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A Groat Deal More OIsou3sIon ia '
Indulged Id. I
Finally Loft to (lac City Hoards, Who
Will Probably I'ay (lao. Prevailici^T
Rate?Liberal Donations Annoilnoo'(l?D1
ITere ii t Public Works
that Can IJjtfin at Once Decided on.
Tho joint committee of councilman
and commissioners appointed by Mayor
Caldwell and tlio president of the board
of eominis-ionors of Ohio county to dovise
measures for ttio roliof of the desti- |
tuto uneinployod of tlio city and report ,
to council at /ho special mealing which
has boon called for this evening, met
yesterday afternoon in tho chamber of
the iir.it brunch at the city building, together
with the members of tho threo
city boards, water, gas and public works,
to further consider the project.
Councilmon Kichards, Max*.vol I, Irwin,
Dobbins; Commisaionop Tyson;
Mayor Caldwoll; Messrs. Schmulbnch
and Hamilton, of the board of public
forks; Ebefi.ng and Hall, of tho water
board; Holliday, Buckinan and Dunlevy,
of tho board of gas trustees, and
others, including councilmon, business
and professional men, were present.
It was 4 o'clock when Chairman Irwin
culled tho mooting to order, and tlie
mayor took ilic chair.
lie stated formally tho object of tho
meeting, and dwelt on tho depression
and tho low wage* now paid. Even
(whore steady employment is secured it
is necessary for a man to work every
day. Otherwise his credit runs out
unit he and his family are in want. lie
suid tho city has prospered, and tho
laboring people nro% responsible. Now ,
the public spirited citizens should come
to tho front and contribute to tho wants I
of tho unemployed.
Tho report of the coinmitteo meeting I
hold .Sunday win then read by Clerk |
Mr.Kichards suggested that tho rariou-r
boards be heard. .Mr. Schmulbach
was called on. Ho said tho board had
ho spocial work lajd out, but if it had
money there is plenty of work to bo
Mr. Richards said ho thought tho
hnnVil iir mrtilii* work* members, after
hearing tho report, could suugost a feasible
scheme for public improvement.
Mr. fcchmulbnch said tho scheme to |
open Twenty-eighth street is not feasible,
but the project to open Market
from First to fourth atreot is.
Mr. Maxwell said tho B.*nwood water
mains extension should ho on.Mdored,
an it would bo a sourco of considerable
rovenue. The city, he said, had power
to make tho extension to Ben wood and
Mr. Jones, of tho water works board,
hud tigurod on the extension to lionwood.
The expense for mains alono
would be $12,000; altogether the expense
would be $20,000. In regard to
tho Fulton project, 5o,0!)0 would bo required,
and ho wits of the opinion the
board could sco its way to do this.
About fifty men would be employed.
Mr. Hall reiterated tho sentiments
( ctf Mr. Jones, regarding tho Pulton
,N scheme.
Mr. Jones said several othor improveM
wonts are contemplated; no negotia&
tlons had been entered into with Beu?
wood on tho water subject.
Mr. Iiicnards moved and Mr. Maxwell
seconded that the water board
1 open such negotiations, and that tho
committee devise ways and moans to
raiso tho money.
After some discussion this was put to
a voto and earriejJ unanimously.
Mr. Buckman, of tho ?as board, siujrested
tliat a recommendation bo made
to council to mako an effort to secure
tho money. There was no second.
Mr. irwiu was of tho opinion the
Fulton cud of tho project should bo
lir.-t considered, as it will sccuro itnmo
dia'o employment.
Mr. Jopea said tlioro would bo no
trouble nbout scouring a loan if council
authorized it.
Mr. Richards said tho Hon wood project
does not interfere with the Fulton
Mr. Jongs said the work on tho Fulton
fchi'ino could be started at once, in the
digging of trenches.
