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A Meotloff of tho Joint Committoo
Hold Yoatorday.
Eattlo With tlio Situatiou, Especially
tho Wagro Subjoot,
Finally tho Most Important Section
o( Mr. Dobbin*' llosolutlon \va> ?>blitcratcil?'Tho
Subject of Wnjjns
May Co mo uj? at a Meeting 'i Ills
Afternoon?Tho Plan Involved from
tho Committee's Sew; I on ? Tho
Trades AtisemhlyV* Praiseworthy
Action, Starting a Fund.
Tho joint eommittoo appointed by
Mayor Caldwell and tho president of
tho board of coinmiosioner?y ot Ohio j
county, to provide und rfyjOinmond
meaaureg of relief to the dustituto poor |
of tho city, mot with the following mora- |
bers present at Mr. Will Irwin's on tho
South Side, yestordny aftornoon: Counciltnen
Kichards, Dobbins, Maxwell,
Mornin^8tar, iiruso. and county commissioner*
Irwin and Tyson. Mr. IIollidayoflhe
yaa board was also present.
Commissioner Irwin was choaon chairmad
of tho meeting.
The first matter taken up was tho
consideration oi pinna 10 reach tho
worthy destitute people of tho city. It
was AUKgeBtod by Mr. Gruso that tho
Solicemon in tho various wards be
rought into servico. Tho plan provided
that tho officers ho furnished with
printed blank certificate!!, addressed to
the three boards, gas, water and public
works and certifying that- tlio porson
holding tho certificate is in destitute
circumstances, giving tho number of
persons dependent upon him and the
length of hid residence in tho city.
It was suggested that council empower
the trap board to make a loan large
enough to cover tho oxponsos of extending
the system of gas mains, uud g-ivo a
number of idle men employment. In
this connection .Mr. Dobbins gave an
instauco of how a man had worked for
the board of public works, andliis entire
earnings had boca taken by the
city for taxes. This it was thought
would be entirely wrong in the present
condition of things. Mr. Dobbins suggested
that a loan of $-,500 would bo tho
meana of tho extension of mains and
tho consequent and desirable employment
of men.
Mr. Gruso said two things should be
considered. Tho streets of tho city
phould bo cleaned from one end to tho
other. Then again several streets noed
grading badiv. One instance was Mari?i....
JlUl> nunui AlUUi l ilOk iu i "UHII, ?/.,
1 Jonathan's ruvino. Another is Twoutveijjhth
street, on which grading should
bo reeomincncuil. Then auothor public
improvement that should bo takon u;>
in tlio filling in of cortain portions of
Caldwell's run.
Mr. Maxwell said tliero is an iminonao
quantity ot limoatouo in tho unfinished
cut at Twonty-uigUth tUrcet, which
could bo usod to advantage in macadamizing
unpavod streets throughout the
city. Tho county could break tho atono
and tho city could haul it away.
It was lir'rft unposted that tho work bo
dono by quantity, but tho sontimont
was in favor of a certain rato per day
for labor, and $1 25 per day was auggostod
as about right, for eight hours
work. Mr. Dobbius said that if tho
matter was loft to tho board of public
works, ?1 75 por day would bo paid,
that boing thoir regular ratoostablishod
by council, ana tunc in that way not s j
groat a number o{ worthy unemployed
would bo reached Thcro was considerable
other discussion regarding wages,
and Mr. Morningatar said that recently
when tho b?a furnace at the ilobbs
glass houao was torn down, fifty men
^ wore employed at $1 por day, and that
threo hundred moro could have been
easily secured at the same rate. It was
tho sentiment that tho wages should be
plncod at a rato so that tho greatest
possible number should bo benefited.
to get tub money.
Mr. Dobbius stated that the plan ho
had in view was for tho threo city departments,
water, pas and public works,
to apply to the county commissioner* for
a loan of$2,500each. He said that tho
board ia in a position to do this at the
present time. This would run the departments
at least to tho firdt of the
coming year, when tho now appropriations
could bo used.
