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The Intelligencer,
?at run?
l.MKI.LIOLM'KR 1TUJ.!SIII.M> CO., 1'ropr'a.
T E U M 9 :
rf.b YEAH, by siaii, roatagic FftSFAlIX
DAILY. six days la the wook 9H 00
DAILY. ilirco day* In the week 4 00
Daily. tiTo days in the week? 2 70
DAILY, one month ?"'
\Vi:kkly, one 3ear, in advance - * 00
WtXKLY. Klz months
The DAILY INTRLUOSNCRR i< dallYorod by
rnrricrxin VYticellug and adjacent toflfui at 1<
fililk i>er week
l'er*otw wHliim: to mihvsrlho to the I) Mf.Y In*
ti>Li.!OKNcu:cfti> do so by Rendinc In their or*
drr?totho lNTKM.iafCKcr.ft oillco on postal card
or otherwise. TJioy will be punctually eorred
by enrr c.-v
Tribute* ol Uosj^ct and Obituary Notloci, 50
eenrs per inch.
r/,r,n.nn.|il(..lO|. oft II ?;?I ! 11II tf hllllOrtflOt llfitT*
elicited from every pnrt of ibo lUfrouudJn^
Jlejeetcd fommcnfc.itloti* will not Ho returned
nccompnniffd >>> Bnfflclciit po^tygg.
ITlie lMF.i.;.icr.sci'.;:, cinuruciiiir in fevSrut
editions. :s entered in tlio Po*tr>iHee at WUeol*
Jug. W. Vil. t* iccond-clavj mutter. |
FilltnrIM ltoeiu?... . I'-JI. rnuiilin* Mown 11^.
ib MAliijMm.
Tlio Hullof Scheme Sturtlnir Wronjf,
In response to tho demand of a
healthy and vigorous public opinion
council and the board oi commissioners
appointed n joint committee to consider
and recommend a plan to relievo
the destitute of Wheoliug. It has been
in contemplation to provido so fur as
possible employment for the able*
bodied unemployed.
Uy common consent it has been supposed
that whatever money could bo
made availablo would bo used so as to
give employment to tho greatest number.
In this view a dollar a day has
been thought to bo about tho right
Now tho joint committed meets, scouts
the idea of a Hollar a day, refuses to recommend
$1.25 a day, makes no recommendation
at all# aa to compensation,
practically loading the pay for a work of
charity where it would bo under ordinary
circumstances,at $1 75 a day. The
amount proposed to bo used by the city
boards for immediate relief work i9
At $175 a day this would employ
4,280 rnon for oueday. At a dollar a day
it would give work and bread to 7,500
men for one day. Or, at $1 75 a day it
would employ 214 men for twenty
dayp. At a dollar a day it would
employ 375 mon for twenty days.
In other words, if there bo $7,500 to
spend, a compensation of a dollar a day
will reach just 101 more mon than
could be readied by tho larger compensation.
To insist on the compon"ation givon
under ordinary circumatancos is a
>trange misconception of tho objoct of
tho movement. It is likely to array
ngainst it tho thoughtful minds of the
community, among them the deserving
deatituto men who know that while
soino of them would be well paid there
would be nothing at all for tho others.
In order to inako tho monoy go as fur
as it can bo made to go, giving all tho
needy somo chance to earn their bread,
it would perhaps he best to pny bv the
hour, for it may becomo necesHary to
mako tho division more minuto than
by tho day. A dollar a day would bo
twelvo and a half cents per hour, which
is the compensation that should bo
fixod for tho emorgoncy. Existing regulations
with rogard to the pay of employes
under tho boarcfi can bo mot by
placing the emergency relief work under
separate superintendents appointed
especially for this work.
When this matter comes before council
it is to be hoped that it may have
the wisdom and the courage to fix the
puy as it should bo fixed. Let the
worthy bo helped so as not to mako
paupers of thorn, which is to tako from
them their franchise and plaeo them
under unnecessary humiliation.
The higher the compensation of thoso
who get the rolief work the moro men
will have to tall back on strictly paupor
relief. Is it kind to tho lielplo's ablebodied
to insist on placing them in this
piiiable attitude?
If Alaska would like to come in as a
state and can promiso two United States
senators, now is her time. The Democratic
Congress will n*k no quostions as
to tho number or character of tho people
who livo in Alaska.