Mr. Maxwell moved a proviso that
tho work to Fulton bo started at once
after arrangements with tho Fulton
corporation. #
Mr. Dobbins suggested that work of
boiiiu character bo started at once, it
was suggested that perhaps the gas
board could supply work immediately.
Tho Maxwell amendment to the
Kichardu motion and tho original motion
were in turn j>ass?od, in tho shape
of a recommendation to council.
The objection to work in tho water
department starting at once was no
aunply of pipe on hand. Tho pipe
could bo secured in ten days.
Mr. Maxwell moved that the water
board immediately apply to tho board
of county commissioners for a loan of
$2,500; this motion to boa recommendation
to council.
Mr. Dobbins said tho nrosocutin<* attornoy
had given the opinion that the
county cotumissiouera could make tho
Mr. Dunlcvy said tho board could
easily expend tho entire >7,500. A wait
for pipe for a few days wouid bo necessary.
Tho laying of pipe would bring
in a number of additional consumers.
By tole^raphing tho pipe could be procured
this week.
The gas board was instructed to proceed
at oneo what \v?>rk is pes-si^
m. Bow ; ' !
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back ar.il had also kidney dlflloulty.
For 27 Years I Suffered.
I took flood's Sarsapnrllla and began to get
better. I have not had an attack slnco I began
to uso It. I wajr also cured of catarrh la ;
tho head and am now in good health." D. M. I
Rose, Denlaon, Iowa. 100 doses ono dollar.
Hood's Pills ?" Uvor His, Jaundioa,
BUIuusucsj, UewUeU. uuX Vouauiwiw.
? i. to your
striking '
several g
i n> nn
I. \J. J-/IJ
1223 HV
ble. The president of tho board said'
work on trenchcs could bo commenced t
this woek.
It was stated by Mr. Schmulbach, of
the board of public works, that -100 mon
could bo put to work "to-morrow, if nec- 8f
osaary." , tl
Tho mayor wanted to know how the
work is to bo distributed. There* should
be some discrimination. The board of
public works was willing to take men 01
recommonded by tho polico department, si
lie also wanted to know tho rate per of
I day to be paid.
' In regard to wages Mr. Maxwell paid cc
there is no authorizedtrate. Tho rate of ju
$1 75 per day was passed by a council t!
two or three years a<;o, and does not ti:
bind this council. D
.Mr. Kiclmrdu did not seem to think is
tho wage question shotild bo settled by.
the committeo. Tho city, he said, will in
bonelit by all work contemplated; not w
one cent misappropriated; charity is L
only socondarv; in fact it is not charity b;
at all. iii
Tho mayor ruled that tho boards w
should fix tho wages. in
Mr. Dobbins disagreed and said the
matter is not a business proposition,
lie was not afraid to state his opinion,
that more benefit will acruo trom $1 per
day than $1 7o per dav. Tho others, he tr
said, seemed to be afraid to tackle tho ftj
wage Question. He ftirthor stated that jj
labor wouiu DO aausnou wim c-i our
duy. ,u
Mr. Richards wanted to sot himself
right, but was interrupted by Mr. Dob- 01
bins, who made a motion that council
bo recommended to lix the wago rato at
Si 20 nor day, as proposed .Sunday.
Mr. Dobbins explained his position.
Mr. Maxwell was opposed to fixing a
rate, 'i ho board* should fix tho rate, .
being thoroughly competent. On tho kl
charity question SI 75 would give as 01
much benefit as Si 35, us relays could be
used. Tho ruling rato of wages should di
bo adopted. JIo was opposed to the ce
city speculating on the unfortunate condition
of tho unemployed workinguien Kl
by lowering tho wago rate. tj
Mr. Iiolliday said tlio board' would
bo at more oxponsn at SI 75 per day
than in summer, as more time ?voul<l bo r1
necossary at this time of tlio your; $1 tfr> c<!
lor oignt. Hours wouiu do cquiuiuie. n
left to Hie boards the regular rato would
be paid. j>'
.Mr. Hamilton paid tho fnct that a ?'
number of the men will not be expe* 01
rionccd should be taken into consideration.