A number of scheraos for public improvement
wero talked of. It was suggested
that tho water board extend its
limine to Fulton, where u number of
consumers would bo tho result. Jt was
stated by several present that tho board
has tho right to extend its operations to
that place. Mr. ftichards suggested
that tho throe boards meet this afternoon,
with tho council comuflittoo on fi11
unco, also that tho latter committee
meet thisovouing and that it make a report
to council.
Against tliia motion it was cited that
this would bo taking away the business
for tho transaction of which the joint
committee of the commissioners and
council had been created.
Theu there was further discussion regarding
the loan to the board of public
works from tho commissioners. This
board cannot make tho loan, but it wus
stated that the mayor could make the
loan lor tho board. Even if this course
isn't legal, romarkod one moinbor, we
have an emergency to face.
Mr. Gruse remarked that when tho
appropriations for next year are made,
a considerable portion of the contingent
fund can bo appropriated to tho board
of public works, and thus allow them to
give employment to the needy.
to pulton' and den wood.
Mr. Iiichards suggested that tho water
mains bo extondou to Bon wood, where
there would bo even a greater numbor
of consumers reached than in Fulton.
This was thought to be a good idea,
especially as lienwood is about to eontract
for work? of its own. Tho advantage
to Kenwood in securing Wheeling
water is evident, in that it is taken from
tho rivor abovo the city, avoiding the
sowerago which would bo suro to moro
or less injure tho quality <>? water token
from tho rivor .below tho city. Mr.
Richards proposed that the water board
open negotiations with the Uenwood
authorities for furnishing that town
with water, and in tho meantime tho
threo boards can bo doing their work of
layiug mains, streot cleaning, etc.
Mr, Holliday, of tho gas board, said
that possibly 500 men could bo employed
by tho threo departments. It wa*
suggested by Mr. Ciruse that all people
employed be worked on half time so
that tho greatest possible number wouid
bo bonctittcd.
Mr. Richards suggested that some one
bo etaployod to get up t list of the un
employed. Ho was not in favor of having
tho policomon do this work, and advanced
t-ovoral reasons which ho considered
Mr. Irwin suggested & system of registration,
but several members advanced
r-'ad'tiid against this, the most pertinent
ono!<cing th.it n0ceQlr.il organization
?;ould possibly know ail tho applicants
for work and their worthiness.
A number of other plana wore proposed
and none scorned to have tho
necessary merit. Finally Mr. Richrfrds,
who had objected to every plan proposed,
was asked what would 1*> his
.Mr. Richards said that he would propose
an advisory board, whoso businosi
would be to look into cases of destitution,
and seo that the work is equally
At this point Mr. Dobbins introduced
a redo! 11 Lion which nroved to bo tho
stumbling block upon which tho com- J
roitteo "fall all over itself," figuratively
t-peaking. Tho final action taken was
the pas-age of the resolution with tho
section loft out which in fact was tho
principal and all important ono. Ah ..
passed matters are luit in a very mixed
up and demoralized state. Had tho c
resolution as originally framed been >'
adopted tho road to tho employment of r
larjro numbora of tfie unemployed would
have boon easy going.
Tho resolutions as passed aro given a
below, but hero is the section that was
objected to and the latter part obliterated
from tho paper: "That in order to rr
afford employment for tho greatest
number if there are more applicants i'
I than can bo employed, they bo worked t
I in relays, awl t>r paid tli?name the state r
l'iw Jirfor mrh of this nature, vh: $1 H5
per day." P
Previous to this there had boon somo J
| discussion on tho wage question and er
Mr. Dobbins had quoted tho opinions of ^
several prominont labor people, who T
| had told him that Si would he satisfac- '
tory. At that time .Mr. Morninirstar, of
I tho committee, said that ?1 10 would bo ?