Voorhccs on Silver.
Ponator Voorhee9 plumps in a silver
bill at a time when tho country is not
thinking so much as it was about silver.
Moreovor tho silvor mon do not hesitate
to express their contempt of the measure,
and it is not at all likely that it can
com m and any sup port from the Kep u b
Why ? Becau
prices and offer si
sale begins to-day
74*J?I, ,
licans who hoi pod to carry through repeal
of tlio silver purchase provision.
As a financial genius Senator Voorhcos
doos uot shine resplendent.
Story of 11 Stolon Lot tor.
All the administration's Hawaiian
schemes seem to go agley. There was
tho letter of Minister Stevens, bearing
dato Honolulu, March S, 1802, nearly a
year before the quiet revolution which
handed dotm tlio queen to thu repose
of private life. #
That lotier is stippoaod to have referred
to what is known as tho second
Wilcox revolution. But it is thought
by the administration that it codld bo
made to refer to tho revolution of this
year, and it was taken for granted that
8ecretary Blaino must have written a
compromising reply that would bo very
handy to havo about at this time.
So tho state department archives
wore ransacked, and the missing reply
was not found. It had been abstracted!
Here was conviction. But the stato department
documents uro numbered,
and tliore they are, all of them, intact
and without a break in the continuity
of the numbers.
There was no roply to tho Stovcns
letter of March S, 1802, and thero is no
abstracted reply to hunt down, and
thero is no abstraction of official correspondence
to be oxplained for the benefit
of President Cleveland and his administration.
This is too bad, men
fitroumy too t>au.
Which way can tho administration
tura for another tack? Tho story of
tho stolen letter adds to the misfortunes
of tho administration. Instead of proving
tho much boastod "trump car 1," it
seems that somebody slipped a blank
curd into the deck and the administration
played it before looking at its faco.
It ii unhappy business from beginning
to end. Under tho circumstances
there can bo no Christmas joy for President
Cleveland and his associates.
Vallia.vt, tho bomb artist of Paris,
advises tho government to sond him to
the guillotine, for if ho bo acquitted ho
will ropeat tho performance at tho first
opportunity. It would bo a harsh government
that would refuse so roasonublo
a request.
** ages ami mo ttiison 1.111.
The Amalgamated Association of
iron and stool workers declares that the
Wilson bill would bo hurtfal to the interests
it represents and calls on subordinate
lodees throughout the country
to aend romonstrnncss to their representatives
in Congress.
The Association points out that tho
heaviest burden will fall on labor, a
statement of fact beyond dispute. If
this country i9 to operate its industries
in competition with foreign products,
no protective tariff standing between
them, American wago-oarnors will have
to come down to the foreign level.
This is not what tho Democratic
stumpers and tho Democratic press
promised, but it is what tho passage of
the Democratic bill will bring about.
The passago of the Wilson bill will bo
tho dawn of an era of new experience
for tho presentireneration of Americans.
The most acceptable Christmas sift
that President Cievoland could receive
would be a eroat American promise to
menttygn the Hawaiiau restoration
schenfe nevermore.
Hough on Nervous Democrats.
Republicans in Congress are giving
norvous Democrats to understand that
they cannot roly on Republican assistance
to punch hole) in the Wilson bill.
Republicans will oppose that moasuro
ns a whole, casting thoir votes against
the entire project.
Democrats who are afraid of freo coal,
Democrats who wan* wool protected,
Doraocrats who wish to stand by lumber,
all with tho hope of saving thoir
seats, will have to fall in with tho Republican
policy or tako their chanees
with their own party.
It is an embarrassing situation for
those statesmon, but they helped to
make tho situation. Every man of
them has preserved in triumph "tho
batterod old rooster ho wore in his hat."
Ir Secretary Gresham is to bo tho heir
of tho Cleveland administration ho will
have 1gyfrun on tho Hawaiian monarchy
as a platform. Why not? It is going
to bo an easy campaign for Republicans
Tho oze of forty-five appears to bo
rather early for tho average man to bocome
disqualified from doing responsible
work. Yot the Lehigh Valley railroad
is dischanging engineers above
that ago and intends to employ only
younger men hereafter.
