Thn Flrafc IlJjf Inntnliuunt Arrive*?T? be
Shipped Promptly lioreafter.
Yesterday sir of the largest mail
lacks used by Uncle Sam arrived at the
Wheoling postoffice, all filled with
Portfolio No. 1 of the Ixtki.ligenccr'm
world's fair views, for readers who had
sent in the six coupons and the dime,
rhis is tho first instalment of No. ].
Some or them wore delivered last evening,
and the rest will ho this morning.
Tho remainder of Part 1 will bo rejeived
to-day or to-morrow, tho
publishers having, bv working night
md day, caught up with their back orlors,
and hereafter all tho portfolio!
will bo mailed tho day the order is rot'ei
ved. \
Thoae wholiavo received tho pictures
havo shown them to frionda, ami already
an increase of tho demand is
noticeable. iJouhtless to-day tho rush
i)f coupons will exceed that on wither of
tho two preceding Saturdays. Patrons
should fond in their coupons and thn
.lime, always itt coin?stamp-* not
wanted?at tho earliest practicable moment,
as this will secure the earliest
practicablo delivery.
.Another Fjliu Scucn,
There aro readers who do not want
Lho World's 1'nir views hiwi unpurchased
sod other similar souvenir*, or who for
athor reasons would profer another sort
af work. For these, the 1ntem.h.i:.vci:u
will on Monday conunenco the printing
of a second series of coupons, nix of
which will entitle ono to a part of :i line
publication of the same high class as
tho World's Fair portfolios, called,
".Sights and Scenes of tho World." The
details are explained in nn advertisement
on page 3 of this morning's paper.
Samples of these pictures can bo seen
i\t tho Intelmgkscku couutine rooms.
Many, no doubt, will clip both coupons
and secure both of these elegant publications
at a merely nominal price.
TWO q.\>Ii;s ISACH M<?IIT.
A Change tu the limiting Lwiguo ItnlfiS.
Mako-up of tin' Tea<>h.
Last night the board of managers of
tho Wheeling Howling League held a
well attended meeting at lho rooms of
[he Wheeling Press Club, at which an
important change was mado in tho
r 11103. 1110 CJiangO Jiruviuua mat i?tiu
jliaii bo two championship games
plhyod on each bowling night, instead
jf one as wai provided before.
Tho make-up of tlio various teams is
not yet decided, but below are given the
names of the members of four teams:
Wheeling Proas Club?Arklo, Tucker,
Summers, lleans, Woodruil, Smith, Naylor,
Gertstell, and two not yet named.
South Side Club?Wright, llannan,
Speidel, Marschnor? Vie wig, Iloratnian,
Ivuntz, -Mule. Stn titers. IJowera.
Caliimot Olnb - llandlan, Man"*,
Tnnrhol, ileinor, Moflman, McClelland,
Ciriflitli, Cameron. C. Lang, !W. Lang.
I.N*rei.LiiiKM'Kit Club?Captain Dunnington,
Faris, Archer, Casaell. Borland,
Weii/.ei, Brewster, Frew, and two
not vol selected.
The game between the Calumet and
W. A. W. teams, the opening of the
hampionship season,will take nlaco on
the alleys at Wheeling Park. Tho first
zarno will bo called at 7:40 o'clock p. rn.
Captains of the various team* should
l>e sure to send to,Secretary Archor, before
Monday next, the name* of tho
ten playors selected for the toanis, as
none others will bo allowed to roll.
ABOUT I'iSOl'ijtS.
Stratigurs lu tlio City and Wiiooling Folk*
AV. W. Herring, of lluntincton, one
nf <l.(. Sni>nn<l (liiv'fl Inrcost lumber
deafer/I, Ts a Bchler nrrival. Ilo lias
just Tutumed from his lir.il trip in the
Uauloy river lumber reuion. which no
rierlarcs tjurpa'HOS in witness oven the
wild and lavvlesn region 011 each hiUo of
the Norfolk & Western railroad m the
lower ?nd of tho state.
II. M. Priest, of Stoubenville, was
down yesterday.