all right. When this section of the
I resolution was up for adoption Mr. ^
Hichards promptly moved that it bo ,
wiped out and was socondod by .Mr. *,
Maxwell, in the discussion which followed
it was urged in behalf of the resolntion
as it stood that tho rato namod v
was h^her than tlio labor pcoplo had
stated would be satisfactory, and that ^
unless a rato bo named in the resolutions
tho throe boards could j1
do nothing but pay tho city's ^
regular rate, -L 7o, which would in
a viroat measure defeat tho primary 0
purpose of tho action proposed, vi?,:
tho irroatcat employment to tho greatest 0
number. However, .Mr. l'vaon, of the (
commiasiouorn, and Mr. Morningstar ^
supported Mosars. Richards and Max- 11
well and the nrovisioQ fixing tho rate at J
$125 was eliminated, it was hinted "
that these mombord feared
of firing a rato of wages lower than is li
prevalent, and wish oil to throw it on m
aomoono olso. They, iu fact, did not 6ooui li
to realize that this is an unusual omoruency,
and that had they voted for the o
resolution as lramo 1, tho laboring poo- p
plo of tho city would liavo eoen that o
their motive was for their bost interests, p
iu that a greater number of people ii
would lind employment at a time when e
it in badly needed. ri
Following are tho resolutions as v
passed: t<
To fa Hon. Mayor and Council of the City of a
Wheeling: c
(.ti:nti,kmbN:?T11o joint commit teo j}
appoiuted by hia honor the mayor of t
tho city and of tho board of commis- r
eionors of tho county of Ohio to devise
means and employment for tho unemployed
an-i needy of tho city mot and
after considering many propositions beg p
leuvo to recommend tho following: o
That council by resolution authorize
the water and gas board oach tl
to borrow $2,500 and the mayor to bor- hi
row $2,50i) for use by the board of public
M-.trlra fnr iinmoilinlii tun find tli.i n
loan of these sums be asked from tho c
board of commissioners of tho county
of Ohio who seem to bavo tho funds on o
hnnd. ci
Tho departments po provided bi
with funds shal. immediately procood
with tho work of extending wator and
gas mainland tho opening and itnproveinont
of streets. ii
That tiiQ wutor board negotiate to fur- tJ
nish tho town.s of Fulton and Don wood t
with water, and if contracts bo niado to ^
proccod at once to lay the mains. ti
That tho board of public works open, v.
grade and macadaini/.e Markot street tl
from Fourth to First street; that n
Tivonty-oighth street be opened througn w
east and macadamized; that in order b
to afford omploymont for tho greatest tl
number, if there aro more applicants N
ttiun can bo employed, they be worked o
in relays. n
That iu order to ascertain tho unemployed
who are Yosidonts of the city wo
would recommend that a book bo jopened
and kept in tho oflicO of tho j(
chief of polico whore any person wishing
employment under either of tho departments
shall roster his name, place '
of residence, number of persons do- t
ponding on him for support and how h
long ho has rosidod in the city.
That tho register shall bo under tho
control of the lieutenants of police, who,
after being satisfied that tho applicant
is a roaidont of tho city, needy and
worthy, shall issue a tickot directed to
one of the departments stating said [
fact?. ' 11
That the board of commissioners at w
onoo let contracts for breaking stone on 11
that part of the river road known as ..
Slacktown, and in tho cut at Twentyei^ht
A communication wa^ received from
an unknown person asking that .Market
street through tho Ualtimoru ifc Ohio
railroad yards bo opened up, but as the ?
city has no jurisdiction tnero, this of n
course could not bo done. Aside from ?
this, tho opening up of that thoroughfaro
at that point would not give a great
numbor ot men employment. .
After considerable discus-ion without
result tho committee decided to request
tlio attendance of tho members of tho
three board?, together with the commit*'
c. at a me^tin^ *o ' ?? '? ',1 "V
" I ii
!n tha Early Bays
of cod-Iivcr ti
oil its [
was limited
to casing
those far ~r~sz-" t<
advanced in consumption."I J
Science soon discovered in i
it the prcvaition and cure of | j,'
consumption. i v'
Ms Emulsion \l
of cod-liver oil with Hypo- u
pliosphites of lime and soda? 1
has rendered the oil more |
effective, easy of digestion j
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7"> ? an^ ^ yov*r Eroccr scut^
IjECK honest?send it fack.
ity building at o'MO o'clock this alteroon,
when possibly the qUoation of a
uto of wago will Uo reopened.
ijiproprlatos Mouoy to Start n General
Iti licf Fond.