From tho report of tho roliof committee
it is learnod that at least 8, >0
neoplo in tho iron region of upper
Michigan must bo supported this winter
by tho public at an exponso of not I039
than $20,(XX) a month in cash and supplies.
In Salem, Mass., on Tuesday, when
tho qiiostion of license or no license
was to bo sottled, children wore thickly
se we are the only de
.ich terms as defy c0
. You are cordially in
\nT p
, on tho stroets bearing badgos inscribed:
"For my pake voto 'No.'" That's tho
way tne" oloction woar.
1 Tho unemployed of Boston hold a
meeting on Sunday, at which resolutions
were adopted "refusing to pay rout until
they havo an opportunity to relieve
tho hunger of tboao dependent upon
i them."
> Thoro aro now over 250,000 words in
tho Knglish language acknowledged by
tho beat authorities, or about 70,000
more than in tho German, French,
i Spanish and Italian languages com Oitied.
Tho Fos'.oria (O.) Shcdo and Lamp
company has been sold to the Consolidated
Lamp and Glass company of
Pittsburgh. Tho price is unknown, but
tho plant is valued at $100,000.
1 It cost Philadelphia $3.01/9 81 to bring
i the Liberty bell back from Chicago.
Hotel and dining car items givo indications
that its attendants wero hungry,
possibly thirsty.
Tho Ilyde Park tuntiol, which is being
driven under Lake Michigan to act as
an in-tako for the water works of Chicago,
will bo finished by March 1.
Tho warden says that tho institution
of blood hounds at the Kansas penitentiary
has entirely cured tho convicts of
thoir roving inclinations.
Paris is trying a wood pavement
mado of mahogany. Mahogany is much
cheaper than it used to be, but still
dearer than tho woods generally usod
for this purpose.
Two ostriches in the "ostrich farm" at
Rivorsido, Cal., recently had a terriblo
combat that rosultod fatally for ono of
the birds.
A man in Paris is on trial for manslaughter
becauso his dog bit a passerby,
cau-ine thedeatiiof tho victim from
The benefit entertaininont for Marvin
R. Clark, tho Jjlind journalist, which
was given at rainier theatre, in isew
York, a few nights ago, is likely to not
him between $4,000 and $5,000. It waa
mainly the journalists an i tho actors
who bought the tickets as well as did
tho ontortaining.
Canon Farrar \n about to put up in
6t. .Margaret'schurch, London,of which
tie is rector, a small but beautiful memorial
to the late Dr. Phillips Brooks, i
Canon Farrar aaya that he neods only
?o0 in addition to what ha has already
collected for the inamorial.
A lion has arrivod in Liverpool for
Qu'-en Victoria, a tribute from tho emir
ot Nupo, in recognition of a letter alio
wrote to him. Tho omir grant from the
wilds of India will bu lionized presently
by visitors to the London Zoological
Chicago philanthropists have given
during tho last year $2,800,000 to college.",
museums and benevolent institutions.
Tho names ol Mr. Philip D.
Armour, Mr. Marshall Fiold and Mr.
Goorge M. Pullman are prominent in
the list.
Since tho defeat of Goneral Loo for a
United States aenatorahip from Virginia,
thoro is talk of having him sont
as ambasaador to Italy. This is tho
place Judge Tree has been branching j
out for.
Lady Gertrude Stock, nun, novelist,
marquis' daughter and baker'a wife, has
just clo?ed in tho shelter of a convont
in Europe a life of atrange experiences.
Her husband is in South Africa.
Daniel II. Burnham and Frank D.
Mills aro getting out an illustrated history
of tho World's Fair to bo sold for
$1,000 a cofry.
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Hood's Saraaparilla before it is too late.
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Hnnchcr'rt. _
Tun healthiest drink at this time of
year is Smith Browing Co.'s ale and
' porter.
"I'll have a juniper' physiognomy,"
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roared tho bar-keeper. "A gin fisz,"
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Th? Cliiilrumn or Hi? >Vnyn niul Mean*
Committee? Au l->tliuato by Amos Cuinnilng*.
Washington Correspondence 0/ the Xexo York Sun.
Mr. Wilson waa chairman of tho lait
Democratic national convention. He
aucceedod William M. Spriugor as chairman
of tlio committee ou ways anil
means. In the final break in the canvass
for tho speakership of the Fifty1
second Congress ilr. Springer voted for
Mr. Crisp. Mr. Wilson remained steadfast
to Mr. Mills and wont down with
him. Mr. Springer was made chairman
of tho ways and muuns, und Mr.