Judge H. II. Cochran, of Tolodo, was
in tlio city yesterday.
The Morrison "Faust" company registered
at tlicStamm.
XI. V. Hull, of Grafton, registered
yesterday at tho Stainm.
Mrs. G. W. .Mb.'in, of Stoubonvillo, is
visiting Wheeling friends
lion. II. 0. Herrey. of Wollaburg, is
11 tho city, a Stauim guest.
E. 15. liusor and W. K. Ketch, of Sistors
villa, aro at tho Windsor.
David Barna. a well known Parkersburner,
ii here, and registered at the
Prosecuting Attorney Charley Powell,
if Marion county, is here, a guest of
tho Windsor.
Ex-Governor ! '. II. Fierpont, of Fairmont,
is in iho city, and whilo hero is a
juest of the Stain in.
Major and Mrs. Henry C. Dane, of
Boston, are in tho city for a week's stov,
ind am) at tho StatuUl.
G. II. Nesliitt. of Mannlngton, and
William A. Kahler, of Sistorsville, wero
registered at tho McLuro yesterday.
Lewis Morrison and wifo (Florouco
Roberts) and Mr. Eisner and Miss Arnisbv,
of his company, are at tho McLuro.
John McMalian and James lforsyth,
two well known Sistorsvillo oil operators,
are in the city and last night registered
at tho Windsor.
Ex-Governor A. 11. Fleming, of Fairmont,
arrivod in town yesterday and
registered at tho Windsor, lie is just
irom Chicago and leaves this morning
[or l'girmont.
George W. Price, tho popular night
iorkof tho Windsor, leaves this mornng
for Worthington, Marion county.
Ho is called there bv the stiddoti death
if his stop-father, L. C. Metier.
Sherirt W. P. Cowan,of Brooke comity,
;vas in tho city yesterday. Ho says that
ho shortage of his predecessor in office
loo Curlis) is about $26,000 and that his
londsmen will have about $2,300 each
to pay.
K. H. Snodgrais, of New Martinsville,
lleorge A. Smith, of Marion, O. ,f. Burtonc.
of llurton, O. K. Burton, of Sisera
villc, and A. M. Crow and daughter,
if Littleton, aro among the West Virginians
at the Bohler.
Mr. S. G. Naylor, tho Island grocer,
las sold his business to Mr. Frank Donildson,
of North Huron street, ami has
mured iho ministry. Mr. Nnylor is
low at Mt. l'loaaant, Iowa, and has
taken cltargo of tho Christian church of
.tint place. ,
iSiOTOORAPiis will bo delivered before
Christmas on ail nittings mado at our
lew gallery this week. O'Ksiu,
1205 Market etreot.
DIAMOND* that we ?.U ?rc atw.iy*
4iinwii t?i Its tlm t?e?t. IVB 1,HV no ctirnp
re,!!. I. c,. UILI.OX ? CO.
rnoTOOUAPit Albums ill Plush,
[<oatlter or Wood at extrouiely low
irices for best makes at Stanton's Old
Jity Book Store.
l.'urrnltis la Diiimoiuls ut
ii. k. 111 i.i.max a co.%
If von nood a tonic drink Smith
3rewl"ug Co.'s alo and porter.
|| HA1
1 Q2H Is
3Inttor? of Minor Moment in ami About
tlin City.
Mati.vke at the Grand to-day.
Tub Grand this evening?"Will o'
the Wisp."
A meeting of the council committoe
on police whs called for last night, but
it failed to get a quorum.
I. K. Cornell was lined $1 and costs
in the police court yostorday as a plain
drunk. 1 lo paid. That was the only
Komsirr Ginsov was arrested last night
l?y OiHcer West for carrying concealod
weapons. This was tho only case on
the docket at 1 a. m.
A good work was boguii yesterday in
cleaning tho deep mud oil' Market
streot. After Thursday night's rain tho
street looked like n plowed tield.
Tins evening tho Wheeling Profs
Club will open its tine new rooms over
Wheat & Handler's, with an informal
feed. The new quarters aro very cozy
ami attractive.