He was in favor of a rate per d<
hour. sc
Mr. Richards again spoke at length, pi
favoring nut fixing tho rate, but allowing
tho boards 10 fix it. He was uot in w
favor of depreciating the rate of wages, te
Mr. Holliday wanted to know why \n
the comraitteo does not want to deal ,?c
with wages. lie intimated that tho
committeo wanted to shirk tho duty, p
Mr. Maxwoll stated that it looked as if .
the gas board wantod to shirk. .
lho mayor said in Pittsburgh the
work is dono at $1 for ten hours' work. *
Mr. Buckuiau suggested that tho
Pittsburgh plan bo adopted, tho work
to be dono under tho supervision of a hi
committee of citizens, lie said thoro ?t
is no two of disguising tho purpose of
the work?purely chanty. Ho gave in- P(
stances of skilled artisans who are willing
to work for enough to keep body ei
and soul together. lie was in favor of hi
small wages and moro men employed. 25
.Mr. Maxwell moved that tho board of 2,
county commissioners ho asked to pay at
$2,500 to tho city receiver to he ex- N
ponded under the direction of the
Mr. Dobbins withdrew his motion J,
fixing tho rate at SI 25. "It's no use to ^
push the matter here, I see." gr
Mr. Maxwell's motion wa* carried. t|,
Mr. Dobbinssaid lio had 100 meal tickets jn
donated by 0. E. VanKeuren. cr
The following was read:
To the Comnutleion Jtc'icf /'or the Poor and Xcaly:
Gt.nti.kmen :?ITuvIiik noticed the report of IJ
your committee mid from observation in the
past in city attaint (that Inrgo bodies,move slow) fj'
ami from the report and action taken by the ?>3
trades assembly, we desire to Join and promulgate ti'
the popular subscription idea, which vriil probably
bo of ? quicker motion than th?j legislative, ^
and under the circuniMtnnoei, quicker available. 1)1
We therefore hold subject to your order* for im- hi
mediate distribution: ioo pounds l'uiiilaudlo {
collee. .Wone oijjhth barrels Silver Lake Hour, 1
fiO one-eighth barrels I'ilisbiiry's XXXX Hour, or
and on notitlention will deliver the sayie to any
given point within the citr limits, t
B.\r.u .Soxv Grocery Company. im
IlK-Nnv Baku, President. to
Mr. Hocking, of the Ohio Valley
Trades and Labor Assembly, appeared
and explained tho plan adopted by tho ce
assembly, donating ?50 to each paper, an
to start a fund for the needy.
After considerable mora talk tho
meeting adjourned.
Last evening the city gas board mot ?in
ami arranged for ordering the neodod
mains by telegraph and for coniraencing
the contemplated improvements as
soon as practicable, if that plan is approved
by council. JP
A LAKOE variety of Children's Board an
Books, liko Chatterbox, from 10c to ?1, <
atSiaaton'g Old City Book Store.
. - - - ?==
ng more suitable for
wife than a fine, rich
> you reliable time, i
>ace in your house an
110 Moyor Trial Interrupted hy a Juror
JSulnf; Suddenly StrJekeu With Insanity.
Nkw Yoiuc, Doe. IS.?A rather novel
(ligation marked tlio closing days of
io now famous Dr. Meyer murder trial,
i that a juror, who Irad formerly been i
1 inmate of Bloomingdalo asylum, was
irercome by excitement and emotion,
tperinduced by the eloquent pleading i
' the brilliant lawyer Brooke. i
Juror Low was removed from the
>urt room by Dr. O'Sullivan and throe <
irors. His clothing was stripped to
10 waist and chunks of ico placed on <
le back of his nock and on his head. 1
r. O'Sullivan reports that Juror Low i
suffering from cerebral congestion. i
Late to-night experts on insanity I
ade an examination of juror Low and
rote out a sealed opinion regarding
.iw'fl condition which will bo opened <
, Judge Barrett to-morrow. It is bejved
that the finding of the exports
111 show that juror Lowo is hopelessly i
Itlotvn l*p l>y Dynnmito.