A Bpccial meeting of tho Ohio Valley
'radoa and Labor Assembly wag hold
ostorday aftornoon and was largely atondod.
Tho main business was tho
oliof work plans. All tho delegates
reseat reported as to tho condition of
ooplo in their tradoa, and moat of thetu
aid there was much want. Ono deleate
said ho knew thirty families in
rosBing want. One or two said their
allow workmen were in Rood shape,
nd able and ready to join in tho rolief
f their less fortunate brethren.*
Messrs. Do bier, Hacking and Groan,
tho committee having this matter
11 charjre roported progress. Mr.
locking said the joint committee was
lion in dossion. Why this body's
ommmoo woro not inciuueu no uiu not
Mr. Doblor said this assembly I)nil
tartod tho good work and ho was in
ivor of following it up. There was
aurh favor shown for tlio tunnel projctand
it was said after tho two ends
?oro open '2o0 or 200 men could iiud
tnployment in it all winter.
After much discussion Mr. Burtt
fie red tho following, which was adopted:
Whereas, Tho reports of our deleates
show an alarming utato of aQairs
[i the city and surrounding towns, and
ro bolievo that it ia (imperative for us
o start a fund for immodiato relief and
suggestion for distribution, beliovlng
lint our press has tho good welfare of
lio community at heart, wo tako tho
iborty to enlist tbom in the service and
aako them the active agents for tho eolation
of tho same.
litxAvid, That we appropriate tho sum
f $-00, this to bo divided into four
arts, and one part to ho given to each
f tho city daily papers ni tho start of a
opulur subscription to bo raised for tho
in mediate relief of tho needy and unmployed,
and that tho four editors bo
squealed to namo one citizen from each
ard to couiposo part of a committee of
six, oi which tho president of this
ssembly and tho president of tho
Immhnr oi commerce hIuiII bo mom
era, for tho purpose of distributing
lit' contributions, under such rules nnd
ovulations as they may agree upon.
Oilier UiibIiicsh Dotio.
Tlie delegates of the plasterers1 union
resented their credentials and took tho
Tho arbitration committco roportod
lie Hottlemoutof tho Elin(irovo minora'
'J ho diaoute between tho miners'
nion and tho team owners was distiesed
with great spirit for an hour or
3,and tho withdrawal of thoteam ownrrf'
union from tho assembly was acapted.
Tho whole Mouongah coal
irugglo was again gono over in dotail.
An ISxucllont Mtiggottlon.
A largo number of plans foromploylg
tho needy have boon suggested, and
tie latest one wan proposed to tho InftLLiGBXCBR
bv Mr. W. F. Ivriegor. His
lea is to employ men in sotting out
rees on the hillside east of the Second
ruru. in 13 wouiu uoii omy ueaiuny
bo city's property there and furniflh a
mch needed breathing placo, but
ould stop tlio great damage now dono
y the washing down of tho earth from
lie hill by ovory considerable rain. Mr.
Iriogor offers to glvo tho bonoflt of hid
xporienco free of chargo if this plan ia
do p ted.
A Worthy Act.
Last overling Mr. Charles E. Vanleuren,
tho Twelitn stroetreataurenlor,
iformod the joint council-commisloner
eommittce on rolief for tho unmployhd
that ho would donato to tho
ommtUeo one hundred moal tickets
ood at his roitaurant. Tho committee
liunkfullv accepted nis otlor. If every
ian would contribute equally as much
tio food problem would bo easily solved.
rubllo Npeuklnj.
This is ono of tho heaviest strains
tint comes upon any man or woman. A
ttlo cold, a little honrsonoss, and tho
ork is dono. Tho best of ability is
umlered absolutely moloss.