Udi.way excursion tickola via B.& 0.,
P.. U. C. <k St. L., Ohio River, C., L. &
W. and W. & L. E. railroads at the
Union Railroad Oflico, lliOU Market
sireot, John I3ailie, agent.
3TU. George XV. Li:itch, from Cevlon,
will deliver one of his illustrated lecturoson
life and mission work in India
and Covlon at tho Zano Strcot M. 15.
church this evening, and in tho Disciples
church at iJellaire on Monday
h'uNim* afternoon at 2 o'clock there
will bo a special meeting of tho Trades
Assembly to take further action toward
the relief of tho unemployed and needy
citizens of tho community. Tho attendance
of every dclegato is very much
An onlertainmont for tho benefit oi
tho Simpson M. K. church, on ISoff
utront. M'ns pi von in tho Ueathovon hall
last eve nine- A very lino programme
wag enjoyed by r. large audience. After
tho performance a very merry social
time was had till a lute hour.
Morrison'* "I'nuit."
Tho Opera Hou?o held an audience
last evening which has not boon exceeded
in Hi/.e this-season. Tho attraction
wus Lewis Morrison's "Faust." Tho
company is tho best ever seen in tho
play hero, and new scenery adds to the
oflect of tho production. In answer to
repeated enthusiastic recalls Mr. Morrison
made graceful littlo speech after
tho fourth act, oxprossing iiis appreciotion
for the oration ho had received,
and complimenting Wheeling highly.
11 When your.hoart iB had, and your
head is bad, and you aro bad clean
through, what is needed?" askod a Sunday
school teacher of her class. "I
know?Aycr'a Sarsaparillu," sooko up a
littlo girl, whoso mother had recently
boon rcstorod to health by that medicine.
One Iti"rllii will be on Main to*
day. Noim ol thum lilcli price.
I. li. DIEI.ON & CO.
Yon are Especially Invited
to attend tho Holiday Sale of Pianos
and Organs at lfouso's on .Saturday,
Monday and Tuesday, tho 10th, 18th
and lf>th,
ILirgiiitis in Diamond* at
A larhr variety of Children's Board
Books, liko Chatterbox, from 10c to $1,
at Stanton's Old City Book Store.
Why buy iinoleu proncntu, wlteit a flile
act of I'mlonrciir, wlikli U ho ti't'ful, can
he bought no cheap. Look at onr window
?llH]ilny. 1.MS1IIMMEK, Eleventhbtreet.
Fine Poxes of Stationery from Marcus
Ward, Hard, Berlin & Jones and
Phil Hake. All tho Novelties in Tints
and Shapes at Stanton's Old City Book
Unlike the DuTch Process
r^i No Alkalies
Other Chemicals
aro used in tho
preparation of
|irV W. MAKER & CO.'S
| - jBreakfastCocoa
t-j . (V l\ tc/iic/i in abtohitrly
|\J , I \ | pure and soluble,
hf*} ' ! t'l I It has more than three times
(Ufa fr- f i \ the strength of Cocoa mixed
kflsw m i k wttli Starch, Arrowroot or
?*Wivt3irgcap s?Kar, and Is far more economical.
costing less than one cent a cup.
Jt i? delicious, nourishing, p.ad ex&il*
Sold bj(iror?T* rriTynher*.
W. BAKK71 & CO., Dorchester, Kau
?: ; 1 ezi 1, -==
ling more suitable for
wife than a fine, rich
;s vou reliable time, 1
;pace in your house an
j) KOi'OSAl.S Foil CO?L.
I'rof?osnl? trill bi rcoelvod nf the ofllcr-of tlm
CilV Clerk until Woiinesday, Ucccnibor --u, hkm,
af 5 o'clock p. in., for furnishim: clsnn coal 10
tho several wn^ine ami hose houses of the Fire
I>epnrtin?Mit for the tear IH'JI. Hlds should bo \
emlowotl "Proposals for Coal." Tho committee j
reserves tho rjRht to reject any or all bids.
tot t A. T. SVVKKNtvY. ?'lork.