Wilson was placed fourth on tho same
committee. In the Fifty-third Congroas
Mr. Wilson appears ,at tho head of tho
committee and Mr. Springer has disappeared
entirolv. The speaker, however,
made him chairman of the important
committee ou bauuing and curroncv.
It is fair to aasumo tnat Mr. Wilson
was made chairmau of the committee
on ways and means because of hia intimate
relations with the administration.
No man is closer in the councils of
President Cleveland. This beine so, it
ia also fair to assume that his tariff bill
reflects the revenue policy of tho administration.
At all evonts tho new
tariff bill is not only beloro tho house,
K..? Tit a linn.n will
"Ul" UV1UID till) pUU)ilC> ->>aw nuuuw M ...
puna upon it ad promptly as the leaders
desire, and tho people will either indorse
or spurn it next /all. In view of
these facta a sketch of members responsible
for the bill will not provo uninteresting.
Mr. Wilson is about the sizo of Napoleon
when ho landed in Egypt. Hero
the resemblance ends. There it nothlug
Corsican about him. He has
straight, ?aody hair, a clear complexion,
a light mustache and a Koscoe Conkling
nose and chin. This is his littli term in
Congress. Ho was brought into prominence
in the house by a telling speech
against tlio arbitrary aotion of Speaker
Keod in the Fifty-first Congress. It was
so exquisite in b'atire, and so parliamentary
and direct in terms that it attracted
the attention of the whole
country. It ran the rounds of the presi
and exeited much editorial commeut.
It was by no means, however, the boat
speech made by tho gentleman from
West Virginia. The Mills and the McKirtloy
bills aroused him into intellectual
activity. No tarift addresses in
either houso have attracted more attontention
or been more widely distributed.
They showed deep research, analytical
power and invinciblo logic.
As chairman of the ways and means
committee, Mr. Wilson is leader of the
Domccratic forces on tho floor. Perfect
in equipoise, courteous to the last
degree and governed by raro judgment,
ho is a match for tho ablest
Republican generals. He has personall
nuniinli tn nniimiln .inil I'Ct 11 rtol i (1 !l t(l
| iiia following. These are qualities that
will tell in the eoming struggle.
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Farm?8Ixty-flvo acres near Klin (Jrovc.
For sale, rent or exchange, good house nnd
barn. Cheap.
Money to loan on city real estate security.
Telephopo ']' ! s
Contractors and Builders I
Bids for the erection of a now Court IIon?o
auilding in the town of Fayetteville. Kayotto
"ounty. West Virginia, agreeably to the plans
mil specilications made-by Frank K Davis
irchitect. of liitltimore, Maryland, and now on
lie in the ollico of the Clerk of the County
Court of said Faveite eouuty. will be received
in said otilco until January tho 5th. lS'JJ, ui li)
j'clock a. m.
Bids will be received for tho construction and
erection of paid Court liouso building in its entirety
and also on the different and diatitictivu
dasacs of work and material to enter into said
nurt hnu.su bnildlnir. ujj described iu said sjn'ci*
All bids to be sealed and addressed to taa
ronntv Court of'.Fnycttc county. West Virginia.
Should the contract bo awarded to ntiy ncr-oa
>r persons, cithor for tbo erection ana < >nitructloa
of said court house building in Us on;iret.v
or the different and distinctive elasvs of
irork and material a good and sufficient bori
,vii 1 be required of such person or person > ia
:he penalty of twice tbo contract prkc thcrcoL
\nd the Court reserves tbo riyht to reject no/
md all bids.
Ur k. It. Hawkins, its Clerk. .
For Housekeepers.
Parlor Fonders,
I'arlor Coal 'Vusos,
Parlor Fire Set.
Grand itapids Carpet Swcepors,
Table Cutler}' anil Carvors,
Christy Ureatl Knives,
Pocket Knives,
Nic'xol Tea Kettles,
Marion Ilarlnnd Coffoo Pots,
And a Thousand Other Tilings.
Nesbitt & Bro.,
i::i' MAKKKT STItl-KT. ^
ition to give such
rnber our opening
h ? B c 6??
j^XLJ, Iv

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