Mark Guy Poarse, tho eminent Engph
proacher, writoa as follows:
,4Bni?Fonn Place, Kusskll .Square, 1
LoNDO.V, Decembor 10, 1838. j
"I think it only right thut I should
>11 you of how much uso 1 tfnd Allock's
Porous Plasters in my family
nd among thoso to whom I havo rec*
mmondod thorn. I find them a vory
reastplate against colds and coughs."
Mark Guy Pearsr.
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1,1 nk Cuff unitiin? nt
County commissioners in Colorado
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drunkards by rnoana of tho "gold
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ntnrrh for venra. Kly's Cream Balm is
lie only rornody among tho many that
havo usod that aflord* mo roliof.?E.
I. Willard, drujjaist, Joilft, Ills.
I)??prvlu^ i'rai?e.
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All Sorts of Local .Vi'ivn and (iossip froiu
tile Glass Cltr.
Tho case of LnvissA Kennedy n gainst Kellr
Crozier wherein she claims they were married
and seeks a dlvorc and alimony because ho lint
since married another woman, wan heard by tho
circuit oourt on Saturdiiv, barinx boon earned
up from tbo common pica# court, where tho
plaintiff lost
.fames M. Keyser wai adjudged Insane Satnrdny.
His friends tooUhim before tbe Prc?bato
Court. Ifo had announced hi> marriage to a
young lady hen? to lake plnco New Year's eve,
without consulting tho lady, and wont about
Inviting Ills acquaintances to tbe wedding.
Judge Priggs has appolntod James F. Anderson,
of the atid Col. James F. Charlesworth,
of tft. Clalrsville, to assist trie prosecuting
attorney in examining the county commistiouers'
(Jeorgo lleinlein. a professor in the Columbus
Asylum for tbo blind, was at tho point of death
Saturday 11 luht. HW brother, Hon. J. C. lleinlein
was at bis bedside.
Rodofcr Bros. shipped the lust of a fifteen-Ion
order of glassware lo San Francisco Saturday.
They have hml a very successful run so far, but
orders are Plow now.
Will Robinson, formerly in the drug business
here, owned a one fourth interostin tho Frankion,
lnd? glass factory that was burned last week.
The Bellniro Bottlo Company has lmd u very
successful run the past two months, operating
steadily ou orders.
Captain Mnnsell mine homo from the soldier/
homo yesterday and will t>pend Christmas with
his family here. _
Ilnps nnd Blinlutp* in tho Thriving City
A<tot4 thn llivnr.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Crowl, who huvo been
quite sick, aro improving.
The West Virginia gloss works has cioscd
down until after the holidays.
The M. K. church was crowded to Jib utmost
yesterday to hear tho sermon to Mechanics nnd
G. A. K.
Julius Bluincnberg has been offered a position
with the Model Comedy Company, ho well
pleased was tho mnnnKerwlth hU parts In tho
nigh school entertainment on Friday night.
The city council Saturday night decided to lot
tho contract ior lighting the city withe'ectric
light* to tbo lowost biddor. providing theicompany
would give &,ix? bond, tho city to havo
tbo right to purchase the plant alter the lirst
year. It Is proposed to two 2,<>X) candle power
are lights. Ordiuaucci were passed levying a
special tax for the payment for sewering several
streets. An ordlnaucowAK passed to raise $-1,000
bonds to pave Broadway froui JutYenon to Buckeye.
Tho bill of Knglneer Potter was ordered
puid, tho bill of T. J. Stringer for aeworjng mils
referred to tho citizens' committee. Tho ordlnanco
to levy a speclid tax for tho payment for
pavitig Fifth ami Jutlersou streets was referred
to Bailey, Stewart and James. '
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Vhite Stitched Kid Gloves, Embro' Handkerchiefs,
'lack Stitched Kid Gloves, Lace Handkerchiefs,
)strich Fans, Silk Hose,
3auze Fans, Silk Dress Patterns,
iilver Clasp Garters, Wool Dress Patterns,
jold Clasp Garters, Silk Half Hose,
)resden Umbrellas, Eiderdown Quilts,
ten's Mocha Gloves, Counterpanes,
len's H. S. Handkerchiefs. Fur Canes.
ten's White Silk Handker'fs, Fur Muffs,
evening Dresses, Seal Sacques,
)resser Sets. Table Covers,
carfs and Mats, Hemstitched Linen Sheets,
:aille Silks, Bengalines,
All Useful and Acceptable Presents.