.1? street. Seven rooms. Also modern convi-nienccH.
Immediate possession. Inquiro at ,
83 Twelfth street. <1*14
I at 1710 EofTstreet, near the ?troet car ham.
well calculated for two small families. Call on
\VM. /.INK. tiornor Market and Twenty-second
street^. Possession now. defl
.* Second story, No. 2: Tenth street. six rooms,
huth room and null, both gases. hot and cold
water, all on one floor. S.Y? per month. Third
story, No. ]063 Main street, four rooms and hall,
botn cases and water, nil on one floor. SJU per <
month. Uoseincnt harbor shop. 20x*k> feet, with
bath rooms, eoruer Main and Tenth stroets,
per month. JASIK* L. JIAWLGV, i
de7 1 lii) Main .Street. ,
|^UK KENT. ,
One flat, five rooms and bathroom, first floor.
No. '-101 Kofl'strccu <
One Hat. four rnonn and bathroom, sccond )
lloor. No. 2105 Kofi*street.
Onoiiat, four rooms. No. ?i6 Twenty-third street (
Onoliiit. three rooms, N'o.iVjTwonty-thlrdstroufc Kqnipped
with all modem Improvements. ]
jv." F. H. LANCE.
1'ivo Showeasos, seven feet long. on walnut
stands and shelving part of It with glass doors, 1
must bo sola to make room for now cases.
F. W. BAUMKIl & CO.,
no22 1310 Market street. '
i DI?U*miAiri? rnno tm
A&JU l| tJIVIVCi IJUI3 A1 lil/lU.IU IU.1i
Cheap and on Easy Terms.
o<r. CitrBank Building, 1300 Market Street
Pon?t you think agents are more successful In
collecting rents ihnn you arc? Wo ask you to
rIvc us n trial to lurnlsli von with a tennnt. and
collect your ront. Onr charges arc small und rerums
nre promot. We make this our huxine**
uiM know good tenants and xvu know the bad.
Fttperieueo hw taught u*. The time U clo*o
upon us when tenant* expect a notico for nest
>onr'>. lease. If you nive usyour property to look
after it will he money well .spent.
Kcal Kstato oud Rental Agents, i
Telephone dell
Six lots in Belvedoro addition, two corncr
low. at S27.? each.
House of six rooms and hall, Chapllnc, near
Twentieth street. SI,000.
House of (?lx rooms, Eighteenth street, in good
condition, |2,800.
House of six rooms, brick, with four-roomed
hotiM) in rear. Kofl' street. between Twontythird
and Twenty-fourth streets. $.t.."?n0.
House of four rooms, Cnarlcs ktrcct, Centre Wheeling,
^ 0. , !
House of live rooms, Lind street, East Wheel- Inp.
ii.-joa :
Two business houses on Main street. Centre
Wheeling. Cheap.
House of four rooms. Twenty-ninth street, lot *
SOxlto feet *1.40(1. ?
House of seven rooms. Kifteonth street. SVVT). 1
Hoiuc of tix rooms, brick. loc^dxl'^J feet, .Main
street. Centre Wheeling. 13,000. J
I.*?t east end Fourteenth street. 8300. I
House of lire rooms, Woods street. East Wheel*
toe. 31,500. 1
llou.M-of four mom*. I.'lifliteeuth street. 51.0Jl I
Three houses, Moysteu street, cheap, S"-..VW, .'
Homo of thre<- rooms. Twelfth Ktrcct, 33S0.
House of eight rooms. Sixteenth street, In >
good condition, 7i/). ?
Three lots. AOxlOOO feet, Filfiu, White ?fc Galla* J
ghcr'a addition. ?J0() each.