\ectal DisjxUch lo Ilie Jntclligcncer ,
Prt:inroN*T. W. Va.. Dec. 18.?While
ying to thaw dynamite this morning
. Hendricks, West Virginia, llomor
ouston, a contractor, of Baltimore, and
lothor man wore blown to pieces, and
inther man badly woundei and aeval
other* hurt.
free coinairo resolution was adopted <
p tho Federation ot Labor convention. '
C. II. Andrews, the millionaire iron
,111; of Youuustown, Ohio, is danger- j
lsly ill from apoplexy.
The river coal minors will strlko to- ?
\y if tho operator refuse to pay 2A
mts per bushel for mining. i
Secretary Love joy, of the big Came- J
e steel compauy at Homestead, denies i
lat tho works intend to shut down. j
Abram Steer*, \Vith largo lumber 1
ir.is in New York city and at Albany,. j
us assigned. Liabilities estimated at
Kopresontative Simpson (Populist), 1
Kansas}, nas introduced a um m two i
">U?o to plnco manufactured woolens (
1 tiio free list. ]
Chancellor McGill, at Jorsev City, or- '
;rod tho National Corda^o Company
?ld to the United State* Cordage Coininy
for $5,000,000, tlio sum bid. <
David Slout, of Haughvillo, Ind., 1
ouldn't trust tho bank and thieves enred'his
cellar, whero he liad his savL'8
hid, and stole them all?$10,000 in i
?!d. i
George Koim, ox*presidont of tho
hilaaelphia Sc Heading railroad and of
io Philadelphia & Heading Coal and ]
on Company died in Philadelphia ]
jsterday. t
Philip M. Scheie, tho defaulting teller
the Hank of Minneapolis, who was
ought back from England to plead
lilty, was sentenced to seven years and
x months at hard labor in the otate f
Coal shipments during the past forty- t
ght hours to the south we*t from Pittsirgh,
9,iS40,000 bu.-hols, in L'Gl boats, 1
i3 barires and 10 fuol boats. Of this,
1)16,000 bushels were for Cincinnati 1
id ?, 92-1,000 bushels for Louisville and
ew Orleans.
Counsel for Ross McKano mndo the
:traordinary demand to cross-examine (
io talesmen for the grand jury in tho
ing'n county court yesterday and wero
antod tho privilego. They held that
ie grand jury was culled especially to j
diet McKano and tiiey had a right to n
oss-cxamino. j
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as found that her littlo ones are im ovod
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Figs, is manufactured by the Calinia
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a gift
& CO.1
iBET. b
Of tlio Administration Itoiistrd?Gcuorul
Sickles Gets in u Sly Dip.
Washington, D. C., Nov. 18.?In the
house debate on pensions to-day, Mr. q
Dolliver, (Hop., Iowa) in a rod hot
speech, protested in the name of the
union soldiers of Iowa without regard ^
to politic* against the the pension poli- 4 '
cy of the administration, which ho de- \
scribed as a policy of infamy. I ]
General Sickles, (Dctn., N. Y.) the ^
one-legged hero of the battle of Gettysburg,
said ho was glad to aco on the part
af those who were his adversaries in
battle disposition to grant UDorai pensions
to nil worthy veterans, lie hoped
to soothe pension question kept aloof
from sections. i
His statement that he did not believe
wholesale fraud existed in the pension
roll causod great applause Iroin tho
Republican side which was renewed
when iio declarod that no party would
rule long in this country and no rulers
would long survive popular condemnation
who cast unmerited slurs upon tho
integrity and good faith of tho veteran* ,
upon the pension roll. Qj
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