Ready-Made Dresses, Wool Dress Goods,
Continued at Marked-Down Prices!
25s* Store open evenings until Christmas.
Special attention is called to my COAT and CAPE
Sale at Ha!f-Price, commencing this Saturday
Geo. R.Taylor.
TMatnftrvalmit t'>alc for the aarrnua
ViVcWSi V \ Mlinuliilca nii'l r?-?lorra ilnrr'vV\
\vi . B,"nt *n?fiir *'"1 p?w*rj CURBS
.i.WV \\ \\VV- ' I LEtJOnORIlOKA, Barrenn?M, Proltpatu, Ni rroua liMbility, uak*fnln<t?? and
vrfjl' l.i- nrlnj; d?wn imlr.<. Ii nan a direct iutln?ni;n nn thn ut?rna and irmtotnarf
la.an-l v i'l I'fwilivnly KXLAKflK and HARDEN undeveloped BUSTS. BoBdfore
and Af:or aull?<Niui:inle? )- 1 .cular (' . J'toiour containing Internal and local treat6
'nt.ut.il-10. f.lorli.UJ. Addraaa I'KAL M LLdCINK CO., Clavelaad, O.
F-'olJ by CHAS. It. q >KTZn. Snccu'O'nr to MoLntn Him. Twlfth nn*l Market Stroett. no30
:-v:LY"S C<>_ -.ti ;:JALM ' ?!., tKrjwj
I'rhiiukoi, Allajw rain nnd liiiluiiimutlon. M4'al*HP/%.*?? * otA*
""''i i'l.T
E.IQ.HX!''^V A,c >?? CONSTIPATED? Do you havo HEAD- 4
? * t? KIDNEYS out of order? If ?o, euro yourself by f)
ji *V'V^fr'~^b\s? u,'n' ^'rljjhl'H Celery Tea. It improves the d
V"* MARK COMPLEXION. Ono month's treatment 25C. Three A
montb?, SOC. Samples sent free. Address, J
^Vrn fT"ft Wright's Celery Tea Co., d
!i lct^ it c0lumbu8. ohio. )
Perform* Wonders in a Fow Daj?. ini >u<aai iorr?. n?a B.Mtrr. u?i
Aftl* Brat* ?V?rr. MrtilJ ??*...? on., arik, d'MMi><l?r>l. fo? ?plr1t?4 ??? ?.d >vi?*n, II.*
.1 . . -let" If M--' .III fr? '.--It I- Ml, or ' Maptlnn. IIU.NS'S .SK11VK I Of 11) ?tr*?
It'.'/ . I '/ " N*II ?<: rtlurm nail, CI.to, .It Ur fi.UO, ?llh . rllira caara?tr? U aara af rrfui.d
"" CSAHE MEOICAL CO.. Columbus. Ohto.
'Wri great remedy for rerroox proatrntlon nnd all riprron* awn"" nf
it i lhoi:.ii:orA!ljf"'rffans/irolthprai^.uncl.naNprvonsl'rijUratlon.J ft'-'
J?-vt\A ' T- Kaila*lont.VoaUifolKrrcrii.
f'li/; - i, ill. ,*?/ U orn',o:.i . ?! .< u*-of Tobocrpor Oplmn. whlcli loadtoCon. ^
^lalSr^JmTBi a?i I. . lii?finlty. Withotcry 9AonlnrwujHtaa wrltt4mgus^ I
Uf.rtULK AMI AV' iltl L'v UnG. um --to cure; rufrMt th? ju'wt. ntHi .<V<Vp?r 1>nx. bO*o? \
w r , r .-5W.;>K. M<lTT'HCUl:MXCAI?CO.,UoTelaB<l,OliIo. \
for mle la Whcelluj! by fu^ LOUA?* DI'.UG CO.. M&lo aad Xuoth otreeic dsii
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