Ifou.se of six rooms and stable, Elghtceuth e
street, ?.:.:.oo. }
Three lots in Park View, cheap. >
One-half lot, McColloch street, Centre Wheel* >
lug 1300. >
Flue suburban property, two mile* from tho >
city, live minutes walk front motor Hue, new, ?
with all modern improvement*. Cheap. >
Lota on Caldwell's run fcioO each. >
lluo farm of 143 acres on Notional road, nine >
miles east of the city, on easy terms. s
Business property on Market strcut at inoder* ^
ato price. >
oiio of tho l?est manufacturing sites In tho J
city, fronting on two railroads. >
1739 Market Street. OC3
Crepe Tissue, r
Assorted, White, Colored and Tinted,
Jnst Received at NICOLL'S
de9 I2?i Market Street .
a gift
& CO.
iBET. ;
Real Estate oa Fftecnth street that win pay '
ivcr 10 per cent Wo refor to property nt No. !>)
Fifteenth street consisting of mi eight-roomed
dwelling mid.double teiicnieut in tho rear. This
property Is In first-class condition. The locii- 1
Jon raiikoi it desirable for either rcsidenco or '
Investment. . J
Seven-roorood dwelling at 120 Sonth Broadway.
rjliK I* n good location and a Rood, roinforfablo, '
modern house, with all modem Improvement*.
Will sell at a bargain on a quick Kale. Wo Invito
nny one wanting a homo to so and examine
this property. f
New hix roomed dwelling on Llna strcc!, i
New four-roomed house, Cherry street, 5300.
To Let List, see JiegUtfr. f
dc'J SIAKKKT Sl'llEET. ]
You will do well to make your purchases before
the first of the year, a* property ia as cheap
is it will ever be. .
On Thirteenth afreet, seron-roomod brick
house, with all modern improvements, in fine
location, for $3.20(1. {
On Thirteenth street, slxteen-roomcd douhlo 1
brick house, with nil the latest improvement*,
ilso iu good condition, $7,000.
On South Broadway street is a ten-roomed
loubfc* house. u good investment and in good
location. S-'t.'OO.
No. 2715 Jacob street, Is n tcn-roomcd house. fi
?an be rented to three famine*. Price, $;t,0">o. (
On Virginia street, fou:-rooraod two story ?
house, 51.1(H). ']
On Market, above Tenth stroef. ia a fourteen- ,
roomed doublo brick house, divided by an arch- J
nay. Will sell cheap.
In Park View, seven rooms, rccoption hall, t
ilao a new house. \m\ 17.it 175 feet, and on tho
:orner of the Pike and-atroet, 92,Oft).
On South I'cnn street. Island, five rooms, lot
0 feet by 120 feet, is very desirable, cheap at
No. 187 South Pcnn street, five-roomed houio, 1
ot 23x120 feet. A raro chance, iu it is tho best ?l
ocntion. $2,<Vi0. }
2722 Kofi* street, five rooms, gns and water.
;ralucd throughout, lot2ox 100 feet. Prico, 32.900. r
Three-roomed cottaso on South York street, n
I1.:UK). / b
<"all and sec my lilt of house* of any also that
rou may want, aUo building lots or farms.
111?Market streot, Wheeling, W. Va.
Telephone 657. . no26 ^
FOE, E/B1TT. i
No. 72 Fourteen lb street, ion rooms, modern, 1
rom Jnnnarv 1.1894. '
s'o. l\2~ Alloy II. two room* S 6 oo i
"Co. 9a Ohio street, ilrst. floor, tl?ro?* roomx... 9 o;) g
<o. 01 Oh Jo street, second floor, three rooms fc (Kt v
So. '2902 lvofl" street, three rooms 9 ?k> t
So. '2901 Fort' street, throe rooms o oil ?
s'o. 3119 McCpllocn street, three rooms 6 l? 1!
s'o. 29CK) Chap line Ktrocl. live rooms 1"? oo \
Ko. 2S02 Chapllne siroet. Ave rooms I t ot) v
s'o. <">'.) Twenty-eighth street, fonr rooms.... 11 Ot ?
s'o. 2100 Main street, four rooms 12 50
s'o. 1022 EotFst root, four rooms J) 00 I
<o. t'.UH Market street, two looms, '.'A floor. ?
S'o. M.'i Fourteenth street. 0 rooms modern. 26 0<? 1
s'o. 2163 Main street, third floor, *2 rooms... t. o) t
Six-roomed frame dwelliuu at Leatherwood. 1
Store room* on South fltreet, lu Uoamo Tab- v
irnaelu building. j:
?5.000 will buy No. 2310 Clinplino street, eight
oo:no<l brick. I
S1.5q0 avM buy No. 113 Virginia Rtrcet, four- v
oomod frame. n
51,500 will buy No. 1115 Alley H, flve-roomcd
City Hank Buildino, j[
Telephone 21'J. [no9| Room No.fl, ^
VSIonth. 1
Co. 335 Hain street. 33 rooms newly paint- *
ert and papered throughout, two collars, U
both gaso*. for hotel or boarding hou*e...S30 00 .
s'o. 2218 Kotrstroot 0 oo fl
Co. 1405 Warren street 50 S|
Co. 2510 Jacobstreet u.... l:t 00
Co. 20 .7 Market street.. - ...... 9 OJ ,i
Co. lt"l KotV Mtreot. 25 W v
Co, 119 Virgin la street 9 03 *
Co. 106 Main street, throe rooms.. s oo |
Co. 61 Seventeenth street 16 0J
'our*roomed dwelling, rear V20 Fourteenth v
street.. : 9 00 "
Ca 65 North Frout street 13 0J I
four-roomed house, Manchester Com
works 6 oo V
tear loOJ cimpllnc street, three rooms 7 isi p
tear 1001 ChnidihQ street, two rooms 5 00 *
Co. 12U0 Fiizabeth street, two roouis and 1
stable 5 00
Co.i'nO Main street, three rooms 9 ot) 1
Co. 175 Seventeenthstreet loo.)
Jo. 530 Market street 7 00 I
70 acre farm for market gardening, north , *<
f city. 5S400 j.er nnuuuu ' f
Co. '.' South Front street ? lu 00 I
Co. 2225 Kotl'Alrcer, three rooms.. 7 o) ,
Co. 145 Fourteenth street 2? o)
Jo. 1106 High street, live rooms 7 (K) .
a ' *. Alley K and Terminal milro<td HO) '
Co. Allev Knud Terminal railroad s on
Jo.2"i02 Main street 10 oo
?o. 2605 Woods street, three rooms. y 0)
Jo 2507 AUey 11 9 0) S
'o.'.'50') Alley 11. two rooms il 03
Jo. 2151 Main street, three rooms 6 .* ? ti
Jo.20Thirty-third street sffl s
Jo. 3527 Chapllno street, two rooms r? on
Jo.2620 Alley B. two rooms 6 y i
Jo. 13:; Twoiity-nlnth *?treot 7 iV)
lo 1020 Main street, three rooms y UO
luildlngfor manufacturing or vrholosule
business, iu rear ot No. 1501 Market sl
Five lots sooth of Forty*o!ghth street..,,. 81,000
Ileal estate ot every description.
tenlKdato Agent, t". 3. ''lalm Attorney. CjI- l
lector aud Notary Public il
doll 1612 Market Straet.
E. B.
One Cent Articles.
C Hcavr Knvelopes. 4 cood Pen Holders. fi st?*el
Pons, l MomoruiKiutn'BooL CSUcoin Note P.,noli
Slato Pencils. ? Lend Pencil*. I Collar Button*'
'J. bunChcs Hair Pins, 1 Handkerchief. 1 Thitnb>.
1 paperPlilS. I paper Needles. 1 spool HI!; Tvlr'
'2 dozen Hooks und Kyos. G Pnrnin? Needlos l
Nutmeg (Jrnter, 1 dozen Bra** Pants Button* l
Hut Pin. 1 box Cnroot Tack*. 1 dowu Clothes
Pins. 1 Tablet, lint KnittiUK'Needle-i.
Lots ol o-cont goods goiuj; ut 1 ccnt.
Two-Cent Articles.
12 dozen Button*. 1 Kino Coinb, 1 bottle Ink,
nni i in iinuu*crciiiui?,' umm hut-, h<?bper
Boxes. Lungtrv llalr Pins, Carpenter Pen. n?.
Curt" llut ton*, Me nun, Pocket Com In. Napkins
Can Opener*. Spool Cotton. Toilet Sohp. i
Tnpo Line* Rubber Tipped Pencils, Hair
Wo deal only In Bargains and give big vtlua
for tho money.
Tlirce-Ceut Articles.
Ladies' Handkerchiefs, Shaviug Brush-** \
rlo/cu Dress Buttons, Stamped Dippers, Mutch
Safe*. Machine OH Cans. Potato Masucrs. I d<vea
Safety Pin*. Porfumed Toilot .Soap. 1 pair srj,.
?or>. Pint Funnels, .lolly Plates, Curry < i
dozen Shoo Laces, School Slates, Basting Spoons,
' cent Tablets. Cork Screws, Harmonicas, Cake
Turners, Mouse Traps. Windsor Ties.
Come horo for batgnins, wo will not disappoint
Four-Cent Articles.
One si*t Teaspoons. Patent Sleeve Holders. Boys'
Suspenders, Clark's O. N. T. Thread, Children t
Bibs, Rubber Dressing Combs. Comb ami Brush
ase, Pot Covers, Tooth Brushes, Firo Hbovcli,
loweling, Charm Knives, Mucilage. Benin? Mi
:hlne Oil, scrub Brushes, Linen Thread, Hau l
4aw Files, Suspenders. Pencil Boxes, Calico, Muntins
and hundreds of other articles going at this
Five-Cent Articles.
Ladles' Hose, Children's Hose, Holling Pin?,
Boxwood Knits, Cuff Buttons, Tin Bucket*. rumlilnatlon
Gla?s Cutters. Boy's Knives. Pokers.
Door Bolt*. NenUfooc Oil Shoo Blacking. Wash
I'ans, RIchtcr Harmonicas. Towels, 26-c Need!-)
Packages, Spectacles, Dime Cologne. Hair <'ur; ra.
School Slate*. Lamp Burners, Shoe Dressing,
L.udlcs' Pins, Table Knives.
Manv 10 cent articles in our 'i-ccnt lilt. Corno
ind take them out of our way.
Six-Cent Articles.
One set Table Spoons, Blank Books, runes.
inning, suspenders, umcner imiitp-i. i
I .arcs. Hleovo Burtons. 10-cent Km broideries,
MTiibhiiig Brfishcs. GcnU' Half Hose.
Mcrchnnta invited. Wo have bargains lor you
mil it will pay you to call.
Soven-Cont Articles.
Colgate's Palm Soap. large Dressing Comb*,
Harmonicas. Couutcr Hooks, Dr.sss Goods. '.?
lies' Unmlkorchicfs. Mlxod Bird Heed, Whitewash
Brushes. large Tin Cup*, Wash I'ans, Shea:*.
At this pojmlnr price we offer many articles
Torth double the inouoy.
Eight-Cent Articles.
Monkey Wrenches.Whisk Brooms. Wash Bow ls,
rin Bucket.", Done Ifaodlo Hiro Shovels. Rules.
10.siery, Largo Iwirup Humors, Box i'aper and
Envelopes. Hnring Balances, boUson*. Blank
Jooks. Patent Buttons.
<?urcustomers know a good thing when thoy
cu iu Join tho procession to our storo.
Nine-Cent Articles.
Indies' Gloves, Shoo Brushes, Slew Psns, Proervo
Kettles, Butcher Knives, worth l'? rent*,
hiss Dishes, Milk Strainers, CoMeo Pots. Flour
'liters.Suspenders. Extract Vanilla? Doll*. Pish
'ans. Hammers, 1 Poutid Grain or Ground Pop>er.
I Pound C'iunamon, 1 Pound Gluger, 1 Pound
taking Powder.
The above nre all genuine bargains and lower
hau ever before.
Ten-Cent Articles.
Suspenders, Clothes lines, AVceut Jewelry,
luRcr Braces, Stationery Packages, Tail Padlocks,
loyal Needle Packages. one-haif pound Ten. I.alies'
JO cent Hose, Dolls, 20-ccnt Cuff Buttons,
lirrors, Pocket Knives.
Wo arc constantly receiving bargains Vmd canlot
quote prices, as they ure here to-day and
:ono to-morrow. It is our aim to always hxve
omcttiiug new at prlccs that will tnukc you buy.
WDDPfUTC at prices that smash all former
JlijlvvUnltf record*. l.ook. $2.?> for a S?i?)
)vcreoat. Wc al-o have great bargains at
11.r.o, $.?.no, up to
It will pay you to look at these goods.
SlllT^ R- s! ^ $l S7,5'
eader* in low prices. If you can match ?he?o
ooiis for loss than double the money any w hero
luvllcyou tntotimt theanmojmd your money
kill bo roii?i(|ofi. These Roods must go.
UI?M'Q DINTQ nt 4*0, 69c, 87c, 1?C, f 118 tip to
Uult 0 initio $,i :i7. if you want to know
he value ot A dollar try to borrow one. H you
rant to know bow to savo a dollar or more look
tour Clothing Dcpartmont
)ftVQ' QTlIfQ RtMa 87c. osc. Si i?.|i "7 up.
)U 10 0UH0 <'omcat once. Thin sale can*
lot last always. You cannot match the price*.
IAVQ' DANT^ nt 17fi. 10c. 29c. 3*. Thenars
)u!0 r All 10 bargains and going very fn?t *t
ironcaL Wo have all bIzw from "jto IS at tuc??
IPN'5 QHAEQ nt "5a 97c. si 10. srjv si37.
aCill 0 onUEiO r.j, to 91 o.'>. it is ju?t *s
.oil to nave money oti Shoe*an anything else,
nd we are away b low the market
J Gi Our tuccwtft In the Hlioo lltte Is pcobablv
noro than we dworre. We nresutno the reason
re sell so mativ !* because they don't last lout,'.
?ut people will havo tlivtii.
Sen's and Boys' Hats
no silk Hat, which Usually sell* at 33 W.
Jon'c Qhirfc ?u loo 23c. ?fc. Wc up to 9jc, oa
loll j 01111 lo Miirts wo lend the trade
lilbnery and Ribbons Millinery we can
sveyon lot*of money. Mis* Ague-* oarrity " '
iroyou liointcra on MUllucry and Trlinini ;
hat will do you trood nud will not overchaic
on nor sell you old styles.
InHcrujoiP rndorshirti and l>rawor??t - "*
juuorwoai, 37c, soe,-isc, gso up. vvo ? iav<
below *he market on these good*, as well
s everything else.
led Comforts and Blankets
k*e have just received a Job lot of these goods at
Prices that will surprise you.
.adies' Corsets nt 23c, 89c, 480 up.
losbrellas nt -ISc. C9c, 87c up.
ace Curtains ?i^.c^kcup.
irnnorioc 24 lb*. Oriuiulatod Sugar for $100.
lIULClluj, Arbnckie'^ Coffee, i'tc: iir.i:n
:round Hcpncr, Cinnamon. Mustard, (ilnger hi I
inking Powder, all going at 9c per pound, o: >
ountU for '23 cent*.
**?* A Clothing Store, a Hoot nnd *hee
tore.it lint Store, a Dry Goods Stor*. ?
lillliiery Store, a Notion Store, ti l"'irni??l?ligGood*
Store, a Hardware unit Tinwnre
torn, a Tea and Grocery Store?nine utore*
ii one?all complete under one roof.
We havo tho largest department storf in
late, sow to lQOft Stain wcet, 10 to St Tent it
trert. and 1001 to 1017 Market street. ! 1
titrance.*?tuko your cholca Bargains io every
Iain and Tenth Sts., W&aaling, W.Va.
Branch atorrs at Stcubsuvllle. Bellalre- '"r,v
fnrtinsvillo, 1'arkcrsburg and tho "Cyclone , '
latenvllle. uolO

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